Don’t Lose Hope Living Under Obama (or Romney)

Conservatives are getting disillusioned. The Republican candidates are not inspiring a majority of voters. The candidates are attacking one another rather than the real target – the Marxist policies of Barack Obama. The one good thing about the wrangling is that it’s making Mitt Romney sound more conservative. He’s taking more conservative positions in order to lure people to his side.

Homosexuals stole the word “gay” and the rainbow, but don’t let Obama steal hope. It’s time to deal with reality.

Newt Gingrich is just not likeable. I’m sorry, but likeability is a big deal in politics, especially when it comes to people who know very little about the issues. Female voters bolted from Gingrich in Florida. That’s a bad sign.

Santorum does not come across as presidential. He may be a nice guy and have a great story, but some of his votes as a Senator and support of Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey in the 2004 Pennsylvania Senate race are huge problems for conservatives.

Ron Paul has a loyal and enthusiastic following. He’s right on most of the issues, more right than the other GOPers are. America is not ready for legalized drugs and a hands-off policy in the Middle East, as much as he may be right on these issues.

So then, where does that leave us? Unless something unpredictable happens, it’s going to be Romney against Obama in November. Here’s the question: Is the “Anybody but Obama” vote enough to defeat America’s first Marxist president? And if Romney is the next president, how much will things really change?

We can never give up or give in. We’ve had some setbacks. The changes we need to see are going to take time. Creeping Marxism has been going on for a long time. There are too many beneficiaries of government, both on the Left and the right. Establishment Republicans want to control the purse strings. Their policies will take longer to bankrupt us.

Four more years of Obama will not spell the end of America. Things may get bad, very bad, but it won’t be the end. There’s a history of destructive regimes that did not result in the end of civilization as we know it.

It’s what we do in the meantime that will make the difference. House and Senate seats are as important as the presidency. Now is the time to prepare. Liberals are already making preparations to defeat a number of TEA Party Republicans in November. What are we doing? We can’t depend on the Republican Establishment to pitch in. It’s up to us.

There’s a new Gallup projection that argues “if President Obama carries only those states where he had a net positive approval rating in 2011 (e.g. Michigan where he is up 48 percent to 44 percent), Obama would lose the 2012 election to the Republican nominee 323 electoral votes to 215.” Sounds encouraging, but don’t depend on it.”

It’s not that I’m dismissing Mark Styn’s After America: Get Ready for Armageddon or Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?  Things look bad, but they’ve been bad before. “Stand your ground,” Lionel Barrymore says as he goes after gangster Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) in Key Largo. I’ll add . . . “and build on it.” We’re working on a “County Government” project. The key to national transformation is from the bottom up. It’s got to start with us, our families, churches, businesses, and local government. Jan Brewer showed us the way. Obama is our president who has limited constitutional powers; he’s not a king.

Get out of debt. Get your kids out of government schools. Save more money. Have more children and vote the bums out. If you’re interested, take a look at my book God and Government: A Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Study.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Hope Living Under Obama (or Romney)

  1. Let me put it this way: the worst Republican is still better than Obama.
    Then again…so is my coffee pot.
    It works when it's supposed to.
    It does the its job well.
    It doesn't try to give me cyanide instead of coffee.
    It has Made In America on its label.

    1. Agree fully with you screeminmeeme. Just pushing to the tope of the comments. Regarding the article, I would say that you do not understand HOW BAD this president is and how destructive his rule has been. Kids don't have the long view that we old farts do. They're looking at things, already, and going, "it's not so bad"; because they have no long term perspective. They've NEVER KNOWN the REAL good times that we've known in our lifetimes. They don't know what it means to have a teacher pull them into the hall and paddle their bottoms. They don't know what it means to have a real preacher of the gospel who WON'T compromise on ANY of the issues; and isn't afraid to speak openly about them.

    2. This is the second half of my comment: They don't know what it's like to have a doctor that actually cares about them and their health and isn't just trying to move them along and get to the next patient so that he can cover his losses to the insurance company. They don't know what it's like to have insurance companies actaully fulfill their promises. They don't know what it's like to be made a promise by an employer for their loyalty and long term service; and have that employer KEEP that/those promises. I could go on but, you have the point. We can't wait again. This occupant needs to go now by impeachment and to hades with the "election". Start the process now. Write your Senators and Congressmen now. MAKE them represent you. They swore to defend the Constitution. They're not even defending your basic rights anymore.


    4. You must have bought it a long time ago for everything you can find now is made in China. This is very disheartening and disappointing!

  2. I cant agree with yhou..I dont like Romney… he is not likeable as much as Newt is nor is he strong enough to beat Obama and if Obama wins again the muslims will be ready to take over..he is brining them in as fast as he can… they coming into Mich by the droves they are going to try to take over with obama help.. this summer will not be apleasant one for any body…Obama is a v ery bad president for the white people and he will do as much damage as he can do…

    1. I have to somewhat agree , Mit , will be just odipstick in white , Newt will definitely be a better choice , maybe to stave off the collapse for a while , but odipstick ?… With in four years , we'll just be Germany in 1940 ! Ron Paul is the ONLY one that has a prayer of "trying" to steer us out of the massive collision that IS seemingly evident .

