I’m in Shock — ACLU Supports Chick-Fil-A!

When mayors of major cities came out and said that they would deny a business license to Chick-Fil-A because of the beliefs of the president of the company, I wondered if the ACLU would get involved.

While the ACLU supports homosexual marriage, and I suspect will also support transgender and polygamous marriages when the cases come up for legal challenged, has denounced the comments of the mayors. Adam Schwartz, senior attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, told Fox News, “When an alderman refuses to allow a business to open because its owner has expressed a viewpoint the government disagrees with, the government is practicing viewpoint discrimination.”

The ACLU and other liberal legal advocacy groups understand that if liberals can discriminate against conservatives in liberal cities, conservatives will be able to discriminate against the liberal viewpoints of business owners.

I firmly believe that if liberals could get away with it, they would be all for viewpoint discrimination. In fact, if liberals ever get the majorities in Congress and the courts, I believe that we will see viewpoint discrimination. Liberal hypocrisy is a given. Consider Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago who condemned Chick-fil-A and told the media that he would see to it that Chick-fil-A did not get a business license, had no problem bringing Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam to his city to help with gang violence.

Farrakhan opposes homosexual marriage as does Islam in general. Farrakhan also opposed President Obama’s support of homosexual marriage. Keep in mind that it was Emanuel who said that the values of Chick-fil-A “aren’t Chicago’s values.” And Farrakhan’s are?

Farrakhan said a number of so-called homophobic remarks, even taking a few rhetoric shots at President Obama. “Now I’ve never heard from Michelle that our brother, you know, was absent from duty. But he’s the first president that sanctioned what the scriptures forbid.”

There it is. Farrakhan made it clear that the Scriptures — the Bible — forbid homosexual marriage. Millions of Americans believe the same thing and have voted not to enact homosexual marriage in 31 states.

The president of Chick-fil-A believes Scripture supports marriage between a man and a woman. So why is Chick-fil-A not welcomed in Chicago but the anti-homosexual-marriage Louis Farrakhan welcomed with open arms?

Farrakhan is a liberal tool. He will be used, like blacks are always used by liberals, to advance the prospects of the Democratic party.

410 thoughts on “I’m in Shock — ACLU Supports Chick-Fil-A!

    1. By your vague response, I’m not sure of your leaning. If you as a true American and believe that it is right to protest the right of another American to run a business and still believe that that business should be shut down because the owner believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, then in my humble opionon, you are not for the Constitution.

    1. Seems that way, but I am happy to mention this is the second time in the last 45 days or so they’ve done something right. The other time was when they declared the travesty legislation called NDAA/2012 (National Defense Authorization Act) that trashes Constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure, first amendment protections of free speech, and a number of other very frightening things.

      1. People are starting to wake up to what this administration has done to this country. If you watch people it’s not until they’ve either lost, or getting ready to loose a part of freedom, that they’ll be up in arms trying to get back. Freedom isn’t something given to you at birth. You’ve got to earn it. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about all these welfare bums out there who think that they deserve to get everything for free, at other peoples expense.

        1. You mean “lose,” not “loose”. The first rhymes with “booze,” the second rhymes with “goose.” Nobody’s expecting you to learn to think, but please at least learn to spell.

        2. Oh yeah? Well who are you to lecher me and my brother on spelling, and such? I served my country as a reserve officer in the Safety Patrol, before I dropped out of school to get a job at the car wash. Nobody better get between me and my Freedumb!

      2. Perhaps true, it appears so, but please notice the “thing” they are doing. They made a statement. Meaningless. What are they doing? Nothing, because they could care less, they are just saying this to prevent their obvious ever present hipocracy. I promise you, They will “DO” nothing. Just keep watching. They are truly dedicated to the service of the one who wants you and me destroyed.

        1. The ACLU can’t do anything other than file lawsuits. Realistically, Obama can’t do much to this country and its people other than really piss us off and I think he’s succeeded in that endeavor. He’ll be gone in January, less than 6 months. All the hyperbole about Obama is just that.

        2. Wow, are you ever STUPID. Obamacare alone will permanently DESTROY our economy as well as our healthcare. How about a 5 TRILLION $$ deficit & 15 + TRILLION $$ debt, no problems there. Then there is the 17 to 20% REAL unemployment, tell those people that Obama hasn’t really done any damage.
          Go ja ck off to your Soros pics & crawl back to your basement, troll.

        3. You have a serious problem if you do not understand how our system works. I was writing about the ACLU and the power of the executive branch. You also have a problem understanding what is acceptable discourse on these boards. If you want to call people names, go to HuffPo and fly your false flag over there, lib.

        4. Excuse me, I just wandered in here by accident. Do you know what room the A.A. is meeting in?

        1. My God can lick both of your Gods, even with several of his arms tied behind his back!

    2. I think the liberals get a little shaken when they see loss of freedoms pushed too far because they know it can come their way too. Just like Obama tried to suppress the freedom of some TV and radio reporters in the first part of his regime, which were conservative, the liberal reporters came to their aid because they saw that if the conservatives could get silenced, then they might be too.

      1. PMDavis, Unfortunately most Americans don’t care what happens until it happens to them directly. Everybody thought the smoking ban was great, until it turned into the food ban, soft drink ban and obese people ban. Once the government realized it could get away with taking personal liberties, with the support of militant non-smokers, it pushed the envelope to include taking away other’s personal liberties. I wonder how obese, non smoking New Yorkers, who used to enjoy a 16 oz soft drink and a twinkie like it now? Or perhaps the non-smoking PTA mom that sent her child to school with a home made lunch, only to find out big sister says it’s unhealthy and unedible. Smoking may disturb some people, but not standing up for smokers rights has caused the even more disturbing situation of losing personal liberties…but only if it happens to them.

    3. Exactly what I thought just reading the headline… and that this is their TOKEN case to look unbaised. One positive does not undo 50 million negatives…. but to them it will.

      1. I agree totally. You can bet that the ACLU thinks they have something to gain by backing Chic-fil-A. They are not doing it out of a sense of fairness or to support the rights of a Christian business. The ACLU, in this instance, is a wolf in sheeps clothing. They have been on the destructive side of issues too many times and for too long.

        1. They are not doing it out of a sense of fairness or to support the rights of a Christian business. They are doing it to defend civil liberties – yours and mine. Period. End of story. Now go back to sleep.

        2. Soros has hiss bu tt cheeks spread, media matters troll, run along, you don’t want sloppy seconds.

      2. They have supported the first Ammendment rights of Nazis and the KKK. You really don’t know anything about the ACLU do you?

      1. I see what you did there. You took the acronym of a group that you disagree with, and then replaced the actual name with embarrassing words that matched the original acronym! Great! No way could anyone from an opposing viewpoint match that brilliant strategy!

        And to top it off, you regurgitated the “broken clock” platitude, which has been cited on this site no less than three dozen time, already!

        You really should have your own show on FOX News! SERIOUSLY, please call them. I know some people. Let me know if I can help.

        1. I’ll guess you did not figure out the February 29th part of my comment so let me splain it to you. February 29th only happens once every 4 years (it is called “Leap Year”). So, while others have used the “broken watch” platitude, I qualified what I meant. There is no way the ACLU can be right twice a day, every day.

          You are correct about my “disagreeing” with the “American Collection of Losers and the Useless.”

        2. Oh, I understood the February 29 thing. I just assumed it was so obvious that no comment was required. Apparently, I was wrong.

    4. Actually, it’s not a matter of the ACLU getting it right. The ACLU founder Roger Baldwin believed that it was important to appear non-partisan in order to promote and pursue his communist agenda. This is more by design than having to do with supporting Chick-fil-A. They’re (Chick-fil-A) are nothing but pawns in the scope of things.


      1. They will show their true beliefs on the homosexuals when the time is right for them to do so. Until then, they will use them to further their agenda.


      2. That’s not what the Koran says, and by disrespecting the Koran, you’re also disrespecting the Bible. By just saying that I can see that you’re just as ignorant as Obama! The Islam faith has nothing to do with these radical fanatics. Muslim people (not the government) are a very peaceful people. It’s their fanatical government that’s the problem. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! If you went in there and gave them democracy, they would be no different than we are!

        1. @Daniel Spickard, Have you read the Quran(Koran)? It does say to make the infidel/non-Muslim either submit to Islam or to kill the non-believers. Islam also does allow its followers to lie if it furthers the cause of Islam. So Day8293A was a lot closer to the mark than you. There is almost no such thing as a moderate Muslim, unless he or she is non-practicing. Read the Koran and the Muslim Mafia. Political power and their theology are intertwined and inseparable. Islam is incompatible with our Constitution and founding beliefs. But the story is about the ACLU inadvertently doing the right thing and actually supporting a Christian business over two mayors who made very bigoted remarks. Surprising.


        3. There is a key on your keyboard labeled “caps lock.” Press that sucker once. The little light will go out, and then you won’t look so much like a complete tool when you comment on public forums such as this.

    2. Huge amounts of money and power from the gay lobby. They spread their wealth to each other in exchange for silence.

  1. If the liberals succeed in prevailing in our country, we may see the answer to a question I had about WWII. The Germans proposed to take over the world and kill all nonAryans to establish a glorious future for the world. However, their best allies were the Imperial Japanese, also racist, but who were about as nonaryan as one can get. If the Axis powers had prevailed in WWII, what would have happened between the Nazis and their “honorary aryan” Japanese allies?
    If the liberals succeed in taking over, and Farrakhan doesn’t have enough guns on his side, thel liberals will killl him along with the Christians who object to same sex marriage. Christian heretics who accept it will be allowed to live and work in this country, though. You see, liberals believe that those who are capable of being “reeducated” should be grudgingly tolerated.

    1. Seriously, dude, try to get out of the basement once in a while. And maybe get some counseling. Xanax might help.

    1. most of chicago doesn’t even want to talk about obama…never mind have him in their state…he’ll have top move to kenya in jan!!! poos soul hee heee

      1. Some village in Kenya is missing their idiot !! Unfortunitely, we have him and he lives in the White House with the other idiots !!

        1. After Jan. they’ll have to call in the exterminators, the fumigators, and the painters to get all the cock roaches, the sh** off the walls, and repaint the house white before Mitt Romney can move in. Wander how much that’s going to cost the taxpayers?

        2. I’m sure some of the businesspeople “that didn’t do that” would be glad to donate their time to cover all the slime up and spray for left over liberals !

        3. I took a tour of the White House when I was on vacation, and the bathrooms all seemed to be pretty clean. I stole a roll of toilet paper, hiding it in my purse; and used it when I got home. It was pretty soft, but I’ve had better.

          I miss “Lassie.” That was a good show. Jeff was way better than Timmy. Timmy can go burn in the fires of Hell.

          Why do they always give you your pills in a little white cup? “What’s up with that?” as Seinfeld would say.

        1. He must have converted to Islam ! I do know some people that are raised Jewiish that are very liberal, though. Not those that have been there, done that, though.

