Guns Across America Rally Saturday at YOUR State Capitol Building

If you are enraged and incensed as much as the rest of the other millions of gun owners over President Barack Obama’s attack on our Second Amendment rights, then please take action this Saturday.

Guns Across America is urging every gun owner to converge on their state capitol building this Saturday at noon and bring a pro-gun or pro-Second Amendment sign with you.

Eric Reed, founder and national coordinator for Guns Across America told WND:

“I was trying to figure out why people weren’t being more proactive about this.  Then I realized I’m part of the problem. It takes somebody to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to accept this. We’re against it.’

“We want Americans who feel the same way to come out. We want to stand up, be united and get our point across.”

So far, they report that there will be rallies held at the capitol buildings in at least 47 states and they want you to join them at your state capitol building on Saturday at 12 noon and make your voice heard.  Americans need to start standing up against the tyranny of our government in the same way the colonists stood up to the tyranny of the British crown nearly 240 years ago.

If we lose the Second Amendment, the First Amendment will be next and you won’t have a voice to be heard.  I don’t care what your plans were, please make this a priority.  Get your friends and family to join you and show your support for the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.  Our freedoms are in your hands, don’t drop them!

133 thoughts on “Guns Across America Rally Saturday at YOUR State Capitol Building

        1. Wisconsin,is on the list of the 47 states,most are holding their around the state capital but you need to find out

  1. i cant be there tomarrow so, please the people who can go, hope you are there as one constitution goes, they all will. they will pick apart the hold constitution apart. for thouse who dont like the second amentment , this will be the first , how about the first one that gives you the rightspeek up or how about them saying where you can go, maybe the right to vote, or healthy care. or what every, it all stares here. if you dont SPEEK UP HOW FAR WILL OBAMA AND BIDEN TAKE IT. ACK NOW FOR TOMARROW YOU MAY NOT HAVE A VOICE. THINK ABOUT THAT.

  2. All U.S. states are participating (except for the seven states which only Obama knows about). Be there, or be willing to forfeit your second ammendment rights. As Thomas Jefferson said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    1. I don’t have a weapon of war.

      I have a semi auto.

      Say, when did you turn in your brain? Before or after you sold your soul?

    2. It’s not the legal gun owners that are murdering our children. WAKE UP!!! Why doesn’t the person in the wh want security at all schools. Because he’s a hypocrite!

    3. This would also be a good day for you (samtman) to get hit by a MACK TRUCK. That too would save lives by getting you off the road and out of society you moron.


    1. obuma don’t really give a rats rectum about any children or anybody else,
      The only children he cares about is the two nappy headed pick-a-ninnys in the white

      1. I’m as fed up as you are, but the kind of rhetoric you are using only serves to make ALL of us look like race mongering buffoons.

        1. If you oppose anything Obama does, they are going to call you a racist. Anymore, I don’t care…call me whatever you want, but I am 100% against anything Obama has done or plans to do!

        2. the words we speak amout to nothing. going the race route just lowers us to their level. an they will beat us with experence.


    2. sorry saving children is not on his mind an to tell a godless man to fear god is like pouring gas on a fire.. he wants power absalute. nothing going to stop him but US

        1. Vickie, with God, all things are possible, but he also says ‘ we must help ourselves…start helping. I have been shouting on these boards from the first term, long ago. No I didn’t vote for him, but quite a lot of people on here did. Stayed home from work today, was at the Va. Capital…

        2. What you need to do is start yelling at them on THEIR boards. Call them out in their own den – I do it all the time. Post on YouTube – correct them at every turn. Face off with them daily – but whatever you do, make sure you spell check – they go off on some kindergarten tangent about how you typed someting wrong and then the entire conversation gets distracted. Just ignore the 5 year old comments and continue stickin ’em with the truth and facts. It toally pisses them off and for those not quite all the way brain washed – you just may make some sense to them before they are lost to the progressive agenda.

  4. Man, Why did I get the flue at this time? if I didn’t have the flue, i would be in Austin Texas so way tomorrow it would turn your head around twice. i will be with all of you that go, and remember, We can get out from the Union, and would lay money on several Southern States that would go out also with us. Pray that God helps us all and put him back i nour Schools teaching also. Cowboy:

    1. I fly my Texas flag upside down as a sign of distress. I want out of the union as well. The feds have been going too far for DECADES!

  5. I’m 73 and health won’t let me be there but you have my heart and spirit there and a GREAT BIG HEART FELT THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAN BE. lets protect our rights as Americans!!!!

