Hawaiian Birth Certificates Sold to Foreigners At Time Of Obama Birth

As the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility heats up, at least in Arizona and Florida, more information is being revealed from Maricopa County’s Cold Case Posse investigation and there’s more to come.

Last year, the Cold Case Posse launched an investigation into Obama’s eligibility at the request of a number of Tea Party members who are registered voters in Maricopa County.  What many people may not realize is that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse is an all-volunteer organization and as such, the investigation they are involved in is not costing the Sheriff’s Department or taxpayers anything.  They raise their own funds through various donors and fundraising events.

Mike Zullo, the lead investigator is a retired detective from New Jersey.  Recently, Zullo was interviewed by Mark Gillar, the host of Tea Party Power Hour where he revealed more damaging information about Obama’s birth records.  To begin with, he and his investigators have discovered overwhelming evidence of the wide spread practice of foreigners coming to Hawaii and purchasing birth certificates for their children born in their own country.

During the time of Obama’s birth in 1961, many Japanese nationals applied for ‘unattended’ birth certificates for their own foreign children.  They did this so as to make their children US citizens and entitled them to the privileges of citizenship.  At the time of Hawaii’s statehood in 1959, Japan was still trying to rebuild itself from the financial and industrial devastation of World War II.  As a new state, Hawaii needed revenue and one way they found to generate some revenue was to offer unattended birth certificates for a price.

Once the birth certificate was filled out and turned in to state officials, it automatically generated a small announcement in the local newspaper.  This is significant because some people and news agencies such as CNN and Wolf Blitzer have pointed to the newspaper announcement of the Obama birth.  They say that there could not have been a presidential conspiracy then.  However, as Zullo points out, the Obama birth announcement did not give any details of the birth like so most other announcements of births in local hospitals, but appears as just a couple of lines of basic info like many of the Japanese unattended birth announcements.  If anything, the newspaper announcement adds to the suspicious nature of the location of Obama’s birth.

Zullo and his investigators spoke with a number of older Hawaiians who were well acquainted with the selling of birth certificates and told them that there was a Mafia-like criminal element who was involved with a lot of those sales and that the practice was common knowledge to all.

Also in the interview, Zullo and Gillar discuss how Governor Neil Abercrombie promised to find the birth documentation, but gave up after three months later claiming that he couldn’t find it although he thoroughly searched for it.  Then, when Obama himself asked for a certified copy, the document was instantly found and a copy sent to him.

They reveal much more in the video and I highly recommend you take the 38 minutes to watch or listen to the entire thing.  At the end of the video, Zullo promised that they will be having another news conference at the end of June that will take our breath away.  I can’t wait.

295 thoughts on “Hawaiian Birth Certificates Sold to Foreigners At Time Of Obama Birth

  1. This is a question that may never get an answer…because in our court system, isn’t the burden of proof on the accuser? (That is, the accuser must show that Obama was not born in Hawaii.)

      1. They have shown that the certificate is a forgery; therefore, Obama was NOT born in Hawaii. Obama was born in Kenya. Furthermore, Neither of Obama’s parents were American citizens at the time of junior’s birth.

        1. They have not proved forgery. You may wish that has happened, but it is has not held up in court over and over. Obama was born in the USA and is an American citizen. Just like Rmoney. (who’s father is a Mexican citizen)

        1. i was referring to the fact they have showed the certificate is a forgery… The only reason they aren’t going after him is that all of Congress would be found complicit
          in this fraud for not having vented him properly

    1. That only applies in a criminal case. On civil matters it’s another ballgame entirely. As far as obama’s eligibility, each state can require whatever it wishes to satisfy requirements to be on a ballot in that state. Only a handful of states allow citizens to challenge a candidate’s qualifications and eligibility to be on a ballot in that state. obama knows if just one state declares him ineligible then that disqualification can be used as a legal precedent to do the same in other states and start a domino effect against him.
      FYI. Elections are under state control, NOT federal. What is called federal or national elections is actually just a coordination of all the state elections.

        1. They aren’t. Votes are not being counted in Spain. Further, only FOUR states are using the SCYTL software, and none of those for online voting.

    2. Not in this case. a candidate for the office of presidunce must prove that he is eligible to serve. ovomit has never proven this.

    3. This one is a little different as it effect the entire United States and think the rules may be different.
      To be President of the United States our Constitution require that you be a natual born American
      citzen, of two United States Citizen born on American soil. In the case of John McCain he was
      born of two U.S. citizen stationed in Panama Canal Zone on and American military base. The
      fact that it was an American base and his parents were there on military orders means he was
      born in the USA for all legal purposes. At the time that obama was born his father was from
      Kenya, and at that time a British Protectord, with British citizenship and passport. Obamas
      grandmother has made a sworn statement that she was present in Kenya at the time of
      his birth. Unfortunatley both political parties have refused to say who vetted obama to be
      president and that he met the qualification required. NO documentation has come for to support
      their claim in either direction. This issue will probalby never be resolved in our lifetime because
      it would mean that the citizens of the United States would probably have a tar and feather
      party for all the so called leaders of our nation. Bottom line is they have both failed the job to
      which we as citzens have elected them to do. For this they should be fired, pension terminated
      all benefits and priviliges should be revoked immidately. We have let the corrupt foul our
      nation long enough and they need to be replace with people who love, respect and will
      help perserve our great nation from the foul individuals.

  2. LIES, LIES, LIES – this volunteer posse is definitely costing the taxpayers of Arizona money. Back in May, the sheriffs office admitted to spending at least $40,000 on this witch hunt. Taxpayers of Maricopa county sent people off to Hawaii to get documents that a simple web search would have told them they do not have the authority to get. This “cold case posse” does not have any authority to do much of anything.
    Zullo is simply promoting his book that he has written with WND’s Jerry Corsi. World Net Daily is simply manufacturing stories to keep interest up in the “book”. There is not a single fact these people have uncovered. This is all a sham, designed to sucker people out of money. I would not be surprised if GFP is affiliated with WND and running these commercials for them. SHAME ON YOU

        1. Exactly! He should be in handcuffs and dragged kicking and screaming into a jail cell while blaming Bush for his birth in another country..!

        2. nope, conservative. There are so many LEGITIMATE things to go after Obama for. This issue is dumb. You all look like you are trying to prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. He has released the documents, they have been verified. Why not go after the drone program or the expansion of homeland security? There are real things that show why he is a bad president. This is desperate and silly.

      1. IMO, I think $40K would be a small price to pay if it could finally get the truth on this issue. A pittance compared to the cost of spending, lawsuits, investigations, etc. etc. during the last 3 years of this administration.

        1. There has been much more than $40K spent on this. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump spent three times that. I am just pointing out that $40K was the amount the sheriff’s department admitted to spending of TAXPAYER money. (not zero – like this article says)

      2. You must not live in Arizona. Giving this “volunteer” and a actual deputy a trip to Hawaii does not seem like a good way to spend tax dollars. Some of us are conservative and want smaller government. We want our elected officials to do the job they were elected to do. We do not want them to pay for their staff to run off on some publicity stunt and NOT do their job. We can attack a candidate on poor policy choices and poor governing – not on made up junk.

    1. Are you afraid of the truth, CarlJr ???
      The alleged president turned over a phoney birth certificate in april 2011.
      That is sufficient reason to investigate further – regardless of who is paying for it.
      IF Obama is not qualified to be president, everything he has done for the last 3 1/2 years must be undone including his one man decision to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in viloation of Federal law.
      Don’t be afraid Carl. Rejoice in the truth !! The TEA Party will always be there for you.

      1. no, I am pointing out the lie in the article of “it didn’t cost taxpayers money” that is NOT THE TRUTH. The truth is – they admitted to spending over $40K of taxpayer money. What else is outright lies in this article? Does this author “embellish” all his stories? Is this whole blog nothing but bogus nonsense? You should take your own advice and rejoice in truth and dismiss this as nonsense.

      1. I know some of you really believe the world is flat, and that the Sun rotates around the Earth, and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. That’s the funny thing about science – it remains the truth no matter what you believe.

