“I Don’t Have to Pay Rent Because I’m Me”

One of the biggest problems with America at the moment is the amount of people receiving and abusing entitlements. Last year alone United States spent $746 billion on welfare. That was more than what was spent on Social Security. It was also more than was spent on basic defense of United States. States contributed another $283 billion to welfare programs making the grand total spent on welfare in America to be $1.03 trillion.

And it’s only getting worse!

Some people cannot help but be on welfare while many others abuse the system as much as they possibly can. A prime example of the abuse of the welfare system can be seen by the young college student in this clip from an episode of Judge Judy:

That young man was receiving $22,000 a year for college tuition plus $1000 a month for living expenses plus $437 a month for rent, all paid by us taxpayers. And did you notice what he was doing with the money? None of the rent money was going for rent. He admitted that he was just spending it on himself, because after all, he was who he was. He didn’t feel that he needed to pay rent where he was living, because the young lady was blessed by just him being there.

Sadly this is a common attitude among many of today’s younger people who have been brought up on entitlements and feel that everybody owes them everything. This is also a shining example of many of the people that voted for Obama last week. However I have to disagree with Judge Judy’s decision to dismiss the entire case. The reason the young lady wasn’t paying her rent was because the young man was not giving her the rent money that us taxpayers were giving him. I believe he should have been ordered to pay all the back rent instead of just dismissing the whole case.

I firmly believe that welfare and other entitlement programs need to be revised, revamped and strictly enforced. In order for someone to continue to receive welfare money for rent they must show the receipts for when they used that money to pay the rent.  After receiving the $22,000 a year for college, like that dead beat, he should have to show receipts and all expenditures in order to receive the same amount for the next year.

In other words if recipients of welfare and entitlements were forced to show proof of the use of those entitlements and welfare in order for it to continue, I believe that would go a long way to cleaning up the entire system and save the states and country billions of dollars. It may also force a lot of people to actually have to work and support themselves when they find they can no longer get the entitlements and sit on their lazy butts doing nothing. Perhaps this could have more of an impact on our economy than trying to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year as the president so desires.

192 thoughts on ““I Don’t Have to Pay Rent Because I’m Me”

  1. It’s people like this guy who doomed the rest of us to life under the Obama administration policies.

    I wouldn’t care if he and all like him dropped off the face of the earth one day, never to be heard from again.

    1. “It’s people like this guy who doomed the rest of us to life under the Obama administration policies.” Along with a lot of people not like this guy. I know places like this make it difficult to think of the other side as containing reasonable human beings, but it’s true nonetheless.

      1. There are also a lot of people who are enticed by Obama and his administration. It’s all so easy for them to get the freebies. And, their attitudes stink to high heaven. A friend’s answer when asked how he was doing looking for work, “Why should I look for work when I can get food stamps and go hunting and fishing instead of working?”

        1. I could just as easily respond with the idea that there are a lot of racists out there who are enticed by not having a black president. The arguments are very similar. You can’t prove them with objective facts, and they both have obvious kernels of truth. Just as the racism argument is bullshit, this gifting-president argument is bullshit.

        2. GOOTB…Of course…..play the race card. It’s SOP for the left. It never occurs to you clowns that it’s possible to disagree with someone’s policies and not always because of race.

          Any honest observer could clearly see that the Obama was bribing people for their votes and you’re a fool to think otherwise. There are many interviews with Obama supporters…both before and after the election…that show that they know zip about issues and only care about ”’stuff”.

        3. Screeminmeeme, you can’t seriously have missed my point? I SAID the racism argument was bullshit.

          Are you honestly under the impression that I can’t find interviews with racist people bitching about Obama? Of course I can, and that wouldn’t prove that Obama didn’t get elected because of racist people. In the same way, none of your “many interviews” proves that Obama only get elected because of moochers.

        4. Where are Rev. Al and Rev.Jesse, who never miss an opportunity to pull the race card when a Black man is involved in a dispute with a white Man ?? The usually pull out all the stops at rallys,while shouting discrimination to crowds of people to fire them up. In this case Col. West is being deprived of a recount, even as tales of fraud are attributed on a daily basis to Florida election antics. Do you think it is because Col. West is not with their program? It looks like it to me and it stinks. They act only when it suits their purpose ,even though Col. West is black, they seemingly have abandoned him. Remember this injustice to Col. West when Al and Jesse jump on the band wagon again.

        5. You left out ” the gifting president argument was bullshit” You need to seriously look around more. You need to get out of that bubble you live in. Unions will get paid back for voting with his nerfarious machine. You don’t call that a gift? What about the huge favors that will be gifted out because of huge donations? Tit for Tat? You are part of the reason America is failing and about to revolt. I hope you have a safe place to go. I feel sorry for the poor , hypnotized fools like you.