      1. I’m 67 years old , have Diabetes and have trouble walking too , BUT – BY GOD I WILL be there — IF I HAVE TO CRAWL !!!!!!!!!

        1. crawl buck cause we all have got to be present at this one. can not express enought this one must be won for liberty freedom an persuite of happyness.. whitch you will never realize under the marixs hell of obama.

      2. Pray for our safety. My husband and I have never gone to a rally. We hope it will be a peaceful gathering, but liberals have never been known for being peaceful.

        1. sorry they brought this to us . we did not ask for this. but talking is nearing an end. .their can be no peace with obamas idea of marixs an commism only heeling will be aloud under his plan

    1. i’m 70 can see a still pull the triger.i will stand till i go down an my barrel will be hot. .to retreat from this we can’t the threat has been give an we cannot aford to fumbel he knows some of us will not kneel but does not know how many for sure will stand an be counted.not many at first but in the end more than you can count. an old glory will be proud.once again

  6. I want so bad to be there, however, I can only represent at Gun Shop appreciation locally.

    I will be polishing some fine “assaulty” weapons later that day, bet on it!

  7. And be sure to tell them (multiple times)

    ~300 MILLION Americans did not shoot anyone. Ever.
    We are TIRED of being punished for the actions of a few.

    1. They still need to answer for Fast & Furious & Libya! And what about all the $$$ and weapons & planes going to the Muslim Brotherhood!!! NO THAT is violence! BO has is backwards…but he is one of them!

  8. I see the lines to buy guns and ammunition and my question to all of these people is did you vote in the last Presidential election. If they would have bothered to vote in these numbers maybe we would not be in this mess with our rights being taken away from us.

    1. Have you looked at the post from dems. shouting about the gun control. Even saying (a few will admit it) I voted for him. Too late now, but not for the next election. Get that opuke out of there, before we are OUT!

      1. Glad you stopped drinking the kool-aide, and starting investigating yourself as to what the …. was really going on! Thanx for your support, we need all Americans standing up for our freedoms!

    2. I have heard that when some of them voted for Romney, the machine changed it to obama… it was mostly voter fraud! I believe it was the same from the ’08 election as well, but no one caught that one!

  9. My problem with this is that it sounds more like a liberal demonstation. Gun owners tend to be independent self-reliant types, not the get together with signs types.

    1. Naturally the Left & the MSM will be reporting this as MOBS!! But to sit by & let this dictator think he can mess with our rights has got to STOP!

    2. We have to start some where. I don’t have any signs made up. My husband and I have never gone to a rally. We’re gray haired old people. Hope we’ll be alright.

        1. You have inspired me. I pray for everyone’s safety tomorrow at all the rallies. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder. One way or another we will make a statement with our presence.

        2. Prayer changes things…..don’t forget Sun 20th….Mike Huckabee wants all of us to join him for a Day of Prayer online…..then of course the swearing in of the o on the next day….obummer!

    3. The tea party took a stand… should you….don’t ever let the commies take over your right to peaceful demonstrations!

  10. AMERICA:
    WE MUST remember, we are NOT cowards to be afraid of executive orders which are unconstitutional from an “ILLEGAL, INELIGIBLE, IMPOSTOR PRESIDENT”, AMERICA was not founded by traitors and haters of this beloved country. We MUST protect, preserve and defend our Constitution and our people from invaders and destroyers of our country. The Obs and his minions DO NOT CARE about America, because they do not LOVE THIS COUNTRY and they do not belong here. So, they want to destroy this and make this their own and make US THEIR SLAVES, because Obmmmmm said “REVENGE” is their answer to us who are against him..NOW, WE HAVE THE CHANCE TO SEND him out to where he belong. We MUST demand for his resignation, because his father was born in Kenya and he himself claimed he was also born in Kenya…

  11. This was my 2 cents today towards this issue:

    To all Florida Counties Sheriffs:
    Dear Sheriffs, I am spending this time
    to make my voice heard, just like that of most of those Floridians that I talk
    to, we oppose any further gun control measures, gun control is not going to
    deter further incidents as the one in the ct. school, but gun zones will, the
    23 executive orders that our Muslim president wants to shove down our throats
    are infringements of our constitutional rights, disarming law abiding citizens
    only complicates the issue, and those orders are not to protect any children
    because none of them would have prevented the school shooting, those orders are
    just to disarm the people, using the tragedy as an excuse to push their
    communist tyrannical agenda, we will not become subjects, we want to and must remain

