Defying the Delusion: School Board Votes 5-0 Custodial Staff Pack Heat

The media and the government, being liberal, are throwing themselves into the cause of gun control. As a time when an Obama re-election victory has discouraged conservatives, and a mass shooting is being used to beat them down, the government and the media seems to be trying to push the public into a gun control regime.

But is that reality or is that noise? Until we get to the vote in Congress, or see the executive order that we keep hearing about, we can’t answer that question with absolute certainty. But there are plenty of signs that the threats on the Second Amendment are proving to be smoke and noise, not real power. For example, the Toledo Blade reports:

“The Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education has approved the carrying of handguns by its custodial staff. The 5-0 vote of the board Wednesday night to allow handgun training for four custodians to be able to tote weapons at the K-12 campus at the Williams County school came after last month’s deadly shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. School officials say that having armed personnel – believed to be the first for any school system in Ohio – is designed to thwart incidents of violence and prevent what happened in Newtown, Conn., from occurring here. ‘Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures,” Supertendent Jamie Grime told The Blade today. ‘Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect.’”

We are hearing a lot of loud voices demanding gun control. We’re seeing a lot of politicians who want to do it. What I don’t see is any evidence that the gun control freaks are convincing any new converts to join their cause. Quite the opposite.

This was only the most recent of many other pieces of good news. For example, the Huffington Post reported on January Tenth that over a hundred thousand people had become paying members of the NRA since December Fourteenth, 2012. The Sandy Hook massacre and/or the government’s promise to violate the basic rules of the Second Amendment has not convinced people to increase vulnerability but to arm themselves.

Furthermore, this really isn’t recent. Sandy Hook didn’t reverse a trend; it sped up the trend. Loyalty to the Second Amendment has been gaining for awhile. Only a few days after the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, a staff writer for the Atlantic admitted, “The U.S. Already Had a Conversation About Guns—and the Pro Side Won.” He cites many examples that the “conversation” on gun control has been going on for decades.

“So what has been the result of decades of sustained public debate? ‘Americans’ support for stricter gun control laws has gradually declined over the last two decades, from 78% when this question was first asked in 1990 to 49% in 2008, and 44% in 2009 and again this year,’ Gallup reported in 2010 survey results. Said the organization in 2011: ‘A record-low 26% of Americans favor a legal ban on the possession of handguns in the United States other than by police and other authorized people. When Gallup first asked Americans this question in 1959, 60% favored banning handguns. But since 1975, the majority of Americans have opposed such a measure, with opposition around 70% in recent years.’ In addition, it reported the revealed preference that almost half of Americans own at least one gun.”

It is still possible that the Obama administration might try to do something via executive usurpations or the BATFE. But the most important thing to remember is that we are the majority and we are the more persuasive majority. However much the majority of people seem to lack sense on many public issues, whenever a mass-shooting tragedy happens, the pro-gun position always wins more disciples. Gun free zones are murder invitations and people realize it.

The fight with the Obama Administration is real, but it is largely a struggle to not be intimidated by a psyop. Ultimately, the roaring voice and horrific face is all and illusion run by Biden and Obama behind the curtain with a few other journalists and politicians. It is just a matter of courage, brains, and commitment.

37 thoughts on “Defying the Delusion: School Board Votes 5-0 Custodial Staff Pack Heat

  1. With the proper background checks and training, I’d support this. A couple of the janitors at my old high school got busted for selling drugs to kids though, so…….

