Taxpayer Funded College is Fighting Against ‘Whiteness’

Most Americans, except for the various teacher unions, complain about the pitiful state of public education in our country. The Left complains about the lack of funding — too much is apparently still not enough — and the Right complains of oppressive regulation. Education used to be a relatively straight forward and easy process. It […]

Why Is Sanders Catching Clinton in Iowa Polls?

The past couple of days, several news outlets have been reporting that Bernie Sanders is rapidly gaining strength in Iowa polls and in some of the polls he is only a couple points behind Clinton. However, none of the news outlets are explaining why. I suggest that there are three main reasons why Sanders is […]

If You Really Want to Protest the Government do this One thing that Will Change Everything

Dr. Gary North has written, “You want to rebel against the Feds (and this agenda)? Get your kids and grandkids out of government schools.” What Aamon Bundy and his brothers are doing in the takeover of a Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters to draw attention to the plight of the Hammond family is a fool’s errand. […]

Teachers’ Unions Sinking with Thousands of Teachers Jumping Ship

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announced his Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all persons held in slavery in the Confederate states shall be free now and forever. Note that it was a Republican that ended slavery, not a liberal Democrat. In fact, Democrats fought vehemently to preserve slavery. Even though slavery had ended, many […]

California Enacts Law Making Schools and Students Helpless Victims of Would be Mass Shooters

When it comes to gun control and protecting school kids, I often think many politicians are not as smart as a fifth grader. They allow their anti-American ideologies to cloud their mental capacities, resulting in their failure to see and understand what is really happening in our nation. Whenever I get in a conversation with […]

California Adds to List of Failing Public School Systems

On December 22, I reported how Illinois’s public school system is failing thousands of students, writing: “However a growing number of high school graduates in Illinois are not able to meet the basic educational requirements to handle community college courses. According to a recent report on the 40,000 high school 2013 Illinois graduates that enrolled […]

Discrimination Against Homeschooler Overturned

In today’s liberally run America, the only people you are allowed to discriminate against are whites, Christians and homeschoolers. A former co-worker heard the same thing from a geology instructor, only this professor said that he would never allow any of his students to get a geology degree if they believed in creation. I once […]

NYC Public Schools Inflating Grades to Hide Their Failure

I’ve long been critical of America’s public school system. They have become more focused in the brainwashing of our youth than they are about educating them. For the past several decades, America’s public school system has intentionally strayed away from their primary purpose of educating kids and spending more emphasis on brainwashing them to accept […]

Parents Defy School, Read Bible Verses Banned From Student Christmas Play

I heard someone say that they think about Christmas and the public school system, Scrooge, bah humbug and the Grinch comes to mind. I told him that there is one big difference, Scrooge and the Grinch realized the errors of their ways and changed for the better. The public school system refuses to change and […]

Prayer Allowed In Cafeteria After Students And Parents Fight For Constitutional Rights

I remember when I was in elementary school, we started each day with prayer and students were allowed to pray over their lunches in the cafeteria. In some classes we read from the Bible and openly talked about God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. In the mid 1960s, several Supreme Court cases banned school led […]

More Birth Control Needed for Middle Schoolers Says CDC

Another sign of just how far America has fallen from its moral foundation can be found in the latest announcement from the Center for Disease Control. In their report School Health Profiles 2014, just released, they state: “Support for comprehensive, standards-based school health education is found in the following U.S. Department of Health and Human […]