I Hope Rush Limbaugh Gets Arrested

Liberal lawyer Gloria Allred wants Rush Limbaugh arrested. She may want to rethink this latest publicity stunt.

By the now the Left was sure that Rush Limbaugh would be off the air. His comments about Georgetown law Student Sandra Fluke and the list of companies that cancelled their advertising for his how had them dancing with glee. Their biggest political thorn in the flesh was going down. No such luck.

The outpouring of support for Rush Limbaugh has been overwhelming. Advertisers have been replaced. Rush has shown the utter hypocrisy of the mainstream media by pointing out the laundry list of liberal rants and verbal sexual attacks on conservative women. Even many in the media are commenting on it. For example, Kirsten Powers, a Fox News analyst, wrote “Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Media Misogynist” for the Daily Beast. Here’s how she opens her article:

Did you know there is a war on women?

Yes, it’s true. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz have been waging it for years with their misogynist outbursts. There have been boycotts by people on the left who are outraged that these guys still have jobs. Oh, wait. Sorry, that never happened.

Exactly! It never happened. “But if Limbaugh’s actions demand a boycott — and they do —,” Powers wrote, “then what about the army of swine on the left? Boycotts are reserved for people on the right like Rush Limbaugh. . . .”

An example of the double standard is Gloria Allred, the Left’s premier legal attack dog. She wants Limbaugh prosecuted for calling Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute.” She wrote a letter to the Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe asking whether Limbaugh had violated Section 836.04 of the Florida Statutes.

The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. If Rush was found guilty, the maximum penalty would be one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

I would love to see this go to trial. Ms. Fluke would have to testify as to her sexual history. In doing so, it might confirm the very things Rush said about her. Witnesses would be called to testify. While I don’t know how many sexual partners Ms. Fluke has had, but just to ask the questions would prove much more embarrassing to her.

Then the issue of the liberal double standard would be brought out. There’s so much of evidence of this that we might see liberal talkers brought to trial as well. We might even see some politicians face the judge. It would be heaven. You know Rush Limbaugh would have the best high-profile lawyers defending him. It would be Oliver North and Iran-Contra all over again. The best in free entertainment.

Liberals are trying to get around the double standard accusation by claiming that the conservative women who were verbally attacked with sexual barbs were “public figures.” As soon as Ms. Fluke agreed to speak out publicly on the birth control issue, she became a public figure. She has since appeared on a number of radio and television shows.

Liberal hypocrisy runs deep. Let’s go to trial!

660 thoughts on “I Hope Rush Limbaugh Gets Arrested

  1. I was wondering how long it would take for the opportunistic Allred to rear her ugly head and make demands. It’s her M.O.

    I personally would relish a trial….and would love to see all the leftist misogyonist pigs in a courtroom, defending the verbal diarrhea they spew against  (mostly conservative)  women.

    Of course, if the past is any predictor of future events, one could see a liberal judge and jury more than willing to throw justice aside and per their usual behavior, sentence Rush to prison while giving all the leftist pigs a pass.

    1.  The other problem for the left of course would be with nasty nancy and the White House pulling the strings that she has indeed prostituted her self and with her lies made her a political slut

    2. George Bush who was a lousy president. Didn’t do one thing to improve our very corrupt court system. Clinton walked and the very first day fired all the judges. Bush replaced 5. What a dork. A compassionant conserve my eye. He was at best a Rino.  The first bailout was in is time and we al screaming then. There should be a lot less of the liberal corrupt POS then their is.  Your poi8nt is well taken. If Romney is our nominee I will vote for him reluctently. Anybody but Ovomit 

      1. You need to do some further research before you post.  Klintoon could not and did not fire any judges, he fired all of the Federal Prosecutors, mainly because that threw a monkey wrench into some prosecutions (Whitewater, anyone?) of leading Democrats .

      2.  Judges are appointed for life! Only the House of Representatives can bring an impeachment and only the Senate can sit as the jury in an impeachment.

    3. Since “ms.allred” had become a TV Court judge….It has only fed her “OPPORTUNISTIC EGO”….
      Bring it on gloria…..There are alot of WOMEN out here that do not share your “IDIOT” views of the world

  2. If they arrest Rush for calling fluke a slut, then tens of thousands, including me, will also have to be arrested because we all know and state thet she is a slut. In fact, any unmarried person, man or woman, who engages in sex is a slut.

      1. yes i have read the actual transcripts,and if you or any women engage in making love/sex/etc.pay for your own contraceptives,next you,ll want the insurance companys to pay for a night on the town,and thank you for calling me a loon,a loon is a beautiful bird.sew you and gloria can drop fred.have a nice feminist day

      2. typical liberal nitwit – 2 ways to reward a liberal – #1 a long prison sentence – #2 – the best way — Lethal Injection — your up nitwit # Jwdixon66

      3. Had you watched the show she put on before the Great Pelosi you would have heard he mention the fact they were haveing sex 4 and 5 times a day. Nice try.

        1. Your comment was directed to the wrong person by DISQUS. I am not a left winger or a moron and your language leaves something to be improved upon. 

      4. Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over
        $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on
        public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s

        Statement above puts her in same boat as her friends and as being a slut !!!

        1. Like someone once said. Abstinence is the best prevention!  The true answer to birth control is your own mind! If you are unable to use this, there are many other options well under $3000.  I also have to say, I have no intention of paying for any method you choose! 
           Because you are in Law School.  Does this mean you are having a lot more sex than normal?!  or does it mean that students not studding law have sex less frequently?  Finally, Please tell me why you think I should pay for your own inability to resist temptation! 

      5. Whatever she said, it was NOT TESTIMONY! She was rejected by the committee because the dumocrats tried to bring her in at the last minute and Issa would have none of it because there was not enough time to vet her to see what an activist that she was and is…she “spoke” to a bunch of dumocrats sitting around a room…there was NO TESTIMONY!

        1. The group representing Fuke is called the SDKKnickbocker. It is a PR agency headed by Anita Dunn who was Obama’s communication director.  I don’t know if Fluke is a slut, I can’t go that far, but I sure will call her a sleeze for acting like she is represnting women in this controversy when she really is an ‘agent’ for the Obama administration in the contraception mandate issue.

        2. I can’t believe these stupid women don’t realize they are being used by Obama for his political gain, not for their benefit.  This is his m.o., he doesn’t give a good damn about anything or anyone unless it benefits him.

      6. If she isn’t having sex, what the hell is the 3,000 dollars spent on?  It was a hearing about birth control, was it not?  Damn…some people are so stupid.

        1. Birth control can be used to treat a number of ailments other than getting pregnant, damn some people are stupid 

        2. Yes, but they can be had free at Planned Parenthood and other sources. If ignornace was a disability, you would qualify for a full pension.

      7. What a joker you are!  IF, and she admits this by taking contraception, she is unmarried  and having sex,  she would want to take contraception- otherwise no need for the pills.

      8. From your statements here. you clearly have have a religious debut.  Regardless, It is not important what Ms. Fluke actually said. What should be of consideration is the fact that she  was used by the Liberals as an obstacle to hinder the progression of the Republican nomination process. This is an example of the extent the Liberals will go to in order to maintain the media brain washing of the population. No matter what Ms. Fluke said.  The whole point of her being in the news at all, was all the Liberals wanted!  Create some non existent controversy, and get the voting population’s mind off the real problem!   

    1.  I bet Bill M.hr would love for  Obummer to have his righteous moment, and return the $1.000.000 from his PAC.  Realizing Bill M would most likely need it. But then again? Nah, I doubt it. Bill, you are on your own, like the rest of us, after all in my world money only flows one way.
      After all I’m the KIng, and don’t you forget that ever. You are on your own.
      Maybe all you misogynists  can all pool your fund together. Gloria would just love that.

    1. I dont think Gloria Allred could get laid if she paid someone to do it. Why dont you bring it on to Rush. This would be great. 

  3. EXACTLY!  If Fluke has to testify before a jury that she indeed did admit to these things, and it’s agreed to in Congressional Records, because she testified before a congressional committee, then she is either what Rush called her, or she’s perjuried herself before the committee!  So, Gloria, suggest you back off, because it’s going to blow up in your face!  I say… bring it on!  Game is on, and you lose, liberal left!

        1. Sorry Nigangbuster but I have to correct you on that one because those aren’t sluts in the WH and the Hill. Those kind of people that receive money are actually called Whore’s, a more accurate deffinition don’t you think.

        2. Absolutely Richard, Gloria Allred has always been and will always be a mediocre attorney and attention whore. I’m just glad that there are more out there who believe as I do. In our society we have ambulance chasers, an event whores.

        3. Exactly.  “How do you seat 4 sluts (whores) on one chair?”  The answer is:  “You turn the chair upside down with 4 legs up.”  You see…one chair can seated Pelosi, Fluke, Roseanne Barr, Whoopie Goldberg…ha..ha..

        4. NO- Sounds like the chair will NAIL 4 of them at the same time….. Poor chair, those 4 are so damned ugly!!!

        5. In the vernacular of The SLL* in the white house and da Mooch, the word is Pronounced “HO”.
          *Slimey Little Liar

        1. Me too! .ow if they could learn the difference between THEN and THAN and use these words in their – NOT THERE – proper context, things would indeed be grand.

        1. Not in a cougar kind of way, but maybe an old toothless alley cat wouldn’t be allegorically far off.

      1. She has the services of one of the top law firms in DC, provided by an exWhite House staffer’s firm.   Corrupt, nah – just friends!

    1. The left just hate to admit that Rush was right!  If we have to pay for Sandra to have   s e x  than she is indeed a prostitutie!   What O’Reilly has now uncovered is that this loose woman is actually being represented by an old aid of Obimbo’s!  This was all a set up and another way for the dems to cause a diversion!  We are being put into debt on purpose with the intent of turning us into something worse than a socialist country, what they truly want hasn’t been tried before and for good reason… … AN OPEN SOCIETY WILL NOT WORK MR. SOROS!  I pray to God everyday for your old a s s to just up and die!  You’re 81 and you’ve spread enough misery in this world…  It’s time to go because Satan is calling you home!!

      1. Soros is an agent of Satan and he knows. He’s old, lived his wealthy life, can’t take it with him and wants to make everyone as miserable as he is.

      2. We can thank Rush for getting off the point, and making this a woman’s rights issue, which it is not.  He got off  the point and played into the liberals game.
        There are so many things wrong within our government, and we waste time and energy talking about trivial things. 

        1. men have been called all kinds of names for years.  they don’t get side tracked.  that is the difference.  women are always huffing, puffing and spitting about something.  i am a woman and very seldom hire a woman to act for me.

        2. They made this a woman’s issue long before Rush said anything.  While I’m not defending his actions, what he said was nothing compared to what the left says on a daily basis.  The left was just waiting for someone to slip up, so they could pounce all over them.  Sadly, too many ignorant Americans are buying this B S, and believe the GOP is waging war on them.  How utterly ridiculous.

        3. EXACTLY….Conservative you hit the nail on the head !

          About time people realized Rush made a jackass of himself for not bringing up the real issue….unconstitutional mandates and out of control entitlements.

      3.  It was absolutely a set-up, all the way back to Romney getting the contraception question from Stephanopoulos at the debate.  No one could figure out what that was about, until weeks later when Obama came out with his ridiculous mandate.  Then all of the pieces started falling into place.  This is nothing more than a distraction from the real issues.  Frankly, I wish Republicans would just stop talking about it, because we’re only keeping this story going. 

        1. Very asstute of you.  Everything this administration does is preemtive to what their next step will be.  About 2 days before the contraception mandate, The Susan B Koman Organization said it would stop giving funds to Planned Parenthood because their goals are not cosistant with breast cancer research.  As could be expected, liberal women got in a tizzy (whether real or a set-up).  Then, while these women were still worked up, bam, the mandate for all companies to pay for birth control and the morning after pill, even Catholics who wanted an exemption on moral grounds and the belief that it
          is an infringement on the right to freedom of religion.  I imagine it’s also a foot in the door to making Catholics insure abortion or more accuractly, the killing of unborn babies. 

          When something strange happens. I always ask myself “Why?”  Then as you say, the pieces to the puzzle start to fall into place.

        2. Romney had the correct response and so did Ron Paul…..we have much bigger fish to fry.

          The only MORON that is making it an issue is Santorum.  If someone votes for him based on his religiousity they are buying a pig in a poke.

      4. O’Reilly is a pig too.  Andrea Makris lawsuit proved that.  Read the lawsuit – it’s posted on the web.  He relentlessly harassed her but she was smart— she taped him.  That’s when FOX settled for millions.

        Wonder where Bill puts his vibrator?

      5. That doesn’t make her a prostitute….it makes her a parasite.  Sex is not an illness and should be paid as an ELLECTIVE on an insurance policy if she wants low cost birth control.

        I agree Soros is evil.

    2. I listened to the show and know the context in which Rush made those comments, calling Fluke a slut.  Listening to her beg Congress to pay for her contraception which cost upwards of $3000 a year, Rush was just stating what every one else was already concluding.  That girl must be having sex several times a day for it to cost that much, and, she was us to pay for it.  I think Rush was dead on accurate.  However his comments were in the moment, and he was quite livid at the stunt Pelosi and Reid were pulling on all of us.  Leon Penetta was expecting an expert on Contraception to testify, and had time to vet him.  This Fluke girl was a last minute change up, and had not been vetted.  If she had, her testimony would have never been allowed because she is no expert.  It turns out it was a trick sprung on everyone in order to gain sympathy for a poor, innocent young co-ed, who turns out is a 30 yr old professional Liberal activist, who intentionally enrolled in Georgetown University in order to protest the Catholic University’s choice not to provide free contraception due to Religious beliefs.  Who wouldn’t have been angry?  Who in Rush’s place, would not have wanted to call the girl out for being deceptive and immoral?  Rush got overheated with his remarks and apologized the next day.  The only thing Liberals can come up with the get their guy reelected is to deceive the public into believing it is the GOP’s agenda to take away women’s birth control.  Just another lie in the Liberal’s playbook.  Can they ever fight fair???

      1. You moron you have to take birth control everyday regardless if you have sex everyday or only one a month, you have to be really stupid to think that birth control works like Viagra. Truly an embarrassing moment for you. 

        1. If the contraceptive pill costs $15 – $50 per month (and less at health clinics), explain how that adds up to $3000 per year?

        2.  Sandra Fluke, you can buy the contraceptive medicine at Walmart for only $4 dollars x 12 months equals $48.00 dollars.  How did you come up to $3,000.00?  You only take one (1) pill a day regardless of how many times you do it.  And it comes up that Sandra Fluke is connected with the White House.  What a brilliant strategy for reelection for this obummer guy.  Very brilliant.

        3. Leftists can’t do math as the bommunist admin demonstrates every day—as in unemployment creates jobs and stimulating the wrong thing works. 

        4. it adds up to $3000.00 year if you have to get the guy drunk to have sex with you.  from flukes looks and attitude a guy needs a drink.

        5. Actually, The moron is Sandra Fluke if she thinks we believe that her birth control acually costs $1000 a year.  And if it is actually costing her $1000  a year then she is the one that must believe you have  to take it every time you have sex.  That is the only way it could be that expensive.  Truly an embarrassing moment for anyone who believes anything that she says. 

        6. That being said, it would be well worth $1000 a year to save a child from having a slut for a mother.

        7. Maybe Fluke is counting morning after pills in her cost of contraception.
          That could add up if you were a true Slut.

        8. The only way it would come that close would be if she were using several condoms a day.    Target close to her sells bc pills for aroudn $9 a month.  An IUD you only have to have done once and it lasts for years.   

        9. Rush already did the math and if  she was using condoms, she’d need to be using a minimum of five a day to add up to the figure she quoted.

        10. Planned parenthood will give a woman any birthcontrol they want for free .AND I AGREE WITH….Sir Cadien it would be worth $1000 bucks to know that some poor child has a slut for a mother .

        11. Depends on what’s being used. Funny thing is that it’s already free from Planned Parenthood so why should the slut care about the college providing it?  No one asked that question.

        12. Projection. You are the stupid moron is what you just said in your post and everyone knows it except you.

        13.  Have that slut go to Planned Parent Hood.  Birth Control is free.  If you don’t qualify,  go to Walmart.  At Walmart,  you can get your prescriptions for $9.00 per month.  That’s $432 over the course of four years….. you moron….!

        14. Yes, but he is right about anticipation of having sex.  Many people don’t take contraceptives because they do not expect to have sex.  Evidently she did expect to have sex.  And her background is very conclusive in that she set herself up in that school, at her age, to bring activist attention to the contraception discussion. 

        15.  Not if condoms are the method!  There are so many methods of birth control available to both men and women but none of which would amount t0 $3000. a year except surgery and that is only a one time investment and possibly a lot less than $3000.!  This whole issue was created by the left, to distract the public attention away from the Republican Nomination process. By creating a diversionary topic ( Contraception a non issue), the Left is attempting  to divert the voicing of Obama’s  failures by the Republican Nominees so the fact of his failure is over looked.  If contraception is an important topic for you. Then this must be a truly embarrassing moment for you!     

        16. You must also be a Moron to believe birth control in any form would cost $3000.00 for the time this 30 year old professional student will be in a college setting. This liberal Anita Dunn plant will lose credibility at a rate faster than Obama’s spending agenda when the truth comes out. 

        17. First of all any and all contraceptives can be obtained for free at any local free health clinic(already paid for by us tax payers). The pill and other inserted devices as well as condoms! If you don’t see the farce here you are the “moron”!

        18. YOU are the moron Kewow18!!!    I see you are too embarrassed to reply back to the comments after yours,  good for you!   Any further comments on your part would just end up causing yourself MORE embarrassment.   Any form of birth control that you take regularly whether you’re having sex or not would not cost anywhere NEAR the amount Fluke claims it costs her.  There is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE other than that she is a SLUT if she is telling the truth.  If not, she’s a LIAR.  Take your pick. 

        19. Depends on what kind of birth control  you’re talking about. Gosh, you must really be stupid if you didn’t know that.  Moron!!!!!!!

      2.  I wonder if this woman ever considered conducting herself in a manner reflecting personal integrity and morally accountable conduct?     I find it personally offensive to suggest that anyone but she or those she chooses to have sexual encounters with be responsible for supplying her obviously much-needed birth control.   I figure having sex is something that is somewhat a rite of passage to maturity.   If you aren’t mature (i.e. capable of tasking care of yourself) then MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST ABSTAIN?  

        It is not okay to suggest that taxpayers do without in order to enable her obviously wanton and irresponsible lifestyle.    There ought to be a law, maybe, that says anyone who is sexually active who cannot do so responsibly should be spayed, neutered or otherwise prohibited from engaging in conduct which would cause harm to another be it by depriving someone of their hard-earned money or depriving a baby of any life she might cause to occur.

        GROW UP, BE RESPONSIBLE, STOP WHINING.  Next I suppose she’ll be threatening to hold her breath until she turns blue and passes out.    To which I say – PLEASE DO.

        1. SPAY – NEUTER?  What a concept.  I like it.  I know whole herds of people that should be dealt with that way.  It is time people who cannot provide for all the children with different men be prevented from spitting them out like rabbits since they won’t take they responsibility.  This is they way I fee – and yes, I’m a woman and pro life.  Having one child or more because you planned to is one thing.  Having six or seven not even knowing who the father is, is criminal.

        2. Spat-neuter! This would save working people a lot of money since some of these folks can’t afford one child, let alone a herd of them.

        3. Nor should they have them since they apparently are incapable of properly caring for children.

        4. Oh! how many times I’ve said exactly the same thing about forced sterilization, only to be jumped on like  stink on sh!t.  I’ve worked all my adult life; about 47 years all tolled,  and without welfare, raised my only child alone after his dad and I divorced when he was less than six months old.   

          I’m retired now, but still work 20 hours a week to make ends meet, and am damned sick and tired of  of supporting somebody else’s illegitimate kids.  I never had a baby I didn’t plan on;  I certainly never had an abortion,  and wonder of wonders,  I even assumed it was MY responsibiity  to prevent unplanned pregnancies,  and pay for anything I needed by way of contraception.  My! what a concept.

        5. Wearyconservative1946 – I wrote how I’ve felt, expecting to get all kinds of criticism, but instead the responses have been positive.  Guess alot of us feel the same.

