DHS Nullifies Fourth Amendment Rights of Millions of Americans

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution reads:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t believe in the Fourth Amendment and has recently issued statements to that affect.  They are claiming that if you live within 100 miles of the international border that they have the right to search all electronic devices, including cell phones and laptop and tablet computers without probable cause or first securing a warrant.  The 100 mile distance is being referred to as the border security search zones.

This would include cities such as San Diego, Escondido, El Centro, Yuma, Tucson, Las Cruces, Carlsbad, El Paso, Brownsville, Seattle, Grand Forks, Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Montpelier to name just a few.

But wait, it gets even better!  If you live anywhere in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey or Rhode Island, DHS says the search zones encompass the entire state.  Let’s not leave New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia out of the fun, because large areas of these states are also being designated as search zones.

If you live anywhere in any of the designated search zones, the feds claim to have the right to invade your privacy and conduct an unconstitutional search of your private possessions without any probable cause or warrant.  If you ask me, this sounds a lot like the Gestapo under Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, which is what I compared the Department of Homeland Security to in an earlier article.  This just helps to reinforce my claims.

414 thoughts on “DHS Nullifies Fourth Amendment Rights of Millions of Americans

  1. Simply by declaration, the government has asserted its ”right” to invade the homes of American citizens based on their location. This damnable overreach by the Obama administration MUST be challenged in the courts. This is a violation that would have provoked outrage in our Founders and sent them to their firearms.

    This has been done in my state for quite sometime. If you are driving in Michigan and the Michigan State Police stop your vehicle they now have given themselves the right to STEAL your personal information – all at the threat of a pointed gun, if necessary. And done with a motto on their car which reads : “Serving and Protecting”

    How? They have been using a hand held mobile forensics device designed to download all the information on your cell phone – all in less that a minute and a half! It can perform a complete extraction of existing, hidden and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts and images! Many people don’t even realize what is being done.

    ”There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by the GRADUAL and SILENT ENCROACHMENT of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation.” – James Madison, called the Father of the Constitution and co-author of most of the Federalist Papers.

    So…let’s put it this way.

    The day that the DHS breaks my 4th Amendment right by coming to my house to confiscate my stuff, I’ll claim my 2nd Amendment right to defend myself because I firmly believe what our First President had to say:

    “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s LIBERTY TEETH and KEYSTONE UNDER INDEPENDENCE… from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ENSURE PEACE, SECURITY, and HAPPINESS, the RIFLE AND PISTOL are equally INDESPENSABLE … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere RESTRAINS EVIL interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
    George Washington

    1. How is it that the entire State of Michigan is considered within 100 miles of an “International Border”? The border with Canada runs roughly through the middle of lakes Erie and Huron and more of a N/W angle through Superior (to encompass Isle Royale). How can they consider the middle and western area of the state within 100 miles of that international border?

        1. you forget that some of our “elected” officials think Guam might tip over if we station too many Marines, and some think we are a composite of 57 states. Geography is NOT our politicians strong point nor the point at all. It all about control.

        2. LOL, You are SO right on this! I just wish they would all find one of those 57 states and move there and live happily ever after.

        3. You mean the Idiot from Georgia Hank I forget his last name but I watched him talk about it, this is a sad day for America when A high political figure is that ignorant. I don’t see how that Admiral he was interviewing kept from belly laughing I’m sure it was hard

        4. That was an idiot from Dekalb County, Georgia. As is said in the deep south, “he ain’t right in the head”.

        5. I hate to say it, but it started to die back in 1916, and because progressively ill in 1932-1952, 1964, 1968-73, 1990 -2008. The last 4 years seem to have been the tolling of the bell. Unfortunately, we all have to accept some blame, because it was not just one President, or one party. We were not vigilant to the abuses of those we put in all elected offices.

        6. @commanderus:disqus @disqus_tzVxTD4EGt:disqus Actually it began a little earlier, in 1861. It really started to pick up steam in 1913, though I agree with both of you that 1916 was a watershed moment, too.

        7. You’re correct about it not being just one party, for example Bush gave us this Fascist law called Homeland Security and I made a point to tell people I know to watch this one because it’s tyrannical in scope and and we the innocent will be the ones who suffer. Give up Liberty for Security, I guess Bush never met old Ben.

        8. Yeah, but don’t forget the current President and Congress not only extended it, but added provisions that allowed indefinite detention of citizens without warrant. And now killing citizens with trial, but on supicion, or association.

        9. Actually it began back in 1916 with the progressive push, and the final nail in the coffin was Nov 6, 2008.

        10. I agree. I stopped flying our American flag on that day. I will raise it again when the Communists don’t control America anymore, which appears to be at least 4 more years, assuming we last that long..

        11. dranalog what makes you think we will be able to change it in 4 more years? your really haveing a pipe dream. in 4 more years they will own us lock stock an barrel. i don’t look for us to make it till midterm. if WE don’t grow a back bone an soon its over an freedeom is gone.

        12. Mine has been upside down since then and will remain that way until at least 2016 and maybe longer.

        1. Even if they did that, Lake Michigan is entirely within the US border. Maybe the Straights of Mackinac MIGHT be within the 100 miles but not much more than that.

      1. Did you actually think these people had a grasp on geography? ……or anything else, except the eventual abrogation of all rights as enumerated in the Constitution? Where are the republicans? Part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        1. There is no Republican Party as you and I once knew it. There are people who say they are Republicans, yet don’t listen to their voters. The GOP has given America to the muslim neo communist occupying the White House. For America to survive, a new party must rise to the occasion.

        2. as soon as they think we are going to rise up the phones- internet- raidos will be shut down to keep us from organizeing.

        3. Don…you are right and when that happens we will know ‘game on’ and the Rules for engagement no longer apply to anyone deemed a traitor. Take no prisoners. See you somewhere on the battlefield.

        4. You are correct, Remington 870. I assume from your name you, like me, are a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. They are chipping away at the SEcond Amendment. If the Second goes, so goes the First. We now have the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments under attack. As for the so-called “Loyal opposition,” the reubs, I left that party months ago and joined the Constitution Party – much closer to my bepeifs – and the Founding Fathers. Check it out. I did not take this action lightly. I have (Had) been a loyal Republican ever since I voted for Eisenhower.

        5. ..I read your post and would like to know if the ” Constitution party”. is doing anything about getting this POS and his cronies removed from office….

        6. Go to their website and read the platform. The Constitution is sacrosanct. At present, it is a “Write-in” party, but, hopefully growing.

        7. Am member of NRA, support the 2d Ammendment, and will check out the Constitution Party. Definitely time for a new party to emerge. Boehner, McConnel, McCain, Cantor and other Rinos have sold us out.

        8. We now ive in a country that puts forth the charade of a two party system………….”Two parties,” but one head. When a member of either the House or Senate gets too far off the plantation, he is quickly put down. Look at herman Cain, Col. West, Michele Bachmann, etc. Col. West was sold out by his own party – Michele Bachmann barely won re-election despite all “Republican” efforts to defeat her. Rubio will be destroyed by having the gall to take a drink of water……Ron Paul will be denigrated as an extremist, know nothing, etc. The Republican party has had three nominees from the “I’m next in line” philosophy…….Dole, McCain and Romney. We will probabl;y get another one in ’16. Is McCains sock puppet, Graham, planning a run? So many RINO’s, so little time left to get back to Constitutional based government. The camel already has its nose under the tent of destroying the Constitution – bit by bit. The greatest enemy we have in this country today is…….apathy.

    2. Step by step for decades now we have been marching toward a dictatorship. The BS leaders of most of these three letter agencies can’t spell civil rights or tell you what the constitution really is. Hell, the head of the DHS doesn’t even use e-mail or so she says. You’ll never know if she’s lying to us or that she’s just that damned stupid.

      We don’t even say the pledge of allegiance any more because the Republic no longer exists. This is the “boiling frogs” methodology. Little by little, step by step our UNALIENABLE rights have been usurped by the Federal, State and Local Governments. This is all done because the government employees think they are smarter than you. They have no problem lying, cheating and stealing us blind. They consider that the price of their magnificent public service. It’s not just the politicians doing this to us. And they have been multiplying like rabid rabbits at all levels and agencies. This will all end badly for the country.

      1. Amen to your post, Our Republic doesn’t exist in the minds of all the Traitors in Washington and that seems to be the majority, these crooks have endorsed Crony Capitalism and screwed our Free Market System which is basically the small business people trying to make a go of it, in favor of the wants of the Multi Corporation’s Lobbyists, I know I had to compete with them at a great disadvantage.

        1. Alright where is our congress members???? Why don’t they take whatever legal action they can against these commies or nazies or what ever they are. They certainly are not what I would call Americans. Get the impeachment papers rolling and get things started to remove all of the crap in DC. This needs to be done NOW.

        2. They’re ALL members or strong supporters of the CFR, and part of the PROBLEM, not the solution; or they don’t even get on the ballots!

        3. I’m sure I’ve seen some of those links, Sandra, and they’re classified, by me, as more anti Catholic agit prop. The Illuminati were founded by a lapsed Jeb, chucked out by the order, and used by the imperialist cabal to set up its ‘coven’ and establish its networks, using what he knew of the Jebs. We’ve all got our Judases, Sandra. The rest I go along with but the Jebs are not the string pullers. You’ll miss the real picture if you mistakenly narrow your focus there.

        4. You believe what you will, but consider this; who else has the reach and influence, globally speaking, and has had it for centuries, that the Roman church has had all that time, as well as the resources? I don’t hate Catholics, and I’m not entirely certain how extensive involvement is; but the Jesuits were ordained with one 2-pronged purpose; destroy the Jews and the Protestant Reformation {which includes America}; and install a pope on the throne in Jerusalem; with a target date of 2018 for completion of that task, as the world ruler!

        5. CFR,Trilateralist,Bilderbergs,RINOS,Democraps,unions,auto,and government,Ford Foundation,Rockefellers,Jewish international bankers,universties,public schools,GE,banks,Federal Reserve,did I miss any?a many-headed cabal of lustful,power hungry serpents,will the mighty sword of truth,and exposure to these corrupt organizations ever prevail?All I know is we must never give up?

        6. Quite a few actually; I don’t even know all their names off hand; but the MB, Illuminati, and Jesuits, to name some of the more important ones, with the Jesuits being the string-pullers behind all the rest!

        7. Satan has ALWAYS intended to “rule the world” being jealous of Christ’s predestined kingdom rule. He has a many-spoked wheel of influence, of which he is the hub. ALL of the institutions and groups which you mention, plus some, are spokes of that wheel.

          Don’t forget the (Free) Masons, and all such secret organizations, Skull n Bones, etc.

          But Christ, that Stone that the “builders” rejected has become the Chief Corner Stone, and will one day, as Daniel prophesied, come from heaven and crush to powder the false, idolatrous, and evil empires of the world, then his kingdom will become a mountain that will fill the whole earth! In other words, God’s Kingdom with Christ as our King will one day crush Satan’s schemes and plans, dethroning this anti-Christ and his agenda, and restoring the earth to its original place in God’s plan.

          Satan and his little caesars will grovel before the God of the Universe, with nothing to show for all of their efforts…and will be thrown into outer darkness, separated forever from the God of creation and His Peaceful Kingdom of Righteousnes!! Don’t fear, believer, our GOD wins in the end!! Who is on the LORD’S side??

          “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.”
          (Daniel 2:44-45)

      2. Unfortunately, you are right. Just not saying the Pledge of Alligiance is an insult & disgrace to our four fathers who went through hell to make us a free nation. How did Obama make a second term? His first term has been destructive enough, how can 51% of Americans be so stupid?

        1. It’s called voter fraud. When obama can get 100% of the vote in various communities, something is wrong. He even got 116% in one place where moe people voted than were registered, even more voters than residents. Do you see anyone looking into this? Oh no, mustn’t check lest we be called racist. I can tell you, I’ve been called worse and so has this current congress. It’s not like their approval ratings are going to go any lower for looking into obvious fraud; their ratings are like whale droppings now! If voter ID laws aren’t passed before the next election, look for the madam, er, hillary, to be next in line for the demo-rat brass ring.

