Gay Power Struggle Behind the Pope’s Resignation

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has caused a stir by publishing a story claiming that a hidden power struggle by homosexual clergy is behind Pope Benedict’s decision to retire.

The Vatican naturally is declining comment, but La Repubblica reports that Benedict made his retirement decision on Dec. 17, the same day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals who looked into the leak of papal documents by a butler who was arrested in May.

Those documents portrayed the Vatican as being rife with intrigue and conspiracies.

Chief among the factions identified by the cardinals, according to Repubblica, is a group of actively gay clergy, some of whom are being blackmailed by former victims or people who know about their misdeeds.

A source close to the cardinals’ investigation is quoted as saying, “Everything revolves around the non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandments” — against adultery and theft.

The report even went so far as to identify the gay clerics’ meeting places in and around Rome.

According to La Repubblica, twice since his resignation, Benedict has referred to conspiracies within the Vatican that “mar the face of the church.”

La Repubblica report is just the latest suggestion that there is a network of homosexuals at work inside the Vatican. In 2010, a chorister was dismissed for allegedly procuring male prostitutes, and some months later, a broadcast news show recorded video of priests going to gay clubs.

The Catholic Catechism teaches that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered” and a sin. The pope has forbidden active homosexuals to study for the priesthood.

It’s been known or at least suspected for years in many corners that the Catholic Church was rotting from within because of liberal attitudes in decades past that allowed active homosexuals to enter the clergy and in some cases assume powerful leadership roles.

The child sex scandal that has rocked the church for years is often painted by supporters of gay rights as being “mere” pedophilia, but it’s been obvious to most thinking people that the abuse of children in this case is fundamentally a symptom of the existence of practicing homosexuals within the clergy.

In addition to the targeting of children, the villains who have been gutting the church’s moral fabric have by clear numbers preferred male victims. So in this case, there is no separating pedophiles from homosexuals because they are one and the same priests whose villainy has brought financial and spiritual ruin upon the church.

Despite the chaos that has already been caused, there are those within and without the church who dare to call for open endorsement by that same church of homosexual behavior. These people seem to intend nothing less than the dismantling of the last shreds of the church’s biblical authority and the final defeat of Christendom.

That homosexuality has been and remains a sin is simply an issue that Christians cannot afford to compromise on despite the overwhelming pressures brought to bear by secular authorities and culture. The Catholic Church tried to compromise, and it’s nearly brought the church to its death.

Other denominations and even secular organizations need to heed the lesson here.

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        1. “The Prophecy of the Popes (Latin: Prophetia Sancte Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus) is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Pope Celestine II. The alleged prophecies were first published by Benedictine monk Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon attributes the prophecies to Saint Malachy, a 12th‑century Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland.

          Given the very accurate description of popes up to 1590 and lack of
          accuracy after that year, Catholic historians generally conclude that
          the alleged prophecies are a fabrication written shortly before they
          were published. The Roman Catholic Church also dismisses them as
          forgery. The prophecies may have been created in an attempt to suggest that Cardinal Girolamo Simoncelli’s bid for the papacy in the second conclave of 1590 was divinely ordained.

          Proponents of the prophecies claim that the current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI,
          whose abdication is pending, corresponds to the pope described in the
          penultimate prophecy. The list ends with a pope identified as “Peter the Roman”, whose pontificate will allegedly bring the destruction of the city of Rome and usher in the beginning of the Apocalypse.”

        2. It was an Irish Catholic Archbishop St. Malachy who had the vision of all the Popes until the end, not any kind of Nostradamus. That is not to say it is correct, but it will be interesting to see who is elected the next Pope and what name he will take. Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Peter in English) Evasio Bertone, born in Romano Canavese, Piedmont, Italy is a strong candidate to be the next Pope. Notice in particular the “Peter” and “Romano” when the prophecy says “Peter the Roman” will be the last Pope.

        3. Got your toes , huh? I did not ask for it, just predicted it. The C. Church is digging it’s own grave, they do not need my help. I have been a staunch supporter in areas that coincide with the nation’s and God’s interest to the best of my knowledge. You might want to entertain some words of wisdom from biblical prophecy.

