GDP Goes Negative, Obama Blames Republicans

Like one of the kids on “Family Circus” blaming the broken cookie jar on Not Me and Ida Know, the Obama Administration is seriously hoping Americans will believe that Republicans are to blame for the gross domestic product shrinking by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter.

The White House’s Jay Carney went in front of the press corps today and blamed the economic plunge between October and December on Republicans in Congress not snapping to attention and obeying Obama’s will fast enough during the “fiscal cliff” talks.

I’m certain it had nothing to do with a wastrel president who let us get to that point.

Also, it must be Republicans’ fault because nothing else happened between October and the end of December that could possibly have influenced the economic output of the entire country.

Nope, not a thing.

Not a single darn thing.

Especially not in, say, early November. …

It’s mystifying, really, what could have caused the economy to contract from 3.1 percent growth in the third quarter to negative 0.1 percent in the fourth. It’s almost as if American voters had elected some sort of radical, socialistic, anti-American, destructive dogmatist to office or something.

Well, whatever happened, it’s the first time in about 40 months that the GDP has shrunk, or as the Associated Press put it, the first time since the recession ended, which if you missed it was about three and a half years ago, in June 2009.

(We’ve all been living so high on the hog since then, it’s easy to forget. Excuse me, my Obamaphone is ringing.)

And the media have already suggested an obvious path for remedying our economic woes: more of the same. As AP said in its lede paragraph, the GDP drop was “defying expectations for slow growth and possibly providing incentive for more Federal Reserve stimulus.”

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that the IRS at least is showing the bureaucracy how it’s done by hiring new employees in about half the time it took them in previous audits, according to another report released this week.

That’s good to know because with all this negative economic growth, the government may have to stimulate us with more taxes soon, too, just to make up the loss in revenue.

Right after the January tax increase, too. Such a shame.

At least we can take comfort in having a competent president in office.

214 thoughts on “GDP Goes Negative, Obama Blames Republicans

    1. They do not have one idea about a balanced budget, or how to increase America work force and produce a product. Wonder Why??? you ask!!!, Well in his administration show me one thar ran a business….. All Harvard type book people and NO COMMON SENSE.
      We are in real trouble…. What has America produced in 4 years the world needs???? HMMMMMM just unemployment and old in a rut never worked looking for more FREE handouts. So what does that produce????? DEBIT. KAS

  1. What a jerk, he has been in charge of everything for four years now and he still blames Bush. I’m tired of this lying, dummicrat donkey and his hurry up and shove this down the throats of the American people and here we are, trying it again. With all the crap he has pulled he should be thrown out of office because of treason. I sure wish he would have lost the election but thank you to all my fellow citizens who helped make this possible by voting four this inexperienced, radical, unaccomplished, arrogant, lying shell of a candidate for the second time.

    1. You would be amazed (or maybe not) the people I can encounter in day to day conversation that say “it’s Bushes fault”. This from people that are relatively educated.

      1. It is the Republicans fault for allowing the fraud and theft of votes in many states and not even trying to investigate. They also keep trying to drive in the “middle of the road” and continually get turned in both directions. KEEP RIGHT and go further and longer.(and safer)

        1. That’s 100% correct EDC. I wonder if the people know that in every state where voter ID was in place Romney won. In every state that did not have voter ID Obama won. Why the Republicans would not investigate, outright fraud and corruption with the voting process, is beyond belief. Not one lawsuit. Not one request of the FBI. Everyone of these girly men have got to go. Vote them all out of office. What a country.

        2. Couldn’t agree more. Sadly I heard McCain say that Obama won fair and square. In my opinion there are a lot more votes out to the right of where the party’s candidates generally stand as opposed to continually trying to get the folks in the middle/independents. Right now most of the Repubs don’t stand for a damned thing. Rand Paul is a powerful exception.

        3. McCain spoke the truth. All of the votes are in the middle. The right, by itself, won’t cut it. That’s why Romney lost.

        4. when that RHINO McCain said that i wanted to vomit . The pos in the white house is there on VOTER FRAUD did you hear GOP…VOTER FRAUD.. and not one of you ball less wonders even uttered a peep.

        5. That is a bunch of BS the law of the land says voter fraud will not be tolerated therefore the people may challenge the results be they Dem or Rep that like saying a judge can say well thats not murder today but from now on you cant bring anyone up on murder charges because of my ruling what a joke

        6. Obama won by vote fraud pure and simple and he knows it and so do plenty of other people that work for him

        7. retireme, voter fraud put mr oboma in twice. Now We the People need to hold the judges that did not do there job’s and put mr oboma in a trial for treason, moochele in jail or tried for treason. They both know he is a kenyan born, they both have lied to the American people for a purpose of their own rule

        8. It was the Republican Party signed the agreement in 1989 that they can’t file suit against the Democrat Party on the election, I can’t remember the details but the agreement is still valid. That’s why Al Gore able to file against President Bush when he lose but not Mr. Romney, even we knew that it was the fraudulent votes.

        9. While there are still a few solid conservative Republicans, the GOP as a whole, is now the Gutless Old Party, they need to be permanently sent home, replaced by true Americans, aka, The Tea Party.

