Duck Dynasty Star Says What Millions Think but Are Afraid to Say

Duck Commander Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty, let loose with a shot that’s going to be heard around the gay blogosphere. Or maybe not.

Here’s some of what he said about same-sex sex, as well as adultery and other sins, in GQ magazine as reported on CBS Houston’s website:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” Robertson stated. “I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

We’ll have to wait and see if pressure is put on the Duck Commander to apologize. Will he be forced to “get his mind right” or lose his show? You know the folks at A&E are going to hear from the Gaystopo. The network is in a real dilemma with a hit show with 14 million viewers.

There has already been pressure put on the Duck Dynasty folks to stop praying in Jesus’ name. As far as I know, they have not capitulated.

Here’s some more from the irrepressible Robertson: Phil robertson

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” Robertson told GQ. “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God [1 Cor. 6:9-11]. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Maybe the gay Mafia will keep quiet. The less said about what homosexuality really is, the better it is for them. Public ignorance is bliss. Better that their ideas of homosexuality are episodes of Will and Grace and Modern Family.

Stay tuned. This is going to get interesting.

Note: Robertson said a lot more. I suspect that most people will not read the entire GQ article. Her’s what he said about the remedy for sin and sinners which we are commit and are:

“If you simply put your faith in Jesus coming down in flesh, through a human being, God becoming flesh living on the earth, dying on the cross for the sins of the world, being buried, and being raised from the dead—yours and mine and everybody else’s problems will be solved. And the next time we see you, we will say: ‘You are now a brother. Our brother.’ So then we look at you totally different then,” Robertson said.

517 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Star Says What Millions Think but Are Afraid to Say

        1. For a change, perhaps the blunt truth will begin to set us free.
          A dung diver will not appreciate it, butt on the other hand, they will not
          explain what it is they do, what “turns them on”, and who’s going to
          pay for it when they’re comatose & on life support with e-coli, AIDS,
          hepatitis, or any other number of really bad things. It’s hard to understand why the obamanites destroy so much hamburger & lettuce just because there’s a little trace of fecal material!

          The unanswered question is how “government” can pass laws by statute,
          regulation, order, and color of law arrest to redefine a word used since the
          beginning of time, to a religious covenant to include acts defined as an
          abomination… just to mock and desecrate those religions! To make
          matters worse, government did all of this without defining what
          homosexual marriage is, does, or why… a bit like a permit to drive your car
          across the river – the equipment “ain’t” there. Where’s the FDA & EPA whiffle regulators?? Know what????…government, top down to the PC police are mocking and trashing “…shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
          abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
          peaceably to assemble,…”, and by definition, that includes any organization created or regulated by government (the media “criers” of government news, information, and warnings.)

          We all have the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to use, share, or give away anything we own to anyone we desire. What
          we do in our own domain is nobody else’s business. Like it or not homosexuality is a very bad choice that frequently has very bad consequences. I would think seeing good people die horrible lingering deaths, where there is no way to help them, would eliminate any celebration or advocacy of homosexuality. It’s a curse, like playing Russian roulette! Beware of those who lead you into danger, as in mythology… just to destroy for the hell of it.


        1. Poor Michael suffers from a servere handicap, he’s a card carrying member of the Progressive Coven of Useful Idiots, it’s a symptom of their malady and can’t be helped!

      1. Than, what is truth? Enlighten us, junior.

        You are obviously an atheist, a fudge-packing queer or a Kool-aid drinking libartd useful idiot… probably all three.

      2. You are entitled to your opinion. However, you are NOT entitled to distort the TRUTH. Phil Robertson stated fact. He speaks for millions (billions?) of us. My prayer is that someday your heart will be changed and accept God’s love and redemption or face being separated from Him for Eternity.

    1. I just read on another blog that Phil has been put on “indefinite hiatus” by A&E over the comments he made. I guess A&E cares nothing about freedom of speech, So I will not care about their ad revenue losses.

  1. [email protected] says:

    RIGHT ON, Phil. It is about time the god fearing people speak out about what is right! I will take my woman every time over any guy!
    Keep praying on your show and let the liberals stew over it!

    1. Phil and the boys couldn’t care less if the LGBT boycotts their show or their products. I seriously doubt any of “them” would purchase any of those products any way. Well, maybe they would use the duck calls for purposes “other than intended”, LOL.

      1. You’re probably right about the duck clan not caring about loosing business to gays. That’s not the real risk here, however. The real danger is whether or not the A&E Channel will go nuts with “political correctness” and cancel the show.

        1. Two possibilities there: 1) None of them would care. They have so many different products and outlets for their merchandise, and 2) Some other network would pick up the show.

  2. Sex has two functions.

    Procreation for the continuation of the species.

    Recreation so that there will be procreation.

    and now a third is being put forth as ‘natural’; wreckreational where there is zero opportunity for PROcreation can be achieved….

    Unless you signed on the the theory that reid and pelosi are analbabies.

    I, personally, do not believe that theory, even though… it does answer a lot of questions as to their origins.

    1. Did you think that lameness up? Obama is neither Muslim, gay. You can wish all you want but doesn’t make it so. Show me 1, just 1, picture ever of Obama praying to Mecca. I’m sure you’ll find one when hell freezes over…

      1. You are making assertions that are based on nothing but what you want to believe. Takkiya (spelling?) permits Muslims to not pray and even to drink alcohol if it is to deceive infidels. If Obama is a Manchurian candidate, as many of us suspect, then he has been groomed for this for a long time and photos of him praying will be even scarcer than a believable birth certificate. And furthermore, he went to a Muslim only school, registered there as a Muslim, studied the Koran well beyond the requirements of the syllabus (he was reportedly exceptionally devout in his studies and prayers at that time) and thinks that the call to prayer is the most wonderful sound there is (his own words, filmed). Once a Muslim, always a Muslim, or they sentence you to death. His administration, and Michelle’s office staff (why does she even need one?) is packed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also pours billions (in cash and in weapons) into aid into interests closely allied to the MB and AQ. He spends millions on RUSSIAN helicopters as a gift to Egypt.

        If he’s not gay, then there are (and have been since long before his Ascendancy to his current Exaltedness), a lot of people telling porkers about his trolling Chicago bathhouses and other such stories.

        Whatever the background truth, the crux of the matter is that he is a disastrous President. Everything he touches disintegrates to dust, America is becoming a Marxist disaster zone, following in the footsteps of such role models as Venezuela, Angola and Cuba. Unemployment is in the pits, as is the economy (ignore what the White House says, just look around for yourself at the rising prices, scarcity of employment, static wages and salaries and the number of people on the dole and food stamps.) Health insurances are being cancelled or hiked in price.

        And that would be enough, but then there is the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the scandalous use of the Government shutdown to over penalize school children, veterans and any other soft target, trillions of dollars added to the National Debt and nearly a billion more spent on a single tendered badly designed and even more badly constructed website from a company with a history of failing who just happen to have one of Michelle’s college buddies on the board.

        He ignores Congress, the Constitution and any law that he does not personally like. His so-called Justice Department is renowned for doing exactly the same -hounding people found Not Guilty, and refusing to bring law suits against people whose crime is not seen as a crime through their distorted vision. He packs the judiciary with fellow travelers and encourages racism.

        And don’t get me started on the cost to the taxpayer of his many vacations!

        So, who even cares all that much if he is a Muslim, whether he has a Birth Certificate or is gay? All that, and there is evidence to support it, pales into insignificance at the utter disaster this PoS is, and the sooner we are rid of him the better!

        How the heck anyone can defend him is WAYYYY beyond my belief!

        1. His hang-out in Chi-town was / is called “Man Country”… the regulars were shocked when he ran for the Ill. state Senate.. thinking that with his “proclivities” for older white men would preempt his bid.. .I understand there is even a room called the Oral Office..

      2. Obama is a self admited Muslim! He declared it once during an interview with George Stephenopoulos in 2008 and again during a speech in Ankara, Turkey, to the Turkish Parliment in 2009! These incidents are called Freudian Slips! From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!

  3. Had a good laugh with clown. His ignorance knows no bounds. I guess he forgot that so don’t is practiced by more heterosexuals than gays. But let’s not let facts stand in the way of stupidity. As for adulterers, I guess he didn’t get the memo that the Bible Belt leads the nation in divorces. Maybe he should have a discussion with Newt “I never met an aide I didn’t love” Gingrich. Been divorce 2 twice, had long term affair with his current wife… Etc.. If old Duckman doesn’t want to marry a gay, don’t. If he wants to believe in fantasyland, that’s his right… But maybe his beard is affecting the few brain cells he has…

    1. So you subscribe to the policy of “slander the messenger to avoid the truth he speaks from being heard”? Whatcha got hiding in your closet there, Skippy?

    2. More heterosexuals stick their thing in men’s anuses?
      I Really think you are an upset Heterophobe mikey . . .
      The Russians have it Right . . . don’t let the Heterophobes indoctrinate your youth.
      After ALL . .. . homosexuality is a “Learned Phenom” . . . Masters and Johnson said that back in 89 . . .

    3. You don’t have to be ignorant or even Christian to wonder why one man would want to put his penis in another man’s rectum. Sam Kinison said it best.

    4. More heterosexual guys stick their fingers up men’s a**es than homos?? Maybe you do but I’ve got news for you..any man who does that is NOT heterosexual buddy..that would be your friend Bonney Fwank. You don’t have your facts straight on the bible belt issue either..the Midwest is leading the country for lust and has been for years so stop slinging mud at Newt Mr. Perfect.

    5. God said he will separate the wheat from the chaff. Guess your in the latter. You will never be able to stop truth from being truth. Just because you don’t believe in truth…doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Truth will never change no matter how many of us you insult. I once believed in what you spew…I finally got my brain cells to find out for myself what the truth was. I thought I could find all the crap in the Bible to be false. I said; if you really exist…this @#$%^ God in Heaven….then you had better start showing me who you are and what the @#$%^ you want with me. Something happened to me on that dark, drunken, stoned night and I have never been the same. I also suggest not swearing at Him when you start your conversation with Him. He will show you the truth but you have to want it. I hope you find what I found Michael.

      Anything less isn’t worth it. God Bless you and Keep you safe….and Merry Christmas.

      1. Eileen, thank you for sharing your story in love 😀 Too bad the media and the liberals have painted Christians as the intolerant haters when true Christians all want what you just said – love the sinner, hate the sin and pray for the lost!

    6. no one is saying that we are without sin, there was only one perfect person in this world and that was Jesus Christ, we are not hating people we are loving them enough to tell them the truth, if you continue on the route to sin you will need to repent

    7. Oh oh ! …… Now we get to politicize it . Not another political spinster .
      MSNBC would be proud .
      (Main Supporters of National Bureaucratic Corruption) .

  4. YES, Phil!!! Homo sex is a SIN because God, who created the heavens and the earth said it was! The homos will burn in hell for eternity because of their sin.

    1. Well god created them too under your definition. god created famine, hunger, disease, murder, war… Should I go on? It’s funny how so many wanna be Christians love to cite Leviticus and the sins and abominations but seem to “cherry pick” what they want to preach. It’s the height of hypocrisy. They sure will make any and all excuses why something doesn’t apply to them now..

      1. it is impossible to agree with you because Jehovah is not evil and the hypocrisy is that while God is the creator the devil is the reason for all of the unexplainable turmoil -those that make it to heaven will learn why all of the earthquakes and deaths of the masses occurs and those that go elsewhere will never find out nor care any longer why?

      2. God created man, man sins, sin is in the world, what is your point, Michael? Christians are not claiming to be without sin, they are just calling out sin as sin like all of us need to do. Those that want to “cherry pick” are those that want to justify their sin. The difference between a lifestyle of sin (excusing it) and a person who acknowledges sin as sin and knows it is wrong and does not condone it or live it.

      3. You know nothing..God never created anything that wasn’t good..famine, hunger, disease, murder, war, etc. came from MAN’S sin. BTW..God did create MAN and WOMAN (He gave woman to man..get the picture?) and told them to be fruitful and multiply. From your attitude you will die in your sin..the choice is yours.

      4. No God does not make them that way, they either choose the life style or someoe attacks them as children and turns them into one!

      5. God created all. He loves all. He, being God is bound by natural law. The only ones that can be forgiven for trespass of natural law are those who truly repent of wrong-doing and change. We are here to see if we will obey all of God’s commandments. Gods plan to populate this earth was pro-creation. Gays and same sex marriage defeat his will. All will be resurrected through Jesus’ gift, but the reward is considerably different. We all earn what we receive in the hereafter. Also to a degree we receive some of the rewards and punishments here in this life.