        2. tthat is the only question congress and we the people need be demanding these results were impossible statistically.. dems had us counting hanging chad for months however. For king hussein we bow down and submit… furthermore our party platform must become like husseins to be legit! King hussein stole this election and now we have to take on his likeness? Really?? Bow before the muslim dogeating. Illegal alien. Mother murdering man without a past from zip code 60606… (if there are errors in spelling its because I’m driving and texting so the drones can’t zero in… ) so

        3. The dog eating is another lie. To the moslem a dog is as unclean as a pig. They are laughing at we ‘stupid’ Americans because we don’t study them the way they have studied us!

        4. bodica…You’re right about that. Americans really need to learn about Islam because it truly is the enemy of civilization and a scourage on mankind.

          Muslims hate dogs because Mohammed hated them…but they like cats because he liked cats. To the Muslim, Mohammed was the ”perfect man”, to be emulated.

        5. First of all, if you are driving and texting, I hope you crash into the next tree and rid the gene pool of one more worthless dumb-ass. You are obviously another one of those that it’s either Dem/Repub, left/reight, conservative/liberal types that is incapable of “critical thinking”…go back to watching Fox for some more indoctrination. Where were you when Bush enacted the Patriot Act, killed Habas Corpus and installed the Military Commission Act…still looking for Vince Foster, no doubt. Get a grip, there is only one party and it is the Banks party, supported by Citizens United and every major corporations that takes it’s profits off-shore and pays NO taxes to help support the country that bails them out with hard earned taxpayer dollars. Morons like you disgust me!

        6. Did Ronnie Paul tell you that, Ken? You shouldn’t listen to unstable kooks like him. The majority of Americans didn’t fall for his BS. I think it’s time for you to reclaim your brain.

        7. If you are still blaming Bush for things you imagine he did, it might be you that needs a lesson in rational thinking. The Patriot Act started in the Clinton years, which you would know if you paid attention. Bush killed Habeus Corpus? When? Interring combatants in wartime – war was declared on us, and CONGRESS, not Bush, declared the War on Terror and the Iraq War – is not a violation of Habeus Corpus. The Military Commissions Act was passed in 2006 by CONGRESS and signed into law by Bush; and, again, since were dealing with terrorists at war with us, so what. Lincoln and FDR both suspended a number of our fundamental rights, including censorship (1st), Habeas Corpus, and others.

        8. I don’t mean to be critical in this but if we want the rest of the world to stand up and take notice of what we are saying we can’t afford to appear to be ignorant. By referring to the “four” fathers and not the “forefathers” we appear to be less than knowledgable. I am pleading with everyone who posts on this or any other blog, to please check your spelling and your grammar before hitting “post”. Stop and read your post before going on.

        9. I agree wholeheartedly. You portray yourself as someone not really up to speed if you can’t express yourself succinctly. Proofread your post and if you have a question use dictionary(dot)com. Good intentions aren’t sufficient, obama pretends to be full of them.

        10. Or spell check. And I agree, if we look like dummies, we’ll be portrayed as dummies no matter what our message is.

        11. Spell check is useless. There and their, while correctly spelled, have different meanings in context. I catch myself making mistakes BUT, I correct them when I proofread.

        12. Conservativesniper….There are many reasons why a person does not use proper syntax or spell correctly……learning disabilities being the most common…..or neurological damage, etc. Anyway, they are blogging and not writing a term paper. People can be grammatically incorrect and spell badly, yet are as smart as the next guy and possess tremendous personal integrity. And the reverse of that can be true.

          For example, our government is populated by ‘smart’, ‘highly educated’ people who, though grammatically correct, don’t have an ounce of integrity or common sense…and shouldn’t be trusted.

          I learned long ago not to judge a book by its cover….or his poor use of grammar. I’ll take the rough talking, hard-working guy who uses ”ain’t” and ”I seen” with regularity but who are the salt of the earth. It’s the heart the counts and if at some future time we have to fight for our liberty, I won’t give a damn how he expresses himself.

          Anyway…the left will use scorn and ridicule no matter how well you express yourself because they really don’t care about how sound your arguments are. Most won’t even consider the possibility that conservatives might just be right.

        13. Someone with a brain! Thank God! What you say is very true. I come from rural New England, where learning has always been prized. Although formally educated, I have had intense discussions with people over, say, who wrote Shakespeare’s plays, even though the other person never made it through high school and worked in a farm or factory. They still managed to be well read and ABLE TO THINK. Rational thinking is so lacking today it is frightening. (Global Warming nonsense, gun control, horrid economics, etc).

        14. Hey guys, I know exactly what you are saying. There are some that you can tell by the sentences, spelling overall is not this person’s strongsuit; but they may be the best stone worker in three states. Then we got the group that just ever got that ‘i before e, exept after c, though there are some…..and then there are dudes like me that try and start out trying to sound ‘right’ but the more I type, the madder I get, and soon my fingers don’t keep up with my brain. I can’t figure that one out, because it’s not like we ever talk about anything emotional or life-changing on here. :)

        15. I agree. The one that makes me want to tear out my hair is the confusion with “you’re” and “your,” as in the oft-written, ever-popular ironic internet comment, “Your an idiot.” (lol!) But I must confess that I’d rather a person have a good political ideology and bad spelling than the inverse.

        16. These people i’m sure are high school graduates. It’s no secret what kind of students they let graduate these days they also confuse when to use their and there. But the main one is you’re and your.There all idiots.Their a lot of idiots on here.

        17. The real key is that most elected officials are lawyers; a law degree is not a general education, merely a guild certificate allowing one to practice law after passing the State Bar exam. Indeed, Constitutional Law, as taught to lawyers, is NOT about the Founding of our Constitution, and all the essential history that accompanies it; it is about ‘case law’ concerning various decisions made by SCOTUS regarding constitutional issues that have come before the court. Indeed, Constitutional Law courses don’t even teach the lawyers when cases were incorrectly decided. (I have family members who are attornies; they acknowledge this; HISTORIANS, like Newt Gingrich, have a far greater background in our Nation’s founding and exactly why they said and did what they did. That is why I study history more than law).

        18. I agree with you it’s ok between us, but it makes us look foolish in front of the ones that are looking for an excuse to say we are stupid. I try always to edit my posts, as an example today the word by was the correct word but I wrote buy I would have posted it that way if I had not reread it.

        19. it is the content of the man’s post that matters… so what if he picks the wrong word or three? Missspellings don’t matter…. not a bite. Content, now, that’s what counts. And he got that part right. Probably a product of our government run schools, rapidly deteriorating like everything else those ham-fisted collectivists attempt to control.

        20. Before you get too critical, lets hold Congress accountable for not even reading all the bills set before them. We pay them to to be knowledgable and protect our rights, so IMHO, making errors in grammer is the least of our problems.

        21. It probably is, but I have been out of school for so long now, I really don’t know. I am 65 and I learned these things back in the 4th grade. It may be the education system or it may just be laziness on the student’s part by not paying attention. Too many students today are too busy texting and don’t have a clue as to what is going on. They’re more concerned about the Kardashians (I hope I spelled that correctly) that what is going on in this wicked old world. I can only hope that people will wake up before it’s too late because once the freedoms we hold dear are taken away, it will be too late. Thanks to all who listen to my ramblings. I’m just so concerned for our country and I see it all going to hell in a handbasket. And it’s because our people don’t care.

        22. Probably. When I grew up and received, thankfully, what was known as a “classical education”, there was no Dept of Education, no EPA, no BATFE, nor a host of other agencies. Yet, America was the best educated, most industrial, and one of the cleanest countries on earth. The Dept of Education, along with the others, is key to the destruction of our country over the last four decades.

        23. As much as I agree with your post, we can not fault these people, most are products of the public edumacation system in the US. We as a nation are intentionally being dumbed down, so we are more easily manipulated. Take a look at the people that voted for Obama phones and the like. Enough said. An ignorant electorate is a gift to the Democrat party so they are simply creating one.

        24. 2 of those men who did that are my ancestors.. See my post above, and e-mail me if you’re interested.

        25. Because they were clueless.
          And just like the 1st time they wanted to vote for a black.
          Now the country is siffering for it and will continue to do so until it is out of office.
          By that time the country will be down the toilet.

        26. I don’t think there really was 51% does voter fraud mean anything. When a area get 141 % turn out, it’s hard to beat that.

        27. What areas had 141 percent turn out for voting? I have heard other third parties investigating saying there was not much voter fraud. 51 percent of Americans are just socialists.

        28. I heard that all Obama needed was to carry one (1) county, in Ohio, to carry the state. One county? One county has more voters than the rest of the state? Get real.. Obama stole the election, by paying young hackers to hack into voting machines across the country. His people paid illegal voters to vote. His people delayed the mailing of ballots to our troops, overseas, so that they would be unable to vote against him. And on top of all that, he has claimed, in the past, that his father was NOT an American. He has stated several times, that his father was born in KENYA! Now just how legal is that?

        29. It gets better than that; his so-called “Long Form Birth Certificate” lists “Birthplace of Father” as “Kenya”. For those of us old enough to remember, KENYA DID NOT EXIST IN 1961. Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganikiya were all the British East African Protectorate; Kenya did not become a nation until Dec of 1963! Proof positive his Birth Certificate is a fake! Also, the hospital he was born in existed in 1961, BUT it was NOT called the name of the hospital on the birth certifcate until 1978! People need to spend more time in a library with reference books. (I am old; I still research the way I learned in the 50s and 60s, with libraries and reference books; see, for example, the older Encyclopedia Brittanica entries on the British East African Protectorate for definitive proof).

        30. It’s not that 51% of Americans are so stupid; it’s that less than turned out for Romney as turned out for McCain…many our side got their panties in a wad since Paul didn’t get treated nicely at the Republican Convention, so many stayed home in protest. That, plus some severe voter fraud lost us the election…but I sincerely believe it was immaturity (I’m taking my vote and going home) voters on our side that cost us the White House.

        31. Ron Paul was not “not treated nicely at the Republican Convention”. His campaign was illegally and unethically marginalised, and in many places, derailed by outright fraud. He was denied what should have been his rights, in favour of Romney who was the golden boy” of the GOP. I would not have minded him losing to Romney in the Primaries fair and square.. but the primaries and caususes were anything but fair OR square. It wasn’t getting panties in a wad or poor sportsmanship that kept so many voters home, silent, disenfranchised. It was the certainty that the election was rigged from the beginning. I almost stayed home myself, but held my nose, put on rubber gloves, and cast my vote for Romney on the two principles that, number one, he MIGHT just appoint better justices to the SCOTUS than we KNOW the big O will, and, second, his recently adopted claims of being pro Second Ammendment gave me just a tad more confidence in HIS future conduct than the kinyun’s KNOWN and proven stance on the matter. Wrong on all three counts. Don’t insult me, and others of similar opinion, by having a whinge over our alledged sour grapes “attitude”.

        32. Perhaps I was a bit simplistic…it was clear Paul didn’t get the respect he deserved and clearly Romney was the GOP Elites’ choice. But the fact remains many…too many…of us on the right stayed home. I knew it was coming. Many of my friends at my Church said they would with hold their vote…some because Romney is Mormon, but most because he wasn’t Paul. I tried to convince them withholding their vote from our side was giving their vote to the other side. So, although you may have held your nose (and I did as well because Romney was not my choice either) and voted, there were many of Paul’s supporters who didn’t. If that truth offends you, you’re going to be offended a lot…get used to it.

        33. Screw Ron Paul, it’s because of him and his brainwashed cult that we have Obama again. Nobody ruined it for Paul, Paul and his violent Paulbots did it to themselves by trying to hijack state conventions and to steal delegates meant for Romney. Much like Obama, Ronnie Paul and his cult love putting the blame on someone else.

      3. This is disgusting. We don’t want these anti Constitution, anti American Marxist’s in our lives. We don’t need them. I know if they invade my home they can expect a law suit almost before they are out of the house. Those of us who believe in the Constitution along with the principles of the founding documents are livid with this. I just can’t figure out why this administration wants a civil war. Why do they want streets flowing with blood? Why do they hate America so much? My feeling is that if they don’t like it here then move to a country that shares your beliefs like Cuba or N. Korea, or Iran etc. Just leave my country alone.

        1. what chance would you have with that? they own the courts. if we don’t stop them soon we there want be much to save.

        2. We are not responsible for the outcome of any situation ONLY responsible to do what is right. If the country as a whole did what was right, obama would not be president and most of congress would be in the unemployment line, people like holder would be in jail. I forgot who said it but he was right when he said all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

      4. Krueschev warned us in the late fifties that America would be communist, before Russia would be a democracy. He must be laughing at the cemetary.

