ICE Agents Suing Napolitano to Let Them Do Their Jobs

This is mutiny! And it’s high time, too.

Playing Fletcher Christian to Janet Napolitano’s Capt. William Bligh, 10 brave federal immigration agents have filed a lawsuit against the Homeland Security secretary, saying Napolitano’s recent directives are forcing agents to break the law and ignore their duties.

Anybody who’s not in the Obama Administration or in its back pocket could have seen this one coming.

Immigration and Border Patrol agents are royally ticked off these days at what passes for their leaders — Napolitano and the Obama Bunch.

When the Supreme Court upheld the heart of Arizona immigration law, allowing law enforcement to inquire about a person’s immigration status, the Administration through Napolitano ordered ICE agents not to cooperate with any requests from Arizona officials regarding immigration.

When Obama virtually crowned himself king by unilaterally adopting the Dream Act over Congress’ objection, immigration enforcement in this country essentially ended. Several high-level agents have come forward, saying that the executive order and the resulting directives from Napolitano prevent them from detaining any alien who claims to be a “Dreamer” under Obama’s order.

The suit was filed Thursday in Texas and challenges the recent set of directives from Napolitano, saying it “unconstitutionally usurps and encroaches upon the legislative powers of Congress.”

Lead plaintiffs’ attorney Kris Kobach, a Mitt Romney adviser, compared the immigration directives with the Department of Justice’s Fast and Furious program: “In both instances, the Obama Administration ordered federal law enforcement agents to break the law, to ignore the laws that they’re supposed to enforce, and, in the case of the ICE agents, to actually break federal laws that say you’re supposed to deport certain people. And in each case, the Obama administration seems to be doing so for political reasons.”

The agents are asking a judge to block the Administration directives because they effectively go around Congress and violate the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution.

Sen. Jeff Sessions and other conservative lawmakers came out in support of the suit. “It is a sad day when our nation’s law enforcement officers are left with no recourse but to file suit against the administration and its political appointees,” Sessions said in a press release.

Of course, you might wonder where Sessions and the rest of the Congress have been on this issue up till this point. It’s Congress’ inaction in the wake of King Obama’s executive order that has helped lead to this sorry state of affairs.

By refusing to challenge Obama’s abuse of executive orders, Congress, including conservative lawmakers, has been complicit in the destruction of the Constitution.

It seems the GOP doesn’t mind the powers King Obama has been gathering to himself, possibly in anticipation of the day when one of their own could wield them.

If a judge can be found who is willing to take a stand against the thugs who work for Obama, we the people may still have to stand up to a Congress that has abandoned its duty to protect our country and our rights.

The federal agents who are suing to be allowed to enforce our borders deserve our support.

126 thoughts on “ICE Agents Suing Napolitano to Let Them Do Their Jobs

  1. How do you immigrants who came here legally feel about all of this? If it were me I’d be in DC fighting all this crap! This administration is completely out of control and we MUST rein them in but, HOW?? Don’t tell go vote. The Chicago machine, illegal voters and obummer himself has this election under control and if he wins, 4 yrs. from now we will be living under a dictatorship. WAKE UP IF YOU CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY!

  2. Once again I’m reading it and I’m not believing it..Thankfully someone is finally being sued who is not doing their job..Because it’s getting a little old the other way around..

    Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety,
    prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private
    interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone
    have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute
    government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their
    protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it. John Adams

  3. I thank God for fellow Americans who had the moral courage to DO SOMETHING that the gutless wonders in Congress have refused to do.

    I have been pulling out my hair in frustration over this Executive Order issue.
    NO PRESIDENT, regardless of party, has the constitutional right to legislate from the Oval Office and Congress, which is supposed to be a check on the Executive branch, should have moved a long time ago and passed legislation limiting this Executive privilege.

    Now, because they DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB, Obama has done what all despots do….and that is to write his own laws.

    I support these agents 1000% in their suit against a LAWLESS PRESIDENT.

      1. Nope, I didn’t put them in office either. And I’m sick & tired of the “on the job training bama has done at our expense and 6 Trillion dollars to our economy.”

