Is There a Connection Between Colorado Shooting, U.N. Arms Treaty?

There are conspiracy theories, and there are conspiracy theories.

For instance, the one about metamorphing space lizards secretly running the planet I’ll believe when I actually see a member of Britain’s royal family actually turn into a space lizard, a la “V.”

But some conspiracy theories have just enough meat on them to make you go “hmm.”

One such theory is emerging in the Aurora “Batman” shootings.

I don’t necessarily endorse this, but the fact that it’s gaining popularity so quickly and that it’s not entirely unbelievable means it deserves some intelligent discussion, even if only to ultimately dismiss it.

In summary, the dark thought so many people are having is that the Aurora shootings were staged by our fine government as a way to stir up support for passing the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would result in the confiscation of personal firearms in the United States.

What makes this believable is not only the details of this strange case, but the Obama Administration’s involvement in Fast and Furious, a Department of Justice operation that put powerful U.S. weapons into the hands of Central American drug runners.

The ostensible purpose of Fast and Furious was to “track” a previously nonexistent flow of arms from legitimate U.S. gun dealers to the drug syndicates. There is powerful evidence to suggest that the real plan was to have drug runners wreak havoc here at home with our guns, as they have, and use that “discovery” as leverage for further gun controls.

The same theory applies to using Aurora as leverage to pass the U.N. treaty, which is expected to be finalized by the U.N. this week, be signed by King Obama, then be sent to the Senate for ratification.

The timing is exquisite.

Further evidence for the theory includes the demeanor of the suspect, James Holmes. By all accounts an intelligent, unassuming, unemployed student pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience, he somehow got on a path where he ordered more than 50 packages containing guns, ammo, explosive materials, body armor and who knows what else.

The materials have been estimated to cost between $10,000 and $20,000, seemingly a hefty sum for someone without a job.

Then there’s the issue of the booby-trapped apartment. According to police, it was a highly sophisticated trap, including some methods the bomb squad had not encountered before. The whole thing was set up to kill any first responders who entered the apartment and probably everyone else within a quarter-mile radius, according to police sources.

Some people have questioned where Holmes could have gotten the training to set up such a lethal trap.

The whole crime took months to plan, but after those months of planning and preparing, Holmes, with his hair dyed red and calling himself “the Joker,” shoots up the theater, trying to “kill them all,” then he calmly goes outside to his car and surrenders to police quietly, even warning them about the booby trap.

At the very least, that was a marked shift between the attitude of the man who left his trapped apartment to go on a killing spree and the attitude he had when he surrendered.

Some people think it may not have been the same “person.” Multiple personalities are not just the stuff of fiction. They actually do occur, almost always as the result of severe physical or sexual abuse. What’s worse, they can be deliberately created.

I know of a psychologist who started her practice working with people who had escaped from various cults. One of the things that such groups may engage in is a program of torture and abuse designed to “program” a person with multiple personalities that can be triggered by certain key phrases or sounds.

Typically, the victim has no idea he’s been programmed. Then, if the trigger is used, the person switches to the programmed personality and may proceed with a predetermined task or set of behaviors. Once the task is done, the person may switch back and can even be totally unaware of what he’s just done.

Such programming isn’t something that law enforcement or the media want to get into, even if it becomes obvious, but there have been many such cases of people going on rampages because “someone” programmed them. (If you ever look at the video of the shooting of Ronald Reagan, you may notice the shooter John Hinckley continues to “fire” even after the gun has been removed from his hand.)

Holmes’ participation in a neuroscience program has only reinforced such speculation.

The missing piece is a government connection. But that may be hinted at by Holmes’ alleged involvement with Occupy Wall Street as a “black bloc” protester.

Black bloc is not a group but a tactic used by protesters in which a group will all dress in plain black clothing with masks or motorcycle helmets on to disguise their identities. If one member of the black bloc throws a brick, for example, police can’t identify who threw it. Holmes was reportedly wearing such an outfit when he went on his killing spree.

The linking of Holmes to black bloc protests apparently occurred on a page of the Occupy Wall Street website. Many people noticed and have reported the link, but the page itself has been removed from the website.

OWS has been given verbal support by high level members of the Democrat Party, including Obama, who has made OWS’s signature issue of anger at Wall Street a central part of his re-election campaign. Former Obama adviser Van Jones is one of the prime organizers behind OWS, which has also been given the support of the American Nazi Party, Socialist Party USA and the Communist Party USA.

There has long been a fear in some corners of America that one of Obama’s major goals is to eliminate private gun ownership in preparation for martial law, and that a “false flag” event would be staged to initiate it.

This president has railed against people “bitterly clinging” to their guns and Bibles. Many of his executive orders can be construed as paving the way for martial law.

Also, the FAA has authorized the use of unmanned aerial drones over civilian airspace. Just this weekend, the Associated Press ran a wire story that the Marine Corps has announced creation of its first battalions dedicated to law enforcement.

There are plenty of dots, but can they be connected?

Was the Aurora shooting staged in order to help Obama get a U.N. treaty passed that will remove Americans’ right to own firearms? It’s not a question that is likely to appear in the mainstream media.

406 thoughts on “Is There a Connection Between Colorado Shooting, U.N. Arms Treaty?

  1. I’d hate to think it was so but my gut is telling me otherwise. I’m kind of in the middle with it. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk it was staged but definitely a “smoking gun” it may have been.
    I know the guy was a “psycho” and out of his brain but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been recruited for the job. Wasn’t he with the occupy movement?
    I like others just think it happened too conveniently close to the treaty signing.
    On top of that there were 2-3 witnesses that claim there was a second person involved.
    I also heard the theater went dark during the shooting. Were did he get the expensive weaponry? I also think the government has gone rogue and the media is corrupt.
    It is the desire of the NWO to disarm us and put us under the UN. Anything is possible.

    1. don’t doubt the government was involved. same people who killed randy harris’s wife because he would be an infiltrator for the batf. remember waco? very peaceful people causing no one harm…murdered by our government. oklahoma city courthouse blown up with c4 just a day or a few days before the vote on bill clinton’s assault weapons ban. these people view us citizens as subjects and they are so power hungry (and king barry is the most power hungry of all, and has no clue that he hasn’t done a thing on his own to get where he is) they have no second thoughts about killing innocent people if it will help them attain their goal of taking our guns. oh, we must not forget fast and furious, all set up by the government including the killing of brian terry.

  2. Then if true he would have to have a handler something that will come out in any investigation. Was he involved in drugs?? a cult?? There are two many variables and unknowns to even start a conspiracy theory. Lets wait for some more information. As for the UN gun control it will not pass the Senate (just like LOST) and will fall into a abyss where it belongs.

    1. I wish I shared your confidence that a potential handler would come out in any investigation, assuming there even is one. Unfortunately, I do not.

    2. Thats only if reid brings it up for a vote. I understand that he won’t. If that is the case our ONLY recourse is for Republicans to take over the Senate in Nov. or oust this misfit pres. who is hell bent on being a dictator of OUR country. If we loose both, then we fight, become serf’s, or leave the country.

  3. It’s really hard to think about what they must have in store for all of us , that nothing matters more, then taking away our ability to defend ourselves..Not one mention yet of this kid being part of OWS..

        1. There is good reason why I call the Media ,The Government controled State Run Liberal Lamestream Media !!!

        2. except when the GOP is in office, then it’s the government controlled state run conservative lamestream media.

        3. The News only reports what the WH gives them permission to print. Just read an article by a journalist who refuses to cooperate, so he is no longer allowed at news conferences. The fed gov’t desides what you are told.

        4. deeme , You can’t believe our news ? has not reported this yet ? Are you kidding ? We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service card and you can’t believe the lame stream news media is not reporting what may be another obama fraud ? are you kidding ? The lame stream has to get permission from the White House before the report anything that might affect the fraud sitting in the White House . Please people use some common sense .

        5. Check out who owns the main stream media. They only tell you what they want, when they want and how they want.

        6. charles17121, you covered the issue quite well. I no longer refer to “them” as the lame stream media, because I think they have become the Blame Stream Media (BSM).

        7. Yes, we have but,we, as patriotic,conservative really have to put forth ahuge fight even though I fully expect the election to be a corrupt one. The only thing I’m sure of is that the “other side” will NOT listen to any facts, truths or even proof concerning Obama. I just hope that Romney will put away the pom-pommed poodle act and turn into a mean junk yard dog..with bark and bite.I wonder if he,Romney, really realizes that there are evil, lying pieces of garbage in this world especially Obama and his gang. If he does, he has to act accordingly.—– Original Message —–

        8. Amen! Common sense appears to have become a thing of the past. I lay this turd at the feet of our current educational system.

        9. This is because Obama’s REAL father is NOT the Kenyan man who looks absolutely
          nothing like him; his REAL father is a former head of the Communist Party USA’
          Franklin Marshall Davis, and this is why his birth certificate is forged and his
          SS number is from a man born in the 1800’s. The whole “Kenyan” birth conspiracy
          is just a distraction for those who seek the truth and in the end, it’s going to
          be used by Obama to make them look like complete idiot racists when he finally
          shows proof that he was in fact, born in Hawaii, therefore putting the whole
          “Birther” issue to rest PERMANeTLY! This will then guarantee to hide Obama’s
          TRUE upbringing by 2 Communist parents forever, as no one will ever take another
          Obama conspiracy serious again (like double Jeopardy or the boy who cried wolf)
          Obama even mentions in his book “Dreams From My Father” that his mom dropped him
          off at Frank Davis’ home in Hawaii twice a week throughout his childhood (just
          as any Mother would do for her child’s father), and recently found nude photos
          of Obama’s Mother (Ann Dunham) in very compromising positions, that were taken
          in the early 1960s have been positively matched up with the inside of Franklin
          Marshall Davis’s house through a fairly recent video recorded interview of
          Franklin Davis in his home in Hawaii, including the same (now antique) couch
          that Ann Dunham was photgraphed spread Eagle on and in front of whith
          another un-identified lesbian woman about 50 years ago. Ann Dunham’s father was
          in the CIA and it’s just like the CIA to create a diversion behind a diversion
          to hide the REAL truth from being discovered. Whatch the brand new documentary
          titled “Dreams From My Real Father”, it will shock you, and it’s proof is
          un-deniable. Obama not only has many of Franklin Davis’ features, but even their
          voices and mannerisms are very much alike, and Obama is even devoloping the
          exact same age spots and moles in the same places on his face that Frankiln
          Davis began developing back when he was in his 50s.

        10. So what ? you think putting a forgery of a birth certificate on a government website get this fraud obama off the hook ? I don’t care if his father was from Mars this pice of garbage obama is a Criminal and a fraud and the last time I checked a felon can not hold public office .

        11. Well when we try the fraud for treason, we need to throw in all the fake news people who protect him and endanger the rest of us..

        12. That’s because the main stream media is on the “obama payroll”. Nothing will change until obama is gone from office. Vote wisely in November.

        13. Anyone who believes the MSM is going to tell us whats going on is in la-la land. Why did it take until about 3 weeks ago for the first mention of F&F? Still haven’t heard anything about Solyndra from them. Probably never will. What else do they know?

      1. I saw a picture of him being arrested in San Diego at an OWS event. It could have been photoshopped but surely there are records at the police department.

        1. But that’s a pretty liberal area with a dem governor. Everything will be scratched about holmes having ANYTHING to do with anything associated with the dems and Obama.

  4. I have watched this government try for over 40yrs to disarm us. Since the killing of RFK in ’68 untold regulations (restrictions and bans) have been put in place to take down lawful firearm owners. Obama et al ARE going to sign and ratify the UN treaty that will begin the disarmament of the American citizen. Since door to door confiscation is impractical I believe the government will do as Roosevelt did when he ordered gold confiscation in the 1930’s…(though there will be no monetary incentive such as Roosevelt’s was) , the government will declare ALL firearms illegal and require them to be ‘turned in voluntarily’
    during a specific time period and after such time period any person in possession of any firearm will be hauled off to a concentration (FEMA) camp and jailed there for an indefinite period. A quick check online will give locations of these “camps” in all 50 states and US territories. I live in New Mexico..there are 3. We lawful gun owners obviously cannot rely on the Senate to protect us from this abomination. We must rely on our own ingenuity and resolve to keep our weapons because no longer does the American gun owner have 2nd Amendment protection. The Constitution is dead and America is defeated from within.


      1. I have been told that Synandgouges have ARSENOLS in each and every one. Do you believe the jews will surrender their arms??