    2. Here are the issues with ALL of the choices we have. FACT: Romney is a died in the wool liberal RINO. But, he is OUR RINO. FACT: Newt betrayed the trust of his wife. What else are you going to trust this guy with? His finger on "the button"? FACT: Santorum HAS done business with the Devil (Demoncrats) for many years. It is true that you have to sometimes do things you don't like in politics. But, you don't have to do them voluntarily. FACT: Paul comes off as a nut-job by advocating drugs and homosexuals and isolationism at the least opportune moment in our nation's history. I like his economic plans but, that won't win the election alone. Neither will his paulbots. So, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace of Washington. Everywhere else on the planet has gone even further nuts than this place.

      1. True and unfortunately it has been the Black population that have hurt hurt the worst under his administration but you won't hear anything about that! The middle and low income class standard of living has gone down and unemployment the highest it has ever been among Blacks, fact not fiction.

    3. bsfurg: I prefer Gingrich as well because, overall, he has far more experience in dealing with the problems that now exist in our capitol. However, Mr. Demar is correct in his opinion of Gingrich. He is frumpy and doesn't smile much and of course he doesn't come close to Romney in looks. Unfortunately these things do matter to voters as much as substance. Obama is a perfect example of how the people can be taken in even if they are an empty suit with no qualifications whatsoever to run a country and you see the result of it now. Romney has qualifications but not at the level of Gingrich.
      The problem I have with Romney and what people do not seem to see as evidenced by the recent vote in Florida is that Romney is not and will never be a conservative regardless of what you hear coming out of his mouth. He is moderate to liberal and always has been. Even George Soros said there isn't much difference between Obama and Romney. That is a mouthful when a known Socialist says this. I also noticed that wall street is backing Romney ten to one over Gingrich so this tells me it will business as usual with the speculators controlling our economy and this isn't good.
      This isn't over yet and expect Gingrich and Romney to fight it out all the way to the convention. We must ask the question then; who could beat Obama in a debate and this is important, especially for the Independent vote. I think they both could but Gingrich would do a far better job simply because of his knowledge of how government runs and he cans say things in such a way to deliver a knockout punch without hype like Romney does. The other question, which will they be looking at, substance or looks?

    4. Regardless who is the nominee, anybody is better than Obama and everybody ought to vote for who ever it is. If we all stick together we can get Obummer and Moochelle out of our house. Then we can work on whoever gets elected and get this country turned around. At least whoever gets in (if Rep) they can get rid of all of Obmummer muslum czars and get someone that knows something and don't hate america. Wake up folks, we gotta all stick together to get things righted.

  3. bsfurg….I live in Michigan and know well how they are being herded in, and taking over whole communities. But, my point was, I will vote for anyone but Obama.

    I think Romney will use his business skills to help the country. But I wish he were as hard line toward Islam and the muslims as Newt is. Too bad we can't have one guy made up of all four: the dedicated Christian family values of Santorum combined with Paul's drive to eliminate the debt and downsize a large part of the government….mixed with Newt's brainy ideas and hardline…..and Romney's business acumen.

    1. Right this minute, looks like Romney wins. So try this on for size: President Romney – Vice President Gingrich – Secretary of Treasury Paul – Secretary of State Palin – Secretary of Defense West, etc. What a team !

    2. This would be another Ronnie or at least close! This is idealism at it finest and I agree whole heartedly can we do partial or piece meal clones yet!? take a piece from each and put them inot one really good level headed individual. I really feel Paul is the closest but he doesn't stand much of a chance as it is rolling out. On the overall I feel that he or Newt would be the best , while Santorum seems to be a nice guy and likable I think the truly best qualities are in Paul and Newt with Paul being the most straight forward and possibly realistic but tough way to get back on track. While Newt is Hard and capable of doing the Job and he did do an excellant job as Speaker under the Reagan Administration that is provable fact of life, While Paul is absolutely true to his word and his commitments and he does not lie to you or take the Rose colored glasses approach!

    3. screemi – One issue that Romney seems to be firm on (more than the others) is immigration. He's the one advocating the "fence" and "go to the back of the (immigration) line" – perhaps that might include a bunch of those muzzies too. Wouldn't that be great if we could deport a bunch of them, along with the illegal hispanics?

      If we get Romney as the nominee, I would love to see Santorum in as VP. This would be an opportunity for him to get his feet wet and groom him for 2016 or 2020. We've really seen a great bunch of up and coming conservatives and it would be a shame to just have them ride into the sunset. Let's see them in the new President's cabinet.

  4. The sad thing about this article and these comments is that they are bases solely on the anti-Romney propaganda from both the left and others. Romney is NOT the establishment candidate. He is being voted for by PEOPLE not by the Washington insiders. Both Gingrich and Paul have been in Washington with poor results.

    1. The only thing I REALLY like about Romney is that our nation won't be without it's leader when Jesus removes His church from the earth. That means when the whole world is going nuts, our country won't be without some form of leadership. If you care about those that will be left behind, it is a fact to consider. This world is wrapping up. The Bible prophecies of this time are very accurate. We're not to know "the day and the hour" but, we are to know and recognize the "season". It's the season. Pray for the nation and those who will be stuck here.

