Ultimate Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Politicians

Most people believe that anti-gun politicians are hypocrites because they claim gun control lowers violent crimes. That hypocrisy has been revealed by the fact that the cities and states with the strictest gun control laws have some of the highest gun related crimes. Cities of Chicago, Baltimore, New York City and Washington DC are prime […]

Obamas & Bidens Rack Up $70.5 Million on Vacations

When was the last time you and your family took a vacation? How much did it cost you? My last actual vacation was in 2002 when my wife and I went to Barbados to visit her family. Her dad was from Barbados and the only time my wife was on the island was when she […]

Obama’s Hypocritical Advice to Malaysian Prime Minister

In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama repeatedly promised that if elected to the White House that he would have a totally transparent administration. That transparency ended once he took his oath of office. The only transparency we’ve seen from Obama is his absolute dictates that he forces all of us to live under. Over the weekend, […]

Hillary’s Private Email Server Used by Aide to Converse with Known Islamic Activist

As the investigation continues into Hillary Clinton’s alleged illegal use of her own private server for official State Department business, investigators have also been looking into the emails of some of her top aides that also used her private server. One of those aides is Huma Abedin who for most of Clinton’s time as Secretary […]

Dallas Bathroom Bill Passed Behind Closed Doors

When liberal politicians refuse to learn from the mistakes of other liberal politicians, I can’t help but think of the famous line from the movie Forest Gump – ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’ Last year, Houston’s radical lesbian mayor forced the passage of a city ordinance known as the HERO law. Her ordinance allowed anyone […]

Dem. Senator Asking Obama Administration to Allow Man to Marry His Adopted Son

Just when you think the Democratic Party can’t get any more perverted, they take another step into the depths of sinful debauchery. Nino Esposito adopted Roland Bosee Jr., three years ago. The purpose of the adoption was to save money on inheritance taxes in the future. It appears the real reason of the adoption had […]

Questions About ‘Transgender’ 6-Year-Old Get School Employees Fired

WWI-TV reports that two employees of Children’s Lighthouse Center in Katy, Texas, were fired for raising questions after school administrators told them a 6-year-old girl was now a boy and should be called by a boy’s name. Madeline Kirksey, who was a manager at the school, said she and her staff were informed about the sudden […]

Democrats Protect Illegal Felons by Opposing Kate’s Law

Kathryn Steinle and her father were walking on Pier 14 in San Francisco back on July 1 when three shots rang out. In front of her father Jim, 32 year old Kathryn collapsed and died two hours later from a gunshot wound that severed her aorta. An hour after the shooting, 52 year old Mexican […]

Bernie Sanders Wants to Buy Votes from Seniors and Disabled Veterans

Once a smaller sector of the American population, senior citizens now make up a very sizable sector of voters. The Baby Boomers are now retiring and many relying on Social Security for their living. They look forward to every yearly increase in Social Security retirement benefits in hopes of being able to keep up with […]

Conservative Voters Make Their Votes Heard in KY, OH and Houston

If the November 2015 elections say anything, it’s that Democrats need to look out in 2016. After winning the nation in 2008, Democrats have been slowly losing ground ever since. In 2010 they lost control of the House of Representatives. Even though Obama won the White House in 2012, Democrats lost seats in both the […]

Benghazi Victim’s Mom Blasts Hillary Clinton for Lying to Her about Her Dead Son

Sean Smith worked as a computer specialist for the U.S. State Department. He was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Libya and found himself stationed at the make-shift consulate in Benghazi. On September 11, 2012 Sean was killed when the compound was overrun by Muslim terrorists along with U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. […]

Conceal Carry 1 – Armed Robber 0

Some states, run by conservatives who honor the Second Amendment rights to bear arms, have taken measures to allow most citizens to legally permitted conceal carry weapons in previously gun free zones. Over a year ago, Ohio made it legal for school administrators and faculty to obtain special training and licensing to carry conceal weapons […]