    2. Carl apparently you have lived in a cave for along time. The politicans in Hawaii have blocked and refused any and all request for a certifyied copy of the Birth certificate. OKenya has blocked
      any attempt to view his Social Security number, College Transcripts, Student loan applications, Passport records or any other documentation that would prove he was here legally and an
      Amercan citizen by birth as reuired to be President of the U.S. Bottom line he is a lying
      miscretn from Kenya/Indonasia who was born in Keyna rasise and trainded as a Muslim
      terrorist agent who hated America from his very birth. You are nothing more than a blind
      democrat who will never wake up nor probably get off the Union welfare payroll.

      1. The policies of the Hawaiian State Department of Health on how they handle private records is spelled out pretty clearly. http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html They do not just hand over private records to just anyone. This Zullo character has no authority to obtain these records, neither does Sheriff Joe or Donald Trump. To say they “blocked and refused” is disingenuous. They did not get them because they are not authorized to get them. Duh. But they did get a nice Hawaiian vacation on the Arizona taxpayer’s dime.
        Trained as a muslim terrorist agent? what?! You need to bring it down about thirty notches before you can be expected to be taken seriously.

        1. Carjr it is clear you are an obominate and can neither comprehend the world we
          live in. Your delusions are excused, but there have been numerous official request
          from various states for and official copy of obamas birth certificate. These were
          valid request from authorized state officials. Hawaii has ignored them, said the
          records were misplaced, lost and otherwise unavailable. There has been retired
          officials who have stated under oath that they do not exist in the Hawaiian data base.
          If there ever had been one that existed the question could be settled and the issue
          put to rest by simply producing one and telling everyone to to “shove it”. But
          instead the White House produced one that was prove to be a fraud and have only
          inflamed the issue. The questions about obama are numerous and I am sure you
          as a democrat shill have seen all of them and whine and cry every time someone
          brings up the question all over. But it will not go away until documentation is
          presented to the public to prove once and for all the truth of the matter. By the
          way the Truth is something that few if any politicians or their minions can understand.


    4. CarlJr.
      The lies are just starting to come out and they will prove that Oduma is not a citizen, nor were his parents and he will have to resign….before he can get defeated in the election in Nov…….

        1. His mother was a U.S. citizen. No one is disputing that. However, back then the law was written in such a way that an underage mother could not confer citizenship.

        2. Is that when she was married to soetoro, she would have had to become a citizen of Indonesia and a muslim and probably never gave thought to dual citizenship.

    5. I’m in Hawaii‘i and I have journalist credentials. I will happily and faithfully pursue any (legal) avenue if you forward me the funds at a rate of $40/hour (minimum three hours).

      1. cash in. good idea.
        Hey everybody – I know of a diet pill that will allow you to lose weight and you don’t have to change your diet or exercise! Only $400 for a month’s supply!

    6. Isn’t it also a responsibility of our elected officials to seek out fraud and punish those found guilty? Its only worth an investigation if it is to justify a ‘liberals’ cause, huh? Hypocrite, Hypocrite, Hypocrite.
      Carl, I don’t believe you want to know the truth? Eh?

      1. Not the responsibility of an Arizona sheriff. This is beyond his jurisdiction and just a smokescreen for his own abuse of power trial coming up in July.
        I want to know the truth. That’s why blatant lies piss me off.

    7. Carl Jr.
      “Not one single fact.” I cannot believe that you have looked at the evidence or have any significant knowledge of how Adobe/Photoshop programs work with levels. The evidence is overwhelming that the picture of the official birth certificate is a poorly manufactured Photoshoped phoney.

    8. the dumm-o-crat ‘ ; voted for o’blamo ‘ the first time ; to prove he wasn’t a racist . If he votes for him again ; he’ll just prove himself to be an ; ‘idiot ‘ .

  3. I have more confidence in Joe Arpaio and the posse, than in most government institutions right now, and have donated to their (our) hope of learning the truth. No more need be said.

    1. James, I too have donated to Joe Arpaio and no one else. He is the only one worthy of my money to help get rid of this A$$hole. I suggest everyone do the same…giving to anyone else will be lost in their fight for a fat paycheck for themselves….not we, the people.

  4. Never that the enemies of the United States do not plan far in advance to infiltrat our politica system. I
    would never rule out the possibility of them planning to do exactly that, buy a Birth Certificate, have a
    candidate in the wings to program and plan for his entry into the US. The plan might not have a
    final plot in mind but getting a Manchurian Candidate here is the first part of the plan, from there they
    would go in the direction that opened up to them. This is not a new plan or senerio by any means
    it has been done in the past by different nations. Infiltrate and plot the destruciton of your eneimies
    from within.

  5. I strongly believe Obama was not born in the US or is eligible to be our president. However if he wasn’t born in Hawaii, were was he born? Has anyone tried to find where he was actually born? Getting documentation of a live birth in another country would definitely prove he is a liar.

    1. There’s an email going around that I got a couple of weeks ago which has a few attachments showing Obama’s “official birth certificate” from Kenya. It also has a blurb from a lady who was around at the time of Obama’s birth saying she remembers it vividly because there weren’t too many white women giving birth to babies in Kenya at the time.

        1. Spoken like a true liberal yellow dog democrat… I would rather vet the source first before simply ignoring the possibility it is based in fact.

        2. Typical Texan who always believes facts are irrelevant if they. Back up what you believe. A lady in Kenya saying that a white lady gave birth is absolutely positively evidence.

      1. >”too bad our GOV didn’t think it worthy<

        That would be Reid, Pelosi, the full DNC liberal machine, and the alleged media that used to fulfill the duty of keeping the public informed.

      2. No, our spineless congress, that includes Republicans, will just say, “he is gone now so lets just forget about it and we will move on it’s not worth the trouble of making ethnic groups mad. Well this, you can’t say idiot because Obama has out smarted all of congress with the help of George Soros and others, fraud has caused so much damage to America and Americans that some one should pay. If not some one else will come along and do it all over again because America is being dumbed down and the American Citizenry is being diluted to a point that there is no patriotism or morals that has always given America it’s exceptionalism. It will take decades to undo Obama’s mess.

    2. Patriot: he was born in Mombassa Kenya. His own grandmother is on tape talking about how she was there, in Kenya, when the POS was born (unfortunately) alive and not stillborn.

        1. Ladyonthehill: LOL! Well, since the dems are the children of the Accuser himself, anything is possible. : D

    3. Neil Boortz, who definitely doesn’t like Obama, has said there is no evidence Obama’s mother was EVER in Kenya and that we should focus on Obama’s incompetence. Lacking evidence he was born elsewhere, I tend to agree with Boortz, but am open to the flower pot theory.

  6. If the birth certificate was a purchased document, why would they have forged it later?

    Birthers need to stick with one story; if they keep bouncing around from theory to theory, it simply looks like grasping at straws and there’s no there there.

    For example, stick with the two-US-citizen-parents requirement and forget about the moot birth certificate issue altogether.

    1. If purchased would it show time, weight & length, signature of attending physician, footprint? You know the things that are on everyone else’s BC! Probably not.

    2. Obots need to realize that more than one crime has been committed and it does not dimiish OUR credibility to expose them, ie: forged Selective Service registration, use of multiple SSN’s not issued by the Social Security Administration, identity theft, and perjury just to name a few…

      1. Those, if true, do not go to the heart of Constitutional eligibility. If the two-parent rule is true, stick with that. The birth certificate stuff, especially stories like this that seek to disqualify ANY birth certificate from here in Hawai‘i, stink of “moving the goalposts.”

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion, though I’m relieved that the people dedicated to exposing Obaba for ALL his crimes do not share it.
          The people of the United States are not only entitled to know if their President is Constitutionally eligible, but that he is not an unindicted felon as well.

        2. You beat me to that comment. Also it shows that there is a lot of crime being associated with this felon.

        3. And I lived in Hawaii back in the mid 80’s…the Hawaiian people are born and raised to ignore criminality in their state. They deal drugs, cheat their employers, and basically live like degenerates for the most part. It was disgusting.

        4. Don’t forget that Romney’s father is a Mexican citizen. If he had dual citizenship, there would need to be records confirming he registered this with the American consulate. Why won’t you release these records Mitt?

