I’ve got 15 Kids and Someone’s Gotta Pay for All My Children

If you thought Octomom was bad with her eight children and expecting everyone else to provide for them, wait until you meet Angel Adams.

Angel Adams of Tampa, Florida, is 37 years old and has given birth to 15 children from three different fathers.  Her oldest three kids have moved out, leaving her with the younger 12, ranging in age from 11 years to 6 months.  Her current fiancé, who is the father of 10 of the kids, has been arrested and is in jail.

Angel doesn’t work and has no source of income.  Several agencies have tried working with her but she ended up being evicted from her apartment.  She took temporary shelter in a one room motel room.  She had no money, no food and only the clothes that she and the kids were wearing.

At first, her story makes you feel sorry for her and the kids and you want to reach out and help.  That’s what others tried to do, until they were confronted with her attitude.  You see, Angel insists that others pay to take care of her and her 12 kids.  Various agencies have tried to work with her, but she does not seem to want to cooperate and work with them.

Angel has been jailed for contempt of court and her kids have been placed in foster care.  Only one day after she was released from jail, she tried to visit her kids and ended up getting into a verbal profanity battle with the social workers and even threatened bodily injury, all because the social worker referred to herself as the kids’ house mother.  The judge has now banned Angel from visiting her kids at the foster home and the social workers have filed paperwork to make the two youngest wards of the state.

In many ways, Angel is typical of a new generation of Americans who feel they are entitled to assistance from others because of the situation they have gotten themselves into.  No one but her is to blame for this as she has been having all of these kids without being married.  I hate to be crude but she has whored around with at least 3 different men resulting in 15 kids and now she wants the government and everyone else to provide housing, food and support them.

This is one of the problems of a society that has turned its back on God and His biblical principles.  Instead of following God’s ways, Angel and millions like her are following their own ways and then expecting others to pay the price for their sinful actions.  Our government has done its best to take God’s place in society and force people to turn to them for help instead of turning to God.  Then the government enslaves the people by drawing them into entitlement programs that they often cannot get themselves out of.

I don’t believe in forced sterilization, but I’m almost willing to make an exception in Angel’s case.  If it were up to me, I would have the state take custody of all of her kids.  Then I would order Angel to get a job and start earning a living and paying her own way.  I would also place a stipulation that she not get pregnant again until she is working and can provide for that child’s welfare.  If she does get pregnant again before being able to provide for herself and the baby, it would mean jail time.

Her case then needs to be reviewed every 6 months and if she is able to maintain a job and home/apartment and her income is sufficient enough, I would allow at least one of her kids to rejoin her.  In other words, I would force Angel to take responsibility for her own welfare first and then allow her children to return as long as she can financially provide for them.

Perhaps this may be one solution to helping thousands of others get off of welfare.  If they have been on the system long enough and still not working, then perhaps it calls for a strong intervention.  Take the kids into foster care and force mom and/or dad to get a job and start paying their own way.  Once they are able to do that, then allow the kids to return as long as they can continue to provide for them with the minimal government aid.  Knowing that they stand to lose their kids if they continue living the way they are may deter some from having more kids that they can’t take care of.

I know it sounds harsh, but life isn’t supposed to be a bed of roses and most Americans are having enough trouble paying their own way, let alone having to pay for people who abuse the system like Angel.  She and others like her need to be forced to take responsibility for their own actions and be taught that Americans are not going to continue to pay for their sins.

351 thoughts on “I’ve got 15 Kids and Someone’s Gotta Pay for All My Children

  1. Talk about a cycle of poverty and manipulation of the government, driven by entitlement thinking. Anyone want to bet that she was raised in the welfare system where she learned her ”craft” ?

    What I want to know is why hasn’t the government gone after the sperm donnors?
    One is in jail, but where are the others?
    Betcha out reproducing!

    The people who play this game don’t care one whit for the children but only see them as cash cows. THAT is child abuse and BOTH MOM AND DAD/DADs SHOULD be sterilized.

    ”Then I would order Angel to get a job and start earning a living and paying her own way.”

    You would? How?
    By taking away her kids? Been done already.
    By shaming her? She is shameless.
    With threats of imprisonment? Jail is no threat because there she’ll have 3 hots and a cot, something she apparently doesn’t have now.

    You cannot infuse people with character.
    You cannot force someone to take pride in themselves.
    You cannot make anyone be responsible.

    In the end, one way or the other…..both Mom and the kids will be living off the public dole until they die and then the government will even provide the box and burial ground.

    And the beat goes on.

    1. Yes, sterilize them, take their kids away and imprison them. Send them to work camps or put them in concentration camps. Put them up against the wall. The final solution just gas them and bury. When you put your faith in big government, you end up an apologist for mass murder.-Karl Hess

      1. That is the only way to stop it, because people are not going to take responsibility for their own actions.The two legged animals today are reverting the the behavior of the four legged animals, do what ever feels right and let someone else worry about the consequences.

        1. An advocate of Adolf Hitler. Maybe your LDS mormon cult leader and religious Dictator Mitt Romney will save America by murdering half of the population. Bet that would make you happy. Just do away with half of the population. Hitler did it in World War II, Fifty million perished.

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        4. I certainly am glad to hear this because I’m not either. I dislike cultists as much as I dislike Muslims, so everything should be just fine.

        5. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are flip sides of the same coin. They are evil men. Americans love to believe in lies and lying words guess that’s why we have so many evil men ruling over us.

        6. I support Israel and the jewish people. Israel is the apple of Gods eye. I don’t support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama a vote for them is a vote for SATAN!

        1. “Not God Bless America, God DAM America” Straight from the mouth of Obama’s spiritual leader while Obama subjected his daughters to that vile man.

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        6. The dems booed God at their convention. It was on video for the whole world to see. I didn’t catch the prayer to Satan and you know that DID NOT happen. Post facts not Soros lying points.

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        9. Hypocrites only scream the loudest when they know that they live the lies, and hate themselves. You, sir, obviously, live the lies. If I remember correctly, it was the Democrats who denied God 3 times at their convention, not the Republicans. Who, sir, then are the ones who pray to Satan? Or do they pray at all? I would say the Democrats are a combination of athiests and/or Muslims (since Muslims pray to Satan), but athiests don’t pray to anyone but themselves.

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        11. Jews are mostly Dumbocrats and 78% of them voted for Obozo They pray to their father, Satan and do as he tells them.
          See John 8:44-50 and see what Jesus told the jew scum they are.

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    3. The other 2 dads want to help with their children, but Angel refuses to accept their help. They were at the courthouse when she had her hearings, but they said they’re unable to take their kids, because of her situation. She has sole custody, since she’s single mom. Makes me wonder about the dad of the 10 who is the one in jail, and still not married to Angel. They never intend to get married, because then she loses all the benefits.

  2. In the board game “Obozo’s America: Why Bother Working for a Living?” players on “Obozo’s Welfare Promendade” pick up more cash by landing on blocks that say “Have Out-of-Wedlock Child.” The game is brilliant, mirroring life in today’s Marxist reality.

  3. And this is why I work for a living? To support willful indigence? *sigh* I’m no Darwinist, but it looks like our society has effectively removed natural selection from our gene pool. Without state support, she and her brood would be eaten by wolves.

    1. But if they’re eaten, who would vote for Obama? She’ll probably get some sort of commendation for outstanding service to her country . . . and a gift card to McDonalds.

    2. the Dems knew they couldn’t get their programs passed without stupid dumbed down voters… just as Jefferson said that the survival of the nation was dependent on a well-informed and educated electorate.

      1. If she were hungry she would figure out that her self centered behavior wasn’t working for her. Feeding people because we are bleeding hearts hurts THEM. “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for life”. By giving away government benefits you create an underclass that can NEVER improve their lives. The US prided itself on mobility based on effort. No one in the past ever assumed they would stay poor if they worked hard. Now it is assumed that one cannot improve their status. She is unemployable because of our “war on poverty”. Set up by well meaning bleeding hearts it has been a total failure yet instead of evaluating it with facts and figures we double down and throw good money after bad.

  4. Why wait until she gets pregnant again? Put the kids up for adoption and TO JAIL SHE GOES until she is past the child bearing age . It will be cheaper than what it is costing now. We owe her NOTHING! I know, this is not the Godly way of doing things. Is she living in a Godly way? There isn’t any doubt who she will vote for!

