Is It OK for Christians to Vote for Mitt Romney?

The following essay was written by James B. Jordan. James is a Christian theologian and author who has thought long and hard on worldview issues from a biblical perspective. While the following article does not answer every question; it does offer a perspective that is not often considered in terms of a biblical theology. — Gary DeMar

From time to time we read on the internet some blogger or other writer that he’s not going to vote for Romney because of this or that reason. Sometimes because he’s a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sometimes because he’s done X or Y in the past. Sometime because he’s not Ron Paul. Regardless of details, all of these bloggers make one mistake in common: Americanist political perfectionism.

A friend of mine wrote that he has three reasons to vote for Romney. 1. He’s not Obama. 2. He’s not Obama. 3. He’s not Obama. Well, that’s good enough for me, but perhaps there’s more to be said.

An aspect of this confusion is perfectionism in political life, a kind of political messianism that insists on a churchly standard of belief and of personal morality on the part of its political leaders.

The Bible, however, shows us something different. What the political leader is supposed to provide is . . . peace. In Daniel 7 God raised up a four-fold “beast” (“living creature”) whose purpose was to protect His people as they moved out into the new Imperial Age. Under the Pax Persiana, the Pax Graecia, and the Pax Romana, Jews were able to be the “four spirits of heaven” (Zechariah 2) and plant synagogues all over the empires. It was an added bonus when Nebuchadnezzar converted and when believers like Cyrus and Darius sat on the throne, but it was not necessary.

Paul wrote to Timothy, “I urge that entreaties , prayers, petitions, thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in his position, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Tim. 2:1-2). Does the ruler need to be a believer? Does he need to do everything right? No, nice as those would be. Rather, he needs to enforce the law and make for societal peace so that the Kingdom of Jesus can advance. And that’s it. Period.

A recent blog-essay includes this statement: “Mitt Romney, a man who openly denies the Trinitarian God of the universe, can offer no hope to America’s ailments.” We may ask, so what? Since when do political leaders heal ailments? That’s the Church’s job. What we want from them is peace. But let’s apply the above mentioned blogger’s argument again in terms of some biblical realities:

  • “King Nebuchadnezzar, a man who worships idols, can offer no hope for Judah’s ailments.” Compare that with what God said through Jeremiah. Nebuchadnezzar was just what Judah needed.
  • “King Antiochus III, a man who worships other gods, can offer no hope for Judah’s enslavement to the Ptolemies of Egypt.” Compare that with what actually happened according to Josephus: the King rebuilt the temple, relieved Judah of taxes for three years for that purpose, permanently relieved Levites from taxation, etc.

Our unnamed blogger cites Gary DeMar:

“We’re still dealing with an electorate that’s on the government dole. They need Obama to win. There’s not much that’s going to change that except a national collapse. There are a lot of people who think that would be a great idea. It would be horrific. No one will come to our aid.”

The unnamed blogger comments:

“No one will come to our aid? Only our Lord causes nations to rise and fall.”

Well, of course. Sure. But that does not mean that Jesus ever promised that He works through presumption and magic. DeMar knows that Jesus rules and can do miracles. But he also knows we are supposed to be grownups and take responsibility. When Israel was under the Law only, after Moses, the Lord Yahweh was king and the people were children. When they were old enough, God gave them a kingdom and kings, and told them to rule by wisdom. Miracles are for babies; wisdom is for grownups (Heb 5:11–14).
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1,205 thoughts on “Is It OK for Christians to Vote for Mitt Romney?

  1. No it’s not OK for Christians to vote for an LDS mormon CULT leader. This LDS church is RACIST. They feel Blacks are a CURSED people. LDS, mormon are immoral, Godless, pagen group of heathens, that’s what the LDS CULT stands for!

    1. Ok already, you don’t like Mormons. Bet they are not the only group on you dislike list. But did you know that the late Howard Hughes when asked why he surrounded himself in his later, reclusive years, with Mormons, he responded, “Because I can trust them.” I think I can trust Romney way more than the “evolving” Obama or is it Barry Soetoro or is it the dead guy he has the SS card number from CT?

      1. There is no such thing as a good mormon. And I don’t dislike anyone. I HATE EVIL! Ye that love the Lord, hate evil…Psalm 97:10 Instead of reading about Howard Hughes maybe you should read the the KJV Bible.

        1. If you say so. And if one should read only the KJV Bible, why are you spending time reading this article and it comments?

        2. For the record. I noted in another comment that I am not a Mormon. I might add also that I do not know any on a personal basis. I just think the condemnation of an entire religion that does not profess a forceful conversion like Islam, is unwarranted and any differences I may have with the Mormon religion pale in contract with the danger this country and all people of good faith will face with a 2nd term of the Obama regime.

        3. How can you quote the Bible in one breath and spew out your lies and hatred the next? You have serious mental problems and by being a Paulbot kind of says it all.

      2. @GoldenRudy: Truth about Mormons: Although they “officially” dropped their Cain Doctrine, which clearly states that people who are not “lightsome and delightsome” (white) are condemned by God at birth and will NEVER reach Heaven as they will, but will be the servants of white people throughout eternity. Also, one of the things they do in their “sacred” (secret) temple ceremonies is TAKE AN OATH TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Also, if you go the the LDS website, you will find their open and in your face support of ISLAM (which supports bigotry, pedophilia,misogyny). They also have in common that they do NOT believe in the Jehovah, the true God of Judaism and Christianity, and the Father of Jesus Christ. You see, Mormons believe in Elohim, a former mortal of flesh and bone, and that they will NEVER be allowed into the “Celestial Kingdom” without their prophet Joseph Smith’s say so. The Muslims pray to THE MOON. So, before you fall into the progressive trap of labeling anyone bigoted, etc., do your own homework first. And how do I know so much about Mormons? B/c I actually joined for a while, But this religion, much like Islam, believes in tequiya. So one does not find out the truth until one is knee deep. I got out upon learning that their temple ceremonies are straight from the practice of the occult. So I will unabashedly state that I, too, will NEVER support a Mormon anymore than I supported The Muslim currently residing in MY White House!

    2. Well diariah mouth if you know so much where is the evidence? Either put up or shut up. You sound like you’d fit well in a bed with Reid and Pelosi and Barney Frank. I’m a Christian and I will vote for Romney as I believe all people with an ounce of brains will.

      1. Conservative leadership and passion is what the American people want to hear. And your not hearing that from Mitt Romney. RINO Romney is a Socialist just like Obama. Both Romney and Obama are part of the problem, not the answer. Romney your LDS, mormon CULT leader isn’t going to save America keep dreaming.

  2. The LDS, mormon church is an ABOMINATION to GOD! This LDS mormon church is not a Christian church. Mitt Romney is not a Christian! Mitt Romney is not part of the Judeo-Christian faith. Mormon believe in a lot of things Christian do not accept theologically. Most Christians don’t recognize mormonism.
    The Great Joeseph Smith who created this CULT was a polygamist with at least 27 wives, some say over 60 wives. Mormon LDS church is an ANTI-CHRISTIAN Church! Watch this video and listen to truth.

      1. I use Mitt Romney’s face as a urinal target in my bathroom stool. That’s what I think of your LDS, mormon, CULT leader. Your mormon Messiah,_ YUK, YUK, PUKE, PUKE!

  3. If your going to support an LDS mormon church were loyalty and the welfare of the church is more important than the practice and principle of HONESTY. Plausible denials and DECEPTION, LYING anything making the mormon CULT look good. Then you might as well vote for Mitt Romney! You might as well join their Godless CULT! No it’s not ok to be Christian and support an LDS CULT leader. A VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY IS A VOTE FOR SATAN HIMSELF!

    1. Grow up and take a look at what Obumma wants for our Country SOCIALISM

      1. Mitt Romney is the SOCIALIST scumbag that gave us Obamacare. His Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare. Mitt Romney is the father of Socialized healthcare in America. I’m not voting for your Socialist LDS, mormon, CULT leader.

      1. Joseph Smith the creator of mormonism was a polygamist and a criminal that was shot jumping out of a jail cell window. Joseph Smith had 27 wives, some say as many as 60 wives. Yes, this man was a Satanic beast.

    2. A vote for Obama is a vote for the end of our free constitutional Repubic and the establishment of a socialist state under control of the UN.

  4. Jazzpast, why are you even on this blog? Do you really think Obama has better morals? Is Obama honest? Does he create jobs for the working class? Does he REALLY care about anything but saving his job? Even Obama’s supporters are tired of his lies. It’s time we elected someone who does not bow down to foreign kings. Cinco de Cuatro? Are you kidding me? And please, Jazz, learn proper grammar.

    1. Why am I on this blog? It’s called Freedom of Speech! You Romney supporters are worse than what we have in the White House now. You would shut everyone’s mouth that didn’t support Mitt Rubish if you could. Mitt Romney is left of Teddy Kennedy and Obama. The truth is people like yourself are Socialists! And another word for Socialist is NAZI! America wouldn’t have Obamacare if it wasn’t for Adolf Romney!

        1. I have never in my life voted for a liberal. I’m a base conservative and I’ll never vote for your RINO Socialist who is left of Obama. I served over 20 years in the military! I have more of a right to Freedom of Speech than you do. You RINO Romney freaks are worse than what we have in the White House.

        1. No, I don’t hate anyone. I HATE EVIL! I’m a Christian! Ye that love the LORD, hate evil… Psalm 97:10

        2. And you sir are a FAKE Republican in the New Romney CULT. Your a RINO Zombie! Mitt Romney your Messiah isn’t going anywhere. Your a blind IDIOT following the blind to the ditch.

      1. jazzpast, First you seem to accuse followers of Mitt Romney as being Socialists and Nazis. I believe that Obamacare was instituted through the use of Socialist and/or Nazi type methods by Obama,Pelosi and Reid. (lies, deception and force – hoodwinking people into believing it was “good” for them). Who then, are the true NAZIS? Why, if it is so “good”, has Obama given out all those exemptions to his friends, congress and especially the unions?

        1. Truth doesn’t matter to you Romney Freaks you LIE about everything! Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare. Romney’s own advisor admits it. Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare everyone in the United States knows that! Mitt Romney is the architect of Socialized healthcare in America. When Obamacare destroys our country Mitt Romney should get all the credit!

        1. I don’t worship you. I follow the LORD Jesus Christ so I really don’t care with you think.

        2. Apparently your love of Christ does not include showing kindness or respect for others. And by the way I didn’t say I didn’t believe in the Bible. I will pray for you asking God to teach you more consideration and kindness for others.

        3. Don’t pray to Joseph Smith for me. RINO Romney supporters love to dish it out but you just can’t take it. All you want to do is argue. You don’t have anything to say about the Bible or Christianity. And don’t have anything I want as far as being a Christian.

        4. For your information I am an Evangelical Lutheran not a Mormon. And apparently you don’t read your Bible very much so no we don’t have anything to say to each other. I will say one thing though. I haven’t met a bigot quite as big as you in a long long time. Remember Christ taught to love your neighbor as yourself but I guess that means only select neighbors to you.

        1. RINO Romney LIES about everything. He doesn’t think anyone will investigate all his LIES. Mitt Romney hasn’t even paid any taxes for ten years. The government needs to force Mitt Romney to prove that he paid his taxes, because he didn’t. Mitt Romney is a TAX FELON! Mitt Romney has something to hide because he is a criminal.

      1. I hadn’t thought of it before but I looked at your picture after reading the reply you sound like a Nazi and it’s true You even look like Hitler. Tell me are you a white supremecist? That would explain your hatred! I even bet your eyes are Brown you’re so full of it. eh! dieriah mouth.

        1. My life is in God’s hands. My hopes, dreams and future are in the LORD Jesus Christ. I don’t put my life in the hands of men, politicians or Joseph Smith!

        2. I have read the book of mormon their whole religion is based on Joseph Smith! Go somewhere else with your LIES!

    2. Mitt Romney isn’t any better than Obama. Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney are both Socialists. Two LIARS that LIE about LYING.

  5. Thoughtful article.
    Heres my take on the subject for what it’s worth:

    1. As a Christian, I want God’s will to be done in my life because as Lord of all, and the Holy, Just and Good Creator of the universe, His judgments are right. I seek His wisdom in everything I do, including who to vote for. It’s knowledge of God’s unfailing love and mercy for me which enables me to trust Him with whatever happens…whether the person I vote for wins or loses.

    2. In a perfect world, I would want everyone, including the President, to be a genuine
    Christian living in humble submission to God…..who walks as they talk, loves their neighbors, stands with integrity and honor, and holds to the Judeo/Christian ethic in all they do.

    But…It’s not a perfect world….and anyway, the Bible says that not everyone will choose Christ.

    3. From Scripture we learn that God uses broken vessels….. not golden goblets……. to pour out His blessings on mankind.

    We are all broken. Cracked pots….often tossed aside by men as useless……..but perfectly suited for God’s purposes.

    3. Historically, God has frequently used the unexpected… a talking donkey……to carry out His will. If God can use a donkey, He can use anyone or anything He chooses.

    Anyway… one time or another, we’ve all acted like jackasses.

    4. Since I believe in a Sovereign God…omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient….who ordains the powers that be, I believe that whoever wins will have done it because God ordained it. (Rom 13:1) That is not to say that man is to just sit by doing nothing while stuff happens. It means God uses the agency of flawed men to carry out His will and that requires our active participation.

    When Obama won, though I had worked long and hard to thwart his victory, I believed that God had given us the pro-death President that an infanticidal nation deserved and he remains a whipping stick in God’s hand to chastise America.

    Obama’s victory caused many to awaken from their complacent slumber and love affair with materialism to the economic disaster of the century…… the horror of impending marxism pushed by an America-hating president… the evil of abortion…….to their own personal need for God….and many have been motivated to seek God’s will in their life and for this Nation.

    So, God worked the Obama victory for our good, after all.

    5. There is NO ONE who is perfect…and certainly NO ONE who is the perfect candidate.

    We are not voting for a religious leader but for someone who believes in America, knows about running a capitalist economy, and is willing to abide by the Constitution.
    Being a Christian politician is not the only criterion that I would look for in a President.

    I have some friends who are atheists/agnostics who live exemplary, ethical lives, who would
    put some Christians to shame. On the other hand, we’ve all seen professing Christians literally caught with their pants down or their hand in the till.

    Though a Christian, I would have no problem voting for a conservative
    atheist if I believed it was God’s will for me to do so.

    6. Bottom line: Though I’m learning all I can about the political landscape and candidates and trying to discern the issues, separating fact from fiction, using my God-given mind (such as it is), I’m also praying earnestly for God’s leading….praying that He would expose the truth about both men…… and that HIS WILL would be done.

    From all that I’ve learned and from what I believe God has impressed on my spirit, I intend to vote for Romney.

    I don’t know what the future holds…but I know Who holds the future.
    As the Psalmist said: The Lord is on my side. I will not fear what man can do to me.
    So…I don’t fear the outcome of the election.

    1. Your no Christian anyway. Christians won’t support your LDS, mormon CULT leader. Salvation is to be gained bt trust in God through Christ and not by your horned Joeseph Smith or any man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church.
      The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, and not Joeseph Smith’s book of mormon.
      Your NO Christian!

      1. 1.You don’t know me.
        2. I’ve had a ministry to the cults (incuding LDS) for over 30 years so I know Mormonism very well.
        3. We are not voting for a religious leader, but for a president.

        1. Tim Brown… my longer post. I have laid out my thoughts about why I’m voting for Romney.

          The Bible says that all people fall into 2 catagories….either they are a child of God or a child of satan. Those who trust Christ by faith become the children of God.

          Now Romney professes to be a Christian….despite the many teachings in Mormonism which contradict the Bible. Because of my ministry to them, I’ve know several Mormons who I truly believe were saved, IN SPITE OF what they had been taught…..but they had issues with leaving their LDS church because they would have been shunned by friends and family.

          The bottom line is that I can’t see Romney’s heart but I can seen his actions and his values about family and country come very close to mine. Has he made mistakes…changed his mind about issues? Yep..But then so have I. I believe he is a good man with an honest intent to help restore America and I believe he can do it.

        2. Screenminmeeme, the Scriptures are also clear that Satan disguises himself as “an angel of light” and Paul says that if someone brings another gospel other than the one he preached that person and their gospel is anathema. Mormons bring a different Jesus and a different gospel than Paul did. So the faith that Mitt Romney promotes is not a faith in the Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, but faith in the Jesus Christ of the imagination of Joseph Smith and the non “prophets” of Mormonism.

          You acknowledge that Mormonism is NOT Christianity, but a cult. Therefore I press the question again: Why vote for a cultist and not for a Satanist since in the end they are promoting the same rebellion against the God of Scripture.

          Most of your argument I agree with in that of the sovereignty of God and all and yes even Obama was used of God for our good. I don’t question that. But then to say something like “We are not voting for a religious leader but for someone who believes
          in America, knows about running a capitalist economy, and is willing to
          abide by the Constitution.
          Being a Christian politician is not the only criterion that I would look for in a President.”

          I agree it’s not the ONLY criterion, but it should be in the list. After all the apostle Paul tells us that the civil magistrate is God’s minister (Rom. 13) and as his minister he wields the sword as punishment against evil doers, yet Romney has a record of exalting evil doers. Exhibit A would be the vast evidence of his promotion of homosexuals, signing legislation for homosexual “marriage” endorsing homosexual couples to adopt children and promoting that homosexuals should be in the military and in the Boy Scouts.

          Now, seriously, it’s your conscience before God when you go in the booth to vote, but don’t even begin to try and appeal to someone like this as someone God would approve of a Christian casting a vote for. Because there is no biblical basis for it.

          I realize the donkey scenario and all of that can be used of God. That is not an argument for voting for someone who teaches a false gospel, tries to claim the teachings of the LDS church are Christian and endoses homosexuality and a whole host of things I can document.

          I’ll follow my conscience and the teachings of Scripture and vote for a person that is closer to moral, biblical and Constitutional leadership. After all God is sovereign. He already knows who will be in office. I’m just going to honor him with my vote for a man that I believe, not to be the “lesser of two evils,” but a man that will honor God in office.

        3. But, and evangelical Christian is NOT on any ballot for November! If you are referring to Ron Paul when you say “but a man that (who) will honor God in office,” i don’t believe Paul’s opinion on Islam, the Palestinians and Israel honor God, especially when in HIs Word, He promises that those who love Israel will be honored and Ron Paul does NOT. You’d better think seriously about casting a throw-away vote because you think that’s what God would want you to do. If you truly believe He is Sovereign to the point of predetermination of everything that happens (a five-point Calvinist view), then how you vote won’t matter at all. Don’t you get it? If the Sovereign God has already chosen the next POTUS, why bother to vote? eh?

        4. Sandy, not only am I a Calvinist, but so is the publisher and author of the article. I don’t see Islam claiming to be Christian. They are clearly anti-Christ. But Mormonism is deceptive in that it claims to be Christian when it’s gospel is not the gospel contained in the Old and New Testaments.

          Are you saying Paul hates Israel? Really: Please provide proof of your claim or retract your statement. He wants them to be sovereign nation and defend themselves and take whatever measures them deem best to do so. That is far from not loving them and you might want to check exactly what you are quoting there as I’m sure Mr. DeMar would correct you on applying that passage about loving Israel to the modern day Israel:)

          As for your reference to Calvinism, you are correct in the decree of God, but as to conscience and obedience to God, then how I vote most definitely matters. I’m guessing you don’t fully understand the doctrines of Calvinism or you would not make the mistake you just did. I do not believe in fatalism and that is a huge difference.

          So are you a Christian? If so, then does the God you claim to believe in, has he not chosen who will lead next? Has He not decreed it from all eternity? After all, He says that He raises up kings and puts them down. If you believe that, then why are you voting? I suspect it is the same as I am…..neither of us are God:) Therefore we vote conscience, or as many are doing in the Republican party “holding their collective noses” in fear of Obama and voting for whoever the GOP puts up as its nominee.

          Honestly, for most in this forum Romney was never the man for them. Even now the cry is still Obama has to go and anyone but Obama, but there is no “Romney movement.”

          It’s true we are under a Muslim president, no matter what he says about being Christian. Do you think God will bless again if His people back a professed poly-theist? I’m guessing not.

        5. Well said, sir. You state your opinion and give facts without resorting to divisive name-calling, and apparently that is rare in today’s godless society! God bless you!

        6. I’ve read your posts and I disagree with you about your reasons for deciding to vote for Romney, but I would like to say I very much appreciate the fact that you state your opinion without resorting to childish tactics such as name-calling and bullying. Oh that all on this forum were as respectful!

          Blessings to you, and may God save us all!

        7. You don’t know a thing about the Bible. Your on here supporting the mormon CULT and attacking Christians. I’m not voting for a Godless, LDS, mormon CULT leader. Mitt Romney never was a conservative or Republican. RINO Romney is a Socialist.

      2. Do not forget God Created everyone , so, he also created Romney and did a great job , Romney has the abillity to create jobs, which we need badly, Obama is a Muslim , he even said he is !! Oh , and Obama has created NOTHING !! But, he sure knows how to take lavish vacations.. spending our money… Get smart and vote Romney PLEASE !!!

        1. Sure he did – he created jobs – too bad they are all overseas – and he created Solyndra – doesn’t that count? heh heh

      3. You’ve missed the point. Reread Screeminmeeme’s comments again…and the Bible. God has used nonbelievers, and even the donkey, to carry out His will. While Christians would love to vote for a Christian candidate, look at the choices available. Vote your values, but also who you think might best lead considering the current situation of our country and the past performance and goals of the candidates. Make sure you vote…and above all, pray for the one who is elected. God can and will work to bring about His plans. The way he works depends on the person He works through. I do believe God blesses those who love Him and are called according to His purpose and that our sins can stand in the way of receiving His best for us–personally and as a nation. So Christians need to stand up, be involved, “walk the walk” and pray like never before. May God have mercy on us. 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Amen, so be it.”

        1. I’ll put my hopes, dreams and future in the LORD Jesus Christ. You put yours in men, politicians and Joseph Smith and see where it takes you.

        2. Mormons don’t put their hopes, dreams and futures in men, politicians or Joseph Smith. Your argument is a classic strawman.

      4. Guess you have a choice of a Mormon or Musulim. Humm, since your are the all knowing Christian, I guess you will judge the people of the world, prior to Jesus. I’m happy that you have the inside track. Too many Religions claim to be the one and only true Religion. The Bible says, no one can come to me except through my Son, Christ.
        I’m sorry, as you would not consider me a Christian, as my title is Reverend, Doctor of Divinity.
        None of us our perfect, but as the posting after mine I feel is correct. We are voting for President, not a Religion or Religious leader. If you want a religious leader, vote Obama, and you will get a Religious, Marxist Leader, who will complete the circle to Communism, and we will loos all the freedoms our Founding Fathers fought and died for.

        1. Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama are both Socialists. Your vote won’t change a thing. Mitt Romney=Barack Hussein Obama

        2. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joseph Smith or any man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s book of mormon. And not by the traditions of men.

        1. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by your horned Joseph Smith or any other man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s book of mormon.

        2. jazzy, I know that you are a practicing homosexual from reading some of you other posts where you admitted it. Please leave your boyfriend and come to God. He will save you and come into your heart and make you a better person. He will take the bitterness and hatred out of your heart, jazzy. Please give HIM a chance.

        3. No, your just a sick mormon freak that has an obsession with SEX. I guess that’s why most LDS, mormon support polygamy. The muslim support polygamy too. They say Joseph Smith created the mormon faith by using the muslim religion as a blueprint.

      5. Your closed mind is full of hate. You are a poor misguided soul. Try explaining your hate to God someday. And someday will surely come for you. Repent!

        1. I don’t hate anyone. I HATE EVIL! Ye that love the LORD, hate evil. Psalm 97:10 No it’s people like yourself that is filled with HATE! I’m more of a Christian than the likes of you. You don’t even know the Bible. You do what’s right in your own eyes. Watching people like you follow RINO Romney is like watching the blind follow the blind to the ditch.

      6. Which has nothing to do with November 2012! If this were a Christian nation (and it isn’t), and if, as the first Supreme Court Justice said, “We have a duty to vote for Christians,” were the only consideration for this race, then let’s all vote for Billy Graham on a write in ballot. The issue here in THIS election is to depose the illegal POTUS with the man most able to do that. What the Chick-Fil-A debacle has shown is that there are plenty of people in this country fed up with the liberal bias that has prevailed for far too long, but most especially during O’s reign of terror. So, whatever your beliefs are about Mormons and Mormonism, i would suggest you think of November ballot boxes and what a loss there will do to America in the next four years!

        1. Your not even a Christian! You do whatevers right in your own mind. I don’t follow you. I’m a Christian and I’ll put my hopes, dreams and future in the hands of the LORD Jesus Christ not a man or filthy LYING politician. The only hopes for anyone in this world is the LORD Jesus Christ! I’ll never vote for your anti-Christian, LDS, mormon CULT leader. People like you deserve the government you have.

        2. jazzy, you’re not sounding like a good Christian. You’re passing judgement on everybody but yourself. Please give up that nasty lifestyle and come to God.

        3. America is a Christian nation! It was built by Christians. People like you don’t even understand where Liberty comes from. Proclaim liberty throughout all the land.. are the words of the Old Testament Bible. And the words inscribed on the liberty bell. One historian after another will tell you the fact is that wherever the Gospel of Jesus Christ has gone there comes in it’s wake freedom and liberty. The LORD Jesus Christ came to set the captives free. Without the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is only violence and chao’s. Your mormon LDS, CULT leader is not going to save America. In fact you deserve the government you have.

      1. AND A VOTE FOR OBAMA IS A VOTE FOR ………. hmm, I don’t know, righteousness? humility? brotherly kindness? love? joy? peace? patience? kindness? goodness? gentleness? faithfulness? self-control? Riiiightt.

      2. Wrong. A vote for Obama is a vote for Satan. He is evil incarnate. Romney is not. He is a decent family-oriented man who has more scruples than Obama can even think about.

        1. Satan, what Satan, there is no Satan, another invention to scare the hibie jeebees out of children.

        1. A vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama,___I WANT TO PUKE! TWO LIARS THAT LIE ABOUT LYING!

      3. I’m not sure either one is really Satan. But I also still don’t get that if Obama is a Muslim why did he attended Pator Wright’s Christian church?

        1. Do you really believe pastor? Wrights is a Christian church? God teaches love and fellowship not hate and boycots.

        2. Do you know anything about Jeremiah Wright? He preached “another gospel” – one of hatred for white folk, and Black Liberation by taking control of the country. You should read up on him. He is NOT a Christian, he is a racist of the highest order. Just google him and you will see that his theology is one of violence and hatred.

        3. Who knows what Barack Obama is. He was raised as a muslim though. Mormon and muslim, there really isn’t that much difference in those two religions. They are both CULTS.

        1. Your a RINO Romney Zombie. If I was close enough to you. I would put a stake in your head and garlic in your mouth. Then sew your big mouth shut.

    2. I believe God has spoken the truth to you , and I also have that very strong feeling from God to Vote for Mitt Romney.

    3. Very nicely put. I 100% agree with you. Too bad some people don’t investigate for themselves instead of listening to the uninformed

    4. Well written an thought out but you ended up with a poor conclusion. Since God is in control you should vote for the correct person and not who you think is the lesser of 2 evils. I have a question in response to the article: What’s the difference?, What’s the difference?, What’s the difference?
      Unless something changes I’m voting for Ron Paul even if he isn’t on the ballot.