      5. It’s not just America, it’s global. Do you believe the EU and all it’s fiscal problems are “stupid people” ? No, it’s the SAME group behind their collapsing economies too, and with the same goal and intention. They also run DPNK, China, and Russia, have since before the Bolshevik revolution; in fact that was their doing; even to choosing the leaders thereof! This is all driving us steadily toward the NWO, which they intend to have fully implemented by 2018, a mere 5 years form now; and to do that they must eliminate the US and Israel, the 2 biggest obstacles to their plans. If you’d like links to all of what’s going on, e-mail me at [email protected] There are too many to post here.

        1. The Bible is very clear, Israel will be invaded and many will die and taken as slaves again but this will be a very short period because that is when God steps in,unlike in 70 AD, the Prophet Daniel wrote about that destruction which came to pass exactly as prophecied There is a physical endtime Babylon that is destroyed before Israel is attacked If you read Isaiah, Jeremiah,the things God tells them to write about endtime physical Babylon fit America and America only to the letter and there many characteristics 1Hammer of the whole world (policeman) 2 A nation with a mother 3 A very young nation.the 501c Ladoceian establishment say emphaticly America is not even mentioned once I’m certainly not buying it. The NWO or One World Government elite behind this,worship the god of this world Satan and we know Satan’s goal is to be worshipped and he is using these people and the vast wealth he has given them to set up his government run by one man posessed by him

      6. The current Pledge of Allegiance, written by so-called Christian Socialist and Nationalist Francis Bellamy (1855-1931) is both royalist and absurd. Allegiance must be pledged to something more substantive than a
        flag. The flag can be made to symbolize ANYTHING by a corrupt Congress or Administration. The question becomes, then, to what should a patriotic person pledge his allegiance?

        While loyalty to place is laudable up to a point, principle is more important than real estate. Most of us had ancestors who came here for good reasons, not just because the U.S. had a higher standard of living. They made the, often wrenching decision to give up long-established loyalties and familiar customs, language, and friends because in some manner their home country had become intolerably repressive. My Mallast ancestors came here to avoid the Prussian draft according to a recent book on my family.

        The Declaration of Independence provides our most important guide, as, of course, do Justice Sir Edward Coke’s gloss on Magna Charta in his Institutes, and John Locke’s Two Treatises on Civil Government and the other documents which make up our most important traditions such as “The Petition of Right” (1628), Lilburn, Walwyn, Prince, and Overton, “An Agreement of the Free People of England” (1648), John Milton’s “Aeropagitica or On the Freedom of Printing” (1644), “The English Bill of Rights” (1689), “Declarations of the Stamp Act Congress” (1765), and “Declaration of the First Continental Congress (1744).

        First, always is God and the Divine Law. That may have to be omitted to get
        it through Congress because of militant Atheist opposition. But they really ought to be there.

        Second, the Natural Law, viz, “..the laws of nature and nature’s God…” which is, after all, that part of the Divine Law which can be discerned by human reason without the aid of Sacred Scripture as St. Thomas Aquinas (1217?-1274) points out.

        Then the inalienable rights of every individual which are, after all, the whole point and purpose of government.

        The definition of “liberty” MUST be explicitly stated: The right of every person to engage in ANY action whatsoever that does no overt harm to another without any need to seek prior permission or the payment of any fee or tax. This last item is very important since liberty has been badly undermined by fees and licenses which require people to pay a fee or petition for a license to engage in actions which they have a perfect right to do without having to ask anyone permission such as opening a business, building a house, or buying a gun. You are NOT free to do something if you have to ask “daddy may I?” Likewise, even if only alluded to, slavery is reprehensible.

        Property as a right MUST be explicitly stated and not the “Pursuit of Happiness” fudge. What is more, the property clause must include a clause against arbitrary taking and excessive taxation. The traditional moral limit to taxes is 10% of income. Anything in excess of that makes you and me tax slaves. As Justice Sir William Blackstone pointed out in his Commentaries
        on the Laws of England (1765), the purpose of taxation is that each person
        gives up a small portion of his property to better secure the rest of it. It follows that levels of taxation in excess of the minimum to secure each person’s rights are an injustice. The use of the taxing authority for other purposes such as (allegedly) establishing some sort of state of ideal equality is likewise unjust. Further an unlimited revenue authority creates an unlimited state since corrupt and arrogant politicians and officials can simply buy off the loyalty of one group against another since they can theoretically vote themselves unlimited funds to do so.

        The rejection of the initiation of coercion in human affairs.

        The rule of law, the equal protection of the laws, and due process of law regardless of race, religion, or social class. Back to our old friends, Article XXIX of Magna Charta and the IVth, Vth, VIth, XIIIth, and XIVth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and similar provisions in all state Constitutions. Likewise that no one is above the law regardless of how high his office.

        The duty to defend ANYONE against ANY violation of his rights by either an individual acting alone or as part of a criminal organization or agent of government.

        The duty to defend the Constitution and fellow citizens from any enemy foreign or domestic.

        The duty to oppose graft or favoritism in laws and government.

        The Constitution of the United States and of the State of which the person is a citizen.

        So let’s take a whack at it:

        “I pledge allegiance to the Law of Nature and Nature’s God; to the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and Property of each person; Liberty being the right of each person to engage in any action whatsoever which does no overt harm to another without prior permission, payment, or threat; to the rule of law, due process of law, and equal protection of the laws regardless of race, religion, or social class; to my duty to defend any individual from violation of his rights and any attempted slavery or tyranny; to my duty to oppose and expose any attempted use of the power of government and the taxing authority for robbery, graft, or favoritism; and to the Constitution of the United States and my State.”

        Likewise the oath of office for any government position should be revised along similar lines.

        I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

        I suppose it would take decades, but some sort of effort needs to be made along this line.

    3. Hate to disagree ,but I live in MI. and they Don’t have the right to search your vehicles.You still have the right to tell them to get a warrant to search. Most of the time they won’t get it anyways and will let you go,depending on the reason. Check the laws and you will find out the truth about this one. I’ve been trained in MI by the law enforcement div. and know what I’m talking about . Many police officers will try tell you whatever they think will make you conform and are taught this type of method in training.

      1. that was a good one pike check the laws. ha what laws do they abid by?obama trhe marixs has been breaking laws an making his own since day one. if you want freedom an liberity for you or your children we better start soon in fixing this mess out .

      2. pikemaster1…..

        Ever hear of probable cause? It is the standard by which an officer or agent of the law has the grounds to make an arrest, to conduct a personal or property search, or to obtain a warrant for arrest, etc. when criminal charges are being considered. It is also used to refer to the standard to which a grand jury believes that a crime has been committed.

        You said: ”Many police officers will try tell you WHATEVER THEY THINK WILL MAKE YOU CONFORM and are taught this type of method in training.”

        In January 2011 – People vs Diaz, the court ruled that police CAN search a person’s cell phone without a warrant if a person is subject to arrest (including traffic citations). People v Diaz was in California, but it looks like Michigan is using that precedent to search cell phones as well. Diaz was pulled over and was suspected of selling ecstacy. Police accessed his phone to view incriminating text messages, as well as to view his contacts, which most likely were used in subsequent criminal investigations.

        99% of the time I don’t agree with the ACLU, however, in this case, since I believe that searching a cell phone without a warrant should be in violation of the 4th amendment, I’m behind their drive to obtain information about what the MSP are doing.

        The official statement from the MSP is that they DO NOT do this and would need a warrant to do so. But why all the stonewalling? The ACLU has been on a three year mission to simply obtain the MSP records indicating how many times this has been done and how the extracted information is being used but the MSP has been giving them the run around. In fact, it’s now come to the point where the MSP is demanding over $500,000 in processing fees to fork over the data.

        In a press release, the ACLU said, “We should not have to go on expensive fishing expeditions in order to discover whether police are violating the rights of residents they have resolved to protect and serve,” the release said.

        I agree with that.

        At a time of an understandable increasing paranoia about the rising government encroachment on the privacy of the individual, I am becoming more and more suspicious of everyone carrying a badge..and this goes against my grain.

        I’ve been a lifetime, ardent supporter and defender of the police…but my position is changing as more and more abuse of power within law enforcement is being exposed. It seems to me that folks at all levels of government are OVERSTEPPING their boundaries.

        1. Probable cause wasn’t the point here. It was stated that the MI. state police are searching at will. Yes probable cause is another thing ,but as far as at will bases without probable cause ,they can not search without a signed warrant . And as you ,I am with you on the point that I Don’t trust anyone with a badge anymore. It’s really too bad that has come to this ,but it’s not the same old government and law enforcement that we use to have.I for one would never allow a search of my self or vehicle without a signed warrant that states exactly what is being searched for. We have an open carry law here too and without probable cause they can’t even stop you and search or even ask to show who you are. That is the law here ! If they want to I.D. you, they would have to detain you and arrest you to do that ,and most law enforcement officers know better than to try this. Most people will give in,but if stood up to,most officers will back down. They like to play tough ,but most know that in court it will come back to haunt them and their dept. Lets hope this doesn’t happen to either of us in the future ! Thanks for responding and God bless.

      3. Most of the time they will bring in a Canine Unit, stage a HIT, declare probable cause and search anyway. And lo and Behold, they will FIND something, enough to arrest you and punish you for not letting them search without that trouble. Of course they would have found something then too.

        1. You my friend must be dreaming and watching way too many TV shows of Cops. They have neither the time or resources to bring a K-9 unit for every traffic stop and decide to search.

      4. What “law enforcement div.” are you talking about? Please tell me, I have been a LEO for over 27 years and never heard of it.

        1. Never heard of what ?? law enforcement div. like the Co.sheriff,state police post etc. ? where have you been a cop ? don’t believe you have ever been an officer of any branch . LOL good try!

    4. Screeminmeeme all of your observations are correct and you, me, and the vast majority of Patriotic Americans agree, but when is someone going to do something about this over-throw of the United States of America? Maybe it is time to take back the country by whatever means is necessary….replace the Republicans in congress that are doing nothing to protect our rights, definitely remove all of the liberals, and resort sanity to our way of life….it is very sad but I do not see a peaceful resolution to our current problems with government over-reach.

      1. To get a real idea of just how much Government Overreach has entered our daily lives read these two articles. From the Locust Blog The Communist Takeover of America- 45 Declared goals. If that doesnt have you angry as hell then read the Agenda 21 of the UN. A real pisser though that takes my hat is this disguised Small arms Trade Treaty. hidden deep inside the doublespeak is the U.N. goal of total disarmament of the United States over the 5 Year Plan. There is a National day of Resistance set for Feb 23. Look up the site for it, and or thru the Tea Parry Network and find a Rally point near you. Spread the word like wildfire thru word of mouth and sites like this here.

    5. Very good post. They were calling it Constitutional Free Zones the Nazis must have changed it. I said when they came up with this so-called Homeland Security the law abiding American Citizens would be the ones who will suffer. In New Mexico one of the Nazi branches came to a guys house and took 1500 plus guns without a warrant and they admitted he did no wrong, you wont hear that on the talking Suits and Skirts so-called news. I wish sites like this one would keep up with those kinds of stories, this is the second one in that state the other involved a gun shop owner. Good Luck.

      1. The guy they raided with DHS and the local Sheriff and Swat team had according to them been under investigation for 2 yrs. Part of the investigation included Canada. He was/is a Gun collector, licensed dealer, and they ‘stole 15,000 guns total. At the last known news of this abuse of the 4th Amendment he has not been charged with any crime. You can bet dollar’s to donut’s he will never see any of those guns again. Many of them were private collection quite rare pistols. There was no mention of any so called “Assault Weapon’s” captured in the predawn raid.

    6. I’m just below you then in what Woody would have called “that State up north” :) I wonder what kind of cyber secrets they get when they download the info on all the obamaphones in Detroit? Will someone wake me up, please??? Is it going to take the actual firing of the ovens before people see that we have Hitler re-incarnate in office and all the gutless Dems and RINOs just following him around. Doesn’t anyone have any ba!!ls left up there?

        1. I can live with that, so long as no Go Blue. Go Bucks! Gotta respect Mich. State. In the day of this pic we used to gig in Mich even up to SSM dead of winter. Anyway, depending on where it starts we got your front and we got your back. I’m not gonna be part of the bunch that gave up America. We nieed to do it right and we need to organize we need to have a plan. Somebody gotta set up a grass roots meeting and make organization the first responsiblity. We will all do anything, but we will do it so much better if we decide this his how it should go down. That’s the great part. The left is so elitist they think they are smarter than us, and they have no idea what kind of education a blue collar education is. The person is out there who can lead this or get us to the next point, but we are gonna have to go.

