Ultra-Liberal Robert Reich’s 5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz is the Best Candidate

Robert Reich “served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997. . . . He was appointed a member of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic transition advisory board. . . . Time magazine named him one of the Ten Best Cabinet Members of the century, and The Wall Street Journal in 2008 placed him sixth on […]

California Liberals to Destroy State’s Ecology and Wildlife

I understand that many people are against hunting and fishing. They believe it’s cruel to hunt down an animal, shoot it and take it home and eat it. However most of them have no clue about effective wildlife management and the need to control animal populations to keep them healthy. Have you ever heard of […]

Paris Climate Agreement: No Change for Earth, Big Change for Economy

So at the end of all the hot air about the Paris climate conference, the bill is an estimated $1.5 trillion annually for an optimistic effect on the climate of maybe -0.170 degrees Celsius at the end of the century. That’s the upbeat scenario by Bjorn Lumborg and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The pessimistic scenario […]

Obama Knocks on WWIII’s Door, Talks About Climate Change

I beg to differ with President Obama. Climate change is not the most serious threat faced by this planet. He is. Let me back up a bit. We all know that Obama is touring the world this week touting climate change because he wants to finally pay back all the wealthy people who have financed […]

U.N. Planning ‘Climate Justice’ Tribunal With Power Over Nations

  Some important power plays are going to go down at the United Nations’ planned Climate Summit in Paris, including a plan to create an International Tribunal of Climate Justice that would have power to enforce climate agreements and pass judgment on previously sovereign nations. The proposal is buried in a draft agreement (Page 19) […]

Obama to Veto Exporting of Oil, Demands ‘Low-Carbon Economy’

Once again, America is set up to lose for the sake of Obama’s presidential bucket list. Demanding that Congress focus on transitioning to a “low-carbon economy,” the White House issued a statement that President Obama would veto a bill to eliminate the ban on exporting U.S. oil. The ban dates all the way back to […]

Ted Cruz Shows that Liberals Hate Facts

Ted Cruz is the smartest guy running for President. He’s the most tenacious as well. He’s a bulldog with a mild manner. That’s why liberals and RINOs hate him and fear him. I can’t understand why he’s not higher in the polls. He would do the best in one-on-one debates. The video clip below shows […]

Water Company Makes Lake Disappear Overnight, Blames Drought

In the shadowy world of government, it has occasionally happened that files disappear, tapes get erased, even occasionally an inconvenient person vanishes as he gets reassigned to Ice Station Zebra. But making an entire lake disappear overnight is pretty impressive. That apparently is what happened to Mountain Meadows Reservoir in Lassen County, California, which is owned […]

New EPA Rules About Methane Are Not about Climate but a Way to Grow the Government

You may have noticed gas prices cratering again, which is great news for individual consumers, but another bad sign for the overall economy. As much as I like filling up for a lot less, it’s less of a pleasure knowing that the price isn’t coming down because things are going so well. It’s the opposite. […]

Mine Owner in Toxic Spill Says EPA Forced Him to Grant Access

With the EPA already ducking for cover after it turned a once-clean Colorado river a sickening shade of orange, Gold King mine owner Todd Hennis is claiming the EPA coerced him to grant it access to the then-contained toxic chemicals. Once there, of course, the EPA’s team of “experts” managed to spill 3 million gallons […]

Your Government at Work: EPA Turns River Orange

As Ronald Reagan said, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” People living near the Animas River in Colorado surely have a new appreciation of that adage today as their once clear river took on a color witnesses described as being closer to […]

Pope Loses Faith, Warns of ‘Unprecedented’ Climate Damage

Pope Francis’ latest encyclical was leaked Monday by an Italian news outlet that broke a Thursday embargo. According to The Independent, in the encyclical, the pope warns of “unprecedented destruction” unless all of mankind jumps on the global warming bandwagon right now. He reportedly blames wealthy countries for “looting” the world, and bankers and climate […]