      1. I am praying that Ron Paul, at convention, will ask his supporters to NOT write in his name, but vote for the Republican candidate. To do otherwise, is a vote to retain O for another disaterous 4 years.

      2. You will give your vote to Obama by not voting at all.How foolish and selfish are you ,to see we are in dare straits here in this counrty and you want your man at all costs.selfish!!!

        1. DIRE straits, Baxtor! Otherwise, i agree, it is foolish and selfish to write in Paul’s name. i agree that Paul should sound an alarm with the Paulies and ask them NOT to do that!

      3. Forget Ron Paul, He is out… Romney has the background to bring jobs back, make our country strong again, and America good again. Romney for President, Rob Portman-V.P. and John Bolton Sec of State,

      4. And if you do, you will have voted for Obama! Don’t you get it? You will have thrown away your vote! i don’t understand you Paulies – he didn’t win the nomination! If enough of you obstinate folk write him in, you will only succeed in taking away votes from a candidate who has the potential to win and you will have given your vote for another 4 years of KING-O! You really are that dedicated to stupidity? If you are, there’s no hope for you. What’s the difference? Romney has actually worked for a living, is educated and has built businesses and made money. If you believe the spew from the liberal lefties, Soros and Alinsky, you deserve what you get with 4 more years of the Marxist-Communist take-over, hundreds of Executive Orders destroying your freedom and your Constitutional rights…that what you want? Yikes, God help us! The Paulies are coming, the Paulies are coming!

    5. Exactly: we should vote our own conscience and stop listening to people trying to persuade us otherwise. We all should vote our conscience and the way we truly feel in our hearts that we should vote. Period. Whether or not that is a vote for Romney or someone else is our choice.

      1. Excellent point, julieloreen!

        Doublespeak: American Vision news ran the article by Joel McDurmon, relating Joseph Farah’s article, “The Real Most Dangerous Man in America” from 2010. The man Joseph was referrring to was Mitt Romney. See:;

        Nothing has changed in Romney, in fact we have seen much more of his flip-flopping during the campaign. He is more dangerous than Obama – who at least makes where he stands clear.

        Mr. Jordon stated that Governments are to make peace, period. Governments are not just to make peace. Romans 13:3 makes it clear that “rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.” Governments are supposed to punish evil and reward good – this may require “non-peace” to do so.

        In any event, what makes us think that Romney will bring more peace? He supported the war in Iraq, and he supported the NDAA (amendment that allows US citizens to be held as terrorists indefinitely; see

        Also, peace is not just physical, but Spiritual. Romney refused to support Chik-fil-A, and supports homosexuals in the Boy Scouts. Our government brings not just violence in physical action, but violence against the Kingdom. Beware those promising a false peace: 1 Th 5:3, For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape (taken a bit out of context, but I think still applicable here).

        Christ did not promise peace. Luke 12:51 51, Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division. We are in a spiritual battle, and we keep giving into the so-called Republican party that gives us candidates like Romney and McCain who are liberals in almost every definition of the word. The Republican party has played a lot of shenanigans in this current nomination process to make sure that Ron Paul stayed out (as reported by American Vision and can be read here:

        I believe that conservatives, by constantly giving into left-of-right candidates, create a status-quo Republican party will never change, and America will continue our rapid trip downstream toward the falls. We need to start reversing that trend and let it be known that we are no longer putting up with these extreme compromise candidates.

        I do believe the general premise that we often need to vote for the non-ideal candidate, and that we must be prudent and sly in our battles and dealings with the world. However, in this case I cannot in good conscience vote for either Obama or Romney. Let us start voting our consciences, and let one chase a thousand through our obedience.

        1. Amen! 😀 I agree with you 100 percent. To me, this is the TRUE spirit of the “Tea Party.” And it’s what it means to me to be a conservative, not just in word but in action as well.

          Here’s a copy and paste of another comment I made on someone else’s comment. It’s appropriate here, too, I believe.

          “This article and your comment got me to thinking along this line: if Obama, as a Muslim, were Republican, would people be giving the same arguments against using personal belief systems and moral guidance to not vote for him as they are trying to use against people like me who have serious issues about voting for Romney? Because that is what is happening here: conservatives are being lambasted for having serious issues with Romney. In effect, we are being told to not vote our conscience by people who are filled with fear. We are being told to follow the crowd. We are being shamed and bullied into voting against our personal beliefs. In fact, the attitude now seems to be that voting according to one’s personal beliefs is stupid, antiquated, moronic, idiotic, or any other number of derogatory terms; now we have to vote for the most electable; “God would have us vote for Romney,” these people are saying. Scroll through MOST of the posts here and you will find MANY hateful attacks by conservatives towards other conservatives. It’s sickening. Sounds more like a wonderful plan cooked up by liberals (in both Democratic AND Republican circles) to divide the party and win the election, whether that win is Obama or Romney.

          I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this quote on this blog today: “A Vote Against Romney is a Vote For Obama.”

          Uhm, NO! It’s a vote according to my conscience. I wish for ONCE we’d get a real conservative to vote for without being blasted by supposed conservatives for not “toeing the party line.” Well, I “toed the party line” in 2008. Look what it got us….”

        2. another miss-reading of Scripture! The “peace” that good rulers are to bring to a nation is NOT world peace! It is peaceful existence for the inhabitants of the land under that ruler’s rule. For instance, Artaxerxes (Ahashverosh) was a very good King to the Israelites while they were captives in his land. He was good to his Queen Esther, and he allowed Nehemiah to go back to rebuild the wall, gave him an escort to get there safely and a “credit card” in order to buy materials. The people were treated well during his reign. But was there world peace then? Not for even the briefest of time. When you take Scripture out of context, you are not proving your point. Jesus, Himself admonished those without a sword to get one because He knew this world would be a world of conflict. Read the whole Bible, not just the parts you like! And for Pete’s sake, if you don’t understand it, get a reliable commentary, not some liberal distortion of what the Bible says. i have studied both Hebrew and Greek, as well as studied the customs of the Bible times – Don’t take Scripture out of context to try to prove a point about world peace that isn’t there!

        3. I didn’t mention anything about peace or scripture in my post. You must have replied to the wrong person. But I agree with your premise and warning that we are to not take scripture out of context! :)

        4. Hi Sandi. Perhaps you were referring to my post. I was not speaking about world peace either, please read more carefully. I agree that the peace that James Jordan was referring to is peace internal to a nation. However, this would include sending our 18 year old soldiers into a war that we shouldn’t be fighting in Iraq, many who are then coming home with massive psychological issues from the garbage they witness and are thus not profiting from “peace”. Also, the NDAA I mentioned brings the battlefield into our borders, calling US citizens terrorists and now immune to our constitutional protections. Neither of these is bringing peace into our US of A.

    6. Thank you for your solid “take” on all this. I admire your humility and your attitude which is not colored with distain or judgementalism! Bless you!

    7. As I agree and identify with all you have posted here, God has led me differently as to who to vote for. I believe Ron Paul to be a better candidate than Romney. I’ve never supported Romney because he is too liberal for me and I feel compromised even thinking about voting for him. I am disappointed in the treatment I have received from my christian friends who are supporting Romney and verbally bash me for not getting on their bandwagon. I will stand before God and give an accounting of all He has entrusted to me, including my precious right to vote, and I am very comfortable standing before God and saying, “Yes, I voted for Ron Paul.” Like you, I don’t fear man or the outcome of the election. I do find it interesting that we have been led to vote for different people.

      1. dfijan…….I have a lot of respect for Dr. Paul. I believe he’s a genuine Christian who has lived an honorable life as a physician as well as Congressman. I believe hes economically spot on, but his foreign policy is dangerous and bewildering. As someone who knows Islam well and understands the motives of the terrorists, I am against anyone who would try to appease or acquiese to the demands of Muslims.

        Unlike what Dr. Paul thinks, the Islamic terrorists are committed to the demise of not only America but every non-muslim nation and they are compelled by their obedience to allah’s commands as laid out in the Quran, to wage jihad until the entire world lies under the darkness of shariah law.

        What our nation has or has not done has NOTHING to do with inciting them to mayhem. They USE whatever we do to JUSTIFY what they are ALREADY committed to.

        We all must be persuaded in our own minds and vote according to our own consciences…so I respect your position, though I believe it is impossible for Paul to win and therefore any vote casted for him is a vote for Obama.

      2. With that attitude, just go vote for Obama; A vote for Ron Paul in the general election is wasted and steals a vote from Romney making it easier for Obama to be re-elected.

      3. I used to say the same things about Ron Paul’s foreign policies because that is all I heard from the media and GOP. It was preacher Vodie Bachum that wrote and article about Ron Paul that led me to research Paul more. I was surprised and ashamed at how wrong I was and how unfairly Paul’s message has been distorted. God opened my eyes and it was at that moment I put my support behind him. Before people like Pamela berate others for voting their conscience, they should put their bias aside and do some sincere research lest be guilty of spreading falsehoods. As far as the terrorist, not afraid of them therefore they do not impact my decision…God does. And I disagree with you amd Pamela. When I stand before God He will not say my vote for Ron Paul was a vote for Obama….He will say it was just that, a vote for Ron Paul. Now if God were a clever politician, He might say it the way you did but luckily for us God doesn’t resort to dishonest word plays.

        1. How could you ever support a man who hates the Jews and Israel? A man who praises the murderous Palestinians and Iranians but who despises the Israelis for wanting to protect her country and her citizens? How could Ron Paul be considered a true Christian? I’ve researched Dr. Paul, too (and not on his propaganda websites and YouTube videos) and I found alot of things that I didn’t like about him.

        2. dfijan………..My knowledge of Dr. Paul’s foreign policy did not come from the media or anywhere else. It came from his own mouth and I heard it with my own ears…and that’s why I consider his foreign policy to be dangerous.

          When I stand before God at the Bema seat where all Christians will go to be rewarded for deeds done in the Body, I pray that God will say, ….
          ”Well done, good and faithful servant.”

          Not ”perfect servant”…not someone who never made a mistake or never sinned…but someone whose heart was like that of King David who often tried to do the right thing but went about it in a wrong way….. and who also boldly sinned in plotting the death of Uriah after impregnating his wife…….who was a lousy father and husband and one could argue, a lousy king at times…….but yet…..he repented for his sins with contriteness …. and God called him ”a man after His own heart.”

          1Sa 16:7 But the LORD said unto Samuel:(in speaking about Saul who Israel decided that they wanted for their King) Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth NOT as man seeth; for man looketh on the OUTWARD APPEARANCE, but the LORD looketh on the HEART. .

      4. Really? You would stand before God and say, “I am proud that I voted for Ron Paul” – even though Ron Paul is anti-Israel? Even though your throw-away vote could give us four more years of Marxist-Communism, Soros and Saul Alinsky? You would feel comfortable explaining that to God???? Wow! Romney isn’t my first choice – but Ron Paul wasn’t even on my radar screen because of his isolationist views and his views on Israel! Yikes you Paulies are a scary bunch!

        1. Sandi, you should look up Ron Paul’s views on Israel. He is more pro-Israel than most in that he wants to give them their liberty to act as the sovereign nation that they are. The US is always twisting Israel’s arm to enter into this so-called peace agreement or that one, all to their own peril.

    8. Screaminmeeme, I found your response heartwarming. I love your devotion to the Lord and that you trust in Him for guidance. Will you forgive me for lifting it and sending it in an email to like-minded friends? They need to read it for it was that good! Thank you and God bless.

      1. imnofool….Thank you for the kind words. Feel free to pass it on.
        May God bless you and our wonderful Nation as well.

    9. I couldn’t agree more. Christian rightwingers, with their loony birther consiracies, raw racial hatred, Islamophobia and misogyny, gun-worship, nativism and anti-science fantasuies are indeed a bunch of crackpots.

    10. Right on! i am one of those “cracked pots” but it is often through those cracks that the Light of the World (Jesus the Christ) can shine out. You have stated it all well! And, you are right, Obama was a wake-up call!

    11. Well said, I hope everyone reads this. The Lord was watching over you with this comment. You have something that the rest of us need to grasp and hold on to. Amen!!

    1. CARLjr……You guys on the left ought to be ashamed about this constant class war crap you promote.

      And it’s such hypocrisy. Obama and his gang of thugs are all wealthy… are the Hollywood elites…and homosexuals who statistically are better off than most other Americans……as is Soros and the whole host of Obama benefactors.

      The Dems hold dinners for 30,000 bucks a plate…..while they decry Romney and the wealthy people who support him. They complain about the his luxurious living while indulging in caviar.

      The hypocrisy of the left is disgusting.

      1. It is true that both sides are completely corrupted by wealth. Both sides are paid for and owned by Goldman Sachs and billionaires like Soros, Adelson, and the Koch brothers. Both sides hold the 30K a plate dinners – probably more. Both sides are corrupt – but Romney is proud of his corruption. He is practically uses it in his ads.

        Romney has already shown that he supports policies that protect and help the very wealthy, regardless of how it may hurt the majority of citizens. He has shown that as an elite – it’s ok to not pay taxes, to lie on his SEC reporting, lie to his investors,to lie to election officials to illegally become Governor of a state he was not a resident of. He has shown that it’s fine to shuffle funds away from the United States and off to Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Cayman islands to make sure that the country he “loves” does not get a dime they are rightfully due from financial transactions he made here and cheat the country that enabled his success. He has shown that even though everyone else has a legal limit of $6,000 they can put into their IRA – he can put in millions. His tax plan (or is it Paul Ryan’s plan?) cuts taxes for the wealthiest of the wealthy and RAISES taxes on 95% of the rest of us. The size of the tax cut he’s proposing for the rich is larger than all
        of the tax expenditures that go to the rich put together. As such, it is
        mathematically impossible for him to keep his promise to make sure the top one percent keeps paying the same or more.

        He has great experience except you cant ask anything about his time as Governor, CEO of Bain Capitol, or the Olympics or see any records during those times. He will protect the 2nd amendment, ban abortion, create jobs, balance the budget, and restore our standing with the rest of the world – except when he has said and done the complete opposite of those things in the past. I expect him to run this country like he ran his business – take anything of value for him and his cronies, leave an empty rusty shell, then take off with his loot to the Caymans on his jet.

        Taxes – I’ll figure it out later, but it’ll be cuts for job creators!
        Budget – I’ll balance it! How? I’ll work that out when I’m president!
        Healthcare – repeal and replace! Replace with what? That’s not My job to figure out!
        Military budget – double it! How are we going to pay for it!? I told you that budget details are coming – Congress will fill in the details and figure it all out after I’m elected.

        Romney is prepared do the legal minimum for this country,

      1. Joseph Smith the great mormon prophet was a criminal and a polygamist with over 27 wives, some say as many as 60 wives. He slept with other men’s wives. He was shot dead jumping out of a jail cell window in Illinois. Ha, ha, ha !!

    1. Most everything Obama says is a lie. Why are his lies acceptable and Romney’s are not? LDS members are very religious, believe in God, and live by a vey strict code of ethics. Obama is a Muslim without any honor, no ethics, and hates America.

      1. There is no such thing as a good mormon. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by your horned Joseph Smith or any man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s book of mormon.

    2. Who said that voting for Romney means accepting the belief system of the LDS? Where? Does voting for Obama mean you follow Rev Wright? Oh, wait, I think it does. I’m voting for Romney anyway and most likely will not be attending LDS services. I love this country too much to allow Obama and his socialists a 2nd term.

      1. Your not a part of the Judeo-Christian Faith. Your not a Christian so vote for your LDS, mormon, Godless, CULT leader. Your vote won’t change a thing.

    3. You are very wrong. Have you ever sat down and asked an active Mormon about their faith and LISTENED? Try it. You might be surprised.

    4. Does this preclude Christians from praying that Mormons will somehow accept Jesus Christ and be saved? I believe this is one of the duties of Christians, not to hate those who do not believe as we do but to pray for them. Finally, I have yet to know a Mormon who is not a caring, good person. I think they merit our prayers.

      1. I don’t hate anyone. I HATE EVIL! Ye that love the Lord, hate evil… Psalm 97:10 I don’t vote for Godless, LDS, mormon CULT leaders. You have no understanding of the things of God. You do what’s right in your own eyes. I don’t follow you or Joseph Smith. So i’m not interested in your thoughts.

        1. But if I supported the great mormon prophet Joseph Smith who was a criminal and a polygamist with over 27 wives. (Some say OVER 60 wives) Joeseph Smith the man that was shot dead jumping out of a jailhouse cell in Illinois. If I was more like him them that would make me a Christian,__ huh? I feel sorry for you. Your a lost, sinful soul.

        2. Why don’t you share your knowledge about what crimes he was convicted of. “Ad hominem” is a type of logic fallacy. As is “red herring”, which is what the polygamist claims and his martyrdom are.

          No, I didn’t each my conclusion about whether or not you are a Christian based on which theology you do or do not subscribe to. I based them on your actions here.

    1. And just what proof of this have you found? I suspect you have contempt with no knowledge of why, that my friend is a shame

  6. This is a poorly argued, and poorly written, article. Too many strawmen arguments; too many illogical statements. I am *not* voting for Romney, but not for ANY of the so-called “reasons” stated at the beginning of this article. That any Christian can believe Romney is in any way better than Obama, that he would allow for the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ to be sounded throughout the land, truly defies belief. I grieve for the Church in America.

    1. Smarten up and vote Romney, Obama is a Muslim , He even said that he is.. Romney is a smart man , a good man and we need to get rid of Obama or he will take us down.

    2. “…that he would allow for the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ to be sounded throughout the land…” Open you eyes and see what is before you and the rest of us in this election. Romney or Socialism. Show me where socialism is friendly to any religion? Mormons (I think) try to convince you via argument. Socialism does via threats of bodily harm.

    3. Boy oh boy, You cannot see what obama is and does. He can’t get out of the white house fast enough for me! He is giving all our secrets and simpley destoring our United State of America. May God help us please.

    4. “that any christian can beleive Romney is in any way better than Obama, that he would allow for the TRUE gospel of Jesus Chriust to sounded throughout the land, truly defies belief”

      I grieve for your brain, or what is left of it. You clearly have NO clue as to what christian values encompass. How about sanctity of work, sanctity of marriage, how about ALL the lies and distortions Obama is spewing forth on a daily basis. How about you getting a clue and trying to focus in on reality.

      Your post defies reason.

  7. WOW!! You’re all freakin insane! Every day I’m reminded how religion has ruined society, this here is just another example. In theory, religion is supposed to bring people together, but nothing in the history of mankind has separated people more than religion has. Nothing has spread more hatred and violence than religion.
    And BTW, neither Romney or Obama give a crap about us. They’ve all sold out to their corporate sponsers and banks. These politicians are you like fiddles, usiing your beliefs (and whatever else they can) to get your vote. Haven’t you figured that out yet?? They’ve divided us, and are in the process of conquering us. Oldest trick in the book. Smarten up people!!

    1. No, every day I am reminded how a secular society has ruined men’s souls. Sex, drugs, rock and roll…that’s our culture now. How many kids go to church? For that matter, how many parents takes their kids to church? Without a moral foundation, people go adrift. Period.

    2. Religion has many faces. God, however, is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are not to rely on man but we are responsible for standing up against evil and defending our God-given rights to freedom. You can go on and on about how politicians are all the same but the fact remains there are some that are far worse than others. obama is far worse than any we have seen so far. Oh, and by the way, what would you suggest? How do we smarten up in your opinion?

    3. sorry but you are wrong , Mitt Romney has money and a good life, he does not need the job of President he wants to save America as we once knew her. Obam doesn’t give a crap But, Romney cares about America.. Obama is a Muslim and he even told us that.

  8. Mormonism may be a cult. But as a Catholic, I say a Mormon is a far better choice than a Muslim, since Islam is a cultural group devoted to slaughtering all nonbelievers. As a Catholic, I obviously am a nonbeliever in Islam. So for me, there is no other choice AT ALL.

    1. I suggest some investigation on your part, Find a Mormon at work or in your neighborhood and get to know them. I as a Christian many years ago found myself working for a Mormon family. I entered with no preconception as i had at that time heard very little about the Mormon religion. I found them to be open to discussing their religion with virtually no attempt to recruit as one would expect from what we hear about cults. I found that they are very far from anything that resembles a cult. There is much to like about the dedication to their religion and family structure, I could go on for a hour giving examples, but that would be from MY perspective. As we have taken time to research the Muslim religion and find our own answers we should all take the time to do the same with Mormons. I am sure you will find nothing to fear and much to admire,
      I suggest all take the time, as we should never have contempt prior to investigation. THAT IS A SIN!

      1. I don’t have to look into the Mormon people !! I have been around them off and on since 1966 that I know of. I am always treated way better when hunting in Utah than in the neighboring state to the east. I have served with Latter Day Saints in the military, also. They are good people.

        1. you are 100percent correct i got accuantied with 2 mormen missionaries in 1980 by being kind haerted they were walking one very hot day and i stopped gave them a ride to their church at the time i had no clue that they was morman missionaries which wouldnt have made any difference we became personal friends i would pick them up at least 2 times a week i was single after going through a nasty divorce they never brought their religen to sway me in any way in 1983 my 19 yesr son was killed they both flew to benton ar. from utah to help me in any way they could then 3 years later one of them and his family was on vacation they drove 200 miles to tell me how proud they was on how well i treated their son while he was on mission a dam muslum maggot like obama wouldnt have even phoned unless the bas—d wanted money

        2. That’s why all the big money people are not giving Obama big sums any more. He never acknowledges their donation in person, by phone or a simple thank you note. He feels they owe it to him, ,just as all egotists do.

        3. The things cited here are very good examples of the few Mormons I’ve met, as New England doesn’t have very many of them.

          I’ve found them to be very nice, ethical people who I have been happy to call classmates, friends and co-workers.

          Living in Massachusetts, I saw Romeny try very hard to reform a lot of things in Massachusetts, and almost-all Democratic General Court of the Commonwealth (House) and Senate fight him at every turn and overturning veto after veto. While I did not, and still do not agree with the medical insurance law, I saw Romney to be a generally honest, ethical man who wanted to do the right thing.

          While I’m more of a Libertarian and prefer the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson school of thought, Gov. Romney, I believe, would serve with the honor and dignity that has been long absent from the White House, particularly in the last 3-2/3 years.

      2. Well said Brian. I agree… we also know and have friends in the Mormon faith and have asked a lot of questions that even Baptists might find intrusive of their religion and they have been very open and as you said never attempted to convert us or talk down to us as a cult member would do. We are Methodist, not far from Catholic and feel that we should all share and look into each others eyes…and souls for what Christ would have us see and respond to.

      3. I suggest you take the time before attempting to influence the undeserving. You can research mormon belief and theology if you want to call it that through ” the mormon mirage” Another good way is to pick up a mormon bible and compare it. You will find it is CULT in every meaning of the word as is ISLAM ( Satans and obamas religion)and greco roman christian faiths that follow the nicean creed.
        Mormon am I?” Mitt Romney responded to a journalist from The Atlantic
        in 2005, during his first run for
        President of the United States. “You know, the principles and values
        taught to me by faith are values I aspire to live by and are as American as motherhood
        and apple pie. My faith believes in family, believes in Jesus Christ… And I’m
        not perfect, but I’m one aspiring to be a good person as defined by the
        biblical Judeo-Christian standards…””

        sounds pretty good — but then, it’s supposed to. For decades, Mormon leadership
        has made a concerted effort to win over Americans by making it appear Mormons
        hold the same basic tenets as Christians. In fact, they are obscuring the face
        of Mormonism through the manufacture of a Mormon mirage.

        a result, many Christians today believe there’s no need to share Christ with
        their Mormon neighbors — and their Mormon neighbors may well consider
        themselves orthodox Christians. We hear a Mormon state a belief in Jesus and
        “biblical Judeo-Christian standards,” without realizing their faith
        is founded in teachings that:

        Jesus Christ was conceived by sexual intercourse
        between God and the Virgin Mary.
        The Bible is filled with errors and superseded by the
        Book of Mormon and the words of all Mormon prophets.
        God was once human like us, dwelling on earth, and
        “became God” through faith and good works — just as we can do
        Jesus’ death and resurrection secured only the
        opportunity for us to attain salvation through our own good works —
        salvation is not by faith in Christ.
        …and much, much more that contradicts the explicit
        teaching of God’s Word.

        If we can’t understand and articulate these
        differences, we too can be taken in by the Mormon mirage… and be unable to share the truth in love with
        Mormons as God provides opportunities. But with Romney prominent in the 2012
        presidential campaign, the Mormon Church’s vested interest in obscuring these
        crucial points is at its height.

        1. But, we aren’t voting for a Religious leader! We aren’t electing a “Pope” – we are electing a President to oversee our government! Yes, Christians can vote for Romney, and if they boycott the ballot box, we’ll be in worse shape with the illegal on the throne for the next 4 years!

        2. Romney is technically an anchor baby himself….was his father born in Mexico ever naturalized when his grandfather returned after renouncing his U.S. citizenship? Records say he wasn’t so George Romney was technically an illegal alien. Of course in those days no questions were asked. Seems like hypocrisy to bring up Obama’s disqualifications without mentioning Romney’s

        3. Romney’s grandfather never renounced his USmerican citizenship. He was never a Mexican citizen. Where did you get this fallacious information?

        4. Our number 1 enemy is living in the White House and the ONLY way to remove him is to VOTE for Romney. No country has ever voluntarily voted to destroy utsself, bt that is what Obama wants you to do,

        5. If you get busy reading , You will discover that Obama is a trained communist and went with Alice Palmer ti the Check-rep. and Russia , and He is doing just what the Russians want him to do , Valleri Jarrot keeps him on what his moves are , she lives with them in White House , While it may not have made the news this commie gave 7 islands in Artic Ocean to Russia ,, That Is Treason

        6. Of course he’s a trained Communist. He proves that by being a puppet for the jews and doing everything they tell him. Orummy spent last week in Israhell being programed by Satanyahu and will do the same when he’s elected. Wait and see.

        7. Germany did. They thought they were sophisticated, too civilized to destroy itself. Adolf Hitler was elected.

        8. And you are going to believe this anti Mormon based lies just because it is on youtube and put out by haters of the LDS Church. I have studied many Christian and non Christian religions and I am no fool I have studied the things that you are claiming and again you take some truth and mix it with Satan’s lies to try to discredit the LDS Church. Again shame on you. And again you are not voting for Joseph Smith nor a religious leader and Romney is a good man, good husband, good father and loves this country and the Constitution. Obama does not love this country and he has proven that he has disdain for the Constitution and the 3 branches of Gov. as he tramples them under foot and by passes Congress and signs executive orders on issues that Congress will not pass.

        9. Let me give you some facts about Romney:

          After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar, but never worked as an attorney. As a venture-capitalist, Romney’s first major business deal involved investing in a start-up office supply company with one store in Massachusetts that sold office supplies. That company, called Staples, now has over 2,000 stores and employs over 90,000 people. Romney or his company Bain Capital (using what became known as the “Bain Way”) would go on to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, and many others…

          Let’s recap. 1. Volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign – 1 year. 2. Unpaid intern in Governor’s office – 8 years. 3. Mormon missionary in Paris – 2 years. 4. Unpaid bishop and stake president for his church – 10 years. 5. No salary as president of the Olympics – 3 years. 6. No salary as MA governor – 4 years. That’s a grand total of 28 years of unpaid service to his country, his community and his church. Why? Because that’s the kind of man Mitt Romney is. 7. He pays 10% tithing to his church: 10% on all of his profits and income. That is more than any of the other candidates and WAY more than Obama has ever donated to charity.

