EU Says Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

In the middle of a recession and a financial collapse that can easily lead to the breakdown of the European Union, European bureaucrats are spending time and money to decide if water prevents dehydration.

The conclusion?

After three years of scientific research, extensive correspondence, and a meeting of 21 top scientists paid by the European Union, the decision was that water actually doesn’t help preventing dehydration. There is no scientific evidence for such a claim. It’s a popular myth that dehydration is caused by less water, and therefore more water helps preventing it. Think of those desert nomads who have to battle dehydration every day: They always look for wells or oases where there is water. Savage, unscientific fools.

Of course, such scientific conclusion can’t be left without a legislative implementation. Producers of bottled water throughout the EU are now forbidden from printing on their labels the claim that drinking water helps prevent dehydration, and anyone who does that faces a two-year jail sentence.

Not that anyone is surprised in Europe. Europeans still remember when several years ago the Eurocrats banned bent bananas and curved cucumbers from being sold on the market. But at least those laws didn’t take three years of extensive research and summits of the best scientific minds of the Continent. This time the bureaucrats made sure that their legislative insanity is heavily supported by scientific jargon. So now we not only have another proof for the real nature of the bureaucratic system but also an insight into how reliable scientists can be when paid with tax money.

But that’s Europe. Things like that don’t happen in America. Except that . . . they do. We have our own war against raw milk which for centuries have helped American children grow healthier and stronger than their European counterparts; but now raw milk is a health danger worthy of dispatching SWAT teams against farmers and their families. We have our own laws specifying what size of oranges can be sold on the market; and we have our own laws as to what cucumbers we are allowed to buy. Let alone the fact that we have laws against medical marijuana when there is not a single shred of evidence that anyone ever died of marijuana, medical or not. (More people have died of drinking alcohol but it is not banned as a dangerous substance.)

We are witnessing what happens when we let the government run our lives. Bureaucrats have only one goal in life: To increase their control over the tax-payers, using all kinds of excuses. When there are not enough excuses, they make them up. And the more we allow them to make up excuses, they resort to what can be only defined as a war against reality, or rather, a war against sanity. A bureaucratic state eventually turns into an orgy of insanity, and then disintegrates. That’s what happened to the Soviet Union and the other Communist nations in Eastern Europe: By the 1980s insanity was the rule of the day, insanity codified in laws and regulations about every aspect of life, work, and even thought.

It was only the active resistance of the peoples in Eastern Europe against their governments that reversed the process. A lesson that Europe – and America too – needs to learn.

57 thoughts on “EU Says Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

        1. Correct but I’ll add one thing. Sometimes they are called statistics. I’ve lived here over 50 years and have seen many that did not survive even one day in July or August without water. Therefore, I guess it may cause dehydration here. But then we can eat crooked bananas and cucumbers here also.

  1. DumbAss Socialists, Get ready, it is coming. A way to spend, more so, a way to controll resources. All ready in play here, just as using Global warming to get rich on green and push us off land into the intercities…….Called socialism on a grand scale, borderline communism. Check out UN Agenda 21, already in play here in the US. The terroists ruuning this country, must go. Not only are the Radical LIBS in play many GOP are in the pocket as well! Time for the CITIZENS of the USA to UNITE and take this country back! They have succeeded in dividing us. Have a socialist Day!

  2. The EU is to science what rap is to music. After ‘research’ and extensive correspondence??! Correspondence consisting of sexting and sharing child porn? Europe is notorious for its sex crimes against children, with no legal ramifications.

    This is the last stop before the Islamic conquest.

  3. In order for us to become like the Europeans we MUST close MIT, all medical schools, and every college course that teaches anything remotely related to science. The elites do not take any course related to science as it is so uncouth, and only things the underclass is associated with. The scientists that made this monumental discovery must be the parents of the Occupy Wall Street protester that said "we should get our meat from the supermarket and not kill animals for it".

    1. Or when another genius, who was opposing coal fired energy plants, suggested we "just plug whatever we need into an electric outlet", because there is plenty of power there…..yep nutty!