    1. They just had ICE agents take into custody an illegal that committed a civil crime & after they picked them up their superiors told them to release him. Hmmm after he gets released he may get it into his mind that he can do anything & get away with it. Let’s all remember this in Nov & vote accordingly, I know I will. Just proof read it & you can put your own punctuation in lol

      1. ICE should stand up to that disgusting Napolitano!!!! She is shameful in the way she does nothing but spend her time in Obam-ass’s back pocket. She should be dismissed and sent back to the slimy hole she came from. She is an embarrassment to womanhood. We must STOP the illegal immigrants, they are bankrupting our Nation and Obam-ass wants them to bring their low-live corrupt ways with them to lower our life style down to what they came from. I’m sick of their demands and of the entitlements they get. We must vote Obam-ass out of office and get our demands heard about sending the illegal immigrants back.

        1. The time to stand up to her is in November. We need to get rid of that whole mess. Vote against that disgusting excuse of a President and get rid of all his cronies in the Congress.

    2. This teacher is truly a genius!

      An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism would work, and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich – a great equalizer.

      The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan.”
      All grades would be averaged, and everyone would receive the same grade – so no one would have to fail, but no one would be able to receive an A.

      After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride, too, so they studied far less. The second test average was a D. No one was happy.

      When the 3rd test finally rolled around, the average was an F.
      As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased – but bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would agree to study for the benefit of anyone or everyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor explained to them that socialism would also ultimately fail for exactly the same reason – because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when someone (government) takes the reward away, no one will try or care enough to strive to succeed.
      Couldn’t be any simpler than that.

      Please pass this on. And, remember, there IS a test coming up, we can’t afford to fail in 2012

      1. Wonderful illustration. Kinda like the slacker carries an empty bucket to the well, but you have to fill it up to the brim and carry it back. That’s the way most users want to work, they do the light stuff or nothing but talk, and you do the back breaking, labor.

        Then they want 1/2 of all the money for doing next to nothin.

        1. The best article I have read was From a Black Bishop calls for all Christians To Leave The Democratic Party. His Name BISHOP EARLWALKER JACKSON Sr.the other Black Rev. William Owens is asking a Coalition Of African- American Pastors is calling on the Black people to sign a petition demanding 6he the Administration to withdraw support from electing Barack Obama.
          Hollywood is backing off supporting him. so far One Collage sent him a message not to speak on Campus..
          Looks like people are seeing him for the liar he is. He best set down and SHUT HIS MOUTH .Nothing but Lies ,Barack People have caught on to you and MOOshie LIES AND TELLING SUCH STORIES,
          I Feel sorry for those 2 Girls for what hey will be hearing, they will be so embarrassed.But there use to your lies and take them for the truth, they don’t know any better right now.
          You can still make them feel sorry for you and you can convince them people are picking on you and Michelle.
          Have they seen or met Larry?

        2. First you have to STOP Obam-ass’s LIES!!!! Now we have to vote out all the cowardly Demo-rats and Republicans in Congress. These people are aiding that disgusting Fraud President in the destruction if America.

        3. They said they will get rid of the gays later on and the gangs (blood & crypts) they won’t need them for anything after they do what was asked of them.

      2. Good points. When I taught college level science classes I reminded everyone that I could write “F” just as easy as I could wwrite “A”. I never graded on a curve. If the whole class got 100%, it didn’t matter, and it was my decision who failed a test. No one liked that approach either. Consequently those who worked hard either got an “A” or a “B”. There were very few “F’s”.
        They learned…rather quickly.
        (I fugured I had to work really hard to get through a Master’s Degree program, and a little hard work on the student’s part wouldn’t hurt ’em either).

    3. Yes they even said they would “Impeach them”at one time but that was sometime ago,we are still waiting for that to happen,no guts no glory???

  4. its a crying shame when our police have to step up an do something when the ones that we elected say an do nothing. we deserve better. we need people that will speak up an do something. put these do nothings on the street.