    2. Romney is George Soros's candidate. He's certainly not mine–he wants to force me into an insurance gambling scheme that violates my religious beliefs, instead of getting Big Insurance out of the way so that, when old and sick, I can find a doctor who will actually work toward keeping me healthy enough to pay him/her. Gingrich had disastrous results, more as an excuse for a human being than as a congressnewt, but what did you not like about Paul's?

      1. Priscilla, do you really believe Soros is so stupid that he does not know that his speaking favorably about any Republican presidential candidate will work against that candidate? Now, it could be that Soros is not interested in politics or that he pays no attention to the news — unlikely, of course, but possible: But, a more likely situation is that he is well informed as to the news and who the Democrats would like to face in November — and that an endorsement from him would be a serious liability for the candidate.

        Get real, Priscilla: We talk all the time about not letting the media or the “republican establish” lead us to the wrong candidate. Surely you do not believe that we should ignore such a blatant effort on the part of somebody like Soros. I don’t pay that much attention to Rove, Krauthhammer, even Rush for that matter; but, there is no way I’m going to be taken in by thinking that Soros let something slip out by mistake.

    3. I wouldn't count on that Mike. The more I read, (which is most of the day) the more the New World Order and Agenda 21 seem to control what is going on throughout the world at the present time. How did O'bummer come from "Obscurity to President" in such a relatively short amount of time? I don't have a "dog in the hunt" other than an overwhelming desire to get rid of O'bummer. My choice was Michelle Bachman. Sorass has stated that he no longer backs O'bummer, and Romney will be Obama-lite if elected. I question if Romney will be able to out-debate O'bummer, Then we have the democratic machine with Acorn, dead people, and Disney characters who will be voting for Obama. I'm just glad that I got to live in America most of my life while it was still free, and the land of opportunity.

  5. we are doomed if obama gets in.that's a fact.he rules like a dictator now.i disagree with GARY DEMAR.if obama gets re-elected,it will be the end of the UNITED STATES.GOD help us.

    1. Well, the United States has already survived the Civil War…and don't you remember how the Republican Congress forced Bill Clinton to function as a neoconservative?

      Many expect the whole world to end during this year, and may be right. Still, it's not over till it's over. If the planet were going to blow up tomorrow, wouldn't you want to spend your last day here doing what you believe is the right thing?

    2. well said now help all of us to get the mind of all conservatives on supporting one good God loving, Constitution loving moral and humble man to the office of President and dump the minions of Obama with him.

  6. There is no hope and never has been in a government which essentially usurped the 17th-century Colonial governments of, by, and for Yahweh and replaced them with governments (federal and state alike) of, by, and for the people. The only hope for our nation is Yahweh the God of the Bible, His son as savior of the remnant, and His morality as codified in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-9). Anything else is sedition against Him!

    In my humble opinion, organizations like American Vision that at least claim to be pronomian are the only organizations today that have the Biblical tools (if they would only use them) to some day provide the fulfillment of this hope (probably not for this or the next generation) but for our future progeny. However, as long as they promote the Constitutional Republic and its unbiblical (futile and hopeless) surrogate means for national salvation, they will never be used for the cause of the Kingdom like they otherwise could. In fact, being that they have been given precious insight others don't possess, they very well might be judged more harshly for their dualism (Luke 12:48). We are right now on another Mt. Carmel – If We The People be god follow them; if Yahweh be God, follow Him! We must stop compromising Yahweh's ways with We the People's (Matthew 12:25).

    1. Pastor Weiland is 100% right on. The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence are like the two Golden calves that Jeroboam set up in Israel. They are idols established on a false interpretation of history that prevent us from serving the God we profess to worship. American Vision is like Israel just prior to the captivity when "They feared the Lord and served their own gods accoring to the custom of the nations…." and "while these nations feared the Lord, they also served their idols…." (II Kings 17:33,41). It is a great tragedy to see an influential group like American Vision serving the gods of the nation, when they profess to fear the true God. Please visit… and for more details.

    2. Ted, I am reluctant to tell people that I know all truth or that it is my way or the highway; and, I appreciate your apparent reliance on God. But, I also have a religious approach to things concerning our country and what I, as a citizen, should try to do about it. And, that is that the very God of Heaven established the Constitution of the United States through the efforts of men whom He raised up for that specific purpose. And, in the absence of any particular knowledge of the precise thing that I should be doing at any given time, I believe the safest and surest way for me to avoid error is in being the best person I know how to be, treating others as I would like to be treated — and in doing all that is reasonably within my power to honor and sustain the Constitution of the United States; because, I truly believe it is God's will for America.

      OH, and, too: I am absolutely certain that, after all is said and done — it shall prevail.

      1. Frank, thank you for your kind response.

        Please consider that because Yahweh's Word and the Constitution are antithetical to each other in some fashion in nearly every article and amendment (see "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at or take our Constitution Survey at… and receive a free 85 page "Primer" of the same) that neither is inspired by Yahweh, or if you accept that Yahweh's Word is inspired, the Constitution cannot be.

