Democratic Party Is a Terrorist Organization!

According to the Cornell University Law School:

(5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—

(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

(B) appear to be intended—

(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Does the Democratic Party fit the legal definition of domestic terrorism?  Let’s look at each part of the legal definition and then make our conclusion.

(5)(A) – Is the Democratic Party involved in acts that are dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the US or any state?  Where do we begin?

How about immigration and their refusal to protect the US-Mexico border?  When states try to take the action to protect their citizens when the feds won’t, the feds challenge the state’s rights and laws, leaving their citizens in danger of their lives. Failing to protect US citizens by not enforcing immigration laws definitely fits this category.

What about attempting to enact illegal gun control laws?  A growing number of Democrats are calling for the confiscation of all guns.  Not only is that a violation of the US Constitution, but it will lead to bloodshed and endanger many human lives.

(5)(B) – Is the Democratic Party guilty of trying to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or a government by intimidation or coercion?  Where do I start?  First we could start with a whole list of executive orders that Obama has used to subvert Congress and make his own laws, a number of which have been illegal and unconstitutional.  Among those was his order to allow nearly 1 million illegals to remain in the US illegally and obtain benefits and work permits.  He has issued executive orders giving himself dictatorial powers in the event of a supposed emergency.  He would have the authority to take over all forms of communication and impose military rule.

Then how many times have Obama and Harry Reid threatened the Republicans that it’s their way or no way on jobs bills, the fiscal cliff and other budget matters?  They forced Obamacare and the stimulus packages on us, throwing us so far into debt that there appears no way to get us out at this time.  Obama’s policies have only created more unemployment, worse economic conditions and seem to have intentionally set the US up for an economic collapse.

If you look at everything that Obama and the Democrats have done in the past four years, it appears that they have INTENTIONALLY set out to undermine the Constitution and our form of government.  They have repeatedly violated federal laws and have forced socialistic policies upon the American people.  This is a direct attack to the American form of government and way of life as established by the US Constitution.

Under Obamacare, they are intimidating and coercing Christians to violated their faith with things like the contraception mandate and threat of massive fines for not complying.  They are also intimidating everyone to purchase health insurance with the threat of paying outrageous fines in the way of taxes.

They have forced the legalization of gay rights and anyone who objects, even because of their religious faith, faces lawsuits.  The Democrats have gone so far as to define anyone who says homosexuality is a sin against God is guilty of hate language and could face jail time.  I call that intimidation and coercion, don’t you?

The Democratic Party has passed law after law that condemns Christian practices, yet they openly embrace anything Islamic and defend Muslims.  Christians can’t pray in public schools, but Muslims can, for example.

The list of examples could fill a book, but I trust you understand my point.  Legally, the Democratic Party fits the definition of domestic terrorism.  Therefore, it should be outlawed and all those involved be classified as terrorists, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all of the others.  They should all be arrested, tried and convicted of terrorism and then jailed for life.

169 thoughts on “Democratic Party Is a Terrorist Organization!

      1. You got that right. We have been complicit for some time. I recently moved to a new state. Contacted the local RNC after election to see what plan B is. Nothing. They “will call when next meeting is held”. Yea? Well, I’m waiting.

        1. I have emailed the RNC many times. All I get is a thank you and we will get back to soon. Their soon seams to be never. I have yet to get an answer back.

        2. the last thing I had to do with the Rs was to return their begging-for-donations letter with a note to the effect that “You haven’t done a thing we’ve asked you to do; I’m not giving you ANY money.”

      2. Why do Conservatives wait until it is too late to say anything before they say anything? Why do Conservatives wait until it’s too late to do anything before they TRY and do something? This article and it points should have been out there before the election NOT now.

        If you want to save this Republic then ALL of us need to stop being afraid to say something about the way Obama and his administration is harming us and get the message out NOW (and that is not the National Organization of Women–God forbid).

    1. You are the terrorist Screeminmeeme: If it were up to me, You would be thrown in Prison and gang raped for the rest of your life.

      1. John Mescas your statement, “If it were up to me, You would be thrown in Prison and gang raped for the rest of your life,” is a terroristic statement because rape of any type induces terror in the victim. So, who is the terrorist? Screeminmeeme did not make any terroristic statements that I could find but your statement is. I really feel sorry for you that you are so afraid of other peoples comments that you have to stoop to making terroristic statements. I am calling on you to examine your own life first before commenting. However, you will now turn you attention on me because I called you on your terroristic comments.