        1. With JEW HATERS like YOU, Adolf, the “Jews” should use their weapons NOW and end this kind of Bull FOREVER

        2. That would most likely be mosques not synagogues. Jews are not a violent or even bad people! Jews are nobodies enemy!

        3. “Jews are nobodies enemy!”
          And they just want to make sure that that never happens again.

        4. Ask any Muslim of any country how much they like Jews and Israel. After they pick themselves up off of the floor from feigntainting from their rant they will probably behead you for insulting Islam.

        5. So disgusting Palestinians, who wish another Jewish holocaust are innocent victims ?You’re an ovomit zombie, aren’t you.

        6. Zionists are actually not Jewish, but Khazarian. They just pretend to be so the Jews get the blame. Read “The 13th Tribe” by A. Koestler.

        7. Having known Jews, Iranians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Moroccans, and Egyptians, I can tell you most folks from a middle east background disdain the Palestinians, especially the pure-blood Arabs. They know them to be untrustworthy and cowardly, even if they seem to tolerate them for political correctness purposes. This is first hand knowledge that surprised me when I heard it.

        8. Except arabs, muslims, latter-day nazis. There are plenty of people who hate jews but when asked to explain why, most of them can’t list a single reason.

        9. why is it that all the main people that want Gun Control are Jews? Feinstein,Shumer, Lautenburg and on and on Look it up on utube. That is where I read it

        10. You still around you ol’ Jew-baiter? Weren’t you sentenced at Nuremberg? Your bigotry is disgusting.

        11. why don’t you immigrate to Israel
          I think we ought to put our own country first personally…we need not get into any more wars for their sake. Israel should fight their own battles. America should protect our American Jews along with all OUR people.
          George Washington said it best in his farewell speech….NO ENTANGLING ALLIANCES

        12. We can tell who are christians here. Sure not those agaist the Jews. The Bible says that those who bless the Jews and isreal will be blessed. Those that curse the Jews and Isreal will be cursed.

        13. Perhaps, but the number of Jews in NYC still tops the number of them in their own homeland. We do fight too many wars and sometimes, for the wrong reasons. But Israel is our closest ally. And they don’t send Death Squads to other countries, behead soldiers, or undermine society.

        14. Their leaders don’t make daily threats to wipe the US and other Western democracies off the face of the Earth. They understand what freedom is, having been denied it so often.

        1. Susan, there are a lot of things in this world I would sell to pay my bills, but my weapons? NO WAY!

        2. If you have to choose between eating and having a gun you will eat. Never say you will never do something. It might bite you in the A$$.

        3. Death Walks Among Us, do you have a reading comprehension problem?  Show me where I used the word “never.”

        4. No fridihem that would be obamas people …… owned my guns for 60 years haven’t killed anyone …… can’t say the same for the gun the government issued me ……..

        5. Not killing people…….now thats a laugh………….you the USA has been on a killing spree since the end of WW2, wars or conflicts started by the USA in every decade since WW2

        6. Right wingers use guns for food and protection. Left wing nut jobs are the ones who are dangerous with weapons. Look at what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge. The liberal government KILLLED U.S citizens. Look at Fast and Furious.

          The media keeps trying to blame the Tea Party for murders like the one in Aurora, but it seems that most of the time they are liberals.

        7. Isn’t it funny how the Left has tried to link the Right and the Tea Party to all the shooting in the last 3 years. Was it a Lift Winger-AG responsible for both Waco and Ruby Ridge. And we’re right back in they again with Eric Holder so watch what’s mind come out of his office before the elections.

        8. Fact is, Ruby Ridge occurred during Bush 41’s watch. Not suggesting that he wasn’t a leftist, mind you, just don’t think we should lose sight of who was who back then…

        9. Looks like the nut at the movie massacre in Aurora may have been an Occupy Wall Street type, rather than a Tea Party type as Brian Ross claimed. One of Bammy’s Boys? I wonder if he will report that……
          Don’t hold your breath!

        10. In fact, the media (if Godfather is part of the media) are blaming Obomba for the murders. didn’t you read the article?

        11. Yes, I read the article. Godfather is hardly part of the mainstream media–maybe someday, but not at this time. Have you read what Godfather says in this article anywhere in the large “news” media or on television?

        12. Dont like foreigners poking their noses into US politics…………..then why dont you the USA stop poking your noses into politics of many countries on the other side of the world

        13. Your response makes me ill! I have been shooting since I was a kid, and have never pointed a gun at anyone. I actually had a gun pointed at me (years ago, and totally inappropriate on their part, but that isn’t terribly relevant to the discussion). When I travel, if within states recognizing Florida reciprocity on CC, I do carry. Will you please explain to me why I must risk becoming a victim. I’m a single female. Please do share. I’m getting rather tired of whiney Liberals and their biased, and ill-founded opinions. I actually happen to be Conservative, but believe in “right to choice” and that nobody else has the right to dictate on this one. Ultimately, I’m actually probably more Libertarian in my approach. Kind of like, “if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one” (and I sincerely apologize in advance to those I might offend with this statement), and “if you don’t believe in guns, don’t own one!” I happen to find a good deal of amusement in the email with the sign saying that “My neighbor doesn’t believe in guns, so we have an agreement; he doesn’t own any, and I won’t protect his property.”

        14. I used to share your opinion about abortion—“If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one” but have since become opposed to the taking of a human life while it is still in the womb. I believe a fetus becomes a human being (CHILD) immediately after conception but I STRONGLY support your position on firearm ownership. I began shooting while still in grade school and practised for my marksmanship merit badge in Boy Scouting by shooting at thumb tacks with my Dad’s single shot .22. I have not owned a gun in many years, but am confident I can stll pull the trigger if I need to.

        15. Thank you, black coffee! I have come to agree more with your opinion on the matter, but as a female, obviously view things a wee bit differently than a man. I’m now just slightly just past child-bearing age, so maybe this changes my perspective… Anyway, I work at an institution of “higher learning” (yeah, right), so get a little tired of having all this crap shoveled down my throat by those with Ph.D.’s (Piled higher. & Deeper). :-)

        16. I do understand why you and others carry guns, and are prepared to use them……….it is the society you live in, a society where the gun has been paramount since day one, and the gun will always be so……the US is too big for the gun to be banned, it just wouldnt work. We did away with “handheld weapons” decades ago……..perhaps 200 yrs ago, Im not sure just when, but we do allow hunting guns which are under extreme strong control. licences, training, police control that they are locked up safely……they are never ever used, as in the USA for fear of being attacked, although 1 person was killed last year, the bullet went thru a calve moose, and killed a cyclist who just happened to be in the wrong place….so we dont need guns for against who???????

        17. We did not do away with hand held weapons 200 years ago or yesterday for that matter, it might seem that way.

        18. First of all, fridihem, your statement should be phrased as “against whom?,” not “against who?” Sorry, call me a “language snob” if you must. Secondly, from what country do you hail? “Licence” is not an American spelling; this is either Canadian or European. I actually happen to have a number of friends from other countries, and am rather well versed in many of these usages. And regarding against whom I might have to use a gun, it would be anyone who anticipates entering my home uninvited, or borrowing my car without my permission, or threatening anyone about whom I care. Sorry, but I’ve worked rather hard all my life for the things I possess, and don’t feel especially charitable toward those who expect handouts. I actually live in a rather decent area, but have found that since the downturn in the economy face a largely ghetto atmosphere if I go to my local grocery store after approximately 9:00 p.m. at night. I actually find this somewhat offensive!!! Are you able to justify your position further?

        19. Not having the British English language as my mother tongue, mistakes are made……even Bing translate is spooky at times…………….I am northern European……………a no hand gun culture……….crime does exist… it does everywhere……….but we have a fairly peaceful society, no problems out walking in the cities at night

        20. fridihem – first, you’re a guy, so that gives you a bit of leeway walking about, that I don’t necessarlily have as a female (unless armed!). You also seem completely unwilling to share your origin. Why is that so? What are you trying to hide? Where/what do you define as “northern European?” I am an American (southeastern Michigan originally, but Tampa, FL since 1982) and quite well educated, well read, and well traveled. I actually believe that all of these components are important. I also speak German, albeit not completely fluently, Further, my ex-husband is Russian (Ukranian) and we are still on pretty decent terms. We were married in the Russian Orthodox Church, and although raised Methodist, found this to fall more within my beliefs. Your translation is generally horrific! You wish to be so assertive about your beiiefs, but are rather secretive.. I’m trying to be reasonable, but you appear to be on a completely diffferent page…

        21. OK……………I am living in Sweden, where “sidearms” are not allowed. Even hunting guns are rigorously controlled, licences to buy, to own, courses of how to use, storage etc etc etc………….the list is long…………….and not one accident, until last year a cyclist was killed by a bullet that went thru a young calf………………..being a man or a woman there is not harm to be out walking in cities or countryside at nights……………of course there are wierdoes everywhere, and women do get attacked and attempted rape………………….but very seldom……and certainly weapons are not used. Malmö in the south has its problems, and certain housing estate Rosengården has its problems, with right wing thugs trying to make trouble with Muslims, and killings have happened, but they appear to have the problems under control…………………does this satisfy you…………….

        22. Let us know when you shoot somebody, sister. And make sure its a man! We’ve all been they’re victims for a long time!

        23. I honestly hope that I never have to do so! And actually, most of my friends are men. That being said, I’m fully prepared to take this route if necessary to protect myself. And any of those male friends would back me up on this perspective…

        24. We are nuts huh? Your Liberals are the nuts ones including those in the white House.. The Gov and the Criminals will have the guns, and we’re just to sit and wait on them to rob, kill, and destroy our lives.

        25. I Have not killed anyone sence I was orderd to in Viet Nam by the same government that thinks i am not smart enough to have a gun

        26. I personally haven’t used a gun to kill anyone since I was employed by, and given servitude to, the United States Government.

        27. fridhem: I hope you never need one to protect yourself. If you do, please do not ask to borrow one of mine.
          You are the type of nut who thinks carrying a gun daily makes your weenie bigger, or makes you more macho, or makes idiots like you afraid of the noise if it were ever to be fired.
          Guns like mine are carried for one purpose only. That is to help me not be a victim. It is not there for any of the above bee ess reasons that you anti-gunners blather about. It is not there to kill anyone. But I would use it to keep me from being killed. Can you understand that ?

        28. Honestly, I do understand why you, an American must have a gun, its the society you live in, its a society that is ruled by the gun…….both at home……..and abroard. Since WW2 the USA has been on a mission to try to become an Empire builder, by force, by the use of the gun. Americans are always saying it is to protect the USA, yet all these conflicts have been on the other side of the world, invading foreign countries under false pretences…….its not being defensive……..its being offensive…….Can you understand that????

        29. Fridihem: first do not confuse the US Government with the US people, we are trying to reign in a runaway horse here and have been for some time. Second, gun control works in your country because you do not have Black millitants and we do. May not be PC to say that, but STATS do not lie and are right there for anyone in the whole world to read before you judge our defensive attitude.
          third, if you look at all the wars and police actions our government forced us to engage in, very few were approved by the people, including the one we are stuck in right now. We love and support our military people, these are our kids and grandkids; we do not support the political intrigues that put them in the line of fire. Don’t forget that with the wars we supposedly inflicted on other countries there was always a very hefty distirbution of US dollars right into the hands of their political leadership, who often appealed for US military help for just that purpose and none other.
          Fourth, understand what an Empire is. That is when one country defeats another, then keeps it as a colony. Which is not what we do. We bleed out our finest, devastate our economy, and suffocate under gimmie more treaties other whining governments are constantly travelling to DC hoping to get .
          Newsflash, we the citizens do not want the treaties, we do not want the wars, we do not want the foreign entanglements with governments and people who hate us, we do not want our tax money going to aid other countries, we do not want to be flooded with the foreign made goods, we do not want our state department facillitating a Muslim invasion of our country.
          What we do want is to buy and sell our own stuff, use our own oil, manufacture our own goods, develop and enjoy our own resources, speak our own language, educate our own children and live our lives according to our own Constitution.
          Why do we want to keep our weapons? In case you and all the other nations have not noticed, we have been invaded, and are in the fight of our lives. Unlike the situation in WWll, if we fall while you all just criticize and look on, there will be no US soldier to free you when your turn to be invaded comes, and it will come. You all turned to US then, and we did not let anyone down, including you. Now we at the very least need some moral support, and we are not even getting an acknowledgement of our situation.