    3. One possible reason, and this is only speculation, is that the purchased documents look entirely different from those issued for infants actually born in Hawaii. In other words, something may give away the fact the birth certificate was purchased (such as receipt stamp).

    4. kushibo what the hell kind of nme is that japanese you are probably one of the ones your parents paid hawaii for a birth certificcate for you what does kushibo mean in english stupid becasue thats what you are if you belive the ovomit administration

  7. He should be in handcuffs and dragged kicking and screaming into a jail cell while blaming Bush for his birth in another country..!

    1. This is a dream of mine, to see him being dragged and screaming, “off with their heads!” Twould be so fitting for the scoundrel!!.

        1. Sure – But I have one question. Who would you like to see on the Democratic ballot in November? Go ahead and choose Hillary. She would be elected without batting an eyelash. She may be more American and perhaps not as quick to sell us out to the Muslims, but she is every bit as liberal as Obama and has stated that she is more liberal than Bill ever was. She would continue to destroy this country. I would rather see Obama on the ticket because if we can figure a way to stop the fraud in voting he will be defeated.

        2. Very true, Cheryl! Romney was born in Mexico to a poligamists’ “sister-wife”. They even screwed up his fake birth certificate with the middle name “Milton” not Mitt. And they won’t let us view the birth certificate.

        3. I read some of these idiotic posts and quickly realize why America is well on it’s way to the bottom of the barrel. It appears that a good 50% of the population is so stupid, that if I just write on this post that Romney was an alien from Pluto, any number of dummies out there will believe it, and another group of equally stupid people, will suspect that it’s a possibility. God are we headed for Armageddon or what???

        4. Unfortunately, “critical thinking” is not something that many people do, and more often than not…if they see it in print anywhere….it just has to be true. Like bumper stickers!

        5. That’s what the demoncrats want a dumbed down AMERICA so they can control everyone and have us dependet on the goverment

        6. Who says Romney is not Natural Born Citizen? Who ever gave that to you is sadly mistaken. Both Parents were/are American Citizens. Im sorry things are so difficult for some of you to understand. What you think you know about Romney and his birth is nothing. You want a real problem, define Obama. And do it with some sort of honesty. I know thats beyond you but try or knock it off.

        7. HawkCW4, you are either easily deceived or stupid. A true American would not sell our great country nor attempt to circumvent the US Constitution. Down with obummer the traitor!!

        8. Cheryl, stick to parenting because you did not do enough checking about Mitts Father. I’m not going to spell it out for you about Mitts parents trip to Mexico, People have tryied this one before ! So you writing about this is a no brainer ! Also go check on Barack Hussein Obama while you’re at it ! Tell us who are you a follower of ?

        9. This is about the dumbest statement I’ve ever read on one of these sites. I’m not Mormon, but it’s nothing even close or near Islam. Talk about lies.

        10. You’re wrong. Romney is 100% natural born. His parents and grandparents were all American citizens. You Ron Paul supporters need to do your homework.

        11. His father was born in Mexico and his grandfather renounced his citizenship whe he fled to Mexico with his wives.

        12. It doesn’t matter (contrary to some assertions about Natural Born citizens) if his father was born in Mexico. So long as Romney was born in the U.S., he is a citizen. This is true of illegals. The children they have here are (by Consitutional definition) citizens. Again, the idea that both PARENTS must be citizens is one of those urban myths; just read the Consitution. More importantly, Obama really wasn’t born here (never mind that your inaccurate rendering of Natural Born would also exclude him, even if he had been born here, since his fater was not American). Of course, one reading of Nobama’s birth certificate immediately gives it away as fraudulent. Under birthplace of Father, the answer given is “Kenya”. KENYA DID NOT EXIST IN 1961; IT WAS STILL THE “BRITISH EAST AFRICAN PROTECTORATE”! I remember because I was in High School in 1963 when the British relinquished their rule and Kenya came into being. Also, Nobama’s birth certificate IS on file in the hospital in Mombasa!

        13. Robert lets get this right once ….

          (ltr to editor)

          Why do our citizens think that Mr. Rubio is qualified to run
          for Vp of these United States of America ? The Constitution and supreme
          court illude to the premise that he is
          not ! see below:

          Mr. Rubio was born in Miami,
          Florida,(born May 28, 1971) the second son and
          third child of Mario Rubio (1927–2010)[6] and Oria Garcia (born 1931). His
          parents were Cubans who had emigrated to the United States in 1956 and were later naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975

          A non-citizen may apply to become a citizen of the United
          States. At no time will such a person ever be considered natural-born (unless
          the U.S. Code is changed in some way). The process to become a citizen involves
          several steps, including applying to become and becoming a permanent resident
          (previously known as a resident alien), applying to become and becoming naturalized,
          and finally taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. Children of
          naturalized U.S. citizens generally become citizens automatically, though they
          will also not be considered natural-born. There is a time constraint before a
          permanent resident can apply for naturalization, generally either 3 or 5 years.
          The other requirements are that there be a minimum length of time in a specific
          state or district, successful completion of a citizenship exam, ability to
          read, write, and speak English, and good moral character.

          Back in 1875, the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v,
          Happersett, ruled that:

          “Natural Born Citizen” was defined as children born of two
          U.S. citizens – regardless of the location of the birth. It found: “The
          Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort
          must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature
          of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted
          that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became
          themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.” in the case of Mr Rubio and
          Obama, Obama’s problem, by his own admission and records of the State
          Department is this:

          Obama’s father was not a United States citizen.

          Therefore, via Minor v, Happersett and the United States
          Supreme Court in 1875, Obama is ineligible because, since his father was not a
          U.S. citizen, Obama is not a natural born citizen.

          For a person to run, as his or her party’s nominee for
          President & Vice President, the
          party must issue certification that the person named is eligible under the
          United States Constitution to become President & Vp.

          Because the Constitution does not specify the definition of
          “Natural born citizen” it was left to the United States Supreme Court which, in
          1875, defined it as a person born in a country of parents who were its

          Has there been a new finding by the supreme court to over ride the 1875 decision?

          if so please
          illuminate it, for this ignorant person does not know that to be a fact.

        14. wow… where is your head…. where do people like you come from… wow… we need to band together and relief our country of Mr. Obama… We need a real true American, who loves our country and by the way, doesn,t need your grief in standing up for us… Mr. Romney is the man we need…. I hope we have the pleasure to call him..
          Mr. President… and know he has us in his heart… So Miss Cheryl I do hope you study his life, his accomplishments and his contributions to our nation… He is our guy!

        15. Who says Romney is not Natural Born Citizen? Who ever gave that to you is sadly mistaken. Both Parents were/are American Citizens. Im sorry things are so difficult for some of you to understand. What you think you know about Romney and his birth is nothing. You want a real problem, define Obama. And do it with some sort of honesty. I know thats beyond you but try or knock it off.

        16. Holy Jesus………what planet are you from??? Romney “not a Natural Born Citizen”….where did you read such bull…it???

        17. Cheryl, At the risk of making you angry
          (1) BOTH of Romney’s parents were American Citizens at the time of his birth, therefore Mitt is a “natural born citizen,”
          (2) he is NOT an Alinsky follower (THAT is Obama!!),
          (3) the foundation of Mormonism is and always has been….Christianity.
          I am not sure what source(s) you have for your statement, but all of it was wrong.

        18. That is a LIE! The foundation of Mor[m]onism is NOT Christianity!

          There are only 2 “religions” on this planet, those of true believers and everybody else. I have been to many mor[m]on services and even mor[m]on summer camps in Utah. And, because I was not reared in a real Christian home I spent the middle third of my life in a new age cult which is extremely similar to mor[m]onism. I know what I am talking about. You are either a mor[m]on and GREATLY deceived, or an ignoramous!

          Since there are only 2 religions and mor[m]onism does not fit into Christianity what does that make it? It makes it closer to islam than True Believing Christianity!