  1. The sin of sexual depravity of every kind has been systemic within the RCC for centuries and the fact that so many of its adherents worldwide have tolerated such wickedness among the Magisterium confirms their willing submission to them in spite of the words of Peter, who they consider to be their first Pope.

    1Pe 4:17 For the time is come that JUDGMENT MUST BEGIN AT THE HOUSE OF GOD: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

    (D-R Version)

    1. The end for them is not a pretty picture as they’ve allowed the smoke of Satan to enter the Church. Their judgment shall be worse than all others as they have taken the innocence away from children and young adults, and smeared the Christian faith. Homosexuality has been rife in the Church from the beginning as it is now rife among our nation in general. Although the gates of Hell will penetrate the Church it will not be able to prevail entirely as to its total destruction. God said it would be so.

        1. I am Raymond, and always have been. Anyone who sincerely believes in Christ is a Christian regardless of what Church they attend. “Anyone who believes in me, is not against me.”

        2. Considering all your responses to me about your anti-Catholic opinions, I think it’s fair to say that you should try to curb all that aggression you have for Catholicism. There are many good Catholics and clergy that still exist today and don’t deserve all that contempt.

        3. Not one single man is “good”, and no catholics are good. And, Christ followers are only good in Christ. Read the Word (not the catholic version)

        4. That is just a figure of speech for heavens sake! Haven’t you ever used the word good before? Insofar as different versions of the Bible are concerned, someone should have told you that every denomination has revised, new, new & revised, Bible versions. Some of you posters are so high and mighty it’s pathetic!

        5. It appears that you misunderstand. Jesus had that same reaction as recorded in Luke 18:18-19 when a rich young ruler called Jesus, “Good Master”, and Jesus’ reply was the very same thought that Raymond expressed. Jesus asked him, why do you call me good? There is only one good and that is God. (my paraphrase)

        6. I did not misunderstand. That response came from Tony not Raymond, and I explained that good was only a figure of speech. In the end times the Bible says that God will divide the “good and the bad” – the wheat and the chaff. The word good is not prohibited from the Bible. Jesus was referring to Himself and others who could not measure up to God! That’s all he meant, as the Bible clearly states that there are “good and bad,” evil and good which will arise to do battle in the end times.

        7. “The catholic church is an obomination.”(sic) your quote!
          Before you call the entire Church an abomination – maybe you should learn how to spell it first! I’m fed up with you Catholic bashers who spew out all your hatred and still have the gall to think you are better Christians.

        8. Salvation


          Like most people you want to know where you will spend eternity. The God who made you loves you. He wants you to know that you have eternal life. This knowledge from hearing and believing the Word of God. Please consider these four great truths so that you can KNOW that YOU have eternal life.

          TRUTH #1: The reality of sin.

          As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: Romans 3:10

          For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:23

          Let’s be honest. No one is perfect. Every one of us has done wrong at least once. Righteousness is not relative. God is the standard of right. His holy nature demands perfection. When we are not perfect we miss that mark. God calls those misses SIN. It really does not matter by how much we miss the mark. If I had to jump a 12′ crevice to be safe, jumping 11 feet 11 inches is just as fatal as jumping 6 feet. Earning God’s favor is an all or nothing proposition. It takes only one sin to fall short of His demand. It takes only one sin to become a sinner. It takes only one sin to come short.

          TRUTH #2: Sin must be punished.

          For the wages of sin is death…Romans 6:23a

          Have you ever wondered why we grow old and die? Your body can fight off every injury and illness. It just doesn’t. There is no biological reason that we should grow old. There is no biologic reason we should die. Sin is not just a wrong action. It is also the power that causes us to commit sins. Sin destroys everything it touches. Sin is the reason people die. Untreated it will can cause eternal death.

          God declares that sin pays wages. At the end of each week most of us expect a pay check for the work which we have done. In the same way, sin pays wages. Sin not only pays physical death. It also pays spiritual death. That spiritual death is described in Revelation 20:14-15.

          And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

          The person who meets God without dealing with SIN must collect the wages of sin in a place God calls The Lake of Fire, Hell, and the Second Death. It is a place of torment by fire, brimstone, darkness and conscience that lasts for ETERNITY. You might protest, “How can a loving God send anyone to such a horrible place?” The answer is simple. God doesn’t want to send anyone there. He had done everything He could to keep us out of hell. This leads us to the most wonderful truth in the Bible.

