Hillary Shows Two Faces in Benghazi Testimony

Benghazi, in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s own words (emphasis added):

Overview: “As I have said many times, I take responsibility.”

On Benghazi security: “With specific security requests they didn’t come to me. I had no knowledge of them.

On Administration’s blaming of a YouTube video: “We had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decided to go kill some Americans? At this point what difference does it make, Senator?”

On Libyan security forces: “We sent teams out, both civilian and military experts to try to help them. What I found with the Libyans was willingness, but not capacity.”

On funding for security: “Currently, the House has holds on bilateral security assistance, on other kinds of support for anti-terrorism assistance.”

On the review board report: “I am the secretary of state and the (Accountability Review Board) made very clear that the level of responsibility for the failures that they outlined was set at the assistant secretary level and below.”

On continued questions: “The reason we put into effect an accountability review board is to take it out of the heat of politics and partisanship and accusations.”

In summary:I believe in taking responsibility and I have done so.”

News item, same day as testimony: “Washington (CNN) – More than four years after suspending her 2008 presidential bid, now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally paid off her campaign debt.”

‘Nuff said.

46 thoughts on “Hillary Shows Two Faces in Benghazi Testimony

  1. hillybilly doesn’t think it is necessary for the American people to know the truth. In answer to Senator Ron Johnson, ” At this point what difference does it make, Senator?” In my opinion she admitted that she knew it was terrorism but she doesn’t think we have a right to know the truth. What a jerk, and she most likely will run for president in 2016. God forbid.

    1. Democratic liberals may have short-term memory lose, but those of us who didn’t vote for bo have much longer memories. This woman will burn in hell, if she never gets burned here on earth.

    2. I appreciate the thinking, but I seriously doubt there will be a 2016 election, and if there is the Court order restraining the GOP from insuring a fair and fraud free election will be expired and it will be a much different world!

  2. In a just world, Hillary would have been locked away in prison a long time ago.

    But I know that once she dies, God will take proper punishment on her.

  3. Being a facile liar is the major criterion to qualify for the Obama administration.
    These hearings were a joke and nothing but an exercise in obfuscation, verbosity, and evasion. Typical Congressional hearings. No probing questions. No answers. Case closed.

    The Bengazi Four and their families will never have justice.

    And Hillary will run in 2016 and win.
    Hope I’m wrong.

      1. Why don’t you go proposition bo and maybe you guys could have a threesome! Apparently you are attracted to the dark side of life.

        1. Your dead body is inconsequential to future national elections. (ie. Who gives a damn if you die, Michelle is going to be elected)

        2. Oh, you going to go on a shooting spree huh? I wonder how much the secret service knows about you. Sounds like they should be interested.

      2. “Scheiss auf die ganze scheisse.” A pile of cow flop lies liberally garnish with dog doot dissemblings all of which stinks. When we think there is no one can be this stupid, you ‘john messy’ proves we wrong.

    1. Michelle, my belle.
      These are words that go together well,
      My Michelle.

      Michelle, my belle.
      Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
      Très bien ensemble.

      I love you, I love you, I love you.
      That’s all I want to say.
      Until I find a way
      I will say the only words I know that
      You’ll understand.

      Michelle Obama 2016

      1. HEY PENIS HEAD!! Missed you. Been looking for your ramblings. I finished my latest issue of Psychology Today and your mental condition came up….again. You are contributing some GREAT material.
        Delusional Disorder is treatable. I’m voting for electro-shock therapy
        just because it would be fun to watch it done to you….without
        sedation. Too bad Frontal Lobotomies are not considered appropriate therapy…..although?

      2. Ah – the LIEberal troll crawls out from his tax-payer subsidized hole to spout his nonsense. Only the lowest form of mental and moral degenerate would even think of a parasitic skank like Moochelle running for office.

      3. Moochies fat, wide ass would never fit in the chair in the Oval Office. I hear Bammie has to tie a 2×4 to his ass when he has sex with her so he won’t fall in. He also has to wear a mask bcause of that horrific rotten tuna smell.

    1. That was prearranged! Their is no contempt for the Senate , at least not those damnorats on that committee, but she did show clear contempt for those few that wanted the truth.!

  4. Things haven’t changed much since Arkansas for Mr. & Mrs. . An example, a man named Foster. They were dangerous back then, things haven’t changed much, and let’s face it the current administration is much much more dangerous than they ever were or will be.
    It’s absolutely sickening, not much to be done about it either. The polls, I mean the people spoke on November 6, 2012. It will take years to correct where we are for another 4 years if it is corrected at all. Are there enough good people in this country to change things. I’m doing a lot of soul searching but I doubt it.
    This country will never see a man like Nixon resign again on his own. I see the word impeach all over these blogs. WON’T HAPPEN!!!

  5. Who believes this lying POS, if the truth slapped this bitc# in the face she wouldn’t know what it is !!! get your head out of obammy’s lap billary !!!

  6. IF anyone listens to what Hillary Clinton says AFTER she says “What difference at this point does it make” you would KNOW that SHE answered HER OWN question when she said “It is OUR JOB to FIGURE OUT what HAPPENED do everything we can to prevent it from happening again”!!!! That IS what they were trying to do FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENED!!! That INCLUDES WHY they ATTACKED the Embassy and killed the four Americans!!!