        19. you know i can sit here and think of more than one religon just in the U.S.A. i myself am appostolic i believe god and jesus are one. the trinity they believe in god the father god the son ae three diferent dietys. the mormans believe in baptizing people in a dead a person’s name but they do believe in god then you have the buddist , then the muslims, then the catholic . their more but i get a head ache trying to explain them all then you have the athiest and believe that or not it’s a religion , then the agnostics they don;t know if their’s a god or not their are many different religons in the world but only one true faith and that’s JESUS and him crusified. nuff said

        20. Only two religions on this planet?? How many ways could you be more wrong? There are the three Abrahamic faiths: Judeaism, Christainity, and Islam. There is Hinduism (over 1,000,000,000), Budhhism, Shinto, Santeria (Voodoo), and coutless smaller faiths. Many of these are divided into subsets; many Christian sects, Jewish sects, two basic Muslim sects – Shia and Sunni – not to mention the divide between the fundamentalist nuts and decent Muslims.

        21. Cheryl, you haven’t the vaguest idea what Mormonism is all about. While I am not a Mormon I have known many Mormons who are very honest, law abiding and virulently American. While my views differ somewhat from theirs I would much prefer a Mormon in the White House than some so called Christians. Are you aware that Howard Hughes hired only Mormons because of their unbridled honesty and loyalty. And how did you arrive at the conclusion that Romney is/was an Alinsky follower? Nothing could be further from the truth my dear. I think perhaps you have him confused with the usurper currently inhabiting the White House. Get a grip love, and come back to reality.

        22. Islam has conducted over 400 crusades of conquest to 8 Christian crusades in self defense. There are no records of Mormons flying loaded passenger planes into buildings occupied with innocent people.

        23. Romney is not a natural born citizen???!!! Say what? Romney is an Alinsky follower??!!! What was in the brownies you at today? An ardent American businessman (Romney) is the polar opposite of Alinsky; indeed, he was a hater of businessmen. Mormonism is closer to Islam??????????? Again, what fantasy world are you in. Mormon accept the risen Christ as their saviour, just as an Christian denomination. In Islam, Jesus is one of the five great prophets of Islam (Abraham, Moses, Job, Jesus, and finally Mohamed, to be exact). While none of us believe Joseph Smith was necessarily a ‘prophet’, that does not mean the Church he founded is not Christian! By the way, their is archeological and anthropological evidence to suggest that a number of differnt EUROPEANS reached America; possibly one of the ‘lost tribes’ did arrive here. For example, on encountering the White Man, the Paiutes told them that their tribe had “slaughtered” a tribe of pale skinned red haired people.

        24. I dont want to see anyone on the dem ballot
          Hillary is selling us out to the U.N. and is just as bad as Obama.
          My point is… What will he try next to claim he doesnt have to prove his citizenship.

        25. I agree about Hillary they are all traitors, got no one with the stomach to call Obama on all his transgressions ……..

        26. Hillary is nothing more than an Obama in a skirt… Both are goose stepping commies and she wouldn’t think twice about attempting to take our Second Amendmant…

        27. Just a figure of speech, but come to think of it I don’t think I have ever seen her in a skirt….But she is in lock step with Comrade Obama…

        28. Democrat Republican tell me the difference. We have had a one party system for over 2 decades, it’s called “politician”. Hang em all, take everything each has back to 1795 when their Treasons started. Hitllary has been working hard behind the scene with the criminal U.N. to ban our right to guns. Ever heard of the Dick Act of 1902? If it is made and you can afford it WE THE PEOPLE can own it, It cannot be repealed but our “employees/politicians keep passing their TREASON and the dummies believe their LIES

        29. it would mine also but you and i both know it isn’t going to happen in our lifetime our congress is all crooked that’s both sides democruds & repubublipukes as they are starting to lean far left as the other idiots and it doesn’t bode well for AMERICA

        30. We can’t let them destroy this country… If things don’t change in November a demonstration the liks
          The country had never seen must take place… Communism must not control the world… One world order is not an option…

      1. Yes, set the guillotine up in the public square and play drop the head in a bucket. A firing squad would be a waste of good money and ammunition..

    2. Well I think the practice of Islamists taking the heads off of those they dont like would work. Whats good for one is good for some.

    3. spyderdalton….the kicking and screaming in handcuffs part thrills me. I can imagine the hope that would be instantly felt by most of America if that happened. And vindication for all who have been fighting to expose him for what he is.

    4. The “kicking and screaming” part, just sent a deliciously wonderful thrill through me.
      I do hope this happens…soon, and BEFORE he can edict his way from November to January!!

      1. Lisa, we NEED a plan with teeth in it to control the office of President of the United States so that it definately WILL NOT be used for further illegal activities by george soros and his band of puppets from November 7,2012 until January 18,2013 and President romney assumes office.

  8. WELL WELL:: The truth always shines through the smoke. OBAMA,HOLDER,all the Tzarrs,The BIRTH CERTIFICATE,The ENTIRE OBAMA GOVERNMENT are ALL FAKE and PHONY.

      1. Arby…If history is a predictor of the past, a big zero…nada…zip.

        Our ”’representatives”….and I use that term loosely cause they aren’t mine……are a cowardly bunch. I wish we had a hardnose…hardline Senator who would, for God’s sake, take a stand against Obama and demand an investigation of his past associations as well as his eligibility issues.

        It will happen….in about 40 years….IF….America is still around.

        1. Sceeminmeme, We do, his name is Col. Allen West, do a little research on him you will like what you find. I have donated to him twice so far and will continue to support him even though i live in Maryland, the representatives here are in Maryland are about as worthless as one could be, totally anti American and pro social liberals, complete P’s OS.

        2. Me too!!! I have also donated to Allen West!!! He is the only HONEST black man out there!!! He is the only one who can erase the damage done to blacks in this country by odumbo!!!

        3. Allen West ;is the only honest MAN in politics. If only we could get him in the WH, America would stand a chance. I will vote for Rommey only because he is the only one running against obama, but he is weak or dishonest, I do not know which.

        4. What Americans need to wake up to is, ALL of DC right down to obozo are nothing more than OUR “employees” not repesentatives, leaders, or lawmakers. What “employee” are leaders, lawmakers, or representatives of their “EMPLOYERS” ? When WE THE PEOPLE finally come to recognize TRUTH the politician will become as extinct as the dinosaurs. Why?, Because “their” TREASONS which started all the way back to 1795 is the one crime which still carries HANGING as the punishment for it.

        5. “Our” congress already knows, they all know and accept him for what he is. At least the “leaders” of congress know.. and they aren’t going to do anything about it because they all want agenda-21.. What other explanation is there.. The Clintons knew way back in 2008… I knew for certain in 2008 after watching some videos on youtube, when Obama himself said he was born in kenya (in 2 videos.. one along with Moochelle, and the Preisdent of Kenya)..

          WAKE UP OR GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY.. thus far it is the latter…

        6. Don’t forget: The Repubs elite, want to run as V.P. a great guy, but not eligible due to parental birth. That has something to do with their lack of mouthing off about o.

        7. docalpha, you’re absolutely correct. But if they do, they will be hoisted by their own petard! The Dems would crucify them…

        8. One against 534 cowards goes nowhere. How about Seal Team 6 helping little Georgie Soros develope a much needed ” high speed tumor” aka exit wound. That would put Obummers panties in a bunch, along with Holder and the rest of the dung pile.

        9. No retreat, I could not agree with you more about George Soros! He is a scurge and definately needs to go – by any means available!!

        10. Seal Team 6 should have paid a visit to George Soros, you know, just to say hello the American military way.

      2. We need to vote out of office every Senator and Representative who has chosen to close his or her eyes to this fraud. I don’t understand at all why they have kept their mouths shut, but they all need to go!

        1. You got it, Sniper! No question! Only problem there is that the Congress has to approve the term limits – what’s the chance of that?!

      3. Yes I’ll take a stab at it. NOTHING, they will do NOTHING…. Would almost bet my retirement check on that…

  9. obuma and his cronies need to be fired, and all those who knew that he was never born here should be prosecuted and sentenced and stripped of any rights to hold any public office, ie Pelosi, Reid, and like ilk. Obuma and michelle should be the first imprisoned and forfeit all retirement benefits etc.

