God Will Not Be Mocked

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. — Abraham Lincoln

America has forsaken her first love. She has finally, and fully, given herself over to a licentious Lothario with whom she has increasingly flirted since her youth. He is sin – and, notwithstanding full knowledge of who he is and what he intends, with him she has lain.

America has tasted the poisonous fruits of lust, pride, passion, and envy – sloth, frivolity, iniquity, and entitlement. She has tasted of their sweet deception and found it irresistible. She has danced in the streets, intoxicated by the very poison that will be her undoing.

America has rebelled against God. She has shaken her fist at Him and arrogantly cried, “We don’t need you. We don’t want you. We know better than you. Now go away.”

And so He’s going away.

Hosea talks of judgment against the nation that “plays the harlot” before God: “Though they bring up their children, yet I will bereave them to the last man. Yes, woe to them when I depart from them!” (Hosea 9:12).

I grieve for my children. I grieve for America’s children. Evil won on election day 2012. An arrogant and rebellious nation has chosen for her leader an arrogant and rebellious man, whose arrogant and rebellious party has, as Pastor John MacArthur put it, “adopted the sins of Romans 1 as their platform.”

“This is a new day in our country,” MacArthur lamented. “Parties that used to differ on economics, now differ dramatically on issues that invade the realm of God’s law and morality.”

We have mocked God.

God will not be mocked.

“Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it,” wrote Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver the day after the election. “Abortion, same-sex marriage and immorality carried the day.”

Indeed, evil carried the day. America has willfully chosen a Democratic platform – a Romans 1 platform – upon which to stand. We have chosen a party that thrice denied God, and then returned his name in vain – amid deafening boos – to its platform.

God will not be mocked.

America has chosen a party that demands every taxpayer be complicit in the federally funded slaughter of the pre-born. We have exalted a party that seeks to – and in many was ways has already done so – enshrine into law the celebration of sexual deviancy and mock marriage.

The haughty peoples of four states have said to God, “Marriage is as we say it is, not as you have ordered it.” And so, though removed from truth, as east is from west, they have, at the ballot box, affirmed moral disorder.

Indeed, they have invited God’s wrath. Our president has invited God’s wrath. We all, through act or omission, have invited God’s wrath.

“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” (Rom. 1:18-20)

Yet excuses we give.

We excuse sin. We call that which God calls an abomination, “equality.”

We call that which God calls murder, “reproductive choice.”

We call that which God calls theft, “fundamental fairness.”

We “call evil good and good evil.”

America is divided and her president the divider. The scales have tipped. The 51 percent – the takers, the God-deniers and the subversive, now outnumber the makers, the seekers of righteousness and the patriotic.

Yet, soon after the election results were announced – after several hours of deep mourning for our nation, I found myself smiling. I found myself singing praises to the Creator of the universe: Christ, the way, the truth and the life. Jesus, Y’shua, the very image of God.

Indeed, I found myself experiencing joy.

Through it all, you see, He remains sovereign. His will is being done, even when it is not our own. He is faithful, though we are not. Victory is His. We are His. And so victory is ours.

Those of us who believe needn’t win every battle – any battle – to which we are consigned. We need only remain obedient. We need only remain faithful to his Word and to his commands. We need only remember that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

Truly, though God has given over a rebellious nation to the party of Romans 1, we remain the people of Romans 8: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1).

Still, there will be condemnation for America. Things will get far worse before they get better – if they ever get better. As individuals, we will each stand before God and give an accounting – we will all face judgment. As a nation, we can only be judged in the temporal – in the here and now.

Have we reached the point of no return? Perhaps – perhaps not.

God is faithful. He has promised: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chron. 7:14).

Christ is faithful. He has promised: “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock” (Matt. 7:24-25).

The rain is descending. The floods have come and the winds beat down on our great nation. I am thankful that our forefathers, wise men indeed, built America’s house upon Christ, the Rock.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)

61 thoughts on “God Will Not Be Mocked

  1. Matt…Thank you for a great message and one that disappointed Americans need to hear……words of truth and encouragement. I too am praising God that America was founded on the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ.

