Killer Santa Claus was a Muslim

There were two family-death tragedies that hit news services on Christmas. The first one was the house fire in Connecticut where five people died: a grandmother, grandfather, three young girls — a 10-year-old and 7-year-old twins. The girls’ mother, Madonna Badger, and a friend escaped the fire.

The house was being renovated. Fire officials believe the fire was started by fireplace embers that had been cleared out of the fireplace and put in either a mud room attached to the house or a trash enclosure next to it.

The story brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t want to think about what all who were involved went through. It must have been horrible.

There was a news story about another family where tragedy struck. This time it was in Colleyville, Texas, on Christmas day. Here’s how ABC News reported it:

A Santa-suited gunman who killed six people on Christmas morning was the estranged husband of one of the victims and the father of two teenagers who died in the massacre.

Aziz Yazdanpanah, 56, showed up to his estranged wife’s apartment on Christmas morning dressed like St. Nick and opened fire shortly after the family had unwrapped presents.

Yazdanpanah then killed himself.

The six victims were identified by ABC affiliate WFAA as: Nasrin Rahmaty, 55, who was Yazdanpanah’s wife; Nona Yazdanpanah, 19, his daughter; Ali Yazdanpanah, 15, his son; Zohreh Rahmaty, 58, his sister-in-law; Hossein Zarei, 59, his brother-in-law; and Sahra Zarei, 22, his niece.

Later reports tell us that the murderer was a Muslim, a fact that the media are downplaying. “Aziz Yazdanpanah, a Muslim, didn’t like his daughter’s non-Muslim boyfriend and was exhibiting stalker behavior. ‘She couldn’t date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion.’”

Investigators are downplaying the motive. Lt. Todd Dearing said that motive isn’t important.

Motive is always important except, it seems, when “when Islam is involved.” (Source)

You may recall that the Defense Department reclassified the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence.” We know that Maj. Hassan​ shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is Great”) after firing a total of 214 rounds at his fellow soldiers. Even so, we were told that Hassan’s religious believes were not a factor in the shooting.

Maybe if we ignore the relationship between Islam, honor killings, and other acts of violence they’ll all go away. Don’t count on it.

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  1. As expected, most of the media does not mention, is silent / soft / quiet (shhhh! don't say it! ) on the Muslim root/motive of this case. Sad that it seems yet another angry Muslim father, with jealousy over an attractive daughter growing up, had control issues, marriage problems, $ problems, etc. murders daughter, and murders family, and murders friends, and cowardly kills himself, etc. This is INSANITY. Terrible indeed.

    Since when is “motive not important”?? Unbelievable that anyone in law enforcement would say this!! How blind we have become.

    If it was a conservative, Christian the headlines would be – “Radical Christian extremist Republican kills family in bloody rampage!”

        1. daves – That's because they get "religion" while they're incarcerated….not much else to do encased by 4 walls.

        2. I hate to un-burst your bubble daves, but I am in law enforcement, and most of the bad people are not religious,
          and if they are they do not say that they committed the crime for religious reasons. Where as 99% of the Muslim
          crimes are committed for religious reasons.

        3. responce to Barbara I have read many of Daves comments he seems to side with obummer's side he seems to be a dumicrat plant in here

        4. Right-On Barb Most Of These “Plants” Are Colored Folks Without Any Toys When Young, Yikeess, God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

        5. @daves — **Someone has to enlighten you folks once in a while. Don't be afraid. Step into the light**

          Enlighten us about WHAT exactly? Why don't you start with some rational facts to dicuss. For instance:
          True or False: Did the media in this case report the fact that the killer was a muzzie and that the motive for the crime might have been an 'honor killing' in the muslim way?
          True or false: Does the media in the case of muslim criminals withhold facts as a matter of practice, or do they report ALL the pertinent facts without a semblance of bias.
          True of False: Does the media emphasize the religion or political leaning of crimials when they are either 'Christian' or conservative?
          There's a few points for discussion. So, enlighten away!

        6. I am not sure how to answer yes no questions with true or false but I would say no to all of them. You may be partially correct for high profile mass murders but in the majority of murder cases religion is almost never discussed unless it is possibly connected to the motive.

          It sounds to me like this man was insane and I don't see how religion fits into that.

        7. and how do you know the majority of murders claim to be Christian daves, because the Media touts it! Duh!

        8. Yeah they (murdrers) claim to be Christians. The word claim should be emphasized. In reality they are (most of them) are a bunch of cold blooded, socialpathic murderers who think they can fool us/fool GOD with their actions.

        9. Dave that excuse is in the "old" muslim writings. The Koran says anything written in the Koran at a later date supersedes the previous writing. "honor" killings for reasons of religious belief INCLUDE children and women if done to promote the religion. This is one of the "later" writings, and takes precedence over the the earlier writings that reflect a religion of peace.
          Learn your facts before you spout off. This is why none believe your religion of liberalism.

        10. "But if … evidences of virginity are not found for the young woman, then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones…" (Deuteronomy 22:20,21)

          Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. "The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him." (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 )

        11. Jesus said, "Why to you not understand what I am sayng? It is because you cannot hear My word. You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father (the devil). He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is not truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, her speaks from his own he nature for he is a liar, and the father of lies. But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me. Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? He who is of God ;hears the words of God; for this reason you do not ;hear them, because you are not of God." John 8:43-46……We must be vigilant when it comes daves….and you daves must be vigilant about what and who you are embracing. You write passages from the OT. And what is the context of Deut. 13:13-19? You must in context site the full chapter. The theme of that passage is clearly that we are to "beware of false teaching". Verse 4 is clearly the key verse "you shall follow the Lord your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice , serve Him, and cling to Him." God was reminding them not to yield to other gods. The one true God has never and will never tolerate the turning of any individual or nation away from Him. He is the sovereign ruler of the universe and His sovereignty is glorified above all creation. He is the beginning and the end. All existence comes from Him. His majestic glory does not include other gods in any way shape or form. He will have mercy on whom He chooses to have mercy. His mercy is everlasting on those who follow HIm, but His mercy is removed on those who, like the people in Deuteronomy Chapter 13, follow other gods. He will remove every corrupt practice at the time of his choosing. In Deuteronomy 22, we find that God was strictly dealing with a blatant sin. In the NT we find a different plan for dealing with such a sin. Jesus came to free from the law and instead give us the opportunity to confess our sins and be forgiven before God. To measure up to God's righteousness is not possible for us and that is why God came in the form of a man to live among us and then shed His blood as payment for our sins. He took our original sin into hell and left it there. He payed the penalty for us. Again might I caution, those who interact with the devil often do it deceitfully even though it should be obvious. We must take care to be vigilant and not be taken in. The devil is a master when it comes to using scripture to serve his purpose.

        12. Should I take an educated guess at your “Religion”? I ask only because I am not aware of a poll concerning the majority of murders based on Religion. However, there isn’t a poll based on this story just from headlines during the past 10 years and 8 out of 10 is Muslims. But you know how the media is with this religion issue.

        13. Dave, you may be right on total number counts but, since there are a LOT more Christians in the US as opposed to Muslims. Percent of totals are the only clear indicater.

        14. Your bubble metaphor is absurd. The majority of murderers is "Christian" because most of the population (universe) is "Christian."
          It's the RATE of murder ( i.e., number of murder incidents per 1,000 people ) among Muslims versus the rate among "Christians" which would be of any academic significance.

      1. I will never understand how journalists have fallen so low on the scale that they hide the truth, lie, make up things and will eat Christians and Conservatives for breakfast but cower when the word Muslim appears. I guess in the end all journalists are really cowards from the truth and just want to get paid so they can feel good about their cowardice and lies.

        1. The early news reported that he did not go there with any ill intent at all, it just came up. that is pure B.S. as he went with two guns to a christmas party?????

        1. Muslims do it so much more often and so much more cruelly though, to bad my first post was deleted, it said more what I felt toward your sick Muslims!

        2. Christians do protect themselves against violence. As a matter of fact God gives permission to kill preditors, intruders, thieves, child abusers, and the like. If only you knew God's Holy Word you would know this. Christians are not lame ducks, we are first and foremost missionaries that reach out to those in need, but we are also warriors in times of injustice. Bless your little ignorant heart.

        3. daves = God is Jesus and Jesus is God. They never ever work independently of one another. In fact they cannot because they are one. "I and my Father are one" John 10:30.
          "In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1 " And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John bore witness of Him, and cried out, saying this was he of whom I said, He who comes after me has a higher rank than I, for He existed before me." John 1:14-15. "And the next day he "saw Jesus coming to him and said, Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" John 1:29 (The Word was God and the Word became flesh and the flesh was Jesus Christ)

        4. your are so full of it Dave you should do as some commenters suggest go to another site or keep your bias thoughts to your self

        5. Didn't you know? Christians don't have to follow Christ's teachings because they know that Christ died on the cross in order for god to forgive all their sins. That's why many christians don't follow the word and teachings of Jesus. They think they have a "Get out of hell" card.