      6. Dear Mike,

        That’s God to you, capital “G”. All of the “bad” things you mentioned are due to The Fall. Those things were created by man turning his back on and not following God. God created the Garden of Eden, which was perfect. Mankind messed everything up, even God’s gift of sex! I’m certain that Christian Patriot will admit that he is a sinner just like all humans. The difference is Christian’s are “born again” because we acknowledge that Jesus paid for all of our sins when He died on the cross. My sins will not be counted against me, because I have repented and humbly accepted the grace bestowed by Jesus Christ. In heaven there will be no famine, hunger, disease, murder, war, etc. Where you’re going…….

      7. Famine, and to lessor degrees hunger, and disease, I’ll give you, but murder and war are choices, just as homosexuality is! There has never been ANY physiological or chemical differences found between the hetrosexual and homosexual humanbeing!

      8. All that is good comes from God, all that is bad comes from Satan whom God kicked out of heaven because of his rebellion against God. Satan’s goal is to kill, steal and destroy. God gave man free will for man to choose to live according to God’s commandments or to serve Satan. A homo has to truly repent of the sin and ask God to forgive him or her and to change their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Go and sin no more.

      9. why are you here ?
        why aren’t you hanging with your “do as thou wilt” sin loving homies ?
        Something deep down inside you is drawing you to your creator Yeshua / Jesus.
        Hope you choose wisely “grasshopper”, time is very short.

      10. Read Romans 1:18-31. There is no mistaking what God says. But we know that one sin is no greater than another….all sin is equal in the eyes of God. We are all sinners. The question is whether you’ve been saved by His grace.

    2. Yes, sin separates us from God. Sex between two men is sin not only because God calls it “an abomination”, it is unnatural and unhealthy both physically AND mentally. God only wants what is best for His creation. Homosexuality is nothing new. Michael Ritter probably never heard of Sodom and Gomorrah. Michael is others like him need our prayers.

  5. The gays attack all who are christian, pro-life and conservatives on a regular basis and nothing is said about these attacks. When a White, Conservative Christian such as Phil Roberson makes a statement which isn’t even close to being mean…the liberal hate mongers begin their diatribe.

    1. Nothing meaner than a lesbian. I know… I’m related to one and she’s as hateful as a hornet’s nest! Those people are just not right and I don’t care who says we have to accept and respect them. I love my dog but I’m not about to lay down with him! Ok… maybe for a snooze… But homos are not right in the head. And there seem to be more and more of them every day! Is it that PC acceptance making people like that? Maybe government is at fault for pushing PC and killing traditions and families.

      1. That is because they are possessed with a demon spirit no wonder they are mean spirited. And when they attack a child the spirits possess the child too!

  6. Speak it Phil!!! I HAVE openly spoken on this subject and lost friends and family, but it is okay. I know what is right and what is wrong.

    1. Hi Tara…I have lost everyone but I still have Christ! What else do I need? Well, I would love it if the people who call themselves Christians would make it perfectly clear that they agree with Phil….he not only knows the truth (like us) but is willing to defend it. We may loose everything and everyone down here but we will be with Phil in Heaven when this “young” world passes away and all things are created new again. I personally can’t wait. God Bless you Tara…will see you on the other side. Your Sister in Christ, Eileen

  7. In the world of pressure fittings and electrical connectors, we use the terms male and female for a reason, and “sames” just don’t fit together no matter how much we might wish them to. As for the inheritance, though, nobody’s going to get in due to lack of sin on their part, but due to redemption and coverage.

      1. Jeff… electrical.. One end of an extension cord has prongs… (the male terminal), the other end of an extension cord has orifices… (the female terminal). Things don’t work unless ya get it right. .

      2. What tsimitpo is saying is that none of us will be saved due to our good works. One “white lie” will send us to hell just as fast as the sin of homosexuality. It is the blood of Christ Jesus alone that justifies us. It is an unfair exchange. The asset of his righteousness credited to my account. The liability of my sin placed upon him. He paid my debt in full on the cross. Then he rose from the dead conquering death, hell, and the grave! My good works, your good works, can’t save anyone. They are polluted with sin. Only the righteousness of Christ is good enough. Place your faith in him alone whether you are a homosexual sinner or a heterosexual sinner. None will be saved apart from Christ.

      3. Dear Jeff,

        No one will inherit the kingdom of heaven based upon a “good life” or lack of sin. Only those who are redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ, which covers our sin, get to go to heaven.
        Basically sodomites and any other sinner, (Which includes all of us!) who is not redeemed through the blood of Jesus the Christ, will go to hell.

      1. I heard they wouldn’t agree to do the show unless the producers acquiesced to show them at prayer, thanking God before every meal.


  8. Good for Phil Robertson. If more Christians would stand up for God’s word, a lot of things could be stopped that are happening. It is the #1 rated show on TV, that should tell everyone something.

  9. I can’t wait to see how A & E handles this… will they fold to the Gaystopo or stand firm? Will money talk or PC pressure prevail… It’ll be interesting!

      1. well take a look at where the money is coming from, the name of this should tell you a lot, Micro Soft Nitwit Broadcast Corp. isn’t that bill gates?

  10. May the Lord continue to bless the Robertsons. If A&E pulls Duck Dynasty they will have taken their one best show away. They have nothing else that I care to watch.

  11. GLAAD, the nation’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization slammed ‘Duck Dynasty’ for the Commander’s ‘vile’ remarks in ‘GQ’. Where I come from, GLAAD is vile. The Duck Commander is a Christian!

    1. Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus is the only cure for homosexuality, drug addiction, or any addiction that enslaves the body and soul of men! Only through the prayer of faith will such men find salvation!

    2. Your statement is incomplete!
      A sodomite can repent and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and adoption into His eternal family. With that done, His Holy Spirit will indwell that person and help him overcome that lustful desire and abstain from that sin. Very quickly those thoughts will become vile and foreign to his new nature.
      Hundreds have done so … our God is not limited to whom we think is salvageable!

  12. I have never watched the show but Mr. Robertson delivered a message worthy of a church pulpit. In He is obviously a man of true humility. Great article.

        1. Christianity and Godliness lies in the heart… not in that which YOU proscribe..You sound bitter and evil…I ask that God have mercy upon you!

  13. Phil has as much right to say what he thinks as anyone else including the gays. If more Americans spoke their minds when they saw something that was wrong, there would probably be less problems in the world. You think the radicals will stop speaking their minds? hardly! Why should you???

  14. At least he brings the subject out of the dark into the light with his plain spoken review of the basic issue concerning homosexuality. Less than 4% of the people in this country are full blown homosexuals, but they have dumped literally hundreds of millions of dollars in obtaining the formal approval of government in legitimizing their perverse lifestyle. Even though the world of men declare homosexuality “an alternate lifestyle”, God’s Word is not made of no affect. The wages of sin is death! You can walk around all day long and tell others that you are normal, that your perverse lifestyle is acceptable, but that does no alter the very laws that God wrote in each and every mans heart! If God, in His wrath, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone, how shall you escape the wrath that He reserved for the devil and his angels? Repent and cast off the spiritual shackles that bind you to this abominable practice!

    1. Jordan – Jesus died for the sins of the world .. for once and for all ..
      that is why God sent him, to bring in a new Covenant with man ..
      because we could not do it ourselves (adhere to the old Covenant) .. we
      all all sinners and will always be, God knew that. So unless you believe
      that Jesus didn’t die for all the sins of the world (and I’ll not call
      Jesus a liar), then sin is not a factor in our salvation. No man will
      ever go to hell because of sin … regarding the homosexuals … I don’t
      care if they make love to monkeys, but I don’t want them stomping in to
      my life or Church telling me that I have to accept their life style as
      normal or acceptable, because I know that is a lie, God’s world tells us
      it is an abomination, and I believe that to be so .. I am fed us with
      these jokers that only want to feel justified in their perverse actions
      and want us to say it’s OK .. If Jesus is alive in your heart, we
      all become better at not sinning and living the way Jesus wants us to
      … it’s an on going change of the heart that takes place through Grace and you nor I have anything to do with it ..

  15. This man is one great American who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. He will not stop praying in Jesus’ name or refute the bible on what sin is just to satisfy the progressive atheists who are in control of so much of this country. I encourage as many people as I can to watch Duck Dynasty.
    And by the way, I also encourage as many people as I can to stop trying to satisfy the atheists and to stand up and say what is right in the eyes of God.

  16. We are all God’s creatures, and will be judged by the Lord when we die. I would not presume to know the mind of God so I refuse to judge. Since God, who is the ultimate good- cannot make a mistake, I am confident that in the end, good will prevail.

    1. he stated that he didn’t judge anyone, but the bible says very definite about gay people, and I am not afraid to say it and yes God will judge those who don’t repent, it is not up to us to do so with the exception to warn those that might not know what the word of God says

    2. He quoted the Bible NOT his own idea. People can live however they choose BUT they have NO right to force me to accept it. AND i have the right to SPEAK out against it the same way they seem to feel they have the right to do so against Christians. NO MORE SILENCE…Live your life they way you want…just don’t SHOVE IT IN MY FACE . I don’t want to see extreme PDA with man & woman anymore than 2 of the same gender. KEEP it private. BTW I am not a church going person…but do believe that rules AND morals keep a society civil. We are losing civility more & more each year.

    3. You don’t have to presume to know the mind of God. He gave it to us in writing and He further tells us we are without excuse if we claim not to know how to behave based on the information He provided us.

  17. No, they are the ones who are wrong! GOD MADE MAN AND WOMAN not man and man! AND as far as I am concerned and a lot of other folks, GOD is the boss! NOT The Gays!!!!!!!! Or the political crew or Obummer!Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  18. I’ve never watched this show, but now my friends, family and I will be giving it our full support. Job well done Phil. The radical, intolerant gays like to intimidate and name call and would love to force acceptance of their sickness on society. Being gay is on the individual, but gay marriage is on society and WE DON’T WANT IT !!! You radical gays are digging yourselves a hole that you are going to be buried in.

  19. Phil Robertson is correct. You can’t mix apples and oranges. Thank God for men and women like him who stand up for what is right!

  20. He is speaking his opinion. He is definitely more devout than I am, but concur with the general sentiment. Sin is sin, no matter how you sugar coat it, and with homosexuals believe ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is a fair better approach, than trying to force a majority to accept and condone a minority’s lifestyle.

  21. “It seems like, to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” Robertson stated. “I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer.”

    Reminds me entirely too much of an old Urdu saying about the configuration of the woman’s vagina, and how if the male member were really designed to no other purpose than filling that yoni, it would have a cross-section like the head of a hatchet.

    Also, there’s the Pashtun proverb about “Women in winter and boys in summer, because in summer, women stink.”

    If we’re gonna get all earthy, ‘n that….

      1. “You are sick!”

        Nope. Just well-read.

        Of course, it also helps to have run the regional VD Clinic for a few years. When one is not only educated in such matters but experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, “conventional” willful stupidity falls by the wayside.

        1. Funny , as statistically , the AIDS epidemic has the highest level of occurrence in the back door community . Enter Rock Hudson , Freddie Mercury et al .

        2. Blather, bilge, bloat, ” the AIDS epidemic,” bluster, blithering, bunkum….

          And the Black Death had its highest levels of occurrence and mortality among the most devoutly believing Christians of the time, didn’t it?

          Something about how cats were the familiars of devil-worshipers, and killing them off was obedience to the will of God, who wanted the rats to proliferate, carrying lots of fleas into human habitations, and with them all those Yersina pestis pathogens.

          Okay, so let’s get down to a discussion of infectious diseases as manifestations of the wrath of the Great Sky Pixie, shall we?

        3. “…why do these blogs always to deteriorate to this type of talk?”

          I’d hazard a reliable guess that it’s a libido dominandi on the part of our “social” pseudoconservatives, exacerbated by their inability to keep their stinkin’ self-righteous mitts off the lives, the liberties, and the property of folks who don’t truckle to ’em.

          Were the basement of hell a neck-deep ocean of liquid excrement in which the damned were condemned to spend eternity trying to keep their heads above the surface, these guys’ idea of heaven would be an eternity running motorboats through that sea of sludge, just to make the people there suffer even more.

          What do you do in confronting evil like theirs, anyway?

          I mean, without quietly hauling them off into the woods with shovels and a few sacks of quick-setting concrete?

        4. “How do you cum up with this fodder?”

          Well, my ability to spell seems primarily to be the result of sixteen years in the Roman Catholic parochial school system.

          My ability to reason lucidly is simply native talent to considerable extent sharpened by four years under the tutelage of the Society of Jesus.

          My clinical knowledge came with the medical degree and some interest in epidemiology and infectious diseases, spurred by advances in diagnostic and therapeutic technology since Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) syndrome first began to manifest back in 1981.

