Fort Worth Police Shoot Before Asking Questions Killing Innocent 73 Year Old Man

I have always been a supporter of law enforcement at the city, county and state levels.  They place their lives on the line every day in order to keep a relative sense of peace and order in our society.  Without the police, we would be a nation of anarchists and criminals (other than the ones in Washington D.C.).

However, police are human and sinners and sometimes they act wrongfully and in the case of two Fort Worth, Texas police officers, an innocent man died.

Jerry Waller, 73 years young, and his wife Kathy had gone to bed Monday night like they always did.  Shortly after midnight, they were woken by a neighbor’s burglar alarm and bright light.  Like a good neighbor, Waller grabbed his handgun and went to his garage to investigate the alarm.  Waller lives across the street from the where the alarm was sounding.  He was still behind his own house when the next thing he knew, two rookie police officers had opened fire on him, shooting him 6 times in the chest.  Waller was instantly killed.

Kathy Waller, the grieving widow, told the local news:

“I think the police made a terrible mistake.”

“Somebody just got a little trigger happy, and away they go.”

Cpl Tracey Knight of the Fort Worth Police Department defended the actions of the two officers by saying:

“He was armed with a handgun and officers feared for their safety. They felt threatened, and that’s when they shot him.”

“Officers did follow policies and procedures according to burglary alarm calls. Two officers were dispatched. Both were driving marked police cars. Both were in full police uniforms. They identified themselves as police officers. I don’t know what lead to this tragic event.”

The two police officers involved were both rookies with less than a year’s experience on the police force.  According to the reports, the two officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.


Are we supposed to understand that proper police procedure is to shoot someone before talking to them or finding out who they are and what they’re doing?  When did the two officers identify themselves – as they were shooting or before?  They claimed they feared for their lives when they say Waller with his gun, but aren’t they supposed to try to capture people alive if possible?

I don’t see anything about this incident that looks like proper police procedure.  It looks like two rookie cops panicked and reacted to Jerry Waller before they thought about what they were doing.  If that is the case, then neither of these two officers have any business being on the street in uniform.

If Jerry Waller had opened fire on an innocent person like the two officers did, he would be sitting in jail facing charges.  From the evidence given so far, I believe these two officers should also be sitting in jail facing charges for the wrongful death of Jerry Waller.  I’ll be curious to see what the police investigation turns up and how they will attempt to exonerate the two officers.

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  1. This is scary,I can’t see this man pointing his weapon at two uniformed officers,sounds from the article that the police panicked and fired before determining that he was a threat! Couple more questions,why was two rookie’s alone without a supervisor?why didn’t they go to the house where the alarm was going off,wouldn’t that be the first place to respond instead of across the street?

    1. When I lived in Fort Worth, it was common practice for the police never to show up ‘as’ a crime was being committed. When I lived in Fort Worth it was a solid democrat district, replete with over taxation etc……

  2. I would like to say “let’s give this a couple of days, until the truth comes out” but in the current “America” the truth tends to get buried in propaganda. We simply may never know. I am loathe to jump of the “blame the police” wagon. Dominus vobiscum.

    1. I also saw it on the news and they reported it pretty much the same way with an exception.

      The actual TV News told more of the story. It seems the cops fired TOO SOON without finding out what EXACTLY was going on. The gun was NOT pointed at the police officers. They shot blindly without a “warning” to put the gun down.
      However! If you find out more, will you please let us know?

    2. Then you are an idiot; I’ve been around law enforcement officers and these two CRIMINALS DID NOT follow ANY recognized police procedure; Remember “Doctor” that in the USA you ARE presumed INNOCENT and NOT presumed “GUILTY” just because you have your SELF-PROTECTION weapon in your hand. NOTE: It IS LEGAL TO CARRY A WEAPON in TEXAS, BUT NOT LEGAL TO SHOOT AN INNOCENT CITIZEN IN COLD BLOOD.

  3. I lived in Fort Worth Texas. And I can attest to the daily incompetence of the Fort Worth Police department. They are the quintessential examples of incompetence.

    A man was trying to break into my apartment while I was there. I called 911. They waited 1.5 hours to come and then said …”Oh here are the marks where the perp was trying to break down the door. You’re lucky ‘he’ just gave up.” When I asked where they were as I pointed out I was home as the perp (who I could see plainly through the blinds was over 6 ft tall) …they said flat out…

    “You are not a priority.”

    Yet on another day, I was taking a shower at 9:30 PM at night after working a 14 hour shift, and there was a cop trying to break in MY DOOR, all because a neighbor complained that it was too late (even though the rental lease said that 10:30 was the start of quiet time) for me to be taking a shower.

    And then the PIG (when I pointed out the lease agreement) complained because he saw my machete (in my kitchen drawer). He threatened to ARREST me for having it, even though he did not have my CONSENT when he walked past me through MY HOME and just started opening my cabinets, and drawers screaming about MY LAWBREAKING BEHAVIOR far DARING to take a shower so LATE at night (inspite of the lease saying that the quiet time was 10:30 PM and not 9:30 PM as the Jerk next to me said it was).

    He also ‘tried’ to take my machete. I told him (politely of course) to put it back in my kitchen drawer as according to the city ordinances, the state laws, the constitution, and the fact that he just performed a unlawful search with NO Probable cause. He was red in the face and had his cuffs out …when the apartment manager rushed in. (Please note: at no time did I raise my voice, nor did I at any time ‘disrespect the PIG (as much as I wanted to (being all of 24 years old)).

    Luckily for me ‘she’ took my side …(so the Sergeant on duty ordered him to go on ‘another’ call), as the JERK next door to me (filed false reports accusing other residents of wrong doing when they were never in violation of the lease..

    I know if it had not been for her, I could have been killed or worse.

    I moved to Dallas two years later. The police (unlike the PIGS in Fort worth) … were always polite and professional. By then I had my colt 45, in a ‘secure’ location .(bullets and weapon close to each other)..owing to the ‘professionalism of the FWIPD.

    1. I was raised in Ft. Worth my entire life. I have been gone from there since I was 21 years old; and I don’t understand how that, once friendly, town has come to this.
      First, those cops should be fired.

      I do understand that a law suit is empty and it can’t bring the dead back to life; however! Those cops should not only loose their jobs but the entire police department needs to pay a heavy price through a law suit. UNTIL they pay heavily in a form that hurts them the most, this will happen again and again.

      1. Fired? That’s it? These two hotheads MURDERED an innocent man. They need AT LEAST 12.5 YEARS in TDC. Perhaps the Ellis Unit would be a suitable location for these IDIOTS.

        1. I agree. But I think this needs to go ‘further’. The people supposedly ‘supervising’ these ‘rookies’ …need to be ‘disciplined’ as well. The entire police department needs to be held to a higher standard. Having lived there for most of my childhood, until I was 26 years old; I’ve never known them too. Ever.

  4. Unfortunately, when police get an anonymous call about drugs at someone’s house, they will often do a middle-of-the-night break-in to that house and shoot anyone who has a gun. And often times, they either break in the wrong house, or the anonymous call turns out to be false.

    Either way, in the middle of the night, the homeowner will want to know what’s going on, who’s breaking in his house and naturally grab his gun to find out who it is. If the 12 or however many police officers that barged in his house catch him with a gun, they’ll put 50 rounds in his chest. That’s their policy when they feel “threatened.”

    I don’t think what these FW cops did was all that surprising. They are trained that if they feel their lives are threatened to open fire until the threat is completely neutralized.

  5. This is just not in Fort Worth. This is becoming common across the nation. Why?? Because of the way the leadership in Washington led by King Barry is acting. He has allowed homosexuals to do anything they want according to their agenda including being in our armed forces. The Secret Service that use to have such a high reputation has sunk to prostitutes The morals and ethics of all that are civil servants is becoming to the point were they believe that they are civil masters led by people that have little morals or ethics such as Holder. It is becoming “do as thou wilts” and the law is going by the wayside.

  6. So, are we to assume that any Citizen who has, or possesses a Firearm is to Be SHOT on Sight, as these Officers did? Is it Now a Crime to carry a gun? Does that mean I can shoot any citizen who has a gun too? If I’m not Mistaken, Guns are Legal to Own, Carry, Possess.. These Police should be Tried and Sentenced for at least, Negligent Homicide…

      1. No where in the article does it say that:
        1. They identified themselves as police officers telling Waller to drop his weapon and get on the ground. It is not stated that they did this, it says only that they were in uniform.
        2. Did they confront the Waller and questioned him prior to capping him?
        3. What were two of them doing together across the street from the place where the burglar alarm had sounded? Why we they both in Waller’s garage? Are they both sissies?
        Finally: Perhaps the two cops were the burglars who had set off the alarm, while moonlighting on duty and had to cover up a potential witness. Great idea for burglers….rent a cop suit and go rogueing. Also a great alibi for dirty cops who are thieves…” I was on duty at the time of the incident….check the records.”

      2. Well, when it’s two against one and the two are younger and have quicker reflexes; damn straight you talk/negotiate first. Al C, you sound like a retired cop who seems to think it is acceptable to shoot first and ask questions later. I am curious why there was no FORETHOUGHT by the PD to NOT partner up two ROOKIES. But hey, the cops are ALWAYS in the right, right Al C? Ever heard of Castle Law? The cops, in this instance, are at fault and it cost this innocent man his life. Maybe 25 to life would be a sufficient amount of time for these two Wyatt Earp wannabes to reflect upon what they have done. And they should be the poster children for how to NOT react to an armed citizen.

      3. Ok Just crawl back into your MSNBC/CNN commie hole please and leave the God fearing Constitution loving free American people alone.

      4. NO Numb brain, They should aim their weapons at him and demand that he put the gun down; THEY SHOULD NOT just open fire. You don’t deserve a break, you’re too stupid.

    1. I do believe that the police officers job is a tough one, not only dealing with the crazies of today, but pressures from their superiors to fulfill some sort of quota of arrests or tickets.
      Unfortunately, because of bad judges and irresponsible police officials, this could create more unreasonable deaths of innocent citizens by gun crazy cops claiming they felt threatened just because the person was carrying a weapon.
      As long as they are protected by bad judges, the crooked union and the criminal affiliation due to the “Thin Blue Line”, there are no Good Cops.

    2. Good advice, maybe these two should have followed your advice BEFORE they executed an innocent man. .

  7. Well this is an example of poorly trained Officers. If this guy was in his garage on the other side of the street from the alarm sure seems like someone did get trigger happy.

  8. It is not necessary for people to have firearms———————— the police are out there to protect you. When seconds count the police are only a doughnut shop away!

    73 years old? No problem! I think the cops were just helping BO reduce the drain on Medicare.

    In fact I think I read it on page 79,543 of the new healthcare program. It was just after the Soylent Green initiative on page 71,034 entitled “ways to minimize the impact of old farts who have the nerve to live long enough to collect the money they contributed to SS”. By the way politicians have exempted themselves from both of these programs as well———————— unfortunately!

    1. I agree with you 100%! BO wants the cops to kill us and our dogs! He want’s us to be defenseless and the cops are doing a damn good job of that!

    2. Maybe the widow should be re-reimbursed from the PD PERS account. That would be a reminder to all the fuzz in the dept that they shouldn’t shoot first and ask questions later. A good object lesson for the department.
      If they keep up their tom-foolery they could drain the retirement account and have to go on SS like us mere mortals.

  9. Hopefully, this was just a horrible, tragic accident. The police are supposed to make the lawful feel safe, not execute them. If this circumstance happens as a matter of course, then no wonder the public turns a blind eye to aid and rescue.

  10. A Man with a Gun is Innocent until Proven Guilty. It is Not a Crime to Possess a Gun.. It IS a Crime to Shoot without Provocation..

    1. Where the hell is governour Perry? He has the power to order a real investigation and correct some glarring problems with this police force.

  11. Each week articles are published about local police involved in the unwarranted shooting or tazing of a non-violent citizen that they consider belligerent or shooting the family pet who the cop feels threatened by, which in many situations was totally unwarranted.

    I do believe that the police officers job is a tough one, not only dealing with the crazies of today, but pressures from their superiors to fulfill some sort of quota of arrests or tickets.
    Unfortunately, because of bad judges and irresponsible police officials, this could create more unreasonable deaths of innocent citizens by gun crazy cops claiming they felt threatened just because the person was carrying a weapon.
    Although I can empathize with the difficulty of their job, that doesn’t excuse their unreasonable misconduct towards the normal citizen or their open support for the bad cops because of some sick honor of the brotherhood of police.
    As long as they are protected by bad judges, the crooked union and the criminal affiliation due to the “Thin Blue Line”, there are no Good Cops.

    1. Indeed! Your comments are in agreement with mine, although I do not share your empathy for “police” as Law Enforcement Agencies. These people elect to take these jobs, and more often than not abuse their uniform as a license to terrorize, discriminate, and otherwise brutalize innocent people. Not only is this despicable, but against the very laws they have sworn to uphold and enforce. They should not be given the benefit of the doubt, and should be punished for each and every infraction, no matter what the circumstances. End of story.

      1. I agree that any and all law enforcement officer should recieve the same punishment as a civilian citizen for unwarrented use of deadly force.
        In the state of Pennsylvinia, by law, persons guilty of any domestic crime are not allowed yo own or carry a weapon, however more than 60 percent of law enforcement here in PA, are guilty of some form of domestic crime, but are forgiven of this crime because of bad judges and irresponsible police officials, and corrupt politicians.

  12. My son and his family live near there and I fear for their safety around a police department that has “standard police procedures” that allows police to shoot first and then hide behind “standard police procedures.” Maybe those are “Police State” directives from the Marxist Regime in Washington?

  13. Let’s see, if they were afraid for their lives, shouldn’t they have climbed
    back into their cruiser and called for backup instead of shooting up the
    neighborhood at night? What would’ve happened to a homeowner if they
    had shot an intruder and justified it with they were afraid for their lives?
    The cops are not above the law. These two should have their
    weapons taken from them before they kill someone else by over-reacting….they
    probably didn’t belong on the street to begin with. Or… had they been
    practicing with the new targets that look like civilians to desensitize them?

