Stop Watching the NBA — Not Enough White Players

Jada Pinka and Spike Lee are calling on their fellow-black friends to boycott the Academy Awards because there were no black nominees. It’s not that blacks have not not been nominated in the past. Here’s a list from Wikipedia. Most people would be surprised at the number of black actors and actresses nominated and blacks who […]

Is Religion Box Office Poison?

It has been said that “religion is box office poison.” Mel Gibson disproved that 11 years ago with The Passion of the Christ. But what about Noah? What about Exodus: God and Kings? They did badly, but they were not faithful to the Bible — neither in letter nor spirit. Meanwhile low budget Christian films […]

School Panics Over a ‘Gum’ Scare: Maybe they Thought it Was ‘Bazooka’

At a school in Kyle, Texas, the teachers and student body had a bit of a scare. It was serious enough that administrators at Lehman High School held “students in their extended class periods to investigate the concern with little to no disruption to their schedule.” Still, it was serious enough to hold students in their classrooms. What […]

Star Wars Called Racist, Again

Note to readers: The following is written by a nerd, for nerds. If you don’t care about Star Wars, this is your one chance to jog on. You have been warned. It always mystified me how certain people can look at a completely digital movie alien and determine that the creators must be racist. It […]

Can You Pronounce ‘Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch’?

Liam Dutton is a weatherman who has no fear of pronouncing the longest railway station name in Britain made up of 58 letters. It’s the second longest place name in the world (the longest is made up of 85 letters): “The original township of Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll was renamed Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch in the 1860s as part of a […]

American Cancer Society ‘Cigarette-Smoking Fetus’ and Abortion

I was reading an article written by my friend Darren Doane on how he became a music video director. It all started when he saw Paula Abdul’s 1988 music video “Straight Up.” “So – Way Back in 1989 there was no Internet. And directors’ names were not on videos. So you actually had to do […]

The 165 Greatest American Movies Ever Made

Most of what comes out of Hollywood these days is rubbish, although occasionally one does find a few gems (e.g., Chariots of Fire, Hoosiers, Driving Miss Daisy, Babe, October Sky, A Walk to Remember). Many movies that could be enjoyed by children and adults are often spoiled by raw language (My Cousin Vinny and Cinderella […]

Does Adding Foul Language Increase or Decrease Box Office Cash?

Marvel’s ANT-MAN soils a good father/daughter story with gratuitous foul language and underperformed at the box office. THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON turns foul language into a running gag where Captain America is kidded for being critical of it, and then winds up using some himself. Many, many times you hear comments like. “That was […]

The New Nationalism Is Latino-Centric

When one mentions nationalism, for most people, it conjures up a vision of national pride. A USA, USA -we’re number one, love for America. Some might even refer to this as jingoistic. Well, not anymore — at least for ThinkProgress and some in Hollywood. You see, as ThinkProgress writes: “Latinos Are Now the Majority in California. Will Hollywood Change to Reflect […]

Documentary Shames Whites for ‘What They’ve Done’

MTV, believe it or not, used to confine itself to playing music videos and talking about news in rock ‘n’ roll. I recall with great fondness that first airing of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. Those golden days of yore are long gone, as MTV is apparently now little more than another […]

Planned Parenthood is Run Out of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ House

There a delightful scene in the 1950 film Cheaper by the Dozen movie that shows the change in social and moral attitudes since the 1930s. Mildred Natwick’s character visits the Gilbreth household representing a Planned Parenthood-like organization. Mrs. Gilbreth is amused by the visit and calls her husband. Showing indignation, as only Clifton Webb can, […]

‘Boyhood’: Plotless Boring Rambling Nihilism.

Slice-of-life drama of a young boy’s experiences from age 5 to age 18. Ever since his first indie films, Slacker and Dazed and Confused in the early 1990s, writer/director Richard Linklater has been known for his slice-of-life genre films of people rambling on about thoughts on life in plotless narratives that seek to capture the […]