        2. Uh-um…..are you sure? God’s word warns us about the ‘fakes’ pretending to be of our brother Judah but are fakes. Read about them in God’s word. Kenites. Children of Cain; the first murderer, whom God stated to Cain that he was of his father, satan. Satan has children too; the ‘tares.’ The troublemakers in Israel today are the one and same; fakes. Discernment and truth about them will make it easy to spot them. Read up/study “Parable of the Fig tree.”

        1. Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take you…to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama…Key Largo, Montego, baby, why don’t we go…down to Kokomo.

  2. Well, will wonders never cease! And for once I agree with them. The tyrants of the left will do and say anything to stop freedom of speech (unless it agrees with their agenda!), freedom of religion, and even freedom of thought. And if they could control thought, they’d try!

        1. You do realize that our country was founded by mostly atheists and agnostics, right? The reason people fled this country was to escape religious persecution.

        2. This is a lie taught by the socialist public schools. Why don’t you go back and read what the founders actually wrote and thought. It most certainly WAS founded by Christians.

        3. What horse-manure. The “religious persecution of which you speak was real enough but their reason for coming was to enjoy the benefits of being able to praise and honor God in their own way, rather than the way dictated by their government.

          “mostly atheists and agnostics”? Absolutely false. If you think otherwise, prove it.

        4. Uh, I do not know where that claim originated! With the exception of Ben Franklin, a self professed agnostic, our Founders were DEVOUTLY Christian; they both wrote and stated that this was a “….Christian Nation founded on Christian principles..”. They escaped religious persecution of those who had different Christian views are were willing to violently persecute them; but the notion that the Founders were not Christians is, simply put, errant nonsense. (They clearly state that our Rights were Individual and God-given – or the result of Natural Law, from a non-religious standpoint like Franklins). But atheists? Man, you have never taken a history course if you think that is the case!

    1. Ever notice how the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seems to take on only cases that are anti-Christian – pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, anti-family, pro-pornography, pro-prostitution, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual, pro-infanticide, pro-crime, pro-humanism, anti-God — and, except for atheism, anti-religion?

      It calls itself the American Civil Liberties Union, but the ACLU is not American; it is uncivil (to the unborn, which are shredded mercilessly to pieces without anesthetic); and it knows nothing of true liberty, which can only be found in Jesus Christ, when one is set free from the bondage of all the SIN this evil organization PROMOTES!

      The ACLU’s founder, Roger Baldwin, stated: “We are for SOCIALISM, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself… We seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the SOLE CONTROL of those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM is the goal.” (Source: Trial and Error, by Geo. Grant)
      The ACLU is destructive to the fabric of our society. Christians must recognize Satan as the source – the instigator – when the end results of an organization’s efforts are only “to kill, to steal, and to destroy.” All we need to is examine the (rotten) fruit.

      Following are some of the stated goals of the ACLU, from its own published Policy Issues:

      ❊ the legalization of prostitution (Policy 211);

      ❊ the defense of all pornography, including CHILD PORN, as “free speech” (Policy 4);

      ❊ the decriminalization and legalization of all drugs (Policy 210);

      ❊ the promotion of homosexuality (Policy 264);

      ❊ the opposition of rating of music and movies (Policy 18);

      ❊ opposition against parental consent of minors seeking abortion (Policy 262);

      ❊ opposition of informed consent preceding abortion procedures (Policy 263);

      ❊ opposition of spousal consent preceding abortion (Policy 262);

      ❊ opposition of parental choice in children’s education (Policy 80)

      — not to mention the defense and promotion of euthanasia, polygamy, government control of church institutions, gun control, tax-funded abortion, birth limitation, etc. (Policies 263, 133, 402, 47, 261, 323, 271, 91, 85).

      Following is a case in point (from David Barton’s “America: To Pray or Not to Pray”).
      In 1988, California was considering adopting legislation on sex education for public schools requiring that course material and
      instruction should stress that monogamous heterosexual intercourse within marriage is a traditional American value.
      The Senator promoting the bill received a letter of protest from the ACLU dated April 18, 1988 stating:

      “It is our position that monogamous, heterosexual intercourse within marriage
      as a traditional American value is an unconstitutional establishment of religious
      doctrine in public schools…. We believe [this bill] violates the First Amendment.”

      Truth is, liberals are unwilling to simply let others be, but rather seek to impose their UNgodliness upon Christians. It is a mission to
      them and other atheists to pervert the freedoms of others. The ACLU does not run to the defense of those who are harmed; it aggressively
      seeks out opportunities to corrupt pure freedoms.
      George Grant, author of “Trial and Error,” puts the ACLU’s annual budget (1993) at $14 MILLION (FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) – much of which is “SUPPLIED BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER through the Federal program mandated by the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fee Awards Act of 1976. If the ACLU wins a case that involves a public institution, for instance, the organization collects the full legal fees of its attorneys even though those attorneys offered their services pro bono (without charge).

      1. They should have to provide their own $$$$$ and leave the taxpayers’ money alone. We do not need this anti-American group. Perhaps they could get sponsorship from Soros or Putin.

        1. How about going to court to get the Ten Commandants removed from the Alabama court house? Judge Roy Moore, a real Christian, was willing to risk all for love of our Lord, refusing to remove it. He is no longer a judge but if “We The People” had good sense, he would be the one running against Obama.
          No matter what he could or could not do, at least we would know he would tell it like it really is – you know, the thing we haven’t had in almost four years now – called the truth!
          Who do you think has been going to court againt the Christians? Who is it that fights to get crosses removed? The ACLU! Personally I’m a proud member of the ACLJ and I wouldn’t touch the ACLU with a ten foot pole.
          Please if you want some real truth why don’t you read anything and everything written by “Raymond”? I believe the uniform is USMC, but he is knowledgeable and gives good answers with respect for the reader and without a nasty mouth or malice! He seems to have the self respect that most men nowadays have little of and respect for others as well.

        2. Ray, may I ask what you think you accomplished by saying that?
          Haven’t you ever heard the old expression that, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”?
          More people listen to a kind voice and decent words and tend to remember what was said. Fewer people pay attention when all that comes out of a persons mouth is crap.
          If you want to make an impression on anyone – even the person you reply to, then my advise is to clean up you act young man!

        3. Brad, are you sure you haven’t gotten the ACLU mixed up with the ACLJ?
          Sorry to disagree with you and no disrespect intended, but you must either be very young, unlearned or unread.
          I am a proud member of the ACLJ and wouldn’t touch the ACLU with a ten foot pole. Why? Because I do read, I do listen to “both” sides and, sorry but you are really off base on this subject. Please check this out for yourself. Go on google and find out how many cases they have ever had against the government. Now if you check how many times they have gone against a Christian, or the Ten Commandants, or the removal of crosses… the cases will be vast. You’ll find the ACLU taking them to court and the ACLJ fighting against them.
          If you will just take the time to educate yourself with some of the history of the ACLU and are a decent human being, you will find it very hard to stand up for them or be so misled in the future.
          The only reason the ACLU stood up for Chick-Fil-A is because they could hardly do otherwise and still expect any intelligent people to stay in their corner. It’s a very cut and dried case really.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          These messages should be kept decent so grannies like me can read and reply without feeling shamed. So I do hope you are a big person Brad and will overlook any who may make nasty remarks or show disrespect just because they don’t agree with your opinion. That’s the reasoning of the left… Their opinion or no opinion and they don’t even seem to realize how they come across. I guess they just have little to say that is worth reading or a very limited vocabulary.

        4. You are correct, Roger Baldwin understood that it was
          important to “APPEAR” nonpartisan in order to push forward his communist

        5. Only fights the government??? What fantasy world do you inhabit? They fight against any individual or organization that professes the Founder’s views on Individual rights – look at their SUPPORT of Gun Control, when they should be opposing it. Where they obtain their money is a moot point; if not from taxpayers, then from wealthy subversives like George Soros of Obama’s buddy (Terrorist) Bill Ayers.

        1. Hey! That’s the same method I use on the toilet when I’m constipated!

          If it feels like I’m going to be on the pot for a while, I’ll take my Smith & Wesson and a recent copy of “Guns & Ammo.” They have some decent articles, but I wish they weren’t so long, and use so many words I have to look up in a dictionary.

        2. Heywood, THEY are adamant about allowing guns! But only THEIRS! If WE are unarmed we’re easier to control! I for ONE was controlled by two ex’s and will NOT give up my rignts again!! Now, I am in “control”! Of My 357!

        3. Hey, I’m a delegate to the 2012 Republican Convention, and I’ve already shipped my piece to my brother-in-law in Tampa. He’s in position to tape my piece to the bottom of a certain chair. ‘Nuff said.

          Needless to say, if a firefight breaks out on the floor, I’ll come up smelling like a rose.

        4. I guess you know that is not legal, at least it wasn’t back in 1986 when I did the same thing.

        5. You go, Jeter! I’ll give you a big high five when I see your body being carried out on the six o’clock news!

        6. Since when did being liberal, conservative, Dem. or Rep. or anything else have anything to do with education? Anyway some people are just poor spellers or, in my case I have to watch very carefully as whenever I type on “grandfather politics” my keyboard becomes slow and skips letters. Only time I have the problem.
          When it comes to lack of education, many didn’t get the extra help that was needed, many didn’t come from families that put proper value on it, and many kids just didn’t care and followed the crowd.
          We can really do other’s damage if we don’t think before we speak or throw out an insult.
          There’s a saying, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
          If more people would just remember that, then maybe there would be less fighting and more understanding.
          Just my opinion of course as the America I was fortunate enough to grow up in was a much happier and safer place.

        1. You are a lunatic. The ACLU does NOT support the Constitution. Only a traitorous liberal would think that.

        2. Hogwash indeed!! The ACLU is vermin and should be outlawed. It represents everything that’s wrong with this country.

        3. Yeah! Outlaw free speech that I disagree with! That’s the kind of First Amendment I could get behind!

        4. NO they don’t. And you libs saying they do, doesn’t prove anything. All that proves is your total ignorance to believe what some party tells you over FACTS that are verifiable with a little research on your part.

      2. Please provide a verifiable link to your referenced so-called “published policy issues;” you lying, contemptible, sad sack of sh*t. You are a disgrace to our nation for making up these lies, and trying to pass them off as fact to the gullible troglodytes who read this swill. “Gawrsh, if Raymond said so, and put it in a list of stuff, then it must be true!”

        1. Why? Sgt.Rock doesn’t know how to search for facts and truth? Liberals always ask this question. It’s obvious they apparently can’t research or can’t read news articles, books, newspapers or read the sources themselves and go to those sources and read read read. That’s ALL you have to do, but you won’t. Even if we post the entire list of sources you won’t even bother to look up one. Why? Because liberals CHOOSE to just believe whatever someone with a “D” after their name tells them. enjoy your trip. Your future ain’t looking too bright as long as you continue down the ‘fools’ road.