  14. These two AMATEURS need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise, WELCOME TO THE POLICE STATE!! The Chief in Foat Wuth needs to be reduced in rank and retirement benefits for being so damn ignorant to send two rookies out together.

    1. From what I read, each rookie was manning their own separate patrol car. Why didn’t each of them have a “seasoned officer” with them?

      1. Good question. Maybe the Chief should be raked over the coals while being questioned about this truly STUPID policy of turning rookies loose on the public?

    2. I agree with you to a certain extent. However, the way cops are today, even a seasoned cop might had done the same thing. I think we need our own private PD that fully answers to the public!

      1. They are supposed to answer to the public, it is the public that pays their wages, medical and retirement pay through taxes.

  15. I have always supported the law officers but i think in this case some one was a little trigger happy you don’t just shoot there is a code to follow, i was not there but i don’t think this poor guy pulled a gun on the officers, on the other hand mistakes are made and the the good have to suffer, and they want to know why people will not give up their guns……….


  17. Oh, how horrible. What a nightmare for this family. He was just trying to be neighborly, and lost his life. There were two of them, and one of him, and he got 6 bullets in the chest. What ever happened to “halt, police, drop the weapon, and put your hands up?” I didn’t see that in this article, or anything that sounded like they gave him an order to do that. What is going on? Every week there are stories about police and shooting incidents. I totally support their need to do their job. But there is a big difference between doing it correctly, and doing it to the cost of the lives of taxpaying citizens, whose taxes pay the salaries of our public servants. Why were two rookies answering this call, and not one rookie and a seasoned officer? Don’t police departments have protocols? Policies? Procedure manuals? There are stories about how police are shooting dogs (New York, and Denver) and how they are shooting people –taxpaying, well-meaning American citizens. This kind of article doesn’t make me feel safe. But on most police cars you will read: “defend and serve.”

  18. While I generally support police actions, this incident leaves to many un-answered questions. I believe these two officers need to be discharged from the police force and they should also face criminal and civil charges.

  19. As long as WE are guilty before proven innocent, this will be allowed. The regulations are supposed to be on the public employee, NOT us. WE should be forcing regulations on the government that do protect the individual. This is backwards, vote for the citizen, not the politician.

  20. When is a person in more danger? In the presence of a criminal or in the presence of a police officer who is not fully trained and experienced??. I say in the presence of the Police Officer. Especially a newbie because of lack of experience in the field and the mindset that because he or she is a Police Officer they are immediately in danger and have the shoot first talk later mentality.!!!

  21. My feels are for the wife, but when he saw the Police were there should have gone back in the house or a very least laid his gun down in the garage.

    1. How do you know he saw the police? As 1pappap says, he was behind his house….therefore, unless they drove their “marked” police cars into his back yard, I sincerely doubt he saw they were there until they filled him full of lead. I also doubt they “identified themselves as police officers”. And “laid his gun down in the garage”? Really? We don’t know how far he was from his garage! That’s ridiculous….probably didn’t even have a chance to get back into his home. These were most likely nervous rookies who hadn’t been on a call like this, were in this man’s back yard where they didn’t belong and they shot when they shouldn’t have! My sincere condolences to this man’s family.

    2. i think he never saw the police -probably hunkering down nervous for their lives- until they were shooting at him out of fear..

    3. I to doubt he even saw them until it was to late. Retreat and be shot in the back? Lay the gun in the garage?

  22. I have to ask if these police officers were educated with the new targets which are now used that show dangerous people to shot. They show old people, pregnant women, and people in wheelchairs as a threat. When I saw this a few weeks ago I thought, this is not good. Look for more of this stories in the future.

  23. It is a tragedy yet another innocent American is now dead due to police incompetence. Be their incompetence due to poor training ? their own personal fear (which most are now terrified at the sight of anyone with a firearm) or training by government gestapo to shoot first and don’t worry about it. America’s society is crumbling thanks to government’s made up “war on terror”. If government were sincere about protecting Americans from terrorist the very first thing congress and presidents would do is to seal our borders and stop ALL immigration. They have used this to create a mindset in all police of imminent danger and for the most part the citizenry accepts it. These type of incidents will increase until the American people fire all of the terrorist in washington dc who continually funnel monies to terrorist nations to attack us in order to force Americans to accept the tyranny being crammed down our throats. I feel for the murdered man, his widow and family and also those two young cops who have been corrupted by a system that uses them to instill yet more fear of the police in the people. The two cops probably don’t even have a clue how their actions have changed so many lives including their own. One can only hope Americans will awaken to this means of total tyranny which is just around the corner is not already here.

  24. All the more reason we, American Soldiers, need to be known in our communities. Forget calling 911, just call the local military folks. I have made sure all my neighbors know who to call out for in an emergency. AND IT ISN’T 911….

    1. I am all for a reduction in the military mindset of local police. In fact, bloused trousers and ANY other paramilitary decoration of the POPO should be forbidden.

  25. You can just about bet that one of them “accidentally” squeezed the trigger, and the other responded by squeezing off his rounds. Wonder how many were fired by EACH cop. Two rookies should NEVER be paired together.

  26. I’m an old man, and I live in Fort Worth. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 73 — scary thought in view of this!

    1. Again WE were NOT there. With that said their is proven statistics that ROOKIE cops can posses more sharp instinct and clearer reaction than veterans due to the fact they are fresh from very intense and lengthy training which must be completed very stringently prior to and active duty work.

      1. Yes and maybe because they’re new to the job, they DON’T have the experience of dealing in these types of situations!

        1. And you are deciding this how? What experience do you have in LE training, tactical response or Policing in General? I will assume none. Therefore whatever judgment or statement you make is exactly what you think THEY did. You were NOT there! You are basing your belief and one media report only. Too quick to judge can be problematic for everyone. Ask Treyvon Martin.

        2. Anyone would know that a veteran cop that’s been on the force for several years would have a much better handle on the situation than 2 rookie cops! The Martin case is completely different in that Martin was a thug and asking for trouble. Also, you weren’t there also! Lately there have been way too many instances of cops killing and beating innocent people and dogs. I have no doubt that these lousy cops shot and killed that man for the hell of it, and they knew they could get away with it! That’s my opinion, so if you don’t like it, that’s too damn bad!

        3. I have 25 years dink and I trust my life to these “ROOKIES” every day. So hell yes I take offense when you place these highly trained and skilled men and women in a lower class of excellence. Do yourself a favor and wait for the facts and quit commenting on a subject you have absolutely NO knowledge of!

        4. sanman We’ll NEVER get the real truth as cops lie! They’ll say “it was justifiable” and go scot free! Are you serious? Cops investigating cops is a big joke. That’s why cops get away with shooting innocent people and dogs, because they know they can and get away with it!

        5. I knew if I gave you enough rope you would hang yourself. I now completely understand your comments. You have had a long history with Law Enforcement. I bet some of them know you by name. Your rap sheet I am sure is quite impressive to other inmates. Hope to cross paths someday so formal introductions can be made!!!

        6. I think that you’re hanging yourself by making stupid statements! So everyone here that disagrees with you is a felon? I happen to have a very clean record so don’t feed me this BS. If you were or are a cop, I’d hate for you to come to my aid!

        7. NONE of us were there! Any moron knows that veteran cops have much more experience in these matters! Martin was a thug and got what he deserved. I have no doubt that these cops killed this man because they wanted to and knew they could get away with it. Lately, I’ve been hearing far too many innocent people and dogs being killed or badly beaten by viral cops. NO, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I hope the widow sues, sues, sues and jail time would be appropriate for these two cops!

        8. Any MORON. So you must NOT have ANY LE Experience other than a few Adam 12 episodes. Please enlighten me on your experience to judge this scenario with out ANY facts other than this article that has limited facts at best? I can tell by your writing that the only thing you care about is burning authority. I guess to many DUI’s will give a guy a bad attitude towards LE.

      2. blah, blah, blah they mudered an innocent man, does that count for anything in your book? Doesn’t seem to me these two yahoos exhibited “sharp instinct and clearer reaction” than a more experienced LEO.

        1. Could you please share and read from your eyewitness account as to what happened so we can all be more informed?

        2. Just quoting YOUR words from YOUR post, sport! Besides, all the cops are required to do, according to the SCOTUS, is to shown up after the fact , gather evidence and investigate. Maybe that’s why the Aurora PD didn’t enter the theater until after the nutjob quit firing. Truly heroic!

        1. Explain to me using your experience and authority what a ROOKIE is? Again I have the most heart felt condolences for all involved especially the Widow. I am just amazed all these comments that are nothing more than self indulged criticism. No knowledgeable facts just assumptions. Assumptions get you hurt or worse.

    2. Exactly!! What the hell were two rookies doing on patrol together, never heard of such a thing before. One of my sons is a cop and rookies have to ride with a senior officer. This department fucked up big time.

      1. And so the city and these two need to pay to the fullest extent allowed by law. The city pays the missus and REALLY, REALLY big settlerment, the Ciefd is relieved of command and these two ‘crusaders’ get to be a guest of the state for at least 12.5 years before parole is even a twinkle in their eyes.

  27. Is this a surpri9se to anyone? These things happen every day to some extent by police departments all over the country. These goons have forgotten why they are in uniform and wearing a gun. We the people haven’t hired them to hassel, bully and shoot us. We hired them to preserve the piece and protect the innocent. Their idea of service is to see how many arrests they can rack up to please their ignoant superiors. Most present day cops were bullies in school and simply advanced to the next rung when they graduated. Problem is, now we have to give them guns to threaten us with and to use at the drop of a hat.

  28. I’m personally growing tired of reading stories of citizens losing their lives at the hands of police for reasons that do not stand up to justification. I don’t care how scared the police are. I had a sense of these policemen being in his yard behind his house and that he was also in his yard, behind his house, opposite to the house where the alarm sounded. This would put the police in his backyard or adjacent to his house. In entering that property, they should have been keenly aware that such a situation could develop. If the facts,as presented, are accurate, they acted in a very careless manner, with regard to performing police work. I find their conduct reprehensible and I hope a court and the police department come down hard on this. This is a crying shame and should not be dismissed as “just a tragic accident”. This man’s life was forfeited on his own property where he had every right to protect and defend it. I feel very sad for the whole affair and especially for his widow. American’s should be outraged!

    1. My thoughts are, they used other people’s homes for cover. You see, you are a target as soon as you pull your weapon, they had their guns pulled.

  29. I always thought that the police were supposed to yell “Freeze” and identify themselves BEFORE firing the first shots. Must be mistaken.

      1. I believe THAT is what all of us would like to know. The article doesn’t have that information. If the police DID demand that the victim “halt, put down the weapon and get on the ground” and he did not comply, I can see where they had justification to shoot. If not, they need to suffer the consequences of shooting and killing an innocent man.

  30. This is the Military training the Police are getting NOW…its in the US Army Field manual to fire first and not ask questions! These Policemen are murders plain and simple…!!! This is happening all over the Country now…We don’t have a Police Force we have hit squads in Police Uniforms! The War on “We the People” is well under way!

    1. This wasn’t the case when I was in the military ’65-’67! On guard, you yelled HALT and then questioned the man. No way did you start shooting willy-nilly!

    1. Those warnings are in days gone by. In SoCal if you have your “hands near your waistband”
      you’re fair game. Police “in fear for their life” is the biggest coverup crock going these days.

      1. LAPD shot up 2 Hispanic ladies believing them to be this huge black man (Christopher Dorner). They did the “shoot first, ask questions later” bit. Now tell me the cops aren’t out of control.

  31. Watch the gun grabbers alight on this case to show the inadvisability of private citizens’ gun usage. We don’t know if the police shouted warnings to Mr. Waller. If they did, he would be obliged
    to put his hands up after laying down his weapon. I feel awful reading this tragic event but until we know all the details we can’t prejudge the police officers.

  32. It was ok for Zimmerman to kill the doper black kid so why not cops. Just because he was an old white man. Bet Obama behind this. An impeachable offense for sure. Send in Sheriff Joe.

    1. oh, YOU again with your troll comments. Get a life… an innocent man died trying to protect his neighbour’s place, and all you can do is blather inanities. Martin was an armed thug with a record, sitting on top of Zimmerman bashing his head into the sidewalk trying to kill him, and threatening to do so. Zimmerman managed to retain enough controi over the weapon Martin was grabbing to shoot his would-be murderer.

      Here we have a homeowner looking after his neighbour, in HIS OWN BACKYARD, getting fired up and killed with NO contact or warning. Two very different kettles of fish.

    2. Zimmerman acted in self defense. These two MORONS did not receive fire and they are somehow justified in killing an innocent man, irrespective of his ethnicity?

  33. I have been a LEO for 25 years and based SOLEY on what I just read which is to say only a very miniscule part of what happened it does not sound good. Lets all wait and see what unfolds before we jump to conclusions. WE were NOT there!

    1. As I said a little earlier, AFTER a thorough, unbiased, and HONEST investigation we will know a LOT more than we do now.

      But, even though most burglar alarms are false alarms, sending two Rookie officers does not sound like a reasoned response. I presume they had completed their FTO period satisfactorily or they wouldn’t have been in 1 man units.

      And SIX hits to the chest is remarkable, unless they fired a couple hundred rounds. This also brings up the question of how far away were they?

      A lot more questions than answers at this point, but I stand by my earlier statement.

      1. I have worked for a small agency and I have worked for a large agency. Sometimes as YOU know if you too have been on the job, you have to send WHO you got! Try not sending anyone cause you feel your Boots were not qualified to handle the call but you let them go 10-8 on their own, come on!

        1. sanman,

          That’s a good point, and BTW, I’m on the side of the good guys, just not necessarily on the side of their supervision. And an apparently innocent 73 year old man is Dead!