          I was seeing it almost entirely among my intravenous drug-using (IVDU) patient population, both genders, getting the idea early-on that whatever the pathogen was, it had to be predominantly bloodborne. In fact, we began using Hepatitis B serum markers as a surrogate indicator for whatever was stomping these folks’ immune systems.

          Heck, I’m old enough to remember when I lectured my medical students on Kaposi’s sarcoma, telling them: “This is a real zebra. You’ll see this in patients on immunosuppressant drugs associated with solid-organ transplants, but not much else.”

          Jeez, little did I know….

          Oh, you mean how come I’m so much smarter than you?

          I reason. You don’t.

        5. Your like a legend in your own mind eh ? But then again , it would seem your mind is less than healthy . But keep telling yourself how “smart” you are . A piece of paper and a bit of experience doesn’t make ones intelligence , which would be the terminology if you truly were as “smart” as you think you are .
          I’ll bet my IQ is double yours , but keep dreamin’ .

        6. “I’ll bet my IQ is double yours , but keep dreamin’ .”

          Oh? I’d be delighted to take that bet. If your Stanford-Binet score is in accord with your ability to manage simple punctuation, I figure I had you topped when I took my high school entrance exams (which included my first IQ test) at thirteen years of age.

          What is this porcine pretense at arrogance among the egregiously uneducated – like you, putzie – which gives you critters so reliably to flaunt your ignorance whenever confronted by a disputant who’s spent some skull-sweat to make sure that he knows what the hell he’s talking about?

          Surely, you can’t be maintaining some kind of delusions of adequacy on your part, can ya?

        7. Like I said , a legend in your own mind . You really should troll elsewhere though since Godfather Politics is so far beneath you . To continue this is nothing less that futile . Though I was out making things happen on this planet prior to the time the best part of you ran down the old mans leg .
          Sleep tight gayboy .

        8. “You really should troll elsewhere though since Godfather Politics is so far beneath you .”

          Oh, good. You’ve embraced the pure suck of your own rank inferiority. Ergo not even a pretense of pertinence on your part anymore.

          Look, schmucklet, it’s not that this Web site is “beneath” me.

          You are.

          And you’ve figured that out, haven’tcha?

      1. “Take your vile proverbs back to where vile people appreciate them…”

        Ah, yet more “conventional” cement-headedness. How predictable.

        Big news for you, whiner: human beings are what they are, not what your timorous alum-pucker’d prejudices would have them be.

        Facts of life, like it or not.

        1. “No doubt that some are indeed mentally deranged.”

          Well, at least they tend for the most part (“gay pride” schmucks notwithstanding) to keep their noses out of other folks business – unlike religious whackjobs who get all god-besotted and go making political nuisances of themselves.

          Live and let live.

          Or don’t. And suffer the consequences.

      1. “your a evil little allester crowley disciple, aren’t you.”

        Heavens to Betsy, but how does a blatantly illiterate little pimple like you know who Aleister Crowley had been?

        But, no, I’m nobody’s “disciple.” To succumb to such subordination, I’d have to consider such a person’s opinions superior to my own, and I make such concession to nobody, living or dead.

        Unlike religious true believers (you, f’rinstance?), I’ve sworn eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

        But this is all you have to fear from me – and enough, too, in your opinion, eh?

    1. That’s almost hilarious . Maybe the women you hang around with stink . I guess maybe they should try bathing more often .
      It’s also bewildering that you can have a sphincter that doesn’t in the winter .
      OK then Poopie Pecker .

      1. “Maybe the women you hang around with stink.”

        Who might want to “hang around” with one’s GYN patients? Especially the ladies who wind up in county VD clinics?

        Yeah, they “stink” down there. Unavoidable consequences of female physiology, not to mention pathology. Unfamiliar with “feminine hygiene” products? Y’know: Pristine and Feminique and FDS and Janitor in a Drum?

        1. No , I don’t think I might want to hang around those . better you than me . No wonder you advocate being a homo . Did someone hold a gun to your head forcing you into that ?

        2. “No wonder you advocate being a homo.”

          Pish and tush. Who said that? Of course, there are Woody Allen’s words of wisdom:

          I’m not a bisexual. But I’ll admit that it doubles your chances for getting a date on Saturday nights.

  22. It is also excellent that Mr. Robertson used the proper term: Homosexual.

    The Queer Fascists don’t get to appropriate the positive word “gay” for their subtle propaganda in my house, and apparently not at Duck Dynasty either.

  23. A bit of an irony that the vile
    homosexual mob would call someone else’s view on sex “vile”. How much
    more twisted and perverted can a society become? And NO, the majority of
    Americans DO NOT accept their behavior as normal, or decent, or good,
    and even if they did, it would not matter. It is their behavior that is
    “vile” and they have some nerve to try to drag their dark, immoral
    behavior “out of the closet” and force it upon the greater society. We
    need laws, strong laws with teeth and that are enforced, to protect our
    innocent youth. Are you listening lawmakers?

    As for Phil, I don’t necessarily hold him, or the rest of the cast,
    up as the strongest examples of what a Christian really should behave
    like in the public arena. Quite frankly their dialog gets a little too
    racy and raunchy for a “family” show, but I’m glad he’s ticking off the
    perverts, nonetheless!

    1. “As for Phil, I don’t necessarily hold him, or the rest of the cast,
      up as the strongest examples of what a Christian really should behave
      like in the public arena. Quite frankly their dialog gets a little too
      racy and raunchy for a “family” show”
      Are you serious? Duck dynasty is the most moral, family oriented, pro Christian shows ever aired! Have you even watched one episode?

  24. 1 Corinthians 6:9

    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the
    kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor
    idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

    May God Bless Phil Robertson and his family

  25. Well the queers won’t like this at all, but when your right your right. I will bet they will try to discredit this guy like all the others, but they won’t call for them to close his show. The queers are dumb but not that stupid that would turn 14 million people against them in a minute. I wonder how long before one of the gays will write something here and try to discredit this guy, or have they already done so?

  26. Can you even imagine if God created Adam and John, that would have been the end right there, wouldn’t it? The man is right, man and woman means procreation of the species, man and man or woman and woman means the end, I would think. I also don’t believe those that say a boy raised by two men or a girl raised by two women will not have their way of looking at sex affected. I believe this to be utter BS, a young impressionable boy will grow up thinking it is perfectly alright to have sex with another boy because his parents do it, so it must be alright The same goes for a young girl who has two women who sleep together for parents. This is my personal opinion but anyone who has had and raised children will understand how impressionable they are at a young age and they do a lot of their learning by watching their parents.

    1. The homosexuals and lesbians say we are “all the same” and try to pass extra laws to protect their sick behavior. If we are all the same – let’s put 1,000 homosexuals on a isolated island in the south pacific. Then let’s put 1,000 lesbians on another isolated island a long way from the homosexuals. NO ONE GOES TO THE ISLAND. THE ISLANDS ARE SELF-SUPPORTING. Then we go back 100 years later. How many people do you think will be on each island?? How many young people will be there? And these biological deviates want to tell us that they are the same as “straight” sane people. This should be challenged to the fullest extent. Quick trying to force and protect this life style on me and my family!! DO THESE QUEERS KNOW THAT AN “ANUS” IS NOT A BIRTH CANAL?

    2. What of stories we are hearing now of young children, raised by gay couples, who are so confused, as they turn in on themselves in grief and shame? My hubby was raised by a single mom who adopted all his brothers. Despite her best efforts, my hubby still hungered for a father figure. Its natural that parents are male and female. Keep it that way.

      1. You are right and your mother in law sound like a great person for raising him and all his brothers but like you said we all crave when we are younger a male parent but your husband seems to have turned out to be alright, thanks to his mom, who cared. I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

  27. As a Catholic Navy veteran, I have to comment that the new pope is “on board” with the liberals in regard to the gay lifestyle. There have to be accommodations made in regard to advances in psychology. However, the refusal on his part to talk about sin and redemption is very troubling. The “Duck Dynasty” appears to be the only venue in which this complex issue can be discussed. I have a niece whose boyfriend dated Anderson Cooper. Cooper also “dated” his brother who then attempted suicide. This is not an easy issue and is well beyond the ignorant comment of “Who am I to judge”?

      1. The fact that the useless, leftist rag, Time named him their Man of the Year (obviously for their interpretation of his “Pro” Homosexual comments), was rather telling.

        At the very least, Pope Francis needs to clarify his remarks on this subject.

        1. He won’t. As a History graduate of a Midwestern university, the Jesuits “eat their fodder” on ambiguity.

      2. It is already noticeable. His claim is that Americans are victims of their capitalistic ideological society which exploits the poor. He believes that American Catholics need to be reformed.

  28. You know this country has gone down hill fast in the last forty some years. Who’d ever thought we’d have a queer for a president, married to a transvestite, with two adopted daughters. Now that’s a long way down…

  29. In the creation passage (Genesis 2:18), the very first thing God said that was “not good” was that it is not good for man to be alone. Then He presented all the animals to Adam for him to name, but there was nothing found that would be satisfactory. So God created woman as a compliment and a companion for man. This all occurred before the original sin was committed.

    Our rejection of God will cause us to go through eternity without Him. We will, therefore, be sentenced to eternity alone. That is our ultimate choice….

  30. I don’t think the man will go back on what he said. And he is right in my opinion. So don’t let those numb nuts cause you to back down. Sin is as Sin does. God is good.

  31. Stand true to the WHOLE Word of God. Homosexuality is forbidden. But it is much more than a sin; it’s also a symptom of a much-greater problem, and sin: The failure of fathers to be the men that their sons and daughters need. Homosexuality and lesbianism, therefore, are illegitimate efforts to secure a legitimate, God-created need: a father’s love, guidance, discipline, and blessing.
    The best way to confront GLBTQ members is to show love and respect. Invite them to Starbucks, or better yet, a LOCALLY-OWNED coffee bar, buy them their choice of beverage, and just sit down and listen. Even if their tone of voice is indicative of hatred and anger, respond to them with love and compassion. Pray before the meeting. If at all possible, ask two or three other Christians, to pray for you and your guest, at a separate location, while your meeting is going on. They will therefore be in the presence of God, through Jesus Christ (by virtue of your relationship with God, through Jesus), by the power of the Holy Spirit (Who is promised to every believer). No one who comes in contact with God, by this method, can come away unchanged. They may not ask Jesus Christ to do in their hearts what He very much wants to do. But they will not be unchanged.

    1. @jeffnkr…you have given a fine narrative on how to handle being with persons who are leading the homosexual lifestyle (as well as other sinful life choices). I will keep your strategy in mind when it comes to witnessing, sharing, and comforting those who are suffering from such sins as these. Prayer does miracles every day…even if it is quietly implemented via another place. Your perspective is absolute by definition the Christian way, and I thank you for sharing how you handle situations such as these. Now I know what to do about two gay cousins I have, although they are very distant from me, and haven’t seen one since I was 12. I will continue to pray for them both. Its very painful to know they are struggling with this particular sin.

    2. Don’t forget to do what Jesus told us Christians to do — witness the gospel of Christ, which involves redemption from sin and salvation from a literal Hell.

  32. I’m with the Duck. Those who believe their perversions are driven by their DNA are in trouble, and I think it is absurd that the pop culture wants those of us who are skeptical about such “junk science” and therefore we ought to be tolerant of those perversions should rethink what they are saying and promoting. What they are really talking about is not tolerance, but permissiveness and they are doing so in the context of moral relativism. I don’t condemn the sinner, that is not my authority, but I do suggest that if they are concerned about their behavior, they should pray about it and consult a professional. I don’t think psychology or sociology helps much, but from what I have read on these subjects from the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, a priest or pastor can often be most helpful where others have failed.

      1. Jesus said, “Be perfect”. Yet even Christians aren’t perfect. Jesus himself said, “No one is good but God.” How then do Christians remain saved? Because we have the righteousness of a perfect God imputed to us through faith alone. Anyone who thinks salvation is caused or maintained by their good behavior is lost. As lost as a homosexual.

    1. And, STOP engaging in evil. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the bottom line is this:
      No one who participates in homosexuality/lesbianism will enter the Gates Of Heaven. Change your life, or you will inherit HELL! Think not? Wait and see…

      1. Actually, anyone who participates in any sin is worthy of Hell. The good news is that Christ died for sinners so that their sins could be forgiven. Salvation isn’t caused or maintained by good behavior, though salvation will result in behavior that is (sometimes) honoring to God. Not perfect behavior, mind you. John said that anyone who thinks he or she is without sin is lost, and God’s word is not in them. (! John 1:10)

  33. Robertson is obviously a Christian and not afraid to say so, more people should speak up against the counter culture of our nation.

