GOP Compromise Will Raise Taxes on All Homeowners to Avoid Taxing the Wealthy

I was reading the various reports of the plan the House Republicans proposed, which was immediately rejected by Obama, and realized that their plan would raise taxes on all homeowners in order to avoid raising the taxes on the wealthy.

The GOP plan was to reduce the tax deductions on things like mortgage interest and charitable donations.


If you get less of a deduction for your mortgage interest and charitable donations, which includes church tithing, then guess what?  You’ll pay more income tax!

House Republicans are throwing us under the proverbial bus in order to make it look like they are standing strong against any tax increases on the wealthy.

I agree that at this stage in the economy, we can’t afford to increase taxes on the wealthy because they are the ones that employee the rest of America.  If they have to pay more, they’ll hire less people.  Some economists say that if the Bush era tax cuts on the wealthy are allowed to end, that it could result in the loss of up to 700,000 jobs, and that’s the last thing America needs right now.

Both the Republicans and Democrats are looking for ways to increase revenue when that isn’t our problem.  Our problem is spending.  Congress needs to cut spending!

To start with, let’s cut out the billions of dollars we’re sending to countries like Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We really don’t need the Department of Education or the Department of Homeland Security among others.  Oh yeah, what about the hundreds of millions of dollars being given to Obama’s homeland of Kenya?

Billions could be saved if we eliminated many entitlements such as free cell phones to poor people and benefits to illegal aliens.  Many other entitlement programs could be cut or greatly reduced and replaced with programs that force people to work and provide for themselves.

Anyone with a brain and common sense could easily slice out a trillion dollars or more from government spending and that would eliminate any need to raise taxes or reduce deductions on anyone.  If Republicans were as responsible as their constituents want them to be, then they wouldn’t be trying to sacrifice our taxes for the sake of the wealthy.

153 thoughts on “GOP Compromise Will Raise Taxes on All Homeowners to Avoid Taxing the Wealthy

    1. Unfortunately, the only true statement I’ve heard from a politician in years came from, of all people, Gov. Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown of California. He was being questioned some weeks back at a press conference as to why he wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. His answer was, “Because that’s where the money is.” Think about it. almost 50% of the population pays no income tax. The wealthy – over 250K – pay roughly 40%. Where’s the other 60% going to come from? Yes. Jerry Brown was right. Of course, cutting deductions is a tax-in-sheeps-clothing. Obamacare, etc will add more of a “Tax” burden on guess who? …………………you won’t here this on the state run media….they have to keep the lie alive about the “Evil wealthy,” ie: class warfare. It’s interesting that the “Evil rich” are only on Wall Street, Bankers, hedge fund managers and of course, Mitt Romney. Isn’t it strange that the Hollywood types and, of course, sports folks making multi millions a year are never mentioned as “Evil rich.” Gee. I wonder why???????

    2. Obama is trying to get his way on this as on many other terrible things he has done while in office. You seem to be believing his propaganda. Do you really not understand what Obama is trying to get away with this time?

  1. All of what you say it true.
    I read one proposal that only wanted to restrict deductions for the wealthy, which would not DIRECTLY affect the middle class, but would affect us in INDIRECTLY.
    If your article is correct, then Boehner et al certainly believe we are stupid. The bottom line is he is trying to give Obama what he wants — more taxes — without violating his pledge not to increase taxes. This is EXACTLY why he needs to be replaced as Speaker — he’s a sell-out who will not defend us from the Obama-Democrat Tax-Raising Leviathan.

    1. Any increase in taxes, no matter how disguised in the Communistic practice of class warfare, affects one and all. There is not enough $$ that can be stolen from the “Wealthy” to continue in perpetuity the practice of redistribution of wealth in order to turn the U.S. into the Soviet model. The middle class must be taxed also – directly or indirectly through the likes of Obamacare, lowering or eliminating deductions, etc. History repeats. If you want to find a good stock to buy today, look at the construction field – companies that will be building reeducation camps. The most frightening words I hear uttered today are, “It can’t happen here.”

        1. Because old white men on pensions have plenty of money to stock up on guns. You don’t spend money on anything else and only eat out for Chicken when it is a national day. Of course gun sales are booming. Good for you. Helps the darkys economy. We love it. Gonna go kill some moochers. That is about the only way you could possibly win an election again. For sure. You guys are toast.