        30. well well someone who actually makes sense. the only thing you missed was that the “us gov” is not the problem. they are just lackeys trying to do their job. it goes another step up – the shadow gov, roth, bild, rocke, illuminati … even ultimately the queen

        31. Thanks, you comment made for good reading, apart from the last sentence……….are you really being invaded………by whom…….and as I live in Sweden we never expected not do we expect help from the USA……we are a neutral nation, always have been and always will be, seeking no aid from anyone………….we can manage quite nicely all by ourselves

        32. A can understand why American citizens must have a weapon with them almost all hours of the day, because the US society is a very violent one, not only with the baddies, but even between yourselves, the Republicans and the Democrats, even these 2 sections of society hate each other…… what future does the USA have, with all this hate……………… took 100s of years for European “empire builders” to finally get it and give their “empires” back to the people…………..and now in only 50 yrs the US has finally run out of steam. from once the greatest nation in the world… what it is today…………….a shoddy semblence of hasbeens and outsourced industries, living on borrowed time and on borrowed money…………VERY SAD………………

        33. Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people that all of my guns have in the last 50 years.

        34. I’ve seen a number of deer running through my property with arrows stuck in their sides–not a pretty sight.

          It takes quite a lot of practice to hunt with a bow and arrow. It’s almost impossible to protect your family with that item. I’d be much better at using a cast iron skillet.

        35. mabey sell a couple registered ones that wern’t StoleN in a breakin you never know where the could end up.( that’s just my thinking )

        36. You say that (Death Walks Among Us) but how do you think you will find food without a gun? By the way if food ever becomes that hard to get you can bet your last dollar you will pray for a gun and wish you had never sold them. Isn’t there welfare? I mean lets face it we support plenty of illegals on welfare. Oh and this wonderful Obummer is the food stamp President. So we can get food stamps right? LOL I have an idea. Lets all do what the illegals do. Lets take our guns and overrun Mexico, demand food, jobs and healthcare and see how they like it. I for one have never trusted my government. I love my country and every single man and woman who has fought for her but we have allowed these politicians to make a career out of office. They vote themselves pay raises and better healthcare. What makes them better than us? Why do we allow this? This crap that is happening has been in the making for a very long time. Being a politician was not meant to be a lifetime job. They were supposed to serve their time then go back to making a living in the private sector like the rest of us. I’m scared to death. I would advise everyone to never mention whether or not they have guns when posting. Ours got stolen. God Bless you all and God Bless American. We ARE one Nation under God

        37. Nearly 50 years ago a gradeschool teacher told me something that has become more true every day (or at least every election). He said, ” the quickest way to make an honest man a theif is to elect him to office.” THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

        38. dshevlin, in defense of black coffee (not that he needs my defense) I think he meant any office. Which is true. Not many honest politicians for sure. You show me one honest one and I can show you 10 dishonest ones.
          As for Archery? If I had to kill with a bow and arrow I would starve to death before I ever hit my target. LOL I’m only on the computer Monday and Tuesday so this is a bit late. Sorry everyone and God Bless you all and God Bless America.
          Black Coffee, that was a very intuitive gradeschool teacher.

        39. You forget sir, that pioneers put food on the table with… guess what? Guns! Guns were the tools of the American pioneers, used to put food on the table, and also used for self protection. The American Indians also had their own tools for food hunting, tribal wars, and self protection; their tool was that old traditional Bow and arrows still used to this day.
          No one starves in America unless they want to. The way this foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II is leading this nation, it might be a good idea to learn how to grow your own food as the American pioneers did in the old days. Even the American Indians learned to plant corn.
          USAF (RET)

        40. While you were looking for your lost weapons did you happen to see mine? I can’t seem to find them :-(

        41. I only have one left. . it is a rusty unusable Allen Hpokins 32 rim fire. They can have if yhey want it

        42. go barter for another one….you have a belonging that another person needs and that is why bartering is so wonderful!

        43. I think I would choose not to eat before I gave up my weapon. H e l l, I’m already to the point of choosing not to eat in order to make what meager income I have stretch but I’m not anywhere’s close to giving up my weapon because of it.

        1. Makes perfect sense since, when they’re not busy killing outside infidels, they’re busy killing their own Muslim infidels, i.e., any Muslim who is not on board with the dominant sect’s program.

        2. He aided in the killing of those who would have opposed the Muslim Brotherhood (his fraternal family).

      2. Why should Muslims surrender their arms……….the US has sold arms to more than 10 muslim countries across N Africa, and the Middle East for several trillions of $$$$$$$$$$…………..and now you dont like it that they have them………………you cant have it both ways

        1. Then its OK for the USA to sell vast quantities of arms to muslim countries, so that they can use them to kill US servicemen

        2. No, thats my point, what the deviant, corrupt and characterless US government does has
          Little to do with what their constituent’s want.

        3. The Majority, although:

          I think obama is the climactic result of God’s judgment:
          We have earned this miserable slug by apathy and tolerance in allowing evil to be called tolerable and good.
          He represents all that is wrong with our country, pro-abortion, pro-homo, pro-muslim, ANTI-Christ.
          Evil and Depraved – Corrupt and Character-Less – Narcissistic and Moral-Less;
          No president has EVER been so OPENLY anti-Christian..
          The contrast has never been clearer, and I’m afraid those who still support him would be with-out excuse before their Creator; Yeshua(Jesus).
          The horrible sin of baby murder and homosexuality; openly endorsed by him, would certainly be a abomination to our Lord and Savior Yeshua.

        4. no, and we have protested about that. I don’t believe in arming anyone through our government. No foreign aid, either.

        5. we don’t want it both ways, just no guns for Muslims. My jerk of a son-in-law is Muslim. I wouldn’t trust him with a BB gun!

        6. Other than possibly being Muslim, why are you so supportive of them? While I try to be open to others’ opinions, I hardly think they’re being so picked upon. Why is it so unreasonable to expect they attempt to comply with our culture, as opposed to the other way around? At least in the past, it was expected that immigrants assimilate to our culture. I have a Scottish friend with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from University of Glasgow. We went through absolute $%@! trying to get her working papers, and I ultimately had to sponsor her. Further, when we took her for her driving test (remember that in Great Britian they must qualify at home on a STICK SHIFT) – Tampa, FL, Nebraska Avenue – they indicated they no longer took drivers out for road tests because of too many complaints!!! They execute the entire process in their parking lot with cones, kind of like Driver’s Ed when we were in High School. And yet they’re handing out DL’s to a lot of these people?!EEK! I think it may be about time that some of the thinking individuals begin putting their feet down!!!

        7. Did I say I was supportive, I was only stating facts about how the US has sold arms to countries that are over 90% muslim……i am not a muslim, but I see no problem where I live with them. Most come here from war torn countries, as refugees, some stay, but most return to their own country or a neighbouring country, but whilst they are here they must learn the language and our customs, and abide by our rules. Women still do wear muslim clothes but should they assimilate or work in society, then they must change…….they can wear a head scarf but certainly no burka or long dresses, and children in schools MUST assimilate at all times, and that means that the girls and boys partake of swimming lessons together…..swimming is part of our school……this has been a problem at times, but the school says what it says…..assimilate….and no keeping your child at home

      3. I know of NO Christian church with a “gun arsenal”, so that speaks loundly concerning any Islamic Mosque having an underground arsenal. Shouldn’t this give alarm to and for the BATFE (ATF) to investigate those Mosques as a criminal activity? Oh, I forgot they take their orders from the Muslim-in-chief, Obama.

      4. The Muslim’s have been told the radical leaders to buy all the guns they can. It doesn’t matter if they commit a crimes, all they do is go back across the border and catch a flight out of Mexico and go back to what ever country they come from. For example look at the honor killings taking place in this country. There has only been several people that has stood trial for their crimes all the rest has left this country either through Canada or Mexico.

      5. I doubt that the muslims will be REQUIRED to surrender their arms. It seems they are exempt from everything on religious grounds. And, you bet obummer will have a gun. I believe the muslims aren’t even required to unmask for their pictures on a DL. We will have no means of defense in a world where conditions are such that we need something more than ever to defend ourself. God help us.

    2. There is a bit of talk of a Military coup to take these communists out of government. At this time this is your only hope for freedom in the USA. Civil war is likely. Revolutionary war is even more likely. It is patriots versus a communist government.

      1. Truth. If it were to happen would it even be legal? As a foreigner in the white house upholding the the constitution would call for a coup wouldn’t it?

      2. I am afraid that is just wishful thinking! The military has been infiltrated with Muslims, Homosexuals and Progressives that back Obama to the hilt… they are in key positions and would thwart any coup that might try to arise. Sorry guys, don’t expect the calvary to come to the rescue here… you are going to have to get your hands dirty, or it won’t get done. You should be calling your Fedearl Congress people and demanding that they vote down this U.N. Small Arms Treaty that Hillary is going to sign at the end of this week. You do know it will have the legal binding power of a Constitutional Amendment until the Senate or President reject it, right?!!! We sit here and trade barbs back and forth, while the President continues to help the Muslem Brotherhood to infiltrate our highest and most secure areas of our government, and only Michele Bachmann has the courage to stand up for what all our Reps and Senators should be doing… requesting everyone be properly vetted before allowed to have access to sensitive information and personnel!!! You should also be calling your Reps and our beloved Speaker of the House and tell them to get off Bachmann’s back and support her!!!!

      3. Then what put the same kind of trash back in? You vote for liberal conservatives (Mccain), Moderate conservatives (Rummy). But you will not vote for a hardcore conservative (Paul) Then you want to cry and run your mouths about what you are going to do when most of you were punks and did not have the guts to serve in the military. As a retired Marine said the other day if most of you saw what a bullet did to flesh and bone you would wet your pants and run.

        1. Very good points all the way, why would anyone vote RINO? let alone vote zer0…sheesh, has no one learned? Go Ron Paul, the only one left that believes in a Strong defense!

      4. Ross
        , don’t worry about a military coup knees backwards Stone Age countries. There’s no desire to remove the Communist element or any other subversive element that should concern America. The big military coup that’s in the works will take place before the end of the year is going to originate in the White House When Dirty Diaper Head Obama makes his move to take over the United States.

        At one time I thought I was a conspiracy nut and that there was actually no basis on this fear. But when you look at all the evidence coming out there is very little else that could explain the actions of this un-American, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, 100% bigoted racist in the White House. Win lose or draw he has no intentions of stepping down position of power.

    3. Speaking of R.F.K. how many people know that Sir-han the supposedly shooter was three to six feet in front of Bobby K. but the bullet that killed him was behind the right ear, And left powder burns on his ear, Go figure!! Can u say Manchurian Candidate,

      1. All we know for sure is that what the gov. tells us is NOT the truth. The real truth may never be known by us.

    4. We have an excellent opportunity to change our Country’s direction on November 6, 2012, Let’s avail ourselves of that opportunity!!

    5. There are 300 million guns in privat hands, thats going to be a hell of a large concentration camp. Oh, happend to “in my cold fingers and hands” thing.

    6. jango, I’m afraid this is a bit different from the past ‘trys’. The current Commander in Chief will certainly see to that. Just the fact that the Marines now are establishing a troop specifically for “policing” speaks loud and clear to me and many others. I am speaking out because as an American citizen, I feel I must do what I can to reach others before it is to late……. God bless America…..

    7. The mighty stink’n BO would have an internal war on his hands if he or the UN tried to take our guns I have NO doubt on this and one other no doubt I’ll be in that war against this communist pig and the UN. Period. Come find me BO!

    8. I actually believe the United Nations killed or had Kennedy assassinated. And that was the turning point when the blacks changed to democrat. Thats also when the black population growth stopped. And rite now Blacks only make 12.6 % of our population with that number expected to rise to only 13% by year 2054. I think the UN did this on purpose because before that happened the Black population was growing. Now we have Latino immigration problems , what better way to slow it but give the cartels a few thousand class 3 weapons. 69,000 latinos killed in the last few years and that was before fast and furious. So far only one white Border patrol agent killed. The united Nations is all about lowering population. We also have muslim population explosion and they who control the printing press are using scare tactics on Americans to bring our support for a war on muslims. The powers that be have been controling the media since 1915. The Media has been leading the masses around by the nose like a bunch of blind bats since March 5 , 1915 / Beginning with the JP Morgan interests and their subsidary organizations, They Got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and hired them to select the most influential newspapers in the United states , and a sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the united states. These 12 men worked out the problem by selecting 179 newspapers and found it was necessary to only retain 25 of the greatest papers in order to brainwash the public. These 25 papers were agreed upon and emissaries were sent to purchase the policy national and international. The papers were bought and to be paid for by the month. An editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions preparedness militarism, financial policies, and other things of National and international nature considered vital to the interest of the purchasers. This contract is in existence at the present time, and it accounts for the news columns of the daily press. By 1917 JP Morgan and associates controlled 25 of our most influential papers. The atrocities stories were designed to raise public support for American entry in to World War 1.

