Hillary Turning against Obamacare Provision to Win Votes

Twenty years ago, America had another Democrat with socialist agendas occupying the White House. Bill Clinton was very much like Barack Obama, only at that time America would not allow a president to get away with as many things as they do today. During Clinton’s terms in office, his wife Hillary pushed hard for a […]

100,000 New Yorkers Lose Healthcare & Taxpayers on Hook for Nearly $2.5 Billion

On August 8, I reported that 367,000 Texans were losing their healthcare insurance due to Obamacare. Several major insurance companies were losing millions of dollars on a number of Obamacare plans even though they had raised premiums from the year before. Now I read that over 100,000 New Yorkers will be losing their healthcare plans […]

Richards: ‘Abortion is Health Care’

Planned Parenthood’s leader Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress, which is investigating the truth behind a series of videos that seem to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for body parts of aborted babies. As befits the leader of a group of people who make a living by killing unborn children, Richards demonstrated an unerring […]

Employer Provided Family Health Insurance Increased 27% Since 2010

One of the main promises made by Barack Obama to every American was that Obamacare would keep healthcare costs low and affordable for everyone. Costs for individuals, employees and employers were all supposed to be lowered and then kept under control. If you believed Obama’s promise, then contact me as I have a bridge to […]

It’s a Mixed Bag at Best With Pope Francis

“Flee the temptation of narcissism,” Pope Francis said yesterday during his first U.S. visit. Now if he had directed those words to President Obama I would have said he hit a home run. But instead he directed them to a group of bishops he gently admonished to not be shy about welcoming immigrants, whom he […]

Conservatives Offer Yet Another Alternative to the Disaster that is Obamacare

A group of conservative House members are moving forward in yet another effort to undo the incredible damage that has come to pass because of the terrible Obamacare law. The bill was introduced by Georgia Republican Doug Collins (R-GA) and offers real hope at ridding our nation of the dead weight that is Obamacare. THE […]

Obama Administration Makes another Change to Obamacare

Since January of this year there have been hundreds of reports indicating that Obamacare costs are going up in many different ways. If anyone sat down and combined all of the cost increases to policy holders, it would be financially devastating to say the least. Realizing the problems with ever increasing premium rates, the Obama […]

15 Million Seniors Facing 52% Increase in Medicare Premiums for 2016

Millions of seniors in America are living on fixed incomes which generally do not keep pace with the increased cost of living. Consequently a large number of seniors are forced to find part time work at places like Walmart, Sam’s Club and other retailers in hope of earning enough to pay their bills, keep a […]

Obamacare Forcing End of Health Savings Accounts

Every time you blink or turn around, the Affordable Care Act takes another step to hurt individuals, families and businesses. This time Obamacare is determined to see the annihilation of Flexible and Health Savings Accounts. Currently, millions of Americans have a specific amount or percentage of their wages deducted prior to taxes and placed in […]

New Obamacare Tax Starting Tomorrow to Cost Policy Holders Hundreds of Dollars

Sometime in the next couple of months, if not already, most of you will be receiving notices that your healthcare premiums are going up or your policy has been cancelled – again. From everything I’ve been reading and posting, I strongly recommend that you sit down before opening your notice because the sticker shock may […]

Planned Parenthood Horror: Baby’s Heart Beat as Brain Harvested

A newly released video in the series from the Center for Medical Progress about Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting practices  is even more horrifying than previous ones. The video features a former worker for Stem Express, the middleman organ-procurement company that has been mentioned in previous videos, talking about an organ extraction she was compelled to […]

Congress Calls Out Planned Parenthood

Getting out from under the shadow of a series of sting videos won’t be as easy as Planned Parenthood thought it would be. The abortion and clinical health care provider has been focusing on suing and generally besmirching the character of the Center for Medical Progress, which published the videos that show Planned Parenthood officials […]