        2. Hey Malcolm, I’m an old white man, I’m NOT on a pension, I DO stock up on weopons…and ammo, I like chicken. You will be toast, when the s#it hits the fan. not us, Who you gonna call, when the niggers and lowlife come out of the woodwork to take what you have, and to rape your wife and kids? Your mommy? Good luck, Malcontent

        3. You don’t want to be too conservative, Marilyn, you are on of those that I fear for the most. can, or do you have someone to defend you in a bad time? I pray that you do. The so called offensive language is what caught your eye, but you seemed to miss the point. Better quit being so trusting of your fellow man, he will turn on you in a heartbeat.

        4. Couldn’t have said it better, but would have used slightly different words as they will now call you racist even though they know it is true

        5. My words reflect my true feelings, with no sugar coating, I was raised in Chicago, and also lived in other big cities. Working with the public for close to 40 years has altered my thoughts of people who refuse to try to make a living by working, The best thing I ever did, was get out of the city and head to the country. Small town folks work their asses off to get what they need, they go to church to praise Our Lord, and help a neighbor who is in a bind. I never seen this going on in the city. If people want to call me racist, that is their 1st amendment right…am I racist? yea, I guess I am, with no regrets.

        6. I regret that I will not be there to observe the disbelieving look of utter devastation on your face, when the reality of November 6 finally interupts your gleeful celebrations!
          While you will probably attempt to deny it to others, you will know that you voted for your own misery!
          ” The shaft of the Arrow had been feathered with one of the Eagles own plumes! We often give our enemies the means to our own destruction ” Aesop

        7. Oh I think us conservative white guys will start winning elections from liberals when we get back to, one person, one vote, honestly counted,

      1. ” It can’t happen here” Exactly! I’m sure, what the Citizens of Ancient Greece and Rome thought, even as their societies collapsed around them! The same delusional belief that allowed Hitler to gain power! The same naive thought process that kept many Jews from fleeing Germany! The same philosophy that re-elected Obama! And the results will be the same also!

    2. Please don’t try to shift the blame away from the one responsible for the mess we’re in. It’s all Obama’s fault. You want to blame Boehner. It’s not the fault of the House that Obama is stealing all the wealth of the land and giving it away to his cronies.

      1. The other Republicans I know (I’m one) are not in lockstep with Obama and/or all Democrats. But with the Senate firmly in Obama’s camp, our Senators have no chance to rein in Obama’s foolishness. Obama is a nation to himself. He is not living under the U.S.A. constitution or its amendments. He creates his own “law” through executive regulations. Neither the Senate nor the House are to blame for what Obama chooses to do. Those responsible from now on are ones who voted for Obama or chose to not vote against him.

        1. You are correct…more disturbing than Obama himself is the so-called majority of voters and electoral rep’s that gave him his throne in ’08, then repeated it in ’12. Beyond unbelievable.

        2. HAHAHAHAHA. jokes on you. Those silly people will not be voting Rep anytime in the near future. Then you old white geezers will be dead anyway. I have a young Pre teen just like you guys. If he doesn’t get his way, all the others are just dead wrong and should be cut off. They are creeps, homos, etc. I’m trying to teach him manners and have come a long way. I fear there is little hope for,you guys. We are very glad y are at least old. That is a good thing. OBAMA will be in charge for 4 more years. Rhe Dems will pick up a bunch of Rep House seats. The world is over. For y. At least. LOL a lot. I truly love to see you so pissed off.

      2. I have said it many times before. The American Communist Party wanted a Totalitarian Socialist America. The Democrats want a Totalitarian Socialist America. The RINO Republicans want a Totalitarian Socialist America. The only difference is that the Communists were up front about it.

    1. Please don’t try to blame anyone other than Obama for what is happening in this nation. He doesn’t care what our laws say or what our elected representatives say. He does what he wants to do and somehow we’re not able to stop him. What choice do we now have but to secede from HIS nation?

      1. As sad as it is to say, you’re exactly right. We now have no legitimate media doinig the work necessary to uphold the freedom of press rights we used to enjoy. Those in government with the authority to challenge and question his policies, methods and legitimacy are nowhere to be found.

  2. We need to get the GOP lawmakers to repeat this mantra a hundred times a day: Reduce spending, cut taxes, reduce government, cut taxes. OK bonehead, repeat after me . . .

    1. We need to get these no-good s-o-b;s out! I live in CA where the Gov. is taxing all- and the stupid sheeple who live here vote for this c—. A lot of businesses are moving out – and this liberal controlled state just keep on taxing . We already had the CH 13 which saved us older residents –but the taxes are still going up. It is an insane way to govern. I really do not want to believe this is happening.