      3. Fluke the Flake was a setup job by the Obama administration to show he is for CERTAIN womens rights.  BS all the way.  She is another community activist like BO.  She can go to any Planned Parenthood clinic and get a month’s worth of birth control pills for $10 x 12 mos is $120 yr. max.  When she graduates Georgetown Law she will be eligible for a starting salary of $160,000 a yr, making her part of the 1%.  Hey, maybe she’ll pay Planned Parenthood back, you never know.  Obama plan is to divert attention away from his horrible failed policies to get votes.  I hope women wake up.  Obama is a deceptive person all the way.  It’s his agenda and FLUKEY is part of it, phone call et. al.   Liberals are stupid.

      4. Not only that but the guys she is banging cant afford to take her to a motel and pay for rubbers both i would guess she isnt worth that much because some guys would at lest pay for a room .I wonder if they have a place to take a shower .

      5. Liberals “play fair”?  Fat chance of that EVER happening. 

        The only way they can obtain or maintain power is by lying ALL the time.

      6. Besides advocating skin color, what does this Obama (P)resident have to offer that is worth a re-election? Bill Maher said Palin would fornicate with Mr. Perry if he was black. Says Jesus “did magic tricks” , then gave a million dollars to re-elect Obama. So did Eva Longoria-million dollars to Obama. Although supposedly from San Antonio, she is very arrogant/elitist.

      7. Of course not.  Liberals lie. In fact, liberals believe that the end justifies the means.  Lying is moral in pursuit of their causes.  Free speech appliesonly if you agree with them.  Killing is also moral, by the way.  Obama will start a war wtih Iran to ensure his reelection.

      8. I read her testimony on a website that someone suggested, and it is true that she did not mention having sex herself.  However, that was not her whole testimony.  I’m sure there is more of it somewhere.  Why should I pay for contraceptives for women who choose to commit sin and have sex before marriage.  She did mention certain cases where the contraceptives were needed for conditions other than having sex.  Most insurance companies will allow for some exceptions to the rules.

    3. The main reason they don’t like him is the same reason they didn’t like George Bush.  He has common horse sense.  They can’t stand anyone like that.

    4. It was staged. She did not testify before the Committee because she is not an expert witness for the subject discussed. When she was turned down, Pelosi and her minions staged the testimony.

      1. Exactly right!  Sandra Fluke was dined by the Committee, So the Liberals staged an interview with her and the Major Media omitted the fact that this was not a session heard by the Committee.  Just in case the public were to catch on to this ploy. They made a derogatory statement about the Committee as being  anti-feminine.  The fact of the matter is: The Committee was constructed to hear testimony about Obama’s Constitutional Right to Mandate authority over a Religious organization!
         At this point I have to express my thoughts about the BS the Major Media is feeding the population with! Not only is Socialism a main concern about the way our country is heading, the fact that the Major News media is prejudicial toward Social Liberalism is truly disturbing! The common, every day citizen is being brain washed by all of the news channels !  The only place to find truth about political issues is Talk Radio and the internet!
        If you ask me, I feel that the Major Media Networks should be accountable to a committee as for their truth in broadcasting!!!  I would much rather my tax dollars be spent on this rather than fighting a nonexistent issue like contraception!     

    5.  How about Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin the “C” word” and how about someone (I can’t remember who at this time) who called Laura Ingraham a “SLUT”.  Will they be arrested too, Ms. Gloria?  I need answers from you.

    6. Should add too, that this particular slut is cheap too!.   Condoms are cheap (you can get them free at your local high school or middle school)—-long past time for these leftists to stop being so cheap and selfish and so profligate with other people’s hard earned money.  You play, you pay.    Go to a cheaper school, do without a few pairs of shoes, cable,cell phones, etc. etc. and pay for your own entertainment, cheap slut Fluke.

    7. Gloria needs to get her head out of her back side and start looking at the world as it is, its not as liberal she make make it out to be.

    8. You do realize that Ms. Fluke ONLY talked about Birth Control for medical purposes and not prevention of pregnancy right? Do you also know that Ms Fluke never mentioned her own birth control or her sex life? So tell me again why Rush called her a “slut”

    9. lets bring it on. YES INDEED!  And then lets pursue it against  bill mahers and the others like him using the same florida statutes. if the liberal side wants to nail the goose [rush] then use the same tctics to put the screws to their ganders.
       for rhonda and anyone else reading my reply. research title X or title ten on the web. there is all ready a federal bc program out there for bc/planned parenthood.  and it does not have a presidential mandate for religious institutions or organizations. hope this blows up in the right place but it won’t be carried by abc,cbs or nbc.
       for the left, right and conservative  men and women out there if you really think that rush should be crucified because of his drogatory comments and you feel or think that it is ok for bill mahers and friends to do the same as it is comedy and entertainment you most likely text while driving.
       do the right thing people. and to start insist that million donated to obama’s super pac fund by bill mahers be returned to him PUBLICALLY ANNOUNCED BY THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF. 

    10. In my opinion, she is a slut and I don’t think anyone who would go before Congress or anyone else to demand that someone else pay for her screwing around, and that’s exactly what it is, has to be a slut. What else could she be? Just because she goes to an expensive college, is being educated to be a lawyer, & comes from a privileged  family, doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a slut. Also, Webster’s defines slut- a lewd woman. Lewd means unchaste. Don’t see where Russ said anything that wasn’t or isn’t true about this woman. Slut also means bitch which means a woman, esp a lewd woman. Again I don’t see where he said anything that wasn’t true in saying she was a slut. As for the prostitute remark. She did sell her body to the left & Obama to further their agenda & attack of the constitutional rights of the American people. I am going through all the companies that withdrew their support from Rush’s show and canceling all subscriptions I have with those companies. I will not support or use products from companies who will not stand against this assault on the moral values that this country was founded on. Let’s vote all these people out this Nov regardless if they’re Dems or Repubs. It’s time to put people in our leadership positions that will stand for the people. 

    11. I feel the exact same way $1,000 a year for birth control something is very very fishy. Gloria I would suggest you and your bitch friend Hanoi Jane take your bul elseware maybe back to vietnam. or over to saudia Arabia or maybe Iran I am sure they would love both of you

  4. My Daddy always said ” if it walks like a slut, talks like a slut, and screws like a slut, it’s probably a slut”

  5. You ARE naive if you think recounting her sexual escapades would embarrass Ms Fluck (oops, Fluke)–tarts on the Left consider sleeping around a mark of maturity and accomplishment. If they carried six-guns, they’d be carving notches on the grips!

    1. For those tarts to carve those notches for sleeping around, the grips of their six guns would have to be larger than the stock of a rifle.

  6. Chastity?? Isn’t that now considered archaic? Would she have to prove she is chaste under the wording of that law??

  7. That’s an interesting take.  Never thought about it that way.  I agree…. take Rush to court!  Let the circus begin!

      1. Yup.  Imagine the choas and clogged up court systems we’re going to have because someone was ‘offended’. 

  8. Jeez, doesn’t Gloria have more important things to do, like regale us with the sob stories of porno stars who are “victimized” by  Tiger Woods, who they of course had no way of knowing was married? Try “google” girls. 

  9. Gloria Allred doesn’t need our tax money to pay for her evening romps.  It’s well know that she recieves pay for her services.  Can’t call her a slut—Sluts don’t recieve pay. 

  10. The Right Conseervatives Will start Assassinating The Left To Silence Rush & Violate Rush Freedom Of Speech. It Time for The Right Conservatives Start Silencing The Left by Killing Them All For Treason & High Crimes. Violation Of The Constitution Must Never Be Tolerated. Time To Kill The Left shut them up Permanently the good left is a dead left to end their tyranny conspiracy.

  11. This woman Gloria “All-Red” is brain damaged.  A lawyer who supposedly understands the law of our country and state to their fullest and here she is undermining that First Amendment Rights provide that a man freely express himself — what a maroon!  So then I hope Gloria All-Red (as in commie) loses her license to practice law.  Libtards and Conservatives alike would ask “Over what?”  Right!! Similarly for Rush to be arrested – “For what reason?”  Because Libtards cant handle the truth?  Case closed

    1.  Gloria understand the law to have it function in her favor to the fullest.
      Like MOST of our politicians understand the U.S. Constitution.     All new politicians should be required to take at least one year of Constution study at Hillsdale College, as a prerequisite when running for ANY office.

  12. Oh for cripes sake here’s hoping that liberal stupidity somehow becomes a crime and Allred is the first one arrested.

  13. How utterly ridiculous and stupid of Allred.  What did she have to say about Maher?  Schultz?  Matthews?
    She is showing her ignorance, as usual.

    1.  Allred is just like Sharpton & Jackson, they’ll stoop to any level to get some sort of spotlight. Sad state of affairs!

  14. Maybe this will be the case that gets Allred disbarred once and for all for bring frivolous and meritless cases that amounts to barratry, which is a felony in some states.

    This old Florida law is a “blue law” and is discriminatory on its face because it doesn’t protect men from false statements.  Not only would Allred be thrown out of the bar, this Florida law will be thrown out as well for being anti-male gender discrimination.

    1. Oldgringo:   I’m one oldgringo too,  but I don’t know of any evidence that proves she is anything other than a women who I disagree with politically.  Why name call people we really don’t know. Not preaching, just remembering my mother, mother in law, wife and daughters.  They deserve more. Thank you.

      1. Look close le calabro, put on your glasses !!  She would stop an eight day clock !!! Butch for sure, just like the two judges obammy put on the supreme court, look closely !!!

  15. I have often commented on the hypocacy of the left and the double standards!!  More bile and filth comes from the left than the right. Limbaugh’s comments while out of place compared to some I have heard out of the likes of Maher for example.

  16. How come men can buy condoms but women should get contraceptives
    for free? As for the “health issue” contraceptives do not protect
    women against sexually transmitted deceases. It would be disingenuous to make
    anyone believe they would be fully protected by taking contraceptives when
    taking the pill.

  17. don’t you just love how rev al or jessie jack didn’t come to rushes assistance. keep up the great work rush it appears the only time liberals can hear the truth is when a real patriot give raw insight.

  18. I figured she had more intelligence then that.  Thirty something poor baby student.  Bull.  I am 71 tears old and never had trouble getting birth controll. Also, if a daughter of mine opened up her sex life to the public plus wanted government to pay for her play, I would be embarrassed.  Sex is a responsibility and if you can not live up to the responsibility then don’t play!!!!!  I’d be more worried about HIV and other Stds.

  19. The good thing that did come out of this debacle is that many more people are now aware of the Left’s total hatred of women.  Oh, WAIT, I am wrong.  Only the people on the right that read the truth know what the Left’s women haters are saying about women.  You will NOT hear a word about it on NBC or CBS, CNN or ABC.  Wonder why???  Here is something to think about, within one week of Tiger Woods crashing his car that night the WHOLE world knew about his sexual partners and habits, they knew every single little detail about him and his past, and WITHIN one week.  BUT Barack Obama is now PRESIDENT for 3+ years and the above media outlets still DO NOT KN OW a single thing about his past, who paid for his college education at Columbia and Harvard, they cannot find ANY of his friends from childhood or college, they CANNOT find any papers written by him or the Michelle Obama thesis on RACISM.  They cannot find which MUSLIM countries he visited to be educated in before Harvard.  NOPE they are totally inept at finding anything about Obama but I will bet that they could discover who my baby sitter was 63 years ago if they wanted to.  Yeh.

  20. Don’t you ever intent to say what you think or believe. If it’s not according to the Dictatorship of Relativism defenders you are guilty. If your opinion do not get along with anti-family and anti-life supporters you are guilty and punished.
    What a non-tolerance from those tht accuse us to be non-tolerant!

  21. Since Obama himself has said that he would not want his own daughters to be a victim of a pregnancy that they did not want; and, since he said that Fluke’s parents should be proud of her promiscuity, then can we expect that he would be proud of his own daughters if they behaved like sluts?

    Secondly, how does the moral compass of the left work, if they wish to fund promiscuity, view pregnancy as a life threatening illness and then react in high moral indignance if they are called on it?  Is this what they mean by a war on women?  The Taliban treat their women better.  What a messege!

  22. Allred is a scumbag of the lowest degree. She’s mastered the liberals art of “projection”. The “American” public are so indoctrinated in misdirection that Allred gets her minions parading alongside her sad display of justice with glee.

    Rush and what’s right and real with America aren’t going anywhere. No matter how many mentally deficient liberals want to boot him from his microphone. Rush is self employed. He’s not going to fire himself unless the true motives of our federal government come to fruition to silence every free speaker. You can’t silence, Breitbart, Rush, Fox News and most of all……..US.

    Lenin despised free speech.
    Stalin was frustrated by free speech.
    Obama is quickly getting there with the cowards he’s surrounded himself with. It’s only a matter of Time, if WE sit on our hands.

    America, think before you Vote this November. ……Don’t “Rock the Vote”.

    …..think Biblically …….Vote the Rock.

    1. Conservatives like Rush, Beck, Breitbart, Fox News etc….encourage us to check the facts……Liberals just want us to believe what they say and can’t stand up to scrutiny and certainly ever apologize for anything…

  23. Allred is morally wrong in principle and practice.  She appears on the scene when she figures that she can make a buck.  She should examine the true meaning of “slut” given that she is a lawyer.   “Slut is not an insult, it should be worn as a badge of honor. Almost every guy out there struts around in male fashion to the point that if female he would be called a slut. A slut has an individual kind of beauty that is undeniable and full of life”.  Ms. Allred  is not a slut in the true definition of the word.  She is a bitch.

  24. Yes, this could be fun. Fluke would have to testify as to WHY she chose to go to a catholic university that she knew in advance didn’t provide birth control or contraceptives. She would also have to reveal HOW she was selected to testify in the first place, and I’m willing to bet that the connections go all the way to the white house since she is now being represented pro bono at the law firm where Anita Dunn works. She would also have to testify as to how much money she makes. It’s my understanding that the Georgetown law graduates average starting salary is 165,000.00. I would want to ask her why she and her other little friends with all of their education couldn’t find the many free clinics in the area or afford the 9.00-30.00 per month out of pocket expenses….or better yet, find a boyfriend that has the money and class to provide his own.

    The liberals do NOT want this to go any further. But it will be fun to watch Allred in action. I was wondering when she would rear that ugly mug of hers.

  25. If Rush Limbaugh has violated a Florida statute, then so has Obama.    Obama called every member of the TEA party a “teabagger”.    And trust me, Obama knows full well what the term “teabagger” infers.     So, go ahead, charge, penalize and if need be, jail Rush Limbaugh.    Just make certain  there are ample cells available to house Obama, Bill Maher and many others who have hurled sexually descriptive terms (some of the terms make the word “slut” seem mild) at American citizens.   

    Go for it.     Hurry…..before your next complaint hits the press and you become distracted.  

    Breitbart is here.

    1. Splinknfancynme wrote:  “If Rush Limbaugh has violated a Florida statute, then so has Obama. Obama called every member of the TEA party a “teabagger”. And trust me, Obama knows full well what the term “teabagger” infers. ”

      I was always taught to never use a word you didn’t know so when I first saw the term “teabagger” used regarding Teaparty member, I felt compelled to look it up via Google since it was truly unfamiliar.  Assuming that those who use the term know its meaning (which may be a huge assumption), one would think that they are themselves the one practicing such an activity.  That would make the Democrats the Teabaggers.

  26. Gloria should have her law license pulled just like The Obama’s.  She seems to always be where the trash is dumped. She, Jesse and Al are so stupid the only way they make a name for their selves is cleaning the bottom of the dumpster.   

  27. The responsibility for birth control lies with the participants that perform the act, not the tax payers. You are free to make any decision you desire, but you and you and your partner alone are responsible for the results. The government in no way should be involved in your personal life and decisions.

  28. This is just very typical of the left……all for free speech as long as its theirs. Those useless pieces of flotsom constantly want to silence anyone who does not hold their beliefs. Hillary Clinton is yet another shining example of just how intolerant those ignorant morons are. She has repeatedly made comments with the intent to silence people like Rush. 

  29. Sorry to say  that Allred makes me almost wish I were a man.  She and women like her are a waste to this country.  I am a woman and I love Rush and ALL the truth he stands for.    Apparently liberals cannot stand the truth like this woman  Fluke , because  ” the truth hurts”.  I will boycott any sponsers that boycott  Rush.

  30. Speaking of Bill Maher, I read in his Wikipedia bio that he lists Johnny Carson as one of his influences.   Is he kidding?!  Johnny was the epitome of class, a man who never said anything, ANYTHING!!  derogatory to women. As opposed to Maher, who is nothing but a coward.  When you insult a woman the way he insulted Ms. Palin he is, in fact, insulting all women.  But he is too classless and way too crass to understand that.  But that’s okay with the liberal, MSM.  We are all very aware of their double standard.

  31. If Rush was brought to trial as the story goes the Liberal MSM would end up on trial as well. Kind of a poison pill that would be brought on by their own liberal passions. Bring it on Gloria. Bring it on. 

  32. will rush share a cell with bill mar?  he calls women dirty names all the time.  even hillary clinton.   how about schultz who got suspended?  will he share a cell with him?  those guys never apologized.  rush did. 

    is bo spending the million bucks he gave the bo pac on dirty movies with hillary and sarah?  i know he isnt giving the money back.  civility stops at his wallet

  33. How wonderful and testimony to the fact that we on the right are not going to just sit by and be slandered by liberal double statndards any longe. Keep it up folks we will suceed in our efforts to dethrone the current administration is we just support those with the courage to stand up and speak the truth.
    Go get em Rush.

  34. And I would love to see your pork bag Limbo be dragged in to court and have him rant his hatred and insanity for the whole world to see. You have chosen a ugle fool and propogandist over the reasoned and profound Christian spirit. G-d did not give him any gift. I mean look at him.  If  G-d loved him as much as Rush think he does then G-d would have done a better job for El Limbosile.
    imbecile – definition of imbecile in
    the “Medical” dictionary …

    im·be·cile (m b-s l, -s l) n. A person of moderate to severe
    mental (in his case spirital) retardation  having a mental age of from three to seven years and
    generally being capable of some … really stupid, offensive, dangerous and hateful actions… 

    1. YOU’RE the IMBECILE!!!!!  You’re a sad, pathetic little worm cockroach who probably has NOTHING going on life, and so you’re incredibly jealous of those who are successful and have really done something with their lives, and try to take it out on them!!!!!  You’re truly pathetic!!!!!  But no matter how hard you vile, little, hateful, radical left-wingers try, you’ll never be able to get Rush off the air!!!!!  Whether you like it or not, you INSANE, UGLY, JERKOFF, we have a FIRST AMENDMENT in this country!!!!! YOU DEFINITELY LOSE ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!  If anybody is a BIGOT and a HATER, it’s YOU!!!!!  GO TO HELL!!!!!   RUSH RULES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!  PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Wasn’t it Ron White who said “you can’t fix stupid?” I have found that to be a very profound statement…. Sad, but profound. Stupid people are too stupid to actually know they are stupid and they procreate creating future generations of stupid…. 

  36. Martini
    0 minutes ago
    The Right Conseervatives Will start Assassinating The Left. If Left Try To Silence Rush & Violate Rush Freedom Of Speech. It Time for The Right Conservatives Start Silencing The Left by Killing Them All For Treason & High Crimes. Violation Of The Constitution Must Never Be Tolerated. Time To Kill The Left shut them up Permanently the good left is a dead left to end their tyranny conspiracy In America
    Time To Eliminate Thy Enemies Traitors
    Constitution Violators. We The People Must Never Tolerate Communism & Tyranny In America. Death To The Left.

  37. This is nonsense.    Gloria really needs to go after the HONOR KILLINS  that are right here in the USA.
    This is a culture that has moved into this country and it brings with it  total -hatered for women.   It brings with it mistreatment on every level and there is NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN.  So she really needs to go to DEARBORN and look into Shariah that is being carried on and this is  AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION.   
    Will she do this?   Probably not in my lifetime.   Liberals are not in the real world. 