      1. Whom I voted for hundreds of time to elect. I encourage everyone to do everything they can to oust conservatives from office –up to and including election fraud.

        1. Really? A hundred times?

          I don’t believe you.

          But what I do believe is that worship on the alter of Big Government, Slavery and the pain that both cause.

        2. You should, there were voters fraud who did multiple voted with faulse names, this is one of them and even he/she/it confess to vote hundred times. We can use this as evident and arrest it.
          When you and I think there is no one can be this stupid then a liberal like ‘guest’ proved that we wrong.
          hussein obama knew that when he got all the fools on his side, he can be elected to anything.

        3. I know there was voter fraud.

          I just can’t believe that a troll can come up with a hundred different names, addresses, etc…

          Who thinks like that?

        4. You still have to show a picture ID to register and you need an address…And we have Vote By Mail here-sucks, I think, but the DMV (and I know we all give them crap) here isn’t allowing you to “Fly by” and register…Birth Cert, Pic Id, SS#, Passport, not to mention the paperwork surrounding the purchase of your home, and other things…

          One voter pamphlet per address-to conserve Paper…That ought to be a clue…

        5. Really picture ID to register to vote. That depends on the State you live in, most if not all blue States provide welfare, food-stamps, housing payments for rent and so forth without ID, and, thanks to clinton and the democrats you must be asked if you want to register to vote when you sign up for any of those welfare programs.

        6. My state is a blue state. I guess (sigh).

          And, they have stringent regulations regarding getting/renewing your driver’s licence. And, when you pass those, you get to register to vote-its offered at the DMV.

          Yes. Picture ID counts. Here. Probly because it is a vote by mail, state, which really means, our votes aren’t really counted by the end of election night…

          I still think anyone that votes needs to show a pic ID…High Schoolers have to have to have one to get into a HS event, for free…At least in my town.

        7. The minions of Satan who troll the graveyards can come up with a hundred different names, then look up death records and find addresses or just make addresses up to go with the names. Since no ID was required to vote many places, I’m sure it was so easy for them. Yet, that one could have been one of the polling officials that voted before the real person with that name could have voted for Romney. We’ve heard of some saying that they were told they had already voted when they had not. So, it could very well be that this minion of Satan did what they claim they did. It is not beyond the realm of possibility. Yet, God will have his day, he will have his righteous vengence.

        8. This is the kind of situation that can be rectified…With EFFORT. On your part.

          Again. County Registrars office. And then your Secretary of State…Good places to start.

        9. I believe he and other muslim loving freaks voted 100 times. This past election as well as the previous was nothing more than FRAUD. Send him to Kenya; one way ticket; my treat

        10. don’t worry WE will save you a place close to your god,,along with the rest of the NAZI’S,,just like they did in Germany after the war…SEE YOU THEN,,best of luck too ya !!! { LMFAO }

        11. why avoid election fraud, that is how the commie loving twits got kenyan boy back in the WH? liberal weenies only create welfare and entitlement programs that steal from those who work and create jobs and give the money to their “rich a$$hole” buddies and the lazy $luts that will not work..

        12. So, if you voted hundred of times to elect him, then you are one of those who fraudulently won the election for him. Are you proud of yourself? Of course you are, because you are a minion of Satan.

        13. Your IP address will be your downfall when they knock on your door to investigate your claims of multiple votes!

  1. Well, duh – I have been saying this for years. The communist (democrat) party has killed more Americans than all of our enemies combined, destroyed more of our cities than all of our enemies combined, and has done more economic damage to us than all our enemies combined. Only the lowest grade of moron could see these communists as anything other than a terrorist organization. Compared to the communists, bin Laden and his bunch are relatively harmless. Taking all this into account, why haven’t we declared war on the communists (democrats)?

    1. Bin Laden was a man of “impeccable character” compared to Charlie Rangle, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and Barry Barack Soetoro Hussein Obozo. At least Bin Laden didn’t play “1st meat whistle in the Chicago Bath House Symphony”.