    1. Have you notice how many people with LOW MORALS he has put in office????
      He is Filthy and that makes him more comfortable to have the same Like minded people surrounding him.

  5. The sad thing is they have to use their own money and risk retaliation. This is something that all Americans should be behind and especially congress and the President who took the oath to uphold the constitution. I hope they are gettingwell funded by someone or some organization. What is the country coming to when people are not supposed to abide by the laws of the land. Thank heavens for these brave people and the navy seals finally speaking up.

    1. Gloria Wedemeyer…..I agree. There ought to be a website where we could donate some money to help them with their legal fees because what they are doing affects all of us.

    2. They probably found some lawyer that would do it for free to make a name for himself, or maybe the Romney campaign is paying for the attorney since he’s a Romney adviser.
      BTW Can we sue Congress for not doing their job?

  6. If my memory serves me correct an Executive Order is nothing more than an inter-office memo not law as it has become. So why are we following them as if they are law?

    1. Good question. Cause we’re clueless? We need help before he declares some other things I can’t even mention because they scare the hell out of me.

  7. The Congress needs to receive a wake up “VOTE” and end their incompetence. These agents are in effect risking all for their Country,their nation and the fabric of the CONSTITUTION which Congress has allowed to be trampled on over,and over yet as these brave men come forward,surprise! Suddenly a Congressman finds his nerve and decides to support them?
    This is backwards,we elected the Congressman to represent our interest and it is the Agents who have taken that responsibility,and this Congressman wants to gain political points from their actions?
    I have a very good idea,every congressman not supporting this through Congressional action,gets fired!
    They have just voted to give OBAMA seeking power to appoint department heads without their approval,now this issue has their support? The streamline legislation passed with overwhelming support,they continue to vote away our rights and now want to gain from these men’s stand for Justice?
    Terrible,they all need to go,and ROMNEY and any CONGRESS PERSON should be made to stand,a pledge to resign or remove every new LAW that has empowered the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to take away our rights,every Law with out exception must be voted down,or they all resign.
    Yet we will not see that kind of action from the Politicians,these men risk everything for us,the politicians risk nothing except for their own personal gain.
    Where is the outcry for their removal? Do we believe the powers they have taken,and the gains in unjust arrest,detainment,and abuse will not be used? Oh yes we have their word,trust us? Wake up America,these people are concerned with nothing more than self!
    The entire CONGRESS and SENATE,every Governor should stand up and be counted on this issue,LAW is Law?Not when the Law is a choice for some and a burden for others.

    1. W E need here here in CA. This state is run by a carbon copy of bho the ISLAMIST IN OFFICE – THE TWO OF THEM are determined to ruin our country – Neither follow the law of our land THE CONSTITUTION? Have you heard of it???

  8. Yes, go after her as she is one of the most incompetent appointee from Obozo. Holder is the worst but she comes in second.She puts those men in harms way every day because she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing.

  9. I hope they sue the you know what out of her. She looks like a guy. I can’t even stand to look at her , let along hear anything the lying heffer has to say.

  10. I will readily concur with any and all posters who have wondered where Jeff Sessions and the rest of these passive RINO’s have been for the past 2 years – I can understand it to some degree when the Dems controlled all three branches but that went out in Nov ’10.
    Are they suddenly coming out to show how tough they are because it is an election year or are they really going to get off their lazy butts and do what the majority of the American people sent them to D.C. to do.
    And quit kicking the can down the road.

  11. This is awesome! It’s up to our law enforcement, federal agents, and military to stand up against this tyrannical government – headed by Obama. If this continues to happen, citizens will follow, and we will win!

  12. I live in Tucson, and our borders are far from being secure. Our border patrol has been instructed to run, hide and throw things, and ICE refuses to answer our calls. It is nice to see some ICE agents sueing obama and Napolitano, if you would like to support them in their efforts there is a petition you can sign:

  13. Way to go men! One more person to get out of office is J. Neapolitano . She is a disgrace to this NATION’S CONSTITUTION!