        6. honestly, there were just as many folks who voted for barry hussien BECAUSE he was black. Do I need to attach the link of Samuel L Jackson? He said exactly what was on the mind of every socialist welfare sucking scumturd that voted for barry hussein. “Social Justice” my azz…

        7. Robbing hood! That’s his name. Robbed from the worker and gave it to the lame!Lame brained that is. It’s so hip to be on welfare and beat everyone to the money and a free phone. Let’s trade our stamp card for drugs and liquor and a little dope to smoke. Let’s live high and f–k everyone else. When dat’s done we can flash mob and take the rest. F–k these people. We willl get what we want. You can’t stop ignorant fools. Dey ignorant.

        8. there are a lot of racists out there who like having a black president, many voted for him because he was black, and many came right out and said so(Samuel L Jackson for one) and the rest liked him because he has “obama-stash” and free phones. Yeah there are racists and barry hussien is one of the biggest!!

        9. Bubblehead you have been living in a bubble if you don’t realize that all the gifting that Obama has been doing is buying votes.

        1. Reasonable people wouldn’t simply characterize Obama as a Marxist, because they understand that the simple facts bear him out as a relatively middle of the road president.

        2. GOOTB….Reasonable people, considering anyone for president, would do their due diligence and find out all they could about the person. It takes little time to learn that Obama…according to his own words…was committed to socialism/Marxism/Communisn from his early college years.

          All of his policies are about taking over…..eliminating gun rights. He uses the usual marxist buzzwords of ”diversity…redistribution….fair”. He passed Obamacare knowing that it would destroy our economy. Small businesses unable to pay the fines or cost of OC are falling by the wayside.

          That you wish to regard Obama as middle of the road is your right. But I choose to see him as he is…a far leftist ideologue bent on destroying this country.

        3. “All of his policies are about taking over…..eliminating gun rights.” No they aren’t.

          “He passed Obamacare knowing that it would destroy our economy. Small businesses unable to pay the fines or cost of OC are falling by the wayside.”

          The CBO disagrees with you on that, as does the AMA and the AARP. Now in an ideal world, I wouldn’t want businesses to have any obligation to provide healthcare to their employees, but without major changes in our healthcare system, that’s not a reasonable change to make. For the time being and given the real world circumstances, Obamacare will be an improvement.

        4. GOOTB….

          ”but without major changes in our healthcare system, that’s not a
          reasonable change to make. For the time being and given the real world circumstances, Obamacare will be an improvement.”

          Doesn’t it occur to you that republicans wanted to make major changes in the healthcare system and solve some of the problems, but Obama and his minions wouldn’t hear of it.

          WHY would anyone want to pass a bill that affects every single area of life, forces even more taxes on the middle class, and will ultimately destroy business and the American economy, instead of taking the problems with the healthcare system…one at a time…and passing a bill addressing that one issue? An incremental approach…not over-reaching….and one that would eventually resolve alot of the problems.

          Do you even understand that when you sell your house or other possessions, you will be TAXED on that sale? That’s one of the many taxes in the bill.

          Only someone who wants to destroy America as we know it would agree to Obamacare.

          BTW: The CBO says that this damnable bill is going to cost many times more than we were told. As for the AMA and AARP…I could care less what they say…they’re in the bag for Obama.

          Really….you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        5. My son was just advised that he has to pay taxes on his healthcare benefit package of healthcare, because of Obamacare, but the union employees at his company were exempted from this additional tax, welcome to Obama’s America. Take care of your friends and to heck with everyone else. They will just have to pick up the tab, for all his handouts. So this is just more of paying your fair share?????

        6. Saddly CBO estimates are notoriously inaccurate, typically by a factor of 4! They are limited to scoring a plan based only on material provided it by the requesting entity. They are forbidden to do any research of their own!
          The AMA, represents something less than 17% of Doctors and Health Care workers
          AARP is essentially an Insurance Company, one that was granted special conditions for their support of PPACA!

        7. Glad i read down a bit further on the comments. You beat me to it. But i thought the AMA only had roughly 9 to 10% of Doctors, etc.. And AARP lost a lot of members when they first started to be pro obamacare

        8. bamtax bill is destroying healht care and that is the intent: to get more money, kill of the old and waste their money on decorations and bribes (see Ezekiel Emmanuel’s book) We have the best health care system in the world, and we’ve been providing FREE health care for over a century (that is BEFORE medicaid, medical, etc. etc. )

        9. You are correct, bam is a 3rd generation communist on hjis mother’s side and at least 2nd generation on his “father’s” (assuming that the super commie Frank Marshal Davis who raised him wasnt his biological father.) He knows nothing else other than communism and islamism.

        10. If The Occupier Is Not A Marxist, What The Hades IS He? Would You Say That Most Of The Wizardly Of The Masons Socialist? OK Then! If Not A Mason, Then Why Is He Doing Their Hand Shake?