  34. Phil Robertson as got it right, and the right women you can love and cherish you and she can give unto you children. You see I been married 47 years to a lovely lady who has put up with me and given me children and now we have grandchildren, and I could not had any of that if I took a man as my lover. All I ask of the Gay men and women is leave we the straight people alone, and keep to yourself the unholy act in the eyes of God.

  35. I was in the USN for eight years, from 1976 to 1983. Homosexuals who somehow managed to sneak through the pre-induction interviews, and join the fleet made us weaker, not stronger. I was on the USS Independence in VF33, and when we got a new man sent to the squadron, who turned out to be openly gay, he got a blanket party and a less than honorable discharge. The gay sailors who kept it to themselves, didn’t try to hit on ant straight personnel, and got with the program advanced in rank, and were good people, because they were living in a mans environment, run by straight men, and given every chance to excel, if they didn’t wear their sexuality on their sleeve. Now we have a miss-mash of gays, women, dykes, straights and bi sexual types who will eventually bring the new navy to a lower level of readiness. Welcome to the end of things.

    1. It wouldn’t last one season and they know it! It boils down to money.
      The producers of Duck Dynasty may gripe about what Phil said, but they will do it all the way to the bank.

  36. You only need to read all the comments being written below to see just how many of us are NOT offended by Mr. Robertson, and are respectful of his right to have an opinion on the matter of homosexuality. But the people at GLAAD won’t allow people to express themselves anymore; they have to threaten, protest, vilify, insult, label. They learned from others that labels work: publicly denounce people as “anti-gay homophobes” long enough, and most of us just go silent. Because they are a loud, one-issue special interest, they are steamrolling our illustrious legislators everywhere into capitulating to their demands (special hate crimes legislation, gay marriage, breaking down our armed forces, changing medical textbooks, having homosexuality portrayed favorably in schools, you-name-it). Right about now, actually, I’d say we need a lot more Phil Robertsons to save society from further deterioration of the family unit.

  37. Just my thoughts as I posted below —
    Jesus died for the sins of the world .. for once and for all ..
    that is why God sent him, to bring in a new Covenant with man ..
    because we could not do it ourselves (adhere to the old Covenant) .. we
    all all sinners and will always be, God knew that. So unless you believe
    that Jesus didn’t die for all the sins of the world (and I’ll not call
    Jesus a liar), then sin is not a factor in our salvation. No man will
    ever go to hell because of sin … regarding the homosexuals … I don’t
    care if they make love to monkeys, but I don’t want them stomping in to
    my life or Church telling me that I have to accept their life style as
    normal or acceptable, because I know that is a lie, God’s world tells us
    it is an abomination, and I believe that to be so .. I am fed up with
    these jokers that only want to feel justified in their perverse actions
    and want us to say it’s OK .. If Jesus is alive in your heart, we
    all become better at not sinning and living the way Jesus wants us to
    … it’s an on going change of the heart that takes place through Grace and you nor I have anything to do with it ..

    1. Whether sin is or is not a “factor of salvation”, the fact remains — sin is a deterrent to salvation for those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ / The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord — Romans 6:23

      1. Agree Mark — you can’t reject our Lord Jesus and have Salvation through Grace!! The wages of sin is death, there can be no other sacrifice made for sin / you can’t have forgiveness without the shedding of blood .. I don’t think Jesus is going to get on a cross again and shed his blood again ..

  38. I was beginning to fear that all the lemmings and sheeple were too afraid to say it – this man is a hero in my eyes. Lets see how far the latte one and his thugs and minions will go to shut this man up. Great is the pity that we do not have more Pastors, priests, congress men, republicans, democrats, tea party people that will be as outspoken with regard to the truth You have my respect Duck Dynasty

  39. HEAVEN` Knows… Mr Robertson…. I wish he were President, INSTEAD of `What We Have ! Putin, is Building Churches, Banning Gay activity, and buildng a Strong economy, for his people in Russia. Obama is encouraging Illegals, gays, and every type of subersive, and WRECKING the American economy, AS FAST AS HE CAN. Just VISIT `ANY Prison, and try to find `a Republican Convict. SUPRISE ! … They’re ALL DEMOCRATS !

  40. Millions?? I believe there are near 320 million American citizens. Perhaps 2-% of Americans associate themselves as being “homosexual” . There are probably another 40% of the total population of homosexual supporters known as the democrat party. However this 2-5 % has all Americans afraid to speak especially the other 45%+ Americans who consider themselves as Christian and conservative or just plain old “normal”. Why are we all jimmied by these sodomites?

    1. They just want to demand an extreme fringe minority in order to promote against all morality.

      Also, why is your display picture of a young Joseph Stalin?

        1. By having a him looking “charming” and “handsome” at a young age, is your anger?

          Whatever floats your boat.

        2. Actually I just made it all up…. it’s just a picture I thought no one would recognize.. Stalin represents radical transformation to communism. Mao was a Stalinist.

        3. Are you gay? charming? handsome? He was a brute without morals. He was amoral…An animal.
          This charming man as you say is like Obama… He fooled millions…to their own ruin.

        4. No. Of course not. You misinterpreted what I meant.

          That particular picture I mean only in looks, which is deceiving, contrasting that to what he looked like when he was older.

          Of course I know about the purges, GULAG systems, Holodomor, execution of clergy, bombing of churches, and outright terror.

  41. I think we should all support Phil with an order from their store! Money talks and we know the “gay/lesbo/whatever is nasty this week club” will try to tear DD down! Phil is one in a billion, in that he has raised good godly men and built a successful business while doing so! Well done!

  42. Phil for President 2016. The libtards at celebitchy dot com absolutely detest this man for being religious. They worship immoral Hollywood and sodomy. There are far too many people in the country just like that.

  43. Hey, finally someone told the emperor he was naked.. What I want to know is who is putting pressure on them to stop praying in Jesus name. I want to know.

    1. Certainly.

      Above all, the Right needs leadership. Unapologetic, courageous, politically incorrect leadership.

      There is a stunning vacuum at the top of the conservative movement. Tens of millions of good Americans would answer the call of someone who would FINALLY represent their interests and beliefs.

      Sarah Palin could have served as such a galvanizing force. The Communists clearly recognized that. Why do you think she was destroyed?

  44. I agree and say AMEN. You got to love this guy and the family. I’m glad and hope this family never changes. I hope A&E will continue the show because of the whining and crying the gays will do after hearing this.

  45. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; If you are queer stay away from me and, I promise you, I will stay away from you. I consider queers dysfunctional and brain damaged and I consider people who tolerate them as part of the problem. I also believe that if a queer seeks help we should try to provide it.

  46. Phil will lose the show and money before he apologizes for his Biblical belief and faith in Christ.

    Your faith will be tested…if it isn’t, you’re not a threat to Satin.

  47. That a vagina is more attractive to a man than an anus is obvious. It’s time political correctness stopped twisting the truth into incorrectness. Gays will not win acceptance by lying. Heterosexuals may like them as people but they can’t help but be horrified by their sexual practices. The truth is the truth. Lies will just hurt gays down the line. I don’t know why gays feel that we have to approve of their anal intercourse for them to receive validation. Can’t we just accept their humanity rather than their sexuality?

    1. Gays are trying to convince themselves that’s it’s okay to be homosexuals. They want to believe that God made them that way so they are no longer responsible for their choice.
      Mans acceptance of them will never change the mind of God. Very sad situation.

  48. Phil has every right to voice his opinion. The left seems to think they are the only ones that have the right to free speech. Stand your ground Phil.

    1. I don’t see how any heterosexual man could disagree with what he said. That doesn’t mean we have the right to force homosexuals to live according to our beliefs.


  50. the Grace of GOD is not a License to practice any SIN, but the Homosexuals refuse to accept what GOD says about their Evil, Vile lifestyle. Of course they have a reprobate mind that GOD has given them. Keep the Faith Phil and let GOD sort out the Wheat & Tares at the appointed time.

        1. Just saw the news. They should find another station. One that does not try to infringe on freedom of speech. Not having seen the show you don’t know the dynamics. Phil and his brother Si are very close. Don’t be surprised if you hear that Si quits the show when his contract is up or just says the same thing Phil did and gets booted along with him. Without Phil and Si both the show would not be nearly as good and would fall in the ratings.

  51. It’s about time somebody says what most people really feel but won’t say because some little poor sole will be offended.GO DUCK DYNASTY

  52. YOU GO PHIL!!! Say it like ya mean it and you’ll be rewarded with the multitudes who will stand with you – I SURE DO! Bless you and yours brother! Merry Christmas too!

    1. In this Obama’s backwards world, gays not only have confused feelings regarding sexuality, they get worse by demanding apologies from normal people who don’t agree with their perversity. Have we ever demanded their apologies for NOT being normal? That’s what’s offensive!

  53. Amen. Thank you, Phil. Preach it, brother. Again, it’s not about marriage, it’s about silencing Christians and making the Bible hate speech. He never said anything about hating yet I am sure the left will call him a hater. I love the way the left gets to define us. I am so sick of that.

    1. Go on the Duck Dynasty on A&E Facebook site and you’ll get to see all the ugliness and hate-calling. It really demonstrates where the hate is coming from…..anything or anyone that poses an affront to their “anything goes” lifestyle is demonized. We all need to be on that site posting so that A&E can see there are more of us than there are of them. People have been threatening to boycott the other shows and their sponsors if A&E does anything with the show.

      1. We shouldn’t expect anything less from the left because they are the haters…and I truly believe there are more of us. Let’s all stand for Duck Dynasty!!!

  54. Phil has it absolutely right. Why do alleged men and women choose to have sexual relations with the same-sex? Could it be that they are unable to establish relationship with the opposite sex.

      1. I believe that none are born gay at all they say being gay is hard so wtf??? Why just no be gay. Gays are idiots who yearn for fame and use their ” gay $ ” for their own damn use. It is not used to support ” gay parades ” some of it perhaps is. But most likely the majority of the ” gay $ ” is used as ” youve got the kiss that tastes like honney i gotta little beer money” sings Kip Moore. Gays love their beer money. The used the $ donations as means to get drunk. They no dance with gay men at their parties. The gays dance with with their lesbian friends. The gay men then have sex with the lesbain ladies therefore making the ” ungay liars ” and transgender is a word used for making it legal for guys to go into ladies bathrooms so they can rape/harass 8 year olds. Am i correct?

    1. I think in a lot of cases it is. It’s really a tough one to figure out. One thing I never really got is not why a man is in desire of another man (I really try not to think about that), – but why a man would NOT be in desire of a woman. What is it about a woman that they reject?

      When it comes to the sex part (oops, sorry, no pun intended), I suppose that there are those who have the mind set that a warm hole is a warm hole. (sorry to be so graphic) But when it comes to the sharing, loving, caring, supporting, etc., etc. part of the relationship, – why is it that they can’t have this with a woman?

      Why is it that they can’t have a relationship with a person where the parts of the puzzle fit as intended?

  55. No doubt the muff munchers and buttbuddies will get their undies all in a bunch.
    They are perverts, and so are those that support them, period!
    They are already upset that Obamacare does not cover AIDS meds….so be it!

    1. Boy did you nail the perverts. AMEN! Let them do whatever they want. It’s their mouths and what they elect to stuff them with is their business, just don’t call it marriage and just don’t call it normal. They are perverts, pure and simple.

  56. It’s amazing…a real man speaks the truth and the whole world comes unglued. I’ve been saying exactly what Phil said for years. His notoriety helped it get acceptance. How any man could choose another mans anus over a womans vagina has always been beyond my thinking. Just call me normal. I will never be able to understand the male/male concept. And God set it quite straight when he called it an abomination. So when the queers start arguing about how it’s their right, fine. Going to hell is your right too pal. Have at it. I don’t have time to sit in judgement other people. I have my own wagon to pull and seek my eternity. One more thing…if in the beginning God thought queers were acceptable would He not have created Adam and Steve rather than Adam and Eve ? And you have to ask yourself this question…..why did He destroy Sodom and Gomorrah ????

    1. Excellent Eddie. You nailed it perfectly. I would have to believe the good Lord, designed the male form, to function as he planned. We eat, digest,and eventually eliminate the waste. Bingo. The anus does it’s job. Not sure how that part of the male anatomy became sexual.

    1. Someone on the Duck Dynasty on A&E site is demanding that A&E hold Phil “accountable”….for having an opinion! Why is it that people on the Left seem to think they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion and that any differing opinion demands “accountability?” (Rhetorical question……there’s no reasoning with them)

  57. It’s about time. A&E would be stupid to throttle these guys back or even threaten to cancel, because there are a dozen other networks salivating on the sidelines waiting to make an offer if A&E drops them. These guys – and girls – speak to the majority of Americans and any one of them could run for office, speak the truth and slam any rino or candy ass challenger…. LOVE IT

  58. See God commanded letters, Wedding Invitations NOW to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God, the Son of our God and King, in NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH (11-25-13) ( Use freely without restriction. 12-8-13 It is a great tool for God’s quick work. Tell everyone. All who ask can come.