        10. why millions are no longer Mormons… The founder of their religion was a total FRAUD
          They believe the bible had it wrong so they had to correct it. Sorry but I don’t see how that makes them Christians.

          was Joseph Smith crazy or just a con artist? What he called the “book of Abraham” from an Egyptian scroll was actually from the book of the dead so he was totally discredited —but it still exists in their Pearl of Great Price which Mormons consider as holy as the bible??? He just made it up as he went along….like Mitt does.

          SAD to think the only real opposition to Obama is from this nutty religion. I guess people would vote for someone who worshipped a toaster —if the GOP and media told them to.

          I find it pretty funny that his widow remarried and sold this precious scrolls & his 4 mummies and tried to erase him out of her life. The video points out that she was probably bitter since he started the practice of polygamy by marrying some of her friends.

          Another interesting belief this video revealed is that they believe several gods created the earth….how that jives with the bible amazes me…..or that Jesus and Satan were brothers…..or that when they die they become gods in their own right and are sent off to other planets with a bevy of wives to populate them. Yet people think it’s a Christian religion ??? Those people really need to examine it much closer.

        11. WHOA, do you have a lot to learn! Try doing some serious attempts at looking into Mormonism, rather than watching Youtube videos for your source! Good grief, get a life! Mitt Romney is a wonderful human being who has the ability to restore America back to the people, not to the government, as Nobama has done!

        12. You sound like someone who believes Chris Matthews from MSNBC and the other news stations that are financed by George Soros. You know, just because it’s on youtube does not make it so, many of those people are very biased, just as you are. And you would prefer a lying muslim, claiming to be a Christian to someone who is right up front with his beliefs? Not me.

        13. Gee, Rhonda…betcha you have an answer, don’t you? Betcha it’s “vote for Obama”, huh? You go right ahead and do that, hear? I’m happy to cancel your vote for you.

        14. who are you to spread this hater talk when we have an election coming up. You don’t know me. You are spitting this filth out of your mouth without even knowing who I am, without even knowing who your neighbors are who may be mormons. Who made you judge and jury? Why do you go to sources that are haters rather than to the true source., Go to to get your questions answered. Better yet, get down on your knees and pray to our Heavenly Father – ask the Holy Spirit to bear witness as to what is true or not about our faith and religion. Jesus Christ is My Savior. He forgives me for my sins. God is my Heavenly Father and I am a daughter of God. Just as you are. You are my sister. All that matters in Christianity is that you have accepted the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ as your Savior, your Lord, your Redeemer.
          1. I know that my Redeemer lives;
          When comfort this sweet sentence gives!
          He lives, He lives, who once was dead;
          He lives, my ever living head.
          He lives to bless me with His love,
          He lives to plead for me above,
          He lives my hungry soul to feed,
          He lives to bless in time of need.

          2. He lives to grant me rich supply,
          He lives to guide me with His eye,
          He lives to comfort me when faint,
          He lives to hear my soul’s complaint.
          He lives to silence all my fears,
          He lives to wipe away my tears,
          He lives to calm my troubled heart,
          He lives, all blessings to impart.

          3. He lives, my kind, wise, heav’nly friend,
          He lives, and loves me to the end,
          He lives, and while He lives I’ll sing,
          He lives, my Prophet, Priest and King.
          He lives, and grants me daily breath,
          He lives, and I shall conquer death,
          He lives, my mansion to prepare,
          He lives, to bring me safely there.

          4. He lives, all glory to His name!
          He lives, my Jesus, still the same;
          O the sweet joy this sentence gives,
          “I know that my Redeemer lives.”
          He lives, all glory to His name!
          He lives, my Jesus, still the same;
          O the sweet joy this sentence gives,
          “I know that my Redeemer lives!”

        15. RHONDA REICHEL!! Another modern day hippie that believes You Tube is gospel. You have to be a nut to factor in religious beliefs via” YOU TUBE”!! How ’bout Darth Vader created man and the Universe? That should wake up the Meth Addicts and “was-ups! LOL.

        16. Rhonda —
          You know — you have just proven yourself a total fool. I am a Mormon and have NEVER heard anything more ridiculous in my life. This video you are referring to is a pack of lies. If you want to really know what the truth is go to I just don’t understand why there are those that want to throw dirt in a particular religion. We are Christians and try to live Christ-like lives. We don’t try to tear others down to make us look good. This would be a good Christian lesson for you. Don’t believe everything you read or hear about Mormons. The author of this one doesn’t have a clue.

        17. News Flash, There was a time when all of Christianity was considered a cult. Later, the catholics considered anything except catholicism to be heretical, thats worse than a cult, that gets you burned at the stake. If you are a suni in a sheite land your butt is hanging out, if a sheite in a suni land the same holds true. It appears the dominate religion or sect in any culture gets to decide who is a cult and who is not.

        18. John 10:7 Then said Jesus unto them again, verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. 8. all that ever came before me are thieves and robbers; but the sheep did not hear them. 9. I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture.

        19. Was there supposed to be a point to your drivel, or are you programmed to only spout scripture???

        20. Even if his religion does not match up to our beliefs, he is on a bad day l000th percent better that the soulless mass that occupies the White house at this time. I am a Baptist and have have heated conversation with other Protestant religions. Whatever he is, he believes in marriage between a man and a woman. He believes in a family that would do well to be emulated by the America. He believes in the sanity of life.That can not be said of the occupied White-house crowd in there now.

        21. I’m not sure about the “sanity of life,” Linda. I don’t think life is sane for anyone! :)

          Sanctity of life, though, is something I think we can agree on.

        22. Sir, I hate to differ with you, but you do not have all the answers, or facts based on the “Mormon” faith! If you would like to chat sometime off of this format, I would be happy to oblidge.

        23. shargarn – who the hell cares. We sould be more concerned about our country remaining a republic, which the sitting president is against and has proven it at every turn. He is a muslim liar and even lies about that, claiming to be a Christian, then in Egypt announces that the USA is no longer a Christian nation. Romney is a true believer in this country and the constitution and has proven it. I’m for Romney and not ashamed to admit it, and I personally couldn’t care less about his being a Mormon. Mormons are not evil people, and I lived with them for 17 years, and can attest to that first hand. What we should be doing is adding up all of the crap that has come pouring out of Obama’s mouth the last 3&1/2 years and coming to the logical conclusion that he is systematically distroying this country and our constitution, and molding it into the Marxist nation he desires.

        24. Shagarn,

          You don’t have the answer, but I am not going to reinvent the wheel trying to educate you to the fact that there is not one original thought in this entire dialogue. You get off your a__ and study the history of the church which began at the moment of creation and is related to us by the creator, read the Bible, any literal translation but preferably the 1599 Geneva Bible which has the best footnotes, and then read Dr. Walter Martin’s book titled “Kingdom of the Cults”.

          Come to the realization that there are two kinds of religion: One says all men are sinners and are saved from eternal hell by unmerited favor which is grace. All the rest say mankind is able to work his way to whatever bliss or reward that religion promotes.

          As for Romney, as governor he has shown himself to be a closet socialist, confused, lacking a consistent world view, and as a result very vulnerable to manipulation. He cannot do any better than Orin Hatch with his record of cave-ins to secular humanism’s totalitarian central government.

          True, Obama is purely and actively serving Satan.

          I recommend that a majority of us write in Ron Paul. After all, it is Obama’s media that is telling us only Mitt has a chance to defeat Obama. Ron Paul can eviscerate Obama in a debate and none of the other so-called candidates can. Their compromises betray their lack of principle. The two party system is totally controlled and as a result our qualified candidates such as Ron Paul and Alan Keyes are blocked.

          David Parker

        25. I stand with all the others, who say the Mormons are good people ,they do not try to convert me. I have many friends who are of the Mormon faith and I trust them completely, I find them to good neighbors, friends and co- workers. President Obama, sat in a church for 20 plus years. listening to his pastor “God Damning America,” for all that time , and never acted to rebut Reverend Wright, for the hatred he filled the minds and hearts of his congregation. The Reverends words, fell on the adult ears and unfortunately, on the impressionable young Parishioners. Obama, is reported to be a smart person, but it has to makes you wonder, if He feels the same way as his Pastor.. Since taking office, his actions all have had a negative effect on the economy, the Constitution, and immigration law. His nasty in the gutter campaign, also makes US citizens wonder if he is revealing his true self, for he is certainly not the person, who was all smiles and promises as he lied his way into the White House. We hope to correct that mistake come November, by electing a man with the proven ability to turn around the mess, this administration made

        26. Willy, clearly you know nothing about Mormons. Number ONE the Mormon “Bible” is the King James version “Bible” They also have the “Book of Mormon” which is NOT the Bible. If anything is like a cult I would say it is many Evangelical sects that use all manner of means to convince someone they are going to burn in hell unless they follow that belief. No doubt you fall into that category of cult. Number TWO nowhere in the Bible is Trinity mentioned and in fact many common “Traditions” held by Evangelical Christians are not actually found in the Bible but are in fact derived using various verses.

          So you go ahead and exercise your right to hate and lie about Mormons or as they are actually known members of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. Technically they are “Saints” of the Church of Jesus Christ of these the latter days.

        27. Christ’s Declaration regarding the Trinity in His Great Commission to
          His Disciples
          “Go . . . teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of
          the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost [Spirit]” (Matthew 28:19).
          If these three were not God, it
          would not seem right to give each the same dignity and honor. And if they were
          more than one God, would not Jesus have been likely to say “in the names”
          instead of only “in the name?”

        28. one name because it is one God Jesus Christ, He said in St Johns Gospel if you have seen me you have seen the Father. One God , one Father , one name, Three different tittles . Why else would Peter baptize everyone in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins[ Acts 2:38] all of the Apostles were there and in full agreement after hearing the words of Jesus in Matt. 28:19. No one was ever baptized in the tittles Father ,Son ,and Holy Ghost in the Bible at all.The Trinity form of baptism was not used until 325 AD

        29. The verse you have chosen is not a proof text for what you are claiming.

          There is one correct interpretation of the Bible and that is what they meant by what they said when they said it. If it seems that one verse in the Bible contradicts another, you have the wrong understanding and your confusion did not come from the Holy Spirit.

          God has revealed himself as a tripartite being, Father, Son, and Holy
          Spirit, three persons and one essence, all with all the attributes of
          the others. The fact of the matter is that baptism is one of the two sacraments of the true church and properly acknowledges all the persons of the Godhead.

          David Parker

        30. ST John chapter17 verses 3,11,21,22. How can we become one if God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one God.

        31. That is not what Christ meant when he made that statement. You have to look at the WHOLE Bible to interpret individual scriptures. What Christ meant was that He and His Father are made in the same image as we are made in the image of the Father and the Son.
          If the Father and the Son and Holy Ghost are the same being, then when Christ prayed to His Father, He was praying to Himself? When Christ told His disciples that He would send the Comforter to them after He was gone, why did he just not say that He would return to them? When Christ prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, if He and the Father were the same, why did He say “Thy will not Mine be done”? If they are the same, their wills should be the same at all times. When on the cross, Christ asked His Father, “Why has Thou forsaken Me”? If they are the same, how could the Father not have been there?
          The truth is, if you read the Bible and ponder what one scripture is saying in context with all the other statements it makes, you can not come away with any other understanding but that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are indeed three separate and distinct beings, with their own distinct duties, but one in purpose.

        32. the word ‘and’ means another – people need to study the original works of the day, in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. The words don’t always translate the same into English. You are correct again Monkey See Monkey POo.

        33. WOW, you have shared a powerful message at just the right time. No coincidence. God gives us clues to bring us information at just the right time. Somebody (not some bodies) is telling us something. Thank you, and God Bless.

        34. Thank you Monkey see monkey poo. I appreciate that. You are correct. There are many places in the King James Version of the Bible that talk about God and Jesus being two different beings. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. When John baptized Jesus – Jesus was a man in the water- God spoke from above in the heavens – and the Spirt of God flew down in the Dove. Everyone knows this verse in the Bible. It is very clear right there that some religions would interpret that to mean that God was in Heaven and Jesus was down here on Earth and the Holy Spirit is a spirit.
          How people interpret the Bible is their business and has very little to do with whether you have accepted Jesus Christ as Your SAVIOR and the Redeemer of your sins.

        35. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          The key word being begotten, Jesus was the first creation by God.
          Another key word here is “only”, if Jesus is his “only begotten Son” then who created all the angles?

        36. Just because your so-called religion is false does not mean I hate you. I was raised in a cult and thank God (who has revealed himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) for directing the Holy Spirit regenerate my heart and make me able to receive the good news of salvation.

          I pray that the Holy Spirit will regenerate your heart and the hearts of all other Mormons as well.

          David Parker

        37. You call Willy a liar. Is Willy lying when he writes that Mormons believe “Jesus Christ was conceived by sexual intercourse between God and the Virgin Mary?”

        38. I am a Mormon and some of what you say is true and some is not. Just like Satan you use some truth and then throw in lies to twist things and hope people will believe all you say. Shame on you. You are voting for a President not the Messiah, not a Prophet and not the Pope. Romney is an upstanding man that is trying to live a Christ like life as best as he can, that does not say he by any means is perfect, are you. He will not try to divide and destroy this country as he love this country and the Constitution. We are taught that the forefathers of this country were moved upon by the Spirit of God to write the Constitution and set up this country. We may have religious differences but we have been taught to love our country and to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land. I am voting for Romney not because he is a Mormon but because he is the best of the 2 to be our President and to help this nation. God Bless America

        39. Very well said!!! Who am I or anyone of these other jokers to judge another man’s soul. And I’m tired of hearing this “By faith alone we are saved” stuff. Very few, I believe, will actually enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

        40. Faith takes on many different forms. There is blind faith, when you have nothing to base it on and you are taking a leap. There is faith based on one’s character because you know them and can virtually know what they will do or say. There is faith built on experience, where time and time again, someone, lets say “God” comes through for you. I base my faith on God, since He has never failed me, though I have failed Him. He is “faithful” to me. Man made religion is not reliable. If you many Christians knew how many verses were taken from the Tanack and DISTORTED to fit their theology, you would be embarrassed and ashamed. I have neither the time or space to do it here. To study and learn. God is NOT a man that He should lie…….Who is the man who can take Me to court?…..Who was taken to court? We are to worship no form in heaven, in the sea or on earth. Why would God contradict Himself and come as a man? Scriptures have been manipulated. Remind you of the government and how they lie and manipulate to control us? Do not let the truth you discover though cause you to walk away from God. It is not His fault we have a lot of it wrong. Correct it and cling to Him. He is Spirit, not a body. “Come, let us reason together…..

        41. Eph.2:8 saved by grace in Christ
          Works and faith are bound to follow but works and faith do not ensure
          salvation. It is by the righteousness and sarifice of the messiah.Not what we can do but what he did.
          Many have works and many have faith but Jesus only is the way truth and life by whom we are sanctified by the Holy Ghost and reconciled to the Father.
          The TKGE had good works in it. Man may choose good or evil but salvation is in Christ alone.

        42. I don’t understand why some are questioning whether Mormons are different from “Christians” considering that Mormons belong to the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. After all is said and done, I would rather have a Mormon like Mitt as President, as a friend or as my neighbor, than most “Christians” – Catholic or Protestant.

        43. This is a splittng hairs description of the differences of mormon or latterday saint’s and christian, which encommpasses every religion other than islam and jew. the differences from the catholic church and the protestant is over what happens with the wine or koolaid is it transformed into the blood of christ? i am catholic and i have never tasted blood when i went to communion, but the bible preaches such is true.

        44. Dear Robert,

          Mormons are NOT Christian!!! I didn’t say so, Jesus Christ did. The Protestant Reformation was not over communion: It was over how we are saved from eternal hell, by grace or by some system of works.

          I highly recommend the 1599 Geneva Bible. Dr. Walter Martin condensed and clarified the issue in his book, Kingdom of the Cults. Go thou and study.

        45. What loving caring creator would attach an immortal punishment to a mortal sin?
          The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

        46. Willy, you could paint this kind of suspicion for any person walking the earth. Aren’t you yourself just a mirage pretending to be one thing while in reality you’re actually something else? Prove to us that you aren’t.
          I’m sure enough circumstantial dirt can be dug out from under you to “prove” anything anyone wants to prove.

        47. you make the same misstake as others do when you assume thyat it is an either or choice( works or faith) we believe it takes both,like man needs both food and water to live

        48. I am a mormon – a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am very offended by your “hater’ and ignorance of speaking about me who you do not know. God is my judge, not you. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. Take the BEAM out of your eye first before you try to take the mote out of mine. Judge not, lest ye be judged. If you really want to know, ask a mormon or go to

        49. Is Willy lying when he writes that Mormons believe “Jesus Christ was
          conceived by sexual intercourse between God and the Virgin Mary?”

          Also, you sound like a leftist when you call someone who disagrees with you a hater. One does not “hate” just because they point out facts. In this case, the fact is Mormonism is not simply a branch of Christianity, it is a complete and fundamental transfiguration of what the church of Christ has taught about the nature of God, the problem of sin, and its solution.

        50. I have a feeling you have a solution in mind. I’ll just bet it’s “vote for Obama”. I’ll further bet you don’t give a darn about the religious issue…you just want to further the “cause”…a second term for a poseur who shouldn’t have been elected in the first place.

        51. Willy,Your so called “Mormon Bible” isn’t so. Their scriptures are the “Old and New testament” and the “Book of Momon” combined or as they say the “Trplicate”. Three books, each seperate from the other, and combined into one large book. The only difference, Willy, is of your preaching of hatered and falsehoods. “The Book of Mormon” has never been called a “Bible”. Thousands of Latter Day Saints ( Mormons ) were tortured and murdered by so called religious zealots. I won’t embarrass the ( Baptists, Penticostals, Southern Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. ) by mentioning their zealot names here. Nice God fearing people? Lest we not forget the thousands of women and young female children, that were raped and tortured and killed and their familys homes burned and their crops and animals killed and then the survivors driven off their lands.
          Willy, before you cast stones, you should read the Mormon History of their Church. Today in Modern times this would never have been allowed to happen. I encourage all that read this to look up Mormon History on the internet before casting anymore stones. I DID!! Believe me you won’t be converted but become enlightend! as to how this could have happened in America?

        52. I am so sorry for you. By you standards all churches are cults. But you seem to have convinced your self that after some period of time a cult becomes a religion. So the oldest cult is the best. Most people are smart enough to realize that if you search long enough any religion can sound a little strange. Remember under your standards Jesus started a cult.

        53. You can not be taken in if you are secure in your faith. Jesus Christ is my Savour . I will definitly vote for Mitt Romney regardless of what his elief is.

        54. I have never read so many lies and half-truths is such a short writing. Maybe you need to talk to the Baptist preacher that tried to save my soul: he has learned from studying the Bible that Jesus Christ is his own father. The Book of Mormon does NOT superseed the Bible, it is a second testimony of the devinity of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I have investigated many religions for more than 50 years and to me the Bible and Book of Mormon go hand in hand. After all that we can do it is through the grace of Jesus that we can be saved, we will be judged by our actions!

        55. “Jesus Christ is his own father”

          For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          The key word being begotten, Jesus was the first creation by God.
          Another key word here is “only”, if Jesus is his “only begotten Son” then who created all the angles?

      4. I had been told all sorts of disturbing things about Mormons. We moved west and after purchasing a home in a very nice area I found the neighborhood was over 50% Mormon. My next door neighbor is Mormon. I now find them to be good parents with strong family and community values. Also excellent quiet neighbors. They are good people. As for a president we could do a heck of a lot worse,,,,we already have.

      5. Well said. I don’t subscribe to Mormon beliefs in any manner. but I, too, have been around Mormons for many years. I respect and admire their family structure (other than polygamy) and their dedication. I’m not voting for a pastor…I’m voting for a man to head-up the political fortunes of our nation. I’ll vote for Romney with no religious reservations whatever.

        On edit, here…
        Someone down below noted that we could do worse…then noted that we already have. Good observation. November and the exit of Obama (hopefully without saddling us with too many “Executive Orders” before he leaves) will be a welcome relief.

        1. Just how many member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do you know who practice polygamy. I sure hope the answer is zero. It’s a quick way to be excommunicated.

        2. I don’t know how many, but I do know they exist. It has been proven. Excommunicated? It’s their religion to be polygamous. If Same Sex Marriage changes the definition of marriage, watch Polygamy come into play in a theatre near you.

        3. FYI, the practice of polygamy was abolished in the LDS Church prior to the state of Utah recieving statehood in1885. There are splinter groups that do practice polygamy, but they are not members of our faith. Yes, I am a “Morman” and it is amusing to me how many people spout untruths as truths and myths as fact without any personal research.

        4. CSN… Oh dear, stop the presses, the kindergarten books will have to be formatted to include multi-wives in marriages and families along with the current kindergarten books educating students on male-male marriage and female-female marriage. Wait!! Might want to add a little introduction regarding the approval of withdrawal of don’t ask don’t tell and insert by John McCain and Lindsey Graham approving troops to have sex with animals. Hey mom, if they can, so can I (speaking of hiding tax filings vs hiding school etc records).

        5. Major, polygamy is a side-issue at best for me. You might note that I intend to vote for Romney without being swayed by his religious convictions. My closest friend from “navy days” was (he died a few years ago) a Mormon, and he practiced polygamy with two wives. He had six youngsters, I think.

      6. The use of the therm “cult” is to distinguish it from “religion”. A full blown religion has its set of doctrines, precepts and practices. A cult is an imitation or counterfeit of another religion. They will use the same terminology, but pour different meanings into the words. Many Mormons claim to be Christian. Joseph Smith taught that all Christianity at that time had been corrupted. And the Mormon church was restored Christianity. Not just reformed. But Mormans have a different god, who used to be a man and became god. There are many gods, and all men can become gods themselves. Christianity on the other hand teaches that there is one and only one and will forever be one God. God is the same today, as yesterday and forever. Humans will never become gods. This is just one of many many examples. If Mormans did not try to claim to be Christian, while denying the core principles of Christianity, then they would be a separate and distinct religion. If you would like more on this an other cults, like the: Jehovah’s Witness and Christian Scientists, which is neither Christian nor Scientific; then go to equip. com and search for the articles there. That will be a good start. But, I will vote for Romney, because he is not a commie. He does not hate America. He does not want to fundamentally transform it. I will hold my nose when I do, not because of his religious beliefs, but because he is a big nanny state, liberal, big spender. He does not have the backbone to stand up for our rights. e.g. chick-fil-a. He better not think he is getting a mandate for his ideas. We are going to have a long 4 years holding his feet to the fire.

        1. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially when you believe in myths and rumors as facts.

        2. As a christian for 40 years, I was extremely upset at first but since I have been able to keep my relationship with God intact, yet learn the error in all religions, because they are all manmade. God exists but NO ONE has all the answers. Do not throw rocks at others when you live in a glass house, or get the log out or your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from your brothers. There are “fear” tactics and verses in almost all religions. That is not from God, but man who wants to control. If you will ever allow yourself to read about mythology, you will be stunned. But you won’t, out of fear and you are told not too. There is a reason for that, learn about it. God is still Creator and working miracles, for adults as well as babies. Do not let anger or fear cause you to let your emotions rule over you. Study. God wants you to seek and learn truth, which man has distorted and exploited over the years. There are so many levels we are lied to, especially regarding religion and politics. It is a life long search. But ultimately that is why we are all here, to improve our spirits, to choose good, and God desires that and waits patiently for us to strive for that goal, all of us with a different path but in the end, achieving the same results.

        3. @May:
          I am not trying to be critical of you. Please take this as trying to help. I am not trying to throw rocks. But, I will stand for truth. That is why my handle. It is from Ezekiel, chapter 33. It is not based on anger or fear.

          First, how can you be a “Christian” but not believe the God who has revealed Himself to us. Christianity is based on the revelation that we have received from God and the doctrines He has given to us. Otherwise, you are doing what you condemn others for doing, a man-made religion. Especially when you start putting words and desires in God’s mouth without anything more than what you wish. You have not claimed to have received special revelation from God. Even if you did, God does not change His mind, nor change His ways.

          Second, religion is not the evolution of man, but the devolution of man. It is the unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth. Even without special revelation, some attributes can be known about God based on the creation and the diversity and complexity of the creation. It is by their own conscience that convicts people that there is a universal standard of right and wrong. So they were without excuse. Although men knew God, they did not honor him as God or gave thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals.

          Third, If you believe in God, as you say you do, this God has the ability and creativity to create the entire universe. We can know many attributes just examining the created universe and this planet. [there are many papers written on this] But for us to really know God, would require that he reveal Himself to us. We cannot contact God. He has to condescendingly contact us. For this very capable God, it would be a small thing to reveal Himself to us in a book form. Also it would be easy thing to preserve this book. What you refer to as a “miracle” is an easy task for God. We have ample evidence that the Bible we have today is virtually the same Bible as written when inspired. There is manuscript evidence, Archeology evidence, Fulfilled prophesy, statistical evidence and then some. [there are complete books devoted to the evidence.]

          This, is by the way, one of the areas that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions on the earth. The rest were created by man. All of those founders are dead and still in the grave. Only Jesus claimed that he was God, predicted his death and resurrection and then proved immutably by clear and convincing proofs that he rose from the grave and his claims were true. [there are multiple books and papers on this topic as well. Many scholars and scientists and other sceptics have researched this event with the mission and goal to prove that the resurrection was not true, and ended up kneeling before the cross.] [This alone should be worthy of research by you, before you decide it was all made up.

          God is not schizophrenic. He is not going to tell one group of people here to do “A” and then go tell others over there to do “B” and so on. There is no plan B. In fact, Jesus prayed in the garden: if there is any other way, let this cup pass from him. The “answer” was no. There is no other way to save humanity. I am not the one who is intolerant. [by the way, all religions have their non-negotiable doctrine.] It was Jesus that talks about if you believe you are not condemned. If you don’t believe you are already condemned. It is Jesus that talks about the wide path versus the narrow way. Repeatedly, Jesus places people in two camps. Either you are for me, or against me. He never gives a third option.

          This is not mythology. Those claims have been well debunked. [again, far too much to go into here, there is a lot of scholarly work on this as well.]

          God bless you and guide you in your search.

        4. As a father I am trying to help my children better themselves and to be better than I have been. Your God denies any progress beyond this life. Spending eternity playing a harp with no chance of progressing would be a hell to me.

        5. @Gary Ruth Saxon:
          Your concept of heaven is coming from hollywood and cartoons. God Almighty is an infinite being, whom we, as finite beings, can spend an eternity getting to know and develop a deeper relationship with and never plumb His depths. He will forever be a novel to us. This universe is vast diverse and amazing. We will have millions of years exploring it. We will have untold time to develop skills, and have an increased ability to appriciate music and other things. We will grow in fellowship with fellow believers, meet others who lived in other times. I am just scratching the surface. No one will ever regret the free gift that a loving God gave us when he sacrificed himself and paid the penalty for our sins. Helping your children ‘better themselves’ will not get them to heaven. NO ONE is good enough. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. ALL deserve judgment.
          If you have other questions or concerns, I will be glad to try to answer them to the best of my ability.

        6. Thank you for being here, Watchmanonwall. Prayers are said for readers and commenters to understand and accept The Truth. Eternally Important.
          Closing now for the weekend, maybe back before end of wkend. God Bless.