          Far as this goes, the difference between Mormons & Masons is not much! We got a bunch of socialist in Office who are not much smarter than a 1st grader who took the bate from these luciferians who are playing these dummy’s for a few perk’s paid for by American citizens, no wonder the Lord is going to put ‘them’ in the Great Wine Press! Here we are, we got scammed by schemers who only thing they know how to do is steal, yes, I’m pissed too but we better get educated on the plans these global’s have for us, lets get educated or go and smell some farts! We’re all a bunch of sissy’s, we could of got the (a) US Marshal and have them removed is 08, I believe that their were some smart attorneys out there (other than the 15,000 or more the occupier got w/our tax $$) could of got w/some Judges or something and drag the hoodlums out put in to jail W/Out Bail. Way to much crap has been pulled off unchecked. I’m spinning wheels, it’s obvious that the Lord allowed us these freaks for some reason, America is no where to be found in the book of Revelation, we are most likely under His Judgment just like we never learned from the mistakes of the Israelite’s. I do know one thing for sure, while the Lord Judges nations he Judges the rulers more so and all who scheme, scam, lie including ‘Boston Brake’ people and Imposter’s! The FOOL’s (those the Lord calls) should read from Revelation 18 to the end, see what you’ll miss while sitting in the lake of fire in the outer darkness (most likely something like a black-hole) This Book of Life has, will and always been 100 percent correct, I’ll put my bet on Him, He built it all, these morons were not there, they got a book written by the Lord’s advisory who never Created anything but only takes, That does remind me of some people, Woe unto them! Get yourselves right w/Him, I will (after this gets sent) we are told that when these things start to happen look up!

        11. if by “middle of the road” you mean scumturd wealth redistributing socialist POS, then you might be right

        12. ” Relatively middle of the road President” ? !
          EO-13524 – EO- 13603
          Where does his ‘tax the rich’ mantra come from? ” The way to crush the Bourgeoisie is to grind them between the Millstones of TAXATION and INFLATION” Valadimir Liyich Ulyanov (Lenin)
          Contrast that to the ideas of a real middle of the road President, a Liberal one (remember them) at that; ” A tax cut means higher family incomes and higher business profits and a balanced Federal Budget! ….Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget” John Kennedy

        13. Bubblehead you are right about the middle of the road, the middle of the Socialism road. I don’t what road you have travled in your life, but it sure
          wasn’t the middle road of most Americans.

      2. What is wrong with making people like this guy more accountable for all the taxpayer money they are getting? And I believe that more people are on food stamps under Obama than at any other time in our histroy.

    2. Can you please be more objective and list the entitlements that the man in question took advantage of. But list only the ones that were introduced in the past 4 years.

  2. Just declare that welfare is for 2 years. Set a date and let the recipient know that they have that long to attend school and get job skills. Then cut them off on that date. If people are going to use Food Stamps then they should go to surplus stores only, have limited choices and it should be a real chore. Maybe many that do not absolutely need it would stop and start working. Make welfare people work for their benefits. Tax payers work.

    1. Quic Speed. What you just said is about what Benjamin Franklin said. Help them but make the uncomfortable in their poverty as you help them. Make them want to get out of poverty.

    2. Won’t work unless they have required attendance at the school or lose their benefits. These people have no shame and do not care. They just want a free living off of us.

      1. GetOutOfTheBubble boy is obviously one of them.
        One the first day after they flooded out our bathroom, I told them every knucklehead is entitled to a mistake. Shook his hand and told him that we respect and show courtesy to everyone however that was a two way street. He obviously didn’t understand English. Ghetto speak he understands with no problem. Then the problems started. Some people just can’t be treated with respect because they don’t deserve any. End of story!

        1. Predictable how your defenses work. Anyone who criticizes you becomes one of the people you’re railing against, even though you have no such evidence. You know next to nothing about me and you’re willing to make that assumption. Goes to show how meaningless your other assumptions are.

      2. I agree! If attendance in school is required for Welfare mamas’ kids, you can bet your booty that she’d make sure they were in school! And then maybe they’d be off the streets and not causing trouble.

    3. “These people have no shame and do not care. They just want a free living off of us.” You should stop being so cynical. Or do you honestly insist that 100% of welfare users are just thieves? If not, I’d appreciate the use evidence to provide a different number.

        1. From all your responses I see you are well educated in the progressive line of BS. No one here has said ALL are parasites, but too many are. I remember that woman the Dr. quited “I worked hard for my money”. what did she do?. When one has to make excuses for their action it has to be WRONG.

        2. “Too many are”

          One is too many, so that’s a pointless statement to make when trying to demonstrate that a particular number of people on welfare are abusing it. How many are abusing it versus not? The rhetoric around here would suggest that the vast vast majority of people on welfare are abusing it. They don’t have to explicitly say “all” when they continuously talk about welfare as if there is no one participating but abusers.

      1. Besides not having no shame, they have no respect for us who pay their way.
        Has anyone ever received a thank you from one of these low-life’s

        1. And people going around labeling all welfare users as parasitic thieving child abusers (not saying that you did) aren’t doing much to earn respect, so it’s kind of ironic that they’d be demanding it.

