Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason?

Treason: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason.”

Beware of open microphone! It might pick up something you didn’t mean for other people to hear. President Obama was unaware that a microphone was recording him when he asked outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Monday for “breathing room” until after the November 2012 election. It would be at that point that negotiations on missile defense could resume in earnest.

“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” President Obama told Mr. Medvedev at the end of their 90-minute meeting. The “him” is apparently a reference to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Medvedev replied, “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Here’s what’s disturbing about this muted conversation. “This is my last election,” President Obama said. “After my election, I have more flexibility.” The Russian leader responded, “I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Let me do my best to translate this for you:

After the election that I will win, I will be free to follow my own guidelines on disarmament. It’s at that point that I can give you what you want.

First, this is no way to negotiate with a superpower. Second, there are no assurances that a reduction in our nuclear arsenal will result in the reduction in the arsenal of the Russians. Third, the Russians do not have our best interests in view as evidenced by what we’re seeing in the the Middle East. Consider Syria:

As Syria takes criticism from almost all quarters, one nation — Russia — stands virtually alone in defending the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
While Arab League ministers discussed future steps on Syria, where 5,400 people have died in anti-government violence, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a warning: no sanctions and no foreign troops. Lavrov says that for Russia, the red line is fairly clearly drawn. He says Moscow will not support any sanctions.

If President Obama’s whispered remarks were harmless, why hasn’t he made them known to the American public? Let’s see him run on his comments to outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. What will he do in November if re-elected that he can’t do now? He should tell us — NOW!

Let me do my best to translate this for you:

501 thoughts on “Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason?

  1. Many times Obama’s statements and actions have met the criteria to be identified as a traitor. 

    He’s been giving aid and comfort to our Muslim terrorist enemies from day one when his first phone call from the Oval Office was to the leader of the terrorist group Hamas. Since then he has painted America in the worst possible light anytime he speaks to the world.  

    One could make a laundry list of his treasonous acts….this slip with Medvedev is just his latest.

    He should be dragged out of the White House in handcuffs and tried for treason.
    I’d pay to see that perp walk.

    1. He knows if re-elected he can’t be elected again so he’ll do as much damage as possible because there will be no repercussions.  He’s done so much damage now, imagine how much he’ll do with out fearing running again.  jd

      1. I’ve been saying this all along.  If re-elected there will be no stopping this treasonous a–h—
        Anyone who fails to vote in the 2012 election may find that they’ll never have another chance to
        vote……..I believe obama and his minions are capable of any devious, underhanded,
        lawless act..If obama is re-elected America as we have known it is gone!!!

        1. You may not be able to vote this year.  With his new powers by his own executive order he may declare marshall law in peace time and suspend the November election if polls show him losing big time.  I predicted that right after his election in 2008!

        2. Unfortunately America has changed so much already since the idiot liberals gained power in underhanded ways. They start with elementary school & indoctrinate kids there & then go on up the line from there. Colleges in America nowadays are breeding grounds for crazy, socialistic liberal ideology & indoctrination!!! America is already a dictatorship ruled by the dimocrats! No wonder we are in deep trouble!!!

        3. You see it too.  .  .  We ALL see it !   .  .  Let’s do something about it.  .  .  They knew this day was comming and planned for it.  .  .  The only hope we have is to get a jump ahead of their plans for us and pull the fat out of the fire now.  .  .  I have heard that the US has ordered 35,000 drone aircraft and the airspace to fly them in at 35,000 feet OVER THE USA !   .  .  .  Why would they do that ?  .  . So they can squash our tiny unorganized groups that waited too long to get their act together ?.   .  . Remember, these drones can be run from anywhere and can read a newspaper from 50,ooo feet.

        4. Really? drones are going to start kiling americans? and the flyers of these drones are going to be american soldiers? Are you people out of your minds? If you believe this drivel then wrap aluminum foil around you head and get ready for the aliens …. drones??? OMG anyone who believes this nonsense needs serious mental health help …  flying drones …. yeah maybe they will disguise them as butterflies and pretty hummingbirds … bunch of lunatics!

        5. Jayne Smith :   You have to be one of the most ignorant people I have ever had the misfortune of corresponding with.  You are not an American to me sister !  Go spew your hate to someone else as I will not waste any more time on the pathetic likes of you !  Read what YOU wrote, and tell me who the “loon” is.

        6. They won’t be “hummingbirds”; they will be high altitude out of range of any civilian arms and flown by bureaucrats.  A sworn soldier knows this is against the Constitution.  In defense of our nation they are very effective.  In the hands of the current crop of traitors in Washington they are dangerous to our liberty.  To counter the exposure of this development, the Administration is dismissing this as conspiracy fantasy (“Nothing to see here, move along.”) as they have dismissed other scandals they’ve created.

      2. If he wins re-election what will stop him from appointing himself chancellor for life?  Just like good old Adoph did.

      3. As if re election wouldn’t be terrible enough, what is worse is that if in office 4 more years we will have ALL of our rights taken away and he will set himself up as dictator !   .  .  . He is a Fidel Castro in the making !  .   .  Listen to the Cuban Americans, they see it, but the news media will keep feeding us misinformation until it is too late to do anything about it.  .  .  The internet is the only way to disseminate information amoungst ourselves that we have.  .  .  The internet WILL BE SHUT DOWN !  .  .  .  Then what will we do ?   .  .  We need to ACT while we can, but time is running out fast !

      4. Jdsunderland….Those are my fears also. Without worries about a future election, and no one to answer to (since we have a Congress which will not do its job),  he’ll have a free reign to do whatever he wants. I put absolutely NOTHING past him and  think he’s capable of anything.
        In fact,  I think, if he could,  he’d gleefully slit the throat of America and then with a big toothy grin and smug satisfaction,  stand idly  by  while she  bleeds to death.

      5. If he gets re-elected in 2012 the communists will take over and Obama will be our dictator!!!!!!!!!!!!! God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

       An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

      He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.”
      …….Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC—43 BC)

      Unfortunately our society has a substantial portion of the population Cicero was talking about. Like it or not, a huge number of the people residing in the US would like to bring the country down. They are being led by our POS Prez who continues to allow or imports millions upon millions of people who are here not to become citizens of the country, but to milk it for everything they can….and then see it destroyed.

  2. This is a big problem with lame duck Presidents. They can and do perform amazing Etch-A-Sketch transformations from what they say on a campaign trail and have nothing but empty impeachment threats to constrain them afterward.

    The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation,
    which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he
    shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other
    Emolument from the United States, or any of them. – Constitution, Article 2, Section 1

    Seems that Congress cannot hold out a performance bonus as any sound business would give their CEO. Also seems that the States by themselves cannot provide a performance bonus.  Thus there is no way to LEGALLY BRIBE the President, only ILLEGALLY BRIBE.

    1. Sadly this creature is not a lame duck president. We need to gather every person who loves this Nation and meet on that Tuesday in November and make sure he is a one term President
      If we succeed then perhaps we can begin the precedure to get Soros expelled from our land and perhaps he will take Obama and his other puppets with him back to the hole he cralwed out of in Europe

      1. It would be awesome if we had enough people…to post outside of voting booths to make sure that there was no intimidation by the evil-doers…and could legally vote him back to hell.

        1.  Why don’t we? I’m sure there are plenty of big, strong guys who could hang around and escort seniors inside or anyone who feels intimidated.  They’ll be there to vote anyway, hopefully.

    2. What can Congress do, idiot? Hello, The Senate is controlled by the Marxists, as is our Supreme Court! No? Watch! p.s. Our women & blacks make up over 70% of our voting public and BOTH ARE GATHERERS(LOVE TO GET THINGS GIVEN THEM)! DUH! You asked for it and YOU GOT IT! WATCH!

      1. The Senate is controlled by the Marxists

        True!  Solution?  Have our States run candidates in their senatorial campaigns against the marxist two party duopoly.

        Our women & blacks make up over 70% of our voting public and BOTH ARE GATHERERS

        Not all are anti-liberty. I hold faith in their waking up to the Judeo-Marxist propaganda we call news and entertainment. Faith is about all I have.

        1. TheChristianSolution…

          Or in many cases……it’s knowledgable women  who educate ”their men” about these matters.

      2. Listen blarney, I’m a woman, I work hard and I don’t ask for anything.  Never have and hopefully never will.  Sorry I can’t say the same for all men, white, black or any other color.  I most definitely will be voting for a Republican pres.  Hope it does some good but past pres. have gotten us into this mess as well and not one was a woman.

        1. Keri….Amen to your comments. Some of the earlier statements on this thread are pretty misogynistic.  I think we’re all forced to face the fact that men  and not women  are  responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

          Like you I”ve spent my nearly 70 years working, not asking for handouts. I was raised by an industrious, honorable Christian  Gramma with  integrity. She had little tolerance for foolishness and  required us all  to show character and  to conduct ourselves honorably. Plus,  she very much encouraged independent, critical thinking and study in us all…whether male or female.

           I hope my life would have made her proud. 
          It sounds like you’ve worked hard and stay informed….2 things that a large percentage of the population refuses to do.

          Consider yourself exceptional.
          I do.

        2. Screeminmeeme, thank you Mame.  Seems we think along the same lines and it sounds like your Christian Gramma would be very proud. Have a good day!

      3. victorbarney…

        Just arrived  on the turnip truck, eh?  No offense, but you sure sound like  a red-necked misogynist….not that there’s anything wrong with that. :/

        ”OUR” women?….who ”love to get things given them”.  Yowza.
        You are so out of touch I don’t know where to begin.

        Maybe YOUR woman is out of touch and wants  stuff…..but most of my female friends are smart, educated and  very well informed about government,  politics and world events…
        Christian women  who are  homemakers and  mothers…..and  loving wives who are considered equals by their spouses. 

        Some of them work  outside the home….some do not. But they all impart something meaningful  to society and none of them is sticking out her hand to get something from the government.

        They are dignfied self-respecting women with integrity. I would match their knowledge against yours any day.

        Why am I bothering to comment? Because I thought your post was condescending to women.

        And….as a very well informed  Christian wife of 47 years and mother….. I was insulted.

  3. This is NO different from Obozo GIVING some oil rich islands off the coast of Alaska TO Russia a number of months ago.  (Undoubtedly, Obozo thinks they were his own islands to give!)

    With Obozo, I’m afraid there is often more to what he says than meets the eye.

    “… my last election… ”  one needs to wonder if he means it will be his last necessary election because he plans on being in the White House long than four more years.

    1. Yea Anne,   that’s what I think he meant also.  He’s too confident about this election. He knows something we don’t.  I have this creepy feeling about this guy.

      1.  sassparilla:  “Creepy” is only the beginning. He’s down-right scary being the narcissistic, megalomaniac,  Marxist, he is with so much power.

        And indeed his is far too confident about this election, especially with the numbers … A normal person would be worried.  But then, a normal person wouldn’t have done many (MOST) of the things he’s done and expect to be re-elected.

        There was a REASON that POS Holder did not prosecute the New Black Panthers on voter intimidation, and I am confident they’ll be at every significant voting place in the country come Nov.

        And don’t forget, Obozo allowed 250,000 El Salvadorians into our country some months ago… and there’s no record of who or what they are.

        When Obozo talked about his vision of a well armed Civilian Army, people should have paid more attention!!!

        And one more thing. There was something very symbolic about Obozo allowing that American Indian tribe to KILL two Baled Eagles,  our National Bird, a years.

      2.  Pride goeth before the fall… that’s all… he is a creep and he is desperate!  And yes 9 kinds of hell are getting ready to rain down on Odamnit and the dems for installing a manchurian candidate into office!

      1. After he becomes dictator he could issue another unconstitutional Executive Order suspending all elections.

        Why not?  His other Executive Orders are unbelievable.  I put nothing past this monster.

        1. tudor1…

          “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men together in a society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat


        2. Screeminmeeme:

          Your quote is so true! 

           The biggest thing that really frustrates me with what is going on in the country is that there is so much apathy and a sense of sheer hopelessness that the average individual is unable to do anything to change the situation so they resign themselves to living with it and enduring it.  I just don’t understand why.  If they are sick of the past three and a half years of the way this administration has governed, they need to get everyone they know involved and energized to make a change in November while we still have the freedome of choice.  Sometimes I feel like I am standing in the middle of a crowd and screaming at the top of my lungs and no one can hear me at all. 

          There are none so blind as those who cannot see and those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it are two of my favorite quotes and they keep coming to mind during this election cycle….

      2. Legally is the constraining term . . . but I don’t think he feels constrained by the “legally” aspect!  He has done so many things that are illegal by the US COnstitution already . . . what make you think he will respect the “legally” aspect now?

      3. Has he broken the law before???? Hell yes he has!!! He lives, he breathes, he speaks, he lies!!! He is a broken law unto himself!!!
        Also his buddies in the black pussy cats are breaking the law every day!

      4. Yes, Cuddy1849, it is true! But the fundamental  damage to our country that this man has already done is irrecoverable! Listen to me, guys, I had personally experienced various of this kind of changes in different countries! The end is the same, and may our God have mercy on us! Oh, yes! Americans are very simple, heartily bound and innocent people, who are allowing to be fooled by this community revolutionary! Our freedom will be, or already it is, on stack for a person who doesn’t have even human feeling for this great nation! He slapd on our face with his insane confession or treason to our political enemy! But, he did with a purpose!

    2. Anne_PA…
      I was wondering the same thing myself.
      Was this a hint that he plans on giving himself a lifelong position as head-honcho?
      Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      1.  Screemin’:  As far as I know, Obozo wasn’t aware that that particular comment to Medvedev had been taped.  But I DO believe that it was a “message” to Putin.

        And “flexibility?”  That should be a major concern to everyone.

    3. Remember Jimmy Carter gave away The Panama canal zone! Now China is running it. It’s what DEMS do,pick our pockets and then give it all away to our enemies. And WE the PEOPLE keep letting it happen. 

      1.  Dogmeat:  Yes I do remember.

        “We the People” are Congress’ “Oversight Committee,”  and we have not been doing our job!!!

        Check out how many Exec Orders Obozo has singed since he’s usurped the office of Pres., and what is in those Exec. Orders.

        Congress has the authority to rescind an EO, if they’re unconstitutional, yet they’ve not.

        And yet Congress approves NDAA (See Tony’s post below) and allows this usurper to have the kind of power that is only ever seen in a Marxist-Communist govt.

      1.  Bill: Of all the things Obozo has done that have shocked and amazed me these past few years, the one thing that actually put chills down my spine was when the American Flag with Obozo’s image where the stars are SUPPOSED to be, was flown in front of some dem headquarters in Fla.

        A group of vets eventually forced them to remove it, but the mere fact that such a flag would be made and flown in public was VERY TELLING.

        That is exactly what every despot in history has done!!!

        Think back to ANY dictatorship… Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, and even Saddam Hussein.  They had their over size likeness on flags and everywhere possible.

        Obozo MUST be voted out of office, and Congress had BETTER start curtailing his power NOW!

        1. Anne_PA :    It is yet another page from the playbook of all dictators.   .   .   We are much dumber as a society than I had ever imagined.  .  .  That very fact reflects badly on MY judgement as there were many warning factors I failed to recognize.  .  .  I have always been VERY patriotic and  assumed that all Americans felt the same way.  .  .  But as evidenced by some of the comments, that is most likely not the case.  .   .  The O flag was yet another symbol to SHOCK us and then go away.  .  .  By doing so, this procedure tends to “numbify” us into accepting just about anything and thinking it’s not that big of a deal as it goes away eventually.  .  . We will be bombarded with this type of behavior until it reaches the point where they say “No ! We’re NOT taking the flag down !” .  .  The question to me is will we be awake enough, and American enough to do something about it.  .  .  I sure hope so and I ask GOD every day for his help.  .  We need it !

        2.  Bill:  You make some very good points!!!

          I believe part of it is, Obozo and his henchmen are all very good students of Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” and unfortunately those rules are very effective.

          The other point is, I think we were all in some kind of “awe” or “total disbelief” that any of this was happening, and believed Congress would do their JOB!

          However, as I posted to another person a short while ago, “We the People” are (or should be) Congress’ “Oversight Committee” and “We the People” have not been doing our job, so we can’t expect that Congress would do their job either.

          Sad state of affairs, don’t you think?

          It appears that more and more people have awakened, and more will awaken, but the question is, will it be too late?

          If you’ve not seen this, you might want to take a look. Very interesting, and very disconcerting.

          Summer 1992: Communist Party USA meeting at UC Berkeley

          The Agenda – “The Naked
          Communist – Goals from 1958”


        3. To Anne_PA :    .  .  . I will check it out.  .  . In regard to your comment on “Rules for Radicals”;    It gives them the “one up” on preparation and tends to lend a bit of “professionalism” to the equation.  .  .  But I do recall, I believe in 1980, when a bunch kids from the USA went up against the “PROS” in that of the Russian National Hockey Team.    We ALL know what that outcome was, but more importantly it shows what HEART can do !  .  .  When we stand up as American’s, and we will, they will have to go back and alter their playbook to allow for the unknown quantity of “HEART” for with it, just about anything can be accomplished.  .  . They will be back again, when we become complacent again, but not this time !

