College Suspends Student for Posting Black Women ‘Not Hot’

The racial disparity continues to raise its ugly head in America at the cost of a college student’s academic career. Thaddeus Pryor was one of a number of people involved in a discussion on the anonymous social media site Yik Yak. The topic of the discussion was ‘black lives matters.’ According to reports, the discussion […]

Mayor Says Obama is a Muslim Destroying America

For the past 7 years I’ve been claiming that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian as he claims to be. There is ample evidence that Obama was raised as a Muslim when he lived in Indonesia as a boy. He easily and eloquently quotes from the Quran while often stammering and making […]

Prayer Allowed In Cafeteria After Students And Parents Fight For Constitutional Rights

I remember when I was in elementary school, we started each day with prayer and students were allowed to pray over their lunches in the cafeteria. In some classes we read from the Bible and openly talked about God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. In the mid 1960s, several Supreme Court cases banned school led […]

Texas Governor Boots Atheists’ ‘Nativity’ From Capitol

It’s unusual to find a public official with the guts to stand up to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, one of the premier anti-Christian hate groups in the country. The litigious FFRF, which often uses threats of legal action to get its way and to suppress public displays of Christianity or Judaism, probably thought it had […]

State Orders Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion or Else

The state of California is treading on territory already ruled unconstitutional in New York by ordering pro-life and faith-based pregnancy centers to promote abortion with signs and pamphlets telling women how to get abortions. The law, called the Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act, is set to take effect January 1. It requires the pro-life centers […]

Guess What these Feminists Want the UN to do to US

Somehow, it’s difficult to take seriously a coven of radical, foreign feminazis sent by the United Nations to tut-tut the United States over its allegedly horrible treatment of women. Because two of the scarf-and-spectacle triplets are from Europe, it gets downright funny when they start castigating the U.S. for its treatment of immigrant women in […]

This Black Woman’s Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the BLM Movement

Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain has been beset with protesters calling for her resignation since January of 2015 when she made remarks about Islam and its terrorist elements when Muslims attacked and murdered members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. “In The Tennessean, Swain wrote that the [January 2015] Paris attacks show that critics of Islam are […]

School Assignment: Write ‘There Is No God But Allah’

Last I heard, most schools are phasing out handwriting and never taught calligraphy. There’s also the whole “church-state” bugbear, which prevents students from writing, saying or reading the name Jesus in many schools. So you have to wonder what’s going through the heads of officials in a Virginia school district where students were given an […]

Can Anyone ‘Be Good for Goodness’ Sake’?

The American Atheists organization has trotted out its anti-Christmas — actually anti-God — billboards again: “Go Ahead and Skip Church! Just be Good for Goodness’ Sake. Happy Holidays!” There’s so much that’s bad about this that I don’t know where to begin. First, the use of “Happy Holidays.” A holiday is a “holy day.” That’s […]

Religion Now Matters to Democrats because it’s Islam and not Christianity

Every time you turn on some media broadcast, Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims and immigration are there. Nearly every Democrat and Republican has denounced his comments as “un-American,” Hitleresque, unpatriotic, and unconstitutional. Religion is now important, except when it isn’t. Where was the sanctity of religion when the Obama administration went after the Little Sisters of […]

It’s Time For ‘Background Checks’ on Journalists

Obama and the anti-Second Amendment crowd want more restrictions for gun buyers. The media have especially gotten behind the demand for more limits on the Second Amendment. For every new limitation that those in the media accept and promote, there needs to be an equal number of limitations on the “freedom of the press” clause […]

BuzzFeed Editor Outlines ‘Fair’ Trump Policy

I don’t think there has ever been such a thing as an unbiased media, from the days of the Roman Empire’s Acta Diurna (the Daily Acts) until now. However, BuzzFeed, which has pretensions of being a reputable news source, has just cemented its well-earned reputation as a left-wing mouthpiece with a memo from its editor […]