        2. Apparently you have never been robbed by someone you were trying to respect and give a helping hand to. It changes your outlook on the so called needy.

        3. lazy welfare turds don’t respect BECAUSE THEY GET OUR HARD EARNED TAX MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING, YOU COMPLETE AZZHAT!!! people on welfare don’t appreciate it because they’ve done nothing to EARN IT, they expect it, they think they DESERVE IT, you scumbag libturd fart knocking SOCIALIST!!!!

        4. Your assumptions don’t count as facts, regardless of how loudly you yell them or how much you insult me.

        5. I could care less if these parasitic pieces of dog shi* respect me, I look at them like their sub human GET A JOB !!!!!!

        6. RESPECT is earned, NOT given. And the PARASITES that live off the taxpayer, their host, have done nothing to earn respect. Are you completely detached from reality? This encapsulates the entire argument. You mistakenly believe they should be GIVEN respect. Respect is earned, not given. For example. I respect all of my brothers in the USMC because they EARNED the title. A blithering socialist, such as yourself, miss, has probably accomplished NOTHING respectable. Ergo, you are not worthy of respect. Methinks that is why you defend these undeserving degenerates, to assuage your conscience.

        7. You make an assumption that is incorrect. Before I bust their asses, I know all I have to know about them. Yes, they are low-life’s. By the way, the wife and I always go out of our way to help those in need. Not these people, they deserve none whatsoever. They are human parasites, thieves, drug users, child abusers etc.

        8. “These people” You don’t even know who you’re talking about yet you insist that you do. You’re telling me that you know for a fact that every welfare user is a human parasite, a thieving drug using child abuser? I’d imagine you’d have a lot of evidence to back that up. Mind showing me?

        9. Ya, numb-nut. Don’t you get it. It’s all a matter of public record. Get a clue and why don’t you stop trolling this board?

        10. WHAT A FREAKING DOLT YOU ARE. We don’t want “thank you’s” WE WANT TO KEEP OUR HARD EARNED TAX MONEY FROM BEING FRAUDULANTLY WASTED!!! You heard the guy in the video, you saw the receipt that was verified by a left wing research site, you’ve seen the you-tubes of the lazy scum wanting “obama-stash” and free phones. THAT is what needs to stop! and as long as those people vote socialists like barry hussien obama into office, it will continue!! It is NOT the gub’mint’s job to redistribute wealth. People are supposed to give to charity because they know it’s righteous, NOT BECAUSE THE GUB’MINT FORCES THEM TO!!! It is the job of the church to help the widow and the orphan, to assist the disabled. The gub’mint makes a fine unrestrained and FRAUDULANT mess of charity and I FOR ONE AM TIRED OF MY TAX MONEY BEING USED THIS WAY!!!

        1. Are you under some impression that people who are not as outraged as you simply don’t believe welfare abuse exists?

          How much does that lobster and steak compare to all welfare layouts, that’s what I’m asking. You people are acting like it’s been proven that a majority of welfare payments go to fraudsters, so I’m asking for the proof.

        2. I know that the socialist gub’ment that is redistributing MY hard earned money isn’t checking out the low life scumturds on welfare before they give it to them. There are no drug tests, no time limits; there is only “free obama stash” that lazy ass scumturd socialists like YOU collect because you refuse to be responsible for yourselves, refuse to DO your fair share, while you TAKE from the rest of us, because you voted yourselves marxist turd for a president!!!

        3. “There are no drug tests” They tried drug tests in Florida, based on the kinds of mistaken assumptions that are rampant here on godfatherpolitics – namely that most welfare recipients are drug users. It was an utter waste of money since almost no one on welfare tested positive for illicit drugs.

          If you insist on wasting more money on drug tests, go ahead, but there goes the notion of being a fiscal conservative.

      2. GetOutOfTheBubble – just take your Blue pill and chill! As Morpheus said in the Matrix -“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in
        Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”. I think about sums up the 2012 Election – Red States/Blue States! Obama and the Dems are happy to keep supplying the dopes with their Blue Pills!

    4. Where have you been over the past SEVERAL DECADES?
      The Republicans have TRIED (albeit only PARTIALLY successfully) to place LIMITS on Welfare (only to have Obama strip the Work Requirements out of Welfare)…
      For their efforts, Republicans are routinely trashed as being “Mean Spirited” (because we have the AUDACITY to expect people to EARN their living, not have it GIVEN to them).
      Let us be perfectly clear: Republicans GIVE (charitable giving) FAR MORE than do Democrats (democrats are “generous” with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY – Republicans are generous with THEIR OWN MONEY)!
      Republicans ALSO believe that there SHOULD be a “safety net” for those who TRULY NEED IT – but it should NOT be the hammock it has become, for those who merely WANT IT!
      This guy reminds me of the “welfare queen” I saw interviewed many years ago (back when people actually had to GO to the Government Office to get their welfare checks)… She said, “I work hard for my salary!” That’s right… SHE considered her welfare check to be her SALARY, AND she actually believed she WORKED for it! Doing WHAT (the reporter didn’t ask)?
      This entire entitlement attitude is DESTROYING the country (both those who receive these benefits, and ESPECIALLY those who take OUR hard earned Tax Dollars and GIVE them to UNDESERVING people)!

