Democrats Who Opposed Raising Debt Limit for Pres. Bush Urging Obama to Raise Debt Limit By ‘Lawful Means’

In 2006, President George W. Bush asked Congress to raise the debt limit by a smaller amount than President Obama is currently requesting.  Four top Democrats were outraged with Bush’s request and called the action to be irresponsible.  Instead of raising the debt limit, they insisted on spending cuts.  Those Democrats were Senators Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray and Chuck Schumer.

Seven years later, the same four Democratic Senators have written President Barack Obama a letter urging him to take ‘lawful steps’ to raise the debt ceiling himself.  In the letter, they accuse Republicans of holding the nation’s economy hostage.  They wrote:

“It is hard to imagine that the Speaker and Leader McConnell would really follow through on their threat to let our nation default on its debts. They are responsible leaders who know better. Sadly, some of their Republican colleagues do not. Therefore, we believe that you must make clear that you will never allow our nation’s economy and reputation to be held hostage. In the event that Republicans make good on their threat by failing to act, or by moving it unilaterally to pass the debt limit extension only as part of unbalanced or unreasonable legislation, we believe you must be willing to take any lawful steps to ensure that America does not break its promises and trigger a global economic crisis — without Congressional approval, if necessary.”

Isn’t it a little hypocritical for the Senators who once demanded spending cuts over raising the debt ceiling for a Republican president to insisting that our current Democratic president raise the debt ceiling by more than double without spending cuts. There are only 2 differences between 2006 and now; the political party of the president and the amount of the debt ceiling increase sought after. It wasn’t that long ago these politicians were telling a president to be responsible and reduce spending. Today they’re telling a president not to worry about spending but continue to raise the debt ceiling more than ever before.

I also found it ironic that these Democrats are accusing the Republicans of holding the economy hostage, while in fact they are doing the very same thing. Over the last several years Harry Reid has told Republicans that it’s his way or no way. When it came to jobs bills, House Republicans put forth 12 different jobs bills. Harry Reid refused to even look at or consider 11 of those 12, and then automatically rejected the twelfth.

In the last fiscal cliff negotiations it was the Republicans who compromised the most and Democrats who compromised little. So who is it that’s really holding the nation’s economy hostage? Seems to me that it’s these wishy-washy, change our mind and policies Democratic leaders that are the ones guilty of what they are accusing the Republicans of.

No wonder Congress has an approval rating of only 9%, and rated lower in preference to cockroaches, root canal, and colonoscopy. It’s men and women like this who give politicians a bad reputation and make a profession appear to be one of disrepute.

33 thoughts on “Democrats Who Opposed Raising Debt Limit for Pres. Bush Urging Obama to Raise Debt Limit By ‘Lawful Means’

  1. Excision is the only effective cure for hemorrhoids.
    The hypocrisy of Reid, Durbin, Murray and Schumer knows no limits.
    Anyone got a scalpel?

  2. Why no mention of “the big zero” himself? As a Senator, he said it was “a failure of leadership” to raise the debt ceiling. The only “lawful means” of raising the debt ceiling is an act of Congress.

  3. I see both sides do this. They do it then argue the other side shouldnt. Well guess what bubba…..Its was wrong when either side did it. Congress has deserted our constitution. Treason is the only word that fits them anymore.

  4. They have the “uniformed” to thank for their ability to maintain such a high level of hypocrisy. But, even the uniformed tire of being slapped around.

  5. Two faced politicking has become standard fare in Washington. It was always bad, but recently its become pathetically typical. BTW… there were Republicans pushing Bush to make spending cuts as well. It was not just Democrats. Many Republicans felt Bush’s economic policies were detrimental. We know his allowing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), to stand w/o serious opposition & demands for Congressional actions to change the loan qualifications requirements, beyond the 12 times Bush tried to get it repealed &/or improved upon, was a bad move. But he did try which is more than Obama or his cabal have done. The media have “sold” the public on the official Democrat party propaganda line that its Republicans who are the roadblock. When in fact this is typical deflection by Democrats to accuse Republicans of exactly what Democrats have been, are, & will continue to do. T& make life miserable for ten to twenty years to come.he next CIC will truly have justifiable reasons to blame any deliterious economic actions he must take, because once Obama is gone & interest rates go up (as they surely will) inflation will really hurt the public.

    1. Bush was an economic nightmare. But, that’s no excuse for Ozombie’s party to go stupid. I can tell you, win your children and your families folks because many of them are low information voters and WE have the greatest ability to influence our families. Speak to them. Write them. Email them. Do whatever it’s called with that twit system or that facial bookcase thing (yes, I’m mocking those last two). The fact is, we are responsible to resurrect the nations soul.

  6. I am sick and tired of these morons in Washington saying we could default on our debt. WE WON’T. We bring in enough through regular taxes to cover our debt, cover paying the military, SS, disabled veterans and still have some $$ left over. What it will stop is any further borrowing, 40 cents on the dollar. What we see is, primarily the left, using their usual scare tactics. Who knows the government may work much better if they were partially shut down for a while. They may begin to lose the “you owe me mentality” and become grateful for their jobs. I would love to see the conservatives demand a balanced budget in exchange for a debt ceiling increase. They should make it clear that their will be NO continuing resolutions in place of passing a budget.