  10. How can anyone have an ounce of respect for this worthless POS that is illegally occupying the White House?

  11. Thanks CARLjr, you made my day. I haven’t donated to the posse yet but I am going to send them some now thanks to you

    1. You can waste your money however you would like. It doesn’t affect me at all. You can blindly believe the articles posted here even though they have “facts” that have been disproven by sheriff Joe himself. Be a sucker – they are counting on it. Laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. Sheriff Joe is a national treasure, a real hero! Go Joe, Go! Thank you to the posse as well. The TRUTH ALWAYS MATTERS. God Bless America!

  13. This information about unattended birth certificates as an aftermath of war is an eye opener. There was a need to be filled on both the Hawaiian side (need money) and from the Japanese side (rebuild their country after war destruction.) However, the fact remains… in order to be president of this country it is a constitutional law that the person elect must be born in this country i.e., the United States (for those who don’t understand this) and MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN. Simple, no? Nefarious and obama are synonymous. He is doing the twostep around this very important issue and if he cannot follow this simple rule without all the smoke and mirrors how can anyone in their right mind think he can run this country efficiently and follow through with all his promises of “hope and change.” OMG! The writing is on the wall!

  14. I don’t know how other states prepare information on births but the state I was born in not only issues a Birth Certificate but, also a Certificate of Birth to the parents at the time of the child`s birth. One is signed by the Doctor and attending Nurse while the other is signed by the Doctor and Hospital Administrator. I wonder how Hawaii does theirs?

  15. Seems to me it should be evident, from all the information we have, the usurper
    in the White House, is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, a communist living in
    Hawaii, and parentage was transferred to Obama of Kenya, thinking it was his
    son, Ann was pregnant with, and she going to Kenya, where he was born.

  16. Obumma’s Occidental College transcripts were ordered released by a California judge. Obumma applied as Barry Soetero. He received aid from the Fullbright Fdn for foreign students. Remember he was adopted by Lolo Soetero his stepfather. Obumma should be escorted by the Navy Seals to Ft. Leveanworth where that foreigner caused the imprisonment of Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin. Everything he has ever done must be declared Null & Void right now. Wimps and cowardly leadership in congress are afraid to do it. Perhaps because they will be call racists.

  17. Don’t people know by now. The United Socialism of America (USA) thinks the Constitution is just an old piece of toilet paper created by old white guys for old white guys. Aren’t we a bunch of bozo’s to think different of the “change”.

    1. You
      can burn the Bible and you can burn the Old Glory, but the left says you can’t
      burn the koran. … But I’m out of toilet paper, can I use the koran
      instead,? considering that the left has been wiping their azzes with the Constitution!

  18. Every liberal judge who gives Obama a pass should be removed and charged with TREASON along with the entire Obama administration !

  19. Yes, Obamas mother heard from an angel that her baby boy will be running for President some 43 years later, she wanted to make sure that he had the right birth certificate. This is nothing but a new limaculate invention. Folks, no matter how you try to change history, it lisn’t going to fly.

    1. Less of an invention than your use of the word “limaculate”… Stanley Ann was a slimy slut who had sex with any black communist she could find. Obaba Sr. is probably not even his father. I’m sure his poor grandmother was just trying to be sure little Barry had US Citizenship because she knew the dumb slut wasn’t gonna raise him and grandmomma wasn’t about to fly to Kenya to do that…

  20. One of the most interesting and overlooked pieces of info in all this is the fact that Hawaii law, at least until the controversy came up, allowed the public access to birth certificates. But in the early 2000s, as the issue of illegal immigrants, the head of the agency in Hawaii–of japanese descent–ordered public access to birth records ended, even though provided for it. Instead, he decreed that only people seeking their own birth certificate could get one, and that instead of a copy of the birth certificate, a general form would be issued, essentially saying there is a birth certificate on record. these “certificates” do not give detailed information about the birth–or its whereabouts. Was this done to make it harder–illegally, it appears–for illegals with Hawaiin Birth Certificates to be “made legal”. I think so. Sadly, the Republican Governor of California did not require the vital statistics department to provide Obama’s actual birth certificate to whoever wanted it. Instead, she asked the deapartment if one existed, and was told “yes”. Did the Governor consult with the Bush White House, Karl Rove, and Ralphie Reed in this stupid action? Probably, I guess. Sounds just like the Bush Family Republican Party and the McCaim campiagn.

  21. When BHO received his passport he needed a birthcertificate, what did he use> I know when I received my first passport, the raised seal was flat. so I had to send it to the vital statistics bureau of city hall for the city I was born in. Is the government hiding those documents?

  22. What does the White House and the Hanoi Hilton have in common? They were both occupied by communists against the United States of America! Van Jones comes to mind at present.

    1. That would be an outright insult to the Japanese. But wait, the Obot idiots want everybody to believe that, don’t you???

  23. Counting down until the November election, so we can get this piece of trash out of the Oval office. Everything he touches, is for political reasons, and to get himself back for four more years… But, it ain’t going to happen… “We the people” will be voting you and the rest of your administration into the unemployment lines, where you have put millions of our people…

  24. Most likely from Crackerjack! NO, I think it is a forgery! Anyway, I don’t think there is any doubt he’s an illegal muslim originally from Kenya! I don’t see how the dumborats have allowed this to happen, except for the fact that there are bunch of bozos in that party as well! Lets make sure he does not win a second term or its curtains for America, the land of the free! It would even be better if someone up there in Washington or someone in authority would take the bull by the horns and get this guy impeached well before November!! God Bless America!

    1. Then again, if he manages to steal the election, it would be good if we had a Republican Senate and House, then they could begin the process of impeachment. First term, no one could of thought of it, second term, let the games begin.IMHO

  25. Sheriff Joe and Scott Walker are my two favorite American heroes. They have gone all the way for America, especially Joe. Thank you Joe.

  26. It would indeed bring up the ratings of justice to see this happen. I think he actually would be still screaming its Bushes fault. Not that I like Bush. Especially in his second term, after I voted for him twice, his amnesty attempt really drove me away from him. These appointed politicians at the top now are simply world government pushers.

  27. If you follow Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie’s political career and his friendship with a young freshman Senator Obama while Abercrombie was in the House, it’s not too hard to connect the dots.


  29. So, you mean he might have a real Borth Certificate after all? Even though is was bought on the open market. The Man is a Gdamn li8ar and has never done anything for America except for damage it. Its time to call him out on running again, this time as far as he thinks he can run after taking everything he has to his name and banning him from any commercial airlines or ships.

  30. I do not believe he was born an American and don’t think he is a true American not. But I do not think this will be proven. I pray I am wrong. B.O. has to go. The initials say a say it all there is a lot about this guy that STINKS!

  31. You might find it hard to believe, but Obama is unconcerned about these new facts, or other “regular” birther issues, such as his Kenyan birth or missing REAL birth certificate. But I read an article that revealed “The real birther issue that Obama is deathly afraid of.” I saw it at http://www.manhattanLP.org.

    Check it out. And see if you can refute the writer’s claim that Stanley Ann could not have traveled to Kenya and give birth to Obama. I couldn’t do that.

  32. Wolf Blitzer (if that is his real name) is a complete moron and liberal. He is so one sided on reporting the news that it is pathetic. He is why I quit watching CNN, often referred to as the “communist news network”.

  33. We don’t even know if it is Obama’s intended birth certificate. They could have just bought one and changed names. I doubt that is even really his real birth date. I don’t believe anything about or coming from this man. Why is his social security number one from Connecticut?

  34. As an addendum please go to : thedailypen.blogspot.com/2012/03/ins-doc-found-us-certificate-issued-to.html

  35. go sheriff joe and cold case posse,we the people are behind you 100%,and mike at the end of june after taking our breath away,we pray they take ovomit/devil and holdup away,for life.god bless ron paul/mitt romney,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god.ovomit have you been[VERIFIED]and you want we the people to believe and trust you.

  36. Sheriff Joe Arpaio you rock sir…. Thank you for the great job that you do making me feel safer in Phoenix, AZ

  37. Well does thar mean that the evidence the BC was a forgery isn’t true since it now appears that these bought BC were actually real? So the new conspiracy is that some Japanese people bought a BC for a Kenyan and posted a notice. Yea that Possee is awesome. Can Sheriff joe now arrest the raghead and his fat ugly gay wife. Will Joe now have that press conference scheduled for May or June. Obviously, this is the smoking gun. know all of America will be stunned.

