GI Jane Finally Gets Chance to Have Her Head Blown Off, Too

What a fascinating tribe liberals are. Mostly opposed to any military action, liberals yesterday were nonetheless cheering outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s decision to allow women to join frontline combat units.

What we’re supposed to get out of this is that the country is taking a great step toward equality, rather than making a dubious military decision that may ultimately weaken our ground units.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for women being all that they can be, and I know there are many brave female veterans.

My misgivings aren’t with the women who will want a shot at the infantry, SEALs or other combat unit. But I am exceptionally worried about how this Administration will carry out such a policy.

All liberals see is some mythical “equality” that fulfills their PC fantasy of how the world should be. But we know from other efforts to force equality on the country that the end result is seldom what is promised.

One prime example is affirmative action. Rather than lifting up people who could use help developing their skills and careers, affirmative action has the opposite effect, dragging down entire programs and industries.

Many if not most frontline combat positions absolutely require muscles that women just don’t have. If there are women out there who can meet exactly the same standards as the men who fill out our combat units, then more power to them.

But history suggests that what will most likely happen is someone will sue and either the courts or the Congress will force the military branches to make their training programs easier for women to pass.

In combat, that liberal attitude could get women killed. It could also result in a physically weaker and less successful ground force.

The other aspect of “equality” that will unavoidably rear its head is that favorite tool of the Left, the quota.

Right now, women are about 14 percent of the military personnel. As soon as quotas get involved, that number will have to go up to around 50 percent to satisfy the number hounds. In order for that to happen, women will have to begin registering for selective service. That will lead naturally to a need to reinstate the draft in order to hit quotas.

Also, the pressure will be on to ensure that women are represented in the ranks of officers, encouraging undeserved promotions to fulfill the Administration’s wishes.

The bottom line is that Panetta’s decision is not being made out of military necessity, and it shows little hope as-is of delivering what’s being promised.

This “victory for equality,” if not handled properly, could add up to a loss for our military and for women.

81 thoughts on “GI Jane Finally Gets Chance to Have Her Head Blown Off, Too

  1. Let’s see. Take away the right to own a weapon then outfit the military with women. I feel safer already! One problem with placing women in combat, is the men feel an obligation to “protect” the woman, and this can compromise the mission and the unit. The unit is only as strong as its weakest link and the focus needs to be placed on the bad guy not the 36-24-36 blond in combat gear who’s run out of energy and now must be dragged or carried back to safety. There are just some jobs in this country that women cannot and should not do. I’d love to play in the NBA or NFL but for some reason the teams won’t lower their qualifying standards to include a 5’9″ fat white guy. I’ve hired the law firm of “Slime and Greasy A**” to represent me….they took the case!!!!

    1. Randy Renu….LOL! I know that law firm. Weren’t they the ones who got OJ acquitted?

      I totally agree with you. There’s lots of things that women are just not equipped to do, and being in combat is one of them. A retired General was on Fox today saying that all of the data gathered has shown that in combat, more women would be killed then men, and less able to save the lives of their comrades in arms.

      Thank you Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinam, and Bella Abzug.

      BTW: I won’t be wearing that polka dot bikini anytime soon at the beach. If I weren’t so averse to Islam, I might consider a burka at this ”expansive” juncture in my life.

      1. I agree. There are many places that women are quite capable of serving, but the front lines is not one of them. Speaking as a woman: If we want to help the front lines, we shouldn’t weaken them by inserting women among them. Our Military is not the place for grand social experiments on equality.

        1. Imagine another ground war fought by Homosexuals and women, commanded by a sexual predator. just saying.

        2. Did any one remember a woman who sue the West Point Military Academy and force to be accepted? After less than a semester, she was unable to do it and gone away, I can’t remember her name.
          There are many of ‘strange women’ in the Western society at present day, they really scared me.

      2. Don’t forget the extra benefit described in Islamic law and doctrine:
        Sharia o9.13 – When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled, rape is a given. (from Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, endorsed by Alazhar University, Islam’s equivalent of the Vatican)

        hadith Bukhari, vol. 9, book 93, no. 506 – The Muslims captured some females during the battle of Bani Al-Mustaliq and planned to rape them but did not want them impregnated. They asked Mohammed if there were any restrictions against coitus interruptus. Mohammed told them that it was better that they should not interrupt their ejaculation. “It is preferable that you do not do it because Allah has already determined everyone who will be born until the end of time.” Mohammed said, “No life will be created if Allah does not create it.”
        How many Muslims would line up to try out and humiliate a young American woman?