          TRUTH #3: God made a remedy for Sin.

          …but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

          Since He knew that we could not earn it, God made eternal life a free gift. There is nothing to be joined, nothing to be paid, nothing to be earned. Eternal life, the opposite of the second death, is a gift. It is free to us but it was not free to God.

          But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

          God loves you. He did not want to make you collect the wages for your sins. He decided to collect those wages for you. How did He do that? The Lord Jesus, who was God, became a man and lived an absolutely SINLESS LIFE. He earned eternal life. Judgment had no claim on Him. He was perfect. But His perfect life was not enough. To be able to forgive us someone still had to collect the wages. Jesus voluntarily died IN MY PLACE. Jesus voluntarily died IN YOUR PLACE. He collected our wages.

          In heaven, God, the Father, wrote our sins under the account of His Son. On the cross, Jesus Christ absorbed the full punishment for our sins. When He had completed paying for our sins He cried, “It is finished!” and died. Three days later He rose from the grave to prove that He had accomplished His work. Death could not hold Him. He is alive today. Salvation is a simple bookkeeping transaction. Just as Jesus chose to take our guilt, we must choose to take His righteousness.

          TRUTH #4: You must choose to receive this gift.

          That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved… For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:9,13

          Notice what the last verse says. “…Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” You must understand that YOU MUST RECEIVE THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. God has paid for it but you must accept it. He will not force you to be saved. He will not force you to have your sins forgiven. He will not force you to go to heaven. But He has made a way for all these things to be done.

          Let me ask you to use your imagination. Imagine that the Lord Jesus is standing right here with you right now. He speaks to you and says, “Let me forgive your sins and make you a child of God. Let me give you eternal life and the promise of heaven.” What would you say to him? Do you realise that He is alive today, and he is here today through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit? He is saying to you, “Let me forgive your sins and make you a child of God. Let me give you eternal life and the promise of heaven.” Would you let him do that right now? Would you let him forgive your sin and give you eternal life in heaven with him? Would you accept that pardon that God offers so freely? Why don’t you ask Him for it right now? Just pray this simple prayer:

          Lord Jesus,

          I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserved to be punished for my sin. Thank you for taking my punishment. Please come into my heart and save me right now. I am trusting in you to forgive my sins and give me eternal life. Thank you for saving me.


          God said that if you would call on Him that He would save you. If you have called on Him, you have been saved. You now know that you have eternal life.

        9. Copying scripture verses from the Bible that many of us know already, doesn’t make much sense. However, if it floats your boat, Raymond, so be it.

        10. Raymond you’re an outspoken guy. The Lord has me witness to Roman Catholics. He told me that a lot of Catholics don’t know that they need to receive him personally, because that’s what Christianity is all about – a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ! Doesn’t matter if you are Catholic, Protestant or what you are. I often then ask them if they are charismatic, because there is a wing of the Catholic Church that is charismatic (operate in the 9 power gifts of the Holy Spirit). Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit and he decides what gifts you get. He’s not going to baptize anyone who doesn’t believe in him or have a relationship with him so these people have to be saved. I’ve been in Catholic churches where the peaceful presence of God was very apparent. Yes I’m aware of all the unbiblical doctrines instituted by the popes down through the centuries and their sordid past, burning people at the stake during the Protestant Reformation. Nevertheless God is trying to reach Catholics as well as men of all persuasions so we have to reach out to them without being unnecessarily offensive. Most will listen, if you do it in love and without condemnation.

        11. Salvation distribution by the RCC for the problem of sin is much like Obama’s wealth distribution for prosperity and just about as effective.

        12. Raymond, your one sentence queries are just that: questions.  You make no clai ms, only pose questions so you’re rig ht, I have no defense against inanity.

        13. This one bothers me most. But the fact that you fought for our country and now question other people’s religion leaves me dumbfounded.

        14. There’s bad apples in every barrel Raymond. Wolves in sheep clothing in every denomination, etc., etc. I’m Catholic and I’m going to get to heaven just as fast as you Raymond whatever religion you are – you can count on it!

