Is Another Civil War on the Horizon?

A pretty, young, auburn-haired woman – mid-20s – drove down a lonely country road somewhere in Oklahoma. Appearing in her rear-view mirror, at the back windshield, were two menacing orbs of light floating amid ashen dusk. The guttural roar of a souped-up big block shook the tiny Volkswagen Rabbit as a van-load of inbred thugs lurched left and drew alongside her. A ponytailed passenger taunted inaudibly and blew foul kisses between crude hand gestures. He pointed for her to pull over as the van repeatedly swerved dangerously close.

Inside the car a man, asleep in the reclining passenger seat, was startled awake by the commotion. He rose and darted his head about, calmly assessing the situation. This only spurred the evil-bent goons.

As they ramped-up efforts to run the car off the road, the man reached in the glove box, withdrew a military-grade, semi-automatic handgun – an “assault weapon,” if you will – and, with intentionality and great theatre, leaned across his young bride, pointing the gun out the open bay and directly between dirt bag’s booze-flushed eyes.

Van vanished amid a plume of gray smoke as wheels locked, tires screeched and “assault vehicle” fishtailed – jerking to a halt with taillights aglow skyward from the ditch.

Not a shot was fired.

Back at the couple’s rural farmhouse, two boys – boys who would not be orphaned that night – played. We most likely played – my brother Pete and I – with assault rifles fashioned from sticks. I always love to hear Dad retell the story. He does it with an ornery, satisfied grin. “No one’s taking my guns,” he’ll say.

This might be a good time for me to add that no one’s taking my guns either. Period. And if Dianne Feinstein orders me from her lofty perch on the left-coast to retroactively register them with some federal autocracy, I think I might just forget I even have them. Tens of millions of law-abiding, God-fearing Americans just like me and Dad, I suspect, feel the same way.

I love guns. Grew up with ‘em. As a former police officer with 12 years in the U.S. military, I know how to use them, too – use them well. I plan to buy more – a bunch more. In fact, who’s to say I don’t already have a veritable arsenal?

Point is, tain’t Big Brother Barack’s nor any other candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puff’s bloody business whether I do or not.

See, the left’s totalitarian brand of “gun control” has nothing to do with controlling guns – or bad guys. Rather, it has everything to do with controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses. It’s not about protecting the innocents. It’s about rendering the innocents defenseless.

Clichés become clichés for a reason, and the old cliché, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns,” rings as true today as it did whenever it was that some homespun fellow coined it.

I was disgusted – physically sickened, in fact – when Barack Obama, president of these Divided States of America, shamelessly exploited the Sandy Hook memorial service to lay the groundwork for his unconstitutional gun-confiscation scheme. It was slimy to the extreme.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. That’s what liberals do. Every time some evil nutjob – pumped full of psychotropic drugs by NEA members who don’t want to deal with them – shoots-up the place, the left’s collective mouth begins to water.

“Now, finally, now!” they say, rubbing together soft hands that have never felt the surprising weight of a Sig Sauer 45. “This time we have the political momentum for sweeping gun control. This time the American people will roll over and let us trample the Second Amendment beneath jackbooted executive order or congressional fiat.”

“Let no good crisis go to waste,” right, Rahm?

Well, not so fast, cupcake. As the U.S. Constitution guarantees – and as the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed – “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It ain’t, “should not be infringed,” or “shall finally be infringed once ‘progressives’ have assumed total dominance.”

No, “shall not” means shall not.

There’s only one way to take my guns, slick, and that’s through a constitutional amendment – an amendment that will never happen – ever. Try it any other way and we have a problem.

And this whole “assault weapons ban” angle? Sensationalist propaganda. I prefer to call them “defense weapons.” Contrary to left-wing revisionist pabulum, the Second Amendment’s not about squirrel hunting.

Notice a trend here? What do Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora Colorado’s Century 16 theatre and Columbine have in common? They’re all “gun free zones.”

Places you don’t see mass murder and mayhem? Well, there’s a reason bad guys largely avoid shooting-up gun shows, ranges, households with signs that say: “This home insured by Smith & Wesson” and Texas in general. It’s because they know – even while thick-skulled liberals don’t – that, as recently noted by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Oh, that rather than “gun free zone,” Sandy Hook had a sign reading: “Staff heavily armed and trained. Any attempts to harm those herein will be met with deadly force.” Might some of those beautiful babies have still died if the P.E. coach and four MP5-bearing teachers had ended the bloodshed soon after it began? Perhaps. But how many precious lives could have been saved?

No, you won’t disarm me. You’re not going to neuter my household and tear away my ability to defend my wife and precious babies like Dad did all those years ago.

I really, really hope this president and his authoritarian cohorts in Congress will slow down, take a deep breath and realize that, right now, they’re playing a very dangerous game of chicken. If they try what I think they might, but hope they don’t, I fear this nation – already on the precipice of widespread civil unrest and economic disaster – might finally spiral into to utter chaos, into a second civil war.

But then again, that may be exactly what they have in mind.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)  

608 thoughts on “Is Another Civil War on the Horizon?

  1. Matt…SUPERB article. You are speaking for me and every other responsible gun owner in America.

    Ever the predatory opportunist, Obama stood on the graves of those precious children and gave the best disarmament speech he could muster to his reactionary audience. And they took the bait.

    LIke a juggernaut and knowing full well that his policies will add greatly to the current civil unrest, the Man-Who-Would-Be-King is moving full steam ahead on getting his legislation passed….by whatever means……..regardless of the consequences or cost to our society.

    The battle for our guns has been enjoined.
    Gun-owners have already taken a side.
    And most have the guts and grit to stand their ground.

    Those who fight may lose,
    But those who refuse to fight have lost already.

    May God help us.

      1. Probably nowhere. I don’t think most Americans are really ready to go up against tanks, airacraft, machine guns. More fun to talk about than to do. .

        1. …IT IS unlikely Americans would have to go up against “tanks, aircraft, machine guns.” DO your local law enforcement have those weapons? Most likely not. AND you are obviously assuming that the local law enforcement would do 0’s bidding… most likely they would not… NOR would the National Guard. THE Military definitely will not…
          …LIBERALS like to think their thinking is mainstream thinking, but your absurd notions make up only 20%… if it weren’t for the welfare class, you’d never win an election, even in California!
          …IF PUSH comes to shove, those on the Left, including your leaders, will end up pushing daisies.

        2. You’re right Tom, and the charlies of the world cling to their security blankets and hope they never have to face the reality of an armed intruder. I’m a retired police officer, and I know what response time is, and in the event of a home invasion, it usually isn’t fast enough. I still have my duty guns (we bought our own) and stay profficient with them. charlie would be well advised to think about protecting himself because this world isn’t getting any safer. And as long as maobama and holder the lesser are in office, things will continue to get worse.

        3. Well “O” thinks he has the military, law enforcers, and all of his brotherhoods that will take care of him. He better think agine. That will be his one big mistake of his life.

        4. I feel this is mostly about a one world Government. And we free loving americans are in their way. By the way a question to you all. Are we as free as we were when you were in grade school. I’m not there have been so many regulations that is right Regulation. Not a Law but regulation, so the left can say we are free.

        5. Whether or not you’re Christian, we freedom-loving Americans need to stand together against the non-free world as currently represented by the United Nations. You might recall that a goodly portion of the “our fortunes” pledged by our ancestors was from Jewish hands. Jews and Christians have the same freedom-loving principles and the same “Old Testament”. The only Mormon (LDS) people I have known personally were definitely Christians and fine upstanding freedom-loving people. It’s the Godless commie scum in DC that we need to oppose, and who will find out eventually that they are definitely in the minority

        6. They would probably call in the UN troops if our military won’t fight and no telling where it would go from there. Most local enforcement and the Military will probably side with their families and friends. What will the people do when the fight comes to their door and their kids and wives are there to be shot or blown up? Surrender their guns? Who knows?

        7. Hopefully they will do as the first revolutionists, and stand to fight the tyranny. Many of the 1776 patriots were against the war, until it was being fought in their own front yard!

        8. …THE UN troops would be slaughtered almost as quickly as they disembark from their transport planes/ships… we’ve all seen how well the UN works… without the USA to “make it go,” nothing gets done. THE EASIEST way to galvanize Americans, is to bring foreign troops into the fight…

        9. Using UN troops to attempt to confiscate American’s firearms is a very real probability. Let’s not forget that Russian Spetsnaz have been training here in the US for at least the last couple of years.

        10. the Blueshirts are a bunch of corrupt, selfish hirelings. They can do OK against a group of unarmed, untrained Sudanese refugees…. but put the heat on them, they won’t hold up, any more than Georgie Boy’s Redcoats did under the press of the COlonials.. well trained, crack shots, knew their own territory well, and were defending their homes, lands, wives, children, parents…. now THAT is motivation the Blueshirts will be lacking.

        11. twocolts,
          You got that right!
          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        12. …NO, they weren’t… armored vehicles, yes, tanks, no… and a lot has changed since then… WE are much better informed, organized, aware, and armed, ALSO, it wouldn’t be a case of just a handful of people trying to stand off the Feds ~ it would be the 60% who are still Patriots and not Mere Citizens, who would rise up… so, IF IT comes to blows, We The People will win the day… those on the Left will hide in the shadows, as they always do when Patriots stand tall…

        13. Those on the left will be looking for another country to live in,Those who commit treason know what the penalty will be.

        14. …AND the penalty for treason hasn’t changed in hundreds of years: hung by the neck until dead. WHEN this happens, it should be broadcast live on television, with mandatory viewing for all school children aged 10 and older, as a life lesson learned…
          …SENATORS and Representatives, both Federal and State, as well as all who pushed the progessive agenda at all levels of government, should be dealt with at the local level: deport or hang…
          …SHOULD the States decide to deport and not hang their homegrown traitors, those being deported should lose everything gained while in political office, and have only 90-days to settle their affairs… their families should be deported with them…

        15. Your no better than the trash we have in the White House. Right kill everyone and put them up against the wall little hitler.

        16. Armored vehicle against what was mostly women and children. That was the ATF, same A-holes who sold guns to Mexican drug runners. You proud of that?

        17. Why not just cecede from the Union peacefully, good riddance. THis way you can buy BAR’s plenty of gold and and God everywhere.; just think how save you will feel inder that rebel flag inyour plantation.

        18. GOOD RIDDANCE, yes, indeed…
          …IF WE secede, if we become a new nation, we’ll let YOU keep the name “United States of America,” while we’ll just use the name, “America.” You can keep the welfare state, the debt, the lying and cheating, the corruption and the Godless society… WE’LL KEEP the Constitution and our guns, and the right to determine our own future without government meddling…
          …AND WHEN your side is starving, when you’re killing each other because the Working Class has left and everything you take for granted is gone, we might sell you some non ethanol corn, and maybe some frakked oil and natural gas, or some coal, so you can heat your homes…

        19. You can bet your stinky ass, that will be a whole lot better than being anchored to the government plantation. Being poor and free is a thousand fold better than being kept in a comfortable cage. Hark your massa’s yell’in fo you.

        20. Have to disagree with you, Tom. It is the “illegal class” who keep the libs elected in California.

        21. Typical… I’ve seen this before – someone posts “what MOS?” and the little troll-claiming-to-be-retired military goes away. Nice shootin’ there Doubter – he sure didn’t post like one of ours 😉

        22. They won’t be pushing up daisies. They will be pushing each other out of the way as they run for the nearest exit from the USA.

        23. Go for your gun dumbass I dare you. You will be the one pushing up daisies. Your all talk and no action anyway. Nothing to you but hot air.

        24. This is why the 1934 ban on such weapons was an even bigger assault on the second amendment than the current one. A truly “armed” populace should have weapon parity with the government.

          Federalist #29
          “But though the scheme of disciplining the whole nation
          must be abandoned as mischievous or impracticable; yet it is a matter of the
          utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be
          adopted for the proper establishment of the militia. The attention of the
          government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps
          of moderate extent, upon such principles as will really fit them for service in
          case of need. By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an
          excellent body of well-trained militia, ready to take the field whenever the
          defense of the State shall require it. This will not only lessen the call for
          military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the
          government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while
          there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in
          discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights
          and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and
          the best possible security against it,
          if it should exist.”

        25. Wanna bet? The first instance where the government goes up against its citizens with aircraft and tanks will set off the next civil war! I’d rather die free than live under this administration’s tyranny! Wake up people! Your freedom is being stripped away one piece at a time – right before your eyes! The time to stand up to this monster is now!

        26. Michael Angel…You’re right. There are worse things than death……like living under the boot of a Marxist despot.

          Submit to Obama?

        27. …WHY did he cave on the Budget and Debt after spending an afternoon golfing with 0? WHAT was he told? WAS it the same thing said to Palin that extinguished her “fire in the belly”? OR was it similar to what was said to Trump that caused him to back off on his search for 0’s birth certificate and college records?

        28. If we still believe in America, we will raise to the occasion. The military is first and foremost sworn to uphold the Constitution. It must carry out lawful orders, not unlawful orders. This was all made very clear at the Nuremberg trials when German soldier should not have carried out despicable orders from their superiors. It applies to American soldiers now.

        29. After serving this country for over twenty years in the military,The military will side with us patriots.

        30. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Americans who learned all about asymmetric warfare. We had to learn it to fight wars in places that would give most people the willies. That learning came from Viet Nam all the way to the present. You don’t stand up to the things of which you speak unless/until it is at the time/place of your choosing and on the ground where you choose to fight. History teaches hard lessons that some of us learned and never forgot.
          Those who only learned what the revisionists taught in school never learned the cold, hard facts. MOLON LABE!

      2. That depends on Obama. The line in the sand is already drawn.
        The next move is his. My Congressmen and Senators will not go against their people. They will be in the trenches with us.

        1. I wish I could agree with you. One of my POS senators is John McCain. Won’t stop me from doing my sworn duty though.

        2. Well sad to say mine are Boxer and Finestein. My Congress wacko is Lois Capps. I can’t even write them for representation. As they don’t ever listen to us Conservatives. Most of our Representatives are POS.

        3. None of you should feel too bad. I live in New York, where mini-Mussolini is threatening to get a headstart on Obama and begin confiscating any minute. MOLON LABE Lil Musso

        4. I’m in the same boat Jeff…. they voted out Mary Bono Mack in my area, who many counted as a RINO on several issues, but replaced her with Ruiz, a physician who spoke out FOR Obamacare and helped get support for it in-state and across the country… guess whose pocket HE’S in? We write, we call, we fax…. and about 30-45 days later we get a form letter back saying, “thank you for your input” but basically stick it in your ear. We have NO voice. In our case a sometimes-RINO who usually voted conservative was better than this outright anything-you-say-Mr.-Obama replacement. Hopefully we’ll get someone better in 2 years to run against him, but I’m not holding my breath. Wish we could afford to leave the state – the ship is sinking…..

        5. John McCain is a liberal. Ha, ha, ha! He might shoot you in the back? I doubt he would be in the trenches with you. Ha, ha, ha!

        6. everyone is wrong, and you are right? Who the phuc you vote for? You sound like you need a large bore weopon shoved up your a$$. You say you are ex-military , what happened, they toss you out for being a fag?

        7. You dumb asses on this blog are wrong. I’ll meet your wuss ass anytime face to face! I wish everyone of you would grab your gun and fight the government you wouldn’t last 2 seconds. Go for your gun dumbass I dare you!

      3. fedup……
        (Rom 8:31)…….If God be for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31)

        (Psa 118:6) The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

        I have put my trust in the Lord and have nothing to fear in this life or in the life to come.

        1. OK. Get over the fact that Mitt ROMNEY was not elected. Haven’t you who do not like him had enough?
          You are acting like obama when you continually attack and accuse someone of something long after their term (or attempt) of office is over.
          NO need to be nasty.

        2. Anyone trying to seize our guns is a Fascist to me! And if the politicians continue with anti-gun legislation it’s going to become very hard for any American citizen to obtain weapons. It will be as hard for Americans to obtain weapons as it was for the Europeans under Adolf Hitler!

        3. If a person has demonstrated they are law-abiding our Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. This government even takes away guns now if a person gets in a domestic spat. Anything politicians can do to take away our gun rights is being done.

        4. As long as THEY have weapons, it is NOT hard to get weapons. You just have to be REAL NASTY to get them. The fact is, the UN plan is to disarm the populations (other than their select few) and then disarm the governments. Otherwise, they will have someone who will resist them.

        5. Guess I’ll be one that is going to resist. I’m not going to comply with Obamacare or new gun laws. I’m not going to comply with all their new Socialist legislation. If the U.S. is disarmed it’s going to be our own government and politicians that does it!

        6. I think Americans should go out and buy the best handguns and weapons you can. The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Over Fifty million perished in World War II and in concentration camps. I don’t think we need to repeat the past.

        7. This is the stiff. The Constitution allows us to be the guarantee on our rights. The 1st states that GOD made us MEN (you ladies obviously qualify as MEN also. Plumbing isn’t the point here.) Not any government. As MEN we have certain rights that are above governmental control. The 2nd gives us the means to enforce it under all circumstances. As Rabbi Hillel said, the rest is just explanation.