      1. If everyone who could/would…MOVE OUT OF STATE! I know this is a silly thought..but just think about it. If all the business is moving out of state..and most of the people go with them..then maybe..just maybe the state government would reverse its style of governing!

        1. Nah, they’ll just start begging the feds for money and the feds will probably give it to them. It’s a vicious circle.

        2. Do not be surprised if Obama bails out Illinois and California. They are not responsible for their actions, so we must give them our money. After all, they voted for him.

    2. I prefer blaming progressives that won’t protect our borders allowing anyone to enter our country and vote with all the dead democrats…

  3. We also don’t need most of EPA, simplify the tax code and we get rid of most of IRS, we also don’t need the department of energy. It will never happen, unfortunately.

    1. We also do not need HUD, Labor or Education. Probably others we don’t need but can’t think of them right now. Oh yeah, they way things are going, we don’t need Justice either.

      1. Well, before Obama, they used to award big grants almost exclusively to the oil, nuclear and related industries. It was virtually impossible for any other kind of (alternate energy) researcher to be heard. Most of the really good ideas have already been patented by individuals and long since expired. The best energy discoveries have been suppressed by the oil industry for over 100 years. They don’t want Americans to be so free without a tether, it undermines their repeat profits at the pump.

        1. Typical liberal nonsense! The Department of Energy shouldn’t be
          awarding grants, it should be abolished.
          Let the marketplace determine the allocation of capitol to new forms of
          energy. Do you have examples of energy
          discoveries being suppressed by the oil industry? More liberal myths! But liberals and other educated idiots only
          want to interfere in the marketplace, decide the winners and losers, then, when
          it always fails, point out the, “failure of capitalism.” And speak of profit at the pump, what is
          guvmints profit? And guvmint doesn’t do
          a damn thing but tax it, regulate it, and get in the way from the time it is taken
          out of the ground until I put it in my tank.

  4. The GOP wants to go after Medicare and SS benefits, according the WSJ. Republicans always go after the elderly first when they want to make cuts.

    1. There is a difference between “go after” and modify. The GOP recognizes that these two programs are unsustainable as they are presently administered. So they want to change them so that they do not bankrupt our country. Frankly, if we had gone the route of Chile twenty years ago, there would not be any problem with Social Security and people would actually be getting larger checks than they are under the present system, even after the 2008 crash. So, maybe it is time to take a look at them so that your children have a country to live in.

    2. Some who comment here are obviously Democrats. Our enemy is Obama. So his friends want to attack those who are opposed to him.

    3. That, aside from being diametrically opposite of what Conservatives are attempting to do, is an extremely myopic way to analyze anything!
      Social Security, left as it now stands (as the Progressives claim to believe) will exhaust all it’s funding by 2033! Would have lasted untill 2036 but Obama “gave us a tax cut of 2%” , actually he only reduced our premium payments into our OWN retirement fund!
      Medicare will also exhaust all it’s funding by 2017, again it would have survived untill 2024, untill Obama and the Progressives passed PPACA!
      If these programs are to have any chance to survive into the future, they must experience some modification!

  5. Actually. if you research the plans, there are several out there, while it is an increase in taxes, there are provisions that would reduce or eliminate the effect on the middle class. I have seem or heard of three separate proposals on the mortgage credit. One would modify based on your annual income, one on the value of the property, and the third on the size of the mortgage. So it would either be the more you made the lower the deduction, the more the house is valued at the lower your deduction, or the more you take out in a mortgage the lower your deduction. This would in fact increase some peoples taxes, however, not nearly as much as increasing the tax rate. The latter two you actually would have the ability to mitigate by purchasing less of a home or take out a smaller mortgage. The first, as it is based on income, could be argued to be a tax increase and I would not favor any move that would even appear to be a mandatory tax increase. The second and third, as they can be controlled by the tax payer, I would not oppose.

      1. Actually, it won’t get as far as Obama. The House already addressed the fiscal cliff and passed legislation several months ago. Unfortunately it is buried on Harry Reid’s desk and will never see the light of day. Unfortunately, the democrats think negotiation and compromise mean give us what we want or we will through a tantrum.

  6. There goes the $250K limit. Punishment for those who worked hard, saved money, invested it and risked it , purchased a home while doing without other goodies, is GREAT.
    welcome to the so called land of the free. Nothing FREE here, except for criminals, and moochers, two of whom are living in the BLACK HOUISE.

      1. No, not “Republicans” but “neo-con republicans” who also ignore their Constitutional oath of office.

      2. They haven’t folded yet Ray..but they are sure messing up the “pleets” in any priced suit!! Its time you Republicans hold your people’s feet to the fire!! As an independent..I’m screaming at them like hell!!