  4. What’s disturbing about this is not as much what he said, but what lead up to his saying that.  eg The NDAA bill that he signed in January after forcing his own clause to be added into it which give the government the “right” to arrest, and hold American citizens indefinitely without charge, and his SELF APPOINTED Dictatorial “right” signed just this month in which he gave HIMSELF the power to declare for the first time ever in our history PEACETIME MARTIAL LAW.  Add to that the racial riots they are now trying to start in Florida as well as the planned union started riots that are to take place this year prior to the election and those should give even more alarm to the American people than just this slip of the tongue.

    1. Well said, and frightenly true. This thing in the WH is evil. He should be tried on many counts for violation of the Constitution and also for treason.

      1. I agree.  But I also know it will not happen with the congress we are presently saddled with.  It was found that just on the ineligibility issue a great many in the media were threatened with physical harm not only to themselves but to their families as well if they didn’t totally turn away from the issue and refuse to even discuss it.  Based on that there is no real reason to assume that those in congress were not also threatened with the same actions.  We need first to give the com mun ists the biggest defeat ever in the history of politics in this country come this November.  With that election we also need to replace as many senators as possible and even as many congressmen as possible with those who are actually loyal to this nation and its constitution.  THEN we need to hold a hearing on his eligibility and declare him to HAVE BEEN illegally holding that office and thus ALL that he and anyone in his administration signed automatically becomes null and void. 

        1. I hope what you say can happen.  I don’t think it will though.  I am losing confidence in our country.  Remember the Alamo, I know they died but at least they tried.  We are sitting there watching a tv show as our country unravels around us.

        2. THIS election more than ANY other election in over a century desperately needs ALL patriotic citizens to become actively involved on ALL levels of government in this country.  Not JUST the WH, but the SENATE races, the HOUSE races, the Governor races and the State Assmebly races.  IF Americans want to pull this nation back from the jaws of com mun ist takeover, then they MUST become actively involved right down to their own neighborhood level.  THIS IS NOW A MAKE OR BREAK ELECTION and there is NO middle road to take anymore.

        3. We can’t but if enough people stand up and help those who are trying to get the true facts out we may get people to listen and once they start listening get involved we can take our country back!!!!!

        4. No need to send me an email.  I just located and copied that article I put out.   It’s as follows:

          All of the Tea Party sites are composed of patriots who want America to return to its Constitution and the vision our founding fathers had for this country. However, those sites are still primarily composed of people preaching to the choir.
          Oh there are several now who are branching out and working with their LOCAL Tea Party groups to do what is actually more important this year and that is getting true representatives of America into office from the local level on up to Congress by retaking the Senate as well as increasing America’s majority in the house. And that is a very good thing. But there is something MORE that can be done. Something that EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THESE SITES CAN DO even if they feel they don’t have any time to devote to local area Tea Party involvement. They can actually become PERSONALLY INVOLVED in a highly effective way and do it by themselves from the quiet privacy of their own homes.
          This is no joke. This is no longer just a political game that is being played. This is BY FAR the MOST important election in the entire history of this nation. America is now fighting for its very survival as a free nation. There is no middle road to take with this election. There are now only two paths to choose from when November 6th 2012 arrives. We will either continue on the path to total communist control and thus this dream named America will come to an end, or this nation can choose to return to the vision of its founders.
          This is an actual WAR that is taking place. A WAR for our very survival. ALL OF YOU need to enlist your services in this fight for freedom.
          One of the primary ways the military wins ground wars is to cut the supply lines of the enemy. Those supply lines bring, food, weapons, ammunition and even more personnel into the battle. Without those supplies the enemy can be rendered incapable of mounting or continuing any offensive.
          It is no difference in politics. Everyone now needs to look at the actual voting process as a full scale ground war where each and every voter is issued just one bullet, — their vote –, to use against the party they have realized is their enemy. Whichever side fires the most rounds and registers the most hits is the winner of not only that battle on Election Day, but the war itself that has been raging throughout the campaign.
          One of the greatest tactics used by the military is the use of commando troops. Small but highly effective groups that can be used for specific targeted operations. Such as Rangers, Recon, Special Forces and Seals. But by far one of the MOST effective group is the guerilla fighters who actually live among the enemy and who constantly disrupt the enemy at any and every given opportunity. These are groups that have little contact with other groups thus insuring their ability to keep functioning. But the MOST effective guerilla fighter is one who works completely on his own with no contact with any other fighter or group. THIS particular fighter can make the lives of the enemy a living hell. THIS is the type of political fighter most members of the Tea Party SHOULD become.
          There are many campaigns now underway that people can participate in ON THEIR OWN that possess the ability to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE when it comes to disrupting the Marxist socialists attempt to completely take over and destroy America.
          One such campaign is now being widely publicized and that is the use of little notes that can be put on every gas pump every time a person fills up their vehicle. Whether just hand written on post it sheets or actually printed off and placed there with scotch tape. The one that says “On January 20th 2009 when obama took over the White House the national average for gas was $1.83, look at what he has done to the price of gas now and it’s going to go EVEN HIGHER. Remember that on November 6th 2012”.
          Here is ANOTHER tactic that I found could ALSO be VERY effective.
          Remember I said how the supply lines bring in more personnel to the battle? The democrats rely heavily on illegal votes by non citizens, but they ALSO rely heavily on the votes of DEAD PEOPLE as well. Now THAT is an influx of democrat voters that actually CAN be cut off. A few months ago I and a friend of mine composed the following letter and sent it to as many election offices around this nation as we could find email addresses for. I think we sent out almost 450 such emails and ONLY received an answer from 2 or 3 of them and the answer was almost the same. From EACH of them we got back “We cannot find your name in our list of registered voters”. That was about ALL they said, but it PROVED that they actually READ our emails. If they actually READ them, then they could actually be affected by them and DO something about purging their voters lists of dead people, thus preventing that many more democrat votes.
          This is the email we sent:SUBJECT LINE: I would like your help in clarifying a potential legal issue
          I was having a discussion with my neighbor about a legal issue that might exist if those in our district elections office didn’t purge the voting records of those of our citizens who are now demised. Is that or is that not a dereliction of duty charge or a violation of the public trust charge which could result in legal actions against the board of elections in such cases where it was found that deceased voters did vote in elections?Could you please furnish me with a clarification on this issue?
          If each person would do just these two things mentioned above, and would continue to do them over and over, it would drive the democrats out of their minds.
          FEAR is a wonderful tactic to use. Use it continuously. If you don’t receive an answer from your local board of elections, send that letter repeatedly at least once per week every week from now until Election Day. They WILL get the message. As far as the stickers on the gas pumps go, THAT is also a fear tactic that WILL work effectively if used EVERY time you fill up your vehicle.
          Become a Guerilla fighter in the defense of your country and DO NOT give up until this country is purged from all Marxists, socialists and communists in public office on every level.

        5. It is important to recognize that if the Tea Party “”peels off”  a sizable part of the Republican vote, the Democrats will breeze into the victory lane. We must convence the Tea Party to stay within the the Repubican fold. The Republicans have lost several important elections by margins less than the votes that went to 3rd parties. We must not give in to voting, “for whom we like”; we must vote  for the one that can get the job done–and at this point, I do not know who that person is, but I do know that it is not Dr. Paul (much as I like him and most of his ideas).

        6. The Tea Party does not peel off any votes from the republican party.  The Tea Party aligns itself more with the republican party because that party professes at least to hold some of the principles that the Tea Party endorses.  There is a lot of infighting in that group right now that is actually orchestrated by the democrats for the sole purpose of causing disunity.  Eventually they will realize that they are not actually voting for a king, but rather just someone who is to occupy the executive branch.  They wil soon unite behind whoever that presidential candidate is, and it looks like it will be Romney, but they ALL also realize that the most important part of this election will be to take over the Senate and increase the hold on the House.  Doing that will in effect neuter the white house and even “executive orders” that at the moment can’t be challenged will in fact be coutermanded once the Senate and House are occupied by a veto proof majority.  AND hopefully THIS TIME around, since it was the Senate that granted the executive branch that power, they will finally rescind it or at the very least severely restrict it from now on.

        7. The Tea Party does not peel off any votes from the republican party. The Tea Party aligns itself more with the republican party because that party professes at least to hold some of the principles that the Tea Party endorses. There is a lot of infighting in that group right now that is actually orchestrated by the democrats for the sole purpose of causing disunity. Eventually they will realize that they are not actually voting for a king, but rather just someone who is to occupy the executive branch. They wil soon unite behind whoever that presidential candidate is, and it looks like it will be Romney, but they ALL also realize that the most important part of this election will be to take over the Senate and increase the hold on the House. Doing that will in effect neuter the white house and even “executive orders” that at the moment can’t be challenged will in fact be coutermanded once the Senate and House are occupied by a veto proof majority. AND hopefully THIS TIME around, since it was the Senate that granted the executive branch that power, they will finally rescind it or at the very least severely restrict it from now on.

        8. A good heart possibly but this is the same ole same ole thought process we have used since the debauchle of Perot.  Consider this,  the Republican party elite has been taken over by RINO types who I typical see as nothing more than Democrat plants. We really don’t have a two party system anymore.  We have one democratic/republican complex who feed us the candidates they want to rule.  We’ve had no true choice in choosing our candidates in the Republican party for a long long time, i.e. McCain as the candidate.  Money speaks and we have been feed Romney as the complexes backup candidate to Obama.  Until money is taken out of the equation of electing our candidates we will continue this charade of electing our nominee.
          We must first realize we are playing in a fixed game and it’s been that way for twenty years.  As Patrick Henry would have said today, “Give me Palin or give me death.”  We’re pretty close to his last choice if you ask me.       

        9. “MCS”. You have many valid points. We need to be demanding legislation at all levels, that returns the voting process back to the people, i.e., people should be electing our representatives, at all levels, not money. Also, groups, unions and big business should all be prohibited from contributing money and individuals should be restricted to a very nominal amount, say $50.00. The courts should have jumped on this issue years ago. Money contributed by groups, unions, big business, and the wealthy loses its identity as just who contributed it and , was the money directed in the way the individual donors desired?. Also, we should also be using only the term, “photo-ID”, instead of voter-ID, as the latter implies a separate ID for just voting. That plays right into the hands of the Democrats and the UN. If enough people respond, congress and the state legislators will listen. And, of course, we desperately need one-term limits (and age limits) for both houses and the President and the courts. Those endeavors would reduce the greed, corruption and power issues by about 80%. We must however, be ever so careful with our proven constitutional amendment process. as every kook and socialist (Muslim?) minded person(s) will be attempting to get their agendas included. I am certain we can not wait until the election and hope that our President and his ilk get removed from office–they, as Batman told Robin, are a very “diabolical” group and they have their “script” orchestrated right down to the littlest “mic” or TelePrompTer “slip” and “red herring”. Our political “mountain” may already be too steep to climb, but we must try as the future of this great country is at stake. Remember, the Canada Free Press (CFP) slogan, “…Because, Without America, There Is No Free World!”. And to that, I would add, “…Because, Without Rush Limbaugh There Is No Free Speech!”. We must keep those two slogans in the forefront on anything and everything we do in the political and government arenas.

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason?


        11. “Areminder”, Say what?, I don’t know who you are, where you have been, what you are saying or where you are going. You say, “ABO” is “our” preferred candidate. You surely don’t speak for the entire Tea Party. Also, who, exactly is “ABO” ? (misprint?) If it is President Obama, have the courage to say it. If it is Dr. Paul, he does not stand a chance. While he has many good ideas, both his age and his stand on international issues and our military are a disaster just waiting to happen. However, your statement, “tea party is a state of believing we need to stop runaway government and return to the founders constitutional republic”, is well on point and is held by most all Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party, but it may not describe the “ABO” you support. Also, in your last sentence, your two indefinite “they” pronouns refer to whom?

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason?

        12. Your statement is obvious proof you don’t hang around Conservative news sites and blogs. ABO has been the cry since the first stimulus set the stage for this administration in 2009. The TEA PARTY rallies are full of ABO signs, IT STANDS FOR ” ANY BODY BUT OBAMA!!! ”  And I can guarantee you that I can easily speak for anyone in the TEA PARTY on this . This is ONE OF THE FEW THINGS WHICH ALL PEOPLE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE TEA PARTY TOTALLY AGREE ON, ” WE DON’T WANT OUR GOVERNMENT FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED , WE WANT IT RETURNED TO WHAT OUR FIRST PRESIDENT AND HIS TROOPS RISKED AND IN MANY INSTANCES GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR!  A FREE SOCIETY WHERE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CONTROL OUR EVERY ACT, BUT HAS LIMITED AND ENUMERATED POWERS!”

        13. “Areminder”, right on. I have not spent much time in the Tea Party arena; been too busy alerting the public to the Muslim/Islamic issues, which I consider to be the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War. Also, being 80 years “young”, there are times I cannot tell you what I had for lunch yesterday. I support everything you just said, and I can assure you most of the Republicans I know also support your stand. Yes, our constitution needs some “tweaking”, but it has to be done in the proven way of amendments. Most problem areas need only clarifying, on such matters as, “natural born”, “right to bear arms”, and the commerce clause need to the significantly “tightened” and yes we have critical 10th Amendment issues that need to be worked out. And of course, we cannot overlook the “separation of powers” problems. We also need additional controls on both houses, as they have proven they are not capable of controlling themselves. There should be no such thing as seniority, as a voting process alone should determine who are their leaders. Also, there must be legislation that prohibits adding unrelated riders or amendments to any new or existing legislation, as each piece of legislation should stand upon its own merits. Congress needs greater control over “Executive Orders”, “declaring war”, “martial law”, among others. Also, congress should not have the privilege of establishing its own salaries and benefits, We need to revise our election process so that people elect our representatives and the president and not money. We need to prohibit any elected or appointed official from entering into any agreement, understanding or treaty with a foreign country or group, including the UN, that would be be in conflict with the Constitution or Federal Law. We also must immediately prohibit any elected or appointed official from giving away any U.S. property or lands, including Islands, with their valuable fishing grounds and mineral rights. without a prior approval by a 2/3 super majority vote of the Senate. There is much, much more, but I hope this convinces you that I am on the side of the Tea Party. CIAO. PS. I am also a strong advocate of one-term limits for both houses and the President. We would lose some continuity but that would be far offset by the significant reduction in the greed, corruption and power issues that presently exist. We also need to explore the congress “simple majority” voting process, as it is all too easy to bribe, coerce or barter a single or a few votes.

          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason?

        14.  You have certainly explained yourself well. I apologize, I mistook you for some of the Republican elite who are trying to ram Romney down the throats of America because they’re scared to death of the TEA Party. (All caps because it stands for “Taxed Enough Already”.) 
          You sound very patriotic with some very good ideas. I suggest that if you want to find like minded  Americans you consider looking into the site for Constitutional Emergency put up by Patriots For America. Here’s a link. http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/

        15. I’ve already been to war (our official non-war).  Lot of blood and guts.  Lot of pain and misery and death.  Spat on and disgraced.  But I love the good ole US of A enough to do it again.  No questions asked.  See the above comment.  US Navy vet, 1966-1969, HM2, Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate; The Big “E”, USS Repose, The Lady Lex; God Bless America; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; All Gave Some – Some Gave All; Show No Mercy – Take No Prisoners.

        16. Have you checked with Veteran Defenders of America, or Oath Keepers? They’re preparing in case this mess is ginned into the civil war, that ows, and the New Black Panthers, and Luis Farakhan have all been trying to get up and going. One of the retired Officers has put out the call for all veterans to at least check in with these groups or Patriots for America.  (Linked with both groups but not necessarily veterans.)

        17. Not only do the Russians NOT have our best interest at heart, neither does Obama!
          He wants to turn our country into a Socialist country. This President of blame and apololgy is dangerous to our way of life. He wants to alter it greatly, and NOT for the good.

        18. I am amazed at how many people agree withn you, ME INCLUDED! I have been telling everyone I talk to that I believe he is .

        19. Want to hear something even more interesting about Russia.  Over 50% of their military is muslim.  There is a website with all of the statistics around the around world about muslim infiltration.

        20. A lot of us older people have trouble with FB but are certainly willing just not capable. I know you sent a long article and it is just what we need. If you could take time to email it to me I will send it over and over and I’m sure my friends and their friends will do the same. My email is beneta @ bresnan.net  thank you.

        21. Apparently you still believe the elections aren’t rigged.  The elite have already made their choice, Obama or Mitt.  Our votes don’t matter, the ones counting the votes hold the key to honesty and integrity…good luck on that one.

        22. I believe, hope and pray that more true Americans are beginning to see the light, at least I hope so!  If this dumbo wins another term, its curtains for America!  We will become a socialist dictatorship with him and his mofia telling all of us what we can and cannot do!  HE MUST GO EVEN NOW BEFORE THE ELECTIONS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

        23. So true. If we don’t do something quickly, there will be no election. This White House Mouse can’t wait to declare Martial Law and that would stop all elections.

        24.  Now, now, don’t forget that Mr. Obama is considered by many to be a very smart man ~ but I agree ~ those smarts don’t seem to be stopping him from destroying my beloved country! God Help Us!

        25. And dondh..if we think we are living under blantent corruption now..we haven’t seen anything yet if obama is reelected!America could very well see it’s citizen’s arrested and disappeared. Bill Ayer’s..a close friend of obama, regreted he didn’t do enough. His and the weathermen’s agenda had they ‘won’ was to reeducate american’s to their political agenda and kill off the other half who refused.