    More encouragement from the unchanging God who holds the future in His hands:

    Rom 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Rom 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    Rom 8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
    Rom 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through him that loved us.
    Rom 8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
    Rom 8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    1. CARLjr……That could be argued when the vote is for the destruction of a country and its people. Maybe one day you will realize that you have been duped. Of course, then, it will be too late for all of us.

      1. Yeah yeah, same crap we’ve heard for the last 4 years. Of course to you, Obama being re-elected is reason enough to believe you were right.

    2. so now irresponisble choice is not sin? is God a God of foolishness? are we not judged by every word that comes out of our mouths? you are for sure welfare recipient.

  2. Before last week’s election, I was proud to be an American. Now, I am ashamed to even be associated with this country.

    I bet Karl Marx is laughing in hell for all the sh!t he made up that allowed hundreds of millions of people to suffer, and for many more to believe its lies. I want to go to his grave and piss all over it for all the damage his works caused by corrupting others to his evil unholy abomination that is the Communist Manifesto.

    And I also bet Gavrilo Princip is REAL proud of himself for starting a war that murdered 31 million people (by assassinating of Archduke Franz Ferdinand), which caused both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to start up, and then started another war that let 74 million people dead, and the entire planet horrified for potential nuclear war.

    The unholy trinity will be complete when Barack Obama dies, for putting the final nail in the coffin and destroying people’s faiths, their freedom, their jobs, their money, and their lives.

  3. We know that GOD has a plan, we just do not know what it is. It could be to allow mao-bama and the scumocrats to destroy America, or it could be to allow them to overreach and destroy themselves. Let’s pray for the second option even though we deserve the first.

  4. A heartfelt Amen!! God is not mocked and He is sovereign and has always been in total control of the entire universe. God’s judgment may seem harsh at times, but He has told us that our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways. Remember Judah and the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar. God did not forsake His people, He punished them for their disobedience.

  5. Thanks Matt – I’ve already apologized to my daughter and her unborn….out of the mouth of babes (she’s 14) ; she calmly stated ‘ Don’t worry Mom, it’s in God’s hands now’


    1. half true. in the last days men will worship the creature and not the creator. here in you have islam and marxism, mormonism, buddism etc.. anything that takes worship away from the creator.

  7. Matt, God must be calling you as a prophet. This is a wonderful article and true to the innermost parts.

    For those who haven’t read “the Harbingers” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, please find the time to do so. What God has revealed to him is amazing! One aspect of his revelation is that the very verses that served to curse the Jews- Isaiah 9: 10- were repeated after 9/11, by Tom Daschle, John Edwards and Barack Obama.The former two have been disgraced, so what God has planned for Obama is yet to be seen.

    However, as Christians, we need to humble ourselves and forget about what we need to do to fix things. God knows what He is doing , whether we know it or not.

  8. What’s more disturbing is that a great number of evangelicals voted for this president also. CARLjr must not be familiar with the rebellion of Korah in Numbers chapter 16. From what it seems to me is that 14,700 folks died because they voted to be on the wrong side of God. Words have meanings and one of the meanings for the word “vote” is: to declare oneself being in favor of something. In Matthew chapter 25:31-46, there will be a separation of sheep, the obedient (on the right) and goats, the disobedient (on the left). Therefore, is there any reason to wonder why the two major political parties in this country are referred to as the “left” and the “right”. I think not!

  9. There are ways that seem right to man but in the end is nothing but death , abortion / taking from those that have worked hard all the lives and give to those that don’t have even if they are in the country illegaly, even if they claim not to be at fault for being here a lie is still a lie and most americans don’t like being pushed around by some third world country, if these people want reform then let them go home and make reform but they have no right through our Fed Gov. to take from the hard working citizens in this country.If there be war in the future because of it let it come quickly so we can make a honest living for americas children.

  10. the students in colleges today have no idea what a Karl Marx sociaty is really about all they know is they don’t want to work for any thing so they stand for every thing, they have had it to damn easy but lat them suffer a bit they like the Idea of recieving govrnment dole after all they did’nt have to work for it , come one come all americas government will take care of you.

  11. Your delusions will be mocked, because they are ridiculous. Stop saying ridiculous things, and you’ll stop being mocked.