  7. I agree on the wasteful entitlements, but how many of you out there actually get to use the Itemized Deduction Schedule doing your income tax?

    1. The Congress is doing all it can to save us. But every law they pass and send on to the Senate is ignored by Reid and hence gets stopped there. So why are you angry with the ones trying to help us? That’s what Obama wants, of course. So you actually like Obama, it appears and don’t like his enemies.

      1. Ray you ae so correct! that is exactly what the media and co. will do to! it is going to be very hard for the republicans to come out of this unscathed, and to tell the truth, they do have a big part in all this mess we are all in, either from not doing the right thing is the past, or not having the $alls to do something about it in the first place, or, and this was W. biggest fault, going along to get along, when the democrats (rymes with rats) was playing him all along!

      2. Boehner is a RINO, he talks a good game, but does nothing. He bragged the House controls the “purse strings”. That means they could have de-funded Obama Care out of existence. ALL government departments could be de-funded too 2000 funding. Think how that would cut the debt. Neither party wants “less” government, that would they had less power. The Senate has not had a budget for the last 4yrs., so the House controls the money and how it is spent.

  8. I think we should ALL stop giving the thieves ANY money. They have already proven that they are not responsible enought to handle the job of fiscal soundness for the nation! Hell they don’t even know the definition!

  9. Obama is responsible if taxes are increased even beyond what Obamacare’s taxes do to us. How right is this writer that everyone (except Obama) knows that it’s not wise to increase taxes during recession/depression such as Obama has put us into.

  10. Let them play whatever games they want to with the tax code. It then is up to each one of us to learn how to avoid the taxes. Not Evade, that is against the law. But each one of us can AVOID some or all of our tax burden.
    It isn’t really hard, but you do need to become informed. And taking your taxes to a CPA or some tax prep business isn’t going to get you very far. You need to fill out your own 1040. There are several good online services that will walk you through each step and keep you within the law.
    To start with, if you work for wages, re-do your W-4 form and enter the number “9” in the space for dependants. Then no income taxes (or very little) will be deducted. Next find a “hobby”. We are on a couple of acres, so our hobby is the fruit orchard business. Everything we buy is a business expense. Our income taxes are zero. Get it?

  11. Democrats claimed they want to tax one particular segment of the economy and the Republicans say we should all bear the costs. Who is more fair?

  12. You mention “common sense” quite a bit in your article. The fact is, we all KNOW there isn’t a lick of common sense to be found in Washington.
    Common Sense says that you don’t charge up to the limit on your card, and then keep begging to have the limit increased over and over again, knowing full well you don’t have the money to pay it down or off.
    Us regular old dumb citizens can certainly grasp that common sense concept…but the really smart (sarcasm) people in Washington don’t have a clue.

    1. Actually it’s called testing the limits of a paradigm, your credit-card analogy is apt. When you examine it, you realize that artificial laws have allowed those companies to create regs that favor themselves and at the cost of customers; that’s called “capitalism,’ until customers learn to game that system and force new rules. Banking is another example. Common sense says “Conform! Go along to get along! It’s uncommon sense that forces an issue. Consider the yin & yang– two sides have the seed of the other.

  13. Congress, both houses are pretty much full of morons exceeded in idiocy only by the current occupant of the White House. How on earth did so great a country breed such a brood on inept nincompoops who have the delusions of being able to serve the country. Most can do nothing else but “serve” (A.K.A screw) the country. There are three types of Americans: producers, consumers, and government workers.

  14. Let Obama the lier drive the wagon over the cliff he should be impeached for not helping the people in Lybia, at least nobody was killed by the nixon breaking___GB

  15. If the gop cave on this i will change partys. I was thinking about it anyways with the gop going so mod and getting away form conservative. After mc cain i was thinking hard about it and when they pick the father of healthcare romney i saw its time to leave the rep. party If the cave in i will change for sure this time

    1. You are late in considering this now. The neo-cons have controlled the (former) republican party for decades. They are working toward a One World Government, just like the socialist/Marxist democrat party is. We get screwed by believing the campaign rhetoric while they operate under global billionaire control. I came to this late myself dropping these lying malfeasant for the party of reason. There is dissension among my party also, but overall they BELIEVE in the Constitution

    1. Zap toour deficit. You guys are so brilliant. Those czars are the cause of our economic ruin. And why give money to a fat, dumb, ugly gay gorilla. Too bad the Mittens couldnt seal tha election. What a bad deal for all those billionaires. So unfare. Let’s secede.