  38. Allred is a fake, phony, fraud, feminazi who has absolutely no shame, will stoop the lowest common denominator to get media coverage on herself, never met a tv camera she didn,t like, and has an absolute double standard when it comes to this so-called “”woman’s issue” SINCE  when to liberal slimeballs such as:  chrissy matthews, keith odormann, bill marred, alec blowhard baldwin, etc.,  she has absolutely NOTHING to say and is quite noticeably SILENT when it comes to these evil, vile,  radical lefties who have viciously attacked and demeaned conservative women over the years!!  allred is an absolute LYING  HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!  Clearly, this disgusting, wretched, vile, evil hag does NOT believe in our FIRST AMENDMENT right to FREE SPEECH!!!!  She is TREASONOUS, and SHE is the one one who should be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED  and put on trial in a court of law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is as physically repellant and UGLY inside as she is outside!!!!!!!   GO TO HELL, Allred, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, YOU VILE, SICK, PATHETIC WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. It’s all a diversionary tactic! The real attack is on the first amendment rights To free speech And freedom of religion. Years ago, in Air Force security, we called it’ ‘smoke and mirrors’ or ‘diversion and deception’. That’s what you are witnessing!

  40. Even though Rush is a total idiot, I have to agree with this article.  If it’s ok to have freedom of speech for a liberal, it also should be for a conservative.  Don’t complain about one and then condone the other for doing the same. 

    1. You’re wrong!!!!!!  YOU’RE the total idiot!!!!!  Rush has one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries!!!!!!  THANK G-D FOR RUSH!!!!!!!!!  The evil, vile, radical, left-wing nutcases will NEVER NEVER be able to get him off the air!!!!! EVER!!!!!!  In tHis country, we HAVE  a FIRST AMENDMENT whether the evil, radical likes it or not!!!!!!!  On this one, they totally, completely LOSE!!!!!!!!

  41. Martini
    0 minutes ago
    The Right Conseervatives Will start Assassinating The Lef. If The Leftr Trying To Silence Rush & Violate Rush Freedom Of Speech. It Time for The Right Conservatives Start Silencing The Left by Killing Them All For Treason & High Crimes. Violation Of The Constitution Must Never Be Tolerated. Time To Kill The Left shut them up Permanently the good left is a dead left to end their tyranny conspiracy Threat. Death To The left

  42. Hay Gloria: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ..I guess Rush is right. Next time your daughter goes out on a date tell her not to act like a FLUKE.

  43. Godfather, you do God’s work. Your article is concise and informative.  However, please use proper spelling and grammar, e.g.,
    “By the now the Left was sure…””…cancelled their advertising for his how had them dancing…””It would be Oliver North and…”etc. “We” conservatives need to be better at everything, just to stay even.  Thank-you.

    PS It would be helpful to have a means by which an author could be directly contacted.

  44. If there is a war on women, then give thanks to Fluke & Allred.   They both give women a bad name.   It seems that Freedom of Speech has left the building.   I am a woman & I have always believed that Rush has told it like it is.   I like that in a man.   Telling the truth.  His description of Fluke was right-on.   Seem as tho he forgot the word Nympho in his description of Fluke.   She would make out good in the back streets of Korea or better yet, marry a Muslim.   Of course she should take Allred along.    They are both 2 peas in a pod.   I am hoping that Rush finds a sponsor that also likes people that tells it like it is.   No frills & okay to step all over their painted toes.

    1. ms fluke is a 3rd year Law Student at Georgetown University…..What a disgrace she should try another profession …..Oh wait another pretend lawyer who is really an “ACTIVIST” and facts do not need to be checked before “The TRIAL”…..She would be crucfied in the courtroom…..ENOUGH said…..

  45. Gloria is the biggest hypocrite and race-baiting ambulance chaser in the legal profession.  Lawyers like her are the reason there are only 3 lawyer jokes and the rest are true stories.  Anyone she represents automatically has no credibility with me because they were stupid enough to hire her.  

  46. Alldred with panties in a wad, wants Rush arrested for essentially reiterating what the women had admitted before a public audience. I hope that Rush is in a lawsuit situation where discovery becomes the rule and Fluck is under oath. There will never be such a lawsuit because of Marxist/ dumbocrat involvement and this idiot women reveling in the attention. And this is what is allowed in a “law” school.  Although if Alldred could make it I guess this logic challenged women can also make it.

  47.  How can the crazy people on the left like Bill Maher can say much worse things than Rush did and get away with it>

    From echan

  48. Well now nobody like Rush because he has he balls to say what the media wont if the truth hurts cry me a river .
    I support him i call a spaid a spaid to and i could give two shits if you like me  and im nobody.

  49. Fluke’s actions are beyond the pale. With all the problems in this country and the world, we should worry about paying for someone’s birth control? $3000 worth of it no less. She must use a diamond studded diaphragm. I want to know how this woman can afford to travel, vacation with her boyfriend, wear nice clothes, etc. when she can’t afford a few bucks for condoms. And what about asking her sex partners to pitch in as well?  At least Bill Maher is getting some heat which is one good thing to come of this pathetic diversion of the real issues by the left. Fluke is just what we need in this world, another attorney like Gloria Aldred. Hopefully, she won’t pass the bar because she won’t have time to study with all the sex she is having. 

    1. Yes and will the President’s Pact return the  one million dollars that Maher contributed??  Jay Carney said that the President choses to lead by example etc……Then we hear Of David Axelrod’s  upcoming appearance on the Maher show??  How does that fit?  Axelrod is doing a pay back for the donation and being a major hypoctrite considering that he is the head of the president’s re-election campaign…..Talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD…..Trying to get Rush off of the air and REWARDING maher and his FOUL MOUTH

  50. I just read this article above and had to see what all were talking about with allred being so ugly. I found a recent photo of her and boy the Democratic women are still ugly. If I had a dog with a face like that, I’d shave his butt and force him to walk backward. She must have hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree.

  51. I can almost guarantee you that President obozo will go to jail well before Rush. I can also tell you that fireworks will go off around the country when either that happens or he loses his ass in Nov.

  52. After having viewed the left’s answer to chastity on TV it leaves little doubt that her claim of going broke buying the necessary safety equipment to ply her trade is an overblown (whoops!) enhancement of her resume’.
    Seriously does anyone believe there’s a long line waiting outside her door in anticipation of her favors. The brave few if any would have to be blind, inebriated to a stupor or have a grudge against their own body.

  53. Alred is nothing short of an ambulance chaser –  She is an embarrassment to herself and the legal profession –  Rush is right on about that radical Fluke

  54. “ambitious swine” describes some of those leftists well. What about Maher’s comments about Sarah Palin some time ago? Where was the outrage then?

  55. Rush is right and Gloria is nuts. What Fluke is doing is immoral.  Just because everyone does it will not make it right. I heard on television she is on vacation in California with her boyfriend. She can’t afford birth control by can fly across the country.  What a hipocrite!  We paid for our own birth control so why can’t women today do the same thing? These liberals all want something for nothing.

    1. problem is if rush recognizes allred she gets known by his huge audience.  i am a woman and if i had such a sick need to have such an abnormal amount of sex i’d shut up about it and see a head doctor.

  56. In reading all your comments, I can see what is wrong in America today….just so much negative….and your teaching your children to be just as negative and disrespectful…unbeliveable go back and just read what you wrote …everyone of you…was there one word that was positive. This is what Russ radio show is like all hurtful, negative, thoughtless, not just this young lady comments this is how he makes his money, hurting others! I am not Rep. or Dem because I don’t trust any of them. My father was a good man he taught me that your tongue can be used for good or evil, what you say can hurt or do good, he would be disgusted with with how people are so negative today. “He said”, “she said” it is  a self serving world. No matter who the President is in office to put him down is to put your country down in the eyes of others, I did not agree with President Bush, but I would never allow anyone to say anything about him in front of me why you have to ask; because he was the President of the United States putting him down is to degrade our own country the same for goes for President Obama; I may not agree with him, but by God All Mighty he is the President of the United States, it is a hard job at it’s best but we have a responsiblity to support who ever is in office for the good of all the American people…not just a few….but all of them! You should take all that energy and see how you can help others. In reading your comments you would destroy that Young Law student reputation to futher your cause..that what I was reading to support someone who is soooooooo negative that his words hurt our country…there are disturb individuals that listen to his negative garbage (brainwashing) and go out and hurt others because they believe him….this is who you are … you would support him  instead of a young lady who is going to college for a law degree to help others?? Yes, take a look in the mirror at your selves.Take a good look; are you teaching your children to respect others, if this was your daughter or granddaughter would you like it if someone was calling her a slut….I don’t think so…I think we can make better use of our time by helping and speaking well of others. It would make for a better world everywhere!

    1.  Nita,  I agree with you that there are a lot of negative comments here.  People get flat out mad at the kind of nonsense and name-calling from the left and just boil over.  I won’t apologize for them, however.  I have no right to and it’s not my place.   But I don’t agree with your overall take on things.

      For starters, you do realize that every conservative in America—men and women—is continuously called the most vile names in the book by liberals, both on-air and off.  They are liberal with their foul language, liberal with their lies and misrepresentations, and liberal with everybody else’s money!  Regardless of my personal desire to see all people take the high road in conversation, liberals make their true inner nature known by their fruit, and their fruit proclaims them to be liars, thieves and character assassins.  No, I may let off steam in a different way than some of the posters here, and I don’t call people these kind of foul names, and I’m old-fashioned enough to not care for sexual discussions or terminology to be made the public talk of the day.  But you must realize that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings, Barbara Boxer, et al, have been shoving as much filth in American’s faces as they can, all under the guise of something else.  When the Left forces the conversation into the gutter, what kind of conversation do you think will actually ensue?

      I absolutely disagree that Rush Limbaugh is sort of the main perpetrator of negative and hurtful comments in America—at any level a person might want to word that.  I won’t blanketly defend every word someone else says, nor will I defend everything I’VE ever said—I am human and have made mistakes, and so has Rush on occasion.  But I have always tried to be truthful without making something a genuine personal attack.  We have a group of radical leftists now running the country who thrive on the ignorance of the American people, and Rush tells the truth about some of the evil things that they are up to.  He also gives positive feedback about all the things in America that are good and right, and warns about attacks on America and American ideals, no matter which direction those attacks come from.  You may see that as a big negative.  You’re free to think that.  But I would encourage you to consider that the truth often hurts, and Rush really does tell the truth, which I think is a BIG positive.  I think Rush Limbaugh and his like are one of the few really GOOD things to happen to our country in the recent two decades.

      I see Rush as a kind of political modern-day Jack Benny—he has an on-air persona of bluster and blow which I think is pretty hilarious, but he is a very humble guy off-mike.  He also takes what he shares with his audience seriously (making him more of a journalist that most “journalists”), without taking himself so seriously (making him more of an entertainer.)  He is both journalist and entertainer, but I don’t think he is inherently negative at all.  What IS NEGATIVE is what the Left is doing to destroy the USA.

    2. I really don’t give a DAMN if she is going to law school to help others as you say; that’s irrelevant!  What is relevant here and of paramount importance is that this so-called ” student” can afford to pay for her education and then hypocritically and sanctimoniously wants WE THE TAXPAYERS to pay for her sex!!  That to me IS CLEARLY the definition of a whore and a prostitute!!!!   RUSH IS RIGHT!!!!!!!  He has absolutely NOTHING to apologize for!!!!!

  57. It cost Fluke the Flake 0ver 113,00 dollars  a year to go to Georgetown School of Law, now if she can afford this tuition money why can’t she afford to pay for her birth control? If it’s to expensive why not try Serrand Wrap not only for his “wheezer” but to wrap around b her Liberal mouth. This is nothing more than the Left’s ongoing fight on Religion and the Catholic Church.  Go Rush!

  58. I say no more apologize.  It is what it is.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  This political correctness bull crap is just that.  I have never been one to let a bully bully me and I am not about to start now.  MSSSSSS Fluke IS a slut if she has been truthful about her extracurricular activities.  And she is also a puppet for the regime and another pretend victim just like way back with the Roe vs. Wade fabrication.  When will it all end?  When we end it.  If they call conservative’s extremists, I say let’s be the best extremist we can be and get right back in their faces.  It is way beyond time to push back and end this here and now.  

  59. I say we all pitch in a dollar or two to Rush to help his defense fund…Oh, wait…if not guilty then Fluke and Alreed have to pay his defense  lawyer.  Bring it on Gloria, you tramp! 

  60. I am a student and I have to go to the toilet once a day for year.  Do you know Mr.President how much that costs me in toilet paper?  I think other people should pay so I can wipe my rear. I’m expecting a call from the President any minute to commend me on speaking out. 

    Birth control pills cost between 160 and 600 a month.  If this girl says it’s costing her 3,000 a year, then 2400 is being spent on condoms.  Even if she had whoopie once a day and the condom cost 1.00 each, she would have to be on her back at least 6.5 times a day!  That would definitely make her promiscuous.  No apology necessary Rush! 

  61. The truth is hurt but somebody have to tell the world or American women that Rush, he was referring for is the fact of life. It may hurt some but at least he was saying the truth. So Gloria Alfred, hoping that Rush, should get arrested on what ground. What is wrong  with this country? everything you said would be illegal only for the right. If I do recall during Sarah Palin , candidacy for Vice Pres. the lefty and all those liberal Journalist they call  Sarah Palin, and Her Daughter all kind of name in the book. from ” Slut to whore” I can name more but I am running some space here. 

  62. Gloria Alred is looking for publicity which she hasn’t had for sometime.  Rush only verified what most people agreed upon.  Perhaps she wants to purchase the contraceptives from her own pocket.

  63. ok , here is my opinion.   i can be wrong, but i think rush is logical like myself, he was simply stating that if a person , X  takes a item of monetary worth Y     for the  the biological act of sex  ,then that logically equals the definition of prostitution. he meant no harm,or any personal attack to the person involved, but was simply stating definitions as the words are meant to be defined. no offense was meant to insurance companies, or to people who want as much free stuff as they can have, but simply calling the transaction what webster defines it as.
       however , he did make some errors. i am not saying he presented this correctly at all, he did not, i am simply saying that i believe i know what he meant.   i  also want to defend him in 2 areas, one anyone who speaks live for 23 yrs ,3 hours a day 5 days a week is going to make some errors.   2nd ,what that hell does the first amendment mean, why are people so wimpy , what happened to sticks and stone can break my bones but words can never hurt me?   are we such a nation of wimps that need to be so easily offended ?  
               i cant stand this weak nanny state mentality.  it is killing our nation and our most important right, the freedom of speech, think about this  …. do we have freedom of speech?? do we , hell no we dont !!  can you say how you feel about the president?  can you have a few drinks and tell your buddy you want to kill all the bad guys and rape all the horses .  guess what you will get censored !!  it happened in a town not far from me,  3 black suv’s pulled up and scared the holy beejeesus outa this old guy who had a few beers.    is that freedom of speech ??    this is crap and you all know it.   we need to stop this politically correct maddness.    i have had enough .     and by the way that a-howle in the white house  faked his birth certificate , fake  stimulus and fake recovery.  dont believe anything a pathological liar says .  

    1. Well Shawn Corrigan that just about expresses exactly my feelings.  At that, I shall sign off as I am tired of all these messages.  Rush was right, just look up the definition of the word “slut” in the dictionary and that seems to fit Ms. Fluke.  I don’t know if she accepts money  for her services but, I do know slut fits her, otherwise, why does she need all these condoms?
      One other thing before I go, I am an 80 year woman and I am glad I am not going to be around in 15 to years.  It concerns me to no end as to what our United States of America will be, if it will in fact still exist.

  64. Again folks, Rush apologized for the rough language (i.e. for using the tacky terminology of the Left).  Yet I am a regular listener of his for 23 years now, including the week in question, and I still maintain that he never ESSENTIALLY called Miss Fluke those names.  Rather, he posed the whole thing as a question, “So if her premise is true, then does that make her or her colleagues …?  And then what does that make the people forced to pay?  And then what does that make the U.S. Government who is brokering the monetary transfer?”
    Rush is neither a misogynist nor a slanderer, nor a man unconcerned with genuine health issues of people.  He has raised more money—and donated more of his own—to help defeat cancers that claim the lives of millions of women, than most any of these two-bit liberal fakers ever thought of.  He was reacting to the garbage that our liberal President and liberal hack politicians are shoving in our faces.  If Gloria Allred was a man, I would tell her the same exact thing: “Please shut up and go home.  You’re a menace.”

    1. I have been a fan Rush for as long as you, and I wish he did not apologize. I am a life-long Conservative, and yet for the life of me I cannot understand why those on the Right always feel that they have to apologize for telling the truth.

      1.  Abouna, I agree with you 100%.  I don’t think Rush should have apologized at all.

        People on the right tend to be people who were raised to have good manners, to be respectful, and to essentially put others first while working hard to achieve honest goals in life.  It tends to make right-wingers strong but humble.  That humble side can be equated with the idea of “meek”, which really means “power under control” (as opposed to “weak”, which means powerless).  Sometimes that humble side comes across as WEAKness rather that MEEKness.  It is something that conservatives really have to work on in communication.  When you’re fighting cobras, you need to be a mongoose—or just have a fully loaded M-16—and just “go to it” full blast.  Tell the truth on these dirty-playing left-wingers and keep doing it until they’re defeated.  They hate us anyway, so we might as well just tell the truth.

  65. This is a free country, so far, if  the shoe fits, that is to bad.  If  any woman or man admits that they are  a prostitute they have no rights if someone calls them this name.  Rush is only telling the truth.  The truth hurts. Let them change their ways.  Each person is responsible for their own body.  

  66. Here we go again, these libs want someone else to pay their bills and when someone tells the truth of who they are the “drive buy media” who is just as corrupt attempts to cover for them.  To hell with all of them. 

  67.   It is not right, fair, or the responsibility of any Tax Payer to pay for this young women choice of having or not having sexual intercourse,She has the choice of saying NO, the best oral conterseption, or putting an asprin between her knees, and keeping it there until that feeling goes away.

                                                                                                                  Jim Butler     Clarksville    Tenn.

  68. I thought that was why liberals keep screaming at us that millions of
    our tax dollars have to keep going to the likes of Planned Parenthood,
    so women could have access to free health care? This entire conversation
    is a crock.

  69. I would love to see Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham ask Gloria Allred to represent them in a suit against Bill Maher, Ed Schmuck, etc. – I bet she would refuse and then they could prove (what we already know) what a political hack she is!  Bye bye Gloria!!! 

  70. If Sandra Fluke is chaste, why does she need birth control? I didn’t notice her acne, if she has it; hydrogen peroxide is better for that anyway, and a lot cheaper.

  71. amazingly, no one has offered the dictionary definition of “slut” …. a “promiscous” woman…. probably not too hard to prove in Ms Fluke’s case…… no need for birth control for a single “chaste’ woman.

  72. Obviously, Fluke was never taught “If you play, you pay”.  Pay for your own birth control, food, etc. And in, my day, you would have been referred to the names Rush called you.

  73. I don’t give a Fluke about Allred, she is a political slut and prostitute herself. Remember her efforts took Hermin Cain out of the race and how she went about it.

  74. She is just another democratic distraction to keep people from watching  how big a failure this presidential imposter is. He is not qualified to run anything let alone a country. 

  75. Well I guess if Limbaugh should be arrested, then Bill Maher should be executed.  Gloria is always chasing a sensation stories.  She should retire and she makes me tired.

  76. Hey liberals….thank your parents for being conservatives…for they didn’t abort you ……do we dare save them from their own ignorance?

  77. liberals are stupid the truth hurts and they act like babys and are  more trouble then they are worth.and theyer  worthless ,but their time is coming god will judge them all ,i hope sooner then later because the more time they have the worst it gets.for us and we can only hope for speed rather then slow,god help us all

  78. I think Kirsten Powers is my new leftist love, I don’t have many but she seemed to get it unlike others. If we could get all people on the same page maybe we could get an even keel on what is good and what is bad. thank you KP

  79. some left leaning media pawns are actually beginning to think about what they will do for work after November 2012;; there will not be a President for them to spent blood and treasure on to keep him SAFE FROM SCRUTINY ;; THEY WILL ATTACK THE NEW PRESIDENT  as usual but what they will come to realize is they are a 20% minority and nobody will care.