      7. Sounds like you have fallen for what they want the world to see. Family, dedication to their beliefs but they are dead wrong. Thats how they get their members and its very attractive, but test the spirits with the true word of God and you will run as fast as you can away from Mormonsim.

        1. You are exactly right. It’s really terrifying to see how lines of people are silently and obediently walking into what Christians know to be hades. All this hypnotic play on words of family, dedication, order, routine, is a real brainwashing technique. Similar to the cults like Jim Jones and the Kool Aide Drinkers. Families and friends tried hard to save their people from that cult. Fear and hopelessness and confusion ending in total submission caused the deaths of numbers of men women children. Horrible ending. All cults are evil and look “good” and show unity, like family and friendship and morality… which Satan KNOWS humans really long for. He’s still at it with his deceit. For God’s sake, for your soul’s sake, Mormons, ask Jesus to help and save you.

      8. You couldn’t have said it any better. People get so confused they start latching onto anything that makes them feel better about themselves. I am a Mormon & my goal in life is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ & do good unto others! I’m far from an ideal Christian, but I rise each day with that purpose.

    2. Is Mormonism a cult? One of the things that makes an organization a cult is that it doesn’t reveal its beliefs. Go to any Mormon church and they will be glad to give you their books. And, they accept the Bible “as long as it is translated correctly!” Go to their services and Jesus is at the forefront of their beliefs and services.
      And, as a side note on cults, I’m sure that in the time of Jesus his group was considered by the powers that be and some of the people to be a cult.
      I’ll take a Mormon over a Muslim any day for the reason you mentioned. And, there is no doubt in my mind that BHO is a Muslim.
      If you are worried that Romney will get his marching orders from Salt Lake City any more than Kennedy took his from the Vatican. Romney will use his knowledge of wealth creation from education and experience to run this country and its economy.

        1. You seem to ignore the fact that Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and most of Congress are multimillionaires and Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz have off shore accounts. The others probably do too. We just haven’t found out yet. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It is hard to fathom.

        2. I never voted for them either. I would kick all them out of congress if I could Replacing them with something akin to them is repugnant to me as well

        3. As do 99% of all millionaires. I bet if Obama showed all of his records we would find off shore accounts for him. About taxes do you pay taxes if so do you try to find all of the deductions you can, I bet you do, why should millionaires be any different? The differences is they have used their brain to get where they are.

        4. …and you resent his millions, don’t you?
          Feel the same way about the Kennedy clan? How about the Heinz connection with John Kerry? That bother you? Rhonda, you’re posing here, trying to move votes back to Obama. You care about nothing else, and that’s obvious.

        5. @ Rhonda Reichel HELLO!!! ALL the people who have a lot of money offshore their millions and so would YOU if you had MILLIONS!!!! Why are you upset about something that is very common place? You just now figured this out?

        6. So what if Mitt has millions off shore – he’s already paid taxes on it when he EARNED it. His father worked his was up with a high school education. Mitt donated all that he inherited to charity and the LDS church and Brigham Young Univ. Mitt went on to EARN everything he now has (also, when he went to Harvard, he took both Law and Business SIMULTANEOUSLY and graduated with HONORS for both degrees). Mitt is to be admired for his accomplishments.

        7. Lady give it up! First you attack Romneys religion then you try to sell us a bunch of bull about off shore accounts as if the Obama crew isn’t doing the same thing. No law against that on either side. Why do you not mention that the Obama’s are worth millions? Or are you wishing Obama is in love with you? Maybe a modern Monica Lewinski?

      1. Four things make a cult. You can remember them by addition subtraction division and multiplication. Addition- do they add to the bible ( yes the book of mormon). Subtraction- do they take away from who Jesus is? ( yes – they do not believe that he us God. They believe we will be equal to him when we perish. Multiplication- do you have to do works to go to heaven. (they believe you get to heaven in works.) the bible says it is a free gift lest any man should boast. And division- are there different levels of believers and does God see one greater than another.(and again this they do believe). Just look at one aspect of women versus men in this life and the one after.

        1. do you know your history the Bible is a compilation of books that was put together by men who did not claim any revelation or even inspiration from God. They pick and chose which books would be put into the Bible and left many out, check this out it is fact. Revelations was not the last book written but it was so different that they did not know where to put it so they put it at the end. The statement that you should not add to this book was that you should not add to the Book of Revelations not the Bible as the Bible didn’t exist. The Book of Mormon is a second witness that Jesus is the Christ I can not see how that takes away from the Bible it only testifies that the Bible is the word of God. 2 We believe that Jesus is God the Son and the only way and means that mankind can return to the Father. No we do not believe we will be equal to Jesus as He and The Father are supreme. # 3 Resurrection is a free gift from God that is why Jesus died on the cross. All will be resurrected. Yes we do believe that to live in God’s presence will depend on how you live here as God has said that NO unclean thing can enter into the presence of God.That is in the Bible. The Atonement is put into place when we repent and ask God for forgiveness and only Jesus can forgive. We also believe that children under the age of 8 are free from sin and if they die they will return to God no questions asked. So we believe that the Atonement and the Resurrection are 2 parts or what Jesus did for us.

        2. Now here is a person with a BRAIN! Unlike some of these people who believe any individual that hates or left the Mormon Church or believeYou Tube is actual/factual. I leave you with one Fact! The Joseph Smith did not add to the Bible. The Book of Mormon is only a second witness of Jesus Christ and his ministry on the American Continent. Get it right! Nuff said!

        3. I don’t know where you got your definition of a ‘cult’ from but our church is not a cult. That would also mean we are the biggest cult in the world with over 14 million members so far and growing by leaps and bounds every day. I doubt that ALL of us are that stupid.
          But you also need to do some bible history research. Did you know that that books that are in the Bible were voted on by men? Did you know that the ancient apostles wrote many many books? They would carry them around together tied up, They were not one book. Paul had his books and Timothy had his, John had his, they were never all put together until the politicians and religious leaders of the day, many of them fell away from the true original church decided they needed one book. They left out many important books. Revelations was written by John. But he wrote Revelations before some of the other books were written. The warning in Revelations pertains to the BOOK OF REVELATIONS! There is no way that John could even say to not take away or add to the entire Bible because there was NO one BIBLE in his day!!! Get rid of your ignorance and do some real studying. You might learn something!

        4. Well Katarina, you said it yourself, your church is one of the biggest cullts in the world. Thanks for clarifying. Also it’s Revelation, not Revelations. It’s the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Of course there was a Bible in his day.. He wrote the final book of the Scriptures. I suggest you do a bit more of a historical study on the issue and in this area Gary DeMar’s work is great and so is Ken Gentry’s on Revelation.

          BTW being in a cult has nothing to do with stupidity. Many brilliant people are Mormons, but the issue is spiritual blindness and unwilling to believe in the person of Jesus Christ as defined in the texts of the Old and New Testaments and His Gospel.

          you also cheapen the history by taalking about “ppoliticians and religiouss leaders of the day put them together.” I have heard this over and over from Mormons and yet it is only Mormons who hold to all the jjibberish put out by Smith and his faalse prophets.

          Just so we are clear here. Everyoone that is a Chhristian in tthis forum, you needd to be waware that Joseph Smith claimed that God told him that whatever denomination you belong to was apostate. In other words you were not considered to be saved from your sins and going to heaven by the founder of Mormonism and that by his claim of divine revelation. They cclaim to be the one and only trued church of God. Theyy are sadly mistaken, being deceived by the angel of light himself Satan.

        1. Like what? How do you know other that what gossip mongers say. In all the time I have been around Mormons or was a member

      2. Rummy will get his orders from the same place Obumba gets his. That’s Israhell, as he proved by going there last week for his first programing from Satanyahu.

      1. Noone is trying to justify evil. The process is called voting. To imply that a Christian is doing wrong by voting. That is just WRONG. The words of the Bible can be used to imply most anything, if distorted to prove an implication. Are you a Obama supporter and want to stop Christians from voting. Sounds like maybe.

        1. Who are all of those “plenty of Christians” to vote for? If you vote for a third party candidate, you might just as well vote for Obama. His ‘constituency’ already contains 95% if the nation’s Blacks, and a healthy percent of White women, plus the majority of Hispanics and Jews. so the only way he can loose is if Romney gets a huge boost from the rest of the electorate — which you’re trying to get to abandon him because he’s Mormon. Pretty transparent, Rhonda.

        2. voting for anyone bbesides those two is a vote For Obama or a wasted vote in other words , you might as well not vote

        1. some of those fruits are that their founder condemned anyone in this forum who claimed to be a Christian, because they were in an apostate denomination. sounds like rotten fruit to me. ernest ever looked at that text? it has to do with what one teaches and Mormonism teaches anti-Christian doctrine.

        2. he not a teacher, just ecause he is a morman, he is not trying to convene for petes sake he is running for president. geez

        3. Of course he is a teacher. Just because he is not in a position in the LDS church now doesn’t mean he’s not a teacher. He teaches everytime he opens his mouth. So do I and so do you. However, if you are a Christian, would you support a Mormon being your pastor, or minister in your church? If not, then why would you cast a vote for one as the minister of God in the civil sphere. God says the civil magistrate is His minister (Rom. 13).

        4. I have a Muslim friend that showed me documents that he said proved Christ was the son of a Roman soldier and other such tripe. I also know several supposed historic LDS documents where found to be forgeries and people went to prison for fraud. I guess what I am saying is don’t be a divider love one another. We practicing Christians need to be united in the body of Christ not snipping at each other. The world needs all of us working as one. What forum, what denomination? I Give the LDSs as much latitude as other denominations because, I could find things attributed to their leaders that show divisiveness and hate to other Christian sects, like you are doing here. When I look at the LDSs I see Christians trying to follow the Lord the Best that they can. I can not testify of any bad fruits that I have witnessed and so I give them my love as fellow Christians.

        5. Ernest I respect that, bu the fruits Christ spoke of in the passage is their doctrine, not their deeds and Mormon doctrine is corrupt at the root.

        6. I guess we need to just disagree. I see nothing that is anti-Christian in their Christian doctrine. Again What founder, forum and denomination do you refer to? I can not figure out what you are saying.

        7. Ernest, they don’t have Christian doctrine. That is the point. I refer to their founder Joseph Smith. He claimed that all Christian denominations were corrupt since the first century and were apostate. That simply means anyone outside of Mormonism is not Christian. They are in fact apostates. That is what their founder claims. They are less than two hundred years old. Their founder started the false religion based on visions that only he saw and alleged gold plates, which are nothing more than mere fantasy, supposedly written in reformed Egyptian, which no one has ever heard of. Strangely enough, when he “translated” the supposed language it came out sounding just like King James English. Many have pointed out Smith’s blatant plagiarism in the Book of Mormon.

          Just be careful of what you refer to as Christian, especially if you have not taken the time to look into it:)

        8. I think I’m just spinning my wheels with you, but it is nice to talk to someone that might have an open mind. LDS say they have a Christian doctrine and I would agree. They would say their founder is not Joe Smith but the Lord Jesus Christ. Smith is only the first Prophet of this the last dispensation. Just like Moses restored the Gospel to the enslaved Israelites and was the first prophet of his dispensation. They believe that the church that Christ set up when he was on the earth in human form was lost through apostasy, I find this has merit. When the Roman Government and their hand picked Church leaders met at Nicene and created the New Universal Church and the Bible. Much of the Church of Jesus Christ was lost. The Bishops and other leaders that where invited by the Romans and Commanded to create one Universal Church that all of the world would live under. They created the Universal Church through compromise, extortion, bribery and all of the techniques that governments use now. The Bible was created from all of the letters, stories and other documents that the leaders brought. Only a small % made it in and they might have been changed by the committees to favor the Roman Government or one fraction or another. After the Church was created by the Roman Government it gained Monopoly status for centuries. All opposition was crushed. Any documents that did not support this man made creation where destroyed or hidden away. I am surprised how much of the truth was able to survive those times. The Great reformers read the Bible for themselves and the few survived to start the Protestant sects. They are Bible based true but remember the bible came through the Universal Church and the Nicene counsel that organized both. The LDS say They received the authority from the resurrected Jesus Christ and other authorized holders of his Priesthood. The Catholics say they have a unbroken line of Priesthood authority back to Christ through Peter. Most Protestants if they even claim any Priesthood authority say they received it through a spiritual calling. I have studied most religions Christian and non and I bare testimony that LDS are as Christian as any. The LDS would say there is only one Christian church, call it what you will but its name is not Mormon. It is the Church of Jesus Christ and he is its head. All that profess Christ and have taken his name upon them need to become one in him and stop all of this divisiveness. I understand the revised Egyptian was only used by the keepers of the plates. Joe Smith translated the plates into the religious language of his time and place ie. American frontier, Old English , and French Canadian. What Christian sect do you belong?

        9. Ernest, I appreciate your candor. The only problem is that the Egyptian language is completely unknown except in the Mormon mind. No one had EVER heard of it. There is no evidence for it. BTW, it was not the language of Joseph Smith. Read some of his other writings and you will notice a stark contrast. 16th century English was quite a bit removed from 19th century American English. Not to mention if you read the Book of Mormon there is a getting carried away with “and it came to pass” in virtually every verse of the first part. Much of it is simply plagiarized and has been demonstrated as such.

          There is no “religious language.” King James Bible was translated as language of the culture, much like the NKJV today or the ESV.

          I am Presbyterian, but currently attend a Reformed Baptist Church.

          Claiming a particular heritage though requires proving it. Mormons cannot prove it anymore than Roman Catholics can prove that the Pope goes back to Peter.

      2. Nobody is asking voters to become Mormons, any more than we were expected to all become Catholics when JFK was elected. i would have had a hard time voting for Paul if he’d won the nomination because of this theological stand on Israel and his pro-palestinian stance, as well as his isolationist policies. But, if voting for him (had he won the nomination) might have evicted the current resident of the WH, i would do that. But then, i believe God wants us to value our vote and not toss it away – you seem to be a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum because he doesn’t get his way and then spews damnation at anyone who disagrees and uses the Bible to excuse his bad behavior. Of course, the tragic things, the sinful things in the Bible are there to remind us of God’s mercy and goodness in the face of great evil, not to approve of the evils. But, isn’t it evil to throw away a vote on a loser when this nation is in such dire straits? eh?

    3. A few years ago there was a
      great deal of publicity given to the “Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of
      Latter Day Saints” (FLDS) and its leader Warren Jeffs. Mr. Jeffs’ cult still believed in polygamy
      and he was eventually arrested and had charges brought against him from the
      states of Arizona, Texas, and Utah. I believe that Mr. Jeffs is currently
      serving time in a Utah prison and will more than likely be in prison for the
      rest of his life. The FLDS is a cult and Warren Jeffs is a cult leader. The
      real Mormon church has emphatically denied any connection to Jeffs and the
      FLDS. It is my understanding that the FLDS has approximately 10,000 members.
      The legitimate Mormon Church has around 14 million members and outlawed
      polygamy in 1890. Any members that practice polygamy are excommunicated.
      Unfortunately, the liberal news media in their reporting failed to distinguish
      the difference between to true Mormon Church and the FLDS and left many with
      this “cult” impression of Mormons. Here in the greater Phoenix area we have a
      large Mormon community primarily located in Mesa, Az. I have had many Mormon
      co-workers and I have always found them to be a pleasure to work with. They are
      good people and the news media has treated them unfairly.

      1. When I worked at AiReseach in Phoenix many years ago, some of my co-workers were Mormon. They were fine, outstanding individuals. Also, in the Army, I served with several patriotic, dedicated Mormon officers, who were beyond reproach. In recent years, the Commander of Fort Sill was a Mormon, a Major General. He was a great commander, has since retired, is a valued asset to our community still.

        1. I worked for Mormons as well and generally they were fine people— but after a time I realized that there wasn’t much difference between them and everybody else as far as faults and shortcomings. I still like them but I realize they are lost in their beliefs so therefore I will not follow them.
          I am quite tired of ungodly leaders so a Christian is non-negotiable for me

      2. and yet Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism promoted polygamy. Incidentally, Romney’s father was a Mormon and polygamist. So are you guys going to disavow romney or his father over this and say he is not a Mormon??

        BTW, I’m not saying Mormons are not “pleasurable or moral people” I have a couple of friends who are Mormon, but that does not then make them Christian.

        1. Mitt Romney’s father was George
          Romney whom I remember very well. George Romney was the CEO of American Motors
          and was credited with turning the company around during the 1950’s with the
          introduction of the Nash Rambler which was an economy car that became quite
          popular. He later became governor of Michigan and was a Republican candidate
          for the presidency in 1968 but lost to Richard Nixon. George Romney married
          Lenore LaFount, an aspiring actress, in 1931 at a Mormon church in Salt Lake
          City and they had 4 children, Mitt being the youngest. I have not been able to
          find any mention of polygamy regarding George Romney. George Romney’s parents,
          Gaskell and Anna Romney were also a monogamous couple. George Romney’s maternal grandfather was
          Helaman Pratt who was in fact a polygamist which was acceptable in the Mormon Church
          during the mid to late 1800’s. I would be very interested in where you got your
          information regarding George Romney.

        2. I am not a Morman, But I am a Christian and how in the world can you judge whats in someone elses heart. I think we all may be surprised on judgement day, geez, and i will definitly voting for Mr. Romney.

        3. Susie, I’m not judging what’s “in his heart.” I’m judging the doctrine believed and that, Jesus said we should do. In fact that is what he meant when He said “you will know them by their fruits.” He also said, “out of the heart the mouth speaks.” What comes out of the mouths of those that believe Mormon doctrine are heresies and Jesus named those in the passage He is speaking about.

        4. Mitt Romney’s father was George
          Romney whom I remember very well. George Romney was the CEO of American Motors
          and was credited with turning the company around during the 1950’s with the
          introduction of the Nash Rambler which was an economy car that became quite
          popular. He later became governor of Michigan and was a Republican candidate
          for the presidency in 1968 but lost to Richard Nixon. George Romney married
          Lenore LaFount, an aspiring actress, in 1931 at a Mormon church in Salt Lake
          City and they had 4 children, Mitt being the youngest. I have not been able to
          find any mention of polygamy regarding George Romney. George Romney’s parents,
          Gaskell and Anna Romney were also a monogamous couple. George Romney’s maternal grandfather was
          Helaman Pratt who was in fact a polygamist which was acceptable in the Mormon Church
          during the mid to late 1800’s. I would be very interested in where you got your
          information regarding George Romney.

        5. Yes, I misspoke. You are correct. It was his grandfather. My apologies as I was writing quite a bit:) point is that the Mormon church did endorse polygamy and the founder was clear on it. So were the non “prophets” of the Mormons.

        6. Mitt Romney’s father was George
          Romney whom I remember very well. George Romney was the CEO of American Motors
          and was credited with turning the company around during the 1950’s with the
          introduction of the Nash Rambler which was an economy car that became quite
          popular. He later became governor of Michigan and was a Republican candidate
          for the presidency in 1968 but lost to Richard Nixon. George Romney married
          Lenore LaFount, an aspiring actress, in 1931 at a Mormon church in Salt Lake
          City and they had 4 children, Mitt being the youngest. I have not been able to
          find any mention of polygamy regarding George Romney. George Romney’s parents,
          Gaskell and Anna Romney were also a monogamous couple. George Romney’s maternal grandfather was
          Helaman Pratt who was in fact a polygamist which was acceptable in the Mormon Church
          during the mid to late 1800’s. I would be very interested in where you got your
          information regarding George Romney.

        7. I have to apologize for all of the Replies – I only meant to reply once – however every time I posted a reply it seemed to disappear and a one point even your comment disappeared. I don’t know if there is a problem with my computer or with disqus but I did not intend to reply 4 or 5 times.

        8. Mitt Romney’s father was George
          Romney whom I remember very well. George Romney was the CEO of American Motors
          and was credited with turning the company around during the 1950’s with the
          introduction of the Nash Rambler which was an economy car that became quite
          popular. He later became governor of Michigan and was a Republican candidate
          for the presidency in 1968 but lost to Richard Nixon. George Romney married
          Lenore LaFount, an aspiring actress, in 1931 at a Mormon church in Salt Lake
          City and they had 4 children, Mitt being the youngest. I have not been able to
          find any mention of polygamy regarding George Romney. George Romney’s parents,
          Gaskell and Anna Romney were also a monogamous couple. George Romney’s maternal grandfather was
          Helaman Pratt who was in fact a polygamist which was acceptable in the Mormon Church
          during the mid to late 1800’s. I would be very interested in where you got your
          information regarding George Romney.

    4. Before calling The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints a cult, PLEASE look up the definition. As per the definition any and all organized religions can be defined as a cult..Even the Catholic Church. do not be ignorant in labeling people.

    5. Free plug for, download ‘Ocean research Library’ and read the copy of the Book of Mormon included in the archive package. Also includes Bible, Q’uran, Baghvad Ghita, Sufi, Tao/Shinto, Buddhist, and other core reference texts!

    6. If you are a Catholic then you are a non-believer in ALL other religions – otherwise you are not a Catholic. Mormonism is a complete falsehood.

      Such hypocrisy – but then all religions are false.

    7. Look up the definition for the word “cult.” It is used too loosely without people understanding what it means. Do you adore or worship something or someone? Than you are in a cult, all religions are. They are all man made but just because we have some wrong information does NOT mean God does not exist. He does and He extends all of us a lot of mercy and grace that covers our mistakes as well as misunderstandings. “Seek God, Seek to Improve your Spirit, and harm no one in the process.” Oh, also learn to say the word “PERHAPS” to those you disagree with and God will deal with us in the end. He looks at our heart, not the label we wear.

    8. So, Catholic, you might want to think twice about praying to Jesus when you vote to put a cultist who does not believe in the trinity and relegates Christ to a menial role under humanity in our Presidency as Leader of this SUPPOSEDLY CHRISTIAN Country. If your Priest is telling you Mormons are Christians, you better check with other Priests and Bishops. Maybe you are either not a Catholic or are a cafeteria catholic that doesn’t know what is going on. You be sure, now, to tell God you don’t care if your vote puts a cultist in our Presidency.

  9. I wonder if this would even be a question if Romney was from the first church of Satan. No we would not be having the conversation. Romney is from an anti-Christian cult group. That is only one reason not to vote for him. His liberal record is enormous. So if people don’t like the opinion for Christians, there’s plenty of political reasons for not voting for him. And no, I don’t support Obama, so people who disagree with me can just save their breath and take another gulp of the establishment’s kool-aid.

      1. Edward, tell me who is drinking kool aid here. I’ve stuck with the same guy and same principles throughout. Can you honestly tell everyone here how many of the guys you went through supporting before the GOP left you with the current presumptive nominee? I know he wasn’t your first choice. I’m gathering he probably wasn’t your second, Third? Fourth? Fifth? Was he ever a thought in your mind? Or do you just go wherever the GOP leads you to water and then drink it?

        See, I know why conservatives don’t get excited over Romney. It’s because he is a liberal. He demonstrated that in massachusetts. Law he signed are clear that he is a liberal. Even now, you don’t see that many Romney bumper stickers or yard signs. People don’t believe in him. What they do believe in is getting Obama out of office. Their vote is a vote of fear, not principle.

        It really is a shame the GOP wants to nominate a guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama. The people deserve better than that and yes, we deserve better than Obama.

  10. Another so-called Christian attempting to rewrite history. The GOP committed election fraud throughout the primaries to get this criminal, godless, banker pos into position as the nominee, and you sir, attempt to apologize for it. If God can use “godless” leaders for His purpose, then Barack Obama will work just as well as the trash of the Republican Party.

    1. I dont see anyone trying to re-write anything. I DO see an anti-American in the white house who is doing all he can to destroy America. God has nothing to do with who wins an election. Voter fraud is rampant, among democrats! and THAT’S the ONLY reason any of them hold office.

      1. The GOP has proven itself publicly to be just as vile, corrupt, lying, and criminal as it’s so-called opposition (btw, pro-wrestling’s not real either). Voter fraud will not stand–Romney can go choke.

        1. The Truth About the God of the Mormons

          In sharp contrast to the revelations of Scripture are the “revelations” of Joseph Smith, Brigham young, and the succeeding Mormon “prophets.” So that the reader will have no difficulty understanding what the true Mormon position is concerning the nature of God, the following quotations derived from popular Mormon sources will convey what the Mormons mean when they speak of “God.”

          (1). “In the beginning, the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods; and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people it” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 349).

          (2). “God himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph smith, 345).

          (3). “The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s: the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit” (Doctrine and Covenants, 130:22).

          (4). “Gods exist, and we had better strive to be prepared to be one with them” (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 7:238).

          (5). “As man is, God once was: as God is, man may become” (Prophet Lorenzo Snow, quoted in Milton R. Hunter, The Gospel Through the Ages, 105-106).

          (6). “Each of these Gods, including Jesus Christ and His Father, being in possession of not merely an organized spirit, but a glorious immortal body of flesh and bones” (Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, ed. 1978, 23).

          (7). “And then the Lord said: Let us go down. And they went down at the beginning, and they, that is the Gods, organized and formed the heavens and the earth” (Abraham 4:1).

          (8). “Remember that God, our heavenly Father, was perhaps once a child, and mortal like we ourselves, and rose step by step in the scale of progress, in the school of advancement; has moved forward and overcome, until He has arrived at the point where He now is” (Apostle Orson Hyde, Journal of Discourses, 1:123).

          (9). “Mormon prophets have continuously taught the sublime truth that God the Eternal Father was once a mortal man who passed through a school of earth life similar to that through which we are now passing. He became God-an exalted being-through obedience to the same eternal Gospel truths that we are given opportunity today to obey” (Hunter, op. cit., 104).

          (10). “Christ was the God, the Father of all things…. Behold, I am Jesus Christ. I am the Father and the Son” (Mosiah 7:27 and Ether 3:14, Book of Mormon).

          (11). “When our father Adam came into the garden of Eden, he came into it with a celestial body, and brought Eve, one of his wives, with him. He helped to make and organized this world. He is MICHAEL, the Archangel, the ANCIENT OF DAYS! about whom holy men have written and spoken-HE is our FATHER and our GOD, and the only God with whom we have to do” (Brigham Young, in the Journal of Discourses, 1:50).

          (12). “Historically this doctrine of Adam-God was hard for even faithful Mormons to believe. As a result, on June 8, 1873, Brigham Young stated, “How much unbelief exists in the minds of the Latter-day-Saints in regard to one particular doctrine, which I revealed to them, and which God revealed to me-namely that Adam is our father and God.

        2. Now, I like to ask Mitt Romney these questions.

          Where are you, Mr. Romney as far as been a God your self? Are you in the middle of been a God or are you a God now?

          Because, according to your (Prophet Lorenzo Snow, quoted in Milton R. Hunter, The Gospel Through the Ages, 105-106).
          Said, “As man is, God once was:::as God is, man may become.”

          So, before I give you my VOTE. Which is my GOD giving right as a BORN AGAIN, SPIRIT FILLED, WORD TOUGHT, Devil CHASING, Demon STUMPING, TONGUE TALKING CHRISTIAN.

          Which one are you running for? a God or a President?