          As I said before, we know that most burglar alarm calls are false alarms. We also know you are not going to send your only experienced officer, and much less your shift supervisor, on one of these calls. But you do have to respond, and you sure as hell can’t send just one Boot. But we do NOT know they only had these two Boots.

          Think about it, if it’s worth 2 cars, maybe one should be an experienced officer.

          IF all they had available were two < 1 year officers to respond to a potential 459 in progress, we really need to look at City Hall and/or PD Management, or maybe a lack thereof. Another reason for the Plaintiff's Bar argument.

          Again, a thorough, unbiased, and honest investigation will answer a lot of questions.

        2. ALL in progress (priority one) calls are at least two man calls more if you have them. I have been on as many GOOD burg calls as alarm calls as you put it. The POINT I am trying to relay to everyone on this site is your quick to judge is no different than what you are accusing the officers of!

      2. Oh yeah, cops investigating cops? Are you serious? We all know what that outcome will be: lies upon lies and these two cops go scott free!

    2. Under what conditions would the actions of these two be justifiable? They weren’t being shot at.and their lives weren’t in danger. How can this possibly be justified?

    3. I can’t believe you are or ever was a cop! Only a fool would say that a rookie cop was better at handling this situation better than a veteran cop.

  34. Well, the logical question begs to be answered. What color were the officers? I’m sure if it were a black man killed we would know the answer from this article.

  35. My son-in-law was a police officer and they have a recording device with them that is tied into their police car, recording at least the sounds of what is happening. I would be interested to know if these officers had similar devices, whether they were on and what they reveal.

  36. There are good and decent persons who are neither mature or wise enough to be police officers. Police departments who weed out such persons early often avoid such tragedies.

  37. This incident supports what self defense handgun trainers teach: don’t insert yourself with a firearm into an unknown situation. Things are seldom as they seem, especially at night. Owning a handgun for self defense without intense training is signing your own death warrant. Get training! Knowing how to shoot is only 10% of what you need. The other 90% you can’t teach yourself. It’s about judgement, knowing if and when to present a firearm, and knowing if you are even in danger of being assaulted. When using a handgun for self defense one of three things can happen, and two of them are bad.

    1. You are absolutely correct!!

      I can understand his desire to help the neighbor, but at what risk? Marching around at night with a weapon during a potential burglary in progress (at your neighbors home no-less) before or after the police arrive is a formula for disaster.

      In the eyes of the police, bad guys carry guns, and although I believe more discretion should have been used by the officers, I have to place most of the blame on the good Samaritan. He was not defending himself nor his family…he was playing neighborhood police officer.

      1. you’re both wrong. From the report we just read, he did not even KNOW the police had showed up. He was in HIS OWN YARD, armed against the high likelihood that whoever set off his neighbour’s alarm might be lurking about looking for another house to enter and burglarise. having been driven from the first by the alarm. If I heard such a commotion that near MY house, I’d pick up my handgun, or shotgun, as well, and go check out what is happening. Don’t go and tell a man he shouldn’t move to protect his wife, property, or that of his neighbour. Armed or otherwise. It was the cops got out of line, shooting with no warning at an unknown target.

        1. No that is NOT correct. If you heard a commotion at or near your house, you’d be smart, call the police, call the neighbor, and stay inside to protect your family and let the police risk their lives. You’re not threatened by a “commotion” next door, down the street or in your zip code.

          As a civilian, you NEVER go where the bad guy is…you go the other way unless he is breaking into your home or threatening you or someone else life. No one appointed this guy the neighborhood policeman and he should have stayed inside where it was safe. That is why we PAY policemen to investigate burglar alarms.

          It could have been the fire alarm going off too as most “burglar” alarms are interconnected with smoke detectors. Why not grab a fire extinguisher first and put the gun in your pocket?

          He should have stayed in his home, protecting himself and wife against anyone trying to enter his home; instead, he goes outside to confront a potential armed intruder. How smart is that? Where is the neighbor all this time? Away on vacation? If he felt that compelled to protect his neighbors property/other, why not call him first? Who knows, the neighbor could have shot the good Samaritan thinking he was the bad guy.

          Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to go around, but carrying a weapon and putting yourself between the cops AT NIGHT and their hunt for a bad guy, mistaken identity is a distinct possibility.

        2. Thank God you don’t live near me. I hope you don’t ever need your neighbors help and they take your advice and go hide and by the time the cops arrive too late your dead.

        3. Me too!!

          Get your weapon and start patrolling your neighborhood…be proactive. Why wait for an alarm to go off?

          When the bad guys see you, they will know not to mess around. Of course the police will immediately arrest you for helping them do their job.

          I believe it is important to be involved and protect others if possible, but as you know, a home burglar alarm in 90% of the calls it’s is a false alarm.

          You need to do what you believe is best, and although I disagree with what civilian involvement should take place in this situation, I do believe the police made a mistake and should be held accountable.

        4. READ MY LIPS. They made a mistake, and I agree they made a mistake, but that is only part of the issue/problem.

          Can you imagine the police trying to find the bad guy if 10 neighbors come out after hearing the alarm all clustering around their back yards with weapons drawn?

          Civilians want to help, but in some cases they get in the way and can cause more problems then if they just stayed back and let law enforcement do their job.

        5. If 10 armed neighbors responded to an alarm or any disturbance we wouldn’t need no stinking cops and we would all be safer.

        6. How you going to pull that off?

          It’s nice to discuss the problem, but what you’re offering is just a fantasy.

          You’re playing “what if” games.

        7. YES, you are correct if you listen what the cops tell you to do. Stay at home, do what the criminals ask of you and COWER.
          Don’t you dare do what comes naturally, in trying to help yourself or your neighbor. Just be a victim. Typically cops show up AFTER you have been killed.

        8. This was not a shooting, rape nor was anybody lying in the street dead….no crime had yet been committed. A home alarm going off is NOT a crime. It could have been their fire alarm.

          Neither the mans domain nor his life was being threatened by the alarm going off across the street.

          I’m not saying one should not help, but the way this good Samaritan handled it cost him his life.

        9. If I hear something wrong going on near my home, It’s lock and load time. No waiting around, for this old man.

        10. I’m not disagreeing with you. NEAR YOUR HOME. Not across the street, down the block or in the next zip code.

          You can’t protect everyone; although it would be nice.

          Choose your battles….you’re family will thank you for staying alive.

        11. My family will have my six, don’t think for a second that my 98lb bride of 25 years can’t squeeze a trigger, just ask the elk on the wall.

        12. Good.

          Loosing a close family member because you decided to protect your neighbors lawn mower is well worth it.

        13. Now, you are the one that doesn’t get it. I live 8 miles from town, and 4 miles of gravel road before I hit pavement, my 2 neighbors, both widowed, live 1/4 mile from me, that is near me. The cops would take 15 minutes to get here, these sweet old gals are always bringing us goodies, hell yea, I will save their mower

        14. How is the neighbor to know whats up without investigating. I am doing this armed thank you very much. I also live rural where we look out for each other not like you folks who don’t give a dam about the neighbors.

        15. Why do we pay policemen to shoot innocent civilians. This was terrible judgement on the part of the police involved. Just because they are PAID doesn’t mean they will use better judgement than an armed civilian looking out for his neighbor and perhaps best friend.

        16. The man may have been innocent, but he was armed.

          Someone made a bad judgement call, and whose to say the good Samaritan, wielding a weapon, couldn’t have made the same bad decision and accidentally shot another neighbor checking out the same house….stranger things have happened.

    2. Yeah, makes sense to me… if the “situation” is coming toward you, make the decision to act or not… If the situation is moving away, be sure you know how it’s developing before irrationally acting!

  38. These are the very same people who proudly display ” To protect and serve ” on their tax payer paid vehicles. Learn to protect yourself, get a gun and practice.

    1. Practice is nice, but getting training is what saves lives. It’s not just about marksmanship. It’s about mindset and gun handling as well.

      1. Just the noise of ” cocking ” a 12 gauge pump gun should be enough to make an attacker RUN. That’s better than just being caught without a gun. It worked against 4 well armed cops who had INVADED my home late at night. Long story, but IT WORKS.

  39. Did they even bother to yell freeze or just start shooting? This article leaves lots of unanswered questions? Hopefully the truth will emerge and there won’t be another cover up to protect the city from a lawsuit for putting two rookies on the street who had insufficient training and experience. I feel sorry for all involved, someone died, that should not have. The worse thing the neighbor did was attempt to be a GOOD neighbor, and for that he was shot dead. Is there any wonder why so many simply just don’t care anymore?

  40. Because this involved PD officers, I presume the incident is to be investigated by the Sheriff, or even better by a State level officer. IF there is no exculpatory evidence left out of this report, and following a thorough and honest investigation which finds the police culpable , I hope for the following:

    People who know me well know I am NOT a fan of the Plaintiff’s Bar. However, having said that this would be the exception that proves the rule, in my case at least.

    I hope the widow becomes the new owner of the Fort Worth city hall, police station, all vehicles, and all other items of monetary value, oh, and including all liquid assets.

    It won’t bring her husband back and it will put a HUGE monetary burden on the taxpayers in Houston, er, I mean Fort Worth, however, maybe those taxpayers will hire (vote for) employees who are capable of ensuring this tragedy is not repeated.

      1. Uh oh, I need to correct that reference. Thank you for the good catch. In my defense you will note I referred to Fort Worth before that faux pas.

        1. I did notice that you said Ft. Worth first. That’s why the refence to Houston confused me.Wherever it happened it is a tragedy. Since I’m a single woman who lives alone, I would hope that my neighbors would check on me if something like this (my home alarm going off) happened in my neighborhood.

        2. Thanks again, and if you live in my neighborhood, we’re looking out for you and each other. I hope you live in one like ours. It also helps living on a street that doesn’t go anywhere other than around the block. We even know what neighbors drive, and watch other cars with a jaundiced eye, so to speak.

  41. Unfortunatly this may be one of those things that have no answer. It’s dark and they spot a guy close to them with a gun. He may have spotted them at the same time and pointed the gun at them. Unlike watching NCIS if a guy points a gun at you, you dont bother telling him to put it down, You gotta shoot. Everything is conjecture at this point, not yet time for judgement.

    1. BS, cops must identify themselves. That is procedure. Sounds like these 2 did the safe action, shoot first & ask questions later. They’re supposed to be above that type of untrained knee jerk reaction. I’m sure it will be his word against theirs. Oh, that’s right, it’s their word against a dead man’s.

  42. ON MORE TIME, law enforcement shoot and hit an innocent when “in the line of duty”. And the raging gun grabbers are always to quick to warn how often an armed public would be killing innocents right and left.. HAH!! LE manage to kill about six times as many innocents as do private citizens, but citizens use our guns to stop about four times as many crimes. In this case, no crime was stopped, and an innocent died. Thanks, coppers, you “did the right thing”. Your Police Union will assure you don’t get any sanctions, and will be back out on the street soon enough to perhaps be so careless again. A sad state of affairs.

  43. I cannot agree with the statement that without police we would be a nation of anarchists and criminals. Without religion and without a code of Judeo-Christian ethics we might be but, in fact, in excess of 90% of the people are not criminals and are not anarchists and it is not the police that make us that way. There are not enough of them to have that effect. Our values, before they have been compromised and attacked by the atheists, anarchists and secularists are what keep us in line. While I do not ascribe to the notion that man is inherently good, I do appreciate that man has the capacity to be good if he has a guide and a reason. If you look at the current president and the people in his administration; radical communists and secularists all, you see an example of what man can become when power and the lack of adherence to Christian values and to the values of our Constitution are ignored. The rampant misuse of power and these repeated attempts to place the rest of us under their complete control by fiat are the result, not of the lack of police but because the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of our country has broken the very laws he has been entrusted to, and has sworn to enforce is an example of what happens when our laws are ignored. The President has conspired with him and the heads of other agencies, whom we support with our taxes, and for whom they are SUPPOSED to work, to place us under the yoke of Obamacare, Homeland Security, BATF and the rest of the thugs and miscreants who suck off our hard earned money. The biggest problem is in Washington, the place that has forgotten who they are working for and in whose interest and on whose behalf they are supposed to be working.

  44. The guy is in his own yard, not across the street where the alarm is sounding. Trigger-happy Barney Fifes who have no business wearing the uniform. They should be locked up just as average Joe Citizen would be for doing the same thing. But, we know there are two sets of laws; the ones for us regular folks, and the ones for cops and politicians.

  45. If you want to know just how far we’ve slid as a country, research how many police we have to have today compared to 1963, 50 years ago. That tells a story, loud and clear. And, in case you don’t know how many we had then, it’s anywhere from 1/6th to 1/10th of the size today.

    1. WOW now that’s a solid statistic. Complete your comment. What was the population then VS now? One is for sure we did not have 6-10 million documented GANG members or 33- 50 million illegal aliens. If your going to spout complete your theory!

  46. Horribly and eternally regrettable act which the cops will have to live with. Seems there was a lady in VA yesterday at work in a big box store, who, upon wielding a knife towards officers and others was mortally wounded as well. Dogs are the best answer in these cases. Whereas the stun gun may not take someone down you can be assured the dog can and is more than willing to do so…

  47. I used to support police, donating money, argue with people by defending their tough job. But recently I start realizing that I can’t really trust them myself. One time they came and search my house without a warrant, just because somebody call them and said that somebody is having an argument inside the house. My wife and my 2 little boys were the only people in the house and kids were about to go to bed. I was at work. After they went inside without asking permission from my wife, searched every room in the house, and after they didn’t find anything at least they should of apologize and be nice about. Well they just left, leaving my wife stunned and scare, without a word. My kids got scare also. They need to train them better, because police is out of control and act like they can do what ever they want, braking the law, treating people like a criminals in their own houses. This will not end up good. At some point something terrible is waiting to be happened, in this case is already did. They become trigger happy, they will shoot now and ask questions later.

