Dictator Obama Tells Boehner He Will Not Negotiate On Debt Limit

President Barack Obama expects Republicans to give up everything they stand for and what their constituents demand.  He has made no attempt to hide the fact that he is completely unwilling to compromise on the debt limit and spending bill before Congress.  If there is any compromising to be done, Republicans are required to do all of it, according to a recent phone call Obama made to House Speaker John Boehner.

After the House Republicans passed a spending bill that excluded funding for Obamacare, the president called Boehner.  Boehner’s spokesman released a statement about the call, saying:

“The president called the speaker this evening to tell him he wouldn’t negotiate with him on the debt limit.  Given the long history of using debt limit increases to achieve bipartisan deficit reduction and economic reforms, the speaker was disappointed, but told the president that the two chambers of Congress will chart the path ahead.”

“It was a brief call.”

Obama stated emphatically that he wants Congress to just extend the debt limit without any restrictions.  He wants permission to keep spending out of control to bankrupt the government that is already on the verge of a financial collapse.  House Republicans didn’t buy the president’s demand for a blank check spending bill.  Not only did they opt not to fund Obamacare, at least for one year, they also opposed Obama’s plans to restrict coal ash pollution, to make all civil servants increase their contributions towards their retirement plans and his demands that Congress approve his many regulations.

The measure passed by the House will now go to the Senate where it is expected to go nowhere.  If it does manage to go to the Senate floor for a vote, the Democrats still have the majority of the vote and it is virtually certain that the measure will be voted down.  If by some miracle the Senate approves the House bill, Obama has promised to veto it because he refuses to negotiate.

While Obama stands proud that he will not negotiate with the Republicans, he is already blaming them if the spending bill is not passed and the government shuts down.  He says it is their fault because they refuse to compromise, but not his fault for not willing to negotiate with them.  These are not the actions of a concerned national leader, rather it’s the actions of a ruthless tyrannical dictator.  Congress either does things his way or he blames them for his own self-centered egotism.

35 thoughts on “Dictator Obama Tells Boehner He Will Not Negotiate On Debt Limit

  1. He won’t negotiate with congress, but he will with terrorist leaders around the world.
    No wonder Obam-me can’nt get anything done for the American people.

  2. He refuses to cooperate with congress but will negotiate with our enemies. Specifically, Muslims whom he invites to the White House in honor of their “holy” days. A few more years of this guy and America will cease to exist.

  3. Boehner, Tell the SOB Obama to stick where the sun doesn’t shine. He is the most arrogant person I have ever known. Take the checkbook away from him and NO INCREASE in the debt ceiling. SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN if Obama wants to take his ball and go home. WHAT AN A**!!!!

  4. The only thing the obozzo is worried about is a blank check along with his support for his brotherhood. Along with callin for the reigns to the right to be king n queen and never leave his illegally obtained thrown. Will someone show him n her their thrown.

  5. Please tell Obama to shove Obama Care where the sun don’t shine.Obama does not run the Congress.But he acts like he is KING of the WORLD.Boehner just tell Obama he is not the speaker of the house.And you do not want to communicate with him. Tell him there will be no need to discus the matter any further. The people have spoken.

  6. O will not negotiate so if there is a shutdown it falls squarely on his shoulders. At least Boehner finally stood up to O !!!!!!!! IMPEACH

  7. IMPEACH O’BAMA, he is a fraud, fanatic, lying coward of a man. He lets all the women back-up his sorry-ass stories, and they are so power hungry they go along, Susan, Hillary, and the others in his stable. WE ARE SICK OF HIM!

  8. What this petulant child of a president is really saying is…..IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT I DON’T WANT ANYTHING AND WILL PUNISH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR IT

  9. Maybe he should discuss this with Putin. They are like minded. This is Mr. Transparency. Mr. reach across the table. He is a fraud and proves it every day.

