Google Allowing Government to Read Your Emails, Chats, Blogs Without Warrant or Probable Cause

With 425 million Gmail subscribers, Google claims to be the largest email provider in the world.  They also provide telephone service through Google Voice, document storage through Google Drive, personal blogs through Blogger and they provide You Tube services.

Did you know that Google saves and archives every form of communication that used any of their services?  That even includes any corporate clients.

If that doesn’t make you nervous, then this will.  Google reports that they had 13,753 requests from local, state and federal government agencies to access and read your communications?  The request involved 31,072 users.  If you’re still not too concerned, then wait, it gets better.

Did you know that there is a federal law that allows government agencies, local, state and federal, to gain access to Google’s archives without a warrant or establishing probable cause?

Have you ever heard of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986?  It’s actually a combination of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Stored Wire Electronic Communications Act.  Passed by a Republican controlled Senate and Democratic controlled House, the Act was signed into law by Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Basically, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 states that all email that has been opened and stored remotely and not on the hard drive of a computer, may be accessed without warrant.

Now to confuse you as to what they can and can’t get access to:

“If the government wants to read the content of an email accessed through Gmail, hear a voicemail message sent over Google’s telephone service Google Voice, or read other private content, it must still obtain a search warrant under federal law.”

“However, information not sent in the body of an email or recorded in a voice message can be obtained by a simple subpoena – which does not require a government agency to show probable cause. Such information includes the name of an e-mail account holder, the IP address used when signing into and out of Gmail including dates and times, and other information you gave to Google when you created Gmail or other Google account.”

“Other types of information require a court order from a judge, such as the IP address of a particular email, email addresses of those you correspond with, and the web sites a person has visited.”

A search warrant is required to read the content of an email stored on Google’s servers, as well access as internet search histories, YouTube videos, photos, and other documents.”

Now that you are thoroughly confused as to what can be accessed by which legal means, let me share this with you: of the 13,753 requests from local, state and federal governments in 2012, Google says that most of them were granted, even though a large number did not have search warrants.

Therefore, be warned that if you use any of Google’s services and you don’t want the government knowing what you are saying or doing, then find another means of communication.  However, that other means is probably in the same boat Google is, so best to talk face-to-face or not all if you are concerned about anyone else knowing.

175 thoughts on “Google Allowing Government to Read Your Emails, Chats, Blogs Without Warrant or Probable Cause

  1. This is more invasion of our privacy, and Google is making it easier for our corrupt government to spy on us. but I have no clue how we stop it. It’s a direct violation of the 4th Amendment, IMO.

    Could be paranoia but in my own case, because of my strong antipathy for Obama and his anti-American policies, and my vocal opposition to Islam and its invasion of our government at every level, I always assume that some government peeping tom is already reading everything I post and possibly listening in on my phone calls (which has got to be the most boring job on earth).

    I’m likely on some domestic terrorist/hate-speech list somewhere in the bowels of the FBI. Ya know how dangerous conservative, Christian grandmothers can be.

    What I believe, I proclaim openly….and unapologetically…..whatever the cost.

    The Fourth Amendment

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    And those rights are PROTECTED, NOT GUARANTEED. Guaranteed rights mean they would be rights given to us by the government. Protected rights are rights we are born with which are protected FROM the government.

      1. I agree! Some of those crazy Christian Grandmothers are worrisome. In fact I saw one just the other night at the Elks club, Out of nowhere she started yelling out “BINGO”.

        1. my 71 year old mom, and lovin gma- hollers out “death to , he who shall remained unnamed (due to prying gvmt eyes, lol), in the middle of the grocery store. She hates that man, what he has done to our Country, and she wants him gone. and she wants to scratch out the eyes of those that support him.

        2. KrK she isn’t the only one, here is another “tea-party” patriot who feels the same way.Guess they will have us on their s— list.too.This country is “slip-sliding” away.