  14. These guys are out there in places you would not believe on a daily nightly basis, risking there lives doing what they were hired and trained to do. Now some fool in a big office says, please dont hold those people. Let them go, We need their votes. We need to show a need to spend your money on their education, Medical needs and dont forget those baby tax credits. Oh they didnt pay taxes? Thats ok, we want to still pay them credits, and you dont mind if we use your taxes to give them do you?

    In the field the agents have no ready way to Identify who is a return criminal, Drug cartel member or what. So they have to process them in the field, hold them till transportation comes daily to pick them up and take them to a central pocessing station. There the ICE agents and those working for HLS and ICE are told to let them go. I have no clue what it takes to capture and process an illegal but it dont come cheap. To then just say let them go is so out there ridiculous I cant even begin to grasp it. Obama and his gang of thugs have to go and now.

  15. Just think! When we get rid of the community organizer, we’ll also get rid of Napolitano and the rest of the worst cabinet ever assembled in American history.


  17. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM…those members of congress, these so called representatives of the people…should be ashamed, should resign in disgrace, and be held in contempt by we the people…for failing so completely in their duties and sacred oaths to uphold the constitution and do the people’s business. It is time for the American people to PUNISH them at the polls…and punish them right out of office…forever.

  18. I am opposed to the Obama thugs, just telling us they will support certain laws and ignore others. I have also thought that the incentive to allow Obama such dictatorial power was the knowledge that they too (republicans) would someday have those powers at their disposal. I am as much opposed to the conservatives having this power as I am to the liberals having this power. EXECUTIVE ORDERS! I know that whatever party is in power thoroughly enjoys the power granted by “Executive orders”, yet the first thing Presidnt Romney needs to do is to limit and curtail the power of executive orders, and institute a method whereby executive orders can be successfully challenged by the party out of power. For instance, you could pass a law that says executive orders are only good for a limited time, such as 30 days, OR until passed by a simple majority of BOTH houses of Congress. If that were the case, the House, could have eliminated many of Obama’s power grabbing executive orders. Also, it should be noted that once an executive order has expired, after 30 days, it cannot be replaced by any similiar order, as a way of getting around the 30 day limit! Executive orders have been and will continue to be abused by both parties, but as shown by Obama, with the absolutely MASSIVE number of orders issued in the past 3 1/2 years, compared to previous presidents, the power is much more abused by democrats than republicans. Are people out there aware that Obama has signed over 900 executive orders? That is 900 laws “bypassed” around congress, …… laws that would NEVER get passed Congress! A huge USURPING OF POWER!

  19. Once Dirty Diaper Head Obama is removed from office this bimbo should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for treason, interfering with the action the police officers, endangering the lives of police officers and all the other despicable things that she’s done.

  20. Do any of you remember a DOJ which has sued as many states and/or individuals or decided not to enforce as many laws on the books as Obama-Holder’s DOJ? Or, as short a relative time as it has been in existence, an Obama-Incompolitano’s DHS which has refused to enforce as many laws on the books or been sued by its own subordinates?

    I think something is not only rotten in Denmark.

  21. obozo is a loser and so are the people he has choosen to be representative of his leadership. Gov Brewer and Sheriff Joe deserve a Medal of Honor for standing up to the deranged leadership they have to contend with. Such filth. Lookout Tampa, Here comes Sheriff Joe. Ooh rah!

  22. So this is where we’re at, agents must sue to do
    their job. What a said day it’s time for congress to do their job or get out.
    They should at least stop taking the pay checks and benefits they don’t deserve

  23. That Janet Napolitano, Holder, and Obama all need to be jailed along with Pelosi and Feinstein who are supposed to have signed off, some way on the final vetting of Obama. These people are allowing an invasion of criminals and foreigners into this country to finish breaking the finances of America and put such a burden on America as to thwart progress for her own Citizens. Those who aid and abet criminals are criminals. We are dealing with people who are criminals and who are in an attempt to overthrow this government.

  24. No good deed is ever left unpunished by this administration. These agents will pay for their lack of respect for the king and is fools. Meanwhile John Boehner and our toothless congress sit back and let the agents take the fall. Do you really expect to find a Judge in this country who cares what is right and wrong?