        8. God wants nothing to do with you. You just voted for a Godless LDS mormon cult leader Mitt Scumbag. The LORD isn’t on your side but SATAN is.

        9. Look I agree with you in one sense. With either candidate, you were just about getting the same thing no matter which one got in office except that I think that with Obama, it is the New World Order on steroids. The biggest fear with Romney for me was that he would get us into another war right off the bat. But what you don’t seem to get is the Presidency is a secular office. We are not voting on a pastor, or the leader of a theocracy. I respect your position if you felt both were so bad it was better to stay home. But others felt they had a duty to vote and select the “lesser evil.” I see no reason to beat people up over Romney. He lost! Do I wish Republicans had a better candidate more in line with my views, you bet I do. And I think many of them do too.

        10. Mitt Scumbag is a Bishop for the LDS mormon church. Mormonism isn’t a religion it’s a Godless cult. Any Christian that voted to put Mitt Romney in the highest Office in the nation violated their faith and was disobeying the Word of God. The teachings of the LDS mormon cult are theologically in opposition to the Word of God. If mormonism is true then the Christian faith is a complete lie. The LDS mormon cult is the work of SATAN and those who follow their false teachings will die and spend eternity in hell. The only way your ever going to get a Godless LDS mormon cult member as president is to kill all the real Christians.

        11. God put the man he wanted in the White House. If you rebel your just rebeling against God. The LORD isn’t on your side!

        12. Well grab a gun and follow Screeminmeeme to your grave. Because I know damned well his fat ass won’t grab a gun. Call me whatever you want it just shows how ignorant you are!

        13. Tadaaaa!!! Knew it would come out sooner or later!
          We are all racists according to your black liberation theology.
          Go back to Rev Wright and whine with him.
          I for one, are sick to death of your kind accusing us of being all kinds of nasty things just because we don’t approve of oblamo’s lying, thuggish tactics.

        14. I been called a porch monkey and every racist word there is by people on this blog. Several thought I was black. A lot of the people on this blog are racist. I hear people on this blog calling Obama a porch monkey. If that’s not racist I don’t know what is. The funny thing is everything you accuse Obama of RINO Romney was guilty of.

        15. If you voted for Mitt Scumbag your the progressive pinko commie fag. RINO Romney never was a Republican or conservative talk about misguided….

        16. Are you calling my ancestor who fought against King George an idiot? I think not. The odds were as much against us then as they are now, and we won then. We’ll win again! My deer rifle and I may be old, but damned accurate when pointed at any commie gun-grabber, We may go down fighting, but we WILL be fighting.

        17. Your mormon ancestors pushed a cart to Utah. The few of you idiots on this blog going against the government gave me a good laugh. Go ahead grab your gun against the government I dare you! You wouldn’t last 2 seconds.

        18. Not for anything, but didn’t we do that to the British? When a governing body becomes so oppressive, we must evaluate our alternatives. Am I wrong in that assumption?

        19. In 1776 our American colonies fought a bloody Revolutionary War to win their freedom. This isn’t a game and it would take a rebellion, united with every state in the Union to fight against our own government. Would take a lot more than a few people from this blog. And you need to remember our Founding Fathers created our government to ensure freedom from tyranny for us today. Our government works we just don’t have any leaders.

        20. I voted for Mittens because , despite being a POS, he stunk less. Bozo has a GOD complex. ( Yes I am qualified to make this observation.) Mitts could have been argued with. As for his Mormon beliefs, I had Mormon friends when I was in the Navy. They were the same as anybody else. Besides being black doesn’t make one a porch monkey. I am NOT one. Bozo certainly is. Sucking schwang for old white rich men, just like his years at the bath houses with his buttbuddy Rom. Sat cong.

        21. Your Godless LDS mormon CULT leader Mitt Scumbag isn’t any better than Ovomit! In fact mormon Mitt Scumbag thinks he is a God. Mitt Scumbag was far more liberal than Ovomit or Clinton. Scumbag Romney implemented what Ovomit and Clinton could only dream of homosexual marriage and tax funded abortion through ROMNEYCARE! ROMNEYCARE is Obamacare! Mitt Scumbags individual mandate even robs people and Hospitals of their religious freedom! You have to be an obsequious buffoon to support a republican who has done what you fear Obama might do. Your Godless LDS mormon CULT leader Mitt Romney spent his entire career governing as the most PRO-ABORTION, PRO-GAY rights activest in the nation! Mitt Scumbag used tax payer money to promote homosexuality right in the public Schools. Only a FAG would vote for RINO Romney! NEWSFLASH, Mitt Scumbag LOST the election! GET OVER IT LOSER!

        22. Maybe God is checking to see how many Christians will stand up for him. It is not our place to question God. But you take him out of the schools and make it a crime to pray. He WILL turn his back on the non belivers.

        23. I didn’t vote for Ovomit and I wouldn’t vote for your Godless LDS mormon cult leader Mitt Scumbag! I’m more of a Christian than you will ever be boy. It’s people like you that will vote the Anti-Christ into power. It’s people like you that will destroy America.

        24. NO. You less Christian than most I know including myself.
          How are we to believe you didn’t vote for oblamo? You are certainly supportive of him and claiming he was put in office by God.
          You need to go to church and repent of your sins. One of them being using your mouth to accuse others of what you yourself are doing.

        25. I’m more Christian than you will ever be. Mitt Scumbag was a far left Socialist in sheep’s clothing. Any conservative, Republican or Christian that voted for Romney who has surpassed Barack Obama and Clinton by implementing same-sex marriage and tax funded abortion on demand through Romneycare. Demonstrates a willingness to Dishonor God, mislead Christians and undermine the United States of America. It’s people like you that voted for Mitt Scumbag and Ovomit that are the real TERRORISTS in America!!

        26. Your mormon founder Joseph Smith wanted to establish a mormon Theocratic state once before in 1834! Joseph Smith organized his mormon army to march on Independence Missouri. Joseph Smith’s attempt to turn the United States into an LDS mormon kingdom and theocracy FAILED! God wants nothing to do with your cult boy!

        27. Joseph Smith was only a man. And man is inherently flawed. Why don’t you do some real research on LDS instead of being a typical obamabot and blaming everyone for everything about anything?
          You are a troll.
          And why is it because someone disagrees with oblamo that we are all automatically Mormon or racist or whatever the he>L you want to accuse us of?

        28. Joseph Smith isn’t just a man according to his fake book of Abraham. Joseph Smith says he is a God and will have his own world and harem of women. Why do I say your a mormon? Because your defending the LDS cult. You do your best to make this cult sound mainstream and it’s not!

        29. I care! I want to know what type of person is being put in Office before they get my vote.. who cares? Your part of the problem.

        30. Why would I vote? I didn’t, wasn’t anyone worth voting for. They didn’t represent me anyway. No man rules over me. Doubt I vote anymore.

        31. Just who the heck do you think you are to determine who is Christian and who is not?
          Has God given you special powers or something? The nastiness you spew along with hatred for others who believe in God and His Son differently from you is certainly NOT a Christian tenet.
          You are just an angry, unhappy lib…..and a troll to boot.
          But I will pray that God in His mercy will remove the stones from your heart.

        32. Yes I guess compared to you I do have special powers. Paul said, Having your senses exercised to disern both good and evil. Heb 5;14 I have my senses exercised to disern both good and evil. How did I get my senses excercised? By the Word of God, by using the Word of God. Paul said, Strong meat belongeth to them that are of a full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

        33. Besides i’m not silly enough to follow your LDS mormon God that hangs around planet KOLOB. Your LDS mormon God isn’t my God!

        34. Yes He did. And he did it as a curse on America for allowing the things that he calls abominations. Those abominations are the things that Democrats promote,which are child killing by abortion,and sodomy as practiced by sodomites,which liberals call gays.

        35. Are you for real? What world do you live in? If you voted for Mitt Scumbag your worse than the Democrats. ROMNEYCARE which is Obamacare openly funds abortion and offers $50.00 co-pay abortions. Mitt Romney instituted tax funded abortion on demand through Romneycare. Mitt Scumbag fully supports dismembering unborn children his conversion to pro-life was a lie devised to steal pro-life votes. Through ROMNEYCARE Mitt Scumbag even authorized late term, tax-funded abortion on demand. A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Far beyond anything Obama or the Clintons have been able to accomplish. Romney’s forced government healthcare forces 100% of the tax-payers in the state to pay to kill unborn children. On April 12 2006 RINO Romney signed his Massachusetts big government healthcare plan Romneycare. From the start ROMNEYCARE provided tax payer funded elective abortions for killing unborn children. If you voted for your Godless LDS mormon cult leader Mitt Romney your a child killer yourself! And Mitt Romney is the father of gay marriage in America. CHARDONITE, your a baby killer and a sodomite yourself!

        36. Obamacare allows abortions across the board so don’t pretend Romneycare would have been worse! Bobama supports late-term and partial-birth abortions regardless of health or age of fetus. He is the worst criminal against mankind since Hitler. You are looking in the wrong places, if you’re looking at all, for your information.

        37. Thank you! And everyone needs to flag this guy who calls himself “jazzpast”. Then maybe we can get him blocked for his nasty comments, and vile name calling. I already have.

        38. So, you believe in censorship. You don’t believe in our First Amendment rights? I agree that jazzbo is a pest, but if we don’t support his right to be offensive, then the day will come when no one will defend yours.

        39. No. Flagging him/her/it as inappropriate has nothing to do with anyone’s 1st Amendment rights. It has to do with calling people who are only trying to have a civil discussion/debate on any issue all kinds of vile names and be just plain nasty…….that person is inappropriate. They have every right to view their points of view, just do it without all the name calling and vile accusations.

        40. there is yet anohter reason, at least, why God could have put the present ruling kinyun into his present position. Perhaps it is His way of bringing things to a head, so those who will quit themselves like men, stand up, put their trust whily in Him (rather than our own devices and schemes) and go to battle for our women and children, who will NOT fare well in the tyrannical totalitarian state being pushed upon us. God is always FOR His righteous who desire to live in peace and serve HIM. If that includes YOU, then He is FOR you. If not…… your choice. But don’t try and tell ME He is not behind those who will uphold His laws… which includes stepping up and defencing our homes famnilies, properties. Trust the government if you will.. but an evil government WILL be brought down. Its only a matter of time. I said half a year bafore this past election that the kinyun would be foisted upon us again for at least another term… to be our last warning call to rise up and do what is right… something in which we as a people have failed.

        41. You voted for Mitt Romney the Godless LDS mormon cult leader and you think God is behind you. Ha, ha, ha!

        42. In case you haven’t heard, obama is already planning his third term as president. Watch the 2013 State of the Union Address. I believe he will ask for the repeal of the 22nd amendment, the amendment that establishes term limits for the president.

        43. He certainly does not want innocent blood shed. barry is doing that. He also hates liars and barry most certainly is a liar. The darkened hearts of the people of this nation have allowed people like barry, reid durbin, pelosi and the rest to be in power. Now it is time to get them out.

        44. Mitt Romney was nothing but a liar cheat and fraud. He was worse than barry. You grab a gun and get them out you won’t last 5 seconds.

        45. Funny the Torries were saying the same thing about 236 years ago. Look how that turned out. 3% of the colonial population took up arms against the mightiest, most well equipped army in the world, and kicked their asses. We will do the same if the need arises and the call to arms sounds.

        46. Go ahead take up your gun with few other idiots on this blog I dare you! Your the only ones that would get your asses kicked.

        47. You need to get the VA and have them double or triple your dose because you are spouting the foulest hatred and your posts read like you are a psycho loon. You will never get anyone to change their core beliefs about life and this country by hurling insults and calling names

        48. The few of you on this blog talking about taking arms against the government are the LOONS! Maybe you should take your own advise. You sound like an idiot to me.

        49. Let his own words haunt him. He obviously does not know what an M O S is. D E R O S ring a bell? “SHORT” Vietnam 68-69

        50. I can’t believe you were ever in the military. You’re right that it would be a terribly bloody war, and nobody will ever really win, But some men can only be pushed so far before they start pushing back. I think the gov’t’ll have to push a whole lot harder AND the economy will have to get a whole lot worse before men take up arms against those who they see as their oppressors. I hope I don’t see it in my lifetime.

        51. Our government works. It’s the politicians that continue the erosion of the freedom guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are always going to be under attack by those who want to rule us. We have no leaders.

        52. Why, in your small, focused brain do you make everything about bobama versus Romney? Who really cares about the one who lost, or had the election stolen? You obviously despise Romney, but the reasons are not so clear. You keep harping on abortion, but bobama is every bit as evil as you say Romney is–not sure I buy what you claim are Romney’s views on the issue. Do you have anything else to support your hate?

        53. Your the one that continues posting on me ranting about Ovomit and Mitt Scumbag. If people on this blog would get over the fact that Mitt Scumbag lost the election we could all move on. RINO Romney is a LOSER get over it.

        54. Mitt Scumbags LDS mormon cult isn’t any better than muslim. If you voted for RINO Romney or Ovomit you voted for SATAN! Your no different from the trash we have in the White House!

        55. So….who died and made you ruler of all things?
          You have been flagged as inappropriate multiple times.
          You are a nasty little maggot.

        56. The problem is you don’t believe in freedom of speech. If anyone disagrees with you LDS mormons you want to shut them up. Your just as bad as the trash in the White House now.

        57. The proper way to deal with trolls is to refuse to feed them. Works on the Usenet, not so much on those forums. But they’re so cute and fuzzy, it’s difficult to refrain from feeding them.

        58. oldcrone, So what your saying is that idiots are in control of the world and God has no real power over things in this world. Ha, ha, ha! I think that makes you the #1 idiot.

        59. NO. God did NOT put this lying thug in chief in office. Nor did He get him re-elected. God gave humanity the blessing of a free will. He did not put the ballots in the box, nor did He mark them or pull the levers.
          That is what is wrong with you obamabots….you idjits think he is “anointed” by God.
          Most likely he got in because of fraud and idiots who stayed home as their guy wasn’t nominated (ie: Johnson, Paul, etc).

        60. When did you hear me say I voted for OVOMIT? Your lying when you say I voted for Obama. A vote for Romney or Obama was a vote for SATAN.

        61. That’s just what I think of you Romneybots you thought Mitt Scumbag was your new mormon God. I didn’t vote for Ovomit or scumbag Romney. No need to continue lying about me.

        62. Why are you still singing that same old song? And why do you continue to bring up Romney? Why do you assume to know the reasons anyone votes the way they do. You are one of those people who do 3 things better than anyone else–jump to conclusions, get the wrong answers, and harp, harp, harp on the same thing until others are sick of it!

        63. Your the one talking about Romney. People on this blog continue to mouth about Mitt Scumbag. You should take your own advise.

        64. God sent satan to Jesus to tempt him. Should Jesus had gone along with satans offers and not resisted? God sends all kinds of challenges- it is up to you to make the choices in how to overcome by his word.

        65. AMEN! We must bring God’s word and precepts to others. We can not stand by and not stand up for the truths presented in God’s word. They are trying to make us use our money to fund abortions. They are trying to legitimize marriage between two homesexuals. If we pray for help I truly believe God will help us.

        66. Mitt Scumbags LDS mormon cult is the work of SATAN not God! Mitt Scumbag is the father of GAY MARRIAGE in America and you voted for him. Doesn’t matter your mormon God isn’t my God!

        67. Does it piss you off that I’m telling the truth about your filthy LDS mormon cult? Oh I forgot the polls were all lying and Mitt Romney he was going to win the 2012 election in a landslide victory? Talk about fools darling you have me beat by a mile.

        1. …THE only coward I see on this blog is the one calling everyone names… that would be you… typical socialist… talk but no action, with no hold on reality.

        2. Mitt Romney spent his entire career governing as the most PRO-ABORTION, PRO-GAY Rights activist in the nation. If you voted for Mitt Scumbag your the pinko commie fag!

      1. She just thinks about all the liberals dying because they were too stupid to get guns. She loves the idea of looking at people mourning over their liberal friends dead bodies, as she walks by saying “tsk tsk, we tried to warn them.” It’s the kind of thing that proves what a horrible human she is.

    1. Yor are right we may loose. I’m 71 years old so what happens to me just doesn’t matter. What does matter is how my kids and grand kids are going to live after I’m gone. I don’t want a fight and pray there will not be one but if there is I don’t have that many years left anyway. Maybe this is a mind set that Obama and the rest of the far left can’t understand. Understand it or not the millions of us old geezers who want to our kids to have the same freedoms we have enjoyed, are not afraid to fight for it one last time and die if necessary.

      1. Admire the attitude, Phil, but, as a guy named General Patton once said, noone wins a war by dying for his country, you win a war by making the other SOB die for his. In this case, it is the same country. However, I expect to find you hale and well, burying to bodies of your oppressors.

    2. Is indeed a fine article, except where the author suggests that a comstitutional amendment would allow the government to take his guns. Our Founders made it perfectly clear that the right to bear arms is a right bestowed by God and merely affirmed by the Constitution. Even without the Second Amendment, you have a natural, God given right to self preservation and noone from government can take that away.

    3. My team mate Meeme has spoken for this old physician also. The time for talking to politician-liars is finished. Pray to God in heaven, and load your guns. Dominus vobiscum.