  48. Something is very screwy about this story. They felt threatened??? Well, somebody was trying to break into a veterans home so he grabbed his AR15 and advised that he was going to fire one warning shot and then he fired into the floor of his home. He felt threatened but it did not matter to the police. They arrested him for protecting himself and his property. Everybody is nuts these days and obama leads the way. By the way, they did arrest the person who was trying to break into the house.

  49. If they had been shooting at the burglar across the street they’d likely hit those inside instead of the perpetrator. Innocent bystanders and lawful citizens are easier targets than running/shooting ones…

  50. If the burglary was across the street, what were the cops doing behind his house? Sure would like to see their badge-cam or hear the audio.

    1. Simple.

      Another neighbor reported that they saw a man with a gun across the street in another neighbors back yard. It’s dark and late. So anyone walking around the neighborhood is a potential suspect.

      Bad guys can run to another location.

      1. Key word ” suspect ” . You don’t shoot someone for being a suspect. It would be a logical conclusion for neighbors to investigate an alarm sounding in there neighborhood, unless you are a sheeple spineless worm that would run and hide if your wife was being raped and wait for the Nazi cops to retrieve her corps.

        1. You really don’t get it do you?

          What is the priority here? Protection of your family or the neighbors property?

          Knowing that a burglar alarm is going off across the street and running to investigate it, or knowing that there might be a bad guy, potentially armed only a few hundred feet way from your front door looking for a place to hide or worse take hostages?

          Unlike you, I’ve been running around at night looking for bad guys WITHOUT NIGHT VISION knowing they were armed. Try it sometime, and see if you don’t react by shooting first (by mistake) and ask questions later. It’s only your life on the line, but you knew that.

          You have to assume the bad guy is drunk, on drugs, crazy or suicidal. When they don’t put the weapon down IMMEDIATELY after being told too, all bets are off…as is the weapon safety.

          I believe in helping my neighbor, but this was not a life and death situation; although it turned out too be one.

          There is no questions the police overreacted and shot out of fear, but staying inside and waiting for the police to arrive is the right decision in this case.

        2. I would hope that if I had an alarm on my house that went off in the middle of the night, that my neighbors would care enough to investigate that I am okay. I think they acted wrongly in shooting so quickly. They should have insisted that he drop his gun after identifying themselves. I don’t believe as rookies they have been on the job long enough heve the “seasoning” to handle this situation in the proper manner.

        3. You’re right!!

          Be advised that police departments have rookies out there trying to learn the ropes.

          When the neighbor home alarm goes off, get on the phone, call 911 then call the neighbor. If you don’t get an answer, don’t go over and check unless you’re ready and able to do battle with who ever you find.

          And be sure not to panic and shoot the home owner or another neighbor with his weapon who is also checking out the home.

  51. Since it is COMPLETELY LAWFUL to go armed, especially on your own property, even in the State of Texas, the “police” most certainly DID NOT FOLLOW PROPER PROCEDURE.
    Nothing in the law excuses the police from the law they are SWORN TO UPHOLD.
    Just like anyone else, the police CANNOT JUST OPEN ON ANYONE THEY FEEL MIGHT BE A “THREAT”.
    I’m terribly afraid that the police, untrained as they are, will just open fire on me because I carry openly all the time … does that give me the right to start shooting them because they are carry guns and I fear for my safety around them?

  52. These two officers are not competent to wear the uniform. They need to either be better trained or better vetted because this is happening far far to often. They have a very difficult job and it takes a special kind of person to be a good officer. These mistakes are intolerable.

    1. Neither is the scumbag who put them on the street without a senior partner! I hope the family of this man sues.

  53. ” Without the police, we would be a nation of anarchists and criminals (other than the ones in Washington D.C.). ”

    The police, more and more, ARE THE CRIMINALS.
    When the private Citizen is armed, society is much safer than when the City’s PRIVATE ARMY is running things. The “police” are UNLAWFUL and completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They are a “Private Army” responsible to no one but the Chief of Police.

    The Sheriff is the ONLY RESPONSIBLE LAW ENFORCEMENT in the County and the only LAWFUL law enforcement as well.
    No on can over-rule the Sheriff but the Governor and then ONLY when the Governor is within the State and US Constitution and the Sheriff is not.
    The County Sheriff supersedes ALL STATE AND FEDERAL OFFICERS.

  54. I totally agree with this author.
    Maybe this is another intimidation technique.
    Maybe it is a direct threat that if you own and brandish a gun you are going to get shot.
    Maybe that is the type of official police policy that these two jerks followed.
    The guy was across the street and behind his garage from the alarm and these two shot him.
    What is the message there?

  55. Hmmmm, a mentality of “shoot first, ask questions later” is NOT a mode of operation within a police force. It seems I recall a recent news piece where a police chief blatantly told a reporter, “we do not provide protection to the public”… but it seems by this event they don’t care about the safety of innocent citizens either.

  56. they shot him only because he was carrying a firearm! No excuse, none. And they probably enjoyed it.
    I very seriously doubt that they “feared for their lives” unless they’re already complete cowards and are unfit for police duty.

    1. I think you’re spot on. I think the FWPD did enjoy shooting down a innocent man. They’re pigs down there. I know, I used to live there!

  57. and don’t forget the 4 innocent people that L.A.P.D. shot and killed because they thought it was Christopher Dorner. Then they got to murder him too.

  58. Put a gun in the hand, a badge on the chest, a uniform on the body, and an over sized ego in the head, and an empty head on the shoulders and what do you have; ‘ A MODERN DAY GESTOPO POLICEMEAN.”

  59. If the police are always justified in whomever they kill then where does my 2nd Amendment right to protect myself come into play???

  60. First I don’t think Jerry Waller was pointing his gun at the officers to begin with, second both officers if they felt they were being threaten by Mr. Waller they should have yelled out drop your gun now, these two young men will have to live with this and ask themselves why they shot first before knowing who there target was to begin with.

  61. I’m sick of hearing how cops are always “fearing for their lives”. They are cops. They carry guns and go after criminals. Their job is dangerous. What did they think being a cop entailed? Patrolling 6 Flags and eating cotton candy all day?
    They are too trigger happy these days. If you are too scared to so your job, that you feel you should shoot first THEN sort the situation out, then give up your badge and gun. You are unstable.

  62. Just the noise of ” cocking ” a 12 gauge pump gun should be enough to make an attacker RUN. That’s better than just being caught without a gun. It worked against 4 well armed cops who had INVADED my home late at night. Long story, but IT WORKS.

        1. Two words…Sea Bee. It’s a rare species of bee usually found in and around rusted merchant marine freighter engine rooms, on the toilet seats of famous movie stars, in very old boxes of kids cereal or in a ladies bonnet.

          The bee does not have a stinger nor can it fly. They are best known for their ability to mimic “poop”. The insect will also emit a foul smell if spoken too, confronted, touched or scared. In some countries, the insect is called the “BS BUG”.

          The bee was once thought to be extinct until it was observed being handled by small children and eaten by dogs at pubic park in 2012.

          In the rare picture below, you can see the basic structure of the Sea Bee nest. Depending on the area, nests are known to vary in size from a few inches too a couple of feet… where you walk.

  63. Our nation is breading people with ugly hearts. This comes mostly because we have gotten away from God (bible) and some have made themselves little gods. Crime is rampant and the people do what is right in their own eyes instead of Gods’ Word.

  64. We have gone overboard in our mandate giving police expanded authority to enforce the law. More and more police are ignoring constitutional rights and what they were hired to do, protect citizens. It has become them versus criminals and potential criminals.

  65. This was a law abiding citizen excercising his legal rights. How threatening could he have appeared? This deserves serious investigation.

    We have a cultural shift happening that causes people to see a gun and automatically think “bad guy”. 100 years ago a gun was a tool that was present in every home. If we were raised around guns we would realize this.

    There is an intentional societal trend to marginalize guns and gun owners and this situation will be used to further the anti gun agenda. The right to protect yourself is a basic human right. In an earlier generation the police would not have jumped to the conclusion that everyone with a gun is a criminal.

    What we need is more visibility of guns so that the public does not have such a guttual reaction when they see one.

    Sad for the man and his family.

    1. When I had my C.C. permit in N.Y. before it was arbitrarilly taken for a D.W.I., I never had a problem with the cops. I carried a Colt Python .357 mag in a shoulder holster, and living in an area of about 3 prisons, we ran up on State Police Roadblocks alot for escapees. The Newburg/Beacon Bridge was that area. I would roll up, the cops would ask for I.D. but I would tell them right off that I’m permitted and carrying. They appreciated that fact ,and it never went further.
      Now we have dictators as governors who think that they can walk all over the citizenry. It will come to a head, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Just watch what will happen if guv keeps shoving!
      Are you listening coumo the homo fool!

  66. Whoever put these unsupervised rookies on the streets on their own should be held accountable, what the hell was he doing, they should have been paired up with someone with experience, at least until they are old enough to shave

  67. Rookie Police are trained that ANYONE with a gun is a perp and a immediate and direct threat. They are also trained that if one officer shoots, then all officers shoot. And to shoot all of their rounds then reload and keep shooting until the perp is DOWN HARD.

    Don’t believe me? Just ask them. It is a nation-wide policy. Search ‘officer safety’.

    And since these two rookies followed Police POLICY, they will be cleared of any wrong-doing.

    The widow should get a lawyer and sue for wrongful death.

    The taxpayers will pay and she will be taken care of for the rest of her days.

    1. YEP. Correct, but not in all cases. Sort of an unwritten procedure.

      That is why when you read the incident reports the bad guy was shot 475 times…just want to make sure he does not get up or worse, live to testify in court.

    2. REALLY? I know a thousand retired cops that say you are wrong. {Myself included} Let’s hear what happened and then make the call. “Anyone with a gun is a perp?” I would hate to be working plain clothes if you were on patrol. Think about what you said. Sorry to disagree.

  68. There is too much of this type of policing going on. It really bothers me when I hear that the police are put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. What really goes on during these “internal investigations?” I am reminded what Obongo said about the Eric Holder scandal: Let the DOJ investigate itself. That’s a crock! There needs to be a civilian review board in all large and medium size city police forces that is out in the open and transparent. From what I know, most municipalities resist this attempt to reform police departments.

  69. (I apologize in advance for my poorly timed humor)

    This is a case of what the headlines say and what they really mean.

    The headlines say a 73 year old man was killed by police without any questions.

    What the HEADLINES mean is…

    During it first case of providing end of life counseling, the Obama-care death panel delivered it’s first formal decision.

    Seriously though… as an firearm instructor, I teach my students… if you are a firearm owner, whenever you are at or near a scene with a firearm in hand, you place yourself at risk.

    The police are responding to an alarm, they do not know if the perpetrator is armed or not, they see standing there with a gun… you are instantly a bad guy and a potential threat to THEIR lives until they can confirm otherwise.

    I am not saying this man deserved to get shot, by no means; I believe his wife and family should sue the department for wrongful death.

    But if you are checking out an alarm anywhere other than your own home, and you decide to arm yourself, if you find NO IMMEDIATE THREAT, holder or secure-carry your side arm so as not to appear as a threat and you better make damn sure that you identify yourself to law enforcement.

    Scream I’M THE NEIGHBOR as loud as you can if need be, but the police have about 1-2 seconds to determine if you are a threat before they turn their attention to somewhere else because by stopping to confirm your identity, they leave themselves (and you) open to an attack from the real armed assailant who may be hidden just a few feet away.

    You need to LOOK OUT FOR THEM so such horrific accidents do not occur.

    My thoughts and prayers go out for this man and his family.

  70. Maybe taking the guns away from law abiding citizens and getting them out of the hands of criminals will finally help our cops grow the spines they need to be cops.

  71. Unfortunately, nothing will ever come of this. The police are investigating? That’s like the other day when oblowhole told holder to investigate himself. Effin ludicrous!!!!

  72. A sad story for sure; but there simply is not enough information here to draw conclusions. It’s possible Mr Waller was surprised by a police order and reacted by bringing his gun hand up, in which case the officers would have had very little time to decide whether they were facing the person who caused the alarm. Were they approaching the alarm source under cover vs walking right up to the house? We don’t know! Let’s resist the urge to try these officers on limited info; we don’t need to speculate, and we don’t need to believe reports from the police. We need a thorough investigation with conclusions based on evidence. The loss of Mr. Waller is sad enough; it does not require the premature sacrifice of two young officers.

    1. I disagree, there is more than enough info.

      The cops went to the wrong house and shot a law-abiding senior citizen. Nothing else matters.

      The media et al can twist this any way they want, but the underlying facts are above. Someone needs to go to prison.

      1. Not necessarily.

        They would look around the neighborhood just to be safe; although they may have gone to the wrong house based on phone calls, e.g. “there is a man in my neighbors back yard and I think he has a gun…..”

        The cops did not shot an unarmed man. They may have made a mistake and shot the wrong guy, but he was armed.

        Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit

        1. The media et al can twist this any way they want, but the underlying facts are above. Someone needs to go to prison.

          If this happened to a family member of yours . . . I know you would be outraged.

        2. Absolutely!!

          In the heat of battle, collateral damage is a given. I’d like to believe this is just a horrible mistake; however, this guy had no business being outside with a gun, at night, with a bad guy on the loose in the neighborhood that the cops can’t find.

          Do you think the bad guy would stick around after hearing the house alarm go off? He’s long gone, and now the police see a guy with a gun for whom they have to assume is the one they are looking for.

          There is no question a mistake was made, but they shot an armed man. The man was either deaf, blind or stupid not to see the police and know how they would react to a weapon.

          My family is trained to be proactive and know their limitations. My family would be devastated if I were to die at the hands of scared cops because I was stupid…this man was either very brave, stupid or both.

          Doing war with a bad guy, at night, all alone can get you killed….FAST. Why do you think cops work in pairs? This man was not thinking.

      2. One more thing.

        I know just how stupid and over reactive the police can be…absolute power corrupts absolutely and dumb is forever.