        10. According to the rules of our GREAT USA……They are not allowed to question anything about their loss, even by theft. Thats exactly what it was. Hope he slips on a bar of soap, knocks himself out permanently.

        11. I agree it is the Republicans fault. They should have protected Lincoln better. He was going to ship all the freed slaves to Liberia. We would have 90% less prisons, 70% less drugs, 80% less welfare, 100% less Obama’s.

        12. A black kid asks his mom, “Mama, what’s a democracy?”
          “Well son, that be when white folks work every day so us po’ folks can get all benefits.”
          “But mama, don’t white folks get mad about that?”
          “They do, son. They sho do. And that’s called racism.”

        13. you know you are right about stealing the votes remember all the NEW voting machines w hich were put into the swing states. Philadelphia… not one GOP vote, well I have family who live there and they and their friends didn’t vote for bozo, so where did that one come from.

        14. If we had the people that didn’t vote for him stand up and say so things like this wouldn’t go on so easy but everyone is quiet as a mouse. If they are so quiet on this liberty being stolen do they really think it will get easier for the rest of their liberties being stolen. Best to stand up early on than wait until they have the kind of hold on power that they have now

      2. When I hear that I always ask if they were better off under Bush than Obama and of course I get no response. Liberals are liars and hypocrites.

      3. Tim, just like his birth certificate,,,,,,,if you say a lie long enough, people will start to believe it………and it seems to have been working for mr oboma,,,,,,you have soros behind a ton of news paper owners and your boss, soros, says to print this and that,,,,,because people read it in the news papers,,,,,that somehow make’s it true………go figure………I have always said you have to be smarter than the news paper, but the problems is,,,,,not many people are.

        1. Corruption leads to injustice. Justice is another casualty of corruption. There are many cases filed against hussein obama on his fake birth certificate, and fraud social insurance number, and he is not the natural born citizen in which made him an illegal president, but the corrupted judges just dismissed the cases. One judge in Florida, last name Caroll or something even stupidily cited “obanma live in the White House, use the Air Force 1, so he is legally a POS (piece of sh..t) ” It is so sad that it happened in the once great country USA which there is unjust and incomprehensible decision rendered by dishonest judge; have led to a general distrust for the legal system.

      4. They are not educated, I don’t care if they have a degree from some state sponsored left wing indoctrination facility.

      5. That’s because it really was Bush’s fault. Remember his speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention? That’s right. There wasn’t one. RNC wanted nothing to do with GW Bush, and for good reason: The Great Recession was Bush’s fault. Two unfunded wars and a prescription drug plan, plus a total pullback on financial regulations leading to the biggest bubble burst since the 1930’s. His administration mishandled Katrina. He lost bin Laden. He went to war in Iraq over non-existent WMDs, then screwed up rebuilding the country and allowed al-Qaeda to gain a foothold there.

        And then the RNC wanted to double-down in the insanity in 2012. Why didn’t they just let Obama run unopposed? Romney might have been a sorry excuse for a candidate, but he was head and shoulders above everyone else in the Republican primaries.

    2. What you write is absolutely true. The major problem however is the fact that President Pinnocchio has the entire government and the lemmings enthralled, like a cobra and its prey. Furthermore, I am very very sure that the “delay” by the GOP for not responding to the FISCAL cliff scenario (or should I say PHYSICAL cliff as all the media will pronounce) they are all just going thru motions – like mime play acting – to distract the public. They have known for the past years EXACTLY how the hammer and sickle was going to be dropped on America. Shame on you GOP – shame on you lemmings.

    1. Gay marriage, gays in the military, tax increases, gov’t takeover of health care, union payoffs, etc. etc. etc. etc…….So, yes, he is responsible for all things immoral

  2. No one but a compete idiot keeps blaming his mistakes on everything or everyone he can get his hands on. He is noting but contemptible as a president & an irresponsible goof as a person!

    1. A real man takes responsibility, and not just with words, and does not blame others. The buck stops at the top. Obama is no real man at all but a coward.

  3. Yet Fox news reports the biggest gains in personal income in four years… can someone out there actually report the truth!!!!?

    1. I watch Fox News all the time and don’t remember anyone saying that. I did hear them report that each American lost personal income the last four years.

  4. When will these idiots wake up t the fact the President is not a dictator. The House and Senate make the policy and the president is supposed to carry it out. Not the other way around.

    1. Ignoring DOMA, immigration laws, work for welfare and others that the Congress has enacted, doesn’t make him a dictator………yet!

    1. Biggest gains in personal income at the same time people are gettig 3500 less in paychecks? Higher taxes and utility rates? What a joke!

    1. I really do not think the electorate had that much to do with the re-instatement of this treasonous scum bag More than any other thing it was pure electronic vote fraud that put him back in office. Yeah the blacks voted for him because he would support their welfare lifestyle and it hurts whitey, the mexicans voted for him so they could continue their social benefit programs and it hurt whitey. and of course all the muslims, including the thousands he imported voted for him including that it would hurt whitey. And then the vote fraud made up the difference. Sorry gotta go, Time to take out the trash.

  5. Well, Clinton is blaming Benghazi on Bush now, too, so it’s open season.
    I guess he wasn’t too worried about the economy–he just whiled away his time on vacation on taxpayer money (Fiddle and Nero bring anything to mind?).