    1. I would suggest the cheaper method of Voluntary sterilization and community service for old style food program benefits OR jail.

  5. Unfortunately this mentality is the way most of the black community thinks. That’s why they always vote democrat and will follow Obama over the cliff is because of the entitlement programs and dependence on the government. They still continue to think they are victims, because that is what they are always told by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and everyone owes them a living and anything they want. It is really sickening to see such behavior and she is one of many I’m sure. Just recently they had a black woman on TV yelling about how Obama had given her a free phone. I guess it doesn’t take much to buy their votes. They should be upset and furious at the democrats for keeping them in this deplorable type of environment but they just don’t see or don’t want to see.

    1. Actually, there are many whites who feel the same way. What do you think “It takes a village to raise a child” is really about?

      1. Unfortunately you are right. Ever since our schools have been destroyed with segregation and our children being bussed all over the city into environments that are not good, and our books and education dumbed down, and rap music screaming sex and violence, yes, the white community has been pulled into all this as well. It is a terrible thing for anyone, black/white/hispanic/asian whatever race, to be deliberately kept down and fed like animals so some group can get their votes and stay in power.

        1. Parents aren’t teaching their children about right and wrong anymore. No discipline and no fear of consequences because there are none.

    2. They’re too ignorant to see. The Democrats have kept them dumbed down and uneducated to keep them in slavery, which is where the Democrats want to keep them. The Democrats were the ones that created the KKK, which in truth was to keep the Republicans out of office, and keep the Republicans from giving the blacks their civil rights. The Democrats said they were behind the blacks, but they were lying through their teeth, once again.

    1. Hello! I’m the LDS mormon cult leader Mitt Romney and I think half of the United States of America are MOOCHERS, RIFFRAFF, PARASITES, TAKERS and LOW LIFES! I’m not concerned about the very poor. My job is not to worry about those people. And you can believe that because that’s how I really feel. Please keep donating I need more money to buy this election. I’m the LDS mormon cult leader Mitt Romney and I believe in half of America.

    2. I know she probably shouldn’t have all those kids without being married to someone who she knows would help care for them. But, the kids are the innocent ones in this crisis. I think she needs to change her attitude and try to get work to support them. I just hope the innocent, the kids, are taken care of properly. I know it’s not right for irresponsible people to expect the taxpayers to pay for their choice. This attitude neends to change.

        1. No, actually it is the reality of the scenario. They have become professional baby manufacturing machines for the almighty buck. They then have a family member take physical responsibility for the childs welfare and get paid up to $1500.00 per month for their care by the state as foster care parents. Not to mention the free medical, food stamps and government, section 8 housing.

        2. $1500.00 nper child is the going rate now times that by the number 12, times 12 months per year & it works out to be $216,000.00 tax free dollars per year with free medical & housing, & don’t forget they want to be fed too, And I am working 72 hours per week, single & paying almost 1/2 my wages for taxes, of course since I am white & single I would get less than 300 per month

      1. I wish it were that simple. Having volunteered with inner city women’s shelters, the prevailing dialogue is this, “we need to keep having more babies”, “we need to become the majority”, we know the baby daddy’s won’t stick around, so what, we just want the money”, “more money, more money and whitey’s gonna pay”. OK, I paraphrased some of this, but you get the point. They feel it is their ‘duty’ to add to the black population to become the majority in this country and they will take whatever they can get. Makes my job hard some days.

        1. Someone I know was teaching in the inner city of Milwaukee and said that the conditions at home were so bad for these kids and the parent (usually only a mom present) was usually on drugs. The high school age girls would prostitute themselves on the fields trips to the boys to make money to survive. In other words, give the parent money and none of it makes it to the kids in the form of food or other necessities.

        2. feotu, I get your point that these people have the wrong attitude to keep having babies and make others pay to support them. I don’t disagree with you. Your comment was civil. Others were quite nasty. I don’t think they understood what I was trying to say. But, I can understand why they’d be upset with this single mother. She needs an attitude change and she needs to stop having babies if she’s gonna be irresponsible. Most people do not understand what I said in my first comment. But, you did. Thanks for being civil.

      2. Unfortunately, there is no job that she could get that would support 12 kids and herself, with her education level. So, the best scenario would be to place them as wards of the state, and let the state take care of them. That would be better than her keeping them, working at poverty level, and letting them starve to death because she would never be able to feed them all, keep a roof over their heads, clothed, etc.

        1. Yers but if you take away her kids she will only start over again, do you see how welfare works she is one of maybe 5 kids & when she grew she had 15 & those 15 if they only have 10 each will now have created over 150 additional on welfare for the rest of their lives simply because they don’t know any better & that is with just two generations with welfare being what it is today, why would any of them even bother to go through the charade of looking for work? Maybe every one in America should join them & see how obama works that one out, we already have over 1/2 of Americans drawing some benefits from good ole uncle sam

      3. She will NEVER change her attitude. I am sure she feels it is her right to hav e as many kids as she wants & the govt pay for her & them.

    3. And she only has one vote. Yours will cancel hers out, as the votes of all your friends will cancel out those of her friends. Surely you have enough on your side to change the system?

        1. You can vote to change the system, she won’t be able to support herself or her kids, they’ll all die, and you won’t have to worry about them. Problem solved. Don’t forget to vote.

    4. THAT’S IT IN A NUT SHELL, THE MORE YOU HAVE THE MORE THIS STUPID SOCIETY HANDS OUT, take the kids away, put them in permanent homes. this is one stupid ignorant slutty broad, ya this little monster is a class act, I wonder if ohomo will come out and say some of her kids could be mine, this one has cost Hillsborough county a small fortune, and she is NOT worth it. just like ohomo she demands this and demands that, well you won’t get squat with that attitude or shouldn’t anyway, she’s had more the than most, but it’s time to cut the welfare period.

    1. When I was at the age to have children the government did nothing, at all for us, we provided our own birth control, so tell me what is wrong with that? If they would take of themselves the burden on the government would be greatly lightened. Back in my time we were taught to take care of ourselves, as was right. This government taking care of everybody is got completely out of control and there is no excuse for it.

      The most prominent question today is ” whatis the government going to do for me. ” I am sick of it .

      1. Are you saying you were already outside the age to have children when Aid to Families with Dependant Children was enacted in 1935? Are you 150 years old?

  6. Our taxes have paid for her continuing sex education (K-12) and that included preventive maintainance advice. if she failed the course society has no obligation to walk her through the rest of her life. same as if I failed Driver’s Ed no one but I would be responsible for the carnage I might create were I to drive without documentation that I had successfully completed the training.
    Unless it’s in the form of testing to be done as to whether a student gets a pass or fail and is “liscensed” to be responsible with their sexual activity, “We The People” have done our bit.

  7. I agree totally, our government should be allowed to dictate behaviors and choices for its individual citizens whenever it feels that it knows better than the citizen. Here’s to smaller government and an end to the nanny state!

    1. Most people that work have a boss that pays their wages. That boss can and does dictate your behaviors and choices (to a point). The gov’t should be able to dictate your behaviors and choices (again to a point) if they are paying you. If they could, maybe some of these leeches would get off the dole.

      1. You almost came off as sounding reasonable there, sadly redundant snake icon guy. Too bad you ruined it with the leeches comment, again resorting to labeling anybody in need of government aid as an inhuman parasite. By the way, “off the dole” is a British term. Did we fight the revolutionary war for nothing? Blimey!

      1. Oh, so you’re against the government banning abortion choice, access to contraceptives, gay equality, or trying to bend legislation to restrict people’s individual freedoms to those of a particular religion? Moron.

  8. She needs to have the children removed and she needs to put on forced labor to pay for them. She has created a situation in which she has no time to work and we can fix that. Forced labor until the kids are adults.

  9. After the 3rd kid NO MORE MONEY…. except for free tubal ligation. A judge out in the San Juaquin Valley tried to use a norplant… until the ACLU convinced the women that it was her RIGHT to keep producing crack addicted babies for every one else to clean up after.

  10. Her case then needs to be reviewed every 6 months and if she is able to maintain a job and home/apartment and her income is sufficient enough, I would allow at least one of her kids to rejoin her.
    But which one of the kids would you condemn to this. Find them a good place to live with loving adults who have standards and then see if even one of the children would choose to go back with her.