        6. You haven't a clue……..You are speaking from a mind set that has no relationship with Jesus Christ. I fully understand why you would say and think such error. A true Christian loves His Lord. His whole desire is to follow God's teachings in submission. You cannot understand that because you are not in love. No, Christians do not have to follow Christ's teachings. They are not living under a law. But true believers have a desire to respond to whatever Christ has set forth in their hearts that needs to be done. Christians will be judged for condition of their heart. If many so called Christians are not following the word and teachings of Jesus, then I would question whether or not they are really Christians. But then, it is the heart that God judged and not the outward appearance of the person in question. It is an insult to the truth under which honest Christians live for you to even suggest that we are looking for a "get out of hell" card.

        7. The fear of the Lord of creation is the beginning of knowledge daves, and fools despise wisdom and instruction Proverbs 1:7. – You are apparently trusting in a false God because you do not understand who and what a Christian is. In Proverbs Chapter two instruction tells us to, "Make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding; for if you cry for discernment, lift your voice for understanding; If you seek her (wisdom) as silver, And search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will discern the fear of the Lord, And discover the knowledge of God For the Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He stores up wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity , Guarding the paths of justice, And He preserves the way of His godly ones. Then you will discern righteousness and justice and equity and every good course. For wisdom will enter you heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; " The word goes on to say, "Discretion will guard you, understanding will watch over you, to deliver you from the way of evil, From the man who speaks perverse things; From those who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness; Who delight in doing evil, And rejoice in the perversity of evil; Who paths are crooked, and who are devious in their ways…." daves, you are under the spell of human wisdom. That can lead you into nothing but error resulting in no protection from the Almighty. Heed this warning daves. You need to look at yourself in relation to God and Jesus Christ and not at people. You will have to answer for yourself on that day of judgment and no one else. Why should God let you into His heaven? You will not be able to get in by way of anyone elses rules but His. Forget all others and focus on yourself and your need right now.

      1. No, Bob, no. You need to use a gun oil that includes pork fat and there is actually one out on the market. Otherwise, dipping your ammo in any could cause your gun to jam, and it certainly won't be good for the barrel.

        1. You know if we realy think about it many murders who say that they are Christians the media has picked up on them and made a big deal out of them being Christian .However you will know them by the fruit that they bear .

    1. Likewise, if it was a conservative White man upset with his daughter marrying a Negro, the headlines would be – “Radical Christian racist extremist Republican kills family in bloody rampage!”

    2. Todd,Your so right!But America's president is a Muslim and look what's,happening in America!But not only America Muslims are taking parts of France,England over.Now there close to taking control of Egypt,Mubrrak kept the.Muslim Brotherhood at bay and away from Israel but,Obama was not happy.With that so he had him thrown out of Egypt!Of coarse all the young adults who thought that they would,be better off.Without him are now finding out that things are,worse now then before.

    3. You nailed it about as plainly as can be stated. It is like Muslims have a hold on us, so that we can not be who we are supposed to be. What's the matter with you media people. Can't you be honest and adjective anymore. Call it what it is. We can handle the truth. I was in law enforcement and I do not ever recall a fellow officer say motive was unimportant. Motive, intent, state of mind are alway's important in any crime. Do we fear Muslims? Are we afraid to say that an Islamic Wacko killed his family in the name of a false, hate filled religion. There may be some out there who are peace loving but not enough. If they believe their crazed leader, they believe just like this animal in Texas believed. Thank God Almighty his word, the bible, teaches an entirely different way of life. I choose HIM, not Allah

    4. ..We can be sure it was an honor killing, this is what Muslim fathers,brothers ,uncles and other male relatives do to their females..

    5. How stupid can the Texas law enforcement be? Every time you hear about people going to court, one of the main
      questions is, what was the motive, and usually if there is no motive they don't charge the person. Since Obama is
      a Muslim he will not let the justice dept. say that the crime was committed by a Muslim, and the media does not
      have the B***s to report that, so they name the blame by some other name. If a religious person commits a crime
      they call him a religious kook, if he isn't a Muslim.

    6. You are exactly right! It’s time to investigate the Muslim “faith” as a Muslim “cult”. What other religion directs its followers in their Bible (Quran) to kill infadels (people that don’t believe in their faith)? That’s a religion? I think NOT!

      Our Federal government has investigated (and in some cases the ACLU sued) cult-type organizations, including the KKK, Black Panthers, Arian Nation, and even killed off some, ie. David Korish of The Branch Dividians in Waco, TX. Murdering Muslims killed 3,000+ Americans on 9/11/2001 because we don’t believe in the Muslim cult.

      I say, “Investigate it as a cult, tag it as a cult, sue the mosques & religious leaders here & harrass them the way our government harasses other cults until they leave America. Of course that could never happen while Obama is President.

      What’s the difference between Muslims, that hate & kill people of other religions, and Hitler and the Nazis, who hated & killed Jews? After 9/11 I realized that there is no difference, except it is happening in America!

      They would love to kill all Americans and as a matter of fact they are trying every day.

      1. Perhaps it would interest you to know that in the middle ages Jews were regularly persecuted and killed because christians believed jews were responsible for the death of Christ. The old testament also says children that don't honor their parents should be stoned to death. There are MANY examples of the bible as a huge proponent of violence. It's time to investigate the Muslim "faith" as a Muslim "cult".

        "It's time to investigate the Muslim "faith" as a Muslim "cult". Don't you believe in the constitution? The first amendment gives us the freedom of speech, religion, press,petition and assembly. You're a constitution hater which makes you an America hater. If you hate the country so much…LEAVE!


        2. Thank you, Skipfoss. I don’t think canucanoe2 is intelligent enough to understand the meaning of my post OR he’s a Muslim.

          Let me ask canucanoe2 one question: What is the difference between Hitler (Nazis) and Muslims?

          Answer: Nothing! Hitler murdered Jews because of their faith. Muslims murder anyone because their faith if it isn’t Muslim. See? No difference!

          I believe very strongly in our constitution & “Freedom of Religion”, but I do not consider Muslim to be a religion, but rather a cult, much like the Nazi Party.

    7. Exactly…but you aren't going to get any action from anyone in Congress, Senate or any Justice Dept. so Until someone does something and takes some action to correct the issues behind all this we might as well just look at the wall. All the phone calls, emails and letters I have written have fallen on deaf ears and eyes.

    8. We can't use the words 'Islam' or 'Muslim' for fear of offending our Muslim president. This isn't the old America any more. There is no more freedom of speech. Censorship is everywhere. The American people are stupid and foolish to sit still for this rediculous behavior. I am ashamed of those idiots. They are not only allowing America to be destroyed, they are helping the destruction by turning a blind eye and throwing it all away. God help us all!!!

    9. It's EASY to figure out WHY it is "shushed"! THEY own the MEDIA! We hear what THEY want us to hear! The "roilin"
      worms UNSIDE the "Carcass" keeps the OUTSIDE intact to "hide" their dirty, ravenous mur-der-ous appetite! Our esteemed/stewed Leader is one! But HE is a PUPPET TOO!

  2. The Islamization of America is being facilitated by a willingly ignorant media which does all it can to suppress information about these kinds of incidents. This is no surprise and one can expect more of this stuff in the future, along with more ''honor'' killings.

    Islam and tolerance, Islam and compassion, Islam and liberty, Islam and honor….are all mutually exclusive terms. Americans had better get a clue and learn about Islam before it's to late, and then pass on the information to others. The truth is the clear enemy of this evil, hegemonic, misogynistic political system called Islam.

    1. Well here is 7 muslims we no longer have to worry about. How many to go? & how do I help them continue to klill each other & them selves?

    2. Yeah, and I just don't get that. Look at all of these women in the media. They're all feminists, right? Why would they be so easy on a religion that so clearly oppresses women and promotes barbaric types of violence? How utterly stupid.

    3. There is positively and absolutely NO “willingly ignorant” media involved here, but a complicit, conspiratorial and concerted cabal of traitorous propaganda machines with little concern for the news and a agenda of misinformation, political indoctrination and lies, the media cannot be trusted and is a major part of the problem. Do your homework and find out for yourselves who this filth is.

      1. 1. ”willingly ignorant” was my way of referencing the fact the media has chosen to reject the truth about Islam and instead is happily assisting in the Islamization of America by suppressing the facts and promoting the lies about Islam.
        2. I have done my homework and been seriously studying Islam since 1999…..having been schooled by ex-muslims and know well the Quran, haddiths and the writings of muslim scholars. One of the tactics of muslims is to elicit sympathy and aid by using the victim narrative which is invariably taken up by the media and spewed out to the masses.
        3. I agree totally with your estute assessment. The media long ago abandonéd its responsibility for publishing ”just the facts, maam”.

    4. Can you think of an easier way to get them out of our country? I hope all the muslum daughters and sons date outside their religion.

      1. I wonder how Nobama got by with marrying Michelle ? He's Muslum. She isn't. Maybe ole Killer Santa killed the wrong family. But, yes. Let them all kill themselves off. 2 things will come from it. 1) We get hid of the towel heads and 2) population control. Then turn their guns toward the Mexican borders. Somebody has to do it. Our cowardly president won't. They come into our country and kill our officers but our officers go to jail if they try to defend themselves using rubber bullets. WOW ! I'll bet that's something else the media doesn't tell us about. What a bunch of cancerous pus bags.