        1. Great point! Isn’t it wonderful , now instead of just sending our young men off to die, be maimed and have a lifetime of psychological issues , we get to send our daughters and granddaughters to do the same. What a great thing to celebrate sending our women off to fight in some other useless war. All in the name of equality and political correctness. Like its all just a vidoe game.

      1. Not so. I don’t have a problem protecting, or not, any team member equally. the basic fact is, they CANNOT PHYSICALLY KEEP UP AND DO THE JOB. NOT ANY OF THEM. Most men cannot do it either or the ranks of the SF would be loaded. THey’re not because the men wash out in huge numbers. The only way women will qualify is if they lower the standards and that is the point. They will lower the standards. And, they WILL mandatorily draft your wives, sisters, and daughters into Combat Arms roles and NO ONE will be able to stop it once that pandora’s box is opened.

        1. You hit the nail on the head. I have no issue with women in combat as long as they can do everything that the men have been doing all along, without changing the standards. And I agree with you, they will change the standards to the detriment of us all.

        2. It’s amazing how many of you godfather posters think you can see the future, and know, basically everything about everything. So rarely giving the slightest indication that you’re just supposing, more often it’s considered obvious fact. It wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t get in, so you make up that they will be FORCED in. What a joke.

        3. America’s foremost firefighters run an annual obstacle course involving every aspect of fire-fighting, including dragging huge hoses, victim and peer rescue, etc. It’s bruta! The same woman won it two years in a row! I can out-shoot most people, but my wife can out-shoot me! Don’t know how she’d do facing an armed threat, unless I was threatened.

        4. TheSunDidIt…I’m glad you pointed that out. People act as if every guy could do what is required in the military/special forces….and they can’t.

          And despite Hollywood’s laughable attempt to make GI Jane into a Seal, woman simply do not have the capacity to do what men in the military are required to do.

          Its an awful mistake and I think this is a major mistake by the gov. I have no doubt that we are going to regret it big time.

        5. I used to run marathons, ultra cycle/swim and bench press 340×3 (not that you’d ever bench press the bad guy) but even at that level of physical fitness, I still could not keep up with the pace the military expects from a soldier in a combat situation. Believe me, when they are shooting at you, being fast is a good thing. I’ve been around some amazing athletes in my day, and realized I’d never be one, but when your life is on the line, these are the people you want to be with in combat situation; not with some woman complaining, “it’s that time of the month and I’m tired due to a low red blood count” Give me a break. (I apologize to the women in the crowd).

    2. Yeah, and I’m sure you’ll REALLY impress the taliban with this move too. Now, if my wife needs to pull the trigger instead of me defending the home and family, that’s OK. But, she should not HAVE TO. And you see, that is the ultimate end of this discussion. Women will be FORCED into combat roles, standards WILL be dropped for participation in those units. AND YES, your daughters AND YOUR WIVES will be now ELIGIBLE FOR THE DRAFT BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THIS IS GOING. YES any woman can pull the trigger. And MOST are probably better shots when trained (it’s a hand-eye thing guys and ladies have it; case in point needle-work). But, when it comes to hand to hand combat and climbing a mountain or crossing a desert, the ladies WILL FALL OUT, DROP and DIE. Just a fact. As a young (prior Marine) in an ROTC mission we had an ARTEP (look it up). Bottom line is, we all had our gear and weapon to carry and many had some piece of squad equipment. The girls in the group had ALL passed, very well, their PT requirements. Before we were half way through, I was carrying most of the gear for the ladies and one of them’s weapon (plus all my gear and weapon). I also was carrying squad equipment including the ammunition for the machine gun and then recoilless rifle (45 lbs.). And I was STILL leading the whole bunch (including the guys). I’m NOT Mr. Fitness. Never have been. I was a Boy Scout and we hiked a minimum of 5 miles every month to campsites and for a week every summer in the NM mountains. The thing is, you do not walk “fast” when hiking. And that was all I was doing. NO ONE was keeping up. But, I wasn’t carrying the gear of ANY of the men and I was only carrying the recoilless rifle because the TWO guys carrying it couldn’t keep up and the ammo because the one guy couldn’t keep up. EVERY TEAM that had women was delayed and did not make good times. They DO NOT keep up.