  25. May I ask you one and all. how many of you have contacted your congressmen and women and told them to do the job we sent them to Washington yo do? In 2010 we sent quite a few new members to congress. Has any of them stood up and demanded the executive branch stop breaking the laws? Has any of them done anything in support of we the people or have they all been happy to just give more power to the executive branch? They have excused themselves from the great burden of advising and consenting to Presidential appointments. They have sat by and watched the dictator issue ex orders by the handful and they have done nothing. Maybe its time for further changes.

  26. Oh yes Sessions and the rest of the gutless wonders will come out NOW! Why did it have to come to this? Why didn’t you and the rest of the Republicans in Congress FIGHT the control Obama has wrested for himself. Now our ICE Agents and SEALS have to risk their careers and lives because of your gutlessness.

    1. We should be hearing from more of you in Arizona so we know you appreciate what ICE is doing and what your Governor is doing also She’s one brave woman. love her

  27. Sounds like a union infiltrated this organization showing how the employees can demand better working conditions. Next they will demand: a minimum wage, 8 hour work shift, 40 hour work week, overtime pay, paid vacation and sick time, health insurance, pension, and allowed to take a break. What has happen to the great United States of America that was built on the toil and sweat of the many for the few?

    1. She’s no idiot, just pretends to be one. But yes, she is a bama puppet. Probably the best definition is a hand-puppet. She acts like she hasn’t a brain in her head, but she will do anything she’s asked to keep her stupid job. Another bent for hell fire.

  28. I live in Arizona and I can tell you that the entire time Janet Incompetano was Governor here she did everything in her power to keep the Arizona borders with Mexico open. She was always battling with both the Border Patrol and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The conservative people in Arizona grew to hate her and they had good reason.

    Incompetano was appointed Homeland Security Secretary precisely because of her open border position. Of course she lies about it, but like Obama, her actions speak a lot louder than her words.

    Obama’s cabinet and illegal cabinet (the Czars) are full of left wing radicals and most of them are totally unsuited (incompetent) for the jobs they are performing.

    1. And thank you for the info. I’ve always believed Janet played dirty pool and deliberately kept the borders open, then has the guts to say things are better when all of America know that nothing is better, if anything it’s worse.
      She lies all the time too, just like bama and his entire czar crew.

  29. we the people,who are the real government,we the people,do charge obama,holdup,napalitano with the murder of border guard brian terry,as under there watch fast and furious was in operation,and we charge ovomit/holdup/napalitano with the wrongful murder of border guard brian terry,we farther charge ovomit/holdup/napalitano/homeland security with allowing hate crimes to continue with the new black panthers,who engage in hate crimes.racial unrest,and intimadating voters in front of the polling/voting places.we demand the new black panthers,be immediately arrested and indicted for hate crimes against we the people,demand ovomit/holdup/napalitano for allowing this racial hatred/unrest to continue under your administration,we demand immediate arrests of ovomit/holdup/napalitano for this horrible racial unrest and for this dangerous racist atmosphere,we the people who are the real government,await your response on this horrible racial hatred,and lawless administration.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  30. I’m with the agents. Either let them do the job they are paid to do or send them home. Let Napolitano go out and get stabbed and shot at.

  31. I am so disgusted with the GOP not calling for impeachment for BO and the firing Janet Nappo. Nice to see ICE has some courageous people

  32. Yes…terrorists only cross the southern border “from time to time” according to our ex-governor, Janet. Isn’t that nice?????

  33. She don’t belong doing this job since she has no idea of what she is doing. She’s protects all the wrong people. Americans have no rights with this person in office, and congress is no better by letting her get away with the stuff she has been doing.

  34. Gov Brewer, ICE agents suing our own federal government to do it’s job…pitiful state of affairs in Washington DC, it’s time to get rid of these guys but I have a question, what is Mitt’s plan to fix immigration? Maybe I missed it but I’ve yet to hear anything that says he’ll round them up and send them packing and fix the borders.