    5. It is so sad that our news media have become this way, this only thing to do is boycott the media companies do not run advertisement with them and no one watch them which I only watch Fox news. Get the liberal media attention or they will get Obama reelected also.

      1. Actually, I am getting a bit ticked off at Fox News. They have evidently selected Romney as their conservative choice & are desparately trying to kill off Gingrich.

        I’ve had to do a double-take the past 3 weeks as they trash Gingrich & most of their guests are evidently chosen because they are Romney supporters.

        I was beginning to think I was listening to CNN, MSNBC or NBC. You know how those liberal stations try to cram their liberal candidate down your throat, like Kerry in ’04 and Obama in ’08. I turned to Fox in ’04 because of their rediculously biased election reporting & never looked back. They need to REPORT the news, NOT CREATE the news!

        But now….. Fox News is trying to cram Romney down our throats. I am not buying it! Period. I just don’t think Romney can beat Obama, but that’s my opinion.

        Please, America, don’t be swayed by the TV stations. Vote your own conscience.

        1. SCGal, you and other readers have to understand that we no longer have unbiased repertorial journalism in this country any more. All the major media outlets are now owned lock, stock & barrel by big corporations. The reporters are no longer free to speak the truth. Once I worked in radio (in another country) and read the news. I wouldn’t consider the job today—nor would I last if I did because I couldn’t bear to deliver the slant that the talking heads are required to push.

        2. SC Gal you are right – I too only watch Fox News and have been agrivated over the past few weeks as they tend to emphasize the “other than Romney” failures or rumors and 20 second sound bites. Romney gets no negative news feed in the meantime and there are negatives about him too. Each one has their baggage, but I recent the attack from Fox on all the other candidates. Fox needs to emphasize each Republican’s ideas, message and leave the attacks to the other media which is in Obama’s pocket.

    6. Actually, the media is NOT ignorant of the Islamic connection nor the dangers. They simply believe that they, as willing accomplices to these murderous people, will not suffer the results the Qu'ran says that they must. But because they are such willing fools, I would not be the least bit surprised that they, mostly a bunch of Atheists, will boisterously cry out, "Allahu Akbar!" to save themselves.
      Bunch of hypocritical pansies- ALL of them.

      1. Right, and wasn’t Daniel Pearl a journalist? When the Muslims decapitated him on video they didn’t care that he was a journalist or in the news media field, only that he was an American and he was NOT Muslim.

    7. We will see how well they like it when and if the time comes that they are told what to say and report and investigate. Oh wait…I forgot…they are already told all of that.
      Disgusting and ignorant liars think they are going to be exempt and they won't be.

    8. So they (muslims) may demonstrate tolerance, EVERY mosk should have a pork bar-b-que on 1 side, a strip joint with the entire front a big window on the other, a liquor store across the street and a Jewish deli next door. We must be tolerant, let’s see them demonstrate their tolerance.

    9. We need an internet and a media which no-one can shut down or control, a media that does it’s job.
      We need people in government who heed and abide by the constitution. We need politicians who are trustworthy.
      We need intelligent, well informed. critical thinking citizens who do not settle for anything less.

      Good Roads & fairweather

  3. Surprise! A Muslim! How many of you know where Colleyville is exactly? I know. Right next to Grapevine! Maybe we heard this through the grapevine?? This was purely an act of terrorism! Santa killing a family and himself? Wow! Of course, if we didn't have all these Muslims living here, it never would have happened! I believe that any people who believe it is alright to murder your daughter after she has been raped and for just about anything for that matter, or any one whose customs are contrary to our Constitution and Bill of rights, should be denied the right to enter our country and if they are here now should be deported to wherever they originated. They are a threat to me, you and all other citizens. Islam is NOT peaceful; it is a terrorist group!! They should all go wherever killing in the name of Islam or Mohammed or whoever is the law of the land. That is NOT the law of this land!

    1. Carol, unfortunately, sharia is slowly becoming the law of the land here. Our present crop of politicians and appointed judges are allowing the Islamist/Muslims to use our liberal rules to sneak in their sharia laws. This must be stopped, now. All courts in this country must be made to follow the laws of the United States of America ONLY. Not to follow another country's laws when it feels good. Our laws are not followed in the other persons country

    2. Carol,
      The funny thing is, what you are suggesting goes completely against the Bill of Rights, so by your own logic, you should be deported.

        1. Well the Bill of Rights says that the Government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. I'm not sure if Carol is suggesting that but it kind of seems like it.

          It says the Government cannot restrict what we say. It really sounds like Carol is advocating that. Maybe she means vigilantes should enforce her beliefs?

          It says we all have a right to a speedy jury trial, Carol seems very opposed to that.

          So exactly what have I said that is moronic?

        2. daves, Islam is NOT a religion. It is a Theocratic system of Totalitarianism. It is a man-made book of rules to be followed in the Koran. It is not peaceful but warring, and allows for absolute power to it's leaders and zero tolerance for any personal liberty. Perhaps this is why some are stateing that you have said something "moronic". I hope I was able to effectively explain that to you.

    3. Carol, i agree with everything you have said, nicely done. And most of the other posts as well. This is the first time I have seen this story about the muslim killings. Horrible, the deaths in Connecticut were an accident, these were intentional murders, just the everyday thinking of islam, the peaceful religion. I do not call it a religion, rather it is a political control system. We have to wake up, stop political correctness, which is totally wrong.

      1. Dave –
        Don’t think of Muslim as a religion. It is a cult. No different than Hitler & the Nazis. Muslims hate & kill people because of their faith. Hitler killed Jews because of their faith. See? No difference.

        1. If a Christian blows up an abortion clinic, does that mean that all Christians kill because of their faith?

        2. daves, I understand what you are trying to say and your analogy. Perhaps SC Gal should not have used the word "faith" as I can see where that could be confusing , but I understand what she meant! Islam is not faith based!! It is not a religion. It is a Political system. NO, it s NOT OK for Christians or anyone else to murder people. Christians are not perfect as there are no perfect people, and some people call themselves Christians and really do not follow he teachings of Jesus. I do believe in my heart that abortion is the taking of a life , but murdering another person will not bring that life back, and is simply wrong!!

        3. Where did you learn what you know about Muslims? I work with Muslims, I live near Muslims and they kind, hard working people who are just trying to feed their families.

          They are very saddened by the extremists who distort their religion and by the people who think all Muslims are like that.

          For every evil comment you can find in the Koran, I can find two in the Old Testament. Not all Christians act on the Old Testament teachings just like not all Muslims act on the evil parts of the Koran.

          Thank you for replying intelligently without anger.

    4. Very near Dallas unfortunately, we need to wake up now befor it is too late. I am not going to let any Muslim man tell me what I can do in my own country. Strange isn't it?

    5. There is a MAJOR difference between DIVERSITY and DEPRAVITY! For those who want to come to America because of the opportunities, go the RIGHT and LEGAL route! DON'T insist on changing the very things that "attracted" you to our Country! EMBRACE, OBEY and LEARN our LAWS, RESPECT and APPRECIATE our differences and DON'T destroy what WE have paid for and earned! YOUR invasive and aggressive attitude in gaining YOUR supposed "rights", you are denying US OURS! IF you CAN"T accept us AND our Country the way it IS, PLEASE GO BACK to your OWN Country! Be satisfied with your DICTATOR and strict rules! DON'T try to change OURS to accomodate YOUR radical religion! You may not have freedom in your OWN Country but STOP trying to change OURS!

    6. It is time for us to defend our country against our enemies. Those of you who have firearms need to be ready to use them to protect this country.

  4. I have been waiting to hear that he was muslum as I suspected when first heard of story. Not surprised it is being down played. The msm only cares when they can bash Christianity. Muslums can murders everyday and they would find a way to blame someone else

    1. Yeah, the "lame stream" media cry out indignantly anytime they can pin prejudices on Christians, but what ever Muslims do apparently is a-OK. Ironically, it members of the media who are discriminating. Only in their view, their perverted selective discrimination is perfectly acceptable. Murder is murder; wrong is wrong. Regardless of the race, the religion, the excuse, the location, etc. There is no honor in murdering defenseless children or even estranged wives. And there is no honor or honesty in the media's reporting of this as an "honor" killing. Call it what it is. MURDER.

  5. Allahu Akbar does not mean God is Great it means the muglim manufactured version of diety who mohammed offered his grave sins of murder, mugging and rape were pervertly offered up to this iimaginary "allah' who can only be realistically satan who controls these lost sheep through possession.

  6. I tried to post this on my FB page and it "wasn't there" any more. This is scary to me! I am trying to report this to Godfather Politics. I feel we are losing our freedoms every day!

    1. jane,last week,i tried posting the story out of tampa,f a couple years ago,about the cops strapping that 62 year old man in a restraint chair,and pepper spraying him 10 times in a 48 hour pieriod,and i couldnt post it either..the man died after he was taken to the hospital…and there was no wrong doing by the sheriffs department…………….

    2. I tried to post the surah 9:5 koran(or qur'an) scripture after yahoo talked about churches quoting the qur'an and it did not post. Scary!