        15. Yes, we are Christians, you are the one that isn’t a Christian as you displayed by your arrogant comments. I don’t know who you think you are but you are not educated enough to tell anyone they are not a Christian.

        16. I use to think you were a decent guy but I’m having my doubts with your insistent responses and constant links to personal blogs pertaining to religion as if they were gospel. You’re equivalent to one of those preachers on tv who get carried away with their beliefs. I find your tactics similar to fascism.

        17. No they most assuredly are not. Only followers of Jesus Christ are Christians, not followers of Rome. The Catholic church is a cult. Sorry/

        18. The word Pharisee could very easily apply to you with your self-serving ministry that allows you to denigrate the entire Catholic religion except your own opinions. I’ve been reading your posts and you have got to be the most malicious anti-Catholic basher I’ve seen excluding the liberal lefties. Just who do you think you are preaching to the choir about not believing in their Church but believing only in your narcissistic preaching.

        1. The gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church which He said to the apostles concerning the universal Church.

        2. Many in the RCC believe that the Roman church is “The Church” and those who believe that, trust that their membership and participation in that “Church” is their pass and assurance of Heaven. That is why I asked the question.

        3. You might be right, Clint, but I find that true in every Church, no matter what the denomination. The only “pass” to heaven that anyone with any intelligence knows is to believe in the Son of God, and live a
          “good” life. Good meaning to obey the laws of God. Jesus when he admonished that man for using the word “good” was relaying the message that when it comes to good, no one is God’s equal.

        4. Jesus was also opening the door for this ruler to see that the Only GOOD was standing before him that day. Matthew’s Gospel is the primary account of Jesus, the son of David presenting himself to Israel as their King. He ultimately was rejected by them and crucified and will return to take that Kingship. I know that there are many people in many of the protestant denominations who are trusting in their particular brand of religious affiliation for their salvation, but certainly not most of them. I am not pastoring at present but if I were I would teach the same things that the Bible teaches concerning a heart change as the evidence of salvation. A system of rules has never saved anyone. Only the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ can save. Certainly not denominational doctrine. I had some born again Christians in my last church and the husband and wife had been raised Roman Catholic and still had many friends in the Catholic church, but after studying the Bible, and much prayer and fasting they realized that all of the good works in the world would never have the power to save their souls.
          My only purpose here is to try to show the love of the Lord Jesus Christ because He is love and the Gospel He lived and accomplished on the cross is the only way for anyone to be saved. Me, you and Raymond and all who would come to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

        5. I appreciate that Clint, as we are all children of God, and those of us who are the wheat in this world comprise many different colors, countries and denominations as the Bible clearly states. Although many believe that their Church is the true Church and only they have the correct interpretations of scripture – we are warned in the Bible that presumption is the sin of many a man. BTW – I think the civility of your comments was really displaying an intelligent perspective of things, as opposed to slander and denigration. Thank you.

        6. You are certainly welcome but that is just an outward reflection of the “One” who has residence on the inside. Thanks again.

        1. Tony, did you use the link that is in Raymond’s “no last rites post”? If you do you will find that Raymond agrees with your statement.

    2. Vatican II was when subversive Jews took over the Catholic Church. Sorry folk; facts are facts. Try going for a Gentile Christian Pope, this time. Demand NOTHING less than an ACTUAL Christian. Simon Williamson would be a brilliant Pope.

  2. “Chief among the factions identified by the cardinals, according to Repubblica, is a group of actively gay clergy, some of whom are being blackmailed by former victims or people who know about their misdeeds.”

    These gay men are the ones who have been molesting boys. They are not pedophiles they suffer from Ephebophillia which is, In sexual ethics, it may be defined as a sexual preference for girls generally 14–16 years old, and boys generally 14–19 years old. Some authors define ephebophilia as a sexual preference for pubescent and adolescent boys.

    1. You can call cr@p anything you want… it still stinks. You can call it ephebophilia, but the fact remains is that they engage in it, despite the laws against it. Everyone who practices sin, practices lawlessness. Sin is lawlessness 1 John 3:4. If it was against the law to eat carrots, you follow the law since it doesn’t compromise obeying scripture. The mere fact is that they purposefully transgressed the law of the land… which was in no way anti-scriptural. The laws are there to prevent young kids in the developmental stages of life from being taken advantage of by older individuals in one of the most defining arenas of life: sexuality. Especially being in positions of authority and trust. It’s the inability to practice self-control over an urge that seeks to take advantage of those they are supposed to protect, oversee in spiritual matters and growth, and guide in the biblical and lawful arena of marriage and sexuality… which is one man, one woman, for life.