  7. I will vote for who I think has the best ideas to fix the country, explains them,
    is the smartest and will get the job done as best he can according to the Constitution.
    None of the candidates fills all my requirements, but I'll vote for the one who I
    think comes closest.
    That's all I can do, plus try to inform others and trust the Almighty to do the rest
    Sirach 10.4
    'Sconsin Patriot
    Walker Backer
    "Our Governor's a Jedi"

    1. You Got that right, and it is a good thing with all the attacks he has been taking, Now he may very well be a good candidate but I guess to late for this go round! But I admire his tenacity and strong approach and never back down attitude. These are Reagan qualities also, Remember Patco and their hard headedness toward the Boss and he flat had to lower the boom on their game plan to shut down the Countries Airports!

  8. The OWS crowd are not a peaceful bunch, and they will not 'Live and Let Live." They are violent and hateful and destructive, and they are Obama's people. They are out to destroy the country and anyone who tries to get in their way. Like it or not, we have a fight on our hands. A major battle for the future of this country for our children and grandchildren, and fight we must. We must stop the creep of Sharia Law spreading in this country, and the scoundrel federal judges who are giving their OK to Sharia, more and more. We must keep supporting conservatives whereever we may find them running for office, and continue to support the Tea Party in every state. Educated young people are easy to convert when they understand that it's THEIR FUTURE we're fighting for. The country will not go down without a fight. This country will not change easily. Too much American blood has been shed for this country to be turned over to Marxists and Communists and Civil War SHOULD ensue. However, I fear our end will come abruptly out of left field in the form of an Iranian nuke we don't expect under a president who is not prepared.

    1. Dusty, I believe you might even be more right than you intend when you say that the OWS crowd are Obama's people. I believe that Obama just happens to be the obvious head of it all right now; but, from the beginning of the Arab Spring stuff I have believed that somebody is pushing for a world in turmoil and Obama has been in it up to his ears, probably chosen by the “Powers to be” as the lead man to get the United States so embroiled in it that there really will be a fight just to hang on to our national sovereignty.

      The idea that the Arab Spring and OWS are two separate movements is an idea too ludicrous for serious consideration in any but the most naive circles. And, if there ever has been a time when the people of our country should be — need to be, united it is now.

      And, just to read the posts on this and similar other sites should be all that is needed to alert us to just how much trouble we are in. Come on folks: Let’s get it together! We‘ve got some real adversaries to square off against without fighting among ourselves.

  9. If ODumbo gets re-elected, there won't BE a USA anymore, it will be a 3rd world sewer-hole Socialist nightmare…

    And all of the wealth will have already left the country because we know that the ignorant socialist plans on using US via our tax money to fund his sickness.

  10. I am losing all hope. I am 62. I have been looking for a job for nine years and barely getting by on odd jobs. That in spite of five degrees, 17 years work experience, being a published author, and having master auto and heavy truck mechanic certification. McDonald's won't even hire me. I have suffered through eight years of Jennifer Granholm's destruction of the Michigan economy, eight years of George W. Bush's destruction of the U.S. economy followed by four years of Barack Obama's destruction of the U.S. economy. I am destitute. I am in real danger of losing everything. I have nothing for retirement. Now RINO governor Dick Snyder if furthering the destruction of Michigan with even more taxes Now it looks like penultimate RINO Mitt Romney may get the presidency. My church (Roman Catholic) has been turned into a silly hippy trendy politically correct thing. Everyone around me is having health problems. I am quickly losing all hope temporal and spiritual.

    1. I'm RIGHT were you are in MI. I got my pink slip two day's after Obuma was sworn in along with 35 other people.

      Cashed in my 401k's to make ends meet (gone at this point), and was completely robbed by Obuma's GM and Chrysler take over union-payoff.

      My house was foreclosed on last week. Obuma SURE has "fundamentally changed" America.

      His campaign slogan for 2012 should be "NO HOPE, spare some CHANGE?

      And NO I do NOT want a hand out. Just a job will do.

      Anyone wondering just what the REST of America will look like after 4 more years under Odumba,..

      JUST look at the ONCE great city of Detroit. COMPLETELY destroyed by the DemocRAT party.

      Coming to YOUR town SOON.

      1. It took both parties to get us to this point. The republicans raised the debt ceiling every time Obama wanted it. Repubs only gave lip service. I'm voting for EXPERIENCE. Some one that Balanced the Budget TWICE and Stopped the spending in it tracks. Someone that is not afraid of his JOB, and will stop the stupid spending by shutting down the government if need be. Someone That Knows how to get things done in Government. I'm not ready to except another EXPERIMENT! Romney is OBAMA LIGHT! McCain and Bob Dole Endorsed Romney??? Two LOSERS backing another LOSER! NEWT GINGRICH for president…He's been there and done that..Balanced the budget Twice!!!