        3. except it would take to quote a number from our 6 yr old, a quatrillionbillionmillion voldermort to equal the evil in one big eared, small minded O So, truly our fact is scarier than fiction. Science fiction, horror, Government cover up novels, we are living it.

        4. I already wrote a wonderful reply to this gma post but it went away somewhere—-I too am expecting to go on the “terrorist” list as I am a 75 year old that writes posts on all the sites—ALL of them protesting obama’s latest ruling—-NOW THEY’RE GOING TO READ ALL THOSE TERROISTIC NOTES????? GOD HOW DISGUSTING!!! I wish we could all wind up at the grocery at the same time and join the 71 yr old with her rants—-then we could set up the next time and place for our next “SHOUT OUT”—wouldn’t they have an adventure trying to figure us out???? of course we’d have to write in code to prevent our terrorist plans from being discovered!!!! this is hysterical and I’m smiling at the thought as I write—-HAIL TO ALL OF US THAT STILL HAVE THE GUMPTION TO HATE ALL THAT’S GOING ON IN OUR GOVERNMENT—AND THE MIND AND EMOTIONS TO WANT TO WEEP THE MORNING AFTER THE LAST ELECTIONS—-GO GRANNIES GO!!!!! JUST LET ‘EM HAVE SOMETHING TO DO READING ALL OUR LETTERS AND POSTS!!!!! I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!!

        5. Truly my Mom is amazing. she completely immersed herself in educating any she can about O and his evil mission. Rather they want to hear it or not. She got into it with a couple of aged hippies in a thai restaurant that overheard her telling me something that O had done that day, can’t even remember . anyway, these 2 patchoulii reeking dead heads, had to be in the same age group as her, came over to our table and just started going off on her about how great O was and how fantastic socialism, and how they had been protesting the establishment since 1965 and my mom, not taken aback for a moment stood up and started screaming at em, You and the rest of you d*mn hippies were the start of the end of this country. You and your free living, free love, bah FREE? You probably have been living off the backs of those of us that work and go to church and give back to our communities , not take free entitlements and attack the hand that quite literally feeds you. YOU are the original entitlement rats. She was literally backing them out the door, while the little thai employees ran around trying to figure out what to do and the rest of the diners stared in awe. as the couple left a few even applauded, I DID. Stood up and applauded. Many scowled at us so know the koolaid is strong and the drinkers are everywhere we go. But if I can’t particularly beat them ( can’t teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig). I live to annoy the h*ll out of em. and glad Mom found a fun “golden years” hobby. Probably one that got her a drone with her name on it, but she is a force to be reckoned with

        6. Lord I wish I knew her—give her a huge hug from the rest of the gmas that applaud her nerve and courage for facing the devil and letting her feelings be known—WOULD ONLY HOPE MY DAUGHTER WOULD REACT TO ME THE SAME AS YOU DID YOUR MOM—–LOVE IT—-STAY STRONG AND LISTEN FOR THAT DRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        7. SOS!Your Mom is seriously needed at the WhiteHouse to get those Dems out and some of those Republicans too and make the others toe the line.Make those Congressmen&Women come to work five days a week like the rest of the country..Army,drop those Drones a little closer as I speak.I am handicapped,disabled lady in Texas.Thank for reading.

        8. my mom is ready to march. Her theory is the O admin is set on getting rid of all the older folk, so she says she always thought she would be ready to die, when God was ready for her, but if she was going to be “taken out early” she says she intends to make it count

      1. The directorship/ownership of almost every major media outlet in the world has membership and/or other ties to the Trilateral Commission/New World Order to include Time magazine, U.S. news and the Wash. Post. Obama is just a figure head puppet of the New World Order who has appointed numerous members/associates of the Trilateral Commission to key staff /cabinet positions, over 12 % of his initial appointees.