      1. I think you’re confusing the reality of politics for people’s intentions. In the same way you don’t want people to view Republicans as a bunch of vindictive assholes, Democrats don’t want to be viewed as not caring about moochers. As long as you perpetuate the stereotype that Democrats and liberals don’t care about moochers, why should you expect that politics will move forward?

      2. Hey it’s a lot of work standing around waiting for the bus to the welfare office. And brother, don’t forget about that ride back! Oh, the humanity!

    5. yeah, you get some politicians that agree with that, we’ll be saved. Until then, we’re under the thumb of scumbag libturd socialists who want to make slaves out of us.

    6. What really gets me mad is when I am in line at a grocery store and I see the person in front of me buying food items such as prepared frozen entrees and steaks with food stamps that I can not afford myself. Here I am buying food that needs to be prepared and putting things back because I don’t have enough money. They should not be allowed to buy prepared meals (make them cook their meals, they have more time than me since they don’t work) and meat that costs $10/lb.

        1. Since they aren’t working, what are they doing with that time? gootb Disprove the assumption.

        1. I’m righteous enough to know that the gub’mint that robs Peter to pay paul can always count on the support from paul. Peter, on the other hand, got all armed up and dangerous, and is getting sick and tired of the unrestrained, unrestricted hand outs to the libturd scumbag socialists collecting welfare.

        2. I’m sure democrats pay taxes, if they make enough money, honestly. But, the financial government apparatus is illegal. The Federal Reserve is illegal. The income tax is illegal, The Constitution is slowly being dismantled before our eyes to subsidize a matriarchical society. If you can’t figure that out, you are delusional.

  3. I hated this show before but, I absolutely LOVED this clip. It’s what is wrong with America today. NONE of us is so critical that the government owes us anything.

  4. I saw the video and I believe that guy is just a professional student.
    How productive will he be going to college taking lessons to learn to playwith guitar.
    Every Professional Musician I know knew their AX Before going to college
    He also thinks he is Gods gift to women
    He needs to be drafted and ………..

    1. J.K. Rowling would disagree with you. Being on welfare helped her get the time to write Harry Potter and become a billionaire.

      1. Of course you people want to pretend that there are no welfare success stories, especially outliers that created billionaires. Sorry to burst that anti-welfare bubble of yours.

  5. Money well spent because he’s such a cool genius.
    Too bad Burt couldn’t just walk over to him and crack his skull with his night stick.
    Judge Judy’s ratings would sky rocket and the tax payers would be better off.

  6. Ya, before owning our own home, we had lived in apartments for around 20 years. The last tenant was a section 8, black couple shacking up together. The worst neighbors we ever had. They were extremely discourteous to fellow NORMAL tenants. They were threatening which I didn’t understand because the vast majority of tenants were white. They lived like the pigs they were. They were extremely noisy morning noon and night! Management wouldn’t respond to hundreds of complaints because they didn’t want to lose their government check. There should be a Federal channel to complain about the filth they impose on people who pay their own rent and know how to act in a civilized society.

  7. I am surprised that Judge Judy has not been rapped on the knuckles for “racial discrimination”… I understand her frustration and am also angered by the blatant out and out theft which is being perpetrated without any shame on guilt. The ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama must be very very proud of his trayvons.. I am sure that he waltzes around the White House singing the praises of these type of people and telling all and sundry that he wishes they were his sons.

    1. They along with the Unions are now is CIVIL ARMY! They are ready to do his bidding because they have no self respect. Proof? What recently happened with our election?

        1. proof of the fact that half of the US that voted for barry hussien obama are a bunch of libturd socialist thieves

  8. Where is the money coming from? “From Obama’s stash!”
    Deadbeats, money from the government, bailouts for the auto industry rather than allowing them to go the way of bankruptcy, banks too big to fail, so we bail them out. Farm subsidies to keep agricultural prices high, given to huge corporations…this is a mess.

  9. Generational and “urban” entitlement mentality! Call me a racist, call me a ageist, call me every and any name you want, but after you’re finished with your rant, get the “F@#*”out of my country!

    1. You do seem racist. I think I’ll continue to stay and point out that you’re racist, seeing as how it’s my country.

  10. Elections have consequences. The guy is right; he’s been promised lots of things and he wants it. “When you’ve got them by the b – – – s, the hearts and minds are sure to follow”.

        1. That a lot of people are racist and in general prone to be prejudiced? Yeah I wish it weren’t the case.

  11. In addition to having to show reciepts for rent etc. in order to get gov’t money, the young man should have to achieve a certain grade point average in order to qualify for free tuition the following year. I also think he should have to take courses which will result in a job when he graduates ie:his education should be tailored to the job market.