    4. Screeminmeerne, Has anyone ever though that this murder of innocent children was somehow the work of the communists.. Remember the communists will do anything to win including killing innocent mothers and children to fullfil their agenda! This was all too perfectly timed for Obama’s agenda of taking our guns away. They couldn’t do it killing just adults, they had to make it profound (which it was) by killing children to get to the American people. I truely believe they made this happen some how some way, because it came at too perfect time for Obama and his gun control. The communists NEED to get our guns in order to take control of the country! This is not far-reaching to think the communists orchestrated this whole thing! God help us all!

    5. I turned a poacher in when I was legally bow-hunting in a game refuge (special drawing). They failed to arrest the guy or do ANYTHING to gather evidence. So, later the guy came to my campsite to address his grievance with me. Then, he noticed the .44 in my hands when I spun the cyliner and he decided he didn’t need to assault me. Didn’t even have to point it or threaten him. The mere presense of the firearm diffused the situation. Guns BRING security in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

    6. Very well put screem, I am one of those that will not back down. I took an oath when I joined the military, that oath doesn’t end because I am no longer in the service, there is no cut off date.

  2. If the Dictator-in-Chief/Liar/Cheat/Killer and his criminal friend-in-crime, Eric “cutthroat” Holder(man) try to confiscate our self-defense; our guns they will have declared war on us. It may end up into a Civil War which they probably want to bring about. Blood will be spilled. We the people may have to put our lives, our fortunes and reputations on the line for the sake of freedom and our children’s future.

    1. In his address to the nation today (Mon.) he talked about gun control, BUT SOMEHOW FAILED TO REMEMBER “FAST and FURIOUS” that He and Holder did not try to CONTROL.

      1. I think Holder, under the guidance of the pres, instigated F AN F as fodder for a bill to ban guns. I also think that the Bengazi incident was a construct to trade our ambassador for the blind Sheik in a political coup. Listen: once someone lies to you and you find out, you can expect everything that emanates from his lips from then on to be a lie! We can no longer trust anyone in our government to tell us the truth because they have lied Soooo many times!

    2. Last year, SEIU union goons marched on banker homes at night in New York with bull horns and torches, just like Hitler’s SA. The stood on the lawn and shouted curses and scared the children. Obama is using his unions like Hitler used his SS to intimidate his opposition.
      I bet IF the banker/father came out of his house with a LOADED rifle, the SEIU union thugs would have run away. This is why conservatives should not give up their guns no matter what Biden, Feinstein or Obama say.

      1. Re: SEIU goons would have run away.
        Maybe not, they probably have guns for the occasion, but if they were met by a larger group of armed and well trained citizens, that would be a different story.

      2. Recently, the federal goon squads came into a small Arkansas town unannounced where about fifty federal thugs armed to the teeth rudely entered MOUNTAIN PURE WATER COMPANY with all the employees pegged against the walls, and confiscated all their records. We haven’t seen anything about this on the news. The media is either bowing to federal pressure or are in complete cohoots with them. Watch out people! Hitler tactics have once again risen!

        1. The SEIU union thugs are communist and they have no soul. They are worse than Hitler’s SA, and buckshot is something they would understand.

      1. Did you know that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and gassoline makes a great fire ball.Burns lone and HOT. Check out napom on the internet. Thats where I read it.

    3. True Patriot, I’m afraid you are right! Another Civil War, brought to you be the Obama Administration, would be their prized crisis to divide the American people even more. Obama knows the following about the American people: “United he falls; divided he stands”.

  3. Here is my advice as we begin the century that will lead to 2081. First,
    guard the freedom of ideas at all costs. Be alert that dictators have
    always played on the natural human tendency to blame others and to
    oversimplify. And don’t regard yourself as a guardian of freedom unless
    you respect and preserve the rights of people you disagree with to
    free, public, unhampered expression. ~Gerard K. O’Neill, 2081

  4. There won’t be a civil war, just a bunch of wingnuts getting themselves in trouble. Reasonable people won’t be a part of it.

    1. I’m guessing that you “reasonable people” never served in the military, or took a stand for anything that didn’t directly benefit you. This country wasn’t formed by “reasonable people” like you. It was formed despite your kind. Have fun sitting in the bleachers your whole life.

      1. Only an Ovomit loving idiot would post something so ignorant on this site. Let ’em start it and 47% will riot because all their government supplied free stuff is cut off — and the rest of us have guns.

      2. i,M SORRY , but I Cannot Agree with the thinking that a CIVIL WAR will get this Country anywhere but in the Hands of a Disquised Islamic Terrorist , know as Your President . This person has had an AGENDA long before he became President ! Acivil War is Just what he is Hopping for , just another 1 of his Steps in his AGENDA to Destroy this Once Great Country ! I cannot See me Wanting to take the life or lives of my Fellow Americans , be he Black , White , Hispanic , or even Asian ! P.S. I,m not Afraid , nor Have I ever Been , As I have Jumped into Another Country , For what I still Believe was to help preserve This Once Great Country !

    2. Will “reasonable people” just roll over and turn in their arms? I think not, sweetie! Only the left wing pansies that believe Obama will “protect” them.

    3. LOL! Are you nuts? Those of us who own firearms are the only “reasonable” people in this country. You nut jobs are so intent on taking away firearms because YOU can’t handle them yourselves so you project your inadequacies on others. Typical liberal B.S. Us reasonable gun owners will use our 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government and crazy nut jobs like you.

    4. How does it feel knowing that the only thing that stands between you liberals and total tyranny are a bunch of so called “gun nuts”. Sleep tight!

    5. Only and un-educated Civil Rights hating moron would make such a statement, or a Liberal/Communist Obama TROLL…!!! NoParties which are you?

    6. Funny though, when they come, they’re not going to be checking voter ID’s. They will clean house including yours libby. Mark my words. You’re going to feel much differently when they have your family down on the ground with guns pointed at their heads while they destroy your house looking for guns. They did it in New Orleans and they’ll do it to you. How will you feel when your children are looking at you and asking why you let this happen to them? Oh yeah, you might get angry, you might even act up, but by then it will be to late. They’ll just cave your skull in with the butt of a rifle and keep moving on. I’m so glad my father wasn’t a candy ass, He was a realist. And damn, here we are 50 years later and the man was spot on.

    7. I’ll borrow from Sam Adams in response to you:

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
      the tranquility of servitude
      better than the animating contest of freedom,
      go home from us in peace.
      We ask not your counsels or your arms.
      Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
      May your chains set lightly upon you,
      and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

    8. sorry reasonable people have to or they will be like you a heel licker. an the wingnuts you call them are paticriots an reasonabl people love freedom an they along will win this. you have already chosen sides so find a hole an get in it .

  5. Divide and conquer. If o’bama wants to ruin the USA, first he needs to fractionalize the country – divide everybody into groups and pit them against one another.

      1. No, I”m not new and he has not Completed it. The objective is to make the country so divided that when he brings in some “terrorists” and gets some FAKE rioting to start (he’s not quite ready for that yet), the lemmings will believe that it’s the people instead of him and his GANG. Of course, that is to be followed with Martial Law, troops “needed” maybe from other countries (and the UN), and then the UN “saving” us with their New World Order.

        1. Just like Greeks who pulled togther when their country was threatened, if the UN came into the US, the blue hats would turn red!

    1. AKA the Hegelian Dialectic, the Marxist method for “political change” , Create a problem that calls for a pre-determined solution, then let the people “request” that solution. This is why a “crisis should never go to waste” and why both “sides” work for the same goals while dividing us between two supposedly opposite political parties. Notice that BOTH parties will always join in opposition to ANY third party.

  6. The game plan of the arrogant, cocky, egotistical, illegal, lying, Muslim Kenyigar is to force America into civil unrest, declare martial law, and then take total control as dictator of a once great country.

  7. I believe that a more appropriate term would be fumigation. A civil war is between people of the same nation. The Democrats are not Americans-they are parasites born on our soil. Americans are decent, moral, hard-working, and self-supporting. Democrats are indecent, immoral, lazy, and supported by productive people; they are worthless parasites who pretend to be Americans.

    1. I’m with you. Start at the local level, work your way up to the state level, and continue cleaning house of anybody who wants this to be a socialist, read communist, nation. You must remove all the cancer or the patient will have a relapse, and possibly die. Our great nation and our way of life is that patient, and she is woefully ill.

        1. Democrast who voted for Obama are evil.
          Senator Obama voted four times to deny emegrency aid to babies who survived botched abortions. Several years ago a nurse on the Hannity Show talked about holding such an aborted baby in a Chicago Hospital until it died. She was still so shaken she could hardly talk.
          Obama did not care, and that is a shame.

  8. Over the past four years this country has become more well armed than ever before. All this talk about the communist left trying to abolish or at least side step the second amendment has caused gun sales to skyrocket even more. All of this is apparently nothing more than a scam to divert attention away from all the other issues that should be in the forefront such as Benghazi, the recless in increasing spending that is predesigned by the leftists to bankrupt and collapse this country, the funding of the muslim brotherhood etc. etc. etc. AND … it appears to be a successful diversion so far.

    1. hope your right but i don’t think so. he can not rule the way he wants with us armed an in a short short we will see. either way the barrel is cleaned an ammo in reach .freedom must be defended.

      1. Mine as well. However I still think it’s a scam to take our focus away from all the other damage they are doing and have done so far. There are just too many millions of guns now in the hands of responsible patriots and there is no way they can really confiscate that many weapons without forcing an actual civil war. I think they know that as well. However … what they may try to do is prevent the acquisition of ammunition but again there are literally millions upon millions of rounds out in the possession of patriots as well. I personally do not know of anyone who is holding less than a thousand rounds.

        1. If, and only if those who have a weapon should have no less than three thousand rounds per weapon. (PLUS).

    2. Tony, At least this Anti Gun and CONTROL of people agenda has woken a sleeping giant……in the last week 4 people have told me they are getting their FIRST guns. I directed them to the great instructors I’ve had.. I think I see some good news in that more citizens of the USA are waking up to the fact that this is a time when We NEED TO STAND UP for our freedoms… And as more and more obamacare taxes and denigration of health care becomes apparent, more of the ignorant masses may start waking up. Just being hopeful. KarenWI

      1. I wouldn’t put too much hope in any democrats waking up. They have been taught from birth to only vote “my school against your school” by parents who themselves were too ignorant to realize that the democrat party of JFK is permanently gone and has been gone since JFK. It died with him. Aside from being taught by willfully politically blind parents, the younger ones have been indoctrinated since carter sold out the future of america’s youth by letting the marxists have control of America’s public education system, to believe that the state is everything and the state will take care of them and provide for all their needs and protect them from those “evil” people who still believe in that “outdated” constitution.

    3. You are correct that this gun control is to divert attention from Benghazi. Ghaddafi was a dictator, a pragmatist but a friend of America. Ghaddafi would never allowed four brave Americans to be trapped and murdered in Benghazi. Susan Rice came on five Sunday talk shows and she lied. Obama bombed Libya without Congresional approval and betrayed a old friend, and he should be impeached.

      1. got to agree with that somewhat. Ghaddafi was not really a friend to this nation but he definitely was no threat to this nation. We had no business helping our sworn enemies the muslim brotherhood overthrow both egypt and libya. We have no business arming the muslim brotherhood to this day. We have no business financially supporting them and their sworn destruction of Israel and all non muslim countries including America. But our tax dollars are still going over to them and they ARE involved with OUR white house. I wonder why? Well not really. But we have the MOST gutless congress ever in our entire history presently sitting in the district of corruption.

  9. Tea party favorability/approval is 33% and 71% of Americans are for gun registration, 62% for gun control as in bans on high round magazines. So gonna be kind of hard to have your revolution. You guys need to get in touch with reality”. The Americans will only take so much of wacky candidates like Cain, Bachman, Santorum. Your party is in disarray and you are ranting about the commie taking your guns. Not gonna happen and you know it. Try focusing on real issue, like jobs and the economy.

    1. Your just a mouth piece for that scum sucking low life liar thief kenyan pos muslim obamaass . Your just repeating the lies that demoncrates put out to make liberals feel good about themselves. You are in for a rude awakening the people that obamaass tries to vilify are the people that work and pay taxes so the 50% of the scum that live off our backs can get a free ride. Share the wealth , fair share. Well i want their lazy ass working and paying their fair share. That scum obamaass and his demoncrate minions are doing every thing they can to create a crisis so he can declare martial law and run this country as his own feudal system , Well person hes wrong , your wrong , the demoncrates are wrong we the people will not let that happen, He may start what ever happens but we will finish it and the treason trials, convictions and just punishment will set this nation free.

    2. I’ll keep my high cap.mags.and all my guns to protect myself from bastards in public and government,they have said they want all weapons,not going to happen,they will be dead first!!

    3. Yeah, “real issues” ….you mean like the “war on women” and Mitt Romney supposedly having hazed a kid back in high school?
      If the focus WAS on jobs & the economy, Obama and his crony capitalists (Solyndra, GE, etc.) would have been run out of town on a rail a long time ago.

    4. Agent Smith. Where do you get your figures. I can spout figures and history backs mine up. Maybe you should watch both news Conservative and Liberal. Then try to use your own brain to see what makes sense. The Tea party is not that far off that you think. And if Obama is really for the people why would he suspend Social Security and Vetrans Benefits if the ceiling isn’t raised. Why not Foreign aid? Because he wants Us to attack the Conservatives. He is using black mail with his own voters who voted for him. Great Guy Huh?

  10. When you think Republicans cannot show more stupidity and irrational and totally impractical solutions to problems – just wait a day for yet another scaremongering piece of nasty drivel. Raw meat for the rabid gullible.

  11. Criminal politicians are passing themselves off as leaders with no real interest in what is best for the country and citizens but more of what’s best for themselves and their narcisstic egos. What do they expect would happen? They bring it on themselves.

  12. How about we only legalize those types of weapons that are used to protect obama and his family for the rest of us to use to protect our families?
    No liberal should have a problem with that.

    1. I sincerely hope, pretty lady, that you never find out what it means to be screwed by total tyranny, a fate from which you have been protected by the blood of many patriots. Lose the moral relativism; it does not become you.

    2. Civil War. PLEASE civil war. I’d love to be able to legally go on a killing spree of you maggots. So PLEASE bring on civil war.

  13. BHO had done one thing better than even the founders of our Republic. He has successfully RE-armed the American militia! Been to a gun store recently? If not, you are probably too late! A local gun store owner tells me he thinks we are one to two weeks away from no inventory anywhere except for the high end handguns–$1000.00 or more. Got 223 ammo? Probably not if you haven’t been stocking up.

    1. Been stocking up for four years. We knew this was coming. We have thousands of rounds, armor, hundreds of “high capacity” magazines and more. Civil War or a “War Against The People” by the corrupt federal government is coming. Be prepared, not scared.

  14. Gun control, DHS buying millions of hollow point bullets, Fast and Furious, Allowing illeagal aliens from the middle east, precipitating riots, reducing our military: Coincidence?

    1. if in his grand plan that we refuse to give up our rights of gun owner ship then too big a bit of the apple he may have took. cause we ain’t his heel dogs these dogs will bite back

  15. It comes to this,Boys count your guns,keep your powder dry,swab them barrels right good,lock and load an take right sharp aim

  16. Who commits the most violent acts in our society today?

    I believe that we need a good discussion in our country
    today to who uses firearms in the commission of the most violent crimes? What types
    of people commit these serious offences, what are their political views, their
    live style, and what is their mental state? If we look at our prison population
    and the ones that commit the most violent crimes that are in our prisons we
    need to look at their political views, their live style, along with their
    mental state. One example in California when a person is put on a 51-50 hold, by
    a Law Enforcement person or by a Psychiatrist (a 51-50 hold is a person that is
    in danger to himself or others, this psychiatric
    hold is for three days), and if a person is held beyond the three days on a 54-50
    for 14 day time period the psychiatrist is required by law to process this
    information to the State, and the state inputs the record into the mental persons
    file, so if this person tries to purchase a firearm his or her medical record
    will show up on the background check when trying to purchase a firearm, and
    this person is denied the ability to buy the firearm. On many occasions medical personnel fail to
    do what is required of them and that is to file their report with the state. We
    need to do a better job in profiling these potentially dangerous people and
    these people should not be able to purchase firearms, and of course if they
    steal them that’s another problem.

    “Answer to the problem and it is not guns”!

    Here is the answer to the problem liberal thinking people
    are committing the most dangerous crimes with firearms, not conservative
    thinking people but the media will not say they are, because who do you think
    runs the media and who wants gun control? Right the LIBERALS; the prisons are
    filled with them.

  17. I am convinced that they want a civil war so Obumma can ‘declare marshall law’ and that will be his undoing- when many persons in many agencies refuse to turn against their families, friends, neighbors etc. But…nonetheless…. keep secret what SHOULD be secret and DO NOT tell people you A.) Have guns.. or B.) You’ll fight to defend your rights.. Why?? They have people out looking for such info. Two days ago, a young pair of so called ‘illicitors for my local electric company’ came to my door. The young man was very quiet ( observing ) while the young woman rather ( expertly I must say ) tried to illicit info from me that had NOTHING to do with the electric company…. I even more expertly.. ( I might add ) out-maneuvered her ( because of past training decades ago..) So- be careful!

