Homeland Security: Forget the Border, We Have Americans to Bust

It’s a rough life being an ICE agent, especially these days.

Ever since President Obama decided he was a king and used an executive order to grant amnesty by unilaterally enacting the congressionally rejected Dream Act, ICE agents have been in a sort of limbo.

No longer able to do their jobs rounding up young illegal immigrants, they have also been ordered to ignore calls from law enforcement in Arizona since the Supreme Court upheld that state’s law allowing officers to inquire into detainees’ immigration status.

And with the closing of nine Border Patrol stations, the ICE folks must be spending a lot of time playing Pac-Man.

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, told Fox News, “Morale is in the toilet right now. Most of the guys out in the field are just in an uproar.”

Obama’s executive order calls for officials to use prosecutorial discretion to let young illegal immigrants stay in the country.

Cox said that’s no discretion at all and ICE superiors are ordering officers to release suspects that don’t meet the Department of Homeland Security’s own criteria for release. In at least one case, an officer who refused what he believed to be an improper order was suspended.

The agents have apparently adopted a seige mentality and feel they are in a no-win situation.

“They’ve got their heads down,” Crane told Fox. “We feel like the administration is against us and not the people who are violating our laws.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is revving up its plans to use drones to keep an eye on American citizens.

In fact, the first American arrested with the assistance of a Predator drone had his appeal denied by a judge Wednesday.

Rodney Brossart, who probably would have landed in jail anyway, was arrested last year after a day-long standoff with law enforcement over his refusal to return six cows that wandered onto his North Dakota ranch.

At some point during the standoff, the DHS offered law enforcement the use of its drone, which let police determine Brossart’s and his family members’ locations on the ranch and whether they were armed.

The court on Wednesday ruled that use of the drone was proper and did not require a warrant.

Back on the border, Border Patrol agents are reporting a surge in border crossings by immigrants who claim to be “Dreamers,” eligible to be in the United States under Obama’s Dream Act order.

Among the immigrants is what’s being called an unprecedented surge of children. The strain on social support services has been so great that some of the children are being housed at military facilities in Texas and elsewhere.

In a recent press conference, Crane said that Border Patrol agents no longer have any criteria for turning people away from the border: “Our orders are: if an alien said they went to high school, then let them go. If they say they have a GED, then let them go. Officers have been told that there is no burden for the alien to prove anything.”

Since the executive order, there have also been reports of suspects in criminal cases being summarily released because “they’re Dreamers.”

With no controls on the border and increasing surveillance of Americans at home, the administration seems to be using an invading army in fighting a war against its own people.

81 thoughts on “Homeland Security: Forget the Border, We Have Americans to Bust

  1. First this is a Union complaining that they are not allowed to do their jobs. Secondly after Nov 6 we should have a Kenyan getting ready for transport.

  2. “…SEEMS…” [emphasis mine] ?!
    If this isn’t a war on America by an illegally sitting administration, I don’t know what is!

      1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Actually I think several countries governmental heads are secretly laughing at him. I think he’s lost credibility there too, but they just use it to their advantage and hurry the demise of the USA. Only problem is those other governmental country’s heads don’t realize you can’t judge the whole nations citizens by OB and the rest of his hell’s minions in governmental offices right now. There are too many of us true American Citizens they’ll have to reckon with at some point if they do, and they’ll have no warning before the fury hits. UN just try and enact some of the things you want the USA to do, and you’ll be packing your bags to rush to Belgium for safety, anyways that’s my personal opinion.

      2. obama has recently released thousands of criminal illegal aliens, invaders who have committed horrible crimes against Americans. Of those released, 16% have already been re-arrested for murder and sex crimes. How would you feel if you or a member of your family was killed or raped by a man who had already been incarcerated for a crime but subsequently released by obama?

    1. I’m with you, how the hell is it that the public and especially the “Re-PUNK-licans” are not saying as much is insane. The new Hitler continues to trash the constitution and consolidate more power and the fore-mentioned continue to have that “deer in the headlight” glazed over look – unbelievable, start manning the state militias!

    2. You guessed it. Natzi Germany started the same way. Get the foolish, uneducated and the lazy together and the socialist war is on. The Delcaration of Indipenance was a rejection of the midevel European dictatorships, Oboma thinks we aren’t aware of what he is doing. If the election desn’t happen, we’ll know it is too late.