    1. Are you and Can’tTrustEm butt buddies, Susan? You both seem to state your opinions together. Do both of you pigs wallow in the same mud hole?

  38. I don’t believe the conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth. There’s only one person who claims that Obama was born in Kenya is a wife of his father’s. How reliable is she? We don’t know. Where’s the so-
    called “evidence”? Sheriff Joe Arpaio has drunk the liberal Kool-Aid. Or is it the wingnut Kool-Aid?

  39. I’m so glad the truth is coming out about where Obama was born – its about time! I am growing worried that we will be trading one illegal for another. Very credible information coming out that while Mitt Romney swears his middle name is Mitt, his suspicious “birth certificate” lists it as “Milton” and that he was really born in Mexico. I have yet to see the authentic birth certificate and the campaign has refused to allow it to be inspected in person. When thie election is over, we all may regret that we didn’t stand fast for Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson!

  40. It doesn’t make any difference if B.O. was born in Hawiia; His father was a British subject. A natural born citizen is: both parents are American citizens. The Supriem Court settled this decades ago. PERIOD.

  41. What can be expected of this fraud O’bama, he served in the Illinois senate and voted ( probably in absentia) 130 times , meaning he did no work for Illinois while he continued his community organizing , getting unqualified borrowers to buy homes from his criminal chum and others, all of which caused the world crisis in the mortgage packages sold to the world powers. O’bama’s denial he didn’t cause our problems is B— s–t. He and many others like him, caused this fall of the USA. I can’t believe no one goes to jail. This is oversimplified, but maybe you get the idea.How the f— did we the people let this happen, are we that stupid? I guess so !!!!
    We have to jail all the frauds, B.Frank, charlie rangel, Obama the abomination, and I invite you to add your favorites.


  43. I can’t understand why we don’t have a valid, bona fide birth certificate on file for this pretender to the throne! Any John Doe citizen MUST produce a valid, legitimate, on file birth certificate when he or she goes for a civil service job such as a municipal sanitation collector. Why in hell are we not in possession of a valid birth certificate for this clown? If he is found to have broken the law and is not a citizen, then not only should he go to prison (highly unlikely) but so should every POS Democrat politician that knew about it or covered it up go likewise. Deep down in your heart, ya gotta know that Obama does not have the interests of this great Country at heart. It’s all about him and that horrid poitical party he belongs to.

  44. i really don’t see how anyone can do anything about him with all his mess hidden with the hippa laws and with all the evil cohorts with him—i do appreciate all that you all are trying to do and cover in our prayers but looks very bleak—so I believe a job that only God can do if we meet his conditions in 2 chronicles–if my people who are called by my name will humble yourselves and turn from your evil ways and seek my fact—then i will hear from heaven and heal your land. All of these people are blinded by satan their God and it shows in all their actions. Everyone knows he is a muslim or if not then very studpid. doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it. Again you all are appreciated and i commend your efforts–you are very brave and decent.

  45. Of course Obama is a fake president. What is Congress going to do about it? Nothing! Most of Congress is so compromised with sex and money scandal, they have to do nothing or they will become national news. Bet Boehner and Coach Sandusky shower with small boys?

  46. The phony SS# should have been enough, the most corrupt fraud is in the white house he needs to be vetted and it never happen

  47. Having lived in Hawaii for over 20 years, Papolos (blacks) are not accepted by local Japanese. Ask Obama what neighborhood he was supposedly raise in, where are his local friends. One must understand Hawaii is a small community of people. Took me 7 years in my village to become one of them. Wht foods did this boy eat, where? He said he was using drugs, pakalolo (crazy weed) is common, but cocaine, one had to have money, or provide a service….Hawaii is very corrupt and the Unions control much. The Union head had a log home franchise on the Mainland, one can go to Hawaii and see Log style buildings, not fitting with any Polynesian flare. Rich people only stay 5 months, as Hawaii has a law to tax whatever is made elsewhere if a person lives in Hawaii over 6 months. Hence, no monies or influence with education are shared. Hawaii is very religious on all the islands, Homosexual marriages waa votedd down. Obama is a boy that lies..wonder if he went to cock fights…Filopinos do eat dog in Hawaii.

  48. The clues in Topeka, Ks need to be followed up on.mother went by both Stanley Ann Pope and Stanley Ann Dunham. like her father who went by Daniel Wayne Pope and Stanley Dunham. saw him soon after birth behind the counter at the catholic bookstore in Topeka, Ks. where his mother was working.

  49. I have a certificate of Birth like Barry said is his. In NO WAY Does It Look anything like mine.He is getting away with FRAUDING the American people. Barry is a Muslim Loveing Fraud, Whoe is in noway shape or Form a American. Barry is the WORST President that we could ever have. He and his Wife are American Haters. Neither have every held a decent job. Instead they are (have) and still are living off the Americans. Every person who has run for the White house has had to show their Birth Certificate. But why not Barry !!Barry needs to be KICKED out of the White House, and given a one way ticket back to Kenta. Impeach the jerk before he is alowed to live off the Americans for the rest of his and his Mochelle life.

  50. My Aunt had a saying God don’t love ugly so if there is any wrong doings about this birth certificate of Obama then it wil be found out and all of the evidence will be revealed.

  51. Obama needs to be tried and imprisoned along with everyone who was in on this conspiracy. We cannot have Obama as an X president running around the world continuing to cause more havoc. He has done enough damage!!!

  52. The only sure cure for Obama plague is to VOTE him out office. We need an overwhelming turnout to counter ACORN and the unions. I find it hard to believe that anyone, even the sharp tongued socialists on this blog, wants to be placed under control of the UN Security Council. Several treaties in the Senate will accomplish just that, resulting in the USA becoming a vassel of the UN.

  53. Very inlightening Video about the ongoing investigation of obama’s actual birth certificate and all the rest of the documents that have been released and gobbled up by the lamestream media. The super powers that be namely George Soros and his ilk, have placed so much pressure on any and all media outlets that fox news did a complete 180 on hoew it handled any of it. Glenn Beck left not because of pressure from fox or soros, but because of death threats against him, his family and the members of his broadcast crew. I don’t need to be a genious to figure out that Obama is a total phoney, is a card carrying member of the socialist party invites the islamic brotherhood into the whitehouse on numerous occasions. turns the governmemt’s back on the imposition of Sharia Law in towns in America. That is not the America I fought for, and i will fight to the lastbreath last drop of my blood to defend America from this evil that Obama welcomes into America

  54. We’d better stick to the subject here and pray that Sheriff Joe and Mr. Zullo stay safe. There’s too much at stake and these ‘pretenders’ who have infiltrated our system must be watched diligently. There is nothing they won’t do to keep their ‘status quo’ – .. I, too, am anxious to hear the update at the end of June – I hope that finally the truth is made public and the proper steps taken to nullify all the things done by unqualified people. Stay safe, Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo – and all the others working to expose the great deception!!!!

  55. We speak of sal alinsky, cloward& Piven, carl marx, now the Manifesto off Manifesto’s is the Rothschild Manifesto, George Soros agenda off Sir edmund de Rothschild & family and Friends , are the Puppet masters, Fox news, along with the other progressive media , has sold out to the NEW WORLD ORDER ELITE’S

  56. I’m not trying to protect or defend anyone, but don’t you think that the reason that many of these people haven’t addressed this issue is because their careers, their families and their lives are being threatened. Haven’t you being paying attention to all of the people who have mysteriously disappeared or died because they were getting too close to the truth or too close to exposing the truth. isn’t it strange to you that according to the eyewitness Andrew Breitbart was beet red when he keeled over when, in fact, if you die from a massive heart attack you are ashen and not red. And isn’t it strange that the only witness to him keeling over has now disappeared? Isn’t it strange that the church member in Wright’s church who had gay dealings with BO was killed? I could go on and on showing you a list of people who are now gone. They eliminate people now and then just to show they are not kidding, and so some people in the media know they’re not kidding. The only way to deal with this issue is to dig to the truth, as Sheriff Arpaio’s posse seems to be doing, and finally find the WH occupant guilty of treason and fraud. And for those of you who think that Hillary would be better, I advise you to think again. Study her college years; study how many people mysteriously disappeared under her and Slick Willy. Listen to what has come out of her mouth in the past and continues to in the present. Consider that George Soros threw a pre-wedding party for Chelsea Clinton at his daughter’s home. And now Hillary is interested in being head of the IMF – for he who controls the money . . . . These people are evil; very evil. They are out to destroy this country for their own personal power. All those who are stamping their fist about the middle class need to understand that in the Marxist form of government (which they are trying to instill) there is no middle class – only those at the very top and those in servitude. Pay attention. While Romney is not the optimum solution, he is a way to start to put the brakes on this train that’s trying to roll its way through this country.