    3. Both Fox and FB censor comments. If you speak of Obuma pointing out his background and accomplishments they don't say why, they just don't print them. The first ammendment has no business when Fox or FB are the median used to display your comments. Free press is going underground again we are the underground posting the truth so it see's the light of day and let it be known to the rest of America. My father told me all that is now taking place would come to pass; it took 60 years but everything taking place is meant to destroy our way of life and our religious belief's; like the Nazi's people are expected to swear an allegience to a religion they don't believe in and our neighbors will now become desperate and access to what it takes to survive will be the motive to harm others. We only have one way to vote when the time comes and beware the access to the poles are expected to be used to be used to help return this devil to the White House; we must storm the poles and counted.

  7. the dearing leiutenant should lose his job since he though it was not important . . . prooves he is not competent enough to do his job.

    like the article says . ..
    motive is ALWAYS important when it involves islam

    1. MOTIVE is part of the 'evidence' in convicting for a crime. How is MOTIVE ever not just important but critical?
      I agree, who ever said motive was not important is INCOMPETENT.

  8. If Lt. Todd Dearing said that motive isn’t important, he needs to retire and look for something else to do, as he has no business being in law enforcement. His disrespect and absurd stupidity is noted.

  9. Another good reason to banish all these demented camel-humpers to the cesspool they crawled out of. They are a plague on the world.

    1. It's a shame when people come to America to have a better life! They bring all that they trying to escape from!! Please they all need to leave the old behinde!!!!!!! Ya in America wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree, Nancy-that movie (The Stoning of Soraya M) should be REQUIRED for every red-blooded American to see-they should show it in high schools, but of course that would never happen. I have the DVD of the movie and have shared it with many friends. It is extremely hard to watch, but it could happen here pretty easily.

  10. Don't just comment here. Send letters to the editor for both the printed and on-line versions of any newspaper that prints a slanted story. The only way that "truth will out" is if it is shouted out the same way that lies and distortions are.

  11. I will guarantee that Obama has "HIS EVIL PEOPLE" threatening many honest good people who would like to come forward with the truth. To threaten a person themself is one thing, but when someone threatens to kill your family, it would be very hard to come out and expose some of the evils that are occuring in our nation. I truly think we are already "toast" as a free nation. It is so far out of control that we will never be able to go back now. Very sad. I see a civil war in the future and it won't be pretty. I say be prepared to die for what you believe, and know where you will spend eternily! God help us all.

    1. Time to expose the threats…record what you can so when they think they want to come after you, you can play the threat for all to hear. If everyone does it and hits them with all these charges they will have no choice but to back down. They keep threatening because people keep letting them get away with this crap.

    2. that happened in the 08' elections they had kindergardener's telling their grandfathers to vote for obummer saying to them if you really love me you will do it that's getting pretty darn low

    3. I like your comments but would like to correct one thing. We all have to push back hard and thwart these attempts to advance the Muslim Cause and Shariah Law by getting the Illegal, Muslim, Usurper out of our White House. Getting
      Holder and Obama out of office and Tried for Treason then overturning his obnoxious anti-American agenda would be a start. Then we must require that Congress and the Courts start getting back to the Constitutional Principles that have made this country great! It can be done but will take some time!

  12. So very sad. I suspect the police report reported the facts as they knew them to be and the press chose to ignore the Muslim story angle. Having a free press is vital to democracy but having it infiltrared by a bunch of liberal socialists is not in out best interest. Hopefully, other means of communication such as the inter net will make newspapers obsolete and this canceruous puss will no longer be around. At least with electronic media we can flip to another channel. We buy papers for the local news, coupons, church schedules, sports. They are killing their own circulation.



  14. S. O. S. = Same Oldf $hit. Allah akbar ! See you at the snackbar, but don't stop by the alcohol bar, or we will wrap you in duct tpe and cut your head off ! Allah akbar !

  15. I am not surprised that they did not tell that this mass murder was a muslim. The mainstream media will only report something like this when it becomes apparent that every body knows (look at Obama and all the secrets he has been keeping because the media refuses to report it)

    1. I couldn't agree with you more if I tried anything that has anything to do with Muslims they keep silent because of Obama or Barry Soetoro and why it doesn't make sense.

      Just by the names of the people that are involved with these horrible shooting you can tell they are Muslims so I don't think the mainstream media has a choice do they but to say they were Muslims even if they don't WE THE PEOPLE aren't stupid.

    2. They are all afraid of him because they know what is coming. They don't have an honest bone in their bodies, nor an ounce of patriotism in their souls. They should all be shut down and closed until they get reporters with some guts and glory and honesty and that is not likely to happen because the idiots that run those News Programs will not allow truth.

  16. The folks that populate and control the mainstream media are evil and our greatest domestic enemy, worse than Obama, Pelosi, and Reid put together.

    1. Investigate the people who CONTROL and OWN the media (including the filth in hollyweird) and you will discover the true enemies of our country and freedoms.

  17. As a fromer muslim , I know how they think and they will stop at nothing to conquer the world and killing a family member means nothing to them.Open your eyes America,they plan to make America a muslim country and with big ears in the white house,It might happen sooner that we think.WAKE UP AMERICA.

    1. yes u r right the bible says of a one world religion its called chrislam and many of americas churches have already started our JESUS is love their JESUS is evil and none other than satan

  18. why are the ppl and the police so afraid to blame the muslims when they kill.. they are no better than any one else and it should be shouted from the roof tops when anyone kills…. wake american we DONT own the muslims one dam thing.. we didnt force them tocome to american …

    1. The spineless Police and Military are actually afraid of these people and refuse to blame it on a religion which is totally intolerant and far from being peaceful. They have no regard for human life and regularly kill their own in honor killings. What other religion seeks to dominate the world and kill all who don't convert to their way of thinking?

      1. is-lame is NOT a religion Mike, and that is the problem. It is, however, a satanic cult with it’s eye on world domination and enslavement. What is odd is that the jews that run the media are willingly co-operating to achieve those ends instead of exposing the menace. Strange days indeed….most peculiar momma…………..

      2. Mike, the military personell are not spineless. They are controlled by the civilian authority who is very spineless.
        (20 yr vet)

    2. Hmmmmm! There is something wrong with your comment!! You do not have a very good grasp of the english language!! Something is wrong in the way you said " wake american we DONT own the muslims one dam thing…. we didnt force them to come to american…." I find that you are not what you claim to be!! I think you are a watcher, trying cover the fact that you are really just on this site to see what the average AMERICAN really thinks about the muslim people!!! Maybe Iam wrong, and if Iam I apoligize!! But I see it as a little fishy!!! Just saying!!

  19. The Media are not doing their job.
    By NOT reporting all relevant facts, they are doing a huge disservice to us all.
    People should be outraged. Write to any media source that did not cover this story completely.
    CAIR must be loving this !

    1. You should be here in DE. When a crime is commited and they give the discription of the person envolved and to be on the look out for them, they will never tell you what color they are. NOW who in the sam hill are you looking for? So stupid!!!!

    2. Keep in mind this is the same media that failed to pursue any of Obama's questionable history in 2008 and continues to ignore it to this day. They can dig up dirt on Republican candidates but have a deliberate blind spot when it comes to Obama or, for that matter, any Democrat. What ever became of the Countrywide "Friends of Angelo" scandal involving prominent Democratic Senators who later wrote Dodd-Frank? Why aren't these crooks in jail like any of us would be had we done the same?

      1. Shhh! They don't want you to remember how the economy was taken down by compromising the lending institutions with ultimatims from Barney and company against the evil practice of "redlining." Otherwise, and formerly known as validating creditworthiness, and maintaining solvency for the investor and society.

    3. We've already allowed them to censor our news. That happened with Walter Duranty in the thirties, and Murrow and Cronkite in the fifties to seventies, and the NY Times even before Pinch Sulzberger. And I'd forgot the handmaiden of
      Fidel, Herbert Matthews also sending his dispatches to the NYT as the agrarian reformer communized Cuba. Wonder if Chris Matthews is his offspring?

    1. I agree that those who support the killing of innocent people in their quest for world domination of Islam should receive the punishment they so richly deserve. For them I actually feel sorry for they have no concept of what internal peace is. Their hate is eating them alive. As for what yourself and the writers fo the two replies I read, it appears you are harboring the same hate as they except that your targets of that hate are different. If you do what they are doing, out of hate, what is the difference between the two of you? If we find anone, Muslim or not, who is attempting to destroy this nation, they need to be dealt with by the proper authorities. In our case, in November 2012 we will have a chance to get rid of those in authority that refuse to deal with this for what it is, WAR.

  20. I am totaly against Shariah Law and all 50 states need to stand up and not tolerate this Islam Madness.
    Also the woman behind the veils, you are condoning this action and letting it live on by not shedding your garb.
    I feel so sorry for the the children Noni and Ali ,didn't know them but only teenagers. :(

  21. Unfortunately, the U.S. has allowed numerous groups of unsavory people and mobsters into our country and now they are telling us how WE must live. This is insanity! We can blame it on the megalomaniacal politicians we have in office. Heads up to those of you who vote blindly! Com mu nism isn't all it's cracked up to be! My grandfather spent 5 years in a concentration camp……..

    1. The only know cure for political stupidity is a 180 grain projectile traveling at 1900 FPS. heading for center of mass from as great a distance as possible.