      1. Oh I agree. It is a sad day for christianity when the catholic church allowed gays to enter the church as clergy.The church set itself up for these kind of scandals when it did, and now the Boy Scouts are placing themselves in the same postition.

    1. Is the Bible the sole authority for faith and practice? The Roman Catholic Church says it is not. The Vatican II Council affirmed that “both Scripture and Tradition must be accepted and honoured with equal feelings of devotion and reverence” (Vatican II documents, “Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation,” Chap. 2, 9, p. 682).

      Thus, Rome has boldly exalted its traditions to a status equal with Holy Scripture.

  3. The Catholic Church isn’t going to ‘die’ as a result of this problem. Some Catholics clergy and laity are going to die spiritually and physically because of their unrepented of sins, but the gates of hell won’t prevail against the Church. These people will soon be gone, and the Church will still be standing 100 years from now.

  4. The Church is not rotten; it has many rotten clergy, but many more non-rotten. It has not gone the route of most protestant denominations in accepting and promoting baby killing and sodomy.

    1. True. The media plays a big part of this. A higher percentage of school teachers have been found molesting children, but the NEA is a protected union and organized religion is the enemy, so the priestly perverts are widely advertised and the pedophile teachers are largely ignored.

    2. When a priest does these kinds of things we must remember it is NOT what the church teaches and at that point he is not one. He is just a sinner that needs to be corrected. It is a problem that homosexuals are hiding with the help of other homosexuals or those that do not wish to harm the church. The truth must come out be dealt with and the church can move on from that point. The Catholic church on the whole is a very good morally and ethically. And that comes from a LCMS member. (we still do not allow gays or other immoral practices to happen according to doctrine although they do and we deal with them as such.)

      1. Catholics WROTE the Bible. Protestants liked it so much they decided to delete some of the books of the Bible to support their interpretation.

      2. rwcx, Maybe you better read the bible.

        In John 20:23, Jesus said to His Apostles “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them…”
        And in Matthew 16:18 Jesus said to His Apostles “…you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

        Pretty clear that Jesus gave men the power to forgive sins and that He put a man in charge of His church. It would be unreasonable to think that Jesus didn’t intend for his apostles to pass those powers on to their successors! And since Benedict XVI can trace the papal lineage all the way back to Peter, it’s safe to assume that the Catholic church is the original, the first, Christian church, the church founded by Jesus, founded by God. All the ones that followed were founded by men – Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII, etc, etc. Note also, that Jesus said of His church in this passage that the “…the gates of Hell will not prevail against it”. He didn’t say that Satan wouldn’t try! In fact I’d guess that destroying God’s church is probably his top priority!

        Lastly, read the Catholic “Hail Mary” prayer. Catholics aren’t praying to Mary, they’re simply asking her to pray to God for “…us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” Just like you would ask somebody for help if you were in need of something.

    3. Many of the, so called, liberal main stream denominations have accepted abortion and sodomy, that is true. However, the churches who are populated with spirit filled, born again Christians have not accepted these abominations and never will simply because they have the Spirit of God living in themselves. Every born again Christian finds these things extremely repulsive.

    4. Padre Pearson… both Raymond and I can tell you, whether a church, a parish, or a person can have 10,000 “atta-boys”….and yet they are all dissolved by one “AWWW Schatt!” Just as a man is known by his fruits, so is the congregation, and the clergy that is supposed to be in charge and RESPONSIBLE to the body of the Church.

      I grew up Catholic, I was educated in Catholic Doctrine from 4th grade thru HS Graduation. One of our junior classes in the 80’s, to this day WILL NOT host a “reunion” because of perverse actions of a faction of the Brothers of the Holy Rosary. As actions speak louder than words, those good men and women you speak of, should REBUKE enthusiastically; instead they remain silent (by instruction of higher Church authority). This, in the eyes of the public, is as bad as admission of guilt en mas…..We are all “the Church”, but in today’s society, we are sooo lost…..and “RELIGION” is the man cause, as “Arrogance, Ignorance and Pride” is spoiling the fruit.