    God has invited ALL people, good and bad, homeless and people of many religions NOW to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven according to Jesus in Matthew 22. We must ASK (pray) to go. Revelation 19, Matthew 22

  59. I agree hundred percent with Phil. I share most of his beliefs especially in his dedication to the betterment of the nation. I can categorically state that Robertson’s are never middle-of-the-road, when we have opinions were not afraid to say them. It’s in the Robertson blood the desire for freedom and liberty runs through our veins. The Robertson clan the second oldest clan name in Scotland. No matter where we are found will stand up and be counted for what’s right and what’s wrong and are never afraid to state their opinions especially when their right.

    However I do have one question and that is why you Robertson man seem to have beards? My oldest son Jesse Robertson, my second son Daniel Robertson, and I myself all have beards and this was prior to the notoriety of the show.

    God bless the Clan Robertson continued to stand up for liberty and freedom and never let the torch go.

  60. I swear to God (oops is that PC?) if any one of the Ducks ran as president in the newly formed Duck Party they would win in a landslide. No Rove goons, no special PACs, no Rino wannabees. Just straight talking straight shooting AMERICANS. The left and Soros would be beserk. No amount of ACORN or Fake ballots could beat the tsnuami. This is what we need. Phil for Prez and Ben Carson for VP. Would that be cool or what?

    1. Unfortunate, the Duck people are honest men. Which means also no graft, therefore no “deep pockets” campaign contributors, nobody trying to buy “access,” and every corruptocrat in the country pulling every dirty trick in the book to prevent them from gaining any traction.

      Heavens, but the DNC’s Audiovisual Club (i.e., the leftie-luzer lamestream media) would be out with their scalping knives before the campaign announcement echoes died, assassinating their character and convincing the obamahumpers to leap up and down and scream imprecations wherever Phil dared to speak.

      And if it looked as if he were gonna win in spite of all that, you can bet he’d meet up with some “lone gunman” who’s got a prominent middle name.

      That’s the way the Boot-On-Your-Neck Party works their racket. You haven’t figured that out yet?

  61. I have gay friends that I continually tell I will not be with in the end. Frickin communist Roosevelt got the ball rolling. The socialists and commies are in full court press mode now that they have a gay, socialist, stoner in the whitehouse. Yeah that Obama is a strong man…he is just not strong enough to break the strings of the self denounced Jew that dangles him. His poor daughters will have to learn of his lying and deceit from history books. They will learn of a father that was the most despicable type of liar. One side of his mouth for his children…the other side for successful Americans which he despises. In the end he will end up at the eternal bbq jerkin’ off big George. God bless you Phil…keep the pot a stirrin’.

  62. Phil says it like it is. I believe we have fallen so far into sin as a nation we can’t see what God says anymore. Most people are into pleasing men instead of pleasing God. I’ll stand with Phil.

  63. I feel like supporting this family and buying a duck call, and I do not even hunt!
    God bless them for standing up for their beliefs!

    1. You know, I was looking for a last minute gift for the hubby. I think I’ll buy a duck call…he doesn’t hunt either, but he might take it up!

    1. And anyone who is trying to defend him on the A&E site…:). Unbelievable. There is no reasoning with some people. And they say that we Christians are full of hate!

  64. The assertion that millions are afraid to express like sentiments is wrong. Many of us say (when the subject comes up) that the act is unnatural and wrong, no matter how much it’s painted. Phil is fortunate that he has an audience to which he can expound and send the homosexuals into convulsions. Give me a soapbox. I’ll tell them in a second. Homosexuals just have no idea how much they are ridiculed by real men and real women. They and muslims are in a battle for the “LaughingStock Award”. I would include liberals but they are actually closet muslims, even if they aren’t aware.

  65. Phil and his honorable family could care less what the homos, media, or anyone else has to say. You can’t intimidate a man that is comfortable in his own skin and firm in his relationship with God!
    Jesus will reward the Duckies!

  66. I would have said it myself and already have!! IT IS THE FREAKING TRUTH!
    It is wrong.

    Their show is doing awesome, I watch it and love it. I love that their family is so close, and can be themselves, they respect their parents and families and they have nothing bad that young kids can’t watch.

    This is still America, and you should be able to speak how you feel and not be ridiculed. WELL, I SAY, GOOD FOR HIM, GET OVER IT HOMOSEXUALS, GET OVER IT NEWS PEOPLE, AND MEGAN KELLY, JUST STOP!

  67. Hi Gary. Great article, good points, well presented briefly and to the point(s) for understanding – the most important thing in writing to communicate.
    We are now officially “neighbors.” I have returned to my heart home – the state that “adopted you.”
    Perhaps we can get together in your city of residence or at my farm home, and I can help you a bit with some of the “typos,” proofreading or editing errors, and awkward wording, e.g., “Her’s is what he said about the remedy for sin and sinners which we are commit and are: ….”
    I am busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger right now through the holidays, but things should settle down for me a bit about mid- to late-January.
    In the meantime best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, or as we say here Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo.

  68. How about a mail or email campaign to counter the Christophobics’ “Gaystopo” tactics? Should we let A&E know we support the truth of Scripture as spoken in Phil’s down home style? Brainwashing on homosexual issues has been in full swing for a decade or more. 1.7% of the population is oppressing the remaining 98.3%.

    Sin is sin. Just don;t hear much about it anymore in our “anything-that-floats-your-boat” America, born in the sexual and drug and “God is dead” revolutions of the 1960s. The seeds were planted. The trees have grown for 50 years. And now we are being ravished by poison fruit.

    Thank God Phil spoke a word for Him and His Word. Opportunities are becoming more limited as sin, lawlessness, violence, perversion, and lies consume our government and country.

      1. But Ron nor Jon are publicly humiliated, denied employment for the act of exercising 1st Amendment rights.. I’ve served so that you may post whatever comment you chose to make,,,, I sacrificed 4 years for your right.. I’d hope that you’d understand and encourage others to do the same without repercussions.. .

        1. Jon.. are you so stupid to not realize that our 1st Amendment Right is a civil liberty?… God help this country… and if the use of GOD in my reply offends… THANK GOD! I hate morons!

        2. You should not say you hate yourself.

          That you understand some civil liberties does not mean you understand them all.

        3. kid.. ya need a lesson on the US Constitution or anything else? Like how to posit a position based upon facts or rationale debate rather than blathering idiotic comments?

        4. I cannot in less than 10 years begin to address the ignorance I see displayed in your comments… I do tutor/advise for $150.00 hr! Ya got the cajoles?

        5. How amazingly Christian of you. To offer to charge for information on nonsense. You should have been a pastor. They enjoy preying on people as well.

          Based on your comments, I would not offer 15 cents a day for your services.

  69. You can kiss my ass before agreeing to the gay life. If gays can have their freedom of their witchy practices they can also have the freedom to enjoy the chains of HELL!!

  70. Headlines are stating that Phil has been suspended indefinately.. My letter is going to A & E, that their network will be subjected to the same terms among me, my family and all I can reach out to.. I guess freedom of speech is only if you “toe-the-line” of the liberal agenda… F’m..

  71. I just sent an email to A&E Television to inform them of my boycott of their programming due to the suspension of Mr; Robertson. I ask that all of you do the same…

  72. I read the things he has said and I agree with him completely. If they (gay people) want to persue this way of life that is fine, just leave me the hell out of it. As far as Mr. Roberson, put him back on the show or A&E can kiss their 14 million viewers good bye. I will not watch this show until he is put back on the air. A&E, did you hear this…..kiss your millions of viewers good bye.

  73. In a bit of an outrage, I penned this without thought nor editing… Here is the addy to send your perspective: [email protected]

    Here’s my text I sent!

    Folks at A & E, I have to question your wisdom or business acumen in that you’d suspend one of the lead characters in your show Duck Dynasty due to him excising his 1st Amendment Right to free speech. I’ve got to question your sanity of caving into the pressures of a very small minority of the United States, a minority that in my belief, have never ever watched the show in discussion. I, as well as everyone on my contact list, which is very extensive, will be bcc’d on this letter. Additionally, I’ll be utilizing the power of the social media giant, Facebook, to state my/our objections to your craven appeasement to a very tiny minority of this country if not even a minis cue minority of your viewers. My goal is to make your network respond to the pressures of those that stand not for the LGBT community, nor those that oppose it but rather those that think that 1st Amendment Right is one of our guiding principals of this country. I hope you and your management team will realize the error of this act and redress your misguided action. Bill McDonald Richmond, Va.

    1. This was very well stated ans I agree whole heartedly. It was high time someone express clearly how incongruous homo-sex is. totally unnatural! PERVERSION is what it used to be known as and it still is. A shame among any people.

  74. So Phil Robertson reinforces his opinions and beliefs to the world thru a GQ article- why is Phil’s opinion any less tolerable than anyone else’s?? Oh, you mean, the opinions of those taking the opposite tack are the right ones? Give it a rest.





    1. I was going to read your post, then started to get a headache. I can stand a LITTLE YELLING here and there, but please don’t shout all the way through your rant – it hurts my eyes!

        1. No, Craig, I’m not too sensitive. In my humble opinion, I’m not sensitive at all. I just don’t understand why you are screaming at me.

          Then I got to thinking, maybe I was being insensitive. Perhaps you don’t realize that when you type in ALL CAPS it is considered, by many, to be shouting or to add emphasis. Or, maybe you had a type of disability that required all cap typing.

          I decided to click on your profile to check out your other posts to see if they are in all caps also. Lo and behold, they were not! As a matter of fact, it seems, at least to me, that you are very aware that all caps means you’re SHOUTING.

          My first post was actually somewhat of an attempt at humor. Sorry if it missed the mark. I will, however, stick to my ORIGINAL POINT, which is; reading in all caps is hard on the eyes for many of us. Besides, not many will read your post as they don’t want to hear a bunch of screaming…

        2. No, Craig, I’m not too sensitive. In my humble opinion, I’m not sensitive at all. I just don’t understand why you are screaming at me.

          Then I got to thinking, maybe I was being insensitive. Perhaps you don’t realize that when you type in ALL CAPS it is considered, by many, to be shouting or to add emphasis. Or, maybe you had a type of disability that required all cap typing.

          I decided to click on your profile to check out your other posts to see if they are in all caps also. Lo and behold, they were not! As a matter of fact, it seems, at least to me, that you are very aware that all caps means you’re SHOUTING.

          My first post was actually somewhat of an attempt at humor. Sorry if it missed the mark. I will, however, stick to my ORIGINAL POINT, which is; reading in all caps is hard on the eyes for many of us. Besides, not many will read your post as they don’t want to hear a bunch of screaming.

  76. The sodomites are highly offended at his rebuke, mild as it was, and with rage like that heaped upon Lot at his mild rebuke and the Levite in Gibeon of Benjamin for scorning their perverted lust, they are calling for his destruction.

  77. Hope the Robertson clan says adios to A&E and takes their Family show to another network. This is the only show i watch on A&E and one of the only things on the boob tube worth spending a bit of time with.

  78. So tired of these hypocrites at A&E. I guess you are only suppose to have one way of thinking. The Gay and Lesbian Way. Well contrary to what they and many others think not all people think their way and more people think Phil’s way. Looks The Gays and Lesbians got famous by making fun and ridiculing themselves. It used to be funny but now it just borders pathetic. So tired of being told their way and the athiests way is the only way to think. If A&E and some of these other channels don’t wisen up people will just quit watching. I do hope that Duck Dynasty will get picked up by another network so we can watch in peace.

  79. He spoke the truth and that’s the last thing perverts want to hear. They want everyone to condone their un-natural behavior. He was right, it defies logic.
    If citizens are afraid to speak their convictions, then America is already conquered by the liberal, communist slime have won.

  80. Mr. Robertson is a true Gentleman the way that God wants Man to be. For those that have not had the upbringing needed to show them why there is a Man and a Woman, they are forgiven for that, but when they understand that what their actions bring to them, they are own their own and will have to be forgiven by God only, after death. God awaits all with open arms and is only ones actions that remove them from God’s open arms. Everyone makes their own choices and many die without changing their decrepit live style. Hell is where some choose to go, not sent by God. You choose your Glory or the Penalty.