  22. Just wanted to add, Edom, I think Turkey because it's the only Islamic country in NATO, gets totally destroyed by Israel in the last days will be destroyed in the last days, but i know that not until our SAVIOR returns will he destroy all Islam, the "Beast" of Revelation! p.s. According to Gen. 48:16 Joseph's two sons got the Name "ISRAEL" and NOT JUDAH! England alone already has met the promise because they had become the largest empire in history. However, They, as we, do not even KNOW OUR NAME because we BROKE THE COVENANT that came with the namei.e. The Weekly and Annual Sabbaths! P.S. Hebrew is the ONLY Set-Apart Spiritual language, not even GREEK, let alone Latin or even English! Oh, "Jesus" is GREEK, so that CAN'T BE RIGHT! Try looking uo Gary Miller of ICY. Just saying…

  23. Until people wake up to what Islam is and its true roots of violence no one is going to be safe. And allowing political-correctness to rule is disaster. This man murdered his family because they dared not blindly follow Islam and its dictates.

    A little bit of simple research show that Mohammed was a murderer, thief, liar and corrupt politician – apparently giving ill-gotten gains to get support (sound familiar?). And by the standards of today a pedophile. This violence and behavior was them incorporated into his political system called Islam which has at its root the worship of the Arabian moon-god. "Allah" is apparently a contraction of two words that mean "the god". Mohammed appears to be a successful Charles Manson.

    Islam's history is that of violence against anyone who won't worship the god or give blind obedience to Islam or its rules. Contrast this with the Christian requirement to study and know the what and why of believing. And don't confuse political power plays of Christian organizations with Christianity. The two are not the same.

  24. Another Phreaking Muslim that kills because of some stone-age rules about his daughter dating a non-Muslim. How would this play if the guy were a White Christian and his daughter was dating a non-White and this deranged Islamo Idiot killed his entire family? The Libtard Media would have a field day. Eric 'The Red' Holder would be calling for the banning of all guns. The Unholy Alliance between the Socialists & Islamic Fundamentalists who are committed to destroying America MUST end. Today's Democrats are not the patriots they once were. The double standard protecting Libtards and Muslims must end. It is EVIL.

  25. …… motive wasn't IMPORTANT??? Say WHAT??? Of COURSE motive is important. If this sack of dung had lived, you can bet that the prosecutor would have had to explain motive to a jury to get a conviction. All this Political Correctness is going to get us killed! Worthless Liberals and Politicians, the 7 most important words that you need to burn into your thick skulls, and MEMORIZE: Muslims are a threat to this country. Learn it. Study it. Realize it. MUSLIMS ARE A THREAT TO THIS COUNTRY!!! That they hate us enough to kill us should be at the forefront of every political decision involving Muslims. This pig's rear killed his precious daughter because she was dating outside her RACE and RELIGION? Muslims who think like that need to be put on the FIRST plane headed to Saudi Arabia! There is NO PLACE for them in America. Get out!

  26. There is no assimulation with these parasites, they lie to our face while they have one mission in life and that is to enslave any and all who do not worship as they do. If we don't get rid of what is here including the ANTI-AMERICAN MUSLIM TERRORIST in the White House it will be America's downfall……

    1. I had positive proof of NBC lying on their nightly news more than 30 years ago! I do not watch it and have not for all this time. I have told any one who would listen to me. Now we have SOPA moving through congress. They aim to stop us from having the truth. They are very anxious to get this through. We have to fight like hell is at the doorstep,because IT IS. The main stream media are the very ones who are promoting this bill. Whollyweird, Kalifornicaters have the money to suppress what ever they want in the mainstream media. They have that power because you give it to them. The last time I went to the theatre, it cost more than a day at the spa! I'm done with it and so are many others. Life here in the real world is much more dramatic and entertaining to me.

  27. If that had been a good Christian family ABC national news would be broadcasting it that way. But with all the brainwashing in our schools and our society for the last 30 years, we have to be tolerant and respectful towards aliens with different views than normal Americans. That’s why we’re sheep and vote in a question mark for president and let the government lie to us about it. This is not America anymore folks, it’s a sewer of lies.

  28. Anybody surprised? On both counts the liberal media is the enabler. For their unwillingness to tell it like it is and for their consistant embrassing of the evil that is growing daily in our land, such as the muslim presence and the spreading of homosexuality across our nation and in our public schools.

  29. We have allowed liberals to push their agenda through redefinition of words and their PC politics. We must take our country back and deal with these issues in an honest and effective manner; not by tucking our heads in the sand and hoping for change.

  30. How much evidence does it take to prove that these people are animals. They have no respect for human life, not even their own. These fools are zealots that have been indoctrinated with Muslim based hatred since early childhood. They are not going to change. They are not going to assimilate into american life as other immigrants have. We need to shut down all Muslim immigration to America. Once these evil people are in the majority, they will reap havoc on the rest of us. They will murder ordinary Americans, subjugate and humiliate women, kill and imprison homosexuals, and institute the practice of sharia law. Christians and other religions will be persecuted or banned. If you want to live like wild dogs, continue to allow Muslims to immigrate to the United States. These people have no interest in "freedom of religion," except for themselves. For the rest of us infidels, they will seek to murder or enslave us. Let us stop these animals before it is too late.

  31. Don't piss the muslims off media , they might do as honor killing on you,, wuzzies , their shadow scares them !!
    the shadow is obammy !!!

  32. The beliefs that allow someone to destroy the life of others because the choose to defy the such archaic practices is totally agsainst our way of life in the United States. Our founding father laid out a system that has stood the test of time. It has allowed the US to move forward and develope into a great nation. It was set on Christian values and teachings. No matter how hard the liberal education system tries to teach that it wasn't.
    Now the same liberal base that has worked hard to destroy Christianity in the US wants to make it ok to usher in laws based on the Muslim religion., I for one and many others cannot understand that all these educated Americans embrace such thinking. If it was such a great system why has the progress been so stagnet for thousands of years in the middle east. It wasn't till the West opened the oil fields for them that the were able to buy their way to the 20th century. Now many in the Islamic controlled Middle East want to change our way of life to theirs.

  33. How blatant can you get. Muslim honor killing on our holiest time of the year: Christmas.

    Why to we allow a Muslim to "lead" us? Impeach ASAP or this will become a daily event.

  34. PART 2 This is America, founded by people who desired to be free to choose their beliefs and freedoms. People allowing changes that allow people to take those rights away from us is treasonous. Time to stand up for the American way of life and the Constitution that gives it to us
    If anyone wants to live here that’s ok but they must accept the American way of life if, not get the HELL out of here, go back to where you came from and live like you have for the last 2000 years.

  35. freedom of the press is a joke. there is no freedom when they all report or withhold details. worthless traitors to the country.

  36. And if he didn't commit suicide would we be able to prosecute him or would Holder say he can't prosecute his own kind based on their religion? Sad story. Whatever happened to "when in Rome, do as the Romans do?" I realize America is a melting pot of immigrants but they must abide by our laws. Was he considered a radical? If not, then how do we decide who is radical or not? Who is dangerous or not? The terrorism continues.

  37. Cult islamics, they just cannot cope with tolerance or democratic thinking, apparently assimilation was not on this neanderthals "to do' list nor was allowing his backwardness to go by the wayside…..I wonder why he came here?

  38. I live just a few miles from Grapevine/Colleyville. The mother and kids had become Americanized so the father killed them for straying from their muslim roots is how I see it. Why would they celebrate Christmas? They don't believe in our Lord Jesus Christ unless they converted.

  39. This is all part of Biblical teaching, I paid attention when I was in Bible School and the good book spells all of this out. In the end times it says Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs and there will be be-headings of Christians by other religious beliefs, we do need to take a stand against these radical towel heads and protect each other from their Neanderthal teachings.

  40. [email protected] says:

    ASSIMiLATE or VACATE (muslim Santa Claus).

    Another way the Mediots mislead the American People is to refer to ISLAM as a Faith. My King James
    Bible in the: Book of Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
    (is of the opinion that unless that Faith is developed through hearing and believing in the word of God,
    then your religion is in vain and you are worshiping dead mens' bones.

  41. I wonder if a member of the main stream medias family were killed by Muslim if they would down play it. The police Lt. that made the comment that the motive doesn't matter would feel that way if his family was killed. 70% of the people in the US are stupid, they can't think or reason for themselves, they are sheep that follow just because they have a feel good feeling.
    Case in point, when Whoopie was on with Bill O'Riely she didn't have a reason for what she believed but just believed, but she can sure shoot her mouth off with no facts.
    I feel that the big problem is just under the surface and everyone has their eyes closed and their mind saying that can never happen. I hope I can never say I told you so…..

    1. In the end times God will increase the religious blindness for those with no or little belief, they will never see or understand the truth. They will be without hope.

  42. Wasn't it President Reagan that deregulated the savings and loans in 1982 and in 1984 the savings and loans went under, about 500 if I recall correctly, along with some lawsuits? Was't it President Reagan who deregulated banks and allowed them to become "investment companies" allowing them to speculate in whatever they wanted to and bundle and sell whatever they wanted to and to say "hey, these are good investments" but just in case (the big banks and investment companies will make themselves gobs of money because they know these investments will go under) will short this particular type of mortgage backed investment? Wasn't it Greenspan who said that wall street can regulate itself taking care of any bad or fraudulent activities? Wasn't it the republinos who opposed any and all bank and wall street regulations (because it will kill the job creators?) Isn't it the republinos who say we must allow free enterprise with no regulations so they will create jobs? I am curious: will you republinos eat at a restaurant that is NOT inspected ?