  4. It will be easy to enforce.

    Just remove all drinking fountains and faucets with potable water supplies in ALL government offices.

  5. Where do these people come from? The human body is comprised of water as the main component. Without it all other body parts would be useless. Perhaps the cure for these morons is to give them no water and see just how long they last without it. I'd give it perhaps 2 days at the outside. Following that they be begging for a drink. If these are the finest scientific minds the EU has to offer, they'd better start over!

    1. Great idea: Tell the EU to stop drinking water. Soon their insipid stupidity will do away with the ‘stupid’. Whoever is left, ask them about water. You’ll likely get a very different response…thankfully. Wadda pack o dopes!

  6. This country has been paying too much attention to the EU and following their lead. That’s one reason we are going down the tubes, by following the insanity in Europe. The global warming theory, the ban on DDT (which was perpetrated on false claims), the second-hand cigarette smoke junk science (in which a scientist invoved in the testing claims the actual tests suggested there is no harm from second-hand smoke. If a lie is told often enough it soon becomes accepted as fact and with our liberal media machine ready to abet the liars (as in global warming) we are bombarded with the propaganda.

    1. I have to agree with you Ron, in part. If a lie is told often enough, it becomes accepted as fact. Without water, we will become dehydrated…not matter what anyone says but also….raw milk is for calves, not humans and drinking milk is just as bad for us as going without water. Propaganda is propaganda, a lie is a still a lie and common sense should prevail but it doesn't. We all have to look out for ourselves and ignore the lies unless we actually want to believe the lies.

  7. …these are likely the SAME scientists who claim global warming and evolution are true. How telling. Who ties their shoes every morning?

    The LESS we communicate with EU the better off we will be. What a bunch of squirrel bait they are.

  8. It appears that the only thing the Europeans are smarter about than the American government is taking Fluoride out of their drinking water supplies. After the Europeans stopped adding Fluoride to their drinking water, their older adults had fewer incidences of bone fractures during falls, and children had started to grow better stronger teeth. Fluoridosis weekens the bones and teeth on a cellular level and the American government haven't been smart enough to figure this out as of yet, although some city councils have elected to stop adding it to their water.

  9. And these are the idiots who still "believe" in Anthropogenic Global W..(oops, Climate Change) – as if science is a belief system..

  10. This European stupidity seems to be a lot like Obama's stupidity. Tyrants can't get enough control to sate their appetites for power!

  11. They came up with the legislative initiative before they came up with the "scientific" study. Much like Al Gore Didn't care much about global warming until he figure out how to make millions off of it.

    The EU wants to get rid of bottled water, and they know that the global warming argument isn't going to do it. And since you can't make bottled water illegal, they decided to make its benefits illegal.

    Never mind the fact that people and animals have been drinking water since the beginning of time, and that those that don't get enough water die of dehydration. I would like to see ever one of these "scientists" stop drinking water (and any liquid containing water) and see how long he holds out.

  12. Are these the same idiots we've listened to the past 15 years on global warming? Typical… It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

  13. And I am a troll and I own the Brooklyn Bridge. For crying out loud. More propaganda crap! And some educated child that's in college will believe it! Can't people think with their own head! But then again, that's what Socialism/Communism wants us to believe, that we need somebody to think for us because we can't think for ourselves.

    1. And the sun doesn't provide heat either…it's humans that are responsible for gobull warming! Think how much more we could contribute to our own demise if sand was a lubricant! How about we propagandize that to the idiots, and their wil be more oil for us? Hey, if they believe water doesn't hydrate, they'll believe anything!

  14. I wonder if fat boy al gore the liberal thief of stupid has anything to with this? I mean he is so right about the earth warming and the ice caps melting
    . What he is saying and lining his pockets with money is BS. It is cause by sun spots. Which occur about every 800 to a 1000 years. We are entering that phase now. Has nothing to do with any of his pay me now BS.

    1. Actually the sunspot cycle is more like every 10 to 15 years. I am a ham radio operator and we live for the sunspot cycle. When sunspots are at high levels we can talk on 10 meters all over the planet. They are storms on the surface of the sun that cause our ionisphere to bounce certain wavelengths back down. CB enthusiasts refer to it as talking skip.

