Democrats Setting Women Up for Rape

Last year during the election, the entire US, Democrats, Republicans and the media crucified Missouri Republican Todd Akin for his comments about legitimate rape.  He was villainized as being totally insensitive to women.

Akin, then a US Representative was running for the US Senate seat held by Democrat Claire McCaskill.  The negative media blitz launched against him was enough to get McCaskill re-elected, keeping another liberal Democrat in office.

Since the election, a number of Democrats have been talking about rape and offering ways for women to defend themselves against being physically violated.  Their ideas and suggestions have been prompted by the push for gun control and the disarming of America.  These progressives can’t bear the thought of giving women the right to obtain a conceal carry permit to allow them to carry a gun to protect themselves with.  Instead, they have suggested a number of completely ridiculous ideas for how a woman should protect herself from a would be rapist.

Even Vice President Joe Biden got into the fray when he told women to buy a double-barrel .12 gauge shotgun, not to shoot the attacker, but to frighten him away.  In the video below, Biden describes how he has told his wife to take the shotgun if anyone is trying to break into the house, go outside where the intruder is and fire two shots into the air to scare the intruder away.  Hello?  How stupid can Biden be.  First he tells his wife to go outside the house to where the intruder is and then empty her shotgun by firing into the air.  So now he has wife standing outside the house with an empty shotgun and an intruder, who should realize that the gun is empty.  Joe Biden has just placed his wife in harm’s way, and with their house being in a somewhat secluded wooded area, there’s no one around to help her.

Other means of self-defense offered up by anti-gun bleeding heart liberals include:

  • Urinating on the rapist
  • Defecating on the rapist
  • Vomit on the rapist
  • Run to a safe zone
  • Use a call box
  • Use a whistle
  • Use the buddy system
  • Point your ink pen at them
  • Tell them you’re pregnant
  • Tell them you are sick
  • Tell them you have an STD
  • Pretend to have a seizure
  • Pretend to faint

 Looney Suggestions the Left Has for Women to Avoid Rape

My favorite is pretend to faint.  They are telling women to just lay there on the ground, which is exactly what a rapist wants in the first place.

And if some idiot thinks that a safe zone will protect a woman from being raped, they need to read what happened to Amanda Collins, a student at the University of Nevada.  She was raped at gunpoint in a gun free safe zone that was only 50 feet away from campus police.  Obviously the rapist paid no attention to the ‘gun free’ zone, or maybe he did.  He probably knew that any woman he found there would not be carrying a concealed weapon, so his chances of being shot were minimal.

Half of the suggestions made like using bodily fluids will mostly likely infuriate the rapist, causing him to get violent and cause more physical injury than he already has.

Next to wearing an iron chastity belt, a gun is the best form of defense a woman has.  Very few men are going to try anything when they’re looking down the barrel of a gun.  But Democrats don’t want you to have that option.  They would rather set you up to being raped than to give you the best opportunity to protect yourself.  I wish the millions of women that voted for Obama and Democrats across the land would have thought of this before they entered the polls last November.

48 thoughts on “Democrats Setting Women Up for Rape

  1. Akin was not “villainized [sic] as being totally insensitive to women.” He was called out as an idiot for having no idea how human biology works. He claimed that any woman that got pregnant after being raped must have enjoyed it.

    His total lack of knowledge of of science was in direct opposition to his serving on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. It was yet another black eye for the GOP, Congress, and Politics in general. This is who we have representing us? This is who makes decisions about science? He not only lost his OWN race, but cast a dark shadow of ignorance over the entire Republican party. Both Romney and Ryan called for Akin to step down, but he refused. It was too late. Now the Republicans, and especially Tea Party Republicans, looked like absolute morons. Keep stoking that fire godfatherpolitics, we all know how it will turn out.

    1. I respect your opinion…but try using an actual argument when attacking Republicans and the Tea Party…you might not look like such a jerk off. It doesn’t help an argument by either side to resort to name calling…See how childish that sounds?

      1. If you need me to, I will explain my actual argument:
        Akin does not know how the reproductive system works. That’s dumb. He was on the science committee. That’s dumb. The people that defended him were dumb, and the people who STILL defend him are dumb. The dumb author of this dumb article didn’t even understand WHY Akin’s comments were dumb. You couldn’t understand my argument…….

    2. So then it’s safe to assume the left is mentally ill from what comes from Pelosi’s, Boxer’s, and Biden’s mouth, oh and the idiot who thought Guam would tip over if everyone were on on one side of the island. Talk about a party of morons.

      1. I had never heard of the “Guam will tip over” story, so I looked it up. You are absolutely right – Hank Johnson (D-GA) is an idiot. laughably dumb. In the YouTube video, Admiral Willard must have used his Navy training to keep from laughing in his face.
        I have said it for months – both parties are terrible. We need more choices!!

  2. I think I have the answer to this contentious issue that will satisfy both sides and end it once and for all.

    The Congress shall allocate funds to be used to provide every American woman with a Rape Prevention Kit consisting of three things:

    1. An official whistle, stamped with the Great Seal of the United States.

    2. A breakable vial of body fluid mix to be thrown at the attacker since we all can’t pee, puke, or poop on cue……………………………(My apologies to those with keen sensibilities)

    3. A 9 by 12 picture of a glock which can be flashed at the rapist/serial killer as they approach.

    Problem solved.

        1. That was my point. If the argument is that criminals will not follow the law – then why have any laws? Every law is broken by somebody. It does not mean they are useless.