    1. You miss (or evade) the point utterly – of course. (What else is new, for the sillylibs?) If a restaurant serves unacceptable food, then no, we will *not* eat there; and it will soon change, or go out of business. That's the point. *WE*, the people, the customers, the market, have the power – the power of the pocketbook, the power of *choice* – to protect ourselves. We don't need Mommy Obammy to do it for us. It seems clear that you libbies don't trust yourselves to make your own choices, and perhaps you're right not to; one has to be a mature adult to do that, and you, well….
      But don't whine to us to pay for it for you.

      1. Reminds me about 10-12 years ago a restaurant in Salinis, Ca. got closed by inspectors because they were serving seagulls instead of chicken to their customers! The owners apparently would catch the unsuspecting seagulls in the ally behind their building. It was a very popular and busy restaurant so apparently the customers didn't know the difference. Would you say it was a total waste of money paying inspectors to inspect that particular restaurant? I wonder if they'd still be serving fried seagull today if they hadn't been caught? But then seagulls are tasty so who cares? (They say it tastes like chicken) Maybe the owners just accidently forgot to change their menue to read seagull instead of chicken. An honest mistake so don't blame the owners, blame the "power of *choice* – to protect ourselves." Yes, it is buyer beware.

        1. You're just another silly lib. Wild seagulls could carry disease! And I agree with Thom. Reagan only had the power to VETO. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you would pay attention to Sahyan. You would realize that "Mommy Obammy" isn't all that. But I guess you don't understand him at all. And WE have every right to get restaurants inspected if we find something is wrong! You Libs just don't understand that because you're too busy feeding off the government and STEALING tax payer's MONEY! Open yours eyes to what is going on! The US is going down the drain faster than you can blink, and the only people who care are Republicans and Tax Payers!!!!

        2. You and Thom make a good, vailid point; if the office of the President only had more power then President Obama could get his policies put into action instead of being stopped by the republino house.

    2. Reagan was Republican….he was the President….he ONLY has VETO POWER, he does not "write the laws".

      The Congress, during his administration, was DEMOCRATS. Both the House and the Senate MAJORITIES. They "write" the laws.

      Give CREDIT where CREDIT is due….all these things DID happen. The DEMOCRATS legislation caused it to happen.
      The BANKERS are smarter than the DEMOCRATS. They had to OBEY the laws and make loans to people who could never qualify or pay them back. They were SMART enough to find a way to bundle these contracts and sell them off as Dirivitives and KNOWING it would all colapse, the went SHORT on all of these investments and got their money back out of the fiasco…..I think it was BRILLIANT for those who did it and those who didn't should have been allowed to go under instead of being bailed out at taxpayer expense.

      1. What good is veto power when it's not used? It's like having a gun with no one to shoot. Maybe guns are not the answere, we need more bullets!

  43. I’m sure this madman’s hatred was building with every breath he took in the Santa outfit…another symbol of a tradition he considered evil.

    I hope every woman living with a muslim who would even consider doing such a thing will walk out the door – with all of her children – and never let him know where she is again! Americans do NOT need monsters such as this living among us.

    I agree with other posters…how two-faced it is that all of the females in the mainstream media refuse to address the issue – they will be FIRST in line to be beheaded when the great caliphate is complete.

    1. Does anyone know what ever became of the television executive monster in Buffalo who beheaded his wife because she wanted a divorce??? I believe his television venture was something about ‘building bridges’ between cultures. It appears that once a muslim, there is no belief-changing allowed…death to the infidels is their mantra. I truly feel for those who are trapped in such relationships. I urge them to escape at the earliest opportunity before experiencing the same tragic ending.

  44. View the following website video and then post it innocently enough on the Liberals website with the following words:

    Here’s Obama’s heart felt Christmas message:

    If you cuss him, they won’t see it.

    If you tell them beforehand it is Obama’s admission he is a Muslim, they won’t open and see it.

    Just copy as is and post it. Anyone who has any Christianity in them will see the insincerity of Obama.

    Here’s Obama’s heart felt Christmas message:

  45. ofcourse the media isn't going to report the muslim part after all they are mostly obomas lap dogs and he is a muslim so it's a no no for them to talk about it……

  46. Muslims don't need motive and are rarely prosecuted for murder. They are "honor killings"

    I guess as long as they are killing eachother off, I'm ok with that. Just a few less muzzies in TX today.

  47. More and more I see these rag head parading around town here, some one imported a bunch of there filth! So Greeley Co. is beginning to suck as so much of the rest of the country because of these Muslims. Sad to see and I would like to know why Americans were not hired for these jobs they take? why are we importing Muslims out of Africa? Never trust a Muslim,

  48. I live in Fort Worth, this story is all over the local news. The murders happened in Graevine, TX, not Collyville, that was where this "Santa" lived. We don't hear any outrage here by the local islamic groups. Do you know why? Because they accept this as a 'mercy killing'. Muslums can kill their family members for dating outside the Islamic cult……oops I mean 'faith'…..NOT!!!!

  49. Yah lets cover it up. This is what the media is told by our Muslim President Barak Hussein Obama, Muslim Eric Gun Runner Holder and lets not forget the Iranian Born Director of the FBI.

  50. I think the time has come to make the liberal media life a living hell. phone calls, emails, tweets, etc. lets have it for the criminal media.

  51. "Yazdanpanah then killed himself."
    The only good part of the story. Whatdaya wanna bet this muslim @$$h0le wanted to kill his "family" because they were participating in the celebration of the birth of Christ?

  52. moe-hamid took a SIX YEAR OLD as one of his wives, but didn't consumate the "relationship" until she was NINE! case closed.

  53. The human heart is either aligned with heaven or with hell. True Christianity is the religion that contains the most truth and will offer the best option for the salvation of your soul. Hell knows this. Those whose hearts are at their essence aligned with and motivated by hell will "intuitively" and viscerally attack Jesus, Christians and Christianity, sometimes without even knowing why. That is also why Islam and evil Muslims will be "intuitively" protected by and given a pass by those in politics, the media, law groups like the ACLunatics, academia and others. They realize "subconciously" that religion other than true Christianity is not a threat to their hellishnessare and "feel" comfortable and "safe" in those religions' acceptability. "If Satan had known what would happen because of it, he never would have crucified the Lord of glory." -Biblical paraphrase

  54. Why can't the main stream media tell the truth and report the facts? They have eroded their credibility to the point where no one believes them. When they report a story they work really hard to have it fit their bought and payed for narrative that Obama is great and everything is fine. And if something isn't fine it is because of the conservatives like Bush.

    The media people have whored themselves to the big eared man in the White House.

  55. What we have here in the good 'ole U.S. of A., is the former Russian TASS media, but it is very selective in the non-reporting of Muslim crimes committed here. The reason should be obvious…we have a dirty Muslim in the Oval Office. When that dirty Muslim was campaigning for president, his security (the secret service) detail was very lax. Several people had a clear oppertunity to eliminate the dirty Muslim. Unfortunately no one took advantage of it.

    1. You are so right on, not enough Real Americans don't know what is happening to this country. I hope more of you who know and understand would tell the Americans what Communism, Liberal, progressive, and all the other names Communist hide behind really mean to our children who have never been witnesses to.

  56. In addition to the crimes he committed, this piece of Muslim garbage desecrated the meaning of Christmas, Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. It was intentional that he polluted our sacred Christmas Day. And he deliberately disrespected and desecrated Saint Nicholas and what Santa Claus symbolizes to the millions of Christians all over the world.

  57. screw the musmutts,and all the islamics.let the media the w.h. and tv keep it quiet.we the people shall be shouting it loud and all american citizens

  58. Ya, all of those among us who voted for the muslim in chief, please stand up. You are hereby condemned to the squad of thew stupid and sentenced to live in total darkness so long as ye shall live.

  59. The local cops are denying an honor-based motive, but they have reason to deflect from that avenue of inquiry. Don't forget how powerful CAIR is in Texas; regardless of motive, the police have a tidy case — murder/suicide…case closed. They do themselves no good by seeking the truth.

  60. don't you read history???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's satan claus "nimrod" you know! look up a picture of the pagan god saturn , the eater of his own children. then you'll know where x-mass came from!

  61. You know whos fault it is? Go look in the mirror. This includes me. When I fill out paper for the first time in a hospital or for a job at UPS or when I read the Atlanta paper I am called "white, non-Afician American,nonHispanic WHITE. I just got a blood test from WellStar Medical Group THEY LISTED ME AS NON-AFRICAN AMERICAN ON ONE TEST.

  62. If his Muslim family was not following Islamic laws then, in Islam, he was justified in his murdering of his infidel family. This warped, murdering, ignorant, thought he was going to be sent to heaven where he will receive 72 virgins for his dastardly deed. This is what is taught in Islam and believed by all Islamic following Muslim. Many Muslims in America will celebrate his actions. Maybe President Obama will honor this murderer at the White House to promote Islamic American relations.

