Does Armed Staff Really Save Lives?

While the media continues to focus on the shootings at places like Sandy Hook and Aurora, they seem to forget that they have also taken place in churches during worship services.   They want the public to remember what happened at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech, but they don’t want you to remember what happened at New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2007.

It was a brisk winter morning in Arvada, Colorado when Matthew J. Murray attacked the Youth With a Mission training center.  Murray shot four people, killing two and wounding two others, before fleeing the scene.

He next showed up at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, just as the morning worship services had ended and people were starting to head home.  As Murray arrived armed and fully loaded, he opened fire on a family in the parking lot, killing two teenage children and wounding their father and another woman.  Murray then proceeded into the foyer of the church where he shot and wounded a man.

Still armed with a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns, Murray headed to the sanctuary where a couple hundred people were still gathered.  Hearing the shot in the foyer, Jeanne Assam pulled out her gun and opened fire on Murray, striking him several times.  Realizing he was wounded, Murray turned his handgun on himself and took his own life, ending the shooting spree.

Why was Assam carrying a gun?  She was a former Minneapolis police officer, had a conceal carry permit, a member now of New Life Church and part of the church security staff.  Police and others credit Assam with saving the lives of those people still in the sanctuary.  Had she not been armed and ready, Murray had the capability to have shot another 50 or more people.

Pastor Brady Boyd commented about what happened, saying:

“It did deter it.  One of our voluntary security church members had a firearm and saved at least 50 people. My family had just left the building and I was still in the building when it occurred.”

The liberal media and Democrats don’t want you to remember the heroic efforts of an armed conceal carry church security staff.  They don’t want you to realize that a conceal carry staff member might be capable of saving lives in a school or theater or anywhere else.  They only want you to remember the cases where no one was armed and the kids and theater goers were completely defenseless.

If more people were reminded of what happened the December morning of 2007 at New Life Church, they would logically want their schools to do the same thing.  Jeanne Assam is living proof that armed staff can save lives.

If Obama and his fellow liberals really wanted to make gun control about protecting our innocent children, then they should take what happened at New Life Church and use it to promote placing trained armed security and staff in every school in the nation.  Instead, they go 180 degrees opposite and not only fight against arming school staff, but they also want to disarm the rest of the population.

This presents a good case that their agenda has nothing to do with the safety of our children, but that it has everything to do with their socialistic agenda to disarm America.  They’ll start with assault-style weapons, even though none were used at Sandy Hook and when those are gone, they’ll target the next group of guns, such as handguns.  Blink twice and they’re all gone.

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  1. Liberal minds are easy for the media to control because they never actively seek both sides of a story before making decisions.

    1. they don’t like guns for whatever reason & want them banned so they are careful not to bring up the benefits of gun ownership

      1. …for whatever reason. Are you serious? Their reasoning is clear. You cannot have a marxist system if the people have the means to resist. You MUST disarm them. It is also necessary to get rid of the 2nd Amendment in order to get rid of the 1st Amendment. Can’t have the peasants dissenting, now can we.

        1. obama being a communist is only one reason,hell there are idiots out there that run when they see a gun on a table(I’ve seen it)! there are many others & your reason(the government) is the best & most important.while the communists didn’t exist back then bad governments did & that’s why the 2nd amendment came about.

        2. Don’t be so sure communists didn’t exist. The TERM may not have been around, but the ideas are MUCH older than you think.

        1. I like your solution & would like to add-if they have attempted to or oppressed the people(us)by attempting to pass unconstitutional laws they should be executed,in any case all foreign bank accounts will be returned to the US & given to the American people(unless they are on welfare & they already have our money).

  2. Killers like Murray are not who the government is concerned with. It’s people like Assam; level-headed, armed, and experienced. Safety is the government’s smokescreen. It’s the Assams in this country they are afraid of when they began applying tyranny full-time.