        Seattle has it’s share of really stupid self serving cops for whom I blame the administration for hiring in the first place. They are always under investigation for wrong doing. There is no excuse for some of the crap they’ve pulled, and they should be punished….but they won’t.

        I have friends in the department for whom we have done outside “special” activities together, and it’s a catch 22…you really can’t win.

        This is just one of many incidences they’ve pulled……..

        Just another example of incompetence.

  73. It’s a crying shame what happened to this elderly gentleman age (73) and one would think that TWO not ONE policemen would have realized first of all he was elderly, second of all they did not tell him to drop his gun and step back put your arms in the air, or even drop to the ground. In my opinion they should have used better judgment or made a better observation of the situation and directed him quickly and NOT just shoot him. In my opinion the dispatcher should be held accountable as well for not making sure that someone with tenure would be at the scene along with the TWO rookies.
    I think the you know what should hit the fan and big time. My heart goes out to the widow for sure.
    This did not have to happen. I used to be married to a State Patrolman and I was around law enforcement for many years and it was always of GREAT concern that a rookie was never allowed to be alone at any serious situation without another cop that had tenure. What a shame for all concerned.

    1. My dad was a doctor and I was around HIM for many years. That doesn’t mean I was one and it didn’t qualify me to go around giving out medical advice. You’re not a police officer- SHUT UP!

  74. Well, first off you don’t go outside in the dead of night with your neighbors alarm going off and lights ablaze with a gun in your hand. There is an old saying: ” A picture is worth a thousand words “. In this case Mr. Jerry Waller was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In today’s society the best idea is to stay inside your home, IF someone breaks in your house then use deadly force on them. Don’t try to play ” John Wayne and go check out a crime scene in the happening at your neighbors house. Now how stupid do you think his wife is going to feel if that alarm of the neighbors that went off was a ” false alarm ” which does happen. I’m truly sorry that Mr. Waller lost his life, but I’m sure had he stopped to think before he took action, he would still be alive today. Now, as far as the policemen. They jumped the gun so to speak. It all depends on whether Mr. Waller had the gun pointed at them or not. No matter what the case Mr. Waller put himself as a threat just by having a gun in his hands and NOT identifying himself to the officers (if he had time). Another thing he and his wife could have done is call 911 telling them that he was going to be outside with a gun, which I’m almost positive that 911 would have told him to stay in side, police were on their way. This is a horrible case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In most cases if you are outside with a gun in the vicinity of a crime scene chances are pretty good you’re going to get shot. A little fore thought goes a long way.

      1. ” what kind of person are you?”
        The kind of person that thinks before I leap. The same type person that has learned from experience you don’t try to do the job the police were hired for. When you start running around with a gun in your hand and there has been a crime committed in your neighborhood, and the cops most likely looking for someone, you don’t add to their problems by playing ” John Wayne ” especially when they DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE ! I’m sorry the man is dead, but like I said in my comment had he done a little fore thought and called 911 instead of getting involved he might still be alive today.
        The major point you are missing here is the fact that you have no idea what kind of day the police had before answering a call in your neighborhood. The previous call may have been a shoot out with someone. Don’t add to the polices problems by inserting yourself in their jobs. It’s a fast way to get shot because like I said they don’t know who you are, if you are a criminal or just some idiot running around with his gun getting in the way.

        1. What would you do if your wife and daughter were being raped? You are the guy who would go and hide until the cops came and retrieved there corpses.

        2. Lol.. why don’t you come over and try to rape them.. just one thing, make sure your life insurance is paid up.

  75. Since when does any police force pair two rookie cops together? An FTO (trainee cop) is generally paired with one or more veteran cops, precisely to avoid this kind of tragedy. I’m not going to judge these guys until all the facts are known. Human beings make mistakes, and it’s possible that even a veteran cop might have made a bad call had one been present, but the first thing you have to ask yourself is why this department would have two rookies working together with no senior officer present who would take the lead in responding to such a call. Sounds like senior management at that department also has to be examined in the review process.

  76. OK, if he was rally shot in the chest (not the back or side) then he was facing the police. That means that he was probably looking at them. If he was looking at them and not pointing the gun at them then he was recognizing them as police. If he was unsure he was probably leveling the gun at one of the police. If he was pointing the gun at them it is tragic, but not the policemens fault. If not then the police should be tried for manslaughter (not murder as there was no premeditation).

    1. Cops who hesitate when a gun is pointing at them get Inspectors
      Funeral, which is why I say wait till the full story comes out.

  77. YES, you are correct if you listen what the cops tell you to do. Stay at home, do what the criminals ask of you and COWER.
    Don’t you dare do what comes naturally, in trying to help yourself or your neighbor. Just be a victim. Typically cops show up AFTER you have been killed.

  78. this is why i HATE anyone in law enforcement!!!! First they are trained to shoot to kill which is bullshit!!!! these fuckers think they are above the law!!!! i dont have any remorse when they are killed!!! no one makes a big deal when a private citizen is killed doing their job, so why is everyone up on arms when a cop get killed.. i hate these double standards!!!! they are doing a job!!! thats what they choose as a a career.. they deserve what happens to them!!!

  79. If the cops stick with the ‘made up story’, please double the wrongful death suit amount and ensure that the rookies names are in the news. I would ask the city council to ensure those two trigger happy rookies do not work in my neighborhood.

  80. I would bet they did not identify themselves to the neighbor or tell him to drop his weapon before they opened up on him, why were 1 yr rookies patrolling ALONE without an experienced officer? and why wasn’t an experienced officer sent to where a rookie was dispatched???

  81. P-Poor training! In my Opinion. And my Opinion is based on many years in Law Enforcement. I have also used my Pistol several times but I ALWAYS IDENTIFIED my TARGET. TWO NEW OFFICERS ! I must say they did hit what they aimed at. Still, they jumped the gun. (BAD PUN)
    If he was hit in the chest than he must have been facing the Officers. That would change the dynamics but they fired on an Unidentified Subject that was not at the scene, nor given any orders to “Freeze” or “drop the weapon”, for example. Remember that “At night All Cats are Grey!” I hesitate to even call this an Unfortunate Incident. We must wait for All of the Story to come out. ~Rick Magee, FL

        1. I would have thrown your butt out via ‘tough love’ first!

          btw ‘DEARIE’ you ‘claim’ that you are a ‘Police Supervisor’ …is that by any chance of the Fort worth PIG department? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          How do you feel knowing you just made a fool out of yourself? How do you feel knowing with all the name calling and postulating you did ……that maybe two of all the innumerable people on this site believe one word out of your lying mouth?

        2. You’re not making any sense. How is it that I made a fool out of myself? Apparently you think alot more OF yourself than I do. Did you forget your medications?

  82. it sounds like these policemen really messed up. if the victim would have been black or a muslim this would be front page news, there would be rioting and the policemen would be in jail. it’s a good thing white people are more civilized and intelligent than other people in our country.

    1. If black there would have been race riots. If Muslim the feds would have to get involved because our Muslim-in-Chief wouldn’t have stood still for it.

    2. Making this a race issue is wrong. There are plenty of stupid white people. Stupidity knows no race.
      Don’t be a hater.

      And, I’m Caucasian.

      1. Catnip is right whether you like it or not, Rugged…Not a hater just stating the facts…And I am a minority.

        1. Its a good thing this is still an opinion commentary, because to make this a race issue is to change the facts.

          You know. I am soooo tired of everything being about race in this country. Or people trying to make issues out of race. Frankly, we as people lose sight of what happened in the process of whatever happened…When we focus on race.

          I’m not ashamed that I’m white. I don’t have guilt. I don’t like the potus, his policies, his fervent lack of oversight on the really important stuff like Bengazi, and I don’t like the people he has advising him. And, its not about the color of his skin.

          Its what’s in his brain that bothers me. Its how he thinks,..Its how he didn’t hear what he heard in church for 20 years, and the words of Rham Emmanuel, the lies of Eric Holder, its the lack of responsibility in the State Dept….Its so much more.

          And the creepy thing is our National Press failing to their job, but by God they can carry the water, for the Progressives. The Unions, whatever the Agenda is (oh, Agenda 21)…

          But this is not about race.

        2. I should have just said that I’m sick of everything being made into a race issue. But, we do have issues in this country, and race will become the least of our worries, I think.

        3. You must remember that it was Obama and his puppets that brought up the race card along with Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP, etc. C’mon, it not about race, but the liberals want you to think so. That’s why Obama is getting away with murder, literally. BTW, I have high respect for Herman Cain, loved Allen West and keep an eye on Dr. Benjamin Carson, he’s a genius and if he runs for president, he has my vote. So you see, its not about race, its about how this incompetent fraud is turning our country upside down. The only upside is impeachment for the usurper. And I’m sure most conservatives here would agree.

        4. You are right, its not about race, but the media tries to affiliate criticism with being racist, and it pisses me off. The MSM also tries to make regular crime a race issue as well, and I’m sick of that crap too. And I agree, Carson is a genius, and its too bad he’s not the President.

  83. Didn’t it say he was behind his house on the other side of the street from the house being burgled? What were the cops doing searching the wrong side of the street. It is happenings like these that will cause citizens to open fire on police officers just to preserve their own lives. It would seem that law enforcement are hiring more and more spineless individuals and those with “God” complexes. As time goes on if they don;t change their ways they will be losing more and more personnel to citizens just protecting themselves from crazy cops.

  84. The police should be arrested and put on trial! The least that should happen would be they never be allowed to be police ever again, or be able to own weapons!

  85. Improper training.

    And who put them on NIGHT! patrol alone? Lack of experience should have prevented that.

    Now, where we have a shortage of cops to begin with, these two will do time, what training they have will go to waste because no cop shop will hire them ever again, and they will end up doing something, anything, but the profession they loved.

    And tho one man died and his family wil miss him for the rest of their lives, these two cops, who were much younger and have much more of their lives before them, will have the night they shot an innocent person to live with for all those years.

    It’s not something you forget easily.

      1. Get a life, jon, and give up your computer. You aren’t intelligent enough to use one.

        I retired after 42 years of doing everything from foot patrol in Dallas to homicide detective in Atlanta and Seattle. I’ve been an instructor and am still a forensic consultant.

        1. Of course you have. Why, I could say I was retired military with several combat deployments, had 18 medals, 6 rows of ribbons, had been a police supervisor for over 20 years, won just about all my cases, had never been in trouble, had a bachelors degree, had a tested 144 I.Q., and had done more good deeds than all of you combined on this site- but it doesn’t mean it was true, does it?

        2. First you said you were a cop …but couldn’t disprove the fact that the murder of the 73 year old was ‘justified’.

          And NOW you say you’re actually a police supervisor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Of what the FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT)? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. I said I could SAY I was one, like the guy who posted before me- but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Take your meds.

        4. You first LIAR! You have told so many lies through out this message thread, you turned yourself into a ‘joke’.

          So keep talking, no one believes a single word out of your mouth.

        5. What lies have I told, Crazy Old Cat Lady? That you are a Fucktard? You have to prove it’s not true first!

  86. Police departments have a policy of hiring educated officers …I FEEL THERE SHOULD BE A TEST FOR BRAVERY…..this was an act of being confused and thus being too scared to think.. to properly act …it’s the hiring process and training that should be in question ….lives are in jeopardy when people in authority don’t have the training to stop and think without being too scared to make instant rational decisions ….just like dogs bite from fear …the police shoot from fear without concern for the consequences of the innocent ….they just act and their superiors defend them because it really is there fault and asses on the line for the methods used …..what a shame !!!! LET’S SEE IF THERE ARE ANY REAL MEN IN THIS DEPT…THAT STEP UP AND AKNOWLEDGE THE FAULTS THAT CAUSED AN INNOCENT PERSON THEIR LIFE ! BRAVERY AND DOING THE RIGHT THING STARTS AT THE TOP WITHOUT IT YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TRAIN IT!!

    1. Please tell us all how brave you are and what YOU would do when someone is pointing a gun at you!! I will be glad to speak at your funeral. Then use your situation to train new officers on what not to do when someone is pointing a gun at you and refuses to drop it. You’re an idiot!

      1. Is calling people names, the only thing ‘you’ can do? And “YOU” are supposed to be a parent?

        OH wow, now you falsely accuse me of working for McDonalds …when it’s you acting like you’re not even old enough to post here.

        BTW a ‘real cop’ (unlike the FWIPD) doesn’t have to scream F**Ktard, idiot, ad Moron in every sentence. You know I’m describing ‘you’.

        Again …grow up.

        1. Morons that think they are police authorities because they can Monday Morning Quarteback something they know nothing about just completely piss me off. We don’t tell you how to do your job at McDonalds, don’t tell us how to do ours!

        2. Calling people Morons now …. Your childish behavior, when you are ‘supposed’ to be a ‘parent’ is ‘pissing me off’.

          Btw I’m a business owner. I created my business via working every job that you libs refused to take (without on penny of government assistance). So take your welfare mentality, your hate, your bigotry, your lies and your willful ignorance, and shove it!

        3. You’re getting mixed up there, cosmo. Liberals are all for whatever people want to do, against bigotry, and against police and military- much like yourself!

        4. I’m not mixed up at all. YOU are a Democrat TROLLbot! You have busted yourself with every name you called everyone else, your LIE about YOU being a Cop, and your personal attacks without one shred of evidence to back it up! Now go back to Organizing for Action and tell your PAL Adam Kokesh that you busted your self.

          BTW all your postulating, and bullying has made you into ….wait for it…. ‘nothing’.

        5. I didn’t actually say I was one, I said I could SAY I was one but that doesn’t make it true. My personal attacks “with nothing to back it up” are different HOW than the vast majority of morons on here making insane accusations against ALL police officers because they read one liberal article online with an obvious bias against police officers? Half of those of you posting those attacks either just got out of jail/prison or are arm chair recluse’s on medications that are desperately seeking some kind of acceptance before you die alone and are forgotten.