  81. I do not think this show should have been canceled because he spoke his beliefs and shared Biblical truth. I also do not think God would want us to be name-calling and saying hateful things about gay people. Jesus stood up for what was right, but he did not call names, speak hatefully, or belittle others for their sin. He ate with sinners, spoke with them, and showed them compassion. The people he was the hardest on were the ones who claimed to be devout followers of God, but were not living that in their hearts. Remember: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Also remember: The greatest commandment is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength.. and the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. And who is my neighbor, you may ask yourself? Maybe it’s the Samaritan, maybe it’s the annoying guy at work, maybe it’s the old lady down the street, maybe it;s even the gay person reading your comments…
    I’m all about supporting the guys who lost their show just by stating what they believe. I am not all about bashing others, calling names, and being hateful. You are not going to win anyone to the Kingdom by doing that.

  82. Agree with Phil Robertson He has free speech. All the Gays and Lesbians have free speech. Agree to disagree. But Gays and Lesgians don’t force your sexual style on others. I have concern for the HIV disease and other sexual diseases being spread by Gays and Lesbians. Also, I have concerns when children live in these families. With their life styles, children may be not taken care of. As they move to multi-relations, are they going to pay and support their children? If you want this life style fine do it, but leave the rest of us alone. Do not ask me to support your life style when, I disagree with it. Friends that I have known with this life style, had more difficulties.

  83. What in the hell is wrong with A&E?

    Do they not understand that Duck Dynasty is a freaking REALITY SHOW?

    It can’t get much more real than Phil speaking of his true (REAL) beliefs. Can it?

    Jumpin’ Jack Flash, I just don’t understand this world anymore…

  84. Were I willie R?.. I’d look into our contract and see if there is a medical condition clause… Such as mental distress.. then the whole cast call in to tend to their ptsd due to the patriarch being assaulted by the PC cops… Then I’d appear on EVERY news/talk show lamenting the corruption of this country and how this latest action by A & E has left them with concerns about the future of this country and that they find it hard to engage in entertainment while they contemplate this issue… A & E’s rating for that slot would drop like a rock and wherever they appeared, would see viewership soar. Then I’d wait for not only an invite back but: 1. Apologize to Phil and co. 2. Apologize to the viewer’s and 3. Tell em to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  85. Free speech and the Left DO NOT mix! I always wondered how a network like A & E had DD on it. They also have The Glades and Longmire, pretty macho shows. They clearly wanna have it both ways. “We’ll take the ad revenue $ from you hayseeds and hicks but don’t you dare offend our queer viewers”. DD should go on a network like Spike and we need to boycott A&E, I know I will.

  86. Freedom of speech is being assaulted here. He was asked a question; he answered. He was not hateful nor mean spirited. Just because someone does not agree with the current “approved” PC opinions is not grounds for losing your job. If I were the rest of the family, I would say if Phil goes, we all go. The family did just fine before A&E, they will do just fine without A&E.

  87. When will God put and end to all this debachary ? No one knows, but him. He did it before and will do it again. Want to take a chance it worn’t happen.??

  88. The jewish owned media proudly supports and promotes the queers not Religion. Phil Robertson has two choices bow again at the alter of conformity, the jewish owned media, or leave. It will be interesting to see if Phi Robertson bows to money meaning man or serves God. He has already bowed to the alter of conformity once, to never again to say Jesus Christ on the show.

      1. They say, who ever they are, the more you have the more you want. However he can tell A&E where they can go even if he didn`t have the millions. We will all know in a short time his answer.

  89. All these claims about 1st amendment rights violations are just plain wrong. The Constitution protects our right to say what we want without repercussions from the government, not from an employer. Phil was not prevented from expressing his views. He did just that. Just as he has the right to do. A&E, also having rights, exercised theirs. There was no foul here.

    The shame of the matter is how Corporate America crumbles when pressured by the political correctness BS pushed by the progressives. Shame on you A&E, grow some balls.

      1. That’s right. He was punished for it by his employer who (or is it whom) has the RIGHT to do so. Hello?… Anyone home?

        In my opinion, A&E did exactly the wrong thing – but that’s their choice. They have their own reasons. Doesn’t matter if we agree with them or not, it’s their business, it’s their right.

        Exercising rights does not grant immunity to consequences.

        1. FF.. until you look at the real numbers: 6 million viewers at it’s peak.. and I’d hazard a guess that 99.999% are not gay and 99% would/will support Phil’s stance. The U.S. has at most, (according to GLADDE) 2% of the population supporting their cause. So.. this network capitulated to a very tiny minority, against a guy stating his belief’s once asked for a MAGAZINE interview… and he’s lost his employment? Their choice is their choice… the results of their choices is something to be seen… and I’ll bet it ain’t going to be pretty for A & E…
          And, I guess my premise can be supported in that the “Stand With Phil Robertson” FB page is garnering 3,000 likes every 5 minutes!

        2. bill, I’m not saying A&E made a smart move, just sayin’ it’s their RIGHT to do what ever dumbass (legal) thing they want to.

          Quite frankly, A&E missed an opportunity to exploit this incident for profit and ratings – but blew it. They could have come out with a statement on how their policy is to support free speech rights, a true steadfast American value, and DO NOT TAKE POSITIONS on the view points expressed by the show’s participants. Duck Dynasty IS a REALITY SHOW after all.

          The best CEO’s, when handed a lemon learn to turn it into lemonade!

        3. Agreed! It therefore becomes incumbant, on those of us who agree with Phil, if not on his position, but on his right to express his opinion, to make very, very sure, that Disney, and A&E, experience those consequances, IN SPADES!

    1. but a&e is a employer that hiers on a none discrimitive base of sex religon or national orgin and is a reality show were hes suposed to talk and be him self and his views a&e new of his religon belefs and should of sermized that the topic would of come up so in that respect you would think there in the wrong

      1. John Allen: If you read the last sentence of my post, you will see that I threw shame on A&E. I’m in agreement with you. My point isn’t whether their action is right or wrong – just that it’s their right.

        Also, (as I’ve posted elsewhere);

        A&E missed an opportunity to exploit this incident for profit and ratings – but blew it. They could have come out with a statement on how their policy is to support free speech rights, a true steadfast American value, and DO NOT TAKE POSITIONS on the view points expressed by the show’s participants. Duck Dynasty IS a REALITY SHOW after all.

  90. Here is some more scripture that condemns homosexuality, which backs up and supports Phil Robertson take on Homosexuality.

    24 Therefore God gave them over1 in the desires of their hearts to impurity, to dishonor2 their bodies among themselves.3 25 They1 exchanged the truth of God for a lie2 and worshiped and served the creation3 rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

    26 For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged the natural sexual relations for unnatural ones,1 27 and likewise the men also abandoned natural relations with women1 and were inflamed in their passions2 for one another. Men3 committed shameless acts with men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.
    28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God,1 God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.2 29 They are filled1 with every kind of unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, malice. They are rife with2 envy, murder, strife, deceit, hostility. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, contrivers of all sorts of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 senseless, covenant-breakers,1 heartless, ruthless. 32 Although they fully know1 God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die,2 they not only do them but also approve of those who practice them.3 (Rom.1:24-32; NET)

    9 I wrote you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people. 10 In no way did I mean the immoral people of this world, or the greedy and swindlers and idolaters, since you would then have to go out of the world. 11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who calls himself a Christian who is sexually immoral, or greedy, or an idolater, or verbally abusive, or a drunkard, or a swindler. Do not even eat with such a person. 12 For what do I have to do with judging those outside? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 But God will judge those outside. Remove the evil person from among you. (1Cor. 5:9-13; NET) NOTE versus 12 and 13; who is suppose to judge members of the church? ARE YOU NOT TO JUDGE THOSE INSIDE THE CHURCH? YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO REMOVE THE EVIL PERSON FROM AMONG YOU.

    9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals, 10 thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the verbally abusive, and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God. 11 Some of you once lived this way. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God (1 Cor. 6:9-11; NET)

    Note: In Rom.1:32 The Apostle Paul tells that these people deserve to die. HEAVY DUTY ; wouldn’t you say?

  91. I think that a lot of the individuals commenting on this article should take a breath and step back for a second to get a better look at things. Sure, this man may have been sharing his right of free speech which is protected by our constitutional amendments, but if that speech is offensive to some people, or to the executives of the network, said executives have the right to cancel the show to keep public opinion and ratings up, thus pleasing the share holders. The Execs have the right to do whatever they please in order to keep their share holders happy.

    Just the same, the homosexual community, wether they are sinners and burning forever in hell, or not, also have the right to free speech. This is just like the free speech that everyone is expressing here in this comment space. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, we can all freely say what we believe, and what a wonderful country we live in that we can do this!

    Robertson may have been fired because of what he said while expressing free speech, but though Constitution protects him and does not allow him to be prosecuted for what he says, it does not protect him from becoming less popular in the eyes of the network shareholders, who are ultimately who hold that decision.

    Now, sometimes someones free speech offends us, and that hurts. For instance, living in California as a Christian, sometimes when people learn about my faith they get hostile, saying things like, “You’re a Christian?! What, did your bigot white-trash family not want you around anymore, or are you out here to tell that I’m going to hell?” That hurts, I never did anything to this person and they already hurt me for just being different. It’s not right. This is the same as being hateful towards homosexuals and the whole LGBT community. These are people we are talking about. Living. Breathing. Hoping. Bleeding. People. Just like you and me, just like you an I get offended when people verbally or physically attack us, so do they. It is exactly the same.

    More than anything, what we need to do is love each other. Is that not our Lords second-highest command. Wasn’t it “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. And love your neighbor as yourself.”? Love your neighbor as yourself, he said.

    I don’t know about you, but I do not take part in any attacks (verbally or physically) to those who think, look, or believe differently than me because I, myself, do not very much enjoy being attacked for they way I think, or the way I look, or the things I believe in. I urge you all to do likewise.

    God bless.

    1. They drop the show and you can bet their ratings will go way down. It is funny how gays always want everybody to respect and be tolerant of them and allow them to say what ever they like, but on the other hand gays don’t allow those in opposition to say what they want to say without being criticized and called haters, etc.

      1. “When everyone insists they are right, no one get’s along.” I know exactly what you mean, and it really is the worst. A lot of people are hypocritical in that regard. As a Christian though, I strive to not fall in that trap. I want everyone to respect each other and be tolerant of what other people do (as long as it’s not hurting anyone) so, I think we should try to lead by example and have ourselves be respectful and tolerant.

    2. BN.. No.. you’ve missed the boat completely…. I’ll garner that 99% of DD’s viewership stand 100% behind the comments Phil made… It’s the rabid < 2% of the Gaystopo that are trying to punish someone for espousing their beliefs. Well.. this is one of the viewers that will do ALL in MY POWER to see that a tiny minority don't force their belief system on me nor allow someone to state their beliefs in a magazine… Wake up man.. this is yet another attack on Christian and Conservative values.

      1. They’re really not so much of a tiny minority anymore, and even if they still are, their supporters are also growing in number. The world is definitely getting smaller. And Gaystopo really isn’t a very nice thing to say, I don’t think.

        1. BN… by the numbers promoted by the GayLife group, 1.7% of the US population are gay. That’s what I call a tiny minority.. Don’t you?

        2. And Gaystopo? I think it’s most appropriate. I’d like to see ONE complaint received by A & E from a VIEWER about an article posted involving Phil R. Not going to happen…. What did happen is that a gay person read the GQ article and went into a tissy… And rallied the troops to make a stink. Utilizing Gestapo methods.

    3. You make some excellent points about the Constitution and A&E’s rights and motives. I agree with you entirely in that regard. I’d rather pass on the lecture about miss-treating homosexuals, however.

      There were no attacks made on them. Phil was simply talking about HIS beliefs and what HE would or would not do.

      Quite frankly, A&E missed an opportunity to exploit this incident for profit and ratings – but blew it. They could have come out with a statement on how their policy is to support free speech rights, a true steadfast American value, and DO NOT TAKE POSITIONS on the view points expressed by the show’s participants. Duck Dynasty IS a REALITY SHOW after all. The best CEO’s, when handed a lemon learn to turn it into lemonade!

      You’re right, it is great to be able to say what we want in this wonderful country. God bless YOU.

      1. I believe we are on the same page good sir! It’s lovely to see that.

        And the attacks I was referring to were just in general to some of the commenters engaged in these comment-section discussions. A lot of it is hateful and not accepting and I never felt that was right.

    4. Exactly what part of what Phil said, NOT true? The U.S. is becoming Sodom And Gomorrah.
      And the whole country WILL BE DEALT WITH. We will ALL pay for their sins.

        1. I believe he said that if you just morph out from homosexual behavior it could lead to other behavior, that is not desireable in my opinion. (morph, verb)…change or cause to change smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps. I would guess like stealing women’s underwear or peeping tom, I believe will lead to rape. Maybe not always but the mind is already going in that direction and the rush need to be greater and greater.
          I agree with Phil and I’m not a politically correct follower.