      1. There it is, write a book and try to publish it and you are banished. Rape numerous women, cause a number of deaths, accept millions from communists that is all right and the women line up hoping that they are the next one picked to handle the “merchandise”

  2. A. Did illegal immigrants just become a problem in 2008. Obama has deported significantly more illegals than any previous president. There are an estimated 12M illegals. Some sneaked into the country under Reagan, two Bush’s. What did they do to stop illegal I’m irrational. B. George w bush has the record for executive orders – 293 a many unconstitutional. Look at the details on several links, with official EO #. So guess Republican party is a terrorist organization. What’s a country to do. Slow bash Obama day”. Tea party favorability down to 33%. Tell you something about how effective your party will. E in 2014 and 2016. Preside t Clinton and first man Bill, 2017

    1. You forgot that the Democrats promised that the border would be closed if Reagan granted amnesty. The border never got closed so much for the Democrats promises.

      1. So not keeping promises is terrorists. Yea that’s spot on. George w was in power for 8 years after Reagan. He did nothi g to close any borders. He tried amnesty and was shouted down. Illegal immigration has been supported by Dems a d Reps for companiesmthatmprofit from cheap labor. All 12 M didn’t come in 2008. Obama has deported more than Bush or other Presidents. But hey terrorist are groups that don’t keep promises. Yea. Right on tea party

        1. Obama bypassed Congress to pass his DreamAct allowing young illegals to remain in the US, approx. 1.4 million. So much for his deportation numbers. Proud Tea Party member.

  3. Ya think!
    Its easy for evil to manipulate the ignorant- they are also expendable when the regime no longer has use for them. They are next on the list to attack from their own leaders! They will find out when benefits/welfare and food stamps stop and the union jobs are ALL sent oversees!

    1. I’ve been wondering for years the same thing about you conservatives. Why haven’t you either been #1 DROPPED. or #2 thrown in FEMA camps. I say it’s time to get the ball rolling!

      1. Well. We haven’t been dropped or thrown into FEMA camps because we are the ones working. Owning businesses. Not newspapers, but small businesses and big ones too. And we farm.

        Throw us away and you don’t eat leach. And. Just whom do you think is fighting for your freedom and mine? People that believe in the Constitution. And. That is not many Libs/Marxists/Commies.

        Spew your diarrhea somewhere else. Actually. You might like living in Afghanistan-where the women and girls are cloistered away to be beaten by their husband, and the boys take it, where the sun don’t shine. That sounds like your place.

        Not man enough to put a name to your post.

      2. Now that is something I would just love to see you liberals try & do, that woulod be one of the biggest mistakes you idiots have ever tried

      3. WOW Guest, you really have things figured out. Bite the hand that feeds you. Why don’t you obtain gainful employment and feed yourself for a change. I’m sure that all the money you make by posting here ( what is it, a nickle a post ? ) goes to providing you with illicit and illegal drugs.

  4. Well if anyone comes up with a good answer to the problem,let me know and I’ll
    back you 100 %.
    Right now we need to work on the people that could do some good and hold them

  5. This article is spot on. I can’t believe how many people are either gullible, or downright corrupt, and continue to allow this America hating usurper to spread his Muslim seed across our great nation!

    1. I just don’t get these people that did not get out to vote, a vote for Romney was a vote for freedom. I voted for freedom!

  6. Of course it is and they are an imminent danger to America. They should all be in prison but that wont happen so what is the next best way to handle your enemy? I leave it up to you and a vivid imagination…They declared war 50+ years ago and most Americans that love their country and freedom have just now realized inaction has caused a huge problem. But one that can be resolved. Locate a liberal or liberal organization of your choice and use your imagination.

    1. “Locate a liberal or liberal organization of your choice and use your imagination.”

      I say we should locate the next Tea Party rally and use our imaginations. See, we both can have vivid imaginations.

      The smell of WAR. Don’t you love it?

  7. The entire congress is complicit in treason. They want us separated by party lines but the entire congress is complicit in Obama’s crimes against America. An unaccountable government is far more dangerous than an armed citizen. Obama and Holder are terrorists selling weapons to our enemies and until they are held accountable, we can forget America ever existed.