    1. Be Careful Grandma, somewhere, I am certain you are on a Possible Domestic Terrorist List. Possibly on that list immediately after me bcz I am a Honorably Discharge US Marine, love this country and have been very outspoken with what has happened since Nov., 2008. Therefore, I will probably see you in Hell if DC has its’ way!!

      1. George Maddog Smith…….Thank you, sincerely, for your service to our country.

        Glad to see someone with the nic of Maddog on our side.

      2. Thank you for your service and I am probably on the list with you, I am an 80YO grandmother , descendent from a Mayflower passenger, many ancestors fought for our rights, 2 signed the Bill of rights, so I am going to stand until my last breath for what I believe, God, Country and Home.

        1. I have an ancestor that signed the Declaration of Independence, after he signed another delegate said, I have a cousin by that name, they might mistake him or another for you, and he turned around re picked up the pen and wrote of “Carrollton”, and said, there “no one will mistake me now”. I am proud to have him in my family tree, and all those who came before me who stood up for, fought and died for this Country. comment edit,: forgot to mention a lot of the actual peeps on the board here, who have stood up, and are standing up, and are prepared to). I hope I have the courage they did to stand up for what is coming. I know all of us have ancestors, or relatives that have given their all for our Country. We need to pull from their strength. What a wonderful story our past’s tell, lets not let it end here

        2. I too, have have proof of family on the Mayflower, that means they fought together to make this OUR country, I’m only 52, and I would be glad to carry your weopon for you. We still have a chance to rise again

      3. George, don’t say that! THEY, not you, will be judged for their destructive actions towards our country! If you’re on a list, so am I — but I plan to be in Heaven, not
        in Hell with them!

      4. And obamy doesn’t think you should have a gun of any sort (pistol or rifle) since you served your country and probably know how to use a fire arm. He probably doesn’t want me to have a gun either; Ole duck/geese hunter. So I used to shoot at MOVING targets…..

    2. What I believe, I proclaim openly….and unapologetically…..whatever the cost. I’m quoting you to say me too. I don’t care. I will continue to speak out against Obama and his minions and let him come and get me I dare him. I along with millions of other patriots, we’re ready!

    3. No they call this pure government BS they have nothing else better to do but break our B–ls The Hitler tactics are getting worse by the day.

    4. I agree with you entirely. I’d hate to see Obama shot unless someone with a bow and arrow could get to him, or maybe a spear, but even then . . . maybe not because that would make that A$$#0le some kind of martyr for a bunch of idiots. On the other hand, if prancing his way down the stairs of Air Force One, he’d trip over his own damn feet and break his fool neck, I’d cheer his last convulsions.

      How’s that for speaking my mind?

    5. The preaching of the gospel is our

      Yeshua (Jesus) is our Messiah

      The Faith and Grace is our law

      Love and Peace is our way

      Dying in the Name of the Truth for speaking the Gospel of Liberty

      is Our Highest Honor.

      Is it any wonder that tyrants fear Christians who do nothing but speak up
      against evils of our times for speaking on behalf of liberty, freedom, love and

  2. I was already aware that Google is in bed with the feds, which is why I stopped using my gmail accounts ….there are other search engines as well, like Bing for one. I use Google search only because I’ve nothing to hide, but if privacy was a concern on a particular search, I go to Bing or Yahoo!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve never heard of Bing but I have used Yahoo once in a while but I think there used to be many more. What happened to them, I can’t remember the names? Are you certain that Bing and Yahoo are free of the Feds?

      1. There may have been many more in the past, but Google has the monopoly over any other to date… You can search for additional(s), there may be a few lingering about!

      2. duckduckgo, ixquick are two I am aware of. Not as capable, but when they work, no record. no trail. I ride the duck when I can.

        1. There are several obscure search engines. Google it and start using. Never use google again. Easy. Or have Sheriff Joe open a search engine and. OT allow any illegals or people of color. Sure he would be up for it. Could be profitable. Try gigablast if joe not willing.