    9. It IS the job of the U.S. armed forces to protect this nation from ALL enemies foreign and domestic, That includes The Government of the United States of America, and to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. As for surrender MY guns Yea, that’s on my to do list, right between surrender my freedoms and give up All of my rights.

    10. Wrong on one point, Jango. The Senate will not ratify the treaty since there are sufficient “nay” votes to prevent that from happening. But from the time Barry signs the treaty until Mitt Romney disavows it, it will be the law of the land. During that short period one more bit of American sovereignty will be ceded to the clearly anti-American United Nations.


    12. I’ve been watching too but our young people have been fed so much garbage the left makes sound like it’s good for us they believe it. Not knowing History, it will repeat itself and come back to haunt us…………….it’s started folks, we need to wake up and not let these politicians divide us as they’ve been trying to do, especially the WH crew. We are smarter than they give us credit for and to the young I say “don’t be snockered.” Do your homework.

    1. No, the Joker’s hair is black sprinkled with gray, short and nappy … and by ballot we must rid ourselves of him in November in order to preserve OUR Constitution and OUR Republic!

    2. It is good to see folks beginning to wake up and see through things like this shooting.
      Perhaps they saw through the Gabrielle Giffords shooting also but were not willing to say anything. Some facts about that shooting. It happened in Tucson, AZ shortly before the “fast and furious” false flag attempt came to light. One of the people killed at the time Giffords was shot was Chief Judge for US district court of AZ., John Rolls. He was the Judge who heard Sheriff Richard Macks case and his strong language supporting the constitution moved the case to the US Supreme court. He had been hearing a case involving the Obama crooks and was about to render a decision. His decision had already been “leaked” out and the result was going against the Obama crooks. Also if you google reports of that event you will see that Judge Rolls was the FIRST person that Laughner walked up to and shot! Giffords shooting was most likely to mis-direct attention from the real target and also to garner publicity so the Marxist’s could immediately blame the Tea Party “radicals” and the usual gun control bs. I became interested in and reasonably adept in hypnosis prior to going into law enforcement in 1959. The CIA et al, have been studying and using hypnosis along with drugs and certain personality traits to control people for many years. I have little doubt that by picking a person with the desired personality traits, the correct drug and hypnosis I could create a Laughler, McVeigh, Oswald etc. Also note in the newspaper article immediately after the Giffords shooting, the police were looking for a man about 50, wearing dark clothes and seen walking with Laughler up almost to where the shootings occured and seen walking quickly away just before Laughler opened fire. Very likely Laughlers “handler” who needed to give Laughler the pre-planted key word or phrase to start the sequence.
      The Colorado shooter supposedly came in the back door of the theater. ALL doors of that type have a bar type exit on them – in case of fire. Just like stores such as Costco has and if opened set of an alarm-a very loud alarm. He had at least one accomplice. Also of interest is that I understand there was a police station within about 100yards of the theater. I also understand that within minutes of the shooting there was a whole “squad” of FBI agents on the scene. In fact before the police could get there from the nearby manned station. Kinda makes one think, doesn’t it? There is more but that should start the wheels turning for those that don’t normally put 2+2 together.

    1. I agree with you US Cav. I’m a retired Intel Analyst with the Air Force myself and the more that is revealed, the more it doesn’t add up. Unless, of course, you throw the unlimited funds and support of a rogue gov’t agency into the equation. Most notably is the sophistication of the booby traps/b o m b s found in his apartment. [Quote from article: “According to police, it was a highly sophisticated trap, including some methods the bomb squad had not encountered before.”] And then also highly suspect is the fact that he was “unemployed” yet was able to procure/amass such a cache of weapons and gear valued at well over anybody in his position could reasonably be expected to accrue (speaking of the funds here). And how did someone like him manage to procure gas filled grenades? To the best of my knowledge, these are not easily obtained through the internet, tactical gear stores, or military surplus outlets. My common sense tells me he had to have some well-connected contacts within some law enforcement agency or, perhaps, the military. A third allegation is that Riverside College in CA is funded by D.A.R.P.A. and you have a connection to the gov’t and highly suspect and questionable (on moral and ethical grounds) research. And for someone who was/is apparently so incredibly accomplished in his field, one doesn’t get there by simultaneously researching/studying material unrelated to his field. This whole thing stinks to high heaven and the only connection that makes sense is gov’t involvement.

      1. I am a licensed firearms dealer and ammunition manufacturer and I can’t legally but the types or amount of explosive materials that the Auroa killer had. It is even difficult for me to buy the type of weapons he used.
        If I have a hard time getting these, how does an unemployed, unlicensed individual acquire them?

        1. Exactly. I’m have permits to carry for MN and UT myself and that was another “red flag” that popped but I forgot to mention… in the world is someone other than law enforcement or military able to get their hands on armor peircing/penetrating ammo like he reportedly had used. Even with the LEO’s and our military I believe it has to be “specially” issued. Like I said……too many little facts that are adding up but the sum doesn’t follow the logic of mathemathics unless, like I stated, government officials were involved.

    1. I agree. I could not help but notice the look of “the lights are on but there’s nobody home” sort of gaze in his face. To me, it looked as tho he was replaying his actions over and over again in his mind and the facial expressions seemed to express a sort of battle to reconcile within his own mind what he had done. Perhaps, not even realizing that he had done it in reality but, perhaps, more like he was re-experiencing some kind of dream (or nightmare) over and over again.

  5. Look, governments have been sponsering terror since there have been governments. To scratch your head and say…hmm interesting theory…. is assanine. Of course..this is the same MO as Columbine, the underwear bomber, the shoebomber, on and on and on…this was done right outside a large Military industrial complex. What else? People are so naive and that is exactly why Americans will lose their freedoms…. by design and stupidity.

    History of Government false flaggs is everywhere but in the textbooks of education because the same people who carry them out are the ones who control who writes the text books. History is written by the winners…he has all the money are the ones winning time and again. The challenge to humanity is will htey enough of us wake up before we have no choice but to fight for our lives.

  6. Interesting. May or may not be plausible. The real news about this is the fact that people are actually aware of the possibility and are discussing it. This does not look good for the bamster or his regime.

  7. The mistrust of the Obama Administration is staggering. From Van Jones, Eric Holder, and Valerie Jarrett to Rahm’s and Hillary’s pronouncement about “never letting a good crisis go to waste”, how could any sane thinker believe that this is not beyond them? Evil is as Evil does.

    1. NO – he had a stipend from the National Institute of Health for $26,000. NOT DOD! Unless there was another than the one currently out on the net.

      1. If you are finding anything on the web about Holmes, you might want to becareful what you buy into, because he was scrubbed from the web, of everything pryor to the event.

  8. I don’t own a gun, but for those of you who do, NEVER give them up! The day will come when we will have to defend ourselves and freedoms from those hell bent on destroying this country. We will never stand down to the UN or any other power. In light of this theory, the same can be said about the Oklahoma bombing. What better way to sway public opinion against militias organized outside mainstream. And what about the Davidian Compound? Collateral damage meant nothing, I’ve always been of the opinion that it was an exercise to measure public reaction and outcry. None occurred and Janet Reno is still free. She should have been prosecuted for attacking a compound full of children. Again, it was also to discredit religious organizations (cults) and sway public opinion against such organizations. They are bad, all government is good. We are being manipulated and have been for decades. It’s time to wake up.

  9. Finally someone as intelligent as me! I immediately thought “false flag operation” as I watched this all unfold. The United Nations “small arms treaty” pushed by Hillary Clinton and the Obama regime and the timing of this is shooting, something stinks! Patriots have been told to watch for this and here it is! Wake up everyone you know and tell them to get involved, because no one is going to be spared once the government massacre begins and it’s definitely coming.

    1. That was all swept away wasn’t it?? Along with the fact that Obama sent a safety team to that very platform, and that platform only, just a few days before it blew up.

  10. Well stated Mr. Cron and you managed to put in all the speculation based on what is known and alleged in fact so far. Holmes appeared before the public and was apparently sedated but no one has stated that just yet, he has allegedly recieved $21K in the form of a grant and siphoned a non oversighted government funding to acquire the tools for his misadventure, the amounts are still being tallied but his killing spree was not a cheap excursion, nor was it unplanned. This gov fund a trough of wealth puts the gov back in the mix in more ways than one, in order for Holmes to buy those firearms he had to fill out gov forms and the quick succession of the purchase, the amount of ammo and the body gear must have been a dead give-away but no one was home to check…..this still reeks of either coincidental incompetence or planned antigun activity to again attack the 2nd amendment….push on the congress to find out…

  11. Simply stated, How does a young unemployed Man Get $20,000 owrth of combat gear. Right now under our exiting gun laws you have to register your puchase of guns AND OR AMMUNITION .THIS BIG OF A PURCHASE SHOULD HAVE RAISED SOME FLAGS.
    AMEN “What good our gun laws that can’t Identify this kind of activity.”

    1. First guns and ammo do not have to be registered. Handguns get registered. Small purchases would not send up a red flag. Actually most gun laws hurt the nation not help it.

    2. Depending on which state you’re in. States like IL and especially Chicago, you can’t even buy a handgun. States like AK and VT there is no registration, just the NCIS check to buy it. And this joker did buy them legally thru Bass Pro and other legal means. Purchasing any weapon by mail or over the internet requires that the gun be shipped to a FFL lisesensee. No exceptions. I have bought guns thru the internet, and the FFL must provide a faxed copy of his liscence to the seller befor shipping. Then, I have to go to the FFL’s place of business to go thru the NCIS check.

    3. Unless, of course, he was afforded circumstances similiar to the gun-walking scenario known as “Fast and Furious” whereby the Feds ran interference and ensured he was able to procure all these weapons and gear without a hitch.

  12. I am far from being a conspiracy theorist but in this specific incident I must admit my initial thoughts DID go to government involvement and I still have not been completely convinced otherwise. There is nothing – NOTHING – committed Marxists won’t do to bring down OUR Republic and as with today’s United Nations the Obama administration is packed with committed Marxists … from the top down. Senator Joe McCarthy was right.

  13. Who knows what governments are capable of? Before the KC bombing, bubba’s approval rating was at an all-time low. After the bombing it skyrocketed. Just sayin’. . . If you want a possible reason clinton wasn’t removed from office, Google “raymond scott bates.”

  14. DUH! Ya think?!

    from Aurora Colorado Massacre Saw Other Suspects!

    drill going on that same day at local University*

    Colorado Shooting Could Have Been STOPPED!

    A Noble Lie: Evidence of Gov’t Staged Terrorism Used on
    Americans – Interview begins at about 7:10
    minutes of video

    to stop a massacre: Surveillance video reveals simple, low-cost
    solution that works everywhere

    Shooter Holmes Obviously Drugged During Arraignment

    Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As
    ‘Batman’ Massacre

    Gun Club Membership Rejected Over ‘Bizarre’ Behavior

    Inmate: Holmes ‘acting crazy,’ spitting at guards’

    ‘Dark Knight’ Suspect Had An NIH Grant Given To
    ‘Outstanding Neuroscientists’

    by Democide: The Reason We Have the 2nd Amendment

  15. I for one do not believe in ‘coincidences’. Especially with this Gov’t. Everything has/was planned in advance 80 or 90+ years ago, starting with the establishment of the Fed. The ‘secret societies’ that are behind the scenes everywhere are long thinkers and are finally reaching that point in time where the average person (who hasn’t a clue anyhow) will suddenly, by their reckoning, find themselves in a full blown world wide dictatorship.

    This is just one of those acts meant to bring about that clueless person to willingly beg the Gov’t to just come and take their rights, liberties and even their very lives. Those same will swear allegiance to and take the mark of the one who will be/is know as the Anti-Christ and his false Prophet.

    We are living in the time of prophetic fulfillment. Look around. This isn’t just the U.S. in this mess. Like toy soldiers, events are lining up and shaping into those described by John in the Revelation of our Lord Jesus.

    Watch not only July 27th, but the days after. This won’t be the end…far worse is to come.

  16. Nothing can be put beyond the Obama Administrations corrupt and dangerous agenda! The American people will not allow anyone to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights. Oh..the White House and its cronies will attempt but there are 400,000 million peope that are starting to see Obama for what he is! A childish little man with power issues!

  17. The guy’s a violent nutcase. He’ll be convicted, and probably put to death. No new gun laws will result from it and the UN Small Arms treaty, which is entirely about international arms trafficing and has nothing at all to say about gun ownership in the US or any other country, will never pass the Senate entirely because it’s been involved in so many stupid theories like this one.
    Wanna make a bet?