  12. ??? if you pay into/support obama care you got blood on your hands. yes God is not mocked nor does HE change. many have been killed for not bowing to sin legal or not. and you claim that being obedient to obama and his murder law is justified?? what are you saying that you are better than the prophets of old? better than those used for sport in the arena? too cowardly to take a stand and NOT pay to murder babies/promote homosexuality?? your punishment will be worse because you confessed you knew better. the article should be titled “the cowardly punk Christian” just bend over and compromise your faith. welcome to the obamanation of desolation.

    1. oops, there goes all of washington district of communists, loint chiefs of staff, and all state and local officials, sniff sniff, the air smells better already st the thought

    1. Yeah, he got the memo a long time ago. Amazingly, even though he’s dared god to strike him down on stage many times, it’s never happened. Amazingly to you that is. To sane people, it’s the only logical outcome.

  13. Praise God!!
    May I blessed with strenght when my spirit wavers in the coming days.Great uplifting message.I pray for our country and those who have been blinded.

  14. ***

    According to God’s Word

    By Ed DeRocher

    1Tim 2:1
    ~ Heavenly Father, I Give Thanks for the U.S. Constitution and Our Government.

    1Tim 2:2 ~ I Pray for All Men and Women having
    Authority Over Us at All Jurisdiction Levels.

    Prv 1:23
    ~ Pour Out Your Spirit Upon Them and Make Your Holy Word Known to Them.

    Psa 25:21 ~ Cause Them to be Men & Women
    of Integrity, and Obedient to “We The People.”

    1 Tim 2:2 ~ That We May Lead a Quiet and
    Peaceable Life, In All Godliness and Honesty.

    Prv 2:10
    ~ Let Your Wisdom Enter Their Hearts, Let Your Knowledge Be Pleasant to them.

    Prv 2:11
    ~ Let Your Discretion Preserve Them and Your Understanding Keep Them.

    Prv 2:12
    ~ To Deliver Them from the Ways of Evil and from Divisive Evil-Minded Men.

    Psa 1:1 ~ Make Their Hearts Attentive to Your
    Godly Counsel and Your Wisdom.

    Psa 33:10 ~ Shatter the Plans of the Heathen
    and Cause Their Evil Schemes to Fail.

    2Ch 20:32 ~ Cause Evil Men to Do What is
    Right and Good and Just in Your Sight.

    Prv 2:21
    ~ Let the Righteous and Upright Dwell and Remain in Our Government.

    Heb12:27 ~ Cause There to Be a Great Shaking In
    All Areas of Our Government.

    Prv 2:21
    ~ Let Those Who are Righteous and Blameless Before You, Keep Their Offices.

    Prv 2:22
    ~ But Cut Off the Wicked, and Uproot the Deceivers and Transgressors.

    1Cor 4:5
    ~ Bring to the Light and Expose All Evil Agendas that are Hidden in Darkness,

    1Cor 4:5
    ~ And Expose the Secret and Devious Aims and Schemes of Their Hearts.

    Rev 2:5
    ~ Let this Nation Remember The Blessings and Grace From Where they have Fallen,

    Rev 2:5 ~ Repenting, and Returning to Doing Their
    First Good Righteous Works and Deeds.

    1Ch 22:19 ~ Let Them Set Their Hearts and
    Souls to Seek and Praise, and Worship the Lord,

    2Chr 7:14 ~ Repenting and Humbling
    themselves, Praying and Turning from Their Wicked Ways.

    2Chr 7:14 ~ Then Hear Them, O Lord, and
    Forgive Their Sins and Heal our Divided Land and Nation.

    Act 26:18 ~ Open the Heathen’s Eyes and Turn Them
    from Darkness Into Your Marvelous Light.

    Heb 3:13
    ~ Soften Their Hearts That are Hardened Through the Deceitfulness of Their Sin.

    Ps 107:20 ~ Cause Them to Repent &
    Deliver Them with Mercy from Their Eternal Destructions.

    2Pet 3:9
    ~ Father You have Been Longsuffering Toward Us and Our Nation’s Sinful Ways,

    2Pet 3:9
    ~ You are Not Willing that Any Souls Should Perish in the Fires of Damnation,

    2Pet 3:9
    ~ Your Divine Will Is That All Should Come to Repentance and Receive Eternal

    Isa 49:22 ~ Lord Lift up Your Hand and By
    Your Holy Spirit, Lift up Your Standard In This Nation.

