You Will Be Made to Accept that a Man Can Become a Woman and a Woman a Man or Whatever

I guess Americans aren’t taking to the Transgender agenda quite the way leftists had hoped. I guess they thought Bruce Jenner would just trot (or skip) out in a dress and everyone would fawn over him and revel in our collective enlightenment. The usual suspects did but the vast majority didn’t. Well, I suppose it’s […]

The Media’s Lying Propaganda about Texas Homeschool Case

A court case involving a Texas Christian homeschool family has made national news because the parents allegedly have refused to educate their children in view of an imminent “rapture.” Liberal activist news outlets across the country have joined in universal chorus condemning lax homeschooling regulations and suggesting the pending Texas Supreme Court case will lead […]

Questions About ‘Transgender’ 6-Year-Old Get School Employees Fired

WWI-TV reports that two employees of Children’s Lighthouse Center in Katy, Texas, were fired for raising questions after school administrators told them a 6-year-old girl was now a boy and should be called by a boy’s name. Madeline Kirksey, who was a manager at the school, said she and her staff were informed about the sudden […]

‘Gender Neutral’ University Finds That Boys Will Be Boys

The oh-so-Progressive administration of the University of Toronto has made a decision to enshrine, or rather re-enshrine, an alarmingly intolerant policy that is really just a throwback to the Dark Ages, when men were men and women were women. They have reinstituted single-gender bathrooms in their student dorms. Sad. The reasoning behind this move, if […]

How the Supreme Court Got Duped by Gay Marriage Advocates

The Supreme Court got played by the gay lobby. The Justices believed that the push to legalize same-sex marriage was an issue of liberty, toleration, and inclusiveness – an “equal treatment under the law.” Even the Libertarians fell for the scam. It turns out that homosexuals wanted to make marriage available to same-sex couples so […]

10-Year-Olds Get IUDs Without Parental Knowledge or Consent

What would you do if you found out that your 10 year old daughter had an IUD (intrauterine device) implanted in their uterus to allow them to be sexually active? Furthermore, your daughter was allowed to have the implant without your knowledge or consent. To add insult to injury, you find out that your tax […]

Richards: ‘Abortion is Health Care’

Planned Parenthood’s leader Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress, which is investigating the truth behind a series of videos that seem to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for body parts of aborted babies. As befits the leader of a group of people who make a living by killing unborn children, Richards demonstrated an unerring […]

San Francisco Parades Its Perversion at Annual Street Festival

Sodom by the Sea, the city of San Francisco, proudly displayed its sense of perversion this weekend at the event known as the Folsom Street Festival, attended by an estimated 400,000 people. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of consenting (preferably married) adults making their bedrooms a mutual fun zone. But when […]

Fight is on in Houston’s ‘Bathroom Ordinance’ Where Men Could Use Women’s Bathrooms

This Missouri High School Senior boy claims to be a girl and demands that he be allowed to use the female locker room. This is what will happen in our local schools in Houston if we do not defeat Mayor Annise Parker’s Bathroom Ordinance. Watch this video. If this is not perverted behavior, then the word, […]

Planned Parenthood Horror: Baby’s Heart Beat as Brain Harvested

A newly released video in the series from the Center for Medical Progress about Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting practices  is even more horrifying than previous ones. The video features a former worker for Stem Express, the middleman organ-procurement company that has been mentioned in previous videos, talking about an organ extraction she was compelled to […]

Congress Calls Out Planned Parenthood

Getting out from under the shadow of a series of sting videos won’t be as easy as Planned Parenthood thought it would be. The abortion and clinical health care provider has been focusing on suing and generally besmirching the character of the Center for Medical Progress, which published the videos that show Planned Parenthood officials […]