        2. He is an admitted adulterer. If you just morph out from adulterous behavior it can lead to child pornography and I believe will lead to raping school children. The mind is already going in that direction. Small gradual steps.

        3. I was molested as a 12 yr old by a married man who was a school teacher. He was neither divorced nor was he a adulterer. I know for a fact he would have raped me had I not been smart enough to keep hiim at a distance. He was a close family friend of my parents. That is my experience and not a good one.

        4. I’m sorry that happened to you. He was an adulterer. You may not have known who else he had done that to, but he was certainly not faithful to his wife.

    5. If I am disgusted with what you declare you are practising, it does not mean that I “hate” you. No one is persecuting homosexuals, only what they choose to do and call it “sex”.

  92. I’ll fight for Phil & his family all day. He’s real!!! this is a reality show get over it, nobody wants to see abunch of fags on tv just like they talk trash on hillbillys & don’t wanna see them all day on tv.

    I’d rather see real hard working Americans on TV then abunch of same sex parents trying to raise children in an unacceptable way.

  93. When are these gay blades going to learn that there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that grants them the right to not be offended! I’m sure your gay parades offend lots of people, so should we ban all gay parades.

  94. I don’t know what Duck Dynasty is or what it’s about, but I’ve become a fan of Phil Robertson. I only hope he doesn’t apologize to these faggots and the left wing goons who are allied with them.

  95. He’s right, really just because you have a certain set of chromosomes doesn’t make you a real man. So for a man, a real man, he is right. It might be a bit vulgar the way it was said to some, but facts are facts.

  96. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Indecision in battle will get you killed. I prefer to follow my Commander’s instructions. One man and one woman.

  97. I just heard on Fox News that Phil Robertson was suspended from the Duck Dynasty show because his views do not reflect the views or opinions of A&E in regards to the Gay and Lesbian community. It is a sad day in America when you cannot express your Christian opinion without being ridiculed and punished. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise with what is going on with the NSA and the Presidency. America no longer has FREE SPEECH! It is a very sad day indeed.

  98. The Duck commander is correct. More interesting is Saudi Arabia is attempting to develop a blood test to keep Gays out of their country. If they are successful, the LBGTQ community is pro choice, and if being homosexual is genetic, it would then be possible to abort an entire segment of society.
    The idea of aborting a segment of society actually came from Rush Limbaugh several years ago in response to genetic testing, this was one of those tongue in cheek things Rush does once in while that only a listener of Rush seems to get. And you never know some time in the future Planned Parenthood may want to expand their gruesome business.
    I also added the Q to LBGT like a LBGT group did in California, which is for queer, which I thought was self evident.

    1. The Q is absolutely correct. Queer is the original term for abnormal sexual activities and persons. Dictionary definition: ‘differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal’. Good luck to the Saudis.

  99. I bet A & E won’t cancel the show – it is a money maker for them and that is their priority. This guy has a right to his opinion – but the LEFT and the GAYSTAPO will censor that.

  100. Phil speaks the truth about 80% AMERICAN feel this way don’t step on there toes or we speak out on mistreatment these people are trying to turn the USA into a Bunch of PANSY A–SS look at the Hollywood Bunch how many of them are HOMO

  101. He should have advocated for killing a live baby with forceps and a catheter or maybe a poison needle to the heart or allowing a slow death by starvation; then he’d be in Odumbatland and perfectly okay; a non-story.


  103. He told it like it is! These are sodomites, queer living people, confused and fuzzy in their interpretation of life, disconnected from reality, mostly schitzophrenic group of people who wander the realms of humanity, existing in a netherworld of childlike “look at me” “listen to me” behavior! They are confused about most everything, particularly their sexuality, and are not to be listened to or trusted,or used in important positions as they are easily persuaded, easily compromised, and not deliberate people at all! They are only sodomites, A@E is so PC they are sick! There will never be a queer dynasty! Just more abomination!

  104. He said what he believes and I congratulate him on having the gonads to say what he believes. Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord and he (like I do) believe what the Bible says. I hope that he stays on “Duck Dynasty” but if he doesnt its only A&Es loss. Phil is more of a leader and a person to emulate than our fearless leader, Blobama. God Bless you Phil for saying what you believe.

    1. He needs to stick to his beliefs. They asked him and he told them.

      I wonder if they would ask Bill Clinton or “it’s not my fault Obama” a question like that?

    1. you are exactly right!!!!!It is filthy,and disgusting, nasty and totally unnatural!!!! I don’t want one of these filthy scum to breath on me!!!!!

  105. Since the Duck Commander has been indefinitely suspended for these remarks, I sent emails in protest to the following addressees: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. Note that A&E is owned by Disney, ABC, & Hearst. Content: Your organization has discriminated against the
    Duck Commander (Duck Dynasty) on the basis of his stated religious beliefs.
    This is unfair, improper and scurrilous. If he were a Muslim speaking out in
    favor of pedophilia (under Sharia Law, Muslim men can marry little girls as
    young as age 3 and keep young boys as sex slaves) you wouldn’t dare touch him
    with a 10 foot pole. Fairness and equity is what he deserves. Reinstate him
    NOW!!! Until he is reinstated, A&E Networks, Disney & Hearst are all
    off my TV & reading cycles.

  106. I think I will order a Duck Commander duck call to keep on hand in case a rainbow rally comes along around here. Quack quack!!!!!!

  107. To all the homosexual haters of Christians: Take note well that he didn’t disparage the homosexual- he expressed his views on the act of homosexuality, which was the reason behind the destruction of the plains where lied Sodom and Gomorrah. He even went so far as to say their acceptance of Christ would make them his (spiritual) brother. The bible states that the only unforgivable sin is the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit. Even homosexuals can find forgiveness through Jesus Christ, just like all the rest of us sinners…

  108. When liberals try to shut down Christmas, Mr. R., or “under God” from the pledge it’s free expression. When we mention something from Judeo-Christian beliefs, it’s the liberals’ first move to can the First amendment. AND…they get away with it. 20 MILLION conservatives and moderates didn’t vote last time. How’s that working for you?

    1. Exactly! Obama is still actively working to deminish America, largely due to Petulant Idealists (Paulites), Religious Bigots, and Immature Apathetic Morons!
      “The Tyranny of a Prince in an Oligarchy is not so dangerous to the Public Welfare as the Apathy of a Citizen in a Democracy” Charles de Montesquieu
      “The price of Apathy towards Public Affairs is to be ruled by Evil Men” Plato
      ” If a Nation expects to be IGNORANT and FREE, in a state of Civilization, it expects what never was, and never will be!” Thomas Jefferson

  109. This might be the very statement said by Phil to open eyes to God and what is right and wrong.
    Sadly the youth are not being taught much by their parents and any church and they don’t know where to turn for truth. Some have never entered a church. What compass to they even have for right and wrong?. Its a sad day in America, as Phil would say. The Robertsons are a light for the nation, and it is obvious the Lord set this up. No. 1…..all time. Its just a lite hearted family friendly funny show….but what? It is spreading the word of JESUS. Thank you JESUS?

  110. Gaystapo
    is the correct term. They are commieonazis. You can’t have an opinion of your
    own that doesn’t agree with them or else they try to shut you up and/or smear
    your name. In my opinion queer is the correct term because queer means strange
    or unusual or not normal. That is what there behavior is. Gay means happy or
    care free. That is not what their behavior is. They have every right to have
    their opinions and their behaviors up to the point of interfering with other
    people’s beliefs and behaviors. However, they want to force their beliefs on
    other people, and that is not right. The Duck Dynasty stars have every right to
    maintain their beliefs and opinions and to express them. That is one right acknowledged by
    the First Amendment of our Constitution, but the gaystapo wants to take that
    away from people who happen to disagree with them, and that is wrong. I hope
    that all the Duck Dynasty stars quit.

  111. It seems to me that we shouldn’t listen to morals from a drunk and an adulterer. Adultery is a bigger sin than homosexuality. I mean come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical. Start with adulterous behavior, then just morph out from there. Beastiality, Pedophilia…. Don’t kid yourself, adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of god. But that’s just me.

    1. Personally, I like to mind my own damn business. But it really pisses me off when people try to tell other people how to live. Go ahead and do your own thing, and leave me the hell alone. Everyone’s day of reckoning comes, in one way or another.

        1. yes-he is great just like her-this world needs less queers and more folks like these fine Dixie land rebels

    2. ^ wow- finally- someone comes along who is just perfect!!! Never done anything wrong in your life Carljr? I am willing to bet you have. And I am even more willing to bet you never owned your mistakes like Phil seems to. It sounds to me like you are saying that labeling someone is ignorant. Which would make you ignorant. Go preach “tolerance” somewhere else.

      1. If Robinson lived his life the way he preaches about in the first place, he wouldn’t have to be “born again”. (which doesn’t really save you)

        1. I guess I am not following…. he isn’t saying he was recently re-born. He is saying he made some mistakes at some point in his life, morally incorrect things, but he was able to work on himself and change the things he didn’t believe in. Which is better than 90% of people who don’t ever see themselves in the mirror. It seems as though no one wants to admit anything is their own fault anymore..

    3. furthermore a statement from the horses mouth: I myself am a product of the 60s; I centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” ~Phil Robertson

      1. He says “I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.” in his response statement from getting fired for comparing LGBT people to drunken, thieving prostitutes who commit adultery and bestiality.

  112. The “rights” of homos, blacks, muslims and illegals always seem to trump the rights of the majority of the citizens in this country. It sure seems strange that it’s OK to infringe on the rights of the vast majority in order to secure the rights for those on the fringe of society. If one person is “offended” by the majority of society, then the rules are that it’s better to offend the large majority to satisfy the one person who was offended. This is totally nuts.

      1. The man was dumped because he was not allowed to express his thoughts and feelings about his beliefs. His right to express himself was infringed uopon.

    1. Remember that Satan is alive and well. His agenda appears to be winning. That’s why those who live in Satan’s world make noise and cause trouble for those of us who stand up for our creator and struggle to follow His paths.

    2. This is exactly why the gays pushed to have themselves established as a “protected class” by congress. They are only 10-15% of the population, but apparently, they are the loudest.

  113. Well I guess it comes down to this: Phil can apologize to the homosexual community and the A & E network now by denying his own faith, or continue to believe in God’s Word, particularly the first chapter of the Book of Romans. However he gets his faith from God, and he is not ashamed of his source of knowledge.
    Frank E. Vincent

  114. Does A&E really believe that hundreds of thousands of people that watch Duck Dynasty are homosexuals?Why do they kowtow to them?If they are offended, who cares?Why are they the only ones with free speech?Along with liberals, socialists, anarchists, muslims, athiests and other assorted trash.

    1. Do you think that no homosexuals watch the A&E networks? Which includes the Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, the History Channel, H2, History en Espanol, Lifetime, Lifetime Move Network, Lifetime Real Women, and Military History.

      This group is owned by media giants who also own an additional 20+ TV stations & cable networks, 3 movie studios, two music publishing houses, over 50 newspapers and 300 magazines, various video game studios, and more assets than I care to get into.

      1. Not saying that at all. If queers don’t want to watch Duck Dynasty, then don’t, but don’t try to force your will on everybody else. Just like they tried to bankrupt Chik-fil A when the founder expressed his opinion. Get over yourselves, your rights don’t supersede everyone elses.

        1. Where does it say, that a person isn’t allowed to say something because another person says it’s obnoxious?He expressed his opinion, you expressed yours which I disagree with…..get over it.

        2. Phil was not at work or on company time when he made the statement. Even nazis and black panthers have rights to say almost anything they want.And by the way don’t muslims say “obnoxious” things about queers all the time and kill them. Did you object then, or are you just a typical liberal and get upset if a Christian says something?

        3. [email protected] says:

          I complain every time I hear a Muslim say something I find offensive – which is rare, since most Muslims are more open-minded (as most Christians also are) than fundamentalist Muslims and Christian.

        4. He was doing a promotional interview for the show. I think that qualifies as being “at work”. If he had said this at a restaurant to his buddies, I could see your point. But he was talking to national media about the show.

        5. He was asked a question! If he was a lib and spoke against conservative actions, would it have been alright with you?The thing is queers can say anything and get a pass, Christians can’t.Maybe he should have lied like all libs do.The question was about his thoughts, not the show.