        3. Romney is a good running choice for President. He is conservative and the proof is in the pudding. He has only one wife and one family and he is totally dedicated to them. If there was something else;Obama’s evil leprechauns would have already brought out into the open.
          As for Obama, he already thinks that he is a god; he keeps changing the constitution and downgrading our country and its values by the nano second.
          God Bless Americq

        4. That’s right an american. GOD Bless America. I thank GOD for my Country. My Father and his 4 brothers, my 2 brothers, 5 nephews, 7 cousins and 4 uncles laid their lives for my FREEDOM. And I am so very proud for what they did for my Country call; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

          Now than. Just because a person has one wife and one family and he is totally dedicated to them, don’t mean HORSE-SHIT.

          A person may be ethically and morally “good” by your standards, but if he sets his face against JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR, and rejects JESUS that without JESUS BLOOD their is NO remission of sin. That man’s fruit is CORRUPT, and he is to be REJECTED as COUNTERFEIT.

          Because the bottom line is; Mitt Romney and Obama are the same as far as GOD is concern:

          This is what GOD said about both men and their wives.

          What then? Is Mitt Romney better than Obama? NO, for the WORD of GOD proved that both men and their wives and YOU and me are ALL under sin.

          As it is written, THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO, NOT ONE:










          As it is written

        5. Sorry that not a thing that you said is true. Taking words out of context, is not showing that , that is how it is. It is teaching falsehoods and lies. Do yourself a favor,
          Find out what the Mormons TRULY believe in, before telling lies and taking parts of sentences and putting them together to make them sound as something else, and totally wrong. The truth is out there if only you look for it.

        6. I don’t have to find out what the CULT truly believe in. I was in the CULT for 40 years. You or any Mormon had not yet giving us some kind of any ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE of the two great civilizations that the FALSE Prophet or so call prophet claim that exist.

          The Book of Mormon, which indicate the tremendous spread of the cultures of these races, there are numerous cities catalogued in The Book of Mormon.

          EVIDENCE that these were indeed mighty civilizations, which should, by all the LAWS of ARCHAEOLOGICAL research into the culture of antiquity, have left vast amounts of “FINDS” to be evaluated.

          But such is NOT the case. You have NOT yet to explain the fact that leading ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCHERS NOT ONLY HAVE REPUDIATED THE CLAIMS OF the book of mormon as to the EXISTENCE of these civilizations.

          But have ADDUCED considerable EVIDENCE to show THE IMPOSSIBILITY of the accounts given in the Mormon so call bible.

          Can you read sir. You are a, what the TRUE WORD OF GOD says. A FOOL. What a FOOL you are. You said, the truth is out there. OUT where?

          The TRUTH should be in you. NOT out there. That’s a FOOL talking. JESUS said, you will KNOW the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you FREE. NOT out there.

          JESUS said, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. No one can come to the FATHER but by ME. John 14:6.

          Your problem is what JESUS said, a BLIND lead a BLIND, they, that is the BLIND will BOTH fall into the OVEN.


        7. The EVIDENCE is clear that the CITIES mentioned in The Book of Mormon are IMAGINARY. The ELEPHANTS were NEVER EXISTED on this continent, and that the metals described in The Book of Mormon have NEVER been found in any of the areas of contemporary civilizations of the New World.

          This are the kind of HORSE-CRAP that are record in your so call bible.

          This is not a little-white lie, or a little black lie, or a little brown lie, or a little yellow lie, or a little blue lie

          This is series claim.

        8. Again. Their is not a man or a woman that is alive right now that can bring any change or healing to our Country. “(N O N E)” PERIOD.

          History tell us that. From the first President to the current President. Our Country is more deeper in the HELL HOLE. That is because, TRUE change does not come from any man or woman of any party.

          WHY? Because. GOD said:

          THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO, NOT ONE: meaning, both men have no RIGHTEOUSNESS of their own. MEANING, one is NO better than the other.

          Both men have used DECEIT; THE POISON OF ASPS IS UNDER THEIR LIPS: according to GOD.

          Both men’s mouth are full of CURSING AND BITTERNESS:

          Both men’s FEET ARE SWIFT TO SHED BLOOD:


          AND THE WAY OF PEACE HAVE THEY NOT KNOWN: That’s because both men do not know THE PRINCE OF PEACE.



        9. I was raise different. I was raise that my words are my BOND. And you do not tell a lie. NOT at all. So I teach my boys the same thing. For them to tell the TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT. Because the TRUTH ALWAYS WINS.

          I found out that most people don’t just lie. They PRACTICES lie. Even in front of their children. I remember one time when I was at one of my friends house, and the phone ring. I was 12 years young at the time. This was before cell phone came. This when almost every body has a home phone. And some have Beeper.

          And my friend went over to answer the phone, and I heard his mother said, IF it’s for me, TELL THEM THAT I’M NOT HOME. I could not believe what I heard with my own ears. I was only 12. But some thing on the inside of me said, That’s a LIE.

          So. After he hang up the phone. We went out side and play a little. And I ask my friend about what his mother said to him inside the house. And I never forget what he told me, to this day.

          I ask. Why did your mother said to tell who ever that was on the phone that she was not home, but she is home.

          I never forget what my friend said to me. He said, OH. THAT’S NOTHING. MY PARENTS DO THAT ALL THE TIME. He did not said, his mom does that all the time, But he said, his PARENTS do that all the time.

          And I said to my friend. But that’s a lie. At 12 years young. I new that, that was a lie. Because I never heard my PARENTS say that. And I was not raise that way. And my friend said, Oh, it’s ok. I’m use to it.

          Many years after that, I gave my life to THE LORD JESUS. I start reading HIS WORD and praying and read some more and praying some more and kept reading and reading HIS WORD, that is THE BIBLE. Than I ask JESUS to fill me with HIS HOLY SPIRIT and HE did. And I read some more and more and I got to know HIM more and more.

          And to day. My relationship with JESUS is closer than ever. And my fellowship with my Heavenly FATHER gets better and better each day.

          I tell you, knowing who JESUS really is, makes a BIG different in a persons life. HE will TRANSFORM your life from in side out.

        10. Jazzpast, thank you for sharing your obviously profound and intensively researched comment. I think we have found the moron.

        11. jazzy, for someone who is a chronic homosexual you sure like to run everybody else down. You and your boyfriend should both drop to your knees and beg forgiveness. I know that you are both on your knees regularly, for other reasons that I won’t mention, but you need repent your nasty carnal sins. Who knows, maybe someday you will meet a good woman instead of the transvestites that you currently date.


        13. How does LDS, mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney expect to win the soccer mom vote? By marrying all of them! ha ha ha

        14. Why did Mitt Romney strap his dog Seamus to the roof of his car? Because his station wagon was full of wives! ha ha ha

        15. Man you really are stupid aren’t you? I didn’t think that it was possible for anyone to be that much of an idiot. Well just goes to show ya….I never heard of “jazzpast” before either

        16. I’m not a mormon. I’m not the one following Joseph Smith who was a criminal and polygamist with over 27 wives. ha ha ha Sounds to me like your the Blind idiot!

        17. No mam i’m not calling any Christian religion a CULT. LDS, mormons are not Christians! It’s like Rev. Franklin Graham says Mitt Romney is not a Christian. LDS, mormons are not part of the Judeo-Christian faith. Your lying! Mormons believe in a lot of weird things and have different morals since mormonism did start as a Polygamist religion created by your founder Joseph Smith. Christians don’t accept your religion theologically. Joseph Smith has nothing to do with our Christian religion. Sorry you don’t know what your talking about. I’m not wearing your magic mormon underwear. ha ha ha

        18. you can laugh and be as stupid as you want to jizzpiss, but you are just showing everyone else on this post just how utterly stupid and moronic that you are. Grow up.

        19. Would you really rather have a Muslim in the White House? We already know what he is doing to the nation.

        20. Muslim and mormon are both polygamist CULTS! Both are dangerous CULTS! America needs a leader and that isn’t Mitt Romney or Barack Obama! The American people need to stand up and start being counted.

        21. Not really because most of the country knows Joseph Smith was the founder of the mormon mess. He had over 27 wives and some people say over 60 wives. He was a criminal and polygamist. He was shot dead jumping out of a jailhouse cell. Thank God! He was jailed for polygamy. You might as well follow an old drunk as Joseph Smith.

        22. Plagiarisms-The King James Version

          A careful examination of The Book of Mormon reveals that it contains thousands of words from the KING JAMES BIBLE.

          In fact, verbatim quotations, some of considerable length, have caused the Mormons no end of embarrassment for many years.

          The comparisons of Moroni 10, with 1 Corinthians 12:1-11; 2 Nephi 14 with Isaiah 4; and 2 Nephi 12 with Isaiah 2 reveal that Joseph Smith made free use of his Bible to supplement the alleged revelation of the golden plates.

          The book of Mosiah, chapter 14, in The Book of Mormon, is a REPRODUCTION of the 53rd chapter of Isaiah the prophet, and 3 Nephi 13 copies Matthew 6 almost WORD-FOR-WORD.

          There are other instances of plagiarisms from the King James Bible, including paraphrases of certain verses. One of these verses (1 John 5:7) is REPRODUCED in 3 Nephi 11:27.

          The only difficulty with the paraphrase here is that the text is considered by scholars to be an interpolation missing from all the major manuscripts of the New Testament, but present in the King James Bible, from which Smith paraphrased it not knowing the difference.

        23. Another example of this type of ERROR is found in 3 Nephi 11:33-34, and is almost a DIRECT quotation from Mark 16:16, a passage regarded by many New Testament Greek scholars as one of three possible endings to that gospel.

          But Joseph Smith was NOT AWARE of this, so he even copied in translational variations, another proof that neither he nor the alleged golden plates were inspired of God.

          Two further instances of plagiarisms from the King James Bible that have backfired on the Mormons are worth noting.

          In the third chapter of the book of Acts, Peter’s classic sermon at Pentecost paraphrases Deuteronomy 18:15-19. while in the process of writing 3 Nephi, Joseph Smith puts Peter’s paraphrase IN THE MOUTH OF CHRIST when the SAVIOR was allegedly preaching to the Nephites.

          The prophet overlooked the fact that at the time that CHRIST was allegedly preaching HIS sermon, the sermon itself HAD NOT YET BEEN PREACHED BY Peter.

          In addition to this, 3 Nephi makes CHRIST out to be a LIAR, when in 20:23 CHRIST attributes Peter’s words to Moses as a direct quotation, when, as I have pointed out, Peter paraphrased the quotation from Moses (Acts 3:22-23); and the wording is quite different.

          But Joseph Smith did NOT check far enough, hence this glaring ERROR.

        24. Secondly, The Book of Mormon follows the ERROR of the King James translation that renders Isaiah 4:5, “For upon all the glory shall be a defense” (see 2 Nephi 14:5).

          Modern translations of Isaiah point out that it should read “For over all the glory there will be a CANOPY,” NOT A DEFENSE.

          The Hebrew word (chuppah does not mean DEFENSE, but a protective curtain or canopy. Smith, of course, did not know this, nor did the King James translators from whose work he copied.

          There are quite a number of other places where such ERRORS appear, including Smith’s insistence in Abraham 1:20 that “Pharaoh signifies king by royal blood,” when in reality the dictionary defines the meaning of the term Pharaoh as “a great house or palace.”

          The Revised Standard Version of the Bible renders Isaiah 5:25, “And their corpses were as refuse in the midst of the streets,” correctly rendering the Hebrew suchah as “refuse,” not as “torn.”

          The King James Bible renders the passage “And their carcasses were torn in the midst of the streets.”

          The Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 15:25) repeats the King James’ text word-for-word, including the ERROR of mistranslating suchah, removing any claim that The Book of Mormon is to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS RELIABLE MATERIAL.

        25. @jazzpast…..if you believe that statement, then you are full of it. Why don’t you find out about something, get educated about something before you open your mouth and start spewing untruths. If you think that Mormons are like Muslims, then you are saying that ALL christian religions are like the Muslim religion. The Mormon Religion is as much a christian religion as any other christian religion. They use the same bible, they believe in the same God, and so on, so why wouldn’t they be treated as any other christian religion? You sir, have made a comment that has absolutely no basis in fact. You really need to check things out before you start posting untrue statements.And I don’t care one bit about the youtube post that you show, there are a thousand hate videos on you tube, so that doesn’t mean by a long shot that just because you have a you tube link that it is true, because it isn’t.

        26. Your LDS, mormon religion has nothing to do with being a Christian. Your great prophet and founder Joseph Smith was a criminal and polygamist with at least 27 wives. Some say he had over 60 wives. Your mormon founder wrote your book of Abraham and it was just a made-up lie! Joseph Smith was nothing but a liar and a fraud! You mormon are just deceived! Your mormon truth is all a lie! The great prophet Joseph Smith was shot dead jumping out of a jailhouse window. He was in jail for polygamy. Your LDS, mormon CULT is just a Joseph Smith made-up fake religion a lie.

        27. Enough arguing, here’s the big picture: If you don’t vote, Obama will win. If you do vote and vote for a candidate other than Obama, then Obama will win. If you vote for Obama, he will win. Obama has all the right friends in all the right places, and is just a puppet for socialists to control and finally take over the once powerful US and level us down to the downward spiral of the rest of the world’s economies. Those powerful friends will do every cheating trick in the book in order to make sure that Obama wins. This country is going downhill fast and there’s nothing that any of us can do but pray. The big thing is though, that God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we want Him to. America has become a corrupt nation just like Sodom and Gomorrah mentioned in the Bible. Why should God intervene to help a nation that is an abhorrence to Him? The Christians of this country are lukewarm and don’t stand up for God’s truths. We have allowed ourselves to become tolerant of just about anything in order not to step on anybody’s toes. Well look where that’s gotten us now. Pray for God’s will…just know that God’s will is not always the same as your will.

        28. Right on!! Tell it like it is. These religious bigots don’t lesion to anything that does not agree with their prejustice hateful non-Christian beliefs. Christ commanded Love one another.

        29. And he told us The Way to love one another. He told us that if the Gospel is taught to a people who reject it, to give them chances to accept but to walk away and brush that people’s dust off their feet. God is no religious bigot. He has rules that man is not to manipulate.

        30. To my knowledge, a Mormon or Mormons have never performed the atrocities that Muslims have. No beheadings, no killing those that don’t believe like they do. No raping or stoning of women, no having them to cover themselves from head to toe. No suicide bombers or any other kind of bombers. No killing a son or daughter for loving a non-Mormon person. They do not hate Jews and wish them dead, or wish them out of their own country.

        31. Joseph Smith founder of the mormon religion was nothing but a criminal and polygamist. A polygamist with 27 wives. ha ha ha LDS, mormon and the muslim religion are both dangerous CULTS. Both started as polygamist CULTS. The LDS, church is nothing but a political machine.

        32. Keep telling the TRUTH my brother. Don’t let no devil silence you for what JESUS die for. JESUS said, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

          This is the time to rise up and proclaim who JESUS IS. That JESUS IS GOD. And that Christianity is: GOD looking for men. John 3:16. Keep sounding the ALARM my brother. Don’t pull back. We have to be like John the Baptist. Preaching in the wilderness. And it is a large wilderness.

          Keep moving forward. Don’t give up.

        33. WE have to go through the fire. But as you know that, WE are NOT alone. The fourth man is going through the fire with US. Press on my brother. PRESS ON.

        34. Remember Jazzpast. GOD our Heavenly FATHER does not need a lot. HE needs a few that has CUTS so HE can use in these last days.

        35. WE are NOT talking about HATING the JEWS. WE are talking about; THE TRUTH verses, A LIE.

          WE are talking about CHRISTIANITY verses, A COUNTERFEIT.

          CHRISTIANITY verses, A CULT.

          TRUTH verses, FALSE.

          FREEDOM verses, DECEPTION.

          SIGHT verses, BLINDNESS.

          Ask your self a question? WHO IS JESUS?

          CHRISTIANITY rise and fall on this question.

          When I first came to America. One thing I learn is that, Most people refuse to admit that they are wrong. They rather keep going than pull over and find out if they are going to the right way.

          The sad thing is, they had pass many sings on life’s road that said, WARNING. DO NOT ENTER. WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY!

        36. Nope don’t think so. I wouldn’t even vote for your liberal scumbag Mitt Romney! You FAG loving RINO supporters. The truth is your just turncoats. One day you may swing for your actions if there are any records left. I sure hope so!

        37. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joseph Smith or any other man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smiths book of mormon. And not the traditions of men. Joseph Smith and his book of Abraham is nothing but a made LIE. Joseph Smith was a FRAUD and a LIAR! You people don’t even know where liberty and freedom comes from. Your not going to find it in Mitt Romney or his the LDS, mormon CULT.

        38. JobRon, Mormons are liars or lemmings hiding the truth of their organization’s directives. They know it is helpful for them to be seen as Christians and loudly make that claim, but they lie. Read their denial of the trinity… Father Son & Holy Ghost in one. Mormonism and Scientology are systems established by men who focus on the power of men, demeaning the power of God. Wikipedia groups them in same category. You guys are looking like those who cheered Obama because he convinced them he was one of them.

        39. RescueKyron: You know not from where you speak. The New Testement clearly shows that the Trinity is a man-made doctrine. The Council of Nice (called by a secular ruler), the AthanAsain creed. Prior to that time, ask yourself a question, how many Personages present at the Baptism of the Savior? In the Garden of Gesthemane, did Christ pray to Himself or to His Father? The term of Mormon comes from our belief in Another Witness that Jesus IS the Christ, our advocate to the Father. Check Ezekial 37 and tell me where the Stick of Joseph is, if you can. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was not established by man. It was restored to the Earth through man, by God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As far as demeanint the power of God and checking with Wikipedia, again, You Know Not From Where You Speak!!! As far as cheering NoBama, he scares me as much as I am scared of the Devil!!!

        40. JobRon, you are reading what Mormons have said. Do your own reading and do it alone. Ask The Father Son and Holy Spirit to guide you. What you have said is incredibly wrong. Jesus said he founded his church on Peter and the GATES OF HELL would NOT prevail against it. There was no period of skip over time EVER since that moment and needed no “restoring” by Mr. Smith. Get real. God is.

        41. RescueKron: NO, I am not reading what Mormons have said. I have read the King James Version of the Holy Bible many times. You haven’t answered where the Stick of Joseph is. Where is it? Why was an angel needed in Revelation 14:6 to bring back something if it was already here? As far as founding the Church on Peter, read the scripture again, carefully. Christ founded HIS church on Revelation. I agree, founding on that principle would make it so the GATES OF HELL would not previal. What happened to the Apostles? God spoke to HIS earthly children through prophets, are we not able to have that same privilege today? Amos 3:7 tells us that the Lord would do nothing until he revealed His secrets to HIS prophet? As far as adding to or taking away from the words of the book of this prophecy, the compilers just happened to put the Book of Revelation at the end. If you are going to pull that, what about Deutoronomy 4:2? Do we throw the Bible, as presently compiled, away from that part forward? I think not! What about Isaiah 29:11-14? The problem I see you having is not being able to answer these questions without resorting to inuendo or false claims. I know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, so with that I shall bid you adieu.

        42. Americans are angry and against Obama, and will NOT vote for the cultist 33rd Degree Mason Willard the Mormon, who has Swiss and Cayman Island boxes he stuffs with our money… the taxes he didn’t pay for 10 years. MAKE HIM SHOW ALL OF HIS RETURNS. NO MORE TRICKERY BY GUYS WANTING THE JOB OF BEING OUR PRESIDENTIAL EMPLOYEE. BOTH MUST OPEN THEIR BOOKS OR FOLD THEIR TENTS AND GO AWAY.

        43. RescueKron: Dingy Harry LIED. If Romney had not paid taxes for 10 years, as he lied, the IRS would have been all over him. As far as showing his returns, how about about NOBama showing the records he has spent about $2million to have sealed. NoBama is a person who wants a transparent government, yet he seals everything that would prove he has no business being POTUS!. As far as stuffing boxes with OUR money, you are mistaken on that idea.

        44. This is not a ping-pong game. Romney is a liar and a wimp. He proved both by running and begging Israel for support. They demanded that he define Jerusalem as THEIR Capital of Israel and fuggedaboud Tel Aviv. When England/UN gave in with sympathy after WWII and declared Israel a sovereign nation, they decreed Tel Aviv as the Capital and Jerusalem as an INTERNATIONAL CITY because it is the Holy Place for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Oh yeah, they were going to get along and were so grateful for the Christian lives and all lives sacrificed to save them from the hatred of Hitler. Ha. Before too long they started hounding OUR Presidents to declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. NO PRESIDENT EVER AGREED. FOR SURE CLINTON REFUSED, BUSH REFUSED, OBAMA REFUSED, and they and others were approached. ALSO, Israel pleaded with Presidents to release their pal Pollard from our Federal Pen for spying on us and stealing our military secrets and giving them to Israel. NO PRESIDENT WOULD RELEASE HIM. Betcha they got an agreement from WillingWillardTheWimp. Willard, if you had an ounce of Christian belief, you would NEVER have declared OUR HOLY CITY OF JERUSALEM as the Jewish Capital. YOU ARE AN A*S!!!!

        45. LOL – You liberal Democrats are so full of non-truths all you know how to do is shout at us while thinking your are accomplishing something. You are so brainwashed it would be comical if it were not so pathetic.

        46. noremac, you are sooo wrong. Get some history books not written by Mormons and learn their origin, activities, purpose. Christians and Christian churches have founded many many hospitals and hospices around the entire world. You can quickly recognize them by their names. Mostly Saint’s names or Christian denomination names. Token Jewish hospitals in US and Israel. Please give us the number of Mormon hospitals… you can name a high number of businesses such as all Marriott Hotels, but how many churches and charity outreaches? Interesting observation applied to the man who setup the template in Massachusetts for Obama’s medical laws. Did the Mormon tie the payments by Massachusetts to oversight by our IRS like Obama did? Makes it more interesting that the Mormon who wants to be President and will keep Obama’s medical reins on your neck refuses to expose his taxes that have been DEMANDED by the American people. Without the defense of show me yours and I’ll show you mine, why do you think this man who asks us to give him the most powerful job in the world, refuses to answer. This is not a pingpong contest, it is WE THE PEOPLE demanding information from the Mormon. We WILL get the information Obama is hiding no matter where he goes. He will NOT escape being revealed.

        47. Now you tell me just what you are going to do to stop it….You have your two nominees all sawed up in two neat packages….You will not get anyone else but those two. And I can count to 3, but that never works…..
          You had better think in terms of the lesser of two evils….I say, protect the freedom we are already losing under Obama. Now he wants to government subsidize all businesses….Come on…Can’t you see what he is doing??….He is setting up his kingdom. He is taking over our country…He passes out executive orders unchecked and will continue to take over our spiritual lives and the internet. We will be tied up as a country without representation, That has already started to happen. At least with Romney our freedoms will give us room to vent in such places as this. And to worship as we so choose. I believe if Obama is elected again this site will not be possible anymore. And Christians will be persecuted beyond anything we ever thought we would see here in America. Just look at how law enforcement was told to leave the Occupiers alone even when they were breaking the law. That came from the WH. All liberals will be free to do as they please because Obama needs them.. All conservatives will be shut down and punished. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

        48. No. Have the courage to stand with the American. Don’t betray the courageous Patriots and Founders. They didn’t think in terms of the easiest way out which is to vote for the “lesser of two evils” mentality. They faced an outnumbering, most powerful armed force in the world at that time. They pledged/swore on everything they owned including their very lives, to stand and fight for INDEPENDENCE, for FREEDOM. They lost many battles and lost many towns/villages/homes to destruction rather than back off the fight to protect the towns/villages/homes from damage. A famous Patriot warned us that Those Who Choose Security Over Freedom Deserve Neither. Don’t betray our Founders. Vote for the Third Man who is an American, a Christian, a loyal and loving husband, father, grandfather, relative, neighbor, friend, and respected Congressman. An AIR FORCE VETERAN, an OBGYN who delivered 4000 little Americans into this country, an outspoken strong defender of our Constitution, 2nd Amendment and all our Founding Documents, and the SPIRIT of America, and a lover of America and his countrymen… Americans. No, we won’t sit down and shut up and take second best of anything anymore. We’ve been there done that out of a desire to encompass those who had actually been promoted by another cult so we wound up with this communist in our highest office. Cults are free to conduct their own business, but cannot slip under the title of Christian in an effort to get control of our highest office. The Mormons have put many of their cultists in our government like Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid, and others. Even put Mormon Jon Huntsman, Jr. in the GOP contest for President with Mormon Willard Romney. They are very wealthy people and are on the move to grab power in our government. Mormonism is a cult. NOT Christians. Christianity believes in a triune God. Three in One. Mormons do not, they believe in man and promotion of man, same theory as Scientology. Read this:

        49. jazz you sound just like the ex-Mormons that left the church because they would not adhere to the covenants required to live a clean & spiritual life. Your post reeks of hate & ignorance! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints is in no way a cult. Our lifestyles prove that around the World!!!

        50. you are a plant from the Obama camp. Admit it. Jazzpast. You’d rather have Obama lead us into Hell than have an honorable family man lead this country. And like I said before, READ THE SCRIPTURES, YOU IDIOT. Zech. 2 and 1Tim. 2:1-2. Plus there is a lot more in the scriptures. READ IT. A lot of the rulers were idol worshipers. Yet the Hebrews were safe under their rule.

        51. Exactly mojo – You are right on….Jazzpast is ignorant of the Scriptures and appears to worship a false god as well…….

        52. Disagree. Jesus told us that He is The Truth The Way and The Life, and No Man Comes Unto The Father But By Him. Kind of puts all deniers in category of cults, doesn’t it. You might talk to God about it and ask him to enlighten you while you read The New Testament.

        53. Mitt Romney’s umderwear is none of your business unless your are a pervert. If you ARE a pervert, … .

        54. Sooo are you saying you know his undies are “marked” like has been common knowledge for years about certain degree Mormons, or do you know for a fact they are not? btw, thanks to O and his cult followers (commies) we Voters DEMAND to know E V E R Y T H I N G about these characters who spend their lives trying to grab the brass ring of power of the most powerful job in the world. This is no simple request. EVERYTHING must be answered, or they can take their “privacy” and walk away. To stay and fight with the people they want to employ them IS perverted.

        55. There are a host of things that have no bearing on the candidaye’s suitability to serve as president. His underwear is one’of those things.

          The ONLY people who are concerned about Romney’s (or anyone else’s) underwear are perverts. The only people who answer that sort of question are too weak or ego-centric that they do not have the imtegrity to be president.

          So , are you a pervert?

        56. There has been interest in the Mormon “underwear” for years. Surely you are aware. To those who know about the Mormon belief instituted by Mr. Smith regarding marked underwear, it is the business of Voters to know if the wannabe President trusts in underwear as a religious symbol and purpose, instead of for instance, a crucifix lapel pin or other symbol for the purpose of identifying himself as a “Christian” same as an American Flag suit lapel pin identifies wearer as an American. Underwear is not a Christian symbol.
          Note the new Navoo, Illinois Mormon Temple and history.,_IllinoisMormon groups compile names of deceased Jews and “baptize” them in absentia. You can search and find that Jews have tried legally to stop them from baptizing their deceased religious members. I don’t recall the results of their effort. Was in news sometime this year. Mormonism IS a Cult!

        57. You say there has been interest in “Mormon” underwear for years. So? There have been perverts for millennia. The only people who are interested in someone else’s underwear are perverts.

        58. hummm. Then how could you deny that Mr. Smith was a pervert and the father of his cult’s perverts, since his mind and hands were on his entire cult’s underwear and he wanted them all to wear his designs? Did he have a TSA group checking or did he do it himself? Answer please. Checkmate.