    1. high chances your right. but he has over estamated us rolling over. we have to stand an i think that is understood very all.

    2. Do you think they were gov “spies” or just casing you out for burglary purposes/ Also, would like to know which state you live in?

      1. I believe they are ‘trained’ by state or Fed people to gather info which they then turn in- all goes into a data base so they will know WHO has what….. I easily recognized them for what they were. My old motto? De Oppresso Libre

  18. That disarming of America is a really great idea Barack but you, congress and the rest of the liberals with armed protection must go first.

  19. We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history. The elitists in Washington DC appear they are moving to take away our right to keep an bear arms in direct violation of our second amendment rights.

    As such, if legislation is passed, it is your right to lawfully resist any attempt to confiscate your arms.

    I have come up with a basic plan to hopefully combat this situation, and I beg you to please listen to what I have to say.

    1. Currently, it is only proposed at this stage. No legislation has been passed. As such, I need everyone who reads this to buy ammo and guns. Also, start training steadily to ensure your accuracy.

    2. Since nothing is up for vote quite yet, I need each and every one of you to contact your Congressman and Senators every single day until they get the hint.

    Email them every day and call once a week. Do not let up the pressure.

    3. Sign these petitions (also sends an email to your representatives).

    4. If legislation is passed, we must push out state Attorney General to sue the federal government so it can be heard before the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If they won’t listen to you push gun rights groups to sue.

    5. DO NOT TURN IN OR REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS. Make them come for them. And keep them stored in different locations.

    6. If they do come for you and your weapons, do not allow them in your home. It is unconstitutional for them to be there.

    7. Video record any attempt to arrest you.

    8. I am calling everyone to network with friends and family to create phone trees. Texting 2A to a family member or friend is their signal to call everyone to head to your home to witness, photograph, & video everything.

    9. Once the media has been taken, upload immediately. On twitter use the hash tag #2Aalert to notify all in the patriot network.

    10. Send to all media outlets possible. Local, as well as independent.

    11. Protest in front of court houses, police stations, etc. If anyone you know is unconstitutionally detained.

    This is a basic outline of how we will resist. Email any stories to me [email protected].

    And please forward this to everyone!

  20. Great column, and it brings to mind what I’ve thought might be the ace-in-the-hole for true patriots:
    The only way Obama & minions can initiate a true gun-grab is with the aid of law enforcement and military.
    But how many servicemen or women are going to turn on their fellow citizens and violate their oaths to the Constitution just to satisfy some pretender who did nothing but dump on them during his first term, and promises more of the same during his 2nd? And how many cops are going to go after people who they know are law-abiding citizens and least likely of anyone to cause trouble?
    Even Julius Caesar wasn’t able to march into Rome all by his lonesome.

  21. Well said…comprehension of the Constitution should be required for anyone holding a government office, especially since they take an oath to protect and defent it.
    I just published an analysis of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of rights (available at Amazon, B&N, and ) Nowhere does it say, indicate, or imply that the component elements of the Bill of Rights can be restricted, altered, or revoked by legislative action, judicial review, or Executive Orders. The Bill of Rights was separated from the Constitution to protect those rights from any action a dictator might take against the Constitution.

    Tyrants always want the common people disarmed.
    I suspect there will be a war, though it will not go as the elites hope. Right now, there is no official ‘resistance’ and the moles infiltrate the comment sections trying to identify the ‘leadership’. Here’s the way I see it going; first, there will be a million or so ‘lone wolf’ snipers who will decimate the ranks of the TSA and DHS gun-grabbers and thugs, second, the AMERICAN military and police will ‘stand-down’ and refuse illegal orders, third, the snipers will have bought time for the real resistance to organize and strike back, fourth – the military will arrest all of the current crop of politicians and detain them for public trials for treason.
    Then the executions begin.

  22. There is no question about it, the servant of darkness in the Whitehouse wants exactly that, for something to start, so he can enact ALL those executive orders which give the Fed complete control the country, and basically flushes the Constitution. They will keep pushing until they get what they want. Truly, may God help us all. And pass me another box of .308 while you’re at it!

  23. My family of 8 siblings (5 boys and 3 girls) served 45 years in the armed forces. I will not let some Kenyan take my guns while I am alive. I guarantee to kill at least one thug who comes to take them. Perhaps some liberal dupes who own guns will finally wake up to the intent of the tyrranical government.
    Register? Never!

  24. No one is going to take your lawfully owned and lawfully registered handgun (or mine). That’s just propaganda from the NRA types.

    And shame on Godfather Politics for such an irresponsible and incendiary headline. With the secessionist movement and headlines like this, the reputation of the Tea Party and the far right is quickly becoming that of haters and traitors or the USA.

  25. Folks, things are about to real ugly, real fast. I suspect by the end of February Obama and his goons will suspend the 2nd Amendment by Executive Order and the American people will have no choice but to rise up against the tyranny imposed by Obama. May God help us all.

  26. I believe that is exactly what they have in mind. The problem (for them) is that they have no idea what they are about to start. They have the American public assesed as a bunch of panty waists that will roll over for them. Well maybe the ilk of the political groups they deal with would, but the mass of the real heart of this country, the workers that pay all the bills with the blood and sweat from our lives will NOT.

  27. The army will go against the Washington croonies wanting our guns. They hate Obama and his side kicks. Add that to millions, no I mean trillions, of Americans with undocumented guns who will shoot before giving up the guns that permit them to defend their family and life and we do have a civil war. But I don’t think it will last long since we have the military on our side. Washington and the Muslime brotherhood will be gone if we act quickly before anymore enemies are let into this country.!

  28. There will not another civil war, the only war there willbe iis against the worthless anti-Constitution polititions. They are the ones who need to be afraid of the American People.

  29. I’m 60 years old, but I can still pull a trigger. I’ll take out as many as I can before they get me. Anyone who goes against the Constitution is the enemy as far as I’m concerned.

  30. The blog said, ““If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”. By definition, “outlaw”, means that means only government can have guns because they never outlaw them for themselves. Therefore if the axiom holds true, by definition, outlaws are running the government. Gun control is THE sign that outlaws are in control. Every tyrant that has ever moved to exterminate the population started with gun control. Get the picture?

    1. History shows that tyrants always employ thugs, barbarians, and psychopaths. They are more willing and easily persuaded to commit the tyrant’s atrocities than normal people.

  31. I am a female, but no wilting flower, and I agree with most of you courageous Americans out there. I know our American history and much of our world history. If this fight takes to the streets, I’ll be out there with you and using something larger than a 10 round clip!

  32. It is exactly what they have in mind. But I don’t think they have armed people aiming our guns at the creeps in DC trying to neuter us in mind either.

  33. The blog also said, “There’s only one way to take my guns, slick, and that’s through a constitutional amendment”
    Remember “prohibition”? This was passed by hook and by crook, and so was the so-called 16th Amendment giving the fed’s the “power to tax”. I am sorry, but even if such an amendment were to pass, I would not give up my guns. These are God-given rights, and no man-made document can ever change that, no matter WHO passes it.

  34. Great post. I do hear drumbeats…..louder…..LOUDER. The natives are restless, determined and PISSED. Don’t mess with freedom……you will not win this one. Repeat ….will NOT WIN.

  35. In my 60 years of life, I have sworn to “Support and Defend the Constitution” 11 times for a variety of reasons. That oath still holds today. I’m a bit slower in reflexes but in a fighting position, you will find few more deadly than this old soldier. There are 120+ close friends of mine feel the same way. Woe to anyone forcing my hand.

  36. The author of the above article is 100% correct, the Constitution clearly states that the Second Amendment “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. that means that ALL gun control laws are unconstitutional. Please America, wake up and realize this fact, because all those who are pushing for gun control are violating the Constitution and we MUST be willing to stand against it even if it means another civil war.

    1. infringed mean nothing to this bunch in the white house. 2 ammendant about the only one he has not stepted its turn is soon. if we alow that to happen you see the 2 protects all the REST. think about it. ha you see the plan no no he77 no keep your hands off the 2 ammendant

  37. We will have our guns to protect us against the tyranny going on in DC right now! They have no right to outlaw AK47’s or any other assault weapon and high cartridge magazines either. what will we use to protect ourselves from them?

  38. Brilliantly articulated! Millions of Americans will be on the front lines of that conflict if, God forbid, the left attempts to force it upon us. Better yet, we can prevent the second American Civil War by staging the Second American Revolution, a bloodless coup of our democratic process in which we strip the federal government of the powers it usurped from the states and the people over the last hundred years and return them to their rightful owners. How much more are we prepared to take? And this isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans. Both parties have failed to lead or protect us against gun-grabbing, overtaxing, overreaching Orwellian Big Brother government. A plague on both their houses!

  39. unfortunately, divide and conquer i fear is their purpose. NO ONE with a gun should register with a government body – then they know who you are

    gov of obomination is not our friend, but most I hope of the police that will be following orders are I HOPE

    i pray against civil war
    against this gross(infringement nothing) removal of our GOD given freedoms

  40. There is no need for a civil war, any state that wants to cecede from the (Union) should be given that right. And all its northern sypathizers can move there. The south and some western red states have been economic yoke on the backs of northern states for too long. I would even give them a fourth of July like going away party. Richmond can be the Capital of the south again, and its people can have all the guns, gold and God as much as they want.

  41. Who will try and confisticate our arms? I doubt whether our Armed Forces, local Sheriffs Dept. or Police Dept. will carry out any order and the chickens that passed any law surely will not.

  42. I do not own a gun, but if the time comes i will. alot of people do not know what tnt or c4 can do, only the staged rubbish they have seen on tv. if Obozo perverts this into a civil uprising, i will be on the front line defending the constitutional 2nd amendment. in the marines during viet nam and proud of it. i will not stand for a tyrant in the white house. Obozo,this fraud freak of nature will have a lot of blood on his hands..

    1. When the time comes, it will be too late. There is more to the deal than just getting your hands on a gun when everybody else is trying to do the same thing. You need it NOW, your need to train, to set aside provisions and water, find a safe hideaway, etc.

  43. A word to all who believe in the constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Find George Soros. You will find if you put pressure on the appropriate spot some problems might Go away. It isn’t Obama he is only the puppet we need to go after the puppet masters

    1. The mass shootings are mostly democrats fault? WOW. I thought they were the fault of the insane people who pulled the trigger! .. You certainly are a pathetic cox sucking SOB.

  44. As a Ret USAF NCO with relative in law enforcement I will state quite clearly. When I
    joined the USAF in 1964 I took an oath that I have never fosaken and will not do so as
    long as I am alive. That oath was to protect and defned my nation from all enemies
    both Foreign and Domestic. Today we are on the brink of an internal striff between those
    who would enlsave and destroy our nation for thier own evil desire and corruption.
    I will never surrender my ability to defend my nation under any circumstance especiall
    if a corrupt and criminal order is passed. But I will say this Woe be upon those who
    would destroy the greated God fearing nation on earth. The people from all political
    affiliation, religious beleifs will rise up in its defese and those who do not will be our

  45. Great writing…I suggest…identify what might be the next Gestapo,…SS .. KGB…so we prepare ourselves..then like the Tea party….exercise our freedom of assembly…start demonstration in different areas through out the Country…history has shown that only a media , as we know it today.. will cease.. and only Government media will operate…we will know then who that media will be…we ..The People.. are being attacked on paper and radio /TV…let us do the same…for the time being…

  46. Gun Free Zones like Fort Hood created by democrats caused the massacre of helpless unarmed miIitary personnel that had to be rescued by a woman with a gun.

  47. As for a civil war, as much as I believe that our current administration is foul, talk of a civil war is rhetorically over the top. I think it is self serving for profiteers and serves not to inform but to inflame. When people get all fired up it is easier for mistakes to happen. That works (only) to the benefit of the bad administrators.


  49. Civil war? Yes … and no. Not an actual State act of rebellion followed by summoning of troops but a legislative ‘civil war’ where one-by-one the States pass and governors sign bills of nullification against unconstitutional federal laws, regulations, and mandates. This new civil war has already begun – the majority of States have either begun discussing acts of nullification or are about to join North Carolina and Wyoming, States who have actually introduced legislation to make null and void specific federal overreaches within their respective borders. Widespread nullification is the one tool the federal government truly fears simply because the Washington bureaucrats can not enforce their will when a majority of States refuse to comply. Legislative nullification DOES work – for precedent and proof see the Tariff of 1829 – however it will only work when enacted against clearly unconstitutional federal acts of legislation as in Obamacare and executive fiats as in attempts to limit the Second Amendment.

    1. I don’t know who ‘Libertarian58’ is but the above comments are MINE posted two hours ago then suddenly disappearing – until now. Either Disqus is very screwed-up or someone is guilty of plagiarism.

        1. It’s called ME hacking you pathetic maggots. Civil war is going to take many different fronts — I’m already doing my part, hacking your computers and making sure you are held accountable for your threats,.

  50. The sheeple in our battered country allow the Travelers Gestapo to sexually molest and irradiate them so the politicians currently in power in Washington probably believe that they can just order us all to give them our guns and we will bow down and comply. The travelers in the two planes that were flown into the twin towers were so beaten down by the don’t fight back or make any waves mentality that they obediantly sat in their seats and allowed a handful of men to murder them. Someday the sheeple are going to wake up and recognize that their Bill of Rights has been shredded with 1001 cuts by our current leaders. I hope that it won’t be too late.

  51. You have this one right. A civil war is exactly what OB-1 and his Chicago thugs have in mind to declare an emergency and seek all power.

  52. I totally belkieve that we need certain types of better gun control. For instance our government should never attempt to sell guns to the Mexican drug cartel, or supply weapons to terrorist organizations that want us dead!

  53. Good luck all those expecting the constitution to rule the actions of this government. They have proven it’s popular opinion, or “perception of popular opinion” which enables this executive branch to alter the means of regulations and law. This is the first congress which passes laws before they are read or even written. So we will have to keep speaking our piece, and eventually squeak to make our demands followed.

  54. The only saving grace is the areas most affected by this ban will be the minority infested cities of the northeast. Let them burn down. Come out here to the REAL America and try that crap and you’ll be dealt with quickly and finally.

    1. You aren’t going to deal with anyone Don. If you had a unit of police officers holding guns in your face, you would piss your pants and back down like the yellow coward you are.

  55. Great article, Matt, and couldn’t agree with you more. That may be EXACTLY what these THUGS in SUITS want, however, as they ALREADY have the facilities and means to imprison INDEFINITLY anyone they choose for any or NO reason at all and WITHOUT A TRIAL OR DUE PROCESS. WE ARE BEING SET UP FOR THIS VERY SCENARIO!

    And notice, Borax Hoorsayin Osama has MORE ARMED GUARDS AROUND HIM THAN EVER, while his daughters attend a school with ARMED SECURITY. Does he practice what he preaches? (Does any hypocrite?) NO WAY!

    The ONLY reason he wants to DE-gun us is so he can move against the populace ANY WAY HE CHOOSES WITHOUT RESISTANCE! Rather than civil war, rebellion, or revolution, a few well-directed friendlies of our own would be better served. Guns are great, but technology is on his side. Now THAT is the REAL battleground, the web of technology and drones that could sweep in and take out innocents, or missles from some armed satilite in the sky that could take out an entire neighborhood or worse. It seems he has declared war against the general populace, but seems to be saying “please give me your guns first!”

    Better cling to your Bibles in your other hand, for all this is prophesied from Daniel through Revelations, including corrup, self-serving, tyranical and despotic leaders that feel they are all-powerful and unstoppable – until they come face to face with YHWH – the God of the Hebrews and Creator of the universe who has greater things in mind for us and this planet, and a ruler of the lineage of David, Jeshua (Jesus) who will merely say the WORD and His enemies will be no more. What a day that will be!

    Put your hope in God, for He is the best protector and defender, and He will “never leave us or forsake us.” (Hebrews 13:5)

  56. I do not believe it will be a civil war. If it happens it will be another Revolutionary War to regain our freedoms from an oppressive government!

  57. When Washington politicians spoke about Health Care reforms, they looked past the ten or so issues that needed attention & they came up with “comprehensive” legislation. It includes the ten or so issues the public agress with, but, it also includes a ton of items that were never discussed prior to politicians getting hold of the issue. Health care reform has turned into a political juggernaut intended to control multiple aspects of life in America. When Washington politicians look at immigration they also speak about “comprehensive” legislation. In short, we will get immigration policy that is needed, but we will also get a plethors of legislative gobblygook that will include horrific things like amnesty perhaps even more open borders. All because we must be nice to those less well off. (As though millions of Americans are not less well off!). And now, as a tragedy presents an opportunity to exploit a crisis, Washington & the activist community, along with the anti-America hating United Nattions, want “comprehensive” new gun laws. In short they want to create a system that makes owning a gun a serious difficulty. Over the past 50 or so years multiple nations have disarmed their own citizens. Any number of those governments have also reached out to kill well in excess of 50 million of their own citizens. After they were disarmed of course.
    Take comprehensive legislation & stuff it! The restrictive laws we already have did nothing to prevent the Sandy Hook & numerous other massacres. Passage of new additional restrictions (read: infringements), will produce no better situations. Make crimes commited with guns a federal affair, so long as its a crime & not just possession or other innocent issue, and then watch criminals run for cover as they realize they will do serious federal time if they commit their crime. But lay off registrations, lay off purchase restrictions, lay off capacities (since most want capacity if they may one day have to face multiple criminals attacking them &/or their homes. But pass nothing based on emotion. It will only serve to infuriate the people who know this is not about safety, its about shoving a political ideology down the throats of political opponents.