  80. All one has to do is look up the word slut in Websters Dictionary. It defines slut as a promiscious woman. Ms. Fluke admitted her sexual behavior before the whole world. The liberal radicals can not handle the truth. Ms. Fluke who can not afford cotraceptives is currently on spring break vacation in California with a boyfriend that has very close ties to Obama.

  81. Do u want Rush to be arrested for stating the truth?  Then they had better expand the prisons because they will be mighty full.

  82. #1.) If Ms. Fluke needs so many contraceptives that it is beyond her ability to pay for them, then Rush Limbaugh is correct, she IS a slut or maybe even worse. But still, she has no right to expect or demand that taxpayers pay for her inability to keep her legs firmly closed. By the way, scientists have discovered two things in the air that can get a woman pregnant, . . .  Her legs!

    #2.) Don’t even get me started on Gloria the “Biatch” Allred. She is nothing but a man-hating, abulance chasing skank. She spends her days sitting infront of a bank of TV monitors watching for any case involving a man as the perp, that she stick her snoot into. “ALLRED” is a good name for that commie skank.

  83. They should all acquire a dictionary and look up the meaning of “slut”.  I’m not saying Sandra’s photo will be there, far too many women have “fallen” in America (myself included when I was younger).  But, hey, if you’re spending that much on birth control, dear, you are indeed a slut.

  84. I emailed ProFlowers and advised them that we would no longer use them. I also emailed Carbonite and advised them that as soon as the subscriptions for both my wife and myself expires, we will be monving to a competitor. I would suggest a boycott of the advertisers that left Rush.

    1. Yes, we can fight fire with fire on this one.  I will not use their products or services until they come out and apologize to Rush for their stupidity and temerity.

  85. Take the sexual aspect out of this controversy  and  what is left? Freeloading. Sandra Fluke is a freeloader on the taxpayer. Worse, she seeks to make all women freeloaders.

  86. Amen,Lets go to trial! Gloria Allred is a gutter lawyer who carries the water for all things Socialist. She look’s the other way when Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann gets attacked but let some Self avowed women’s libber get called what she really is and Gloria’s Horns and Fangs come out for all to see. Ms. Allred need’s to back into the cave she came out of and do something I know she will never do “Shut her Mouth”

  87. Old Gloria always wants a little publicity no matter what the cause. How come she wasn’t excited about Maher saying derisive things about Sarah Palin and Sarah wasn’t asking for free birth control pills? There is a long list of liberal name callers but with their double standard, that doesn’t matter. They are all part of the gimme gang. What a bunch of low lifes. Go crawl back into your rock pile slut Gloria.

  88. Glorias time is up.  At one time she was relevant to women’s rights and abuses they suffered in the male dominated work place.  Now if a man farts within 50 feet of a woman and that woman is offended—Gloria will find a way to make an EPIC out of it.  Gloria it’s time for you to take a flying frak.  

  89. Gloria Allred is nothing but aLEFT WING DEMOCRAT POLITICAL HACK , and a lousy Lying douchbag with only half a brain.  Miss Fluke should also be brought up on charges that she was LYING TO CONGRESS when she said that she was spending a thousand dollars a year for Birth Control when I am DAMN sure that she knew that she could go to Target or Walmart and spend $108.00 a year,  So either Fluke the Flake is either LYING or she is just another Democ  Rat LYING POS, just like Allred.

  90. Gloria Allred is nothing but aLEFT WING DEMOCRAT POLITICAL HACK , and a lousy Lying douchbag with only half a brain.  Miss Fluke should also be brought up on charges that she was LYING TO CONGRESS when she said that she was spending a thousand dollars a year for Birth Control when I am DAMN sure that she knew that she could go to Target or Walmart and spend $108.00 a year,  So either Fluke the Flake is either LYING or she is just another Democ  Rat LYING POS, just like Allred.

    1. As a mother of  three girls, I woud be embarassed if  one of daughters  spoke like  this so call educated women did! It appears that Democrats and  Liberals have no morals. I slute Rush for stating facts, but  disappointed that he apoligized.

  91. Why in the worlsd should I and millions of other Americans have to oay for this women’s and all others rexreational sex. If they are going to screw then the sure should do it on their dime, not ours. If they gets aids or any sexual desease, that too should not be on my dime.
    I believe Rush hit the nail on the head.

    N J Kraft, USAF Ret

  92. Why in the worlsd should I and millions of other Americans have to oay for this women’s and all others rexreational sex. If they are going to screw then the sure should do it on their dime, not ours. If they gets aids or any sexual desease, that too should not be on my dime.
    I believe Rush hit the nail on the head.

    N J Kraft, USAF Ret

  93. Rush picked up more listeners from this whole matter.  He said so himself.  Gloria Allred is just seeking publicity.  As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Allred insults women more by the causes she takes up. I highly doubt this will go very far since there is so much more proof AGAINST the insane Liberal Left (Maher, Shultz, Matthews to name a few) in using truly worse descriptions of people like Palin, Ingraham. I am a woman and I agreed with Rush.  I heard his comments that day and he asked a question and answered it. If someone wants to get up and speak for the whole nation to hear about their needs for their sex life, then THEY are the ones opening Pandora’s Box. She asked for everything she got. Besides, this whole thing was a “set-up” from the get-go by N. Pelosi -the one who thinks she is totally above the law! God Bless Rush.

  94. Who would have ever believed some liberal scum on the left like Kirsten Powers could or would actually tell the truth!
    Hell must be freezing over, the dead must be rising from the dead, I take back some of the truthful things I have said about K Powers, not most though, she is still the enemy of the state…a state run media liar.

  95. “[…] how many sexual partners Ms. Fluke has had, but just to ask the questions would prove much more embarrassing to her.”

    I think not. She knows exactly what she is doing and will be paid handsomely for her performance.

  96. Let me see…………………this Ho talks publically about ALL HER SEXUAL FRIENDS and all of them are SO CHEAP THEY WON’T EVEN PROVIDE HER WITH CONTRaCEPTION MATERIALS (AKA RUBEBRS) AND she wants the U S government buy them for her……………………….what part of Ho and Slut don’t you understand??????  She wants Rush arrested – OK bring all her sexual partners into court and let them testify about her chastity and virtue and lack of money to buy rubbers………………….might replace American Idol

  97. In the first place, liberalism is a mental order.  I don’t care if they are political, social or theological, liberals are the most biased, closed-mided and bigoted people there are.  There is no liberality about them; they will scream and holler about other people giving to the poor, but they themselves have batteries of tax attornies to insure that they give little, or nothing at all, to the poor, or to anyone else, except to other liberal causes.  Liberals are totally intolerant of anyone who differs or disagrees with them, or who have any thoughts other than what the liberals have, or to anyone who even attempts to think at all.

  98. Well, if anyone should be arrested is gloria allred for her big mouth, fluke for working for obama on this and the imposter obama himself for his illegal activities including supporting this activist. 

  99.      Rush would have to have defamed Flake “falsely and maliciously,” but I doubt that Rush’s remarks about a progressive advocate of “reproductive rights” being managed by Obama’s former communication director are false or malicious. After all Flake behaves dishonorably as she attends a Catholic university law school on a “public interest” scholarship ($50,000 per year to attend) while ignoring Catholic sensibilities by publicly demanding free contraceptives etc. Then she claims that she and “other women” attending the university need $3,000 per year each to pay for their contraceptives. Only very unchaste, sexually active nymphomaniacs (“sluts”) or prostitutes could possibly need so much. It was Flake who appeared publicly before congress revealing her lack of morals and low character. Rush did nothing more than to make passing remarks about the current scene and what he said very probably is true.

  100. All you guys that are agreeing with Russ.  Do you ever get  hard on.  Do you use your hand.  Maybe you cannot get it up.  You sound like sour grapes like Russ.  It is rumored  that he cant get up even if he takes things in hand.

  101. As I posted on several forums, Sandra Fluke is a fake Liberal plant who was more than likely coached by one of Nancy Pelosi’s staffers to say the things she said regarding her alleged sexual activity. No woman with half a brain or any shred of decency would admit such things in public. This was designed to entrap; they only temporarily ensnared Rush, but did not injure him. Sleep Train on the other hand, in their haste to dump him got burned instead. I’m glad Rush refused to take them back. It’s very clear Sleep Train’s CEO doesn’t understand Marxism and its intent to destroy our capitalist system with using such tactics as this.

  102. The only mistake that Rush made was saying that he was sorry. When is it wrong to call a spade a spade. This another of the fakes campaign stunts and the liberal media fell for it hook line and sinker.

  103. I would love for a republican to win the presidency and a majority in both house and senate I believe the left neweds to be humbled they are overconfident, arrogant, and so much pride.

    1. if the repubs fail to win i can accept it.  the dems got us into insurmountable debt and i think they should continue to live with what they created.  if the repubs get in the measures they will have to take to get us on track will make them very unpopular.

  104. The Bible is clear on what Ms Fluke and other like her.are it said these   people are call fornicator,that mild to what Rush call her. Like the old saying goes if the shoes fit ware it,Tax payer should not have to pay for her and other like her   to have free sex.

  105. I am completely on Rush Limbaugh’s side. Our country has lost their morals and respect because of the Administration trying to run every aspect of the peoples lives. Public Officials by Law are only to govern Public Officials with Codes,Rules, Regulations and Guidelines to preserve the Constitution and protect the people from abuse and tyranny. What ever happened to “Justice for All”, the “Customer” is always right, Innocent until PROVEN guilty and ect.  Our children are being indoctrinated in the schools and Universities and not being taught the American way of life. We desperately need TRADE SCHOOLS not play schools. If our children are to provide for themselves and their families they must learn a trade that people will have need in their services. I find that Colleges and Universities have outlived their usefulness except for very few achievers; Besides the expense and not being able to find a job in the field that they schooled in, the parties, the drugs, the complete brain washing by Professors and the cost to the Taxpayers – our children do not have a chance!

  106. Any scrunt blowing $1,000.00/yr. on contraceptives might just fit the definition of slut. There, I said it. Sue me!
    God Bless The American Taxpayer!!!

    1. But at Target,3 moiles away, It’s only 9/mo. Hmmmmm, 9 x 12 = $108.00. I come out $992.00 ahead of the game. She must be onblowholes economic advisor! Even cheaper birth control, Abstinence!!!! Just saying.

  107. The First Amendment is only good for those on the left but us on the right have no Rights at all.  Excuse me mrs Allraid but your rights are the same as ours. No Frigging differance at all.  And for that matter the little Slut that is in law school can buy her own for of birth controle or condom’s I did when I was young and so did all my girlfriends. Get your lazy butt out to work and quit screwing arround so much.

  108. Liberals and their supporters will never accept responsibility for their actions, because they are afraid of
    the truth.   When the light of truth is shined upon them (for their action) they will run and hide in the darkness.   Conservatives will seek to be honest and take responsibility for their own actions.  Gloria and her ilk are in it for their 15 minutes of fame and fortune.  They had better be careful, because when
    they bite off more than they can chew, it will come back and bite them in the butt.

  109. Gloria Allred is to the legal community, what the Paparazzi are to journalism.   In other words Gloria is nothing more than a scum sucking news hound out to gain and maintain her own personal celebrity.  At best, she is a mediocre attorney with only average trial court skills.  Most of her high profile celebrity cases cases have gone no where, let alone to trial.  She is at her best extorting revenue for her nuisance cases to “go away”. That seems to be the extent of her legal capabilities.  I have more respect for ambulance chasers.  They usually make no pretense to the kind of law they practice.

  110. All phonies and liars should be arrested, on both sides. But they wont be because they have made laws giving themselves power and control over what they can and cant do and you cant do a thing about it. 

  111. The Sleep Number Bed company, (I believe that’s the name), left as a sponsor on Rush’s show.  It is now BEGGING to come back, (if it’s not already).  Rush cleared the air on this supposed “loss of sponsors” on his Thursday show.   Any of you other companies thinking of pandering to the left by pulling sponsorship of the Limbaugh show better think again. 

    Now, as to that SIut Gloria All-Dread…  If my dog looked like you I would shave it’s a** and make it walk backwards.

  112. Easy – if it looks like a slut, acts like a slut, talks like a slut and DEMANDS that taxpayers, anyone but herself, is responsible for supplying her birth control or infanticide


    I have never liked Rush Limbaugh and still I cannot come down on this with any other perspective than to say “I agree”.

  113. We need to get off of this crap. Doesn’t anyone see what is really going on here? Obama is in trouble. He has been loosing women that vote and he can not run on his record. This BC issue is nothing but a diversion from the truth of his failed presidency. Drop it and talk about the issues that are important to the American voter.

  114. Go for it Gloria!  This might just be that big chunk that we Constitution loving Americans need to knock out of the Obama/liberal juggernaut!  From what I have read,  Ms. Fluke was not a fluke (pardon the pun) accident.  Seems it was all a setup from the word go and that word came from the Obama team!!!!

  115. I was wndering how log it would take for Gloria Retread would stick her liberal mouth into it.What a piece of S – –  t that woman is.

  116. Ms. Fluke chose willingly (or she has been PAID OFF – because this helps her pay for law school……) to get up in front of the media and the public and LIE and EXAGGERATE (and air her dirty laundry, as she has done) then it’s perfectly alright for Rush to comment and give his opinion of her! FREE COUNTRY = FREE SPEECH!!!

  117. The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.chas·ti·ty Noun /ˈCHastətē/ 

    noun: purity, virtue
    The state or practice of refraining from extramarital, or esp. from all, sexual intercourse

    I say we prosecute Gloria Allred for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

  118. I do believe Rush will be the winner in this fight.  After all, there are more of us than there are of THEM.  I also believe this illegal electing of Obama into office is just the thing to get the true conservatives off their duffs and taking charge of our lives.  I have been trying to get attention to the fact that JCP is now using Ellen Degenerate
    as their spokesperson in multiple ads.  Since my husband has been employeed by them for many years, in the past, and we were good customers of the company- we feel insulted.  Old man Penny would turn over in his grave if he could see just how far this company has fallen.  These companies, like Limbaugh’s advertisers, will have to realize they are exposed to many types of people and most of us are moral in nature.  Gloria Allred is just another lawyer, a bad word in my book, that wants to stay in the limelight.  Bring it on Gloria!


  120. Is there any site that has listed the advertising companies that abandoned Limbaugh under pressure from the Left?

  121. Sandra needs remedial MATH, not sex.  Let’s see. 
     Prescription:   $9.30/month. 
    4 year college= 36 months.
    $9.30 x 36 = $ 3,000.00  no, $30,0000.00  no  $144.00?
     Really?  When did that change? 

    Liberalism lies at its finest!
    The REAL dumbing down of America! 

  122. There is a double standard in the “mainstream (left wing) media” and there is limited counterbalance – that is why they want to close the internet and get Rush off of the air. Why is the media against opposing points of view? Instead, conservatives are called idiots, stupid or uneducated – while it is the liberals who are too ingorant to know they are stupid!

  123. Limbaugh arested for telling the truth?   Not too likely now that we all know it was a ruse staged by the corrupt White House staff.   It couldn’t have backfired on a nicer bunch of jerks!

  124. Fluke…is that fluke as pronounced FLUCK, or more precisely F— with a letter removed, but it should really be pronounced fluke as in A FLUKE OF NATURE!  Of course the pronounciation as FLUCK is much more appropriate with her character, as in I DON’T GIVE A FLUCK!

    As for allred, she is worse than an ambulance chaser, she follows and sucks up to hearses and the corpses or soon to be corpses they contain.

    By the way, everytime I see her on the tube, it appears that she, at one time or another, was the victim of a well placed right hook!  Her law practice must not be too good, or she would have had her snozz put back straight by now!…KK 

  125. Really now, this is all about Gloria All Dread wanting some free publicity!  She gets lonely being out of the limelight for too long!  Let’s see, how long has it been since she saved the Republicans from Herman Cain?

  126. Gloria Allred, go fly a kite!!  But I doubt you are capable of doing that!  What an unAmerican person you are!!  You want to crucify Rush Limbaugh when Bill Maher and a number of other liberals have said things ten times worse that what Rush said about this flusie Fluke!  She is nothing but a sponge to the Amerian taxpayer to  reimburse her to have as much sex as she can get!  What a terrible example this stupid woman is to decent young women this idiot is!!  Why don’t  you go take a look in the mirror and what do you see?  I can tell you!  You are a odumbo brown-noser who is as unAmerican as this dufus illegal, muslim president we have!!  Why don’t you do your job and help America get rid of this unqualified muslim who is leading us into a socialist, islamic government which will end up with sharia law!  You should have your credentials removed and not allowed to continue that practice!  Get a life!!

    1.  Hey 11th Airborne!  I’m the National Editor of the 11th Airborne Division Association’s “Voice of the Angels” Newspaper.  Have you gotten your March issue yet?  I hope you like the coverage on the connections between the Bataan Death March guys and the 11th Airborne.  Couldn’t help noticing the Division patch as your logo.  I commented a couple of real long comments about 2-3 hours ahead of yours.  They’re down there somewhere—probably getting stomped on if any liberal pinheads are in the mood to argue with me.  Isn’t this whole thing a big hot steaming wagon-load of fertilizer?  Rush was right.

  127. After going thru a divorce in Comiefornia, and watching thousands of men get every asset they ever worked for taken away along with a large part of their income. All women are whores. All of them. And men pay it. they all want to be supported. They all want you to pay their bills. They all want your money. Then when you split up, they want you to continue paying them. Because they slept with you, you owe them more money. At least when you go to a legal whore, say in Nevada. You pay, you get treated like a king. You don’t get AGRAVATION. And you get to leave. You don’t pay for services not rendered. Face it. How many married men out there have not had sex in years because their wife is not in the mood, yet their hand is still out for money. Do you know what female viagra is. It is CASH. The thing about working whores, they are moe honest than wifes or girlfriends.