    3. @saltpork – You know I think the officer they speak of that refused an order and was suspended, I think he called Rush this week. I remember hearing that exact story on Rush from a caller. Might be able to search his archives for the last week or two and see it we can find it. Point is, I just heard this from an officer on the radio who did not give his name. Now I read it here. What is happening to us, my God! I also heard today on the radio news that whooping cough is all of a sudden on the rise and they think it is from illegals coming in more now and bringing the disease with them. …….. Folks, this is getting too serious to just sit here and complain. Law enforcement can’t act in defense of the U.S. anymore, so we have to do it. I read a fabulous email today that I think we should try to implement it. After all, WE are the Private sector so we know how to construct stuff. What do ya all think about this: ……………………………. There is a joke going around that Cajuns are not smart after the super bowl of the New Orleans Saints. I completely disagree with this premise. Anybody that would build a city 5 feet below sea level in a hurricane zone and fill it with democrats who can’t swim is a genius! So that joke gave me an idea. Since we have this open boarder issue and the government does not want to close it how about we dig a moat the length of the Mexican boarder. Send all the dirt to New Orleans to raise their levee’s. Then take all the nuisance Alligators from Florida and elsewhere and put them in the moat. Boarder crossing problem solved! These are the kind of real solutions we need! Maybe I should run for prez. Thinking about it. :)

  3. The American people are now considered the enemy of our power hungry government. Maybe if enough people took up arms against the government they would get the picture they have to change their ways or American blood will be spilled on our own turf. Enough is enough! Vote out ALL Democratic Socialists in November!

    1. @deeme. True, these socialistic ideologues have become a deadly cancer that has systemically spread throughout the highest levels of our government. We must remove it before it destroys everything our country was founded on. It will take a willingness, OF THE PEOPLE, to to oust and or prosecute any governmental employees for treason and tyranny! WE THE PEOPLE, need to let it be known to others and the world how we deal with those who try to dismiss and or circumvent our Constitution.

      1. Very nice can we hire you to write speeches for Romney.?? WE are all that is left to stand up for the Constitution ..Nothing seems to be happening to the criminals..

        1. Well now everything makes sense, I go to American Thinker first thing every Morning when I can just like coming here..LOL…EVen though we aren’t loud and we don’t usually get on the nightly news..we are a force to be reckoned with…Great Story…thanks..

        2. TY, appreciate your like-minded thinking! We are out here and we will bring the country back to common sense morals and values! Have a great day, I get to go to work now! (smile)

        3. I read the article and it is frightening even though it may be true.

          I don’t think this is the best for our country, but I wondered if maybe the congress should have voted in Obama’s tax hike. Just think about it. Surely, this would cause Obama to lose the election. If he did not lose and the problems this vote for his agenda would make would once and for all show those crazy liberals that taxing the rich is not a good thing. If Romney should win, hopefully; he will, he can repeal this Then Obama could not say Bush Tax cut is to blame, but now Obama it is all on you.
          I am sure that it is in the back of everyone’s mind that if he does get more tax money he will just throw it away just like he throws every dime he get away.The only way to make sure that is not possible is making sure any raise in taxes would go towards paying off our deficit. No solar panels for his contributors.

        4. I suppose that is an option. Unfortunately, the Republicans would more than likely lose all the Nov elections this year, jeopardizing the majority in the House and making no gain to even out the Senate. This would only empower the dimocraps at a time when the Republicans are trying to build dams to stop the flow of socialism into our society.
          Anyone with a half a brain can see through the dimocraps plan! They are baiting races, religions, classes, and genders to divide the country! bho does not care about our economy! He believes American’s got rich by taking from others nationally and internationally! Nothing will change his anti-Colonial mindset. bho wants successful Americans to share their wealth with the less fortunate via taxing the hell out of them so HE (government) can redistribute money to these less fortunate with a huge piece of the pie going to him, his elitist cronies, the unions, the companies he selects to support, obamacare, other countries, and the Lord only knows what else. The needy will remain dependent on the crumbs.

          The progressive, elitist, dimocrap (whatever they decide to call themselves) refuse to compromise on anything, especially if it does not advance their plan. Republicans have been complacent, making too many compromises over the past 60 years; the country is at a turning point! The Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already!
          ……off my soap box now….. :=D

  4. ”With no controls on the border and increasing surveillance of Americans at home, the administration SEEMS to be using an invading army in fighting a war against its own people.”