    1. I agree with you completely but I have read recently that we now borrow 46 cents of every dollar spent. By 2016 we will probably be borrowing 55 cents of every dollar spent if not more.

    2. Google::; (list of government agencies) Read A-Z there are some here you never heard of and not one of the listed agencies produces a thing that’s taxable but your tax and mine pay their checks. It’s a federal entitlement listing, pure and simple.

    3. I agree with you 100% 7papa7. What I don’t undrerstand, and perhaps you can help me, why is it that it is ALWAYS NOT paying us our Soc. Security, Medicare and Military may not get paid? How about not paying 1) obummer himself; 2) obummers czars and other aids; 3) moochelle and her staff; 4) congress and their aids; 5) defund obummercare and, 6) aid to foreign countries who hate us, just to name a few. The arrogant dummicrat donkey – (translated however you wish), ALWAYS THREATENS the elderly and the military. They need to stop threatening us and take a good, long look elsewhere, namely themselves. How about obummer give up the secret service for himself, moochelle and their kids and a big savings -GROUND AIRFORCE 1!

      1. They do it, because it works. The same old tired “Those evil Republicans”, echoed via the main stream media megaphone, works every time

  7. You may not raise the celiling without significant spending cuts and major revisions to welfare, food-stamps and all the B.S. ends. NOMORE

  8. Of course they support it, when it suits them! Live within your means the government has scared away so many businesses that the money stream is going out of the country instead of stayin within our shores and raising taxes will only make it worse. The government has been living on filet mignon for far too long it’s time they eat Top Ramen for a while until they get their house in order.

  9. Hypocrits all! But if you look closely at history, people like this usually go down in flames from their own stupidity. Like Wile E. Coyote and his famous, or infamous “Acme” products! With people like this in leadership positions it is no wonder that prophecy doesn’t speak of any nation that can be identified as the United States in the end times. No matter what we do, the prophecy won’t change. It’s actually like “the handwriting on the wall.” If God says it will happen, it will, no matter what we do! Believe it or not!

  10. This is what I don’t understand about democrats. when they lose position, they will be violently opposed to the very power that they have handed to the office of the presidency, and they will be very mad if the next one is to yield power like the one they support. As a libertarian at heart, I am against handing ANY president (or any government for that matter) that much power- they simply have proven to be inept at using it properly.

  11. Look at the hypocrites boys and girls. And these people wonder why “tax paying” Americans can’t stand them and don’t trust them. The only one who like these people are the welfare parasites that Obama has nurtured.

  12. Better thinkers than me have mentioned how the anti-American in the W.H. will probably pull the rug out from under the Repubs before debt limit talks. As early as the Inauguration, or at least by the State of The Union, he will propose a middle class tax cut. Gaining huge support, he’ll be able to push aside any R opposition to his raising the ceiling and whatever else he can do to weaken our nation. The gullible will be chanting; “look what our leader has done for us.” Watch for this on a tv near you.

  13. Obama has racked up 1.2 Trillion dollars in debt for the last 4 years, that would be at least 4.8 Trillion more debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off. When does he plan to balance the budget?

  14. Before being elected to the Senate, Patty Murray worked in a minor position in a suburban community center. She ran as “the Mom in tennis shoes” in the ’80s. She has since been a frequent recipient of the “Dim Bulb Award” which is presented by a college in recognition of the the lowest intellect in the Senate. It should be noted that she is elected by the votes of the three most populace, and adjoining counties in Washington. They are so left-leaning, progressive, and socially liberal that they make the Bay Area seem like a bastion of KKK supporters. In the ’90s, she got some heat for comments she made praising Osama bin Laden for all the wonderful social work he financed in Third World countries, but it was all forgotten and forgiven in about 72 hours! She is now, thanks to being in her 4th term, one of the powers in the Democratic Senate, and a good pal of B.H.Obama. Does that give you a warm, cozy feeling?

  15. When are the American People going to wake up and do what needs to be done and that is REPLACE ALL THE SOCIALIST in our governmeni? We have 4 that I know of in Georgia, Senators Chambliss and Isakson, and 2 Congressmen Lewis and Johnson! They are ALWAYS voting for everything that will further help the Socialist takeover, yet the people think that they are doing a great job. They can lie as good as Bama and could care less about the people! They prove it every day! Semper Fi.

  16. The Democrat Party is the flying carpet for the communists, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Islamists, left-wing radicals, anti-capitalists, un-American union thugs and cultural Marxism (political correctness) is the glue that holds them all together?.

    Keep in mind the RINO leaders/followers in the Republican Party are hell-bent to help Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood add America to their list of nations they are moving towards a global caliphate. And, the media is their public relations group helping to destroy us. It all revolves around our Constitution, National/Homeland Security and they placed Cultural Marxism above each one.

  17. So in his speech the other day,Obama said it was congress that ordered him to spend.What he failed to make clear that it is the Democratic members of congress that are responsible.

  18. By worshiping the state instead of God, all communists believe that “truth” is anything which advances their socialist agenda. (No lie or treasonous act is “immoral”.)

    If you were expecting consistency from the Communist Party of the United States (oops, I mean “Democrats,”) then you’re gonna be mighty disappointed…

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