If You Believe the President, I Have a Bridge to Sell You

On Thursday, President Obama paid a visit to Cincinnati, Ohio were he gave a speech on his jobs bill.  One of the items mentioned in his jobs bill is the replacement of the Brent Spence Bridge.  This bridge connects Cincinnati to northern Kentucky and carries all of the traffic for Interstates I-71 and I-75.

The President said that his choosing to speak there had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with promoting his jobs bill.  He went on to say:

“Now, the bridge behind us just happens to connect the state that’s home to the Speaker of the House with the home state of the Republican leader in the Senate…Just a coincidence.  Purely accidental that that happened…The reason I came here is because Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell are the two most powerful Republicans in government.  They can either kill this jobs bill, or they can help us pass it… Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell, help us rebuild this bridge.  Help us rebuild America. Help us put this country back to work. Pass this jobs bill right away.”

If you truly believe that the President’s choice to speak at the base of that bridge had nothing to do with politics, I’ll sell you that bridge and several others along with it.  Interestingly, I did a little research and learned that the Brent Spence Bridge is already scheduled for replacement in the future and the President’s jobs bill may help send some funds to help pay for it, but it won’t do anything to make it happen any faster than is already planned.

The one thing he said that may hold some truth is that Boehner and McConnell may be the key factors as to whether or not Obama’s jobs bill gets passed.  For the sake of the nation, I truly hope and pray that these two leaders have enough intelligence to see that the jobs bill is nothing more than a guise to raise taxes.  It will not create more jobs and in fact, may actually cut jobs.

House Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell need to stand firm and reject the President’s jobs bill and not compromise in any way shape or manner like they did on the debt crisis issue in August.

52 thoughts on “If You Believe the President, I Have a Bridge to Sell You

      1. He doesn't even know how since he has no clue as to the real answers to the needs of the economy. He would be a true asset if he would just keep his mouth shut because every time he does anything it makes matters worse!

    1. I agree and he is doing this on our dime! We should insist that he pay the taxpayers back for all of his photo ops and campaigning that he has done with our money. The rest of the candidates are not getting to use tax dollars to campaign. It is time to bring this nonsense to a halt!

  1. They should give him the tax hikes, the $500 billion and watch as unemployment as goes up. Than we can be guarantied that we will not have 4 more years of the lies this 1/2 muslim gives us!

  2. Obama is out campaigning and doing it on our tax money. And whatever happened to the 2 $1.2 million black buses that he had built in Canada? The DNC should be paying for these trips and they should lease the buses to help pay for them.

    1. The 2 million dollar a piece buses is nothing compared to Obozo's 250 million dollar travels so far. Lets not forget Michelle's 20 assistants and her vacations with her friends and relatives on our dime. I believe Barbara Bush had one assistant. Obozo believes he is a KING and we should all bow down to him, unfortunately he does not learn from his errors. Does Michelle Obozo feel proud to be an American now?

  3. The people are tired of listening to the usurper. He has become a pariah! If anyone believes anything this idiot says, they are trully brain dead. My fondest wish is that he would be struck by lightening.

    1. Don, I agree, anyone that believes anything this thieving moronic idiot has to say is as Dain Bramaged as he is. This jerk is already dead from the neck up and always has been. I had received a joke awhile back about Air Force One crashing with him on there, everyone on board was killed except him, the plane crashed on a farm and the farmer burried everyone on board including this moron. When the Police arrived they said that was the presidents plane did anybody survive, the farmer said well Odumbo said he was alive but we all know how he lies, so we burried him too. He should be burried alive and forgoten about as a nightmare. This jerk has got to go, impeach him now and put him and ALL of his family in prison for 20 years then deport their asses.

  4. what the big chief of nothing forgot to say is the bridge is scheduled to be repaired in 2014
    he is just running around thinking he is smarter than every one else, boy what a waste of 4 years and I HOPE
    he is run out of DC in 2012 we can NOT afford 4 more years of do Nothing oblammer.

  5. In case you didn't hear him, he said "Pass this jobs bill right away." The most bridges BHO is responsible for are Bridge Cards.
    What BHO says: Commit 1/2 Trillion dollars (plus interest) to create jobs and improve infrastructure.