  12. He is typical of the people who support ovomit!!! He has bought their votes & they are enslaved to him!!! I thought the blacks hated slavery & yet they voluntarily enslave themselves to the Democrats!!! all for free “stuff”. Shame on them & the dems!!!

  13. If this wasn’t staged, we’re screwed. “You know what I’m sayin.?” It’s this kind of thing that’s making me racist and prejudiced against all blacks. I never really saw it coming. I think if I were black, I’d hate blacks.

  14. The way he is rubbing his nose, it appears that he has to be on some drugs? This is the reason that we have helped these crooked little bastards, by putting this country in the poor house! Wake up America, put an end to this madness! SEmper Fi.

  15. I suspect this doofus snorted a lot of that rent money, the way he kept wiping his nose (and spreading his germs all over everything he touched).

    But, sadly, yes these two are classic 0bama voters, living off the free money system provided by the chains of the democrat party heritage. ‘I’m ‘me’, so I don haf pay no rent!’ I’ll wager that less than 10% of the money this clown is sponging actually goes towards anything it was earmarked for.

    1. I don’t think anyone said anything about obama except mentioning that this is the type of person that voted for him. Most people know that this has been going on for years. If this clip is 6 years old as you say, that proves the point.

      1. And a racist is the type of person who would have voted for Romney, but all of you decry the notion that people didn’t vote for Obama because they were racist. I guess you’re allowed to play that game but “the other side” isn’t? Either that or your saying racism doesn’t exist anymore?

        1. Do you honestly think the existence of black conservatives proves that there are no racist people?

        2. Oh I am very aware that there are racist people. One of them lives at 1600 Pennsylvainia Ave and he gets paid on my tax dollar (go figure!) a bunch of them collect welfare checks and say they deserve it because their ancestors got oppressed. Yes there are plenty of racists in our country, and they just voted for a racist government in our nation’s capital, well over 47 percent no doubt.

        3. Oh, no, I am full aware that there are racist people. They are called the New Black Panther party. They are called muslims, they are called La Raza. There are a pair of racist socialists at 1600 Pennsylvainia ave right now, living off the tax money of hard working patriots, go figure. They are quite racists, making out as if they are entitled because their ancestors were oppressed, because they think they are trapped by circumstances because the gub’mint ENSLAVES their minds into that trap. Yes you are right, there are racist people. Look in a mirror you DOLT and you’ll see one.

  16. First off the money should not go directly to him. It should be sent to the place he is renting. BUT that would requirement the government workers to actually work for a living instead of just throwing my money around. Secondly, I don’t want my money going to people that don’t contribute to the betterment of society. We need people with skills, not liberal arts degrees that just burn money. Also he should have to maintain a course load and achieve at least passing grades. And these too should be tracked by the government employees responsible for throwing my money around. Nothing is enforced today that doesn’t make federal, state and/or local governments money. Nothing will fix this either. The Roman Empire didn’t see it coming either……

  17. I saw the show when this aired. You’d be surprised at those that get pregnant so they can get more each month to spend on what they want. It has to stop, they must work and the entitlements must be cut out, and they should each have to pass a drug test every month.

    1. Because they’re racist. At least, that’s a similar kind of asinine argument that people could make on the left. I guess asinine arguments from the right are just better because the people are real American’s huh?

  18. Better yet the person offering shelter to the student should receive the money directly apon thier account after a contract with the rentee ; tuiton is wired directly to their teachers & staff ….and a part-time job to go with that as an option ….. plus a $500 a month personal expence voucher.. no need for recepts …. ….just serious people …

  19. This makes me want to say we should do away with all the entitlement programs. It is sickening to see this moron collecting almost $40,000. per year for doing absolutely nothing. Don’t tell me he’s been making good use of the $66,000.00 in tuition we’ve spent on him over the past three years. Hell, he can’t even speak English! My wife and I pay about the same to send our son to school and if sounded like this idiot I’d kill him or me just to get it over with. If you can’t earn your way through school you didn’t want it enough. I paid for my education, Let everyone else pay for their education. It will ensure that you do your best if you’re paying for it.

    Stop welfare as we currently know it and let the strong survive and let the morons like this die, or just go away.

    We should help only the truly needy, not the lazy scum.

  20. In United Kingdom, at least in London, the rent goes directly to the landlord. So nobody can’t use the money for other purposes… So why refuse to follow this policy.

  21. When Shariah Law goes into effect little by little all over the country, thieves are going to get their hands cut off.
    I’m not Muslim, nor do I own axes or swords. I’m just stating the obvious.

  22. Other of the commandments of God being broken by the professing Christian Obama. If you don’t work you don’t eat. Work was required of Adam and Eve in the Garden before and after their disobediance.. Another problem is the giving of the first fruits of your labor for Gods blessing and on future production.