    2. @Gary Mallast: Did any of the subsequent bloggers read Gary's comment? Gary's comment, an excellent comment, spells out the problem exposed in the article, which is an excellent article, by the way. Voters need to come current with what works: Start reading up on Libertarianism and Ron Paul's policies because 'Romney and Gingrich are not solutions.

      1. Yeah. I read Gary's commentary. I disagree with his endorsement of "recreational" drug abuse and policy of national isolationism, which Ron Paul advocates. All the hippies and "Blade Runner is our manifest destiny" types can believe in the guy but it's a pipe-dream inspired by LSD and Meth, mixed with excessive usage of alcohol and cocaine laced blunts.

        How can anyone grounded in a conservative perspective worldview support a candidate like that? Ron Paul should run as a libertarian (third party) candidate. He's no real conservative.

    3. Gary, you sound depressed and have every right to be. I'm sorry you have had such a hard time with your life. I hope you have some family around to take comfort in. These are extraordinarily difficult times we are going through, individually and as a nation. I think Europe's in worse shape than the US. I hear what you're saying about the Catholic Church, as well. I stopped going to church years ago, but I still have a relationship with God. All faithful people do. I will say a prayer for you tonight and hope that there will be better days ahead for you.

      1. Dusty, This is the kind of posting we need to do. Circle our wagons around each other in spirit, the old fashioned American spirit if that is all we can do. I have been down and just a friends arm across my shoulder would seem to lift the load. Gary is not alone. There but, for one or two fortunate breaks could be many of us. We can at least pray for him and for our country: And, I'd like to suggest we see if we can not reign in our rage at least enough not to direct it at each other.

        Just think: Even yesterday or the day before any one of us might have been responding to a different post by Gary and really putting him down just because he does not agree that our chosen candidate is the best choice. I have a favorite candidate and pray every night that if I am wrong, he will not be chosen. But, who ever is chosen we should all pray that God's hand will guide him in the right ways. Our country needs it and the many of our neighbors who are dealing with circumstances not too different from Gary’s need it too.

      2. Jesus calls sinners to repentance individually, (heart by heart as it were.) Yet, we, as believers are called into one body (the body of Christ – the Church) and, are called by Christ to love one another, bear one another and, to forgive one another. You can't keep these commandments of Christ's off in a corner by yourself. Don't like the direction the Church is going – Get involved, and speak the truth in love. (It won't be easy but, Christ did it and, He calls us to follow Him.)

        Be of good cheer, He overcame the world!

    4. i know how you feel.i've been losing hope for the past two years now.i'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through.i really wish things could get better.havent we suffered enough because of our government?and its not just obama and the democrats who've hurt our economy.the GOP establishment,i can tell how much they care.[sarcasm]they talk about possible solutions.but i dont see them do anything to help.
      what confuses me,though,is how your degrees,your work experience,your being a published author,and everything else you have on your resume,how can that keep you from employment?you have accomplished so much and been so successful in everything it really that hard to find employment anymore,even if you have all the basic credentials to get and keep a job?
      i really am sorry to hear what you've gone through.and your church with this new politically correct just saddens me even more.but,please,please dont give up.isnt there caring supportive people you can talk to?friends and family?please dont let what these people have done,cause you to lose hope.dont let them discourage you like that.i know times are painful now.but there has got to be something good that comes out of this for deserve to be rewarded with something wonderful after what you've experienced.i truly hope and pray that something wonderful will come out of this.and that things will turn around some how some a way that you never expected.
      i dont know if i've helped any.but i do sincerely wish nothing but good things for you.and i hope things will turn around very soon.

      1. May God bless your caring and encouraging heart, Michelle. (Michigan is one of the hardest hit states by this economy.) Not an excuse, just a fact.
        It's hard to uproot one's self from home, family, and life long friends but, looking for a better economical situation out-of-state might by the best solution, at least for the short term. I personally would recommend Dallas or Fort Worth Texas, or North Dakota.

  11. I don't like Romney but I will hold my nose and vote for him over Barack Obama anyday. I kinda feel that Romney would do a better job with our economy than Obama but then, most anyone would.

    1. I won't vote for another inexperienced Person! Romney will be crucified by Obama!!! And his BIG money won't help him..Romney will be out spent!!! He that trust in his MONEY will be disappointed!! I'm voting for someone that's been there, and Done that. Balanced the Budget TWICE. Stopped the out of control spending under the Clintons Bu shutting down the Government..AND IT WORKED. To Balance the Budget!!! A lot of Scared of losing their Jobs Rino's Is what most of the Republican Party is Right now. I'll not let them Shove another loser down my kneck. They Picked McCain for us last time. Putting all their money behind him. How did that work out for us??? NEWT GINGRICH/2012

  12. Coudn't disagree with Gary Demar's analysis more. Let's start with the likeability factor. Which of Romney or Gingrich received standing ovations several times at debates (the latter).

    Then there's the women's vote. Gingrich won women by a large percentage in SC. He lost in Fla in large part because he was outspent 5 to 1 and out-advertised 65 to 1 with ads that grossly distorted his record and position and flat out lied about Romney's brand of conservatism that looks an awfully lot like liberalism to anyone who takes the time to look into it.