  6. With a sychophant, State-run media, it’s no wonder that he can get away with saying “The Big Lie” – as some despot had said: the bigger the lie, the more likely the sheeple will believe it. This punk^ss, new Hitler must be made to vacate the “Outhouse” – soon!

  7. When will this idiot realize that what he’s doing is NOT working??? HE should take the hit on this one because I read it was the decrease in military spending…he did that and he’s proud of it…..

    1. He knows that it isn’t working as we would want it to. The problem is that that is working how HE wants it to. His whole intent is to destroy the America that was when he took office.

  8. He ran against Bush successfully. Twice. When Bush wasn’t on the ticket. Does anyone expect him to stop before it stops working?

  9. Relax. Everything is going according to his handlers’ plan. His only responsibility is to do what they tell him and part of that is to blame the Republicans for every single negative. He can do that because the only ones listening are his voters; the ones as dumb as he is.

  10. This fraud blames everyone but himself where the blame actually lies. He is repeating the Marxist policies of FDR, with the same disastrous results. The Bozo should have studied history.

  11. “If I can’t fix the economy in 4 years, I will be a one-term president.” HA!!! I don’t remember him finishing that line with, “unless I can find someone else to blame it on.”

  12. If Obabler really believes that the GOP is the cause of the financial troubles, he is one sick puppy. I personally believe that he is nothing more or less than a pathological liar that doesn’t know what real truth is. And to think the American people voted this narrcisstic idiot into office, even though he has never been proven elgibile to be in the white house.

  13. Yes, but it’s about time the Republicans challenge his eligibility. He doesn’t belong where he is and he should be removed.

  14. This is exactly what I thought would happen after the Messiah was reelected. The people who actually make the country work are pulling back and hunkering down for a very rough 4 years of stagnant wages and higher inflation and taxes. This will prove to be a very trying time for our Republic and hopefully we can hang on until 2014 and 2016. These 2 years will determine the direction of our country’s future. Will it be more and more government control and regulations or a smaller government and lower taxes and regulations. The electorate will have 2 more chances to correct the past 2 huge mistakes in 2008 and 2012.

      1. I would find that hard to believe… but then again, drinking the Kool Aid does bring a sense of comfort, wouldn’t you say??? I mean after all, it is all fine, it is all going to be fine, it is all going to stay fine, and the Republicans are to blame for everything!

    1. The truth is that about 47 to 49% of those that voted wanted Obama. Then there were the dead, the dogs and cats, the senile in old folks homes, the 59 districts in OHIO that had over 100% voter turnout without a SINGLE Romney vote, the thousands verified to be registered and voting in Florida AND New York, the BUSLOADS of Bolivians/Peruvians hauled in by DEMOCRAT operatives and instructed (assisted) in voting, the rigged electronic voting machines, and the fact that UNION goons had their grubby hands on the ballots without adult supervision.

      We are only lost if we give up and accede to the lies. Our task is to educate our families, friends, and neighbors as to the truth of the situation. Convince them to look behind the curtain. ARM. PREPARE.

      Anyone that has the skills needs to put up a web site for every state detailing the names, addresses, phones, contact info and pictures of all TSA and IRS agents in each state. When they try to impose their martial law, they are going to need troops to do it with. If we have these folks ON THE WEB, pictures and all, it will maybe dissuade some of them in their treason, and at the least will make them easier to identify on the street once the shooting starts.

        1. bulls hit!romney didnt stand a chance in hell of beating obo,Ron Paul could have if you lemmings hadnt been all reublican party or nothing,where has that gotten you,now we see they are all crooked,Ron paul was the only one that was right!

        2. Romney didn’t stand a chance of beating Obama? Obama only beat Romney by 2 percentage points. Ron Paul supporters said all along what they planned to do to make sure Romney lost. Ron Paul couldn’t even win his home state of Texas how would have he ever beat Obama? So, because of you traitor Paulbots we got 4 more years of Communism. You all said, before the election, that you were going to make sure Romney didn’t win and, to spite him, you all kept your word and made sure Obama got reelected. Ron Paul is a racist and an anti-semite. If you don’t believe me go to factreal.wordpress.tag.ron-paul and read all about your fabulous leader. America rejected him because he would have established the Fourth Reich right here. He’s a loony old Nazi.

      1. He won by vote fraud, pure and simple, electronic vote fraud, repubican ballots shredded, not counted, dead people, vacant lots, people that voted multiple times He did not have the consensus, he did not have a majority He probably had only 46 to 47% of the vote, the rest were made up

    2. That is partly because of mainstream media & lazy Americans! People don’t want to take the time to educate themselves & don’t believe anything bad can happen in America! They just put their blinders on & pretend all is well!

  15. I wonder how far Obama would get in a court of law if he were put on trial for all the crimes he has committed, using the excuse: George Bush caused this, the Republicans are at fault?

  16. Obama tried to say that cuts in Defense Dept spending resulted in cuts.The facts are that the last quarter,at over 950 billion dollars (90 billion more than the quarter before)means that for the year we have spent,again, over a trillion dollars more than we took in,even though we took in more than 58 billion above what we took in the year before in income taxes.This guy has one style that I have finally determined I can identify,that is, when he’s lying:when he opens his mouth.

