John F. McManus on the Real Gingrich


The strategy of most politicians for election or re-election is based on the short memory span of their voters. Or the ignorance of the voters concerning the real record and the real ideology of a politician. That’s why a political system needs those that will sound the alarm when a politician deliberately misleads the voters about his true political views or record.

Watch the video in the link below. Back in the 1990s, John F. McManus, the President of the John Birch Society, delivered a lecture on the real Newt Gingrich – his real record, his real loyalty, and his real political ideology. Mr. McManus revisits his video and shows how Gingrich hasn’t changed his views nor his commitments. An important video to make voters able to make an informed choice when they vote in these primaries:

 John F. McManus on the Real Newt Gingrich




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