        2. Put up, or shut up, hosebag. Raymond put up a big list of lies which he misrepresented as “facts.” I’m calling him on his sh*t.

          You can’t research unicorns, leprechauns, or right-wing fantasies, because they don’t exist. I think the best part of you ran down your mama’s leg and left a brown stain on the mattress. Put up or shut up!

        3. “[…]read the sources […]”
          The “Sources,” of course, are “Conservative” research institutions funded by the financial-military complex and staffed with cynical hacks with nothing to do all day but flood the world with lies. And if you don’t think the money for that ultimately comes out of the public’s pocket, think again.

        4. Wow, so you can spell “sergeant” correctly. Most waste-of-human-skin civilians spell my rank wrong, so I guess you get a big gold star, which I will be personally delighted in soaking in bleach, and then shoving, elbow-deep, into your sorry butt.

          Now, drop and give me fifty, you turd-on-a-stick mama’s boy!

        5. More rubbish from Sgt.Sodomite.
          By the way, how long have you been taking
          Epzicom, Elvucitabine & Proleukin???

        6. I don’t know what those things are, but obviously you’re intimately familiar with them. Are those some kind of drugs you take when you’re getting friendly with male buttholes, sweetheart? You make me sick.

        7. You know Ray, I was wondering about that ’cause when my hubbie was still living it was always a whitish or cream color… So once again you sound correct!

        8. Sgt.Garbage:
          Actually i’ve spoken the truth & you don’t like it.
          Oh well. Tell us how long you’ve been a sodomite?
          It’s clear that you’re a piece of trash and yes, you are

        9. Good one!! Nice to know that that the best you got is a little ineffectual name-calling. Frankly, I am disappointed. Kind of like your girlfriend, every time she sees that withered Vienna sausage you call a penis.

        10. Raymond, Be fair! He DOES takes half a viagra! But only to keep from “P” in’ in his shoes!

        11. In my opinion, you have a natural ability to pi$$ off even a devout Christian, of which I am one. The trash you think up to say probably takes you two seconds. But why should I try to insult you? You do that job very well all by yourself.

        12. Sgt. I looked up the sites for ACLU and did verify what Raymond was saying or writing in his blog was in fact correct, he did leave out one more of many which is the fight they were involved in to stop Az from the ID search to see if the law breaker that was stopped was illegal. From a former GySgt.point of view this org. is out there to downgrade the Constitution so all forms of deviants have rights this group feels are due them, legal or not contitutional or not.

        13. Sgt. Rock?
          I find it hard to believe one who shows so little knowledge and a dirty mouth is a sergeant in our military. Or could you be an example of the new military that has come along with the new administrations way of thinking and treating others? Or a retiree that is alone and drinks to much? Either way, may heaven help us, or the Lord help you one.
          You remind me of someone who is full of anger. Little or no respect for others. Haven’t cared enough to keep up to date as Raymond has. A person that may never have been in a library and surly never in the Library of Congress. Usually the one’s that have done so, have true pride in their country and want to know the truth. Not the kind of stuff they hear from drinkin’ buddies, or their gang friends who think they have all the answers and the rest of us are fooling ourselves. If it wasn’t important to you to educate yourself about such matters, why should it bother you to such a degree when you read something Raymond wrote? Is it because you have to face the fact that you never cared before and you feel time has passed you by? Hey, it’s never too late to better one’s self. Nor is it ever too late to take responsibility for where we are in life. No one forced you to be – wherever you are. Gee, I hate to admit it but I was a mom in my early forties when I got my GED in order to support myself and kids when I became a widow.
          If you are military then maybe you should look at yourself before calling someone else a disgrace as in my eyes, you are a disgrace to the uniform! You sound jealous and chances are you have reason to be as you present yourself as the opposite of everything Raymond stands for and to feel pride we need to respect others as well as ourselves.
          I’ve lived in the USA since I was born in the 30’s. I was one of the little girls that hid under her desk in a one room school house when air raid sirens sounded in the 40’s. Oh yes, we expected to be bombed at any time, back then. I remember when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I also remember when we used the atomic bomb on Japan. Family members fought in the 2nd World War, some died and some came home, broken in spirit. War changes people but they made the best of it, married, had kids lived the best they could and when they died, they left loved ones behind. I never forgot my father, brother or uncle. I only saw the pictures in the newspapers of poor dead Jews while they saw the real thing, the vast number that were murdered by Hitler’s forces, such as the Nazis. They never got it out of their memory as our military of today carry the war in their minds. But they managed to live pretty normal lives and didn’t look for a crutch or someone else to blame.
          My parents and grandparents lived through the depression. Actually, my grandparents were born in the 1800’s. They cooked on wood stoves, they washed either on the porch or in the yard in a big old tub on a washboard. They got most of their food by planting, hunting for it or with a fishing pole – not rod. They worked hard to help build this country of ours. And they showed respect for others. They cared about their families and their neighbors as well. There’s far too little of that in this day and age.
          I really hope you will try to change your way of thinking, for your own sake and if you have a family, especially for their sake. God bless.

      3. If the ACLU was not so completely hypocritical they’d admit that ACLU actually stands for Atheists,Liberals and Communists for Ungodliness.

      4. Raymond, The ONLY reason the ACLU is involved is because they KNOW that Conservatives can ALSO use the same strategy! The ACLU is the most poisonous, in-your-face, aggressive, self-serving entity on the planet! About a nano-second in front of the UN! BOTH should be abolished! The ACLU has NO place in our society, along with ninety five percent of the tax-free organizations! The “LAWS” they pretend to be concerned with, are already covered by LAWS that are in place! They are absolutely worthless and useless!Like they are insisting on attaching a “legal tag on a tricycle”! And non-profit? Follow the money, and audit it regularly! And THEN disband it!

      5. Hi there Raymond, (could be) grandson. I just want you to know that whenever I see your name I read what’s written. If you have ever been off track, then I’ve missed it. I am very proud to read what you say and it is so different than what I hear in the stores, malls or parking lots from the youth of today. My face more often than not, burns with shame over the four letter words that comes out of the mouths of girls and boys. It’s such a shame that they have no knowledge of self-respect or respect for other, not even the elderly. I feel so sorry for them but they are the ones that will one day be called the adults of this country. It’s scary!
        Well, keep up the good work and I pray you will continue thinking as you do now.
        Good luck to you and God Bless. Some day it could be you sitting in the oval office!

        1. We’ve had some great men sit in the oval office. Considering what is coming out of the current president I think he must be sitting on the oval orifice.

    2. The ACLU say’s plainly in Document #1662, page 97, section F. that “Fags will always be fags, and will not reign.”

      1. The official Republican Party platform, in Section Four, Page 74, Paragraph 9, states that “Uncle Ben is a complete idiot, and a total, freaking tool; who responsible people (or even Republicans) should not associate with.”

  3. Every so often the ACLU takes the right side on an issue. I always thought it was to avoid COMPLETELY alienating Americans. I can accept the authors suggestion that it could be realizing that discrimination is a two way street.

  4. Simple answer sir. He is a black man, and America, is afraid to do anything, or say anything ,negative about any black, especially, someone like the most radical, and antiAmerican, white hater, like Farrakhan. Unfortunately, at this point in time,Black Power rules. America, get this guy out of here.

  5. The UCLA is one ot the most distructive organizations in America. Rahm and his buddy are both bi-sexual so it’s not strange they are against this. This is a free country and your religion beliefs are protected. Who gaves that creepy little ballarina the right to tell them they can’t have a business in Chicago because they don’t agree with the libs.It’s because of politians in (lib dems_ that Illinois has earned being the most corrupt state in the union

    1. RAHM a gay ballerina. We now have that confirmed by a right wing nutcase. Need we say more. The GOP is just brilliant today to get people like this guy to speak for them. Then really ignorant people will think its ok to vote for a party like this. Yea y go Eeps. Keep that talk at the high intellectual level. Great tradition for a great party.

    1. in the bible it refers to this kind of activity as an “abomination” and the mosaic covenant demanded death to anyone who has gay relationship.. that was done when Christ gave his life for the sins of man.. but the New Covenant did not change the idea just the punishment.. it’s still a sin as it always has been

      1. Yes, and the Bible also condemns eating shrimp, eating bacon; or marrying a widow or any other woman who has had sex before in her life. Yay!!! Let’s all revert to the values of the Stone Age!

      2. What about us non Christians, non Muslims who could care less about what this Christ guy said le thought. We vote, we are American citizens. You are just one of many religions. And I’m A Republican. What dolts. The world revolves around your Bible. In God we Trust is not In Christ we Trust. Get a life”.

  6. Farrakhan wasn’t referring to Biblical scripture, are you kidding me? He was referring to the Quaran that also condemns homosexuality. Both religions, as opposite of each other as they are, both agree on that one point.

  7. Awesome article! I never thought I’d say that with both the ACLU AND Farrakhan in the same article. WOW!

  8. Now we need more businesses to follow in Chic-Fil-A’s footsteps !! They have broken the ground now lets not leave them hanging. As Christian Americans we need to step up and prove that we are Bible believers and follow his word. Homosexuality is an abomination !
    To believe it is not would make you a liberal Christian. His word is the same now as it has always been. Time does not leave his word to new interpretation.

  9. what a world we live in hu??? Mayors trying to ruin other peoples business?? wow…. maybe thats why we are in the mess we are in….MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND GET BACK TO WORK IDIOTS…my god get a life…just soo sad !!!!! and WE ELECTED these idiots??????

    1. I didn’t know we had one in town, but I found it when all this stuff started happening. Now it’s top on my list to eat at.

      1. I’m waiting til one comes to our neighboring town. The college is debating whether to allow them there, but after what just happened, I don’t think the college will have much of a choice.

    2. I took the family there on Friday. The place was packed when we got there and a line going around for the drive through. It was still busy when we left. We had a great time.

        1. We love it when disgusted democrats see the light, and come over to our side!! You don’t REALLY want to give away your hard earned money to support their liberal agendas like abortion on demand, entitlements out the wazoo to everybody who decides they’d rather lay on the sofa n watch soaps all day, rather than work, and get food stamps, aid to dependand children; all the while these children get FREE health n dental care n iPhones n wear better tennis shoes n baggie jeans than your kids can afford!? Its all due to the democrats keeping them in poverty so they GET their VOTES!! We must change this. Now! It’s at the 50/50 mark! If it goes over that, conservatives will never get this great country back the way it was when WE grew up! Vote your heart & conscience, not your party! It’s not what it used to be! Ask GOD who HE wants in offices! 😉 In GOD we Trust????
          Let’s show Him we do! Proverbs 3:5-6

        2. Hey, isn’t it a violation of electioneering laws for God to whisper Obomber’s name in a voter’s ear just as he enters the booth? Jail to the Chief! LOL

    3. I took Maude and the kids there last night. We had a great time, and a great meal. I’m glad I have that last memory of them, after I burned the house down for the insurance money early this morning.