  10. He is the antichrist. Period. Hang him for treason. And when he doesn’t get his way on funding Ovomitcare, he plans on confiscating and stealing all our bank accounts (like they did in Cyprus) to finance his insane agenda! He already has his Russian, Chinese and U.N. goonsquad in place to kill us off when we disobey that POS from hell. He’s got a rude awakening coming. East coast of the U.S. is in the crosshairs right now scheduled for 10/1/13, martial law implementation, : DC, DE, MD, WV, PA. Not to mention his cause for the war against Syria is solely to get our troops off U.S. soil so as to not be available to defend our own people because foreign troops have been trained in urban warfare against us. Americans don’t like shooting fellow Americans….. The SWHTF. Forced home inspections for Ovomitcare implementation on 10/1/13 designed to drag your butt off to one of the hundreds of concentration camps in the U.S. Power grid shutdown scheduled for entire North American continent on 11/13-11/14/13. Communications will shut down including internet (if they have their way…), so no SOS calls folks. Brace yourselves fellow Americans. Lord Maitreya is bringing on a bloodbath that completely hails from his Muslim upbringing. He is the lawless one warned of in 2 Thess. 2. Read it.

  11. This Black Islamist Marxist will never “stoop” to negotiate with a heathen like Bohenor. That is beneath him. Just look up his nose and you can see it. He’s KING. But, he will negotiate with Iran and (if there’s a hot mike) we’ll hear some of his nefarious plans to help Iran destroy America and Israel.

  12. The only thing that is NOT ‘negotiable’ would be the terms and lengths of the prison sentences both of those fools have earned by their own volition.

  13. If he will not negotiate, do not pass an increase. Not passing an increase will not shut down the essential parts of government, but it will balance the budget, and shut down the parts of the government that are not the business of the government anyway. It is a winning situation for the Repubs. They can say that they balanced the budget in one year. The can also take credit for saving the citizens a trillion dollars in the first year as well.

  14. Who the hell does he think he is? The sad part about it is the sheep that put him in still don’t know or care what he is doing. He is ruining the Country as the Democrats ruined Detroit.

    1. He is a Muslim and Boehner is just another of the “infidels” he has to put up with! Why should someone who belongs to the (so-called) “religion of peace” have to negotiate with an “infidel?”
      Ah! To be so close to allah! Must be hell living on a planet with so many of us “infidels…..”


  16. Hey! YOU guys get it. 1- BO is a Muslim. BO is not a Natural-Born citizen. 2- B.O has no
    real Birth Certificate (BC). He only has a certificate of Live Birth (COLB) of dubious origin. 3- A COLB may be sworn out by anybody, any time, stating that a certain baby was born somewhere around a certain date and a certain time. 4-As a loyal Muslim, BO never criticizes another Muslim. As to the recent American citizen deaths, he does NOT condemn the murderer, only states that it’s too bad it had to happen. Nowhere does he propose to turn back Islamic extremists. They are simply observed and occasionally commented upon neutrally. 5- BO wants to grow control parts of our government that make it easier for Islam to flourish in the 50 states. He wants immigrants to flow easily from all parts of the world into the 50 states and to multiply free of Christianity and to become Muslims, all the while, Christianity and our flag withers on the vine.

    It mystifies me how and why Congress, all 500+ members plus all the Justices (Lawyers!), stand aside mutely like dumb zombies and without concern while this Creep does his dirty work. Aye they hypnotized by this snake????? Shake them awake, EVERYBODY. Call them, all of you! and and SHAKE THEM UP!!!!!!! Impeach the SOB!!!!!!

    1. Cruz stands up for the American people out of concern that they are being screwed with Obamacare, and HIS OWN PARTY CHEWS HIM OUT??? TIME TO CLEAN OUT THOSE OLD FART, we cant affort to pay congressmen who play poker at work when they should be out there listening to the concerns of the American people! Obana to sign UN small Arms Treaty this week?? Congree already passed a no vote on it several month s ago yet hes going to sign it anyway, “it shall not not be infringed upon”” If he signs it, GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!

  17. It’s a shame Obama won’t negotiate with the Republicans but jumps over backwards to do so with evil Islamists, liberal socialists, communists, etc. The only way to change things is to vote for Conservative Republicans in 2014.

  18. My, my, what a guy!

    Solid as a rock and just about as smart. Hmmuuuumm, what would this country do with out him?
    Probably prosper……

  19. Time for Boehner to tell Obama NO DEAL , tell him to get his nads back from puttin , then take a month vacation cause two can play that game!!

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