        26. “Twinters”, as a starter, we need to try and convience the Democrats on the street that this is not a “party issue” as the survival of this great country is at stake. Also, everyone must realize that if the Democrats  or Obama “take-over”, the Republican Party could disappear. World history dictates that often when a major party disappears, soon thereafter the other party also fades away—and a quick look right now as to what is going on in the rest of the world, the Muslim/Islamic faction is quickly stepping in to fill those voids, most often by sheer force. It is time to set our party differences aside,  join forces and stand up and be counted. 

        27. Please remember the fact that only 3% showed up at Lexington Green and we built a nation from there and did not ask the cowards to leave our country after we won!

        28. Join your local Tea Party and militia.  Get to know your neighbors and your local gun smith.  Many are retired or ex-military.  There are many more of us than the radical liberals, commies and union thug bosses.  Stock up on ammo, casings, gun powder, primers and hollow point bullets.  Break out the ole re-loader and dies and oil them up.  Go to the pistol/rifle range and sight in your scopes.  Pay attention to your local events and communicate among yourselves.  US Navy vet, 1966-1969, HM2, FMS Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate; The Big “E”, USS Repose, The Lady Lex; God Bless America; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; All Gave Some – Some Gave All; Show No Mercy – Take No Prisoners.

        29. That is a good question, since so many people are going to vote their pocket books…they get entitlements and subsidies.  They are close sto 50% of the population.

        30. Do  You REALLY believe that the elections will not be ”FIXED” by the powers that be? Nancy Palosi’s statement.” I KNOW SOMETHING” was telling enough  that infiltrations of foreign control is enough to take the country no matter how many vote against the fraud.

        31. WE need to stop Obama in any way that works , so words here are needed. We do need to be loyal to OUR COUNTRY.. VOTE ROMNEY EVERYONE PLEASE

        32. Yes, vote for Romney, who is just as liberal as Obama. Vote for someone who has a factual record of flip flopping, unconstitutional acts and big government.
          As long as it aint Obama! Am I right! You Neo-cons are worse than the leftists sometimes.

        33.  In politics, you don’t get a choice between Obama and MrPerfect. Be serious. We’re having our primaries. If Ron Paul didn’t win, or Rick Santorum doesn’t win, that’s just life. The choice that remains open is between Romney and Obama. And however liberal Romney might be, the idea that he’s “the same” as Obama is rubbish.

        34.  I agree with you 100%.  Romney will be a good president – for the people not like Obama who is for Obama.

        35. It’s not about Mr. perfect. It’s about a society of dim wits like yourself who call themselves Conservatives and limited government lovers, but support the opposite. You know, Republicans used to actually end wars and got stuff done. They used to actually be for limited government.

          Now, we’re left with religious zealots who, as long as big government does something that fits their moral scale, can enforce laws on the rest of us with force. That isn’t what freedom is, and it’s not what the founders wanted.

          Romney is the same as Obama. Just because you cake walk what he’s done, and say ” Oh gee, he’s done questionable stuff, but it’s not AS BAD as Obama” doesn’t make him not like Obama. Big government politicans are big government politicians. You can put R, or D in front of their name, Christian or Muslim, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that both don’t care about the federal reserve and the devaulation of our currency ( enjoying your high gas prices?) they don’t care about freedom of choice and personal responsibility, and both support a foreign policy of blow back, which our CIA ha factually said to have been a contributing factor to 9/11.

          If you can’t stand up for the constitution and the REAL conservative idelogy, then get of our way. Check the polls buddy, people vote for Romney because they “think” he is most likely to beat Obama.

          Nobody cares anymore about records. It’s all stupid force fed debates with gotcha questions, sound clips and weekly fox news analysis, or should I say bias.

          Neo-cons scream and shout about the leftist loons ( rightfully so ) yet are so delusional they can’t see they support big government just as much. Two sides of the same coin, and it’s DESTRYOING this nation.

        36. NeoCons want Willard because he is a cult member that rejects Jesus Christ as Son of God and Saviour.  NeoCons do the same.  If they can get a Mormon in the WH, their foot is in the door next election.

        37. I am SO sick and tired of  you stupid know it alls who claim to know all about Mormons…when you know nothing. Tell me who in your family or close friends are Mormon.  You’ve got it all wrong buddy…..get a life!….

        38. I agree! I am not Mormon, but have some precious Mormon friends and they are good decent hard working God loving people. And, we all serve the same God, unlike the Muslims who serve a false god.

        39. And as a Neo-Conservative, your illiteracy level meets the low standards I’ve come to expect. It was…well, pretty obvious that by me slandering leftist loons around 2-3 times in my comments, that I probably wouldn’t be a “liberal/Socialist”. I’m a constitutionalist if I had to play the label game. Something foreign to Neo-Cons and leftists.

          If the name games is all you have, you’re better off replying to a goat then me.

        40. Maybe ol’ kissyface Nancy should hear Americans smirk back to her… WE KNOW SOMETHING TOO… NANC.  WE KNOW SOMETHING TOO.

        41. I fear O will refuse to step down even if he loses the election. That is how it has happened in other countries. This country doesn’t seem so different anymore. Sad, but true.

        42. Tell that to all of the illiterate nitwits in the ghetto that obama will be busing to the election – also how many times will Elmer Fudd – Daffy Duck – Brer Rabbit – Bugs Bunny et al vote for obama

        43. THAT will be up to those who honestly DO care about their country to stop.  I explained in that article of mine that I copied and pasted into this discussion what people can do from the privacy of their own homes to combat some of what the com mun ists will be doing, but there is even more that can be done.  Just as I did, volunteer to be an assistant at the polls and even a party poll watcher.  If anyone hands someone a ballot without being registered to vote you can protest it right then and there as well as have your party’s attorneys number on speed dial.  Although it would more than likely be a waste of time in doing so you can ALSO have your local news agency on speed dial as well and let EVERYONE at those polls know ahead of time that you have those numbers on speed dial and that you are hoping this will be an honest election.  If you don’t want to physically volunteer to be a poll observer or attendant, then volunteer to help get people to the polls to vote.  THIS IS NO GAME THIS TIME.  THE VERY SURVIVAL OF YOUR NATION IS AT HAND.

        44. THAT will be up to those who honestly DO care about their country to stop. I explained in that article of mine that I copied and pasted into this discussion what people can do from the privacy of their own homes to combat some of what the com mun ists will be doing, but there is even more that can be done. Just as I did, volunteer to be an assistant at the polls and even a party poll watcher. If anyone hands someone a ballot without being registered to vote you can protest it right then and there as well as have your party’s attorneys number on speed dial. Although it would more than likely be a waste of time in doing so you can ALSO have your local news agency on speed dial as well and let EVERYONE at those polls know ahead of time that you have those numbers on speed dial and that you are hoping this will be an honest election. If you don’t want to physically volunteer to be a poll observer or attendant, then volunteer to help get people to the polls to vote. THIS IS NO GAME THIS TIME. THE VERY SURVIVAL OF YOUR NATION IS AT HAND.

        45. I don’t see us having an election. I hope I’m wrong, but I see Obama declaring Marshall Law, and setting himself up as dictator.  All of his actions have just put the ‘handwriting on the wall’.  Unfortunately, America is not reading it.

        46.  Do you really think those mad dogs in over-priced suits we have inhabiting our WH care about silly little things like elections?

        47. Then it’s time to stop watching and start doing.  I don’t think you’ve lost faith in your country.  I think you have justifiably lost faith in our government, but THAT is something that can be remedied.  Just get involved in local political groups because there is truth to the strength in numbers idea.

        48. The Alamo fighters/heroes delayed Santa Anna long enough for the main forces up North to gather.  They then defeated the Mexican army and gained indepedence for Texas.  They not only tried but were the key to indepedence.  They did not die in vain. 
          Neither will my Warriors.  We may die refusing to give up our arms but it will not be in vain.  Like the defenders of the Alamo and at the Bridge we will persevere.  It is shameful that there aren’t more Patriot/Warriors today.
          We merely invite but never ask anyone to join our ranks.  It is a personal individual choice.

        49. If your confidence is in our country, or Americans you stand to be disappointed often. If your confidence is in the God Who led our Founders to write a Constitution which may well stop the cabal from taking over these decisions about everything we do or are, or over we live or die. (Their hope, but God still works miracles.) you have something which will always give you Hope!  This God (or Divine Providence as the Founders put it) CAN STILL OVERCOME! I see the stumbling and bumbling of the Government Lawyers, as His overruling them in this!

        50. I so agree, but I’m afraid that there are not enough of us to make a difference. I don’t think we CAN stop them. I am really afraid. And why isn’t any of the media recognizing all of this? Why isn’t FOX? Imagine if Israel desides they have to bomb Iran …and the Russians respond with all kinds of fresh hell from the sky…isn’t that one of the ‘signs”?

        51. NOT ENOUGH OF US?  Here is a rough breakdown because I really don’t feel like going search for the exact numbers AGAIN.  Those professing to be liberal (aka those who admit to doing whatever the com mun ists tell them to do) are around 22% of the voting population.  Those profession to be conservative are about 35%.  Those professing to be independent are around the balance of 43%.  In the 2008 elections vast numbers of conservative voters DID NOT VOTE because they were in shock that McCain “somehow” got the nomination.  THEY WILL BE VOTING THIS TIME AROUND REGARDLESS OF WHO THE NOMINEE IS.  In the 2010 elections 55% of those who classify themselves independant voted conservation.  Every pole done specifally with independants shows that obama has forced a great many more to now lean conservative.  The is most definitely enough patriots in this country to make a difference.  Remember those little post it notes that people were putting on gas pumps.  Guess what?  That actually works.  It’s called political psych ops. 
          In fact I just remembered that I posted a comment on some of the sites that I belong to about going to war politically.  If anyone wants to see it just send me an email requesting the article about going to war and I will send it to you.  [email protected]
          @gmail:disqus IF this country would stand with Israel instead of this pro mussie ding what he is doing the world would once again respect us and Iran would back off.  But they all know that we are presently stuck with an anit American that makes a fool out of this nation at any and all given opportunities and know that as long as he and his admionistration are in office, nothing will be done to stop mu slim tyranny.

        52. Your negative response “I’m afraid they’re not enough of us” is part of what’s wrong. Too many say  “we” when they mean “I” can’t do it so they stay home and because they do stay home it isn’t done. If all of those who say we can’t do it would stand up and do their job “Vote” we CAN DO IT!!

        53. Grab yourself by the butt and change your fear into courage !   There ARE enough of us TRUE AMERICAN’S to save the day !  .  .  Decide that you ARE going to make a difference.  The best place to start is within yourself !  .  .  How much courage does it take to do the “post it note” thing, like Tony suggested ?  Not every person can be a captain or general, but you can be a good foot soldier ! Your country needs you !

        54. There are more of us than you think. This is one of the reasons that these kinds of blogs are so important, to let us know that we are NOT alone.
          We are a can do people. We will make a difference.
          Remember, a fearful person dies a thousand deaths, a brave person dies once. Each one of us can make a difference. You are NOT alone Twinters. We are in this together.

        55. Also,there should be a purge of all of the Commie scumbags throughout Government,academia,Hollywood,Military,law enforcement, and any other places that harbor these traitorous parasites, and charge them with treason,then hang them!!

        56. One great way to purge the scumbags from Hollywood is to stop buying their products, ie seeing their movies and making heroes out of these fakes.

          They try to tell me how to vote, HA, they live fake pretend lives, and want to tell me how to vote??? NO!!

          Most of them don’t even know what they stand for, just what some writer put in a movie and it sounds good so that’s what they now believe. PHOOEY!!

        57. quit blaming the congress and put the onus where it belongs…the senate!  Even if congress votes to impeach, they need the senare to try him…do you see that happening?

        58. When the American people are more of a threat to Congress than O and his people are, things will change !  As far as the rest of what you say, my reply is “DITTO !”

        59. You are correct Tony, and one more thing that troubles deeply! Obama refused to lay the customary wreath at Arlington and went to Chicago with his family! But upon his death he will most certainly want the taxpayer”FREE” funeral in Arlington as if he was some great American son! Barrack Obama gives new meaning to the term loser!

        60. IF we succeed in seating a pro American congress with this election and we finally get to see the hearing take place on his non eligibility, then he will not only NOT be buried at taxpayer expense, he will need to be buried in kenya because felony fraud and treason charges will force him to return home where they in turn will refuse to extradite him.

        61. IF we succeed in seating a pro American congress with this election and we finally get to see the hearing take place on his non eligibility, then he will not only NOT be buried at taxpayer expense, he will need to be buried in kenya because felony fraud and treason charges will force him to return home where they in turn will refuse to extradite him.

        62. Tony, You are absolutely correct in everything you have said. It is very very very important that we hand the communists in this country the biggest defeat that any sitting president has ever seen and clean out the senate and congress as well. If all of this does not happen, we are doomed as the only free nation left in the world. Each and every communist in the senate and congress has to be tried for treason as well as obama. If these folks in our government do not like our way of life, then they should be living in another country. WE the people need to make this happen.

      2. I think he knows that his birth certificate is & was forged & he is also a plant by the left & all democrats are all in on it.

        1. EXACTLY !  ,  Not only the Democrats, but a lot of the Republican’s have stepped over to the “dark side” !   .  .  I think they are jumping on the band wagon as they know more about what is going on than we do, and want to be on the winning side and retain what little power and status they can.  .  .  They see that, so far, the American people have blogged and kicked their feet but have done nothing to really change things.  .  .  For some reason American’s have been afraid to stand up for fear of no one else joining in with them, and then being singled out as a trouble maker. .  .  We need to realize that this is NOT the case !  .  . 

        2. Bill, you are so right!!! 

          “Evil is powerless, if the good are unafraid.” –Ronald Reagan

          Stand strong…individually…we do matter!!  And if we do that…we will have the numbers we need to effect real change!!


        1. Build the Tea Party membership to a terrifying number.  There is no other grassroots group today that has stood up to power and organized to fight for the USA and our Constitution and Sovereignty and Freedom.  Let’s go with them, we don’t have time to pick and choose.  You all know how the media news host pretties have cut down everything revealing about O, and sure have cut down Tea Party and members.  

          Carefully watch who you put in Tea Party group leadership and support and communications positions.  Patriots agree with vigilant care about that.  Invaders and spies will try to disrupt and redirect.  Build the membership to higher than what O “owns”  He is limited to certain groups, and the “directors” of those groups of people will pop out as they are not “the same” as the people they have their whips on.  You all know the people who are Americans and have done what they could for America… get them to join.  D*** The Torpedos Full Steam Ahead. If they hesitate, tell them that we are on the verge of our second Revolution and their jobs aren’t going to be there anyway if we have to go that far.  (we really have no choice now folks… all those State Flags, mottos are coming home to roost.  Don’t Tread On Me, Give Me Liberty etc., Home of The Brave, etc.)  Are we Americans or not?  Do we know what it means anymore?  Our students are confused, angry, need adults to take stands against the commie professors/teachers/politicians.  Start talking with the Wall Street Protesters.  They are right about things being wrong and they want things fixed.  Problem is they have been “misinformed” in many things but they aren’t stupid and can, like the rest of us, WAKE UP to how we are and have been used.  

          There are a lot of Americans who have been bashed by the commies while Americans failed to come to their defense.  Tancredo.  Issa bravely carries the flag, Grassley is with him, the Arizona Sheriff and Deputies and crews, J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS.  There are a lot of them and we MUST speak out for them and PROTECT THEM and get help from them… they know a lot about what’s happening. 

          Ultimately  make the GOP election thugs leave or stand and support Ron Paul.  That would scare the crap out of O and his pals… and they have a lot of crap to scare out.  Ron Paul’s supporters need to approach Wall Street protesters that just might listen, and if they do, they will join to elect Ron Paul.  Don’t overlook them.  Skag O is likely invading them for his purposes.

          Well, there’s a start.  Zoom up the Tea Party memberships.

      4. Put Ginsburg next to him in the trial.  She disavowed allegiance to our Constitution, after taking a vow to protect it (in order to get the job).  Get her out fast.

      5. If only we had Congressmen and Senators that had the BALLS to do it. 99% of them are as big a traitor as he is. ALL need to be tried for treason and hung. They do not deserve jail time. Just more waste of money on a bunch of scumbags.

      6. Proverbs 177 Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool— how much worse lying lips to a ruler! 11 Evildoers foster rebellion against God; the messenger of death will be sent against them. 23 The wicked accept bribes in secret to pervert the course of justice.Proverbs 182 Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. 9 One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys. 15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out. 17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

    2.  I think President Obama wanted the remarks to be heard just so he could show the world how silly you folks truly are.

      I think you should do a little more research into NDAA and who wrote it.

      1. Actually you sound like another with their head in the clouds. One who sits by doing nothing and then wondering how did this happen. We need people who are ready to stand up and be counted for our Constitutional beliefs.

    3. Obama is dangerous, he hates America, and should be tried for treason and for not upholding his sworn duty to honor and follow the Constitution!! Wake up America.

      1. Onama isn’t the danger .. it’s conspiracy theories and twisting words … most of you are clueless and are believing garbage that has no validity. I don’t want a relgious zelot as our next president. Keep religion out of politics. I subscribe to these conservative blogs just to see how truly out of touch you people really are.

        1. Jayne Smith, you can not see the forest for the trees. It is people like you that are very ignorant of what is going on in Washington and with the obama administration. If you desire socialism and Communism then please get out of the USA. Maybe China or somewhere like that.