    1. I thought people had to ahve background checks to work in any school…… hey, even the local church sunday school does BG checks on all the vounteers. As to training… simply repeal all the stupid, worse than useless Goldfish Bowl laws… “Gun Free” school zones… then ANYONE already lawfully able to carry everywhere else he goes, bank, restaurant, grocery storel Starbucks, city parks, al over town, will then be able to carry in the schools. Teachers, aides, janirots, landscapers, coaches, principals…. let each person decide the level of hands on training they believe they need. When once they realise the power they now have on their hips, a sense of seriousness will come over them…. when they consider the possibility that THEY may well be the one to encounter an active shooter, THEY will want the comfort of skill at arms to increase the chances THEY will be the one to go home that night and not the perp. Those who take seriously their charge to do right by their kids will also take the trouble and expense to become skilled.
      One thing I DO believe is important, though.. a two or perhaps three hour classroom training time about basic gun safety, and the laws relating to the carrying and use of lethal force… many states require such a clas.. Oregon, for sure, as I had to take it to get my Mother May I papers. If a given school is in such a state, no problem. Others, Washignton for example, have no requirement… and I’m OK with that for the general populaton, but do think it important for anyone wanting to carry inside a school, The level of responsibility goes up, and the downside if things go badly iconcentrated. BUT.. make it simple, easy, and cheap. Perhaps even a printed pamphlet with the relevant laws and safety practices, and a simple written test for those who desire to carry inside a school. I’m sure one or more of our fine weapons training acadamies would be willing to put such a thing together to be distributed online at no cost for printing, etc. But, bottom line.. the simpler and cheaper it is made, the sooner and more universal it will become. Hey, even if a teacher at Sandy Hook had been armed, and accidentally shot one of the kids before getting the perp, we’d still have a LOT more alive than we do now… it can’t be much worse than the present “shooting carp in a barrel” situation we have so stupidly put in place.

  2. In 1959 The U.S. did not have the gangs, drug problem and general breakdown in society we have progressively developed since then … and I might added, has worsened under the Obama administration … in my opinion. The provervbial “It’s a different world today” has true today … and is likely to worsen as the years proceed.

    Like I wrote before, if the Progressives really want to help, they should provide each gun owner with a gun safe and a bedside digital or fingerprint activated bedside gun lock box as well as simpllify the gun owner process. In Alaska, we have laws that can be used as an example for gun ownership.

    1. I never believed in having a gun. But I had to change my opinion. I now believe that one should become familiar with having a weapon. I don’t like it. But if one wants to feel safe, and for your family, one is pushed in having a weapon for defense. I believe, people must turn to understand about avoiding to end up in hell. Learn to lead an honest life. Don’t become an enemy..

  3. To me. this is one less target for terrorists and criminals. One point for the good guys.

    If you have not heard of it. search “Beslan School”. The hostage crisis took place for 3 days starting 9-1-04 in Beslan Russia. The muslim terrorists, (redundant, I know) took over a school and killed hundreds of teachers and children. They did it to exact revenge on the Russians for invading Afghanistan. The same M.T. promised to do the same to America, once they purged us from their country and they purified their country of the infidels. I got this from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in his program Bulletproof mind. I have no connection with it, but I highly recommend it to everyone who is concerned about violence in this country. It was so engaging, I only planned to watch a little of the first dvd, I ended up watching all six in one sitting.

    One last note on a point made by Col. Grossman: He is a hardcore advocate of concealed carry. Col. Grossman’s point was that our military brothers and sisters are thousands of miles away keeping the enemies of America away from our kids and families; while their families are back here on U.S. soil. Therefore, CCW holders and off-duty law enforcement have a duty and responsibility to help keep those military families safe while the soldiers are away. In short, carry at all times where legal.

  4. United we stand divided we fall. Lets not forget Obamacare and despite 65% of the american people being opposed to it, the socialist, Marxist communist Obama administration pushed it through. He hates America, and is doing everything to bring this country to its knees.

  5. the principal and vice principal of ALL schools are the most highly trained professionals at the school. Train them and allow them to carry to protect their schools. I was a principal of an inner city high school I am also a combat veteran. I also had a concealed hand gun permit and i carried most of the time, but not at school. We always hired off duty policemen for protection in the inner city schools. there was not a school in my district in Texas that did not have armed policemen. If you want my opinion, arm the principal if you do not have armed policemen. They are the most highly trained professional in the school. If policemen, who are not as highly trained carry protection pieces at school, the principal should be able to do the same to protect our kids.

    1. Sorry, but you never met the pricipal at the elementary school I work at.
      He is a major Lib and doesn’t even recieve respect from the children.
      He can walk into the cafeteria, kids yelling, throwing stuff around.
      He doesn’t say a word and just lets it happen.
      I can not picture this man armed.
      I, on the other hand, would gladly volunteer for that position.
      Although, I am just the low payed bottom of the barrel cafeteria lady, I definately have more gonads then our principle could ever carry.
      These kids are very respectful to myself, and my coworker.
      I would do whatever I had to do to protect them if allowed.