    Finally, there's nothing to distinguish where Romney stands from where the usurper stands. Many would be asking, "What's the difference?" The only noticeable one so far is that Romney says he doesn't care about the poor and the usurper claims he does. Clever strategic move by Romney.

    1. Flajim; Most of us have heard that not caring about the poor several times, now — the entire statement. I'll agree it provides an opportunity for the dems in the general election, even the republicans still in the primaries. But, you must know by now that most everybody in the country has by now seen the full statement and can see through it's misuse.

      If you like Gingrich, hey, that's fine. I've seen lots of things about him to like. Point out some others for me. It's not very effective to criticize other people being negative if we're doing the same thing. If Newt is the candidate in November, I'll vote for him and I won't be holding my nose either. I might be holding my breath, though, whoever is elected.


    Billionaire financier George Soros thinks that, if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, there will be "little difference" between him and Barack Obama in the White House.

    Soros offered the reassuring news to liberals across Europe during an interview this week in Davos, Switzerland.

    As policymakers from Hong Kong to Canada pressed Greece and its creditors to strike a deal to cut the nation’s debt, Soros pressed in on GOP presidential candidate Romney:

    "Well, look, either you’ll have an extremist conservative, be it Gingrich or Santorum, in which case I think it will make a big difference which of the two comes in," Soros told Reuters in a videotaped interview.

    "If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them."

    1. Oooo, Floyd, I know. It "seems" the fix is in. The Media isn't reporting everything about him so it is up to us to find out the bottom line on all of them; and hopefully, someone will run that we can feel confident in.

    2. floyd you are correct. Except I fear that Gingrich and Santorum are more like the two progressives than not. Only Ron Paul would stick to the constitution and try to undo this mess we are in.

      Sic Semper Tyrannous
      Do not tread on me
      In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principal stand like a rock. – T Jefferson

  14. It's very sad that you, and yours, and others, do not have sufficient objectivity to see the substantial difference between Romney and Obama–or for that matter, between Romney and Gingrich. Romney, if moderate compared with the right-wing loons, is the more conservative of the three. Perhaps there is a hatred you refuse to admit to yourself. Whatever may be the reason(s), you are mostly following the left's subtle playbook. Sad.

    1. And you sound like a liberal: "perhaps there is a hatred you refuse to admit…". Typical liberal tactic. When you can't win on substance, just imply hatred, or racism or whatever you think it takes to try and silence differing opinions. And of the four candidates in the GOP, Romney is the least conservative. It is sad that you don't have sufficient objectivity to tell the difference.

    2. The left, and the establishment GOP WANT Romney to run against Obama. He's the one whose all for the status quo, and, has Big Banking support (in case they need another bail-out.) Win or loose- it'll be business as usual in Washington… (Gotta love earmark laden OMNIBUS spending bills and "continuing resolutions! [Punt].)

  15. I am depressed at the Republican candidates and their I overwhelmingly feel that Obama will win. We are at a precipice and we will go over with this president . As Mark Levin said in Ameritopia their Is a kind of a dry rot inside the government from the progressives, if we don't try to get rid of this now we never will. Very sad!!!

    1. Gmd, let's really examine your feelings on this, Okay? Do you think Obama will win because of that many votes?
      Or, Obama will win due to fraud?

      Late yesterday, the polls look bad for him.

      My Fear? He has "no intentions" of leaving the WH no matter who is voted in. He wll, again, defraud us just like he did in the alst election that "HE DID NOT WIN!"

  16. Define "America". As a "State", no, it will not go away; the rest of the world depends too heavily on "America".

    Defined in other terms, for many of us America is already dead. We have strayed too far from the original plan to return to it's original form. Our freedoms and the security of sound money policy are gone. Our "leaders" have built for themselves, with our cooperation, an elite aristocracy with a uniquely "American" flavor. The "common man" is now a pejorative.

    We have accumulated obligations, in human terms, that as responsible people we can not walk away from. We need to meet those obligations, but find a way to meet them that is fiscally responsible and sustainable. The recent and current administrations have undermined values important to the majority of Americans, privacy, property rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech, a host of others, and created a self-serving colossus that creates more need than it serves.

    If I agree with you, Mr. De Mar, that America will not come to an end it is only because it already has. No matter who wins the election, we are likely to see rebellion of a sort, thankfully, not seen since the 60's. The current administration, especially obama, have done more to radicalize and polarize our populace than any single issue since the State's Rights debates. Foreign nations made clear their "no confidence" position when the world economy continued to decline in the wake of our elevating an "American" form of Marxist to a position of considerable influence over their futures.

    If the America I knew and wish for future generations is resurrected, it will only be because those among us with open minds and a true liberal sense of patriotism find the will and the means to avoid violent revolution.

  17. Romney is a globalist shill, GW (who gave US TSA, Homeland (gestappo), dissappearing citizens, rendition & torture, abolishing posse comitatus/merging police with military) …likes him best. So before blaming Obama, recall who got US on this slippery slope in the first place. Obamanation is bad, but so is NWO techno-fascism. Repuglicans assert the right to make money at everyone else's expense. Careful what you define as "improvement."