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/7221/ive-got-15-kids-and-someones-gotta-pay-for-all-my-children/#ixzz27sMjABCq

  11. So please tell me how the Civil Wrongs legislation, and Welfare breeding, and pandering to a congentically violent, non-productive low-IQ demographic is a good thing?

  12. I certainly do not want any of my money to pay for this slut’s bastards — let them starve, the world would be a better place without them — what kind of monsters would they grow up to be with such a horrible mother? I suppose some Christian organization will take pity on them, as usual, and pay the bill. Women like this always shack up with criminals — no matter about the welfare of any children that might be accidentally produced, as long as there’s plenty of sex every night — and especially with a SOB without a job and who loves neither her nor the children he sires. What scum — and the rest of the responsible people are supposed to pay for her bastards? Take these children from her and put them in a reform school — state money will pay for them there but at least they would be taken out of the influence of this worthless despicable woman. She should be put in jail, she must be breaking some kind of law behaving like this — at least she is breaking God’s law.
    I have no pity for her, she’s made her bed, and now she will have to lie in it.

    1. Let the children starve? Man you are harsh! Granted this is a very bad situition and some serious things need to occur like the author says. I will say a pray for your soul you need to reaccess your heart.

      1. I partially agree – children should NOT be made to suffer. However, the state should step in when 3 or more children are born into such a situation. The children should be placed in appropriate foster care where they can be cared for and learn they can make something of themselves by assuming responsibility, learning discipline, and developing marketing skills.

      1. I will gladly pay a monthly note to help support the kids , IF you EXECUTE by lethal injection the mother & father for bring 15 children into this world that they they had no way OR intention of supporting !!

      2. The way this used to be handled is that a single mother was rejected by society. That kept a lot of women from getting pregnant, or even having sex. Being “kinder and gentler” just means that where one child used to suffer, hundreds will.
        This is the same reason that third world countries are struggling with overpopulation. Every time food aid was sent that actually got past the dictators, when the people got their strength back, they didn’t go to work. They went to bed.

      3. And there lies the problem, the little children are innocent. I taught in NYC and it is an epidemic the way welfare is just handed down like a old piece of furniture.

  13. Yes someone should pay for them- how about your baby’s daddy(s) if you know who they are? America is not responsible because you cant keep your legs together-YOU ARE BIATCH!

  14. Her mentality is widely shared by the black community. And it has been encouraged by the Democratic Party. It is a clever way to advance their socialist agenda.

    1. It’s NOT just the Black community my friend! LBJ started this B.S in 1965 as a way to enslave and control WE the PEOPLE! Take away GOD and replace GOD with GOVERNMENT was and is the plan of OUR GOVERNMENT! GET ON YOUR KNEES and BEG YOUR GOVERNMENT for YOUR DAILY BREAD! WELL not me,I live FREE and I”M NO MANS SLAVE! THE only thing I want and DEMAND of OUR GOVERNMENT is The Rule of LAW! AND that is no longer an option with OUR GOVERNMENT! THEY (OUR GOVERNMENT) think the rule of law is for you and me NOT THEM,they are above the LAW! EVERY DAY that goes by THEY show the world what I say is right. DIVIDE and CONQUER is the plan and has been for many years! AND until WE the PEOPLE as a HOLE see and understand this as the true plan of GOVERNMENT WE LOSE! White,Black,Red,Yellow or Brown WE ALL BECOME SLAVES to GOVERNMENT! WE the PEOPLE of The UNITED STATES of AMERICA ARE ONE PEOPLE UNDER GOD! OUR GOVERNMENT is at WAR with WE the PEOPLE and GOD stands in their way! Keep GOD in YOUR LIFE and THEY will never win!

      1. I hear so may people complaining about the Federal Government encroaching on our freedoms and rights making us tools of their idiology, but so few are willing to take the time to read the safeguards set down in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, including our Bill of Rights. To understand the full meaning of the protection of our “Natural Rights” as referred in those sacred papers. read the Second Amendment until you feel you know every word and nuance. Then read our Declaration of Independence down to the part referreing directly to King George. Now please focus on one word in the following:
        Amendment II
        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
        Please note here that the word “State” is singular, not States, Nation, or Republic. It refers to each individual state of the original 13 states. They were considered at that time to be each independent states joined together for common defence of the people’s “Natural Rights” as stated in our sacred documents.
        Now the second part.
        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
        We now are facing a Second Revolution, and this one will be determined in the voting booths. We are not just voting for a President, but revolting against a tyranny that is unprecedented since 236 years ago. Now is the time once again to Choose Sides.

        1. I feel sorry for all the babies born in such turmoil.. with no father present, to mostly young, uneducated mothers… living on the edge all their childhood. But it is not just a black issue.. my grand daughter is living that life. criminal father and absent mother .. I did the best i could by myself, but it didn’t replace the family unit she longed for as a little girl. .

        2. It’s hard to know how a whore that ugly could attract anybody dumb enough……………One can only imagine what the smell must be too.

  15. Unfortunately, this attitude seems to be becoming the norm. What ever happened to responsibility, pride, and honesty, along with willingness to work hard to accomplish a decent living for our familits?

        1. Speaking of the only “WAR” that liberal Democrats have ever stamped with their approval – the War on Poverty, We The People demand to see the exit strategy. This war has continued unabated since 1965 at the cost of untold trillions of dollars with unnumbered casualties, such as the woman named in this article and her 15 progeny. SO WHERE IS THE EXIT STRATEGY?
          If we can’t fight a legitimate war against folks who truly want bloodily murder us without having predetermined exit criteria, then we need the Democrat dilettantes to give us their exit criteria for this sham that has wasted enormous national treasure and created a permanent, growing underclass.

      1. You – and Ed above – are partially correct. Actually the “breeding mentality” goes all the way back to their origin, and it is still common practice in Africa today. Check it out for yourself.
        During slave ownership – all over the world & NOT just American South – selective breeding was enforced in order to achieve some desirable trait. For example, the largest, stongest males were bred to similar females in order to develop strong field hands. In the modern day, that would be the best athletes.
        So, open and frequent breeding is natural for them.
        Slave owners – and Northen bosses following the Civil War – FORCED black people to work to earn enough to just get by.
        Roosevelt – especially Elinor – proved that black people could be intelligent and be productive members of American society. They just needed a chance and encouragement.
        Then along came the Kennedy boys. In a misguided attempt to provide that chance and encouragement, the Kennedy boys created the preferential treatment for blacks. That laid the groundwork for LBJ’s Great Society welfare state, and we have been rapidly going downhill since.
        What is amazing to me is the number of black people who refused to give obeisance to the degredation forced on them by the welfare state. The freedom attitude of those refusing to wallow in poverty is, “I am better than that. I am going to make sometihing good with my life.” AND THEY DID IT!

        1. The solution is: Snip, Snip; NO more babies. Get a life. WE DO NOT owe you a life/living. Get out there and work for a living and ONLY have as many babies as YOU (alone) can pay for. DO NOT BURDEN us the people that have to pay for all those babies……

        2. Forced sterilization is a Nazi/Communist practice I’d hate to see us take up again {It was used on the mentally ill and retarded citizens} in the early 20th century here}, but it’s clear this woman won’t be responsible for herself or her children; so she needs to be kept from breeding and if that means incarceration with a work/release program, and the stipulation that another pregnancy means permanent incarceration with NO release, it would still be cheaper than supporting the kids too!

        3. I doubt Correction Officers would get involved because many of female prisoners have AIDS, STDS or other diseases.

        4. Joanc, I can see you don’t subscribe to many New Mexico newspapers. The guards routinely rape male and female prisoners. One judge traded a favorable judgement to a young woman for a BJ, and when he was removed from office for it, sued the state–and got his job back. It was (at the time) specifically NOT illegal for judges to solicit or accept bribes in New Mexico…

        5. Lumpy–no I don’t subscribe to any newspapers from New Mexico, but I do read several east coast publications. I spoke from my experience as a correction officer at a womans prison. There may have been one or two bad apples in the group of those I worked with, but they were few and far between. The majority of CO’s I worked with were conscious of the consequences of getting “too friendly” with the female inmates,not only for their jobs, but for the diseases many inmates had. I’ m sorry to hear that New Mexico has a problem with rape of inmates, perhaps they need a better screening program to weed out bad actors and a comprehensive training program to alert new hires of the facts. The Correction department gave us weeks of intensive training, drumming us with what not to do and were specific in saying physical contact with a prisoner was taboo.