  128. Both MSNBC and CNN have devolved into a feeding frenzy over Rush Limbaugh’s crack last week about a Georgetown law student, with hosts on both networks scolding Limbaugh for his words and fantasizing the conservative radio powerhouse will get knocked off the airwaves.But an MRC review finds those networks had no negative reaction to far more vulgar and sexist language used by HBO host Bill Maher. Instead, both networks have hosted Maher repeatedly (12 times in the past year) in softball formats where the journalists ritually flatter the vulgarian: “Your show is brilliant,” “I love your show,” “You’re the funniest, smartest guy around.”If either CNN or MSNBC genuinely cared about the use of insulting language toward women,  they could stop providing the vile Maher with a regular platform to promote his show and his left-wing views.[Warning: this article includes uncensored vulgarities to accurately represent what Bill Maher has said about conservative women.]Here’s what CNN’s Piers Morgan said about Rush Limbaugh on Friday: “Limbaugh’s disgusting comments are the work of an archaic old dinosaur living in a warped, ugly swamp, who thinks it’s okay to degrade decent young women for sport and ratings. Well, it isn’t it. Shame on you, Rush Limbaugh.”The next morning, NBC’s Today show brought on MSNBC host Al Sharpton to lambaste Limbaugh: “You can’t have him as a major spokesman in your movement and then he says something as offensive and misogynist as this.”Monday, on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, host Ed Schultz — who last year had to apologize after he called conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a “slut” — urged liberals to exploit Limbaugh’s use of the same term (also with an apology) to get his show cancelled. Schultz fantasized: “If there is a time to get him off the air, this is the push. I mean, if women in this country are serious about what they hear on the free airwaves of America, there’s no better time.”Now, here’s a rundown of some demeaning language used by Bill Maher in just a nine day period last March:# On March 18, 2011, Maher, on his HBO show Real Time, employed a crude term for a female body part when talking about Sarah Palin: “Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan, and she’s demanding that we invade Tsunami. I mean, she says, ‘These Tsunamians will not get away with this.’ Oh speaking of dumb twats….”# A week later, on his March 25 show, Maher insulted Palin and Michele Bachman as “bimbos.” Talking about the GOP field, Maher argued: “If Bachmann and Palin get in, that’s two bimbos, and then there’s Mitt Romney, a millionaire, and Newt Gingrich, a professor. We just need a skipper and a buddy – we’ve got Gilligan’s Island.”# Two days after that, on March 28, Maher employed the C-word in talking about Palin during a show in Dallas. According to a favorable review in the Dallas Voice: “It’s that fearlessness — he acknowledged that some people would probably be uncomfortable with some of his remarks about religion, not to mention calling Sarah Palin a ‘cunt’ (‘there’s just no other word for her’) — that makes Maher the most dangerous person in comedy.”But none of this prompted any of the scolding that has greeted Limbaugh’s transgression. In fact, in the days and months that followed, CNN and MSNBC cheerfully included Maher a dozen times as a guest in their line-up. Only Chuck Todd, filling for Chris Matthews on Hardball, brought up Maher’s vicious comments just one day after the day after his Dallas event: “Any regrets on what you said?”Maher, predictably, said he wasn’t sorry: “I’m not trying to hurt somebody’s feelings. But if you want me to say ‘I’m sorry, what I said was wrong,’ no, sorry, I can’t go there.”These demeaning comments have not caused the news networks to sour on Maher, as he continues to make regular appearances and receive pats on the back from CNN and MSNBC hosts:# On March 22, 2011 — in the midst of his storm of nasty comments about conservative women, Maher appeared on CNN’s In the Arena. Host Eliot Spitzer did not ask about Maher’s “dumb twat” insult of Palin from four days earlier, or pose any hostile questions to Maher. Spitzer ended by genuflecting: “Your show is brilliant. I love watching it.”# On March 29, 2011, Maher made his MSNBC Hardball appearance with Chuck Todd, as noted above. While Todd — unlike CNN’s Spitzer — did ask Maher about how he was “getting hammered in the conservative blogosphere, among a lot of conservative hosts” for his nasty comments about Palin and Bachmann, he was in no way judgmental.Todd ended that interview by publicizing both Maher’s upcoming show on HBO as well as appearances in Indiana and North Carolina. “Bill Maher, always entertaining to have you on.”# On April 12, 2011, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow hosted Maher, and not once asked about his nasty comments about women. Instead of scolding Maher for his deplorable remarks, Maddow was thrilled to have him: “It is nice to see you….I’m very excited….Thank you so much for being on with us, Bill. It’s really nice to see you. Thank you.”# On May 3, 2011, Maher popped up on The Joy Behar Show on CNN’s Headline News Network. Behar fawned over her guest: “I love your show. I watch you every week, and I really get irritated when they put you on hiatus.”# On May 17, 2011, Maher showed up on MSNBC’s Hardball, where Chris Matthews touted him as their “star guest.” Maher trashed Michele Bachmann as a “frothing loon,” jabbing that “Bachmann is the candidate for people who find Palin too intellectual.”# On June 14, 2011, CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Maher about the GOP debate. Maher unleashed his usual invective, declaring that the Republican candidates “have just horrible, society-killing ideas about America.”# On July 11, 2011, Maher appeared as a guest on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, and made the host laugh with a crude reference to Palin and Michele Bachmann. Morgan asked Maher about the GOP nomination: “If you had a choice, gun to your head, which one is it? Palin or Bachmann?”Maher replied: “I would need a gun to my head. I hope Sarah Palin gets in so that they split the MILF vote.” MILF is an acronym for a “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.” The CNN host ended the interview by telling Maher: “May you remain gloriously uncensored on HBO…Love the show.”# On August 3, 2011, fill-in host Michael Eric Dyson had “the great Bill Maher” on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. Dyson touted Maher as “my very good friend.”# On October 11, 2011, Maher returned to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show, which Maddow eagerly promoted. “The one and only Bill Maher is going to be here for an interview tonight,” she promised viewers. Talking about the radical Occupy protesters, Maher used the occasion to suggest violence against Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch: “If a brick came through Rupert Murdoch’s window, I have a feeling Fox News would be a lot more gentle on the Wall Street people….”# On January 25, 2012, CNN’s Cooper brought Maher onto his show to talk about Obama’s State of the Union speech and the Republican nomination contest. During that interview, Maher made a derogatory reference to Mormons, predicting Romney would be the nominee and: “I think Obama is going to beat him like a runaway sister wife.” Cooper winced: “Geez, your runaway sister wife? I haven’t heard an LDS punchline in quite a while.”# On February 27, 2012, Chris Matthews was thrilled to see Maher back on Hardball where he talked about the Republican “crazies” and “idiots.” “Hey, Maher, you’re the best,” Matthews flattered. “You’re the funniest, smartest guy around….Thank you, Bill Maher — you’re an Irish guy, too. Thank you for coming on.”# That same night, Morgan interviewed Maher again, this time prompted by his $1 million donation to Obama’s SuperPAC. Maher mocked Christianity: “You’re allowed to have your opinion that a Palestinian 2,000 years ago walked on water and did magic tricks and was really —  he’s really still his own father and all that stuff.” As always, Morgan was delighted: “Bill Maher, always a great pleasure.”Obviously, there’s a certain amount of show business in the media fawning over Bill Maher, but it underscores how utterly unbothered they are by his frequent, nasty comments about conservative women. With that as context, it’s hard not to see those networks’ flamboyant outrage at Rush Limbaugh as nothing more than opportunism by liberals out to destroy the most successful conservative in the media.

  129. IF After She Goes to trial, She is determined to be a liar,Or Maybe Not,She May Be Found out She Is Really What Rush Suggest,And All of the information bout Her Association With Obama And is connected too extreme Assinations,Terrorist,Anti-American Activities,And George Soros Activities…..She May Want to talk with Monica Lewenski,Of  Bill Clinton FAME,And Find out the Social Impact on her life this affair with RUSH,May Cost

  130. Hey Sandra.  When you take your next break from your extracurricular activities, you could order 12 months of birth control pills without a Rx from several online overseas pharmacies.  The cost for 12 months is $50.00 + $15 registered mail delivery.

    1. Ms Fluke.  Why don’t you start campaigning for insurance companies to pay for cigarettes for…uh… afterwards?

  131. Mrs. Allred, maybe some sexual counsling for Miss Fluke, I think she is in need of some.If she is an example for all the law students, that would explain why a good lawyer is hard to come by….

  132. All those who believe “The Fluke” would tell the truth at such a hearing, please stand up….  so you can be publicly humiliated and laughed at.  

    This woman is the female equivalent of BHO, a sexual community agitator!  She is on record stating she believes health insurance companies should provide sex change operations at no charge!  A true freak among left wing freaks.  

    Any person who takes a public role should be prepared for the criticism that comes with that role, that said I DO NOT believe Rush should have apologized to “The Fluke” and should have kept on as he was. 

    One thing I do believe is that conservatives should shut up about Bill Maher and other liberal freaks of the sort, all we’re doing is giving him millions in free advertising… and giving the libs another chance to cheer for their immoral heroes.  

    As for “Gloria Already-a-has-been”  she should have been disbarred decades ago for countless and obvious examples of bias and conflicts of interest… yet another example of the immoral left’s invasion.  Ignore her and she’ll fade into the abyss, sure she’ll try childish stunts such as this to gain attention from time to time… just answer with “we’ve got morals and you don’t… so go back to your hippie commune”.  

    To hell with the liberal media, to hell with the left wing double standards, to hell with The Fluke and her disturbing ideology, and to hell with our current terrorist-loving administration.  

    GO RUSH!  And may God Bless the United States of America. 

    ABBO 2012. 

  133. lawyer Gloria Allred has done us all a huge favor with her rediculus request for Limbaugh to be arrested and the idea of prosecution or suit is a blessing. Now don’t get me wrong. I think an awful lot of Rush and believe this attorney(?) is little more than another tool of the obama liberal smear machine. But in the interest of staying in keeping with Rush’s normal role in taking the lead in defending the citizens of this republic from the trashy communist tactics of the left, I would tend to believe that he would be proud to stand trial as lawyer Gloria Allred proposes, especially if the courts then had to round up ALL of the liberal idiots who have done the same and much worse, especially and including Harry Reid, Pelosi, and the illegal alien islamo-fascist offender-in-chief Barack Hussein (or as in my humble opinion “insane”) Obama, himself. So yes, I personally support Gloria Allred’s idea of prosecuting Limbaugh for his words. If he is put on trial, it would be at the very least, a media circus while the media and the obama owned courts tried to limit the case exclusively to Rush. Meanwhile, I am reasonably certain that there are enough patriots out here that believe in and admire Rush’s ethics, honesty, record of correct information, and value to our republic, that it would amaze me if it cost him onc single cent to defend himself, while the court, Fluke, this lawyer (?) Gloria Allred and those helping to smear Rush would be so humiliated and proven so biased and morally and ethically bankrupt and absurd as to be laughed out of the courtroom and likely never be able to show their collective faces ever again except maybe, in obama’s nation of actual citizenship or in his islamic buddies’ nations. At best, and God I would hope for this, it would open the doors for all of the liberal scum who have committed far worse offenses than Rush has to be arrested, put on trial for their crimes and fined and/or incarcerated. I personally believe it would be hillarious if the Senate, the White House and much of the Congress (largely liberals) and many of the liberal media were all put on trial for these crimes and we ended up seeing almost all if not actually all of them (including obama and the Clintons) facing the 2012 elections from the inside of a prison cell. Wouldn’t that be a sight? (Right along with Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz). LOL!

  134. Fluke…is that fluke as pronounced FLUCK, or more precisely F— with a letter removed, but it should really be pronounced fluke as in A FLUKE OF NATURE!  Of course the pronounciation as FLUCK is much more appropriate with her character, as in I DON’T GIVE A FLUCK!
    As for allred, she is worse than an ambulance chaser, she follows and sucks up to hearses and the corpses or soon to be corpses they contain.
    By the way, everytime I see her on the tube, it appears that she, at one time or another, was the victim of a well placed right hook!  Her law practice must not be too good, or she would have had her snozz put back straight by now!…KK 

  135. If you want to arrest Rush, you have to put Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Keith Obermann, David Letterman, and the rest of the liberals pigs in jail in solitary confinement forever, Gloria, you hippocrite.  You are repulsive.  Whatever happened to the illegal living here who you protected in the 2008 governor of CA election.  Did you slip her through the cracks and she is still living here free of charge.  You disgust me.

  136. Gloria is a whore herself as is most of the media.Will the government pay for my sexual follies also ?I need around 100,000. dollars ( I wish ).

  137. All-Red is nothing more than a far left-wing “feminazi” of the NOW persuasion.  She has been brow-beating men for years and earning undeserved millions of dollars with her feminist whinings.  It is time we shut these people down and make them get a real job to earn their money.   Rush will have a field day with both the Osama stooge and All-Red – I would pay to be sitting in the courtroom.

  138. When Bill Maher was bad mouthing Sarah Palin falsely making claims of making an adultrous remark with a racial overtone, not a sole said anything about the bad mouth peckerwood. She of all people to make these false claims of; she is by far the most decent of people I know personally. There wasn’t a sole person of the Democraps chastise this balding ferrat face punk. If I ever see the man personally I’ll deck him.
    The Dems have opened a pandora’s box the pot calling the kettle black. They are so worried about remarks and they turn their heads to real law’s having been broken, felonies and all Obama or Berry Santorum? or Santoro, anyway the real name of the guy soiling the White House.

  139. Contraception includes more than just pills…. The outlandish totally fabricated amount of $3K indicated that she must have been talking about condoms not pills. Of course pills condoms and other forms of contraception are given away like candy at Halloween through Planned Parenthood. I believe I read that they located three of those within a 3 mile radius… But liberals don’t deal in facts. The only war on women is being conducted on the left against conservative women.



  141. A shabby ruse concocted by the White House staff and orchestrated by an ex -staffer, now in thePR business.   They have also provided this young woman the services of one of the top democrat law firms in DC.   She just strolled over to the Congressional hearing and calmly hatched the amateurish plot, which has now backfired in their corrupt faces.   Hard to believe the White House has time to take part in these sophmoric charades.

  142. The whole idea of making a statement a criminal offense, when it does not advocate rebellion or the commission of a felony, is ludicrous. Make it a civil offense one which could be sued, fine but making the exercising of free speech a crime would make our founding fathers roll over in their graves. For Gloria Allred to suggest such an arrest, regardless of the law’s presence, is an example of people not thinking things through. I am sure she would be the first to holler – and the loudest as well – if anyone tried to enforce a similar law of equally questionable constationality. Remember, surrendering a freedom for the sake of not being offended by others is the first giant step to surrendering all of your freedoms

  143. I would like to see the The head scum sucking arrogant bill maher faggott on trial!!! Please take rush to court you limp wristed sissy, girl she boy, metro sexual, not sure if your part fag or woman or a man…. lets go to court and embarass these s.h.i.t. thirsty scum sucking, ass lickin bottom feeders.

  144. Can you imagine all the “Crap” she would have to admit to? It would almost be a laugher if it were a low-class skit. What’s worse, can you imagine having to be treated for an STD(s), what she’d have to admit to there. There may not be enough medications available.
    You can bet she’d be told to stop this kind of  behavior.

  145. I guess few understand, a conservative, Christian is expected to live, act and prove a different standard. The liberals, democrats do not say or demand any morals or standards, do not profess and go around talking of good, bad, of God, Christianity, etc. so of course republicans and conservatives who claim to represent the “higher” ground of standards is fair to call into question. A democrat cannot be called hypocritical on those issues since they never profess them. The conservative, republican must  turn the other cheek, the democrats don’t have to. Rebulicans can be called upon to account for moral behavior as that is what they claim, democrats do not claim any moral standard so they are not held to the same standards and should not be degraded nor chastized as hypocrits or immoral as they never claim they are.

  146. Fluke…is that fluke as pronounced FLUCK, or more precisely F— with a letter removed, but it should really be pronounced fluke as in A FLUKE OF NATURE!  Of course the pronounciation as FLUCK is much more appropriate with her character, as in I DON’T GIVE A FLUCK!
    As for allred, she is worse than an ambulance chaser, she follows and sucks up to hearses and the corpses or soon to be corpses they contain.
    By the way, everytime I see her on the tube, it appears that she, at one time or another, was the victim of a well placed right hook!  Her law practice must not be too good, or she would have had her snozz put back straight by now!…KK 

  147. Fluke is a SLUT and she wants us to pimp her ass.  Hey lets face it… Todays sissies dont earn money to buy condoms…. lol  Its real men that have to help the loosers get laid. sad but true… I say let’m screw unprotected i dont care there all losers anyway. Anyone is a slave to sex is a looser in life.

  148. Bring it, All-red! Let’s see how well you would be eviscerated by your own tactics! But then, of course, you might have to prosecute the scum on the left who have been saying worse for years!

    Click the name.

  149. Dear Libbies…. You hate religion… keep to yourself and leave decent society alone.  Get laid, geat a disease, die!! I dont care.

  150. With newt in office she want be around to  spread her humor but if romney get in then she mite be around for a while  but i want be the one to vote for romney sooo hers hopeing.  If fluke charged for all that she gave away she  should be paying taxes instead of want free stuff

  151. A good point was made and I agree, that’s why I didn’t sue myself for getting a vasectomy, the lawyer would have me on the stand talking about my sexual history.

  152. 3K a year for contraception rather throws any claim of “chastity” out the door.  I’m not going to repeat my math efforts for the cost/quantity of pills, condoms, spermicidal jellies, but it was an interesting result to get to that cost level.

  153. At 30 years of age I was out of school which I paid for, (MARRIED ) had 2 children a job and no body gave me anything. I suggest ms fluk quit her profession student job, get a REAL JOB, and just to save money, KEEP HER KNEES TOGETHER. NO PILLS NEEDED NO ABORTIONS NEEDED. CASE CLOSED.  What will the dumb dems come up with next. I should be making a scrap book of all this crap so my grandkids can read about why no one should be a progressive.

  154. Gloria is a water boy for the left, she carries all the lefts baggage,…….Gloria…..one day all this is going to backfire on  You, and you will be spending a lot of time and money (your own), defending yourself,….from your own Big Mouth,……..Leftists are the Worlds Bully’s

  155. prostitutes and sluts are saints compared to what this woman really is. a deceitful treacherous lying political pawn. let’s get the word ‘sedition’ in there that in any other country would have had her in front of a firing squad. thankfully, people like rush speak their mind 

  156. Like Kirsten Powers. Thats all I want from the “media” is honesty. Ok Limbaugh was rough but yo yos like maher said a hell of a lot worse and nothing is said…..Bravo Kirsten

  157. Excellent article.  YEs, Discovery would be very interesting— Let’s see, isn’t a slut by defintion a woman who has multiple sexual parteners?  And isnt a whore someone who does it for money?   Would that not apply to those who do it for the welfare checks?    What we need are more women calling a slut a slut.

  158. The left can’t help themselve’s, after years of inbreeding and bestiality has left them with small brain’s and melformed frontally cortex’s.  

  159. “The statute stipulates that anyone who ‘speaks of and concerning any
    woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a
    want of chastity’ is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree”

    Hey, Gloria, the key word there is “falsely.” Limbaugh’s statement was not false – unless Fluke is using birth control and not having sex, in which case her claim is ridiculous.

    Wait ’til Gloria All-Red learns that the new national insult is, “fluke you!” Her head will surely explode!

  160. Easy solution, Miss Fluke. Get your tubes tied or start having phone sex or become a lesbian. Don’t expect us to pay for your whorish misgivings.

  161. I’m assuming that since Ms. Fluke needs this as part of her woman’s “health” coverage, can we also assume that she thinks that a resulting pregnancy is an illness?  I know many people who find it difficult to pay for drugs that they must take for heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, etc. (true illnesses) and they struggle with payment.  Not one of those folks went before Congress to ask for money for the drugs that actually keep them alive and well.  Ms. Fluke wants money for an optional drug to protect her from promiscuous behavior.  The whole thing is a ridiculous scheme concocted by the Obama administration to infer that Republicans don’t care about the needs of women.  Oh, they care about the medical needs of women alright.  It’s the recreational needs of the immoral that they don’t care so much about! I’m sorry – I just don’t buy the assumption that contraception, abortifacients, and abortion are healthcare! 

  162. Even more interesting is whether or not the Liberal Media was telling on itself by immediately jumping to the conclusion that the word “slut” was intended as an insult.  According to Wikipedia:  “However some women have demonstrated saying they’re proud of being “sluts”, and have given it a positive connotation.”  As someone else noticed – if she is NOT a promiscuous woman, then she does NOT need birth control and her arguments are all bogus.  If she IS willing to admit that she IS a promiscuous woman and that she DOES need birth control, then she IS a slut – and Rush was NOT out of line for arriving at that conclusion.  Although it might be more difficult to prove that the woman in question is a prostitute in that she takes money in exchange for sexual favors, I think it COULD be argued that she has “prostituted” herself in order to curry favor with liberal political pundits.  “they prostituted their art: betray, sacrifice, sell, sell out, debase, degrade,demean, devalue, cheapen, lower, shame, misuse, pervert; abandon one’s principles (at the expense of).”

    1. Rush should have called her meretricious.  That would have sent the libs off to the dictionary; then their heads would have exploded.

  163. Rush Limbaugh did absolutely nothing wrong when he described Ms. Fluke a “slut and prostitute.”  Ms. Fluke left herself wide open when she announced and demanded that I and every taxpaying American citizens pay for her various  contraceptives so she can engage in numerous sexual activities.  I too, would have definitately described Ms. Fluke as a “slut and prostitute.”  Surely, something less than a lady.

    By the way, this business of war being waged against women is pure propaganda created and magnified by the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II, when he personally involved himself as a method of deceiving women into voting for him.  That’s what it is all about, and he made himself and the issue so obvious.  Women are highly intelligent individuals and are not to be taken as fools.  Ms. Fluke is the exception.

    USAF (RET)  

  164. I would like to know why WE the Tax Payers have TO Pay, for U to have SEX.!!!! If  U CAN NOT afford Birth

    Control use PLASTIC means or Go With Out. Are U going to pay for other women’s Plastics,Contraceptives

    or Birth Control.???? If you say YES, then, S A N D R A,  YOU and G L O R I A,  ARE  STUPID.!!!!

    So why should all of  US , PAY YOURS.  RUSH has the RIGHT IDEA , YOU WANT SEX,YOU JUST DON’T


    RIGHT,  YOU JUST DON’T GET IT.      H O W   S T U P I D   C A N  Y O U, B E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Amen, Mr. DeMar, I don’t think  it’s very likely a trial will come about as like you said it would be very enlightening about the liberals idiotic double standard and ms. Fluke’s real goal and agenda in enrolling in a Catholic school in the first place.