  18. Lets see ?? A poverty Pimp against a Multi Millionaire ?? I hope and pray that we have enough Tea Party members to overcome those that have become a consequence of Obuma ? These are desperate times! The separation between Obuma and Romney, and those that have or have not, have increased as a result of Obum's policies.

  19. My vote has great value, to me, and I will never vote for Romney. So I guess I just won't show up, to vote, if its a choice between Obama and Romney. Obama and Romney are the different cows from the same heard.

    1. Not to worry. I'm sure someone will vote for Obama in your, and/or your Grandfather's, name come November. In Chicago style politics, it's by hook or by crook. (Dead people are known to vote too, some more than once, in our presidential elections. Don't forget as well, that the Black Panthers Will be out in force, night stick at the ready, to intimidate non-Black voter's (Obama and his AG gave them the pass to do so.)

  20. Article by Gary DeMar…The Romney shark in the political ocean has thrown DeMar (the author) an inner-tube with little bottles of liberal-aide tied to its sides. Find your writing a flawed look forward. An author so presumptuous to state: Conservatives are under a disillusion. The writer concludes conservatives are not remotely aware of the current circumstances.
    Newt Gingrich not likeable? Florida have the last word?
    We be not impressed.

    1. Hercy..Trump just endorsed Romney! TWO CORPORATE RAIDERS IN LOVE WITH THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER. I am NOT Impressed!!! I will vote for the one that's been there and done it!! Gingrich BALANCED THE BUDGET TWICE. He is not afraid to do what it takes to stop the bleeding of our Tax money, Gingrich will Shut the Government Down if need be!! Newt knows how to get things done in congress. He don't like Republicans or Democrats!! He knows how to shrink GOVERNMENT!!! He will do what it takes, Both, the Elite Republicans and The Democrats are Beating him down, because they want to keep the Status QUO!!! The Democrats are not afraid of Romney, They will out Spend him!!! That's all Romney has is Money. Nothing else!!

  21. Newt isn't likeable and ROMNEY IS??!! I'd rather spend a day with Newt over Romney any day of the week. and I'm not a REAL Newt fan. Mitt is just too much like John Kerry in that weird kind of way and I don't mean his politics

  22. I've always been a strong Republican but I'm about to leave the party, no one running represents me anymore. I won't vote for Romney and sure won't vote for another 4 with Obama. We need a 3rd party. By the time the primaries get to Oregon the election will have already been decided anyway. Loosing hope in the Repubs;-(

  23. I disagree on the analysis that if Obama gets re-elected it will not be the end of America. In my opinion is most definetly will be the end , no more free elcetions, , Obama President for life Everything will be done by "Executive Order".Look what is happening right now, he is doing everything he can to bypass congress. He will make Hugo Javez look like an amateur. We are truly in dangerous times. By all means we must not re-elect this man, he is too dangerous to our freedom.

  24. Lets see here, who's the 'one' that the establishment fears most? The Luciferian groomers have been successful in eliminating Bachman, now we're left w/someone who wants to bring our constitution back for 'our' foundation. Yeah, RP views on sodomit's is very disturbing (might be a tool to get votes) and 'his' stance on reeling back from being a global cop by taking the controls of the global banksters. A vote for Gangrench, Rommy or sanitarium is a vote for the globals and Kenyans plans. Remember, (I believe in supporting Israel but in a Biblical way) the will save Israel, not us, we are dealing w/evil spirits and principality's in very high places, but, 2/3rd's of the Angels did not fall, the Lord & one man (or woman) is the greater army that all the worlds super powers put together, anyone who's a Christian needs to understand the power we have through Jesus Christ our Lord, every Satanic group(s) know this, is it not time Christians read Ephesians and put on the battle armor, let fight the good fight, Jesus already won the battle, soon we'll be Home for good!

    Note; it seems as though the Lord has already gave America over, R Paul can not save us, only if we cry out to the Lord in humbling fear He might but if this is the age endgame not much will help (time is written and alloted) we can do to help because it is the 'time' for Judgment on wicked gentiles and to bring back Israel into Gods Covenant.

    May God Bless
    and may God keep

  25. I don't expect to survive a second term of the Kenyan Fascist. Then again, I don't mind that if I can take a few of his with me. Locked, loaded and ready.

  26. Sorry but I don't think Romney is tough enough. We don't need a mild mannered push over for a President. RINO'S are a dime a dozen.

  27. I will vote Romney over Obama – but like the woman who compares him to her coffee pot – it's true. He is GOP which is no longer the republican party for me but he is better than Obama. That vote though will distress me – Romney can't debate and win over Obama. Don't underestimate him. He is glib and comfortable. He's low on facts about America and especially with Congress and the constitution. Romney is'nt quick enough on his feet. He will still promote his ideas. Newt can debate him on the constitution, anything about Congress, and especially showcase why and how Obama is wrong and America is right. His uncanny recall of facts and figures, his inant intelligence and his long experience in politics will hold him a win to any debate with Obama and Obama will lose. But looks like the money will elect Romney, Romney will debate Obama and lose, and America will die. Yes, I'm depressed.