    Now THAT is an understatement if I ever heard one.

    The ambitions of this ego-maniacal, power-hungry president are crystal clear……and Americans need to commit to doing whatever it takes to remove him from office….starting with the voting booth.

      1. What do you mean “might”? He used illegal means to enter the country and illegal means to get on the 2008 ballot. Then he used intimidation by the Black Panthers and registration of peoples dead dogs and ancestors to get elected.

    1. Not just removing him rom office with the vote, but if he and Spain manipulate the vote (which could be a strong possibility in my opinion), remove him with a civil war.

  5. The borders are being patrolled by unmanned drones and fixed ground sensor stations. downward facing radar, thermal infrared sensors, color night vision HD cameras, electromagnetic sensors, radiation detection and wave detectors in the microwave and ultraviolet spectrums. Biological sensors capable of detecting microorganisms and laser spectroscopes that can analyze the concentrations of elements in the air.

    Perhaps we need less field agents because they are being replaced by technology. An intelligence driven operation has proven more effective than simple human “patrol”. Mobile response teams can quickly respond to any threat. The military industrial complex has developed some amazing technology with the trillions of dollars we have given them.

    1. We need more enforcement, not just technology.
      We need a president that is an honest and loyal American citizen

    2. So all those trillions of dollars are totally wasted. I live in Az, our border is pretty much open, and people don’t even “sneak” over anymore, there is nothing we are doing to send them back. Our border patrol is told to look the other way, run and hide, Ice wil not respond to our calls. Our police can only catch and release. So all the high tech. in the world, means nothing. obama’s dream act makes every state in America a sanctuary state. All on your tax dollars. You should see our DES offices here, their are hundreds daily applying for their foods stamps and other goodies. The lines are out the doors. And it’s not just hispanics, the muslins are coming in at quite a pace as well.

    3. The point ISN’T what the Border Patrol can do or even IS doing! You can video, scan, analyze and detect all you like – but if the King says “Hands OFF” all you’ve got is a VERY expensive “Video game”!

  6. Come on U.S. citizens – you only have one chance and one choice – vote this administration out of office on November 6th, 2012 – no if’s – and’s – or – but’s!

  7. It’s a shame that the usurper isn’t tried for Treason, convicted, and executed. If this proper chain of events should unfold, all his illegal acts could be ruled void and justice would be restored. We could begin the mass deportation of the illegal trash immediately starting with the Kenyan “king” himself.

  8. I can’t help but use this quote again because it seems to be the most applicable with Obama in office:

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious but it cannot survive TREASON FROM WITHIN. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the TRAITOR moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself.

    For the TRAITOR appears not a traitor–He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation–he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city–HE INFECTS THE BODY POLITIC SO THAT IT CAN NO LONGER RESIST. A murderer is less to be feared.

    ———- Cicero, 42 B.C., Roman Statesman, orator, and author.

  9. Obama isn’t even pretending anymore and I don’t think there is any question about it: he is trying to steal the election. We cannot allow him to do it.

  10. We have an illegal alien in the White House, what does anyone expect would happen? Antichrist-in-chief

  11. I’m not surprised in the least. We have got to take America back, Obama and Holder as well as the idiot at HLS have all got to go and fast before our country is totally ruined. “WAKE UP AMERICA, LOOK AROUND YOU, WE ARE BEING DESTROYED AND WE’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT”.

  12. Just imagine what will happen to this country if Barry gets re-elected and he doesn’t have to worry about another election…………..god help this country.

  13. everyone in the Executive Branch, from Obama on down, took an OATH to UPHOLD the LAW; they have no authority to unilaterally ignore the law or parts thereof!!
    This is an act of sedition by the Executive Branch.
    the BO Admin is sewing chaos by design. they want lawlessness, they want civil disorder and unrest BECAUSE then they can declare martial law and really hand themselves some power.

  14. Even if it looks like this country is going into the toilet and that there is no reason for hope, we can not allow ourselves to feel beaten, we must vote against all the trash that is handling our Government business (from local to national), and bring our homeland back to glory and prosperity.
    For those that are here illegally; get out while you can, because WE THE PEOPLE are going to set people in office that will arrest you, make you pay, then ship you back to where you came from, and then you will have no way of coming here legally because you committed a crime by coming here without permission to begin with.