    1. Not really…. If you carry even a picture of a banned gun you could be shot and killed by an officer who will later claim that they were ‘in fear for their lives’ because of your picture… Be careful, people, the new fascism (old really) is very unforgiving…

  3. The only war on women is the one being waged on them by the painty waist Liberal men who making them targets. Can you imagine standing on a balcony shooting off your two rounds in a heavy shotgun with kick. THEN expecting the perp to simply go away? I always thought Biden was stupid now I think he is toally sexist and demeaning to his wife and her safety…….My husband bought me a semi auto Glock I think he loves me more LOL

    1. I think Joe is hoping to get a new wife out of the deal, she shoots off both barrels, intruder takes her shotgun and beats her to death with it, goes into the house and backs a moving van up fills it with Joe’s goodies and drives away. Problem solved, no divorce necessary, and Joe can collect the insurance on his dead wife and all of the goodies taken by the intruder.

  4. more rape, more fear, more police, more taxes, more people control, motre government!!! – the democrats LOVE criminals THAT’S why they do little to nothing about crime!

  5. Let’s have the Democrat women and wives of Democrats go test their theories out by walking around alone in dangerous areas and seeing if any of these techniques work. Why balk at it? If you are saying this is good enough for other women, why not your women? Typical liberal hypocrisy. They won’t subject themselves to their own rules.

    1. They won’t do that…recall the resounding “NO” from those who were asked to put up a sign in front of their house…my home is proudly gun free…they aren’t stupid but they like to think we are…ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist to squeeze a trigger through…just a proud true blue American willing to stand up and fight…

  6. Who is he kidding? Those people will have secret service up their asses until they die! Can’t you just picture Ms. Feinstein with her glock shooting in the air! These people are a joke. It’s hard to fathom they are in positions of power. Well as long as all of us keep allowing it, they will dictate their laws and remove our rights for basically anything they find offensive or combative to them. LETS TAKE THE POWER BACK!

  7. How in the H are women going to pee on the rapist????? Who thought of these crappy ideas?? I’m willing to bet that Jill Biden has a gun in her purse!! These ideas are just as senseless as locking up your gun. By the time you get it unlocked and able to use it, you are a dead duck!!! A rapist is NOT going to give a hoopla if you are pregnant. About the only one that makes any sense is the buddy system and that better be about 10 buddies. One won’t make an iota of a difference. Can you make yourself puike???? Just how are you suppose to use an ink pen?? I must be very stupid because I don’t understand any of these.

      1. I don’t know about you but I have NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING SO RIDICULOUS! Puike should be puke! sorry. I think the knee in the crotch would be a better solution – ink pen????

  8. First of all, Biden’s house is probably protected by Secret Service Agents and second, what does this idiot expect a woman to do, carry a double barrel shotgun in her purse just by chance she happens to be outside taking a walk?

    1. re: ” Biden’s house is probably protected “:

      So are the homes of many liberals who live in apartment houses or condos, with doormen and/or front desk personnel, who screen those who enter. Some even demand to see ID before letting you drive onto the property. These folks, feeling pretty safe up there on the 19th floor, have no idea or care for what it is like for the average homeowner living and sleeping on the ground floor in un gated communtites, where all the criminal has to do is break the window glass or pick the lock–and they’re in.
      Then what? I wonder whether those against homeowners owning guns really believe the police will arrive in time –they don’t–or really don’t care.

  9. So if someone is shooting at you, you should pee on him. I don’t think a little urine will stop a criminal from breaking the law.

  10. First of all Claire is a dimwit and how they could have re-elected that brain dead woman is beyond me. Democrats have lost their morals, their integrit, etc, I say to you woman throw up on every Democrat and pee on them as well. How dumb can they be

  11. When we hear the absolute insanity of these elected and appointed officials, I wonder how many of us actually realize that there is something very wrong with WHO is being placed in positions of such responsibility??

  12. Did you hear, Congress and the Senate is giving up their security/bodyguards and they are all getting plastic whistles instead!”
    They understand security is expensive and they want to make sure everyone has a whistle, begging with them by example (oh and Hollywood, Radio and TV are doing the same!). “”” Whistle while you work!”””

    1. Let’s think about those whistles for a moment. They are supposed to summon help. Is the help going to pee on the rapist?

  13. I prefer drawin down on the bastards with my unconcealed uncensored second amendment rights weapon of MY CHOICE in self defense and blowin off there fing balls and then their other head….IF THEY HAVE ONE! Of course if they did HAVE ONE and I wasn’t concealing the weapon of my choice they might not try to do anything that stooopid to fing start with! I AM RIGHT AND YOU FING CAN BET ON IT!!!! NO WAY AM I GIVING UP EVEN ONE OF MY GUNS NOR EVEN ONE OF MY BULLETS!!! most of them have names on them already!!!! ;D

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  15. No secret that the Democratic Party is led by homosexuals and lesbians who despise heterosexuals of both genders. To them rape is simply social interaction.

  16. Women of America–you have more authority than these scrotumless spinless males in America. Take the POWER and kick these lowlifes right out of hell, Washington to the real hell.

  17. Most people, including Republicans, do not understand the “legitimate rape” issue, which, by the way, has nothing to do with the main point of this article.
    The Congressman was saying that in some states women could not get an abortion unless they had been raped. (Remember the rape or incest exception to the abortion ban?) Thus they claimed, illegitimately (or dishonestly), that they had been raped in order to get an abortion. What he meant to say was “legitimate CLAIMS of rape”.

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