IRS Secretary Arrested for Racking Up $8,515 of Personal Items on Agency Credit Card

Once the cork popped on the sacred establishment known as the Internal Revenue Service, it seems that almost every day some new scandal or problem surfaces.

In the latest news rising out of the ashes of what once were the pristine halls of the IRS, a secretary has been arrested and charged with a felony for using an IRS issued credit card for personal items.  Yetunde Oseni, 37 started working as a secretary in the Lanham, Maryland office of the IRS in 2000.  In 2009, she was issued a Citibank MasterCard to be used for the purchasing of office supplies.

It appears that Oseni decided that she could use her IRS MasterCard to purchase personal items off the internet, mostly at  When asked for the receipts for her purchases, she tried to alter them so as to hide her personal spending.  An investigation was launched and it was discovered that Oseni had purchased a minimum of $8,515 worth of items for her and her family.  Among her purchases were:

  • Chocolate fondue fountain
  • Bollywood movies
  • Pampers
  • Omaha steaks
  • Harlequin romance novels
  • Apple Bottoms skinny jeans
  • Mango body wash
  • Ginsu knife set
  • 2 plus size trench coats
  • Hello Kitty cosmetic set and Dream Diary Kit
  • MAC Haughty & Naughty lash mascara
  • Nostalgia Electrics RSM-702 Retro Series snow cone maker
  • 3 lbs party candy
  • Toy piñata
  • Lansinoh lanolin nursing cream
  • 4 prs Leveret children pajamas

The charges filed against her in the US District Court for the District of Maryland states the offense as:

“Knowingly and unlawfully embezzle, steal, purloin, and knowingly convert to her use things of value of the United States, to wit: household items and food products purchased using a government purchase card belonging to the Internal Revenue Service.”

Oseni seems to have a real spending problem.  In 2011, she filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy claiming to have debts of $50,000 to $100,000 and assets of less than $50,000.  However, a judge dismissed the bankruptcy claim when Oseni failed to provide certain required documents to the court.

According to the security firm Marquet International, Oseni fits the typical profile of an embezzler.  They say that most embezzlers are female, in their 40s, hold some type of bookkeeping position and have no criminal record.  The bookkeeping type position is key to the profile as it gives the person access to funds or accounts that many other employees would not have access to.  Additionally, these positions are generally held by women.

Oseni’s trial has been set for June 12.  Until that time, she has been released on her own recognizance.  If found guilty (duh!), she could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

So what else has been going on behind their closed doors?  With everything we’ve been hearing over the past couple of weeks, you can’t help but wonder what other sordid and illegal things have been taking place in the IRS.

35 thoughts on “IRS Secretary Arrested for Racking Up $8,515 of Personal Items on Agency Credit Card

  1. Somewhere in the rancid bowels of the IRS someone is being paid to review credit card purchases by IRS employees. Obviously this all-too-typical government employee is not doing his/her job. This person should also be charged with the theft and, additionally, should be charged with stealing his/her salary. Dereliction of duty by government employees should be a capital offense.

      1. its like their welfare card , all of the kenyans minions are entitled to more than hard working taxpayers , by the way did she also pay tax on what she stole ?

  2. Of course this all starts from the top with Obama. He and his wife among others in the administration have been spending taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow. Obama and his immoral actions have perverted the Army with gays and the Secret Service with prostitutes and the IRS never really has had the reputation of either of these two so much more easy to stretch the law to go a little bit further than it does in reality. After all our boss Obama does it.

    1. dont forget jesse jackson and his wife , now they are saying she shouldnt go to prison because of the children , we hear alout the children when they talk about , gun control , education , raising taxes , welfare and obamacare , its always about the children

      1. Children are used as a human shield by the democrats and people fall for it every time. People forget that the democrats are the biggest murderers of children in history.

        1. No, they are future welfare queens or democrat politicians. Bomb-making is far too much work for an obama parasite.

  3. WHAT?!?!

    She did not by a Trojan Twister!?!

    If you’re going to steal money, make sure you spend it on something useful.

    They will just fire her, and she’ll get a job at the Post Office….now THERE is well run and managed government agency.

    1. Thats how the whole thing got started. She had to buy all that stuff in order to have enough green stamps to get one. She still did not get it and had to settle for a large summer squash instead.

        1. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the BS going on at the I R S brought them crashing down resulting in a flat tax system ? Not gonna happen but sure would be nice.

      1. Excellent . . . and that someone would click “dislike” on your post proves Liberals cannot handle the truth!

    1. You must be joking! She will be asking for a reference for her next job and because of privacy laws, the IRS won’t be able to deny her.

    2. Of course that would be true of any citizen that broke one of their rules. She will get promoted and given a bonus for creative book keeping.