  63. Like my SD&T – Simple,Direct and True message that I have incessantly been professing to the "sheeple" of America, the Muslim-Marxist in the WH is working with his brothers to make this a Islamic nation while his state-run media runs interference for him. The fools, that they are, in the media will be subjected to the same blood bath that the rest of America will be subjected to unless they wake the hell up and smell the roses. They cleverly think that by being a sycophant of this Muslim-Marxist that they will enjoy the benefits. They had better enjoy their plush lifestyles that they are now living, due to their blind allegience to their treacherous reprobate as it will end one day, rather soon, and they will have their throats cut like the rest of the infedels that the violent pseudo-religion of Islam will claim them to be!

  64. Where are the "moderate" moslims when this kind of thing happens who denounce it. Are they cowards or is the phrase "moderate moslim" an oxymoron?

    1. It depends, of course, on what one means by "moderate". But there are some folks working toward reformation of mohammedanism, even while *trying* to practice it. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is one of 'em. I respect him highly, even admire him. He practices mohammedanism but argues that the violent parts, the repulsive parts – pedophilia, polygamy, death for apostates, all that crap – are invalid; that either mohammed never actually *said* those things, or that, if he did, he was deluded, inspired not, in those cases, by God, but by Satan. Sadly, Dr. Jasser has only a handful of followers…and presumably is under death-threat by "mainstream" mohammedans. The point, really, is that, by their standards (the dominant standards) he is not a "good" moslem; the implication is that only a bad mohammedan can be a good man.

  65. Wouldn't it be a true light to the world and a novelty if America would omce again stand for what is right, don't be ashamed to proclame it, and forget all this PC nonsense?
    Those will be the days…

  66. Another Phreaking Muslim that kills because of some stone-age rules about his daughter dating a non-Muslim. How would this play if the guy were a White Christian and his daughter was dating a non-White and this deranged Islamo Idiot killed his entire family? The Libtard Media would have a field day. Eric 'The Red' Holder would be calling for the banning of all guns. The Unholy Alliance between the Socialists & Islamic Fundamentalists who are committed to destroying America MUST end. Today's Democrats are not the patriots they once were. The double standard protecting Libtards and Muslims must end. It is EVIL.

  67. You are messing with my Constitutional right of freedom of expression and if you delete my comments again I will sue this site and please try to mess with me. CLOSE THE SWINGING DOORS and CLOSE THE BORDER for all immigrants. There is too many crimes commited by Muslims and Illegal Immigrants in this country and it has to stop.

  68. if they don't want their children to be Americans. DON'T COME TO AMERICA !
    Fools ! I am SO done with this crap.
    we must not falter .. we must stand strong & speak out ALL the time.. even if no one listens :-) KEEP SPEAKING OUT !

  69. WAC

    Muslims come to The United States, gain American citizenship and lie as they pledge allegiance during the process. Their only allegiance is Islam as directed by the Koran. They will then move into Muslim neighborhoods, continue with their Muslim ways, their long range plan is to increase their numbers using our own laws against us along with terrorist actions to convert the and the rest of the world to Islam. Those of us that are Christians or other religions that can not be converted will be killed. Our liberal news media and their following lead us to believe this only applies to a small group of radicals. Look what is happening in the rest of the world.

    I think somehow a closet Muslim was elected President ,USA . What's next? I don't trust any of them. Do you?

    It would appear that some how we ended up electing a closet Muslim for President is have a Muslim said

  70. The sad thing so many people were killed for no reason but because no matter who it was doing the killing but I agree I think it should have been said he was Muslim no matter who is in the White House.

    But if you notice the mainsteam media refuses even to mention that Obama is Muslim although WE THE PEOPLE know he is it as though it is a dirty word or something.

  71. I heard the boyfriend talk the other night on the news. He is a very white, red headed kid. Said that he and his girlfriend had made a lot of plans together. If we don't wake up and see what a hate filled religion this is we are fools. Muslims are taught hate for anyone non Muslim from birth It is only a wonder this doesn't happen even more often.

  72. For Christ’s sake, STOP IT!!! “Allahu Akbar” is NOT, NOT, NOT Arabic for “God is Great”!

    It is arabic for Allah is Greater.

    Allah is not GOD!

  73. Doesn't it make you sick when you hear people, including our so-called president, try to convince you that Islam is a religion of peace? God only knows what these people would consider a non-peaceful religion! The thing that scares me is that some people accept this cock and bull story. I guess the adage:"There are none so blind as those that will not see!" really applies in this instance. John P. Centonze,D.D.S., Waterbury, VT

  74. The government of the U.S. and most of the population have to realize islam is the enemy. On top of looking at muslim actions around the world and here, read the koran. There are no radical muslims only adherents to islam. Again read the koran. Why should we tolerate the intolerant. They don’t come here to assimilate they come for conquest. They are winning.

  75. We cannot live with "them" [Muslims]
    Maybe, just maybe the Serbs and Croats were partially right after all. My wife is Christian Lebanese [Maronite Catholic] her people can really tell you what theses murdering swine are like. They took a Christian country, Lebanon, the Paris of the middle east, begged their way in and then crapped all over it and turned it itno the garbage dump toillet that is Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and the others. For my money none of "them"belong here; they're too busy being Mooselimbs first rather than good Americans. There are good Mooselimbs like there are "good Communist"s and "good Nazis". Unfortunately the history books also show that they were "very bad people"

  76. This is without a doubt one of the more vitriolic, nasty and prejudiced blogs I've ever encountered. It's filled with hateful, ignorant, sister-f*&king, xenophobic miscreants who have nothing better to do than hate on their fellow man.
    BTW…Iran had a democratically elected government in place until our own CIA engineered a coup and installed the Shah of Iran because the former administration would not deal with America. That is but one example of how the west has screwed the mid-east. I'm guessing most of you ignorant asswipes won't bother to look it up, but we, the countries of the west have been screwing the Muslim world for centuries and you wonder why they hate us so much?
    I am a proud American blue collar worker WITH A BRAIN and a penchant for the truth. I challenge anyone on this site to a debate on the matter.
    If any of you are Ron Paul supporters you'll know what I'm talking about when I say the west screwed the people of the middle-east and screwed them hard.

  77. The media is just keeping to it's usual S.O.P. If a crime is commited by a democRat, muslim, or black, that little aspect of the story is omitted. When a crime is commited by a republican, Christian, or white, the lame steam media all but hire aricraft to fly banners pointing it out.

  78. Of course the media is keeping it low key but I guarantee you if it were non muslim, they’d be calling him a right wing Christian kook! I’m sick of it! Wish we could fire all the mainstream media and start over.

  79. i do not care what anyone thinks! these muslim pigs are NOT peaceful! they need to be erraidicated from the face of the earth like the cockroaches they truly are! there are over 2,600 violent phrases in the Quran preaching the murder, rape, torture, beheadings and enslavery of all people these rags cannot convert to islam. they freely admit to studying the Quran. these swine beleive that causing armageddon will make them martyrs! they spread their propaganda everywhere eg "American muslims" a new indoctrination show on TLC. have you ever seen any shows like this about ANY other religion? they are trying to convince us they are normal people all the while preparing to take over with violence! the 2 biggest muslim pigs in the USA are in the whitehouse! hussein obama and his baboon face wife! we need to clean these pigs out of our country starting at the whitehouse!

  80. In whatever country this man actually belongs in, he would probably be forgiven for the "honor" killing. For dressing like Santa Claus, he would be excecuted.

  81. It's about time we used our consumer power against the trashy media and our voting power against the liberal politicians. To quote Gandhi – "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

  82. To WAC post…you said…."I think somehow a closet Muslim was elected President" …You don't have to think too hard to realize that THIS is a FACT !!! This man, that is called President, has already said on national news that he IS Muslim !!
    How did we let people that are so inogrant vote this man into this powerful position ? All borders should be closed immediately !!! But HE stopped construction of the "fence"… NO more aliens admitted….maybe that would slow the senseless murders by Muslim & Hispanics !!!

  83. May he rot in hell, surrounded by his brainless suicide bombers, the thousands of al queida and taliban fighters, his leader, bin Laden, and muhammed, the goat lover.

  84. This is so sad and so tragic for those involved. It happened again in my home state, Texas. Folks better wake up and smell the coffee. With the msm, BHO, the annointed one, and his Chicago gang, continue to take down this country in every aspect. BHO and his gang are so pro-muslim and it's tippy-toe around anything terrorist the muslim people commit. BHO doesn't want this country to remain free but he can play golf as much as he wants and spend our way into oblivion.

  85. If a similar incident occurred but the religions are changed (say a Protestant kills people because his daughter is dating a Catholic) well that fact would be the lead story on every national outlet in America.

    None of the news anchors should have ever passed high school journalism because one of the fundamental concepts there is (or at least was) impartial reporting of the truth.

  86. By birthright POTUS is a muslim. His actions against Israel prove he is a muslim. His encouraging the Arab spring which has been wildly successful in the middle east enabling the muslim brotherhood and is evidence of his muslim faith. He is not a Christian because he doesn't believe Jesus is the only way to salvation, the basis tenant of being a Christian.
    The media never vetted him, and 63 million morons voted for him.
    And, if we don't wake up, he will be re-elected.
    WAKE UP!!!
    islam is NOT a religion of peace, by it's own holy scriptures, it calls for the death of all infidels (non-muslims), all women are considered less than animals, yet where are the national women's rights groups?
    WAKE UP!!!
    muslims cannot adapt to western culture because western culture is contrary to everything islam teaches, this is why you see more and more islamic murder in this country. It will continue to escalate.
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!