  10. don’t these so called mayors have a job to do??? don’t stick your nose in other peoples business…do YOUR OWN WORK for a change……

  11. The ACLU should not receive tax dollars. They’re a bunch of liberal idiots. When a crackhead broke into a manger scene and had sex with one of the live sheep – guess whose side the ACLU was on? The crackhead’s – according to them, the crackhead had a right to have sex with the sheep. The ACLU also sued the city for putting up a manger scene. Go figure. And we pay taxes for these imbeciles?

    1. They’ve also sued the Boy Scouts of America a few times because the BSA won’t allow Gay Troop Leaders.

    2. NO!! None of my tax dollars should go for sex with sheep, manger-modeling, bra-swapping, or any other of these liberal crackpot schemes! I am sponsoring a campaign to deny government funding to the ACLU. We will provide a manger-friendly bunch of ALEC-drafted laws, none of which involve any issues that are important, trendy, or freedom-friendly!

  12. If you Patriots want to help Chick Fil A, do this. Start patronizing them and by all means, “Eat More Chicken”

  13. Then the values of chicago are non values. A value stems from a moral. Morals are brought into play through torah teaching/bible knowledge. It tells me that if he speaks for chicago chicago stands for anti-christ. Go Chick fillet…….

  14. As much as the ACLU usually goes against Christians and Christian issues in most cases, as in the public schools, I really have to give them credit and respect them that for ONCE they are putting aside – and hiding behind – their usual radical Left position and having the the COURAGE and HONESTY to step up to the defense of CHICK-FIL-A and its owners, as they recognize the TRUTH that lies at the root of this controversy. Denying FREEDOM OF SPEECH to ONE group or person is denying FREEDOM to ALL, which MOST of the radical Left is happy to do in their own intolerance….and insecurity about the veracity of their own positions,.

    Yes, I am shocked also, but WAY TO GO, ACLU….. Maybe you are putting down the Kool-Aid and approaching this as ATTORNEYS and not as advocates for ONLY the far Left,

  15. The alcu is nothing but a un-American wolf in sheeps clothing. They throw us a bone on occasion, while they advance their agenda.

  16. here is a thought: Now I am NOT a Muzzie and will never be one but, people always say Muslims are against Homosexual sex etc BUT; here is what the Koran says, and these are NOT my words see Sura 52:24/56:17 and 76:19 ….menservants, as they were hidden pearls…thou wouldest take for scattered pearls…see this for yourselves. Muhammed was engaged to a 9 year old girl and married to her at 12 years old (marriage=the joining of one flesh to the other) Also Muhammed confessed in Sura 6:50 that he possessed not the treasures of Allah, and he professed that he was no prophet ! HOW can you beleive Islam or Muhammed or any Muslim…

    1. Wow! So you took the whole wedding party out to eat? I hope the Best Man was appreciative that he took a day off work in return for a CHICKEN SANDWICH.

  17. The ACLU only supports this because this same Logic could be used against ALL
    their PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST Programs!!!

  18. Don’t forget that this wednesday August 1 is Chic-fil-A appreciation day. EAT at a Chic-fil-A to show your support!!!!

      1. I took my daughter there yesterday. It was my first visit to a Chick-Fil-A. It was an hour drive one way, but well worth the drive. The food was great and the service AMAZING! Definitely going back! Happy to support a Christian business.

        1. Wow. The town you live in must some SERIOUS culinary challenges, if you think of Chick-Fil-A as anything other than an “It’s late, I’m hungry, and everything else is closed.” kind of option.

        2. There’s something you need to know. It’s the hormones, silly. Take your daughter to CFA too often and she’ll end up with hair on her chest, a bass voice, and a pair of b*ollocks.

    1. Yes! Enjoy the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich! It has 500 calories, and an artery-clogging 21 grams of fat with 1650 milligrams of sodium! Enjoy one (or more) of these heart-busters every day; and soon, you won’t be littering the planet with your fat, white, lazy, worthless Republican a*s!

      1. Oh, and I suppose you liberals eat SO healthy on your
        government subsidies and food stamps? WE can choose to
        support a Christian business, then ride bikes, walk, go to a gym
        to work it off. WORK being the key word. It stops the obesity
        Running rampant; and it stops the draining of hardworking American’s
        Tax dollars going to people who refuse to work, just to take handouts
        in exchange for votes! I’m to proud to be bought off like that! My Bible
        says if a man doesn’t WORK, he shall not eat!
        (health and age being the ONLY outs!). So plain old fashioned
        Laziness doesn’t count, my friends!!

        1. Right on. To each according to his need, from each according to his ability. Personally I eat a lot of garlic to ward off heart disease.

  19. The ACLU supports many liberal issues but they’re not stupid…They know very well that the CEO of Chick-Fil-A’s right to express his opinion is protected by the first amendment to the constitution…For the ACLU to take a stand against the CEO of Chick-Fil-A would make them look silly and arbitrary.

        1. What funny hat? I’ve been out strolling around, for several hours, in the bad part of town near the bus station, until I finally found a gal willing to provide a “happy ending,” if you catch my drift.

          Long story short, I’m ready to find my bus seat and settle in for a long nap, if only these people would quit demanding various pieces of paper.

        2. I’ve been trolling these forums for many hours, and I still haven’t gained any insight about why people want to ask you stuff.

          And if your reference to a “happy ending” involves a cute gal, with big bazongas, rubbing my wiener; then I’d like to know more.

        3. Hey! Some of these comments are frivolous, and have nothing to do with the subject of “looking!” Be serious, people!

  20. The ALCU is consistently corrosive, and destructive to the United States of America. I do not trust them at all. They might support an occassional cause or subject that gives the illusion of so-called “fairness” but they are a Liberal–Socialistic “attack dog” for the kook left. Period. They should have NO credibility with a majority of the American people.

  21. This is obviously a mistake. The ACLU does not do such things. Next you will be telling me that the National Organization of women backs up Sarah Palin!!!

    1. Exactly. I used to think the National Organization of Women (NOW) was a good organization that encouraged all women to be successful. They sure fooled me! In ’08 I found out they were nothing but a bunch of mean-spirited, Liberal, vicious bulldogs. The way they stood up against Sarah Palin, an intelligent, successful woman was way beyond disgusting. It should be NODD – National Organization of Deranged Democrats. They can rot in hell, along with the rest of the dillusional, horrible, sewer rat Democrats.

  22. I have, in the past, heard a few instances of where the ACLU took the side of chrisitans who had been wronged. These cases are few and far in-between though.

  23. Same thing on almost every liberal college campus…..you get free speech as long as you agree with the liberal spew they’re trying to stuff into your head.

    click the pic.

  24. Lets get one thing straight. All blacks are not liberal thank you. What do you mean by saying “blacks are always used by the liberal party?” Are you speaking for all black people?
    Let me educate you. All blacks do not believe in tolerance. Some of live a life of continual repentance, believe in the Word of GOD in the Bible, Jesus Christ saves our souls and homosexuality is sin. Clarify who you are talking about next time you speak about blacks or any group. Dont lump every member of a group together. There’s alot more going on deep down in our souls than in the color of our skin .

    1. Agreed. I sit in wonder every day at reading about the rights of this or that segment group of people and seldom ever read anything that has to do with HUMAN rights. How on earth do you get past racism and segregation when the very groups who claim to be segregated are the ones doing the segregation? We have too many who want to go beyond the civil liberties we were granted as human beings to having special liberties for themselves. It seems to me that when you request to become a member of a country founded on the principals of Christianity, it should be because you desire to live with those principals, not because “it’s better than where I came from, but changes need to be made to fit my own beliefs”. I keep reading how things like the shootings and bombings that make the news are to be blamed on movies and video games, but never about how these things have escalated because God and morality are being continually removed from many facets of our lives in the name of “political correctness”. We have groups of people who think animals should be granted the same rights as humans. Where does it end? I’m afraid many of those questions may well be answered in November if Obama somehow makes it into office for a second term and/or democrats win a majority in both houses…and life as we have known it will either end or be forcibly taken back before we can enjoy life again and businesses like Chick-A-Fil can operate unless they do something to break the law.

    2. thank you, Mr. Marshall. we all need to remember that about each of us, and maybe especially groups that identify themselves as Black and saying they represent all Black people when they do not. The same goes for white people, and those who claim to represent all of us by virtue of color. We all need to call them to account for their statements, and require them to identify exactly who it is they are claiming to represent. It may turn out they are just a small and very loud segment of the whole.

    3. I agree. I am sick and tired of people assuming, that just because of the color of my skin, that I support liberal values like fair pay, equal rights, and tolerance. Nothing could be further from the truth. My daddy is a famous minister in Topeka, Kansas; and he pays me and my momma good money to keep our mouths shut, and to keep away from his white family.

      I hope that, someday, I will be allowed to talk to my father; and to let him know that I, too, share his vision of a sinful world that must be destroyed by fire.

  25. LOVE THAT CHICKEN……….MORE! Who would have thought a food franchise would become a political flashpoint for the radical left? Welcome to the bizzarro world of demented, deranged, diviant, disgusting, diabolical, dim-witted, deceptive, deplorable,demonic democraps—you will ALL ROT—TRAITORS! I’m off to buy MORE!

  26. Hypocrisy is the very leaven of the Pharisees that rule in Washington, as well as those mayors, entities, and cities who support them. What they do in the dark will be seen in the light and shouted from the housetops!

  27. i would love America to become a strict muslim nation, just so we could dispose of these sexual degenerates. not to mention it would be great to see the reaction of liberals who support islam when gays are exterminated, women are forced into servitude to men, and abortion is outlawed.

    1. Great! Well, I hope you die of a heart attack tonight, peacefully, in your sleep, so that you don’t suffer; and so that the rest of humanity receives a blessing.

  28. ACLU gets it right? Since the President of Chic is an American and protected under the Constitution to say what ever he believes — why the surprise about the ACLU on the side of the Constitution? The blind squirrel finding a nut does not play on this one.

  29. Didn’t Rhom Emmanuel say Chick-fil-a didn’t represent the ideals of Chicago? or something like that? Anyway, my pastor said today, that is very true, they don’t represent Al Capone, gangsters, etc.

  30. I will continue to eat at Chick-Fil-A at least two to three times a week. I support their views
    and the right to express them. I personall do not agree with homosexuality even though
    there are homosexuals in my family. While I do not support thier life style that does not
    meant that I wish them ill or would not help them if they needed help or ask. Nor would
    I be disrespectful to their chose partner. Where I would draw the line though was if I had
    young children in my home and I suspected that their lifestyle might effect them. It is
    my responsibility as a parent to insure that I give my children the best education I can,
    teach them values and to be the best person they can. If after they are grown and make
    that decison without outside influence or pressure then I will support them regardless.

  31. I think Chick fil- A should file a discrimination suit against Mayor Emanuel and the city of Chicago for discrimination period. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. They, the liberals ,need a taste of their own medicine.