        2. I agree brother, I got your back too. The sports thing is all in good fun, and BTW, I dislike scUM probably as much as you do. Ann Arbor is full of liberals!

      1. i will say this one time this can not happen one person at a time WE must all stand an do what ever it takes to set this great nation back on her feet.when this starts if we’re not together we are doomed. no quarter can be given an none ask for

    7. And I read an article today that they want to use smart phones as biometric devices to collect data using facial recognition and retinal scans. They already use this tech overseas to track populations. see “TheBlaze.com” So not only would the police download the data you mentioned but they would collect your biometric info and add it to their registry….Even if they just stopped you for any reason….Say you were not in the registry and they wanted your info, could they just pull you over and say you were going a bit too fast, warn you to slow down(you were not really speeding) and oh, by the way, we need to collect your data….or they make it mandatory to provide biometric info when you renew your driver’s license…… etc…

      1. People that post their entire lives on Facebook and these other “social media” sites are fools. The gov’t monitors them and so do the sites themselves. Many employers are using these sites to weed out potential employees. My wife has a Facebook account, and I have “requested” that she post no photos of me or even mention my name. So far, she has complied with my wishes.

    8. Too RIGHT! – however, if the people do not react, then you will go the way of the Jews in Germany, extinction eventually of all NON-American ideal races. But if you stand up NOW to be counted WITH FIREARMS in place (and 4 backups hidden around you – just in case of direct assault from the neo-Nazi (Obamists) mindlessly obedient minions), then you can either sway your two-faced politicians to ACT for the people, or be prepared to be tried and sentenced as a TRAITOR to the People of the USA!

    9. All of these infringments on our Bill of Rights (ammendments to the constitution) simply MUST find their way to the Supreme court! I would say don’t start shooting at the fedrales until you’ve exhausted all non-violence means. Then, if shooting is the only recourse, count me in.

  2. This is a Tea Party moment and I mean the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor. The Government is throwing away the Bill or Rights. Act soon or your Freedom will disappear.

      1. Suggestion: For accuracy’s sake, try adding another, more directly chilling, term that also ends with an “ist” but which more directly relates to the imposed destruction of the people’s rights. That term is what we’re being faced with, first bit-by-little-bit but now big-step-by-ever-bigger-stride.

        1. Yes, as I posted: first it was the First Amendment, then the Second Amendment…we’re up to the Fourth Amendment

    1. be assured it’s coming to your town soon enough. The day is coming sooner than most realize or will believe at all, that none of us will be safe from our government which is carrying out their plans of a communist/islam takeover, much like the Hitler regime. Some people think I’m being paranoid or crazy, but hide & watch, because when it is too late then they will see I was right. All it takes is common sense, watching with your eyes wide open, listening closely, and some biblical discernment.

  3. I live by the Canadian border in the wilderness and when they come to my place, they’re not gonna leave by the same method they arrived… Can you say body bag?

  4. Things might get a bit testy should they try to enter without appropriate legal documents. I know people who will shoot anyone coming through their doors uninvited and unannounced. And I don’t know of a jury that will convict them.

  5. The time is drawing very near when patriotic Americans will say that enough is enough. When that point is reached I am afraid that many of ovomit’s brown shirts will catch a bullet. The 2nd amendment is there so that we can enforce the rest of the Constitution.

      1. I have said that many times on this site and sites like this. The reason is they have control of our schools, in the last twenty years America has been rapidly dropping as a top educator, compared to the rest of the worlds universitys, one report says half of our university’s student body are from foreign countrys.But what is sad is what our schools teach and dont teach from grade one through twelve. We can thank Jimmy Marxist Carter for making it easy for them when he gave us the Department of Marxist Education this was a dream come true, now they could start to work on their destructive plan that was hatched back in the early 1940s from a group of German Marxists who Hitler kicked out of the country.These people came here with the express purpose to destroy America within. The original ones are probably all dead but they trained many with the same goal as demonstrated by the curriculem being taught nowdays. I was reading an article on World Net Daily about a university in Wisconsin that is teaching a course on how being white can have a negative effect on non whites when together in a class room or some bull crap, they adopted this b.s from a large university in Mn. I wish I could remember the details but talk about being racist to the white guy, talk about keeping racism alive, these fools are insane and their insanity keeps getting worse.

  6. I have responded to another blog with something like this on it so WILL repost what I said here to—
    HEY JANET NAPPY and YOU the STEP-n-FETCH NIGEROID in our WHITE house—YOU better start thinking about these ILLEGAL and other DIRECT VIOLATIONS of the CONSTITUTION—that YOU AZZ WIPES seem to think YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH—–there will come a time REAL SOON when WE the PEOPLE armed and LOOKING to GRAB YOUR AZZ will be KICKING IN YOUR DOORS—better MAKE ARRANGMENTS with CHINA now for backup because I’ll BET that 95% of OUR MILITARY will BACK US UP and NOT YOU!



    MANY I know would ANSWER the door with a LOADED WEAPON—-I know I do after a certain time of night OR EARLY MORNING when the motion detectors go off..
    IF ya AIN’T got a GOOD warrant DO NOT come and try to kick your way into MY HOUSE—I may DIE but PROMISE THIS —I WILL take a WHOLE bunch of you azzholes with me!


    Culture of corruption——STARTS in our WHITE HOUSE and flows down to the lowest levels—affecting many many REAL AMERICANS THE only way to stop this is from the TOP down not the BOTTOM UP!

    Maybe the Step-n-FETCH will try…. GUN CONFISCATION……in a sense I hope he does as that will –I say again..WILL..put WE the PEOPLE.. ARMED VETERANS and ACTIVE DUTY on the streets…..YOU GOT THAT OBAMA—and WILL result in HIS REMOVAL from our PROPERTY in DC along with many others—INCLUDING the OTHER LIAR HOLDER….and trials for the MANY ACTS of TREASON that MANY of STEP-n-FETCH’s buddies and HE have done…INCLUDING LIBYA and the murders there of OUR PEOPLE.
    WHAT’s that you say –“MANY of US will die”—YUP WE KNOW THAT but when WE are FINISHED YOU will be MADE an EXAMPLE OF as will the rest of your LIBERAL TRASH…YA see WE who have fought for OUR FREEDOMS in LANDS FAR AWAY and would rather FIGHT and MAYBE DIE for OUR FREEDOMS and OUR—YA got that OUR COUNTRY right HERE in OUR COUNTRY!

    AS I have posted is several other areas—
    I and MANY of my VETERAN and ACTIVE Military FRIENDS are and HAVE BEEN –“LOCKED and LOADED”…we also have a MUTUAL DEFENSE POLICY–if one of us is acosted BY FEDS,COPS or OTHER GUN-GRABBERS– we ALL RESPOND to help that person out—OH DID I fail to say WE ARE a small group-apx. 1400…REAL AMERICANS. WORD out to the TRASH—WE can put about 100 of our FRIENDS together in about 2 minutes–and WE all are VERY WELL ARMED!! THATS the benny of having friends close to you–OH and all it will take is a PUSH of ONE BUTTON–yup an ELECTRONIC ALERT goes out to a location map and lites up where to go—HEY you AZZWIPES in DC and YOU especially there MR MORONIC LIAR–“YA WANNA COME AND PLAY WITH REAL AMERICANS”—WE do and WILL SHOOT and ASK QUESTIONS LATER–YOU ARE WARNED! WE will NOT HESITATE to PULL a TRIGGER as MOST of your LEA will—COMES with the TERRORITY—COMBAT VBETERANS !!

    WE the PEOPLE are just waiting and WE DO have several REAL AMERICANS that CAN and WILL LEAD in the REBUILDING of our COUNTRY based on OUR CONSTITUTION–something that the…TRASH….seem to like PIZZING on! Culture of corruption——STARTS in our WHITE HOUSE and flows down to the lowest levels—affecting many many REAL AMERICANS THE only way to stop this is from the TOP down not the BOTTOM UP!

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,…….
    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    WE have had it… you are now on NOTICE that WE are ready to do what IT TAKES to salvage and SAVE our COUNTRY from TRASH like you!

    OH and HERES a WORD to those who MIGHT… want my guns—better bring LOTS of bags as YOU and the others will be GREAT targets–and for the rest of the MORONS who back OBAMA AND his TRASH—COME get some—what I have access to is the SAME as IF NOT BETTER THAN the MILITARY and BETTER than the BULL CRAP COPS have—three center mass—NOPE how about a 7.62 EXPLODER to the head—ya THAT’s custom AMMO–got some of the same for my hand guns to—AND MILSPEC body armor–LOLOL–MINE IS BETTER…..-


    1. I hear anger building, which is exactly what Barry wants. The more I look at this, the more I am convinced he is an arm of Soros and all that Soros is associated with. These people are globalists, seeking the One World Government, and are set about destroying us as a nation. The left is right on board with this, and drinking the koolaid. I first thought that voter corruption got Barry re-elected; now I think it is worse than that. I think the entre voting system was rigged, and that we only had the illusion of a choice. They are biding their time, putting the pieces in place…But there is an escalation happening… Things are moving faster… How much ammunition has DHS stockpiled? And it isn’t to protect our borders. It is to be used against the People. God help us.

      1. I agree the vote was rigged. A high percentage of seniors did not vote for obama just a high percentage of independents did not and he still won. Without getting the majority of independent votes it is impossible to win!

      2. You are one hundred percent on the mark. This takeover goes back at least to George Washington’s days, he recieved a letter from a friend in Germany that explained what the Illumanati along with the Free Masons had instore for America,Washington at first thought his friend was mistaken but he came to know the truth. It’s taken this evil a long time to come to fruition, I’m sure God’s hand has stayed them, I believe his hand was taken completely away around 2000, The more I see what is happening now the more I’m convinced America has become the end time Babylon she has too many characteristics of the Prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Revelations descriptions, because try as you might no other country even comes close. Remember this is end time Babylon 1Hammer of the whole earth American is known as the policeman of the world2 Defences built up to the heavens 3Consumes and imports the most 4Lives more luxrious than the rest of the world5Has many horses farms sheep cattle etc etc6 Has many tongues and religions in her7Sits on many deep waterports 8Devided by many rivers.There are way over a hundred descriptions of end tlme Babylon that fit America and America only when I descovered this I was shocked, but it is what God told his Prophets to write. If i’m correct NY will be demolished with a nuclear bomb.

    2. I disagree. I think our military are nothing but a bunch of Mercenaries who “just follow the orders” and don’t give a crap about anything but their paycheck and their benefits. I also doubt that americans have a spine or a set of balls needed to resist the government. Most americans I see care only about being able to afford more stuff, regardless of do they need it or not. I think that the “great experiment” is over. That just like Plato said “Every democracy ends up in a horrible dictatorship”. I made a HUGE mistake coming to USA, hoping to be a citizen and not a subject. I think that americans will roll over on their back and take it and nobody will have the guts to stand up OR even be aware of what is going on. Those who don’t want to deal with it will move to Canada. The rest will be happy little slaves and peons who THINK that they are still free and have any rights. You can blame Obama all you want, but it was George Bush who passed Patriot Act, the act that was the beginning of the end for your freedom and Our Constitution

      1. Dima – then you don’t know what real Americans will and CAN do. There are over 30 million of us that are ready and willing to fight and if necessary die to keep our democratic republic alive. When the time comes you will see an OVERWHELMING force rise up against the Washington insanity.
        Locked, Loaded, and ready to rumble

    3. “Jeff”, your lengthy post would be be far more effective if you left out the “caps”, profanity, obnoxious nicknames and overall gutter talk. Also, if you spent just a tenth of the time spent ranting and raving, in contacting your state and federal elected officials, you would accomplish a lot more. If enough of the citizens complain, congress will listen, as their jobs are at stake. Also, as some old sage said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”, and there will be a lot less blood in the streets.

    4. We can tell this to Obama and those in Govt, but they feel they are protected from us getting close enough to shoot them. Cowards like that always send someone else to fight and die for them. We need to get this word to all their illegal soldiers, DHS, corrupt soldiers, etc. If they know they are going to Die for the Messiah, Obama, and only Dying for God and Country, gets you into Heaven, then Maybe they will think twice about coming into our streets, neighborhoods, homes. When govt removes God and Bible from all it’s parts, then they forget that God, and Hell awaits them in the end. That’s the biggest deterrent of all.

