Doctor Decapitates Partially-Born Child

A couple is suing two doctors at a Missouri hospital for the wrongful death of their unborn son Kaden. The mother, Arteisha Betts, was cautioned by Dr. Moore that her baby had a large abdomen and would have to be delivered C-section. Ms. Betts went into labor early at 28 weeks, and she was pressured to deliver the baby naturally instead of by C-section because the other doctor, Dr. Webb, apparently refused to perform the operation without trying a vaginal delivery first. CBS St. Louis reported:

During the birth, Kaden’s body allegedly became stuck inside the birth canal due to the size of his abdomen, after the head and one arm had been delivered successfully. When Webb attempted to apply traction to the child’s underarm and head to dislodge him, he allegedly removed Kaden’s head from his body.

As blood was spilling out from Kaden’s neck, the doctor pushed the baby back up the birth canal and called for an emergency C-section. According to the lawsuit, the doctor had attempted to hide the decapitation of the baby by pushing the baby back into the mother.

This is a heartbreaking tragedy. What might be more of a tragedy is the fact that if the mother had ordered a partial-birth abortion, this wouldn’t even be news at all. A couple of careless doctors causing the death of an unborn baby is newsworthy, and the doctors might face charges and settlements, but doctors making livings by murdering unborn babies is too normal to be news.

The laws are inconsistent. A pregnant woman can be injured in a fight, and her unborn baby killed, and the attacker can be charged with fetal homicide, and that would be news.

OB doctors can face medical malpractice lawsuits if they cause any harm to an unborn baby. It’s possible that the 2 Missouri doctors above could lose their licenses because of the baby’s death, and that also would be news.

Last month in Florida, a pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver who hit the woman head on. The drunk driver now faces 2 counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter. One for the mother, and one for the unborn child.

I know this is a lot to ask, but can’t liberals see the inconsistency here? The law seems to recognize the fact that unborn babies are humans and should be protected as such under the law. At the same time, it’s completely inconsistent because if a mother doesn’t want to keep her baby, she simply has to pay a doctor to act as a hitman to kill her child. Then it’s ok. And it’s not just permissible, it’s all but encouraged by our government with the way they propagate the overpopulation myth, fund Planned Parenthood and force employers through Obamacare to have their insurance policies cover abortions.

If liberals are in favor of pressing charges against the Missouri doctors, then to be consistent, they should also be in favor of criminalizing abortion. I know. Asking a liberal to be consistent is asking too much.

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  1. This hypothetical question may seem like a smartass remark, but it’s not: a woman who is ON HER WAY to a clinic to have an abortion is in a car accident. The other driver is clearly at fault for the accident. The unborn baby dies. Is the other driver at fault for fetal homicide?

    1. If the accident is shown to be the most likely cause of the infant’s death. yes. There are other causes for infant death and these should be ruled out first.

  2. That just has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever read! I hope these doctors are gone! Gone to jail for life that is!

  3. It’s impossible to imagine how much this child suffered…and the level of pain the mother felt while this was being done. And now, the parents have to live with the memory of their child having been subjected to such unspeakable horror.

    These incompetent doctors should not only lose their licenses but get long prison terms because this was TOTALLY AVOIDABLE and speaks to their utter lack of judgment and tacit admission of guilt.

    ”I know this is a lot to ask, but can’t liberals see the inconsistency here? The law seems to recognize the fact that unborn babies are humans and should be protected as such under the law. At the same time, it’s completely inconsistent because if a mother doesn’t want to keep her baby, she simply has to pay a doctor to act as a hitman to kill her child.”

    No…they can’t. They cannot admit that the ”contents of conception” is a human being because they would be forced to admit that abortion is the murder of a child and THAT would be a drag on their licentious lifestyles.

  4. What’s the big deal, thousands of babys are being killed daily by the U.S. government, and the ELCA, which is paid for by you and people who donate to that thing they call a church.

  5. Wow this War on women sure sounds like a horror movie for the Unborn instead..But we all know that snooty thirty year olds still in college who want the taxpayers , to pay for their pills and their kills., have no idea what a real war looks like..Ask Malala from Pakistan what a real war on women looks like..

      1. I’ve been fighting this fight for a long time often you get those women , “Would you rather we go back to the days when we use hangers in a back alley? ” It just dawned on me a woman who got herself in the positiion in the first place, and then wants to kill her own flesh and blood with a hanger, might just need to be put in a mental institution..and the thought of there not being any doctors willing to do this makes me jump for joy…since I thought they took an oath first do no harm..What would be wrong with adoption??? Many women at the March for Life Walks regret their abortions and know had they given the child up , they would be able to see for themselves, life was a better decision then death. If God made the masterpiece , telling him no way, can’t be O.K..These women think they create life because they have a womb..I said this before , God came to the World on a donkey in a womb , boy did he know who would reject him next..

  6. I would like to take a minute and thank this “REAL Strong Woman” for all she has done…
    Nellie Gray, President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, passed away over the weekend at the age of 88. Nellie was a native of Big Spring, Texas. She served in World War II in the Women’s Army Corps. Nellie’s education included an undergraduate business degree, a master degree in economics, and ultimately a law degree from Georgetown Law Center. Nellie worked for more than twenty years for the U.S. Government in the Departments of State and Labor. After retiring from her federal career, Nellie played a key role in founding the March for Life in 1974, the peaceful prolife demonstration against abortion held every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. She soon emerged as the leader of the annual event, and as an outspoken, eloquent advocate for the most vulnerable members of our society, the preborn.

    In addition to her heroic work for the March for Life, Nellie will be most remembered for her passionate stance that every life, born and preborn, aged and young, must be cherished and protected. No exception! No compromise!

    Until the very last moment of her life, Nellie pressed for unity in the prolife movement. She firmly believed that not a single preborn life should be sacrificed for any reason, and urged all prolife organizations to adopt the March for Life’s signature statement, the Life Principles, as the guiding light for all participants in the noble cause to which she devoted her life.

    Nellie has been a giant in the pro-life movement. As we approach the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Board of Directors will continue to honor Nellie’s memory by doing everything possible to protect every preborn human person, and to bring to an end the scourge of abortion in the United States.

  7. sad sad sad. and the real culprits can murder their babies in utero and nothing is ever done. God must be weeping buckets over the little souls that are returning to him every day….. God help America. get a president who is not worried about public opinion and will overturn this horrible slaughter of the innocents law..

  8. Promiscuous women both black and white should learn to say NO and not indulge in sex before marriage then we would not have all the horrors and murders by abortion that we now have in America

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