        1. Hey. We need good cooks and tent decorators when the women aren’t around because they’ll be in combat somewhere on the front lines. Pass the salt and pepper.

      1. You are so right.

        In Training, the females were usu. placed behind the men in marching formation. Which was good, since we had to help pull up half of the females in the Platoon. The men always got to where we were going more quickly. Sad.

      2. In 1980 when Jimmy Carter was re-instituting Selective Service, he wanted women to be included. Congress refused and there was a lawsuit that went to the SCOTUS. SCOTUS ruled against the woman ruling that since there were restrictions to women in combat, Congress was able to exclude them from the draft. Now that the restrictions on women in combat have pretty much been removed, if the draft returns, women will surely be included.

      3. Another great comment. I can tell you now I would NEVER allow my daughter, wife, granddaughter etc. to be drafted into the military. If I had to leave the country to do so I would. The women in my life are not there to be part of the governments grand social experiment.

    3. Both the Russians and the Israeli’s have tried this and it has resulted in unacceptable dead. At Fort Benning in the late 80’s Carter tried this and ended up with 100% pregnancy rate.

    4. Well said. This is nothing more than a political move being made by this corrupt administration, with the Military once again being used as a pawn.

  2. Nothing of substance to say, but we sure can fantasize about how something the liberals like could go wrong, right? And obviously, we’re all correct and should pat each other on the back for seeing where this will go before that stupid “tribe” of liberals.

  3. My beloved USMC has already made this offer to women for the last couple years and have had very few takers. This is a distraction to keep the masses from paying attention to what is really happening in America, bankruptcy. When the SHTF, the women in combat roles issue will be forgotten. “There is no Left or Right – there is only freedom or tyranny.
    Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and
    silent as the world burns around you.”

  4. Having gone through the 1st part of ROTC training, which in the late 80’s was co-ed, I can attest that men simply interact differently with women than other men, whether in training or combat (no I was not in combat, but only a fool would expect the mindset to change in any situation.). While a few women might even exceed the strength of some men, it isn’t all physical strength either. It is hard to take what society has programmed into our men ever since the prehistoric times – to defend our women and treat them more gingerly than we do other men, and expect them to ignore the fact that the person next to them is female, when in the thick of a fire-fight. There is also the knowledge that women taken prisoner in combat, are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than their male counterparts! There is also another element to consider – how our enemies will perceive us! Women are viewed as 2nd or 3rd class citizens in Muslim societies, so the Muslim forces (whether friendly or enemy) will likely view the U.S. forces as diminished in fighting capacity, and thus more likely to engage us when possible. The female soldier/marine will also be far more likely to be the target of snipers and prisoner grabs to use as bait to lure the rest of the unit or other forces into a ambush. I’ll be the first to admit, if all we are talking about is pulling a trigger, anyone, can do that, but combat is far more than pulling a trigger! If they are commented to this female combat, then make entirely female units – Amazon units – so that men won’t be tempted to rescue them, and when a comrade is wounded, the normally smaller woman, will be more able to drag or carry a wounded comrade to safety. I hope I am wrong, but I think this decision will result in a significant increase in KIA’s due to all the reasons discussed above. Put the women in tanks and fighter/bomber, but leave the grunt work to the men, if you have to have women in combat!

    1. Entirely female units would provide equality. Be sure frontline assignment is equal too. No arranged protection consideration for females like assigning to tanks and fighter/bomber duty. They will not be able to reach the achievement goals and medals etc that they want to have equal access for.

  5. to the hypocricitcal liberals— the war on women is now women in war !! why don’t you send all the gays and minorities to get their rear ends blown off , so they can fight for their freedoms that white men have fought for for so long

  6. If the females in this world want to join combat arms units, or Special Forces, or SEALS, or UDT, or Force Recon, or become a Ranger, then let them try. Set up platoons of females lead by the same instructors the males have and have them go through the exact same training. If a female qualifies as by passing AIT, then let her join an infantry unit.
    Personally, I don’t think there will be more than a handful of females ever get through AIT, let alone any advanced combat schools. If they do, well, every unit has clerks, armorers, drivers that are now manned by men. Because infantry trained men are already in these positions, it is in no way demeaning for a woman to occupy the same position.
    Maybe the first thing to do is to make PT requirements exactly the same for males and females before we start attempting to staff the infantry with female soldiers.
    I agree with the positions of most of these commentors.
    To NoParties…I spent three years in the 1st Bn, 8th Marines, so I do have some direct experience in the infantry. And, to TheSunDidIt, I also had to carry another’s gear. However, this was not a female who could not handle the infantry, it was a Marine Corporal.