    2. DuckDuckGo search claims to be anonymous. I’ve been avoiding using anything Google for a long time. It’s not that I have anything to hide, it’s that I don’t like their politics. I’d rather not help them earn money through advertising so If I have no practical choice I will use their services but I will NOT click on any ads or do any more than necessary while they are in my view.

  3. Goggle has been doing business with the government for a long time and has been complicit in many a scandal. I don’t use Goggle and never will – Yahoo is what I usually use. I also use Norton as a search provider at times, as I have their security system.

    1. With this current crop of Dipsticks in Washington, I doubt that would happen. The vast majority of them in both parties are as corrupt as can be. We only have a few new comers that would be for it, but only until they become corrupt.

  4. Well if people would stop using Google for any reason. Then Google stock.would go down. Them maybe the socialist owners will think more about their pickets instead if serving their Masters in government.

      1. looks like my comment about secure email got deleted. must have been that came out as a link. so trying again—- reagandotcom. Very secure, and yes there is a cost but it ain’t going in the pocket of an O supporter.

    1. Sorry Joyce, we are not their bosses. Their bosses are the heads of the secret corrupt banking cartels and corrupt mega-corporations.

    2. If you don’t have the millions it would take to file suit against our Muslim administration, would you please just be quiet? The world is tired of people who complain about our dictator, but will not even go the polls and vote against him. Four years of complaining, but 3,000,000 Republicans did bother to vote, or voted Libertarian. Hypocracy of the highest order.

  5. they are probably looking at this anti Obama web site and all comments right now but who gives a s–t as they already know the story on him also AOL, Huff Post will not post comments from the folks they disagree with.

        1. Andrew Breitbart wrote in his book that he got his start from Arianna Huffington, and she wasn’t so bad back then. What in the world happened to her to become so punitively left-wing?

  6. If you have a subpoena to court, there is no search warrant. Seems like Ronald Reagan is the big commie here. Not a surprise. Send yiur notes by carrier pigeon. There are plenty of emails other than gmail. I for one do. OT care about people readi g my email, but yiu guys could end up in FEMA INTERMENT CAMPS. REALLY

  7. I’m not sure internet explorer isn’t doing the same, seems when ever I go to a conserative site, or one about Israel, it always goes down, telephones hacked and camera’s everywhere you go even highway travel is being used to tell where you go and if you have any outstanding tickets. drones spy’s in the sky, have seen a few around my place lately and if the dictator-in-chief wants he can use them in America, seems like the plantation state is here for the masters who want to rule over all races and colors.

    1. I tried to forward a site about fema camps to someone thru yahoo mail, and it would not let me send. it was not a “covert” site, it was an article. It said “suspicious activity, locking account. It took forever to get back on. jumped thru all the hoops sent several emails with links like just things like amazon, or target store, no problem. again, tried to send a different article about fema camps, again, not a covert site, just a news article, same thing happened

  8. If you really want to start worrying about our tyrannical government then lookup the bill Clinton and Obama pushed through. It’s called the NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act. The government can now confiscate all of your belongings and split your family up to go and work in camps. All at the simple signing with a pen!

  9. Why is anyone surprised? Are you sure it is on Google?
    Obama is an avid fan of Stasi and its spying methods on people, and it began long time ago…

    Please, tell us somehting we don’t know.

    Thanks for the stale info.


  10. Google has supported osocialst from day one and contributed huge amounts to his
    election and reelection fund. The are like him very socialistic in their attitude toward
    users of their product. It does not surprise me in the least they they would open their
    doors to an unwarranted and illegal search of customers/consumers e-mails. I wonder
    when the first law suite will be file against them for invasion of privacy?

  11. SO whats new? The Government is so scared about the avg. citizen BUT why are they allowing ALL these ILLEGALS in here ? Now they want to legalize them and give them licenses? While all the LEGAL CITIZENS are paying their keep ?