    1. It would be interesting to know how much money has been used in the last four yearws + months just on fuel for Air Force One. I read it costs $180,000 an hour to fly and he lives in it. I bet millions everyday are spent on him flying around the country doing zip, nada

  17. Boy these progressive Liberal Dem`s like to blame others for what they do.
    Obama has been blaming GW for years , Obama created the biggest debt in history ,I guess if Obama stubs his toe it`s GW`s and the Gop`s fault .

  18. Actually it’s our fault! Over 50% of the voters voted for Socialism/Communism because they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions so they elected one of their peers to lead them….

  19. And there are those million, glassy-eyed, low-information voter morons who adoringly accept every thing he says as gospel….reminds me of the commercial of the woman who says they can’t put things on the internet that aren’t true and then introduces her French model boyfriend…”bonejur”

  20. Typical of this ass. Blame anyone besides you! He is such a piece of crap and should be impeached. Now he is after pensions! People you had better wake up before its too late!!

  21. Those on the left refuse to accept personal responsibility, it is never their fault. Look at the fractured groups of America, it is always somebody else that has let them down and they are there to right the wrong.

  22. He a major jerk from day one he has done nothing but b a commie and freeloader n should be impeached right away n the donkey party be outlawed since the o breaks laws so much n his trips and vacations are to be paid by him and the queen and mother in law booted from the white house sinces its not our job to pay his vacations n for hers too

  23. I actually heard something on TV (don’t recall where, unfortunately) that blamed hurricane Sandy for the recent downturn! Probably some idiot from Obutthead’s own administration, since that sounds like the kind of thing they like to blame – tsunamis, ATMs, earthquakes, you know, anything and everything but themselves!

  24. This man needs to leave, and let someone who actually stand up and lead take over. All he ever does is blame others, or inamimate objects. Republicans cause a decline in GDP, guns caused people to kill people, certain foods caused people to eat thema and get fat. He only take credit for things that are positive, or cost the taxpayer money (Obamacare).

  25. Just when will the angry crowds begin to gather outside of the White House as they have in the Middle-East when the people wanted to toss out the resident dictator?

  26. When you lack the ability of original thought or experience, that’s what you do, blame the other guy. I can hear Oblamo saying … nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along and keep eating that crap I’m spoon feeding you about how rosy things are going to be after we spend another couple trillion.

    You have to be a complete idiot to follow that frame of thought, pure stupidity. I can only imagine the leftys crying at the end of 8 years of Oblamo and his idiot minions have completely destroyed our economy, “…no one could have fixed this mess, Oblamo tried and was as successful as anyone could have been…” Gives me a sens of Deja-vu, does anyone see “peanut farmer” all over again ??

  27. Companies knew he would never stop spending and they made their fiscal and employment cuts in the fourth quarter. The employers knew that there would be significant insurance cost increases through taxes in the first quarter, as well. None of the defense cuts have been made yet and remember they are not cuts they only slow the growth. Obama’s people are pathetic.

    1. Many people that work for the Dept of Defense on a non-permament bases have been put on alert that their last day will be March 31 of this year due to the defense cuts. So they have been made, and that means 1000s of lost jobs just in one facility alone. So everyone it has all started right under our noses. More to the unemployement average. I am worried!!!!

      1. At least 40,000 in private sector are losing their jobs in Feb. The company that my husband works for laid off 16 out of 30. The increased expense of healthcare, the cost of doing business in general is crushing the private sector. But one good bright spot in Texas, more companies are moving here and creating new opportunities. Warning, you are welcome to come, just leave your blue politics behind.

  28. The man who can never take any responsibility for anything, he has been President for 4 years don’t you think it is about time he stops blaming everybody else and starts to take some responsibility for himself ?

  29. Does it really shock anyone to hear that Barack is once again trying to blame the Republicans for his own failures! Baracks wasteful spending and refusal to cut future spending and compromise on a balanced budget is destroying any possibility of a soild financial future for our country and future generations. Man up Barack … Get off the golf course … call your wife and kids home from those expensive vacations on the American peoples money and do your Damn job! Or get the hell out!

  30. What a surprise. Next comes the dog ate my budget proposal! And they want more time to destroy this country? Maybe even a third term or is that turd term!

  31. Sadly, the media and his millions of suck-ups will believe him, or at least claim to believe him.
    Recently, I saw a clip in which some of the suck-ups said Obama is the best president we have ever had. WE ARE DOOMED.

  32. How stupid people can be! Everyone thought he was telling the truth just like he did 4 years ago. He does not know how to run anything. He blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. . He should be impeached for his lies and for what he has done without permission !!!!!

  33. The Loser-in-Chief is just that. L O S E R! He’ll continue to blame Bush and the GOP for next four years because the millions of morons will listen to and believe this asinine drivel. The man is inept, clueless, and just a worthless piece of skin. He definitely is the leader of the land of the free…free contraceptives, free Obamaphones, free healthcare, welfare, and food stamps.