  7. men can fully fulfill all the billets the armed forces have, women cannot. if the test is now at the lowest acceptable level and you cannot passed it, well TS.
    equality with one group getting ladders to clear obstacles, truck to carry you part opf the way on a march, and having the men take part of your pack is NOT EQUALITY

    1. Their Units should be named Daughters of Eve. You know, the female who wanted to be equal to God and listened to Satan tell her she could if she did certain things, and found out she couldn’t and caused Death to be brought on humanity? Fits doesn’t it. Oh yeah, also she caused Adam to believe her so he took a bite too.

  8. Now our newspapers can publish photos of three little kids saying, “Oh look! They are bringing Mama home in a body bag!” What a country! I hope the feminists who got this policy through are the first to charge the machine gun nests.

    1. And your point would be? Man or woman, no one in their right mind wants to be “on the line”…unless you have a death wish. Most are forced to be on the line by their commanders. One of the draw backs in joining the military….they get to decide for you.

        1. What does military sound like; or is self preservation and distaste for war and killing people a military no-no? I did not imply that serving is not honorable and the right thing to do….given a choice of life over death, all of our volunteer service people would vote for life.

        2. You said “no one in their right mind wants to be on the line”, yet all of our servicemen know that’s where they may go when they volunteer.

          Wanting to serve is patriotic, not a deathwish made by someone out of their mind. We are free because they serve.

          Thanks for trying to walk back your comments.

        3. Idiot. You’d have to be out of your mind to prefer death over life; however, if you don’t have a choice and you’re serving in the military, police or eating at a Denny’s, sometimes it’s part of the job and you do it. Apparently you did not read my last message or the concept was too complex for you to comprehend.

        4. Resorting to name-calling, an inferior argument tactic.

          The whole point is that women are asking for the same oportunity to serve in the same capacity as men. The truth is that women are already putting their lives on the line without official recognition and have been for years.

        5. None the less, Randy is right.

          Somebody chooses for you (to be on the front line).

          Personally, I think our being in the Middle East is a waste of time. And, I’m no peacenik.

        6. Ruggedlark….I’m not either and I hate the whole Iraq/Afghanistan debacle. I don’t want anyone to think for one minute that I would disparage even one member of our Armed Forces. They have been stellar at doing a job that few people could do….. in a hellish situation, functioning under a different set of rules of engagement than the enemy, and in spite of appallingly poor leadership. But…. as far as I’m concerned the whole mission has been FUBAR from day one.

          Its shameful that so many good people have paid the ultimate price and thousands more have been maimed for life. Many exercised great valor and left their blood on the field And for what? After 10 years Islamic terrorism is an even bigger issue. Why? Because our gov refuses to call a spade a spade and declare that Islam….and not a ”highjacked” form of it….. is our enemy. Since we can’t eradicate it, we at least should have struck it at its most vulnerable area.

          Aiming our armed nuclear missiles at Mecca and Medina, in Saudi Arabia, Islam’s ”holiest” cities, we should have given the King an ultimatum: STOP the worldwide terrorism. STOP the Jihadists or see your cities incinerated. The Saudis fund most of worldwide Jihadism and could cut off the money today. I have run this scenario by Arab ex-Muslims and they have all agreed that no Muslim would ever allow it to happen.

          I understand the arguments against this. No doubt Russia, China, Pakistan and other countries would be outraged that we would do such a thing and would respond with equivalent threats against us….a potentially mutually destructive stand-off. But I think desperate times call for desperate measures and this desperate measure would be effective.

          However, it will never happen, though, because we have an administration which is anti-American, pro-Islamic and is aiding and abetting our enemies by providing them with money and weapons to kill us with.

          But since we decided to go to war instead, I think we should have been wise enough to use their superstitions and religious beliefs against them instead of catering to them.