    That WAS a STAGED ACT by HER to make her look STRONG in the MINDS of the WEAK, IGNORANT, STUPID and MENTALLY SICK!!!

    1. She conveniently had several weeks to prepare to deliver that lie. And it clearly still came off as a lie and a cover up, and the deception she and the administration have pulled of is clearly TREASON!

  7. She seems to still not want to blame terrorism but, a video (that by the way told the truth about Mooohamood). She and the President both had live feed of what happen for over seven hours and did not lift a finger. I still wonder what happen to Gen. Ham that wanted to send in a AC-130 and was told to stand down.

  8. I saw two faces alright, deceit and contempt! On the part of the leftist members of the committee supposed to be investigating I saw fawning, mewing, ass kissing and groveling, a disgraceful display for the nation. How any of those simpering wimpish sellouts could ever garner a single vote to be returned to office is beyond me Like every other failure of the fraud presidency there will be no answers and no justice for Bengazi! And there sure as heck will never be the truth or justice for any of the Clintons or the other reigning so-called progressives! Not unless they get caught up in the revolution.

  9. She’s just like her husband, she has been trained on how to act and what to say when they feel the heat. She was lying all along. I can tell when someone is lying by their actions, when she pounded her fists on the desk she gave it all away !! I hope and pray the other congressmen could pick-up on that. But she’s still not as good as Obama is about lying to WE THE PEOPLE.

  10. She is a lier—person that is above the reat of America—-a sham—this person is totally out of touch—but the MSN will cover for her!!!!!!!!!

  11. What difference does it make hillary? Why not ask that question to the families of the four dead personnel? You won’t able to hide behind your wonderful self when someone knocks the dogsnot out of you, which is exactly what needs to happen. What a wretch of a human!

  12. Let’s “Connect the DOTS”, shall we?

    When Hillary was running for President, she ran ads, in which she suggested that SHE would be there to answer the phone at 3:00 in the morning… Well, those calls for HELP CAME (and it WASN’T at 3:00 in the morning) and SHE DIDN’T ANSWER those calls!

    We STILL don’t know WHO got those calls (or other forms of communication)!

    We STILL don’t know WHO didn’t think it was IMPORTANT ENOUGH to bring to Hillary’s attention (or to the President’s for that matter) – assuming they DIDN’T KNOW!

    We STILL don’t know WHO sent the Ambassador into harms way!

    We STILL don’t know WHO instructed the Military to “Stand Down”!


    WHAT DOES “taking responsibility” MEAN to Hillary? WHAT ACTIONS has SHE TAKEN to “get to the bottom” of this? WHAT ACTIONS has SHE TAKEN to DISCIPLINE ANYONE in the State Department?

    I WONDER if Hillary would have accepted THAT from, say, Richard Nixon, regarding Watergate? What difference (at that point [of the Watergate Hearings, and the planned Impeachment of President Nixon]) did it make? Nixon had ALREADY been re-elected!

    You THINK Hillary would have sat back and said NOTHING (you DO KNOW that she was involved in the Watergate/Impeachment plans, don’t you)?!

  13. What a Liar Hilary is! She says she is as “Transparent as Possible”…what a CROCK of Crap! She says she is willing to take responsibility yet she has not resigned in disgrace as she deserves. Rand Paul was MAGNIFICENT and spoke Truth withClarity, Integrity and Moral High Ground that the Thug-in-Chief and the Clueless Clinton cannot do.

    She’s covering for her and Der Fuhrer Obama’s LIES! Where ‘o where is the supposed Main Stream Media? She is Guilty! She takes no responsibility. She is Clueless. She makes the State Department look like the Libtard Clowns they are….Idiots, Morons and Buffoons! Obama is a jerk for not firing the Dumb-ass Hilary.

    Hillary is a Liar just like the Marxist Obama. They are responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and should be tried for Complicity to Commit Murder. They deserve Federal Prison for their Lies, Deceit and Murder of Americans.

    Rand Paul was Sterling. He is made of the “stuff” of Leaders. May God Bless him.

    Obama is a Chameleon. Both he and Hilary hide behind a rhetorical curtain of Secrecy, Lies and Deceit. Typical Marxist Crap!

  14. Speaking of two faces. Looks like a byproduct of her concussion was a face lift or perhaps constant lying has the same affect as botox. Or maybe she just has a painting hidden in her attic that’s looks like a gorgon. **cough**, FACELIFT, **cough*

  15. What does it mean to say I take full responsibility? It means absolutely nothing to an immoral liar who stone walls obfuscates, deceives and plants false information blaming the Benghazi attacks on a defamatory movie by a person against Mohamed. Clinton needs to be summarily rtemoved fromn government along with her boss who defies the constitution!

  16. She claims she never saw the post from Benghazi therefore did not know what the situation was.

    Question Mrs Clinton:

    Did you ever meet with your Security People as part of your Responsibilities as the Head of the State Department?

    Did in any of those of those meetings did the subject of the Wall being breached with explosives come up.

    Did in any of those meetings the subject of the attempted murder of the British Ambassador come up or of the Brits and Red Cross decision that the City was to Dangerous for their people and their leaving?

    Did the subject of the requests for more security and the reports from Ambassador Stevens on the deteriorating situation come up… if not WHY NOT ?

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