      “…sicut gentes quas delevit Dominus in introitu tuo ita et vos peribitis si inoboedientes fueritis voci Domini Dei vestr.”

      God’s peace and the grace of our Lord be wth you Father……….

      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  5. Sorry, but I don’t see the bottom line in this article. Are you alleging that the gay element in the Catholic Church has forced out the Pope, or are you alleging that the Pope is gay and it’s about to be exposed? I don’t believe either argument without proof, but would be nice to know what you’re trying to get us to believe.

  6. DO NOT conflate the Roan Catholic Church with “christendom”. They were, centureies back, nearly identical, at least in the West. If the RCC does implode over this, it will be merely a purifying process, removing the corruption and pus from a bad wound so the rest can heal. Christendom includes ALL who follow the Lord Jesus Christ, whether they be RCC, baptist, methodist, independent, Copts, Syrochaldean, etc…. the RCC is merely one small part of the whole, and desparately needs cleaning up. It is being destroyed by the very same bent that is attempting to destroy our nation… the rise of collectivism, centralism, institutionalism. The church, as Christ founded it, knows nothing of organisatioins such as the RCC have become, top heavy, hierarchical, centralised, top down, massive, costly, cumbersome, they have become much like the formal Jewish religion of Jesus’ day. Much of His condemnation of the “religious leaders” of His day and place fit all too well on the similar hierarchical organisation we know as the RCC. Perhaps Benedict’s stepping down, tossing in the towel, as it were, is the best thing that could possibly happen. It may lead th the ild blowing off the darkest corrupt corners of that organisation, and a purging and cleansing thjat is desparately needed, and has been for at least a few centuries. Consider the way Martin Luther was treated by tne inside “good ol boys” of the day. Shameful. And immoral. They were, then, all about protecting their own turf, guarding their own fox-den, lining their own snake pit. Like the pharisees of old, looking good in public byt full of dead men’s bones. Too bad Benedict did not have the spine to seriously purge as much of this filth as he could uncover. No question he was aware of at least some of it. By failing in this, he is culpable. WHO will succeed him? A dupe, subject to the whims of the ruling power elite, perhaps a weakling who will see nothing say nothing, do nothing? Perhaps a Nathan who will see, speak, then, if necessary, tear down the groves and high places, purge the temple, toss out the prostitutes and sellers, and set things right again. We can hope so, else the power of the church in our day is weakened. Much of the world looks to the RCC for example and direction. Lately, they have looked in vain.

  7. I believe that there are a lot of reasons to dislike the Catholic Church.

    That said for the first time in my life i feel so sad for the church as a community.

    I hope that God will bless and protect all his true children in the Catholic community.

  8. The 6,000 years given man is about over! p.s. It never was, or never will be about “Rome”! It’s about only Jerusalem! No folks, this story is not going to end well for most. Watch!

  9. As a family of faithful practicing Catholics, I must say that discipline of unfaithful priests who practice pedophilia, even to the rape of children (altar boys) and young girls, there has been little more than transferring the guilty to parishes thousands of miles away. Priests, monseignors, and bishops we know personally and have had stay in our home have confided that much of this homosexual activity comes to the priesthood from the beginning days of seminary, where many instructors and clerics there prey on the arriving students. Our archbishop has become involved in recent months.
    There must be changes of how My Church handles these matters. Many have left because of the mis-handling of numerous cases which it would not be appropriate to go into here. We do not just need a return by those who have departed, but we need a true relationship with Christ, adherance to the tenets of The Church, and not just “benchwarmers” who come but have no reality to their faith outside of the sanctuary.

  10. So long as the catholic church elevates the church as authority above the Bible, it seems to me these problems will continue to plague the church. One solution would be to eliminate seminarians who are predisposed to these things and encourage a priesthood and that are able to marry and who enjoy the benefits of marriage . . . in which conjugal sex enjoys a hallowed place of normalcy, sanctioned by the church and the state. Marriage is a “holy estate.” And sexual pleasure within the marriage bond was designed by God . . . is not a sin to engage in it without the intent of having children, as the Roman Catholic Church has traditionally taught.