    5. Jeff Collier…. I appreciate your passion and love of Country. I know that our vets and troops still serving will not go against the America people but will defend them against our domestic enemies should the need arise.

      One thing tho….If you’re relying on electronic communication to rouse the troops, I hope you have a plan B, because I believe that one of the first things Obama will do if he makes a move is shut down the power, cut off satellite transmissions, make access to internet difficult if not impossible, etc so we wont be able to communicate easily. We all need to have a plan.

      Our family still has our old citizen band radio and have plenty of Co-axial cable so that if need be, we can triangulate using trees and be able to transmit information, something an old army sarge taught us.

      I believe in Teddy Roosevelt’s motto: Walk softly, but carry a big stick.

      Remember…Discretion is the better part of valor.

      Semper Fi.

      Live Free or Die.

      1. I’m looking at all these posts with no votes after six hours including mine, here is a thumbs up for ya now ya feel better, you are correct it was Teddy who said that

  7. I have the right to shoot everyone of the intruders that TRY to break in to my home !!!!!!!! Whether or not they wear a uniform or a mask on their face ,they are all considered a threat to me and my family. The 2nd Admin. will be in effect in our home and enforced to the max. Signed ,the management. God Bless.

    1. Nobody comes through my door without my permission. In order to search, they need to have a warrant and a local policeman. Without those, the intruders are violent criminals, and should be stopped with necessary force.


    1. their have been a many of patriot die for the freedom we had an for us to just talk an let this nation fall will be to slap them in the face. all across this country freedom loveing people must stand an be counted or all those that thought enough to give their lives for what we have enjoyed was wasted. my heart is sad that we allowed it to go this far

  9. Imagine if George Bush did something like this, but wait, didn’t he, for he created DHS. Just goes to prove, no matter which side of the aisle our politicians set on, their sights are set upon us. It is time we all start paying more attention to the activities of ‘our’ government, least we become ‘extinct’!

  10. Well I live by the constitution as did I when I joined the army let them come this is my home and I will defend it with all I have!!!

      1. They will even burn you out and the if the story breaks the Communist media will call us racists white terrorists who couldn’t stand a black president

    1. Remember they have the power to cut off your water, power and take your food.It is now against the law to hoard. They don’t have to come into your house they just wait you out. You need to catch up on all the EO’s BHO has signed.

      1. Believe me I’ve done with out those things and believe in everything you hear about obummer I wouldn’t he don’t have the balls to start any thing aginst the constitution he will have the whole country in a reveloution and he would be the first target!!!

      1. Dude, get over it, both sides have been working towards this agenda for years, but Obama has sped it up immensely. The same thing would have happened with Romney, albeit it wouldn’t have been so in our faces, it would have been a slower progression. Once you close the doors, the Rebloodlicans and Demoncrats laugh at how they manipulate us, they only argue about things that don’t involve removing our rights.

  11. How did we reach this position? Was it because the majority of America, it many racial groups, and all of its voting groups, except one, voted for a man because of the color of his skin and not the content of his heart?
    How did we get in this positon? Did we compromise and give up our treasured and Constitutionally guaranteed rights in order to have what we were promised was more security?
    How did we get into this position? Did we trust our government, rather than our God to provide our defense and security?

    1. I’ll tell you how. The last man we had with balls in DC was Joe McCarthy who was proven right by history. He was so villified i think ever since then they’ve gradually become more and more wussified. NONE of them in either Chamber seem to have the guts but a few. Those stupid MFers think the Tea Party is radical. How about 100 million mad as hell second ammemdment supporters calmly walking to the front door. Think they’ll open fire? I mean all we are here to do is escort you home, where you spend most of your time anyway. those elected officials except for about literally 5 don’t give a you know what about the abominations that are going on, as long as they get their pensions and believe that once served, they will be left alone. HA. They are as stupid as they look. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, if you guys are hearing this, you better do something or all hell is gonna break loose and we will have civil war. I for one, and sick of this Sh!t.

    2. Obama received about 62 million votes. 11% less than 2008. his popularity has gone down. Romney received about 3.3 million votes fewer than Obama. About 2 million people did not vote for reasons unknown and then factor in voter fraud. American families making $30,000 and less, low information voters, put Obama over the top at 65% to 35%. The NRA stated that hundreds of thousands became members after Newtown. Posted in the last few days, union membership is at an all time 97 year low. He won by default not because he is America’s darling. The MSM is trying to fool you. Don’t fall for it. Now I ask you who would vote for Obama today? No one would vote for him. This is the reason he continues to campaign. He must convince the stupid Americans that he is king.

  12. Gubmint has no “right” to invade homes…anywhere. Gubmint’s job is to PROTECT and GUARANTEE our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. I might have to move to within 100 miles of a border….let someone TRY to come into my home without a warrant….

  13. Like any wannab tyrant they will start with small steps to see how far they can push it
    then slowly increast their grab upon our rights and freedoms. Peopel are so complacient
    that they are like a frog on the stove in cold water. He will sit there until he is cooked and
    not realzie what happened.

  14. Standartenfuehrer Napolitano may not believe in the Constitution, just as she probably doesn’t believe in Christmas – but it exists! She, and her just as derelict boss, were sworn in to uphold the Constitution. Where are our representatives in Washington? It is time to impeach and jail.

    1. He will never be impeached because AIPAC controls our Congress, unless they can find another shill as efficient at following their orders as Odumba.

  15. This is only the tip of the ice berg…The real concern should be the NDAA which conveniently has erased amendment IV, V, VI, VIII, and IX and now our government is working to remove the 2nd amendment as well…There are only 10 amendments with with to protect the citizenery from a tyranical Government…Half have been erased wihin the last year…the 2nd is in jepordy…Which leaves only 4 civil liberty amendments which will eventually be erased as well…We are being screwed over royally and no one seems to give a tinkers damn!

  16. Time for DHS to be put into mothballs! This unlawful agency needs to be nullified!

    This is yet another attack upon our Constitution.

  17. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

    Apparently Oduma is doing exactly what his zionist handlers tell him to do for their NWO agenda that THEY WILL control.

  18. the first few to cross my threshold will receive a lead welcoming. the rest will have to climb over bodies to get to me.
    I can see Canada from my back window. “literally”

  19. Seems like o and his administration has a plan: Start with the First Amendment, then the Second Amendment….and, wow, their all the way up to the Fourth Amendment. TIME IS NOW TO STOP THIS MARCH!!

  20. I pray for those people who are doing these things to be judged sooner than later by God Almighty, for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Perhaps not their Lord, but is the Lord and I hope that day of reckoning comes for them as a thief in the night and for the demon Obama that worship him the beast.

    1. If you read the original article at Christian Post, you will see that they say this started under Bush. Did you vote for him? Did you vote for him again in 2004?

      1. The Department Of Homeland Security under Bush was chasing Islamic terrorists. Now DHS’s target criteria are former veterans with strong reverence to the bible, the Constitution and the flag. If you store more than a weeks worth of food, DHS consider’s you a terrorist. If you own guns, or have more than a few hundred rounds of ammunition, you are a potential threat to the government. DHS under Bush was not purchasing millions rounds of hollow point PISTOL ammunition, to shoot American citizens, either. Yes, I did vote for Bush twice. He was at least, an American.

        1. Bush created it to protect our country but these Paulbots/Obama supporters don’t like it that we were chasing Islamic terrorists (since they seem to support these terrorists). Like you, I voted for W twice and I would do it again if I could, irish

  21. The DHS and Obama administration can go straight to HE**. This is a VIOLATION of the Constitution. Let them come to my home, and I can guarantee they will NOT get in while I am still breathing. The US Supreme Court needs to step up to the plate and do what is RIGHT, BEFORE someone is killed or injured.

  22. Something that I haven’t seen yet on any website is ,just does anybody know just how long did Hitler live after he declared war on his people ?? What are the odds that whoever declares war on the American people will last any longer ,if as long ?? The ones ,and I mean ALL the ones that start a war on the American people will pay dearly for their actions in one way or another. God bless.

  23. Guess what, boys. They don’t have to set foot in your place to do this snooping…..they’ll hack into your home computer and you’ll never know what’s going on. They can pinpoint your location through your cell phone, all of which have the GPS function for 911 calls. Then they can use what they ‘find’ or plant in your computer, if they really don’t like you nasty ol’ TEA party people, and nab you at their leisure. Then you’ll be disappeared into the nearest FEMA camp, there to spend your days, for as long as they wish, with no charges or legal representation.

  24. It is high time that the government gets a real rude awakening. This is America and not a nazi state and the ugly clown in charge of DHS needs to taught a very valuable lesson and arrest her.

  25. I believe that Obama has reached far beyond the limits set forth in the Declaration of Independance that outline the High Crimes and Misdemeanors and long train of Abuses. He has violated his oath of office many times in the last four years and IMPEACHMENT is warranted for good ole boy Barack.

      1. Sure it did ,it’s always all Bush’s fault ! Sorry bunch of idiots! They will never stop drinking the koolaid of obuttheads.

    1. We are long past impeachment. I’ve got to get off of here for right now. I’m so f’n mad I can’t see straight. but I’ll still drive, just tell me where.

  26. So what good will this do if they REFUSE to secure the borders ? I say BS on this. Let me get thise straight, so, they won’t Secure the Borders, but they will search EVERYONE’S electronic divices for…..WHAT? I don’t recall reading where someone was beat to death with a cell phone lately. Idiotic DHS people, just trying to gety control…it will never happen. There’s just too many “good ol’ boys” out here in the real world that won’t stand for it. That line in the sand is getting closer and closer….

  27. Remember when the Government”struck” at Ruby Ridge and Waco? It’s not that they had cause to do it but that innocent people were unnecessarily killed!
    Now,the tyranny that Obama and the Government is committing has crossed the line! I can’t imagine how this ends but if an incident does happen,innocents are detained and/or harmed then the “people” have a choice to make!

    We cannot trust government! They enabled(Clinton),Carter,Nixon,Bush terrorists to kill Americans here and abroad when decisive action could have “nipped it” in the bud.

    It was Government incompetence,”inane” foreign and domestic policy that led to 60 years of terror,hundreds of thousands dead,the “rape” of the Constitution,the Bill Of Rights just as government policy(stupidity) has led America into tyranny for decades!

    As in “cancer” untreated Clinton,Bush and now the worst of them have perverted the Constitution,bankrupt this country,neutered this economy,made us Prisoner,took our Freedoms,raised our taxes,redistributed our income and declared what amounts to Marshall Law.

    It is what it is as “checks and balances”,the system,have failed! It feels like Obama is in a hurry as the signs are quite clear! Where are the leaders?,where is the spirit that made America great?

    Have we learned nothing from decades and decades of tyranny,the wars that we have fought that waiting and hiding your head in the sand doesn;t do anything but seal your fate!

    “live free or die”

  28. e the executive branch has been deciding it can hide or provide what documents and persons at its discretion shows the belief that they are above the law. I am the law, therefore what I say is the law. Obama’s creed

  29. Y’all- just please be careful what kind of threats you make here, and anywhere on the Internet! Big Brother IS watching and you might suddenly disappear! Just saying, be more covert! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

  30. I said as this whole mess was unrolling that there was no need for a new agency and the accompanying bureaucracy time has only proved me right. It is way past the time we need to par back the number and size of this bloat. We are no more secure than we were before the only thing that has happened is that we have lost more of our precious freedoms and our debt has increased. This once proud country is now indebted to our enemies living under the rule of an autocratic fool with one foot in the grave RIP freedom.

  31. Where are our Supreme Court Judges, and our Congressmen to allow this travesty to occur? How about we impeach the Kenyan imposter and do away with DHS, TSA, and EPA.? We’ll all be a lot happier and secure when Obama and his thugs are gone. Maybe this is why the DHS has bought over 2 Billion hollow point bullets, so they can kill us when we resist.

    1. Nobody has the balls to impeach. Congressman Southerland won’t even respond to the question. Hollow points are only good for killing so you know what the game plan is. DHS will be the Royal Guard for the dictator.

  32. Woo Hooo.. Now they violating the Northern States laws.. maybe the South won’t be alone.

    No need to wait for the Gastapo..They’re here now. Hold on for a bumpy ride.

      1. No. Because it takes only a few people to relight the lamp of liberty. If he tries martial law states will go into rebellion against him the first would be Texas.