  4. WTF??? are you kidding me!! This is BS!! Long story short..I get SSI, can’t work, but worked since I was 16, now 45…I was making 140,000 a Year with Ford Motor Company..well, 2 Years ago, I went to the ATM for some money and got nothing!! I had no food, medications, nothing!! I called my bank, found that my account had a who?? IRS!! Some how some way, I owed back taxes from 1998..Get that crap!! over 12 Years ago then..I called the IRS to advise them that this is my only income, and come the 3RD of every Month, I’m sucking air for food, can’t get by on what I get…They did not care, took my SSI payment and said that I had to agree to 60 bucks a Month until my back taxes were paid or they would not remove the levy!!….First, I always got money back on my taxes, and had no idea that I owed anything..I called my Accountant, she said no!! they made a mistake…But because it was over 12 Years ago, I had no records of that return, nor did my accountant..Yup! today I am still getting screwed, they take it from my payment every Month and I cannot afford this at all..Bottom line, that loser should be in jail!! pay restitution along with penalties!! And like this article says, wonder how many more are doing the same!!! Close them down!! I cannot believe what I read & hear these days of our Government..Whatever happen to the great America we lived in when Reagan was President..I just don’t get it now..They are all crooks, liars, and cheats!! And here I am along with many other fellow Americans that receives SSI, SSD or have Medicaid, medicare etc, trying to just survive on what we get…Not to mention all of the others that cannot find a job because of this phony in office..Too busy stealing from us or telling lies, not working on the economy creating jobs etc..NOPE!! letting the illegals come in or stay so they can take our jobs….What a people we are today…Stand up and fight!! get these bastards out, all of them!! Enough already!! I have 5 kids from age 10 -21, I am scared to death about their future if this continues…
    May God bless us all and America!!! Like our money says, IN GOD WE TRUST!! and I do trust HIM…In Jesus Name! AMEN!

    1. Had a problem like this about 30 years ago. Made a minor addition error on my taxes – $7. By the time IRS “found” it and notified me nearly 9 years had passed. The $7, plus late charges, penalties, and fines had accumulated to more than $300 and had to be paid ASAP.

    2. I don’t get it. I was told by many CPA’s that they can’t go back more than five years due to the law and statute of limitations. If in fact them lower forms of life can go farther than that, why have they been telling CPA’s they only should hold on to the forms for five years? I always keep paperwork for important things like this. Up until recently I had every check I ever wrote going back at least thirty five years. This is exactly why I do this, CYA! Some of the people who thought I was just being a pack rat came up to me after they had received a notice of something similar and tell me now they understand. One thing is for certain, I never thought I would see the day I would see what I do in government now. This is appalling and this must be how Germany felt with Hitler. Actually, I think at least he actually, in his mind, was doing this to better his country. The present embarrassment is knowingly destroying his! What truly amazes me is that his supporters are ignorant of what he really is.

      1. Hey Unwilling, I looked into that as well (Statute Of Limitations) no, the IRS can do as they please, there is no limitations for back taxes owed, so I was told..I thought the same thing as soon as I was told my account was levied…Ah, they can’t do this!! 12 Years ago?!! I never felt so abused on a call in my life! (and I dealt with many customers in an 18 Year career with Ford), I know, people can be so cruel)..LOL (IRS) they threatened to take anything and everything from me if I didn’t agree to a Monthly payment..And, I have noting anyways, no car, no house, just crap I bought when I first came to this 3RD World Country 7 Years ago (Dominican Republic) As if that’s not bad enough for them to know…Reminds me of Levi (not sure of the proper spelling) before he became Jesus disciple, what an SOB he was even with his own brother Peter..All of them should burn in hell, especially now with all what we know..What about the things we don’t know about,,,This entire group should be fired, just thrown out and gone! along with this Obumma Admin, all of them alike! Very embarrassing to be an American under them…Like I said, when Reagan was President, it was a total different America, I felt proud, was happy, felt safe even with Bush…I don’t think any of us feel safe these past Years with this Admin, all crooked, full of lies, its all they do…Its a damn shame!!! tired of it

  5. Sound like ‘business as usual’ in Washington D.C. (that stands for ‘diminished capacity,’ right?)


  7. So that’s it!!!

    I’ve been wondering why I can’t afford Omaha steaks, now I know. I had to pay for them for her. Bet she supports welfare for needy people, too.

  8. Once again we see what happens when you give a nergo ( yes, I checked) a government credit card. We gave one to Obama and see how much he has racked up.

  9. “”” IRS Secretary Arrested for Racking Up $8,515 of Personal Items on Agency Credit Card “””
    WHAT should happen to anyone who racks up a $16 TRILLION waste of American tax payer money?

  10. Give her the max in jail and being that Obama is borrowing and spending our taxpayer dollars wastefully, I imagine that he too should be arrested and thrown in jail for the max of years.


  11. The name sounds 3rd World-ish, Think we need to also cut back on who we give papers and jobs too. Of course about 40 million will be ready for their Credit Cards if this immigration bill passes.

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