        2. You need a dose of reality Jayne. If you can’t see what Obama’s agenda is then you’re part of the problem and by the time you do see, it may be too late. I have done a lot of research on Obama and he clearly is a threat to this country and I am not a religious zealot nor am I a Republican. Judicial Watch, a non-partisan gobernment watchdog group of lawyers has named Obama to their “Ten Most Corrupt” politicians list for the 5th consecutive year along with five other democrats and four republicans. Five consecutive years, think about it,

        3. Jayne anybody who believes in anything brings their own “beliefs” to the office, while we have not yet had a president “push” his religion upon the American public, we do have one now who imposes his” beliefs” against a majority of taxpayers in this country. Twisting words is exactly the modus operendi of the left, you couldn’t put together two coherent sentences if you tried. You accuse us of being clueless, I accuse you of being either woefully ignorant or worse you are a socialistic, freeloader. Grow a brain and get a job

        4.  Jayne:

            Okay, then let’s remove the Green “religion” zealot from the White House.  Come to think of it, the President observes Islamic holy day celebrations in the White House too.  That makes your recommendations correct twice.

          Thanks Jayne!

      2. OVOMITT doesn’t hate America ,He hates you and all American’s that stand for God and Country !!! TALK to you friend’s neighbors realitives everyone that you come incontact with ,tell them how you feel call your Senator’s ,Govenor’s every one that mean’s something to you and family !! Sign petition’s at Conservative Action Alerts !!! TALK TO YOUR CHURCHES,eVEN IF YOU ARE NOT FARMILAR WITH THE PASTOR , TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE VERY VERY CONCERNED ASK THEM TO HELP !! PRAY ASK JESUS FOR HELP !! WE MUST OVERCOME OVOMITT!!!! HE LOVES MUSLIMN’S BECAUSE HE’S ONE OF THEM !!!TRAITOR IN CHIEF !!1

    4. I say throw him the hell out now. If the blacks riot – so what. They will just show that they can truely over-fill the jails/prisons.

      1. We need the Black American’s also.  .  .  I do not wish to alienate any group of American’s.  .  If you believe in this country and what she stands for, no matter your religion or political affiliation, you are an American in my book !  .   .  It will take ALL of us TRUE American’s to sort this thing out.  .  .  I believe when we all stand together it will begin to happen !

    5.  Agree with you 100%…The man is a Traitor to the American people..Thinks he is an Emperor , not a lowly President..Needs to GO  now..EW

    6.  Lets take this logically.  His numbers are tanking big time in the polls.  Next we have him telling people that basically he is already re-elected.  We have the reemergence of both the black panthers and  OWS.   It smells like he may try violence or some trickery to stay in because of a manufactured “emergency” .   Keep your weapon handy and your powder dry.

    7. Tony:

      It is all fitting together like a puzzle, and yet we all ignore doing anything about it before it’s too late..    Doesn’t this sound like the Jewish people excusing the Nazis?  Will history repeat itself so soon?

      1. Exactly … and YES but with a bit of an exception.  Not ALL of us ignored what has been taking place and what is planned.  However … most everyone until just a few short years ago got ALL of their information from the MSM.  The MSM began to be taken over as far back as the beginning of television when the marxists realized the tremendous psychological tool it was.  Keep the public entertained and they will keep watching and get their “news” from there as well.  Control the information and you control the population.  It was a very slow (but deliberately so) process that they knew would work to their advantage.  They didn’t start taking larger steps until carter sold out the future of our nations youth by letting them set up the department of ED.  With those two avenues  completely under their control they began to move faster and farther toward their ultimate goal of destroying this nation.  The public was taught to be complacant and they began to be told what to think and it was all being re enforced by what was finally being taught to our youth which was that government is everything.

    8. You do realise that all but a small hand full of Repubs and a even smaller handfull of Democrats voted against this bill…Remember the patriot act…this is so close to the same it was not even required…Think about it…

      1. I know exactly who voted for this bill and who voted against it. I looked up the vote. Unfortunately I don’t think therte were any that voted for it that even knew what was in it. (sound familiar? As in vote for this so we can find out what’s in it). Well it may not have been exactly THAT way again, BUT those who voted for it were told that it was an anti terrorist bill so they rubber stamped it. What almost none of them knew execpt for a handful of democrats was that obama pushed for and got the clause included in that bill that gave the government the authorization to arrest without charge, hold indefinitely without charge any American they chose to do that to
        that to. Only AFTER it was passed did they realize what was done but there were not enough votes to overturn their own law that they just passed. They played right into that commie’s hand. His next move was to grant HIMSELF dictatorial powers on march 16th. Yes this was close to the original but not close enough for obama to be able to try and set himself up as a dictator. These are VERY dangerous times now and we are walking a very fine line and we are just a hairs breath away from an actual civil war again, only THIS TIME the people of all states against the government and it’s followers and supporters of com mun ism throughout all these states.

    9. America’s Most Corrupt Politicians
      http://godfatherpolitics.com/2887/americas-most-corrupt-politicians/http://godfatherpolitics.com/2887/americas-most-corrupt-politicians/In the list of the top ten most admired men, was none other than President Barack Obama.Now Judicial Watch has released the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. To no surprise of my own, President Barack Obama made Judicial Watch’s list along with the nation’s top cop, Attorney General Eric Holder.Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2011 are listed in alphabetical order:Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL) Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV) Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) Attorney General Eric Holder (D) Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) President Barack Obama (D) Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Rep. Don Young (R-AK)Dishonorable Mentions for 2011 include:Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (D) Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius (D)Note that six of the ten list are Democrats and six of the eight listed on the dishonorable mention are Democrats. That’s 75% of those on both lists are Democrats. That has to say something for the overall mentality of the attitude of being above the law that permeates the Democratic Party.As for President Obama making this list and being listed as the most admired man in the country speaks volumes as to just how far American society has declined. Why would a nation of people admire one of the most corrupt politicians of the day and probably in the history of the American presidency?Obama has repeatedly defied the US Constitution and federal laws. He ignores the mandates of Congress and the general opinion of the American people and yet they turn around and admire him for it?And then there has to be a lot said when the US Attorney General makes it to the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. The man who is supposed to uphold the law turns out to be one of the biggest violators of the law. Every day, more Congressmen and women are calling for his immediate resignation and even more are signing on to a vote of no confidence and yet he sees himself as doing no wrong. Leaving Eric Holder in his role as US Attorney General is like placing a career pedophile in charge of a day care.I wish we could post Judicial Watch’s lists of the Ten Most and the Dishonorable Mention outside every polling booth in the nation so that it’s the last thing voters see before placing their votes. Just maybe, it would be enough to change a few votes this next year.

    10. You forgot about the funding of the FEMA camps that are spread out around the U.S.A., even with Rail road tracks leading to and from them.  Jessee Ventura, I know what everyone thinks, and I shrugged it off until the news came out about the FEMA Camps.  In addition, Obama just said last week he is recruuiting for his private army…I wonder who would join….the black panthers???

    11. What are we waiting for?  Other Presidents were impeached for much less than this President has done.
      We may not have much time left. 

      1. the big EXCUSE was that even though the house could impeach, the senate would only acquit him in the trial because the marxists still control the senate. BUT … If the American public put each and every senator on notice as to what the penalties are for aiding and abetting in criminal fraud and TREASON, there is that chance that they would prefer to hold on to their jobs rather than face a myriad of charges brought on by the people of each and every state.

    1. Whos going to do it? Congress? The Senate? Attorny General? They are ALL in it together , they sure as hell wont cut there own throats.

    2. In case you don’t know, there are 70 communist in congress! They are listed on the communist website.  See for yourself!

  5. Obama?
    Is it treason to dicker with your soul mates over policy? Or, is comrade Obama being treasonous wshen he makes secret deals with his sponsors to screw the US of A?
    Of course, Obama is screwing the US of A, but wasn’t that his assignment from his early days at the knees of Frank, Bill, and Gyorgy?

    No one gets to the position he’s in without the full cooperation and collusion of lots of folks in lots of positions, in lots of foreign countries.

  6. Simply put Absolutely, lets face it everything he has done is bad for our country and liberal loons and the uninformed go along.   Why has he being doing all these bad things to our country unless he hates us and wants to punish our people for whatever his beef is.    We know he is not happy with America, but knows it is the best place to live.
    How our government has let this go on so long has been puzzling as he does warrant impeachment.    This tells everybody even the loons he will go wild if elected to four more years.    When he got in I gave him the benefit of the doublt but that ended with 3 months, he is what I suspected and I said it. 
    This is what we get for not vetting him.     We cannot rely on nor trust the Media and must beleive they are the loons as well.     

  7. Hussien Obama is a TRAITOR! He has been since day one in office. The scumbag low life hates the United States and all it stands for. Obama won’t stop until we are living like those in 3rd World countries and he has declared himself Dictator of North America! Psalm 109:8 “May Obama’s days be few, may a Christian rise to take his place”.

    1. Amen to this.  And we have a born again Christian to do just that, Newt Gingrich, loves our country, has servced it all his life, many have conived to bring him down, but could not.  Even Lindsey Graham admitted he was part of the group and they were WRONG, Newt was not guilty, they lied, but he is the man that can correct the problems and damage done to our great nation by Obama and his adminitration.  I believe he can beat Obama and heal our wonderful country.

  8. Russia is not our enemy…
    Islam is and it is the enemy of the entire world….Obama has been giving aid and comfort and our money to our enemies since he reared his head….He has also proseltized Islam and trashed Christianity since day one……He and his islam are  enemy to us and to God…

    1. When do countries become our enemies?  After they attack us?  Make no mistake, we must guard ourselves against both China and Russia.

      The biggest enemy the USA has is the man sitting in the White House.

  9. The spineless repubs in the house and senate don’t have the best interest of the country in mind only to retain power. They should all be removed from office in what ever way is necessary because they are not living up to there oath of office TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION

    1. He’s already set to win the election !  .  .  It will be rigged to a close 51% -49% to make it seem legitimate to those of us who refuse to believe we have a dictator in the making !  .  .  We keep thinking we can ride the storm out, but this storm is not going to go away by itself !                                                                                      

                                        Punch in   ” Proof of Voter Fraud in the USA from the horses mouth”  and see how they propose to win again !

  10. Oduma is the worst man made disaster this Great Nation has ever faced! Everywhere this fool goes, everything this fool does, and everything he thinks up is a failure. Liberals say they have all these great ideas, but if they’re so great, why does everyone has to be forced into them? Oduma’s comments to the Russian are very treasonous! Why didn’t that idiot just tell them to come and build a kremlin right next the white house? Blooming no brains, idiotic, good for nothing, total waste of a human being…

    1. To Patriot36 :    .   .   .  He’s no fool !   .  .  His “seemingly” stupid mistakes are not out of stupidity.  .  .  They are out of “boldness” and he is getting bolder day by day !  .  .  He hasn’t faced any “REAL” opposition yet.  .  .  .  Sure, we complain but so what!  .  .  WE seem to think we have to play by the “rules”.   .   .  If anyone else in our government were playing by the rules or the laws, we wouldn’t be where we are !  .  .  They aren’t going to listen to us and back off.  Other than very few members, Congress is complicit in this matter, and yet we think THEY will bail us out ???  .  .   I’m sure Marie Antonette (sp) held out some hope right up to the end that this terrible fate would not befall her, but guess what, the guillitine fell and she was no more !

  11. When Obama runs for office, he has to say what will help
    him to win. After the election, he can do what he wants. Obviously,
    what he wants will benefit the Russians more than the American
    people, otherwise, why be so duplicitous?

  12. His treason started when the powers that be started grooming him for the presidency and he knew that he was NOT a natural born citizen of this country.  It continued when he spent millions of dollars getting rid of his history.  It has continued to this day by his usurping power that he has NO right to and signing presidential orders against the constitution of this country.  He should be put in prison, no office.

  13. Talking about treason: We have Barak Obama being raised in the 60’s marxist terrorist William Ayer’s family home composed of all of the Ayer’s Marxist Chicago’s terrorists associates called the “weathermen” and JUST NOW WE’RE TALKING ABOUT TREASON? Hello! This is the very same terrorist group that Charlie Manson in California took after as his model! Remember him? Duh! History will be your judge, I promise you. Next comes the two-witnesses described in Revelation, chapter 11 and “we” will not LOVE them as “we” do love Barak Obama! This I promise you! Watch!

  14. His statement that ‘it was his last election”  does this mean he plans to eliminate future elections by some means that he has pre-planned?

  15. YES!!!! All of Obama’s actions have been treasonous and he needs to be impeached and sent to Gitmo to spend the rest of his natural born life.

  16. Nearly everything this TURD has done is treasonous. He has usurped the office of president, committed perjury, violated the oath of office, and in every other way attempted the destruction of this nation.
    Under the protection of a corrupt Democratic leadership seeking to install Socialism in the United States these Criminals have sought nothing less than totalitarian rule.  It is time for the people to stand firm and demand, through Vote or Action, the removal of these would be despots. There is no longer any options left to the people of this nation. Stand united and speak with a united voice or be enslaved by  the very criminals  who have sworn to represent and protect the rights of We Te People.   

  17. He is a traitor by the simple FACT that he is not eligible to be POTUS as he is not a NBC, plus since he is a subject of Kenya his allegiance is to a foreign country which by definition makes him a traitor.

    To compound his treason, congress is complicit in treason by virtue of their allowing him to be potus KNOWING he was not eligible.  Even in the face of irrefutable evidence that he is not a NBC, no one in congress has even called for an investigation.  Therefore, they are ALL complicit with him in treason and they should ALL be punished according to the law for dealing with traitors in time of war.

  18. Where are our members of Congress? The Presidential powers are supposed to be held in check by SCOTUS and Congress.  Remember Congresspersons, you also have elections this November.

  19. Traitor? How can he be a traitor if he isn’t a US citizen? We all know he is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible to be President. His father was not a US citizen when Obama was born explains that. But it has come to light that immigration records were erased for a period around the time he was born giving further doubt he was even born in the US as many have suspected. He has still not produced an actual paper copy of a birth certificate. Traitor, he may not even be a citizen and therefore cannot be a traitor.
    We can only hope whether Romney or Santorum is elected they will appoint an Attorney General that will go after this fraud along with Holder and the Democrats who certified him as eligible for the office.

  20. Just as Obama has blocked his personal public records from We The People, he has hidden his true agenda although much has slipped out.  If the people of this country do not reject this man in November, I guess that more than 50% have no love of country or patriotic blood in their veins.  The man lies so much that I refuse to listen to anything he says.
    Are his statements to Medvedev traitorus?  Although Russia is not our enemy, they certainly cannot be considered an ally and Obama is playing a dangerous game with American defense capabilities.  Where is the Republican response to this?  It’s like there is no opposition.  Maybe Newt is mulling what to say…or Romney.  Maybe the best is say nothing and let the facts speak for themselves.  Getting elected at the expense of America is his prime objective.
    We need to defeat him in November and then completely investigate what he has been hiding.  If he is illegal (I think he is), out goes Kagan and Sotomayor and ObamaCare and Obama goes to jail for treason at a minimum.  If he is not defeated (voter fraud is a major concern), he may try to circumvent the 22nd Amendment IMO, and good Americans would have to defend the Constitution against his tyranny.

    1. The only reason, and I mean the only reason the Kenyan homeboy would get reelected is because the incompetents that voted him into office see only the skin color of the brutha-man, and for all of the free s@*&t they believe they are gonna get!

  21. Of course these comments demonstrate treason…..!!!!  Are you surprised………???  He is an Islamic Fundamentalist sympathizer and will undercut America any opportunity he gets.  He is a pacifist at the expense of our freedom.  He loves the view ofr North Korea………..It’s what he sees when he looks in the mirror……!!!!

    1. Mdlman1 :   .   .   .  I don’t think O sees himself in the mirror as “vampires” have no reflection !  .  .  Isn’t that what he is, sucking the very lifeblood out of our nation ?  .  .  .  In more ways than one, perhaps we need to arm ourselves with a crucifix.

  22. Just one more fact that proves what I’ve been saying that Obama is a Traitor to the United States, the reason he is getting away with it so far is because we also have a Democratic Senate that is also treasonous!!!


    1. And what’s really scary, Stevey, is that there are people in our country who believe in him.  THAT’S the real danger!

  24. To say this to a outgoing President of Russia is not to good for Barack Hussien Obama ! Most people are wondering if we disarm the USA after an election that is going to be rigged ! We must prevail over this bad Obama, that understands to much about our defence structure ! It’s the nuke shield that the Russians want taken down ! BHO is not on our side as he was sworen at the inagruial & hand on the Bible ! He is sapoosed to protect us, not rip our guts out !

  25. Obama “This is my last election, After MY election In November I will have more time”  sounds like a fix is in on the election that he is sure he will be re-elected and that this will be his  and maybe OUR last free election in this country as he will move to impose his dictatorial powers those he just signed by executive order March 16th

    1. Martail law allows him to suspend elections indefinetly. In that case, we would need a military coup to overthrow the current occupant of the WH.

  26. Well to begin I’m a dumb Red neck hillbilly without any schooling! With that out of the way. OUR YOU KIDDING ME! TO ask that question is just DUMB!
    Did President Obama’s Comments to Russian Leader Border on Treason? H E L L NO ! IT IS TREASON! But then this nothing new for the FIRST COMMIE!