    2. If the principal and the janitor at the Sandy Hook school would have been armed, they would have nailed that deranged crook and saved at least some of those kids. News reports that I heard, the principal had direct contact with that guy and could have shot first. According to reports I heard, the janitor had the time to announce that the school was on lockdown. I believe he too would have had time to shoot. Every school needs to have some people in the school armed, not just one person either. I doubt that biden will really put any force behind notifying or listing the deranged people. There should be a list published on those people and the crooks that some liberal judge let out of prison just as they listed the names and addresses of the people who have guns in those couple of counties.

      1. Again, as I commented to Bill about our principle, our custodian is not willing to risk his life for his lousy pay. His words exactly.
        The principle gets paid 4x’s as much as he, why should he risk his life for literally being treated like sh^t by the teachers and staff.
        Personally, I on the other hand, can’t think that way.
        I would stand my ground to save those kids and I get payed even less then our custodian.
        I guess it’s a matter of standards and morals.
        I’m a Mother, Insticts to Protect All Children, Not Just Mine…
        Yea, even the little pain in the arsk ones!!! :-)

        1. I guess the thought of someone not protecting little kids against anything that can harm them, is a concept I cannot imagine. Especially, because of pay. I guess putting your life on the line is something some would think twice before doing it however, I believe the most “natural” reaction is to ACT. Befuddles my mind.

        2. I think you misunderstood me…
          I would Proudly be Armed and Secured to Protect our Children.
          Not all are so willing.

  6. Our schools in Huntsville, Alabama also have policemen on duty during school hours. I also say, let’s hire some of our unemployed Veterans and let them carry a weapon and patrol the schools. Since Obama feels as if he has an open checkbook let’s pay our men and women that are well trained and fought to keep us safe and to protect the Constitution. That includes our right to bare arms. No matter how hard you try you will have idiots that are still going to get a gun into schools, malls or anywhere else. Not being able to protect ourselves is like living a prison sentence knowing you are innocent.

  7. Until we get a true “American Citizen Representative in Washington and not a welfare, reperations entitlment president, do what the hispanics demand to destroy our immigration laws and non recognition of our basic Constitution and Laws , UNTIL WE GET A PRESIDENT THAT IS NOT AFRAID of American’s to make decisions that affect all America, protect our liberties and rights under the Constitution, protect our constituttion and pass laws that are equal to all not just the blacks or illegal immigrants, when we get a president that keeps his sworn word when taking the oath as president that will abide by the laws of the land. When we get a president that is not prejudiced against white successful males, when he has not worked a job on his life! Maybe just maybe we will not have this Obummer made division in our country and maybe we can begin to move forward to somehow bring America together. This will never happen under a president like this in office nor will the country get back on track to correcting what has been an attempt to destroy America by creating A Marxist, Socialist agenda in our great country.

  8. Horne conveniently ignores the recent polls showing that among NRA members, 74% believe that stronger background checks are necessary, and that they should be performed for any gun sale, including at gun “shows.” He also chooses to ignore the fact that 87% of gun owners support the same policy. And while Horne is obviously excited about the reported 100,000 new NRA members since the Newtown massacre (and who knows how accurate that really is?), the NRA, with something over 4 million members (maybe) represents only a small proportion of America’s gun owners…though they, and apparently Horne, would like you to believe otherwise.

    1. Four million members represent 5% of the 80 million (and growing) firearms owners in America. What percentage of non-firearms owners does the Brady Bunch represent?

      I haven’t seen any of the polling data from the NRA on what their members believe. If you are going to post stats, you should also post citations and sources.

      I looked at and I see nothing about our members polling at 74% or otherwise on what you claim. How about a source for those numbers.

  9. My elementary Alma Mater, ‘Pelier grade school. I am glad they took this stand, glad to say they are among the first. I was there a long time ago, back when Mr. Storrer was every 7th grade girl’s first crush. I wish our kids today could have the light hearted and innocent times we had then. Go Pelier!

    1. I am allowed to tell the truth. Grew up in the Flanders(Belgium) before WW II. Only a lawyer, a doctor, a merchant had a car.All others had only a bicycle. Never a lock on a bicycle. Every town, village, had a Catholic church. Three in the city where I grew up. Very little serious crime. Mostly break-ins. theft, accidents, fires.Later we got other churches. That was all right. I have the impression, it all started to go really wrong, when we heard about a man leaving his wife. Slowly, time brought more unbelievers, divorces, crimes. Every person has to understand: there is eternal happiness or punishment after death.