  35. This is exactly why we need a third party. Simply overlook the all the violations that both parties commit to their oath of office and elect those that will honor their oath. Tea Party comes to mind. Save contributions to both major parties and get the ball rolling

  36. What WE THE PEOPLE need to do is VOTE………………
    1) out Obama………..
    2) his congressional minions………..
    3) mandate that ALL in Congress follow the LAW and the Constitution, not their personal or special interests!
    Every major issue in America should be VOTED on by AMERICAN CITIZENS, then Congress can legislate the law according to the wishes of the PEOPLE! Everyone should have identification and it should be required to vote. Everyone in America legally should not have a problem providing identification. This would eliminate the Demo rats from having illegal’s vote for “dead people”!

    We need to take back America by NOT allowing Congress to pass laws that only benefit them and the paying lobbyists. What Congress legislates for us must be good for them also, If they break the law then then go to jail in general population, lose their percs, lifetime healthcare, pensions etc……… its a long list of what they have done to benefit themselves at our expense). Their pension would be sent BACK to the social Security Administration and they would get only what any other American would get and the balance repaid to the SS for their theft over the years!
    Why are the Democrats so afraid of the truth? Everytime someone challenges them they go on the offense, ie BO and his real birth certificate, anyone who asks that question gets federal inquiries. FBI, IRS etc, just ask Joe A.
    If illegals under 30 can stay in America per BO then why have I seen no deportation of those over 31?
    The ” Democratic Party” is a contradiction in terms, they DO NOT practice DEMOCRACY or follow its principles.

  37. OATH BEFORE ORDERS ! ! ! YES ! ! ! Finally “some” law enforcement officers are standing fast to their Oath. Hope and Pray all will remember their Oath and do the same.

  38. we the people,who are the real government,do here by bring charges of the wrongful murder of border guard brian terry,under ovomit/holder/napalitano who were in charge of the operation of fast and furious,for which lots of guns,went into the hands of the mexican drug cartel,and one of said guns was found at the murder scene,of border guard brian terry.causing the wrongful murder of brian terry,we charge oboama/a/g holdup/janet napalitano,with derelict of dutys,incompetance of the handling of fast and furious,and the death of brian terry,we farthher charge,ovmit/holdup/napalitano,with the hate crime of the new black panties,for racism,inciting racial unrest,and intimadating voters in front of a voting poll,with threats of racial injustice,fear of bodily harm,as one of the new black panties,had a baton or a stick in his hand,we demand oboama,holdup and janet napalitano be immediately arrested for said crimes,against we the people,we the people await your response.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veternas/ nation under god

  39. This is news. What is the law suit: where was it filed when: who are plaintiffs and defendants ? Then, is there any real info on the state of this suit ?
    What’s has happned to the 10 plintiffs who filed ?

  40. It’ll be interesting to see what might happen to these agents. They’re not the first to take-on Obama. Sheriff Joe’s been doing so for the last couple of years. The difference? They can’t legally touch him, though they’ve tried. These agents are letting it all ‘hang out’ for truth purposes. I think they’ll try to fire them, first. After that fails (if it does) they’ll try reassigning them to very disagreeable tasks or downgrade them in an effort to get them to quit. Obama and his thugs are every bit a “mob” from Chicago. I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  41. I hope they take the same course of filing as Arizona did and avoid the Liberal judges. The question is will the Supreme Court do anything or make another horrible ruling like it did on the Affordable Care Act where they themselves violated the rules? The Supreme Court has no authority to change the wording of law, i.e., “tax” instead of “penalty”. That is clearly the responsibility of Congress. Judge Robert may have thought he was doing the right thing but now many view him as a coward and a Judas and he just may do this again.

  42. Janet will be MAD when those Men upend her DYKE HOUSE and her little DYKE’S for a NO NO Hope they take her for all she Worth JANET and BARRY what a pair a DYKE and a HOMO.

  43. Its truly BS that our own elected (use the term loosely) officials in Washington will not enforce our immigration laws because they say it is too costly and violates the rights of illegals and is racist, but when individual states take the reigns and enforce immigration laws like Ariz, La, Ala and Texas they (the government) spend millions of tax payer dollars fighting them in the courts. Can someone please explain why, I know one reason is to secure the Latin vote?