  15. This TRAITOR & Usurper should be impeached or arrested now. Since it is Congresses job to do and they wont do it; that leaves it up to the Secret Service to arrest him for treason. If they wont do it then it’s up to the Sheriffs to make it happen. From their it falls to the Military to make it happen. We don’t need to go into another election with Barry on the ballot, lets have a reasonable Democrat on the ticket not a progressive.

    When is someone going to take the bull by the horns “an get err don”. I’d love to, but can’t for health reasons.

  16. Why should American have to obey the laws when the illegal aliens get a pass. It is now a sad day in hell now Americans are second class citizens and Obama and democrat have made it that way. Were are our leaders why have they not done something about this crap? Obama is doing what the hell he wants without paying the piper

    1. If we are going to march on the capitol, we all have to go, not just the brave few. When the march to D.C. happens to stop the rape of our country by politicians that have stolen & spent All Americans into a life of misery, then & only then will the cry go up to arms to arms we are coming. The political elete of this country have been pillaging our treasury & been spreading “the wealth around” for decades. I guess it is not quite that bad yet, because we have this clown in office that keep-s talking about spreading our wealth around & will not be happy until every citizen worker pays over $.65 cent of every dollar we work for & starting with the “rich” is only the beginning, If the march to the capitol starts there needs to be millions of us, picking up millions more on the way. If we don’t do it that way we will have an insurrection, that will be put down by force, sorry I got a little side tracked there (because I am angry)

      1. Jack you are right on. I pray Americans are all fed up and we vote the sorry SOB Obama and democrats out. Obama and democrats are counting heavy on illegal alien to pick up his lost in the American people. BUT if for some reason Obama and democrats cheat there way back in American must no allow any more taxes so all Americans will have to stand together and so hell no we would all rather fight and die before we pay another dime to socialist Obama and democrats. We may have to bear arms and run Obama and democrat from American like we did with England. I hope we stop Obama and democrats in November. Our ice agents are now being punish by Obama and democrats for doing there JOB we must demand our leaders stop Obama from punishing our ice agents. Obama and democrats are hell bent on make up votes with illegal aliens the borders are wide open with come one come all from the Obama and democrats. I wonder why illegal aliens get a pass on obeying our laws but Americans do not????? Call your congressman and senator and demand action against Obama and democrats not upholding our laws. Call mayors and everyone from all branches of government. Raise hell NOW

  17. First things first…remove the traitor from the white house, then throw all his executive orders in the garbage with him….finally close the border and cut off all social welfare benefits to illegals. Then do away with birthright citizenship unless the mother is a citizen and follow Ikes lead…get freighters, load them on and deport them all!

  18. Let’s see, we have an illegal immigrant sitting in the whitehouse,illegals crossing into the U. S. at an ever increasing rate and the border patrol has their hands tied so they can’t do anything, I’d say the war against this country has begun !

  19. Obama never had any intention of keeping his oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution and to protect America from all enemies, within and without. He seems to be America’s WORST ENEMY, destroying America from within. He should be impeached for high crimes and treason.

  20. More taxes to pay to house these people in miitary facilities (gas, water electricity, blankets, cots, food, clothes, toliet paper, shampoo, etc.), then if they don’t ive on the bases taxes to pay food stamps, and who knows maybe at some point unemployement benefits since they’ll not be able to find work right away in most cases. More taxes to pay for more police in certain states where they’ll congregate (Texas and Arizona for example). All this so OB can get some more votes. I feel sorry for the officers who want to do their job and have their hands tied by this administration. It was bad enough when Senator Kennedy talked Regan into signing the bill that upped the legal immigration numbers with no regard to the unemployment numbers, but this is far worse by a million fold in my opinion. He’s not even making them meet the legal immigration criteria, he’s just waving his OB magic wand and says they are okay. I don’t now them personally, but they’re okay. I wish he’d pay for them all out of his own personal pocket and leave my empty worn out pockets alone.

  21. Like I’ve been saying for the past four years. These Obama goons are the worst enemies we’ve had since the yankees of the so called Reconstruction era.

  22. The moozlim skunk fraud occupying the White House is a war criminal, just like the other genocidal maniac “from” Illinois, Lincoln. If there are any history books to be written years from now, will the revisionist leftists worship the miscreant obama as another one who “saved” the Union? The sad truth is that the Union has been under siege since Lincoln’s unnecessary war. What kind of Union is enforced at gunpoint? The third American revolution is nigh….Secede. As an individual. Tell the lawless thugs in DC that you no longer consent to be governed by an illegal usurper.