  8. As usual, da Tagliare’s rant is so full of lies, distortions, and disinformation that he shows himself to be one of the worst propagandists since Josef Goebbels…and no less dangerous to democracy. But he’s got a hate-filled audience here who anxiously sucks it up, and undoubtedly swallows every bit of it. The fact is that da Tagliare and his comrardes in hate are, in fact, the American Taliban.

      1. Hey dean…I’m more than happy to debate the facts, but da Tagliare never met a fact he didn’t ignore or deny….and the same is true for virtually every one of you here. You want to debate facts? Give me a few facts that are true, not wingnut garbage like that of da Tagliare. A lot of you here keep vomiting about treason, but you don’t even know what constitutes treason. Every president uses Executive Orders, and Bush issued a lot more than Obama has. Bush’s “untitary” presidency, promoted by the 5-time draft dodger Cheney, was the closest thing we’ve had to a dictatorship. And the fact is that nearly all of the hatred toward Obama is rooted in bigotry and racism…and an unwillingness to accept that a black man sits in the White House and leads this country. Y’all just won’t admit it! And you accuse me of “slander”? Why don’t you read the other posts here and see who’s really guilty of slander? da Tagliare’s entire rant is slanderous!

        1. First Bush is a progressive IE RINO and working to the same end as obama so of course he did much of the same things obama does which is why obama has carried forth many of his programs.
          second must of what I read in the article was factual and third I think you really do not believe half of what you write.

    1. Liberals have excuses and lies for everything. Your perception tells you that you are better, smarter. My how your perceptions deceive you. I could never be a liberal. I couldn’t be a lying, denying, twister and slanter of truth.

  9. This would be a dream come true if they were jailed for life. Or be punished by the same laws they live by, l am for beheading .But not in public cause americans are nothing like muslims and God will show these people just that.

    OH! do not forget, obama said he will have our land, be do not own it. He owns your farm, he own the control of food, he will stop home gardening, he owns all water and you can not collect rain water. The list goes on and on.

      1. naw, you will probably just get mowed down in the street with a “high capacity” clip fed, gas operated, bayonet equipped assault rifle, handled expertly by one of the well trained, well organized, and well armed conservative civilian militia….the anti communist Real Americans….

  10. this is why I am a LIBERTARIAN,,, because I do not beleive in Hate crime and I do believe in separation of church and state, but I do not believe that someone else s beliefs need to be shoved down my throat. As bad as liberalism is, this article is just as bad. This author would make abortion illegal. While taxpayers should not have to pay for them, they should be available because a sin is between the sinner and God. Not the sinner and the community. If not than lies should be treated like a broken law and we will ALL be in jail. I do not have issue with homosexuals having rights, They are not trying to make me be a homosexual so why should I care? If they are paying their own bills and treat others with respect then why shouldn’t they have rights? Again, just because it is not right for me, does not make it wrong for everyone. This article only serves to make people hate conservatives. There are conservative homosexiual out there who pay their bills, contribute to society and chatities and care for those less fortunate. Why sldnt they have rights like any other human being? Why do you try to speak for God? How are You better than the Liberals and thier crimes against the people when this would be just as bad. Liberty means liberty for all not just for one group over another. It dont mean liberty just for christians or liberty just for democrats. It means liberty for every human being. and accountability for ones own actions. This is some of the thinking that turns people to the liberal side.

  11. So it’s taken this long for some of you to figure it out. They have been thugs since the day they were formed as a political party.

  12. The majority of Americans agree this administration has committed what has been described above and well beyond………these folks are truly the enemy from with-in yet no-one in either the court system or congress will lift a finger to stop this madness. It is We The People that are going to find it necessary to get our butts in gear and do what is necessary. We have the power, via our Constitution, to remove these horrible examples of humans let alone Americans. We must not stand down from these fools.

  13. I’ll 2nd that!! The Demoncrats are the lowest form of terrorists- they deny that they are terrorists. If there is a future these people that run this organization will be granded leagal terrorists. Unless they win then “The victor will re-write the history.”

      1. You Marxist POS you can’t drop us all! so if say a few thousand come to visit your MARXIST America hating anus and bury it what are you going to do then You piece of America hating refuse!