  12. Much ado about nothing. Already state laws allows administrative requests. Some states like Colo don’t have subpoena authority (except for grand jury and consumer fraud issues) and requiring warrants is oppressive. Cops are beholding to the truth, not corrupt government. This article is clearly alarmist and only partly accurate. Its not a true problem.

  13. WELCOME TO THE UNION OF SOCIALIST STATE REPUBLICS. Unfortunately, i live in one of them and happern to be a constitutional conservative who just refuses to be intimidated.Neither should anyone else.

    1. Nikita63, you’ve got the name wrong it should be the UNITED STATES OF SOCIALISTIC AMERIKA. I didn’t dedicate most of my adult life abiding by the oath that I took in 1963 to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC to stand mute and watch El Dumbo and this Socialist (Oops, Democratic) Regime tear us down. “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” I believe this was said by one of our brave forefathers: Patric Henry.

      1. I took the same oath 4 years later as I wnet to college first then ENLISTED to get my citizenship obligation completed under the old Selective Service rules. I spent 3 years on Active duty, 3 on inactive reserve and a tour with the n199th LIB in Vietnam from May of ’68 – May of ’69. The quote you refer to is indeed, from Patrick Henry and it was delivered to the Virginia House of Burgerssses on March 23rd, 1775, in what has since become known on some quarters as his Clarion Speech. We must be about the same age so I want you to know that there are many, many more like us than these cretins think and, no matter what they think they have planned for us, it will NOT be easily accomplished. In the end, WE will ,prevail, no matter how long ot takes.

  14. Aslong as google is filed with thugs who suck up to the far left then we have no understanding at google. At google we’re seeing people who hate our God given rights to freedom but they hate our nation & our God. These things were given to us by men who loved this New Country and based all that they had. To build this nation on the Holy Word Of Our God. The true God of Abarham Isaac & Jacob Then Gave His Son Christ Jesus for all of man kind. You see we have lost our way they love sin more than God they love the destruction more than God given freedom. This is why all of the sick far left wack’os love osama hussein obama. It’s because he is part of them & the sick marxict socialist democrats & the marxist news media. I don’t know but one way to stop all of this & that’s for all of America to wake up now. Then start to pray as never before to lay it all at the foot of the Cross. Then Cover it all with the Blood that Jesus Christ gave that day at Calvary & for all of our nation to stand up for the truth.

  15. I have GMAIL, but only for junk mail. For standard surfing I go through 6 Proxy servers in several countries to hide my IP address. Also, any mail I send or receive is encrypted by a modified version of PGP using a 1024 bit key on top of the proxy. The email service is located in Moscow (MAIL.RU) that will NOT cooperate with DHS or any other American spy service.

  16. Our government is out of control, If they want to read my post thats fine, but my personal emails is none of their busniess, who I send a email to or what I talk about agin is none of their busniess, I send email to my family and if they don’t like to bad. I don’t use google, and for the most part I speak to people face to face just because I already knew that the government was reading people emails, So I keep it boring on that note, ha ha big brother not getting anything from my emails.

    1. how did they know? I always suspect. But how would you track that? my 70 year old mom has got to be on some government list somewhere. That woman hates obama, not one email does she send that doesn’t have some comment of what to do with him, or link to something horrible he has done. Me same thing- love to send links and quotes to my lib “still loves her O sis”. She never responds really, just sometimes don’t hear from her for awhile after one annoys her in particular.

      1. How did they know? They got arrested for minor things and when they were interrogated had their emails read to them. So they were on a watch list. Maybe for embezzlement or something of that nature.

        My mom was an active reform and tea party member herself. Now she’s too old and sickly. She was very outspoken and spoke at rallies. Half the family told her to stay quiet because she was probably being monitored. Mom always said, ‘when you see the country going down the drain, like I have after so many years, you have to speak out. You can’t remain silent.’ Mom also told me never to be afraid to speak my convictions as long as there was still freedom of speech.