  18. Odd that I have also been thinking along these lines about the “coincidence” of BO’s numbers being seriously down, UN gun control, constant messaging re Obamacare and other govt control attempts to take over private citizens’ lives.

  19. Of course there is. Just like the Tuscon shooting. The fires, the floods, the delay opening of nuclear plants with fraud reasons.

  20. Without question, the cost of the items involved for an unemployed individual – may have maxed out his or someone’s credit card – does raise eyebrows, as does the booby-trapped apartment. I’m not aware of Barnes & Noble carrying the title “Booby-traps for Dummies.” You either are adequately trained to set those things up or someone will be scraping you off of the wallpaper.

  21. This is a “Reichstag Moment” if there ever was one, taken right from Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda handbook. Whatever else the Obamanazis have planned to happen before the November elections do not allow yourself to be fooled … and keep your iron locked and loaded.

  22. the wittiness said there were at least two in the theater, he was near the one on the cell phone talking to Holmes on the other side of the door, at least that is the wittiness’ testimony. When are they going to look for the others involved.

  23. I want to be careful making too many assumptions at this time. This crime sounds like it had been VERY WELL planned and it was more than some kook going berserk one
    night and shooting up a theater! I by the way am an old time preacher who likes to listen
    to other old time preachers. While I did go to seminary I like to listen to these old time preachers whose only seminary was a King James Bible and a stump that they would go to
    after plowing the corn fields and would pray and seek God!
    I know what they will tell you motivated that young guy to do the murders. They
    would say it is the devil and that the young man needs to have demons cast out of him(Mark 5:1-21; Mk.16:17&18; Acts 16:16-18)! That is the only thing that I can be certain of!
    Personally I believe it is the devil that causes these liberal politicians and media members to falsely accuse the wrong people(John 8:44; Rom.13:8-10; II Tim.3:3)!
    I believe STRONGLY that it is the devil that wants these liberals to steal guns(Exod.20:15;
    John 10:10; Eph.4:28) from decent citizens!
    I will take a wait and see attitude to whether there is anything to this theory.
    It like it is quite possible that that could be the ultimate reason.
    I just don’t running after conspiracy theories without a lot of proof. I did
    back around the 1990’s during the Clinton years. I eventually had to distance myself
    from those who were doing such when I saw some of them go overboard with their theories. I remember getting a catalogue of books and publications on conspiracy theories one time.
    When they actually presented conspiracy theories in that catalogue that were actually pro-homosexual(see Gen.19; Lev.18:22; Lev.20:13; Judges 19-21; Rom.1;
    I Cor.6:9-11) I started right then and there to see the dangers in these conspiracy theories and I started to slowly back away from them! When you read stuff that makes
    good people look bad and bad people look good(Isa.5:20&21) I decided it was time to pull away from such!
    Well I still believe in the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and I have
    decided to stay ready for in an hour you think not Jesus will be coming(Matt.24; Mk.13;
    Luke 17 &21; II Tim.3).
    Well as one friend of mine sang it,
    “I’m Pre-trib all the way my friends
    You can have the Rapture at the end!
    But as for me I got the victory
    And we’ll all go together in the skies!”

  24. I wouldn’t give 2 cents for Holmes life. He might just say something that would point to the little dictator.

  25. As much as I would like to, I cannot ascribe to a government conspiracy regarding this rampage. There are plenty of other ways for the opponents to the Second Amendment to attempt to weaken it. Frankly, I don’t think they are intelligent enough to jump through all the said hoops. They are too reactive. I believe they find it timely, but I really don’t think they engineered it. Too many variables and loose ends, even if Holmes mysteriously dies.

  26. I have no doubt in my mind the government is involved in the Aurora scene as well as most assassinations. Mind Control is their game. They have no problem murdering anyone in their way, or killing innocent civilians via assassins for their own political/financial gains. The 9/11 disaster is another government involvement. What it boils down to is our own worst enemy is the U.S. Government. With evil beings like that, we don’t need foreign enemies. Why are they building and staffing FEMA camps? For people like us who are on to them. And what about those railroad cars with shackles and guillotines? They are not going overseas. Again, they are for the dissenters when martial law is instituted by executive order. Everyone needs to read Apollyon Rising 2012 by Thomas Horn. So, yes, I do firmly believe the Aurora massacre was to benefit the U.N. Disarmament Treaty.

    1. Mind control does work, and obozo and company are masters of it. Witness ’08 and ‘hope and change’. And to this day, half the people in our country still believe it.

  27. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. all used staged tragedies and a compliant media to help achieve their goals. Can anyone really believe that BHO and the NWO people wouldn’t do the same? Human life means nothing to them as long as they achieve their goals.

  28. Personality disorder…..mmmm? Lies about everything, hides crucial facts, blames everyone and everything else, says things and denies saying them, says things and then denies their meaning, surrounds himself with “toadies”, inserts himself or his family into every emotional event and constantly announces it’s me, it’s mine, I did that! And they say drugs don’t damage the brain? Ha!!! Barack Hussein Obama, the poster child for personality disorder and the guy that should make the next “this is your brain on drugs” commercial! I vividly remember that egg being cracked into a frying pan and the announcer saying those exact words. I guess old Barack missed that public service announcement! Too busy “choomin’ “!

  29. I figured he would do anything to stay in power.
    Proof yet again that once you get a Dictator in power, the only way to remove him is by force. Waiting till November just isn’t going to happen the way we want it to. This socialist is doing everything he can to ensure his re-election in November.
    1. hiring a company in Spain owned by his puppet master George Soros to illegally count the vote in his favor
    2. Giving orders to ready FEMA prison camps for the coming mass arrest of American Citizens under Martial Law.
    3. Setting himself up in position to declare Martial Law for any reason
    4.Staging or attempting to stage false flag events as a way to remove more of our God given rights i.e. U.N. small arms treaty which he plans to sign this month.
    How much more are we going to allow him to do?
    Please tell me.

  30. Killing a few innocent people to forward a key agenda has happened in every other government since the history of the world. Why not Obama’s?

    When you say conspiracy… .its the Republic that is out of the World Norm, and the UN needs our cash which obama so freely hands over. One could argue the Republic is so at odds with the world, we should and can expect anything and everything before January 20 2013.
    We have history to teach us.. What could China have done to stop Mao?, Germany to stop Hitler? Cuba to stop Castro? Venezuela to stop Chavez? Governments could have stopped them in their tracks had good men stood ground at the opportune time. Remember.. there is no love of Country to restrain him.

  31. James Holmes will mysteriously die just like Andrew Breitbart, Alex Okrent (Obama’s gay staffer) and Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer (Obama’s gay lovers)

  32. I thought that from the very beginning and am so glad that I am not the only one who sees the dots, whether it is true or not.

  33. If the Communist B*tch Hillary is anywhere near disarmament of the US then I’d say, were always in trouble of having our rights taken away. She is hell bent on doing away with the Free American way of life.


  35. Although the Colorado shootings are serendipitous for Obama and Clinton, pulling something like that off would require lower-level grunts who would train and equip Holmes. I just find it hard to believe they could do that when the targets included children and women. If I were going to pull a false flag op, it would be more of an Oklahoma bombing-type, not just a shooting.

    1. OK City was a bombing that used normally harmless fertilizer. No points for the gun nutjobs. It would have to be a gunner for it to have any impact.

  36. Interesting comments all, but the question is: “What are you prepared to do about it”? Are you ready to revolt against those in the Government who are working very hard to make us defenseless? Your chance to do so legally comes this November. Vote Obama out of office. Vote to remove Harry Reid and his far left pals out of office. Vote to make and keep the House and Senate CONSERVATIVE (some RINOS must be also be removed from office ). Then come the hard part. Keep your lazy butt totally engaged and aware of every action of the members in the House and Senate so you can and must hold their feet to the fire regarding their defense and support of the US Constitution , their campaign promises of: term limits, small government, balanced budgets, less spending, reduction of the debt limit, repeal Obamacare, Reform health care, Abolish the IRS and other useless Government agencies, Reform tax system to Flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage with no deductions and this is just for starters. If you wish to be a U.S. patriot you will do these things without any reservation of equivocation of mind.

    1. My worry is that our vote’s won’t mean anything. I don’t for one second believe the usurper actually won the 2008 election without fraud.

  37. What makes this scary is that all the other gun bans over the years will now go into full spectrum affect, after the U.N. small arms tready is signed. Reminber this is the first foreign inspired gun ban on on the U.S peoples guns. Therefore the timing was perfect for the Colorado Shooting to get a “Un-American Made Bill” through the U.N. over Us all.

  38. HYPNOSIS INDUCED MIND CONTROL MARRIED TO DRUGS MAKES FOR A GOOD ASSASSIN……..and yes, I am open to the current government doing something like this, all we have to do is remember FAST & FOURIOUS (YA I KNOW, SP)
    obama will do anything he can to disarm and bankrupt America so his new world order of an islamic marxism can be introduced.

  39. Here’s a thought, What if James Holmes was in fact not the shooter at all but was programed or setup to just show up with all the gear on and having the guns planted on him after the fact? Not one witness can identify him in the theater, it was dark and the shooter had a mask and gear on. It could have been anyone and they could have gotten away. What if he was supposed to return to the apartment that could have been booby trapped by others and what if all that stuff in his apartment was designed to kill James when he returned.
    We would be left with a dead James and all the circumstantial evidence that he had gunned down all those innocent people and committed suicide than conveniently no James to defend himself. This of course is all far out speculation but I will be on watch for James to be killed or to commit suicide in the coming weeks as further evidence that this shooting may not be all that it seems. Keep in mind that this is all just arm chair theorizing but keep watch and keep an open mind as strange things have been happening in this country in the last 4 years.

  40. I have questions. What was the first thought to cross your mind when you heard about the shooting. Mine was ” how did they pull this off “. Everyone I’ve talked to says the same thing.
    Did anyone see him run from the theater to his car ? Was he checked for gunpowder residue. There is something seriously wrong with this whole scenario.

  41. Not training so much as “the Programming / Indoctrination” to conduct such a covert attack… A brilliant med-student suddenly failing…
    scenario —while he was with the OWSD folks et al.. drugs, rape, and other such traumatic PTSD-causing events could very well have contributed to this current zombie-like behavior.. (I’m no shrink, but this is a real possibility) .. and there could even be others (sleeper cells) awaiting activation … This is “home-grown” terrorism .. a la red & green

  42. Nothing is off the table with barry the liar. Credibility is the only thing in life that no one can take away from you. In obamas case he has given 100% of his credibility away via lies, therefore he has zero and that is why we think he MAY have been involved in this incident. We know he simply cannot be trusted.

  43. As for Britian’s royal family turning into lizards from space – I saw that one on Dr. Who some years ago. Nothing new.
    As for the multiple personalities – I wondered when someone would indicate he might have been abused as a child. This one always comes up in defense of killers.
    As for being encouraged bythe Gov’t – I can’t imagine what you could offer a 24 year old to go and kill a bunch of people and spend the next 50 or so years in a box with bars.
    There are places where this kind of thing doesn’t happen – Kennesaw, GA

    The most pro-gun city in the United States – Kennesaw Georgia –
    where gun ownership is mandatory. It’s
    not the “Wild West” like some people predicted when it passed a mandatory gun
    ownership law. Kennesaw “has the lowest crime rate in Cobb County,” one of the
    most populace counties in Georgia. In fact, from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw
    had been nearly murder free with one murder occurring in 2007. Other serious crimes are almost

    “The city of Kennesaw was selected by Family Circle magazine as one of the
    nation’s ‘10 best towns for families.’ The award was aimed at identifying the
    best communities nationally that combine big-city opportunities with suburban
    charm, a blend of affordable housing, good jobs, top-rated public schools,
    wide-open spaces, and less stress.”

    In a 25-year period, New York City has had more than 15,000 murders – 2245 in 1990 alone – while
    Kennesaw, Georgia, had 1.

    When the
    people have guns the criminals stay away.

  44. While I wouldn’t put it past this illegal administration to do ANYTHING, there would have to be some reason this guy was picked, and some connection between the two. Is Mr. Cronn suggesting this guy is under some sort of “spell” to have done this because of a separate personality? We’ve all seen this type of thing on TV with magician, but could someone be controlled that well for that long?