      2. let me do a psycho analysis on you, it might help you……lets see….your mother refused to nurse you as a child…other kids scorned and made fun of you….you reached puberty much later than most kids…later in life after your mom died you were caught by a girl acquaintance wearing your mothers clothes ….the girl was never seen or heard from again ….you now work as a night time security guard at an amusement park taking out your frustrations on kids and the handicapped………I’m sure that pretty well hits the nail on the head…no charge!!

  87. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the hallmark of a police state is that it is run for the convenience and safety of the police, and with no regard to the rights of those whom they are supposed to serve. I disagree with the author of this article; I believe we would be far better off without the paramilitary killer cops that we have now. The very last thing that I would ever do in an emergency now is call the police – I would fear them more than the private-sector criminals threatening me.

        1. Worse, he’s a liberal trying to say he’s not …but busting himself with every word out of his foul mouth.

      1. I don’t waste my time with retarded lemming who have a limited vocabulary. How old are you, two? Go play with you legos, douchbag…

      2. If all you can do to lend to an argument/discussion is call people names, you really don’t need to be here. You need to follow a different site.

        1. All anyone on here is doing is Monday morning quarterbacking with faulty logic and no knowledge of any police tactics or any laws.

  88. Some officers have been trained to shoot to kill and ask questions later no matter what.. Unless of course you’re a muslim.

      1. Evidently your observation and reasoning powers are being clouded by the cave you live in or your head is stuck up your ass, thereby blocking any logical views.

        BTW, there is no such thing as a dumb ass because most of them are mules and they work hard, something you wouldn’t know a thing about.

        PS…you may need a dictionary to help you understand this, butt wipe.

        1. You sound Very, VERY brave on the internet. Why don’t you show us how it’s done and go apply to be a police officer and then come back and tell us how you handled it when someone pointed a gun at you. Until then, everyone on this site, except the few that have been there, should shut the hell up.

        2. It has nothing to do with bravery but everything to do with logic. The man was in his property, he wasn’t pointing his gun at anyone. You scare me more than those rookies because judging by your comments you are one angry and dysfunctional moron. Thank God you’re not serving to protect us. You’re just as stupid as Obama…

        3. You are certainly brave on the internet. Post your real name and let me see what bravery you’ve done in real life.

    1. No officers anywhere have been taught to shoot to kill and ask questions later no matter what except in your warped fantasy world. ALL officers have been taught to shoot center mass to stop the threat as it is happening at that time in a deadly force situation.

  89. It appears many have jumped to conclusions before vetting all of the information, which there are some facts missing here (I know, because I live out here and stay connected with both community and law enforcement.) First, in DFW area, when a burglar alarm goes off, that alarm system or company contact local police, and it is usually put in a lower priority response code, UNLESS there are other calls from the area (neighbors, etc…) reporting further information than just the alarm (i.e. “I see a shadow lurking near this house, etc…) In Dallas, that goes from a code 4 to code 2. When officers arrive at the site of the alarm and no activity found there, they check the surrounding area in case there is a perpetrator who has hidden or moved on to another home in that area and could be a threat to others. That is standard procedure. Next, the officers were reported to have identified themselves and told the man to drop his weapon several times, and the man verbally responded negatively and did not lower his weapon, which was still aimed at the officers. At that time, those officers do not know the man from Adam, especially in the dark. Until the person complies and cooperates, they will not be able to verify he is the owner or resident of that home.

    My wife was a 911 operator and trainer for both Lubbock and Lewisville (N. of Dallas) and has lost officers in situations like this. I have several friends and family who are law enforcement officers, and I too have experienced loss among them. A trained and responsible hand gun carrier knows to lower and even relinquish their weapons when officers do not know your intentions, and ask you to do so. Once they feel you are not a threat, that is when things can be worked out. This is NOT relinquishing your rights or rolling over, but being smart and sensible, understanding that there are officers out there putting their lives on the line to respond to and subdue criminals who are NOT law abiding citizens, but pretend for a few seconds enough for an officer to lower his or her guard and the perp shoot him. Wait until the full report is out. Already, the liberal media out here has milked this story for their benefit and already have the officers under the heat lamp before getting all of the facts. Ya’ll should be a hell of a lot smarter than that!

    1. I hear you and I do not have all the facts either.

      I also think some of us men need to NOT be RAMBO and go to “investigate” things as if we are going to “fix it”.

      We need to support the police.

      Having said this, I think this thing falls into a gray area that we might know what really “went down” that night for a long time.

      I know I am hard of hearing and if someone shouts something at me normally I can not hear anything but a loud mess of noise that is not distinguishable as words. Especially if that person yells sort of hysterically at me.

      I had an incident like that with a fire man in the town where I now live. The man just barked orders and would not say why. I had to argue with him to tell him I was part of ownership of the building before he admitted they suspected a gas leak. The man had not been told how to interface with the public and get their help. Since he had not notified us of why we were to move, just barked orders. Some of the people got nervous and were lighting up cigarettes, and others drove off in cars. Both things you do not want to do in the area of a possible gas leak.

      I wonder if these guys acted so impulsively as well.

      All this once again says we need to have an experience person paired with the new person “on the force”.

      1. Having said this, I think this thing falls into a gray area that we might know what really “went down” that night for a long time.

        Exactly! Look at the initial bs we had to contend with in the Trayvon Martin shooting. According to the evil NBC account Zimmerman was out there hunting blacks. After all was said and done it became more and more obvious to all who are not willfully blind that this was no kid killed by a monster because of his color. It was self defense pure and simple.

    2. your rookie buddies are cowBOYS with NOT ENOUGH TRAINING. I too was in law inforcement, THEY WERE WRONG, VERY WRONG!

  90. Wait, let me understand…..This guy didn’t live at the house where the alarm was going off – he was disheveled and armed and coming at officers with a weapon in-hand…… I think I may side with the police on this one.

    Basic gun safety should tell you to drop your weapon when the cops see you snooping around your neighbors house with the alarm going off.


  91. There was nothing in the article stating that the cops identified themselves before shooting this man. Teagan Allen Caudle states that he was told to drop his weapon but he refused to do so. That makes no sense at all. If he knew they were cops, why would he hold his weapon. It sounds to me like the police department does what it usually does and protect the cops regardless of the facts.

    Unfortunately the killing of innocent people by the police is becoming common place in our country. The cops shot first and sometimes bother to find out the real facts after the innocent person is no longer living. I have seen instances where this same thing has happened with women who are way smaller than the cops in question. When they could easily disarm a woman who maybehad a knife in her hand, they instead choose to shoot first and you end up with a dead person.

    The argument that they always use is the feared for their life. Even in situations where their life was clearly not at risk. I think this is all part of the growing police state that we are seeing in our country. Cops can get away with murder so they continue to do so.

    1. The incident you mentioned in paragraph 2 actually happened, but I have to say the police were justified. Again, it was a rookie cop. But this time, the HUSBAND had called the police because his WIFE was threatening him with a butcher knife and having a psychotic break. When she was finally cornered, (circled), she was warned numerous times to drop the knives she was carrying, and using to lunge out at the officers numerous times. They fired on her, killing her after several rounds.

      The only problem, the woman was black, and of course, the people in my town said that the cops were only firing on her because she was black and turned it into a racial incident.
      Another time, people rioted for several days when an African American male was killed after running from police on his motorcycle and crashed into a brick wall. He was suspected of armed robbery.

      So, what do you do when a cop is being threatened. They cannot always disarm someone.

      1. So, what do you do when a cop is being threatened. They cannot always disarm someone.

        If the Cop was properly trained he may be able to talk to the person and disarm them. But it seems now days the cops are told to “Shot to Kill” under any circumstance now.

        The lady with the knife could have been shot in the leg or the arm and that would have brought her back to her senses. The Cops are too quick to kill anyone they come across.

        Here in this town I live in a man was sitting on his back porch drinking a beer when for some unknown reason the SWAT Teem shows up and with out asking any questions mows the man down. The police department has to this day never released any statement as to what they were doing there or why they shot this man. These facts have all been told by all his neighbors. They said that the man had never caused anyone any trouble. I guess the SWAT Team just needed to get some practice

        Do I trust the cops, HELL NO. I would only call the cops to my neighborhood if I wanted someone killed. Otherwise I would call them only after the situation had been handled..

        1. You know, the alternatives you mentioned about the lady having a psychotic break were ALL talked about at length when this situation happened. Had they shot her in the leg, the FAMILY, who CALLED the cops in the first place, would have sued the city for millions and won. THAT was NOT GOING THROUGH THEIR MINDS AT THE TIME THIS UNFORTUNATE WOMAN WAS SHOT, BELIEVE ME. SHE was THREATENING the COPS. SHE was repeatedly LUNGING at them with very large knives. It was a clear case to the police and the people (civilians) who witnessed it “suicide by cop.” The woman’s husband (you know, the one who CALLED the police when SHE tried to MURDERR HIM?) still sued the city and won a multi-million dollar settlement.

          I used to live in Louisville, KY — one of the most dangerous cities in the country. I was afraid to leave my house after dark. In ONE WEEK, FIVE people were killed, gangland style. A couple out on their front lawn of their apartment was shot down in a drive-by shooting by gang members whose leader was in jail for murder. This couple witnessed the crime and were going to testify for the prosecution. The “leader” contracted for their death, they died. Every single witness to this murderr was either murdered or shot, or otherwise threatened and terrorized until they refused to testify. I moved away before the trial was held.

          Another time, across the street from a VA clinic I used to go to a couple was shot in broad daylight, again it was a gang killing.

          The cops do not have an easy job. There is FAR too much prejudging on sites like these who are ready to convict the cops before they hear all the evidence.

          Some are terrible. MOST are good cops and responsible men and women. They make me angry sometimes just like everyone else, but I still have the utmost respect for them and the very dangerous job they are charged with doing.

    2. This reminds me of the man in Erie Pa. who had a bomb locked around
      his neck. After a bank robbery this man was being used as a pawn.
      The cops had the man sit down and wait for the bomb squad. Which

      was of course too late. They waited till the bomb went off and then,

      cautiously crept from behind their squad cars where they were protecting themselves, and with guns drawn, slowly approached the

      “obviously” dead body. For fear he would come to life and attack them
      with his hands locked in cuffs, which they put on him, and a hole in his
      chest from the bomb that exploded on his chest. What a show of bravery
      and a sense of public service. Disgusting,,

      1. You sound like an angry Christopher J. Dorner, the cop with a chip on his shoulder who killed two people and ended up shooting himself to death. Do me a favor, Giezenmoron, do the same thing.

        1. What makes me angry is that people who are to cowardly to even BE a police officer are posting how the police SHOULD have handled the situation when a gun was pointed at them because they think they have some kind of great knowledge about police work and the state laws because they watched an episode of CSI one time.

        2. Nowhere in the article does it say that the old man pointed the gun at the cops. Aren’t you reading more into it just to make your point? You are an idiot. The fact that you call anybody who doesn’t agree with you liberal and dumb makes you an idiot. I am as conservative as they come and far from being a coward. I could match my shooting against yours and make you look like an amateur fool. I praise a cop when he’s doing his duty. In this instance, the rookies were incompetent and in the wrong. Who the hell are you to assume that I watch too many cop shows? Unlike you, I know the distinction between reality and make believe. Just because your IQ is less than zero doesn’t mean everybody else is. Gimme a break, go play in your mommy’s basement and stay there, butt-wipe.

        3. I’m sure you’re super brave in the face of danger and a great shot. If only there were some way to prove you are.

        4. I don’t have to prove anything but apparently you do with your ranting and raving. You sure can dish it out but can’t take it only to start, huh? Except to start sporting your macho crap. Remember you came to me calling names and acting stupid and yet you expect us to take it? Grow up, moron…

        5. Most of these lousy cops become cops because they can’t get any other job! It’s a well known fact, that they are hiring people with low IQ’s! After all, what other job alloys you to legally kill innocent people and innocent dogs!

  92. Bet they would have asked first if he had been black or Muslim looking.
    But a white guy, fire away.

    Why would a 73 year old guy be breaking into any place anyway.

    Why would young police fear for a man behind his own house on the other side of the street from the burglary, or whatever they eventually called the event.

    And the widow does not scream and yell “police brutality”, she just says it like it was, someone got a little trigger happy.

    Bet it would have played out differently if the man had been a part of a group that thought they were “profiled” and had some “advocates” pulling for them.

    But he was a white older man, so he was a nobody.

  93. What’s wrong with the police acting professional and identifying themselves
    and asking the man to drop the gun? Then,,,, they would have found out

    what was going on and not act drastically, for their own protection, and saved
    an innocent man’s life. Did he threaten them? Point the gun at them?
    I rather doubt it, but now they can charge that this is what happened as there
    probably were no other witnesses,,

    1. Yup, the two officers need to answer for what they have done. However, I would like to know who the genius was who had two rookies either on patrol alone or with each other. Worse than the cops, who screw up, always seeming to get away with their offenses are the commanders who never even seem to be questioned about their involvement. Also gotta wonder where the race baiters, like Sharpton, are. I guess the poor guy had the misfortune of being white. I smell a whitewash coming.

    2. You’re an idiot. Officers don’t get paid to not consider their own safety. What moron planet are you from?? Officers generally have audio and video recorders with them, to be reviewed. Whoever wrote the article must have been the same one that wrote the one’s saying Trayvon Martin was innocent, too.

        1. Conservatives got Hitler elected and his power. I believe this is a conservative blog that supports Zimmerman over Black doper commie. Get yr isms straight. Can’t have it both ways. Substitute Muslims for Jews or just add. Sure they wanted Muslims gone also. Commies love everyone. Read.

        2. You’re wrong! I’m a conservative but I support Zimmerman and are against these lousy cops. It does not really matter what party you’re in as we’re talking about being humane and using our brains.

        3. No, I have a survivalist mentality. People with your mentality get other people killed.

    3. sounds like the first time you take a kid out deering hunting for the first time and he is all hipe up wanting to kill his first deer and shoots somebodies cow .they were hipe up wanting to make there 1st kill,and they did.