        There’s so many folks speaking out against tyranny right now there wouldn’t be enough jails to contain them as political prisoners. Although I believe they still lock up the ones they believe are really dangerous.

        1. wow- what a mom, sounds a lot like mine. (she never actively spoke, but she says the Country starts going down the tubes, you stand up against it and she does.) thanks for sharing your experiences and insights. get a lot out of your comments. Truly, I believe thats what the fema camps are for. and I for sure got locked down for typing those 4 little letters together in an email

  17. Our government is in cahoots with google….. let’s face it.
    It’s the old adage that we have to live by, don’t say or write anything that you would not want on TV tonight

  18. “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent, it is a force like fire. A dangerous servant and a fearful master” —George Washington

  19. In my opinion they’ve been doing this for years and wrote half of us off as nut-jobs. Maybe even had a good chuckle, half agreeing with us, and half-not. However with the new patriot act laws and the NDDA or is it the NNDA (I forget), they may use someone’s political dissent views as proof of a corruption charge to exploit the masses

  20. I dont believe that google has the authority to release personal emails to the government , if that is the case and there is proof of that , all google subscribers will be allowed to file a class action law suit against google. The pubicity alone would destroy google subscribers and other email providers would be coming up wit advertizing to allow them to move over to them . If it is proven that personal emails of google have been given to the government , it is just more info showing that tis administration is dirtiere than we thought and a total move to Revolution just keeps building. All the American people need to do to send the correct message to Washington is everyone ask for an extension to filing their taxes on April 15th. If that does happen the US Governemnt would come to a screeching halt , if the states stop sending revenue to Washington , what can they do , other than go to court and file against the states . The government in washington have nopower over the people , so dont let them fool you into thinking they do. They can buy & purcahse all the ammo and guns they want , but they are using our money so all that ammo is ours alkll those guns are ours . We have a citizen ready force that can be called up in a matter of an hour 3 million strong with weapons , ammo and force than any army in the world . Ther is only 600,000 military , they would never turn their guns on their own people , its washington that has to worry , we wlready have a list of people that we will secure right away and no secret service protection will ever help them. Once we get the people that have screwed up these last 4 years on national TV , tell the american people what they have done , we will prosecute them and move on.

        1. looking at a perfect sweet little 6 yr old face reading me a “chapter story” just now. I truly believe I can overcome the terror. Would do anything for that little one. Hope others can pull on their reserves and stand up when we need to. Inspired by your strength. thx

        2. BeautifulAmerica………Some encouragement from the Manufactuerer’s Handbook:

          Psa 118:6 The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

          2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

          Rom 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

  21. It is perfectly alright, Obama said they have his permission. That’s all it takes in our new socialist state, besides they are one of Obama’s biggest financial backers.

  22. obama and his bullying tactics,with the help of the black panthers.It should be open season on the black panthers and anyone they are friendly with.

  23. In that case: Google-listen carefully and I will give you something to report. O.B.A.M.O. (One Big Ass Mistake America) kiss my fat white old ass and burn in hell you damned socialist traitor.

  24. ***NEWSFLASH***
    All of the free email services do this. They also scan your emails and sell key marketing words. How to remedy this? Use an email service that you pay to join; they encrypt emails and never scan/sell messages to marketing companies. Or just encrypt all of your messages and behave yourselves. Good day, God bless.

  25. I call bs on this. Google was the company that got in huge trouble a few years ago for refusing governments access to what people search for.

  26. I really don’t care if they read what I write about them. No matter how bad and nasty I have been about the current dictator, he still thinks I am on his side and requests donations and sends me bumper stickers. I have sent endless nasty emails & faxes to the White House and they just don’t get it. Those people could not find their way around a shopping mall…we have nothing to fear. Nevertheless, GOOGLE should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. Good. READ THIS ONE TOO! Our President is a Liar, and he ignores the laws, and his oath to protect the American people. That’s the TRUTH. Does GOOGLE want to pass on the TRUTH? I do not fear telling the government the Truth. The TRUTH always wins.
    By the way. I gave two thirds of my life to this nation, in uniform. Does Obama wear an ACORN uniform?