    I strongly advise you to make your voices heard loud and
    clear, to object and reject any of those orders or any further gun control
    laws in our state, we have enough of them already, we must keep our right to
    shoot anyone that threatens our safety and liberties as many times as

    the lead and example of other Sheriffs and Governors throughout our
    Nation, stand by, and protect Our Constitution just as you were sworn to

  12. I will be in Hartford, tomorrow. A few words of advise: 1) Don’t fall into any traps. There will be those there who will try to instigate violence. 2) Don’t try to answer questions from the press about owning rocket launchers; these are set up questions designed to distract from the issue and make us look foolish. 3) DO NOT bring a gun to the rally, even if your state laws allow it! 4) Dress in your best clothes. Don’t wear camo or hunting attire. 5) No matter what, remain soft spoken. Do not use profanity. Again, they will try to bait you into an angry outburst that can be posted on youtube or shown on the evening news. 5) Take a video camera if you have one or be ready to record with your cell phone any acts of violence or provocation towards our fellows.

      1. Don’t leave any messes…..clean up after yourselves….we need to set an example of how a real protest is supposed to be… respectful of each other!

        1. The MSM will do anything that obutthead says…..make us to look like psychopaths, etc…….anything for obutthead!

    1. I was at the second amendment rally today at the capitol. Believe it
      or not, but it is lawful to carry a gun, open or concealed on the
      grounds! I saw one man with a firearm on his hip. The state police
      were there of course, that is there job for any such event. There did
      not seem to be an inordinate number of troopers and they pretty much
      just hung out and chatted amounts themselves.

      Of all the rallies I have been to, tea party, tax day, 2nd Amnd.,
      this one was the most passionate. There was (likely) a sign up sheet
      for those who wanted to speak. Everyone I heard, spoke with knowledge
      of the Constitution and the facts of things and articulated their
      thoughts well.

      I’m sure there will be videos posted of the event, soon. One of our
      Tea Party activists is “Palin Smith”, records and posts this sort of
      thing. Google Palin Smith YouTube videos.

      Of course there was absolutely no disorder. Surprisingly, there were
      no planted instigators in the crowd. And, the media seemed
      conspicuously absent.

      I will add, too, that many people brought there children, at least one
      in a stroller. There was the occasional dog on a leash. With well over 1,000 people in attendance, it was, a crowd not much different in demeanor from the crowd that attends the summer jazz concerts in the park, below.

    1. Go anyway… what if these states aren’t participating, your showing up and protesting tells them that you are standing for your God-given rights and freedoms!

      1. I saw that on another message board but the discussion on other boards are still going on. Could be someone trying to fool people into not going and posting bad info. Hope I did not contribute to it. Have a terrific day – Stay safe.

  13. Seular Humanism according to Karl Marx and the Humanist Manfesto 1 & 2 is the basis for all Marxism. The following people people believed in Secular Humanism, Stalin,Mao, Hitler, Castro, Chevaz , and Obama’s mother. Obama said in his book Dreams of My Father,” That his mother stood out in the community as a Secular Humanist. Download Humanist Manifesto 1 & 2 and you will see they also believe in abortion,euthanasia, ( Obamacare) etc.
    At the last Prayer Breakfast Obama talked about how great Humanist values were.

  14. Nixon committed a crime as President and was thrown out of office, so that means we must outlaw the office of President.. I’d be for that

  15. One thing that will stop the current rampage of killings is to stop publicizing the killers name, home town and family history. Most of these killers commit suicide or allow themselves to be killed because that is what their whole plan was about. SUICIDE! Most places don’t publicize the name of a person who commits suicide. But to commit suicide by commiting mass murder you become FAMOUS! The media AND the government give them notoriety and they will be remembered far longer than the names of the victims! Books may even be written about them. And this is what they WANT!
    The name, home town and family history is better left to the confidence of the police and investigators into why they did the crime/commited suicide. The public doesn’t need to know this information. Also, prosecute anybody who publicizes the name(s), home town or family history on facebook, email, any form of communication media (including the news media) or books to the public. Let them die unknown except to their family and law enforcement.
    That will do more than any additional form of gun control that we have signed into law by Congress, Executive Order or any new legislation since New Year’s day 2013 or in the future.
    But, as much as this will work, the government is more intent on getting your guns (all of them). This is a crisis “to good to be passed up” and the democrats are pushing it as far as they can. It isn’t about stopping the killing of children or anyone else, it is all about gun control. It is all about your future freedom!!!!