  45. I read this whole item and commentaries about a “conspiracy theory” my immediate impression was “oh my God, more conspiracy nut theories !” Then slowly the writer of the article begins itemizing a few connections. After reading it all my reaction is to remember that wonderful piece of political fudge ! The Warren Report ! A magnificent piece of obfuscation that no logical person can believe ! Magic Bullets ? – real Pre-Matrix Movie Stunts if one is to believe such nonsense. Then the writer of this article on Holmes connects just the few dots slowly being revealed – the guy is a supporter and activist for the ‘Occupy’ movement – a pro-Obama Group, He has lots opf grant money from the D.O.D.- DARPA programming. He definitely does not come from a very super upscale family – just ordinary striving parents of the immediate post-War ‘Baby Boomer’ Generation. Where did the money, averaged extimate $15,000 for ammunitions and inflamable/explosive materials, originate ? Who trained him to rig booby traps, he has never been in the Military ? My guess is that he will be quietly shipped off to a Government Federally Owned Nut Farm and Chemically Lobotiomized so that no one will ever find out the truth. Tell me that this is no Election Year Conspiracy designed to support Communist White House Agendas ? Tell me that Holder’s “Fast & Furious” program is not an Obama contrived conspiracy aimed ultimately at gun ownership. In the U.S.A. – a disarmed civilian population is easily enslaved. Look at 1924 Lenin’s Russia and 1933 Hitler’s Nazi Government of Germany. Ironically those former bastions of freedom, England, Australia and Canada, are totally disarmed with laws forbidding individuals to be able to protect themselves against criminal predators People who vote for Obama a second time are obviosly anxious to be defrauded once again. Any and everything he touches turns to crap ! This latest Aurora catastrophe has all the markings of a convenient & timely election ploy. Q.E.D.

    1. The money came from the National Institute of Health which is “under” HEW. It was a $26,000 stipend, customary for a doctoral candidate.

    2. Everybody keeps coming up with a $15,000 price tag for this guy’s armament and explosives. I looked up everything reported, including the explosives, and can get everything for well under $5,000. Between WalMart sporting goods and eBay, I could have done a much better job of arming myself. I also have the knowledge and training to disagree with the police. His booby traps were a totally amateur job. People MIGHT have been injured, but I seriously doubt anybody would have died from them. Six small charges constructed for under $1.00 apiece with things available in any rural area, could have taken out the entire building and then some. Trip wires are totally amateur when easily available burglar alarm switches on the windows and doors would have been effective and almost undetectable. I could have set much better charges when I was in high school and this guy was purportedly a PhD candidate. There is too much here that was totally screwed up for me to begin to think conspiracy. Even using an AR15 that is well known to jam up (as this guy’s did in the theatre) is a sure sign of not having a clue what you’re doing.

  46. As the details trickle out about this incident, more and more things don’t add up. And throw in the obvious and blatant manipulation and misdirection by the MSM and us ‘conspiricy nuts’ have plenty to work with. The ‘tea party’ connection = false. The out of context statement by Holmes’ mother ‘you have the right person’, according to her latest statements, was the answer to a question from some reporter ‘are you the mother of Holmes’? The amount of cash the killer was supposed to have spent on armor and firearms, pretty steep for an ‘unemployed student’. Item after item is becoming more questionable, more suspect when logic and reason are applied.
    The UN treaty has been low profile, as a deliberate attempt by 0bama to keep it out of the light. NOW, it’s truly buried by the overblown tragedy, possibly indeed another false flag to divert attention from a much more crucial matter that will touch ALL of America when this abomiation treaty goes into effect. This is going to catch 99% of Americans by total surprise when blue hat foreigners bang on their doors, demanding their guns.

  47. Funny thing, that is the first thing I thought when I heard the news concerning this. It would not surprise me in the least, but proving it will likely be impossible!

  48. What’s been bothering me is also that no sooner did I post several videos supporting enforcing our borders..all from the NRA–one post, then this incident occurs, together with the possible Occupy connection…could be a coincidence, but maybe not…

  49. I have a hard time believing conspiracy theories for the reason that they require too many things to go right for it to be possible…and the last thing that would have had to go right wouldn’t have happened if patrons saw an ajar door and shut it.

  50. The connection this article talks about between Aurora, Co. and the potential of Obama signing the U.N. Arms Treaty was the first thing that came to mind. The timing, the sophistication of the booby-trapped apartment and the cost of all equipment Holmes accumulated all leads me to believe that Holmes did not act alone.

  51. I feel like the Author.
    It seems far fetched.
    BUT, after watching this Chicago Thuggery in action for 4 years, I can believe this one.
    I hope I am wrong, as it’s it’s quite frightening.
    But, what if it’s true…….
    Can ANYONE PROVE, beyond a doubt, that it isn’t?
    And that is a Chicago Thug tactic, too.

  52. I would not make an accusation of this sort with0out some supporting evidence. However, the article does raise some justifiable questions. It certainly woud not surprise me to learn that the current alinskyite administration pulled such a stunt. You must remember that followers of Saul Alinsky hold that the end ALWAYS justifies the means. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are students of Alinsky’s philosophy. In fact, Clinton wrote a paper about Alinsky when she was at Wellesly, and even interviewed Alinsky. Paranoid, you say ? Well like my old psyche prof used to say: “Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean that they are not out to get you. ” Beware of alinskyites !

  53. I am continuing to pray that all of the truth will come out and be told and maybe James is the guy to do that, as well as, where is the 2nd person who was seen and called his cell phone? I am trusting the Lord Jesus to bring forth all of the darkness into the light (pun intended!).

  54. of course there is, it is just like 911, our government was behind that and they are behind this!
    they want the american people to be defendless by taking away our rights to bear arms, so only them and the bad guys will acess to weapons.
    and all the good people will completely defendless.

  55. Mr. Cronn starts out with deep doubts about conspiracy theory. If the UN, president Obama and the Senate try to kill off 2nd Amendment right of self defense by guns, the losers will not be at the UN. Guess who and where? Our police, military and population will not surrender to the UN or Obama! I hope the President is ready to find out now. He will even lose in Aurora, Colorado!

  56. for some people this theory is repungnant… but don’t let anything pass the government of illicit attemp to control what they can’t regulate. it is obvious that this Jolmes is not your regular nut… the preparation and the execution is not the work of a nut but of someone with knowledge and tactic that are reminicent of covert operation…

  57. It’s possible, but I doubt it.

    The Money: James Holmes had a government grant for $26,000/year. Also, someone on another forum said that the equipment (not the weapons and ammo) could be bought on eBay for a couple of thousand – I have not checked this out on eBay.

    The Knowledge: Holmes is a smart man with a science background. Much information is available on the internet. People do amazing things all the time whether building a computer from scratch to building entire houses by themselves.

    Surrendering: I think it is obvious that Holmes wanted to be taken alive (after all, he is now famous), but I have no idea why he told the police about the booby trapped apartment. Maybe he wanted them and us to see how smart he was to do all of that.

    Was he programmed? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

    OWS: He would probably identify with them whether he was or was not directly involved.

    The U.N. Treaty: If I understand this correctly, Harry Reid won’t bring the treaty to a vote, so it will be in force until the Republicans rule the Senate and can bring it to a vote.

  58. This was far too complex for this guy alone, an apt filled with devices that experienced EOD hasn’t seen, No Computer trail on a College student who was in neuroscience (that usually includes mind control ) DARPA Grant /classes. Same thing with that Obama staffer Okrent 8 years and no computer trail to speak of. Gay members of Obama’s Church taken out execution style and falling approval #’s plus the rest ,U.N. gun control,Fast and Furious.

  59. I think the Obama administration will do anything to get what they want and to push through their agenda. Obama wants our guns because that’s the only thing that keeps him from being able to take completely over. If you don’t think they wouldn’t do something like this shooting, then just look what they did in the Fast and Furious debacle. Hundreds of people were killed with guns our government gave them and they were going to try and use those deaths to push for gun control but they got caught.

  60. I hate to admit it, but the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center was just one more False Flag incident. I’m a civil engineer and builder in NYC, and the government explanations are nothing more than ludicrous.
    At least the educated, Internet savvy population is aware of what’s happening. Our challenge is to wake up the rest of the country.

    1. “…the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center was just one more False Flag incident.”
      You just destroyed any credibility you might have had with that foolishness. We SAW the planes hit the WTC. Osama and his minions took credit for the attack; I suppose they were on the CIA payroll? IOW, Bush did it? The government agents spent weeks wiring explosives into place to be sure the towers came down, and no one SAW anything? Do you believe that nonsense, or do you have a trollish agenda of some sort?

  61. Be aware that every individual who was willing to testify against Bill Clinton died mysteriously. The Highway Patrolman who witnessed Bill Clinton rape a girl arrived at the FBI office in the Federal Building in Oklahoma City at 9am. The bomb truck by Timothy McVey was parked adjacent to the FBI office. The Clinton’s despise the United States of America and hate all American people. It is too convenient that James Holmes shot up a movie crowd just days before the UN treaty vote to disarm Americans!


  63. yes,this is connected,lest not forget the illegal current administration in the US,they are all one. How about Gabriel Giffords and Judge John Roll connected? Hell yes. The communists will manufacture any crisis to try and keep power. (on both sides of the isle) Throw Them All Out! start with your local (city govt) state,and federal. If they were smart they would step down now.

  64. So you think that one man is willing to give up his life for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. I don’t feel that Obama thinks he needs our approval for anything he does. He has gone around Congress and anybody else that got in his way. Who lets him do all this? Congress isn’t so inocent. They need to loose their jobs, especially those who have been in there for a long time. If you ask me,we need to replace the supreme court judges. There should be a time limit for them too. Can’t tell me that they can’t be approached to change their votes. Answer is to vote and get Congressmen who will listen to their people, us.

  65. One can not help but wonder . Hillary is all gun control crazy like most libs are and she jumped right on the UN band wagon . and fast and furious blew up in their faces with the gun grab attempts . With all the many thing this administration has pulled , laws that they have trampled and broken . I seriously doubt that Obama would balk at okaying something like this . That and then consider , where does a recent collage drop out get $20,000 dollars in span of four months to purchase assault rifle , Remington Police style riot gun and a Glock automatic hand gun plus ammunition , body armor , kevelar helmet , gas mask and tear gas granades ? All of this obviously well thought out , something a kid is not likely to do at this level . The cost and planning alone smack of outside influence , all they needed was a psyco to exicute the plan

  66. How could anyone confiscate over 300 million small arms in the US, who would even want to. And some of claim that Obama personally is going to go from house to house and take your guns. It takes small minds to create big lies.

  67. Thumbs down to the UN “Sitting Duck” small arms treaty.

    Thanks, but no thanks Hillary and obama. I don’t want to be sitting in a theater without protection.

  68. It appears, as of now, there is no reason or motive that James Holmes had to commit the acts of murder and terror that he did. And all of the materials and planning for bobby-trapping his apartment.
    I heard that Rush Limbaugh is working on a story that Holmes was receiving some $2000 from the Government each month, possibly totalling some $26,000, as a scholarship?? So, if so, Holmes received the money for this plot from this Administration. Let’s see where the dots connent . . . . . . .

  69. The shooting was not staged, it was very real. I don’t get people that will take a tragedy and use it to get a “Political reaction”. This is just crazy!

    1. Not saying thats what happened … but for the first time in my life, I believe the DC crowd, including the White House resident(s) would have ZERO problems killing Americans here and elsewhere around the globe in ourder to achieve their goals and remain in power … if you “can’t” believe that, well that is what they’re counting on – your non-belief of possibility, even when facts may beg for more questions to be asked … or your another blog plant from the Left …

    2. Connie
      , why is it crazy this type of thing works as a standard tool for politics worldwide. It’s been used in this country over and over again. The liberal mantra is never let a real tragedy go to waste. These people walk on the warm bodies of anyone if they can turn it to their political agenda. If they don’t have some nut job who just happens to go out and make a bloody mess they’re not above orchestrating. Fast and furious is a prime example. There a lot of people would say that was what was behind the assassination of both Kennedys whether that’s true or not will never know more than likely if this weirdo was put up to it by the government will never know. But to take it into consideration is far from crazy.

      Look at the Martin shooting in Florida the black caucus, the Panthers, Dirty Diaper Head Obama and every other racist organization jumped out and did everything they could to use this young man’s death for their own political advantage.,

  70. This is another Fine Example of Fast & Furious operation, in which Holder, and the Obama Administration, including Clinton are trying to make Claim that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is what is needed….. This Adminaistration will stoop to being the Lowest Degradation in which to accomplish what they want and the Hell with what the People want…..and is also Guaranteed by our Constitution in the 2nd Amendment….. Call your Congressmen/women and Senators and tell them to Vote NO for this Treaty with the U.N. and further insure we will never have any dealings with the U.N. for whatever the reason……

  71. As stated this is a conspiracy theory and the key word being theory ! Although because of my deep dislike For Dirty Diaper Head Obama and his policies and tactics I could see him doing something like this if he thought he could get away with it. As to the UN treaty he might sign it and the Senate might ratify but that does not necessarily make it binding on the United States as long as Obama was removed. I do believe that the disarming of America would lead to a bloodbath the likes of which America has never seen before. It will make the Civil War was like a garden party.
    In reality I personally do not see any way that can be avoided .Between Obama, The Muslim movement amongst the Black Panthers and the growing Muslim population
    The Muslim movement amongst the Black Panthers and the growing Muslim population
    , the black caucus in Congress, the group like occupy Wall Street, and the masses of people who are bellied up to the federal government feed trough there is likely to be no way to avoid what’s coming.