  27. Why not?  Obama already committed treason when he assassinated Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son and signed the National Defense Authorization Act.  It’s just that no one with the legal authority (not to mention the cajones) has so far done anything about it.

  28. We have known all along that Obama and his fellow Democraps are guilty of  TREASON & MUEDER!! This Thing that some “So Called” Americans which are Traitors, themselves, that voted for this Psychopath are mjust as guilty themselves shoud be Trialed and Punished as such:  Death By A Firing Squad!
    Vietnam Vet:  1962-19967


  30. Diana has said it all, to congress. We, as a people, will not go as meekly as sheep no matter What the useless president or those inimical to us THINK. and, they WILL be held both responsibler and accountable for ALLOWING what has happened top us to occurr; and being complicit in it.

  31. Over and beyond when Obama and the democrats closed the doors of transparency to the public during the healthcare debates, contrary to Obama’s campaign promises to us, telling the communists that he will have more “flexibility” when he gets re-elected shows that transparency is the last time on Barack Obama’s mind.  This President is the worst of the worst and will NOT be re-elected because we do not trust him.

  32. What happened to the Paul Harvey article you just had up on this website,  “If I were the devil”?  Please put it back!  It is great!!  Thank you

  33. Nope, he’s way beyond ‘border on treason,’ this POS SOB crossed that border 3 yrs ago and should have been ARRESTED  or shot long before now!!    What’s taking so long??  
    ALL those men in congress and NOT a pair of balls between them!!   How sure are WE that they haven’t been neutered??   They CAN’T even talk the talk, much less walk the walk!!!!
    Patriots and Warriors, where are you??

  34. Let us hope and pray that this IS his LAST ELECTION, EVER EVER EVER!!! and pray tht he does little to no damage while he is a lame _uck after his LAST ELECTION!!!

  35. Its sad so many still have blinders on.Wake up America,obama has sold us out….Transparency remember?If anyone votes obama again they are sick.Transparency right?Okay,lets see just obama’s college records.No.Why not?Transparency right?obama and the democrats have sold us out.obama is okay with the black panthers putting a price on the head of the hispanic man who shot that young black man in florida.That is not okay.Let the florida police do there job and stop the hate.Transparency remember?obama supports the black panthers and acorn controlling the voting polls. Hello America..Wake up…

    1. Guy, you are correct but I see it that Congress (both houses) and the judiciary are just as guilty.  The remedy, the same.

  36. The Devil is driving him. We have no hope unless we turn back to the Lord. Think about it, all the trouble in this country started when we took prayer out of the schools, adopted Roe vs Wade, and said it was unconstitutional to post the 10 Commandments. God help us!

  37. This is not the first time he has pulled this stunt. What about the pipeline, on hold until after the election? You know, there is a vast difference between intelligence and wisdom. Obama is a fool; and to Russia, a useful idiot! Imagine how they perceive this great national leader, willing to sell out his country for personal gain. I imagine concealed contempt, and revulsion, even though they benefit. 

    1. And remember when he told the muslims to  hang in there ’til he  got the deathcare bill passed, then they’d see what he intended to do for them.  Well,  on an almost daily basis, we’re seeing what he intends to do for them. 

  38. Get used to it. Think your votes count, right sure they do. Think the so called elected have your back and are there for a better America, keep dreaming. We are here to pump their gas and make them more money. Unless you are the ellite you are expendable. This blacked out year has opened my eyes. Get used to it.


  40. The state-owned media will try to bury this deeper than nuclear waste if allowed to.
    Fox News needs to be all over this thing for days until the slippery White House Press Secretary tries to sugarcoat Oblunder’s latest slip of the tongue; and people wonder why he is married to teleprompters.

  41. Here is another interpretation that I haven’t seen or heard yet. Maybe he thinks that if he is elected again, he has a mandate to serve for life like a Putin or a Chavez! From that point forward all elections are just for show and he is free to do anything that he wants.

  42. Does a bear…. in the woods?
    Everything this man has done could be considered treason. The man is a liar, fraud, fake, imposter, so anything he says or does would be treason to the people of the United States. Even a blind man (no offense to blind people here ) can see this guy is a fraud, no background, fake birth certificate(s), communist/Marxist idiology. Giving away Englands nuclear stockpile serial numbers to the Russians ( and probably our own as well). This man has done more damage to this country than the 9-11 attacks (excluding the deaths). 4 more years of this dictator will seal the future  demise of this country.  NDAA, Valid Targeted Kills (drone attack on U.S. Citizen  Al Awalaki even though he was a monster he was still a U.S. citizen and had rights to due process of the law under the Constitution. Some will say he got what he deserve, this may be true but by killing him and getting away with it now makes ANYONE in this country a possible target for assassination if you are deemed a threat to this administration. You (if you’re lucky) may be “detained” indefinitely in a military prison without charges being brought against you, nor legal representation. Welcome Comrades to the New Socialists United States of communist America rule.

  43. Just stupid. Shows his arrogance at the fact he thinks he will be re-elected. It is possible, but for our sake I hope it doesn’t happen

  44. This guy needs to tried for treason for m-a-n-y reasons- the most being that he is a FRAUD, and an illegal President, proven so by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s independent investigation: Computer generated BC: stolen Conneticut SSn; fasified Selective Service number; Witness to Obama;s college education being paid for by Bill Ayers’ parents; no proof whatsoever that Obama was born in this country.  he came in during wartime; has looted our treasury; ignored and circumvented the Constitution; declared wars without consent of Congress; been responsible for many of our troops’ deaths, plus tens of thousands in other countries…this guy, by all definations, is a spy serving another master then the American people…he needs to be immediately arrested-along with his enablers and the puppet masters who put him into office.

  45. Treason Wikipedia
    Noun-1- the offense of acting to overthrow ones government or to harm or kill its sovereign   2- a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    This word if applied to the letter of the law which it should be would mean that every elected  person in our national Government sense President Bush 41 signed on to United Nations Agenda 21 is guilty of the act of treason.

  46. It was treason when he first apologized to our enemies for America protecting ourselves.  Now he tells a rival nation that our power will be handed over as soon as he is re-elected. What will it take for the American people to wake up?

  47. This TURD has to go. One way or the other. Where is our modern day Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him the most?
    Keep the faith America, we will over come.

    1. We WILL overcome !   .  . I believe this too !  .  .  Be careful what you print.  .  . You can think it, you can say it in the right company, but be careful what you print.

    1. Electronic voting machines CAN and HAVE been rigged !  .  .  .And they will be again !  .  .  .  We REALLY need to go to the old fashioned PAPER BALLOTS.  .  .  The paperwork is too cumbersome and hard to cheat on, that’s WHY we went electronic in the first place.
        PLEASE punch in             “Proof of Voter Fraud in the USA from the Horses Mouth”

                                         IT”S A REAL EYE OPENER !

  48. There is a bill in Congress for the impeachment of Obama for “high crimes and misdemeanors” especially since sincePanetta testified before Congressional committee that UN  determines our sovereign powers delegated to our Congress and governed by other entities,Arab muslim brotherhood,etc. The President has no power to declare war. He is only invited to be Commander-in-Cheif by the Congress. It is the sole Power of Congress to declare war. Every of our government (public servants including the President) takes an oath of office to preserve, protect,and defend the Constitution  The President cannot take titles,emoluments,nor make treaties with other entities. Our Constitution forbids the use of federal troops against the citizens. Seems as the news media is trying to ignore or quieten the impeachment bill.  Impeach Obama and try him.

  49. You can’t believe ANYTHING this President said he is not one of us. DO NOT
    VOTE FOR HIM or he will finish the job he said he wants to do DESTROY

  50. Obama should be impeached, along with Supreme court justices for making law-it’s the Senate’s job to make laws, as instructed by the Constitution. Supreme court justices are not toserve for life and can be removed for “bad behavior”, ie. not serving the will of the people- look it up in the Consttution for yourself!   A Patriot

    1. Just on that note, get out your old CB radios and get it tuned now, as they may be very useful especially the portables !  .  .  Shortwave guys will be golden !   .  .  Fire up those linears !

  51. I sure  hope the republican candidate makes issue of everything this clown has done in the past unlike McCain in the 2008 election & obama has done ploenty to weaken the U.S. in his time in office, & how can he make a bold decission that he is going to win the election?  This is a big puzzle as the election is months away but he sounds ever so confident which makes me wonder what he knows that no one else does &* that is that he is going to win the election such a bold statement for such a clown!

  52. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  This man has committed treason and should be shot.  He is an enemy of the people of these United States and will continue to do irrevocable harm until he is ousted.  What more proof do we need? 

  53. My Friends;  All that it takes for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing.
    May our Lord grant us a revival the likes of which our nation has never before experienced. For a revival to occur, it MUST be preceeded by regret and repentance. The three Rs!
    Regret + Repentance = Revival!     IN GOD WE TRUST   ONE NATION UNDER GOD

  54. Obama is revealing his true self.  Certainly he will have more flexibility, that is more flexibility to press forward with his real socialist/communist agenda.  We haven’t seen anything yet.  It will be a real undeserved blessing from God if he does not get reelected.  I’m afraid there are too many idiots who cannot see and indeed, will not see the real truth about this fraudulent president.  He has only contempt for the the American way of governing and life.  These same idiots will obediently vote for this fellow because they only be further swayed by the up coming million dollar commercials filled with misinformation and outright lies once the dumb Republicans stop fighting among themselves and settle on a candidate. 

  55. Well, on the bright side, at least he didn’t say, “This is OUR last election”. But this is a great example of the wisdom of the Framers vis-à-vis the “natural born” clause. They were intent on having any future president fully inculcated in Americanism which is not the case with the current occupant of the Oval Office.

  56. The appauling thing about this is that the conservative news organizations are the only ones even posting the story.  The lame street media would rather tell us about the break in at Simon’s house (x-factor), or the video that Madonna kissed another girl (again), or about the 6′-3″ black youth that was shot for beating up Mr. Zimmerman.  Or how about this:  the Rush Limbaugh story ran for 2 weeks, this one was buried in under 10 hours.  RRRRRRRR

  57. This is the very reason our founding fathers wanted an American to always be president & not someone born in another country  void of loyalty to this nation.Like we have now.And he just showed it in detail.

  58. i like to think I am open minded but this lame conspiracy of treason you are spinning is beginning to make me ill. It seems you will say or do anything to discredit Obama and you will twist facts and words to make your agenda have substance. The more you bad mouth him the more I am inclined to vote for him.

    1. If you have an open mind then before you say it is bad mouthing keep the open mind and find out for your self  where the truth is. The truth will set you free.

    2. Jayne, with a comment like that just shows you have your head up Zero’s back side where the ight of day doesn’t exsist. It has been shown time after time that he is a good for nothing SOB.
      He is a Scocialist/Communist and he wants to be “GOD” of America and have all of us peones do his bidding. Ain’t gonna happen!!!!
      Wake up!!!

  59. What will he do in November if re-elected that he can’t do now? He should tell us — NOW!

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, being the most transparent administration ever, he has hidden his true agenda from all Americans but, you need only look at his actions over the last three years to KNOW that his intent is to destroy America, he has ZERo intentions of improving our lifestyles in way or fashion.

  60. Many people think Obum…er has a plan to use Martial Law if it looks like he will lose the election. He will not get away with it. The majority of the people in the service are USA  loving Christians of  one denomination or another, not the liberal crybaby US hating commie OW people that want everything
    provided by big brother. They would uphold the Constitution and will NOT allow  the usurper-in-chief to throw it away.

    1. But what if the military isn’t state-side or if it’s down-sized?  States rights are real important this election because we need local militia permanently.  It curbs this type of  ‘presidential’ behavior.












  62. In the Greek Play “Agamemnon,” there is a line from the chorus that comes up several times — “Sing sorrow, sorrow, but good will win out in the end.” However, in our case, good will not win out in the end if we keep sitting on our butts watching television and crying in our cups. Time to get active, folks. Change for the government, which we sorely need, begins with change for ourselves. If we don’t want to live under a Marxist dictatorship, which has already begun (check out who paid for Obama’s college education at Columbia), we have to make the case for the Constitution, and not “executive orders,” as the law of the land. This should be a bilateral effort, because it isn’t just the conservatives who will lose if Obama is reelected, it is every citizen of the United States of America. Can we come together to save ourselves? We must, if we are to survive. We must all become citizens, not conservatives and liberals, left and right. Obama has already put in place “executive order laws” that will allow him to declare any American as a terrorist; and that will allow him to declare martial law, even in peacetime, at his own whim. Is this the America you want to live in?

    1.  You are so right! Thanks for saying it so directly. There is something every person on this post needs to watch before it is taken down. Do you want to know why we are losing our gun rights? Care to know why the govt is not protecting our borders? Ever heard of the North American Union?
      Glenn Beck said that if they are showing you the left hand, wonder what the right hand is doing. The activity in the left hand is a distraction.
      How do you win a war? Divide and conquer, of course.
      Here is the link to the video. It’s only 9 minutes in length.


      1.  I don’t know why but they keep chopping the end of the link. Here is the rest of it


        Join these two at the “&” to the “v” and and this to the “watch&f” above.

  63. … The “Manchurian President” (Barrack Hussein Obama)… is the most dangerous man in the world and a threat to the freedoms granted American citizens by our founding fathers. He obviously hates America and what it stands for, as he and his administration work overtime at shredding the ‘Bill of Rights’; and to make matters worst he’s ineligible to have been elevated to the office of President, being as he was born in Africa, and unable to produce a verifiable ‘Certificate of Live Birth’, as signed by the delivering physician.

    This guy has got to go. . . when are our elected officials going to wake-up to his treason?  

  64. Only if you are an idiot, do you think that what Obama said “borders on treason.” Poor conservatives, all paranoid with no place to go.

    1. Were his comments treasonous?  You be the judge, Jeff.  Were they stupid and arrogant and show to be be a small man with limited negotiating ability, YOU BETCHA.  Putin will eat this dimbulbs lunch.   Every thinking American should be deeply concerned over where this puts us visa vi “negotiating” withRussia!  Paranoia, NO!  That’s what the liberals display when anyone disagrees or voices concern over the Almighty Obumbo’s rhetoric and actions….He is a truly loose wingnut!

  65. Damned Straight
    Comrade Obama is a Traitor!

    Obama began committing TREASON the day he was sworn in as POTUS and the
    American communist press and media that like to euphemize themselves as merely
    “Trotskyist”, along with much of Congress and the Supreme Court has
    been guilty of TREASON since then as well; which is why they are blotting out
    Obama’s personal history and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse

  66. I told you that Obama should be impeached two years ago!  What the hell are our so-called representatives waiting for??

  67. This does not brder on treason………it is qualifibly a statement of treason! He is a bonafide Muslim, selling the US down the pike!! Wake up America before thereis no America left! That is his plan, his agenda and his goal!!

    The 2008 photo of him carrying a copy of “The Post America World” was not a Photo Shop product, it was the real deal! God help us!

  68. It is a good thing my Dad is passed.  He was their at Pearl Harbor on a submarine when it was bombed and fought the rest of the war on a submarine and survived.  I know that this President would of induced a heart attack on my Dad.  Where is President Reagan when we need him.  

    1.  WK – You are a moron. You can’t even write correctly much less offer a substantial argument for your position. Here are some problems in your writing: (Your errors are corrected by the capitalized words.) ……good thing my dad HAS passed.
      He was THERE at Pearl………..
      ……this President would HAVE induced a …….
      President Reagan has passed, but we could sure use another like him.

      And to el diablito below, I have read many of your posts. You have shown yourself to be ignorant, hate-filled, racially prejudiced, not so high on the intelligence scale and you have a tremendous chip on your shoulder. Go back to Mexico or Central America and enjoy the poverty of your people and quit lapping up the luxuries of this country that your country just can’t seem to achieve.
      You are pathetic little, puny devil.

    2. WK :    I understood every word of what you wrote !  .  .  I agree that the “old timers” would all be in disbelief as to what has been happening in our country.  .  .  I also believe that with their old and feeble bodies they would stand and fight ! .  .  We would do well to borrow a page from their playbook and stand as American’s once again.  .  .  The President Reagans are still among us !  .  . They may not even know it yet, but they will be inspired to come to the aid of their country and will step forward.  .  . We must choose our leaders from persons of this ilk for with a great leader such as this, our country will return to greatness.

  69. I’m sure that former head of the KGB Putin must be rolling on the floor in laughter over Obumbo the Clown’s arrogant, groveling performance…Yes I think Odumbo would sell America down the drain in a heartbeat if he thought it would buy him a vote!

    1. The truth be known, he never has been president !  He can’t be because he’s not a natural born citizen.  He is acting as if he were the president until we come to our senses.  All we really need to do is absolutely require that he present the birth certificate, as he can’t.  If he could do that, he would have done it by now instead of spending millions of dollars NOT to do it.  IT’S THE MOST SIMPLE SOLUTION IF ONLY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND AND DEMAND IT. 

      And as for you el diablito, before you chime in with your stupid thoughts, “SHUT UP !”  nobody replies to you ’cause you’re an idiot !   I just thought I’d let you know because I’m such a nice guy !