  34. Just the comment that would be expected from “King Obama”. He is more
    concerned with “ME” that with the state of the US economy and the failed
    policies that he is trying impose. Fortunately, the courts have
    decided that some of his recess appointments and executive orders are
    unconstitutional. Obama and the Senate Democrats are more responsible
    for the slowdown in the economy than any Republicans. Jay Carney and
    the liberal-socialist media keep serving as the mouthpieces for the
    incompetent actions from the White House.

  35. The bad numbers is PROBABLY the result of the TRUTH finally being told; They couldn’t admit it before the elections because Obama would have never gotten back into office.

  36. No matter how badly the Democraps destroy things (which all their policies do), they quickly blame the other side! These jokers are not responsible for their actions. They are just a bunch of whiny children. And the only ones who believe them are other whiny children.

  37. This has always been the Obama mantra – I assume full responsibility for my actions, except the ones that are someone else’s fault. In this (like every other) instance, that d*** Bush made me do it.

  38. Wonder if it might have something to do with no BUDGET in over FOUR years and
    counting, lack of real leadership or maybe the massive tax hikes under oscumer

  39. Here’s the key: as a nation we have gone from “one nation under God” to “many gods under one nation!” Our Constitution, although giving credence to a Divine Being, is none the less written for and by “we the people.” It would be very niave for any of us to think no opposition to this document would arise. None the less, with a diversity of people, there will be diversity in ideology and thought.
    Regardless of what we believe, what our core ideas are and the influences that helped formulate them, the key is a person’s character qualities. When President Reagan was at the helm, he made his mistakes. When Nixon got snagged in the Watergate controversy, he resigned! There have been many presidents and politicians I regret, to my own shame, I voted for but would never ever consider knowing what I know now. Simply put, I want to see men of good moral character in Washington not just some characters looking to win a popularity contest.
    Finally, the biggest test to a man’s character is his inability to take responsibility for his actions. I once took leadership and public speaking through the Gabriel Richard Institute. The moderator spoke and said when you make a mistake don’t be afraid to own up to it! Not real popular in today’s political setting but we sorely lack any leadership in Washington based on using displayed character qualities as the measurement. And, quite frankly, I am real tired of the same choice based on the “lesser of two evils” because after the last debacle

  40. Little typo up top there, didn’t shrink by 0.1% it was down 3.0%, but you’re correct otherwise. But this narcissistic moron will NOT take the blame for anything, from spilling coffee on himself on up. Count on it, this year will be ‘interesting’.

    Prepare while you can.

    Surviving Urban Crisis.

  41. He is very successful of planting the blame seed & embarrassingly enough a large group of Americans believe it! He blames Bush – the Republicans & Fox TV – he sounds like my teenagers – never taking personal responsibility! He will spin all of his failures on his opponents!

  42. The really sick thing is that Odumbo gets away with type of thing over and over and over again. The MSM echoes his inanities and the dumbed down majority of Americans keep buying this stupidity. Will we ever get our country back?

  43. What will they use for an excuse when they have all democrats in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Doesn’t seem as if the voters are getting any smarter, so it could be very real. With G.O.P. as they are they couldn’t muster a forum.

  44. Well its exactly what the democrats want so the progressives can say we can fix this economy but you must suspend the constitution and bill of right to let us fix it. Its the communist way. Look at all the countries in South America t hat are Communist are the people realy any better off than they were when they were free. We are still free and we should never allow anybody to remove our constitution or Bill of Rights no matter how bad things get.The best way to improve our economy is to stop government intervention and allow it to grow on its own. Thats capitolism ,and everyone benifits when its allowed to grow on its own.

  45. I’m certain that this president, as well as most liberals for that matter, have no idea what responsibility means. They do however know that the word is always prefaced with “it’s somebody else’s”.

  46. I finall have to agree with obama. You have to be a leader in order to take responsibility and we all know he and the rest of the Demo’s can’t even spell responsible. You have to be a man in order to be responsible for your actions.

  47. They actually thought that responsible Americans would buy into his country destroying agenda. Don’t blame Republicans Mr. Obama, if anything, blame us. There are a lot of us that don’t live in your utopian world.

  48. Easily 70 percent of the people don’t have a clue what’s going on in this country. They’re the true useful idiots and unfortunately some of them occasionally pull themselves away from the boob tube to vote.

    1. The Tea Party has been a disaster in US Senate races. Republicans had good chances to win several seats in 2010 and 2012 but state Tea Parties injected their candidates into the primaries and the results were disastrous. The TPs won the primaries then lost the general elections. In the 2010 races:

      Colorado –Ken Buch (TP) beat GOP candidate Jane Norton in the primary then lost the general election to Michael Bennett (D) keeping the seat Democrat.

      Delaware – Christine O’Donnell (TP) beat GOP candidate Mike Castle in the primary then lost the general election to Chris Cooms (D) keeping the seat Democrat.

      Nevada – Sharron Angle (TP) beat GOP candidate Sue Lowden in the primary then lost the general election to Harry Reid (D) keeping the seat Democrat and Reid as Senate Majority Leader. The Tea Party got Harry Reid reelected in 2010.

      The Tea Party is making two major mistakes: 1) they have spent their time “taking out” Republicans who aren’t considered “conservative” enough by injecting themselves into primary races and defeating the Republicans. The TPs should be working to defeat Democrats, not Republicans, and 2) they need to understand they can’t do anything to improve government if they can’t win the general elections.