    1. Yes, but who is the goose; and who is the gander? And what medicine are you advising? Is it legally prescribed? Be specific, you commie traitor!

  32. The ACLU got it right! They clearly stated that if the Liberals got their way and effectively blocked a company from opening because of their values then the mainstream Conservatives could typically do the same to any liberal agendered business. The ACLU is only looking out for its own interests while trying to show a supporting demeanor. They aren’t doing it for the benefit of what is right!

  33. So, when people go out to grab a bite; are the politics of the restaurant more important than the actual food that is available? …. For my part, if i discover a restaurant whose food i enjoy, i couldn’t care less about the owner’s politics …. except now of course … now i’m happy to support a restaurant simply because some loud-mouth minority is trying to damage it. I don’t generally visit Chick-Fi -A, but since this attack, i’m making it a point to do business there. F*&k the blowhards who are more concerned with having their views adopted as the norm, than in having equal justice/freedom for everyone ….

    What the gay lobby really needs is support from islam, then a fatwa could be issued against Chick-Fil-A!.

      1. Really? …. You may be correct in your clarification of ‘popular sayings’, … but in reality as far as meaning goes, there is little or nothing that i can think of that has less significance to me … i am so unconcerned about other people’s opinion that it would be difficult for me to imagine anything that is less important …. i care more about virtually anything than i do the politics of a restaurant’s management …. so (if you have any comprehension of the English language) the truth is that i can’t imagine a subject that i care less about ….. (if you can find someone who understands english to explain this to you, you should) …. i care more about virtually everything than i do about a restaurant owner’s politics. (so: there is no scenario in which a restaurant owner’s politics is more germane to me than the restaurant’s food …. hence, i cannot care less about another’s opinion.) ….. kudos on your familiarity with the popular lexicon, but perhaps you should spend some time having someone teach you the English language. ….. until then, you probably shouldn’t post, so people don’t recognize that you are an illiterate idiot. … you should find a career that doesn’t require you to understand english …… maybe in janitorial services?

    1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day! Unless it’s one of them 24-hour military clocks, which is only right once a day. If it’s broken.

  34. It’s the only right thing they have done in years. I guess the Mayors of Boston and Chicago aren’t paying them what they want.

  35. Support Chic-fil-A, everybody. Be sure to run by there on “Chicken Day” and tell the clerk you’re there to support freedom and this American free enterprise. Spend some money and have a good meal. Show the folks in cities like Chicago, Boston, N.Y.’s mayor Bloomberg with his crazy “drink size minimum” ideas, that they need to be working on their own business, not trying to stir up problems that don’t fall within their job descriptions. God bless America, long may we wave that red, white, and blue, and You Go, Chick-fil-A!
    Stick to your ideals and you will continue to have success. Get out the Conservative vote…time is a ‘wastin.’ Don’t wait for somebody else to do the work. Get involved.

  36. While Louis Farrakhan withthe Nation of Islam does not endorse homosexuality does he adhere to sharia law and female circumcision? It seems such brutality to women, is more brutal to women than or at least equal to denying a woman’s right to her own body.

  37. Have a care…for sheep in wolf’s clothing! There must be an ulterior motive somewhere in the minds of aclu folks as this group, like so many liberal intimidating groups, has no real altruistic streak in it!….Accept on the surface; however; watch under tones/fine print!

    1. Come on, admit it. Don’t be a hypocrite. They agree with you. No conditions. They agree with you. And in return, when you agree with them, they’ll admit it, no conditions. Or else they’re hypocrites.

  38. Is anyone as tired as I am of having Gayness thrown at us like it is THE major issue facing all Americans today? A good example besides Chick- Fil- A; Sally Ride can’t even rest in peace as the criticism flew that there wasn’t enough emphasis on her being gay in her obituary. Being gay isn’t special. Being the first U.S. woman astronaut in space is though. Who cares what goes on in anyone’s bedroom? If a person owns their own business and wants to express his thoughts about an issue and someone doesn’t like it, then don’t patronize the business. It’s that simple. These mayors are so wrong and the ACLU thankfully did the right thing. Enough with the Gay pity party.

  39. I SUPPORT CHICK-FIL-A. I want a double portion of everything it has on the menu. Let the mayors of Boston and Chicago eat, well, you know_ _ _ _ !

  40. Three cheers for the ACLU on this case. No dpoubt about it, there will be a case in court on this issue and soon.

  41. The reason the aclu got involved was written in the 3rd paragraph above. Viewpoint Discrimination. The aclu doesn’t want business’ like the progressive insurance co. to come under fire from Conservatives who know that progressive ins. co. is owned and run by a communist, peter lewis. No surprise here!! Read between the lines folks, about anything the aclu does.

    See: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1539484/posts

    One of the founders of the aclu was roger baldwin, a commie!

  42. This illogical line of thought of “absolutes,” “all or nothing,” “black or white,” and “left always wrong and right always right,” is folly. Sometimes the “left” is “right” and though few would admit it, sometimes the “right” is not just “wrong,” but as “left” as anyone on the “left.”
    Point being is that the ACLU isn’t always wrong, doesn’t always take the wrong side of issues. And the truth is that even as they frustrate the begeezis out of “conservatives,” often they are in perfect keeping w/the equal protections provided by constitutional law than are the “conservatives.” … or the “liberals,” for that matter.
    Bottom line, your opinion doesn’t trump Constitutional law. And when such issues come up, it is advisable to do some soul searching and introspection.
    All with but one line in the sand, “Is it constitutional?” And if the argument is, then opinions and personal cultural/social preferences, be damned.

  43. Beware of A clu’s bearing gifts, I listened to Ms. Moss on the FOX Sullivan show and Sullivan was taken aback as well but if you heard not all was a free speech issue and Moss did not support the view of Cathy but did oppose Steak knife Rahms opsition because of the idea that a business was being regulated by a bureucrat with no appeal but both freedom of speech and the right to do biz was being jeopardized but the A clu was not commiting to the free speech part….

  44. I make no claim to be an ACLU expert, but honestly, this is only the second time in 30 years involvement in Christian social issues where I have seen the ACLU come down on the right side of a Christian related issue. I don’t know what their motive is, but when they get it right they deserve to have it noted. I’ve certainly complained enough times when they’ve been wrong!

    1. This is probably because you only respect free speech when it agrees with you. The ACLU defends Free Speech, period. Sometimes, I agree with the content of the speech the ACLU is defending; and sometimes, I don’t.

      But I always agree with the French philosopher Voltaire, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, whose ideas profoundly influenced the Founding Fathers, who famously said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

      To me, that statement sums up the best of American values. And it also serves as a brief summary of the ACLU’s mission.

  45. Who cares what the ACLU thinks about this issue…. as a whole their agenda is completely geared toward wiping Christianity out of eveything we are as a nation. Don’t give them ANY credit or give up in fighting agaisnt the ACLU and their destructed anti Christian beliefs.

  46. ACLU is like a broke clock, they are right occasionally as well. I stand with Chic-Fil-A on this one. Will be eating there on Wednesday in solidarity with their Chief.

  47. I think I’ve got it!!! Obama is really a modern day “Victor Victoria!!!” Except he is really a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be President!!! Michelle my Belle is really a re-incarnation of James Brown in Drag, and the kids are rented for appearances from the “Mutha wheel” hiding behind the Moon!!! I think you’d better “Beam Me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here, just some strage looking Cows”……(LOL)

  48. I was hoping to read an article about how the ACLU was supporting Chick-fil-A but most of this article was about Louis Farrahkan.

  49. They have too, even they can’t deny what is right, when right, when it is, this blatant, obvious and shows such hypocritical intolerance from the left. But you still know they just hate having to do it though!

  50. Although I support Chic-Fil-A, they should refuse all help from the ACLU.
    Read carefully the statement from the ACLU attorney. Viewpoint Discrimination? What the heck is that? By nature any viewpoint is discriminatory, otherwise there would not be one.
    However, if the ACLU win their easy case with this contention, nobody will be allowed to have a viewpoint. At least not in public or in a situation where it can affect public policy. Heck! Why even vote? See my point. If the cities mentioned reject a permit to anyone who meets the requirements on the basis that they do not like them, they are open for litigation and damages without having to institute a new brand or label of discrimination. They simply cannot refuse the permit if the regulations are met.

  51. Chic Fil A has a rght to there own beliefs as do we all. I for one am against gay marrige and Its might right to say so, just as everyone has a right to say what they believe in.
    As far as raum goes hes a maggot as with all liberals.

  52. The owner of Chick fil A, HAS THE RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH, still, or has the Great IMPOSTOR signed it away too,( NOW, OBAMA ,There is a MADMAN, and he needs to be exposed to the entire world as an ILLEGAL, IMPOSTOR..The ACLU is nothing more than Obama’s SS squad. Don’t trust them….I’m behind CHICK fil A, and the CONSTITUTION..

  53. ‘We go to the Chick-Fil-A Wednesday to dine and the “others” go to some link sausage place for some carry home for later use !!

    1. I see what you did there. I went to the Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday, and asked if they had any gravy. I told them I wanted a big bowl of “country,” only hold the “o,” and hold the “ry.” Then they asked me to leave. So I went to the McDonalds drive-thru, and ordered a “waitress with nothing on it.” Good times, good times.

  54. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the ACLU. They are passionate defenders of free speech and civil liberties, irregardless of the content of that speech. A few years ago, they defended the rights of American Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois, a predominantly Jewish community. That move was controversial, and cost the ACLU to lose many Jewish members. But it was consistent with their values.

    If the readers of this forum were actually supporters of the Constitution, they would all be card-carrying members of the ACLU. But they’re not. They want to pick and choose, like they do with with the Bible, to select only those portions that match up with their prejudices, and ignore the rest.

    A popular commenter on these forums, who likes to phrase political issues in terms of jokes recycled from old Robert Orben books, opined that a hippie in a Volvo bearing “Obama” bumper stickers wouldn’t be able to cross Texas alive. That sounds about right. A state full of racist hillbillies, determined on using their second amendment rights to crush my first amendment rights. Nice.

    The French philosopher Voltaire, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, whose ideas profoundly influenced the Founding Fathers, famously said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    To me, that statement sums up the best of American values. And it also serves as a brief summary of the ACLU’s mission.

  55. I’ve got to laugh at these liberal idiots! Both the bible and the Koran say the same thing about homosexuals, and lesbians. But they’ll allow a Muslim, who would rather decapitate them then live around them, over a business that doesn’t support them, but won’t kill them! How much sense does that make? I think that these liberals have been smoking too much crack cocaine, and have fried what little brains they had!

  56. It is vitally important that all good right wing extremists go out and eat tons of chick a fill greasy chickens and waffle fries. The survival of our country depends omit.m so drive your scooters to the nearest mall and order a ton. Have a desert too. Just make sure y go back again. Those pansy, commies will keep up the assault on this venerated national icon. Do it now. Invite your neighbors. Maybe wear a nice sign showing your support”. But I haven’t heard it bought up here but make it happen.