  16. What has been proposed, as I understand it, is reducing or capping deductions at say $50,000 NOT eliminating them. This should not hurt many if any low and middle income taxpayers. If tax RATES are also reduced to get revenue neutrality this would would get the economy moving again and be a big step in creating jobs.

  17. Why would this surprise any of us—-they are politicians—just had the election—those elected lied enough to win again—and now they will shaft “We the People”–becasue they know the people will forget their lying ways and re-elect them again and again.

  18. For those that think that Zerobama is right to “raise
    taxes on the rich” and that someway and somehow they will greatly benefit from
    it, should consider. If anything most of
    the so-called “rich” will escape it entirely.
    Schemes already in place protect them and there is no wealth tax in America
    (would require apportionment). The other
    categories of “the rich” like small businesses and the like will likely lay off
    personnel or raise prices (likely passing off the burden of the tax to you and
    me) or both in order stay in business.
    Either way, prices of goods and service will go up. So no matter what your station in life rich,
    poor, middle class or what have you, you are getting a tax or an effective tax
    increase. Suck on that, supporters of “The One.” You will suffer to. And the funny thing to me is, you will likely
    suffer deservedly more than most “the rich.”
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news to those who think that forcibly taking
    the property of others benefits them.

    1. Money is always right, is that your view? The wealthy pay far less taxes than they did back in the 60’s, but never stop griping. It’s their royalty ‘right.’ “Only the little people pay taxes.” (Leona Helmsley) But the Bible mocks the rich for being superficial and stingy. “From whom much has been given, much is expected.” Your characterization of taxes being theft is not Biblical, and that’s what makes you neo-Christians, at best.

      1. Money is always right? What kind of a question is that? Can money make any kind of a decision? You cannot see how (income) taxation is theft? I was taught that expropriating the property of others by force, when I had no just claim to it beforehand, was “theft.” If you have no claim to my property, how can you delegate that power to the guvmint? Guvmint’s function is to protect the individual against plunder by others, not participate in it. White it is true expecting more from others who have been blessed more, I wasn’t aware that it
        was inferred there that such action was to be enforced by the guvmint. If you are going to thump a Bible in front of me, hit yourself in the head with it first.
        Your argument may be a little more coherent.

  19. The problem is that you expect any of them to use “common sense”. Something that almost all politicians and especially progressives lack.

    1. Who is representing “We the People” ? It sure is not the ones Elected & sent to DC.

      Once they get there it is all about them and what they want and they forget who sent them in the first place.

  20. ” Anyone with a brain and common sense could easily slice out a trillion dollars or more from government spending”
    Well there goes that argument

  21. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the best fix is to vote them out office. If not, they’ll take all you’ve worked for. It’s coming and not enough people with backbone knows the difference. “I don’t want to get involved!” “We’re taught to never talk politics or religion!” We’ll you’ve been lied to. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  22. Do you have any idea how much you’ll save with no cell phones? Foreign aid, a mere nothi g in the budget. Force people to work. Ok create a covilian conservation corp. . Does that coat money…yea. There really aren’t enough minimum wage jobs to go arou d. Those with skill who are a little old, can’t get jobs. Do you ever add up all the miniiscule things you want to get rid of. Eliminate Homeland security and have no airport security so every nut case can gets onnthenplane can blow it up. Thanks. Why not just Eliminate waste and fraud”..the all time favorite”. Dept of education provides money for local school districts. Well home school. Stamp Out commie liberal public schools who teach gay ideas. Too bad old white geezers don’t run things instead of young intelligent black man. He’s not a Kenyan but still time for Sheriff Joe to have a press conference and give us the really, real evidence.

  23. Facts. 3% of the small businesses make over 250k after deductions. Many ofmthose are financial advisors, hedge dunds, etc. so where are all the job losses. The top 50 corporations paid no income tax last year. So where do you get 700,000 jobs. I would pay more taxes. I work for a coproation so I would buy maybe a tiny bit less stuff. 700k jobs. Yea sure.

  24. Mr. Downer and Stephen. At least there are two real thinkers on this blog (and more I’m sure), but, me thinks that the House controls the money so BHO can create all the EO’s he wants, but if funds are not appropriated….Paul Ryan has a long list of programs that can be cut to save raising ANY taxes. We all know that when a company gets in financial trouble they have a RIF (Reduction in Force), so lets just trim 10% from most departments and eliminate MANY others just like companies do. The IRS would be eliminated by a consumption tax, the EPA should be trimmed by more than 10% and 99% of its regulations suspended for 10 years.