  44. It`s great to see that there are some people who still care about the constitution, their bosses may use it like they do charmin, but as the saying goes, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, so napolitano,our suppossed attorney general, and our head muslim in charge need to remember that

  45. Snippy as she’s refered to in Ariz. cause she is just that and did nothing for Arizona when Governer and doing the same now, in the job she was given cause of her poor record on immigration. Arizona does not want her back. Let her stay in D.C. with the rest of the losers.

  46. I pray that the ten agents that are suing the HLS and the Obama Administration can get some results. There are an awful lot of Judges that are in their pocket. Sad day for the USA.

  47. Most judges are cowards and have no idea what ” ILLEGAL” means. Obombnic and the Demorats have broken the law for years. Even the Supreme Court don’t understand what is legal and what is not:::: Roberts proved that.

  48. Sure hope ole’ Janet N. has something lined up for employment following her govt stint. She sure isnt’ cut out as an elected or nominated official.

  49. They ought to sue her for being terminally ugly, too. Don’t worry, guys. After we throw the bum out of office, you may just get to escort him the plane bound for Kenya or Indonesia.

  50. Butch Napolitano has really demonstrated how truly sick our once Honest and un-corrupt
    Goverment has become. How is possible for thinking people to sit quietly bye while the likes of Ms. Napolitano acts out a national disgrace ordered by a fraudulently elected Illegal Alien from Indonesia????????????????????????????????????????????

  51. Bless You All who haVE TO WORK WITH YOUR HANDS TIED…. Dont sue her and silly ass bunch she works with,,,, send them to Mexico,,, And while you are at it sennd Kathleen Syphillus as well.

  52. Having a republican congress hasn’t done much to change the way bho does business. I for one am a bit tired of hearing bho has made yet another end around congress and getting away with it. The dream act that congress or the people did not want but did not stop or the doj not upholding existing laws, congress is there to stop this kind of thing and the senate isn’t any better at stopping him, with democRATS in control. bho is not an American, he is a fraud, a lier, a muslim (why he lie’s), a marxist, socialist, communist, failure of a president. He can not stand on a good record because there is no good in his record(why he paid to hide them). His only stand is to point his finger at everyone that apposes him, or blame it on Bush. he tries to be little Romney and cries foul if Romney questions his actions, How childish can a president be? he is not who I want in for president. Vote for Romney and Ryan they are Americans first and are for America. WE have had enough of his hope and change WE need to see the dope in chains. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  53. It is truly a sad day for congress…when the rank and file ICE agents have to defend the constitution against the executive branch, when it is the congress that is assigned the duty to hold the executive branch accountable…the USELESS congress must be punished by the American people, with a vote to send them home. If you have been paying attention you know who is still trying to do their jobs…if you’ve watched the oversight hearings you know who is demanding answers…and who is trying to delay and deny any wrong doing… If you have not been paying attention…please do not vote…for you are no help and of no service to the nation.

  54. I am SO looking forward to all of the M’Bama sicko’s getting fired in January. Napolitano is high on my list……….

  55. GOOD! Sue the $hit out of them. I’m glad to hear that someones got a pair. Now we just have to see how far the suit will go.

  56. They think they are above the law so they ignore it,they just want votes,they are to lazy to do their part in protecting USAmericans,one” Federal Agent (border guard) was killed because of their gun deals with the mexican drug deals,both obummer and Eric holders
    finger prints are all over this,by a public trial “Hang them and Hang them High”on the Border so they can see them and are negligent of their duties both obummer and Eric holder.

  57. Great! Hang in there and make sure you have backs protected. It’s time law and order comes to the borders and not this hanky-panky stuff that “someone” dreamed up.

  58. I thought there were Laws to prosecute Elected or Appointed Public Officials who refuse to Prosecute and uphold the Law. These people are usually charged with Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Non Feasance while in Office which are Felonies and they should be charged as such

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