        6. I don’t ….if a drug attic or a women has more than 2 children on aid then it is time for them to step up and take the burden off America. We cannot support lifers on welfare.

        7. So what if it is a Nazi thing? Do you want to give the Life of Rilee? The hell with that, the snipping should have been done a long long time ago. Sandra, I don’t know where you come from or what you have in your head (if there is something in it) lock her up? Who is paying for that? Get her working outside 16 hours, she’ll forget sex rather quickley, she will be to tired for anything else. By the way, 7 days a week.

        8. Sandralee, I have worked with some retarded people living in group homes, and the reality is that when left to their own devices, they will happily breed–as would anyone–but the result is multiple generations of retarded offspring, ALL of whom receive an SSI check, EBT cards and live in taxpayer-funded group homes. One particularly violent young man with whom I worked was from Mexico–legally adopted by someone who figured out that the state will pay quite handsomely, anyone who adopts a “special needs” kid. When the “adoptive” family realized the danger they were in, they simply abandoned him, and the state had to place him in a taxpayer-funded institution. His entire extended family was living in taxpayer-funded group homes in several states. Another with which I worked, who was much more functional and manageable was removed from the group home when his adoptive mother (who had also adopted other “special needs” kids) got him placed on a DD Waiver program which paid her more than her salary as a nurse. When the state cut back the funding for this program due to the economy, she shipped him back to a group home. He was, in her world, merely a lucrative investment. When he ceased to be profitable, she had no further use for him…

        9. No, she needs to be cut so she can no longer have children. Period. to incarcerate her would be to give her what she wants, a handout! And it would be us paying for it again. Paul said He who does not work, neither shall he eat. If I have to work and support my kids, then she has to do the same. She is NOT better than me.


      2. You are both right. The plantation mentality is alive and well in the black community and is spilling over in a tidal wave into the white population as well.
        In Louisiana we call it the Mardi Gras syndrome……throw me sumtin” mista!
        This woman needs to have all her reproductive abilities taken away. This is not a matter of civil rights or women’s rights, it is the innate right of a child to a decent home, food, clothing, education, love and the ability to develop a sense of self worth in order to become a productive citizen while becoming BETTER than the brood mare her mother is!

    1. What happened to responsibility, pride, and honesty, and hard work went out as soon as prayer in school was made illegal! I’m not a Bible thumper but I do beleive in what the Bible says and just think back when this country started getting in such a mess. No more prayers in school, start teaching eveolution and don’t allow ANYBODY at anytime to say anything about God, start forceing the teaching of sex ed., start teaching how being gay is just another life still instead of a sin, teach our young girls its ok to murder your baby if you want too, even the school nurse will take you to get that aborstion WITHOUT your parents concent!! Is it really any wonder this country has turned out like it is and getting worse? Beleive it or not but this country will NOT survive if we don’t turn our faith back to God. And that you can take to the bank!!

      1. This mindset was already in place when prayer in school was abolished; I was in HS when that happened, and that was just a few years after the Mayor of NYC tried making the 2nd and 3rd generation welfare population there {gasp!} WORK for their checks; even then it was largely single mothers with many children and no husband/father!

        1. News flash for YOU: it was abolished from schools in 1963, and the schools have been going downhill ever since!

    2. These takers have no intention of working. A young black taking from the tax payers was asked if she didn’t feel bad about taking without working. Her response just tell them dummies to keep payin

  16. There is no good solution to this ungodly mess. I think in her case forced sterilization is not an option-it’s a necessity. Otherwise she won’t do anything except keep working the system because she thinks she’s entitled to a free ride at someone else’s expense just because she wants it. And although I’m not big on foster care every one of her minor kids needs to be in it where they at least stand a chance to not wind up whoring the system like she’s doing. And as for her personally I say cut her off from any and all government assistance programs PERMANENTLY!! I see no reason for the taxpayers to keep paying someone to steal from them. If she shows that she’s willing to work and provide for herself then see about letting her have her kids back and take it from there. If not then she’d just have to look in the mirror and thank herself for her problems.

  17. The reason she has so many kids is because those lids mean het meal ticket and government’s payment of everything for her and the kids; indeed, this is the new morality of these uneducated, drugging and whoring youngsters. I feel sorry for the children because they did not ask to be brought into thsi world so they should go to foster care or be adopted. People like this ‘angel’ should be sterilized. I lived in a South American country where poor women were automatically sterilized after they had 4 kids, they all were very happy to get it done, it was free of charge. There is and was no welfare in that country, fortunately and these women worked hard, and most of their husbands too, to take care of their kids and they made sure those kids got an education, which is free there, at least when I lived there, and the education was excellent, at that time. Most of these women could not read and write and came from very distant small villages where there was and is no school, all they knew to do was housekeeping and house cleaning and they made sure they were the best at their profession; their children always looked well fed and well dressed, so did they and their husbands; no new clothes, but clean and mended, ironed, and they all went to church on Sunday, the entire family! They are a good example for the ‘poor’ government dependant people like Angel here. Sterilization was a blessing for them and their families.

  18. This is a case, as with much of these hood rats, where they have not one bit of RESPECT for themselves! They will lay with any and all and have baby after baby. They are to stupid to know if the man didn’t help you with the first 2 then he sure as crap ain’t gonna help you with the other 8! All these guys want to do is have sex like a bunch of wild animals, have babies with all these women and not pay a dime! And now, the taxpayers are paying to house his no good @$$ and we are paying for all her kids.

  19. Greed is good, was criticized in the film because it was a rich man, making money and making money for others.

    But when a poorer person is greedy and wants that which that person isn’t entitled to, we have bleeding heart liberals saying we have to help the person, because they can’t/don’t/won’t take care and be responsible for themselves.

    So others have their hard work/time/money stolen from them to pay for this.


    This idea that if you are getting assistance, you still don’t have accountability has to go.

  20. I shudder to think that pathetic brain melted parisites are so gullable to think that taking the last coin in the bucket will propigate and multiply just like the irresponsible breeding does.

  21. As disgusting as her behavior is, it doesn’t work, ordering people to find jobs, when there are no jobs. Millions of jobs were exported to China, et al, and so far no one has created the new ones to replace them. This isn’t the sixties, when you could fall off your porch into a job. Some people are creative enough to make their own jobs, but others fail and not for lack of trying. Judgement skills, health, access to needed resources, talent, education and good character are all necessary to “be” an enterprise. These things can’t be presumed to exist in all people in sufficient amounts to make them productive or autonomously successful. Certainly working taxpayers have the right to be angry as such people as Angel, but that doesn’t solve the problem. There needs to be an infrastructure to mainstream everyone into positions that pay a living wage. We used to have that, when America had jobs, and a smaller population, less ethnically “diverse.”

  22. Here’s an idea Angel, let the fathers pay for your kids. It is not my responsiblity to provide for your children because you are too lazy to care for them or yourself. It seems your ilk have created a cottage industry of baby making. Learn to say no, or get a hystorectomy, that will take care of a part of your problem.
    Harsh, you are darn right it is harsh. It is time for tax payers to put a stop to this lucretive welfare abuse.

  23. Oh, my! It is Sandra Flake’s soul-mate! Every dime of welfare money needs to be cut off from these sl***. If they want to breed like rabbits, they need to get jobs or their families need to support them. It is not my job, nor anyone elses, to cough up dough to parasites like this. It would probably be tax money well-spent to spay them after the second illegitimate birth, however. Whomever it is that says that the public needs to be taxed for this type irresponsible behavior needs to be publicly corrected. And I do not care if the little darlings are hungry or not; that is not mine to worry about.

  24. She is solely responsible for he children. If they die because she can’t provide for them, and she can’t sucker some charity to support her, then her bastards die off.

    I lost my job due to the recession/depression and I am trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. I moved to a farm 2 years ago, in anticipation of the collapse, and I didn’t want to be near a city full of the likes of this whore. I now heat with wood, grow a garden, have chickens, and barter and do odd jobs. I will still look for work ( and I have advanced degrees in marketable areas), but I am doing everything in my power to limit my need for external resources, and will refuse to work rather than be taxed to support such scum.