  15. I wonder if this idea works with what my husband told me after being in Europe in the military. The folks over there aren't too interested in taking baths, either. :)

  16. Well, actually they are correct. Having "more" water doesn't "prevent" dehydration. They are correct on that fact. However they are incorrect that "drinking" water doesn't "prevent" dehydration. And once again, "technically" they are correct that drinking water doesn't "prevent" dehydration. If you drink, soda, beer, tea, any variety of "non-water" drinks available, you don't have to have water to "prevent" dehydration. Just because those "drinks" are 98% water has nothing to do with it. Because afterall, it's not "water". See, I can understand Socialist speak, I refuse to bang my head against the wall to further understand their stupidity however.

  17. Scientific facts from idiots, duh. Did they test animals to see how long they can live without water, I think camels are the only ones that go a long period without water, the human body can't.
    They must be drinking that kool-aid even that will rot your brain and guts.

    I rate this with global warming , file circular CRAP file and flush.

  18. As Former "20/20" co-host, John Stossel would say, "Quick, get the shovel!" If you haven't got the John Stossel books,
    "Myths,Lies, and DownRight Stupidity" and, " Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and
    Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media…." Get them and read them! Don't copy the EU! Down with Big Brother!! We are not kids! Remember George Orwell and his book, "1984" about big brother, it's happening, right now! NO Nanny State!

  19. Yeah,yeah yeah!! The next thing you know we'll be hearing that consuming food does nothing to stave off starvation.
    John P. Centonze,D.D.S.
    Waterbury, VT

  20. I have reached the point where anything mandated by the government I take to be bad.. It started with MTBE as an additive in gasoline, found to pollute minicipal water supplies, since recinded, now we have ethanhol added to our gasoline instead.
    Another big government swindel, before fast and furious, was the Plum Island thing, late 70s, early 80s, there was this government biological warfare facility, anyway, probably by carelessnes, lyme disease ticks escaped. The name Lyme is because the island s located near Lyme Conecticut. If you are from the northeast, you are familiar with the disibilating effect of lyme disease. I could go one with all the edits about the food we eat, so much is government controlled, such as how much salt is in our food, the Cournel of KFC would turn in his grave if he knew. I avoid all diet, food, fat free, and other supposedly healthy foods.

  21. It's not about being stupid. It's about excuses for more control. Doesn't anyone get that? You really think these people got where they are by not having the sense to come in out of the rain? It's the people who still think our leaders are stupid or misguided who are the clueless ones. But that's what they want, otherwise you'll see them for the intentional diabolical level they are at and declare war on them.

  22. Instead of the Socialist Government of the European Union trying to solve their monetary problem, they choose to declare that liquids do not re-hydrate! Maybe if they were water-boarded, they would believe in re-hydration! Put that in your Socialist/Progressive pipe and smoke it!

  23. Let's keep up the publicity and commentary about the EU dehydration proclamation. Holding them up for worldwide public ridicule on this and their other insanities should be an endless drumbeat.

  24. when i was a kid we drink our milk from yjr cow and some times it mite have over a inch of cream on top you eather skimed it off to use are stir it in with it . Now the say thats unhealthy hummm didnt know i was sick. Now water doesnt keep you from droping in the summer. It seam like maybe Gatoraid are some company would pay for that info rather then the goverment. but i just keep my water its been working for years for me. Are these the same ones that say we have weather changes

  25. Wow, water doesn’t prevent dehydration. Shows how stupid I is. I drink the stuff all the time! I’m gonna sue! Where’s my pro bono lawyer dude?

    Let’s not forget, folks, these are the same brilliant ‘scientists’ that insist global warming is ‘real’.

  26. They will never ban Marijuana. The mob learned that when alcohol was legalized. They stopped making money on alcohol. They continue to pay the politicians for anti MJ legislation so they can continue to make money. Also, the cops like the ban because it gives us a need for more cops, administrators, and money for the departments. Glad I don't use drugs. Reality is for people who can't take drugs.

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