    Zec 10:1 ~ Cause the Rains of Your Holy Spirit
    to Flood this Land and Change the Hearts of Men.

    Hab 3:2
    ~ Revive Your Work in the Midst of Us, O Lord, Pour Out Your Holy Spirit Upon

    Hab 3:3
    ~ And Let the Earth be Filled with Your Power, Glory, Grace, Mercy, and Peace.

    Isa 59:16 ~ Matt 9:38 ~ O Lord of the Harvest,
    Raise up Intercessors to Pray for Our Troubled Nation,

    2Cor 10:4 ~ Eph 6:12 ~ To Pull Down Demonic
    Strongholds and Evil Principalities over Our Homeland.

    Isa 40:5
    ~ And Let the Glory and Power and
    Majesty of the Lord be Revealed to All People in America,

    Isa 40:5
    ~ And Let All Your Glory and Grace and Mercy and Love be Seen by All of

    Acts 4:26 ~ We Come Against the Evil Kings of
    the Earth Who Gather Together Against Jesus Christ.

    Acts 4:27 ~ We Come Against All the Evil Nations
    Who are Against the Truth of Your Holy Child Jesus.

    Acts 4:29 ~ Lord, Behold their Threatenings;
    Grant your Servants Boldness that We may Speak Your Word with Full Power and
    Authority, and Causing Signs & Wonders By the Preaching of Your Holy Word.

    Acts 4:30 ~ Father, Stretch Forth Your Hand
    to Heal, so Signs & Wonders Will Be Done thru Jesus Name.

    Mat 18:18 ~ We Pray that Evil Be Bound on
    Earth and Grace and Righteousness Be Loosed from Heaven.

    Mat 18:19 ~ Lord; We Pray in Agreement that
    You Will Bring Righteousness and Revival to Our Government Leaders and Our
    Nation. Lord Our Hope is In You and We Pray for Change According to Your Holy Word.

    John 15:7 ~ Father We Abide in You, and Your
    Words Abide in Us, and We Desire and Believe All of the Requests in this Prayer
    Petition Above Shall Be Done & Accomplished As You Promised in Your Holy

    Mat.18:19 ~ Father I Pray the Above Requests
    in Jesus Name, and I AGREE WITH All Christians All Over the World, Who are Praying the Same Prayer as
    Above for Our US Government. With the
    Prayer of Agreement, I Join with my Christian Brothers and Sisters In One
    Accord with the Synergistic Power of Corporate Prayer, In my Home Church, In my
    City, In my State, In every State of the United States of America, and with
    every Christian in the World, Who is Praying for Revival and Restoration for
    the United States of America.!

    Zech: 4:6 ~ Not by Might, Nor by Power, But
    by My Spirit, Saith the Lord of Hosts. Amen!
    Come Lord Jesus!

    1. action speaks louder than words. if you participate in obamacare, you give diareeha of the mouth to God. same as accepting welfare you are simply saying God cannot provide for me.

    2. Ask of ALL of Yahweah the living Christs’ WAYS to be instituted in the lives and hearts of his people and those strangers who support them & Jesus…. pray that LOST Israelites in America be pierced in their conscience and turn to Christ or even ask that Christians who are HIS are given a mighty and strong hand a superior mind of understanding or a skill and tools to get thru the epic unfolding of the ever growing wickedness before us – anything biblical – anything in obedience to Yah’s LAWS, STATUTES, JUDGMETS — even ask your prayer be amended by the holy ghost anything but our own understanding, anything but our own works & desires, Pray that our desires are FATHERS WILL and allow them to be exalted for His Glory…

  15. Thank you for this inspiring piece that gives us hope. The World has become an evil place and, the US is certainly not running from the sin and evil that exists all around us.. People have tried to change God’s Laws to suit their situation and that is not the way it works. God remains steadfast in his laws and we must do the same to survive. I keep praying that His will be done and I think that is why we lost the election. God has his plan for us.

  16. Yes for those who believe in God and the freedoms of this country will win when god punish those who have laugh at god and this country for so many years .It is to the same idiots who voted for this communist leader and don’t like this country or god who will get what they want but when they meet the person that is not from heaven and his name starts with a d it will not be good .