  14. It’s because of the very things you
    pointed out that I try to attach a “Call to Action” For SATURDAY, January 26,
    2013, at 9:00 a.m. EST, for ALL AMERICANS with legally owned guns, to STEP OUT
    TOGETHER, with holstered guns and long guns slung over our shoulders, on the
    same DAY – DATE – and TIME, (just like we all do on opening day of hunting
    season) to preserve, non-violently our RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

    We are NOT out to cause trouble. We will just go about our business as if
    NO ONE was carrying a gun but READY to come to the aid of ANYONE under attack by
    ANY CRIMINAL within our own immediate vicinity.

    And IF and WHEN the POLICE try to stop ANY American CITIZEN and arrest them
    and cart them off to jail for wearing a gun, that WE THE PEOPLE, non-violently,
    SWARM those officers and inform them if they carry through with their disarming
    a CITIZEN who is NOT engaged in a CRIME, that WE THE PEOPLE will charge that
    officer with TREASON for actively participating in the OVERTHROW of the U.S.
    Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE will make a CITIZEN’S ARREST on that officer, have
    him/her taken to jail and booked, and WE THE PEOPLE will FUND the prosecution of
    that officer for TREASON and will seek the DEATH PENALTY if they are found
    guilty in a LEGAL court of law.

    WE THE PEOPLE are standing on the FOUNDATIONAL LAW of the United States
    Constitution, which can only be changed by adding or repealing amendments.

    The ONLY amendments ever “added” and then “repealed” were the 18th and 21st
    amendments. The 18th establishing “Prohibition” on alcohol, and the 21st was the
    REPEALING of the 18th amendment.

    Amendments are only added or repealed by a SUPER MAJORITY VOTE of 3/4 of

    The 1st and 2nd Amendments have NEVER been REPEALED (nor any others except
    the 18th as stated above). (and the 16th Amendment (federal income taxes) was
    NEVER legally RATIFIED. It needed 36 votes, the government claimed there were
    38 votes, when IN FACT, there were only 34 votes.)

    That means it is STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND and NO LAW can be passed and
    counted as LEGAL that usurps or denies these RIGHTS TO THE CITIZENS unless it
    goes through the LEGAL process to add or repeal an amendment.

    ALL SUCH LAWS ARE nothing more than UNLAWFUL ORDERS put in play by CITIZENS
    committing and ACT OF TREASON, however well intentioned at the moment.

    POLICE are either NOT TAUGHT this in their training or they ARE TAUGHT this
    in their training and they are actively trying to OVERTHROW the U.S.
    Constitution, which is an act of TREASON.

    There are at least 74 MILLION armed CITIZENS (hunters) in America, over and
    above the 6 MILLION, or so, ACTIVE and armed Military and Police forces in the

    If ALL 74 MILLION of us will step out together on the same DAY – DATE –
    TIME (just like on opening day of hunting season) fully armed but NOT in any
    BATTLE POSTURE, but simply to show the TRAITORS that we outnumber them 12 to 1
    and we WILL NOT BE DISARMED, and we WILL hold them accountable from this day
    forward through our COURTS of LAW……..and we WILL have ANY and ALL TRAITORS,
    unless they sincerely amend their ways, put on trial for TREASON, and seek the
    death penalty.

    Once WE THE PEOPLE put on our guns and step out together, WE NEVER take
    them off until ALL LAWS attacking our 2nd Amendment rights are THROWN OUT for
    what they are……..simply UN-LAWFUL ORDERS………NOT LAW.

    If WE THE PEOPLE step out together, on SATURDAY, JANUARY 26TH, at 9:00 a.m.
    EST. WE THE PEOPLE can have OUR COUNTRY back under OUR CONTROL in less than a

    throughout the nation. Everyone responsible for helping to keep the peace in
    their own general vicinity. NO ONE on public payroll (saving multi-BILLIONS in
    salaries and benefits

    1. Awesome. Have you started organizing for this. Where can I sign up. Maybe some help on how to make citizen arrest, etc. let’s get started. Treason.

      1. citizen arrest are simple, same way a cop does it but you do have to be careful with a gun, or you may go to jail along with him or her

    2. Will not happen most people are too darned timid, until they come to their doors demanding their guns. A leader is needed that is willing to go to jail for treason, unfortunately he will probably be convicted after a monkey trial. If & when they do start this someone will step forward & tell them no & they will be wiling to stand for their rights, maybe that will be the starting point, maybe, maybe not

    1. Bring it on buddy. Stop saying lock and load. DO it. Bring your guns out in the open. Stand up and be counted conservatives!