        6. He is allowed an opinion. I wouldn’t have minded if he said homosexuality is a sin and that he doesn’t understand the appeal. That’s fine.
          Once he said bestiality, then he moved right into the line of fire. Even Christians know that homosexuals are not animal furkers. It is outrageous bull-crap. Really? WTF? Then he topped it off by saying that blacks were better off before civil rights. This is why the Christian right has such a bad name.
          Especially since he himself is a sinner who broke actual commandments. You are much more likely to have sex with an animal when you are blackout drunk and whacked out on black mollies and wet daddies (a joint dipped in formaldehyde) then if you are simply attracted to someone of the same gender. I bet if you look at people who have been arrested for such a crime you will not find ANY homosexuals, but EVERY ONE of them is on drugs or drunk or both.

        7. He was set up by the reporter at GQ, who knew exactly how he would answer. Phil doesn’t pull any punches and speaks his mind. You know it was a setup, because why would GQ go after Phil, he’s not exactly “GQ” material.

        8. You’re right. Gays support muslims, who kill gays because muslims also kill Christians. Oh the irony.

        9. [email protected] says:

          Henry, it’s good to hear you get in such an uproar . . . and whine, whine, whine.
          Keep up the good work, Henry.

        10. [email protected] says:

          Apologies for the snarkiness.

        11. If I could like this one million times over- I would. I am all for equal rights, but homosexuals and other races don’t want equal rights- they want more “special” rights. They claim to be just asking to be treated fairly yet when someone doesn’t kowtow to their expectations- suddenly the screeching starts. Everyone is entitled to speak their minds freely.
          If one day, we all get to ask for special rights, I am going to ask to be able to keep my own opinions without being stoned to death for them.

        12. Yeah, they are waiting with baited breath for some scientist to find that “gay gene”, it will never happen.

    2. Actually, he didn’t say this on the show. He said it in a hit-job interview by GQ, which the mag knows is read by the LGBT “community”. Phil should never detract his statements and needs to tell A&E where to go. He can look for another channel to carry his show if he wants to keep it going.

  115. Amid all the calls for an apology I say NEVER. I applaud Mr. Robertson for his beliefs and the candor with which he expresses it.
    I would be more than pleased if his entire family joined him in his suspension to show the network that they cannot stifle free speech.
    I no longer will watch that channel, or use or purchase any of the products of any of the sponsors on that channel.
    May God bless Phil Robertson, a true Christian.

  116. I am praying for Mr. Robertson. He said what thought was the truth and the homosexuals can’t take the truth. And of course, the MSM is going to play this to the hilt. I think he shouldn’t apologize and I think that if A&E wants him off the show, then the family should say “OK” and they all leave. I’m sure lots of other channels would love to play their show.
    Now let’s compare this to what Leon Ponetta said recently. He compares the Republican Party to Jim Jones and Jonestown. Now who is more caustic?

    1. I think they should stick to their morals, and the A&E networks should stick to theirs too. The show should move over to the Sportsman Channel. It is a hunting show, after all. They are the network that will be running the Palin’s 4th reality show.

  117. If one day, we all get to ask for special rights, I am going to ask to be able to keep my own opinions without being stoned to death for them…

  118. Yep!

    And aol/huffpost has gone as far as requiring a link to a facebook account and contact number from everybody who wants to post a comment on their slanted news stories.

    I had my car windows smashed when my information was posted as a supporter of anti-homo marriage. How do I know it was that? Because the guy was on security film spray painting a sticker on that window a few days earlier, and again as he hammered the windows with a rock.

    It’s the easiest was to dissuade and stifle the opinions of conservatives and others who take the time to research and know what they are talking about. Silence by intimidation.

    When our so-called legal system decides who is protected and to what point that protection extends our nation is in deep $h!t!

    Just as a survivor of the Holocaust.

    1. Since I choose to have no Facebook account (and no dealings with Facebook), that means I can’t comment to any site which makes such demands. As it is, my time is gone long before opportunities to comment have all been fulfilled.

  119. The HuffPoo is so far left it’s ready to tip over ( shades of Hank Johnson, Dem.-Georgia.) A & E needs Phil Robertson a lot more than he needs them. I am finished with A & E and their sponsors.

  120. Robertson has the right to speak out and say what he thinks, regardless of the “politically correct” nonsense. Free speech is a two-way street. I think Robertson is a narrow-minded backward bigot, but he still has the right to speak out if he wants to.

    1. As the old saying goes…it takes one to know one. You sound like a bigot to me …you accuse him of being a bigot because you don’t agree with him.
      Who are you to judge anybody but you are a definitely entitled to voice your opinion even though we (“us Southern Hicks”) are not supposed to…or the “thought police” come calling.
      Also it appears, you don’t understand/care what the basic tenets of Christianity teaches us regarding how we view and treat our fellow man.

      1. I disagree with Laurence who thinks Robertson is a “narrow-minded backward bigot.” I agree that Robertson has a right to speak out if he is asked for his opinion. Honesty is the best policy. Sexual SIN is wrong, including far more than homosexual practices, of course. But many seem to be watching the show and enjoying it. Will some quit watching because of what Robertson admits he believes? Or will more begin watching? Time will tell. It’s good that A&E realized their error and took appropriate action!

  121. Boycott A&E for their anti Christian stand and the
    stand against your right to free speech in fear of the gays. Let us make them
    fear us a whole lot more.

    As such, here is a
    preliminary list of A&E sponsors/advertisers. We will work on getting
    contact info to add to this as well. In addition, I’ve read that when you
    buy Duck Dynasty “gear” make sure it is the Duck Commander brand and NOT the
    Duck Dynasty brand as A&E owns that as well.


    Below is a list of sponsors call
    them and ask that they pull their advertisements because of A&E anti
    Christian stand, or send the an email

    Sensodyne: 1-866-844-2797

    T-Mobile: Twitter
    @TMobile / 1-877-453-1304

    Samsung: (PR
    department) [email protected] / Twitter @samsungtweets / 1-800-726-7864

    Motorola: Twitter
    @motorola / 1-800-734-5870 / 1-847-523-5000

    Walgreens: Twitter
    @walgreens / 1-800-925-4733

    IHOP: 1-866-444-5144
    / Twitter @IHOP / 1-818-240-6055

    Macy’s: (PR Department)
    [email protected], 212-705-2434 / @Macys / 1-212-494-3000

    Nokia: Twitter @Nokia /

    Microsoft: Twitter @microsoft / 1-800-642-7676

    Verizon: Twitter
    @verizonwireless / 1-800- 837-4966

    Bass Pro Shops: Twitter @Bass_Pro-Shops / 1-800-494-1300 or 1-800-227-7776

    Progressive Insurance: 1-440-461-5000 / [email protected]

    You can also contact A&E directly at
    [email protected].

    Boycott A&E make them fear us
    more than the gays.

    here and sign a petition

    with Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty

    A&E Television Networks LLC

    235 E. 45th St.

    New York, N.Y. 10017

    Phone 212 210 1400

    Fax 212 210 1308

    1. [email protected] says:

      You’re absolutely correct that boycotting sponsors and their products is the correct way to voice your complaints. Progressives and Liberals do this – so why shouldn’t Regressives and Closed-minded people ?

      1. Boycotting sponsors is by no means the “correct way to voice your complaints.” Letters TO the sponsors may help. But if sales suddenly drop, the company will not automatically link that fact with some advertising that went wrong.

    2. Why boycott their advertisers when you could boycott the parent companies? For example, instead of boycotting Walgreens, (who had little to do with it) why not cancel XM radio, stop watching ESPN and the History channel, quit your genealogy .com and photobucket .com accounts, don’t go see the new Star Wars movie, the new Thor movie, and skip the new one from Tom Hanks too. In fact, you may need to look up what all is owned by them since they are one of the six media giants that control 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.

      1. Good point Carl and I agree, but if we let the advertisers know that we will boycott them too they will put the pressure on A&E. Word gets around that any advertisement on A&E will be boycotted it will be hard for them to get anyone as a
        sponsor for any of their shows. I say boycott both.

        1. It may be impossible to boycott all the advertisers from all their networks, newspapers, magazines, radio & tv stations, and movies. I say stick with the parent companies.

    3. What foolish advice! A&E IS the sponsor of the show we like, and can only keep it on the air if there are advertisers willing to pay the bills. James is not thinking well!

      1. I think it has been proven that standing up for Christianity works quite well. I also think that any one that let some dam network attack and try to destroy a religious freedom just so he can watch a TV show is not thinking very well. In the first place A&E should never have sided with the queers. Had they ignored them and continued the show there would not have been a call for a boycott. Ford, Home Depot and a few others learned that supporting
        homosexuals does not pay. I think it is very clear that the viewer felt that Phil has a right to say what he believes and that A&E has no right to fire him for his belief. We have a right not to support any organization that wants to destroy our right to our religious belief. I think they found that out real quick, in spite of the queers trying to use boycott to force them to accept the homosexual life style. More people rendered their opinion on just this one case than the entire number of homosexual in the country. This show had a fan base of 14 million.

  122. It is all a test, to see if we will defend God’s will and His standards. Evil has an agenda to deceive; they speak it and act it and if no one speaks God’s word over it, we are eaten up by evil. It is all in our hands.

        1. Thanks for reading. I understand to be a Republican a person must be fiscally conservative AND morally conservative. There are however many in the party that are not morally conservative. These are the left of right folks or moderate republicans.
          Now let’s talk about the Republicans that say they represent us. Meaning the congress. Out of these men and women it seems more and more are moderate or even left of center, meaning lefties. Get it? One example. If. I mean if there is a Republican president next term and the house is controlled by the republicans, I guarantee that not one executive order made by Obama will be nullified. In fact this republican president wouldn’t even make his own executive orders to shut down the ACA or what ever seems conservative.. In the end the Republican Senate always side with the democrats… They never change anything back.. We always “progress” forward.

        2. Most laws passed by the present Senate have been passed with NO Republican Senators in favor. It is simply not true that our Republican Senators are siding with the Obama program.

  123. Sooooooo Sick and soooooooo tired of the Gays and LGBTs trying to turn America upside down, andddddd getting so much help from that bain of America, LIBERALISM.

    God Save the Republic.

  124. Political correctness = CENSORSHIP = FASCISM!!! Heaven forbid someone should express an opinion based on his religious teachings and/or upbringing!!! What’s NOT natural is SIMPLY not NATURAL! If A&E doesn’t want these DD guys and gals to tell us what their RELIGIOUS beliefs and convictions are, then let another cable network who DOES appreciate those views bring DD on board. But NO. A&E makes WAAAAAY too much money from DD. Maybe A&E should try being TOLERANT of other peoples beliefs rather than FORCE their politically correct fascism down everyones throats. As for his so-called “racist” remarks. I believe he was SIMPLY saying what he OBSERVED back then. I don’t believe he said that blacks were happier under Jim Crow. But let some “hick” from the south give his opinion on a race issue and everyone wants to throw out the race card. It’s the EASY thing to do. What’s hard is trying to understand why only blacks can call each other the N-word, wear prison fashions like a badge of honor and kill each other way more than the KKK ever did. When you get your OWN house in order, THEN you can call every white you don’t like a racist. Until then, GQ magazine and the A&E network should go duck themselves.

  125. I agree with him we are giving a bad example for our kids i don,t want my son to think being gay is a good thing and to follow the rest. people have the right to make there own choices but i don,t like anyone pushing there choices on others.

  126. Homosexual conduct of all kinds is consistently viewed as sin in the Bible, and recent so-called “reinterpretations” of the Bible that have been raised as objections to that view, DO NOT give a
    satisfactory explanation of the words or the context of the relevant verses. Sexual intimacy is to be confined to marriage, and marriage is to be only between one man and one woman, following the pattern established by God in creation. The church should always act with love and compassion toward homosexuals, yet never affirm homosexual conduct as morally right. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers the “good news” of forgiveness of sins and real hope for a transformed life to homosexuals as well as to all sinners.

  127. In the debate out there I don’t hear much consideration to the ‘possibility’ that individuals CAN be ‘influenced’. The defense being touted as fact that people are born gay. Yet, I observed at a young age the amazing comradery that exists in the gay community. The doctrinal language and influence is very deep. So, every once in a while you hear about a person that gets married and has children and then decides along the way that they are gay. The ‘influence’ out there cheers and says ‘you will never be fulfilled or happy until you are honest with yourself’. And so a family is destroyed. So, what about the flair that happens when the opposite takes place and someone wants to leave the gay life style. The ‘influence’ says that is impossible and wrong. i.e. (In a guys case) They say something like ‘you can’t change, your obviously more feminine, you don’t like sports, and your always rearranging the furniture. The pressure, logic, and reasoning out there is so one sided and hypocritical. Are all people in the life style really born gay? No body is influenced? No one? Really? Seriously? The gay community and life style is growing! Gay guys have the power to create off spring. If there is a creator, and I believe that there is, did he just make people gay in their head without adjusting the creative power? Or is the difference just an abnormality?

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