  70. this is just another thing to list on obamas list of treason activities he has done since being in office.. if our republican and democratic politicians had any moral fiber and any patriotism obama would have been thrown out of office 2wks after he was “elected”.. obama, pelosi, reid, soro and all the rest of obama’s bulllies should be tried for treason.. obama telling a russian president he’ll have more flexibility after the election should be a very big red flag to all americans. by the end of obamas 2nd term if he’s re-elected we wont be the United States of America, we’ll be a muslim country with christians and any other religion will be in grave danger under the dictator obama..

    1. You have Obama confused with that thief George W. Bush. He stole the 2000 election with a lil help from his friends (and brother). So please get a clue, get a life and stop hating.

  71. First of all, the republican partisan congress is what I would call treasonous.  they’re bottlenecking our recovery by denying our President his attempts to recover our economy.  Blame John Boenhner.


    2.  Oh, Little Devil –
      You are so blind. Color blind. It doesn’t matter what this buffoon does, you herald him as your hero. How many lies has he told? The TARP fund was a huge debacle (failure), he ran for POTUS but is now also Prez of Govt Motors, our debt is so great that the dollar is now losing its prestige around the world as it WAS the most honored currency, he has spent more time on vacation/campaigning that any 4 of his predecessors, and you still think he’s the best for our country? You are truly stupid, sir, and your posts that I have read all say the same thing. You don’t have a brain.
      You are a perfect example why voters in this country should be required to pass a civics test before they are given voting privileges.
      Would you like to know why the world is going to $hit? It isn’t ALL Obama, but he is a key piece in the architecture. Go to YouTube and search for “Proof we are the last generation on earth”. It will give you some info you sorely need.

    3.  you’ll find out who’s treasonous when Putin brings in his troops & takes over the USA after barack hussein obama down grades our armed forces, does away with our missiles, hand guns & all defensive weapons & nukes he’ll just walk into NYC & take over without firing a shot because we won’t have any way to protect our country. you & me will be working for Putin not bHo he’ll be fleeing back home to Kenya because he knows Putin & the Russians don’t really like black people, even if they’re half white but bHo will have completed his goal of ruining this great country.  As to republican partisanship have you heard harry reids’ favorite comment to republican house bills that go to the senate he says DOA known as DEAD ON ARRIVAL, that’s really democratic partisanship. When Putin takes over the USA we’ll all be DEAD ON PUTIN’S ARRIVAL.

    4. All the sensible Republican plans to stimulate the recovery are piled up on Harry Reid’s desk…Who’s blocking the recovery?  Get your facts straight el dildo


    1. Hell, Even Russia does not want him….They never liked him even though Obama made a Gift of the Islands we had in our control in the Artic Circle.

  73. Obama is a clown with an agenda. He feels the need to apologize for us.
    The liberal media is on his side. If it was Bush they would have crucified him.
    This guy threw his own grandmother under the bus. He wants to give up our nukes.
    In Obama’s world no nation should be this powerful. We can’t give this fool four
    more years.

  74. Is this a trick question….of course this is treason….yet another treasonous act on the part of ObaMAU.  What’s interesting about this slip is the commie lib media picked up on it and has been leading with it – that’s surprising as we all know they’re the State Run media who have sworn on to get this dictator re-elected.  Hopefully, the rest of us with a brain will…..Remember in November.  

  75. this is the chance to make the diference,people your country is ready  to  take another direcction ,please help the republican party dont mattar who is going to be the GOP,we all have to come together and vote for sombody else no the same person we have….vote republican,and we will see the diference…………….

  76. That is treason, He can not have a explanation for this, He should be run out of office, And banned forever from the states, and serve time for crimes against the government and country

  77. Talk about an arrogant narsistic loon…. Obama already thinks he’s won re-elction.   Let’s all vote and make sure that doesn’t happen!!!!

  78. 1. By what assuredness that he will be re-elected to the Presidency, does O, as current President of the USA, commit personally to an action that requires agreement by Congress and other representatives, in a verbal secret statement to the leader of a Foreign country,  that he will do certain things after the election because he will have more time to accomplish that action?
    2. Why would not that representative question possibility of O not being re-elected, and why he as a foreign country rep should believe such a statement or deliver it as a valid commitment to Putin?  Wouldn’t he look like a fool to Putin for accepting a futuristic commitment that depends on the basic premise of O that he will be re-elected?

    3. What does the Foreign country rep know about our next election that AMERICANS don’t?

    4. Putin and Russia know O is a communist, as are his promoters.

    Better stop the commies now.

    1. Of course he’s a commie!!! Frank Marshall Davis, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones and the everyone else he hangs out with, DUH!!!!

  79. Let’s see, Russia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Karzackistan, Turkmanistan, Krgyistan all have ICBM pointing at us, our children and grandchildren for those of us who this applies. Yet, our “Liar N’ Thief” will have more flexibility
    to sell out our defensive capability “when” he wins the next election. The big question is: What does O’bama know about the outcome of the next election before the vote even takes place? OWS going to be the catalyst for martial law and he “reigns by fiat?” Inquiring minds want to know. However, by definition: What he said is TREASONOUS.

  80. Obama can speak confidently about his re-election in November because he is the Chicago trained vote-counter-in chief.

    Bob Koons
    Tempe, AZ

  81. This is NOT the First time Obozo spoke when the microphone was hot. Remember his conversation with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy regarding Israel? Obozo is nothing but a Traitor to “Our Friends” but also a Traitor to All Americans. Both he and Holder should be tried for Treason!!!!!

  82. It’s definitely scary as to what all he can/could do in his last term in office.  But then comes the question, if he is elected again, could that mean he could install himself as “President for Life” like Chavez??  Let’s all pray that Obamacare is rejected by the Court and that Obama is not re-elected!!

    1. Exactly!  Of  his  entire statement,  the words that gave me gooseflesh was the part about it being his last election.  I don’t know what it  is,  but  some very persistent voice is telling  me that  once  this election is over,  he intends to appoint himself dictator for life.  

      I also do not believe there’s any way on earth  the vile scum he surrounds himself with  will  ever allow him to lose, no matter what they have to do, no matter how much cheating and fraud and bribery and thuggery it takes  to keep him in office.  He may or may not have won fairly in ’08,   but  in an honest election,  he couldn’t  win as dog catcher at this point,  yet I know as well as I know my own name that  he WILL  remain in power after January 2013.    

      I’m definitely not a prophet or prognosticator,  but I see very, very bad things ahead for the United States of America, and at this late date, I honestly don’t think there’s anything anyone can do to save her from the final throes of annihilation obozo and  company have so carefully planned and executed. 

  83. What is it going to take to get rid of Odious O, especially as he continues to shower entitlement goodies to all the
    scum bags who find it easier to take from those who work for a living. Meanwhile, the Kinky Kenyan and his fatuous mate continue to live in splendor as we, the Goofs pretend he and his Marxist pals are Gods from another planet.

  84. What is the most disturbing is that the Congress will do nothing like they have done since he got in office.  He violates our laws, our constitution, Congress and the will of the people with impunity.  Still his “Willing Victims” will try to re-elect him to finish our destruction.  God Help Us!

  85. The nations future scenario is getting more and more frightening day by day. The WallStreet protests, the violence from the unions, now the racial protests in Florida, this whispered treanonism comment, the new executive powers…… it all seems to be orchestrated for one outcome. I am not sure why the Republican or even the moderate Democrats are not alarmed and taking action on all this. It is definitely frightening as to why the people we voted to go to Washington cannot see this and take action.

  86. Once again this two faced traitor has been nabbed by an ‘open mic’, making a sweet (for the Ruskies) deal behind the scenes. Wow, we can hardly wait until he’s reelcted to see what kind of NWO mischief he might come up with. Considering he’s rammed a secret deal thru congress that became our beloved 0bamacare boondoggle, the numerous violations of Constitutional law, the huge number of czars answerable only to him, none of which were vetted by congress, the fraudulent birth certificate and ‘draft card’ that stays buried by the MSM just to list a few impeachable offenses off the top that have never been pursued or hinted at by any member of congress, it is unlikey that this incedent will get any traction either.
    His crew of homies are now stirring up sxht all across the country, using an unfortunate incedent as tinder for a firestorm of protests fanned by racial hatred which is the bread and butter of scum like Sharpton. His ‘patriotic’ OWS children will also be picking up the pace as summer marches on, rioting and burning in coordinated strikes all across the USA, one brick on top of another until he has the excuse to pull martial law. Then he can indefinately postpone the elections, ‘cuz it’s too dangerous. He can then also ‘dissappear’ anyone daring to speak out against him, using the military to slam you into the nearest FEMA camp.

    Things are going to get interesting, people. Click the name prepare now!

  87. The best way to get our country back from these Communist dogs is to impeach Obama. He has broken so many laws it’s unreal. His birth certificate is a forgery, he’s using an SS# from the state of Connecticut, him making a deal with the Russians yesterday(mike left open)and numerous other violations. He is a liar and a fraud, and the citizens of this country deserve better. Even the stupid one’s that voted for him in 2008.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mike Tanco

  88. Did no one read Thomas Sowell’s article in regard to the Hoodie Travesty in which Sowell described
    the Reverends (sic) Jesse and Al, as well as our insipid Prez the lowest of the low? If you haven’t read it, please do; it’s an eye-opener.

  89. Odumbo hates America and Americans.
    There is NOW enough muslums and illegals in the country to vote him in, if that is not quite enough, there are plenty of dead people to vote, as in the last election.
    He is a Traitor, Liar, Thief and his GOAL S TO DESTROY AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT.
    Don’t believe it, look at the last 100 years, then look at the last 3 years-
    Which would you prefer to live in?
    I can not imagine him NOT getting at least a 2nd term, the gubberment and politics ARE “THAT” crooked that if 1 voted for the treasonous bum and everyone else voted for someone else, he would still get in as president!!

  90. Americans have become blinded by ignorance and stupidity, earned through their failed public school education.  As for Obama being treasonous, well, the Congress and SCOTUS have been aware that he was elected behind illegitimate credentials and an unproven natural citizenship requirement, and have been silent to the point of them being treasonous as well.

  91. It does not border on treason, it is treason. Now, what will our do nothing Congress do about it? Likely nothing as they apparently do not have the spine to stop this traitor.

  92. I believe hussein has committed treason against the United States in this example as well as many other times. Nobody appears to have the testicles in Washington to charge him. With complications all over the place, the sad fact is, nobody is capable of bringing the charge because no one knows WHO could bring the charge, hence nobody actually does it. I would like to bring the charge if nobody else is knowledgeable enough.

  93. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi both need to develop a corinary condition. Reid is the one holding up numerous pieces of legislation. Pelosi is still selling her “swill” when interviewed. Maybe with those two gone, the rest of Congress will get the nerve to start impeachment proceedings against Obama

  94. Talk about ridiculous. Obama isn’t giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States. He’s trying to cut a deal he thinks will be good for both of us. He thinks he’ll be better placed to cut that deal once the election is over, and he asks the other side to wait til then.

    Now maybe he’s wrong about whether that deal is good for us, but Providence has, for some odd reason, not seen fit to give us leaders who are always right. If he is right, it can’t possibly be treason, and if he’s wrong, then as Churchill wrote of Chamberlain, it is best if we credit our leadership for having at least meant well, however badly it works out and however clearly others pointed out the error. 

  95. This President has been trying to divide our country, that’s why he uses class warfare, seems he wants us divided.  Can you name another President who wanted to purposely divide America, probably not.  His healthcare mess is just another plan to take more control of the citizens, we must stop watching realty shows and get involved!   

  96. Disarmament means that we reduce ourselves making ourselves more open to attack therefore by definition Disarmament is technically giving aid to our enemy… Therefore it is treason…

  97. If this was a wiretap on criminal activity it would already have gone to a grand jury!!!  Where are the cries in Congress for an explanation: “Flexibility to do what?”  This preposterous POTUS imposter needs to be reigned in, and fast.  He should be summoned to a closed door session with Congressional investigators, informed of the peril which he has placed us in by implying that he wishes to cow-tow to Vladimir, and demanded to explain why he should not be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, or even treason.  If he believes he can act unilaterally once he has been re-elected, then he intends to exercise dictatorial powers which are outside the powers of the President as described in the US Constitution.  This is still a constitutional republic. Our government is limited by powers reserved to the people, through representation in Congress.   We are required to throw off tyrannical, unjust leaders, and the appropriate method is impeachment.

  98. Aw, come on. That’s no different than any politician or savy person for that matter. Keep you cards close. I’m no Obama fan but knock off the nonsense about it being “near treasonous”. People take the right less and less seriously due to the hyperbole. Get honest, get real.

  99. Pres Obama could very well have been referring to the difficulty of getting anything through congress in an election year.  Ironically, it also is most likely a true revelation of what he intends to do if reelected – tramp all over the citizens of this country and the constitution. 

  100. His comments in and of themselves may not be treasonous, but they certainly imply he is heading in that direction!

  101. Very much so. He is a total trator to our country and our wat of Life.

    But try and do somethig about it. Where do you go? The Republicans don’t isten to us, neither do the Democrats. on’t be surprised if Obama stays in office.

  102. My words exactly when I heard his little deal-making  with Medvedev..Don’t let this traitor non-citizen stay in power , vote him out…He fooled a lot of people in ’08 , lets hope he don’t in 2012…


  104. Russian agent in presidential clothing…nothing more need be said.  Unfortunately he won’t be accused, arrested, tried, convicted and executed as happened to traitors in the 1950’s because he is half black and Muslim…not white and Jewish. 

  105. For the last two years, I have tried to get the word out that the time to Chose Sides will soon be at hand. Now that time is upon us.

    We must chose to remain quiet and accept the fate of other enslaved nations of the past and present or demand to stay free and in charge of our own lives for ourselves and the same for our children. Today we have a highly organized political movement to strip us of our natural rights as clearly stated in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. For many who consider this to be not worth considering and have no ears for the facts and truths clearly before us, I have no pity. But to those who are strong in their conviction of Patriotism, I submit this.

    We are now facing a revolution in our National Political structure. Either we stand together or we will fall seperately. The revolution should be at the polls, exercising the right of every qualified Citizen to vote using the guidance of facts, integrety, and reason. If the wisdom of our Citizenry is as great as I believe, the next election will mark the end of the attempt of the few to destroy our nation of many. We must not argue with those who are blinded by the lies of the few, but instead quietly and calmly show them the facts of the present and the past. Those who have the ears of reson will hear us, those who have little more than anger ruling their lives will be deaf to our words. When confronting the angry, kick the dust from your shoes and go to the next person who will listen with reason.

    The following is an excerpt from our Declaration of Independence.
    “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–”

    My freatest fear is that this terrible movement of the few will lead to a blood revolution. If, God forbid, it does, remember the words of the Mexican Revolutionary General Emiliano Zapata, “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

    1. Since when is it a crime to quote from our constitution ?  .  .  Do not live in fear.  .  You are a person of interest to me because you speak the truth !  .  .  .  We all need to speak the truth and stand up for our convictions as Americans and you Sir in the face of persecution or percieved persecution chose to do just that.  .  . I admire you for that as it takes real courage, and that is exactly what we need.

  106. This act by our sitting president IS a treasonous act.    What does this president have to do in order to get us to take action?   This man has got to go!

    1. Treason is when a person who is a citizen of the United States gives aid and comfort to the enemy. This overtly began when President Clinton gave our most adamat and longest lasting political, economic, and social enemy, Communist China the Most Favored Trading Nation status. That status was revoked in the early 1950’s and has been rejected by every congress and President from that time until 2000 when Clinton forced it into place. Without that status, Communist China would have collapsed by now.

  107. ‎’Border” on treason? EVERYTHING he has done is a treasonous act,starting with him illegally occupying the White House.

  108. Yes it does. It is not the first time that he has done things that would be considered as treasonous if we had anyone in the congress with the balls to do anything about it.  He has so may offences that make impeachment an option but they have not done anything about that either. Although, they have something started now when it’s to late. The elections will be over by the time anything comes of it.  One of the problems the number of people Obama has in his pocket. He has a sourse with unlimited funds so he can buy a lot of people. Politicians, lawyers, judges, witnesses, voters, forgers and thugs to do his dirty work.  For the right amount of money, you can buy anyone. We don’t know who is being paid to do what they are told. We don’t know who we can trust and who is one of his people.  He thinks he is above the law and the members of the House and Senate, apparently thinks he is as well.
     I will never understand why he still has people who support him after everything he has done to this country, all the laws and regulations he has bypassed, the lies he has told, the people he associates with and his choice of corrupt, criminals he has on his staff, his support of the black panthers, the muslim brotherhood, communist organizations, illegal aliens, the lunatics occupiers and God knows who else. Can you just imagine President Reagan allowing those people to continue living on the streets, destroying property, deficating and urinating on the street. It’s disgusting and the damage they have done to property that belongs to hard working tax paying citizens of this country. I’m sure he and Soros are the ones paying them to stay there.
    He spends our tax money like his personal bank account so his wife, her family and friends can take very expensive trips and stay in $5000.00 per night rooms, not just once but several times a year.  When you add all those people her 25 or so personal assistants, hair stylist, make up artist, (God knows she could use half a doz of them), a doctor, plus all the secret service personal  that adds up to a lot of money out of our pockets. Less not forget the cost of using AF One or renting a private plane. They can say they use their own money until they are blue in the face but, it still doesn’t make it true. He is such a sneak and liar you never know what he is plannng. I find the fact that he just went on a trip to South Korea which, according to the news media, is the most dangerous place in the world right now.  Then he has this open mike conversation with the present Russian president in addition to the marshall law enactment, which puts him in charge of everything in this country. Our food supply, our fuel, our jobs, schools, medical care, where we live, where we go and pretty much everything else in our lives. All that, seems more than a little suspicious and scary to me. If you watch the video, pay close attention to the sneaky way it was done. The way they acted afterwards makes it look even more suspicious.  I stick by what I said about him when he was campaigninb in 2008. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I will now include that he is an evil man. Just look at his face. It’s written all over it.  