  57. There is no way that any of this will make a difference. The very reason that the banksters chose a black president is for the very fact that a black man can do no wrong and will never be held accountable in this country. Political correctness supersedes actual verifiable truth every time.

    1. I think they specifically chose him for that reason because he was primed for the job and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. Remember he told that marine in 1980 in Hawaii he wanted to be president some day. He also told the dude he was born in Kenya. They gave the job to him to take away 1st and 2nd amendment because they could never get a white American president to do their dirty work for them. At the same time if he fails and we take him down it’ll be blamed on a black dude. I wish the African-American populace could see the big picture behind the story line.
      At the same time I believe if we put Mitt in, in a few years they’ll send another Manchurian candidate to complete their will. It’s the will of the banksters we submit to the UN directive.

  58. During the early day’s of Hawaii Statehood the practice of posting birth notices in Honolulu papers was very common with lots of foreigners including Europeans, Canadians, South Koreans, Chinese, Philippino’s, and Japanese. There were many foreign nationals living in Hawaii when Statehood took effect, but very very few Africans. Mr. Zuilo is correct.

  59. Just as Nixon/Ford it is becoming very important who the Democrat Vice-President will be if Obama is re-elected. There are 2 alternatives. Obama loses which is the best of the two. And Hilary pulls off a coup to become the democratic candidate and then wins in November or by choice of Congress. Hilary isn’t real good for the Constitution but much better than Obama IMHO.

  60. There is PROOF that aliens landed in area 51. There is PROOF that Bigfoot still roams the wilderness in Canada. There is PROOF that the entire earth was flooded and all the planets animals were saved by an elderly couple and their big boat. But they still have not proved Glenn Beck raped and killed that girl in 1990.

    1. Get lost liberal troll. You posted the same lie on here several weeks back. Stop coming here to disrupt this forum unless you have something positive to add to the conversation!

        1. moderator do you see what this troll is doing? A few weeks back when we were posting about health care he came here and started the same discussion to disrupt the forum.

        2. “Well, i’m not saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 but he has yet to prove that he didn’t.

  61. and why was his family sent home back to kenya so quick? and why was the so called ben laden body so quickly disposed? and our great seal team shot down? what???????

  62. Please, don’t give up hope that some day hopefully sooner than later good will overtake evil. As long as there are republinos we must have the strength and stamina to ward off the hatred that the republino party represents. Keep in mind that some people actually believed and believe enough to support Nazis, fascism, racism and race superiority, communism,abuse of power, bullying, discrimination, greed, slavery, rape, torture, humiliation, and lack of caring for humans as well as animals. We must be brave enough to be aware that we live in such a world and fight against the republino evil on a daily basis.

  63. The government wants this issue to just go away because it will reaffirm the incompetence of those responsible for vetting candidates. Imagine the fallout if they were to ackowledge the evidence and admit that Obama is an illegetimateand illegal candidate.

  64. If Birther is not be honest, what will he be true for? Yes, leftists like Peslose, Holder, and Obama and Kagan are liars. Shameful for leftist voters. They brought upon their heads a fraud strenger and said he is a good President!!!, that true, since Obama stripped into White House a lot of damaging objects have come to America, specially, relating to China’s communist government.

  65. I wrote our “wonderful” Mitch McConnell right after the good Sheriff’s news conference and got the reply that it was all settled long ago. I sincerely believe there is a conspiracy involving both parties to destroy the constitution.

  66. Print
    Cite This


    Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947, in Detroit. The son
    of Michigan governor George Romney, Mitt founded the investment firm
    Bain Capital. He ran for Massachusetts Senate in 1994 but was defeated
    by incumbent Edward Kennedy. Romney took over the Salt Lake Organizing
    Committee and helmed a successful 2002 Olympic Games. He was elected
    governor of Massachusetts in 2003 and made a run for the Republican
    presidential nomination in 2008,


    Early Life

    Entry into Politics

    Massachusetts Governor

    2008 Presidential Run

    2012 Campaign

    but lost to John McCain. In June 2011, Romney announced his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

    Early Life

    Born Willard Mitt Romney on March 12, 1947, in Detroit,
    Michigan and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Romney attended the
    prestigious Cranbrook School before receiving his undergraduate degree
    from Brigham Young
    University in 1971. He attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business
    School and received both a law degree and an M.B.A. in 1975.

    Mitt Romney married Ann Davies in 1969; they have five sons, Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

    Entry into Politics

    The son of George Romney, Michigan governor and Republican presidential nominee (he was defeated by Richard Nixon
    in 1968), Mitt Romney began his career in business. He worked for the
    management consulting firm Bain & Company before founding the
    investment firm Bain Capital in 1984. In 1994, he ran for the U.S.
    Senate in Massachusetts but was defeated by longtime incumbent Edward

    In 1999, Romney stepped into the national spotlight when he took over
    as president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. He helped rescue
    the 2002 Winter Olympics from financial and ethical woes, and helmed a
    successful Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002.

    In 2004 Romney authored the book Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games.

    Massachusetts Governor

    Romney parlayed his success with the Olympics into politics
    when he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2003. During Romney’s
    term as governor, he oversaw the reduction of a $3 billion deficit.
    Romney also signed into law a health care reform program to provide
    nearly universal health care for Massachusetts residents.

    2008 Presidential Run

    After serving one term, he declined to run for reelection and
    announced his bid for U.S. President. Romney made it through Super
    Tuesday, winning primaries in Massachusetts, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado
    and Utah, before losing the Republican nomination to John McCain. In total Romney spent $110 million on his campaign, including $45 million of his own money.

    Romney continued to keep his options open for a possible future
    presidential run. He maintained much of his political staff and PACs,
    and raised funds for fellow Republican candidates. In March 2010, Romney
    published a book titled No Apology: The Case for American Greatness in March 2010. The book debuted on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

    2012 Campaign

    At a farm in New Hampshire on June 2, 2011, Mitt Romney
    announced the official start of his 2012 campaign. A vocal critic of
    President Barack Obama,
    Romney has taken many standard Republican positions on taxes, the
    economy and the war on terror. Romney’s critics charge him with changing
    his position on several key issues including abortion, which he
    opposes, and health care reform—he opposed President Obama’s health care
    reform program, which was similar to the Massachusetts plan Romney
    supported as governor.

    From the start of his campaign, Romney emerged as the front-runner
    for the Republican nomination. He showed more mainstream Republican
    appeal than Tea Party-backed competitors such as Texas governor Rick Perry.
    In January 2012, Romney scored a decisive victory in the New Hampshire
    Republican primary. He captured more than 39 percent of the votes, way
    ahead of his closest competitors, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. As the race has continued, Rick Santorum
    became his greatest competition, winning several states. But Romney had
    been able to secure a substantial lead in the number of delegates need
    to clinch the nomination.

    In April 2012, Romney benefitted from a narrowing of the field when
    Santorum announced he was suspending his campaign. He publicly paid
    tribute to his former rival, saying that Santorum “has proved himself to
    be an important voice in our party and in the nation.” After Santorum’s
    departure, Romney only has two opponents left—Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich. But neither seems to have enough support to gain the necessary delegates to take the nomination from Romney.

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  67. I have seen and heard a lot about Obama’s Birth but no one can do anything to him. Hopefully, thing will bring to public more effectiveness and successfulness.

  68. The proof is there. All we need is for someone in Washington to grow some spine and force the issue to the forefront and not be afraid to be labeled birther. It’s amazing that a country that fought and defeated a facist is afraid to take on Obama and expose him for what he is, an impostor. Of course, whe also have communist sympathizers in the White House and God knows where else within our government.