        59. I’m saying his underwear is none of your business nor mine, unless your are a pervert. Since you keep raising the issue, it is becoming clear who you are.

        60. I think it’s weird, strange that Mitt Romney wears magic mormon underwear! You wouldn’t find it strange that your Prsesident wore magic underwear like mickey mouse? Ha, ha, ha!

        61. What I find strange is that there are people who think it’s their business what underwear anyone wears.

          As I said, it’s none of your business unless you are a pervert. Apparently …

        62. If the man we are putting in the White House wears magic mormon underwear like mickymouse it’s my business, you mormon CULT freak! It’s the whole of America’s business to know what type of person we are putting in the White House!

        63. I have it on good authority that Mickey Mouse wears no underwear (he’s just a two-dimensional cartoon figure, after all).

          Way back when we were children, our mothers taught us that the person who feels it necessary to call his opponent names has lost the argument. I invite the readers here to examine the messages in this topic and determine who has followed the example of Jesus by turning the other cheek, by answering mildly, by using meekness.

          By their fruits ye shall know them.
          Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

          Who has demonstrated true Christian attitudes and whose words are filled with malice and venom?

          Methinks, sir, that you have done your position more harm than you can imagine. We cannot judge your motivation, but we can observe your acts and words.

        64. LeSellers, give it up. Here’s your last opportunity to prove Mormons are Christians. Tell us about the Mormon teaching regarding the Crucifix and the salvation of mankind by Christ through his sacrifice on that cross, and tell us about the Holy Trinity of Father Son & Holy Spirit in ONE God. Please read your manual before you add more of what Smitty would call hear Heresy To Mormonism. American Christians are certainly observing Mormonism and herewith YOUR acts and words as Mormons pretending to be Christians.

        65. You will recall that I have said that this is not an appropriate forum for discussing LDS doctrine.

          My father had good advice for times like this: Never argue with an idiot lest observers not be able to tell who is who.

          Similarly, a Jewish sage reminded us that one fool can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

          I leave, wishing you the best.

        66. Are you saying all magic underwear wearers are perverts or what do you mean? If you feel like you are in a conversational corner, you are right… there is no more defense, you have used all of the corny putdowns and Obama-style non-answers in your bucket.

        67. LeSellers, seems like Mormons think nothing about their organization and certainly nothing about Lady Mitt and Mr. Mitt’s taxes are any American Voters’ business… like Lady Mitt said, THEY have given us all they are going to and all they need to. hummm… raises the question What ABOUT her taxes since she brought them into the conversation.

        68. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joseph Smith or any man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of Christ should be taught out of the Bible, not Joseph Smith’s book of mormon. And not by the traditions of men.

        69. Apparently, jazzpast, you did not read the above article. We do not look to government to find salvation. We look to the government for cultural and secular protection. We look to God for spiritual matters that relate to cultural and secular protection. But we have to “be grownups” and discern how to separate the two. If you read the article you would see how God can use those who may not worship Him as His workmen to protect and to further His kingdom. You must not put yourself above God when making decisions. You must let God be God and let Him decide who is to be used and who is not to be. Just because someone does not adhere to the word of God, does not mean that God will not use them for His purposes. Be careful how you attempt to think you know all there is to know. Stop acting like you do not need the Holy Spirit to teach you, because when you do, God cannot speak to you anymore.

        70. Anyone who does not worship Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and only way to get to God is worshiping in a Satanic vacuum. So now who are you going to vote for? Oh, you are not going to vote….I see….Then you are automatically voting for the winner and you are automatically saying that you have no concern as to protection of our freedom to Worship Jesus Christ without consequences. You are blatantly telling God that He has no business using those who worship false Gods to further His Kingdom when it is right there in the Bible that He did so many times. Stop playing God and realize that God can move in other ways than your prescribed neat little package you have put together in your head.

        71. Mojo: now you are insulting IDIOTs. They at least have some brain capacity, evidently Jazzpast is so stuck on him or herself, he/she couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

        72. Can we assume you have read the Bible (and not just “Dr.” Walter Martin)?

          When we read Jesus’ words, “By their fruits ye shall know them,” He have gave us a key to discern who are Christians and who are not.

          It is my understanding that good feelings and good thoughts come from God, while evil feelings and evil thoughts come from an opposite source. If your feelings and thoughts regarding my Church and her people are dark, evil, or just plain bad, where did they come frm?

        73. You do what’s right in your own eyes. That has nothing to do with reading the Bible. Your a blind idiot. Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by the horned Joseph Smith or any other man, rituals, sacraments or penances of any church. The teachings of the LORD Jesus Christ should be taught out of the Bible. Not Joseph Smith’s book of Abraham that was a made-up lie. Your just another deceived mormon CULT member. Your truth is all a lie! Joseph Smith your great prophet and founder was nothing but a criminal and polygamist with at least 27 wives. Some say over 60 wives. He was shot dead jumping out of a jailhouse window to his cell. Joseph Smith was in jail for polygamy. Your fake, fraud of a religion is pure evil and satanic. Your not a Christian period. Your not part of the Judeo-Christian faith if your a mormon. You mormons believe in all kinds of weird things that most Christians do not accept theologically!


        75. Do you live out here among them? I consider myself a Christian and do and no, I don’t believe in Smith nor Buddha, nor Allah for that matter. From my intimate perspective, your ignorance is obvious….and unChristian. They have the right to believe their way, and I don’t see them trying to kill the country as your friend BHO. If their wrong they’ll answer for it, not me….or you. So. please get your aprents to explain in depth what Christianity is.

        76. LOL – Yes, that is what it amounts to if you were not so blind to the real truth….which makes it pathetic……….believing lies is your way of life I guess.

        77. Hey my brother jazzpast. This is ALOHA from HAWAII. You keep on sounding the ALARM. The Bible said, For many deceivers are entered into the world.

          Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of CHRIST, hath not GOD. He that abideth in the doctrine of CHRIST, he hath both the Father and the Son.
          If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:
          For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his EVIL deeds. 2 John 1:7-11.

          The Bible also said this:
          Jude 1:25.

          I was a Mormon for 40 long blinded years. Not knowing that the price of my Salvation was already paid for, by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST.

          And all I had to do, is confess with my mouth the LORD JESUS, and believe in my heart that GOD hath raised JESUS from the dead, And I was saved.

          Because GOD said, for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

          I started weeping. Because, for the first time, some thing happen on the inside of me. It was like I had tap into some thing that was not natural, but it was super-natural. You know what I mean?

          That’s when I started reading the B I B L E. And nothing but the BIBLE. And I realize that I can’t blame the Mormon church. Because I was BLIND and I allow my self to be DECEIVE.

          Than I read where JESUS said, Take heed that no man DECEIVE you. Boy, was I DECEIVE. Matthew 24:4.

          You be strong in the LORD and the power of HIS Might.

          The Bible said, These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever. For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error. While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption, of the same is he brought in bondage. 2 Peter 2:17-19.

        78. That’s right they are wells without water. Thank You Brother.
          In this world today there is suffering, sorrow and death.
          Because of the fact it has been sown in corruption,
          Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.
          One generation sows, the next generation stimulates
          The desire, and they come to the place generation
          After generation, corruption, corruption
          Util you can’t wade through the corruption today,
          But in the midst of all the corruption,
          If you can find Jesus Christ, you will find peace.

        79. sure, for himself and Mormonism. Got enough of them in Govt. Harry Reid, Orin Hatch are just two, but powerful positions. Why haven’t THEY improved our country’s finances? MORMONS!

        80. Excuse me jazzpast – Check out Obama and who he is……You are not thinking. You are falling right into the hands of Satan. Read your Bible…..and read this above article. How many times did God use those who worshiped false Gods to carry out His purposes in order to further His kingdom. Are you interested in protecting your freedom to worship openly and as you wish, or would you rather forfeit the peace of religious freedom in this country? You have already had a taste of what Obama plans for the church. And it is not moving in the direction of freedom to worship Jesus Christ without consequence.

        81. Noremac, God never used anyone who worshiped false Gods. He converted those who worshiped false Gods. Read Paul’s letters. You must be Mormon trained. Christians would never say that, they know better.

        82. Just for starters, let’s talk about Judas. He was evil and worshiped a god other than Jesus Christ, therefore a false god. God used Judas to accomplish His purposes. God is the God of the universe. He is God of the means and the end. We cannot overlook the fact that God uses means of His choosing to accomplish the end of His choosing. He chooses kings and takes down kings to accomplish His purposes. We have two men running for president, one of whom will come into that office. Neither one of these two men are worshipers of the Biblical God. Anyone who knows their Bible knows that to be true. They are both false god worshipers. You and I can never get away with trying to manipulate God by not voting. You must vote for one of them. Look at these two men and how they measure up to God’s clear pattern for daily living. How closely do they honor the precepts and commands of God and lead the people to do the same? Vote for that person.

        83. First of all, you have been blind-sighted and you cannot count to three.
          That tips your argument lopsided and untrue.

        84. Sure – okay you want to count to three – face reality – 3 will not do anything but be a spoiler…that is the way it always works….And so who is your co-spoiler….????

          So my argument is “lopsided and untrue”. Where is the untruth and lopsided is a matter of which way the side tilts. The fact that you want to count to 3 makes you the tilter, and therefore not me.

        85. Note correction please to Blind-Sided. You support the control thugs of mainstream media and obediently ignore the Third candidate. It is not a matter of tilting, it is a matter of sinking the Ship of Freedom which Obamacommie is doing and RichieRich will do by abandoning ship turning it over to the neocons again and simply jump into one of his yachts. Translation: Obama is a commie and dances to their orders to destroy USA; Willard will bow to Israel even lower than O did to foreigners and get us into another war for them which will give him even more easy money. Neither of these boys give a bleep about this country or our citizens. Absolute jerks. Their wives are ignoramuses too. Only Ron Paul is a real American and will get us back on keel.

        86. noremac, btw… Judas was a Jew, raised as one and worshiped as one. Jesus was a Jew and attended and spoke at Temple until his time arrived to begin God’s work of salvation. Judas didn’t worship a false God, he was given the opportunity as all people are, to accept the arrival of the Messiah and be saved. He CHOSE silver and like most today who choose silver/gold, discover it was a bad choice. God gave us FREEDOM of choice and spread his Message throughout the world to enable people to CHOOSE the Truth. Your perspective is inaccurate.

        87. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty – Should we vote for one anti-Christ over another anti-Christ out of fear that we will be persecuted for our faith? According to the Bible persecution in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ would be a great thing.

        88. That’s right Brother! And a persecution is pending right now for the Christians in the United States. You don’t need to worry about it though Brother. Don’t even think of it, let’s just go into it with a shout,__let’s go into it with joy. When this government steps on us it’s going to bring God down to earth. It’s going cause God to look out the portholes of heaven. It’s going to bring God to earth.

        89. And that is why we cannot have our current president in office again…Why do you think persecution is pending now? Think about it…..yes, think about it…So do not vote for Romney and persecution will surely come as that day will be hastened….. you will be persecuted Matthew 5:10-11…but you will not endure the wrath of God as the rapture will occur before that happens…are you ready?

        90. The Virgin Birth of JESUS CHRIST

          One of the great doctrines of the BIBLE, which is uniquely related to the SUPREME earthly manifestation of the ETERNAL GOD, is the doctrine of the VIRGIN BIRTH of JESUS CHRIST.
          In one very real sense, this doctrine is INDISSOLUBLY linked with that of the INCARNATION,being, so to speak, the agency or instrument whereby GOD chose to manifest HIMSELF.
          Time and again the BIBLE reminds us that DEITY was clothed with humanity in the MANGER of BETHLEHEM,and Christians of ALL generations have revered the mystery prefigured by the cryptic words of Isaiah the prophet:

          Behold, a VIRGIN shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name IMMANUEL…For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the Government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE. (Isaiah 7:14; 9:6)

        91. The apostle Paul refers numerous times to the DEITY of our LORD, declaring that “IN HIM dwelleth ALL the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily” (Colossians 2:9).

          Attempts to minimize the VIRGIN BIRTH of JESUS CHRIST or to do away with it altogether, as some LIBERAL theologians have energetically tried to do, have consistently met with DISASTER. This is TRUE because the simple narratives of this momentous event recorded in Matthew and Luke refuse to surrender to the hindsight reconstruction THEORIES of second-guessing critics.

        92. Some persons have, on the other hand, decided upon a middle course where this doctrine is concerned. They affirm its biological necessity. In a word, Matthew and Luke, who had access to eyewitness testimonies (Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, etc.), never really believed the teaching as recorded; rather it was a pious attempt to endow Christ with a supernatural conception in order to add glory to His personality. Regardless of how distasteful the unbiblical concepts of LIBERAL and so-called neoorthodox theologians may be concerning the VIRGIN BIRTH of our SAVIOR, no group has framed a concept of the VIRGIN BIRTH doctrine in the terms employed by the MORMON prophet Brigham Young.

          ~Mormon doctrine concerning the VIRGIN BIRTH of CHRIST was first delivered in the pronouncements of Brigham Young and has been consistently found in the teachings of all General Authorities throughout their history. It has never been contradicted and consequently represents the doctrine of the Mormon Church.~

          Relative to the doctrine of the VIRGIN BIRTH of CHRIST, Brigham Young has unequivocally stated,

        93. When the VIRGIN Mary conceived the child Jesus, the Father had begotten him in his own likeness. He was not begotten by the Holy Ghost. And who was the Father? He is the first of the human family; and when he took a tabernacle [body], it was begotten by his Father in heaven, after the same manner as the tabernacles of Cain, Abel, and the rest of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve; from the fruits of the earth, the first earthly tabernacles were originated by the Father, and so on in succession… Jesus, our elder brother, was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the garden of Eden, and who is our Father in Heaven. (Journal of Discourses, 1:50-51)

          Now, in order to understand what “prophet” Young was saying, another of his pronouncements found in the same context should be considered;

          When our father Adam came into the garden of Eden, he came into it with a celestial body, and brought Eve, one of his wives, with him… He is our FATHER and our GOD, and the only God with whom WE have to do. (Ibid.)

        94. As we have seen in the Mormon doctrine of “God,” Mormon theology teaches that POLYTHEISM is the divine order. Belief in many gods is the cornerstone of their theology, and POLYGAMOUS gods they are. Parley P. Pratt, a leading Mormon writer whose books are recommended by Mormon publishing houses as representing their theological views, also writes concerning this doctrine:

          Each of these Gods, including Jesus Christ and his Father, being in possession of not merely an organized spirit but also a glorious immortal body of flesh and bones… (Key to the Science of Theology, ed. 1978, 23)

          Added to this POLYTHEISTIC are other official Mormon sources, many of whom confirm the SEXUAL CONCEPTION of Jesus enunciated by Young and many others. Wrote Apostle James Talmage in The Articles of Faith:

          His [Christ’s] unique status in the flesh as the offspring of a mortal mother [Mary] and of an immortal, or resurrected and glorified, Father [Elohim]. (ed. 1974, 473).

        95. Brigham young, therefore, taught this UNBIBLICAL doctrine of which he spoke openly more than once as the following shows:

          When the time came that His first-born, the Saviour, should come into the world and take a tabernacle (body), the Father came Himself and favoured that spirit with a tabernacle instead of letting any other man do it. (Journal of Discourses, 4:218)

          The birth of the Saviour was as natural as are the births of our children; it was the result of natural action. He partook of flesh and blood-was begotten of his Father, as we are of our father. (Journal of Discourses, 8:115)

          The base POLYTHEISM of Mormonism was never more clearly dissembled than in the foregoing statements, and Young’s classification of the Father as a glorified, resurrected “man” cannot be misunderstood. The phase “any other man” rules out the efforts of Mormon apologists to defend Young and unmasks the entire anti-Christian teaching.

          We see, then, the Mormon teaching concerning our Lord’s birth is a revolting distortion of the biblical revelation and one that is in keeping with the Mormon dogma of a flesh-and-bone god. In Mormon thinking, as reflected in the authoritative declarations of one of their prophets, our Savior was produced, not by a direct act of the Holy Spirit, but by actual SEXUAL RELATIONS between “an immortal or resurrected and glorified Father” and Mary-a blasphemous view, which takes its place beside the infamous mythology of Greece, wherein the gods fathered human sons through physical union with certain chosen women.

        96. Thank you, Big Kahuna, for your time and knowledge. You’ve explained the false prophet Smith and his teachings perfectly. Perhaps this all is happening for a reason. Perhaps God is using the challenge by the Mormons to take over this Christian founded country, in a way to inform Mormon subjects they are being used and abused and their souls are indeed in danger, and that Jesus Christ alone offers salvation from Hell and offers everyone the Truth. Members of Mormonism have not had an opportunity like this to call them to personally examine their Books and Instructions and PURPOSEFULLY READ and STUDY the Holy Bible. Compare. If they do it without an overseer, do it on their own and ask God’s guidance, they will run from the terror in store for their souls and become Christians and be saved. The door is open. ESCAPE!

        97. Well said. My brother. You see. The problem is personal. It’s up to an individual to ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK. That’s what I did for me and my family. JESUS said, ask, and you WILL receive. Seek, and you WILL find. Knock, and the door WILL be open unto you.

          One day, I said to myself. wait a minute. Everybody cannot be right. All these religions cannot be all right. Because, that’s CONFUSION. That’s NOT PEACE. They are ALL CONFUSE.

          Than I start reading the BIBLE. Not the book of Mormon or any other book, or books. I read where JESUS said, I AM THE WAY, not one of the way. JESUS said, I AM THE WAY, than JESUS said, I AM THE TRUTH, not one of the truth. But JESUS said, I AM THE TRUTH. Than JESUS said, I AM THE LIFE. Than the next couple of words blew my mind.

          JESUS said, NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME. What blew my mind was that STATEMENT. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. HE said.

          I read some more. And I found out that HE never mention any thing about any religion or religions. But HE is talking about who HE is. HE IS THE ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH, AND THE ONLY LIFE.

          After that. I said to my family. WE are EXITING this place to day. NOT to morrow. But TO DAY. To day is our day for SALVATION. THE LORD will lead and guide us out of here and into a place where people believe in THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE.

          It’s a FREE LIFE..

        98. Beautiful, Big Kahuna. Truth is beautiful. Jesus is the answer, not a suggestion, not an option. Fantastic to realize the truth. H*ll to belong to the pretenders.

        99. Who is talking about fear here? I am talking about being led by the Holy Spirit to work with God and not against Him. Do not try to manipulate God. It will not work.

        100. “do not try to manipulate god”? are you god? if the Holy Spirit is calling you to vote for an anti-christ its not the Holy Spirit you are hearing I assure you that… unless that is if God has given you over to a reprobate mind.

        101. Again – do not forget – God chooses the means to get to His end result….Just as He chose Judas who, was anti-christ, to accomplish His purposes….Did God know what He was doing when He used the evil brothers of Joseph to leave him in the pit? You see, God uses those who are not His to accomplish His purposes…According to what you say, you could very seldom vote, because anyone who does not acknowledge Christ as the only way to God is anti-christ. Romney is no more anti-christ than Obama. With Obama, the deceit is even worse. He says he is a Christian, but has not a clue, according to what he has told his daughter, what will happen to him when he dies. He would not let Franklin Graham take part in the National Day of Prayer last year and as a matter of fact, distanced himself from it as well. In one speech he picked passages from the Bible, taking them out of context and said he did not want to believe in such. Yet, he quotes fondly from the Quoran (sp). You will be judged as you judge…I know who I am and God knows my heart…and do not forget, He knows yours as well….To ask me “are you (g)od?” is disrespectful to The God of creation who is the decider of my destiny. I do not believe you understand what “anti-christ” means and because of that, you do not realize your manipulative actions.

        102. No I can always vote because there is always a real Christian running for office – that has been washed by the lamb. You keep saying God uses evil people which is true, but he uses them to punish his people. Did the Jews vote for Nebuchadnezzar? did the Jews vote for Pharaoh of Exodus? – NO. Give me a name of one evil person in the Bible that either the Jews or Christians THEMSELVES put into power. To sit and say it is Gods will for use to vote for Romney is blasphemous. Was he holding a Gun to Grahams head? which would not have mattered he should have done prayed anyway it is the greatest glory to be persecuted for the Lord Jesus Christ. I know exactly what an anti-christ is. it is defined in 2nd John there is only one chapter so you should read it – anyone who comes not with the doctrine of Jesus Christ is an anti-Christ. Mormons and what ever Obama believes in is are both equally anti-Christ. You were the one that says you are god – i was quoting you.

        103. Are you playing games? Telling others not to vote for Romney is a suttle way to garner votes for your candidate Osama Bama? Come out of the closet and openly support Obama don’t do it by saying you won’t vote for Romney because he is a Mormon so vote for the Muslim then a terrorist sympathizer

        104. No sir, you are playing the game it is called the left right game, my comments have clearly shown I would not vote for either. Obama is a communist that will bow down to any idol, any royalty, or false god to get elected. Romney thinks he is going to be a god when he dies (other than that I do not see any difference between the two). How is it Biblical to vote for either anti-Christ? How is one anti-Christ religion better than another? If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you are going to Hell – and as far as I can tell both Romney and Obama are on that wide path to destruction. I will be voting for the Constitution party candidate whom is a Christian – not for a hell bound Mormon or a hell bound Muslim (or what ever Obama believes in, personally I think he is just a high level follower of the Mystery Schools seeing that during the last election he carried around idols of the virgin Mary and the Hindu monkey god in his pocket). I think you need to look up who funded Al-Qaeda and radical extremists during the cold war – that would be the CIA. I hope you get Romney and then you wake the heck up when 4 years goes by and we sill have this stupid eugenics health care bill we call ObamaCare.

        105. Tex, Are you intimidating and fear mongering? Are you really a Texan or is that just a moniker? Texas has produced a wonderful reliable Congressman, an Air Force Veteran, loyal and loving husband of one wife, children, grandchildren, relative, friend, an OBGYN who brought 4,000 little Americans into this country, and is a Christian. Clearly the controllers of Obama also control the Media, the Debate Hosts, and obviously got their stranglehold on the GOP and clobbered Ron Paul with everything they could get away with. Likely they threatened him like they did Perot. Ron Paul still stands through their OBVIOUS onslaught. How do you like that, Tex? Americans will not vote for the commie, and they will NOT vote for the Mormon. Thankfully we will vote for the American lover of our country, our founders, our Constitution and documents, and of Americans. He will NOT take your children to battlefields to be slaughtered for any other country that goads us. Willing Willard rushed to Israel and gave them the ticket to get US jews to vote for him.. that they can dump Tel Aviv as their capital and go take over the Holy City of Jerusalem and ignore the fact that it was declared an INTERNATIONAL city because Christians, Jews, and Muslims have their Holy Sites there. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! They want it ALLL because it is THEIRS!! Because God gave it to them!! Nah, not to Zionists. Jews are welcome as well as the other religions in Jerusalem and that’s how it must stay. Romney bent over farther than Obama ever did for a foreign power and we don’t like either posture. OUT OF OUR WAY, BOTH JERKS.

        106. Amen, NWODB. Praying that Christian comments will get through the deceit of Smith and free the prisoners. They must find how they are being fed more of Jones’ Kool Aid and like those “followers” (prisoners) are willingly drinking it unto their own spiritual deaths. This is serious business. We do not want a cult member in our Christian land’s presidency. We surely have learned how stupid we have been to show acceptance without question without full knowledge of O’s history, background, finances, etc. We CANNOT AFFORD to do that again, we cannot afford to ignore CHRIST in choosing our next President. BEWARE, if you think we are in trouble now, you have a lot to learn by extending this Commie’s power over us, or by setting a non-CHRISTIAN in the seat of power of our Christian country. CHRISTIANS!! You are the decisionmakers now, do well by your very souls.

        107. thank you for the kind words friend. unfortunately no one studies the Bible or they would know that God will save us if and only if we repent as a nation. Putting our faith in some man (one that thinks he is going to be a god when he dies at that) is not repentance. I just pray that when these people get what they want – an anti-Christ with Christian values in office (what an oxymoron) and he does not repeal Obamacare they will wake the heck up and repent. The Republican party is garbage – we need to be supporting a Christian 3rd party like the Constitution party. Jesus once said you do not put new wine into old wine skins – it’s time to throw the rotten Republican party out.

        108. The Dem party is the Commie party now. Watched some on tv today, like ol’ Howard Dean the Comedian trying to act serious and smart but couldn’t hold it long and always looked like he was holding back stupid laughter. They never know when to exit… or maybe not enough candidates to replace them? Republican party clearly destroyed and proven by watching the Debates and the voting sessions with the groups electing candidate preference. Big fights preventing Ron Paul’s supporters. Yes, time for another Party.

        109. Corrections, Contradictions, and Errors

          There is a great wealth of information concerning the material contained in The Book of Mormon and the various plagiarisms, anachronisms, false prophecies, and other unfortunate practices connected with it. At best we can give but a condensation of that which has been most thoroughly documented.

          Since the publication of The Book of Mormon in 1830, the first edition has undergone extensive “corrections” in order to present it in its current form. Some of these “corrections” should be noted.

          ~The former major revision of The Book of Mormon was in 1920. That standard edition is still found in many public libraries and in millions of homes. In the latest revision, 1981, a subtitle was added to the cover: “Another Testament of Jesus Christ,” and no less than one hundred verses were changed without consulting the missing golden plates.

          A note closing the introduction to the 1981 edition says, “Some minor errors in the text have been perpetuated in past editions of The Book of Mormon. This edition contains corrections that seem appropriate to bring the material into conformity with prepublication manuscripts and early editions edited by the prophet Joseph Smith.”

          Without blushing, the Mormon Church boldly asserts the unfounded claim that the prepublication manuscripts agree with their most recent changes. Our access to the handwritten copies of the original Book of Mormon deny such a claim and proves once again that the Mormon Church will sacrifice truth for the sake of public relations.~

        110. (1). In Mosiah 21:28, it is declared that “King Mosiah had a gift from God”; but in the original edition of the book, the name of the king was BENJAMIN-an oversight that thoughtful Mormon scribes corrected. This is not, of course, a typographical error, as there is little resemblance between the names BENJAMIN and MOSIAH; rather, it appears that either God made a MISTAKE when He inspired the record, or Joseph made a mistake when he translated it. But the Mormons will admit to neither, so they are stuck, so to speak, with the CONTRADICTION.

          (2). When compared with the 1830 edition, 1 Nephi 19:16-20 reveals more than twenty changes in the “inspired Book of Mormon,” words having been dropped, spelling corrected, and words and phraseology added and turned about. This is a strange way to treat an inspired revelation from God.

          (3). In Alma 28:14-29:11, more than eighteen changes may be counted from the original edition. On page 303 the phrase, “Yea, decree unto them that decrees which are unalterable,” was dropped in later editions, but strangely reappeared in 1981. (See Alma 29:4.)

          (4). On page 25 of the 1830 edition, The Book of Mormon declares “And the angel said unto me, behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the son of the eternal Father.”
          Yet in 1 Nephi 11:21, the later editions of the book read: “And the angel said unto me: Behold the Lamb of God, yea even the son of the eternal Father.”

