Harvard Instructor Creates Uproar for Anti-terrorist Article

Subramanian Swamy, a summer school economics instructor at Harvard recently wrote an article about the July 13 Muslim terrorist bombing in Mumbai, India, his homeland. The title of the article was: How to Wipe Out Islamic Terror.

In his article, Swamy wrote that Muslims in India:

“Are being programmed by a slow reactive process to become radical and thus slide into suicide against Hindus. We need a collective mindset as Hindus to stand against the Islamic terrorist.”

As a result of Swamy’s article which was only published in India, more than 200 people have signed a petition demanding that Harvard immediately terminate him.

Once again we see the intolerance for criticism of other religions, especially Islam while no one seems to care when Christianity is not only criticized, but rebuked and trampled upon by the same academic community. In colleges, high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools across the nation, teachers can open make statements to their students telling them the Bible is nothing more than a fairy tale and that Christianity promotes ignorance and anti-science, while at the same time they are not allowed to defame Islam or Allah.

Where are the petitions when a teacher announces to their class that Christianity is nothing more than an ignorant superstition or when a bus driver calls a student a stupid little bigot when she expresses her Christian views on morality to another student on the bus?

Fortunately, at the moment Harvard University says that it is not investigating the matter nor does it plan on taking any action against Swamy for his anti-terrorist views. However the incident is another case of the growing defense of Islam and it’s intolerance of all other religions in our nation.

12 thoughts on “Harvard Instructor Creates Uproar for Anti-terrorist Article

  1. As a college professor, I can state that there is growing intolerance for anything less than politically correct, anti-religious fervor – provided negative towards Christianity or Judaism. To oppose this trend brings quick condemnation from many quarters..

    1. pecospedro: that is because intimidation works. Stand up, speak up, be brave. I work in higher euation for 41 yrs and it has been infiltrated by lame minded left over tree huggy still wannabe liberals from 1960. Their dream — our nightmare.
      Watch for the college president too — often another infiltrator not a leader.

  2. The article states, "However, the incident is another case of the growing defense of Islam and its intolerance of all other religions in our nation." Yes, it is yet another example of this reverse discrimination. Our country (USA) showed its gullibility to propaganda when it elected Obama, mistaking skill at manipulating thought for actual leadership skill. More are seeing that this emperor has no clothes, but we are still surrounded by politically correct nonsense that muffles straight talk about many issues, one of which results in our current administration refusing to lay the Fort Hood slaughter at the feet of radical Islam while shutting down expression of Christian beliefs in legitimate forums. Harvard has bowed to political correctness on many fronts, and many of its faculty are left-wing ideologues (okay) who infuse their views into the classroom (not okay). So I have rarely had good things to say about Harvard lately. I do today. That Harvard is, at least for now, refusing to take the bait in the ridiculous call to "punish" this man — good for Harvard.

    1. I agree, as one who has and will continue to be against just about everything Harvaaaaaaaard stands for. However, Subramanian Swamy spoke the absolute truth and, at this time it appears, Harvaaaaaaard will leave him alone. Don't hold your breath because all kinds of things can happen absent the light of day. Harvaaaaard has been completely taken over by the perverted socialist communist left. If he is still with Harvaaaaaard 2 years from now, at time I will pat Harvaaaaaaaard on the back.
      We need his message spread across America and we need to stop this SATANIC POLITICAL CORRECTNESS policy.

    2. Good for you, Deborah! As a Christian scholar, I have done a ton of research in the area of Islam, Muhammad and the Crusades.. Knowing what I do about Muhammad, the Saracen and their Hashishim or Assassin Warriors, I am convinced that Muhammad was not only a sicko nut-job mass murderer, he was also a hasish (marijuana) junkie. He says he got his "revelations" from the angel Gabriel, but the Bible says that Satan can appear as an angel of light. I personally believe that Muhammad was in his cave smashed from smoking hashish when the Devil appeared and said "Hey, I'm the angel Gabriel" and Muhammad said "Hey, man, way cool!! Lay it on me Gabe, baby!" And the Devil did! And just read that wonderful book of murder and mayhem they call the Quran. Of course, this also means that Allah is actually the Devil himself–which certainly befits the witness of the Quran

      1. " Knowing what I know of Muhammad ,the Saracen and their Hashishim or Assassin worriors, I am convinced that muhammad was not only a sicko nut-job mass murderer …." You are right in what you are saying. To know more ,see http://www.faithfreedom.org and http://www.islam-watch.org
        This is from Qurab Sura 2:193 " Fight against them[infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme " And that is what muslims want to achieve the world over. also see http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254

  3. Fundamentally, universities are not rational. I speak as a professor in math and science. They train the next generation to be irrational. See the new book Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living. Rational thinking starts with clearly stated principles, continues with logical deductions, and then examines empirical evidence to possibly modify the principles. We must fight irrationality with zero tolerance!

    1. When Universities are no longer given autonomy, and academic freedom, they simply become a political tool for the indoctrination of the young minds who will within a few years join the professional work force on average. You and i learned rational thinking at the University level, but so much "inexact" science has developed their paradigms people are getting confused about what "science" in one global notion concludes. There's even un-measurable notions of "intelligence" and later "emotional intelligence", as an example. Universities have to be able to monitor themselves and test for rationality in many issues, or they can fall prey to political activists from within, destroying each universities academic prestige. Critical comment, yours. Thanks.

  4. If Aristotle could walk among the administration and faculty at Harvard for a time I'm sure he would declare the place free of logic.

  5. Yes, rationality presupposes the existence of objective truth, and that in a nut shell is the arch-enemy of political correctness! For years we have been told that the emporers cloths are beautiful….over and over again….but only people who see "with" their eyes believe that line. Those who see "through" their eyes just cannot be convinced

  6. When you have a corrupt government that's been subdued by the progressive socialists and a president that many believe may not even be eligible to be our president, and when you have a Dept. of Justice (an oxymoron BTW) headed up by Eric Holder who cannot and will not prosecute NBPP members for voter intimidation and impeding the investigation into "Operation Gunwalker", then you have nothing bu a bunch of criminals running the show. Even under Bush, you'll notice that the Patriot Act was already primed and ready to go, right after 9/11. I guess they looked into their crystal ball and knew something was brewing on the horizon. The more terrorism there is, the more of your rights as citizens, goes away.

    Terrorism is the perfect ploy for Big Government — they go together hand in glove. The more terrorism and fear there is, the more laws Congress will pass to 'protect' you all the while taking more and more of your freedoms away. I see the game and it's not a pretty picture. Corrupt government officials are themselves, terrorists! We see our economy going down the tubes, Congress' approval numbers at an all time low. It's no wonder the American people do not trust their govt. anymore. There's nobody left in govt. to investigate anything. The criminals are in charge and they're coming after you. As FDR once said, "Nothing happens by accident in politics." So true, so true!

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