  109. Tony’s Plan about for getting rid of Obama is good, but let’s take it one step futher. We can’t gaurantee Obama will lose the election.We can’t gaurantee we’ll beat him on the BC eligibility. We need one more failsafe to fall back on. Obama and the White House submitted a FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE. By doing this, it proves he does not have a real BC and no one in the government or the media wants to acknowledge this fact. Therefore, he and his administration should be tried for voter fraud against the AMERICAN PUBLIC. What crime that Obama and the White House have commited is much worse then the Watergate scandal. I cannot understand why NO ONE is looking into this. This is beyond the brither accusations. This should not be ignored and he should be tried even if he loses the election. As some blogs have stated, this is the biggest scam against the United States in the history of the country. He should be made an example of.

  110. I have begun to wonder exactly what the Communists have offered the Republicans to gain their cooperation. In just a short period of time, Congress has passed a law to imprison us if we accost a politician in the presence of Secret Service personnel, the government is telling ministers what they can and cannot talk about, Obama has given himself the power to declare martial law and control everything in the nation, the government has given itself the authority to detain American citizens for indefinite periods of time without due process. In addition, we have the government telling people what to eat, the government is trying to take over health care, government is dictating light bulbs, toilet tissue, and on and on. Even more disturbing is the DOJ with its lawless behavior and the Democrats attacking private citizens on a fairly regular basis. The Republicans put up very little if any defense of any of this. This leads me to believe that either they are being bullied/blackmailed into silence or that they are Communists, too. At any rate, there are precious few in the federal government that are actually minding the store and it is going to be very difficult to wrench the reins of this nation away from them. Not impossible, but certainly difficult.

  111. Gary’s  “translations”, of the actual words were somewhat less then precise. And, while I would like to agree with the translation, I don’ t believe it would hold up in court. But, equally important, we are forwarned, and we must all do our homework. Also, our President has had “micro-phobia” before and I cannot believe he has not developed “safeguards” to prevent a repeat. That leave us with the question, “why would he make an intentional “slip”?  Perhaps, it was just another “red herring, being dragged across the trail”, to take our focus of what he is really up to. Keep in mind, most all that he does, is carefully scripted and orchestrated, right down to the stumbling  over his TelePromTer. Any hidden meaning will have to come from those more closely associated with international sistuation.

  112. In no legal manner or fashion can the Russians be called our enemies. We are not at war with them, and have (officially) cordial relations.
    So no; it’s not treason.  Disloyalty, stupidity, etc., sure.

  113. This is an outward lie. I am the first Democrat to bring charges against Obama I was in the Ga Case and now in the Fl AZ Pa cases. You should check your information first before printiung lies


  115. Romney’s  top contributors are Goldman Sachs and the rest of the wall street white shoe boys. His loyalty will be to them, the elitists, not to the honest, hard working masses.  Check out Open secrets.com and take a look. Santorum is another clown that wiil ruin us for good.  And god forbid that usurping muslim gets elected again. Ron Paul is the ONLY human being with an ounce of honesty left in him, and he’ll bring this country back to life if you give him the chance.

  116. The reality is as follows:

    There is a brewing coalition of rogue governments preparing themselves to battle against America.
    Insidious, underground but real and so obvious coalition we are seeing all the signs for whoever wants to see them.

    YES The COLD WAR again but this time, 
    with the addition of an alliance between Iran, muslim fundamentalists  the western radical left and the nuclear threat.

    Russia from the East, China from the West, North Korea from the North, Brasil and Venezuela from the South. 

    Russia seeking revenge from the cold war days and its subsequent collapse. Putin as an old KGB being the best to represent and seek this revenge.
    Russia seeking to weaken America with the removal of nuclear missile defense.

    China not interfering but very much in tune with Russia

    Obama seeking to weaken America by reducing the defense budget.


    The only difference is the alliance between the US left, Europe radical left and muslim fundamentalists.

    Who knows what Obama said to these countries when he visited some of them?
    He seemed to be very friendly with Chavez and the Brazilian communist president !

    The conversation heard with Medvedev is a sign, a worrying sign, a TREASON!

    Obama helping the muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda in Egypt, in Lybia, showing to them what people define as ”weakness’: 


    IT IS A MESSAGE THAT OBAMA IS SENDING TO THESE ROGUE COUNTRIES AND THE MESSAGE IS THIS: ”if ever you do anything to America, I will oppose, only on the surface but do not worry, I will do nothing to prevent you to destroy this country I myself hate as we have a common goal”

    1. I disagree. Bari is weak, he is a whimp and a flake, fluke and capitulates to our enemies. Also Americans do not hate. We are very upset at times. Muslims are protected here for a good reason, and they will learn Shaira Law stays in a mud hut in Arabia.
      Historically you can kick America in the balls first, then we remove yours. thank you very much.

  117. The reality is as follows:

    There is a brewing coalition of rogue governments preparing themselves to battle against America.
    Insidious, underground but real and so obvious coalition we are seeing all the signs for whoever wants to see them.

    YES The COLD WAR again but this time, 
    with the addition of an alliance between Iran, muslim fundamentalists  the western radical left and the nuclear threat.

    Russia from the East, China from the West, North Korea from the North, Brasil and Venezuela from the South. 

    Russia seeking revenge from the cold war days and its subsequent collapse. Putin as an old KGB being the best to represent and seek this revenge.
    Russia seeking to weaken America with the removal of nuclear missile defense.

    China not interfering but very much in tune with Russia

    Obama seeking to weaken America by reducing the defense budget.


    The only difference is the alliance between the US left, Europe radical left and muslim fundamentalists.

    Who knows what Obama said to these countries when he visited some of them?
    He seemed to be very friendly with Chavez and the Brazilian communist president !

    The conversation heard with Medvedev is a sign, a worrying sign, a TREASON!

    Obama helping the muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda in Egypt, in Lybia, showing to them what people define as ”weakness’: 


    IT IS A MESSAGE THAT OBAMA IS SENDING TO THESE ROGUE COUNTRIES AND THE MESSAGE IS THIS: ”if ever you do anything to America, I will oppose, only on the surface but do not worry, I will do nothing to prevent you to destroy this country I myself hate as we have a common goal”

  118. We checked with AG Holder on whether this constituted treason. His erudite, reasoned response was “No problemo, bro. The brotha was just shittin’ that commie, dig? Go peddle yo white boy treason stuff somewheres else.”

  119. One of the sad tales for Obama’s family and people who worship him, Obama will be used as an example of what might happen if a free people don’t STAY AWAKE.  And coat all bullets with pig fat.

  120. Please advise why my comment is not published
    I can be contacted on my private email address
    Thank you
    James Moenting

  121. The 535 in DC are AIPACS bitches. That’s why they act like spineless jellyfish, and do nothing while everything goes to hell in a hand basket. It’s all about money, nothing else.

  122. And you think for ONE RED LIBERAL NEW YORK MINUTE that any of the communists in our media are going to say bumpkiss to him?  Ask that POS any real questions about what we know we heard and saw?  nope… they’re bought and paid for all with the shared efued up ideology that Marxism is good and only the best with the Muslim One invading the position of POTUS.

  123. Yes…this behavior is “treasonous” and actionable under the law regardless of who is the perpetrator.  The only “space” understood in this conversation is the “space” in our Mr. “o’s” mind…..and I believe that the Russian Pres., outgoing, is thinking the very same thing!  Pray for America and for a change in November’2012!


  124. It appears to me that this statement,  “After my election, I have more flexibility.” clearly indicates that a fix is already set up. He obviously expects to ‘win’ (buy) the election by hook or by crook so he can continue on his merry way doing whatever he pleases just as he pretty much has been, spending trillions of borrowed $, while completely ignoring our Constitution which is what has made our Nation so Great in the first place. I am truly terrified that if this head criminal really does pull it off, this country will no longer be the United States of America as we have known it. It will be the Socialist States of the World because he has already made us into a country without borders, full of illegals, some states even beginning to adopt Sharia law, which makes us no longer a Sovereign Nation.

    1. I know its 90% true what you say except for the sharia . I have not heard or read where anyone has tried to implement it. Some have reference for some reason or another but not adopted it.

  125. Almost everything that Obama does is treasonous.  Those who support him are wilfully blind, they like him, persue evil with both hands.   Obama is facilitating the rise of the antichrist!  I don’t care who thinks that Judeo-Christian beliefs are quaint, or passe, bible prophecy is being fulfilled daily.  Turn to Jesus while He can still be found!

  126. Is Obama just plain dumb?  Since when did the Russians have our best interest at heart!
    He needs to be impeached before we are rendered helpless.  How did this happen?  When
    good people do nothing (investigate the candidates), someone like this walks into the Presidency.
    The news media is guilty of shielding him.  They are irrelevant as far as I can see. God, help us all!

  127. Impeach him and send him packing. He needs to go to prison. He has broken his oath of office, and comitted treason as well. Obummer is a friend to our enemies. We need to clean house before the election.

  128. BHO hates America. He hates our constitution. He thinks we prospered on the backs of slaves and stole what we have.  He is twisted in his head.  He is sick. 

    He and his minions will try to steal the election some how.  They are going to try with illegal voter registrations.  They are going to try with the race card and with bus loads of people without i.d.’s.  They are going to try with the black panthers intimidating voters. They will “lose” ballot boxes like in Wisconsin.  They will “find” more votes like in Florida.  They will hack computer systems with touch screens. They will end up with a landslide of 400 million votes for osama. (I mean obama). 

    If that does not work:  They will use martial law if needed to keep everyone home.  They will suspend the election and all constitutional rights if ows and unions can cause enough unrest.  Unlike the “battle of Athens”, our military is far better armed than those thugs in 1946.  Plus we have 10’s of thousands of UN troops on U.S. soil.  They will shoot to kill Americans.  

    Are you ready to pledge your life, your fortune and sacred honor to secure our constitution and liberty?  I am. 
    (That should get me on the watch list. )

  129. We better be ready to defend our homes, family and lives because this admnistration will do nothing for the American public.

  130. Sorry Folks, but we are laboring under a total outlaw administration! These thugs cannot and should not be referred to as “FELLOW AMERICANS”,for they are not! They should be referred to as “ENEMIES OF THE STATE! The(OUR) Constitution was designed to be used by “HONEST” men and women, and will not function under the thumbs of “CROOKS”! The outcome from the Supreme Court and Obamacare will tell us if there is still a Constitution in force and if America still exist! It shall also point out the fact that the court has become totally disfunctional and should be disolved! Congress is nothing more or less than “ONE MONSTER WITH TWO HEADS”! I think they are about to get what they actually want,”TOTAL REVOLUTION ” in America’s streets! They have one hurdle that troubles them so,we are armed and daily they try to fix that so they may put us on the trains to the camps and become good little workers for the elete!   That has been tried recently in our history and how did that work out for the braindead leaders? All my life I wondered how it would end and never thought for one minute I would live to see it first hand! Thank you, just some random thought from an American Veteran!

    1. Agree with you totaly . I bought another 6 thousand rounds today and the funny thing about them are made in Russia. I have used them at the range and they are fine . Another funny thing about them they cost less than a third of other ammo .

  131. Obama wants space between now and election day before talking about the missiles with Russia. He can have ‘space’.  I hear there is a one -way spacecraft going to Uranus – leaving about June 2012.  If he misses that ride, there is another planned, one-way space venture for Pluto, November 6, 2012.

  132. You people who think that Obama won’t or can’t change our policies with Russia re Nuc weapons had better wake up and smell the roses.  With the weak backboned Boehner as Speaker of the House, Obama gets whatever he wants and all Boehner does about it is cry and that’s the end of the story.  If Boehner did his job, Obama would be out of the White House since we all know that he is ineligible to president since his father
    was not a U.S. citizen.

    1.  Mmm-mmm-mmm, Now who will Boehner get to play golf with or who’s shoulder could he cry on?  Give the poor sissy a break. Huh? I guess if Obama was gotten rid of, we’ll have to find Boehner a new friend. Better yet, Voters ought to rid that RINO also.

  133. Obama never intends to do what the majority of Americans want…

    He’s deliberately ignored voters at every chance (Obamacare especially)

    He will do ANYTHING to get re-elected and EVERYTHING once he is elected.

  134. In my opinion  obama  did commit  treason, if I am right, then the bunch of republicans in Congress if they had the balls would IMPEACH him. To all these elected officials and the American people who are pushing socialism and communism. That’s look at history,  Lenin and Stalin in Russia , Mao in China  , Khmer Ruse in Cambodia     these people under communism murder over 150 million people . They all had something in common. The first ones kill were the elite, like  school teachers, college professors,  people in power , any one who wore glasses, bureaucrats  and the rich. When are these people going to wake up, Under our Constitution we protect the idiots and the good people.    

  135. The biggest threat to the up coming elections will be voter fraud,it is real and something that has to be taken seriously. There is a good reason the OBAMA administration is going after those states that want voter I.D.

    1. You are so right Nam1, demand your state has voter ID and e-verify. If you have a lap-dog for a gov like HI does you have to start at the bottom and kick his pins out from under him. 

      1. The politics of Hawaii appear to conterdict the values and morals of the Hawaiian family and some sub-cultures in Hawaii, namely American Japanese. The people of Hawaii are generous but to support the progressive agenda is confusing? I don’t understand the strong support of the Democrate Party.

    2. That is why we have to get off the sofa and get involved in the local elections. Vo. for election polling place waatchdogs. Make sure all know we are watching very close to what is going on. Stop winning and get going we havn’t much time .

    3. Get some friends of like mind to visit the polling places with you . If a bus load pulls up and they all vote have someone tail them when they leave and see if they try going to another polling place. It is going to be the only way to prevent faud or at least have proof it happen. Even if you have to let them know you are following them . Don’t be afraid  . Our Founding Fathers weren’t .

  136.       Must one be so naive as to even to register any kind of surprised reaction?  This is just one more indignity as we imagine how our “Potemkin Congress” strategizes on this latest of infraction as to “what should we d0?””No, this this might not be the right time(for the umpteeumth time)….?”  Most alarming is the inability of our legislators to take the president to task that he has broken his oath of office, on which now seems like, a regular basis.  We (are supposed to) have a republic, a representative government.  It’s more like – as they say in German –  “geschlossene gessellschaft – a private club.  If we can’t be diligent and remind them , as well as each other we are in worse trouble than we can imagine.  It’s time to “fire” ALL  the Beltboys  who won’t do their job including the __________ -in -chief. (Fill in the blank yourself.)
           What was it that was sung in Gilbert  and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”?
    “For it doesn’t really matter whom you put upon the list, for they’d none of them be missed, they’d none of them be missed.”

  137. BHO will have plenty of time on his hands after 2/2013 so he can vacation in China AND N Korea, at his own expense.  One would have to be blind, deft and dumb and at the mercy of the DNC to have missed his IDIOT behavior.   Then there are the BHO zombies and those that are in his pockets that don’t care about what’s going on,as long as hey get their “FREE MONEY”. 

  138. While not being a big fan of Barry Soetoro, I see him selling out his country in a number of other things he has done, but not the Russian comment.  He was merely forecasting what he would do, if the voters are stupid enough to re-elect him.  Playing “Let’s Make A Deal” with the Russians would be only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama continuing the destruction of America?  Frankly, with the deficit being what it is, America should not be funding a missile shield for the ungrateful Europeans, most who do not like us in the first place.  Bring home the troops assigned to NATO, eliminate the missile shield and let’s put that money to work in our own country.     

  139. This man has no clue at all, he can’t make decisions, and from Kenya, I don’t think he could call the Russianss collect.

  140. Just more acts of treason first ignoring the laws requiring that congress level wars and his blatant disregardful for the separation of church and state and his giving away top secret documents pertaining to our missile defenses to Russia, which in turn means China and Iran enough is enough bring the charges of treason now to stop his next ploy which I see is his contrived acts of civil unrest carried out by his Union funded “Occupiers”   so he can declare Marshall law and suspend the up coming elections as his numbers in the polls continue to drop

  141. people, DON’T beleive for ONE minute that it will be an easy re-election for obama….it is just the OPPOSITE…the biased corrupt media is trying to give us that impression…so we would just give up and not be enthusiastic ……this is BULLS#%$……..this country CAN NOT be that stupid and naive to vote for this clueless corrupt incompetent arrogant community organizer…this muslim socialist occupy protester sympathizer is going to get clobbered in november if the election is not fraudulent and rigged

  142. No offense taken,we are all on the same page and that is concern for our country and it’s well being. Vigilence now more then ever. 

  143. Alright you bunch of cowards in the media, who going to be the first one to ask obama what he meant, and we heard him say to the Russians? Who’s going to say he committed Treason? I’ll tell you who might be the one with the guts to ask the hard questions, it’ll be Mr. Henry from fox news. He’s the only man amongst the bunch of you.