  94. wow, did they even give the guy a chance, hell no, they just shot the hell out of him. well, thats the obuma way!

  95. Cops wrongly kill a citizen (KILL A CITIZEN!!!),
    and they are suspended with pay, again.
    How many times have we heard that ?
    In the corrupt world of cops, that is called punishment.
    In the real world, that is called a vacation.
    This sort of behavior by cops is too, too frequent.
    There are two kinds of stories about cops.
    The dumb cop story, and the corrupt cop story.
    Unfortunately, these stories are always true.
    Cops have changed. They are not what they used to be.
    I used to be a supporter of law enforcement.
    I used to trust cops.
    I don’t trust cops anymore.

  96. HORRIBLE!!!! Did they even ASK him to put down his gun? Did they command “stop” and ask him to identify himself? This man was going to help out his neighbor and gets KILLED????!!!! Very poor training on an Academy’s part. Very poor reactions on the cops parts. TRAGIC!!!!!

        1. No IT IS NOT. You do NOT ask someone pointing a gun at you to please put their gun down. There are no departments anywhere nationwide that require an officer to ask someone pointing a gun at them to please put their guns down. When the gun is pointed at the officer, there is NO requirement to ask them to put it down. That is a deadly force situation and if you can get your gun out and fire it before they do, you can do it with no repercussions. Anyone who thinks different is talking out their ass and watching too many NBC TV cop shows!

        2. Where in the article did it say he was pointing his weapon at these two idiots?

        3. Hey Crazy Lady- Take your meds! Quit screaming everything I say is lies. It’s not lies if it’s a fact and just disagrees with your personal views about begging people to please drop their guns. I really do think you have some mental issue. I bet if I subpoenaed your user name from this site and tracked you down, I would find you are in a mental institution and a convicted child molester. You remind me of one of those tired, lonely women who drives all over town in a busted down van feeding all the stray cats.

        4. I know and you are just making up things as you go along. “Please put your gun down?!?” How about, District Attorney “Officer, why did you shoot the man pointing the gun at you 40 times?” Officer- “Because that was all the bullets I had.”

    1. Agreed! Also keep your dog/s inside if a cop is nearby. They might had not killed an innocent person, so an innocent dog looks good to them.

  97. Tragic to be sure. The man should have had his wife alert the police by phone he was out with a loaded gun. Officers who try to talk to someone carrying a loaded gun wind up having their friends say nice things about them at their funerals. More than likely, they surprised each other and he turned around and pointed the gun at them, which actually happens a lot.

    1. It would seem that you love to call people “idiots”, Could it be your own lack of intellect or your inability to properly assess a situation would actually make you the “idiot”? He was in his own yard. Shadowy figure carrying a weapon in my backyard will get shot.

      1. I just like to call fucktards like you an idiot. If you want to go out in the middle of the night with a weapon, not drop it when the officers tell you to, and then point it at the officers- the typical term for that is suicide by cop, not poor training and rookie inexperience. If you don’t want the officers there, don’t get an alarm system that calls them and just DON”T CALL THE POLICE. Don’t blame them for being thorough and checking the surrounding area’s. You were just calling them inexperienced and doing a poor job, now you are saying they shouldn’t have done THAT good a job. Make up your mind!

        1. Their “job” is to assess the crime scene not prowl around other people’s property unless in hot pursuit of a suspect. Cops are also known to lie to cover up a “mistake”. What probably happened was the cops went where they didn’t belong, saw a citizen with a weapon and opened fire without saying a word.

          Oh, and your still an “idiot” probably a koolade drinking obama supporter left wing liberal.

        2. Their job is to answer the call safely, not be-bop in there with there heads exposed to get it shot off. It also isn’t just a property specific call. If they go to an alarm and then see movement in the area, movement that winds up being a man with a weapon, then they would be remiss for not checking that out. If the guy had put the gun down, then there wouldn’t have been a problem. When he didn’t put it down after multiple orders to do so, and then pointed it at the officers, well, I guess they WILL be pulling that gun from his cold dead hands. How do you know cops are “Known” to lie? did you watch it on a cop show on TV and now you think you’re an expert? I bet you’re the smartest WalMart greeter EVER!

        3. Yes! I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama isn’t behind all this. Cops kill gun owners and dogs so we have no protection at all! Something to think about.

        4. Police and military run about 73% Republican. Obama is a Democrat and hates the police and military.

        5. Don’t be fooled! Openly he says that, but anything to prevent law abiding people to defend themselves he’s all for!

        6. If he hates the police and military, why has he owned this moronic Aghanistan War? Why didn’t he get out of Iraq immediately as he said he would? Why are there still 50K troops still there? Why is he always taking cops side in everything and appearing before all their political associations (like the Fraternal Order of Police and international Association of Chiefs of Police. And wasn’t it Obama who was proposing a military & police organization outside of the regular ones on the order of the Hitler Youth and Waffen SS?

        7. Another personal attack, because you are incapable of discussing things in a civil manner. Typical.

        8. I did. I also read the police website version that isn’t on the Cop HATERS site-

        9. I’m not a damn liberal! You sound like a punk who would had not given this old man any warning and shot him 6 times to make sure he was dead! I really hate damn cowards like you! I’ve spent more than 10 years in Security and dealt with a$$hole cops like you before. Don’t give me your damn BS because I don’t take any schitt from the likes of you!

        10. If you were working as unarmed security, your dumb ass didn’t deal with cops like me, you were dealt with by cops like me. If I were there dealing with you, you would do whatever I told you to.

        11. You mean the sanitized “we’re always right” version? Yeah, that’s trustworthy.

        12. You put up a ‘search engine’ but refuse to put up one link to the so called police site that has the ‘police website version’.

          So much for your bull crap lies you ‘Wannab”!

        13. Doc is right, you are an idiot. Only a right wing reactionary would make a post like that, and they’re idiots. Cops today are cowards, if you’re afraid of getting hurt, go be a mailman, because cop isn’t the job for you. These pigs will probably get away with it because they always do, they’re never held accountable, just like the military. Why they put two dumbass rookies together instead of with someone who has experience is something this man’s widow should put in her lawsuit when she sues these bastards ass off. Cops are not your friends people, neither are the military, just look at their actions post-Katrina in New Orleans. Wake up and smell the kool-aid.

        14. Not all cops these days are cowards. They have to tactically THINK before rushing in somewhere. You don’t get paid to go to work and get shot. If they did, you would be one. The two officers might not have been working very long but at least they didn’t make a rookie mistake. If everyone is on a call and the only 2 who weren’t were the 2 new guys, then the 2 new guys get the call. It’s very common. In your moron world, you would hold the call until senior officers were freed up and multiple people were killed in the meantime by the bad guys. Genius. You must be Obama in real life!

        15. If they didn’t make a rookie mistake, why is an innocent man shot dead on his own property? Again, “2 new guys” shouldn’t have been set up together. It’s one rookie, one well-seasoned officer.

        16. Please explain where you got all of your police policy and procedure training at. And don’t say that you saw it on an episode of CSI!

        17. Looks like the cops were the bad guys here! If they are so damn afraid then they should quit. No one forces them to be cops!

        18. Cops are the biggest cowards in the world; not to mention liars, thieves, shakedown artists, wife beaters and murderers. And I include “corrections officiers”, the ones who wanted to be cops but couldn’t. They have the divorce rate of any “profession”. Look at the psycho cops in the news recently. They used to be called Peace Officers, now they’re the malevolent “law enforcement personnel”. They always need backup, just like any schoolyard bully, they’re so afraid of getting hurt they shoot unarmed people, or in this case, a 73 year old man trying to protect a neighbors property. They’re claiming they identified themselves as cops, but it’s only their word. If they had, this wouldn’t have happened. If your that scared and afraid of being hurt, you’re in the wrong job.

        19. I agree 100%! Just the other day, I was reading about a couple being pulled over and having their car searched for drugs. They had FOUR cop cars with at least 6 cops on the scene. You’d thing this couple had committed mass murder while all they found was a little pot. This is insane!

        20. Well, they do not pay officers to get shot and killed. Officers are not required to take a bullet for anyone, so I’m not exactly sure where your mentality is coming from. If you’re NOT scared of someone with a gun, you definitely shouldn’t be in law enforcement. What is required is that even though you’re scared to death and your knee’s are shaking that you can suck it up and drive on. You idiots that keep saying officers should walk in there with a target painted on them and yelling “Shoot Me!” are just plain FUCKTARDED!

        21. Actually dearie …the ‘doc’ is a liberal like you. That’s why he’s posting personal attacks where ever and whenever he posts. You just busted yourself!

        22. “Dearie”? You live in the Castro district in SF? And speaking of personal attacks, checked your buddy Jon D. Katzenjammer’s post? You really take someone who calls someone who disagrees with them a “fucktard” seriously? You’re as much of a fascist as he is.

        23. First of all you don’t know jack about me. If you bothered to ‘read’ my posts instead of acting like a spoiled brat …you’d know I’m no fascist.

          And if you bothered to read my posts about his name calling, you’d know I was calling him out for infantile behavior.

          BTW lib, you just busted yourself for your own stupidity and leftwing views. As for Nazi behavior …look to your own Liberal party for that.

        24. That’s not Jon “Katzenjammer”, it’s Jon “Will stick his fooot up your ass sideways if he ever finds out who you are!”

        25. You’re WRONG! Sounds like a left wing liberal democrat to me. Us right wingers have more sense than that!

        26. I’m not a liberal or a Democrat, those parties are two sides of the same coin. I’m someone who can actually think instead of being force fed my thoughts by some half-ass radio pundit or party hack. Shall I call you a nazi now?

        27. Party has nothing to do with it! I’m a conservative but I totally am against the killing of innocent people and dogs. I agree with your comment except for “Only a right wing…would make a post like that.” That person is just plain EVIL! And I believe that the majority of cops today don’t give a damn about killing us or our animals. They all stick together, and we “the people” have no control over their performance.

        28. No – you are the idiot. I hardly think this man disobeyed uniformed police officers about putting down his gun. You are making up a whole story here. Plus, I don’t believe that the cops identified themselves. Yes, maybe after they opened fire. When you are checking out a burglar alarm, you need to think of the possibility that other people could be checking it out, too. Plus, why would they be in his yard and not across the street? Many questions need to be answered. To me, it looks like a case of sheer panic on the part of the cops.

        29. It’s NOT panic. You tell someone to put a weapon down multiple times and they don’t and then point it at the police, they get shot. What’s soo hard to understand about that? If they are going to be checking it out armed, they need to notify the police first. You generally check the business and good officers check surrounding property’s, also. Quit watching police shows on TV.

        30. You quit acting like a spoiled brat, and posting personal attacks because YOU are incapable of being ‘civil’ to anyone who ‘dares’ to disagree with you! You are being ‘childish’ to the extreme!

        31. WHERE does it say they asked him to put his gun down or spoke to him at all? I’m not wasting any more time on an idiot like you.

        32. Yeah, you have enough time to call the cops? This is insane! If we always wait for the cops to arrive, we’d be long dead. Wake up!

        33. To me, it looks like you think you know more than the cops who were on the scene did and you were able to accurately decide how to handle the split second decision from the safety of your chair in your house several days later.

        34. Calling someone a ‘fucktard’ just because they disagree with you? Stop acting like a two year old screaming over their side of the play pen! Grow UP!

        35. That’s what i thought too until I read his posts. He’s a ‘father’! When you consider his exceptionally juvenile behavior …how ‘disgusting’ is that?

        36. That’s what way too many cops think of anyone that dare disagreed with their pin headed view of the world.

        37. What the F are you talking about? READ THE ARTICLE.
          I wonder why two rookies were put together! Should have been a rookie and a well seasoned officer. Putting two rookies together was a tragedy waiting to happen.

        38. You’re talking like you know what happened. Were you there? No? Then let the facts come to light before slinging your accusations! Bottom line is, an innocent 73 years old is dead…DEAD!!!…and his widow is left behind to grieve for him! Give it a break! (btw,, what’s with the use of the “F” word anyway? Why do you feel the need to curse like that???)

        39. You should listen to your own advice. I don’t think you were there, either.

        40. Hey a$$hole! These lousy cops shot this 73 year old man because they could, and because they knew they’d get away with it! If they would had yelled halt, throw down your weapon, then I’m sue the man would had obeyed their command. We need cops that answer to the tax payers that are paying their salaries. No one forces these a$$holes to become cops. If they are so damn afraid then they should quit!

        41. Why are you thinking they were afraid? If you tell someone to put a gun down numerous times and they don’t but then point it at you, then they pretty much just asked for what they got. The force continuum does not say you have to ask people to put their guns down when they are pointing them at you. It says when you have time you CAN give an order, when possible. This page just kills me. Almost everyone on it is borderline retarded, a police expert, and a full blown cop hater- all rolled into one.

        42. And it’s no wonder we hate the lousy cops! They seem to take pride in killing innocent people and innocent dogs. Without their guns and buddies around, they are nothing but cowards! Because they have guns and will kill you for the hell of it, they think they’re big schitt. They get away with murder because they know not a damn thing will happen to them.

        43. You say, “…not drop it when the officers tell you to, and then point it at the officers”.

          Typical cop. You’ve already got your lying scenario down pat. Did they teach you that at the academy, or is it something you brought with you from the schoolyard bully manual.

          So, bully, now you’ve got a gun and gov’t protection. You’re all set.

        44. FYI – I was out there – I’m a cop. So when I say I’ve seen those kinds of situations, I really have.

  98. Texas cops has always had that John Wayne quick trigger mentality as long as any one can remember..nothing will change.

    1. I remember back in the 60’s and 70’s the Texas cops held the record for the most collateral damage caused from a police shooting.

      Apparently they liked to carry 44mags as everything is bigger in Texas.

      If they shot the bad guy (missed or otherwise), the round would end up traveling 50+ yards, go through a couple of houses, a few walls and then kill someone sleeping in bed or sitting in their living room…kids not excluded.