          We should have made it known throughout the Muslim world that any Jihadist either killed in battle or captured, interrogated and then killed, would be peed on, and their body thrown into a grave, face-down, with their feet facing Mecca, with a pig carcass thrown on top. To the Muslim, this is an unimaginable horror as each part of the procedure would mean that he would not go to Paradise but to hell. I would have ordered this to be done in a nano-second.

          But thats just me.

      1. I am an honorary Fireman as I used to run with a bunch of them on long distance relays (by the way, I was the slowest on the team, but they let me play anyway). A number of years ago there was a big-to-do by ALL of the firemen when the “XXXXXXXXXX” Fire Department had to lower their physical qualification standards to allow for women. It’s like you quoted what the majority of the firemen said. If I were in a burning building (and I now weigh 240lbs) there is NO way any woman that is going to have the strength to carry, drag or push me out of a burning building. Might even be a huge challenge for a man…guess I should think about loosing weight so the women will be successful in saving me should the need arise. I just need to lower my weight standards.

        1. Granny.

          I’m 5’11, about 170 pounds, and there is no way in hell i want a woman rescuing me…I want a big strong MAN. Just want to get that out there…No dragging me down the stairs like some cave man does to his woman for the night…:)

  9. Hillary could set an example and join up and volunteer for a combat unit. Oh, wait, what am I thinking ? She is not qualified since she has difficulty determining when she is or is not under fire.

  10. I can see one lawsuit after another over this brilliant move. I’m pregnant and can’t go, I’m menstruating and can’t go, etc. etc. etc.. This administration is begging for revolution.

    1. No need for revolution regarding these females. They are fully aware of what can and will happen to them if captured. Therefore, by accepting the duty, they accept the consequences and cannot bring lawsuit against anybody. Women have demanded the right to control their own bodies and these females also have that right. If they fail to control their bodies which are USGovernment property due to their enlistment, and damage that body to the extent it is unusable on the battlefield in defense of troops and capture or destruction of enemies because they failed to control their body and became pregnant, THEY can be sued. That punishment would result in imprisonment for refusing to fulfill their duties. Same as expectations and rules for males. There have been occasions whereby males have been imprisoned for damaging government property by becoming sunburned on leave.

  11. You fail to mention the repeated sexual assaults (gang rapes) captured female front-line combat troops will suffer at the hands of their captors. We face a different type of enemy today, one who has absolutely ZERO regard for women’s rights. Talk about a “war on women!”

  12. It’s long overdue ! Who says women don’t make good fighters ? Ask their husbands or boyfriends ; all they have to do when they face the enemy is put their hands on their hips and ask ” what did you mean by that remark ” and they will take off !

  13. When the ‘Titanic’ was sinking, the guys were not asked for ‘equal treatment’, they let all the women and children into the life boat and they lived to tell the tales. All ‘gentlemen’ were sank with the ‘Titanic’! So, now all female and male are equal, if anything happened, so the one – who is able to get into the life boats first – will be the survivor of the fittest, is it?

  14. “Command?…Yeah, Mary’s got cramps & Jane’s out of pads, we have to retreat.” They might as well put 15 year old boys through boot camp. Because when it comes to physical & mental ability in combat they’re on a par with females. 15 by the way could be a good number of years for Leon Panetta to spend in jail for this.

  15. Ridiculous leftist claptrap — as if any of their daughters will cause a male colleague’s death and perhaps even mission failure by her inability to manage the physical and mental requirements while engaged in extended infantry operations. Hey, let the women fly planes, strafe, drop bombs and all the rest… but the down and dirty, up-close and personal needs to be restricted to bands of brothers — and women don’t fit the bill… sorry. But Obama doesn’t care, just as he didn’t care when Stevens and others got shot-up in Benghazi. It’s all about the optics for the worse president in a century.

  16. so, this guy is outgoing and he dumps a load like THIS as his swan song? And we take it? How nuts is that? all the issues mentioned about women on the front are valid… but there is another issue I did not see mentioned.. the Bible clearly proclaims that women ought NOT to be part of the regular military. Defend the home against infaction? Sure… when necessary. It is the job of MEN to defend a nation. Of course, what we’re doing in those 150 natioins around the world meddling in their affairs is not really “defending”. One more case where the foreign national is doing his best to tear us down. Traitor!