  166. Hey Eddie! Thats because Yahoo and the media are keeping us distracted deliberately from the coming economic collapse, dollar crash, inflation, Solyndra scam, wars, wars, and wars, NDAA, Obamacare, the New World Order, ONE WORLD CURRENCY, slavery to one world government. Other than that Sara Jessica Parker has a b.i.t.c.h.i.n. effable body!!

  167. We need more people like Rush Limbaugh not lawyers like you. You defend people like Bill Mahar and the FAKE woman who wants me to pay for her DISGUSTING behavior. She is a set up on the Obama election campaign. He will stoop to all levels if he thinks he can get a vote. I hope his girls don’t get encouraged by his support of that woman and think it is okey if Obama says so. The sooner America get a president that believes  America is one nation under God and not obama the better off the American people will be. He promised hope and change and we got NO HOPE AND NOT EVEN A PENNY FOR GAS. [email protected] (I am 84)

    1.  Good for you, Betty.  You’d be one tough gal in a fire-fight.  Honored to have you as a neighbor and a fellow American!

  168. Once again, the Loony Left has manifested its hypocrisy; this is also a reminder that for liberals,  free seech is a one way street. All Limbaugh did was tell the truth about Sandra Fluke. It is particularly galling that Fluke, who will likely make a six or seven figure income as a lawyer, demands that OTHERS pay for her birth control.


  170. What could you expect from a pig like allred,she’s defended the rights of every douch bag walking that has no respect for herself,or anyone else.I’m tired of these pigs that lay on their backs recreationally and expect decent people to pay for their sex addiction.Fluke should spend more time in the books than on her back.with the basketball team, the baseball team or whoever buys her a beer”” 

  171. The White House Gang pounces on each and every opportunity to divide our citizens asunder. Rush’s hasty remark was made in a moment of utter frustration over the issue of freebies from BigGov in the form of Birth Control items. In a world that is fraught with danger and hostility in all quadrants;  Akmuddajerk is roaring toward an Atomic capacity as we speak, Western Europe is rapidly disappearing into a monetry sinkhole as are several other countries, the Afghan War has imploded, we are floating on an Ocean of easily reached high quality petroleum (some estimates claim more than all other oil producing countries combined) yet we send bales of our meager GNP money to the very people who plan on killing us if given an oportunity. We have a known Marxist Community Organizer piloting our Ship of State; who fully intends to run it aground and then sell of the salvageable assets (like the aforementioned vast Oil and Natural Gas) and reduce this Nation to a Serfdom.
    I hate the term GULLIBLE, especially when it is applied to Ameican Citizens, yet it is worth noting that millions of our fellows haven’t a clue as to what nefarious schemes are being implemented subtley on a daily basis.
    By the devision of all races, creeds, religions, genders, political affiliations and the Poor, the Middle Class and those wealthy bastards that live up on the hill or those shallow self-adoring Holywood narcissists who fancy themselves as Gifts from God to their fans.
    Divide and Conquer is the oldest military ploy in the history of Human vs Human; and it still works on those who daily tread the earthly paths to oblivion with their prized degree in POLITICAL AWARENESS.  

  172. Limbaugh is right on the money,Where’s the left wing hacks,with the litle swine Maher,who needs to be taken to the woodshed the little scumbag.Fluke is as limbaugh said either a slut or a prostitute if not. she’s just a pig that should spend more time in the books than on her back.Who pays her tution?good question.

  173. All of this is to distract people from the fact that Obama is a fraud and an illegal president, and from the fact that nobody, NOT Congress, NOT the Courts, NOT the FBI will do a damn thing about it.

    After all is said and done, he will either get re-elected (through Fraud) or even if he is voted out, he will receive all of the perks and life-long Secret Service at our expense, all the while laughing at how he pulled one over on us.

  174. The religious right and conservatives have called for boycotts of companies and entertainers for years, the left starts doing the same thing and all of a sudden it’s wrong.

    The simple fact is (right or wrong) public figures, Palin, etc. can’t sue for libel. Attacking a private individual (Ms Fluke is private individual regardless of her temporary fame) is grounds for libel. The idea that Rush would hire the best legal team and win is no surprise. He’s escaped punishment twice for drug offenses only because of his ability to hire the best.

    I always find it interesting that conservatives want to limit women’s choices but have no problem giving men full choices. Insurance pays for Viagra and vasectomies with no problem. The problem begins when it is women who want to control their own reproduction.

    Someone should tell Rush that birth control pill aren’t like Viagra. You take one pill a day, period, unlike Viagra which requires a pill for each performance.

    1.  You must be totally blind, ignorant beyond belief, or a paid sycophant of the Left.  How can you belch such blatantly foolish misconceptions that everyone and their brothers know is crap?  All the media except Fox news is in the back pocket of the Left.  Please re-read the article written by the Democrat Kirsten Powers and see that even she knows you are full of it.  Now sign off and go to your meeting with your little card in hand …. they should allow you to sit right in the front row of your Socialist hoedown. 

      1. In point of fact, everyone and their brothers who are actually well-read and informed know that the media is owned (98%) by right wing corporations. By the way, FOX is owned 51% by Rupert Murdoch (an Australian) and 49% by a Saudi Arabian Prince. Hardly people who should be depended upon to have America’s best interest at heart.

        Perhaps you should sign off and read the constitution or a legitimate news magazine, maybe view several different sources of news to better form your own opinion of events. Of course, that won’t happen because for people like you, forming independent opinions is too much work. “I actually have to read something and listen to someone who doesn’t tell me what I want to hear!”

        Don’t call me a socialist. My family was in this country before the constitution was signed and have fought in every war, with honor I might add. It is people like you how are hurting the country with your fascist-loving corporate kowtowing.

        1. The very fact that you called our side fascist in a pathetic attempt to stifle us ONLY PROVES that YOU, YOUR radical left-wing extremist wingnut tactics and radical propaganda are hurting the country!!!!!    YOU ARE THE TRUE FASCIST!!!!!!

        2.  Another sterling example of republican intelligence. Can’t argue points so I’ll rant and use capital letters. That will show the lefty!

    2.  Well at least Rush paid for his own drugs, he didn’t go before the public and demand that  everyone else pay for them!  You want birth control or you want an abortion or anything else for that matter, pay for it yourself.  The taxpayers should not be on the hook for these items.  If Ms. Fluke can’t afford birth control now, wait until the governments gets their grimy hands on this situation what they will cost.  There is no such thing as a free ride, someone pays along the way. 

    3. God, are you an incredible moron and also a scared, little man-hater, no doubt!!!!!  Unfortunately for you, NOTHING is going to happen to Rush, he isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately for you, you pathetic, radical, vile left-wing extremist!!!!!

      1.  Nope! Happily married to a wonderful man who loves me.

        If the truth hurts, maybe you should seek employment to take your mind off of your (I’m guessing) sad life. I presume you are unemployed because you posted at 3:15 a.m. Most employed people would be asleep by then.

        By the way, the Rushbo has lost 90 advertisers. Let’s just sit back and see how this plays out, Ditto head.

  175. My Dear Gloria protector of womens rights. You do a great job but where were you when sleezebag Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the “C” word?????????? I would like to see you comment on his sleezy remarks

  176. Rush Limbghs comments were like a Sunday sermon compared to what that scumbag Bill Maher said about Palin. Maher is a typical hero to the far left mentally shortchanged  who should be kept under lock and key before theycan  vote for Obama again.

  177. I wish someone would put Gloria Allred in jait and throw away the key, and put the rest of us out of our misery.  

  178. One of the many puzzlements I have regarding Mz Fluke that no one sems to bring up or question. She stated she has frequent sex and indicated she cannot afford contraceptives while she’ attending a very expensive college and believes she should be subsidized for the indulgence by supplying birth control pills or …  She makes no claims as to how many lovers she has  sex with. My concern for Mz Fluke is, is her partner or are partners having unprotected sex with her?  If so, is she not exposed to any number of STD’s. If the partners are wearing protection , she’ protected also.  In marriage, only one party needs to utilize birth control. What make this issue, a woman’s health issue?   

    1.  Since she has many sex partners, maybe she should be arrested for attempting to spread  STD’s to other people. Could be a health issue, could it not.

  179. Um…chasity?  She wants me to pay for her to have sex.  I’m with Limbaugh, she’s a prostitute…and the very least, a slut.  Where does it say you have to have sex while attending college?  If she has the time for sex…go to church, join a bowling team…find a way to use the “extra 4 minutes” of your time.

    1.  If she needs sex to relieve stress I will buy her a vibrator, she won’t need to worry about getting knocked up & she can get her rocks off twenty times  day if she likes. She can buy her own darn batteries though.

  180. Why is it that people cannot see this for what it is, a smoke screen by the Obama administration to take the focus off of his abominable leadership. This woman testified before a mock government committee, put together by Nancy Pelosi and the news media treated it as official testimony. In essence creating the news, to bolster Obama.  It had nothing to do with contraception. A law student who was having so much sex , it was causing a financial burden, give a break. How lame! And yet it caused a stir for over a week. What’s next, a law student that needs morphine for his habit? Bottom line, Rush should not have apologized, for something that came out of her own lips. Sex costing 3,000 dollars a year, wow, what would you call her? Seems like the democrats should apologize for exposing her for what she is. Democrats should have helped her, planned parenthood always in the news and this law student did not know where to go, another lame excuse . Oh, wall mart, offers 9.00 dollar a month contraceptive 
    pills. What should make people mad is not only the double standard that exists between republicans and democrats, but that the democrats think your so stupid that you can’t see the absurdity of their smoke screen. Democrats always condescending.

  181. There is really no double standard on the left, because to have a DOUBLE standard, one must first have a standard to begin with. Hypocrite one and all, the left will never change, nor will their megaphones at CBS, NBC, ABC, and the other leftwing news sources. Ignore them all, they’ll die of natural causes of capitalism when their advitisers find out that most clear thinking Americans don’t buy it.

  182. if rush were fired it would be a travesty of justice.    the girl was set up for this on her own terms.  she got noticed the way she wanted to. as for a that attorney is concerned – well she has always been known to be a battle ax

  183. So now we’re going to be arrested for free speech in this country?  Gloria is an idiot, but a very dangerous idiot at that.

  184. It is a double standard, it is OK FOR THE LIBTURDS TO Say something, but God forbid, anyone on the right say that.  Libturds are nothing but worthlees sacks of protoplasm and they need to be fired into outter space

    1. I’m not too sure about launching them into space……if aliens were to find them they might wage a intergalactic war to rid the universe of these worthless species of feces and they could come to earth looking for them just like in the movie Invaders from Mars. We could get caught in the crossfire.. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it ? SPECIES OF FECES . A new name for liberals is born. Here to for all liberals will be categorized as the party of  the species of feces  party!   Whatcha think ?

  185. Gloria is a high priced pimp! Wherever there is a possibility to make $$$ from someone’s misfortune, Gloria appears. Whenever a woman has a public hiccup, Gloria appears, always as the spokesperson for the poooooor unfortunate woman. eg., the former house keeper for the former senate candidate from California. Poor Gloria!!!! She must be in great need and the money she stands to make from representing such cases will go toward feeding her dog, or cat…. or just maybe her female ego!!!!

  186. The quote “just to ask the questions would prove much more embarrassing to her” is right only if she,  her supporters, or “normal” people are shocked. I can only hope that “normal” haven’t become that deprived as to consider those actions “normal”. Have we?

  187. Perhaps my tinfoil hat is on a bit too tight, but doesn’t it seem just a little bit too convenient that this issue blew up nationwide the same day that Sheriff Joe Arpaio released the results of the “Cold Case Posse”. I mean, come on folks, isn’t it just a little bit surprising that those findings, which basically proved that  Obama’s .pdf birth certificate and Selective Service registration were forgeries, have so quickly been consigned to the memory hole?

    As for Rush, sure, his comments were provocative, but when haven’t they been?  It just seems to me that the level of outrage displayed by the media and Liberal luminaries was way in excess of what the comments actually warranted.  They did, however, have the effect of bumping Sheriff Joe off of any front pages, and out of any broadcast rotations.  Now the whole thing can safely be ignored as “old news”.

    Coincidence?  Maybe.  But it’s something to think about.  If there is anything Liberals are good at, it’s misdirection.

  188. all libnut dumborats are the true cancer on the entire world. plus they have the mindset of terrorist just look at the shape our country is in today and ask yourself why? anyone would want 4 more years of this garbage. they caused it all and we must defeat their libnut mindset before it is to late gloria allred is a libnut jackass just like all libnut dumborats are.

  189. Gee I wonder what would have happened if Rush had the same comments about all the FREE users of VIAGARA. Last time I checked that is FREE too if you qualify income wise. I do not believe doctor does ask if you are married or how sexually active you are. HMM perhaps we should gets video’s of these SLUTS  and MALE PROSITUTES so we know we are getting our money worth as well.

  190. Limbaugh. I hope Obama gets arrested. calling a whore a slut. what is the definition of whore and slut. doesnt fluke fit those definitions. Lets see, what should Obama get arrested for. My God, lets just name a few. Obama fraudulently used a fake name, aka barry soetoro’s, on his app to pass the bar in illinois, ( immediate grounds for dissbarment,) and even a criminal record which would be one of the things that would make him inneligible for pres. speaking of presidential elligibility, how about being born in Kenya and 4 days later being flown to hawaii so his mom could say , oh he was born here. Obama s Hawaii birth certificates are fraudulent because he was born in kenya. How many times do i have to say this. Obama  knows he was born in Kenya . and lets take this elligibility thing another step. not only was Obama not born here BUT his father is a natural born kenyan citizen. READ THE CONSTITUTION AND THE AMMENDMENTS YOU DOPES. lets see, what else, the health care law Obama invented is also Illegal. It cant be implemented because it too is illegal. anything else, yes, about  fluke, or whatever her name is, she s another plant from the original Obama admin, she should go to jail over impersonating an expert on birth control. she need a small padded room. americans pay 3K per year for her to have sex. PLEEEEEEEEASE SEND THIS WOMAN BACK TO THE CAVE SHE CRAWLED OUT OF.

  191. Dear Gloria, When they arrest Rush, YOU”RE NEXT, because when freedom of speech is gone, they will silence you too!  Duh, you’re a fool,   go away!

  192. ONLY AFTER obozo and holder are arrested and the entire cabinet of idiot libturd losers!!
    How about that ms balldred??

  193. I did find the whole thing ridiculous.  Pay for her to have sex … I have a unique idea.  Get a job and pay for your own way.  Since when is it our duty to pay for anyone else.  Our fore fathers said equal…that means all us have the right to find jobs, buy food, buy or rent a home, worship as we wish and not impose on others.  That doesn’t mean a free handout for education, contraceptives or food.  Lets get back to the basics of what the country was founded on.  We the taxpayers do not owe you the ones with their hands out….anything!!!

  194. Shame on you. As an attorney you know we  have “Freedom of Speech.” This is not about woman’s health care or contraception. You can purchase contraception at Walmart for $9.00 a month or go to a free clinic . Woman are not being blocked from purchasing anything and never have been. This is once again another MANDATE by Obama & his crew,  an unconstituional mandate. All this fuss is only trying to defleck from what became a problem for him. This is part of the package that will go before the Supreme Court Judges soon & will hear that the whole package will be thrown out. Lets don’t forget that Obama has taken $580 BILLION dollars from the seniors (MEDICARE). The doctors will receive less fees & cannot & will not beable to see as many patients. Would you like to work for a few pennys on the dollar? Did you know that any sale on your home over $500,000 you will be paying 3.8% in a tax to the government.(this is to help pay for Obama Care) So lets see 3.8% to the government from the sale of your home, 6% realest, buyer gets the price down as low as you can afford & they want you to also pay some or all of their closing. Not much left for you! 

  195. Exactly right, Gary!!!  Come on down!!!   The only problem I see is that, to my knowledge, Ms Fluke was careful to make the stories of great want and misery about someone else, not her.  Unless she said some things of which I’m unaware, she’s been a good little Alinskyite and covered her tush.  Rush, for his part, didn’t do what this law says you can’t – he pretty much just defined what she presented and taking it one step further, said what the word is that fits this description – calling a spade a spade, if you will.  Truthfully, I think the whole thing was set as a trap for Rush and anyone like him.

  196. GLORIA is a big liberal phony all she want s to do is get her mug on TV.  She can’t handle the truth she lives in a phony world of Lie’s and deception.  

  197. I would like to know  WHY  WE  the  TAX  PAYERS  have to PAY,for  U  to have  SEX.!!!!!






                      SORRY HE IS RIGHT,     Y O U  J U S T  D O N ‘ T   G E T   I T.!!!!!!!!!!

                                H  O   W      S   T   U   P   I   D      C  A  N     Y  O  U     B E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Let me go over this again. They want to arrest Rush! Then they should put barry on trial for fraud, con spiracy and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Actually they should give Rush a medal of honor and still put barry on trial.

  199. Gloria is a vagina chaser instead of an ambulance chaser! 
    Pay for your own damn birth control or keep your legs closed!!!! I use to be a democrat but this administration has turned my stomach. I am not religious, am for gay rights, and also for abortions with term limits, but don’t step all over the Constitution to promote your radical progressive agenda by stepping on my rights. I want Obama out of office because he is a misogynist pig who is a radical thief who is stealing our tax money to fund his pet projects to pay off his supporters for votes. I am an upset woman who hates the hypocrisy of leftist women, who don’t stand up to all Misogyny coming from anyone, from the left or the right. I am tired of this behavior that women from the left think it is ok to offend women on the right. Do you realize this effects all women anywhere now and is becoming too acceptable like at the work place and our schools from grade school through college. Women fought for our rights not to have this kind of behavior unacceptable in the work place, and now it is becoming a hostile environment once again, because men see harassment and lewd comments as a joke because women are accepting it as playful behavior. I don’t want to be at a job worried about having lewd comments, then leading up to being groped, or even raped because Obama, Jan Schakowsky, and Sheila Jackson Lee feel it is acceptable behavior for some creep like Bill Mahar to demean women in a disgusting way. I call for Obama to give back the money Bill Mahar has donated to his campaign and I have also boycotted HBO long ago because of this creepy man.

    1. Really liked your comment, except for abortion.
      Congratulations for seeing the light about the democratic liberal party.
      Welcome to our side, more people should hear from you.

  200. We all, including Rush, STILL have a First Amendment Right, however, that illegal Muslim P.O.S., in the WH/BH wants to change that.  If the shoe fits or if somebody tells the truth or states an opinion from the RIGHT, it is always under scrutiny.  BUT, the LEFT can say whatever the hell they want, and it is okay, because Mr. ineligible to be Pres. and ineligible to even be in this country and his THUGS say so.  What a bunch of B. S. that is.  If that lying, incompetent racist gets another term, I don’t think he’ll make it all four years.

  201. I hope someone has already mentioned…. contrary to the liberal media Fluke didn’t testify before any committee of congress but only a pelosi called press conference made to look like an official committee hearing.  It was a a fake including their attempt to make look like an ordinary ‘poor’ student instead of a planted career activist

  202. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 59 years of life it’s that Sarah Palin is a LADY and gloria allred is a C*NT. Allred is a prostitute for publicity. I don’t really care one way or another about Rush Limbaugh, but I will tell you two things. I’ve NEVER heard him tell a lie and the second thing is I DEFENITELY WILL NOT BUY A DAMN PRODUCT FROM ANY OF THE SPONSORS WHO PULLED THEIR ADS FROM HIS SHOW. Including LegalZoom who I unfortunately used last year. NO MORE LEGAL ZOOM!!! No sleep numbers bed either.

  203. Just out of curiosity…what is the definition of a slut these days — more than one guy a week, three or more? How long do they have to be acquainted? Less than ten minutes? A couple of hours? Three or four days? Possibly a week for the more old fashioned, Victorian types? Just wondering. I’m old as the hills and a bit behind the times.

  204. DITTO!  The level of hypocrisy is epic.  Much like your buddy who is dating a skank but he can’t see that she is a skank, and you can’t convince him of such without losing him as a friend, low level liberals will defend the  myopic practices and policies of the democrats to the end.      