    What Reid hears: "Harry, let's not worry about reducing debt. Let's work on the 2012 election. The strategy should be destroy more jobs and buy more votes. That way, people become increasingly hostile toward employers and increasingly dependent on government–and me. I, the government, can offer amnesty to multi-year tax dodgers like Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet if they'll play my games. They have to sing our praises, so we won't slam the books on them. We'll have their unions and Acorn do it for us." Progressive/fascist language is not so difficult to understand. He intends to fundamentally transform America. Harry gets it. Don't you?

  6. On one hand Obama asks for the jobs bill to be passed and on the other he approves the new NAFTA of The Pacificthat will cost millions of jobs for Americans.

  7. This " bill " is nothing but union workers and Illegal Aliens . So they will vote for Comrade Obama . For the rest of us , a new tax . Every bill that Comrade Obama comes up with , is nothing but new taxes , or raise the taxes that are already in place . But , didn't Comrade Obama say that he won't raise or make new taxes , in a recession ? I guess we aren't in one now . Or ……… ARE WE ?
    If you look at what Comrade Obama did so far , NOTHING but raise taxes , and made us BUY his " Obamacare " , whether we want it or not . It will raise taxes , and raise health care . It already did . Now he saying that it's the Republicans who are stalling the economy , by not passing his " American Jobs " , which , will raise our taxes again , and it won't bring any new jobs . The people who own a company , aren't going to hire new people as long as " Obamacare " is on the table , they don't want to pay for more healthcare than what they already have . The only people who get anything from his " job " bill are the unions . He won't let the oil companies to drill oil , as he said before , he wants us to pay the same price as the Europeans are , 10 bucks for a gallon of gas . His " green jobs " were nothing but a smoke screen , look at the money that HE make for his Buddies who own Solyndra and Squaredbox , ( or whatever the name is ). Those " solar energy " is nothing but a way for China to buy out those companies , look at how many jobs that they lost . The wind mills are nothing but a waste of money . It costs too much to build them . He shut down his Birth Certificate , his schooling , by having the court ordered sealed of them . What is he hiding ? That's is the question that we should DEMAND to answer from him .

  8. This proves again how deceptive this president is and what lengths he will go to in leading the misinformed and gullible to their ruin as he feathers his political nest.

  9. Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell, don't rebuild this bridge instead let's rebuild America. Kill the jobs bill and stop brow beating the freshmen, they have it right, you two don't know it all. Just for the heck of it try doing what your constituency wants done. Get the government and the progressive/socialists out of the way and let the business world work.
    We can become a great Nation again, listen with your ears, not your mouth!

    1. Alive and well — and even more crooked that his father was. The apple not falling far from the tree? While on the subject os unions — sewer workers in New York City — union members — are earning more than a $100,00 annually, with most putting in enough overtime to take home over $170,000. I respect every citizen who works for a living, and think they are entitled to fair pay — but is this not just a LITTLE ridiculous???

  10. There are not as many brain dead folks out there as one thinks. We woke up, did the homework, and know we have a long hard job of getting America back the way it should be. We vote, we take names of those who cave in and when, not if, they come up for re-election we vote them out. The reason there is no spokesmen is because we don't care what party you are, we will remove dishonesty and corruption out – no matter where it is. This is the goal of the Tea Party and that one only. Less Government and more freedom given us by the constitution. We don't get mad, we get even,

  11. DT
    I need infrastrutures to build a giant bridge across pacific ocean from Los Angeles to China that is an easy access to drive to Beijng to beg and bow Hu, a communist dictatorship loan U.S. some more money!!!

  12. According to what Fox just reported, that bridge behind him is scheduled to be torn down because it's unsafe at any speed — and a new bridge replacing it has alreadybeen built! Way to go, Barrack. Who does your research? That's why all the locals in the audience were looking at each other in confusion and disbelief!

    1. Wrong! This bridge between Cincy and KY is fine, and with the usual, normal repairs, will last a very long time. The only problem is that there is more traffic now than when it was built. What is being added is another bridge to handle the overload. Dumbo's only reason for going there was an attempt to embarrass Boehner and McConnell while ptiching a jobs bill which hasn't been written. Campaigning strategy, liberal syle – a knife in the back.