    1. Bring it on. The peoples who’s ass needs to be whooped are you conservatives. I’m locked and loaded and ready for you.

  15. the ,martial law will come when his own supporters (who have a tendency and have been encouraged on his behalf btw) will get fed up and realize they have been had and will openly revolt. They are already starting to see the light..

  16. I read this site every day to keep abreast of the the right wing mindset. Each day I read hate, division, distortions, and threats directed at other Americans because they support policies and programs that help to make our country a better place to live.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves for the things you write and say about our president and fellow Americans. Treason is in the air all right. It flows from sites like this one that supports violence against fellow citizens.

    Most people have moved past the hatred and self-centeredness promoted by conservatives (as evidenced by the last election), so get over it people. Stop promoting hatred and start working with democrats to make this country great again.

      1. You’re absolutely correct, they are more of a true threat to this country than the Taliban. I’m not sure what you mean by taken out, and I do believe that they need to develop critical thinking skills so they stop blindly following their so-called fellow “patriots”. Those “patriots” wouldn’t know true love of country if it bit them in the butt.

        1. The people on here who wish to kill you because you voted against them aren’t capable of critical thinking skills. Look up ” Jim David Adkisson” –There will be many more incidents like that mass shooting here in the coming years…….. Take them out (not by pre-emptive violence but in elections, etc) — If they want to initiate and provoke violent actions against our elective representatives, By all means they need to be taken out of the equation. They should have their homes raided and be placed under arrest for threats.

        2. The John Mescas comment is an example of sick thinking. Progressives have become so hateful and vindictive they are no longer capable of rational thought. They are willing to sacrifice our rights and turn on their fellow citizen in favor of a repressive government to silence and punish opposition. This is how oppression begins and freedom ends.

      1. I read liberal/progressive sites and conservative sites on a daily basis. While there are some far left loons who advocate and promote hate, division, etc., they are not people with large followings. The conservatives on the other hand have as leaders people who spout their vile diatribes on a daily basis. There is no national progressive leader that comes anywhere near the likes of limbaugh, o’rielly, savage, coulter, etc.

    1. The elites want us to be divided. It’s why the left promotes racism and government control and the right demands our rights and smaller government. It seems the left seeks to orchestrate and incite division using “professors” calling for the end of the constitution and advocating gun protection for the elite but not for citizens. Only “opposition” to government control is now considered a threat and the left thinks that’s just dandy. Which makes the leftists a pawn for the power elite. Historically they are generally the first to go when they realize they’ve been played.

  17. They can also be called Despots by virtue of imposing their ideas and rules on others merely because that is the way they wish it to be. Obama is a despot who disregards those for whom he is supposed to SERVE. He either doesn’t “get it” or he doesn’t give a hoot. He is not FOR America. He doesn’t deserve America.

  18. New White House address: 666 Pennsylvania Ave. Eternity is a long-time. Play the odds….unless you’re 100% sure there is no life after death, make a decision that drops your odds of being wrong to 50%.

  19. Maybe there should be a petition started to call the leaders of the Dems a domestic terrorist organization and those invlolved arrested and tried for treason. This would be a good one for BO to have to look at, as well as the Dems and the MSM.

  20. People (namely takers) have so become blind to whats going on in Washington. The workers(givers) are blind to whats going on in Washington. When Obummer runs out of our money , see what kind of riots there will be. We need people who have backbones to say enough is enough. Someone who is not afraid to say what’s wrong and we are going to end it. America may be down, but she is not out. We can get rid of the commies in Washington, and start over. And get back to our Christian roots and morality. When we respect people and life , things will change for the better.

  21. once the dem’s realize they are NOT the party of Kennedy any more and actually realize they have become a mirror of the Nazi party then maybe they might wake up, hopefully before it’s too late!

  22. This is a classic hit piece of indoctrination to divide the sheep! Do you not also consider the Republican party a terrorist org.? Only a indoctrinated sheep still believes in the 2 party system of enslavement so wake up! THEY BOTH ARE THE SAME!!!! BE AN AMERICAN AND WAKE UP TO THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS YOU SEEM TO LOVE TO WALK THROUGH!

