‘Taharrush’ Mass Rapes Part of Refugees’ Culture, German Police Admit

An official report on the mass rapes and sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne, Germany, and other German cities over New Year’s acknowledges that Muslim refugees admitted into the country have brought with them the practice known as “taharrush gamea.” Yes, it’s another charming bit of Arabic culture brought to the civilized world by practitioners […]

Non-Threatening Refugee to Be Obama’s Guest at State of the Union Address

USA Today wrote that “President Obama is taking a dramatic step to show he opposes Republican efforts to slow or halt the admission of refugees over terrorist concerns: He has invited a Syrian refugee to attend his State of the Union Address.” Is the refugee going to be seated next to the empty “Gun Violence” chair? Anyway, it’s hardly a dramatic […]

Is State Department Hiding Refugee Information?

While the Obama administration fought to deport a Christian family who sought asylum in US because Germany was persecuting them for homeschooling their children, many thousands of Muslims were being allowed into the US under a questionable vetting system. I say questionable vetting system because a DHS whistleblower recently revealed that the Obama administration has […]

More than 30 Recent Immigrants Caught with Ties to Terrorism!

Over the summer Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a list of recent immigrants who had been arrested after being tied to terrorist plots. At the time the list was about 20 people long, but over the last few months Senator Sessions has continued to update it, and the list now stands at more than 30! […]

Blood of San Bernardino Victims on Obama’s Hands

Within minutes of the nation hearing about another mass shooting in San Bernardino, Barack Obama began his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, blaming guns, not the people. It didn’t take long for investigators to learn that the shootings weren’t just a work place random shooting, but it was an act of terrorism and the AK-47 used in […]

Cruz or Rubio: Who Won 5th GOP Debate?

If you are a Ted Cruz supporter like I am, you thought he won the debate. The same goes for Trump and Rubio supporters. To supporters of all others – “Rots-a-Ruck.” This time around it seems more people are talking about the Cruz v. Rubio battles than anyone else, including the Trumpster, concentrating on their […]

Illegals Caught Using Fake Border Patrol Vehicle to Enter US

I’m not sure I can count or name all of the ways aliens have used and still using to enter the US illegally. Thousands brave the vast deserts of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, walking miles across a hostile environment. In Texas, hundreds swim the Rio Grande River on a daily basis to work […]

DHS Has No Clue How Many Syrian Refugees Arrived Last Year

There’s been a tremendous amount of controversy over the Obama administration’s plans on allowing thousands of Syrian refugees into America. Over half of the governors in the nation have told Washington that they refuse to accept Syrian refugees due to security and safety issues, especially after learning that one of the Paris terrorists entered Europe […]

Middle Eastern Illegals Carrying Stainless Steel Cylinders Caught 30 Miles Inside Arizona

For over a year, many sources have been reporting that members of ISIS have been working with Mexican drug cartels for their help to illegally enter the US. Since ISIS is making billions of dollars a year, they were eager to pay the drug cartels to show them some of their regular routes into the […]

Obama’s Sunday Night Speech Rife with Lies and Hypocrisy

Barack Obama addressed the nation at prime time Sunday night. The White House says Sunday night was picked to reach the largest audience. Really? In his speech praising and supporting his fellow Muslims, he picked the night and time when many Christians are attending evening service. So who was he really addressing? In his speech, […]

Ranchers Blamed for Illegals Dying on Their Land

Thousands of illegals set upon a perilous journey when they decide to illegally cross into the United States. Many set off on foot and hike over a hundred miles through deserts that will kill you if not prepared. Others are dropped off in the desert by their human traffickers before reaching check points. In the […]

Greatest Threat to Nation is Administration’s Open-Border Policy

Barack Obama has been so focused on allowing millions of illegals into the US so that they could illegally cast votes in the 2016 election that he has completely ignored our national security. Hundreds of thousands of illegals continue to cross the border into the Unites States each year. Between the DREAM ACT and DACA, […]