  10. I like…the utopian socialists detest local control…as a retired college prof I have suggested a “2-3” Plan…that is, 2 admins and 3 selected faculty in different areas of the campus.

    Not spending 20k for a cop who may or may not get sick or may be too far from the action or may be shot 1st by surprise in the 20+minutes before cops can arrive…
    and remove the Gun Free fantasy signs.

    BTW, the CT shooter was rejected when he tried to buy a gun so his Mother bought 6 and did not secure them from him when she knew and told everyone he was very dangerous…no law against that “liberal Columbine parenting”…shhhhh,..that cannot matter, right?

    As if truth ever mattered to the dimdems.

  11. We are good citizens, and yes we are armed and will protect ourselves just like the second amendment says. Any Questions??????

  12. The real issue here is they do not enforce the laws currently on the books. They keep asking if we would want to keep arms away from terrorists, or crazy people, or cnvicted felons. Well guess what? those laws already exist. And they already didn’t work. That’s why they call these people criminals. they don’t follow laws. So, the left keeps hoping that if they don’t enforce the laws enough they will surely get an out cry for MORE laws. That since the last ones did not work. We need to get a real DOJ in place.

  13. I don’t disagree with this decision, but I hope these folks are prepared to be the ‘story line’ on shows like Criminal Minds’, and the like (with names changed to avoid slander, of course).

  14. Unfortunately, I am going to play devils advocate. A step in the right direction has been made. Now we ask what if? Arms inside the school is ok, but what about outside? When school lets out we have as many as a thousand children exiting school boarding buses and walking home or parents picking them up. What if this madman chose this time to strike? The bus departs the school to take the children home it is a block away. What if this madman chose the bus as Target? The truth is we cannot eliminate every option. The madman wants to take lives, because of perceived revenge, or wrong they believe has been done, or whatever reason they create. With the rise of single parent households, divorce, and the need for two incomes that result in our kids not getting the attention and guidance they need. With our government taking more and more taxes, and inflation eating away at anything we do save, The government is the problem not the solution. We cannot compare a few hours of counseling to the twenty four hour, seven day care of a mother who cares for you. I ask you which would you choose? Which way would you have a better chance for a stable life? Can we prevent every person that is unstable? NO. Who will disagree you have a better chance with two parents than one. Forgive me for getting lengthy but freedom and security are a passion I have, but if you give up freedom for security you will have nether. God bless America. Grampa

    1. GRAMPA you are right. If only more persons would see, start with a stable house: father, mother, children, and understanding that we all end up before a Judge, yes, God ! Let America turn to God !

  15. Great … Every teacher, administrator, support personnel and aides should be trained with firearms [including range practice] given courses until they qualify and receive a concealed weapons permit. Then each person should be permitted to have a concealed weapon in any public facility but no individual should be required to own or carry such a weapon. It could be that no person in a school would have a weapon but the intruder would not know that! …

    1. Just like in school, it looks like it will work written down, but when it comes to the plan, theres a different outcome.
      Not all, especially teachers, have the mindset to own a gun and actually use it.
      I do Agree, but I work in a school and know these people 1st hand.
      Our principle is definately not capable of handling a gun.
      Our custodian refuses because his pay is only a 1/4 of the principles.
      So, it comes down to those of us working in the school to volunteer this responsability.
      I’m in…
      I’m the cafeteria lady, I get paid the least, I don’t care…
      I’m a Mom, these are children I would risk my life for as if they were my own.

  16. How about a monitoring system that keeps track of the PROZAC CROWD? I think that PSYCHIATRISTS should be able to alert the Authorities if they feel that someone is a danger to themselves and others. I know the ACLU will be UP IN ARMS [ pun intended ] if this is done – yet it is OK to publish the names of GUN OWNERS. GUNS didn’t kill those kids – a PSYCHOPATH did.

  17. Even if a majority of the people in this Country should be so foolish as to want to give up their means of protecting themselves, it will still be unlawful for the government to disarm anyone forcefully.We are a Constitutional Republic and our representatives are required to obey the law, our Constitution! whether they like it or not, and make no mistake about it, they on the left hate it! Anyone who strays outside these boundaries are disobedient and should be removed from public office if they hold one. Realize this fact… ” the strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson.

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