    NOTE:  ‘Sorry, the word is peers.  As in jury of your peers.





  209. This is too funny.  Last night I was arguing about the fact that certain words are not covered under freedom of speech.  Some are considered obscene, some are considered racist and some are considered hate speech.  I was blasted for that.  Now some people want Rush bombed for exercising the very right that they NOW believe shouldn’t be permitted. 

  210. I think we still have freedom of speech in this country —-Rush called it as he saw it—-a pig is apig nd aslut is a slut

  211. Rush Limbaugh will do himself in without anybodies. All the liberals like me is just wait for a while longer without lifting a finger, and Rush will  take himself off the air.  I think that a lot of people will miss him, where else can you get so much comedic reliefe for nothing.

    1. You ask where you can get so much comedic reliefe and that’s easy, Watch Obama on TV telling us how he’s fixing things.
      Rush could only wish that he could be that great as a comedian on the air ways.

    2. God, are you an incredibly stupid moron!!!!!!    Unfortunately, for you, Rush isn’t going anywhere!!!!  Rush spoke the TRUTH whether you like it or not, and also, unfortunate, ly for you, we have a FIRST AMENDMENT in  this country so therefore Rush isn’t going anywhere!!!!!!!!!

  212. At such a trial, the victim of this slander, Ms. Fluke, would not  be called as a witness. All the prosecution has to do is prove that such staqtements were made.  Clearly they were made and repeated 53 times over a three day period.  That they were said and broadcast over the airwaves cannot be disputed.   The court would not allow such testimony by Ms Fluke as to her sexual history, just as they would not allow such a fishing expedition in a rape case.       At no time in her testimony before that so-called hearing before Congress did Ms Fluke refer to any of her own sexual activities…..and because it was not,,,repeat,,,NOT testimony before an official Congressional committee, she could not have perjured herself. Check this out….she spoke before an informal panel of Congresspeople AFTER the regular committee had adjourned for the day.  She was never sworn in.    Many people have been confused by this ploy by the Democrats who called this charade.  That was their intent. They wanted to make their point and get publicity…Rush fell into the trap they set.  But he is hardly in danger of losing his show. Too big to fail applies here.

  213. i stand with you rush and she sounds like a whore to me. she is one sick cookie. all you guys out there , she is good for a good time ,but she is not something to take home to meet the family

  214. I just wish someone would do the math for a change, Take the money she claims she spends per year devided by the three hundred and sixty five and you see that she’s having more sex then the average street walker.
    I’d love to hear the court explanation to that one and why what she was called were incorrect and degrading.

    1.  The sad part is people HAVE done the math and there is NO WAY you spent that much in contraception.  Unless she had an abortion every month.

  215. it might be a long trial,i for one want to hear how someone needs 3000 dollars worth of birth control,she must have a very busy sexual schedule indeed.

    1. No wonder she is still a student .She hasn’t got any time to study because of her busy sex life. Rush might be on the right track about her

  216. I love it! Right on Rush give-em Hell. More advertisers have signed on to replace  the chicken ones that  left. The left can not stand the truth it drives them crazy so they fight dirty.

  217. Funny every time some slime bag woman wants to make a name for herself or gets payed to stir the pot here comes GLORIA to the aid. she must be a man hater because I never see her defend a man

    1.  I din’t know someone gave her a show, so I  was FORCED to watch this show she has on TV currently at my doctor’s office…it was a pain management office too…I left in significant pain, that I was not experiencing before going into that waiting room.

  218. No They will not try to prosecute Rush because it would stir the bee hive, to a point where even Nancy Pelosi, as ugly as she is may not be safe.

  219. I would have bet from the first time I saw this woman that she had connections with Obama and his friends.  Turns out that I was right.  I wonder how much money she got to make herself look like a fool?  If she is paying $3000. a year for contraceptives she is a busy woman.  I don’t know how she has time for school.

    1. Yeah, she should spend more time  in the vertical position.  Can you get a law degree by sleeping your way to the top?  This whole thing was a diversion by that pathetic excuse for an Administration.

    2. It is really sad what she is doing to herself. she will probably be about the same kind of lawyer as Monica Lewinski is a politician today.

  220. The left brings up “issues” to divert attention to what they are and how they do it. Now I may be a stupid conservative so some free thinking liberal help me out. If intercourse is successful in it’s primary biological function..an infant is the result. How does stopping this constitute “preventative woman’s health”? I can see the health department and other types of free or discounted services to woman’s health providing mammograms, pap smears, antibiotics or anti-fungals for vaginal infection, as these diagnose and or treat actual diseases. Is sex a physical requirement like…having breasts or a cervix? Do people who don’t have casual sex become ill? Why is the longest living group of individuals religious sisters who are celibate their entire lives? Could somone explain this as I am only a Registered Nurse in the inner city and need a non medical politician to explain this confusion.

    1. Now, Ye wouldn’t suspect I had it in me, but, “Good on ye Lass”. (Because my antecedents are – Auf Deutsch: Armenischer, Englander, Franklander, Hollander und Scotlander.) As to a politician leading you into the light; they (the “Anointed Ones”) are “Blinded by the light”, of their own self importance.

    2.  Unfortunately their latest tactic is to claim that having babies is dangerous to women and bad for our health.  Which is funny when you think about how healthy my grandmother was after having 8 of the little buggers.  This is insanity.

  221. Gloria Allred, you are an ambulance chaser, moron, idiot who tries to be in the limelight more than Al Sharpton.  Quit trying.   It’s impossible.  Tell Bill Maher to quit using the C-word.  I’ll bet Obama loses a lot votes for keep that “dirty” money.  You promote crap like this.  Shame on you.

  222. Gloria Allred, you are an ambulance chaser, moron, idiot who tries to be in the limelight more than Al Sharpton.  Quit trying.   It’s impossible.  Tell Bill Maher to quit using the C-word.  I’ll bet Obama loses a lot votes for keep that “dirty” money.  You promote crap like this.  Shame on you.

  223. Rush is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I canceled the places I did business that were recommended by Rush and I won’t do business with them until they apologize or start advertising with him again.

  224. Gloria All-Red is a retard who doesn’t believe in the 1st Amendment.

    Maybe I should be arrested too for calling this idiot a retard!

    Has she called for the arrest of Bill Maher and Ed Schultz, or any of these other idiots who said far worse things that weren’t even true?  What Rush said was true!  It’s no fluke that Sandra is being called a SLUT!

    1. Actually, I just saw a little “special” bus drive by with them all on it, apparently they were let out on a day pass. Anything to take attention away from Obama’s failure’s…I can’t believe this fluke agreed to be in the spotlight…It’s the equivialnt of being on a Viagra commercial for a man! I just think…how did they find this person!?

  225. Does anyone know how to pronounce her name? If it’s what it seems, that would be one funny trial! ….Now Ms. Fluke…when you phuck, what kinds of contraception do you feel are required so that phucking is enjoyable to both the gentleman and you Ms. Fluck? Is there anything else that you think people need to know about phucking that the population you are representing should be informed about Ms. Fluke?…I’m just thinking out loud here of what that trial would sound like! yeah…I know IMMATURE, but sometimes I have to laugh that these things come up as actual issues

  226. Nobody would call Gloria Allred a slut, I doubt if she’s had an offer in 40 years. I’ll bet even in high school, the guys never bragged about doing her. Her parents should have been more into birth control. She’s an embarassment to the legal profession, and that’s saying something.

  227. What is it with lawyers, they study in school, they could very difficult test to pass the bar and I think the one thing that they don’t advertise is that they all have to go to the hospital.
    Why the hospital, it’s simple really they have to have something removed. The first thing that must be removed is any semblance of honesty, then integrity must go, and after that all moral scruples must be eradicated. I wonder if they use radiation for that works on tumors? Then after they pass the bar they have to have at least 30 IQ points knocked off before they can get their license.

    As someone pointed out Gloria is most likely no slut and probably wouldn’t know what to do with a man if one actually got close enough to her. But I do think the term bimbo, and dipstick might fit. Also she could be held up as an example of how obnoxious Americans can be when they don’t get their way and have no scruples to control themselves with.

    Rush only stated what could be construed the obvious when talking about Ms. Fluke if indeed she needs $3000 for contraception. Maybe she should just keep her legs closed. I really think the news media is spelled her name wrong, they need to drop the letter L in the letter E and add the letter C.

  228. Isn’t red associated with communism??   This THINGS name is ALLRED so what’s that tell you!
     Amazing what some people will do .

  229. I hope Alred loses Law License. 
    Fluke labeled and libeled herself. Who will pay Flukes bills for the Lawyer.She never wants to pay her own Debts

  230. Although Rush was a little harsh with words .. his comments were correct!  I don’t want to pay for contraceptives for loose women either.  I have too much of my earned money taken away from me already for other frivolities.  Go Rush!!!!

  231. Why does she want him arrested?? Oh, for doing what the liberals are doing and calling a few names that he learned by listening to them???  I’m sorry liberals those names were not your to use and guard others from using.
    I realize that GOD does not approve, but your “holy one Satan” loves it. In fact, it is my opinion that he had rather hear a conservative use then that to hear a liberal us them. Are you jealous of that??

  232. Although the hypocrisy of the left is breathtaking, I think there is a real danger of throwing out the  freedom of speech baby with the hypocrisy bathwater so to speak.

    If the focus of our outrage now becomes “see Bill Maher is just as bad” we implicitly (to the dim bulb majority) reinforce the validity of the whole  “hate speech”  construct –which is the core, insidious, Orwellian lie that gives those would impose a PC dictatorship on our freedoms their cover of legitimacy.

    Lets not even (on the surface, ironically, or to prove a point) mess around with these things.  
    Yes,there is worse on the left, but lets all, clearly say that we all have a right to voice our opinions, and being “offended” etc is not a matter of public policy.

    Do not get on the slippery slope of speech/thought control.  This is really upon us.

  233. r these people really that stupid why wouldn’t anyone in the media want to laugh in her face…..I think she should get bill maher, chris matthews, all the other liberal what they refer to themselves as news media….I call them idiots that don’t see the forest for the trees….and never say the truth… the courst would be crammed full of liars and idiots…..bring it on honey

  234. Ms. Allred, bless her little heart, is doing what no one else could do.  That is making El Rushbo even more of a heroic icon than he already is.
    It seems that MILLIONS of Americans agree with his views both on the matter and Ms. Fluke.

    Sorry Gloria, old girl, but I don’t think an idiot is gonna step forth and pay you to pursue the matter.

  235. Any one know where Fkuke is today??????
    Please, would you e-mail the president at  [email protected] and ask him to call a press conference and explain why Mullerpert can give big donations to thhe democrats. but cannot give his son an  allowance to cover his sex life instead of have his girl friend(who can now afford to vacation in califori=nia)come on the air begging fo for some one else to pay for her birthcontrol!!!The father could tell them to have a spine, have some pride, use their heads, give UP a few rounds of beer, drinks, coffee and etc and go down to drug  , for about nine buck they can buy a months supply!!!

    @whitehouse:disqus This goes for every one else, do the math, do a little budget, PAY FOR YOUR OWN SEX LIFE AND HAVE A LITTLE SELF RESPECT AND PRIDE!!!

  236. Fluke is an Obama shill. She’s represented by Anita Hill, former White House Communications directer. Dunn’s husband is Obama’s personal attorney and is responsible for his school and birth records being sealed from public view. Coincidence? I think not, this was a calculated response to shift the focus from religious rights to women’s health. A disingenuous move for certain.

  237. Her testimony was given before a sham congressional committee not sanctioned by the real committee. It was all a publicity stunt brought forward by the wicked witch of the west Pelosie. Fluke says that we have to pay for her birth control, which is mostly true because of title 10 that pays for it at a federal clinic and oh by the way nonprofits do pay for birth control in situations where health is a concern, not extra conjugal affairs or playtime sex outside of marriage.

  238. Proof positive of the double standard of liberalism.  Its ok for liberals to call Palin vile words, but for Limbau to answer absurdity with absurdity–CENSORSHIP from the left that always decries censorship.  Also, I have always wondered if there is any difference between our Legal Profession (or the political profession since most of them are lawyers) and the Oldest Profession.  The double standard of our “news” media and anyone in the demon-crat party is so blatant that it is sickening.  Look at the attack that is still being made against Joe the Plumber.

    This leftis attorney is just another example of the corrupt (reprobate–Romans 1:28) thinking of marxists.

  239. I still can’t understand why the left is all upset about Rush calling a spade a spade.  She herself described the life she is living the way  a slut would live.  Anyway, now we know she is not this poor, poor legal student.  Her boyfried’s dad gives tons of money to the democrap party.  He is very rich.  Someone has to investigate her family.  As you know; money attracts money.  Now we also know that Anita Dunn is involved in this mess.  It definitely would not surprise me that this goes all the way to odumbo.  By the way, let’s set the record straight.  The Catholic Church is not against women and their health care.  The Church does not want to supply birth control to women because it is against the teaching of the Church.  What members of the Church decide to do has nothing to do with changing what the Church teaches and believes.  Let’s see, some Catholics commit murder.  Is the Church suppose to change it’s teachings to say that murder is all right because some Catholics commit murder?  

    1. I know…I think that Obama’s “year” for Catholics to pull it together and all of a sudden believe what the left does is so pompous! Seriously…I am Catholic, and I know for sure…the day that this would occur…EVERY single Catholic hospital, social service agency and school, will close. then Obama will just say that Catholics don’t care about people when some huge number of people become un-employed…when the healthcare that Catholic hospitals give people in poor areas end, it will be all of our faults and NOT Obama invading people’s beliefs! He’ll be twisting and turning everything…does he know that Catholic Charities gives food, employment services and education etc, for FREE? He will raise taxes so the government will provide those services and constatnly blame the Church for holding to her beliefs. Doubt Allred will be supporting the Church though huh?? Even if I wasn’t Catholic, I just would NOT want to pay for people to engage in recreational behavior that I have to pay for…should there be a law to protect smoker’s? the government could give out free cigarettes, then when they get cancer, we can all be forced to pay for Chemotherapy…crazy? it’s the SAME THING!! I have to get off of this site before I bust a major heart vessel!

  240. This is the left doing what it does best, employing Alynski tactics.  Afterall, the end goal is the destruction of the Constitution, as well as America as a whole.  If not, why would our President have pledged during his campaign that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America forever”.  The time for action is upon us.  Every incumbent up for re-election in 2012 MUST be replaced, as well as this President. 

  241. Now what would the Bible call Miss Fluke, no, not a flake, but a whore and how about all of those that use her and others like her, services? What about that women-hater? The one that has caused so many women to be raped, murdered, lives destroyed? Yeah, Hugh Hefner!!   This sex-fiend belongs deep in the deepest pits of the worst prison that can be found. God’s Hand is getting very heavy and He WILL bring it down upon us very soon.  +JMJ+

  242. Webster defines ” slut ” as an immoral or brazen woman ! How does Gloria Allred think she can prevail against Rush for accurately describing Ms Fluck ? Actually , Ms Fluck , technically speaking is both immoral and brazen . Gloria may have stepped in it this time !

  243. Well I can see that mine was removed because it was positive advise…..if some of you could just understand how your tongue/thoughts hurts others that why you all like Russ radio show you like to hear the negative garbage he talks about day after day. The sad part there are disturbed individuals listen to him  that believe the hate he spills out. They go get a gun and harm others. You parents out there are setting example for and to your children that it’s ok to put others down.To be a bully, that’s why you hear so much of it in our schools today. I never thought that I would live long enough to see so much hate in our country as there are today. You can see it below in reading the comments. So sad that you would throw a young lady under the bus for someone like Russ…..amazing, just amazing. She has a right to speak before congress, we have men and women in harms way fighting for that very right. She didn’t use anything negative to get her point across. She use only her God giving right to speak on what she thought was a fair request to congress. The only person negative in the entire situation is Russ Limbrough and his followers. My father taught me the tongue can be used for good or evil when you use it to bully or belittle others you will lose something inside that even if someone forgives you;  they will always remembered you said it. Think about your action and the harm it does to others. I would hate to make my living like Russ selling hate and negative all day. He is so powerful just think what if he took that same energy and turned it to something positive Wow what a difference he could make in our country. We need to start building the respect for one another back in our country, that what makes us great from other countries! It starts with one person! At the end of the day I always ask myself did you do what is expected of you today, did you do your best at work today? Did you made someone else day special? If I can look myself in the mirror and say job well done! On the subject you know I could be bitter, I worked for a man this last ten years, that promise me my retirement and he broke his word to me. This is my 50th year in the same industry and I made this man very rich. But two wrongs don’t make a right. So I have to continue to work at the age of 73 years old, but before I could move on with my career I had to forgive him….now what he does with his life that is his problem and the Lords. I have to think positive that something good will come my way. That what we need to teach our children, to be good to one another. Russ did the right thing when he apologize to this young lady…thank you Russ, it was appreciated by Mothers, Grandmothers, daughters, and sisters, and people around the world that neither of us will ever know…but it was the right thing to do. God Bless you!

  244. [email protected] says:

    Fluke is also employed by the same communications company that Obama was before holding office.  The company is currently run by one of Obama’s cronies.  Can you find out his name?  I bet you can boys and girls.  Fluke has access to free birth control through her local public health clinic, $5.00 a month birth control at Walmart, and more.  Fluke knew what the church school would & would not do because of it’s beliefs, and Fluke chose to go to the Jesuit school anyway.  Fluke is trying to make her fame and career.  Though most of all, this is about OBAMA trying to change the Catholic Church, with the extra effect of hurting Sanitorum and Limbaugh as well.  As a Protestant, I will not be paying for anyone’s birth control, abortion, or products tested by tissue or containing tissue supplied by Planned Parenthood.  Cannibalism is the the end of civilized society.   For that matter, Ms Fluke, I do not owe you flowers, a dinner out, or movie tickets either.  Those are for my wife.

    More over, the US  State Department under Clinton and OBAMA, just added the Vatican to the “restricted list” of “organizations that money launder” in retaliation for the Catholic church refusing to provide abortion and contraception.  That is a first and new low.  They will likely next use the IRS to audit the Catholic Church, just like those 30 Tea Parties, Glen Beck, “Joe the Plumber,” and so many others on Obama’s list.

    Mao, oops I meant Now, take a look at the FBI and other government agencies involved in the investigation of “Anonymous.”  Look at how the US agents turned “Anonymous” members against each other.  It is interesting that the Vatican web site has come under a “denial of service” hacker attack and some “Anonymous” member claimed responsibility, but there is no evidence of any coordinated hacker attack in the way that “Anonymous” typically accomplishes through their own web site.  This has some independent intelligence analysts (like myself) asking  if the attack against the Vatican web site was not accomplished in the same way that the attack against the Iranian nuclear program was, through computer back doors mostly or only known and used by US government agencies who were unwilling to hire independent intelligence analysts (like myself) on any level higher than dirt, lol.  If Clinton bombing Christians in Cyprus and the Balkans, Soros & Clark making money on commodities manipulation & overthrowing our past allies for money, OBAMA helping the Muslim Brotherhood murder Koptics, and  OBAMA telling Israel to to return to the 1967/48  line were not enough, OBAMA is attacking Christian Americans and the Catholic Church.  Both will outlast OBAMA totalitarianism.  How many empires have the Christians outlasted?  A friend just showed me 1 Maccabees Chapters 1 – 3 and 2 Maccabees Chapter 7.    

  245. Why don’t these lefties make like dog poo, dry up and blow away in the wind?  Or get stepped on and scraped off the bottom of your shoe?

  246. Maybe Ms. Fluke is not a slut,but an just an advocate for all the sluts  that want us to pay for their play pills.

  247. Gloria Allred must be desperate for clients.  Nothing else can explain this….unless she’s gone round the bend.

  248. Gloria; Go with your communism to another part of the world.Get off our backs
    Rush tell like it is; if you like or not tough luck. You could teach in North Korea,
    Cuba, Venezuela ,etc, etc.  There is where you really belongs. 