    When her checks (which are funded by our children via long term debt) stop coming, and then she and ‘baby daddy’ show up in my neck of the woods thinking that they are bad-ass and will take what they want (feel ‘entitled’ to) they will be in for a very rude awakening.

  25. obama and his cronies would never admit this is repesentative of the 47% and is what Romney was talking about. He told the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
    He was not referring to Social Security recipients, who by the way PAY taxes, or stay at home Moms, etc.

  26. when working for Social Services, I answered calls from people who were moving to our city and wanted to register for welfare so they would not miss a check

  27. Take her and all her ninnies over to Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Ave. and drop them off. Hell Moochie’s Mom ain’t to doing a damn thing but setting in air-conditioning and eating off our dime, she could baby sit and we’d be killing two birds with one Old Mooch.

  28. It’s way past time to play hardball with the parasitic infestation we politely refer to as WELFARE Recipients. Whatever the answers are, it does not include their continued support by those of us who choose square our shoulders and support ourselves. Taking care of folks like her is not Social Justice, it’s Social Suicide. The life blood of the Republic is being sucked dry and if we are to survive this behavior can no longer be tolerated.

  29. Take them to the 57th state and send Obama to feed, provide health care and give them free cell phones, at his expense or let him teach them to swallow, so their fed….

  30. Time To Cut Off All Wewlfare Fundings To Lazy Poor Irresponsible Men & Women That Brings Children In The Wortld Without Taking Resposibility To Work For A Living. No Taxpayer Must Never Be Forced To Support The lazy Poor. The Lsazy Poort Weelfare Arer The Prtoble To Our Cvounytry Over Sdpendfing In Debt.

  31. This lady needs to take respinsibility for her kids and her life! It is not our responsibility to take care of this lady and yet amny poeple and organizations have tried to help, but she wants to sit on her butt and not take responsibility for her condition. PERIOD!!!! If you dont want to work and be responsible, don’t expect a free handout!!!! It folks like this that are dragging this great country down, lets get real, 15 kids….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Say the name of the father or fathers of our children and you have your answer to your who should help YOU take care of your children.

  33. The leaches are legion. We can deal with them now or wait until their subsidies are cut-off. Either way it is/will be brutal. This mentality is a curse upon this great nation.

  34. What do you mean you don’t believe in sterilization? Scum like this should have their pregnancies forcibly aborted starting at #2, and should be forcibly sterilized at #3. The doctors who delivered these 15 should be required to end the pregnancies and any future possibility of pregnancy. And, yes, she and the father should be forced to work, cut off from all welfare, and with any luck, starve to death!

  35. Cut her tubes and arrest the fathers is the first thing that needs to be done for this woman! This entitlement sheeple is just wanting and waiting for Owebama-money to fall in her lap! America doesn’t have to pay for promiscuous behavior, especially if they can’t afford the children – all they’re doing is condemning the children to poverty and crime for another generation!

  36. More and more people have decided that they’ll settle for a lower standard of living and rely on “ObamaMoney’. The democrats encourage this if course, knowing that most of them will vote democratic. Federal tax paying individuals will soon be in the minority and will be required to pay more and more. They’ll be outnumbered at the polls and will not be able to have the country change course. The polls are starting to reflect this trend already.

  37. And of course these 15 children will have huge families also all on the taxpayers dime. And when told there is no more money they will take to the streets to demand their entitlements which at that point will include our homes and our belongings.

  38. I have absolutely no pity for this slag bag and her pack of brats. She walked aroud with her legs wide open and invited all and sundry free parking. Even if she stood at my back door in the hail I would not open my door to her. She is trash and these are the very people that think the ayatollah barack hussein obama is so bloody wonderful.. GOD HELP AMERICA

  39. “I don’t believe in forced sterilization, but” this is a perfect example why it should be considered in some cases. “Forcing” her to assume responsibility by taking away all kids, rfequiring a job to earn back the kids one at a time, requiring her to NOT get pregnant until she can afford it, etc, all sounds good, BUT she has a history of refusing to cooperate with various welfare agencies trying to help her.
    Serial rapists and child molestors sometimes have an option to elect “voluntary sterialization” for a reduced sentence. In rare cases, it is mandatory. The judge did the right thing is taking her kids, placing them in foster homes, and prohibiting her from seeing them. However, the judge should require Angel to get a job and – if she doesn’t – assign to do community service.
    She’s already proved she can’t be trusted, so failure to get a job and/or complete community service should be treated as a “comtempt of court” AND “violation of terms of probation”. In Texas, either crime can result in 10 yrs prison “hard time”. I suggest that “voluntary sterialization” be offered for one-half of the prison time.

  40. She is pathetic. I feel sorry for her children. They don’t stand a chance unless she puts them up for adoption. In order to do that tough she would have to love them above herself and obviously she isn’t capable.

  41. What I didn’t read in this article is, Angel a first, second or third generation of welfare recipient? Many of these cases such as Angel know no other way of life! They show very little respect for the law, the free or subsidize housing which they destroy to the point that many have to be condemned and rebuilt , welfare check that are being use for drugs, gambling etc. Food stamps buying booze, cigarettes, etc.. They live in communities that are dangerous for them self as well as the children. The education system is either graduating illiterates and or turning their heads as many of our young are being killed and buried! So my question is, Is this Angel fault or the Government that has and is continuing to be the Slave Master of our poor minorities for their own power and greed, or is it Angel who is so accustom to living off of others believes she is entitle to government stash? As for me I will sum it up this way, an educated, responsible, God loving working family person, no mater what their race will be supporting Romney and the entire GOP Ticket! All others will continue to bow the their Slave Master, “The Government”!

  42. My fraternal grandmother had 12 children (albeit 4 died in infancy), with the same husband, by the way. So, she raised 8 children (my grandfather was disabled, but worked at what he could), she took in washing, etc, etc, but she REFUSED CHARITY when people tried to help! They did it themselves. Oh how we (or too many of us anyway) have changed!

  43. 15 children. Damn, close your legs, stand up, and get a job. Make the men who fathered these children pay up. This is why I am strictly against American Tax Payers supporting even the first child to people like this. If we didn’t support the first one, we wouldn’t have all of these blood suckers sucking the blood out of hard working Americans. If she can’t take care of them, all of these children need to be taken from her and put into foster care.

  44. It is no one’s fault but her own. The American taxpayer should NOT be the ones paying to support this idiot of a woman. Having so many kids is her way to get on welfare and let the American taxpayer to pay to support her. MAKE HER WORK FOR HER WELFARE AND SUPPORT!!!

  45. No law that says you cant have as many kids as there points in your IQ. Legally you can’t deny them the right to have as many children as they want. What upsets me is they wind up living better then those who are paying for her 15 kids 3 daddy babies ETC ETC You have to cut back on yours you have to help pay for someone else’s Now explain that.

  46. Just A nig doing what A nig does, spread their legs and poof another baby, 37, 3 daddies and 15 kids, let her and daddies support them WE don’t want too. She needs to be fix too.

  47. Welcome to Obamaland folks. To the liberals and fence-sitters that work and pay taxes, I hope you’re loving this as much as I am. She’ll probably get a Cabinet offer from Obama. It’s proof that there are many leeches in our society and they think we owe them a life. They don’t care who’s bopping them and amount of kids they’re having, they know you’ll pay. Obama will make sure of it.

  48. Something strange here. I read one heck of amounts of comments on this and a lot of other sites. A very great majority of comments are not supportive of Obama. I want very much to throw this socialist out of office one way or the other. I would prefer that he get fired for his cover up of the Libya incident and his lies. That does not seem likely because we don’t have any Republicans with the cajones. My question is, how in the world could this man win re-election with his terrible, terrible domestic and foreign policies? Has our society become so full of people who just want to take, take, take? It may be so. If it is, it can only lead to anarchy. The money is already gone. What is left?

  49. Many years ago I knew of a girl who got knocked up and get just $50/month to support the child. She was smart enough to know that she and the child could not live on just $50/month but if she had more kids, she would get more money. She had 12.

  50. She could have taken FREE birth control pills. she could have used FREE male or female condoms. Or she could have simply crossed her legs, but that would have taken integrety and forethought. Now she thinks she is entitled to use the money that we of the working people to keep on being a street slut and popping out kids. She is either a street slut or just plain stupid. Why should I have to pay increased taxes out of my hard earned wages that I EARN by selling my time and labor for just so she can overpopulate her “household” with unneeded kids? If the bleeding hearts of this nation, like those wealthy one percent Hollywood Liberals, want someone to feed and house her and her kids and set them up in the style to which she would like to be accustomed, let then take her in and pay out of their own personal pockets, not mine.