  57. Chick-fill-A will give the State of Illinois and any other state jobs which are what is needed in this economy right now. Perhaps these Governors are not aware of how popular this chain is. The lines for drive through, inside the store is always busy, and the service absolutely one of the best a fast food can offer. It the State’s loss if they do not allow a fast food franchise to open stores for ideological reasons. I salute the owner of Chick-fill-A for his principles, his closing his store on Sunday (all stores used to be closed on Sundays as I recall, and still open at 12 noon).

  58. I’m not sure why it has not been bought up but did any of you notice the suspicious death of the Chick Fil A head of Publicity. It sounded just like the way Andrew went. I will bet that the Kenyan sent I the same death squad to take out this guy with a poison dart since he knew something about Obama’s real father. Do y think we could get Sheriff Joe to look into this. He’s not busy anymore having proven the illegals real way he got Into Hawaii and he has that eye witness that is ready to testify. So let’s find out how this poor innocent Chick Fil A guy got killed by the evil commie. More may be in his cross hairs. Beware.

  59. Yesterday I enjoyed a meal at Chick-fil-A and was amazed to see the store full and cars waiting to place orders were backed up clear around the building! Praise the Lord for God fearling conservatives who are willing to take a stand.

    1. Store? I thought it was a restaurant. Anyway watch out. They feed those chickens their own excrement and the dead carcasses of their own kind, and never allow them to see God’s sky. They stuff them with hormones and antibiotics. All in the name of Christianity. “For whatever you do to one of these creatures, you do to me.”

      1. Can you tell me what the problem is that I cannot respond to this individual? Do you have a break in your system someplace? I have been trying off and on to respond and it will not allow me to do so. Thank you for any help you can give!
        [email protected]_ (mailto:[email protected])

        In a message dated 7/30/2012 1:06:42 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:


        rhandarox (unregistered) wrote, in response to Noah2Jonah:
        Store? I thought it was a restaurant. Anyway watch out. They feed those chickens their own excrement and the dead carcasses of their own kind, and never allow them to see God’s sky. They stuff them with hormones and antibiotics. All in the name of Christianity. “For whatever you do to one of these creatures, you do to me.”

        _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://godfatherpolitics.com/6363/im-in-shock-aclu-supports-chick-fil-a/#comment-602407451:_32-PS l8XQP8k5tImXqXoy13r8Y&imp=cfef6de4-e021-4603-ba8a-3d7526f09128&zone=notifica tions.clicks&forum=godfatherpolitics&thread=783797743)

  60. OMG, now we have viewpoint discrimination. How long will it be before we have bat dropppings discrimination? I wouldn’t rely, or put anything past, the ACLU.

  61. I love Chick-fil-A, they have great food and service. They also have something Rahm Emanual will never have, DIGNITY AND STANDARDS!

  62. Everyone seems to be missing the real point. Freedom is tolerance. There are many people who have views different than mine and I accept them for theirs. Hopefully they accept me for mine because that is the fundamental foundation of freedom…….accepting others, their looks, their views, their religion, all of it is fundamental freedom. It is fine not to like something or what someone says or his or her views but to try and gather people of similar views to harm innocent people, some of which may even believe the same, that is totally wrong and is un American. To think that our politicians think that we, as people, are so shallow that we don’t know why they are even making such statements is an abolute insult to common sense and logic. Our leaders should NEVER take a side that is controversial especially to get votes, but they do it for that reason and nothing else. That is sad, really really sad and they should be a shamed of themselves. If they cannot lead us as a country, grouped together but with difference of opinions, then they are no longer qualified to represent the American people

  63. You nailed it on the head…all useful idiots are welcome in the Liberal, progressive, Democratic Party…especially if the idiots are black religious leaders. ..because it satisfies the Margaret Sanger goal of finding black religious leaders that can be used as Judas goats to lead the race to their end…if you are a reader who doubts my claim, just google it before you deliver your vitriol,, and no one will be aware of your ignorance.

  64. this article brings up a good point that conservatives need to understand: whereas conservatives typically look at the world in terms of what is right and correct versus what’s wrong and incorrect, (and they strive to do what they believe is right), liberals and progressives view the world as a means to achieve their end, (and they strive to do whatever is expedient to get them to it, regardless of “right or wrong”)

  65. Amazing! Usually, if it’s in the best interest of Christians or the United States, the ACLU is against it. This requires more thought as the ACLU must have a hidden agenda here.

  66. Ira Glasser, retired Executive Director of the ACLU recently wrote an article defending the Citizens United ruling. ACLU have routinely defended conservative and libertarian individuals whose rights were under fire. While I disagree with the ACLU on many of their positions, I give them props for supporting those who disagree with them.

    1. Kinda like saying that while I disagree with the Nazis regime, they do every once in a while play marching music I like and they do conduct fancy parades. The ACLU is no friend of America.

      1. That’s a bit of a stretch! In a country of 315M people, it is unlikely for everyone to agree on anything. That does not diminish the good work that ACLU has done from time to time. RB Ginsburg is from the ACLU and has a point of view that I find disgusting but Scalia has said he can put his disagreements aside to have a friendship with her. Apparently you wouldn’t be up for that!

        1. You are right! I would not. As I noted, from time to time the Nazis did some good, non-threatening things too like the Autobahn which the Eisenhower Inter-State system later copied. But it is/was their agenda that I cannot accept. Same goes for Communists, Socialists. Ginsburg BTW recommended the South African Constitution as a model rather than the US Constitution she is sworn to uphold. No, I would not attempt to befriend her, I’ll let Scalia do that.

  67. Will wonders never cease??? Didn’t think the ACLU would ever take a position the same as one I took. Rahm spoke of “VALUES.” I’ve yet to see anything that made me think Rahm knew anything about values, even CHicago values. BTW thugs, Rahm says to stay away from the children! I support Chick-fil-a today and always. Good place to eat, good service.

  68. ACLU defends Chick Fil A? I know they cannot stand the sight of anything that is of the Christian faith like a cross or God’s name on a building. Maybe they are seeing the light that Chick Fil A does not offend them.

  69. I thought that I would point out that, when Utah sought admission to the Union, it was decided by the elected representatives of the States which were already members of the Union that Utah would be allowed to join the Union ONLY if Utah spelled out, in the state’s constitution, the state’s official position on marriage. (In a word, the State’s official position that Polygamy was illegal!) Therefore, EVERY state which joined the Union AFTER Utah joined were required to likewise provide language in their state’s constitution which clearly spelled out the State’s position regarding marriage. ONE of those state which was admitted to the Union FOLLOWING the admission of Utah to the Union was HAWAII. When early Colonists began settling in Hawaii, they discovered that a vast majority of Hawaiian Islanders practiced SIBLING marriage! Therefore, your list of possible marriage “rights” which liberals might begin to agitate to have, once they have begun to be fairly successful in agitating for the “right” to engage in same-sex unions, should ALSO include the re-introduction of SIBLING marriage in such states as Hawaii, where sibling marriage was once practiced by a majority of the native population.

  70. The United States of R & D’s, while still the best country, will FOREVER be divided. I hope our enemies NEVER discover a way to get our beautiful country into a fight with ourselves. Republicans vs Democrats, right vs left, conservative vs liberal. Then again, maybe that’s what it will take to make us a unified nation again. God forbid another Sept 11 to make us Americans again.

  71. Mayors of cities guilty of “viewpoint discrimination” against business owners should immediately resign their position due to political conspiracy and personal corruption.

  72. uss, you must understand what the ACLU is about. It defends not a chicken homophobe but the First Amendment. (Rarely the Second; I insist the Second is misinterpreted.) Many Jewish friends abandoned the ACLU as it defended a Nazi right to march in Skokie IL, maybe singing Die Pfahne Hoch. The ACLU defended the KKK right to rally peacefully (?) on the streets of San Francisco. I know we defended Rush Limburger for something. That doesn’t mean we heil Hitler, wear sheets and bad-mouth liberals. We defend the constitution

  73. Just a smoke screen to soothe opponents, nothing more. I doubt Mr Cathy is warmed by the ACLU’s “support”.

  74. I agree with your comments but, please remember that the scriptures Mr. Farrakhan referes to are not the Bible but rather the Koran. Big difference

  75. ACLU may have a viewpoint which leads them to speak out against the same issue that a Conservative speaks out against BUT that really means nothing! ACLU must be FOUGHT
    and DESTROYED.

  76. Chick-fil-A is a clean, efficiently run fast food place that serves excellent hot chicken in a variety of menus. The employees are courteous, quick and “on the ball”. Chic-fil-A is a perfect match for most communities where the law abiding, tax paying families are in the majority. Great place! Great food!

    1. I might going out on a limb here, but I’m not afraid to say this: I like puppies! And freedom! And clean bathrooms! But coloreds–not so much.

  77. Nothing to be shocked about. I’ve spent most of my life fighting the ACLU, but they are pretty consistent in their stand for freedom of belief and expression. The plain fact is, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not only a vulgar pig; he is also a bigot of the worst order. I’m glad the ACLU recognizes this and is willing to say so.
    And, Raymond, much of what you say about the ACLU is true. But why should I believe a coward like you who doesn’t even have the guts to sign his name? People who hide behind pseudonyms deserve nothing but contempt.

  78. Well let’s see.. If these two mayors want to discriminate and band Chic-Fil-A from their city, I think that I will just decide to never visit or buy anything from those cities. How is that?

  79. If you believe that the ACLU supports Chick Fil-A, I have a large piece of land south of Key West I’d like to sell you…☺☺

  80. Chicago has banned a lot of businesses from opening for many reasons, mostly union and wage related. Why, with the inner city unemployment at a low 26% they can bully, and ban these job creators out of town. After The rev JJ is done shaking them down. I think they should survey the other business, and find out their views on marriage, abortion, or religion, and if they don’t jive with the tiny dancer Rohm, Pull their licensees too! That’s life in the Peoples Republic of Chicago.

  81. Just for the record ChicFil A
    Helped build the lights so our kids could play at night on a local Field .
    With no fan fair plus all who donated to the light cause got Free Chic Fil A sandwiches .
    The only reason I know is my good Friends Son plays on that Field in Rock ville VA .
    And I gave $ 100.00 as well . The Lights were turned on 10 weeks after the worthy donation started .. they are playing sports at 9 at night , not selling Drugs .

    1. Thanks for sharing, especially about the Wounded Warrior. That will make my next sandwich a lot more tasty.

  82. Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and the New Black Panther party they spawned, are tools by the left, but they’re also dangerous, murderous, genocidal and supremely racial, menacing monsters. Were the left to prevail, they might one day regret it, when the dredges like these groups eventually consume and destroy them. The same with the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

    Chick Fil-A’s owner has every right to express his views. Their business is not anti-American in any way. To the contrary, as has been pointed out in this article, the majority of America shares the owner’s view on this. If the New Black Panthers opened a chicken joint, or the Nation of Islam did, then there’d be reason to ban their actions as anti-American. However, we’re Americans and we don’t do such things. We allow whatever business to rise, or fall, in the eye of the public, not by the Government through bans.