  23. @GetOutOfTheBubble: “The cops acted stupidly”, “my grandmother was a typical white woman”, “Trevon could be my son”, “vote to get revenge(?)”, attending Rev.Wright’s racist church, “i don’t want them punished with a baby”….., yeah and you call me a racist! Remember, he is half white! So I guess when I complain about his policies, his ineptness, his radicalism, I will preface my comments by addressing them to Mr. Obama’s “white half”! Racist’s always see racism in other people, and when the discussion can’t be defended, the racist, liberal, marxist resorts to name calling. I view your name calling as proof I won the debate! Look at the criticism of Susan Rice! She went out and told lies (Obama lies!) and because they criticise her, they are called angry white men? Mr. Obama has done more to destroy race relations in this country than anyone before him! Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave (that poor man!) with the three stooges (Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama!) making everything about race! As a youth, I was a victim of racism, I sucked it up and proved I was equal or better than my tormentors! I didn’t scream racism, or call the people racist (would have given them creditability), or lash out with violence! I went to college, became a medical professional and lived a very Christian life! Stop using anger as an excuse, use it as a motivator and the racism will go away!

    1. I’m the angry one and yet you’re the one using a ton of exclamations. I’m not angry, I just get that some people are racist. When a person can’t discuss Obama reasonably, it stands to reason that they have some kind of deep-seating prejudice against him. The evidence people claim against him as being some kind of crazy radical president simply isn’t there. It only exists in the bubble.

  24. Our society is lost forever unless this abuse stops NOW. Nuts to the welfare system; if it can’t be reformed then it must be abolished.

  25. The guy in the video keeps rubbing his nose. He doesn’t have any money because he is spending it on heroin. Watch any heroin user and they ALL rub their noses because it causes the nose to itch.

  26. The self respect generation that started in the 90’s in our public “schools” [english translation: indoctrination centers] is now moving into physical adulthood.
    Unfortunately their brains are far behind their bodies on the development curve due to their being coddled and catered to by a system that has gone completely off the rails.
    These people are psychologically incapable of recognizing adult responsibilities and making adult decisions. But they get to vote for who will be running our government and country starting at age 18.

  27. “”” $746 billion on welfare”””…and I am supposed to support these leeches for ever, and the leeches in Congress and Senate, and the black robed traitors, and the dictator himself.

      1. No one is suggesting all welfare is based on fraud, however a very large percentage of it is. Multi-generational welfare is rampant as 3 or more generations have a multitude of children and then their children follow down the same path.
        If we were demanding that mothers on welfare seek and complete the basic educational requirements for an entry level job to start with and demanding that they work within the community to give back a little something in return for the funding that supports them. Welfare was intended to be a hand up not a lifetime hand out.
        The truly Disabled and Seniors are an entirely different issue so don’t confuse them. We here are referring to the young healthy people who start babies in their teens and continue as long as they physically can. We’re talking about the young men spreading their seed and never supporting their offspring, who can’t work because drugs or alcohol get in the way of rising early enough to get to work on time. Of men like this young man in the video who milk the system out of thousands of dollars a year while they take college courses at tax payer expense pursuing careers with failure rates of above 80% which is the case in most musical careers. This same healthy young man could serve in the military and attend school under the GI Bill in a few short years.

  28. People on Welfare have enough problems! Leave’m alone. If being on Welfare is so EASY & AWESOME, then why don’t you all quit your jobs and give them to a people on welfare… THEN you too can live THE GOOD LIFE! Wake up people.

  29. I struggle to pay my daughter’s college tuition. She works two jobs and has 2 roommates to pay her rent while she is going to university full time. She went to community college for 2 years so we would be able to afford the 2 years at university. She will get a degree in teaching English as a second language which will allow her to get a job when she is done.

    I RESENT paying for a degree in music which will most likely NEVER provide gainful employment. He will continue to be a drain on society (me) for the rest of his life.

    1. This is one person, nothing more. Or could I post a single video of an ignorant southerner and then claim all Republican voters were ignoramuses?

      1. ignorant southerners voted for barry hussien obama. they live in trailer parks and use their welfare checks to buy meth ingrediants.

  30. At 40 K per year he should be required to pay income tax on his entitlements. A worker making that amount of money surely would and so does a social security recipient.

  31. I support random drug urinalysis for anyone receiveing a welfare check. If I have to keep a job and take the test to keep my job, then you have to take one to get your check. That’s being extemely fair. You probably don’t think so though because the world owes you for living. I hope all of you are happy with YOUR president because he was never mine nor will he ever be. You voted to keep the free stuff coming. Well, You reap what you sow. Hope you have a nice counter productive life.

  32. There is only one word that accurately describes this person and I’m not allowed to use it here. The real problem is that there are so cotton-pickin’ MANY of these ******s up in here in dis country.