  51. The sad part of all this is the innocent children who through no fault of their own will end up in the same situation as their irresponsible so-called Mother.

  52. Where is planned parenthood This is surely a case of need and she certainly thinks that she is one of the ‘entitled ones!’

  53. You need a license to drive. A license to fish. A license to open a buisness. A license for your car. But any “Dip Stick” can have a kid. I’m not pro-abortion but, there are times when one wishes it could be retro-active.

  54. Lord have mercy….someone tie that womans tubes. Has she ever heard of contraceptives. Thought they were educating girls in HS. Of course, her mama no doubt did the same thing……they say it runs in the family. They learn having kids means you don’t have to work. If she had gotten a good education and obtained a job, she might have found a Mr. Right. Her life would have been more thrilling instead of having sex with whomever comes along & having 15 kids.

  55. WELL THEN 1st.GET YOUR TUBES TIED. 2nd.VOTE FOR ROMNEY so YOU and the OLDEST ONES CAN GET JOBS. 3rd, STOP WHINNING and GET A BACKBONE and WORK YOUR ASS OFF TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN that You had so much fun making, THE FUN IS OVER TEACH THEM A WORK ETHIC AND COMMON SENSE,UNLIKE YOU.!!!!!! THERE IS A GREAT START FOR YOU. !!!! THATS HOW YOU SUPPORT YOUR KIDS, and be sure to tell them Your Mistakes in picking LOOSERS for a Mate that cannot support You and Their Children.!!!!

  56. I say to Samuel L. Jackson to wake-the-_uck up. Look at what is common place with your own race and others that believe that their entitled. I don’t know about others but I am awake. … and Obummer is not getting this hispanic vote. I am not the only Hispanic that feels this way … were fed-up with this imposter.

  57. Why in hell they don’t fix this breeding machine is beyond my imagination. There should be no hesitation to have these breeders fixed to end their money making ways. There are a lot of them just like her out there some you never hear about

  58. E X C U S E * M E…… But why don’t you get a job and pay for your OWN kids, lady!!!! What makes you think that someone OWES you ANYTHING in this world…….

    The ARROGANCE of the SPOILED BRAT mentality!!!

    1. it’s the arrogance of the typical black who now think they’re empowered because the have a “black” president. here’s the unmitigated truth to all of you blacks and liberal whites. obama is a mulatto (an offspring of a white and black person).

  59. Somebody help this poor woman get in touch with Obama. PLEASE? Tell her to tell him. It’s time for Him to Pay up….with OBAMA BUCKS, or she will tell Michelle about Barry’s other VERY LARGE FAMILY.

  60. I am a firm believer in giving people what they want. As in this case, I say we take an old military base and convert it into what I would call an entitlement camp. Those who feel it is up to others, in particular, the government to provide for them will be housed in this facility. Since these people are not able to handle being a regular part of the citizenry, they will be declared the wards of the state. They will not be able to vote. Sorry. But since they cannot take care of themselves and make cogent decisions, how can they make an intelligent choice when at the poll. Besides, whichever party is in power would essentially be buying their vote. We will use Mayor Bloomberg and Michelle Obama’s “programs” to determine diet. They will be forced to get out of their shelters everyday and not allowed back in until dusk. They will be provided Obama style healthcare.

    No children will be allowed in these camps. Wards of the state are relieved of their parental rights. Any baby born in the camp is to be taken away. Planned Parenthood will provide for sterilization. Remember their founder Margaret Sanger was big on eugenics and weeding out undesirables like these people.

    Do I really want this? NO. But people like this woman and all of those wanting Obama phones, Obama houses, Obama cash keep making this thought come back into my head.

  61. “Someone has to pay for all my children, someone has to be held accountable…” Woman, check the mirror!
    You didn’t ask us before you made the decision to whore around with all those jailbirds, that was all you. Don’t expect us to pay now! Those innocent kids should be removed from that irresponsible idiot. That’s the only way for them to have any chance.

  62. Libetards have passed laws that enable tyhis type of behavior and those who bennefit from those laws know that the big dadda gouvemant will steal from those who work to give their hard earned cash to those who game the libetard system.

  63. i worked in a black area and this is their typical ignorant attitude. this subspecies should have a court order to have her tubes tied. i’m sick and tired of paying for this nonsense. the kids will end up just like her and we’ll be paying for them too. i don’t believe in abortion but this is one case where it would serve the country well.

  64. to all of the blacks and liberal whites who have this same ignorant mentality. obama is not black. the unmitigated fact is he’s a mulatto (offspring of a white and black person). so if you vote for obama you’re voting for his white half too. so how’s that grab you. you never thought about that did you?

  65. Rather then penalizing this type of conduct, we provide for it. Then we wonder why our social programs are breaking the bank. Rather then making laws awarding bad conduct, we should be penalizing it.

  66. This is the direct result of liberal revenue redistribution and the progressive agenda. Think of the results twenty years from now when her children start having children. There is a possibility that the inevitable interbreeding will happen and the results of that activity are well known. Personal responsibility has been eliminated from our culture, this is one result. What kind of future do these unfortunate children have?

  67. Mandatory drug testing and voluntary sterilization BEFORE ANY government checks are issued to these IGNORANT LEECHES! The financial help is TEMPORARY only, based on the recipient getting education or training to enter the work force. Otherwise, these irresponsible adults live in a work camp, are fed bologna sandwiches twice a day while their children are given the opportunity for a normal life by being adopted or placed in foster homes…….Kids should not be made to suffer or inherit their parents stupidity and irresponsible, selfish behaviors! PERIOD!! NO MORE FREE RIDES!! NO MORE GENERATIONAL WELFARE!!

  68. NO, Miss Adams, YOU have to accept responsibility for bringing children into the world that will only see poverty, IF allowed to stay with their mother, Why didn’t you STOP having children at four or five, YOU are ridiculous to expect US to pay for all of your stupidity!

  69. But isn’t that why the liberal loons want Planned Parenthood funded, well it hasn’t worked for this woman. Don’t they give out birth control and abortions? What’s her excuse?

  70. I have a thought for her, get off of your backside & get a job. Furthermore your babies daddies need to be paying support or go to jail. Don’t expect the other people in society to pay your bills! I know you think Odumber will take care of you but he is too busy shucking & jiving the other Americans to worry about the likes of you. Get a life & a job!

  71. Mr Obama will take care of them just as he has ther past four years stealing from thwe Haves and giving to the Havenots – a guiding prinsiple of the folllowers of Saul Alinsky.

  72. How about Adams being responsible for her own kids! The BEST thing that could ever happen to those kids is to be taken away from that horrible woman.

  73. “Someone needs to be held accountable??!!” How about you, Angel? How about YOU being held accountable, ever think of that?! Thanks LBJ, your “War On Poverty” has been a rousing success…..NOT!

  74. I remember hearing a recoriding of a speech Governor Jesse Ventura was giving in a public park. At the end he opened up for a QA session. A never married woman in a similar situation, but not as many kids, was demanding the state increase her support. Ventura fired back with, paraphrasing here, a comment on her character and poor selection of males she decided to produce children with. He asked her why she thought the state of Minn. should support her or her children because of the losers she ‘spread her legs’ for.

  75. I feel sorry for the children.this woman should have a brain enough to keep her legs closed. my wife and i,have 2 children.we made the choice to have only 2 because we would well afford to raise and educate them without putting a hand out for someone elses money.
    i guess she thinks her job was to bang em out,and everyone gets to take care of her offspring.
    she belongs in jail.she is a disgrace!!!!
    there are honest decent people who will gladly raise her properly. give them up!give them a chance to be productive decent people

  76. The story says that there are three dads one is in jail, so what about the other two. The Social workers should have stepped in a long time ago to stop this baby making machine.

  77. If Americans want a socialist state, they need to understand that there will have to be an immediate doubling of the tax rate across the board. And since the govenment lacks the money to pay for all this, it will eventually have to start mandatory sterilization programs. Those who will not work will be declared pariahs and sent to work camps. Those who are invalid or incapacitated will simply be euthanized. If you want to be taken care of like a retarded child in a state institution, you will get treated like one.
    But ultimately, none of this will work, because all the wealthy people will simply renounce the American citizenship, and take their productivity and their wealth somewhere else.
    You think it’s bad now with the jobs being sent overseas? Wait until everything is over there.