  23. You people better wake up! The time is at hand for the revolution II to start, and if you dont fight beside your brothers against this left right communist tyranny you will be a victim of it! guaranteed!

  24. Let’s review the examples as presented:

    5A: this appears to be a problem of resources more than anything—although one can argue that immigration should be a cooperative state-federal effort. As for illegal gun control laws, attempting to enact isn’t good enough; you need to have someone with rights violated before you can claim terrorism. Unless or until that happens, that terrorism claim is abrogated by the First Amendment’s right to free speech.

    5B: not deporting: that may be something else, but I don’t see how that’s coercion or intimidation. The EOs given are still subject to Constitutional restrictions and they almost all are restricted to national defense situations, which is okay under the COTUS. As for “my way or the highway” on legislation, unless threats on life are made, that may be unethical, but it’s legal. The stimulus package only passed on sheer numbers…and that’s the fault of either voters for not voting Democrats out or Republicans for not running better-qualified candidates as alternatives…but that is neither coercion or intimidation. Socialism also is technically not illegal, as there is no provision against it per se in the Constitution.

    Now onto ACA: it is being adjudicated right now, and the basic part of ACA has been upheld as Constitutional because it is a tax. That knocks out terrorism for that part, leaving the mandates resulting therefrom, which are currently being adjudicated. If they are ultimately struck down and an attempt to enforce it is still made, then that would be terrorism.

    Legalization of gay rights now: I would dismiss that because government is not supposed to enforce a different set of rules for gays and one for everyone else. That is big government. If you want to claim that socialism is against our principles, you can’t say that this, as big government, is not. As for hate language…where is that in the law in any state? No one has faced jail time as a result – only protests. That’s not intimidation or coercion.

    Christians/Muslims: Christians can pray in public school, but like Muslims, they can’t interfere with the school day. Students can pray on their own at any point; teacher-led prayer is coerced worship. As for laws condemning Christian practices…which laws do that?

    If I were a judge, I’d probably be inclined to acquit should a terrorism trial be attempted, or even dismiss before trial.

  25. It is Fact Communisum and the Koran are in direct Conflict
    of our Constitution. I have been saying they all including
    Republicans that signed onto letting Obama get to the
    Office he now holds are resposibable of Treason also.
    I think History will judge the 108th Congress through
    the 114th Congress and this Administration as the Most
    Corrupt in the History of this Nation. I think History will be
    kind to Not a Single One.

  26. The democrat party is a bundle of tares as prophecied in Matthew 13-30..Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
    Their gang mentality stance on abortion, hmosexual marriage and godlessness is all the proof needed to classify them as a bundle of tares…..These will be delivered to the fire…The baptism of unquinchable fire of Islam..Rev 13-13…The tares will, as prophecied call the beast God..aka allah…

  27. These trolls on here that voted for him,unchristain people will all get paid back. And yes, wanting to put us in jail for saying anything about islam and muslims. They will kill atheists just as fast as christains.Please Guys, do not let your women and childern become a muslim honor killing or honor rape victims. or like the ones in India.

  28. Devil worshiping idiots
    Evil as the day is long
    Muslim leader from hell
    Obnoxious to be around or hear speak
    Racist to the max
    Tax loving piece of human waste

  29. “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” – Thomas Mann (1875-1955)

    If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense… Alexander Hamilton

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, that battle is your calling, and peace has become sin. You must at the price of dearest peace lay your conviction bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.” Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), theologian, statesman, journalist, and Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901–1905)

    Galatians 5:1 says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

    per unitatem vis (“through unity, strength”)

    If our government becomes so brave as to demand we surrender our arms we shall only reply thus…

    “Molon labe.” (Come and take them.)

    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

  30. Okay, can anyone flesh out these arguments? As they stand
    they appear to be rhetoric and not much more.

    >> Failing to protect US citizens by not enforcing immigration laws definitely fits this

    Any examples of a Democrat “not enforcing immigration laws”? Which ones?