  58. By resisting with force if necessary, we would be acting within the contemplation of the Constitution and I, for one, would not hesitate.

  59. Great article Matt. What the anti gun crowd does not understand is there are millions of gun owners who will not give up their God given rights to protect themselves. If it comes to civil war, heaven forbid, those of us who choose the path of resistance will prevail. For you see, that war will not be a stand up fight between opposing armies, but it will be a guerrella war where the establishment will not know who the enemy is. It could be the man or woman in line at the grocery store, your doctor, maybe your children’s teacher. Whoever the resistance is composed of there will be millions and millions of us and we will not be defeated.

    You see, history shows that this kind of warfare is virtually impossible to win. In fact, there was a great concern after the Civil War that Confederate leaders would institute this type of fight to tie up Union troops for years. Still don’t believe me, look at the example of the Soviet Union in Afganistan and our own experience in Vietnam.

  60. Matt, I think you are right on target with your latter statement. Obama wants to push this so as to incite an uprising so he can throw the “martial law” flag and disarm America in this way (or at least try).

    You have to remember, this guy is a real sick-o and believes he is “bullet proof”, maybe soon to try it out, and what we say or feel is of no importance to him …. only what he wants to do and where he is taking America.

    To be honest with you, the only way I see this ending in peace, is when he and the other POS Senators and Congressmen/woman and other commie minions supporting the over throw of America, fear for their life and know we the people mean business! Period!!!

    For now they will continue to push, till they move American into its final stage of distruction.

    We are a peaceful people! But when pushed and our freedom is threaten and our liberties become infringed upon ….. WE WILL RESPOND with an unbelievable “shock n’ awe!!!” From the past comes a thought … “I’m afraid all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant!!” Take heed!!!

  61. First of all, WE THE PEOPLE have the “power.”

    The Federalist Papers are the footnotes to Constitution. Federalist Paper #28 states in part, “Those who usurp their public offices are to be throw out WITH ARMED FORCE.” This was written by Alexander Hamilton, under the pen name “Brutus.”

    WE THE PEOPLE have the right, the DUTY, to throw out ochicken, Chuckiegirl Schumer, Feinswine, Rammbutt Emmanuel, and all the rest of the trash; including all oinkers and cowardly military who attempt to take away our rights.

  62. My thoughts exactly. If you have read Obama’s writings and those of the idealogues he “follows”, you will quickly see the reasons behind his actions. In order for his views of America to come to pass he first has to placate the less than affluent all the while making them dependent upon big gov’t for their daily necessities. Then he needs to disarm those who will not conform….Any excuse that arises, such as Aurora, Sandy Hook gives him and his liberal blind follower to cry “Enough”. Guns must go…they completely skirt the real issues that face us about illegal gun usage,mental health issues, etc. and go for the guns. Why? Because again an excuse to use to achieve their ultimate goal, turning the citizenry into helpless and defenseless subjects. Call me paranoid, but even paranoids have REAL enemies!

  63. Matt, only thing you are wrong on in an otherwise great article was that getting rid of the Second Amendment will make us give up our weapons. That WOULD get rid of a nation once united, but the Constitution didn’t give us these rights, God did.

  64. DICK ACT of 1902 . . .
    CONTROL FORBIDDEN) The Trump Card Enacted by the Congress Further Asserting the
    Second Amendment as Untouchable
    The Dick Act of 1902 also known as
    the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all
    so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct
    and separate entities.

    The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia,
    henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of
    Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses
    every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the
    unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to
    keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

    The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of
    attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of
    the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States
    has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard
    to serve outside of their State borders.

    The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government
    for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the
    Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes
    for which the General Government
    can call upon the National Guard.

    Attorney General Wickersham advised President Taft, “the Organized Militia
    (the National Guard) can not be employed for offensive warfare outside the
    limits of the United States.
    – See more at:

  65. There was an early report on the Sandy Hook shootings that the shooter’s mother was in court having him decllared legaly under her care and supervision so she could have him comitted for mental evaluation: It seems that he had severe mental problems, saying that his mother liked the Sandy Hook School more that she liked him because she volunteered there so much: She knew he was dangerous and was trying to get him comitted:
    When reporters asked the courts about this, they said it was privilaged information and would not talk about it:
    Are not the courts at fault??!! for not aalerting authorities about this nuts hatred for the school and his mental condition? The court and legal system let him attack the school, when they knowing his feelings and possible intentions did nothing to protect the sschool or the nut from harmiong innocent people:
    It had NOTHING to do with Gun COntrol- it had to do with a neglectful court andlegal system that would not let his mother get legal custody over him and have him comitted:

  66. President Obama may try and say he doesn’t believe this country will ever have a Civil War, but that is exactly what he hopes will happen. Why? So he can enact Martial Law, and start locking up good Americans, good Christians, so that only he and those who believe in him, shall be left walking around. Unfortunately, this means that every one in office at the Federal level, either suddenly becomes an Islamic, or they get locked up also. Obama doesn’t want to be President. What he wants, is to rule this country. He sees himself as the savior of this Nation, but in his eyes, that means he controls every thing that goes on in this Nation. And from the looks of things, he may well be right. From my point of view, while the Tea Party did a lot of good things, it seems as if they have now decided to lie down and let Obama and his people have access to their posteriors.
    I, although I do not own a weapon, won’t lie down and politely let the Federal govt screw me. If it comes down to that, I will go down fighting, using my bare hands, if necessary.

  67. Our options are gone people. We are cornered with only way out ( fight). We have caved in to many times in past years. If we don’t fight we will be forever enslaved.

  68. The moron in chief says that if a gun ban save one life it is worth it.

    So idiot in the white house…what if gun ownership saves just one life? Is preserving gun ownership worth it? Because lives are saved when people can defend themselves.

    Just ask my wife and kids. I have a story of that. I’ll leave it at the 911 exchange I had with the dispatcher all those years ago.

    She said, “My, you are awfully calm.”

    I replied, “A 12 gauge loaded with 3″ 00 Buck will do that for you.”

    “Uh. We’ll have an officer there within 5 minutes”


    Kind of illustrates the saying, “When seconds count the police are just minutes away.”

    Thank God I didn’t have to pull the trigger. And I pray I’ll never be in that situation again. But if I ever am, I would do the same thing.

  69. toI am quite certain that if civil unrest were to occur, only the side that DOES want ot conquor that the others government and land is in a civil war. The side that does NOT want to conquor the others goverment or land is only fighting for it’s rights and freedom!

  70. This post is exactly how I feel about the issue. The current POTUS ideology borders upon idiocy. I think he is insane. Either that or he is a major stockholder in several different gun manufacturing companies.

  71. The ignored ‘Elephant in The Room’ is racial. Which race for instance is the most likely to commit murder with already illegal automatic firing submachine guns ? Even against those of their own race – especially in ‘Totally Communist California’, – the State represented by CCW carrying – for her own safety of course; Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Politiciian well past her ‘Sell by Date’. Time she was banned herself. Across the Bay from her fiefdom is that stronghold of Militant Racism – Oakland ! – where illegal fully automatic weapons are used daily against each other by certain races to maintain their lawless drug fiefdoms as they compete against each other for drug turf ! Nothing ever appears to be done against such law breakers – it is much easier to pass laws to confiscate quite ordinary non-automatic firing weapons belonging to quote ‘Ordinary Citizens’ – rather than criminal gang members, who of course will as Criminals, totally ignore any ‘Gun Confiscation Act’ from Demented Democrats led by the Kenyan Born Fraud.. It is not happenstance that 85% of California’s Prison Population consists of so called Minorities, simply because the Rule of Law is a joke to them. Eventually O’Bama the Magnificent Man Who Would Be King, will redress that prison imbalance by imprisoning White American gun owners who do not follow his Gun Confiscation Executive Order. Don’t forget he has ruled, succesfully in his own mind for the past four years by illegal Executive Orders. The Modern Muggles voted him into power, now he is yours for ever !

  72. Right now it looks like we are headed more for a revolution, rather than a civil war. A revolution is when you overthrow your government & our government is our biggest problem/threat at this time. Once that is done we can take care of the bloodsucking leeches of our society.

  73. Some believe the left is stupid because, after 150 years of unsuccessfully attempting various forms of socialism, they still want it. But they should be viewed in the context of recorded history as using the socialism tool for dominating and exploiting others. This only works in the short term by tricks like “the rich will pay”, taxation thru inflation, “free” benefits of one kind or another, and war. But in the long run the rubes finally figure out the tricks, which leaves only one thing to sustain the socialist paradise: force. Force requires helpless subjects in order to succeed over any length of time. This is the reason for the 2nd Amendment; that the rubes, when they figure it out, can stand up and shout “Enough!” without simply being forcibly detained by armed thugs and thrown in a dank cell or grave.

  74. my guns were stolen years ago. so what do I care. They also took a couple of thousand rounds of ammo. I lost big time. I gues I should have reported it but at the time it was worth less than a thousand and insurance wouldnt pay so i said to heck with it.

  75. Has anyone informed all the gun grabbers as to where 98% of most of the trouble started?. HOLLYWOOD…The Children have grown up watching shootings, Killings, Bank Robberies, and more because some Hollywood producer thought it was good for the people to see. It is still with us and always will be unless something is done to correct this madness. Violence on the silver screen and TV is almost a daily presentation along with tasteless commercials and since Mr. Obama has received large contributions from Hollywood, I don’t expect much action to remedy the situation. What do you think?

  76. RE: “… There’s only one way to take my guns, slick, and that’s through a constitutional amendment …”

    LOL! NEWS FLASH: Since the 2nd Amendment did not GIVE harmless individuals the right to be armed, removing it cannot take that right away. The 2nd Amendment merely acknowledges a simple fact that existed since long before anyone even dreamed of government! ANY, repeat >>>> A N Y <<<<< attempt to deny the individual right to be armed with state-of-the-art weapons would be a lawless act — even if 99% of all Americans agreed to it!

  77. “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson

  78. Most naive people don’t even know that we’re ALREADY in a Civil War,,,

    When as many States have applied for secession from the corrupt Socialist Union of the FEDERAL country that USED to be America,,,

    and a corrupt narcissist who THINKS he’s KING refuses to recognize or even give the same petitions consideration,,,

    that means that we are ALREADY separated from any authority that these same Communists pretend to represent THE PEOPLE…


  79. Bring them on. I may very well die, but you can bet I’ll take as many of them out as I can before they get me. I stand with Patrick Henry!

  80. One problem: It wouldn’t be a second civil war because there never was a first! A civil war is two (or more) factions fighting for control of the same government. That isn’t what happened in the first War for Independence, and it isn’t what happened in the second (called by the side that won the “civil war”) either. It remians to be seen whether the conflict postulated in this article would be a civil war or third war for independence!

  81. Let me ask: If a group of hijackers was successful in getting on a plane bound for the US and they found that EVERYONE ON BOARD was armed, would they still be willing to stand up and say “Everybody freeze; we’re in command now!” And if they happened to be Muslims, we land the aircraft, march the scum out onto the tarmac, trot a twenty pound pig out to the plane, draw five cc’s of pig blood, roll up the sleeve of the perp, place a turnequet and swab the area above his vein with alcohol, inject the pig blood into each of them, pat them all on the back and wish them a nice life. (Pig blood is never rejected. It won’t harm them. They simply can’t go to heaven! Or be martyrs.)

  82. I’ll put this as simply as I can. Tkae this as an warning directly aimed at those who have the intent to disarm me and my family. I will do what is necessary to keep the freedoms that were given to me by the Founding Fathers under the Constitution. If that means using deadly force, so be it. I will probably die but die a free man leaving behind for others like me to take a stand and fight against your tyranny to enslave us.

  83. How many of us does Obama have to have killed in the process of disarming Americans before enough is enough?

    Do you think he would be impressed with 10? 100? 1000? 10,000? I don’t believe he has an upper limit any more than Stalin, HItler, or Mao had a limit.

    The geek is a dangerous tyrant and it is going to his head more and more with every passing day. Power corrupts, and this is one boy that loves that feeling.

  84. I feel sorry for the Police Officers and national Guardsmen who will be required to enslave their fellow citizens. Because they are being thrown callously and carelessly into the fire of Unconstitutional Tyranny.

    It the the Guardsman and the Officers who will face taking the bullets one at a time, from their fellow citizens, with every regret in the world, defending their lives and their liberty from the Tyrants of Washington Globalism and Communism.

  85. It’s time to unite and bring an end to this run away government. Unity is the answer and the masses need to remain until this communist bunch is gone. Just how much longer are we going to take it? Conversations are a waste of time concerning liberals. Talk time is over.

  86. A civil war doesn’t necessarily mean aiming your gun at someone and shooting them,does it? I really don’t know what to do but the BostonTeaParty used to be taught in schools and I don’t think there was violence involved. My facts about that are fuzzy but you folks can straighten me out. What we have got to do is figure out a way to make it understood we won’t put up with this stuff. Protest marches don’t work,we sure don’t want to kill anyone but I don’t know the answer. Where’s Mark Levin when we need him?

  87. Obama and his kind intent is to destroy America, if it is not obvious you are a blind idiot, and we have a lot of them around these days. The first Civil War was never settled, the yankees illegally invaded a declared independent nation and forced at gunpoint their agenda that has now back fired, driven us into debt we can never re pay and the brink of a war to settle once and for all, the south will not lose again. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN. and for those who listen to the biased liberal school teachers, slavery had nothing to do with it, trumped up after north was getting their asses kicked early on to get more yankee recruits, there were more than 100,000 black volunteer land owners for the rebs, that war was about FREEDOM FROM YANKEE FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL TYRANNY AS IT IS TODAY., GOOGLE THE MORRILL TARIFF, THE CAUSE OF THE SOUTHERN SECESSION AND SECOND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. SOON THERE WILL BE A THIRD, THAT WILL BE THE CHARM

  88. “Is Another Civil War on the Horizon? – Yes, much closer than the horizon, and only Obama can stop it. The only way Obama can stop it is to become a moderate-conservative and stop his assault on the US Constitution, the USA and all its citizens, visitors and the rest of the world.
    Will Obama, his handlers, henchmen and women in his oppressive, tyrannical, despotic, evil, Marxist and Islamist regime do any of that? As the British say, “Not bloody likely?
    So he will have his most uncivil Civil War, and he will lose.
    History shows good always prevails over evil. The best prophecy available foretells that good will prevail over evil, eventually, and also that the road to final victory will be a rough one with many lives lost and property destroyed.
    The time is now, and Obama is controlling the start clock. Let it be. I am ready and pray other good people are ready as well.

  89. i am from australia, and remember reading in some conspiracy mag years ago, that it was possible that the gun massacre that occured in tasmania some years back, was deliberately orchestrated in order to manipulate the public into agreeing to the surrender their weapons. i don’t believe that the general public having guns is a good idea, but in countries that have really lost their way, and having lots of crazies as a result of the breakdown of the family and community, i can imagine how it would be thought a good idea. good luck america. i have lived in spain the last 4 years, and although there is lots of heavy drinking due to lots of bars where i live, i have never witnessed or heard of a fight. i think this is largely due to the fact that the family unit is still in tact here, and there are very few lost and lonely people in comparison to what i have experienced in anglo saxon countries. in general, i can say the people do not get nasty when drunk. this is one of the reasons i am here.

  90. NO…BUT we will again be lied to by the arrogant apostle of utopian socialism and his kook pals…more nibbling off freedoms…
    the achilles heel of any socialist is twofold…they cannot manage a hot dog stand and they are awful overseas panderers…this never changes so America will be grinded down as we see when some of the O-Fidel voters are now confused by their pay check being smaller…they will be more confused monthly as the python of utopian socialism continues to squeeze us all…

    If you think 4,000 showing for a few jobs means nothing…it does…50 mil on F Stamps does, 20% jump in food prices does, $2 gas jump does…its year 5 of bold lies and demon-hunting…

    the pawn media is key, they elected him…

    guns are perhaps a more visible sign of O-Fidel’s real goals but anyone still in denial by now is a fool…as are many pantywaist Repubs…

    wake up, there are NO boundaries with these utopian socialists…
    and one more SCOTUS wacko and anything is legal, I said anything….