  28. I want change my principle to vote for romney he want get my vote and if the rest of the ppl want obambo again then run romney and we will have obambo. Stack up on ammo we are going to need it to get our country back

  29. I think that 4 more years of Obama could very well be the end of the US. It is no secret that Obama is playing the marxist playbook all the way. I firmly believe that if re-elected he will look for an excuse to declare martial law in this country. If he can find some legal excuse to do so; then he can legally suspend congress, most of our freedoms and then suspend free elections making him the Last Elected President. This may very well be the future scenerio and he may be able to do it legally. He has to be defeated in 2012.

  30. If Obama can legally declare Martial Law and suspend elections; there is no statute that says he has to give the rights back to the people.

    1. Then we will rise up and take them back. The American soldier will never ever take up arms on the American people. It will NEVER happen!!!!!!!

  31. Obama: Jesus Would Back Higher Taxes
    President Barack Obama linked his economic policies to his Christian faith, saying on Thursday that meeting the nation's challenges requires strong values as much as smart policies.
    Obama, making his third appearance as president at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, used his remarks to justify many of his actions, such as his call for the wealthy to pay more in taxes and his health care overhaul. He said they were not only economically sound but also rooted in his Christian values.

    1. I have yet to hear him say Jesus, or Father or even God, all he says is his christian faith.

      Not the action of a Christian man!

  32. "When I talk about shared responsibility, it's because I genuinely believe that in a time when many folks are struggling and at a time when we have enormous deficits, it's hard for me to ask seniors on a fixed income or young people with student loans or middle-class families who can barely pay the bills to shoulder the burden alone," Obama said.
    "But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus' teaching that, for unto whom much is given, much shall be required," he said…
    i can't believe how far he'll go to get votes..He's not a Christian …he's

    Read more on….

  33. i can't believe how far he'll go to get votes..He's not a Christian …he's muslin… they will lie ,,cheat,,and steal to get what they want..

  34. I am still holding out hope that Santorum may be able to pull it out but even if we end up with one of the progressives we can never, never give up. We need to be working daily on rebuilding a culture (from the ground up) where a good and honest man can get elected to office. We will never have lasting reform until "we the people" have a personal reformation. I say that so long as we the people harbor covetousness in our hearts we will be ruled by thieves.


  35. This conservative will not support or vote for Willard "the father of Obamacare" Romney under any circumstances. I'm through being slapped in my conservative face by the RepublicanParty & the beltway & eastcoast elites that hate conservatives. They take my vote for granted well NO MORE!! IT'S OVER!! I WILL ONLY SUPPORT & VOTE FOR REAL CONSERVATIVES FOR OFFICE!!!

    1. I dont know, I think whoever it is we will have to back them, if not we can bury America, when Obama is reelected because we couldnt pull together, I to hope and pray for a Conservative, but when one stands out from the rest and he is the one picked in the end, I will stand with him, just to get Obama out of office.

  36. I am a Conservative, evangelical, grandmother– a woman– in fact, I am a woman who was deserted by a husband after 20 years of marriage…..and I am voting for Newt. Newt is very likable; I am voting for Newt, but "likability" is not my reason. Newt is competent and knowledgeable; he respects our Constitution and will lead America back to where we need to be. Newt is decisive and is a leader, which many people find threatening; therefore, they "don't like" him. But I do.

    1. Dear Abigail Adams, we may be around the same age, although I am not a grandmother. Being a citizen of Netherlands
      I cannot vote. It is very clear to me that Newt Gingrich would be the best choice for America's next president. Newt is
      indeed intelligent and could become a great leader, if given the chance. What I like about Newt is that he is Modest enough
      to be himself, he does not put on any act. He is a good Speaker and a good Listener. 3 qualities which could turn him into
      a wonderful leader for America and an excellent International partner for Europe. I Wish Newt and his campaign every

  37. Someone help me here. I live in Florida. Mostly a thinking state…. I thought. What is it about good looking men running for office that cause women to drool their brains out and vote for them??? They did it to put Clitton back in after he threw our Nation to Mexico and showed us his lack of morals and ethics. Now they lead the vote for Romney who set up "RomneyCare" in much the same way as NoBamaCare was done. Then he proved his loyalty by assisting and supporting NoBama in other plays that have hurt our country. It seems that our citizens are all about the "surface" rather than substance. I heard mention that M.Rom will be a great President because he dresses so nice and has charisma. I also bet he has designer shorts and tee shirts. What we need is a President that wants our Nation as a whole to survive and prosper. What gives???

  38. I disagree in part with the article. It says the congress is as important as the president. I think congress is more important at this time. Nomobama is not the leader who has screwed us for the past three years. He's a mouthpiece and organizer of voters. Blame Reid and Pelosi. In 2012 we need to bind together behind someone (I don't care who- I don't like anybody very much–Kingston Trio) and get a moderate or conservative president. AND ALSO, pack the congress with our conservative principles (fiscal and cultural) and start the country back to the idea of congress writes and funds and the president expedites.

  39. George Soros has told the people in middle east that Romney would little or no differant than Obama, and he could work with either. 

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