    1. they want to keep the lie going that if you have a gun the bad guys will take it away & use it on you,the gun owner.well here’s how that works.the bad guys(government)will take them away (to save the children & ourselves) then use them on us.take that & shove it piers morgan & rosie odonnell.

  3. The whole point is not to have to shoot people. IF it is well known that a armed guard that knows what to do is there it is a deterrent that they can not just walk in and do what they want to do. They will move to a easier target like the liberal school that refuses to protect.children

    1. Be glad that you’re not in the UK where they baned guns along time ago and now are trying ban kitchen knives and sharp scissors; if they pass that law you’ll have to grind the point of your knives (Chief, Boning, Pairing or other professional type) and of course your scissors.

  4. Praise God for Jeanne Assam being in church that morning! obummer, the liberal media and dummicrats don’t ever want these stories coming to light but, once in a while they slip in and we get to know about them. I don’t remember hearing about this and so I am glad to know of this event. I wish that any place where there are a number of people congregating, including churches , theaters, schools, shopping malls, etc. would take down the “no gun zone” signs, and allow concealed carry and put up big signs that say this place is protected with concealed guns. It seems that shootings don’t happen where there are signs advertising that they have armed personnell. No gun zones are wide open for those deranged, mentally ill, drug dealers etc. people.

  5. Sunday’s sermon contained a story that was intended to demonstrate how compromising with the Devil ends up. It applies to politicians who climb to the top of the marble stairs. The politicians go to government to correct the wrongs. They wind up becoming the perpetrators. Here is the process that converts the politicians, especially the liberal politicians. They start out as do-gooders.

    Hristo Smirnenski (1898-1923), a Bulgarian author, wrote an allegory titled,
    “The Tale of the Stairs”.
    The young man in the story wanted to climb the staircase of power in
    order to set right the terrible injustices he saw in the world. The
    staircase belonged to the devil, and for every three steps the
    well-intentioned man took, he had to exchange something. His hearing
    and eyesight were taken first, and in their places he was given
    altered senses, so that things neither looked nor sounded as they

    “Who are you?” The Devil asked him.
    “I am a plebeian by birth and all ragged folk are my brothers. How terrible
    the world is, how wretched the people are!”
    It was a young man who spoke with head erect and clenched fists. He stood at the foot of
    the Stairs – a high white staircase of rose-flecked marble. He gazed fixedly into the distance where the gray crowds of poverty stirred like the turbid waters of a swollen river. The crowds surged and seethed, raised a forest of thin black arms, thunderous cries of
    wrath and indignation rent the air and the echo faded slowly and solemnly like distant gun-fire. The crowds grew and grew nearer in clouds of yellow dust, single silhouettes showed more distinctly against the gray horizon. An old man approached, bent low to the
    ground as if seeking lost youth. A barefoot little girl clutched his ragged clothes and stared at the high Stairs with mild cornflower-blue eyes. Stared and smiled. Then thin gray figures came all in rags, singing a long-drawn funeral chorus. Someone whistled shrilly, somebody else thrusting his hands in his pockets laughed loud and harshly and insanity blazed in his eyes.
    “I am a plebeian by birth and all ragged folk are my brothers. How terrible
    the world is, how wretched the people are! But you there, you at the top there…”
    It was a young man who spoke with head erect and fists clenched in menace.
    “So you hate those up at the top,” the Devil asked, and slyly leaned forward
    towards the young man. “I shall have my revenge on those nobles and princes. I shall cruelly avenge my brothers – my brothers whose faces are as yellow as sand and who
    groan more bitterly than the blizzards of December. See their naked bleeding bodies, hear their groans! I shall avenge them. Let me go!”
    The Devil smiled: “I am the guardian of those at the top and without a bribe I
    shall not betray them.”
    “I have no gold. I have nothing with which to bribe you… I am poor, a youth in
    rags… But I am willing to give up my life…”
    Again the Devil smiled: “O no, I do not ask as much as that. Just give me
    your hearing.”
    “My hearing? Gladly… May I never hear anything any more, may I…”
    “You still shall hear,” the Devil assured him, and made way for him.
    The young man set off at a run and had taken three steps in one stride when the hairy
    hand of the Devil caught him.
    “That’s enough! Now pause and listen to your brothers groaning below.”
    The young man paused and listened.
    “How strange! Why have they suddenly begun to sing happy songs and to laugh

    Again he set off at a run. Again the Devil stopped him.