      In Kentucky, the Tea Partier elitist intent to sabotage US Senator Mitch McConnell because he isn’t “conservative” enough to suit their tastes is another incredibly stupid mistake.

      1. I have to differ with you, Ted. Those Tea Party candidates lost in the generals because the Establishment Party leaders refused to back them once they won the primaries. Like a bunch of whiny babies, they cut off party funding and left them to flounder on their own. These were the peoples choices. We are sick and tired of this kind of crap from our public SERVANTS!!! They are no longer working for us, so why, oh why do you believe we should support their forever lifestyles and positions of privilege? Should we vote for any fool that wears a suit and has an (R) behind their name and a Washington DC address, no matter that they roll over at the whim of the Democrats and cower in fear of bad press? That’s the sort of incredible stupidity that has where we are now.

  49. Democrats like Obama blame this country’s monumental deficits on President George W. Bush’s tax cuts and the entering of two wars. They praise President Bill Clinton for the budget surplus when he left office. Unfortunately, they ignore some very important facts.

    As to the surpluses, Bill Clinton had Republican Congresses for the last six of his eight years in office. Republicans House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Majority Leader
    Trent Lott are responsible for those budget surpluses, not Clinton. But, because of Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate has not passed a budget in the last four years and deficits have been over $1trillion each of those years.

    As to the wars, if Clinton had “taken out” bin Laden when he had the several chances to do so, there would have been no bin Laden, no 9/11, and no Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

    George Bush, Tony Blair, our brave troops and the “coalition of the willing” knocked the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan and liberated the people of Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and allowed them to build a democracy of their own. Has it been
    messy in Iraq? Yes, building our Democracy was no piece of cake, either.

    One Democrat said, “Any business person knows you can’t reduce income and raise expenses and expect to balance the budget…” We have $1 trillion deficits today because Obama has had no business experience.

  50. Obama’s tactics have been successful. He has been blaming Bush and the Republicans since day one, so much so that he has convinced all the dummies out there that the GOP is responsible for all the failures in his administration. All he has to do is continue this mantra and eventually it becomes dogma for the Democrat party.

    We have to employ some of his tactics if we are going to win this fight. We are not getting any help from the Media which should be watchdogs for the citizens, so we have to use Obama’s methods to win this “war”. Difficult to do without the Media.

  51. Obama kills businesses with failed fiscal policy including the coming onslaught by obamacare, wastes billions in taxpayer dollars on failing green energy company friends, wastes millions on family vacations, has done nothing to stimulate the economy or growth only destroy it, and now because he refuses to compromise at all he blames the GOP. He is the most useless, failed President ever!

  52. Remember when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out “You lie” during Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress? Blaming Bush is no longer vogue, but blaming the Republicans is now the mantra for the next four years. God help us!

  53. this fool is just a Communist liberal Muslim AH. If its not Bush its the republikkins and no way its his fault,anyway you gotta loose to get back on track

  54. That’s all this little boy barack hussein obama is good for is blaming everything on some one else when he’s the reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket, man up you lying POS.

    When obama was elected by those who’s brains were defected this country was neglected.

  55. Half of Americans will believe that GOP did it. It is as a pre-schooler saying, “My fuzzy bear did it.” So sad…

  56. I am no genius I do know what responsibility is And He has no clue on taking Responsibility on anything White rich people are telling him what to do that want America Like Europe so they can control the World and everyone in it Well over my dead Body Democrats Senate has not pass any budget in the last four years not the Republicans Nothing but a Freaking Liar O is.

  57. Is blaming other people, something new, for Barack Hussein Obama?
    To accept “r e s p o s i b i l i t y” takes “COJONES” – per Ms. Madeline Allbright, a trait that moved out of Washington DC ,in Jan. 2008!


  58. How could that possibly be ? The Presidents decrees not working ? Political Spin NOT Working ? Lame Stream Media Bias NOT Working ? What happened to all them Green Chutes I’ve been hearing about for the last 3 + years ? Can’t be the lack of FERTILIZER .

  59. Barack Obama, again, blaming others for his gross failures? Really?

    Did he already blame Bush for his failed Economic Plan, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Fast and Furious, the Fiscal Cliff and the Bengazhi massacres? No pants to face the music… a/k/a Liberals.

      1. Dave, stop drinking Obama’s koolaid…

        Did you read the last Quarter GDP results… -0.1%….
        And I, am almost certain – like everything else since he took over – all results would be much, worst but, the Obama Regime runs all stats. But you knew that, right?
        Keep paying attention at the Obama Regime press releases…pure BS!

        1. Romans 13:1-14
          Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

        2. You are very good in twisting GOD’s message…
          To insinuate that GOD created Obama, is very funny – only lost Liberals can come up with such a statement…
          Keep following the self-proclaimed False Profet/Governing Authority… and wait for Judgement Day… I don’t really want to go, where you are going!

  60. He is very crafty – think of all the major issues that are before us! So many that he will get by with most of them! Look at Benghazi – it as been overshadowed by the election by Sandy Hook – now Gun Legislation, Fiscal Cliff, Obama Care, staff appointments, budgets, Debt Ceiling . . . Americans, Congress & the Senate don’t know what to focus on & what to fight – while he is getting away with murder! It is a lot to keep up with & the average American doesn’t have time to care!