          (5). The Roman Catholic Church should be delighted with page 25 of the original edition of The Book of Mormon, which confirms one of their dogmas, namely, that Mary is the mother of God.
          “Behold, the virgin which thou seest, is the mother of God.”
          Noting this unfortunate lapse into Romanistic theology, Joseph Smith and his considerate editors changed 1 Nephi 11:18 (as well as 1 Nephi 11:21, 32; 13:40), so that it now reads:
          “Behold, the virgin whom thou seest, is the mother of the Son of God.”
          From the above, which are only a handful of examples from the approximately four thousand word changes to be found in The Book of Mormon, the reader can readily see that it in no sense can be accepted as the Word of God. The Scripture says, “The word of the Lord endureth for ever” (1Peter 1:25); and our Savior declared, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” (John 17:17).

        111. The record of the Scriptures rings true. The Book of Mormon, on the other hand, is patently FALSE in far too many instances to be considered coincidence.
          Added to the evidence of various revisions, The Book also contains PLAGIARISMS from the King James Bible, ANACHRONISMS, FALSE PROPHECIES, and ERRORS of FACT that cannot be dismissed. Some of these bear repetition, though they are well known to students of Mormonism.

        112. YES, RescueKyron. Mormonism is not only a CULT. It is one of the MOST dangerous CULT, born in this side of HELL.

          Archaeological Evidence

          The Book of Mormon purports to portray the rise and development of two great civilization. As to just how great these civilizations were, some excerpts from the book itself adequately illustrate.

          “The whole face of the land had become covered with buildings, and the people were as numerous almost, as it were the sand of the sea” (Mormon 1:7).

          “… fine workmanship of wood, in buildings, and in machinery, and also in iron and copper, and brass and steel, making all manners of tools” (Jarom 1:8; 2 Nephi 5:15).

          “…grain … silks … cattle … oxen … cows … sheep … swine … goats … horses … asses … elephants … ” (see Ether 9:17-19). “…did multiply and spread … began to cover the face of the whole earth, from the sea south to the sea north, from the sea west to the sea east” (Heleman 3:8).

          “…had been slain … nearly two million [Jaredites]” (see Ether 15:2).
          “…their shipping and their building of ships, and their building of temples, and of synagogues and their sanctuaries” (Heleman 3:14. See also 2 Nephi 5:15-16; Alma 16:13). “… there were ten more who did fall … with their ten thousand each” (see Mormon 6:10-15).

          “… swords … cimeters … breastplates … arm-shields … shields … headplates … armor” (see Alma 43:18-19; 3:5; Ether 15:15).
          “… multiplied exceedingly, and spread upon the face of the land, and became exceeding rich” (Jarom 1:8). See 3 Nephi 8:9-10, 14; 9:4-6, 8: where cities and inhabitants were sunk in the depths of the sea and earth.

          In addition to the foregoing statements from The Book of Mormon, which indicate the tremendous spread of the cultures of these races, there are numerous cities catalogued in The Book of Mormon, evidence that these were indeed mighty civilizations, which should, by all the laws of archaeological research into the culture of antiquity, have left fast amounts of “finds” to be evaluated. But such is not the case as we shall show.

          The Mormons have yet to explain the fact that leading archaeological researchers not only have repudiated the claims of The Book of Mormon as to the existence of these civilizations, but have adduced considerable evidence to show the IMPOSSIBILITY of the accounts given in the Mormon Bible.

          The following letter was addressed to the Rev. R. Odell Brown, pastor of the Hillcrest Methodist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia, an ardent student of Mormonism and its claims. Dr. Brown, in the course of his research, wrote to the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University in New York City. The answer he received is of great importance in establishing the fact that The Book of Mormon is neither accurate nor truthful where the sciences of archaeology and anthropology are concerned.

        113. The letter

          Dear Sir:
          Pardon my delay in answering your letter of January 14, 1957. The question which you ask concerning the Book of Mormon is one that comes u quite frequently….However….I may say that I do not believe that there is a single thing of value concerning the prehistory of the American Indian in the Book of Mormon and I believe that the great majority of American archaeologists would agree with me.

          THE book is UNTRUE biblically, historically, and scientifically.

          Concerning Dr. Charles Anthon of Columbia University, I do not know who he is and would certainly differ with his viewpoint, as the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) tell it. What possible bearing Egyptian hieroglyphics would have on either the Book of Mormon or the prehistory of the American Indian I do not know…. I am,

          Very sincerely yours,
          Wm. Duncan Strong [Signed]

        114. OH. And you are the smart one. Right? Since you are so smart. Than tell me, Where are the ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE of the two great civilizations that the book of Mormon claim?

          Tell us. Mr. DUMP-ASS.

          Where are the ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE of these two great civilizations that the book of Mormon claim.

          What happen to these two great civilizations?

          The Mormons have yet to EXPLAIN the fact that LEADING ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCHERS not only have repudiated the claims of The Book of Mormon as to the EXISTENCE OF THESE CIVILIZATIONS, but have adduced considerable EVIDENCE TO SHOW THE “(IMPOSSIBILITY)” of the accounts given in the Mormon bible.

          Can you read, Mr. Smart guy?


          In other words, The book is (UNTRUE) biblically, historically, and scientifically.

          Another word. IT’S A LIE. I’m been real nice.

          I’m an ex-Mormon. For 40 years. Came out of the CULT 25 years ago, with ALL of my families. WE ARE FREE IN DEE.
          THANK YOU JESUS, for your HOLY SPIRIT and for your WORD. And for those that had love me and my family enough to show me THE TRUTH.

          I memorize the book of Mormon.

        115. You haven’t read the Bible very well, have you? Mitt is an honorable man. He’s so very much better than what is in there now. Do you really think a 3rd party could win? I think not. That would just insure a win for Obama. And then “GOD HELP US.”

        116. Hey mojo.
          A person may be ethically and morally “good” by human standards, but if he sets his face against JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR, and rejects HIM, his fruit is corrupt, and he is to be rejected as counterfeit.

          You can’t lift one man up so high, and put the other man down so low. Because, the Bible said;

          What then? Is Mitt Romney better than Obama? NO, in no wise: for both men are under sin;

          As it is written, THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO, NOT ONE:









          FOR ALL HAVE SINNED, AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD: Romans 3: 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,23.

          Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by FAITH without the deeds of the law.

        117. And where is your proof? You don’t have any, because you are repeating something that you heard someone else say that didn’t know the truth. Stop being so stupid and educate yourself about something before you open your hate , and lies filled mouth.

        118. You see. THE TRUTH HURTS. I know. I’ve been their. But hold on. The TRUTH will set you FREE. JESUS said that. Not the Mormon bible.

          The Bible said, NOT the book of Mormon. The Bible said, The fear of the LORD is the beginning of KNOWLEDGE: but FOOLS despise WISDOM and INSTRUCTION.

          Fearing the LORD, Solomon wrote, is the beginning of Knowledge. The fear of the LORD occurs 11 times in Proverbs (and “fear the LORD” occurs 4 times).

          “Beginning” is the HEBREW word resit which means “the start.” One cannot gain KNOWLEDGE of spiritual things if he begins at the wrong point, refusing to fear the LORD (i.e., to recognize GOD’S character and respond by revering, trusting, worshiping, obeying, and serving HIM).

          Re sit also means the capstone or essence. The essence of true knowledge is fearing GOD. Apart from HIM a person is ignorant of spiritual things (Romans 1:22; Ephesians 4:18; 1 Peter 1:14).

          In contrast with those who fear GOD and have knowledge, (This is where you come in), FOOLS despise wisdom and discipline. “Despise” translates the HEBREW buz, “to hold in contempt, to belittle, to ridicule”

          There are Three HEBREW words are translated “FOOL” in Proverbs.

          (1). One kind of FOOL (k sil) is characterized by a dull mind. He is thickheaded and stubborn. This word occurs more frequently in Proverbs than the other two words; it is used 49 times in this book. This kind of FOOL rejects information from others.

          (2). Another word for FOOL is (nabal). It is used only three times in Proverbs and refers to one who lacks SPIRITUAL perception.

          (3). A third kind of FOOL (ewil) is arrogant andd flippant as well as mentally dull. He is coarse and hardened in his ways. This word is used 19 times in Proverbs and only 7 times elsewhere.

          The “FOOLS” in 1:7 are those who in their arrogant, coarse ways REJECT GOD and WISDOM.

          My question is. Which one do you fit in?

        119. Anachronisms and Contradictions

          Not only does the book of Mormon plagiarize heavily from the King James Bible, but it betrays a GREAT LACK OF INFORMATION and BACKGROUND on the subject of WORLD HISTORY and the HISTORY of the JEWISH PEOPLE.

          The Jaredites apparently enjoyed glass windows in the miraculous barges in which they crossed the ocean, and “steel” and a “compass” were known to Nephi despite the FACT THAT NEITHER HAD BEEN INVENTED.

          ~Although the Book of Mormon does NOT use the word glass in (Ether 2:23, it does say, “Ye cannot have windows, for they will be dashed in pieces,” clearly emphasizing the fragile nature of the window material.

          Three verses later, the word glass is actually used: “molten rock … white and clear, even as transparent as glass,” so the context plainly speaks of glass as we know it today-the implication being that Jared was familiar enough with glass to make a comparison with it.~

          This demonstrates once again that the DECEIVER, Joseph Smith was a POOR STUDENT OF HISTORY AND OF (HEBREW) customs.

          Laban, mentioned as one of the characters of The Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 4:9), makes use of a steel sword; and Nephi himself claims to have had a steel bow.

          The ancient Jaredites also had steel swords (Ether 7:9). The Mormons justify this by quoting PSALM 18:34 as a footnote to 1 Nephi 16:18 in The Book of Mormon, but modern translations of the Scriptures indicate that the word translated steel in the Old Testament (since steel WAS NONEXISTENT) is more properly rendered BRONZE.

          Nahum 2:3, NASB, uses “steel,” but it is taken from the (HEBREW) word PALADAH, probably meaning IRON.

          These are all in the book of Mormon. That, IF you can read. It’s history. Now, if you can’t read. Than that’s some thing totally different of it self. But hold on. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS FREE.


        120. ~William Hanmblin, in his preliminary report entitled Handheld Weapons in the Book of Mormon (1985), published by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.), uses the bronze argument as a possible justification for the rendering of steel in The Book of Mormon.

          He writes, “Another possibility is to equate this Jaredite steel with the ‘steel’ of the King James translation of the Old Testament, which actually refers to the HEBREW word for bronze.”

          The problem with using this explanation to protect The Book of Mormon is that it DEFIES Mormon history. Numerous contemporaries of Joseph Smith have claimed that Smith could not continue “translating” the gold plates unless the scribe read each word back to him correctly.

          If the word steel in The Book of Mormon should really have been bronze, it undermines the LDS claim that the book was translated by the gift and power of God, since it shows that ERRORS crept into Joseph Smith’s translation.~

          Mormons sometimes attempt to defend Nephi’s possession of a NOT YET INVENTED COMPASS (known in The Book of Mormon as a Liahona) by the fact that Acts 28:13 states, “And from thence we fetched a compass.” Modern translations of the Scripture, however, refute this subterfuge by correctly rendering the passage:

          “And from there we made a circle.”

          Added to the preceding anachronisms is the fact that The Book of Mormon not only contradicts the Bible, but contradicts other revelations purporting to come from the same God who inspired The Book of Mormon.

          The Bible declares that the Messiah of Israel was to be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), and the gospel of Matthew (chapter 2, v. 1) records the fulfillment of this prophecy. But The Book of Mormon (Alma 7:9, 10) states,

          “…the son of God cometh upon the face of the earth. And behold, he shall be born of Mary, at Jerusalem, which is the land of our forefathers…”

          The Book of Mormon describes Jerusalem as a city (1 Nephi 1:4), as was Bethlehem described as a separate town in the Bible.


        121. NO Mormon can today claim that he or she has eternal LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS. This is the very POWER of the GOSPEL which is entrusted to JESUS Church (Romans 1:16-17). Let us therefore use it in an attempt to bring them to redemptive knowledge of the TRUE CHRIST of Scripture and the costly salvation HE purchased for us with HIS own BLOOD.

        122. Just what is your problem jasspast? you are soooo full of hate, and towars something that you don’t know anything about. You are a sad man

        123. Here is how I sum up Mitt Romney’s foreign policy. Outsourcing our jobs to China, stashing his cash in the Caymans, and draft dodging Vietnam.

        124. Looks like you along with a few other million Idiots are going to be standing there on November 7, with egg on your faces, cause Romney will win by a Landslide. Count on it

        125. Romney doesn’t have a chance! Obama is leading in every state. In fact Obama is up in the polls at 53%


        127. Jazzpast: you would rather have a marksist, muslim in the WH. As far as NoBama goes: if he were to go into an automobile garage, would that make him an automobile? Remember, he attended a “Christian” church for 20 years hearing “G.D. America. Is that what you want someone who believes G. D. America, or someone who actually believes IN America, and has all of his life? As Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Your choice Jazzpast!

        128. You never heard me support Barack Obama your a liar. I’m not voting for RINO Romney who’s worse than Obama either.

        129. C’mon, New Mexican.

          It’s MormOn: two O’s, no A’s.

          But you’re right: better an USmerican Christian like Romney than a Communist Muslim like O’bama.

        130. Latter-day Saints are not YOUR kind of Christan, and we are grateful for that.

          Now I am going to apply my father’s wise counsel: Never argue with an idiot because, after a while, observers won’t be able to tell the difference. One other piece of wise advice, this one from a Jewish sage: one (or two, in this case) fools can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

          I bid you good day and wish you well.

        131. No, LeSellers is totally correct. Mormons are as christian as any other christian religion. They use the same bible, believe in the same god, ect. Do I go on? Check it out and stop believing lies and misquotes.

        1. To not vote for Romney is to vote one’s self into slavery under a self appointed king and an overwhelmingly large government to lord over and control its slaves!

        2. jazzpast is a troll and a liberal plant. Sorry jazzpast, you’ve been found out. Your ridiculous rants are not changing any minds here.

        3. If you were a Christian you would not make that statement. Jesus was condemned and crucified by those who would not change their hearts or minds, but preferred falsely accusing and crucifying the Truth.

      1. Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years. The government should force Mitt PHONEY to prove he paid his taxes. What do you expect from a Godless LDS mormon CULT leader.

        1. When bho shows his proof we’ll showours. Not a nano- second before. Bho show school records , real birth cirtificate , and everything else needed concerning the vetting of bho , we will ” CONSIDER” showing what ever you want to see concerning vetting of Romney.

        2. jazzpast is NOT a Christian. He is a pretender. He is probably paid to post his thoughts by liberals, and I’ll tell you why I think this is true.

          Our president is supposed to be a leader of a country. He is not your minister, priest, of spiritual counselor. What is faith is is not as important as if he is a moral and truthful person. You can be those things without being a certain faith..

          We are in a battle for the survival of our country. If you were a soldier on the battlefield, you would NOT stop and ask your commander what his religion is before choosing to follow him. At the moment, we are fighting to preserve our country. The struggle over souls should not enter this arena.

        3. You know what – ANMoore – I was just beginning to come to the same conclusion. And in fact I am wondering if jazzpast is Satan himself…..In my spirit I am being warned. Satan is attacking here because he knows who he wants in the White House and it is not Romney…..

        4. When Obama unseals all of his records, Romney should show his lifetime tax returns. The only reason you people want the disclosure is that he’s EARNED a lot of money, and you hope that jealousy among those who didn’t EARN as much will result in votes for your “Messiah”.


        1. jazzpast, you are one sick individual. Have you ever considered voting for the man/woman, not his/her religion? Contrary to liberal belief, obama cannot part the water, heal the sick, nor raise the dead. He might be a good snake oil salesman, but as a president, he goes over the top of the suckmeter.

        2. Feverishly treading and trying to swim out of this sick, polluted swirling society and climbing over a wall into the same water will only destroy the will to swim again. Voting for WillingWillardTheWimp is the same as jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. WE DON’T HAVE TO GO THERE!!! Shock the GOP that is controlled by the same controllers of the Obama Administration. Show them all that WE THE PEOPLE will chose our President, not them, not the Mainstream Media, not the “endorsers” or anyone else. WE THE PEOPLE. Speak up for Ron Paul and SAVE our Country. F I G H T.

        1. Jazzpast – Get our own Satanic self under the spirit of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit – You are in trouble – We all know that Momonism is a cult. Your continuous rants here betray you as one who also has no knowledge of what Truth is…..Which means you are in the same state of lostness as any Mormon. So why should anyone listen to you????

        2. Christians must share the Truth, which is Christ. John The Baptist worked for the Truth, the Disciples and Christians from then on have worked for the Truth. Obliged to help people who are Lost find The Way. It is not an easy project. Devils fight to hold on to souls of cultists and those who deny Christ. There IS a way to stay out of Hell. The Cross is the direction sign, Christ is The Way.

      1. No, the Communist Muslim is the moron. Go find those 7 missing states with him, and do not return until you find them. The mormon is a man of good character. You are trying to listen to the garbage the leftist media is cramming down your throat and you are buying it.

        1. We would like to know his IQ, we would like to know his financial sources, we would like to know his university grades, thesis’ financial aid category. We would like to know everything he sealed against public access. Of course he is a commie, he can’t seal that from public knowledge. How DARE the Mormon do the same with his taxes after being accused of deceit in his Filings!!!!! It is actually NONE OF HIS BUSINESS what O hid or didn’t hide in this instance. Americans are going to take care of Obama’s lies and we do not like for WillingWillardTheWimp to point at Obama and cry Well, He Did It First, Momma! Good Heaven, any parent of a few kids knows what to tell the kid who does something wrong then tries to excuse his behavior by pointing to a sibling’s behavior. Good GRIEF, aren’t there any PARENTS out there that can react to this or are only WillingWillard’s CultCrew working on this??? GOOD GRIEF!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME on kneeshorts lollypop propellercap spoiled brat Willard.


    1. Mitt Romney isn’t a Republican or conservative and he isn’t a Christian! He sure won’t beat Obama. Mitt Romney is nothing but a plastic man with strings to pull! Mitt Romney is a TAR BUCKET! And he is BORING! Mitt Romney will use the Global warming HOAX to RESTRICT and REGULATE everything in the United States through the EPA! ROMNEYCARE is big government Socialism! Mitt Romney’s mandate was unconstitutional!


    3. Me too. I’ve prayed about this and made my peace with God on this issue. Another Obama term is the end of America as we know it. And definitely not for the better, either.

    4. ~Racism is a charge that has been leveled at the Mormon Church throughout its history by a number of civil rights groups.
      Naturally, Mormons reject such claims by pointing to a small number of African-American and Native-American members.

      The fact remains, however, that the “god” of Mormonism elevates “white” races as supreme and has demeaned African-Americans and Native-Americans as “UNRIGHTEOUS” The Book of Mormon describes the Native-American CURSE as “They were white, and exceeding fair and delightsome; that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of BLACKNESS to come upon them” (2 Nephi 5:21).
      Post-1981 editions of The Book of Mormon have deleted the strength of the racist overtones by CHANGING the word WHITE, in the original 1830 Book of Mormon, to PURE, (cf. 2 Nephi 30:6).

      The racism concerning African-Americans surfaces in The Pearl of Great Price, Book of Moses (7:8-12) and Book of Abraham (1:24), but is greatly amplified by Brigham Young’s degrading comments found in the Journal of Discourses (7:290; 10:110).

      The Journal of Discourses is a twenty-six-volume collection of sermons of early Mormon authorities, still published today by the Church’s Deseret Publishing Company. The preface to various volumes written by Brigham Young (1:v), Orson Pratt (3:iii), George Q. Cannon (8:iii), Brigham Young Jr. (11:iii), and Joseph F. Smith (18:iii) harmoniously agree that these volumes are authoritative for Latter-day-Saints.~

      1. JESUS said, TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU. Deception is SATAN’S greatest weapon. The problem is, no one want’s to admit that they have been DECEIVE by the DEVIL himself. We all been their. The worst part is that their families are SUFFERED and heading for HELL.

        The Bible said, to REJECT such people, for they are HERETICK. The Bible said, after the first and second admonition reject;
        Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

    5. That’s find SallyE. I don’t like Obama either. But changing President’s is NOT the answer either. Because Mr. Romney is no better than Mr. Obama.


      Because, The Bible said, FOR ALL HAVE SINNED, Mitt Romney and Obama are the same as far as THE TRUE AND THE LIVING GOD IS CONCERN.

      Romans 3:10.
      As it is written, THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO, NOT, ONE:

      Romans 3:11.

      Romans 3:12.

      Romans 3:13.

      Romans 3:14.

      Romans 3:15.

      Romans 3:16.

      Romans 3:17.

      Romans 3:18.

      Romans 3:23.

      Romans 3:24.
      Being justified freely by HIS grace through the redemption that is IN CHRIST JESUS:

      NOT in the Mormon Church and it’s so call prophet or prophets.


  11. Gee, i don’t know, would i rather vote for a good successful Morman? Or a marxist anti Christain,,,, I’ll take Romney any day, in fact, i would vote for an empty coke can if it were runnng against obam.

        1. No, he is exactly correct. If we continue to vote to the middle, we slowly go left. Think of it as a tug of war. When you start out next to the center line, you easily get pulled across the line and lose bit by bit!

        2. I will tell you that you had better vote for Romney if you don’t want Obama to get re-elected. God Help Us!!! A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.

        3. Paul bot??? That’s why you are purposely trying to tell Christians that Romney is bad. Sheesh, lady, you need some serious psychiatric help! Nobama has almost destroyed America and if given another term, he’ll finish the job! Don’t be so damned obsessed with if he is Conservative or not – time is of the essence!!! Ron Paul needs to “call of his hounds.”

        4. It seems like you are over looking yourself and other Paulbots when you call other people nutbags. You idiots are as about loony and kooky as one can get.

        5. Vote ‘left’ and you’ll get left faster and more painfully. Vote Paul and you’ll be heading left.

        6. You are absolutely right, P5Driver. Paul claims to be Conservative but he’s not. He has fooled all of his supporters.

        7. 30 years in office and has never accomplished one damned thing except showing the world that he is an anti-semite who doesn’t like Israel or the Jews. But, of course, he praises the murderous Palestinians and is supported by terrorist organizations like CAIR, Hamas, Hezbollah, StormFront and white supremacists groups like the skinheads and other haters. He sure hasn’t fooled me. If he doesn’t support the terrorists then why does he take their blood money for his failed campaign?

        8. What is this about slowly going left? With Obama we are going far, far, far, far, left at warp speed, faster than the speed of light.I don’t like left…at all. I don’t want to go there. If it takes a tug of war to keep us at an equilibrium , more is the better.

      1. And Obama has substance???? That is incorrect. He is substancially lacking in substance and has proven it for 3 & 1/2 years.

      2. We still have to consider the alternative. The alternative is destruction of our country. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. Maybe Romney will turn out to be an empty coke can. We know what kind of container Obama is. How can anyone support such a dishonest liar.

      3. There is a lot of substance to Romney, good family man, good businessman, good governor. Plenty of years of work experience…How is that empty? How does he stack up against a man who has no work experience, never run a business, No value for human life…believes in partial birth abortion. .never ran anything. Not even a real lawyer..just a community organizer. All talk and no substance. Who is the empty soda can? No aluminum has more value. Maybe and empty perfume bottle, spells fine, but nothing in it.


        1. I feel sorry for you Rhonda. You must have a really hard life living with so much hate. I pray for you. I pray to Heavenly Father through the name of Jesus Christ that God will help you with whatever you are going through to help you get rid of the hate that is eating you up inside.

    2. Yes and he never has run a business and his words show he don’t know nothing about it. He is an amateur and never should have been voted in.

      1. and the GOP sat for the last 4 years and did NOTHING TO IMPEACH HIM…nor did they do a good job of vetting him before the election and STILL Romney doesn’t bring up his qualifications because he is in the same boat

        1. Well, why the hell didn’t Ron Paul try to impeach Obama? He’s a member of Congress, yet we never heard one word from him except him repeating the same lies about Mitt Romney as his buddy, Barack has been spewing.

  12. I heard some of the same cat calls when Kennedy was running for President. What we do not want is a person that feels he himself is a God. Take the entrance 2008 Obama appeared out of the clouds as if coming to earth from the heavens.

      1. that is if he lives up to his covenant with God. people just cannot just cannot resist being a d_mb arse, you get four choices. Vote for Barry, vote for someone else, do not vote at all, or vote for romney. the first three elect barry.

        1. If the republicans had done the right thing and impeached Bush we would never have gotten Obama in the first place
          In fact why haven’t they impeached Obama?

        2. Impeach Bush? Bush did his job. At least Bush wasn’t supported by terrorists like Ron Paul is. Every Paulbot I have ever met were all haters just like Adolph Hitler. You people are all gullible fools.

      2. Yes there belive in that they’ll be a god and rule their own planet,and their wife will populate their planet being eternally prenant,but thats their cult that teaches that ,because they have another Jesus ,thats not God,but was born from another god ,whom was man ,not a spirit as the God of the Bible is,
        But that their faith and we can’t go by this issue of their faith as a means to elect him this time,because Newt was a catholic,and Santurum,they go through Mary to Jesus ,than Jesus only as the way to God only,and but they all are not running,its either Conrad Obama or Romney .We have no choice in the matter of this,and God would want us to choose wisly on the two we have to pick on,but He would like us to not vote at all ,because of Romeny and mormonism.

        1. Somebody needs to return to the sanitarium and their padded room. Just be calm and the men in white coats will be bringing you your jacket with the long sleeves.

        2. Yes, God would want us to choose wisely. I just have a problem with other people telling me what God is telling me to do. As a staunch Conservative, I will vote my conscience. I ask myself if I will be able to stand before God one day and be 100 percent certain that I have done what He wants me to do in my life. And this includes who I am going to vote for. Voting is a serious DUTY of the American citizen, and I don’t take it lightly.

        3. Really, Baxtor? You think God wants America to have 4 more years of BHO? You really think that???? You think God would tell you to your face to boycott the vote? Wow! That’s scary. Well, of course, maybe God in His justice will choose to punish America for the way we’ve shoved Him out of every aspect of life – but, He certainly can manage to do that without people acting irresponsibly and failing to vote for the best chance to turn America around! Wow! You need some serious educational help with your spelling and grammar, but more especially Scripture – and by that, i mean the Holy Bible – both Testaments, and not the Mormon books! Yikes! How many more of you are there who are voting age and will boycott the ballot box because you think God would want you NOt to vote for a Mormon? Your God is way too small, to paraphrase J. B. Phillips!

      3. Well, but he isn’t dead yet, right? And that isn’t exactly what they teach. He MAY become a god according to their theology if he continues to do good works – you don’t just get to be a god the minute you die. It’s a small point, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with how he will serve as POTUS. We’re not voting for the Supreme Religious Leader of America! i am not a Mormon, but i probably know more about Mormon beliefs and creeds than most because i lived in Mormon territory for a number of years and worked for Mormons in my second job. They were attentive to their business, fair in their dealings with me, paid more than adequately, and came to visit me when i was hospitalized. They did not convert me, but we had many good discussions. Romney has good business sense, and he isn’t OBAMA! jus’ sayin’

        1. You say it’s not exactly what they teach and then you confirm the same doctrine I mentioned. LOL The principle is the same. That is their ultimate goal – to become a god – which is why they strive to follow the Mormon beliefs and live their life as a good Mormon. It IS exactly what they teach. I just wrote “be” instead of “become” in my original post.

    1. ohbummer will absolutely continue to ruin America in every form he can. Mr Romney will see to it that we continue to live as Americans. Get your facts straight before you spew lies.