    “For you to go three more steps I must have your eyes.”
    The young man made a gesture of despair. “But then I shall be unable to see my
    brothers or those I go to punish.”
    “You still shall see them…” The Devil said. “I will give you different, much better eyes.”
    The young man rose three more steps and looked back.
    “See your brothers’ naked bleeding bodies,” the Devil prompted him.
    “My God, how very strange! When did they manage to don such beautiful clothes? And
    not bleeding wounds but splendid red roses deck their bodies…”

    At very third stair the Devil exacted his little toll. But the young man proceeded,
    willingly giving everything he had in order to reach his goal and to punish the well-fed nobles and princes. Now one step, just one last step remained and he would be at the top. Then indeed he would avenge his brothers.
    “I am a plebeian by birth and all ragged folk…”
    “Young man, one last step still remains. Just one more step and you shall have
    your revenge. But for this last step I always exact a double toll: give me your heart and give me your memory.”
    The young man protested. “My heart? No, that is too cruel!”
    The Devil gave a deep and masterful laugh: “I am not so cruel as you imagine. In
    exchange I will give you a heart of gold and a brand-new memory. But if you refuse me, then you shall never avenge your brothers whose faces are the color of sand and who groan more bitterly than December blizzards.”
    The young man saw irony in the Devil’s green eyes.
    “But there will be nobody then more wretched than I. You are taking away all my
    human nature.”
    “On the contrary, nobody shall be happier than you. Well, do you agree: just
    your heart and memory?”
    The young man pondered, his face clouded over, beads of sweat ran from the furrowed
    brow, in anger he tightened his fists and through clenched teeth said:
    “Very well, then. Take them!”
    …And like a swift summer storm of rage and wrath, his dark locks flying in the wind, he
    crossed the final step. He was now at the very top. And a broad a smile suddenly in his face, his eyes now shone with tranquil joy and his fists relaxed. He looked at the nobles reveling there and looked down to the roaring, cursing, grey ragged crowds below. He gazed, but not a muscle of his face quivered: his face was radiant, happy and content. The crowds he saw below were in holiday attire and their groans were now hymns.
    “Who are you?” the Devil asked in a low sly voice.
    “I am a prince by birth and the gods are my brothers. How beautiful the world is and
    how happy are the people!”

  6. And now another ARMED security person stops a shooting in a Ga. Middle School! Gee, what’s the angle for the mediato exploit? None? Ok hen just ignore it!

  7. There are several incidents where armed staff have pre-empted an attack. Little to no news because a headline of “20 People NOT Killed by ‘Assault Rifle'” just doesn’t sell the papers nor give the necessary mental-masturbation material for anti-gunners like “20 People Killed by ‘Assault Rifle.'”

  8. Gun control really means we surrender to total control of the left. Private gun ownership is the real balance of power. Hang onto your guns & buy more ammo.

  9. The Progressive, another name for a Socialist, hate gun owners (legal) because if everybody was unarmed they’d be in total control. As the old saying goes: “If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have them.” Another saying that everybody should know is “AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARM ONE IS FREE.” Those Progressive hate anything that speaks of Freedom and want nothing more than a nation of slaves, I damn sure ain’t going to be a slave.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) and now a retired USAF TSgt (E-6).


  10. gee i dunno– in the last week there have been 3 incident that I know of that were stopped by a gun carrying citizen and NO mass murders that I have seen about— gosh do you suppose that an armed populace might be a good thing in spite of odumbo’s opposition

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