  91. Obama is really a hypocrite on this issue as he signed a bill that guarantees that his children and future president’s children will be protected by ARMED GUARDS but he doesn’t want that for OUR CHILDREN. He is not concerned about OUR CHILDREN but wants a different standard for his children. Dianne Feinstein is a hypocrite too as she has a concealed carry weapon on her person at all times – she wants to be able to protect and defend herself but she doesn’t want us to have an equal opportunity – typical Democrat elitist. The shooter stopped when the police arrived at Newtown – what if the police had been guarding Newtown??? How many lives would have been saved? You save lives by protecting them with guns in responsible hands. Schools need secure access and armed guards and so do churches and other places of gatherings. Be it known to all that criminals will always have guns and will be able to get guns. Only law abiding citizens will give up guns if required to do so. Criminals will still be buying guns when guns are outlawed as in Great Britain. And just like the Fast and Furious – Obama and Holder supplied guns to criminals in Mexico – now, who thinks Mexico won’t supply guns to American criminals? I know that the gun grab is all about creating an all powerful governing class but I want to ask a couple of questions to all those that agree with the Communists in our government. 1st – How long will it take for the police to arrive at your house during a home invasion? 2nd – How long do you think you will last without weapons (firearms) and a means to protect yourself at least equivalent to their weapon systems?

  92. It seems as if our President is content with sowing discord amongst the people. We have Class, Race, Gender warfare going on and I believe with a definite purpose in mind. Obama’s entire life has been spent hanging around people with Communistic/Socialistic views in general and specifically with Anti-American attitudes. From the time he was 10 yrs old he has been taught, molded to hate those things which helped make America great and a world superpower. When he spoke of “hope and change” and then on the night before his inauguration, stated the “fundamnetal change of America begins now…” . those words were the last truthful words he has since stated. How stupid were some of us to think he actually meant he was going to “fix” Washington(something we all desired), that he was going to be “transparent” , etc, etc. Clearly, Obama’s ambition is to change America forever…to make her a so so country, no longer a super power, no longer feared. But to do so he has to “subdue” her citizenry. Those who already believe in him, I fear are lost forever. The thorn in his side now are those of us who see America as she was meant to be and once was, who believe in the Constitution, as written and who believe that free enterprise, with respect for the less fortunate and a willingness to work hard to improve onesself are the basic principles…the framework that has made America a symbol of freedom, opportunity and hope for the rest of the world. In 4 short years, Obama has started class, race and gender warfare, has made more Americans than ever before dependent upon gov’t for basic living necessities and has basically apologized to the world for our largesses and our behavior in the past. What we do or don’t do about this over the next 4 yrs could very well seal the fate of the USA. Could a Civil War erupt over this? Yes, but not a civil war like our last one with the North against the South. This would be a civil war between political ideaologies, neighbors, neighborhoods, cities, towns and villages. Basically it will be between those who perceive that the Fed Gov’t is the only thing that stands between them and poverty and those who truly feel the Fed gov’t has overstepped its bounds in controlling its citizenry. Throw a divided military into the mix and there will be total chaos.

  93. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time
    with the blood of patriots and tyrants. by Thomas Jefferson. If Obama continues on this course of blatant disregard for the foundation of this country, The Constitution, then the tree will be refreshed. My guns are the only protection I can rely on. I will not give them up. I spent 21 years in the military as an Airborned Infantryman. I know my weapons, I know I made an oath to defend my country and the Constitution of the United States. Just because I retired, my oath did not.

  94. now you know the reason Russia has promised opie 6000 troop’s if he need’s them,,you see it in the news,,Russia rearming,,training for street war fare,,transport ships being fitted,,WHY ??? fema camps being put up all over America,,with guard towers,,machine gun’s { the real one’s } armed guards from ATF,,the 1600 new IRS agents are now training for ATF duty,,WHY ??

  95. yip;;;;;conservative Constitutionalists versus the slinky slimy liberal/communists;;;; LOCK -N – LOAD;; WE THE TEA PARTY revolutionists do here by declare the obama administration and all his surrogates enemies of the Republic and do at this time give NOTICE “we will not follow any of your mandates and we will bring you down”…..obama you ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT…

    1. Is the Tea Party on track to becoming a “relevant” political party? Because, the GOP left ME along time ago.

      Letting go of the Republicans. Not going along to get along. Too much is at stake…

  96. As anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear plainly knows, the staggering debt we find ourselves in has its roots in the 30 year trend of a growing Plutocracy gripping America the Beautiful.

    To understand why 9 MILLION jobs have been offshored, 50,000 manufacturing facilities closed up to exploit sweatshops offshore (China avg. wage = $1.36/hr.), our middle class has more of its members slipping into the ranks of the unemployment/underemployment, and into poverty with an ever increasing downward pressure on USA wages to compete, while the top 5% who own 95% of the nation’s wealth enjoy record gains and the lowest marginal tax rates in over 30 years (There are 400 Billionaires in this nation; if they make 5% in the market on their investments, that’s $5 MILLION DOLLARS for doing nothing but letting it ride; the avg. middle class worker earns $50K/yr.), have been granted a myriad of ways to hide their fabulous wealth from taxation (Google: Top Ten Ways the Rich Escape Taxation”), and some of the most profitable “multinational” corporations the world has ever seen sit on $5TRILLION in cash as they receive tax breaks to the tune of $300-400 BILLION in corporate welfare, while they park their vast fortunes in offshore accounts to avoid taxation, look no further than BIG $$$ and their purchase of favor in our halls of congress.

    If we commoners ever manage to sort through the propaganda emanating from the Right as they whack the hornets’ nest of social issues like Reproductive Rights, Gun Rights, Christian Values, the Poor on Welfare (granted, there are those who abuse the system; not talking about them), Social Security, Sabre Rattling, and a plethora of trumped up Personal Freedom Infringements designed to stir their base with fear-mongering, using well-worn phrases and cries of outrage and panic to whip up the worst instincts of human nature, we’ll see that the GOP’s first and only love is to the Plutocrats who fund their campaigns and purchase favor with all their $$$.

    Then a bewildered people, rubbing their eyes, and blinking in disbelief will have to decide which side they’re on. But so will the National Guard, the Military, our Police force, etc. It will be interesting to see which side our Government takes; there’s the Plutocrats who’ve bought so much power and influence, then there’s the “We the People” who make up the Republic (not talking about able bodied who refuse to put their shoulder to the wheel, who are taking advantage of the system; they’re a minor problem).

    I believe most of the hoodwinked posters on here, who’ve remained unaffected by the downward pressure on wages and job losses, will side with the Plutocrats and join them pointing their fingers at those proud, skilled USA workers who believed in the American Dream, who’ve played by the rules and been kicked to the curb in favor of larger profit margins for our offshoring corporate multinationals and the fat cats in the financial sector that have loaned this drowning middle class the money (easy credit) to perpetuate their purchase power so they can continue to fill the coffers of the elite, who remain high and dry while the USA declines and we and the mighty USA drown in debt.

  97. Sir, I must agree with you on all but one point. That one point is the constitutional amendment. Considering the overwhelming fact that the libs are trying to completely overthrow the constitution, I don’t think such an amendment would could be considered valid, and would be a contradiction to the 2nd amendment “shall not” or if you please, will “not be infringed”. Meaning it shall or will not be altered changed, or compromised.
    Besides, as you quoted the old clich’e, If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. That also means that if you keep your guns, you become an outlaw. Now i ask if that legitimately makes the normally law abiding citizen a criminal. It may according to a written law after the fact, but if using the constitution as it now stands, no way.
    I noted that you had been a police officer, spent 12 yrs in the military, and you are now an attorney. I am not an attorney, but it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that to cancel an amendment that says “shall not be infringed” makes a joke of the entire document. As an analogy, If you have a wagon traveling down the road with signs that say these wheels shall not be removed but someone does it anyway, then you will no longer have a wagon, but a sled. By the same token, if you have a document that says that a particular item shall not be changed, but still is , then you no longer have a document, but a piece of paper with words written on it that are meaningless. Further, I believe that it is the right, oblegation and duty of the veterans of law enforcement, military,, and anyone who has held a public office to stand up and defend the constitution,as we gave an oath to do. as for all of the other citizens, it is their right and obligation. to defend their own rights. as citizens. If our rights are taken by one man,or even just a few, then what value do we hold for the constitution?
    Taking all of this into consideration, I think it is time for the people to stand up in any way necessary to defend our rights, up to and including open revolt. I realize that this may sound extreme, but if we allow the libs to whittle away all of our rights, what choice do we have. Obviously, legislation is doing no good with everything being overidden by executive orders. Our constitution and congress rendered powerless by one man indicates that we are no longer under a democracy or republican form of government, but rather a dictatorship. At this rate, what more do we have to lose, our lives? What good is life without freedom and/or liberty? Even some of our old enemies, and some of our allies are saying that we should never give up our 2nd amendment rights, and that if we do, we will lose everything else,
    I may be wrong on part of this, but personally, I don’t think so.
    In the name of freedom and liberty
    God bless the U.S.A., by giving us the wisdom and strength to do what must be done.

  98. Amazing how a citizen with a defensive weapon need not be a statistic when the predators among us look for someone to intimidate and possibly kill. We live in a dangerous world. Yet the liberals would rather disarm the good people and allow the bad people to get away with murder. If one is killed by a thug, the police will arrive on the scene after you have already been slaughtered, and are useless. In many cases, they can’t even gather the evidence needed to convict the killer, except on CSI and other Hollywood stories. So, here we are in 2013, with a leftist socialist president, having an adoring media and like minded supporters from the big cities of America. Many Americans have grown stupid in these days, fed with a diet of sick reality shows, entertainment designed to promote the immoral debauchery of Hollywood style values, and it is all so disheartening. It is becoming clear that the land is coming into a time when there will be a struggle for the heart and mind of our republic.

  99. As long as all gun owners stand their ground, and refuse to give in to an illegal order to confiscate guns, they will never win the gun control war, and we will retain our freedom.

  100. No single gun law, and we have over 20,000 of them, has ever stopped a criminal intent on causing havoc. Passing additional laws will only serve to disarm honest people. Nothing government does will have any effect whatever on criminals.
    Law-abiding people use guns to defend themselves approximately two and a half million times each year. Denied a means of self-defense they would add massive numbers to the crime rate.
    I, thankfully, only needed a firearm once (in this country). Many years ago I was traveling with my young wife and baby when we were approached, and a highway rest stop area late at night, by three predators. I didn’t need to fire a shot; it was sufficient for me to rack the slide of my P-38 to cause them to determine that their presence was required elsewhere.
    As I said, I only needed a gun once, and I didn’t need to fire it. But, without it we’d have been murdered or scarred for life forty-six years ago.
    Individual defense, incidentally, is not the reason the Founders championed gun ownership.The ability of citizens to be prevent falling victim to tyrannical government was uppermost in their minds.

    So, I only needed a gun once – so far.

  101. Thats what the have in mind, Civil Chaos. Civil unrest is happening all around the Globe except in our Great Nation.

    The Elitist’s are moving at the speed of light and Know exactly what they want to do, DISARM AMERICA.

    Our Great Nation has been Highjacked by Communists and I pray that Almighty GOD preserves us from their Evil Agenda..

  102. Is Another Civil War on the Horizon?
    YES THERE IS!!!!!!!!
    WE the people need to back BACK this nations FROM THE DAMN UN NATO IMF FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE REST OF THE CRIMINALS NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. We can not allow another germany/jew scenario happen again- I would rather go down fighting than meekly go to the gas chamber!

  104. I think Obama wants a ” civil war ” or the indication enough to declare martial law that suspends ( does away with ) ALL Constitutional and Civil Rights of the citizens. Another words a military take down of the private citizens of this nation without due process of the law or their constitutional rights. Yes, I truely believe Obama and his cronies want this. IF he is sucessfull in doing so, he will have completed his ” fundamenal change ” of this nation he was so proudly talking about. Remember Obama’s own words: ” The Constituion is nothing more than a charter of negative liberties “. Obama HATE America, it’s traditions and Constitution. That is why every chance he gets he wipes his feet on them, by passes them with his Executive Orders, like some cheap dictator. We are on the verge of economic collapse and Obama wants yet more money to blow. I fear like this article states, we may very well be on the tipping point of another civil war.

  105. My dear friend and cohort; thank you! Never before have I had the pleasure to read a more succinctly and beautifully penned position inherently guaranteed by the document that merits complete respect and defense against all who would come with ill contempt. Dedicated in unity; committed as Travis, Bowie and Crockett prepared to stand against all odds to honorably defend and protect the God given freedoms she so nobly portends. Hell may freeze over; we shall not be moved!

  106. Unfortunately this type of situation is no longer that rare. With this reelection of this administration the unsavory side of society has been emboldened. This administration has set America on a course that will inevitably lead to a civil war. This is their desire and this is their intent, you can bank on it.

    I cannot remember a time that the animosities and racial unrest have been as high as they are right now. I’ve been around 60 years have seen a lot of presidents come and go administrations that accomplish things and those that destroyed things. I never witnessed the president who has so much hatred for America.

    Whether or not America can get off this path leading to an all-out war pitting American against American is drastically in doubt. Why this administration has chosen this path is inconceivable to me I honestly don’t understand why.

    God Save America, but just in case, Pass the Ammunition And Lock and Load!

  107. Matt, your last sentence says it all. “But then again, that may be exactly what they have in mind”.

    Watching Glenn Beck this evening he is thinking the same. Civil war, revolution, is what The president and his people are counting on. Then, THEN they will take sweeping action and attempt to crush those that believe in the 2nd amendment. Because how many will support it besides those that support it? Especially if the worse happens. Then what? A repeat of history. We all know what happens to nations that lose their rights. Would millions be willing to hand over their guns and go to jail? What would happen IF THAT did happen. Would the rest of America or (the world) see what is happening and believe in? Is it possible that millions going to jail and millions fighting in courts would/could help? Could that, would that make others see how the left and the government is lying and distorting the actual truth about guns and the 2nd amendment. Really think, could something other than a civil war work for the better?

  108. The government would be about as effective in taking our guns away as they have been in eliminating drugs ! The government goons willing to take on the challenge would be so outnumbered by civilians who care about protecting their rights that the battle would not last long

  109. THEY have been planning this for some time now, and have successfully put their idiot liberals into high places in the Military. Does anyone with any real brains still believe that Collin Powell, served as Rockefeller’s Militray Attache, is a true blue American General? I don’t think I even need to get into the current crop. Just what kind of person do you think the liberal Congresspersons and Senators appointed to the Academies?
    If there is such a violent Civil War, we will very much need to have God on our side. The same God who made it possible in the Old Testament for 500 to defeat some 50, 000. Sackcloth and ashes anyone!
    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  110. Matt, I can’t express it any better. As I heard one man recently say, they can take my gun away from me, after I run out of ammo.

  111. To the many who describe the marxist, elected to office by ignorant sponges in our society, in somewhat less than complimentary terms let me an other. When he is confronted and not able to get his way his public happy go lucky public demeanor immediately changes. Check his eyes whenever this happens, it manifests itself as pure evil bordering on the possessed. This is the danger that confronts our decent citizens; a man in the highest office of our country who’s hatred for it knows no bounds and who’s objective is to destroy it.

  112. Let’s see,
    Habitual Offender Act-USELESS!!
    Criminals-FELONS on PROBATION after 40-50+ ARRESTS!!!!
    Drug/Gun Free School Zones-USELESS!!
    Bullet proof vests for the CRIMINAL(S) in court and NOT the VICTIM(S)?????
    and YOU want US to lay down and cower to GUN CONTROL????!!!!- *&^%#!!!!
    (Go to “Gun Control in Austrailia” on youtube. Rape, burglary, home invasions SKYROCKETED!! LISTEN to how THEY FEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. He has proven useless from day 1… I only wonder if the dems will EVER admit they were wrong, and what they took from us!? We have gone this far with a known, non-american, running the Country, only to bring us to our knees at his mercy – by allowing him to stay, not one but two terms is a huge mistake. I am so disgusted with my fellow Americans who allowed this to happen.

  113. Unfortunately, the arrogant overreach of government might turn heretofore millions of law abiding citizens into criminals – even if in their own minds. If they feel compelled to disobey even illegal laws, they will feel changed forever – looking over their shoulders with contempt for government, much as those in any resistance movement would.

    It will feel to many as a very unnatural thing for them to do, yet once that ice is broken the country changes fundamentally. The relationship with government will change. While it is far to obvious that there is corruption in government, many will cease even to trust our “system of laws”. The rulers will no longer have the consent of many of the governed – the formerly law abiding citizen. Trust will be broken among all.

    The result will be that the ice is broken as many splash into the realm of a defiant lawlessness – not violence, yet an attitude of lawlessness will prevail, a passive aggressive battle with those in power who have betrayed the system.

    Not that anyone would even be wrong to cling to their God given rights, yet the die will have been cast. It is no small thing, no small change in attitude toward themselves and government. A “what do I have to lose now” attitude, which is similarly prevalent in many inner cities will be felt now by many who have never felt that way before. What a shame on those who might have pushed many honest citizens too far, and betrayed the culture and social contract. It could even be a dangerous time. I pray for our people.

  114. I’m from Oklahoma and I would just like to say that the two inbred thugs were almost certainly from Arkansas – we don’t breed them here in Oklahoma very often and when we do it is always the offspring of Arkansas natives anyway – just wanted to clear that up.