  33. Its getting worse people. One day we are going to wake up and the troops will be on every street corner. You will have to have a pass to go to the corner store for a gallon of milk, if there is any milk.

  34. We have a bunch on wimps in Congress and these are the ones that are afraid to impeach the first black-white POTUS (which does not acknowledge his white roots). It’s time to stand up against this government that is worrying about their re-elections instead of standing up for the people and looking out for our great unique nation. There is no other nation like the US and soon we will be like China and Russia just another communist nation.

  35. I called today, speaker of the house( no live person of course), my congressman, and the NRA. I said we need to re-name the parties. The republicans are the new liberal party and the Dems are from here on in the Communist Party. Everything they do is against the Constitution and obviously communist. We have three dimwhit communist women on the
    Supreme Court who took an oath to uphold the Constitution yet work against it; the ugly old one believes our constitution should be re-written to duplicate the South African constitution. Yet she and the two other communists ( actually there are four) are still there. I find this frightening. John

  36. “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s LIBERTY TEETH and KEYSTONE UNDER INDEPENDENCE… from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ENSURE PEACE, SECURITY, and HAPPINESS, the RIFLE AND PISTOL are equally INDESPENSABLE … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere RESTRAINS EVIL interference… they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”– George Washington

    Sounds to me like that place of honor is in my hands among my brothers as we go to DC to simply say enough is enough, now go home…We’ll all follow you….except for the one going to Kenya, we’ll just wave bye bye on the shore.

  37. The amazing fact, the forces that we pay to control our lives are really less than ten percent of the population that they control, and this is possible because we live by the laws that the ten percent establishes to protect themselves from the other ninety percent.

    As long as we the American public allow our elected officials to pass laws that strip us of our liberties and penalize us with fines or imprisonment, including wearing a seat belt or smoking in public just to mention a few, this emboldens them to further strip us of our constitutional rights as well, it would be no problem at all for the ninety percent of the population to correct this situation if they really wanted to.

  38. The 4th amendment was violated a long time ago. The police and courts can do whatever they want to do, depending on how corrupt they are and believe me folks, they are pretty corrupt. I have seen them violate search warrants and I have seen judges support them as submitted so called evidence in court. I also watched as a District Attorney, after saying that the cops were on a fishing expedition, which is illegal, support them in court by being their lawyer (sitting at the defense table). I was at the prosecution table (by myself where the DA should have also been).

  39. How much more of this invasion of privacy and the take over our great Country by Obama and his socialist elite group of anti America are we going to take. DHS is preparing for war with the American citizens having purchased over a BILLION rounds of ammo including hollow points, which are meant to kill the target, but they have also ordered 7,000 AR-15’s which the gun control freaks are trying to remove from the people of America. Why does the DHS need these weapons? The intent is to take control of the country by disregarding and eliminating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and thereby establishing a “dictatorship” for Obama and the American people will fight them in the streets as they are fighting in Syria.

  40. We should challenge everything this sick administration does in court. they are trying to turn America into a dictator nation. Impeach all of them, including the czars!!!!!

  41. This if true as stated is unconstitutional and a violation of the law … Local Police Departments would no assist in this at all! Barack is out of control … he has lost his mind and needs to be impeached now!

  42. The federal government has OVER EXTENDED their boundaries and seems to pay NO attention to our Constitution and our rights as citizens of the USA!

  43. Abolish the unconstitutional DHS (Department of Homeland Security) immediately! DHS was another Republican Party blunder, a major blunder!

  44. Remember all the criticisms (justified) of the Patriot Act? And going back even farther, of the Relocation Camps for Japanese Americans? More heavy-handedness from yet ANOTHER bunch of mindless bureacrats and their lackees.

  45. But it’s for our own safety says DHS, fly a plane, buy a gun, buy bullets, no you can’t have this but you can have that even though they are the same.

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

    What is the opposite of “LIBERTY?” The answer is: SLAVERY.

    What is the opposite of “SAFETY?” Some might answer: DANGER. But that’s not the correct answer in this context. In the context of Ben Franklin and the American Revolution, the opposite of “SAFETY” is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    Samuel Adams said the opposite of SAFETY is “the animating contest of freedom.”

  46. That’s a really stupid reason to die….but there you go. Put your personal life in order before you come to my house.

  47. People, you need to read and study the history of how Hitler and Stalin took complete control of the people in the perspective Nations. One of the very first orders that Hitler had his brown shirts implement was the confiscation of weapons, once that had been completed his Tyranny went into full gear. Obama and the Communist/Democrats are following Hitlers plan down to the letter. The plans are so completely the same it is scary, and that is why the Democrats have changed the education system over the last 35 years. The Adults under 40 and the Children today NO nothing of the Nazi/Hitlers takeover of the German people, if they did there would be a lot less Democrats in the USA today. It’s been all panned out for years now. Our elected officals, GOP or Democrat does not listen to one word “We the People” say any longer. It is quickly coming to light that “We the People” only path left for freedom is Armed Resistance! The Police today shoot first and then never ask questions later. And if “We the People” ask any questions at all, we are lied too..!!! If the American People had any real clue to what Obama, DHS, TSA (all alpha bit agencies), the Democrats, GOP, the World Bankers, the Muslim Botherhood and the local and State Police had in store for us “We the People” would have a Militia on every corner in this Country. We the People better wake-up and get organized quckly because they about to hit US and hit US HARD, and as they say in the Military, it about to go HOT…!!! I give it 2 to 6 months before you start seeing large troop movements against “We the People of these United States of America”….!!! Obama also has over 450 Thousand Russia, British, French, Chine’s and other U.N. Troops stationed through-out the U.S. and the Chine;s have a Military base just 60 miles over the border fromTexas in Mexico with 250 Thousand Combat ready Troops. Canada has complete Russian Tank brigades just North of the U.S. border. We the People (USA) are completely surounded by the enemy. Every American that can fire a weapons needs to be Armed, thats the only chance we have a 125 Million Man/Woman Militia to defend OUR NATION against the coming Tyranny…We the People have the RIGHT to have –

    U.S. Constitution

    2nd Amendment

    A well regulated militia, being necessary
    to the security of a free State, the right of
    people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

    If We the People let Obama and his Communist Cronie thugs continue on this path the complete population of America will enslaved here in short order…!!!

  48. Unfortunately, you are right. Just not saying the Pledge of Alligiance is an insult & disgrace to our four fathers who went through hell to make us a free nation. How did Obama make a second term? His first term has been destructive enough, how can 51% of Americans be so stupid? And now they have the right to invade our homes? Not in my life time, take that to the bank.


  50. Lets get armed and march on all the state capitals. Capture all democrats and RINOS and jail them immediately. This is absolutely egregious action on their part.

  51. Will anyone do anything besides talk? What is wrong with our congress? Why are they all afraid to challenge the Obamanation? What is wrong with the courts? Are the the judges so power hungry themselves that they are willing to violate their oaths? Just wondering.

  52. Enough is enough already. Will Congress wake up and stop this nonsense. We Americans will not allow Obama and his communist pals take away our rights,.

  53. Is this no longer the United States of America [ Home of the free] at least it was till Obama stole two Elections. We need to get rid of everyone that does not believe in or follow the Constitution and all law enforcement who do not follow the law and we need to come down twice as hard on them when they break the law and put them away for twice as long! All complaints against cops and all beatings and shooting by cops needs to be investigated by a panel that can but not have more cops on it than regular citizens and can not be controled by cops! This Home land bunch of Obama’s sounds like a gang of criminals!


  55. Our Congressional representatives swear to uphold the Constitution, so where are they on this?
    Is this not cause to seek the removal of each and every member who gives this a pass?
    Where was Obama during the Benghazi raid? Panetta and the General both said after they told him about the raid, he disappeared and wasn’t heard from again during that period.
    Is this not dereliction of duty? Is that not an impeachable offense?
    Who is representing our rights?

  56. I believe the Kenyan and his puppet masters actually want CIVIL WAR! Communist media glorify Black Crime while the Kenyan’s administration ignore Black Crime. Hitler had his Brown Shirts, now the Kenyan has his Brown People. My guess is the Kenyan will betray the Blacks after he gets what he desires, just like Adolph Hitler did. The Kenyan is training and arming his Black Panther SS as we speak. The DHS could very well be the Gestapo Secret Police useful for weeding out loyal American citizens.

    1. According to one report I recently read the betrayal has already been noticed and the black community is becoming very upset [remember, these are the people who burn down cities when they get upset enough].

      This is a topic of regular discussion on black radio talk shows. The “people of color” have figured out just how badly they are being screwed by illegal imigration and that another amnesty will lead to even higher rates of unemployment and poverty as blacks get shoved to the back of the line by an invading army of [mostly] Central and South Americans.

    2. Yep, and they are lookin for all us Vulcans who have woken up and found ourselves to be on Romulus. It’s just F’n like that and in this case I think Spock would agree with Jim that it’s time to fight.

  57. Day by day the Obama administration positions themselves beyond the control of the Constitution. It started with General Motors. It goes on to protecting our borders. Now the second and fourth amendments are under attack. To my eye this has been a carefully choreographed attack on the concept of a freely elected government. The final aim is single party rule or a complete dictatorship. Be aware. There is danger out there. And I don’t believe that I am over reacting. If you are not paranoid, you don’t understand the situation. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

    1. We are already seeing the first strong grasp at this in California.
      The Democrats have succeeded in Gerrymandering the state to the point where there is no representation of the rural population. It is all controlled by liberal Democrats whose seat of power is located in the urban centers full of uneducated useful idiots who dutifully vote for the same bunch of corrupt suits every election. They now have an unbreakable super-majority of the state legislature and a senile old man as Governor.
      Now they are going after the last peaceful resort of the people, that being the initiative process that has worked as the last brake to slow the wheels of an out of control state government. They claim the process needs to be “brought into line” with these modern times which is obfuscation for “fixing” it to the point where it will never function again.

  58. …WE’RE just a Proclamation away from a dictatorship. ONE of these mornings we’ll all wake up and the Constitution will no longer be in effect. THEN we’ll each have a major decision to make… the same decision most of us have been putting off making for the past couple of years.

    1. danclamage……

      “RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY becomes the Christian and social DUTY of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.” (John Hancock, First Signatory of the Declaration of Independence)

    2. like I said earlier, put this burden on your States and Commonwealths, they have the power of Nullification and Interposition any federal laws that violate the U.S. Constitution or the States’ or Commonwealths’ Constitution. It makes more sense for the people to pressure their State and Commonwealths then it is the federal government. Remember the States collectively created the federal government and limited its power. I feel that the way of the court is fruitless, they are in the pockets of the federal government.

    1. First of all let me make something clear. If a person thinks he is going to protect his home from any government agency, your DEAD wrong. Never and I mean never get caught in your home, your done if you are.

  59. We need to get rid of the present administration + all agencies that are going against our Constitution. It is Unamerican & must be stopped.

  60. If My geography serves me well— Washington DC is within the 100 mile limits– This means that all congressmen– Senators– Supreme Court Justices as well as the White House are also subject to the same treatment— I bet the District of Columbia is exempt from the same treatment

    1. Thumper 76….Yup. The President and the Congress are exempt from a lot of laws..and I’m sure they will be exempt from this law.

  61. Where is John Roberts and his supreme court???? Has that Obamite silenced his court?
    I think the silence is deafening, because these people’s very lives are threatened! Didn’t that crazy woman Maxine Waters say that her Kenyan in Chief is keeping a “enemies list” of those in D.C.? Indeed lives are being threatened. This government has declared war on the American people!

    1. Do you forget who picks the supreme Court justices? The President does and the lap licking Congress confirms them. Don’t count on the supreme Court to be on the side of the citizens.

    1. What’s your answer if one agent says to you. ” Put your hands on me and I’ll show you what a federal agent can do.”? Oh, if you think there will be only one or two agents around forget it there will be probably 15 to 20 if not more.

  62. First observation: According to the theory that DHS has stated anyone living within 100 miles of either the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico would also fall under the boot of this oppression.
    Second observation: Once they get away with this what is to prevent them from expanding the coverage by either increasing the inland encroachment or just declaring any designated Port of Entry [that would include any airport designated as “international” and certain freshwater ports on navigable waterways such as the Great Lakes or the Port of Stockton or Port of Sacramento in California] as a nexus for a 100 mile radius enforcement zone? This could very quickly lead to the entire continental United States falling under the taint of this corruption.