  249. Rush was alright in his apology… end of story.  Of course, Gloria is right there.  Left is mad because he is right. 

  250. LOL It is illegal to call a slut a slut??? She was a phony plant, a lie the entire time. Are the libs ready for all that to be aired? Their little 23 year old co ed was a 30 year old actress. Bring it on! Then lets counter by having Maher arrested for calling Palin a dumb tw*t!! Personally I would rather be called a slut anyday! They really need to get a grip, and their 30 year old sluts need to buy their own rubbers!!!

  251. Let’s just face the facts, if this individual needs $3000 a month for contraceptives the only thing she is doing is having sex. Everywhere on earth this would qualify her as a professional in the oldest profession on earth. For those of you who don’t know, that’s prostitution, or in other words she’s a whore.

  252. Gloria Allred is nothing but a media whore anyway….that’s right, I said it.  So arrest me.  What an idiot.  Even Bill Maher is defending Rush at this point, because he knows it can happen to him just as easily as anyone on the left.  Doesn’t Gloria realize this as well?   She is so pathetic.

  253. When a woman brags about how many men she had laid with, what is she?  Such women used to be ashamed of being called a  whore. That doesn’t shame them much anymore. But “slut” does?

    She dares to want the tax payers to pay for her condoms in a Christian institution? She has added blasphemy to her immoral actions.

    God’s Word is plain concerning such activities. He will have His own way with her and such forever unless they totally repent in faith to Jesus. The same goes for the men who commit such whoredom and or fornication outside their single spouse.

    “Woman” is the key word in Proverbs to both the saintly woman and the whore in warning to all young people. Parents, especially fathers, much teach such words to their children as soon as they are in grade school where this wickedness now begins for many children.

  254. Go Rush!!  It’s about time someone called “a spade a spade”.  If the woman, Fluke, had any shame, she would not be used by the Liberals, but who cares about shame when your pockets are full??

  255. Lets not forget Howard Stern, he degrades women all day every day but that’s OK because he isn’t speaking the truth about the left. Let him sped one week slamming the left and questioning their actions and they would be an outcry to have him removed from the airwaves. But since he isn’t a problem for them, nothing ever gets said.  I would like to see a confirmed list of the sponsors who pulled ads because I will never support one of them again and would ad their names to the bottom of all emails I send out  just to make sure everyone else was aware of who they are. 

  256. Gloria Allred is a publicity hound.  Why should he be arrested when Bill Maher says worse things almost daily?  This woman would do almost anything to be on TV or in the news.

  257. I heard that Ms. Fluke was actually sort of a disciple of Anita Dunn (remember, “one of my favorite people is Mao . . .”)?  I think she was sort of ‘planted’ to get Rush to make comments about her and then use what he said to force him off the air.  The left HATES Rush Limbaugh and all the other conservative radio talk show hosts because they bring the plans the left is crafting into full view for all to see so that they can’t sneak around and just surprise with a completely ‘fundamentally changed’ world in the end.  Sort of like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, only much much worse.  And they don’t like it.  I just hope enough people can see through their fake cries of protest and vote all those people out of office who want to take our country away from us.  Everyone please try to get everyone you know to vote in 2012.  We need a huge turnout in order to make up for all the Mickey Mouses and duplicate votes that Acorn will provide for them.

  258. As pointed out by Rush, Miss Fluke testified that she needed a very large sum of money to purchase her birth control.  Enough to purchase 3 to 5 condoms per day.  That is a lot of condoms.  What would you call a woman that needed that many condoms while allegedly studying to be a law student?  Rush did nothing wrong and nothing that many comedians and commentators have not already done over and over.  The devil in me wishes I had Miss Fluke’s phone number.

  259. Yep!  Soooo glad the left wing pundits are being outed here!  They are sooo full of hate!  Glad they are not my brothers, husbands or sons.  I would be ashamed.
    Go RUSH!!!

  260. to ms fluke: the message I gave to my 3 children “keep your pants zipped and your dress down” and you won’t need someone else to pay for your activity. I have a successful farmer-a successful business owner and a  successful soldier serving in Afghanistan. so ms fluke heed my advise for once a whore always a whore and success will never be yours.

  261. Section 836.04 of the Florida Statutes. is only about women.  Oh no, we must never say anything bad about any woman but it  is and has always been open season on men.  Main stream media has even encouraged the castration of men for minor offenses.  I can not imagine what would happen if a male newscaster said anything like that about a woman. 

  262. Let me get this straight.  A young good looking woman has sex three times a day(by her own admission) and she doesn’t think that she will be called a slut.  The next thing I’ll hear is that there was gambling going on in Rick’s cafe.

  263. Gloria Allred  does not know that in America we have freedom of speech!  The only freedom of speech she believes exist is the Liberal side of any subject.  I am sick of the Liberals making big deals out of anything anyone on the right says, but let a Liberal make degrading comments about Sarah Palin, her daughters and others on the right is okay.  There is nothing wrong with degrading comments by a Liberal, I am tired of staying quiet about their double standards!!!

  264. Arrested for what ????? The truth ! Looks like a duck,quacks like a duck, s_____ts through feathers like a duck. It must be what????? Have her johns pay for her birth control….

  265. Shut up about this slut/prostitute already. It has gotten way to much publicity  and is distracting from the actual problems, guess the liberals plans are working out just fine.

  266. What is the male equivilent to a female slut?  I would really like to know.  None the less, I don’t want Rush arrested.  He has said he is sorry.  None of the liberals have and I don’t think they will even tho they started this mess and filth and continue it.  As for Ms Alldred she can stuff it .  Her opinion is as important as teats on a boar.

  267. What our “open” and “fair” so-called “news” media, and this so-called attorney, are not telling you, is that this Fluke is, and has always been, an active leftist feminist.  She was going to Georgtown University for one reason:  to cause an incident and to force them (a Catholic school) to provide her with contraceptives, which is totally against their faith.  Even though she could go to Walmart and get them for $9 a month (that come to only $108 for an entire year).  What kind of a cheap-skate could not afford such to cover a libertine life-style?

  268.  Allred , is nothing but the same thing that Rush called Fluke…Allred has been prostituting herself for decades for any far left liberal cause , it doesn’t accomplish anything , it just gets her attention and she hasn’t had any lately…Fluke’s cause is not free contraception , it’s getting Obama reelected …All this was fabricated and spun to sound like something else , but we true Americans know different…If Fluke needs that much contraception that she needs someone else to pay for it , then she is just a little to promiscuis..This woman is in her 30’s , damn woman , grow up and wipe your own buut…  

  269. Gloria Allred appeals to the crackpot fringe.  Let her do it.  She needs the money to live and no sane person would hire her as a lawyer to represent them.  Who needs or wants the notoriaty?  In the meantime, simply boycott the media and the sponsors of the media who give her attention.  The system works both ways.  Money speaks louder than words.  I will not do business with anyone who cancelled their sponsorship of Linbaugh, not because I like Linbaugh; but, because I will not endorse or in any way support any attempt to deprive him of his to think freely and express his opinion.  I agree he may have been a bit indelicate in expressing his opinion and his logic in arriving at his conclusion eludes me;  but, where is it written that he has to be intellectually rational in forming opinions or ‘politically correct’ in expressing them? 

  270. I checked out Florida Law and Ms Fluke IS a public figure under the definition of the law. In addition, she hasn’t sued Rush for the reasons others have mentioned, that she would have to testify to her sexual history. As to Obama, he agrees with Fluke because his own Mother was a slut. She was pregnant with Barak for 3 months before she married his Father, which legally makes her a slut. So Obama’s call to Fluke is perfectly understandable.
    Of course that would also come out if there were a trial so there will be no trial, either civil or criminal. While Florida has some of the strongest laws protecting women’s reputations when they are innocent, the key word is innocent. The odds of her being a 30 year old virgin are virtually nil. And if any of her sexual partners gave her gifts, that could make her a prostitute since prostitution is the trading of sexual favors for monetary gains OR objects of worth economically. So any gifts of jewelry, trips, etc that could be implied favors for sex would make her a prostitute.
    I have heard that her current boyfriend just flew her from Washington to California to be with him. If he paid for her tickets and accommodations, that is sufficient evidence of her trading sexual favors for financial gain.

    I would love to see her try to drag Rush into court. It would be the biggest disaster for the Democrat Party since Dukakis.

  271. Every dog smells his own poop/that goes for Maher and the Greek word(hypocritas) two face for all of his buddies/you reap what you sow/what goes round comes back to you/We all face Eternity in what we said and did before Almighty God/Elohim.

  272. Gloria is a glamour seeking whore. Its one thing to take on a ’cause’ that actually discredits the wrong-doers of our country whom have violated ethics, decency or created the usual unfair circumstance that American’s don’t like, but this beyotch always seems to be ‘johnny at the rat whole’ to chase the nearest ambulance for her next meal ticket. This is nothing more than political BS and nuisance. Has this big mouth ever actually done anyone any good but to stick her name out in everyone’s face ?

  273. Seems to me Rush was right on all counts.  The woman did say she needs about three grand a year to support her sex indulgances.  Being unmarried and a college student she appears to be having all her fun outside the class.The figure of three grand though made her appear to lack common sense and reasoning.  Then Gloria Allred entered
    the picture and upped the stupidity level by falsely attacking Rush Limbaugh by saying he had violated some
    section of the law book in West Palm Beach County.  The best thing she can do is fade into the wester sun and
    quit jumping on every publicity wagon that comes along.

  274.  Allred should be in jail herself.  Her model of law as the “savior of victims” is completely disingenuous and extremely contrived.  Her goals as a lawyer are three-fold:  1) making as much money as possible; 2) producing publicity for herself, and; 3) acting as a conduit for the far left wing of the Democrat party.Perfect example:  Allred conveniently “inserted” herself into a 2010 California Senatorial race by manufacturing a scandal she and the Democrats hoped would bring defeat to Meg Whitman, who was leading in a race with Barbara Boxer.  As is often the case with their politics of personal destruction, they succeeded.   By simply fabricating a bogus situation involving an illegal alien housekeeper who worked for Whitman (who, by the way ,had provided false Social Security and drivers’ license documentation,) they were able to throw the race at the last minute in favor of Boxer, a far left extremist.  Since the timing of the allegations against Whitman were just a month before the election, Allred’s motives were quite suspect . . .  not to mention the fact that she had clear political relationships with a number of California Democrats, such as then candidate Gov. Brown.Her manipulation of the law for personal and political purposes is extremely disgusting, and her call for Rush’s arrest is absolutely absurd.  She has absolutely no leg to stand on when it comes to demanding ethical behavior from others. 
    Allred should be in jail herself.  Her model of law as the “savior of victims” is completely disingenuous and extremely contrived.  Her goals as a lawyer are three-fold:  1) making as much money as possible; 2) producing publicity for herself, and; 3) acting as a conduit for the far left wing of the Democrat party.
    Perfect example:  Allred conveniently “inserted” herself into a 2010 California Senatorial race by manufacturing a scandal she and the Democrats hoped would bring defeat to Meg Whitman, who was leading in a race with Barbara Boxer.  As is often the case with their politics of personal destruction, they succeeded.   By simply fabricating a bogus situation involving an illegal alien housekeeper who worked for Whitman (who, by the way ,had provided false Social Security and drivers’ license documentation,) they were able to throw the race at the last minute in favor of Boxer, a far left extremist. 
    Since the timing of the allegations against Whitman were just a month before the election, Allred’s motives were quite suspect . . .  not to mention the fact that she had clear political relationships with a number of California Democrats, such as then candidate Gov. Brown.
    Her manipulation of the law for personal and political purposes is extremely disgusting, and her call for Rush’s arrest is absolutely absurd.  She has absolutely no leg to stand on when it comes to demanding ethical behavior from others. 

  275. Isn’t it outrageous that Gloria Allred wants Rush Limbaugh arrested, while at the same time does not even utter a statement about the disgusting comment Bill Maher made against former Governor Sarah Palin? 

  276. So Gloria Allred does NOT believe in FREE SPEECH? Even when it’s stupid speech or what was said is
    outrageous and insulting to someone? I hope she’s ready to get arrested too along with Bill Maher, David
    Letterman and all the other liberal leftist Demogogocrats who say insulting things about thousands of
    individuals, Christians, etc., EVERY DAY!!!

  277. Ever wondered why we don’t change the name of the people we send to Congress to “unlegislators”?  How many millions of stupid laws are on the books all over this country, just waiting for some idealogue like Albright (or someone far more dangerous looking to prosecute people whose ideas they don’t find suitable) to dig them up and concoct a crime!  So much for the support of the first Amendment by people like Ms. Albright! 

    No one is better than the Progressives at changing/renaming things to suit their purposes – hence, they round up another idealogue/feminist to do a bait and switch on the American public over the Catholic church’s – and by extension its hospitals, charities, universities, etc.) right to practice its/their religion as they see fit and not to support things – like birth control and abortion – by forcing its hand with medical care that’s repurposed to squash the church and its followers, forcing them to support what for them is the insupportable!  Answer by the poor little Ms. Fluke (who certainly was no fluke, but hand-picked by Nancy Pelosy) is to change out “freedom of religion and of conscience” to “the right to access to healthcare for women” as though no such thing already existed or was ever contested.  Indeed, women have ready access to all sorts of places for free or low cost birth control.  We just didn’t know until the illoustrious Ms. Fluke informed us, that we had a “right” to such things and that they should be paid for by the taxpayer.  Hmph! 

    I am a mature woman who has watched the women’s rights movement pretty much from inception and if anything, I would say the guys are being warred against by the feminists, who take no prisoners.  Just watch the ads on TV or the movie characters, even.  According to them, men have become the weaker sex (and pretty much useless) while women are able to kick the mmhmm out of men.  Seems to women  do so in family and criminal court every day.  I see a war on religion, but not on women – no way.

  278. I heard the Fluke speak.  I was stunned by what she had to say.  I agree with Rush.  She is a “slut.”  If she wants to spread her legs, let her buy and pay for her own contraceptives.  As a Roman Catholic, I sure will not pay for them.

  279. No progressive and proud you’re WRONG yet AGAINAND I sincerely doubt you’re married since NO sane man in his right mind would EVER want to be married to a BITTER, pathetic FEMINAZI like you!!!  Furhtermore, unlike you, I do haave employment and so the TRUTH DOES HURT, BUT IT HURTS ONLY for a sick, vile, pathetic, individual like you!! Furthermore, you are WRONG STILL since I have just found out that Rush has just RECEIVED ove 25 new advertisers!!!!   So therefore, unfortunately for YOU, R God, are you a stupid, dumb moron!!! 

  280. Hey, stupid progressive and proud, I just found out Rush has gotten over 25 new advertisers, so therefore unfortunately for YOU, Rush ISN’T going anywhere, you stupid feminazi jerk!!!  RUSH RULES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Truth is true. No-one has the guts to say some of the things Rush is prone to say, yet it is exactly what many of us feel and say to ourselves about situations similar to what was spoken of of Ms. Fluke. We see it in our daily lives, people who live like the devil and yet we smile and make lame excuses for them, but deep down we loath this behavior. It take guts to say what Rush has said and to apologize may have been right, but in truth, she validated her promiscuity by saying the very things she said. What is Truth?

  282. As I write this I’m laughing so hard my eyes are watering. This lawyer (I use the term very loosely) is a typical ambulance chaser. She preys on people and sucks them dry. Limbaugh said what many Americans feel about the Fluke statements before a committe of all Democrats. I wonder how many actual Politicians really think the public is that stupid to believe someone like Fluke?
    I work I pay taxes, support my out of work daughter and grand-baby( because of Obama politics and Obamacare) and this “BIMBO” wants us all to pay for her “PROMISCUITY”. Is she nuts? If college students spent that kind of money on sexual prevention they are not spending enough. That’s because I have learned over the years that most students ,3 of 5 are there for “fun ” not a better education!I would love to see take this to trial and all Americans just eat her up!

  283. An old method of contraception: Put an aspirin between your knees and hold it there, don’t drop it while being with a boy, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on other pill. Just keep the aspirin in your purse for each use, it will never need replacing unless you swallow it.

  284. Rush is a pig.  Those disgusting comments were uncalled for.  I am equally as disgusted by Maher and the other liberals behavior.

    Too bad this country’s standards have fallen so low.

    The most disgusting comment was that we should be able to watch …..I guess Rush likes porn.

  285. Me thinks the lady is trying to tell us something.  If I’m not mistaken, that should be leather bound and the ball behind the teeth.   Is this her way of coming out of the closet, so to speak..??

  286. Why is it that people can say what ever about Sara Palin and so low as calling her kids all kind of names, but when Rush or Hannity calls somebody a name then (omg) they gets the the left’s ass hairs all up and they are ready to hang them, I think that if you can’t take the heat then shut the hell up.If they can do it so can we,maybe Rush is calling it like he see it,   


  288. What ever happened to keeping private things peivate??? If you advertise your sex life and that you need 3 thousand for pregancy prevention then you have named yourself as a slut, whore and a parasite because you want the goverment to pay.

  289. I’ve been having sometimes civil discussion with a radical left
    law professor. He posted a ridiculous commentary about Rush on his site http://www.mealsfromthemarketplace.com He ran out of arguments as “progressives” do, and did the only thing they are capable of, to wit”
    “Just to let you know, I am unilaterally suspending our exchanges.
    The suspension will last until you have publicly apologized for siding
    with the sexist pig who slandered Ms. Fluke. Until then, please don’t
    send me any correspondence. I won’t respond.”
    Spoken like a true adult “progressive!”

  290. do point out that the law is from the 1880’s. maybe the living constitution liberals would want to purge this insane law from the books also, opps, not until they can use it to silence free speech

  291. “I would love to see this go to trial. Ms. Fluke would have to testify as to her sexual history. In doing so, it might confirm the very things Rush said about her.”

    Oh ok. If a woman has sex and wants her insurance company to provide basis reproductive healthcare, she is a slut and a prostitute. It makes so much sense now!

  292. Gloria Allred and Al Sharpton are of the same  mould.  They both are publicity hounds looking for ways to keep their persona on the fromt page.

  293. I bet Allred (what a handle!) wants all those Texas sodomy laws vigorously enforced as well. The problem with this as a cause of action is that Truth is an absolute defense. Does legal genius Fluke want to go through discovery? Not likely but here’s an observation; that chick gives me a taste for fresh walrus. Mmmmm…. walrus….

  294. I don’t understand when someone says they want someone to pay for their sex, that means they need to be arrested for prostitution in reasonable society. Now, someone wants someone to pay for their sex, and someone else gets in trouble for pointing out the hypocrisy, is that a fluke

  295. liberal are the problem right now very much the problem along with obacrap i hope they get fired and arrested for treason

  296. yes, poor little Fluke, can’t afford her birth control pills, but can afford to go galavanting all over Europe with her (rich?) boyfriend.   It was found on her facebook page.  Pictures and pictures and comments by her as she enjoyed a rather nice little vacation. 
     She’s just trying to make a name for herself, and this was the easiest way.  Free publicity.  too bad (for her) that it might end up really backfiring for her.

  297. Cheers for Rush, and  let’s do  go to trial.  Can you imagine the sexual history of the 30 year old Fluke?  What an obamanation!    As for the infamous Gloria, perhaps her own sexual history should be investigated.    What an ugly democrat duo, these  beauty-challenged women make.   thannk you, Berengaria

  298. I would love to see this trial also. We could also see that Gloria Allred (or is it All-red?) is just a publicity-seeking scumbag with a bad temper. Flush her out into the open, where she won’t be able to extort a settlement from someone well-prepared to overwhelm her with the facts of evidence. Embarrass the wench Allred and show the world that her claims are as false as man-made global warming.

  299. For a hilarious satirical piece on Rush Limbaugh and the
    “War on Women,” read “Peeing Outside the Box: A Washington Fancy
    with Rush Limbaugh.” As you slog through “Rush Limbaugh’s” metaphor
    Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats doing what his cat
    Punkin does when she suffers from feline urinary tract infections in
    order to distract American women from Obama’s failing policies, the
    reader realizes just who is conducting the “War on Women” and it’s not
    the Republicans or America’s “Harmless Loveable Little Fuzzball.”  Check it out!


  300. We don’t have a free press, in the way our founders meant it.  We need a free voice on the radio. To say things that have got to be said.  I feel Obama may try to compromise Rush. Obama threatened Chelsea Clinton’s life over birth certificate issue. Please do not let Obama in again. Vote. Vote, vote.

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