    1. Be that as it may, Lincoln DID keep the Union together, which in the long run defeated Japan and Germany in WW2, as a “United” States, powerful enough to take on the NAZI’s and Japanese, as separate CSA and USA apart may well have been insufficient to do so. Otherwise, we’d be speaking German, and the Aussies would be speaking Japanese.

  23. Why do we allow our CONGRESS to sit back and get paid while the new legal means of LAWENFORCEMENT is whatever the WHITE HOUSE decides?
    How much better does this have to get before people wake up and make their first action of the day a call to their REPRESENTATIVES asking them when they plan to return to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC,and free us from the oppression of the new CONGRESS called the DEPARTMENT of Homeland Secrurity?
    What Homeland? What security? What Congressional Bill voted into Law,ratified by the Senate and signed by a duly elected person who is qualified under the Constitution to be president supports this AMNESTY,this inaction by LAWENFORCEMENT,this policy of ruin being forced on us for one single purpose,
    To keep in power those that have sold this country out for their own POLITICAL FUTURE?
    How stupid are we to sit back and allow this to happen in America? Very Stupid,AND IT IS DESERVED BY EVERYONE WHO SPENDS MORE TIME WATCHING TV than taking an active role in returning this nation to a LEGAL FRAME WORK that has proven to be the most prosperous means to Liberty by any people in the History of the Human Race.
    WAKE UP!

  24. If you want to know what the Russians think of obama, google– Russians won’t shake obama’s hand. It’ll direct you to a YouTube video. How humiliating. Look at the expression on obama’s face!

  25. No one even thinks of the danger this man has put our country in. Don’t you think that those immigrants who may or may not have been going to school in this United States and when asked, says ” yes I did”, CAN BE A TERRORISTS THEY ARE LETTING ING?

  26. This whole situation is a disgrace and bass ackwards. Obama is destroying the country from the inside out…. That sounds like what Glenn Beck said a long time ago! He was right!!

  27. Now Obamma’s problem will be How to get all of his illegal immigrants eligible to vote for him. He may have that already figured out. Let’s see.

  28. Apparently Obamma is having some luck, so far, doing to America what King George, Kaiser Wilhelm, Adolph Hitler, and Hiro Hito had never managed to accomplish.

  29. Well , wadiya expect ? Obummer IS an illegal himself §§§ lol Spanish is the n°1 foreign language taught at American schools … use it to your advantage … to get free room & board and healthcare in America ……. forget college : it’s too expencive , besides , where are the jobs they are supposed to get you ?

  30. You don’t need to be an Einstein to understand the equation. Americans have the possessions; the wretched refuse sneaking across the border do not. As the goal is to accumulate possessions, all governments have to do is find the lawbreakers and criminals. Drones will help ensure that all 150 million or so get rounded up.

  31. Obama & his COMMUNIST czars have put US VETERANS on the ‘Terrorist’ watch list-then they set up the False Flag Operation @Sikh Temple where MULTIPLE WITNESSES saw 4 SHOOTERS-4 MEN DRESSED in BLACK OPENED fire on a TEMPLE full of INNOCENT civilians—–4 men were ‘CASING’ the temple last weekend which worried a parishioner so much they CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT ——& received NO SUPPORT——–YEAH DHS, DOD, FBI, ATF, DOINJUSTICE are under orderS 2 ARREST CITIZENS while TERRORIST ALONG w/ ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT DETAINED because Barry Soetoro is an identity Thief & has duped the Congress n2 NOT REVIEWING his FORGERIES & ABUSES of the US CONSTITUTION——-BO has GOT 2 GO….–HOW about. GITMO?

  32. Everyone seems to have forgot one small thing. That is that our popular vote is just a sham, The electoral college will decide who will sit in the White House! There has been a few presidents elected who lost the popular vote.

  33. John Quincy Adams who lost by 44,804 votes to Andrew Jackson in 1824 Rutherford B. Hayes who lost by 264,292 votes to Samuel J. Tilden in 1876 Benjamin Harrison who lost by 95,713 votes to Grover Cleveland in 1888 George W. Bush who lost by 543,816 votes to Al Gore in the 2000 election.

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