  78. This woman represents a large demographic which will loyally vote for a 2nd oscumbag term. Will a an intellect of this caliber decide the future of America. Thank God for the electoral college! “Who gonna pay for my 15 babies?! Someone gonna take responsibility for my 15 babies!”. oscumbag to the rescue…
    Is it time for a new Continental Congress, and a new Continental Army? Who will lead? Hello, hello. I am calling for leadership in the post-American resurgance. Who will fight this ‘ameritopia’?

  79. thats 15 free obama phones for the lady..hope she chokes on them…maybe they can get obama to apologize to her, because it is societys fault, not hers.

  80. Multiply her by several millions and that’s why we are in the hole we find ourselves. Liberals are like a cancer that is devouring our country with their philosophy and stupidity. The non-supportive fathers should be jailed and maybe sterilized as maybe this mother too. They are breeding without personal responsiblity. Society is a victim but the real victims are the children of such low-morality people. The story disgusts me. The more we provide the more they do not change their behaviors. This woman is beyond hope. She is a societal preditor.

  81. Let ’em all starve. I know that sounds cruel and I honestly don’t mean to be, but it’s time to face facts. With 47% of the population on handouts, the time is going to come (and I believe, very soon) when it will be logistically impossible to support the leeches without the taxpaying class being enslaved. When this happens, the productive class will have to choose between their families and themselves, or the ingrates. I know who I will choose.

  82. Whjy don’t these people get of their dead asses and make their own way! I am sick of people having 20 or more kids and living off other peoples money. Sterilization is a good thing.

  83. I’de bet her momma, her grandmomma & great-grandmomma where all on welfare, as well as most of the women in her family. In the welfare system having a husband means less benefits they can apply for and that each baby means more money and benefits she can get.
    Also, how much does it cost to have a baby in a hospital? times that by 15 in her case.
    And most times that cost is not included as a direct benefit.
    She and the phone woman are just alike, their part of a culture of government subjects.
    Subjects is a PC way of saying slaves. As to trying to get anyone of them to be responsible for themselves,”forget it”

  84. This story is more common than most people know. This same senario has been going on for many decades. The democrats voter base exists because of this (democrat entitlement system) that encourages both national moral and economic decline of our society. This keeps the democrats, (the party of traitors and america haters), in power. They are buying their votes with your tax money! Both unions and democrats exist like “paracites” or “cancer”, sucking the life blood out of their victims. Like the “leeches” they are, they don’t know when to quit. They will continue to blindly “suck” on their victims until they are both dead.

  85. A society not hell-bent on its own destruction would force sterilization here, and hang everyone involved.

    A weaker alternative is mandatory drug-testing for ANYONE receiving transfer payments of any kind…

  86. You are correct, sir!
    I am a Police Officer in a large Northeastern city (never mind which one.) I also happen to be Black, though that is neither here nor there.
    I am a proud American who grew up in a God-fearing two-parent home–education and upward mobility were the rule, and Job One. I grew up in our city’s urban community with quite a few Angel Adams types, and ignored them and their progeny rather than let them drag me down.
    Long story short, after college, military service and postgraduate work, I’m a cop in the district next to the ‘hood I grew up in, and I see more Angel Adams types than EVER before. This is what the late Hunter Thompson would call “Bad Craziness”….I’m locking up Babydaddy and sometimes Babymama (White, Brown AND Black, since the “gimme” mentality crosses racial barriers) on a weekly basis.
    And throughout it all, a common thread: the national, state and city Democrat political machine (which I refer to, jocularly, as “The Donkey Show”) throws them benefits, from cellphones paid for through cellphone taxes paid by productive, working cellphone subscribers, to housing subsidies (heard often on domestic-violence calls: “Please don’t let the Housing Authority know ’bout this….I’ll lose my Section 8!”) to WIC (you haven’t lived until you have to settle a fight between a recipient and a supermarket cashier who tries to tell them they are only eligible for store-brand cornflakes, not Kellogg’s.)
    I could go on….but the point is–it’s an election year, and the Squatter in the White House has votes to buy….so his meat puppeteer Mr. Axelrod, and Mr. Axelrod’s meat puppeteer, Mr. Soros, are going to engineer as much relief for Angel and her fellow leeches as they can!
    One more thing–the TV ad countering Mitt’s comments about the dependent 47%, which uses shots of the elderly, disabled veterans and elderly veterans, cynically does not point out their commonality: they were productive citizens and their dues are paid! The Angel Adams types wouldn’t know what it’s like to be like that….

  87. As a taxpayer, I am willing to have some of my taxes pay to get her children into a safe and caring environment…as for her, she should be neutered, and get a job or starve…it’s her call.

  88. You do have to take into consideration, that you may be talking to someone with very little education & how many of her generations,did the same thing? just sayin>>> got to cover every angle, what is behind this attitude?

  89. new law should be made. If you are on state assistance then after 3 kids, SNIP,SNIP. Period. I am sick and tired of having to pay for others bad behavior. The more kids people like this have the more $ they get from the state.

  90. You can blame this on the Great Society programs and a welfare system that basically encourages the breakdown of the family by paying for each unwed birth. Of course, our president hasn’t helped matters by gutting the welfare work requirements. I speak this from experience, as I was on the board of an inner city welfare-to-work agency in the 90s. I saw the abuse of this and other entitlement systems first hand–including millions of taxpayer dollars literally wasted away and paid to political cronies for inner-city services that they never delivered, albeit while they earned $600K (that’s right!) salaries. When the Fed ask you–a locally run agency–to investigate their federally funded agency, you know things are out of control.

  91. I don’t believe in Abortion, but I can make an Exceptio in her case and any others like her, Also, after 3 kids and not being able to take care of them, she should have her Tubes Tied and if she doesn’t agree, then NO MORE WELFARE MONEY. I know that the Bleeding Heart Liberal Loons thin that is Cruel then Let them Pay for her support out of there own Pockets

  92. It would not surprise me if you looked into her family tree and found no one has worked since about 1960. Thats when American lost its pride and religion. And society fell to pieces.

  93. This deviate needs to have her tubes tied… Yes a product of LBJ’s great society, sadly she is providing fuel for for arguments to the extreme left-wing national socalist groups like the Aryan Nations and KKK

  94. Where I am, it is common practice for these women (& young girls) to have one child after another without being married. They collect for each child & a man moves in to take the money collected. The kids are not benefiting from the welfare check…..they are on free breakfast & lunch at school, but a good bit of the check is used by the mom & the guy living there at the time.

    1. Probably? Oh, I see, you must mean she might note vote. If she can get off her couch and go vote she will definitely vote for O.

      I hope she stays home.


  96. This is the Oblitheringidiot way!! Let them breed; grow dependency on the government and whallah – America is not more America as we have known it. It is a socialist society!! We are almost there!!

  97. What does one expect from an entitlement society? And one would have to assume that she is teaching her children to hate the White man and to insist on government subsidies to live a life without working. Surely by the fourth child she knew what caused childbirth-or maybe she was high on something when she had her fun??? Either way, I don’t want to pay for her adventures, those are hers.

  98. I have no problem with the government helping a woman with one child. That could be unplanned or an accident. However, I object to my tax dollars helping any further. After the first child; any subsequent children should be her responsibility, not ours. We are not responsible for her irresponsible sexual escapades or their result. She should be responsible for their welfare or lose the children. This is common sense. To do otherwise is to endorse her activity and create permanent welfare recipients.

  99. This new “Norm” is all over the Nation. Now consider what future do these children really have?? Future convicts? Criminals? Well this Nation cannot support every mother who just wants to pump out babies and throw them onto the system. Obviously having personal responsibility and pride in oneself did not work.

  100. She sounds like a typical Obama voter. She should have been neutered after three kids. She should be forced to get a job & her children should be taken away from her.

  101. Barry O has said that there comes a point where you’ve made enough money . . . I think based on this story there comes a time where you’ve had enough children (that you can’t support).

  102. Our system is the cause of a whole new generation of slaves to the Gov. There are no rules,,just do what you want and get more Gov, hand outs.