    Chicago thugs posing as government officials have no business keeping their jobs. Dead Fish and Barak will be joining those in the pink slip lines soon enough (though, they will probably seep back into their slimy organizations for work. Such is the nature of the cancer in this country that must be routed out for what it is, exposed, and pushed out of influence over our society).

  83. I support Chic-Fil-A and will be going to eat there August 1,2012 and I don’t eat out ever but will put my money where my mouth is.I do share in there beliefs and since the left is going after the business the way they are which does not have anything to do with the restaurant it’s not plastered all over the walls it is the owners religiouse beliefs and has the right to speak out on them so I and many others will speak up with our money by going there to eat not to protest just to have a good meal that is how I plan to show my support. We have to come together as people of faith and not shy away if we want let the other side know you will not tread on our religiouse freedoms and our freedom of speech.We all have different Theologies and beliefs on the scripture but one thing we all can agree on WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD and our values and morals and principles are biblical and I will not sit down and shut up I’m not ashamed of My GOD or my savior Jesus Christ He died for me so I will always do my best to live for him.GOD BLESS .

  84. Hussein Obama does not believe in the Scripture. Why – because Obama is a Muslim. By Birth and by choice. He pretends to be a Christian because it is convenient for Political reasons.

  85. Next Wed, Aug 1 is support Chick-Fil-A day. We’re getting our supper there. Also, I’ve bought 5 Gideon Bibles in honor of the Cathy family. We Christians must support each other or the irreligious leftists and the Muslim extremists will send us into oblivion.

  86. In the same chapter that Leviticus condemns Homosexuality, it also condemns pork, and blended fiber cloth, and shellfish as food.

  87. If you are “in shock” that the ACLU supports the Constitution regardless of politics, it says something about your own intelligence and prejudice. They have always done this.

  88. “I’m in Shock — ACLU Supports Chick-Fil-A!”
    Godfather, don’t be shocked, remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day…..

    1. As a passionate defender of civil liberties, ACLU can be counted on to defend ALL free speech–even that of the racist, fascist, right-wing drivel that makes up most of the content on these forums.

  89. I too will support Chic-Fil-A on August 1st. We need more individuals and businesses to start voicing their beliefs/we’ve had enough of the liberal left. Christians need to stand up, be strong and Unite……..we need to get our Country back!!

  90. This is rediculous. each of are entiteled to have and express our own beliefes. That act of any state government should ban a private or publicly traded business entity from doing business in their state due to the beliefe structure of any of its representatives demonstrates the same hatemongering they pretend to protect us from. Chic-Fil-A is in the business of selling food. Not lifestyle criticisms. They have made no statement or action that they would attempt in any mannor to impose such views apon their employees or customers. Since they have treated others views respectfully shouldnt those with differing opinions treate them the same? Has their resteraunt chain in any manner attempted to repress any one? NO! Has their resteraunt chain tried to influance public policy according to the beliefes of some of their representatives? NO! Has their resteraunt chain boycotted anyone because of differing beliefs or opinions? NO! This is America people. Our freedoms do not pertain to any specific individual, minority, religion or viewpoint. The freedom to be homosexual does not preclude others the right to believe that it is immoral. The freedom of religion does not endow others to restrict one because it offends others. The freedom of speach does not mean that we are entitled to say what we want so long as it offends noone. I am offended everyday by the affronts to basic morality and decency every time I step out my door. By people who have the right to offend me. Do I not have the same right to offend them? Do I not also have the right to live my life as I see fit so long as it does not infringe apon those basic rights of other individuals? Yes I do. So do the owner/s and managers of Chic-Fil-A.

  91. I agree with Joe, I believe Obama is a Muslim. The voters were blind, and deaf when he was campaigning. Hopefully, voters are wiser this November and see/hear him for what he is really saying and understand his agenda………..

  92. Don’t give Farrakhan too much credit. The scriptures he refers to is the Quran. Good example of O’s lies, though. No good muslim, which by his own mouth he claims to be, can stand for homosexuality. Which side of the fence does he stand on? Whichever suites him for the moment. Why would anyone vote for a man like that?

  93. What people practice or what they believe in generally influences, and probably determines what their opinion is about subjects. This is about the food chain and when the food chain stops being heterosexual and procreative, we will be in a world of hurt. There is no productivity to homosexuality. It is purposeless except as a perversion.

  94. Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A!
    All this talk about chicken is making me hungry. I think I will go to Chick-fil-A for a sandwich.

  95. It is just another example of our country demonstrating it confusion, conflict, contradication, and chaos over societal norms. We are a country out of control. We are more than double minded!

  96. I am so proud of Chic-Fil-A to have the courage to simply use their voice “Freedom of Speach” (as long as we still posses it) to speak out in favor of the Bible & what it declares true Marriage to be as declared by our creator. I will proudly defend & support them and their Awesome Food & always kind professional service.

  97. Rahm Emanuel should be ashamed of himself to show hatred against the Christians and try to say we hate homosexuals or are excluding them in any way. Rahm should focus more on helping create more jobs instead of giving such embarrasing “hand gestures” and trying to harm one of the largest, most respected Fast Food companies that employs so many jobs across the United States. As a public/political figure, he should at least pretend to act with more maturity & less “backroom scandal linked with the president”. You’re doing him more harm than good in this situation Mr. Emanuel, and neither one of you will win in the end.

    1. Terry, don’t get boxed in to the “Christian” thing. There are many people of different belief systems that do not support the agenda to make homosexual marriage the norm and acceptable to our children through indoctrination. This issue is against anyone who thinks same sex marriage is wrong. There are other issues that are directly against Christians and I think Rahm would be in the forefront of those.

  98. Apparently there aren’t any homosexuals in any Muslim Country. Wonder how those countries prevent that problem?

  99. I Support ‘Chic-Fil A’……If There Were A Store In My Area (LONG ISLAND) I Would Visit It On August The 1st. We Christians, Must Let The ‘LEFT’ Know…..We Stand Together.

    1. Not just Christians… but people of good faith that believe marriage is between a man and a woman with no exceptions.

  100. **************”I’m in Shock — ACLU Supports Chick-Fil-A!”****************
    Get over the Shock; the ACLU is picking up a gratis PR gift with-out liftig a bony finger.

  101. Only a complete and utter moron would be surprised at this, or one completely ignorant of the purpose of the ACLU, or someone who has been lying about them for so long that they forgot that they were lying. Take your pick.

  102. If the same criteria were used (not allowing a business because its owner believes in traditional marriage) across the board , then the Hollywood crowd would be banned for being socialists, communists or anti Christian bigots and motion picture companys would be banned. Many actors/entertainers would be out a job and tried for treason for supporting Castro, Chavez of Venezuela and other Dictators . Mayors of all sanctuary cities would be tried for Not enforcing US laws. Get the Picture ? How un-american can the left get before people wise up to these fascists ie: Chicago Mayor, Boston Mayor etc. If you dont like a business dont patronize it. I dont like GE for instance or its CEO so I unloaded my stock, but I dont think Ge should be banned from Boston or Chicgo. The nut jobs have escaped the asylum and are running rampant in high places in America.

    1. The US has been supporting dictators for like 100 years. And training they’re fascist police. So all our leaders are traitor’s!?

  103. When you have an organization like the ACLU siding with you the offense has to be glaringly wrong. This should tell the liberal mayors of boston and chicago how absurd they are. I still think Obama or somebody in his administration told the mayor of boston to back off, and it wouldn’t surprise me that this is the reason the ACLU got involved. They really want to quiet this down and not have it as an issue going into the fall. I say, stay motivated and EAT MORE CHICKEN.

  104. Not a shock. The ACLU is very cunning. They are very self-serving. They pick winners and do what is correct when it serves their purpose and they can’t win by opposing.

  105. I had to read it twice to make sure of what it said. The American communist liberation union (ACLU) must have made a mistake or found a way to justify such a bold statement.

  106. I support Chick-fil-A. As for the ACLU, I guess even a blind pig finds a stray acorn every once in a while. Also, I broken clock gives you the right time twice a day.

  107. In this case it is religious discrimination. I support Chic Fil A’s right to run their business on whatever religious belief they want.

  108. The Bible only applies to those who believe in it only. Its not part 3 of the Constitution, the Constitution allows for same sex marriage under the freedom of speech act of the first amendment. The owner of Chic Fil A, can think whaterver he wants. Under the first amendment Mayor Eamnual can also think what ever he wants, but he can not denie the establishment of a business that will catter to any one who walks in and can pay for whatever is sold.

  109. Finally–the ACLU is actually in favor of something good!!! The business owners should be allowed to express their beliefs any way they want!!! Boston’s mayor speaks for his city in a foul way!!

  110. I’ll be honest, this article is convoluted and confusing. I guess it’s saying the ACLU supports the Chic Fil A. That’s a surprise. That’s my point – if the ACLU actually is on the side of Chic Fil A it will probably be the first time they’ve ever done anything that represents the “normal moral people’s” values. The ACLU has a history of supporting everything deviant ever imaginable. Regardless of whether they finally sided on the right side of something, they are still a bunch of liberal idiots hell-bent on permitting everything, no matter how it defies all logic, all morals, all ethics. Sure, some of you younger idiot liberals might think that “oh, it’s important to protect all things no matter what they are” well, no it’s not. Hitler’s views and actions don’t deserve protection, do they? Crackheads who F*** the sheep in the manger displays at Christmas don’t deserve taxpayer-funded legal representation, do they? Really? Illegals? Transgendered freaks. Pedophiles? You name it, the ACLU supports them. Thing is, that’s almost all they do. They have historically supported everything that’s wrong with America. They have no values, no moral compass, no ethics. Ummm, I guess they’re right in line with the democrats/liberals!

    1. In fact, they are defenders of the Constitution and the right to free speech. It’s got nothing to do with being “normal” or “moral,” or with “values.” It has everything to do with having a government of laws, and not a government of men. That may not be what you want, but your right to express what you do want – even if what you want is theocracy – is set down in the Constitution, and the ACLU defends it. “Norms,” “morals,” and value are all matters of opinion, not of law.

  111. I will drive further just to support Chic Fil A. Stand your ground folks. It’s only when we do nothing to defend our beliefs and rights that the socialist democrats can harm us. It’s only the apathy of good decent folks over decades that got us here today. People must stop being unconcerned about politics and what their local, state, and federal govts are doing. We have no one to blame but ourselves. When good people do nothing…this is what happens. Evil wicked traitors never stop their wickedness. We must always stay vigilant and always ‘watch’ what they are doing. Be watchmen/women! Stop them before they get their claws in too deep.

  112. You can bet the ACLU “DID NOT” want to come in & lend their support to Chick-fil-A but they knew this was a case of the founder of his own business expressing his “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. He NEVER said he wouldn’t serve faggots & queers. He only expressed his opinion on marriage. And that was saying that he agreed with the scriptures in the Bible that said marriage was to be between a Man & Woman.