  144. Obama isn’t the only traitor in Washington. He couldn’t pull off these deceptions without help from other members of the Senate and the congress.  It is obvious that there are those who want to see American as we know it eliminated and have european style socialist government implimented.  Hillary wants to take away the right of Americans to bear arms.  There are so many evil people in high places within our government and they are so good at their deceptions.  It hard to know who is telling the truth.  Too many Americans want something for nothing and like sheep they just keep following the people who promised them the most.  We need to take our country back.  Thank God for the Tea Party and vigilant citizens who see the writing on the wall.

  145. Don’t believe our government will prosecute Odumba.  No guts, no glory.  He is not an American, he is a fake, so can’t try him for treason.  Try as terrorist for crimes against American people and shot by military firing squad.  Or, exile him to Muslimland or Kenya.

  146. This President should be impeached – he does not care for this country – he is deliberately distroying it – wake up America!!!!

  147. Excuse me destroying the country – that little piece of video should go viral – also I hope more little “accidents” happen with microphones – perhaps there are those that will set him up — the only way to get the truth out

  148. Does this meet the level of a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’ as specified in the Constitution to be used to impeach the Kenyan thug?

  149. Nope, he’s way beyond ‘border on treason,’ this POS SOB crossed that border 3 yrs ago and should have been ARRESTED or shot long before now!! What’s taking so long??
    ALL those men in congress and NOT a pair of balls between them!! How sure are WE that they haven’t been neutered?? They CAN’T even talk the talk, much less walk the walk!!!!
    Patriots and Warriors, where are you??

  150.    Sorry guys, I don’t believe it. This is something bad for Obama and all of a sudden NBC has it on their nightly news. What are the chances that they left a micro phone on in the first place? Not likely, at best.

      I think Barack is being thrown under the bus this time around and he probably knows it. I really don’t think Obama has been given permission to win re-election by our “Shadow Government” that chose him long ago in the first place. The deal with his cheap forgery Birth Certificate that I could have done better at than what the president had at his disposal, was nothing more than a way of telling us, “So he’s not eligible, what are you going to do about it”?

       They’re stroking us, something the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are good at. It provides them with a good laugh for the day.

    Ron Paul ! ! !

    Ron Paul ! ! !

    Ron Paul ! ! !

  151. Obama IS a TRAITOR. He frequently gives aid and comfort to our enemies. He’s been doin so for a while/
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,sec.2381

  152. Please. At most, this was an embarrassing gaffe, that can happen occasionally when the adults get together to discuss real-world issues outside of the blathering legions of squalling babies (like most of the commentators on this post), who usually dominate political discourse on our bread-and-circuses public airwaves. Like everything else else our President does, this will naturally attract the enmity of those “false-flag” “patriots,” who wrap themselves in the flag in order to drag our country down. Shame on you. Obama is our President, and he deserves our support.

  153. The Russians  are coming back, and obama is helping them to succeed, it really doesn’t surprise me. This president sold his soul to communism a long time ago.

  154. Why after an election would Obama need flexibility opposed to before the election? Why would an election give him more flexibility? Tell us what the Russian president meant by saying:  “I understand”…understand what? And what exactly does he need to tell Vladamir Putin?

  155. What I can’t understand is why the members of Congress are sitting on their butts, knowing our “leader” is giving our country away.  Why are they so afraid of him?  I know that his friends have put a bounty on the head of the neighborhood watch guy, Zimmerman, for killing a black man,  Trayvon Martin, but does he have the fire power to intimidate every single representative that we have in Washington.  By the way, where did they get the “little boy” photo of Martin?  It must have been taken when he was about 12 (???).  Why does the president of the United States feel that he must get involved in every criminal act where a black person is involved.  Too bad he can’t think “American” instead of “what race are they”.  What a mess this country is in and our representatives are not doing a thing.

  156. As far as I am concerned Obama has committed treason many times. As well as Holder. What about  his consistant favortisim of the Muslem community? It is almost to the point that they are protected more than the American people by this Administration”. Remember, 9/11? It was Muslem extremist that attacked the twin towers, murdering 3000 people. Yet, Obama and Holder have insisted that any type of profiling is wrong. Heaven forbid, that we would make a Muslem or an illegal feel uncomfortable! That brings us to the illegals in this country that are protected by this administration, even though they are criminals once they illegally crosss our borders.  Treason; “adheres to their enemies….” “giving them aid…..”. Consider; the Fast and Furious cover-up. Isn’t the Mexican cartel our enemies? Voter intimination….isn’t the Black Panthers enemies of this great country? They hate America as it is, they hate the Constitution, yet Obama and Holder refuse to prosecute those that threaten the American people. Sounds like treason to me. Obama and Holder, both, need to be impeached and prosecuted!!!

  157. Most of what Obama does is treasonous but, who has the commitment to the US or the courage to actually do something about it?

  158. After 2008 with the Democrats fully in charge of congress and the executive branch the republinos made a decision to oppose the Democrats on every issue the Democrats stood for. The republinos had already “lost” the elections so had nothing more to lose. The republinos decided to simply say “NO” to everything the Democrats stood for and to fight back by trying to pass as much legislation as possible to fight the Democrats. Their strategy worked in 2010 by winning the house and almost taking the senate. So why should they change a tactic that worked? So they continue to defy everything the Democrats stand for. If you vote for any republino you are “dumber than a bag of hammers!”

  159. Don’t know if it’s treasonous but it was sure stupid and inappropriate.  What flexibility is Obama talking about?  The man flat out scares me!

  160. I tried to read through all of the comments to this blog, so if I missed one that mentioned the 22nd Amendment, I apologize.  But in the event that no one else has considered this possibility, let me open this very dangerous can of beans as they say!
    The 22nd Amendment was passed by Congress in 1947 and ratified in 1951.  Over the years, many attempts have been made to repeal the amendment but have failed.  Among those who have proposed such legislation have been Barney Frank and Harry Reid.  Besides attempts to repeal the amendment, there have been proposals to alter the limit and give Congress the power to lengthen the term of a sitting president or allow a former president the ability to be seated for an additional term beyond the limit set by the 22nd Amendment.
    With that in mind, I suggest this possible scenario considering the words overheard on the open microphone by kingO to Medvedev.  
    He reportedly said, “This is my last election,”  “After my election, I have more flexibility.”
    If kingO is elected again, there is a serious threat in his words “this is my last election” for it can be taken to mean that after he is seated again as president, his control will extend throughout Congress in a way that will make it possible for the 22nd Amendment to either be repealed or altered as to allow him to maintain his position.  And with the added control placed in his hands by the possible use of Martial Law, his support to the Muslim world and his obvious contempt for America and Americans, we may be in a serious situation.
    No constitutional amendment is 100% safe from being repealed or altered!  What has kept them safe this far has been the fact that until today, we have not had such a diabolically minded president with such far reaching control over Congress.

    1.  Do a web search on the “New States Constitution” I believe it’s under the purview of Van Jones. Reading it will make your blood run cold! They’ve been redoing it since the 1970’s and one of the first things b o did after launching his campaign was to go to CA and pay homage to Van Jones, who would have been a Czar if Glenn Beck hadn’t stood up to them.

  161. If anyone doesn’t still now see the correlation between Obamamonster and the Jack Nicholson movie ‘Space Aliens’, (where the aliens continually and repeatedly DUPED people into thinking they were ‘friendly’, until it was just too late) – then any such person is a danger to our country themselves, because of their  S T U P I D I T Y.
    One more time folks    YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID !!!!    Anyone with a brain  NEEDS TO MAKE SURE OBAMA IS NOT RE-ELECTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

  162. I think we all know the answer to this question.

    Now let’s get him out of office, before he breaks it off in us too.

  163. I really liked obummer’s slip about being a muslim, as well. so glad we have those “slips” viral before they cld be erased!

  164. Of course it’s treason.  Everything Obama has done since he’s been in office seems intent on bringing this country down.  His job is to protect the interests of the U.S. not curry favor with the rest of the world.  And the conservatives in Congress need to get some courage and impeach this guy.

  165. Did Obozo’s comments border on treason?  NO, they were completely treasonous!  Obozo wants to take America down.  He hates this country and thinks it needs to have more “chickens coming home to roost” with regard to getting having our prestige, status, quality of life, and independence denigrated!  Obama needs to GO, NOW!!!

  166. The “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate” want to overthrow Syria, Iran and Israel and leave “Saudi Crime Syndicate written Sharia Law” in their new constitutions. This turns the ownership of each of these country’s to the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.” All natural resources, oil, opium, uranium and printing of money is turned over to the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.”

    Obama and SoS Clinton left “Saudi Crime Syndicate’s Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Kenya at the cost of killing over 5,000 American Soldiers, killing over 1-million innocent Middle Eastern Citizens, Borrowing over $1Trillion War Dollars every year Obama and SoS Clinton are in office, and making America the LARGEST DEBTOR NATION THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. 

  167. What was distrubing to me was Obama’s body lanuage..his submission to our ENEMY as well as a sense these men were comrades. To much intimacy between the russian president and american president. How dare our american president give away our one line of defense against evil forces.

    1.  He’s an equal opportunity Giver away of first line of defense-er. he’s doing it to Israel too, and I’m sure he’d do the same for Canada and the UK, not to mention Poland and the Czek nations.

  168. But Waynamal..it’s a little more serious than a small and big dog. It’s about our country submitting to the dictates of Russia or even the middle east like Iran. I do not trust this president and his agenda..i wouldn’t put it past him to sell off our country to russia as well as welcoming russian troop’s on our land to keep the ‘peace’.

  169. I forgot to say, taht this morning that a poll came out and 49% of the public believes that our economy is on the upside….I guess gas prices don’t matter.

    1. jt..i too am reading about all the poll’s that say obama’s approval rating is 50% and that our economy is on the upside. I also read that the reason for this is Obama is cooking the book’s and his adminstration is giving out false data to decieve the American people. It’s a psycological ploy in that if people think something is popular or well thought of then they must be missing something.

    1.  If  you  poll certain groups, and ask the questions the right way, you can get a poll to say anything you want. A favorite ploy of the left and the media, although they’re actually one and the same.

  170. What’s disturbing is the new’s reporting Obama telling Russia our state secret’s early on in his presidency. Now it is being reported that the WH is accused of leaking Isareli tactical secret’s regarding their war preparation’s. After hearing of such thing’s it’s not a far stretch to wonder if the WH gave Iran those captured drones we lost a few month’s back. I grieve over all the men/women..those unsung and unnamed hero’s whose only memory is one lone star on some plaque in some cold hallway.When Obama was first elected everyone said to ‘give him a chance’ well we did..we gave him a chance and he violated our trust every CHANCE he got.

  171. This presidency is all about dividing the nation from the have’s and have-nots; from blacks and whites; from illegals and citizens; from voter fraud and voter IDs; from executive power to executive dictatorship; from transparency to sealed documents. This president and his cronies are destroying our country. It is becoming clear that the day will come when we shall repeat 1776. It is what our Founding Fathers declared. Our current Congress is anemic, and just as much the problem as who is in the WH. It is time to remove all illegals and deny them all entitlements they falsely believe they deserve; it is time to demand Term Limits. It is time to eliminate all czars. It is time to eliminate all pork barrels, entitlement programs. It is time to review all justices who refuse to uphold the Constitution. It is time to rid ourselves of all caucuses currently in Congress. We are Americans. it is time to act as one. It is time to discover the true intentions of muslims that reside in our country. They are either with us with allegiance to this country or they should be sent back from whence they came. This country is a Christian nation. It is NOT a muslim state. Muslims have NEVER had a part in the forming of this country, but the opposite. The lies that our current president continues to utter and YES treasonable when he makes a deal with our geopolitical enemy (Russia) are grounds for impeachment -guilty by treason.

  172. Barry Soetoro, Muslim, born in Kenya……who we all know by now, that Barry Soetoro is our (ALIAS) traitor to America and pig face liar to America, Muslim Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama, non-president, Quran lover, Sharia Law lover………Muslim Obama hates the United States of America, hates our American miltary power, strength and knowledge. We all heard what Obama the Chicago Gang Banger said to Medvedev on the slip of an open microphone after the intereview. Obama is afraid of Russia, not so much Medvedev but Putin……Obama gets sick every time he knows he has to face Putin in a meeting as he knows Putin could rip the skinny little Muslims head right off from his shoulders and hand it to him in a matter of seconds…….Putin is a top trained soldier and KGB Agent, maybe one of the best KGB Agents ever. Putin could cause Obama some big troubles if Obama does not play Putin’s game. HOWEVER THE FACT REMAINS ON THE OPEN MIC WITH OBAMA AND MEDVEDEV…..BARACK ‘HUSSEIN’ OBAMA IS A DEVOUT KILLER MUSLIM AND A SWORN SATANIC LIAR TO ALL PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS OTHER THAN HIS OWN……HIS INTENTIONS……FIRST AND FOREMOST….ARE TO RUIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WITH GEORGE SOROS HELP AND BRING US ALL TO SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM AND THE ISLAMIC FAITH, SHARIA LAW……..THE PRICE FOR WHAT OBAMA WANTS….MAY FORCE OBAMA TO PAY FOR THE LIFE OF ONE SACRIFICIAL PURE WHITE LAMB…..THE LAMB BE BLACK INSTEAD.

    God Bless America, our Troops & Allied Forces…….Ron Mapes, Sr.
    [email protected]


  173. It should come to no surprise that obama would say such a thing. All socialist, communist, marxist and muslims HATE and want our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights (Destroyed) removed from being our supreme law of our land. Americans need to realize there is no country on this earth that supports our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Matter of fact all countries want our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights (Destroyed) removed from being our supreme law of our land.  The truth is we stand alone on this earth. I know you are going to say Israel is with us if that were so then why didn`t they adopted our Constitution and Bill of Rights? 
    For this is what we are fighting freedoms oldest enemy the passion of the few to rule the many that`s what is at steak it`s us or them one must die one must live. Owning a firearm is a pursuit of happiness fulfilled. 

  174. BO wants to be the first dictator of a country that he helped destroy!  Actually he is a radical muslim marxist, who is confused about what actually needs to be done on the issues facing us!  Oh, yes add to that he  is into Satan worship and wants the Jews and Christians annihalated!  Evil, deceiving, lying like his father the Devil!  That is what Communism is all about!  Atheism – No GOD!!

  175. Obama knows he is going to win the election??? That is what is disturbing. I have felt all along that Obama won the last election because of wide spread fraud. Also this DOJ of Obama’s is fighting the states that want identification when people vote. Does’t that send up some big red flags .Acorn is still out there. Only under different names like project vote etc.

  176. John Boehner scares me too. Especially his remark about not making to much out of the remark by Obama to Meddevev  because he said it out of this country??? Really John Boehner?  I think John Boehner needs to go also.



    1. Moderator, I posted a comment thirty minutes before the “I DON’T THINK OBAMA….”COMMENT WHY IS IT NOT ON MY DASHBOARD, SO I CAN EDIT IT?

      1. And my name is Beth not “Guest”, an you have disengaged my deletion system– and the object it references is now OK.

  178. I have been telling my friends that this was blatant treason since I first saw the exchange. Benedict Arnold was hanged for passing information about the West Point defenses. This is exactly the same. Obama should be tried, found guilty and hanged. 

  179. The real question is this: when are We, The People, going to get off our very comfortable behinds and be willing to DO something about this Communisst Imposter who is illegally occupying the highest seat of power in the world. Left un challenged by We, The People, this nightmarish man is going to sieze power, and establish a totalitarian regime wher he will have every ssingle one of us directly under his thumb, and that must not happen.

    America is undergoing a fundamental shift from all the traditions that made her the greatest nation on earth. The drift towards the totalitarian state is very frightening. The thugs employed through the unions and the New Black Panther Party, among others, are the tools of oppression that are already being used to keep us quiet.

    We must put a complete stop to this charade at once,even if it means self sacrifice so that we can preserve all that has been fought ffor during our two hundfrd years and more of history, for future generations.

    The Communist Bear must be put away and be completely discredited once and for all time.

    Therefor, it is vital that we encourage everyone we know wo is of a similar opinion to make sure that they vote agaainst the Democrats in November. We must succeed at all costs, and then we must go after Obama and his supporters with vigour, so that we can make sure that he will never be eligible for any kind of public office in the future.

  180. Most of the democrats I know do not want to discuss anything.  They do not want to have a reason to NOT vote democrat.  How pathetic the people that we have in this country who do not do what is best for our country.  They are voting their pocketbooks and destroying our country and will probably not have a dollar leftover to pay bills.

    I tried to tell them about Agenda 21 and they refuse to want to know….bad stuff dude!

  181. Interesting thought on holding the Senate and Congress individually responsible.  From what is being said these Representatives and Senators have had their lives and the lives of their families threatened if they try to go against this President.  That would not surprise me.

  182. do you know what is interesting about your comment on russian troops on american soil….The Russian Military is over 50% muslim.  Isn’t that interesting.  I will find the site where you can look up all the statistics on muslims in the USA.  Many are good muslims but there are radicals here too.

  183. Border? Hell no…it was TREASON…no doubt about it…wake up people….get your head out of your …..this person now in the house painted white is a fraud…lier  ect ect ect….get outvote it out!

  184. There is a question?  Are you serious?  What we have going for us is that if should become emperor, or whatever, he is fertilizer.

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