  103. Though I agree that Angel should take responsibility, taking her children away removes a level of responsibility she should carry. Instead of putting kids in foster care (where the state is still paying for them), require Angel to care for her own children, under supervision. Lay out varying degrees of consequences (natural or logical, whichever works better) to provide motivation and bring understanding to the reality of cause and effect, so she begins to connect her behavior with the results of her behavior. Taking care of 12, or even 9 kids, and managing a home well is a heck of a lot of work. Angel and her children will all be better off if they learn those lessons.

  104. “Someone needs to pay for my 15 kids” How about you make your baby daddies man up and pay for them instead of making the rest of us pay for this loose woman to have kids. She needs to figure out this wonderful thing called BIRTH CONTROL!

  105. I can see several things wrong with this. One!. the blacks for decades have been doing anything and everything to have as many children to populate American with black people in an effort to out number the white..and and make white people pay for their care. I remember a time when black males were running around trying to impregnate as many white women as possible and then leave them to find another one to do the same thing, then getting on talk shows to bragging about it. Most of these women either on welfare or got on welfare.
    The second thing is entitlements. This women and a large majority of blacks do think exactly the way she stated it hands down. However, it’s people like this that take away from what safety nets we,” THE WHITE PEOPLE” have put in place for everyone no matter what nationality or color. However, I am sick and tired of hearing the word from leaders like entitlement. I think the hard working Americans are entitled to certain benefits from the government, after all the government has no problem holding there hand out when it comes time for us to pay up. With that said, if hard working Americans aren’t entitled to benefit from them monies we put in then neither should all the governments and countries outside of America. We give them billions of dollars every year…..you know what they do with it,? They pay for medical, education, and vacation to top dollar resorts and they bring 124 entourage with….who pays for it…the American people..so stop screaming entitlements….because we are entitled…entitled to that money just as much as the foreign governments . The interest alone that we owe China supports China’s military..when it should be supporting our children’s education. Bottom line is…what our government is saying everyone outside America is entitled to benefits except those who put the money in..

  106. Keep your legs together and get a job. Otherwise, charge your Johns more and set aside a portion of each trick as a fund to support your welfare babies. Come on! It’s NOT that difficult to figure out.

  107. This is really good, I wish we had you tube when I was growing up.
    This shows just how whacked out blacks can get. This also shows
    the hatred that blacks have for whites. This women was clearly raised with the
    hate the white man. It’s nice to see she will pass it on to her children.
    GOTCHA RACIST YOUR ON YOU TUBE AHAAAAHA Don’t you look like a foooooool

  108. Back in the olden days, the arab muslims would have come along and given her a few gold coins and relieved her of her children, She would have been happy. Then they would have loaded them up on ships and send them to farms all over the world and sold them into slavery. Now, they are just slaves to the system.

  109. I first heard of this situation several months ago and at that time it was discussed on a radio program she stated”someone has to be held accountable” as if she had nothing to do with it.Now taxpayers will be on the hook for this gal’s stupidity of not stopping it after the first 5 children.

    1. I would agree but there is no way she could ever pay back the massive drain she has caused. She can’t remotely cover her own family’s expenses, much less pay anything back. This should have been dealt with long ago.

  110. Does the woman know about a thing called birth control? If she couldn’t afford it, how about asking her partners to share the cost, OR to provide their own form of birth control? Duh.

  111. This piece of trash Adams should be sterilized! This is indeed a sad commentary on the state of our nation. The White House occupier is doing nothing but encouraging this type of behavior with his “entitlement mentality”.
    Obama and his cronies must go!!!!

  112. Some are saying she should get a job, but all she knows what to do is spread her legs & probably her mother, grandmothers & other family members have done the same thing. Have babies, collect welfare, food stamps. suppose any of her brood will ever amount to any thing, but doing just what she has been doing? I’d bet money that none of them will ever amount to any thing & work for a living. Too many like her feel its their ‘right’ to have as many babies as they want, when I & the rest of taxpayers have to support them, their rights STOP!!!!!! She is so much worse than ‘octomom’ because at least octomom is trying her best to take care of her brood instead of saying we have to take care of her kids. “Someone has to pay”. She SHOULD have been sterilized after the 2nd or 3rd kid at the most. She is a disgusting ignorant slut!

  113. I totally agree with your solution. What about the three deadbeat “fathers?” One is in jail. Get him out and put him to work and pay for the children he has studded. Put the other two to work and paying support. If they do not do the above then look below.
    The mother and the three studs should all be sterilized. Not at government expense. The men should pay for it themselves and if not in six months, amputation is recommended.

  114. first i would remove her productive organs and tell her to go ahead and enjoy her life till shes too old and no one would want her sexually that will be the time she realizes she wasted her life,,,im not done yet,,,then i would take the three or how many more men who enjoyed themselves with her and remove every part of their sex tool ,,,they had enough fun to last a life time,,,,,my great grand sons father had seven children and never married,,,,fortunately,,,,he is now in jail for life,,,he made a good living eliminating people,,,any woman who thinks that i and you must pay for their distorted thinking ,if,, not married,,,when they give birth,,,do it doc,,,,and no welfare untill she identifies the father,,,,id gladly help pay for both of their fix- er- uppers ,,,,,,,,,,our government should not hold us responsible for the action of these irresponsible ,,,stupid,,,uneducated… morons ,,,they are part of the cause of the destruction of our country,,,,joe

  115. Unbelievable!!!! Stop having babies! Take care of your own children! We owe you nothing. I have no trouble helping someone who is at least trying…..but this?????

  116. Sheesh, get a life already woman. And a job. You brought those kids into the world, it’s your responsibility to raise them.

  117. Step number One: Terminate her parental rights for being an unfit mother. The kids will be better of in the social welfare system and out of the influence of this “baby factory” who has been abusing the system for her entire adult life.

    Step number Two: Make her continued access to any form of public assistance conditional on her not producing any more babies to be a further drain on public resources. The acceptance of whatever form of birth control that the courts and the medical profession order/prescribe must be a condition of her being granted any aid.

    Step number Three: Mandatory enrolment in a job training program. Continued public assistance being conditional on satisfactory progress, equivalent to at least a 2.0 GPA.
    All public assistance to terminate 6 months after completion of the training program and no further assistance to be available until at least the equivalent of 52 weeks full time employment, supported by payroll stubs showing hours worked and taxes paid.

  118. Kids are not a sin. They are a blessing. This woman is ill. it seems like someone took advantage of her at a very young age. What needs to be done is that they need to take this woman boyfriend who gave her ten kids and make him work it of. Construction whatever. I hate welfare. I have one kid I have tried everything to get a job. But the government don’t help in the right way. I get daycare but it is from 630 to 630. If there was a daycare program that was open all day I probably would have a job. so say the people who have interviews me. A care life is not easy but soon my child would be in school and I would be able to take care of her or soon call centers would be at home. it used to be you could simple take your child to work with you those days are over. pray i get a job soon. I don’t want to be in the same category as these people.

  119. Damn girl isn’t that thing worn out by now after 15 kids & who knows how many different men, yeahn me her & a 2X4, the 2X4 is so you don’t fall in, you tie it across your butt

  120. You people on this website absolutely suck. You see a handful of people who want the government to support them, then you try to lump every single Democrat into that category because you’re too stupid to see degrees and only see black and white the way you think it should be. This is why the country as a whole has rejected the Tea Party…you all are just smart enough for critical thinking.

    1. This case is about as black and white as it gets. People like you stop us from nipping this multigenerational dysfunction in the bud. You are as much of a problem as the ‘mother’ is.

  121. What a bunch of morons. So every Obama supporter wants the government to pay for them? Every Democrat is looking for a handout? This is why the Tea Party was soundly rejected in the last election…you people are idiots and don’t have any critical thinking skills.

  122. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. Everybody always screaming I’m grown I’m grown, you can’t tell me what to do. Well when you are grown & make grown up decisions you take responsibility for the decisions you make be it good or bad. I didn’t lay up with you. Those kids are not my responsibility. Don’t more babies than you can feed. I actually blame the government for encouraging people’s warped sense of entitlement.

  123. AND what was baby daddy doing before he was arrested and put in prison that he supported 14 people…my guess..selling drugs..and that is probably what he was arrested for. She never mentions what he was arrested for

  124. Simple solution. Give $x amount of dollars for monthly welfare and one child. Each child over one they should REDUCE that welfare check.

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