  17. You have chosen evil over good. God gives us the love of choice…To choose Him and good over sin, and Evil…not to stand in judgement..but of wisdom…built on truths self evident…there is only one way to win…pray, never give in or give up…fight for your soul, and American freedom, liberty from slavery..of oppression of the Constitution, and the determination to persevere…Be faithful…never give up hope…there will be a accounting….the courts do not hold the final justice God does…as for revenge…that is His, God will …revenge, and cleanse the way….Irregardless of religion…Pray…

  18. I feel like Matt went through all of my posts in all of the forums I frequent in the last 4 years and put them all together.
    I would add that Paul, Peter James, and the other Apostles evangelized during severe persecution, great opposition. They suffered greatly for Jesus and ultimately died. We are not better than our Master. They hated Him and crucified Him. They will (and do) hate us. We must continue to witness and share the Good News.Pray for revival.

    On another note. The Church in China grows under persecution. While the Church in America has become apostate and lukewarm under prosperity. For those of you who may not know what God thinks of lukewarm churches see Rev. 3:15-15.

    Additionally. Christians may have to exercise civil disobedience if the government requires us to do what God forbids, or Prohibits what God demands. There are several examples in the Bible, Exodus, Daniel, and Acts come to mind. However, we must be ready to pay the consequences of disobeying the civil government. See Hebrews 11:35b – 40

    One more note: There may come a time that we will have to take a stand like our forefathers did against England.

    “Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”- Winston Churchill

    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams

    1. very well written. There will be no peace until Christ returns. better to die free than live as a slave. what temporal consequence compares to eternal shame for not standing firm in faith?

  19. America formerly and nationally renounced her first love (that of the early 1600’s when the Colonials established governments of, by, and for Yahweh rather than of, by, and for man) when in 1788 the States ratified the humanistic (per the Preamble), antichristian (per Article 6), and polytheistic (per Amendment 1) U.S. Constitution.

    Indeed, God will not be mocked! Consequently, until Christians deal with this idol, the genesis of everything wrong in America today, America will only continue down her present road of moral degradation and national destruction. NOTHING else will fix the problems we face today. This the cutting edge issue of our day.

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared with Yahweh’s morality as codified in His perfect law (Psalm 19:7-11). Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ConstitutionSurvey.html and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

  20. his truly a wonderful article. Every vote that was cast was a vote for a man of Satan. Many did not vote because of that fact, many voted hoping to be voting for the lesser of two evils, many voted deliberately for the favorite son of Satan.GOD’S people need not be afraid, Satan’s people won’t be afraid until it is too late.

  21. What a great article…truly I believe this country is already being judged. Earthquakes in places where they don’t have earthquakes, like Kentucky, and Texas the other day, a twister in California, flooding, bad weather everywhere, nation fighting against nation and even killing their own citizens..and so much more. Its sad to see this once great country go the way of other nations, but God will not be mocked, and the Democratic party has flat out held their fists out to God and told him they will not be told what to do by Him. God will let them get by with it for a while, but if they don’t turn around he will come for his own and the others will be left behind to suffer the consequences..

  22. Cousin… YAH.

    Hear, O our God! for we became for sneering. And return their scorning upon their head, and give them for sneering in a land of captivity!

    Psalms 58:
    6 Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth: break out the great teeth of the young lions, O Yah.


  24. Guess I went through about the same process as Mr. Barber… the tears (and MORE tears) of mourning that came repeatedly for a couple of days which finally turned to joy… not so much that giddy kind but the ‘joy of the Lord’ that gives me strength & the reminder that I am His NOW and FOREVER MORE! Along with that joy I also had (have) PEACE in knowing that as God’s child I’m safe in HIS arms. He reminded me repeated Who I BELONG to… that He lives in me and I in Him. During the following days, months, years (how ever many He gives me) I’ll will remember that I’m a child of THE KING, that King who I pray before long will set up HIS kingdom in this sin sick world. And He brought scriptures to my mind, many that have been mentioned and including the following:

    Isaiah 54:17 (KJV)

    17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that
    shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

    The same verse in the Amplified version:

    Isaiah 54:17 (AMP)

    17 But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong. This [peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord [those in whom the ideal Servant of the Lord is reproduced]; this is the righteousness or the vindication which they obtain from Me [this is that which I impart to them as their justification], says the Lord.