      Further investigation found all the 143 large bridges in KY, if I remember the number correctly, are quite safe and without a need to be torn down or replaced.

  13. if anyone believed this mans speach he must not have a mind to think with,because he has no intention to make a differents in our country,this is another scam put together by his clowns to make you think he is doing his job,he is a uless talking piece of crap,that will never do nothing but talk get out obacrap,we really have no need for you at all you will never gain my vote ,your a liar and a no good peace of crap,the governer of ohio is just as bad if not worse,he is totally unfit for the job and i will not revote for him,he is the worst that came along ever,leave our retirements alone and quit selling our state and you of never should of sold the prisons dumbass,you leaders need to quit selling our country,and resign all of you

  14. After a few beers in the rose garden he will tell you anything you want to hear. MMMMMMMMM it don't even take a few beers does it. May because he can't read his teleprompter. And again maybe he just doesn't know when he is lying.

  15. This idiot-in-chief wasted $181,000 per hour times 4 hours flying air force one round trip for a 17 minute speech that made absolutely no sense, just to brag about a falling bridge over trouble waters… Our tax money could have been used to hire at least 10 people at close to $70,000/yr…Now…why would we do that? He has the right as the Fake Prophet to use that money for his reelection's slush fund…AND how about all his other trips? We would be able to hire quite a few more…Something should be done to stop him…

    Did anyone hear him say this platitude: " We're the country that built the INTERCONTINENTAL RAILROAD" AND MSNBC did not report this gaffe either, did they? BUT, they are on his side…Ozero cannot do anything wrong…please lets keep this moron's platitude going…too bad NO video of it…so …

    1. My response is now being moderated. Lets see if they have what it takes to post it. Nothing vile, just my opinion to the negative on Dumbo and Gore.

        1. Stated the $ spent by Dumbo and Wide fanny could run a small business for years, without debt. OUR money at that. Simply expounded somewhat more eloquently.

    BRIDGE FOR SALE!!!!!! BRIDGE FOR SALE!!!!!!!!! A bargain at only a uh TRILLION DOLLARS. Honest; you won't find one like her any where else. Well; maybe just above the next pile of rust but trust me – oh yes – give me all of your money; your liberty; any and all you have. Trust me!

  17. Again????? The long hand of government must be upon me to crush my voice. I guess I will have to learn all sorts of four letter words and vile acts to become accepted amongst the hoard. If so please let me know and I will seek out the greener pastures freedom affords.
    I can't imagine myself as any threat. Who am I? Certainly not John Gault! If they exist please state your rules. The one's at least that don't change with the political climate.
    WHAT GIVES?????

    1. I'd like to hear their reasoning as well. Perhaps a list of key words they use to have the computer made these decisions.

      The local paper where I live has gone so far as to remove the "offending" 3 letters in embarrassment. Talk about censorship, some of these blogs have gone well beyond ridiculous.

      1. Must be something of that sort. Key words and that kind of thing. It is becoming more difficult to navigate all the various taboos put upon our language. What is most telling though is that truly disgusting language and innuendo are permitted. Not necessarily critiquing the censors on this page but "what gives"? It feels a lot like social justice. Depends on from where you look as to what that means. Oh ya; and it depends on the definition of "IS". It's an IVY LEAGUE thing. It takes an awful lot of money to confuse the meaning of "IS".


    Once the above is understood , we may begin the arduos task of recovering our economy.

    To understand what we must do, we must know what we did that got us into the situation we find ourselves in.

    Lower wages, less regulation and greed on the part of some, caused the OUTSOURCING and OFFSHORING
    of American jobs to other countries and creating UNEMPLOYMENT within our workforce.
    To address this in an honest fashion we must confront the denial of facts and stop creating boogeymen as a panacea for what is a major problem in our out of work populace.
    Citing one example in particular is our apparel industry which as late as the 1960's employed approximately 700,000 and is today virtually non-existant. (to verify this fact, go to any department store and read the label where it says "made In"

  19. Dear Mr President,

    There is only one way to get jobs in this country, and get America back on it's feel again. But we must first put a few people out of work. You are at the top of my my list, and I hope to do that next year, id they don't impeach you first….

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