  69. If this turns out to be true, Obama and anyone who covered this up should be tried for treason for attempting to defraud the American people and deliberately seeking to destroy the constitution.

  70. This business of bogus birth registrations dovetails rather neattly with the former policy of the state government in Hawaii not accepting a mere birth certificate as proof of Hawaiian birth for the only state program (having to do with Native Hawaiians) where participation was limited to those of Hawaiian birth. To those who object that such a situation is incredible, look up the more recent scandal where Puerto Rico canceled many thousands of its birth certificates do to widespread fraud in issuance of such documents for a number of years. .

  71. Cost the election? What, are you kidding? The truth has zero impact anymore. There is only one thing that has impact. Fiat money. Therein lies the problem: the intrinsic link between accounting and accountability is gone to the same degree that the standards of both currency and morality are no longer used. And Obama as a black man is the perfect puppet. He cannot be held accountable because truth is on its head and race has been amplified for this very moment.

  72. Back in the ’70s, I was aware that this had been a practice since way before Hawaii was a state. I don’t know why it is such a surprise to everyone. It’s not to me, and I’m only 59. It’s very obvious to me that he was never eligible to be president of the United States of America, and personally I wish he’d go back to Kenya and straighten that country out. Leave our country (NOT his) alone!

  73. Hawaii is a liberal stronghold….. You cant trust anything from that government!!! They will pander for odumbo no matter what, plus any other illegal that will vote for that party!

  74. I read this some place (buying certificates) it was designed to placate the Chinese and Japanese wanting to become US citizens. It also stated that Obama`s mother had a problem trying to get Obama`s birth certificate because the US government at the time did not believe he was a natural born citizen and wanted more proof. Now that being said, my congratulations to sheriff Joe and please keep the pressure on.

  75. Rubio is indeed eligible to be the VP. If you were born on US soil, you are a citizen. The US has two established legal principles upon which individuals are said to acquire citizenship at birth one of which is: all individuals born on U.S. soil are considered “birthright citizens” under the law regardless of the citizenship status of their parents. So, Marco Rubio is without doubt a US citizen and eligible to be not only our VP but our President.

    1. Rubio is a native born US Citizen … he is not a Natural born US Citizen ( a person born to two US Citizens at the time of his birth) …. George P Bush has the same problem that’s why the Bush family has been trying to get the law changed!! The only person at present I would make an exception for is Bobby Jindal …. he has NEVER supported Foreign Nationals or Illegal Aliens Interest!!! Rubio and Bush have they have worked Against the Best Interest of Legal US Citizens!!!

  76. I think that they should print copies of Obama’s birth certificate for ALL CITIZENS, and send them to all registered voters – The back would make good ‘scratch paper’.

  77. I thought the argument was the man has no birth certificate. Now the allegation is he has one, but it was obtained illegitimately? Which is it? These theories are all over the place. This is the problem when you decide what the truth is before you search for the evidence. I can’t stand Obama and hope he is voted out, but the birth certificate conspiracy theories hurt that cause. I can’t see any way they help.

  78. This is one of the most logical and sensibly presented arguments I have heard regarding Obama’s birth certificate. Having worked at a county dept of vital records (birth and death certificates), I have always been suspicious of Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaii was still working to standardize their statistical registration process as a newly recognized state. They were accepting the word of anyone who walked into a vital records office regarding the birth of a child, no questions asked–no verification process because many native Hawaiians were still being born at home without a physician present. Until 1984, even Hawaii would not accept (as proof of native Hawaiian ancestry) those certificates of live birth that the state had issued. The records office automatically issued birth registration info to the local newspapers for publication. It would have been quite easy for Obama, Sr., to walk into a registration office after getting a phone call from Kenya, to claim his son had just been born in Hawaii.

  79. Excellent video and thought-provoking, and this is one Philippine-born US citizen who is unafraid to question the eligibility of one B.H. Obama Junior. So why isn’t my fellow Filipina Michelle Malkin, or any of the other conservative luminaries mentioned (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc)? I believe it’s because they want to see BHO defeated on the issues, such as the economy, health care, and budgetary matters. They see the eligibility questions as a distraction, much like Gov. Romney does. Perhaps so, and what if we are proven correct on this? The hue and cry that would result when it is learned that this nation is governed by the forces of organized crime would be too terrible to contemplate. This is also why the JFK assassination continues to be covered up. Anyone who studies this episode comes to the natural conclusion that it was perpetrated by the CIA with Mafiosi operatives working under the Chicago Outfit run by Sam Giancana, just like the Cuban Bay of Pigs operation and the attempts to kill Fidel Castro. Also let’s not forget the Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War and the subsequent heroin running operation and the money laundering done via Nugan-Hand and BCCI. So the lies continue and all of the phony media “news” organizations (study the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and the Onassis organization in the late 1960s and the later connections to Nugan-Hand; or perhaps the purchase of the Washington Post by Eugene Meyer in the 1930s and his daughter Katherine Meyer Graham’s connections to Watergate) are complicit in this. Perhaps 30-40 years from now the whole thing will be exposed. “Barack Hussein Obama” was nothing more than another CIA (or perhaps an even more obscure entity) operative sent to carry out a mission, but what is that mission? I would submit to you that it is a desire to destroy the Left in this country and keep the financial system under its current control. In order to do that, the current leadership of the Democratic Party must be exposed and destroyed, along with its dominant paradigm, the use of racial issues to keep their opponents in line. What better way than to fabricate an entire biography of the first “African-American” president and allow certain details about this to be selectively exposed? It seems nearly all of those on the Right are unable to see this because they are blinded by mysticism and some nostalgic vision of a past that never was. Governments exist for one purpose, which is to protect the interests of the powerful. If anyone wants to join that group then they are vetted accordingly. At one time, Freemasonry served as the mechanism, now it’s more widespread and varied. Take a look at the recent Bilderberg meeting in Virginia and who was invited, you will see those from all sides of the spectrum, but for the large part it represented the world financial elite (or those who would represent it – keep in mind that only those who wished to have their names released were listed). It may be too early to ascertain just what are the ultimate objectives of those behind Project Obama, but I seriously doubt it is the establishment of a communist regime. Rather it seems to be the exposure and destruction of any forces who might oppose them, such as “organized labor” (once a Mafia front but now a drain on the banking system that must be smashed) and various rabble such as Sharpton ,Jackson and Farrakhan. Interesting how “calypso Louie” may have unwittingly swerved into the truth about BHO during the Libya episode last year…

  80. I hear Mitt’s daddy was living in Mexico. I also heard Mitt was born there, so he is not a legal citizen of the US. An investigation is definitely warranted.

  81. I also hear that Donald Trump’s hair is not real either. We should definitely have someone pull it to see if it comes off. A bald guy would be proud to have that toupee.

  82. The truth is out there and the truth will set you free …So to the ones in office now from the oval office on down the truth will set you free….come Nov.

  83. Sheriff Joe:
    We owe you so much, you are a leader where there are none, you are an honest and fair man among men that know no honesty or play by the rules, in short, you would have made us a terrific president. Mr. Zullo is one heck of a citizen, I wish more of us were like him.

  84. I have a big problem with the answers uncovered ……. this tells us we have millions of illegal aliens with US Birthcertificates …. all because of a greedy state!!!
    This needs to be addressed!! People with Hawaiian birthcertificates need to now prove they were physically born in Hawaii and yes that shouldn’t be a problem!!!
    Their parents residency should be a snap … old utility records … phone books …medical records .. doctors … hospitals …. insurance … employment … drivers license … SS … when you keep finding the same group of people as verfication then you have the answer as to who was involved!!
    It’s time to take OUR Country Back …. Illegal Aliens and a large Number of Legal Immigrants have started the destruction of the US and have worked to make this happen!!!! Nope I no longer give a DAMN about THEIR OFFSPRING!!!
    I Care about MY OFFSPRING and MY FRIENDS OFFSPRING and MY NEIGHBORS OFFSPRING that are LEGAL US CITIZENS and THEY are being ROBBED Daily of JOBS and US Tax Dollars!!!

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