    You talk about conspiracies this is one of the granddaddy’s but at least we will know for sure by the end of the year whether or not we will be in another Civil War.

    God Bless and Save America
    You talk about conspiracies this is one of the granddaddy’s but at least we will know for sure by the end of the year whether or not we will be in another Civil War.

    God Bless and Save America
    God Bless and Save America
    , keep her strong and pass the ammunition!

  72. WOW, now that was a real scaremonger article, it went on and on and on and on………………so now its the UN who is getting the blame……………no no no, its your archaic laws regarding guns, stemming from the 1780s, too many of you still read comics, watch too many crappy US tv programs, where the gun is the most important part of a mans life, apart from having a good shag twice an evening, then out getting drunk on your US beer, AKA cats piss……………why cant you just grow up and enter the new world

  73. When the story of our latest ‘gun’ tragedy came to light, my first thought was that it was staged by our Government. I also believe the fall of the twin towers on 911 was staged. What better way than to condone war than attack our Nation? Note that the wars were the beginning our financial fall. What better way to disarm the American public than blame guns? Fear, fear, fear …. terror, terror, terror. And all the while we are diverted with the ‘evil’ done to us by ‘terrorists’, the bankers are making money hand over fist. Their bought off politicians have manipulated our laws to make the American citizen the enemy. If we all took a moment to look at the BIG picture and follow the money, it becomes obvious we’re being herded into the NWO. A bankrupt and armless Nation will be much easier to defeat, given the fact there are a hell of a lot more citizens than there are NWO Elite that want one world Government. God help the citizens of all of the Nations if America ever loses her right to bear arms. Think about why we were given the right to bear arms, and how easily we’ll be herded without borders or a way to defend ourselves. We better stand up and fight for our rights while we still have the right to do it. We need to break ties with the UN altogether if we want to save our Sovereignty.

  74. Any administration that would illegally run guns into Mexico knowing full well that they would eventually be in the hands of drug cartels is not above doing something like this either.

  75. This really is beyond the pale. What sort of pestilent filth would seek to exploit this tragedy after they funded it?

    Oh wait, of course.

    Democrats, and now with Holmes connection to Occupy Wall Street is exposed? And with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, you get the richest Liberal of them all, George Soros. What is $10,000 – $20,000 to him and his minions when havoc to America is what he has stated he is after.
    Suspect the government if you want to, we all do, but Soros is the culprit in my book. He openly funds the Occupy Wall Street troubles we have been enduring.

    1. Good post and that’s something I did’nt give much thought to, but it is very plausible. Like you say ,with the money that POS has $20k ain’t even a drop in the bucket ole soreass.

  76. It’s about time people started vocalizing what has seemed obvious to others. This has been going on for quite awhile; look at all that happened, similar to this, during the Clinton years, when they were trying so hard to take our guns. When Republicans are in the white house it doesn’t go on so much.

  77. A false flag incident is entirely possible given the propensity of the US Gov’t to make use of them especially in the last several years, and someone definitely supplied this nut job with money and weapons.

  78. This tragedy stinks of u.n. & our disaster in cheifs involvement!!! It went off without a hitch and it just has too may holes in the story, or at least what I’ve read and heard. I pray I’m wrong ,but I think this thing will blow up like Fast & Frivolus , maybe not now ,but when you got people involved sooner or later someone talks, and we all know this administration likes to leak information, so sooner or later it’ll all come out in the wash and someone is gonna have PAY! I hate it for the families of the victims and pray I never have to go through what they are going through now. GOD BLESS THESE FAMILIES AND GIVE THEM STRENGTH AND JUSTICE!!

  79. Would the Gov. use mind control on James Holmes?
    Would they go that far to take away our guns to protect ourselves?

  80. I would not put anything past Obama as sick as that would be but he would do anything to get what he wants.
    Everything happens around critical time the Gulf oil spill, the Keystone pipe line and everything just goes away as quick as it happens. I don’t like the idea 67 senators can change our lives for ever. Ithink we the people should make choices like this treaty. The UN is totally corrupt and we will be judged by countries who want us dead.

  81. Call me crazy but its the first thought that popped in my head. Plus the fact that hardly anybody knows about the UN arm treaty. Everyone I speak to about it are scratching their heads. They can tell whos winning American Idol though….

  82. Treaty I did’nt sign no damed treaty.Hillary as crossed the line into treason.She should be brought up on charges of treason.Making deals with dictators ,communist and socialist foreign countrys. To strip us of our constutional rights.Because free speach is next on their liberial adjenda to do away with.These liberial are wolf’s in sheep clothing they are more like dicators than liberials.We have a war on drugs and we all know how well that as turn out. Now we are going to have a war on guns.The price of illegal guns will sky rocket which will mean big money to be made by the crimals.

  83. I would not put anything past liberals but anti gun kept someone from being able to defend their self. I say sue the cinemark fro asking folks to not carry in the movie cinema.

  84. That was my first thought upon hearing the details of the shooting. The unemployed, brilliant neuroscientist began purchashing his weapons within a week of dropping out of school. Where did he get the money for these purchases? Isn’t it interesting that at least three of his weapons are those that will become illegal under the small arms treaty? No one will ever convince me that he committed this atrocity without help. In addition, why is Holmes being drugged in jail? Are they afraid he may say something that could point to government involvement? When Holmes was shown on television yesterday, he looked like a zombie. He had trouble keeping his eyes open, his eyes would all of a sudden bulge out, or he would just stare into space. Authorities admitted that he is being given drugs. This young man will spend the rest of his life in prison because someone with an agenda needed a patsy. Human life means nothing to those evil clowns.

  85. Well I hadn’t thought it was staged but the first words out of my mouth were “this idiot just gave the left another unjustified reason”…..You will never get the guns out of the bad peoples hands…only those who want to protect their families. FEMA has concentration camps all over the US and Martial Law certainly isn’t infathomable. I said from day one that this man went on the campaign trail that he was a puppet for far more undoing of the US then we want to bargain with. He won’t use our military troops and that is why he needs to pass the UN Treaty so he can use the UN troops. He knows our military won’t turn on the people. I never thought I would live to see a war on our home land but I believe it is going to happen.

  86. I am completely amazed how people will get off the subject matter at hand. Comments always start out on subject and then one person will inject something out of the clear blue sky and the rest of the board is off and running. Read the first twent post and the watch when it goes down hill.

  87. It seems that Mrs. Clinton has several enemies in other country’s, they have tried to kill her. This may be harder for the Secretary and the President to give the order to the UN, I don’t think the other countries want to give up their guns either. Ask the Isrealis to give up their guns and see what they tell you.

  88. More and more it looks like a “staged” event.

    The way he is acting at court.
    They way he gave up after his “mission”.
    The heavily booby-trapped apartment for an out-of-touch wacko.
    Tried to join a gun club.
    Ordered an insane amount of ammo ONLINE.
    Bought from multiple website several guns.
    The fact oBama has tried the deadly Fast and FURIOUS scandal already
    The FIB, er FBI was minutes at the scene of the massacre, yet a police station mall was only a 100 yards away.

    It seems to me to give gun owners, gun clubs, gun selling website a BAD NAME. You know, equal to got get rid of the nasty 2nd ammendment to solve problem. Hey a vote is coming up in the UN folks! We could solve this problem you know. (I can just hear Hillary’s hag nasal voice in all of this).

    This seems to point that this was a rigged false-flag operation.

  89. I have believed for a long time that “Manchurian Candidates” have been placed to cause crisis at every opportunity possible to steer public opinion in a desired direction. Nearly every mass shooting of this kind fits the mold and is ALWAYS immediately exploited for political gain. Keeping this in mind, think of all the things that have transpired since 911 to relieve Americans of their liberty. Now read the “Trading with the Enemy” act to discover that all US citizens were declared to be enemies of the Federal Government in 1934.

  90. I’m sure we will all know what obozo has planned very soon. I do not think that he is willing to leave office even if he looses the election by a land slide. obozo wants total full control over evey one of us.

  91. Gun control started in 1964 after Kennedy was assassinated and LBJ became President. The Democrats are determined to disarm the public.

  92. Too many dots to connect without more data, but it is intriguing. If this Pres had not already been working to diminish our freedoms and access to information, I might think the whole idea crazy. Now, I wonder….hummm. I will keep my ears and eyes open now. There was similar speculation about Waco, OKC, and Ruby Ridge. Folks wondered about how angry the DOD and DOJ seemed to be at the whole thing. Don’t have the last word on those, but I am going to follow the smell….

  93. First it takes the FULL House and Senate to Ratify the “UN Small Arms Treaty”… But, Obama has indeed stated that (being the “TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF that he IS”) he WILL sign and start the ball rolling to DESTROY our sovereignty!!!!!!! Once they take away the SECOND AMENDMENT, they ALL FALL……!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Thinking about the possible programming idea of this Aurora shooter guy…a lot of the Muslim terrorists were said to have seemed to be in a similar daze. In fact, I think I recall reading a report that the Ft Hood terrorist, Nidal Hasan, had also been reported to seem in some sort of daze as well. I had also read how Timothy McVeigh was seen meeting with one of Saddam Hussein’s cousins or something similar that I heard mentioned on a radio show and/or read a report of this mentioned several years ago, though it’s been quite some time ago now. I think a book may have been written about this in regard to McVeigh. Has anyone else heard about this?

    1. Correction to the first sentence in my above post: I meant re the 9-11 terrorists when I mention in the first sentence that a lot of the Muslim terrorists were said to have been in some sort of similar type of daze as mentioned in the above article.

  95. Very plausible connecting, sort of smells of a “FAST AND FURIOUS” sort of scandal, and seeing how the current administration operates, makes it ALL TOO plausible……

    1. We have one of the most traitorous administration running this country.

      Appointing an unqualified lesbian on the Supreme Court!
      Appointing an unqualified racist feminist to the Supreme Court
      The Commander-in-Thief is an illegal and unqualified foreigner as president!
      Appointed an unqualified radical racist as Attorney General!
      Mockery of overweight Czar of Health!
      Communist Leon Panetta in charge of Defense!
      Communist Secretary of State with personal aid that has close ties to Mooslim Brotherhood!

      The list goes on and on…….

  96. It is just another distraction from the real issues Jobs and National security with the Muslim Brotherhood Inside of the White House as advisers and to the Secretary Of State and inside of Homeland security. This is just a effort to jump on an issue to make people forget the other real issues via the distractions of saying that the shooter is more than he was. that is why the Democrats and Obama jumped on the tragic events to make it into political hay

  97. Possible? Yes. Probable? I don’t know. The main thing is to get rid of this leftist slime that is Definitely capable of stuff like this. Sanitize the White House and the Senate. I’m no Romney fan but it looks like the new beginning has to start with him. May God bless America and Americans. Try to be worthy of his blessings.

  98. It would be in character of the communists in Washington to finance a nut case into a mass murder scheme. I believe they will do anything to disarm the American people. It is strange none of these tragedies happen in places that incourage personal firearms.

  99. The rash of shootings in recent months should lead rational persons to come to realize that it is the government which is likely behind them and programming the shooters to do their evil deeds. Of course it would be denied just like Obama and Eric Holder have lied and deceived Congress concerning their involvement in the operation “Fast & Furious” gun running scheme with the Mexican drug lords.

  100. A straight up YES will do!
    As an ex-Army EOD tech I know that the booby traps were well beyond this guy.
    And many other questions that haven’t even been addressed by the police [let’s keep BO outta’ this he & his admin couldn’t tell the truth even if it/he wanted to] or spoken of. Much to be considered as to WHAT is truly going on!?

  101. Concerning Aurora, a few simple questions come to mind: How did he get into the theater ?
    Carrying the guns? Did he have an agent provocateur ?
    PDH (Pain Drug Hypnosis) was a CIA method of mind control in the 1950’s. Just imagine what is being used now.

  102. Where did that “starving student” get the money to buy all the equipment and supplies? He had to have had a helper Could that helper want to create a disaster that would provide public pressure to pass the UN gun control treaty ? the timing is suspicious.