        1. Back off. I will write/say what I want to say, do so without swearing, and speak my opinion. It is a fair question to ask someone to cite their sources about a questionable comment.

        2. “Back off”, you say.

          Perfect cop talk for “I want to shoot you.”

          Hey cop, you’ve got your allah complex going full blast.

          Dumb cop, have you not realized that you’ve lost the majority support of conservatives. We don’t trust you, like we used to. Wake up.

        3. Geez. I am not a cop, and I don’t own any weapons. Just a 59-year old grandmother, retired and disabled veteran, with a son in the military and deployed for the second time.

          This story does, indeed disturb me, however, I am not so quick to “rush to judgment.”

          And, finally, I have NEVER hurt another person in my entire life.

          Thank you.

    2. You are out of your mind. Our DPS troopers and Texas Rangers are some of the most highly trained and professional law enforcement agents in the country. Most of them have advanced degrees. A rookie trooper still, repeat STILL has to have a degree in Criminology and Law enforcement, and like I said, many have advanced degrees in Psychology. They have to go through training and attend classes each and every year to make sure they are not only properly trained, but doing their jobs correctly.

      Do the police make me angry? You bet. Was I po’d when I got a ticket for speeding a couple of months back? You bet. Do I plan to lodge a complaint when I go to court next week? Yep.

      Unless you live here, keep your mouth shut. You are making generalizations about every police officer in the state. You would be wise to remember that DPS patrols the entire state with only 2,000 troopers.

        1. No shiiit Sherlock. Most of our troopers are HIGHLY trained, and have worked in the field for a long time. You have a built in prejudice against cops, and anything they do would earn your disdain.

        2. Wow, lady, get off your high horse! Why are you so angry at everyone here? American citizens DO still have the right to speak their mind, ya know, at least for a little while longer. Relax.

        3. I am angry at the people on this site who are passing judgment against the cops without even KNOWING what really happened. You all sound like a bunch of people who have nothing better to do with your spare time but sit around and listen to your police scanners at night.

          My brother is a retired police officer. I believe for the most part, they are good people.

          And, AS an American citizen, I also have the RIGHT to speak MY mind.

        4. But, WE DO know wht happened. 2 rookie cops, shot a citizen, in his own back yard, ACROSS THE STREET from where an alarm and light were going. And as far as your brother being a retired cop, just fits with what has been said here. RETIRED cops are generally older, from a generation when cops were respected because they EARNED that respect. Today’s cops ARE a pack of disgruntled bully boys, who don’t give 2 squats for ANYBODY’S God given civil rights, let alone the rights contained in the constitution.

        5. You can take a flying leap Krazy, FYI my fiancee is a sheriff’s officer and she agrees with me so stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and use some common sense yourself.

        6. And people get on MY case for defending myself? You are so quick to insult me that you cannot see the forest for the trees.

          My dad, God rest his soul, had a PERFECT response to people who use this PARTICULAR insult, as follows:

          “You know, if you think about it, what you are suggesting is impossible to accomplish.”

        7. Spoken like a true cop.

          That’s why people don’t trust you and your faultless gang.
          Cops have changed.
          Used to be cops came from the general population.
          Now they come from the exclusive population of bullies.

          Problem is, that you bullies now have guns and gov’t protection.
          You murder a citizen, and you’re suspended with pay.

          I used to trust cops.
          I don’t trust cops any more.

        8. Except that I am NOT a cop! I am a retired, disabled veteran, mom of a soldier, grandmother of 3, etc. The thing that makes me angry about all of these comments is that almost EVERY comment is assuming “facts not in evidence,” i.e., “facts” that NOBODY knows anything about as yet.

          In this country, I thought that everyone was “innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law by a jury of their peers.” Seems that that only applies anymore if a) you are not a police officer; b) you are a democrat and live in the White House; or c) you worship a pedophile from the Middle East who thinks it is just fine to do away with those who disagree with your so-called “religion.”
          You figure it out.

        9. “innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law by a jury of their peers.”

          Applies to Private Citizens!

        10. Where does it say that in the Constitution?
          What happened to “all men are created equal?”

        1. Yes, I do. First of all, as if it’s any of your business — I wasn’t speeding; I had my foot on the brake. That means his radar detector was not correctly calibrated.

          Secondly, the deputy sheriff had his flashlight right in my face while he was talking to me so I could not identify him.

          Third, he wouldn’t allow me to drive to a parking lot just 1,000 feet from where I stopped so it would be safe for ME and for HIM.

          Fourth, he was rude as hell.

          Fifth, he wouldn’t even TALK to me, wouldn’t LISTEN to me, and was a perfect example of WHY people have no respect for cops.

          That said, I plan to pay the fine, complete the defensive driving course, and watch out for this very unprofessional sheriff’s deputy in the future.

          Finally, in the area where I got stopped — one mile from my home, EVERYONE I KNOW knows about this guy, his tactics, attitude, and complete LACK of tact and professionalism.

          In short, he treated me like a dangerous criminal, even AFTER he looked up my license plate on his computer (disabled vet plates), found out that my truck was registered to a 59 year old female disabled veteran, and actually put BOTH of us in danger from traffic coming up behind us, and made it even more dangerous for me to pull out into oncoming traffic by the way he had me stopped.

          His behavior was inexcusable.

        2. Frankly, I can understand the nature or your “problem”.

          I asked a simple question, requiring a simple answer, not the diatribe you subjected me to.
          If you were “speeding” you would have deserved the “ticket” … yes? no?
          You could have simply stated that you were not speeding and that you did not deserve said ticket.
          You claim that your “foot was on the brake” … which has nothing to do with your rate of speed at the time.

          I read a number of your posts and you do tend to come across as a bit rude.

          Is it any of my business? You are the one who put the post here, thus inviting comment. If you do not want comments, or you choose to be rude in your responses … I would suggest not posting in the first place.

          All else aside – be safe out there!

        3. And, by the way, it seems to me that when one is driving downhill on a steep grade, the natural thing to do IS to have your foot on the brake.

        4. You never bothered to mention anything about “downhill”, now did you?
          Once again, you’re the one at fault here ….. and I’m through with you.

        5. No, I didn’t. And, for the record, I realized my mistake a few minutes before I posted the comment to your latest rude reply. ‘Nuff said.

        6. I had a similiar situation from a “known public abuser cop”, about 30 years ago in California, who had given me 4 tickets in 5 weeks time, of which 3 were totally bogus, and the very first one was very suspect, and were the result of some things I said to him on the first stop. When I went to court, I got all four tickets heard by the same judge at the same time. The judge threw the last three tickets out completely and stated in open court that they were obviously the result of this officer targeting me, and the judge imposed a fine of “one dollar” on the very first ticket, as he said it was “very suspect” in nature. It seems this officer had a “thing” for ticketing red sports cars. This officer left the court room a very much pissed off individual. As things worked out, several hours later, I ran into this very same police officer in a small convenience store, and quietly taking him aside, I promised him that if he EVER pulled me over again, I would do my damnest to run his butt over (he was a motorcycle patrol cop), and failing that, I would whip the very part of his anatomy that he sat down on. I was a foot taller than him. He must have believed me, because he NEVER pulled me over again. Within a year, this very small police department, in our little town, fired this officer, because the chief said that he “was caught up in a numbers game”, whereby to him the best officer was the one that gave the most tickets. He did eventually did get another job, as a fry cook in the Denny’s restaurant located next to the freeway.

      1. First of all Krazeehors, the shooting happened in Fort Worth, TX not in Dallas, TX.

        And I lived in Fort Worth, I can attest to the bullying tactics of those police, while attesting to them showing up 1.5 hours after the crime was being committed. That happened to me …and the FIPD told me straight up that I wasn’t a ‘priority’.

        As for the Dallas Police, yes they were and are far more professional than the FIPD cops will ever be.

        FYI as for the rookie having to have a degree in Criminology, that still doesn’t change the fact that had the rookies been paired with a senior officer …the shooting might not have happened.

  99. Sure are some interesting comments here. The police were not in hot pursuit of anyone. They were investigating a burglar alarm call from across the street from the victim. The victim was on his own property and had every legal right to be there and to be armed, per Texas Law. The police trespassed on his property without a warrant and murdered the homeowner. The two cops should be tried for criminal trespass, violation of the victim’s 4th & 5th Amendment Rights and second degree murder. We can speculate all we want, but the fact is that the police were on the victim’s property and had no right to be there without a warrant unless they were in hot pursuit of the burglar(s) who set off the alarm. And, by the way, the vast majority of all burglar alarm calls are false alarms..

  100. They could not have felt threatened. They were trigger happy. They didn’t even identify themselves according to the article. I’m sure they didn’t. This is terrible and it sounds as if they shouldn’t be cops. I’ve been in situations with other trigger happy cops who just shoot at anything, anyone. This is a terrible incident and I think they are busy covering their you-know-whats with their story.

  101. Whenever I go out with my weapon to check on something like this, my wife is on the phone with dispatch informing them that I am outside, what I’m wearing and where I’m located. Do NOT assume the cops will assume that you are the good guy.

    1. Only if your JD is from the back of a cereal box.

      This applies in torts when the bad actor is unknown, thus citing the facts from the seminal case, because the actor who caused the barrel to fall out of the window is unknown, the source of the negligent act is attributed to the mill from which the barrel fell.

      All the actors in this terrible event are known–2 cops and one citizen.

  102. How was the 73 year old man dressed? Don’t police officers have flashlights? Over half a million Texans are licensed to carry concealed weapons. That means that police must expect to see lawfully carried guns almost anywhere in the state.

    Now, to be fair, if the 73 year old man had dressed in dark clothes and was sneaking around the backyard and saw the policemen AND raised his gun as if to shoot, the officers were legally justified in shooting IF they clearly shouted POLICE, if they identified their target with flashlights and if the target made an overt move to shoot.

    The story doesn’t say whether the 73 year old man held a concealed carry license or had ever taken any training in Texas law, tactics and good practices such as target identification and not being misidentified, use of flashlights, compliance with verbal orders. Also, the police are paid to search backyards, out-buildings and to clear buildings as a team, often experience SWAT or other named unit.

    Staying in your home to protect inside and calling 911 to let the police do their job is the best thing to do. Going outside to alone to seek the source of some noise is very dangerous. If you have a family, stay put to protect them inside your home. If you live 20 miles out i the county, it can take an hour or more before the sheriff arrives. If you want to get into a gunfight with one or more burglars or rapists, be sure to at least provide your family members old enough, the training and have a plan to defend inside the home.

    If you must go outside, get dressed in easily identified clothing. That gets you awake and thinking straight. It also give you the appearance that can be described to a 911 operator so the responding officer will know to not shoot the old man [skin color] wearing a bright yellow florescent vest and a white shirt with tan pants.
    Merely having a gun does not provide protection unless you take some training and think about it all the time, at least once a day. Police think about how they will go home after every shift, if you don’t behave you might get shot on purpose. If you carry a handgun, a holster is a great place to have it. A good bright flashlight, I like the Maglight XL200 lets you see dangers and identify the lost drunk, the dangerous criminal and while you’re walking around shinning your light into dark corners, the police, if they have been trained, should realize that burglars don’t walk around with a flashlight looking in dark corners.

  103. These rookies did NOT announce themselves! And since when is it department policy to send two rookies TOGETHER to a burglary alarm?!? The victim would have most likely NEVER went outside with a gun in his hand if he knew cops were already there, he would have let the cops handle it! No, these cops should NOT be exonerated in some bogus “investigation,” they should be stripped of their badges and imprisoned! I can’t imagine what his poor wife is going through. Seventy-three years old and he gets gunned down by the cops in his own backyard! And that’s not even where the alarm was coming from! Why were they in HIS backyard to begin with???

    1. Why would anyone be the least bit surprised when things like this happen.
      Take the thing that happened in LA with 2 officers shooting the 2 ladies in their pick up during the time they were looking for the CRAZY cop, they were in a different make truck, 4 years older and the wrong color but it looks like they will get off totally free even though it cost the city over 2 million dollars.
      This is why I as a ex officer have ALWAYS for well over 60 years claimed that NO officer should ever be ??TRIED?? by any POLICE board for any of these things including police brutality but should ALWAYS have to go to OPEN COURT the same as anyone else where ALL the facts are TOTALLY PUBLIC and and records of each trial should be made public and nothing is swept under the carpet as it is now.
      I am NOT saying without knowing that what they did was totally unexplained but I am saying that we DO NEED to know exactly how something like this could happen so we can PREVENT it from happening again and that the only way we will know is a TOTALLY OPEN INVESTIGATION and a TOTALLY OPEN and REPORTED account of exactly what happened,
      [email protected]

  104. Great.

    Call the cops so that they can show up late, after the crime is done, but in time to kill you.
    Way too many examples of dumb and corrupt killer cops these days.
    Cops have changed.
    I don’t trust them anymore.

    Especially when you read the hostile and thick headed remarks they post on this topic.
    Yep. I don’t trust cops anymore.

    1. I understand how you feel. Just remember not all cops are like that. Certainly the ones I dealt with in FW, TX was. But the cops in Dallas, and NM …No. They’ve been professional, respectful, and courteous.

  105. I’m not buying “they identified themselves as police officers” line. Maybe they did, but I don’t
    believe it was done properly. I don’t know the reason why, but if the homeowner/gun owner knew they were police, there would be NO reason for him to even angle the gun in their direction.

  106. Law enforcement must follow procedures. Procedures are there to protect the public and the officer. These two yahoos did not follow known procedure to my knowledge. Law enforcement need practice at shooting ranges, not just target practice.

    Just like firefighters go through real life scenarios, law enforcement need to do the same. Many departments require this, apparently, this one did not. It is not just being a good shot that makes a good police officer, or deputy. it is knowing what to do, and do it each time, repetitively until it all is automatic.

    This horrible incident could have been, should have been, prevented.

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