  28. I am right in there with the rest of you. 70 year old grandmother and great grandmother, adding my 2 cents on what I like or not like that is going on in my country. I probably am on their list too. I do not like what is happening in and to this land of my birth, and I will not lie about it. I know for sure, if they put as much time and effort into doing the jobs they were elected and hired to do, they would have no time to even think about us. Only the guilty worry about what others are doing. I doubt they will live as long as we will, because my Jesus will be here soon, they better start worrying about their selfish, deceitful souls, He is very picky about who goes with Him.

    I believe in our Constitution, salute our flag, support our troops, love our National Anthem and if truly does come to civil war to keep America free, I will stand and fight with my family. My parents were of the Greatest Generation, my dad always taught us children to watch for the signs of tyranny and be prepared to take a stand. He would not talk about his years in the service, said what they walked into was not possible to tell and he would rather shoot us his self than to even think it could happen here at home.

    My 9th great grandfather landed in Southern Maryland in 1646, was Lord High Sheriff until his death. My family founded this country, they passed down a lot of pride and love for this great nation from generation to generation.
    Thank you for your service George Maddog Smith and Carline D. Long, Jr.

  29. Who’s the dis-liker, a Google Employee? Well, you’ve just wasted your time as I shall undo all of your damage, smart ass! Oh, I see, this is a First Amendment hater, coming here to dis-like. Leave a comment you coward!

  30. I hoe that all who voted for O bummer gets this and more of what this left winged individual is wanting! As for me…I must ride this train also but i am waiting for a derailment!

  31. I don’t use Google much for the reason that they do collect information about individuals for commercial purposes. It’s not much of a stretch to assume the government can get that data. But who puts online what they don’t want anybody else to ever read? Prudence governs much of the educated world–how about the rest, the yahoos?

  32. Then we should be able to read what our demon congressmen say on line too! And even the Prez and his african queen. I would love to hear what they have to say about the American people!!

  33. Guess I won’t be using Google for any purpose whatsoever in the future. If everyone else did the same, they wouldn’t be in business for very long.

  34. How dare you not like what our Leader is doing. He can do what he wants, when he wants, and to whom he wants. You must have a variation of that mental illness that the Soviet doctors discovered. There were people that just couldn’t appreciate or live in their worker’s paradise. There were two solutions; they were shipped off to a mental hospital or gotten rid of quickly and pernamently.

  35. I don’t agree with it but if your going to put it out there on the web why shouldn’t they be able to read them, they might just learn something. Now emails on the other hand should be treated like personal mail and they should not be able to touch them, period.

  36. “Google” are harmless folk who got it going pretty much first and provide stuff I want for now. They will fall off of the earth in a few years when another bunch of go-getters gets it going. But then, an asteroid atmosphere transit, a class X solar storm or several well placed H-bombs will EMP us into 1870 again and it won’t all matter. It will be the day of the peacemaker once again. Transistors will be passe. The Constitution will again be the important document that will be our lodestone.

  37. With the technology and new Data Storage Facility being built in Utah, I’m sure the government doesn’t need permission from Google or any service provider for that matter to snoop, spy, listen to, or record, copy and store all the information on you including your email, text messages, and phone conversations. Face it we are now prisoners in an electronic prison… welcome to George Orwell’s 1984.

  38. You people all just need to get over yourselves. The only reason the Government / Law Enforcement would give a crap about your email to the point where they would actually spend the time and effort to request (and yes they have to actually request each time, they don’t have some sort of Google master key) access to it would be if you had committed a crime or had been communicating with a known criminal. I’m glad to know that if someone had murdered my wife or something that the police would be able to review emails from the person they were investigating for the crime. Seriously, think about it, 13K requests spread over 425 MILLION users is practically nothing.