    I wonder what the CIA response is going to be when the first set of DHS Goons shows up at one of their covert facilities?

  63. The current government and the current Obama administration has a full out assault on the Constitution. There will be the liberal lame brains who will say this isn’t so (that
    is if they can pull themselves away from “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or “Jersey Shore” long enough to post something). But anyone paying attention knows that Barack
    Obama has attacked the Constitution in several ways.

    Just recently, a court of law found some of his “recess” appointments were unconstitutional. While that is a good start it is not near enough. There are many other issues where Obama should be reversed. How about killing Americans who are suspected of being terrorists with no trial or judge? How about issuing illegal Executive Orders blocking information from getting to the Congressional Investigation Committee on Fast and Furious? How about Obama’s attack on the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms? How about Obama constantly circumventing Congress by having his Cabinet
    Secretaries issuing regulations and him issuing Executive Orders?

    I could go on and on but what’s the use. The dumbed down Obama supporters do not care what he does and the cowards, who pretend to be Conservatives, we have in Congress don’t have the guts to do anything about it. They are all part of the problem.

    Buckle up; it’s going to be a rough ride.

  64. DHS forgets that living within 100 miles of an international border is STILL living WITHIN the United States, accompanied by all the rights and privileges her citizens have been declared by the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t give rights, it merely declares what our founders already knew to be true.

  65. Well Folksn I have been screeming sence before the first Election that Obamd at work AND a is not American and asked who sent him? Looks like Russian has been harD at work. Watch

    Obama and the ARMS HAND IN HAND WITH RUSSIA !!!!!! Congress better get off their Ass
    and get ready, if they don’t, it could be the end of America .. The Congress is absolutely ineffective and Obama ain’t for me and you………G

    1. Well, start doing something. Organize your neighbors, friends and relatives, Flood Congress with letters stating how you people feel about things and how it has to stop and stop now.

  66. Chicago did this more than adecade ago this is nothing new they just send in what they call rouge cops and deny anything ever happened because nothing gets recorded. They take anything of value and you have to prove that they were even cops. You can’t sue the City if they weren’t employed by the City now can you? I live in a snake pit called
    Chicago I no longer put anything past anyone anymore you can’t trust anyone
    because they could be fooled also. The planning of the scams are multi layered
    well laid out before sprung on their victims. Not all the players know each
    other but some do but they all play a part in the scams. It’s pure Macevellian
    in every sense of the term and now this seems to have been expanded to the rest
    of the country and forgetaboutit if you have a patent worth hundreds of
    millions of dollars they bring the full court press down on you.

    First they flash targeting lasers through the
    windows and scare the crap out of you then they do to you what is called
    organized stalking to try and drive you crazy then when you react they call you
    crazy and try and have you committed so they can come in and take all you’re
    weapons. Then over time they buy the homes that surround you and target you
    with open microwave ovens and AM Radio transmitters used as repeaters that
    produce a hissing sound in the ears much like tinnitus. Another thing in their
    bag of tricks is Analog Video transmitters.

    If they target your head with an
    analog video signal during REM sleep you can watch a movie in the first person
    as if your eyes were the camera making you believe you were there in person
    complete with sound. If I didn’t read that a Russian psychologist had
    discovered this shortly after I experienced it, it would have blown my mind.
    Then I read that the military was working on the same thing. There was an article
    in the paper about people going to psych. Hospitals complaining about this very
    thing so this is just a blatant violation of the constitution and it means that
    we are getting wise to their agenda and they are just becoming bold in their
    actions. Now you tell me why the country
    had to go digital? Its collusion done by remote programming Manchurian candidates
    created by the score some call them Zombies but a Zombie mindlessly takes orders
    and looks for food. Their troops needn’t be in the presents of their leaders to
    receive orders. I saw a sign at one of the protests in D.C. it read “Let Us
    Sleep Let Us Learn.” You may believe this to be fiction but it’s not.

  67. Since generations of americans have fought to keep america free. Respect for our county and her citizens must be in the toilet with the employees of our’s in our governement. SO FIRE ALL OF THEM AND START OVER. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY WE ARE THE BOSS NOT THE GOVERNMENT. THIS IS NOT RACIST JUST A FACT.

  68. Oh, yes. The BUSH DHS would never do this….it takes a ‘flamin’ idiot from ‘nowhere’, and elected by ‘fixed poles’ to recreate his own Mafia/nogoodtoanyonebutobama over reachers.
    God help the ‘real US Citizens’ !!

  69. MAN, I WISH SOME OF THESE MESSAGES would be read by that Big Idiot, and acknowledged. We’re wasting time and effort making comments here..we need ‘Direct’ connection to the Oval (or Offal) office !!

  70. Little by little this administration is pushing the envelope and slowly stripping away each one of our constitutional rights. Obama regularly by-passes Congress. Harry Reid says nothing, because he is a also a liberal who is abetting Obama’s socialist agenda. Reid hasn’t let a budget be passed in almost four years, a clear violation of the Constitution.

    Speaker Boehner spews rhetoric, but does little because he is weak and unable to stand up against the Obama machine. He has apparently made no move to impeach Obama in spite of the growing list of alleged crimes and misdemeanors leveled against him.

    The “junior” Republicans find themselves up against the Old Guard RINO’s who have settled into a “do nothing, negotiate but don’t make waves attitude”. The testosterone levels amongst the Republicans surprisingly resides mostly with the female Representatives. They know more about what is happening, but aren’t able to fire up the “Good Old Boys”.
    Ergo, America finds itself slowly sinking into the morass of “political expediency” rather than true statesmanship. Not one of them, to my knowledge, has stood up for religious freedom promised in the Constitution, nor said anything about the relentless attacks against Christianity by the ACLU and others. Apparently these politicians believe they can get along without divine help. That shows you where these people are and why we’re in trouble!. God says they can’t! “Apart from Me you can do nothing!” (John 15:5)
    Every great empire has gone down from within. Now it’s our turn!

  71. Folks, we are now in an era where the Pen is no longer taken as a serious affront to tyranny.

    We have a man who most likely was born in Kenya DICTATING our rights away, and whop has surrounded himself with people who do not represent their constituents any longer.

    I hardly believe with my own eyes and ears what I am seeing every single day!

    I worry so for the safety of my young boys and the sanctity of their future as I watch their rights being spat upon by useful idiots of the left!

    The brazen and overt attacs on our rights should in fact have us UP IN ARMS against the menace of Socialism and worse yet, Communism!

    Is there any single wonder right now, that our false President is deathly afraid of having OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN SERVICE HAVING COMPLETE FIREARMS IN PARADES HE VIEWS?????

    Folks, Obama is NOT MY PRESIDENT, for if he were, he would love and cherish the Constitution and our freedom and liberty with actions, no mere hollow words.
    The “President” is as evil as Hitler, but I’ll be darned as to know what it actually takes for people to realize this.

    We wake up every single day as of late in a Nation far different than many of us were born into. The atmosphere is one of tension, politically motivated divisiveness and an incredible leftist sponsored rise in racism and racial tension.

    The first step to righting a grave wrong is to get the Fake President out of office as soon as possible along with the miscreants on both side of the aisle who have aided and abetted this tyrant in his quest to destroy America.

    Obama, his political worshipers and a slew of “in the shadows” individuals should in fact be occupying prison cells all across this land.

  72. This is why the second amendment is in the Constitution. Any agent who willfully violates your 4th amendment rights should feel the brunt of the 2nd.

  73. This overreach needs to be challenged. There is no reason have a different set of rights for different areas of the country. And there is no constitutional basis for DHS to override the 4th amendment. Obama is tearing the foundation of this country apart for 4 years. We cannot let him and his cronies destroy America. So far, this man has gone after the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments of our constitution. I feel like I am living in pre-Nazi Germany. I do not want to stand by and let our country be destroyed by a president who thinks he is a dictator.

        1. Did you people know that this world government thing as far as the dividing up the world was fore seen back as far as 1952. Can’t tell you if this will really happen, but this was their plan. This is if the United Nations can get a foot hold on America.

  74. Dirty Diaper Head Obama Rides Again! How much more of this bull Do We the People Have to put up with? How much longer before Americans wake up to the fact that we have a rabid dog in the White House leading a pack of animals about the take down their victim?

    This country was born out of the fire revolution in this Republic has endured for over 200 years it has been a magnet to freedom loving people throughout the world. Revolution should always be the last step to regaining and holding personal liberty and freedom. The last four years have been some of the darkest years America has ever suffered but unfortunately the near future is even darker and more foreboding!

    If This Pretend President is not stopped by Congress or the Supreme Court that leaves the American people only one recourse. What matter most is that the American people never lose sight of what America stands for with its freedoms and liberties intact no matter what! This president and his pack of rabid animals are about to take down the most powerful country in the world the United States of America.

    I ask only that every American take a moment and give a prayer or a moment of silence that America will come through this and be stronger than ever and that the Just People Of America are willing to stand together at this time of crisis.
    God Save and Bless America And Pass the Ammunition!

  75. First we whine and complain about poor border containment and control, then, the DHS goes above and beyond and we whine and complain about invasion of privacy and property. What a joke!

    1. Just what does the violation of the 4th Amendment have to do with border security ( containment)? It has nothing to do with it.

    1. Our president and his regime have shredded the constitution.. the second amendment clearly states “shall not be infringed”. All our Congress and the President have taken as oath of office ” to uphold and defend the constitution”. Any votes to infringe on the constitution should put that politician subject to immediate removal from Office!!

      1. It is up to the States andthe Commonwealths to insert their power of Nullification and Interposition against the federal government. Time to put the heat on your States and Commonwealth’s legislatures and Governors.

        1. Chu Lai 66, 5th Recon, and just about every where you can think of in I Corps, Phu Bai, Da Dang 67, Hue 68. Had two back to back tours and started my third when malaria hit hard and got sent home. Yes sir, I think we walked the same ground more then once. Semper Fi !

  76. If this is true isn’t it time congress took some action(s) to get the DHS and this executive branch back on track and adhering to the constitution? Congressional oversight is nearly non-existent. If something is not done about the Executive branch’s transgressions against the constitution it will soon be to late.

    In the past every country taken over by a dictator has been in the name of protecting the citizens. That seems to be the underlying excuse in this case. However, these kinds of power grabs have never ended well for either the country or the citizens. I fear as you should if some restrictions are not placed on DHS some citizens may soon find it acceptable to take individual action against this out of control government agency.

  77. This is how liberty is lost; not at once, but through a few “reasonable measures” over a period of time. After all, it’s not worth fighting about a small measure here, or a small measure there. Eventually, you wake up and find that these measures add up to state slavery.

  78. Well the DHS will end up like Hitlers brown shirts did just a matter of time. They will only have so many that will kill US citizens then we turn the tables on them. Plus when their body bags start to mount folks will get a little more timid as they always do. Most have familys like us…. More of us than them, there is a brighter side to show

  79. well if things get bad all i can say is kill as many of them as you can as quick as you can, this can go on longer than Vietnam did US has to many trees to hide behind and DHS cant be evrywhere all at once. they will lose many also.. thats the nature of Civil wars the laws of the land are on our sides I fight better knowing I am right and they are wrong

  80. DHS has trampled all over the constitution since it’s inception. Time to eliminate it altogether. When it comes to the airports, have the airlines take care of the problem.

  81. Again I post a message on this site and again when I click post it’s erased and I get a notice post as Godstruth which I had already done to no avail thank you.

  82. This Un-American, Un-Constitutional activity by Obama and DHS has gone on too long. Those who have the Power and Authority to end this nonsense are obviously too cowardly to undertake the mission. What a pathetic wretched group of spineless elected officials we have in Washington, D.C.

  83. I live in one of the cities named above, in S. California. Bring it on DHS but don’t think for a moment I’ll simply open the door and allow you to enter. It is any wonder that when going to the range to keep my skills sharp there is a line which starts accumulating an hour and a half prior to opening? Last week end there were at least 100 waiting before “start” time, and most were young Marines and Cops (with their private guns). I was one of only three seniors (the only female). We started talking to pass the time. Is it any surprise how fed up everyone was with the current gun grab mentality, and the fact CA liberal legislatures are wanting to make it so that one has to have a background check prior to ammo purchase? The subject came up re: stored ammo and on average everyone has 300 – 400 rounds at home. One of the seniors said he has 1300, with the intent of purchasing at least 300 more that day.
    While standing outside the firing booth (while another of the four of us was shooting) one of the range attendants came over to talk. Said they love the fact a “mature” woman was there and owned her own gun. Also commented on the fact that I was a better shot than many of the younger males, and far better than any of the few females present (lots of years of practice).
    The basic consensus of those talking in line was that NO one would be taking our guns without an outright battle.