  61. A significan % was reduction in government spending. So just wait for your huge sequestration cuts. Be careful what you wish for. OBama favorability 60%… Tea party 28%. hmmmmmm. Go reps. You are awesome. Eat more chicken

  62. It is really disingenuous to blame Obama for the GREAT SELLOUT. Both parties have been doing the bidding of BIG $$$ for three decades now.

    Beginning with the Free Trade Agreements (beginning with NAFTA,1994) and a tax code full of loopholes (by some estimates when combined amounts to $340 BILLION/yr. in corporate welfare while they park their $5 TRILLION in profits in offshore accounts to escape USA taxation) that incentivized the offshoring of jobs so BIG $$$ corporations (which have evolved into “multinationals”) could exploit sweatshop labor and kick the high wage USA worker to the curb and at the same time allow these cheap foreign products to flood our shores, tariff free to soak the USA and fleece a declining middle class. Companies that remain are cutting cost to the bone to compete and exerting downward pressure on workers’ wages, throwing a wet blanket on our consumer market purchase power needed to bolster a sluggish economy. If you look into FTAs, you will see that the GOP has been the Champion of BIG $$$ and its influence on legislation that favors it.

    See the fate of Bill S3816; what it contained and how they voted:

    Then there was the passage of the Gramm Leach, Bliley Act (1999) that allowed commercial bank holdings to be combined with investment banks and their assets entered into the Wall Street casino at a time when the here-to-fore secure housing industry bubble burst and sent the nation if not the world, into an economic crash equal to the Great Depression ($4.7 TRILLION bailout with tax $$$ and by some estimates the ripple effect may have cost our economy $20 TILLION, if you cosider 35-40% lost real estate value, home foreclosures/underwater, lost jobs, lost income, lost retail sales, lost revenue,

    Then there was the passage of Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Committee (2010), Super PACs, money is speech, ALEC, and “Corporations are people, my friend.” This national trend that granted BIG $$$ all the power is slowly turning America the Beautiful, land of opportunity, into a mere Plutocracy. And any time big bad government attempts to step in and advocate for a declining middle class like they used to do before the GREAT SELLOUT, someone is always there from the right to scream, “Class warfare.”

    Then there’s record low taxation (see marginal tax rates by year), an illadvised attempt to “starve the beast” that has led to record debt.
    Blaming Obama might feel good to most of you who wish to vent your spleen, but it’s really not his fault. Many things contributed to it and most were perpetrated by the rich and powerful, from whom the GOP take their marching orders.

  63. The sign of a great leader is they know how to accept responsibility. The sign of a poor one is they always blame others for their ignorance and sloth. This dolt has shown himself to be the worst president ever. And the saddest part, is that over 50% of this country’s low info dummazzes voted for this loser.

  64. Please tell me the fact that he wants to blame someone else did not surprise you. If he ever accepted the blame for something he did or something he did not do when he was suppose to would cause a lot of people like me to rush to the E.N.T. Dr. to have our hearing checked.

  65. Benefitng from Obama’s blame game for the fith year in a row. Listen up people. Is the current president ever going to be responsible for anything? And this fellow wants a third term. What a egotistical lamebrain, bubblehead donkey hole. Three thoughts come to mind: treason, prison, and a word that rhymes with dope.

  66. I can only hope that SOMEONE out there reads our comments and sends them to their ‘LEADER’…SO OBUMMA-BOTS… YOUR LEADER IS A LYING, EVIL, STINKING P.O.S.!!

  67. “Lede paragraph”???? How about “lead paragraph.” Honestly, Godfather,
    if you can’t even spell simple words, how will anyone think you have any
    intelligence? Liberals will discount everything you say over a simple
    dumb spelling error, you can be sure. If I weren’t so passionately a fan
    of yours, I wouldn’t have said anything. Sorry.

  68. what a sissy, he can’t accept responsibility for anything. He has created the nuclear nightmare in the middle east, the stopping of our economy in the US, he doesn’t even discuss the “big” jobs bill that he was coming out with, all the positive things he talks about never materialize because he is trying to kill our country. Plain and simple, there are no other reasons for his policies. Good for him, bad for all of us. I am sick and tired of this guy but the dummies, unions, commie professors, all felt the need to have him again for president because his record has been so “stellular”

  69. THis Black Satan must be somewhat mentally derranged to keep repeating these lies over and over and over and over and over again.He can go to hell and blame Jesus for that!

  70. I have been out of permanent work for over 6 years now. If we haven’t been and still are in a Depression, I don’t know what that word means. The man in office is the most terrible President we have ever had. And if more than 50% of the people don’t realize it, then I wish the next 4 years to cause suffering to them too. Yes, as bad as that sounds, I want the boneheads who think this guy is worth more than a warm bucket of spit to suffer miserably. Let them have brought down on their heads that which they so foolishly voted for. I actually smile now when I hear of layoffs. Although many are patriots like me and didn’t ask for this, a bunch are also getting what they deserve! And I’m really going to enjoy when 0care hits in full next year. Suffer you suckers!!