  33. Take the cash out of welfare and the number of recipients would drop at an incredibly fast rate. The government could just as easy send the rent to this lady’s bank account as his. She would not be able to evade paying taxes on it and he could not spend it else where. The same can work with utilities, clothing allowances built into the welfare cash program. Instead of paying farmers not to grow food, how about we go back to a commondities program. Where a person goes to a warehouse and picks up food that is healthy, plentiful but unlikely to include steak, lobsters, excessive junk foods, you know the foods must of us workers can’t afford often if ever. Provide a basic local call phone, along with basic local channel TV service. The libs decided that they didn’t want welfare recipients to be embarassed by using physical food stamps so added a credit card and more cash to the program. I say take it back out and it will solve the problem to a larger degree than one might think.

  34. While personal responsibility is a lost art. Please remember that the welfare state (including welfare to the military contractors) is designed to create debt owed to the BIG PRIVATE BANKS. The banks do not care what program generates the debt. All they care about is that the debt is enormous. So Democrats create debts through entitlements and Republican create debt through excessive military spending. Neither is efficient, Neither is necessary Both ensure that we are slaves to banks, who always demand their pound of flesh for debts.

  35. If you work for the government, in Real America, you’re not supposed to collect benefits and have Americans pay your pensions. If you want money in your old age, save it out of your paycheck, like anyone else does. Let’s get back to acting like Americans, and not Soviets.

  36. This is what generations of welfare & food stamp babies produces ! It sickens me to see this kinda dumbass mentality ! These are the turds cloggin the toilet…..and its time to get the plunger and send’em home!


  38. The system was a good thing for the people when it first came nut. It still is to many that need it. The only trouble is that the wrong people have pushed into it and has made it grow because of them. You can look around you anywhere in this country and see the onzyt that have lived off of it from generation to the next. These types will not work and will be there with hand out 100% of the time. To top it off they raise families like fleas.

  39. I saw this episode when it was on and was furious when I saw the total ignorance of the defendant, as well as the plaintiff. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme … yet they never contribute one single cent or quality to the betterment of others. The entitlement programs are run by people who don’t really care whether the grants, etc. are deserved. They’re just “doing their job”. Where were these programs when I was not able to attend college because of lack of funds …. or when my husband and I worked to pay tuition, books, rent, food, insurance, etc. for ourselves, and then for our own children when they went to school? It would have never occurred to either of us to seek help. We worked for everything we had then … and now! The difference now is that a lot of what we earn goes to shower these morons, and millions more just like them, with undeserved money to spend on booze, drugs, tattoos, partying, and heaven know what else. Unfortunately, they will procreate and produce others just like them who will be TAKERS rather than givers from the minute they are born. Sooner or later we will run out of worker-provided money, and then where will our country be? Perhaps we should all begin taking Chinese language lessons.

  40. Benefit and entitlements should be given under strict rules. Applicants should be able to prove that they have a dire need, with strenuous interrogation, background search, and references. They should be automatically disqualified if they have tattoos or test positive for any illegal drugs or alcohol. Any funds afforded them should go directly to the need: if it is rent – it should be paid directly to a landlord (who is not a family member, in a relationship of any kind, or otherwise involved; food should be purchased at certain places and the money paid directly to the food store; medical help should go directly to the provider. NO CASH or check should ever be given to the applicant. Only in the case of severe disability should a person be allowed to receive benefits for more than one year. Anyone able to flip a burger, pick up trash, stand, drive, or any other task should be required to contribute to the work force in exchange for their benefits. The day of the free ride should end.

  41. As a Landlord, I have someone like this guy mooching off me now. And thanks to our government rules on housing, I get to pay for her rent out of my pocket until I go through all the government red tape to kick her out.

  42. How this fool got out of high school and into college without learning proper grammar is a crime in itself. Ya no wha um sayin’? How many more future Democrat voters will this twit produce for us to support? Ya no wha um sayin’? I don’t know why we argue about abortion, let’s take the next step and go straight to sterilization. Ya no wha um sayin’?Damn effing liberals have brought us to near ruin. One day, one day, we will set this right and payback will be so sweet. Ya no wha um sayin’?

  43. This nut is wrong when he says “its because its me”, the real reason is because we have a Progressive Socialist in the White House, and he buys all the votes he can with out tax dollars.

  44. I remember a Judge Judy from 6 or 7 years ago that a lady actually believed
    that welfare money was just money that the government just printed up and argued
    that it wasn’t taxpayer’s money

  45. I agree with the general sentiment of this article which is that freeloaders are a burden. But I disagree that welfare can be fixed. Welfare attracts and creates nothing but freeloaders. There is no solution other than to eliminate welfare. That will lower the cost of living and, as a result, reduce poverty.

  46. The United States spent $1.033 TRILLION on welfare spending in Fiscal 2012, almost every dime of it going to Obama voters who have sold their birthright for a bowl of pottage, and will eventually become the slaves they deserve to be…

  47. This is far more common than you might think. Keep trying to teach young women that trash like him isn’t even worth talking to, but they think with their hormones too.

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