  11. I am a practicing catholic. I have seen my church crumble following following the changes in the liturgy in the 1960’s. We have gone from spirituality to a Church with follksey masses to homilys that look and feel like permission to sin if we are just quiet about those same sins. in the end, we need a strong pope who both has the will and the energy to fight the sinners with in the hierarchy, and remove them from all contact with the congregation. Homosexual priests are fine, as long as they are celibate in the strict sense, and live cloistered lives where they can review their lives, and consider gods purpose for mankind, and their role in that purpose in that plan.

  12. “A broadcast news show recorded video of priests going to gay clubs.” I guess the next Pope will be one of those homosexuals that is being spoken of in this article!

    The Catholic community worldwide will be spinning their heads if this ever happened. No children in the Catholic schools will be safe!

  13. Compromise on Sexual SIN is a sign the Church is Spiritually Dead and they may as well let the Wicked & Sinful Homosexuals have it. Satan and his minions are using the Homosexuals to get society to accept Satan’s LIE that Homosexuality is just an Alternate lifestyle and is Harmless. Genesis 13 : 13 But the Men of Sodom (Homosexuals) were Wicked & Sinners before the LORD Exceedingly. I doubt GOD has changed his mind since then.

  14. Where does catholicism get any authority from the Bible. please just quite me one verse that says the pope is God’s “man on earth”. Where does it say a priest can forgive sin. Where does it say you can appoint and then pray to saints. What a sad joke. The Bible specifically PROHIBITS all of that. catholics should actually READ the Bible. They would be shocked to find out that it is mentioned, but only as an end time prophecy, and against Jesus.

    1. St. Augustine never recognized the authority of the Bishop of Rome as the “Pope.” He said that it made no sense for any of the 5 Bishops in the world (of which he was one) to claim superior authority over the others. That was in the 5th century (the 400s).

  15. The sin these Cardinals are committing are on them. It’s their souls. They may be fooling others but they aren’t fooling God. The Pope should just let God punish them. God does it better.

  16. Might be time for the Knights Templar to introduce themselves to the gay priests. That should clear up any misunderstandings…

  17. Dear father Peterson: You are not my Dad so why refer to yourself as “Father?” Do you hear confessions? Who do you think you are? Do you wear those silly clothes? Do you worship or pray to Mary? Do you believe Rome canonizes saints?Do you believe that wearing a scapular at time of death assures your salvation? Do you believe in venial sin? T

    The list is very long. I did 8 years at Holy Cross then attended mass every day to earn points and advance my odds at Heaven. The so-called “holy mother church” stole decades from my family. It’s a false church and appears to finally be going down but Jesus never will. I could write tis chock full of references for you owe it to yourself and flock to pick up the Word and read it objectively.

    Don’t you get it? Get outta there while you still can and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Become a saint…for that matter become a real priest and not a fakey one. Throw your catholic bible away and get a standard Bible. Review this website and this search:

  18. The Vatican has been riff with political intriguer since its very inception. Any time you
    have a all power in a central location and a massive infrastructural around the world
    you will always have problems. Efficiency is always a problem when you have the
    secrecy that is involved in any business of this size. You have to always look at it
    as a business even though it is a religious group the sheer size requires it to be

    run as a business it just take very good organization and attention to detail.

  19. It’s just as wrong to paint all Catholics with the same brush as it would be to do it to Protestants. There are many denominations that preach at least some false doctrine and have unbelievers, hypocrites, and compromisers as members. Bashing Catholics here or anywhere else is not productive and does not advance God’s Kingdom.

  20. I agree with Father Pearson (comment below). But I do believe, We do have rooten eggs in everything today though and the Catholic Church is has them too. But, it makes me wonder about the 3rd Secret told by Blessed Virgin Mary to the 3 children in Potgegul in 1917 and over the years after. It’s believed the Vatican, Pope, etc will go along with RUSSIA ERRORS Mary spoke of (COMMUNISM destroying the WORLD) and the POPE will join and promote The UN AGENDA 21 PLAN which is the BLUEPRINT of the DESTRUCTION of AMERICA. It’s all about Communism at the end and killing of ALL in the world except 6 Million of ELITE will live and have it all. We are so close to this ‘end plan’. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Mary has asked us to PRAY for the CONVERSION of RUSSIA. Your LIFE Depends on it.
    It’s a SHAME the CHURCH is NOT speaking of this …..UN Agenda 21 Plan. They are very aware of it. Start here to get more informed – GOOGLE: “Tom DeWeese Agenda 21′ and go to YouToutube for Video’s explaining Agenda 21.