  25. someone that see’s the light at last why are we giving all this money to help other countrys? and ilegal’s who put not one thing in this country but takle it out while our old and truly needy do with out. you are to take care of your old and needy we are not the UN real americans dont mind taking care of there on.

  26. All This Crap Gets Done Under The Table And In Closed Door Meetings, Then Both Parties Argue About It Too Cover Whose Is Really The Blame.Time To Sweep Them all Out Of Office, and Get Some Real Americans In Office For A Change. Cheers Semper Fi

  27. what is wrong with that;; every American “MUST HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME” REMEMBER THE CHIMP IN CHARGE saying that ??????????

  28. giacomo your like talking to the grand cayon. not a sole has heard ya.go left my man you will have some one that will liston like our congress men like our congressmen whom are left bound . no one listening an careing got us to where we are. i see no change comming.

  29. You are wrong, not all homeowners, only those with a mortgage. We own our home outright and couldn’t care a whit about the mortgage interest deduction.

  30. RINO idiots stepping on their crank again! Can there be any doubt that the GOP is dead? They have their heads so for up their rectums they can not see which way is forward.

  31. An easy way to solve our fiscal crisis:
    1.reduce the pay for congress at least 50% since they only work less than half a year.
    2.cut lifetime pensions and health care; let them use 401K’s, SS and medicare like the rest of us.
    3.simplify the tax code(fair tax or flat tax) eliminating the IRS.
    4.term limits for congress so they will listen to “we the people” instead of special interest groups. all entitlements and foreign aid in order to reduce or eliminate many of them.
    6.congress cannot vote for their own pay raise; must follow CPI guidlines.
    how can we get this done? certainly our politicos will not vote for this.

  32. For the record, I did not vote for Obama. But there
    comes a time when one needs to accept the will of the voters. This is
    democracy at work.

    The majority of the voters elected him. And if the
    voters want more taxes, give it to them. If the voters want more welfare, food
    stamps, wealth distribution, amnesty, give it to them.

    Until enough citizens feel the pain, they are not going to
    learn. I let my children make mistakes while they were growing up (as long as
    the mistakes were not life threatening) so they’ll learn. And they are better
    adults because they’ve made mistakes and have learned from their

    So, let the voters have their way. Hopefully, they
    will experience so much financial pain that they will learn a lesson. Yes, we
    are going to suffer along with them, and I am willing to pay the price. Yes,
    not everyone will learn the lesson, but enough people will and that is all we
    need. Romney lost the election by only 3.5 million votes. All we need is
    for 3.5+ millions to learn their lesson…that is not much.

    To think about it, it was the conservatives’ fault
    that got obama re-elected. There is a saying that “Never interfere with an
    enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself.” The
    conservatives interfered with obama and the democrats so much that
    it prevented them from sinking our country into
    the abyss. So the economy and the way of life did not suffer much under
    obama. If one did not suffer under obama, what’s the motivation to chance?
    Nothing. There is another saying that “Insanity is doing the same thing over
    and over and expecting a different result.” If the conservatives continue to
    interfere, nothing will change. I hope the conservatives learn this lesson.

    Let Obama and the democrats do everything they want. Vote “present” on
    all the bills. Voting present shows you are not in agreement, but you will not
    interfere. What are the conservatives afraid of? That obama might be right?
    If not, then let him sink this country. When that happens the citizens will
    finally wake up, and they may never elect another extreme liberal idea for a
    long time. But if the conservatives and the GOP stay the course, then they
    deserve to lose all coming elections.

  33. you can never get rid of an entitlement program , its like trying to get politicians to give back the tax money that they have stolen from the working man

  34. The airplane of the USA is on the last drops of fuel in it’s tanks, as the ‘pilots’ squabble over the controls. No matter who ‘wins’ the plane still comes in with the wheels up, for a crash landing, as the socialist navigator has planned all along. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be nasty.
    Prepare while you can.

    Google: Surviving Urban Crisis.

  35. If the GOP compromises and raises any taxes they will be the GWW party “Gone With the Wind” party. They will have no hope of winning anything. Boehner and all the other Rhinos HAVE to go and soon.

  36. The republic rats are all the same It’s us against them, as it always has been. Both claim to stand for the middle class, but both are intent on destroying it. Your “choice” is fascism or socialism with any hope of liberty being soundly crushed by the media with the condemnation of people like Ron Paul. The Hegelian Dialectic is in full force.