    Oh, and to the scumbag who wrote this piece of crap, you should feel ashamed of yourself. You intentionally try to make sound like it’s somehow Googles fault that these requests are being made of them and painting them as some sort of villain because of it. Stop spreading lies and fear mongering and learn how to be objective.

  39. Google ,Read this and set up and listen I am sending this message so make sure you pass it on, EVERY BODY SHOULD SUE GOOGLE for INVADING our rights of Privacy to FREEDOM speech.

    Then we need to get rid of the rights of the CROOKED Federals Law right to break the LAW and they can and should be knocked down to stop there invasion, they are GOING FAR ABOVE of what there jobs are. They are following the dictates of BARACK who is a FRAUD .

    The people of AMERICA will have to STAND UP AND STAND OUT in eliminating all the Marxist in our GOVERNMENT NOW and this come under the head line of MARXIST action.

    Watch the hand writing on the wall.This is just the starting of eliminating the INTERNET.
    Barack don’t want us knowing what they are up to.

    1. I’m not sure why you’re so worried about your “rights of Privacy to FREEDOM speech” when you can’t even seem to form a single coherent sentence or make any sort of point.

  40. I won’t use Google, I use Bing. I would frankly be very happy to know the feds see how many times I refer to that Marxist sonofabitch in the White House as a Marxist sonofabitch. I would be overjoyed to know print-outs are sitting on the desk in the Oval Office … love for the Marxist sonofabitch to read exactly what I think of him and his Marxist sonofabitch cronies. Now, that said, shall we discuss that disgusting First Wookie?

  41. The Orwillian, big brother, totalitarian police state is in effect! – no two doubts about it! The sheeple are being sheared; baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma, the new Hitler bleat the sheeple!

  42. Not very difficult to download free e-mail server software onto your home computer. Not a difficult thing to do with an always on broadband connection. Buy a domain name from GoDaddy for like $8.99/yr. Then, you’re in complete control of your inbox. But just remember: People you /send/ email to may very well have received it on GMail servers, so it’s still available if THAT person’s account is accessed by the government.

  43. Sue them for deceptive trade practices, and invasion of privacy. What we get in our email is none of their business. Our Email is just like our regular mail we get in our mail box everyday. It’s a federal offense to tamper with somebody’s mail that does not belong to you.

  44. I will not live in fear of this or any Government and will say what I see fit. If my version of the facts as I see them causes them concern that means I am doing my job and they fear my word. They do not own this country, the People do.

  45. Oh, gosh, I’m a 64 hr old Nanna and I post anti-obummer posts continually. Most people our age feel the huge loss of our freedoms and remember so fondly the days when America was the land of opportunity, the envy of the world. We remember our good schools, our good churches, our good communities, patten leather shoes and white gloves and hats. We remember when good moral character was held in high esteem and political corruption was not tolerated, especially Communism. We thought McCarthy was doing a good job because he did! Now we have them in the White House. It’s a crying shame what they’ve done to our country.

  46. BOYCOTT GOOGLE!! Pull your accounts and TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! I have been afraid of this UNHOLY UNION for sometime!! Now it is confirmed!! Get out of business with this traitor! NO MORE GOOGLE ANYTHING and they will feel the pinch! Use another server, another search engine, another email!! Let them know that we do NOT take lightly the undermining of our freedom of speech and personal liberty! Invasion and surveilance is NOT freedom! Out with this administration and OUT with Google! Let them commiserate together – but have NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH THEM!!

    (By the way, do you know why poor Americans, AND the poor in 3rd world countries, such as Africa, are bing GIVEN FREE PHONES??? TRACKING! The One Worlders wants to track and control EVERYONE!! Be not deceived – NOTHING is really free!!)

    “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the
    living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I
    will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among
    them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and
    I will receive you,” (2 Corinthians 6:16-17)

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