  84. The similarities between the Nazi’s and this Regime is stunning. Not only in their Nazi/Marxist economic views, but in how they have and are consolidating power. DHS is taking on a lot of the complexion of the early Brown Shirts and later SS. The House and Senate are totally complicit or asleep at the switch. And the Supreme Court is silent. It just keeps getting worse. And invoking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights does no good since those in power have no respect for or care about what the Law of the Land says. They know what’s best and will have their way. And who or what is going to stop them?

  85. Everyone can keep posting objections to Obama’s Dictatorial Regime, but my question is, when are the men of this country going to get a backbone and march on the State Capitals of all 50 States? This would have already happened 40 or 50 years ago. What has happened to courage of the men in America? It would only take a few hundred men in each state, and thousands of others (men, women and children) would follow. Broadcast the date and time, and we’ll be there! Announce it in advance on radio, newspaper, TV and social media. We still have a 1st amendment that permits us the right to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. I’m sick of what this man is doing to our country and he is not going to stop, now that he sees he has no opposition from “WE THE PEOPLE.”

  86. Yep. And I just found out that, just because I have PTSD, I am listed on the NICS and will NEVER be allowed to purchase or own a gun, even though I have NEVER harmed either myself OR another person!!
    It’s about time the VFW, DAV, AMVETS, and Iraq and Afghanistan Vets organizations got together and SUED the United States government, and President Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Hillary Clinton — and anyone else involved — for violation of our Constitutional rights!!!

  87. That is the primary reason why we have firearms – to protect ourselves from the government.

    No warrant you will not enter and if you do you will not survive.

    Neither will we more than likely, but this the risk one must take to protect oneself from tyranny.

  88. Fork the DHS and all commie traitors who refuse to acknowledge that our God given rights supersede ALL government authority.

  89. DHS by order of ODUMBA wants to find all “TEA PARTY” members and confiscate their GUNS C.B Radios and short wave radios !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. “The buck stops here.” The President is ultimately responsible for the actions of the executive branch. It is the President who sets the fundamental policy of the administration. Obama’s hubris and power lust appear to know no bounds. A clear pattern of Constitutional destruction has emerged. The argument the guy has Narcissistic Personality Disorder or is simply evil is more obvious by the day. He will not finish his term. He will either be impeached, declared insane, or forced to resign. He is clearly pushing the gun issue because he WANTS a civil war so he can declare himself dictator even though, unlike the German Wiemar Constitution, ours has no escape hatch emergency powers allowing for it. This guy makes George III and Lord North look like Murray Rothbard. Again, for his sake, someone better remind this guy what happened to England’s Charles I.

  91. The same Constitution that is supposed to protect us, is the same one that says they have a job by the people. If they want to continue working for us and not dictating, they need to start following the constitution. If they try to take part of it away, then the constitution becomes void and they are nolonger in authority. A catch-22 on their part.

  92. The problem is the supreme Court is so corrrupt they will just ok it and people will say that is it when the Constitution created the Supreme Court, not the other way around. SCOTUS is supposed to make sure the Constitution is upheld, not interpreted out of existence to suit the needs of the left wing utopian takeover…

    If they have a right to enter my house without permission or warrant then I have the right to deal with them in the same manner I would anyone else who kicks my door in and tries to harm my family and destroy or steal my livelihood….as long as everyone else takes that same stand there will be a lot of openings at DHS and no one left to screw the people or violate their rights. DHS and DOJ are basically Hitler’s Bown Shirts and Gestapo…it’s time Americans recognize how serious things have gotten and there wont be a solution from voting or peaceful protests, how long will it take before people realize that and how bad will they let it get. The longer the people wait, the harder it will be to rectify.

  93. You see, this is why we need to stop the Rush Limbaughs and the Glen Becks and the Dick Cheneys and all those radical right-wing extremists. This is what happens when those crazy Tea Party types take power. Oh, wait …

  94. DHS is to be considered the armed minions of the most depraved domestic enemy of the US Constitution to ever set foot in the Nations Capitol Non other than Barackafraud Insane Obamafraudthey should be publicly ridiculed, rebuffed, mocked, repudiated, jeered, insulted,madeto look foolish, given intelectual wedgies, refused service and ostrascised.

  95. Folks, civil war is coming… The left is pushing for it! They think that they can win, but what they don’t realise is that there are plenty of us combat veterans that won’t put up with this mierda!

    1. Another thing the left doesn’t consider, it’s people of ALL colors that will stand up against a civil war and them. Not everyone is buying into Obama’s brain washing.
      Like you said, there are a LOT of us verterans past/present that will not put up with this.

  96. Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany = failed; Stalin = failed; Mussolini = failed; Edi = failed; Pol Pot = failed; Manson = failed; Etc…

  97. There was voter fraud all over the country places like New York was one of the worst with the storm sandy a turnout in many areas of up to 121% with 100% turnout in 6

    county’s with over 115 % and Chicago having well over the number of registered voters and in Ohio there were areas that lost ballets and later found ballets showing votes for Obama in some areas well over the 131% in Florida in Allen Wests area there were turnouts over the numbers of voters in the 141% so who knows.

  98. If they come into my Florida home and don’t have the proper warrant. I will consider them to be committing a forcible felony and will use my rights of self defense to treat them as I would any home invader. Fair warning…..

  99. You are exactly right da Tagliare,this is ILLEGAL SEARCH INVASION!!Of your personal property but America I keep telling you,that Muslim Dictator Obama!!Is not an American so he cares nothing about the Constitution,or any other laws!!America he has already taken away most of your freedoms and with the NDAA,if you.Seem to look dangerous they can pick you,off the.Streets and put you only G-d know were or if you,happen to use!Your freedom of speech and put something on the web,that is against!!The government the police or FBI might show up at your home and cart,you off.To some unknown place!So America you deserve what you get you were STUPID,and believed!!Dictator Obama’s LIES AGAIN and reelected him to continue,to destroy America!!A once proud great nation until Dictator Obama came on the SCENE!!

  100. To all those brain dead Americans who voted , sometimes multiple times ,for King Obama.
    How do you like America now ?????????

  101. Thanks but no thanks! I don’t want or need the governments “protection” I fear no man and would much rather take my chances with any run of the mill islamic terrorist or evil doer than i would a US government sanctioned brown shirt or bureaucrat.

  102. Go to U-Tube and look for the confiscation of guns after hurricane Katrina by the military and it will give you a huge clue why the government has purchased millions of rounds of hollow point (illegal) ammo. They knocked a senior citizen women to the floor getting her revolver.

  103. AMERICANS, HAVE YOU GONE NUTTS???? The DHS nor ANY OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIAL in ANY CAPACITY has NO RIGHT or AUTHORITY to override the U.S. Constitution. THE ONLY WAY the U.S. Constitution changes is by LEGALLY AMENDING IT.


    Lock and Load, AMERICA. It’s time to water the Tree of Liberty!!
    March together on your State and Local offices, and take hundreds of automobiles and surround the police stations so they can’t leave or get in.


    Make CITIZENS ARREST, and charge the Public officials with TREASON for ACTIVELY engaging in the OVERTHROW of the 1st and 2nd and 4TH Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

    HONEST COPS (if there’s any left in AMERICA), When the CITIZENS ARREST IS MADE, do your job and cuff the person charged and take them to jail to be booked and then let the courts figure it out from there.

    AMERICAN CITIZENS band together for the prosecution of these TRAITORS and seek the DEATH PENALTY if they are found guilty in a court of law.

    The ONLY WAY the government can INFRINGE on the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS is through AMENDING the U.S. Constitution by REPEALING the 2nd Amendment. That takes 37.5 out of the 50 States to RATIFY that action and UNTIL THAT IS DONE (and it hasn’t even been proposed) THE 2ND AMENDMENT STANDS AS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE NATION, BARRING THE FEDERAL OR STATE GOVERNMENTS FROM INFRINGING ON THE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS.


    PICK A DAY, DATE, AND TIME, just like 1st day of hunting season, and ALL OF YOU PATRIOTS step out into the PUBLIC with your FIREARMS on and NEVER take them off again. Back each other up in CITIZENS ARREST and put the PUBLIC OFFICIALS on trial for TREASON………….ABOVE ALL, SEEK THE DEATH PENALTY.

  104. They keep pushing us and pushing us. How much do they think we’re going to take from them? They want us to react, they must. They would not push us this hard if they didn’t want us to. If we push back, Obama will have the excuse he so desperately wants to declare martial law and stomp on the Conservative Right. Well, go ahead, you di*k! We would like nothing more than to show this tin-pot dictator wannabe just who his daddy is! Yeah, Obama, you heard me, you narcissistic pile of dung!

    MOLON LABE, dickhe*d, MOLON LABE!
    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

  105. The government has also given itself the right to enter and search your property for “health” reasons. They feel that our dwellings may be hazardous to our precious health! There is no more 4th amendment. Warrantless searches, no knock warrants from secret courts, cell phone searches, VIPR trucks patrolling our freeways with the ability to take naked pictures, appliances with eavesdropping mechanisms built in, smart meters and smart lights, black boxes on our cars capable of transmitting and reciving data, the list goes on! There is no place left that is “secure” for us. They even have a drug called Midazolam/Versed which will open up your brains contents for anybody without censorship. It causes amnesia so you won’t even know your brain has been picked! So even our thoughts are not secure.

  106. Time for the House of Representatives to defund the Department of Homeland security, which they have the Constitutional Authority to do so.

  107. Do you see your Rights goin down the drain? This I’m afraid is just the beginning if we do not stand tall and get rid of our Government slime we now have

  108. My front porch has a framed and mounted copy of the US Constitution. Below it reads a sign stating, “Failure to follow the above WILL result in IMMEDIATE LETHAL FORCE!”

    I have Plots in the back waiting for ANY govt POS that thinks they are above the constitution.

  109. A good friend of mine who is an authority on all things Constitutional a week ago asked our Sheriff about this very thing . He was told that the FBI had told the Sheriff that within the 100 mile zone it was called now a “Federal Territory” .
    I’m in that zone . A month ago our Sheriff told us that he would protect every citizen in his County unless there was a Federal Warrant . The Feds can come onto your property and write a “warrant” on your doorstep with out having it signed by a Judge . So the Sheriff made a very hollow statement when he said he’d protect his citizens .

  110. What is happening by this administration is treasonous, and yes, there are powers BEHIND this Prezident who are determining our path. We CAN fight them, and win, as the Pilgrims did, but it will be difficult. This is an enemy we cannot see – and this is a spiritual battle, as well as a physical one, and must be fought on our knees FIRST!
    Satan has ALWAYS intended to “rule the world” being jealous of Christ’s predestined kingdom rule. He has a many-spoked wheel of influence, of which he is the hub. (Many of the institutions and groups discussed previously are included, plus some others, such as the (Free) Masons, and all such secret organizations, Skull n Bones, etc.

    But Christ, that Stone that the “builders” rejected has become the Chief Corner Stone (Matt. 21:42; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17; 1 Peter 2:7), and will one day, as Daniel prophesied, come from heaven and crush to powder the false, idolatrous, and evil empires of the world, then his kingdom will become a mountain that will fill the whole earth! In other words, God’s Kingdom with Christ as our King will one day crush Satan’s schemes and plans, dethroning this anti-Christ and his agenda, and restoring the earth to its original place in God’s plan.

    Satan and his little caesars will grovel before the God of the Universe, with nothing to show for all of their efforts…and will be thrown into outer darkness, separated forever from the God of creation and His Peaceful Kingdom of Righteousness!! Don’t fear, believer, our GOD wins in the end!! Who is on the LORD’S side??

    “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.”
    (Daniel 2:44-45)

  111. Can you just imagine, Just imagine, if George Bush Jr. had asserted himself on the people as this dictator has?He would have been impeached long ago. Are we just afraid to approach this traitor to our Constitution and his sworn oath? Whereis the Senat, Supreme court, the judicial system wwhen it come to what the “People Demand” from its government?

    Wake up America!
    “Just Saying”

  112. It is time to Nullify the authority of the DHS either by State legislatures or private individuals, which ever gets the job done. Do not recognize their authority.

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