      1. So have billions of others-including one of my friends who lived for many years in a small, island nation in the south Pacific, and myself while working with the ROK Army in South Korea. Get over it.

        1. I wouldn’t brag about it !! Rats, cats, dogs, whatever !’ll get over it when the chump is out of office and sent back to Chicago to peddle his wears where they believe he is god !! I worked with ROKs in Vietnam but I didn’t eat dogs !!

        2. Good for you. Oh, don’t you think we need to send him back to Indonesia? Get him out of the US altogeather.

        3. Pebbles, were I want to really send him isn’t a “cool” place!! For now i’ll be content just to send him back to the Church of Wright !! Nature will take it’s course from there !!

      1. you sir, are a facist when you say things like this. Get out and vote to replace the people who you thiink are unfit. If you don’t like the way things are done, then emigrate to the middle east or communist China, perhaps that will serve your interest better.

      2. Well, the alternative is a dictatorship and that’s where we’re headed if we don’t cull the Senate and vote for the candidate most able to defeat the incumbent!

  13. No I will not vote for Romney. I am sitting this out. My faith is in Jesus Christ not man and besides Romney will be no better than what we have now.

    1. Then you are choosing to vote for Obama to comtinue his destruction our country. Yiu are kidding yourself into believing thst we can correct the Obama blunder next time around. There will be no next time, pal.

  14. Given his refusal to support First Amendment Rights in the Chick Fill A debate, his support for homosexuals in the Boy Scouts and his cult of Mormonism there seems little to recommend him. He is a poor orator, clumsy in public and unlikely to make an iota of difference to the spiritual health of the United States.

  15. You and your ilk sir, are in the same position as Hezekiah and his cronies in Jerusalem. You fight against God and refuse to serve the masters God has placed over you as PUNISHMENT for your crimes (for they are legion). If God has sent Barack Obama as a weapon against the filth of America in judgement, then so be it. You and your GOP banker criminals will no more defeat God’s intentions with your lies and tricks, then Hezekiah managed to save either himself or his people. God has judged America, by revealing the criminality of the past electoral season, He has shown the filth of the so-named political opposition; God has His chosen instrument to destroy you–his name is Barack Obama.

    1. You’re wrong! Barak Obama will not destroy me! And he is not God’s chosen instrument! It’s amazing how you know God’s perfect will for ME!

      1. I only have to look at Obama’s rise and election, at the complete refusal to hold him to any public accounting, to the sycophantic media, and the corrupt, useless members of government and our bloodthirsty, treason-committing military, and I have no doubt, the only way these things occurred in America is by the hand of Almighty God, and the mere fact that the only opposition to Obama is another criminal, corporate-fed, liar who belongs to an internationalist, world-government arm of the Republican party (in other words, absolutely NO DIFFERENCE from the desired goals of the Obama administration), means all your screaming and wailing will not avail a thing.

        1. Now your dancing! You don’t know God’s will for me or if Obama will destroy me or if he is God’s chosen!!!!! If you are so all-knowing why aren’t you running for president so you can put us on the straight and narrow? God may make you the chosen vessel!

  16. It amazes me how people try to use Mitt Romney against him? Its perplexing. He doesn’t try to change other peoples religions! Obama does! Moving us toward the Koran and Muhammed! He has a good family that is well respected and honest! I can’t say that about Obama. He has earned his money as a businessman and has made his clients money as he is supposed to. That I also can’t say about Obama. He has stolen most of his income! I think right now the idealogy for this election could have a reclining sofa as the Nomination against him. It just shouldn’t be Obama! Not Obama! NOT OBAMA!

      1. Oh, come on, Terrance – you can’t be a true patriot – you’re a troll, right? Why don’t you just admit it and go post on someone else’s liberal blog! You’re transparency is obvious!

      2. Hey, mindless wonder…haven’t you been paying attention? Many “good ‘ol boys” in the GOP have been booted out so the Tea Party HAS SENT A MESSAGE.
        I’m sure you’re going to write something crass about the Tea Party but that’s OK. I consider you another 10-watt bulb in a 100-watt discussion.

  17. would you rather have a Mormon or someone who supports gay marriage, abortion, Muslims who are out to kill us and who is a socialist at best an likely a Communist.

    1. Um look at Romneys record he supported so lot of those things if not all at some point. He changes with the wind. I’m not going to be cornered into voting for him because Pres. Obama is worse. Write in. Even if it’s a tough pill for the Gop to swallow.

      1. if you do a write in then Obama will get back in possibly and that would be the end of our country as we know it. Wake up people, no one is trying to get into Cuba, North Korea, Mexico. They want the American Dream.

      2. Prove it!!!!! You are unAmerican. If you are watching how the wind blows, why have you missed all of the changes with Obama? Blind is as blind does. You have made zero sense. Why don’t you just move to Cuba, it seems to be right up your alley. That will give you a crach coarse in “swallowing tough pills”.

      3. You know, Terrance, some people do experience an epiphany and maybe Mitt Romney is one of those people. But since I assume you’ve NEVER changed your mind on anything, you’re one of those “perfect, mindless wonders”.

      1. And Ron Paul used to publish racist magazines, too. Of course he denied it and blamed it on his staff. He denied that he was ever a member of StormFront but StormFront says he was a member. StormFront is very Pro Nazi organization.

  18. One little issue here (among many) with this article: when Paul wrote those words in 1 Timothy, were their kings and leaders ELECTED by a democratic, majority vote by the people of the country?

    How about people stop “shaming” other conservatives to vote a certain way? When we as conservatives stopped voting our CONSCIENCE and for what was RIGHT is when it started going downhill, politically speaking. Instead, now we vote for the “most electable.” I feel physically ill every time I hear that phrase now: “MOST ELECTABLE.” Let me tell you who the most electable person is: THE PERSON WHO MOST PEOPLE VOTE FOR.

    How about we stop following the crowd and start following Christ? Or, even if you don’t believe in Christ, follow your own conscience. Lets vote for, as conservatives, who we truly believe to be the best candidate and stop listening to this fear mongering and stupid attempts at shaming and scaring people to vote a certain way. Romney or not, vote the way God – or your conscience – tells you to.

  19. I say we all stay home on election day and let obama declare himself dictator. That makes about as much sense as all the blather I’ve read here. Personally I will vote for the person I think can best run this country using the least amount of government interference in my life.

  20. He couldn’t even take a stand for chick-fil a? Oh and he supports gays in the boy scouts. There will be no difference than the current administration. The new world order is coming no matter who is president.

  21. Is It OK for Christians to Vote for Mitt Romney?

    This Christian Theologian says this “I’m voting for Romney. I’ll put up a sign for Romney. I hope Romney
    wins. Why? Because as a Biblical Christian I vote for the person who
    best provides peace and room for the Church to act and the gospel to go
    forward. I don’t look to the State for the things only the Church can
    do. If Romney is moving “right” for “merely pragmatic reasons,” then

    So what? Romney will provide more peace and freedom for the Church than will Obama. And from a Biblical standpoint, that is the ONLY thing I ask.”

    Evidently this “theologian” hasn’t read or listened to anything Romney says or gone to the web site where he
    can watch, listen and read from Romney’s own lips that he can in no way
    bring or provide peace for the church and more freedom for the church
    than Obama as both practice the exact same thing.

    To prove it to yourself, go to and then you decide which lover of Satan you’ll vote for.


    1. “So what? Romney will provide more peace and freedom for the Church than will Obama. And from a Biblical standpoint, that is the ONLY thing I ask.”
      Just HOW will your Romney do this? Why do you state this to be true? Romney has said NOTHING of the kind.

  22. People get your heads out of the sand. Obviously all those who have such negative comments re the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have never honestly investigated the church. It is OK to have difference of opinion, but, such vile remarks are not indicators of intelligent thinking.

  23. Simple enough! If Christians don’t cast a vote for a Morman they are casting one for a muslim. When was the last time anyone heard of a Morman beheading someone they didn’t agree with?

    1. C’mon, Sam.

      It’s “MormOn”: two O’s, no A’s.

      But, you’re right, I haven’t beheaded anyone, don’t plan to, and wouldn’t even if the person was (gasp!) a Baptist.

    2. There are more than just the Bi-partisan Party to vote for. God says we are to vote for a good man who is afraid of Jehovah, Ex 18:21. Neither Obama or Romney are afraid of HIM.

      1. The “fear” of God is not the fear associated with being afraid! That old term “fear” means honor and reverence. And yes, in a way, there is a bit of “afraid-type” of fear in that – but it is the fear of disappointing a God who loves us and wants us to live holy and righteous lives that bring us contentment and blessing. But you do NOT know that Romney does not have respect for God. You know about Momonism, but you do not know how God has worked in his heart and life, and therefore, you are sitting in judgement when you do not, cannot have access to the knowledge God Himself has of Mitt Romney. You can quote Scripture all day long, and we can debate the Mormon issue till the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ – but the issue right now is whether we sink with Obama, or have a chance to pull out of this huge debacle with Mitt at the helm.

  24. If we don’t, in 4 years there won’t be a country (not to mention any Christians) left. This is it people, its a life or death situation here, and Obama=Death. Hold your nose if you must and push the button for Romney.

  25. The choice is simple. Vote for a Muslim or vote for a man who is a great citizen. All the Mormons I have known have been great people and terrific loyal Americans. Can’t say that about O’Blubber. Why won’t he open his college and other records? Known to be a coke head in college, but has sealed all records at great expense. We know about Romney. We know nothing about the Manchurian Candidate.

    1. Romney nor his 5 sons served in the military….so much for patiriotism
      He refuses to release his tax returns which means he is hiding something
      His own father said one is not enough

      1. There you go again!! Neither did Bill Clinton serve! You surely can’t believe all this garbage you are throwing out here. Unless you actually believe all the garbage that’s being thrown at you. Who cares about Mitt’s taxes, I don’t!! I care about the man and his ideas to save this country from being under World Order rules. We must believe in things getting back to normal again – believing in God and his ideals and his promises MUST be our goal.

      2. Do you have all the facts about why neither Romney or any of his sons served in the military? There are many people in the USA whose sons never served. Does that mean they are not true patriots? Who said he has refused to release his tax returns? Harry Reid is a liar, claiming that Mitt hasn’t paid income tax for numerous years. Come on! A lowly Min wage earner might get away with that for a few years, but the Governor of a state? A corporate chief? If you believe that, i have a bridge to sell you – real cheap. It spans the SF Bay – actually, you can have your choice of two bridges there. The famous one or the earthquaked one – i’ll make you a deal – two for the price of one. Bet he’ll release his school records and publish his B.C. if asked. Why do you need to see his tax returns? How many presidents released their tax returns? Name one.

      3. All 18 year old men and women, should be required to perform two years of military service, but only after they graduate from high school. Most men think one is not enough and in this day and age most women do too. But good men abide by their commitment. I wouldn’t release my tax returns either knowing that the opposition would make the whole election about nitpicking every word, period, comma, and number in those returns. Finally, as long as we seek our worth in material things and sexual relationships, instead of our relationship with our Creator, we will never be happy. I think Romney sort of sees this, and expresses it in one way through his very generous charitable contributions over and above his tithe. This is very different than our beloved President and Vice President who give little or nothing to charity. Then Democrats believe that Government should be the only charity.

  26. Is it okay for for Christians to vote for Obama the Muslim? Concerning the beliefs or lack thereof concerning Romney’s non-belief in the Trinity, it is interesting that ALL three members of the Trinity are mentioned in the first three verses of the Old Testament and even the Jews don’t believe that. Here they are: (1) “In the beginning God (the Father) created the heaven and the earth. (2) And the eareth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) moved upon the face of the waters. (3) And God Said (the Word-John 1:1), ‘Let there be Light (John 1:4) and there was Light.

  27. The bottom line is that NO MAN can save our country. Only God can do that. Having said that, this line really bothers me, “a man who openly denies the Trinitarian God of the universe”. This just isn’t true. As a Mormon, I can say unequivocally that Mormons DO believe in God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. We believe that they are three separate, distinct beings who work together “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”. Very simple concept really. Christians are under attack in this country. Why do we nit pick each other when we have never before needed to support one another?

  28. I do not agree with Mormon teachings, golden plates, Jesus returning and living with native Americans, etc; I have known several Mormons in my lifetime and there was not a bad apple in the bunch. I know mine is a small sampling but I can’t say the same for my other “Christian” acquaintances. The Mormons are generally very devout in their faith. I respect that. You may have noticed that I did not mention Romney in this post, he might be the exception to my experience. I am not voting for Romney, I’m voting against the muslim, imposter, non-citizen POS in the WH. A vote for anyone else would just be a vote for the impostor! Doesn’t really matter though, the POS and his commie buddies have this election bought and paid for.

  29. If he wanted to win by a landslide all he needs to do is denounce Mormonism, homosexual marriage, adoption, membership to the BSA and say that his MA healthcare bill was a bad idea!

  30. Practice of a Religion, is not a requirement to run for Political office. Some citizens expect our candidates to be Perfect. Held to higher standard than we would stand for ourselves. If we live clean moral lives, it’s not unreasonable to sk that of our Candidates.

  31. Thank you for finally addressing this issue. I concur. This is not about Romney’s religion. It’s about getting rid of the biggest liar, the biggest fraud, the biggest anti-American president we have ever elected. The President of the United States job is not to preach but to lead. I’d much rather have a family man with strong moral values and a strong entrepreneurial back ground than one who only cares about his agenda which is to bring America down so he and puppet master, Soros, can force our country into a one world order. Anybody but obama.

    1. By electing a criminal whose candidacy was run through by election fraud, at the hands of a group of wealthy, internationalists bankers? Who hate America and who openly state their goal is world government and personal servitude? Yeah, that’s a choice, but rewarding open criminality is not ever a Christian choice, punishing those who attempt such acts by not supporting efforts, however, IS.

      1. Excuse me? Who are you referring to? Romney? If so, prove it. If not, I agree, Obama fits your discription to a “T”.

    2. You are SO right! I am a pentecostal Christian and I WILL be voting for Romney. As I have said to people, We need a man who led people, made money, and lived a quiet life with one wife and 5 children, who all turned out to be good citizens. We need a LEADER in OUR WHITE HOUSE who will obey the Constitution and has a work ethic, as the Bible teaches us that we must WORK for a living, and Obama wants to act like a “littile god”” and give money to people who don’t want to work. I believe the Good Lord let Obama win in 2008 to wake us Christians UP, and I think HE will let us have a change in 2012. I’m certainly praying anyway, as the Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders, it doesn’t say that they have to be a Christian, but someone who is honest, truthful, just, and an upright person, which Romney is. He has a cool head, even with the lies being told about him constantly. Sooner or later I believe we will all find out that Obama was an illegatimate president, because I think he was born in Kenya.

      1. You can say your nasty things, but the man has morals Rhonda. As far as I can tell has been honest in his dealings. Do his beliefs outweigh his moral upbringing? If you can someone who can change his mind to become more moral then it’s Mr Romney, if not then you just may well have Mr Obama who can and will in the next four years make sure that you don’t have a say in where you live, or what you wear, or where you work, nor how much you can earn. I’m more thrilled about the government telling me what kind of a job I can have, and how much I will earn, Not based on my performance, or my education, but have I towed the party line. Good job comrade. You get place to live for now…your mother and father, ah so sorry, they have been elminated. They were too old to work!
        If you all are not extremely diligent, there might not be elections in November. Remember, this is the president who signs a new executive order once a week!!Hey, tomorrow is Friday…look for a new executive order!!

      2. What’s the matter with you ? Did you get out of bed wrong this morning? I believe you are being hateful just to stir up hate. So go back to bed and crawl out the opposite side and see if your attitude changes!!

      3. And you are an Israeli hater yet you call yourself a Christian. I don’t think we serve the same God, Rhonda. your God is Ron Paul. You are a total hypocrite.

    1. Of course it’s OK for a Christian to vote for a communist Muslim. Keep in mind that Marx said “religion is the opiate of the people.” In other words it helps keep them in line. Also keep in mind (while you still have a functioning one) that Islam teaches that it is fine and good to lie to non-muslims. Also keep in mind that many of them would like nothing better than for you to see the world spinning around you as parts of your body go flying through the air when your Church is blown-up. (Check reports from the middle east.) Or when your head goes rolling down the street. Beheading seems to be a big thing in their culture. Also keep in mind the honor killings.

  32. You could just as easily ask the question, Is it okay for non-Christians to vote for Mitt Romney? As I understand the election process, we are choosing a new president – head of the executive branch of the USA government. Every person must vote their convictions and beliefs as to who will make the better leader. It is NOT okay for a Christian to refuse to vote. Their missed vote is in fact a vote for the winner of the election, whoever that may be.

  33. The Catholic Church had faced a similar question, one that has had deadly consequences at lately as WW-II: Are other Ancient Christian congregations really Christian in the Catholic sense? For a long time the answer was NO, even though the word Catholic means “Universal”. Yet, all the Bibles tell us that Christ said, “No man comes to the Father except through me!”, and there is no denying that the Coptics, the various Orthodox churches, the Protestants and others are following Christ in the light that they see him. How are they NOT our Brothers in Christ? We can quibble about which Bible is the correct one, whether the Book of Mormon has any value, and to what degree did Christ change the Judaic law, but if a man stands for and with Christ, that man is my brother in Christ also. Better my cousin than my enemy in the Oval Office.

  34. Let us all vote for Romney and after he is elected and OBAMA is in prison for his crimes against our nation. We can then pray that the true and living and only God makes himself known to Romney…The only thing I can pray for Obama is that God removes him.

    1. If you expect to get away with the statement that the GOP will pursue any member of the current administration for criminal prosecution after the elections, you are as deluded as you are ignorant; or just a really bad liar.

  35. Did some research…The Church of Jesus Christ’s (Mormon) 11th Article of Faith is “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of
    our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how,
    where, or what they may.” Maybe that would be good advice to follow, a lot less ‘hate’ talk to go around.

    Has to say something that Romney has such a clean slate that the only thing that Obama people can rip him up on is that he is…. rich… wow. What a horrible man he is. I can see why y’all are so hard on him.

  36. I don’t think God is going to be offended at me because I refused to vote for a member of a cult that does not teach the truth concerning His son Jesus. God is able to work through anyone that the American people elect. Obama or Romney, 6 of 1, 1/2 dz of the other. Same track, same direction, just different speeds. Romney isn’t going to change the direction. It may take a train wreck to get on another track going the right direction. I am not at al convinced that electing Romney will stop that from happening anyway. You want change? Pray for God to send revival.

  37. Mitt Romney, as a Mormon, lives life according to the Judeo-Christian ethic; Obama does not. This Christian will be voting for Romney this November.

  38. I don’t see that we have much choice…it’s Romney or Obama! I sure would far rather vote for a Mormon over a socialistic, far, far, far left, Muslim whose sole purpose is to bring America to her knees.

  39. Mitt Romney is the lesser of two evils. I just have my doubts as to whether he is even electable. But the Republican establishment wanted him so that is where we are. God is sovereign and I hope we get Grace instead of Justice but either way it will be the will of a loving righteous God. I’m praying for a great awakening of the Church. America’s only hope.

  40. My vote and mindset since the start of the election process has been: ~ ANYONE BUT OBAMA in 2012 ~. He has proven himself to be a lying, ineffective traitor to America. The goal is to be pick the strongest candidate who can defeat the infidel.

  41. Mormonisn is NOT a cult, anymore than any other religion is. Every branch has their NUTS.. Romney is certainly NOT a Nut. He is a great person. Vote for him before it is too late to vote for anyone…..

  42. America is getting what it deserves. When we (the Church) do a 2nd Chronicles 7:14, only then will God provide us with righteous leaders. Personally I believe that the Republican party had better choices than Romney, but the good guys got drowned out

  43. I am constantly astounded at the arrogance which oozes from self proclaim Christians. There are thousands and thousands of denominations which proclaim by their very existence they are the true Church over ALL the others. They wink and nod at each other, proclaiming unity while their pastor stealthly plot to steal members one from another. There is no real growth in the ranks of christians, while the Mormon faith continues to steadily grow and grow and grow. The facts say God has blessed the LDS faith and cursed the sectarian denominations for your pimpish behavior. You can no more judge the heart of Obama or Romney than you can any other person. Romney and Obama both seem to be dedicated to their wives and children. Their religious views are NOT on the ballot, only the issues are. If you religious so cripple your ability to chose one or the other, without passing judgment on anything else other than the political and economic issues on the table, then you are actually a dunce because your faith is obstructing resolving what issues need to be resolved. Really, there is a time and place for faith and religion. Some of you clowns need to understand when the appropriate time is to spout off on your faith.

    1. You are absolutely right. Way to many “Christians” try to judge the salvation of others and that, in itself, is a sin. What we are to examine, however, is the fruit that is produced. What does the person claim v what the Bible states. Obama has publically stated that he supports the marriage between two persons of the same sex. He has supported laws which make it a crime for a person owning a business from not providing insurance that covers contraceptives and other procedures which the owner’s religious beliefs opposes. If this is a stock company then the company can have no religious beliefs but a privately owned company reflects the beliefs of the owner and therefore he, under our Constitution, is not to be forced to go against his religious beliefs by the government. Basically Obama has not stood for the things God’s Word and therefore a Christian should not back him. It is as simple as that. When you have a choice between one who openly opposes God’s Word, we cannot judge where he stands with God but we must judge the actions he or she takes. There is nothing arrogant about that. It is universal Bible truth.
      Oh yes, as to your comments about faith in its place. One’s Christian faith is to be their life style. It is to be lived every day, not just brought out on Sunday. That is the major problem with “Christians” today. They tend to spend more time arguing over trivial matters and less time making their faith an intricate part of their lives.

    2. “There is no real growth in the ranks of christians, while the Mormon faith continues to steadily grow and grow and grow.” Deserwest, you are either simply mistaken, or a liar-Christianity grows around the world, though you rarely hear it in the American media (no surprise there). And I don’t believe you’d like to get into a debate about the conduct of your LDS founders, your church history, or your members actions as compared with anyone else. Romney is a criminal, I will not vote for him.

  44. Obama is the worst president we ever had, and a record of all he has done to place us in jeopardy as a nation, is sad. If he is reelected we all ought to read Revelation and realize our doom. He is dishonest as a Citizen, not qualified to the post at all !

  45. The three reasons to vote for Romney are good enough for me !! Romney does at least claim a religon !! Obama ??? Where has he gone to church while in office ?? Before ??

  46. jazzpast keeps making comment after comment to distract from the issue. That and being a hypocrit and anti-American. He talks about satanism and lies while it keeps flowing out of his mouth like diareah. I’ve watched carefully the facts and lies of both Obama and Romney and neither is perfect as none of us are but I believe Romney is the safer bet and he is a Christian no matter what jazzpast says. Look at all of the different Christian churches. That is mans fault and God will straighten it out in His time.

  47. There are so many misinterpretations in this article here, I don’t have time. Given enough time and thought anyone could use scripture to justify their own will. Which is exactly what the author had done here. Mormonism blatantly defies Bible teaching. The Hebrews were not given kings because they had grown wise. If you read it was because they wanted to be like other nations. It was not Gods perfect will. The Bible tells us clearly not to strengthen the hands of an evil doer or listen to false prophets (Mormons). Romneys record bears fruit of his true beliefs which are not in agreement with Christian teachings. The rulers in the Bible were not chosen by Christians. We have the choice now. And I doubt our Lord would have us vote for someone who endorsed homosexuality and abortion, ascribes to heresy against Him etc.etc.

    So no. Any born again Christian professing to walk after the Holy Spirit couldn’t vote for Romney with a clear conscience.

  48. We are faced with a choice that should leave no question. Romney, though he is a Mormon, stands against gay marriage and the homosexual agenda — Obama stands for both. Romney does not support abortion on demand — Obama supports abortion, period. Romeny supports Israel — Obama syas he supports Israel but he demonstrates all of the support for Islam and has visited more than one Islamic state, as President. He has not visited Israel as President of the United States. His two trips to Israel, as a politician, was with a group of Senators. Romnay stands for America as a great nation — Obama has appoligized for America to its enemies.

    The choice is between two persons who have very different beliefs. We, as Christians may not be voting For Romney because he exemplifies our religious beliefs BUT, to not vote for him is the same as giving a vote to Obama who has demonstrated beliefs which are diametrically opposed to God’s Word where Romney has stood with God’s Word on the major issues stated above. Not voting in this election is to “abstain” from voting. When one abstains from voting, they are actually going along with the side that wins. For this reason, a Christian who does not vote for Romney will be For all intents and purposes, giving a vote to Obama. If you are truly a Christian, how can you justify voting for a person who stands totally opposed to the Teachings of God? How can you justify taking a vote away from one who, on three major issues (Murder of the unborn, Support for the homosexual agenda, and the destruction of the sanctity of marriage which God has clearly stated is between a man and a woman), stands firmly in line with God’s Word? There is no justification for it. When there are only two viable choices, it is imperative that we vote for the one who most closely supports the teachings of God, as set down in the Bible. He will not be our religious leader but his leadership must be such as NOT TO support and promote those things which are diametrically opposed to God’s Word.
    The choice is between two persons who have very different beliefs. We, as Christians may not be voting For Romney because he exemplifies our religious beliefs BUT, to not vote for him is the same as giving a vote to Obama who has demonstrated beliefs which are diametrically opposed to God’s Word where Romney has stood with God’s Word on the major issues stated above. Not voting in this election is to “abstain” from voting. When one abstains from voting, they are actually going along with the side that wins. For this reason, a Christian who does not vote for Romney will be For all intents and purposes, giving a vote to Obama. If you are truly a Christian, how can you justify voting for a person who stands totally opposed to the Teachings of God? How can you justify taking a vote away from one who, on three major issues (Murder of the unborn, Support for the homosexual agenda, and the destruction of the sanctity of marriage which God has clearly stated is between a man and a woman), stands firmly in line with God’s Word? There is no justification for it. When there are only two viable choices, it is imperative that we vote for the one who most closely supports the teachings of God, as set down in the Bible. He will not be our religious leader but his leadership must be such as NOT TO support and promote those things which are diametrically opposed to God’s Word.

  49. Just becasue soeone says he is of a certain church, doesn’t mean ANYTHING. The people opposing JFK spread rumors that the Pope was going to rule the country and would travel by secret underground train to Washington DC right after Kennedy was sworn in.
    Did it happen? NO.

    Much rather have an agnostic or pagan or Wiccan who’s a good person and loves the U.S. vs a secret muslim who’s out to destroy the country.

  50. Absolutely. After all a Morman is far more trust worthy than a communist like Obama who is so full of lies & manipulation.

    1. C’mon, peroculusadastra.

      It’s “MormOn”: two O’s, no A’s.

      But you’re right, O’bama is simply not trustworthy. You may not agree with Brother Romney’s political stance on everything, but we don’t even know who (or what) O’bama really is.


  52. I fail to understand why people
    say Mormonism is cult, if to be a Christian means to believe in Jesus
    Christ, Which we do and follow his teaching as we understand it then
    we are Christians. What what we believe comes from the Bible and the
    Dead Sea Scrolls and a living Prophets, try reading them sometime
    Before you scoff at a living prophet, why not, why would God have
    Prophets in Bible times and not today? The Bible means book of books,
    which means there are several books under one cover. It was King
    Constantine who put the bible together when he formed the Roman
    Catholic Church. he searched for all the writings he could find and
    formed the Bible. Christ said that “Other Sheep I have that are
    not of this fold” so the other sheep would have received his
    word from his prophets in the area of