  115. Great article, Matt – thank you for so eloquently expressing what I feel. They aren’t getting my guns without a battle. I will NOT register them either. Having said that, I’m a very peaceful man and have never harmed a hair on anyone’s head. I’ve never been arrested or even come close to being arrested. I’ve had a couple of speeding tickets in my youth and a couple of seat belt tickets (not wearing them). That’s my extent of problems with the law. Does it bother me that I may soon be a felon simply because I believe what our forefathers provided for us in the Constitution? Yes, it is the most bothersome thing of my life – that my very own country that I love – wants to make me a criminal. I hope the Obama people are taking the time to read what regular Americans have to say and think about their plan. None of us want a battle and none of us I believe want to hurt anyone else – especially our brothers and sisters in America. So help me God – If they want a criminal and a felon they are going to get one. What a sad day that this is what our country has come to – all because some crazy person decided to do crazy things. None of us want to see America’s children hurt or killed but this is stripping us of the very guns we use to protect our loved ones, families and even total strangers. This is NOT the solution to this problem. I hope they are listening because there is a war coming if they try this.

  116. When the people fear the government, it’s called tyranny! When the government fears the people, it’s called liberty! “Thomas Jefferson”
    Where do you stand America?
    Semper Fi

  117. I am wondering about something. I am from Virginia and Virginia is not a state but a Commonwealth. There are 4 of them. Mass, Ky and Pa. I believe are the rest. I guess we all forgot to rejoin the Union after the Civil War. So I guess we won’t have to suceed again after Obama tries to take over the country. We never really gave them the right to take us over the last time. I guess this means we are already ready.

  118. Outstanding article, Matt! I love the lead-in…a great story. As a Veteran (27 years) and a former Deputy DA, I agree that the Constitution is first and foremost in our great Nation. Alas, living here in beautiful but dysfunctional California, we have no representation in Congress…Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, and Farr march lock-step with their Dear Leader. We are at a disturbing and scary crossroads in America…

  119. Dear Matt:
    Trust our Nation, like I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for writing such very clear. objective, and transparent expose, of what Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, etc., have “spinned into a Very Dangerous Circus” that could explode, under their asses, without any warning?

    Do these idiots really know what they are getting into?

  120. In the course of the history of America, blame-mode obama is the first arrogant emperor on record. This guy confirms he is not a president, he is an arrogant emperor. Sad part is the republicans did not impreach him for violating the constituion. Bottom line is….Until the republicans get some backbone America has a big, big, problem.

  121. Unfortunately for Mr. Barber and the overwhelming majority of those who are Constitutionalists, they say “There’s only one way to take my guns, slick, and that’s through a
    constitutional amendment – an amendment that will never happen – ever.
    Try it any other way and we have a problem.”

    I personally have a problem with this view. You see it is God not “We the People” who gives me my “rights” as well as responsibilities to be armed not some document made by the hands of man. Hitler claimed he was a Christian. Then the laws in Germany were changed and people turned in there weapons and became slaves.

    God’s perfect Laws never change and He is the Supreme and changeless Creator who has made me, given me my responsibilities and ha given me the power to use them to fight against any tyrannical despot or in this case despots who claim that they’re laws and, or “Amendments” are to be the supreme law of the land, that they make the rules and that they are in control.

    No Mr. Barber, you can obey the Constitution if you so choose but I intend to obey God and His perfect Law of liberty.


    1. The true spirit of the “Declaration of Independence would have to be renewed and acted upon against any government that would even make an effort at repealing the second amendment, long before that effort even had a chance to be realized.

    2. I see the line between original intent Constitutionalist being blurred and a more nationalist sentiment fomenting and that is a very dangerous ideology.

  122. If this little banana republic dictator doesn’t stop pushing I’m sure there will be an uprising, but I think what will come out of it will be a conservative country. We can stop the baby killing, push the homos back in the closet, put prayer back in the schools and God back in our country.

  123. Come and try to get them Mr. Obama. Only about 700,000 of old nasty Vietnam veterans left but we make better soldiers than these young guys. We are past worrying about sex and they worry about it every few seconds. We have a lot more time during the day to fight you SOBs!

  124. Is there any method that could be used to determine the percentage of law enforcement personnel who would willingly act as the left’s enforcers of unconstitutional laws and executive orders restricting the second amendment? Remember that gun owners far out number those who would act as their willing enforcers. I believe it is much more likely that they will continue their efforts using the “death by a thousand cuts” method.

    1. You have to remember, the police are not chosen for their political astuteness or dedication to the Republic. They are chosen to be loyal, dedicated enforcers of the law. Sheriffs, being elected, are usually more in line with their constituency but professional police even undergo psychological testing. The best example, that I use occassionally, is that of the Kripo (Kriminal Polizei) in Germany. Formed by Prussia in the 1700’s, they adapted to their transition to police all of Germany with the declaration of the empire in 1870 and became enforcers of the Imperial will. After 1918, they adapted to the newly loosened mores of the Weimer Republic, no longer locking up indigents and even protecting the Jews, who were not liked. The, when the Nazis came in, they were rounding up Jews and enforcing many of the racial laws. Finally, with the formation of the Adenauer Germany, they became like New York Cities finest. I guess it comes down to, “There’s is not to reason why…”, so don’t count on large police demonstrations against Obama.

      1. Many law enforcement personnel are former military. I do not believe all would support illegals orders. And as a veteran, I would not want to be the one to order troops to fire on Americans for defending their rights. Unless things have changed radically, he may be the first to be shot.

    2. You do understand the amendment process to the Constitution correct?

      Nobody will ever amend the Constitution to do away with the 2nd but and this is a big but…If they ever did it would mean that a majority of the people wanted it this way and it would be duly noted as the Law of the land and anyone not abiding by it subject to arrest and imprisonment and anyone that loves the Constitution and the United States but doesn’t accept the due process for which it stands is an enemy of it whether you agree or disagree with the laws you are bound to abide by them.

      1. This is a constitutional republic not a democracy. The majority cannot “vote” away an individuals rights. If that were the case you could vote away the entire constitution. And no one is bound to obey laws that interfere with there God given rights. That is what the Declaration of Independence and American revolution were all about. If one man is correct in his beliefs and stands against the majority, who are wrong, he is still just as correct.

  125. “Places you don’t see mass murder and mayhem? Well, there’s a reason bad guys largely avoid shooting-up gun shows, ranges, households with signs that say: “This home insured by Smith & Wesson” and Texas in general. It’s because they know – even while thick-skulled liberals don’t – that, as recently noted by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

    On October 16, 1991, 35-year-old George “Jo Jo” Pierre Hennard, an unemployed merchant mariner or able seaman who was described by others as angry and withdrawn, with a dislike of women, drove his blue 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby’s cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen. Yelling “This is what Bell County did to me!”, Hennard then opened fire on its patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and, later, a Ruger P89. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people while wounding another 20 before committing suicide. At least 80 people were in the restaurant at the time.

    The Fort Hood shooting was a shooting that took place on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, the most populous U.S. military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, Texas.[1] In the course of the shooting, a single gunman killed 13 people and wounded 29 others.[1] It is the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base.[2]

    1. Idiot. Both of those places were ‘Gun Free Zones”, in other words, a shooting gallery for those who knew that no one would be able to defend themselves against their predations. THAT is what you get when you deny law-abiding citizens the RIGHT to self defense

  126. A Constitutional Amendment did not grant me my rights and no Constitutional Amendment will take them away. My rights (and responsibilities) come from God. When they pry my rifle from my cold, dead fingers, the barrel will still be hot. Anyway, Constitutional Amendments have been faked before (14th, 16th, 17th).

  127. I believe that civil war is EXACTLY what the gun grabbers in Washington ultimately have in mind. Why else would they build all those FEMA camps? Why else would they pass the NDAA which allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process? Why else would the government be stockpiling MILLIONS of rounds of ammo? And not just any ammo, specifically hollow point ammo. That tells me they have every intention to shoot to kill!

    1. The government has been “stock piling” ammunition since the onset of the Revolutionary War you should see what we have stock piled in Redstone. FEMA camps have been proven an urban legend and Alex Jones a bi-polar buffoon.

        1. I did a little research on the author of those google map “fema camps” the author KL surprisingly enough is an Alex Jones/Ron Paul loon. Yes there is a Federal Emergency Management Agencies, yes the head of it is on the list of succession to the President in an emergency were we to lose all heads of state, yes there are Fema camps like the one outside New Orleans where there are literally 1000’s of decaying mobile homes used after Hurricane Kritina . As far as google maps anyone with an agenda can push anything on google since hits are for sale so I hope you aren’t proposing google=fact.

  128. There are now about 300 million weapons in the American populace. Even the Obots will not be stupid enough to do more than threaten and bluster. Even a .22 long rifle round is lethal in the hands of a good marksman.
    Go to hell, liberals.

  129. The elites know full well what they’re up against, they’re not stupid. That’s why they’re pulling their desperation move. They HAVE to disarm us, more of the people are waking up now than at any other time. Pretty soon, the tide will turn against them and it’s them who will be against the wall. If they move against us, people will flock to us like never before. Let ’em try to call for disarmament, they would truly regret it.

  130. Back in the 1970’s, I was living on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, not too awfully far from the Alabama state line. I was taking some classes at a Bible college in Grand Bay, Alabama, so I had to drive there a few times a week. I had never owned a gun before
    I moved there, though I had always wanted one. I bought a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special, and spent quite a few afternoons learning how to use it. The classes I had were in the morning, so I was always returning home in the middle of the day. One of those days, a full sized Oldsmobile pulled along the little Chevy Vega I was driving. Our two cars, were the only ones on the highway. Back then, it was pretty desolate between Grand Bay, AL and Pascagoula, MS. For several miles, there were no houses you
    could see from the highway, and there was no businesses along the highway. The Oldsmobile was occupied by two young men, about my age, in their early to mid twenties. I didn’t have air conditioning in my car, so I had my windows down. Their windows were down too, so I could clearly see both occupants. Their car swerved into my lane, trying to force me off of the road, but I dodged it. He tried that maneuver twice, and twice I avoided him. The third time he pulled up beside me, the man in the passenger seat saw my .44 Special pointed at his head. I had my mind made up, that if he tried to run me off
    of the road again, I’d shoot the passenger in his face. I did not have to though, that man made the most gosh awful, blood curdling scream. He sounded like the women do in the horror movies just as the monster is about to grab them. The driver turned, looked at me, and saw the gun in my hand. He hit the gas, and a blue cloud of burnt oil trailed behind his car as it sped away from me. I never saw that car again, but that incident has made an indelible image in my mind. What would have happened to me, if I had not been armed?

  131. We don’t currently have a president. The U.S. Constitution, besides the 2nd Amendment, provides a list of requirements to be POTUS. The current occupant of the White House does not possess these minimum requirements, or at leas seems unable to prove he has them. Until such time as a person who can substantiate they are Constitutionally qualified to hold this office does so, as far as I’m concerned, there is no president. And anything this nonpresident does or says has no bearing on how I conduct my life.

  132. they are just waiting and hoping and praying that we give them a tussle over this gun issue so Obama can use his big executive order and declare Marshall Law: ending any and all rights afforded to us by the constitution. Then the black booted government/military/foreign troop thugs can round us all up and put in FEMA camps. Then the DHS gets to use all that ammo they’ve been stockpiling.

  133. Yes, obummers little sappy speech after Sandy Hook sickened me too, I knew perfectly well what he was doing and it had nothing to do with sympathy nor help for the gunned down nor the grieving.

  134. Some of you are making a huge assumption! You are assuming that this
    government is following our Constitution. THEY ARE NOT! They have not been for
    decades! They make a good show if it, don’t they? The few that want to follow
    our Constitution are either “voted” out of office (Col. Allen West) or told to
    back off (Rand Paul). IF more of our former military officers would stand up
    and honor the oath they, and all us former military took, we would have a
    better chance of getting this done. You do understand that that oath did not
    have an end date!?

    Now, go to Nebraska republic dot org and pick on “WATCH
    VIDEO”. Let me know what you think;
    rd6475 at hotmail dot com.

  135. There is a way to stop it now and with absolute power and force. That is to have the millions of gun owners and responsible citizens march on Washington and close down the government until the Congress gets a spine, or gets the Hell out of town. We already have the power, we just need to act as one man with one voice. We need to get the military, and all public servants who have sworn an oat to protect and abide by the Constitution to recognize their first obligation is to preserve and protect the constitution of the United States, not protect those who are now attempting to tear it apart. We just need the trumpet call so every one can hear and act together.

  136. Oh, how easily distracted you are! There isn’t the votes in congress to pass any gun regulations. If Obama does gun regulation by executive order it will be challenged in court and I’m sure he will loose. If they try to regulate ammo then we’ll just have to reload and buy reloading supplies. The Dumbocrats don’t want you to remember, what was that place in Libia where they screwed up big time? (You forgot already, didn’t you?) And they certainly don’t want to to push on about someones eligibility.

  137. Sadly, it’s possible. Obama is crackers. Anyway, for this civil war you might want to study the English Civil War of 1642-1651 as being more pertinent than the U. S. Civil War of 1861-1865.

  138. Don’t love guns. Don’t want to use one. BUT, if things continue as they are now I will get one. A must have to protect yourself, your family and loved ones from criminals, thugs, low life reprobates and repressive governments and dictators like hiter, mussolini and barry.

  139. Matt Barber….. EXCELLENT WORK! You certainly speak for me. I can’t imagine a better way to put it in words. Simply masterful!

  140. I think obammy ought to pursue his present course. He will only make a fool of himself by having pushed true Americans too far. This will backfire on him in the worst (or best, depending upon ones perspective) possible way. I knew that he would overstep his bounds.

  141. If you come after my guns you had better bring a lot of body bags because I will fill quite for you! NOBODY had better come after my guns, I am Locked and Loaded and I know how to Rock and Roll! Semper Fi.

  142. Good article….and I think these Constitutional trampling bureaucrats want to push us beyond the limit. It seems obama, the press, and all those who support him keeps their thumbs in our eyes constantly. My eye hurts and I’m tired of it.

  143. Know what you mean. Many years ago I was driving fron Alexandria, Louisiana to Baton Rouge when a car started following me WAY too close. It was late at night and their headlights were so bright in my car, I could have read a book. After about 20 miles, in the middle of Ville Platte, I picked up my .22 pistol and just held it up so the persons in the following car could see it. They backed off and turned away at the next corner. Now when I travel, a weapon is ALWAYS on the seat next to me.

  144. Keep planting that seed.

    Just keep running variations of this article every few days until the next election.
    I think Godfather is hoping that the next mass shooter says something about a civil war before offing himself.

  145. Another civil war would be a good thing for this country to restore some of the sanity and liberty that it has lost. BUT, who will be our Lincoln this time around?

    1. No, no. Bad idea!!!

      Conversation with neighbors, education in history, and peaceful assembly are good things according to the constitution. But, you don’t realize what you are saying and, I believe, you simply say it all in great frustration – and rightfully so. Yet, such an approach would not likely lead to the outcome you desire and would be a dice roll for you.

      Plus, when you look for a savior, your “Lincoln” as you say (and your analogy is upside down, since he was on the side of the government), other than our one true Savior, you will find only a totalitarian. Stay the course.

  146. TERRIFIC PIECE! My Greatest Fear, however, is that one day soon, those of us who respect the uniforms of our protectors MOST will have to look down our sights at one of those uniforms who has come to carry out unlawful orders… God help us that day.

  147. The NRA publishes “The Armed Citizen”, actual accounts of citizen self defense, in every issue of the American rifleman magazine. Flood your representatives and senator with as many copies you can mail. Maybe a few will get the message that a lot more murders and crimes are PREVENTED by legally armed citizens than ever committed by criminals.

  148. Does anyone think the Chosen One picking Plugs to further his gun program had any hope of its success. He just wants him to to take the fall when it fails mainly because Plugs couldn’t find his ass with GPS.

  149. People in Mexico are not allowed to have guns and 40,000 are dead. Is this what you want in the U.S? Our incompetent attorney general screwed up the gun deal with the drug cartels and caused thousands of lives and the death of our border guard. You people who put an Islamist person back in the whitehouse as opposed to a decent Mormon man have ask for a life of pure HELL and you will certainly deserve what you get.

  150. Very well said. I too pray they, (the opportunistic feeders perpetrating the currant destruction of our blessed nation), see the reason ‘We the People’ feel so strongly about our Rights and beliefs. And how starchily we will defend them.

  151. You have said what I had tried to for so many years. I refuse to be a slaughter victim to the likes of the liberal ‘tards running our country. I will fight for my rights. If I die, so be it. I plan on taking a few of you with me. If you are UN soldiers on US soil trying to take my guns, consider yourselves lambs to the slaughter. I don’t give a big rat’s butt if our so-called dictator in chief did say he needed your help. Stay the hell out of my country and off my soil!

  152. Civil war is what Obama wants. A house divided cannot stand and wouldn’t that be just dandy for any foreign or domestic takeover? He has been trying to divide us since the beginnning. There would be chaos and he would have the perfect excuse to declare martial law and keep himself in power for as long as he would like. We would be just like Egypt, Syria, Libya, and all the other countries in turmoil. He would have the excuse to use the military to put us down, just as the dictatorships overseas are doing. We need to become very proactive. Every last one of us needs to vote grassroots candidates in to our local governments and make sure that they stand for what we believe in. We need to go about this wisely, just as the socialists have done for many years here in our country. We need to network and promote the views that we have in common with others. Catholics, evangelicals, Baptists, Protestants, Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists, Mormons, etc. all have something in common- a belief in God, family, and moral behavior. That is the thread that holds us together- our God. Why do you think liberals and atheists are trying so hard to eliminate Christianity from our nation?