  103. does sound reasonable, and I would put nothing past this government, I would trust a rattle snake before the crew we have in the white house, at least the snake will warn first,

  104. The guy was in a 4 year PHD program sponsored by DARPA from what I have heard on news reports. He was drawing down $2,000 a month in GRANT MONEY, that is not a college loan program, but actual money for living expenses. He could not buy “GUNS” by mail or over the internet, that has been illegal since the GCA 1968. I think the dots are there, be it DARPA or OWS.

  105. Your darned right he did, this guy hates Americans,guns, mom, and apple pie too. He is an islamist, he kisses the muzzies butts, and demeans christians. Obummer has done more damage to this country in his time in office than allother presidents combined. He is a traitor to Americs, and should be brought to justice.

  106. It’s not a LEFT or RIGHT issue. Both parties are controlled by the New World Order boys that are working their master plan. They want to stop the sale of ASSULT WEAPONS. They don’t care we we have little guns to protect ourselves. But assult weapons can be used against the coming police state.

  107. Everything This administration has done has been done solely for the purpose of destroying this nation and the rights of the people. Fast and Stupid was just a failed and now exposed attempt to justify gun control, That having failed the UN gun ban is being tried That not looking so good, the shooting in Colorado happens just to draw attention from the real issues, The Governments attempt to distract the people from further FRAUD and CRIMINAL actions of this administration. It is the job of the CONGRESS of the United States to investigate crimes committed by members of the government. Yet Obuthead has not been investigated once for the over THREE DOZEN crimes he has committed
    Sounds to me like it is time for the people of this nation to force congress to do their job.
    it’s been said that you can’t fight the government BUT the war of independence and the civil war both proved that to be just another lie told by the government.
    It’s time to decide America stand for freedom and liberty and justice or live as slaves under a tyrannical FASCIST government run by the U.N. and the criminals in D.C.

  108. I hate to admint it, since I don’t consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but one of my first thoughts when I heard of this particular shooting spree was, “I wonder if there’s a connection between this and the gun control wackos?”
    Where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire somewhere — if only in someone’s belly, as in this case. The progressives have been known to use violence in the pursuit of their brand of progress, to wit, PETA’s notorious acts and the Greenies’ destruction of private property.
    But “gun control?” Now there’s a real prize worth fighting and dying for.

  109. Big Theater Massacre leading into the alleged UN Treaty signing, while a drill is being performed the same day nearby, enacting an emergency response to an identical event — Brilliant young student involved in brain studies funded by various government agencies — The press rushing out in lock step, hyping it for all it’s worth — All with everyone from Rupert Murdock, and various well known Neo Cons, as well as the usual liberals, all clamoring for gun control — A staged event you say — That’s just crazy talk.

  110. It took me all of about 6 seconds to think this was rigged. Remember the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson? I think they did the same thing to Tim Mcveigh. Wasn’t the assult weapons ban supposed to sunset within a day or two of the Oklahoma bombing? That stopped that for several years! Like a good soldier, Tim never talked. There are inmates on deathrow that die of old age, but they threw the switch on Mcveigh quick as they could! Now let’s see if this kid ever talks.

  111. I believe this will happen,and our lawmakers will stand there with their fingers in their butts and let it happen………..Gutless,worthless people. .

  112. It would not at all be a bit surprising if the federal government staged the Colorado incident.
    We all have had our own ideas of the democratic machine being behind the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. That has been one of the biggest and longest lasting conspiracy theories in American history.
    So why would it be so unbelieveable for the government to find another patsy to do their dirty work.
    It’s already a known fact how the Acorn outfit was so supportive in the last election to eclect their man by voter registration fraud. So this incident is very small potatoes in cmparison. Think about for a while.

  113. The Colorado Shooting proves the “down-side of GUN-CONTROL.
    Colorado being a Concealed Carry State, Century Theaters has a strict
    (No Guns Permitted) policy. Meaning, only Those willing (break the
    law) were armed. And so, any (Law Abiding) citizen, who would have been
    armed, had it not been for the theater’s (anti-gun policy) may have
    been able to foil the perpetrators actions!!! Hence, GUN-CONTROL
    works…when the law abiding citizens are dis-armed…only the criminals
    will be armed. That goes for the Government too…them, being the
    criminal element…that is!!!

  114. “A nation can survive its fools, and
    even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy
    at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner
    openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his
    sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of
    government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in
    accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their
    arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of
    all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in
    the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body
    politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The
    traitor is the plague.”

  115. Given the conspiracy involved in Fast & Furious, I would hesitate to automatically discount the idea that it may be another Obama regime attempt to stir up anti-gun feelings in all of the American populace. It bears too much resemblance to the school shootings in Scotland and Australia that led to the disarming of their peoples. We know that Obama and the lib./prog thugs he appoints and hires will stop at nothing to realize their agendas.
    So I must conclude, that it’s a terrible thing to consider that our own government would do such a cold, heartless thing, but ask the families of the hundreds of Mexicans killed by Fast & Furious firearms and see what they think.

  116. Did Obama visit the University about the time Holmes left school? Did Obama make a trip to Aurora to console the victims and families? Did O console the Terry family and families of victims in Chicago? Did O use the tradgity for campaign purposes? Was Holmes on mind altering drugs? Did O and Holmes get homosexual together? How did Holmes support his crime with so little money? Doesn’t the ATF red flag purchaces of large quantities of ammo and check out the buyer? Does the Obama administration have a history of suppling guns to criminals for some type of sting operation? Does anyone trust O?

  117. Worst case scenario- WE LOSE POWER 4 1month-
    &electronic checks&cash is MONOPOLY $-
    WHAT HAPPENS when the FEDs take our weapons?If HONEST LAW ABIDING CITIZENS surrender their weapons, CITIZENS will be Targets 4 BAD GUYS w/ WEAPONS-BADguys Do NOT follow the LAW-if we become disarmed there is NO PROTECTION —-our police force refuses 2 patrol DANGEROUS neighbor hoods ALREADYU what if a ReincarnAtion of Mussolini or HITLER decides 2 Overthrow the Gov?…..HOW would WE THE FREE CITIZENS of AMERICA, who are PROTECTED by the US CONSTITUTION& who love the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, HOW would We DEFEND OUR NATION? NO it is our DUTY &our RIGHT 2DEFEND&PROTECT the CONSTITUTION.HOW many CONGRESSIONAL members REMEMBER the OATH they took 2 Serve,PROTECT &Defend?—-

  118. I would put nothing past the corruption of government to promote their agenda. Some things do seem strange; the money issue, the skill of the traps, the timing of the UN treaty, etc. Too convenient. Also trying to cover up all their stupid stunts from fast and furious to people are not responsible for their own success. This is the most disgusting, abusive, lying bunch of crooks we have had in the white house. Get them out!!!

  119. I sometimes wonder if Obama has been programmed. Frank Marshall Davis was a pornographer, child molester, etc.
    I also wonder about the liberal Republican establishment like Boehner, etc.

  120. Even if he had a credit card, surely there must have been clues to either the credit card company something is up or if the card was co signed by his parents (as he had no job or income) did they not notice large bills stacking up? Or if there was no credit card where did the money come from for all this material?

  121. Do we really need to ask this question. Anyone that’s a student of history can see the pattern of oppression and abuse of power that accompanies any government that has destroyed the citizenry’s ability to protect itself. How many millions of lives will it take for America’s people to stand up to it like their forefathers did?

  122. Remember, the American elite started the UN ban on weapons in the early 1960s. I guess the big wheels are anxious to get it done before they die and are pushing hard to get it done.

  123. ” lizards secretly running the planet ” anyone that’s see Allan Combs (foxnews) might think they do. When this guy smiles I’m waiting for a tongue to fly out of his mouth and eat a fly.
    About the conspiracy, it’s all about the timing of the thing. Fast and Furious failed, and we were shocked to find out that our own government was gun running to Mexican drug cartels in the hopes of blaming U.S. citizens. Hillary Clinton had come out a few months just before that making comments that 90% of the guns in Cartel hands came from U.S. citizens.
    To say it’s out of the question about the Aurora mass murders being a government backed job. I have to say it might be possible knowing this administration and it’s book of under handed and sneaky tricks. After all Obama became president on a stack of lies, one after another.

  124. It may seem cliche’ to say, but none the less in concept, “When there is a doubt, then there is no doubt.” The “Fast and Furious” crime that the USG committed against the People of the US, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood while helping to overthrow so many pro-democratic forces in the mid east, Obamacare death panels funded with money taken from medicare, intentionally giving African American war vets VD for a study, project MK Ultra, Spraying LSD on NYC subways, manipulating fuel commodities, allowing GMO food that produces it own insecticide to infect the rest of the plant population for Monsanto’s to have greater control, allowing T Bone Pickens to hold an entire city’s water supply in an extortion racket, putting the Vatican on a State Department restricted list of money laundering companies for opposing abortion, building so many FEMA prisons, UAV flying over America to spy on citizens for administrative purposes, the changes made to the NDAA allowing for indefinite imprisonment of Americans simply on accusation, the use of the military in law enforcement, HLSD buying so many rounds of 40cal, and so much more EVIL that the USG has done, have convinced me to find a different and safer place to live. The questions are where, will duel citizenship be possible, and how quickly can I sell my possessions off before they start offering Marmalade to everyone who will get on the train. Even Christ said do not cast pearl before swine. I wonder too if Gandhi would have fared so well had he been up against the KGB rather than English sensibilities.

  125. James Holmes is from the Occupiers’ BLack Bloc group; James Holmes was NOT alone in this rampage; Expect to find that James Holmes was being controlled DIRECTLY from the W.H.; The W.H. is now controlling the investigation & Has Muzzled James Holmes (as well as all local state & Feds) which was apparent for All to see when James Holmes was in Court Monday…

  126. When Clinton was working on laws to stop abuse of women, (and in trouble with a trunk full of embarrassing evidence), OJ Simpsons wife was murdered.
    When Clinton wanted a new gun law, We had the Waco Texas issue.
    When the OK city bombing took place, the ATF had gone missing, that typically was in force there. The so called perpetrator was executed way faster then was typical, and the first words out of Clinton’s mouth, was an attack of the folks from the “right”.
    Oh! the testimony on OJ Simpson, by the dog, made the man who took it in,and cleaned the blood off of it, the prime suspect. How was it that dog was covered by bkood, and no one was chewwd on. The only way? The dog was drugged on the sidewalk to get the owner out of the house, who was murdered over the dog. The dog was removed so that no one would tie the drug with the perpetrator. Clinton got out of a very bad situation, and we got a very bad law shoved down our throats.

  127. The connection is that people in high places in our government are globalists and want UN control and the death of our sovereignty so they push this down our throats just like everything else without giving us any choice. We see the train coming but cant stop it. And theres no place to get out of the way.

  128. And there are many who work in government also who pretend to be against it while actually making ways for it to move through. Our government is beyond treasonous.

  129. What is happening with Operation Fast and Furious and Issa? Why not moving ahead with arresting Holder? What’s up? F&F is a Crime, not some political game.

  130. I thought about that too. That dude looks barely brainy enough to tie his own shoes. Make one wonder just what his “price” would have been and just what “person or persons” would make a “deal” with him… I HAVE MY OWN THOUGHTS…

  131. I suspected it anyway, God Bless this periodical for so boldly stating the theory.

    Get on YouTube and watch some of the videos of “Building #7” coming down during 911. You’ll see something we’ve all seen several times, you’ll see professional building demolition in progress on building #7.

    The building comes down smooth and uniformly. Then, a large amount of Thermite residue has been found in the ruins of Building no. 7. If you haven’t watched some of these YouTube videos already then set back and watch, there are several of them because there were a lot of cameras around at the time.

    “911 was an inside job”

  132. Interesting article.
    When I first heard of the Aurora shootings, the Obama link was the first thing that I thought of. He has always claimed that he will exploit every disaster towards his own agenda.
    What is to stop him from creating the disaster itself?
    Worth following-up.

  133. The WELFARE (BLACK) MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION WAS INVOLVED NO DOUBT.!! The shooter had restricted items,sophisticated weapons,explosives,incendiary items,an extreme amount of ammunition on little or no money.These items are available to OBAMA’S S S The D O J. And OBAMA will use these government organizations to further the destruction of the USA when he can. This was set up just so it would JUSTIFY DICTATOR OBAMA SIGNING THE UN FIRE ARMS TREATY SO IT WOULD BE EASIER AND SAFER FOR HIM TO INSTALL HIMSELF AS SUPREME DICTATOR.!!!

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