    So I declare that NOTHING can ‘separate us (separate ME!) from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’

    I realize that fear will raise it’s ugly head occasionally. But scripture says that ‘Perfect love casts OUT fear’!

    1 John 4:18 (AMP)

    18 There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full-grown (complete, perfect) love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror! For fear brings with it the thought of punishment, and [so] he who is afraid has not reached the full maturity of love [is not yet grown into love’s complete perfection].

  25. “America has rebelled against God. She has shaken her fist at Him and arrogantly cried, “We don’t need you. We don’t want you. We know better than you. Now go away.”
    The above is quite accurate. America, the West, and most of the world’s nations(to differing degrees) have indeed rebelled against God. What we are seeing in our time is exactly what Rushdoony wrote so frequently about in his monumental works: those who reject the Lord God Almighty have embraced the program of Satan (ye shall be as gods) and are sparing no effort to do just that. Increasingly, even those in the Church are either indifferent or outright hostile to the Law of God (as witness the so-called “Christians” who voted for or support Obama).
    It is indeed the great evil of our time that men arrogantly and sinfully declare their freedom from God and proceed to legislate and declare good that which God has declared, irrevocably, to be evil(as infanticide and sodomy), and declare evil what God has declared to be good (genuine marriage, hard work, personal responsibility etc).
    But the seeds of this current crop of sin and vice have been with us a long time; ever since men decided that the Word of God is only meant for Sundays and is to be confined in its influence to within the four walls of the church building, ever since men decided that they could craft constitutions for themselves that, in their fevered imaginations, stand above the eternal altogether righteous Law of God…..well, these seeds of sin are beginning to bear massive quantities of evil fruit.
    Now, perhaps more than ever in our lifetimes, the people of Jesus Christ must stand firm and strong, obeying “all things whatsoever I have commanded you”( see Matt 28). We have a hard road ahead of us, by the looks of things, but “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”(Psalm 126:5). Moreover, our Lord promises in the Great Commission to be with us “till the end of the age”. Therefore, we must not fear nor falter but get out their and live as true “salt and light” Christians in this blatantly decaying and darkening culture. His will be done!

  26. I was severely demoralized after the election but a friend had me read Psalm 37! To those who belong to God, read it! It lifted my spirit and reminded me of Who really is in charge! After studying biblical prophecy for 15 years and discovering this country isn’t mentioned in the last days I’ve come to realize these things must come to pass! Whatever is coming all I can do is trust Him! Our Lord always takes what satan means for evil and turns it for good! He may abandon this country but He will not abandon His people! It is a shame because I believe that God Himself established this country and as He inspired the Old Testament prophets and the apostles to write the Bible He inspired our Founding Fathers to write the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! Which is the reason for satans attacks upon this country and its way of life. If not for this country the nation of Israel wouldn’t exist! I think it was the prophet Issaih who prophesied that the generation that saw Israel become a nation again would not all pass away before the end came. Israel was once again proclaimed a nation in the U.N. building on May 15th 1948. A generation in the Bible is 70 years. Do the math and you’ll discover that 2018 is seventy years afterward! Time after time I’ve read in His Word where he gets His people out before catastrophe occurs! The Apostle Paul said we weren’t appointed unto wrath! He meant Gods wrath but not mans wrath. As a direct descendant of a man who fought under Gen. George Washinton in the Continental Army during the revolutionary war and whose father fought in the french indian war before that and to all my ancestors and family members who’ve fought in every war this country has fought including the current ones the relection of this evil man breaks my heart. Some never made it home and the sacrifices they made increasingly seem to have been made in vain! I’m ready to be caught up in the twinkling of an eye as Paul said and get out of here and let those godless heathen have it and their just reward! I do believe Gods judgment will be poured out upon this country because of the Righteous Judgment He imposed on the nations of the Old Testament because of the sacrificing of their children! The last count I heard was 56 million defenseless babies murdered in their mothers womb before they even had a chance to draw a breath of air! How long will a Righteous God withold judgment? Those of us who believe know that this isn’t our home, we’re just occupiers! Our home is city not built with hands! So until His soon return keep the faith for it’s impossible to please God without faith! Come to think of it we live in a very exciting time! The fulfilment of Gods Word and the end of the Age of Grace is at hand! Smile and look up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!

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