    So the ACLU knew they NEEDED to come in on this because of the mayor’s intention in Boston to try & keep a Chich-fil-A from opening there because of the owners stance on marriage. Only because if this thing was turned around the other way; they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in defending the QUEERS rights. I may offend people on using that word; but THEY are the ones that stole my word.

    GAY was always a word that meant happy. But the Queers & Faggots have made it a NASTY word. Besides. I’m just calling them what they are. If they don’t like being called that, they should stay in the closet or better yet. THEY NEED TO GET DOWN ON THEIR KNEES AND ASK THE LORD TO DELIVER THEM FROM THEIR EVIL WAYS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.


    1. I believe that Reagan was of limited intelligence and integrity, and that he was senile during a large part of his tenure as US president. None of these clips has done anything but confirm my belief.

  113. Chick fil A will get more support than even Lowes got when the ever outraged muslims tried to author a boycott of their stores. In the first place, muslims are only about 1% of the total U.S. population and make more noise than all the rest. 1% boycotting anyone is stupid. Lowes recorded a business increase because of the ragheads efforts to force them to advertise on a loser TV show.The same will happen to Chick-fil-A. I know I drove a couple extra miles lately just to purchase food from them. I even left the manager a note telling him how good his store was. Rahm-boy and that other mayro jerk from Boston, just made Chick-fil-A more popular than McDs in a lot of locations. I wish I sold sandwiches so I could get these nincompiddles to pick on me too.

  114. Inviting Louis Farrakhan into your city is like going to bed with a KING COBRA and expecting to wake up in the morning.

  115. Who in the world backs the ideals of the aclu ? I don’t care if they did make a good case in favor of Chick-Fil-A. The aclu punks are to be hated for the destruction they cause this country. And the tax payers have to support these notzee’s with dollars that should go to support their own families. So, please don’t give those enemies of the people credit for anything good.

  116. rahm “deadfish” e-man is more than a hypocrite he is a killer. “Among’st criminals the murderer reigns supreem”. Enforce the law. God Bless Sheriff Joe

  117. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Great artical my friend! The liberals are turned into socialist and then turned into communist! Look at the world around you falling apart and most are socialistic countries and the most freedom loving country’s leadership wants to simulate them!!! Can anyone see we are heading down the wrong road? Black, white, red or blue we will all be slaves to the state, is that what the American people want??? Lets get mad and make a stand in November and vote Obama out of office, if we want to change the direction of this wonderful country of “OURS”!!! If we don’t God help our children!!!

  118. I never did hear why or how Chic Fil A was asked about their beliefs. Why was Borden Coke, Pepsi etc not asked? If Chic Fil A was the only company singled out by this group then I have no choice but to believe it was a direct attack on Christians everywhere, I cannot understand how a democrat can sit in a pew in a Christian Church and share two opposite ideals
    God Bless America—the one that He helped form. Not the one Obama is trying to form.

  119. I’m going to have 2 delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwiches on Aug. 1st in support of Mike Huckabee’s Chick-Fil-A Day. I might even buy a 3rd. :) The right is NOT going to sit down and take it anymore. If the left really wants to draw this line in the sand and see who support what, they’re in for a rude awakening.

  120. You don’t see the right wanting to ban Progressive Insurance, but it’s run by a liberal. You don’t see calls to stop Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, run by liberals. The left just can’t handle differences of opinion or competition. Believe what they do, or there’s something wrong with you. The right is DONE being silent. The left will see just how far (nowhere) this childish, petulant behavior is going to get them very soon.

  121. Americans who live by duty, honor and country support Chic-Fil-A. The cities where thugs rule, Chicago & Bas-ton, should be boycotted by any and all. Make these thug cities pay by less conventions & tourism.

  122. Mummbles Menino, the mayor of Boston, is so arogant that he thinks his opinon is more important than putting people back to work. But then that is typical liberalism.

  123. I’m confused. Islam condemns homosexual, yet little boys are ok. Somehow that doesn’t make any sense at all!

  124. aclu is looking for $$$ from conservatives, thats all there it is move along now nothing to sse here, the hipocracy is astounding!

  125. I will support Chik-fil-a ! However, I will not suport an illegtimiate from the moment of his conception, Kenya born, seething liar, communist-trained by Saul Alynski, anti-christ fraud such as NO-bama is ! No one who has any power of discernment and who is sane could vote for an agent of social choas such as that vomit bag in the White House. Oh, incidently, Obama was TOLD “TO BE QUIET!” at the opening cerimonies at the Olympics when he tried to give a “toast” to the queen. Everyone world wide corectly has NO RESPECt for that turdball. Of course the mainstream media didn’t report it.

    1. Hey, Susan, I know that sometimes, things can seem overwhelming, and cause us to do things we would otherwise not do. Like dressing up in full body armor, and spraying a crowd of innocent civilians with machine-gun fire.

      I would hope that your Chick-Fil-A support would not entertain any scenario so drastic. But if you are having these kinds of thoughts, please seek professional counseling before you act on these thoughts. Just sayin’.

  126. I support Chic Fil A! NO where in the Bible is it even mentioned about marriage except between people of the opposite sex! A Man and a womean! But it DID say that if you “lie” IE;(Bibical word for sex) with those of the same sex it is an abomination! Does it mean those who DO will go to He!!? We have a Heavenly Father who is the ultimate Judge! HE doesn’t need US to assist him! Even Jesus did not “judge” others! He said that he came to seek and save those who were lost! NOT to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be SAVED! The Bible clearly states that if you “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you SHALL be SAVED! There are many sins we don’t condone, but not one single ONE of us is free from sin! We strive daily to do the right things, but the detours we take, of our own choosing, may change us temporarily, but if we want to spend eternity with God, we need to be more Christ-like! Forgiving, compassionate, loving, and non-judgemental, Lets leave the JUDGING to “THE ONE” who knows the INNER person not just their actions!

  127. Per the ACLU, the 2nd Amendment is not a right being violatd by every municiple anti gun ordinance. They think it’s not a civil right. They have never ever argued for gun rights. This disqualifies as a true “civil liberties” organization. They’re just politicl hacks pushing the corruption of our society. The NRA is the oldest real civil rights group in the country.

  128. The ACLU supports Chic-fil-A because it’s a sure winner. Refusing to allow a business to open or operate because it’s owners do not support homosexual “marriage” is indefensible on its face. The action invites a lawsuit which I sincerely hope the proprietors of Chic-fil-A will bring – against every city that tries to keep them out. To ignore this is to allow the spread of liberal fascism wherever it rears it’s ugly head.

  129. We have at least two stores here in Plano, TX. They are popular here in N. TX and I have eaten at them since 1988. Mr. Cathy and a son visited our church a few years ago. He is a very nice gentleman and it was a honor to meet him. The story of how he got started is interesting…he did it on his own not by the govt.

  130. Raum Emanuel’s statements are exactly why businessmen/women have to play both sides of the fence and cannot really say what they think (i.e. Donald Trump). Idiots like Gayrahm don’t know what leadership is — they only understand corruption, abuse of power and supression…

  131. But will the ACLU step up and provide legal services to Chic-Fil-A to sue the living daylights out of those mayors, city councils and cities?

  132. OK people, please stop trying to confuse a Liberal/Progressive on both parties, with truth!
    They have never heard this and it hurts their ears! Plus it very confusing to their metal state! Especially God’s truth! As the have no use for the absolutes in right, nor wrong, nor truth itself! It all so relative don’t you know?


  133. The ACLU does occasionally get it right. When it comes to intolerance of deeply held religious beliefs and convictions, these closed minded mayors are the real bigots. Let them
    keep Chick-Fil-A out of there progressive liberally run cities. Chicago, with one of the highest crime/murder rates in the country, surely doesn’t need a restaurant in their midst
    who has Christian roots. Surely nobody in Chicago likes fried chicken anyway. Let them eat crow as they continue to kill each other off. If Rahm needs to worry about anything in Obama’s hometown, maybe he should be more concerned about the increase of black on black crime in the town that gave birth to “hope”.

  134. Bottom line: With friends like that (ACLU), who needs enemies?
    I’d rather go it alone, while walking through hell carrying a gas can, then accept help from the ACLU.

  135. ACLU:
    American Civil Liberties Union (liberal lawyers); initially known as the “Civil
    Liberties Bureau”, it was founded in 1920.
    National Headquarters – N38
    54 05.64 W77 01 59.14

    Among the
    founding members were –

    Baldwin (notable Communist)

    Eastman (notable founder of the “Women’s Peace Party” opposed to World War I)

    William Z.
    Foster (notable Communist)

    A.J. Muste
    (notable radical)

    John Dewey
    (radical philosopher)

    Gurley Flynn (notable Communist and feminist)

    Eugene V.
    Debs (Democrat turned notable Socialist; ran for US Presidency from prison)

    Helen Keller
    (notable deaf, dumb, and blind activist)

    Note: The
    ACLU has more than 2,000 attorneys and nearly $200 million at its disposal.

  136. I Had two chicken Sandwiches and I Ate at Chick-fil-a Before and I support our founding fathers and Our u.S cONSTITUTION,and I’m takinga Stand For Traditional Marriages
    Between 1 man and 1 woman and I’m against Gay Marriages and Let CHick Fil-a Businesses Be Built In Chicago,I.L. and Baston,M.A. To Be In Business Now.and I Support Chik-Fil_a and Boycotting chick-fil-a Is A SIn and Rahm Emanual and Tom Menisno and The ACLU CAn Just Go to Hell. And I Would Like to SEE ACLU Defunded,shut Down,and
    Put Out Of Business PErmantly Across America,and I Walk With My LORD And Savior Jesus Christ and God Is Taking Care Of Me and Chick-Fil-a Is a Good Resturant and I’ve
    Eaten Chick -fil-a Before and I’ll Do It Again and I Want all Gay Marriages,Abortions
    Outlawed,illeagal and Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of The Law Across America Permantly Now.

  137. I ate A CHick Fil-a Before and I’ll Do it Again and I Support All Traditional Marriages Between 1 man and 1 woman and I’ll eat Chick Fil-a again and again and I’m Taking a Stand Against all Gay Marriages and I’m taking a stand against ACLU,Boston’s,Chicago’s
    San Fransisco’s,D.C.’s mayors tom Menino,rahm Emanuel,Edwin Lee,Vince gray and I Walk
    With My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Liberals,ACLU,Menino,Emanuel,Lee,Gray Can
    Just Go To Hell If they Don’t Repent thier Sins now.and I’m Campaigning For Former MAssachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney R-Belmont,M.A.For President of the United States Of America and Let’s Repeal Obamacare Bill Permantly Across America.and Homsexuality Is a Sin and it’s A Cesspool.

  138. It’s all a game, a very high stakes game, but a game,nevertheless. If you win, you lose, if you lose, you win. And the American people are left holding the bag, either way.

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