  16. I’ll be there. The 2nd ammendment rally starts at noon and the pro-life rally follows at 1pm.
    Monday Obama Care and State run exchanges is up for debate. If this keeps up I may turn into an occupier.

  17. Even if legal do NOT go armed!!!The libs are salivating at an incident or even a “scary” NRA member appearing. Remember how there were NO racist signs or shirts or funny hats till all of a sudden they appeared at TEA Party rallies and the media “just happened” to zoom in on them in a crowd of thousands? They were PLANTS.

    Get ready for some nimrod to show up in an NRA cap wearing a shirt with Obama painted like the Joker waving a starter’s pistol or prop gun and the media to “just find” him.

    Ray from Bloombergia
    NRA Life
    Soli Deo Gloria!!!

    1. Yeah, because only liberal plants wear offensive shirts right?? No tea partier or gun nut would wear such clothing because they are such “responsible, God-fearing, moral Americans right???

      1. YUP! you do remember those “occupy wall streeters” don’t ya? Not a conservative or Constitutionalist was in that group of miscreants….No permits gotten, private property trashed, drugs, rape, public defecation/urination. Tea Party activites: permits applied and paid for, cleanup crews after the events, porta-potties, civil behavior, no private property damage, American flags being waved everywhere. I could go on and on…oh and let’s not forget those nice liberal union folk who trashed tents filled with people underneath, beat up reporters, destroyed a hot dog vendor’s sole source of income. Yup, I’ll take those right wing conservatives as true representatives of what America really means, every day of the week!

      2. I am sorry nola but you are a no brain dum ass . why dont you shut your filthy mouth calling us americans ‘ gun nuts ‘ . You dont like guns why dont you take your happy ass over to china and see how you like communism . I cant understand why a sheeple like yourself is even on this website

  18. Keep in mind the NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights) and RMGO (Rocky Mountain Gun Owners). Both are very fine organizations that stand behind our 2nd Amendment rights!
    I’ll be at the Denver Capital building on Saturday!

  19. I will be camping with my Boy Scout troop at an historic fort. The Scouts will be assisting with firing the cannons. I hope that counts!

  20. we the people,who are the real government.yep i,ll be there.port authority new york, trailways bus,round trip 45.00 new york to albany.god bless we the the people, screw ovomit/satan and his un american treasonous vile pile of feces{ovomits adminstration

  21. “Do you own an AR? Yes? Then shut up already. You have your precious gun and NOBODY is taking it from you.
    Don’t have one? Too bad. You should’ve bought one when you had the chance. If you didn’t buy one then you obviously didn’t feel the NEED to own one.

    There are still HUNDREDS of kinds of guns you can buy to validate yourself. You gun nuts are like f*cking kids. Give you a roomful of toys and tell you you can play with all of them except this 1 and you’ll scream & cry because you can’t have the only one not allowed. Even if its a toy you don’t really want or need…”

    1. Your depth of understanding what is really happening in this country and our freedoms is sadly lacking…but don’t worry, there are many of us who do understand and we will work hard to protect our constitutional rights and even yours as well!

    2. we are against the assault weapons ban not because we ‘ cant have the only one allowed ‘ but because it is INFRINGING UPON OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS . Once they start the infringement it will not stop . try to wrap your head around that one

  22. Those in Maryland should especially try to make it. The Governor plans to push through a bill that closely matches what Obama asked for.

  23. Alas, I have to work. Wish I had a button that said, “I’d be at the ‘Guns Across Rally, but I need to work to buy more ammo…and pay bills.”

  24. I really want to go .I know the importance .. but the closest state capitol building to where I live is a state away . And I have work . My heart will be there . .And though I cannot make it , I am always ready to put my life on the line if they try and take our guns . Hopefully we stop the tyranny before civil war begins , but I am ready for the revolution .

  25. here, those who cant go to Phoenix will protest outside gunshops. Since there are a loy of shops–expect more than a few gun owners to appear.

  26. This white house could care less what Americans think ! He believes he is GOD .

    Until the shooting starts he will not see that Americans like their freedoms. The politicians in Washington Could not care less until they are looking down the barrel of a gun.

  27. Logic: who would want to disarm America? Russia? China? Angry Muslims sick of our gross immorality and ungodly way? People who feel oppressed by people of another race? Government that wants to push its agenda against Constitution with no opposition? Criminals attacking without fear? Would you put a sign on your lawn, Gun Free Zone? D&C 98, 101:77-80 shows God as saying our Constitution is our protection; don’t let them change it. We can find God’s protection only reading God’s word.

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