    1. My heart goes out to you and the millions (9 million jobs offshored, 50,000 manufacturinig facilities boarded up; Mid-west “Industrial Belt turned “Rust Belt” in just 19 years) who have lost their jobs in this “global economy,” but it wasn’t even close to being perpetrated by the Pres. This trend began in the 1960s when our garment, shoe, textile factories were moved to S. America, and in the 1970s when our electronics, toy and steel went to Japan. But this lucrative offshoring model, depicted in charts and graphs in board rooms across the USA and shared by CEOs and their consultant teams in their executive suites was perfected by the time NAFTA was proposed to the USA in the 1990s. Perot said it best, “When all you care about is making money, there’ll be a giant sucking sound heading south.” But when China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage) joined the WTO (1999) in 2001, even our jobs in Mexico left for Red China, and in just 18 years, their economy has pulled even with that of the mighty USA, thanks to our Corporate offshoring model and a tax code written by a legislature, bought and paid for with BIG $$$. See the fate of Bill S3816 and see how they voted; speaks volumes!

  71. Our inept man-child President falls back on his most readily available excuse for his failure as Chief Executive…yet again. I’m waiting for him to go to his other mental pocket and blame it all on the 52% that voted for him to be going into a tough 2nd term. THEN…I’ll agree with him.

  72. “Economy Goes Negative and Obama Blames GOP”.

    Credit (or blame) where it’s due.

    Given the manner in which Rethuglicons have attempted to stymie every effort to move the economy forward and blame him for it (this despite the DJIA pushing 14,000) because of policies enacted prior to the 2010 GOP congressional takeover, the author’s claims are typically dishonest, ridiculous, redundant, and a dazzling display of (again typically) unfounded, baseless, unsupported conjecture. And the rubes will eat it up. Pff.

    This is a Rethugliconomy, folks.

    So here we are listening to more whining implying the need for austerity since that ALWAYS works to stimulate the economy, right? It’s just that there are no examples of it ever working and certainly not on any kind of scale like this, but there is plenty of evidence of what a bad idea it is both recently and historically. But hey, when’s the last time reality was allowed to obstruct FRWNJ B.S.?

    We are once again subjected to the notion of Obama have dictatorial authority since this cretin places the blame on him exclusively. Yeah sure, youbetcha.

    Where do FRWNJs get the idea of Obama being a dictator? Is it because of the unprecedented avalanche of Executive Orders?

    Well, unprecedented might not be the right word since by this time in their respective terms Obama has issued several dozen fewer E.O.s than his war-criminal predecessor.

    I mean, if Obama was as tyrannical as they say he is we’d be out of Afghanistan, we’d have healthcare for everybody, ended the drug war, cut the DOD budget in half and handed Dick Cheney over to The Hague. 0 for 5. Hmmm… Not a good track record there either. Oh well.

  73. Both parties do the same things and blame each other. How long will it take for you people to realize that we need a constitutionalist president (third party). Romney would be doing the same things as the clown in the white house now.

  74. The party of fear and blame the other guy is always in action. Somehow Obama will find a way to blame Bush for the problem.

  75. I dunno, Castro still blames Kennedy for all his troubles — makes it tempting to go along with that and ignoring Barako Bomber, just say it’s all FDR’s fault and go back to sleep.

  76. Obama was with ACORN who supported the govt forced bank loans to people who could not afford them. Obama probably helped the economic collapse more than Bush did. We know B Frank and congressiional Black caucus prevented any oversight.

    1. True, but the fact that the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act (1999) and a deregulation fever that typifies the Republican caucus was sweeping the land, which exerted a perceived pressure on regulators of the bond markets to look the other way while brokers, taking full advantage of the financial free-for-all sweeping the land, perpetrated by the “smartest men in the room,” including, but not limited to the sub-prime loan scandal, Enron, Savings and Loan, Bernie Madoff, Long Term Capital, etc., which together with 20 years of offshoring decent wage middle class jobs that accomplished the decimation of the largest middle class consumer market this world has ever seen, a burgeoning housing bubble (nobody expected real estate value to fall an avg. lf 35%; it was unthinkable) that finally burst, collapsing our financial house of cards.
      The next bubble may well be the credit card debt the decimated middle class has been racking up. A spoiled middle class lost their jobs, and the ensuing downward pressure on wages has reduced disposable income our massive middle class was accustomed to use to dump into the US economy. So what did our financial sector do to resolve this impending cash flow problem? Easy credit! And a slow to catch on middle class that thought the mighty USA would bounce back like it always has, took advantage of it. But now, any uptick in consumer speding no longer increases productivity in the USA manufacturing sector, it cranks up production in Red China, et. al.
      Something needs to be done to get our jobs back and soon! I believe it’s time to level tariffs against sweatshop made products that flood our shores. We’ve all heard about the atrocious working conditions and human rights violations the Chinese engage in, but thought, “No skin off my but; that’s their problem!” But now these sweatshops are bringing the USA to its knees, and making our BIG $$$ even BIGGER

  77. We have been listening to that same DVD since 2008. I know people like that …..never want to admit that they are wrong. But he is not people, he is a lying, muslim, illegal blow hard and he hasn’t a clue why he is in the WH except to tear down our USA.

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