    >> What about attempting to enact illegal gun control laws? A growing number of Democrats are calling…

    Attempting to enact illegal gun control laws. What specifically is illegal? The right to bear arms is a Constitutional right.
    However, the Constitution doesn’t spell out if background checks are required
    to have guns. What exactly would be wrong with requiring background checks for
    all individuals purchasing guns? Which Democrats are suggesting something that
    goes over the line I just drew? What is the “legal” duty owed to citizens to
    pass measures that remove things like the gunshow loophole?

    >> Then how many times have Obama and Harry Reid threatened the Republicans that it’s their way or no way on jobs bills, the fiscal cliff and other budget matters?

    What are examples of the words or actions they have done to “threaten”
    Republicans. Is this any more than politics as usual? Most of the problems lie
    in lack of collaboration. Certainly can’t help to call one side a terrorist
    when they are trying to push an agenda that they were elected to push.

    >> They have repeatedly violated federal laws and have forced socialistic policies upon the American people.

    What Federal laws? What is a social policy they are pushing? Are you saying
    we should not have welfare, medicare, social security, subsidized school meals?
    I’d probably agree with that. I should point out, it is disingenuous to mix “violating
    federal laws” and enforcing social policies as a single statement. This is intentionally
    misleading or recklessly written.

    >> intimidating and coercing Christians to violated their faith with things like the contraception mandate and threat of massive fines for not complying.

    Yeah, that was the law that was passed. Either change the law or stfu.

    >> define anyone who says homosexuality is a sin against God is guilty of hate language and could face jail time.

    Where? Who said this? There is no way that someone in any official capacity said that individuals cannot have free speech. I call BS.

    >> Christians can’t pray in public schools, but Muslims can, for example.

    Where? Have any sources?

    >> The list of examples could fill a book

    What examples? I see this article has provided nothing of substance to assist in the development of that book since the article relies largely on the audience tacitly accepting the words on their face and applying their own racism to color in the facts that may or may not exist.

    As a side note, I have tried to unsubscribe from this
    newsletter several times as most of the articles are trash-like this one.

    1. How about criminal charges against Both Houses with members of the Democratic Socialist Party of America and The Whole Executive Branch for : Violation of Articles I, II,III, IV, and V of U.S. Constitution. Also violation of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Amendments of the Bill of Rights of The U.S. Constitution for starters!

  31. Agreed, our Federal Government has been and is a Terrorist Organization including but not limited to the TSA, the BATF, the EPA, and most Departments or Agencies within the Federal Government.

  32. I cant honestly believe that people can be SO STUPID?!?! Is this website real? This has GOT to be a joke? Show of hands! How many of you made it through 8th grade??? It really does blow my mind. I just pray (Yes, I said pray. A liberal that prays? Does that scare you?) that all of you are TOO stupid to ever convince anyone to believe this crazy BS.

  33. Virtues, NOT Values: The Difference Is Crucial. When America stopped teaching the virtues and started talking about types of behavior as economic commodities, we began our descent. Virtues are absolute: values rise and fall and are exchangeable. Values have been equated with opinions/personal beliefs, and with relativism in play, values become
    worthless. Courage is not a “value” which can be bartered intellectually. Honesty is absolute: its value does not rise and fall with opinions, unless you are a Democrat.

  34. “Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy … censorship. When ANY government, or ANY church, for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how good the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, NO amount of force can control a FREE man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything. You CANNOT conquer a FREE man; the most you can do is KILL him.” — Robert A. Heinlein

  35. Imprisoned for life? I think not. A more fitting punishment would be to dump them one at a time into an industrial chipper/shredder with exhaust end into a hog lot. Piggies would be thrilled and no after life for muslims.

  36. This is what I have gathered from reading these comments: Obama is Nazi, a communist, and a Muslim…? He must be a time traveler too, where does he find all the time to do so many Completely Different things??Makes me feel like a lazy under achiever; and a moron for reading this garbage.

  37. The Democrat Party is the flying carpet for the communists, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Islamists, left-wing radicals, anti-capitalists, un-American union thugs and cultural Marxism is the glue that holds them all together?.

    Keep in mind the RINO leaders/followers in the Republican Party are hell-bent to help Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood add America to their list of nations they are moving towards a global caliphate. And, the media is their public relations group helping to destroy us.

    In fact, they BOTH are a party to our destruction however, for different reasons; it all revolves around our Constitution, National/Homeland Security and they placed Cultural Marxism above each one.

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