  21. Why would anyone believe ‘a Butler’ knows anything SECRET is beyond me. False Rumor sounds more like it. And why would this site ‘godfathers’ print propoganda which falls right into the hands or doing what the LEFT, Progressives, Liberal, Communist, Muslims want.

  22. I’ve often wondered what the third Fatima secret was. Surely not what they told us. A famous seer – Nostrodamus? – said that this next pope will be the last.

  23. It’s time for the Catholic church to allow priests, cardinals and
    bishops to marry women. When this happens, all the practicing homos
    should be terminated from the clergy. Most of the problem is solved!

  24. Good article. I believe homosexuality is an addiction. The gay priests is a compelling evidence I am correct. Because, in theory celibacy should have made being a gay priest a non issue. Instead, 82% of the victims were boys 13 and older (John Jay College of Criminal Studies)) report. Just as Harvey Milk, of San Francisco and now Hollywood fame, molested underage boys. Yet Milk gets to be a role model for California public school children K-12. That’s how bias the media re[porting is the last 50 years. Peace.

  25. As a cradle Catholic, I had suspected that such things MIGHT have been going on in the Roman Curia (and elsewhere in the Catholic clergy’s ranks), but I never wanted to bring myself to believe it. However, afer having read some articles in a Catholic publication that the Roman Curia has long tried to marginalize, I am more convinced than ever that such actions as mentioned in THIS article are true. I pray that the next Pontiff will have the Holy Spirit aid him in FINALLY EXCOMMUNICATING such prelates.

  26. A gay clergy is an abomination unto the LORD!
    How can a sex pervert help someone to love for GOD?
    The Clergy itself needs to be saved BEFORE it can ever help anyone in spiritual matters

  27. Marxists/Communists, sent Communists and homosexuals into the Christian seminaries, in order to destroy the Church from within. This is all on record in the McCarthy Hearings transcipts. Former Communists testified to these tactics. This type of subversion has been going on for centuries, by the by. Go to Hutton Gibson’s website. Mel Gibson’s dad. He’s not “crazy” – he’s BRILLIANT. He’s as sharp as a razor, into his Nineties. He’s a true Catholic, and he’s been writing about the corruption of the Church for decades. Vatican II was when Communist take-over of the Church. Catholics have been far too “tolerant” of all the corruption. It’s not just Catholics by the way. Look around. I am not a Catholic – but I have Catholics in my family. Dear Catholics – DEMAND the Tridentine Mass be restored. DEMAND the a TRUE Christian Gentile head your Church. Stop “tolerating” subversive Jews like Bennie Ratzinger.

  28. Gay people in position of power are of low character, particularly those with power over children and children that are in some way compromised. In churches, not just Catholic and in other places where you find children, like schools, athletic and counseling situations, that’s where you find pedophiles.

    I played basketball for a Catholic school in San Francisco. We had the coolest coach, ever. He really understood us. Poor kids, he’d take them off of the single mothers’ hands and have team sleepovers and kids that weren’t on the team used to come with us.

    Then we found out that one of the kids had been molested and his dad and brother beat up the coach. Then came all of the law suits and before long, he was coaching at another Catholic school and smoking pot and drinking with them. They ran him out, too. Finally, he moved to Santa Clara and they got really tired of him. They locked him away. He got out and they put him away again. I’m told he’s in a state hospital, now. He never really did time. He kept getting locked up in State hospitals.

    Pedophiles put themselves in trusted positions where they can be around kids, especially the gay pedophiles and they find a way to tell people they love kids. He got to my little brother. It really messed him up. He was never right again and even though he considered himself straight, he’d turn to male prostitution when things were going wrong. He was never right and he really never grew up.

    He died of aids in 1992.

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