    1. Yes, because you cannot be liberal and Christian at the same time. SMH Jesus was probably the biggest socialist who ever walked the face of this earth. If Jesus had someone threatening him would he pull out a gun? If you’re answer is yes, you’d better spend a few more hours with your nose in the Good Book.

      My son is one of the most moral people that I know and he is an atheist. We have also had a large Jewish population for centuries. Have they been working so hard to eliminate Christianity? I would love to see some back-up to your claims. I’ll be waiting.

      1. Emily,
        At first glance you might say that Jesus was a “socialist”. However, the message of the gospel is targeted at the individual’s responsibility to the welfare of their neighbor and not the using the “state” as a vehicle to redistribute wealth. Never did He speak of government “programs. There is absolutely no spiritual value in taking from one person by coercion and giving to another. – and the “spiritual transaction” is the only thing of real value in transactions between people of the way. Without giving one’s life to Him there is little value in a “morality” that is based on an egotistical “moral superiority”. That is, abdicating our personal responsibilities to a faceless government has no spiritual value – the beauty of a spiritual transaction in the name of Our Father is left out and only contempt by the receiver and resentment by the “giver” take its place via such “redistribution” by a godless, secular government. We need a spiritual awakening with voluntary charity (read about the many charities after the Civil War) and not more forced redistribution. Otherwise, the material is the primary focus rather than the spiritual. Charity is not a the material transfer, charity is a spiritual transfer. True followers of Our Savior will understand the all-important difference. Jesus as a Lover, a Care-giver, a Brother – Yes. Jesus as a Socialist – No.

        Related to self defense, if you know your Bible, you should recall that the first time Jesus sent out His disciple He sent them without funds or swords, yet later he said they should sell their cloak and buy a sword. The disciples replied that they had 2 swords among them and Jesus said “that is enough”.

        Obviously, Jesus did not seem to intend that His disciples become revolutionaries against an oppressive Roman government, however, He does seem to intend that His disciples to have the means to protect themselves from at least from common thuggery. While you seem to be good-hearted, I believe that you need to study a little bit more and rethink some of your justification for your opinion.

        Bless you, and I pray your son develops a relationship with Our Father and His Beloved Son since “being nice” is of little value unless we humbly submit to the Creator of all in Love and the Truth; the Lord behind that “morality” – all else is simply a pride-filled exercise in “moral superiority.” Submission to His Lordship and His ways is the only reason for living in this fallen material world and it is the same theme of the Bible from the Torah on through the Gospel.

        (BTW, it is very odd that a gun-wielding self-described Christian Trooper would suggest that Jesus would not want you to use your weapon in defense of yourself, your family, or other victims of thugs. Does that not give you at least a little twinge of cognitive dissonance?) I hope you do not take offense, but it is good to think outside our comfort zone, our “normalcy bias”, and diligently seek His real Love and Truth, which are two of His primary descriptors in the Bible.

  153. Socialists, totalitarians, and bankster enrolled dick taters never stop. They always go forward, and then when they finally win, they ALWAYS get rid of their opposition…. every time, massively. This regime controlled by the bankers have long since pushed past the line of no return. It s past time to unite, prepare and show a sign of force

  154. The installation of a Marxist regime is never pretty. It will not be for America either. When the bloody boot prints begin to show up in the streets, it will be all over exept for the crying. This does not end well people. It never does. It didn’t end well for Venezuela, it won’t for America either.

  155. This isn’t about religion. This is about our right to preserve our lives. This a right to life issue. A right the left simply doesn’t believe in. Period.

  156. Wow. The tone of these comments are so hypocritical. If you are a Christian, then act like one. Don’t purport to be one and then belittle others. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

  157. With 300 million firearms in private hands (one-third of them pistols), the overwhelming majority of gun owners ARE responsible, law-abiding citizens, which is why horrific massacres are not commonplace, but rather terrible outliers that can never be legislated away (e.g. DC, Chicago, and “Gun Free Zones”).

    For several examples for the recent use of firearms for defensive purposes not typically reported by the national media please visit: and forward this site to others to whom this information may be useful. @EqLF1

  158. Ready or not Obama is counting on Americans to riot and cause chaos. I fore one insist on our leaders to remove his sorry ass because they are the ones to give him so many passes. If they choose not too then job is easy choice go after both houses and white house if need be.

    1. You had a chance to remove him on November 6th. You lost. Deal with it.

      If you thugs try to group up and do something violent, We simply crush you.

      1. Liberals try and crush somebody? LOL…what a loser. Not only will we try, but Obama who interfere will be dealt with. The last Obama supporter who tried to intimidate me with physicality wound up with a smashed thorax, courtesy of my military training. Get ready loser; I’m a Veteran and former law enforcement officer for a major city. There are 10’s of millions of us. Law enforcement won’t support you and neither will the military. We will join the citizens in revolt. Your types better hide when there’s a civil war. That’s the only way you’ll live.

        1. In another message you threatened to shoot anyone with an Obama bumper sticker. Now you are admitting to being a former police officer? You do realize your terroristic threats are enough to put you away in Prison, don’t you? No wonder you are no longer on the Police force; You are a SICK sick man.

        2. John, you did notice the “should our government try and outlaw weapons” part, didn’t you? Please understand, it’s not because Obama or you are democrats, I would feel this way if a republican were in office and tried the same thing. I would feel the same loathing towards that president’s supporters also.

  159. If we do spiral down into a civil war, these evil Baine jokers in the white house along with their evil minion communist cabinet members, have made themselves believe along with their liberal whoa polticians acorss the U.S., they can defeat all God fearing Americans and murder us using the same military in the U.S. or another foreign Military. With all their modern and technical equipment it wont mean a hill of beans in the end. ulitamtely they will all be taken out and anyone who takes his evil orders. Sometimes the tree of Liberty has to be refreshed with the blood of patriots. What ever the case in the end Obama and any of our leaders involved in the murdering of its citizenry will all stand for swift justice, not vengence or retribution, but swift justice by the people.

  160. First I will continue to ask God to save my country…He is the only one who can…Obama is the devil, but God is the Victor….

  161. YEP ,,, thats what ODUMBA wants to do start a civil war with blacks against whites ,,, but he is on the losing end of that war there are more of us then them and the ARMY will not back ODUMBA up ,,, so he’s screwed ,,,,,,,,,

    1. Here are the 2010 census (the latest) on demographics in America:
      63% = Whites
      11% = Blacks
      16% = Hispanics (who by the way do not like Blacks)

      None of my military or law enforcement buddies would support obama in a civil war. Pl

  162. Jazz past you must have been a marine your head is so far up your ass you taste lunch twice you’ve already been brainwashed into believing every word our president says and for your comments if you where a Christian you may have heard this before judge not and ye be not judged so kiss my ass — yours truly delta dog SFC us army infantry retired

  163. How are we going to fight them assault drones and the hell fire missles. Lets not forget the bio weapons . I belive they already have our guns and we don’t know it . Don’t for get the EMP

    1. Have you seen what a few, poorly equipped insurgents have done in Iraq and Afghanistan to our troops? Now multiply that by over 100 million armed Americans, 36 million Veterans and hundreds of millions of weapons. There’s a reason the Japanese never tried an invasion of America “There’s an armed citizen behind every blade of grass”. Plus, Obama won’t be able to count on the military or law enforcement to fire upon citizens. His popularity is very low in those circles. They will desert in large numbers (they have families also) and turn against him. I know; I’m a combat Vet and former law enforcement officer.

  164. How do you conservatives feel to be the NEW niggers in America? That’s just what you are. This is payback. Sweet sweet revenge! You are a bunch of slaves now and you have no rights. You have no representation or political relevance. Your enemies (communists) are now your masters. If you disobey, we’ll find a way to make you pay for that too. You can consider this God’s judgement on you.

    1. How will it feel when a revolution happens? I will open fire on anyone driving a car with an Obama sticker on it or blow their house up Because that’s the stuff I learned in the military during war as an EOD and law enforcement. Better hide John when !@#$ hits the fan; your types will be quickly thinned out. We don’t consider anything out of your mouth to be God’s judgement, but your blasphemy. You can run, but you won’t be able to hide.

      1. Your answer to a perceived out of control government is not to attack the government but attack and kill innocent Americans who happen to disagree with you and voted against you. Your true nature now presents itself.

      2. I’m obviously talking out my rear, trolling you conservatives. Your reaction isn’t a troll though, it shows your true intent. I see threats like this all the time from you keyboard commandos. YOU are the type who goes out on killing sprees, like Jim David Adkisson …. You far right wing fascists are the true danger to America.

      3. I find your type to be disgusting and hate everything you stand for…but I would never ever want to end your life. Why would you actually want to destroy someones life like that, taking away a childs parent , etc …Has your life been that miserable that you would really want to inflict that kind of pain on others?

        1. I would not want to end your life either. Nor do I believe someone should be killed just because he believes differently than I do (like Muslims do to “infidels”). I believe life is precious and almost lost mine in war, having survived being wounded. However, as a Veteran I am permanently sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic. If any politician, regardless of his political affiliation, were to try and illegally confiscate weapons against the 2nd Amendment, it would draw the ire of many, including me. And that goes for other amendments too; if the government tried to ban the 1st Amendment and all its rights, my reaction would be the same. You’re right, violence should never be the answer, but only used in self-defense. Let us agree to disagree politically. America has always had two parties and we must remember those of the other party aren’t our enemies but just opponents. I believe deep in my heart that most Americans love America; some are misguided I think, but still don’t wish to see the abolition of our government.

  165. It will not be much of a war. Most Dumb A__ Liberals do not have guns. I wonder what they will say when the heavly armed citizens show them their guns? I doubt that the police or the military are going to be knocking on doors asking for someones guns. Maybe we will get lucky and Obama himself will try to take the guns away.

    1. What a sad and ridiculous statement. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower and my relatives fought in every major war this country has seen. A statue of one of my ancestors stands on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. I am a hard working mom of three, wife of a state trooper, and I own a 9mm handgun. I am also a progressive, or in your words, a liberal. Do you seriously want me dead? Work on developing your brain and find some reasonable arguments to make instead of attacking anyone with different ideologies and goals than you.

  166. If not this generation, they will try it with another. It will be gradual. Your children will be the ones who will see total government control. That’s because no one is teaching history any more. It only takes ONE generation to lose that which is precious. Only ONE. Wake up folks.

  167. This is no longer the democrat party. These are evil-hearted doppelgangers who fool people into thinking they’re human and cry crocodile tears for the little lives lost, but in reality they revel in this horror. Gun control is “for the children”, greedy teachers unions say it’s for “the children”, BarryCare is “for the children”, the overweight Wookie dictating what food is served “for the children”. Let’s get this straight, these filthy people don’t care about “the children”, it’s about power and control. These cold reptiles saw dead children and used it to further their agenda to take our God given rights away in the name of “the children”. Has the American populace become so stupid that they can’t comprehend that they are willingly giving their wealth and freedom to this sham dictator? What has happened to my United States and the people I thought loved her?

  168. Fantastic article! Every point should be bulletined (pun intended) on every 2nd amendment loving American’ heart. I only own 3 simple guns– 20 gauge shotgun, .22 caliber rifle, and a .54 caliber black powder muzzleloader. However, no one had better try and remove them from my home. My ancestors paid the price with their blood for my right to own these guns. I will pay with mine if necessary to keep them. .

  169. Great Job Matt but we need to change the volcabulary like the Leftists do all the time. It is not an anti-gun crowd we oppose it is “gun haters”. I agree with your term “defense weapons”. Everyone posting should adopt these types of terms or others in dealing with these liberals. Remember Alinsky tactics. Use them on the Liberals.

  170. People who think like this — with guns providing their masculinity because of other failures — really need to be hospitalized before they are jailed. Living with a minor intellect, physical inadequacies and a philosophy of dumb hatred must be awful, but please keep it to yourself and hang out with your colleagues shooting each other in the foot.

    1. People who think like this protect us from criminals and more importantly, traitors like you! I have a Master’s degree in music theory and composition, in case you’re interested. Personally, I hope you are on the end of a criminal’s gun as you contemplate your “superior”, but delusional intellect.

  171. The Constitution prohibits a standing army. In the 1939 Supreme Court case U.S. v. Miller 307 US 174 we learn what the Second Amendment was about. In order to suppress a military coup that overthrows the government, we must be able to show up on the battlefields with weapons equal to the military, in order to take back our government. If you are prohibited from buying weapons equal to the military, then you do not live in a free country. I will stand.

  172. The question is, IS another Civil War on the Horizon? I think the answer is, if we don’t call down God’s wrath on the Obamanation, and conduct a liturgy of malediction against this Obamugabe/Pharaoh/Hitler, we are GOING to have a civil war!

  173. Excellent! We all need to make up our minds now to fight to the death if we must to preserve our liberty and our republic. We cannot give in or we all become slaves of the state. And states (like Germany, China, Russia, Cambodia) have proven that once people are disarmed the despots can slaughter at will. And for “jazzpast” who has made a lot of ignorant comments on this thread, hurting our cause badly… I must say, I know Mitt Romney personally and he is one of the finest men that has ever lived. Your characterizations of him are completely wrong. Come to grips with reality!

  174. You either believe in the Constitution and honor the law or you don’t!

    The system has failed as tyranny has replaced Democracy,Freedom,inalienable rights! Many millions came here legally with Nothing! They asked for Nothing,they only wanted the promise America offered,the American Dream turned Nightmare!

    The cancer that has metastasized to the end game is not new! It is 6 decades old in my opinion begun with the assassination of our President and the unholy Warren Commission which buried the truth along with the President!

    L.B.J. began the tyranny by sending 65,000 Americans to die in Vietnam without Congressional approval! An impeachable offense,an offense that changed this Country forever! It was as if the gates of tyranny were opened and no one was held accountable! Johnson went on to create programs we could not afford . All of those programs,trillions of Taxpayer dollars were stolen,mismanaged and ultimately went bankrupt! L.B.J. led to Nixon,to two Presidents brought to trial for impeachable offenses,to a failed economy,crisis after crisis,war after war,a Constitutional Democracy where those sworn to defend it perverted it instead and each episode leading to the tyranny we allowed this President,this Administration,this Congress,this Attorney General,this Justice Dept to eviscerate! The Constitution,Civil Law,due process,Freedoms,opportunities,Inalienable rights,the economy,the engine of everything! The degradation of”checks and balances” to the point it might as well be a breakfast cereal,Czars,Advisers,unelected reporting only to Obama,taking orders only from Obama and a dysfunctional,impotent supreme court which is anything but objective and apolitical!

    So,the system has failed,we are bankrupt,50 million on food stamps, 23 million+ unemployed A “fib”,a Ponzi scheme to socialize healthcare and now they want us defenseless! They want our Constitutional right to bear arms to defend ourselves,our families,our property,our country which is the proverbial”Line in the Sand”

    The Constitution if nothing else was written to “Limit” government not to empower tyrants,tyranny,the very things millions came here to escape!
    It seems that there Is a sucker born every minute and we are the suckers! Some look for the Messiah”. They disdain responsibility in deference to being “told” what to do,what to eat,what to think! Obama is glad to oblige as that it what a narcissist,a megalomaniac,an ideologue does!

    “live free or die”

  175. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, target shooting or collecting. The 2nd Amendment is about revolution and the citizenry having the means at hand to violently throw off the yoke of tyrannical and oppressive govt. That is why they want the guns so badly. It has nothing to do with “the children”, it has nothing to do with “public safety”; it has everything to do with being able to “oppress without fear of repercussion”, the citizens of this country. In 1973 I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. I retook that oath many times over the next 20 years. Retiring from the Army did not relieve me of that oath. Paraphrasing Charlton Heston “So, as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would
    take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words for everyone
    within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for
    you, Senator Feinstein: ‘From my cold, dead hands!”. Are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country????

  176. Obama won’t give up his hired guns, nanny bloomberg won’t give up his hired guns, that idiot Joe Biden won’t give up his hired guns, Pelosi won’t give up her hired guns and Shumer won’t give up his hired guns but they want us to give up our guns. Why? Answer: They want total control over us and they can’t have it without first grabbing our guns, I say, screw these control freak scumbags and keep your guns. Also buy all the ammo that you can find because you will need it soon.

  177. I hope we do go to war. It’s time to finally hunt down every bastian of white supremacy in the u.s. and abroad. The demonic caucasian savage has wreaked more havoc, homosexuality, upon the earth than any other being. They’re still murdering kids, and gunning down innocent blacks. The white agenda of Eugenics must be stopped, and the righteous children of the most high must fight the white supremacists on both the far right and the wily left. They’re both sick, bloodlusting sociopaths on both sides. Obama is a pawn used by the white elite to pacifiy and subversely destroy the black community while creating a new slave workforce of illegal aliens. There’s definitely a war brewing, but it won’t be anything like the Civil War.

  178. Secession state by state would be a much better solution and a much wiser solution. Those states with less GDP can opt to couple with stronger states such as Florida and Texas. However, there are a great number of very angry Americans who would welcome the chance to unload (literally) on DC rather than their neighbor.

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