  17. All it will take is for a few women soldiers to be captured by the taliban or radical islamic terrorists, make a video of them raping and torturing them, for the American people to go nuts over women in front line combat. This is not a fictional idea, this is what will really happend if women are allowed to serve in front line combat. Islamics looks down on women to begin with and would love to make an example of them.

    1. women have already died and been injured in combat remember lori piesietuewa ( sorry for the misspelling ) the first native american woman to die in combat and her best friend jessica lynch who was injured at the same time, taken prisoner and then rescued ?

      1. I seem to recall that, they were in Iraq during the early months of the war. Truck driver (or something) they got lost in a sand storm and were capture. Then an Iraqi doctor helped them and then they were resued.. ( memory foggy on the exact story).

  18. women are construction workers, professional fighters, firefighters and police officers. they are already in harms way in the military and some have been injured and killed in war zones and combat. some women can handle it well some can’t, some men can handle it well some can’t. stop the inequality crap and let them serve with pride and honor. i have many women friends who are black belts and masters and can kick the crap out of a lot of the men i know serving in the military or on the streets. most all the women i know can shoot guns just as well as any man and i trust all of them with my life. they can back me up anytime! they are ready if any revolution, civil war, terrorist or foreign attack comes our way.

    1. It’s time that we realize that equality between people, also includes equality between
      men and women. There are strong and weak people. No one who is acquainted with
      the animal world could ever say that females are weaker than males. Then where is
      the Proof that women are weaker than men? Israel and our Netherlands Armed Forces
      have proven that women can serve under extreme conditions. I am now nearly 69,
      and I am so weary of discrimination against active, intelligent, working women.
      Each and every INDIVIDUAL, whether man or woman, should be judged on whether
      he/she should be qualified for active military service.

  19. If I read this right, your position is that only white Christian males should be in the military. Kick out the women, gays, minorities, and non-Christians. How do you feel about reinstating the draft?

  20. ALL are equal. There is no difference. The man is EQUAL to the woman, the black is EQUAL to the white, the lazy is EQUAL to the hard-worker, the criminal is EQUAL to the law-abiding, the stupid are EQUAL to the brilliant, the homosexual is EQUAL to the married couple, the obese are EQUAL to the healthy – we have acheived UTOPIA OF EQUALITY! And all forced by the government with laws. You can claim the sky is red and make a law that says so, but it’s still blue, no matter how hard they try, God has made a DIFFERENCE between these things, but they HATE that fact and can’t help themselves to try to undo his work.

  21. As far as I know, there is no rule or policy that prohibits women from playing in the NFL. Yet there are no female NFL players.
    Why? Because the success of an NFL team is predicated on winning football games, and any team that doesn’t make that a top priority is going to be a laughingstock.
    Unfortunately, our military (unlike the NFL) has been sabatoged to the point where political correctness trumps winning as a measure of success. And one of these days, a lot of good soldiers–male and female–are going to pay the price for it.

  22. Should conscription resume, women will presumably be called. I wonder if the average female”equal treatment” proponent has thought this through!

  23. women want to fight,fine,but remember what may happen to them if they are captured,rape may happen.What happens if a female soldier gerys raped when a prisoner and gets pregnant? Should she give birth in captivity and is freed are we as a nation responsible to pay this soldier for combat disability due to pregnancy?

  24. The concern is not how the false equality is attempted to be put in practice. The greatest concern is how each member of a close combat team can keep their ability to act for the team instead of each acting just in their own best interest.

    That team spirit and each person doing more than thought physically and psychologically possible is how success in combat happens. Each team-member operates above the normal so as not let the team down.

    Mixing a normal team with homosexuals will kill much of the normal team spirit, especially as the homosexuals advance in rank and give orders. But the homosexual problem is minor to the problem presented to the new military, by the competition between men for the most desirable women at the same time that the women are trying to attract the most desirable man.

    There is no military discipline and no team establishment in this new scheme. It appears as if some high level group is setting us up for the worst failure imaginable in any activity we expect the military to act in.

  25. If women want male privilege and pay, they must accept male responsibility and duty. If females don’t want to get shot, why do they join the military? Women have the same obligations and duties as men, and that includes serving in combat? Why should they be exempt if men have to fight?

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