  37. It was already intended for us to be thrown under the bus…
    This is a crock of Shisa…
    It’s Typical Political Good Cop/Bad Cop BS…
    There Is No Party For The People…
    We Are Done!!!
    They are so far up eachothers arses, the darkness can no longer see our real world…

  38. Elimination or reduction of the mortgage tax deduction will affect the rich and the super rich more than the “middle class.” Why? Because the rich and super rich have larger mortgages and hence pay more interest. That gives them a larger deduction, right?

    As to the Republicans and the fiscal cliff, why not continue to insist on no change in the nominal tax rates, but slap those making more than $500K from any source with a $20,000 payment in addition to what they owe in taxes? Call that payment what you will, but this tactic puts a proposal on the table. When the Democrats refuse to accept it, the Republicans can ask for a counter proposal. The main thing is to make the Democrats responsible for going over the cliff if that cannot be avoided, right? Senator McConnell needs more ammunition with which to take his shots at Harry Reid. Isn’t the aim to make everyone see Senator Reid as the obstructionist he is?

    In addition, have the Republicans specified and justified any spending cuts they advocate? If not, why not? How can they ask the Democrats for a counter proposal without offering their own?

    Why let President Obama get away with his smart-a$$ remark about not needing as many ships now as we had at the beginning of the XX century? Put Mr Carney on the spot by asking how the US plans to pay serious attention to the Pacific rim and have ships available for Hormuz, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean with so few ships. Question Mr Obama on the same issue when the opportunity arises.

  39. Try some intellectual honesty for a change — the limiting of mortgage deductions won’t affect “All Homeowners” as you claim in your “headline”, but only homeowners who are affluent enough to have mortgages large enough to hit the limit. When you put caps or limits on deductions, it only affects the people who have LARGE deductions. You should know, by the way, that plenty of deductions are already limited by income, rather than by deduction size, so that if your adjusted gross income is over a certain amount those deductions are reduced. And the notion of reducing rates while broadening the base — that is, reducing loopholes and deductions to make more income subject to these lower rates — has been the mainstay of Republican tax policy for several decades now. It was in fact the basis of the Reagan tax cuts in the 1980s. Personally, I think that expenses not associated with earning income (i.e., not work or investment expenses) should all be non-deductible except for charitable donations. Why? Because it isn’t the governments place to be encouraging or discouraging certain kinds of spending if that spending is ALREADY in the interest of the people (e.g., you want to own your own home — why subsidize this?). The reason charitable donations is the one different thing is that this is an expense the government should want to encourage, but which is NOT already in your personal interest, so it deserves an incentive.

  40. I agree with almost everybody here. Our Country is in deep trouble. I believe that with every problem, there has to be a solution. There has to be a way to stop the country from going broke and our losing our freedom. We should seriously think of ways to put a stop to it. Obama talked his way into office! Somehow their has to be a way to get him out and not four years from now. Among the many millions of Americans who understand and believe in Conservatism, surely somebody can come up with a Solution.Ignorance and lies got him in office and we need brains to get him out. Think about it!

  41. One of the few main reasons of the creation of American government was to protect private property. Americans were never supposed to pay property tax, or, income tax. What happened?!

  42. If they place the debt on the middle class instead of the wealthy, they will have to be voted out in two years. It is amazing what greed will do.

  43. Remember the 16 th amendment was never really ratified by 2/3 vote, it passed dec 23, 11:32 pm, 62 % of congress was on vacation. THERE IS NO LAW TO EVEN FILE INCOME TAX, ONCE YOU DO, YOU AGREE TO ENTER INTO AN AGREEMENT TO PAY, IF YOU DO NOT FILE NO LAW WAS EVER BROKEN.


  45. They are all liers and who cares about the rich they rich but us poor suckers have to pay for them to take our jobs to other countries instead of the Government considering reducing Captial gains tax to 15% yes 15% and increase Foriegn Invest by 40% and quickly they will return by the hundred which will give us a fiscal balance. To make matters better how about we level the playing fields and tax all import goods from China India and the Rest who Vote 80% against us in the UN by 20% and all our export by 0% for 10 years. What about the Government just paying all our house notes off can you imagine the growth?….

  46. The GOP needs to wake up and realize that in compromising with the Democrats they, and all of us, will lose. Capitalism and Socialism are inimical to each other. Socialism and The Constitution are enemies.

    Obama and the USA are in opposition; he wants to destroy it! They GOP and the Country will ALWAYS lose if they play ball with Obama and the Democrats.

    Republicans should (must) do what is best for the USA and its citizens and not worry about the Main Stream Media. The GOP will always get a ‘Raw Deal’ from them no matter what they do.

    Spending cuts must be demanded, not more taxes!

    Waste must be rooted out.

    We get nothing for our foreign aid so let’s put an end to it.

    Stop the EPA from sabotaging our development of natural resources. Free up energy production that is real. This will generate more tax revenue and create more jobs and prosperity.

    There is no need for new taxes. Make the levels we have now permanent until true tax reform can be implemented.

    Leave mortgage and charitable deductions ALONE! If the GOP approves doing away with these they will see real backlash!

    All the B.S. in Washington needs to stop!

    “Obama” is “the What” that needs to be reined-in.

    OH yes, let’s get out of the UN. This will save Billions of $ over time.

  47. As a test, let the so called Bush tax cuts expire for six months at a time to set the record straight on how well it helps or hurts the American economy. That is as long as the Socialist Liberal Democrats do not cook the books, print more fake dollars, or use their Socialist Liberal news medias to spread more propaganda to try and fool the American People into believing what is not true in order to complete obama’s change of total Socialist Government control of the American People.

  48. On the pre-tends that we can’t tax the wealthy because they are the ones who employ Americans, but there are wealthy folks out there that do not employ enough people to make much of a differance, then there are the wealthy that do. So what is so hard to come up with a tax on the wealthy that do not employ enough to make a diff. and give the wealthy the tax breaks that are need to employ? That and have a tax structure to tax those that work very little , and make millions and millions on other peoples $$$ just by sitting down and making the $$$ work! and those who work not even a whole yr. and make crazy $$ (sports figures) and entertainment folks, (like the kid on 2 1/2 men, who makes $330,000/episode? and work for a few mo., makes millions of $$$ doing nothing but acting! or singing, or play golf, baseball, football (allthough those guys do get beat up). Come on! there has to be a way of taxing the folks that make $$ the easy way? or at least easyer thatn the reg guy that punches a clock, and needs 70-90% of their income just to have a rood over their heads and health insurance! look at what they take from some poor smuck that wins the lottery! they are lucky to walk away with 50-60%!! anything over a certain amount, like even the $250,000 the gov says you are rich. I have no love for the tax man, but come on! someone got us into this mess, and someone has to do something about it, or the generations not even born will have to pay for the misstakes of a few greedy P’s OS! and the folks that are in gov. should NOT collect anything if the Country is in financial trouble, if there is no balanced books, no pay from the TOP-DOWN! after all they are the ones that got us here, who have the most, and the folks with the most $$$, not mostly income but $$$$ that could be considered diposable, not needed to live on, but the filthy rich, should have to fork it over, then you cn bet the powers that be will toe the line! and get the Country in good shape!

  49. The middle class is always the target. Never believe the lies of ‘tax the rich’ because that was the argument used to get the income tax in the first place which was suppose to be a ‘ luxury tax’ that would never go up, and never be placed on the ‘ordinary’ citizen. Lies, lies and more lies. If you are a middle-class working family that does not receive ‘welfare’, LOOK OUT, they are coming for you!

  50. And eliminate lifetime health and pension benefits for elected officials …they’re not supposed to be careers. And ex presidents don’t need lifetime secret service protection. Children born here of illegal parents shouldn’t be given citizenship.that’ s how they get so.many welfare benefits.eliminate that and they wouldn’t bother having all the children here.

  51. If they do that it’ll be goodbye to their jobs next election. Conservative Americans aren’t sending these people to Congress to raise taxes but to cut spending. When will those idiots realize that? Read our lips, CUT THE SPENDING!

  52. What do you mean… increasing revenue “isn’t the problem?” After exporting a good portion of America’s industrial base via globalism, revenue is a BIG problem! …just asked the millions of unemployed Americans! You ‘puglicans make me sick, you want to blame Americans for everything, never the globalist traitors who stole our livelihoods, and then sanctimoniously tell US what good Christians you are. No wonder you lost the election.

  53. The U.S.A. is in deadly peril. Our enemies are now in control of the government. That’s why some are now thinking the only solution to our problems is to secede and let the liberals run a smaller U.S.A. while patriots aim at restoring a land of liberty apart from the winners of this latest election. When Obama can get away with murder, as he is doing so far with the Benghazi four, what hope have we who seek justice in this nation?

  54. So the author is OK with the administration taking a no negotiation position???? It is the liberal plan to raise taxes on all brackets until they have taken all of the wealth this country has produced. Get ready for earned income rates on investments. The exodus will be astounding

  55. Why doesn’t Boehnner just join the Democratic party? Stopping tax deductions will severely hurt the lower income citizens.

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