  88. Why would a Muslim dress as Santa any way when they do not believe in Christ as God came down from Heaven to save the World? Honor killings no Murderer Yes. Liberals this is what you want they will come after you next, Islam is a Lie just like you Liars the bunch.

  89. I am insanely offended by these muslim acts of terror. I can only pass this on as long as it is available in hopes the bleeding hearts finally give in and realize what is happening to us. Are we too forgiving? The Big O spent 20 Million to bring into the USA muslims on his first day in office. Then regularly without our knowing it is still bringing them in. They have jobs, large homes, new cars, medical, etc., The postal workers know where they have been stashed. Very nice neighorhoods. Do you live in an exceptional neighborhood??? What now?

  90. Sad to say but everyone of you who voted for Zerobama and all you media types who continually hide the truth and make excuses for Zerobama and other muslims who believe the utter stupidity of the Sharia law garbage are to blame for the inevitable revolution which will obliterate all brainwashed muslims. Muslims – you can't win against Christians and Jewish believers, with the real GOD on our side. Face up to it. You will be wiped out whenever the Americans finally get off their rears and take care of the problem – All of you I named are to blame. And don't you forget it. We know who you are…And we won't forget it…

  91. "she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion.’”? Sounds like the left-wing media needs to start thumping these people for their racism as well as their institutionalized violence and religious intolerance. People with these attitudes will never be Americans, and their sympathies will always lie with our enemies. Time to wake up and recognize Islam for what it is… a faith of religious empire building dedicated to forcing the rest of us to observe their beliefs whether we share them or not.

  92. I would like to see the statistics for just one muslim in America that is here legally through our immigration process. They must take a test to be here legally.

  93. The problem in our country is Democrats. They import anything, evil included, to vote for them. We can thank Dead Ted for the gates opening to allow anything in. Too bad that fat murderous slob took so long to croak! The damage is done.

  94. This was a sick sick mind no matter what religion or ethnicity!! The same thing happens sadly every Christmas somewhere! Last year it happened in the midwest …..2 years ago it happened in California… it was a devout Catholic of Hispanic heritage (a citizen) …. there are crazy loons in all walks of life!!

  95. These poor poor muslims will answer to Jesus Christ when HE returns! They are not going to like it a bit unless they repent and send saten back to hell out of their lives. Amen!!!

  96. We weren't politically correct about Islam or muslims in general until Obama took office. Gee! I wonder why? Maybe because Obama is a muslim, and not just any muslim, a diehard – America hating – Islam loving muslim who has done nothing more than destroy everything he touches. Remove the traitor from office before he has a chance to finish the job!

  97. And to think LOWES pulled theri ads for the ALL AMERICAN MUSLEM citcom. And got chastised by the media. And they killed no one.

  98. There is no room for islam in the United States.
    islam is not compatible in any civilized society.
    islam may be practiced only in their home countries.

  99. There are many subjects in which a liberal could not figuratively survive a Proper Logical Debate, even with rules that give them an advantage. This applies to any other real honest form of debate. They dare not pick up the gauntlet.
    I wish there would be such. To paraphrase Worf; It would be glorious.

  100. This kind of behavior is like a wart on someones face. The more we try to ignore it the bigger the wart appears. Ignoring things does not make them go away. They do this much to their own demise – and ours.

  101. And you wonder why Americans are so leary of Muslims. They eat and kill their own. They sure won't hesitate to kill us. They need to be eraticated. No excuse, none left. If I am a racist for feeling this way, oh well, I would rather be a live racist than a dead idiot.

  102. The media is culpable in all that is going on, and when the facts hit the fan of course they will talk about how they tried. They insist we know every detail about a Republican candidate and that the Reps spent allot on Paulin's clothes but have they mentiond how much the Spainish vacation cost US, or about the 3 + million $$ Hawaii vacation. How about how someone goes to college with no classmates and no instructors? They are Criminally negligent!!!

  103. There is a bloodline curse on the Muslims that goes way back to Old Testement times. It had to do with two brothers that got at odds over thier Birth Rights. The feud beween the Brothers became like our own Hatfields and the Coys; only on steroids. It hasn't abated or changed; in fact it has grown only worse over time. Tribe against tribe doing horrific and unimagineably sadistic things to themselves and any one accused of some minor breach of Sharia Law. Fathers kill their children and wives by stoning or beheading. They are a brotherhood of pschypaths on the loose to do atrocious deeds to innocent victims as the world stands by and watches in morbid fascination. The number of Muslims are increasing exponentially, and are approaching 2.5 billion. Their plan is to subvert the entire world to their twisted ideology and kill all who refuse to join this macobre sect of maschocists.

  104. If anyone doesn’t believe that Islam is on the ascendency in America, come to my state of Michigan, to the Dearborn/Detroit area which has one of the largest concentrations of muslims outside the Middle East. It looks like a Bahgdad ghetto…filth and Arabic signs everywhere. The muslims have infiltrated every level of the government here and successfully gotten laws passed in their favor. You can hear the adhan (call to prayer) 5 times a day in that area, much to the irritation of non-muslims. The FBI has identified the area is a known hotbed of terrorist support.

    I live in Michigan and know full well what happens when Islam comes to town. Most Americans are either ignorant about it, or they choose to ignore the glaring evidence of violence and misogyny worldwide which is a pattern of this political system.

    The stated goal of Islam is to supplant all cultures with the Islamic culture and they won’t stop until they succeed. America had better wake up and smell the sharia…before its too late.

    1. Yes, this is a field ripe for harvest. In other words, Christians must stop complaining and consider Michigan a huge and ripe mission field. The gospel needs to be heard loud and clear. Christians must must enter this land full of Satan's tools without fear for themselves but with the fear of God enabling them to speak in this place of dire need. The salvation of these souls who are lost in the quagmire of Islam is the only way out of the prison they are in.

  105. All we have to do is get teenage infidels to date muslim teenagers and it seems they will exterminate themselves. Sounds like a plan.

  106. If you doubt the determination of muslims and want to see what America’s future holds, take a long hard look at the UK, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, etc. They are seeing their cultures being changed right under the noses with the aid of their politically correct governments and a defiance of their laws. It’s not hyperbole to say that Islam is at war with the world.

    According to all major Islamic scholars, NO MUSLIM is permitted to pledge allegiance to any but allah…and are not permitted to salute a nation’s flag, nor sing a national anthemn. This is fact. And those ”moderate” muslims who do, are NOT OBEDIENT to their own authoritative writings, the Quran and haddith. In fact, those muslims are called hypocrites and said to be worthy of a savage death according to allah. According to the Quran, the only TRUE MUSLIM is that person who is willing to wage jihad.

    The myth of Islamic tolerance and peacefulness has been promoted and magnified by a complicit media and a president who loves all things Islam. Islam is neither benign nor pacific and will gladly be at your door to tell you how to live, if given the chance.

  107. OOOOhhhh but the Media IS totally doing their job. Does anyone out there really think the TV, Radio, and News Paper Corporations are stupid?? I mean REALLY? They aren't being frightened into suppressing the truth either. Those mega groups have mega-money as well as top placed connections. So, what is it that makes them lie to the public of America and their advertizers? Could it be pure unadulterated G R E E D? Oh yes. They believe that the Socialcrat party will rule the USA and they want to ride in on the coat tails of nObama and Clitnon. Yes Virgina it is all about the money.

  108. And the media doesn't say a word about that fact . The idiot in the White House and his loyal lap dog . Joey Biden says they are not the enemy . Well then why was the guy shooting up the mall . The Communist Party has changed its name , they now call themselves Democrats and employ every tactic that Lenin , Stalin and Kruechev employed . Seems they didn't get the memo , Communism doesn't work


  110. “Their” prophet muhammed was a murderor himself. He and his blood thirsty band of theives and robbers would rob caravans as they traveled throughout the desert and kill any of them that refused to surrender.
    Are we to believe that Our GOD sent his angel Gabriel to this murderor to form a “peaceful” religion? Notu only was their prophet a muderor but also a liar and delusional. Their god is the devil. Oh yeah one more thing any muslims want to explain how a “peaceful” religion would allow a husband to legally RAPE & BEAT & MURDER HER if she tries to leave. These are core beliefs of Islam. Also Most Violent to the extreme. It a No wonder “honor killings” are so common among them. Islamic belief is to kill anyone if youre upset. Its okay to lie to “unbelievers” and also kill them. If this is not the common practice, You could’ve fooled me. Prove me wrong. Are there any muslim charities that help nonmuslims? Us Christians have thousands, and some of them help needy muslims without bias. Salvation Army and Red Cross are two huge charities that are good examples. Currently they both play a big part in Libya helping needy civilians with shelter and food and medicine and hospitals, etc. By the way Libya is predominantly muslim. Are there any muslim organizations condemning the killings or any other “honor killings”? Please prove me wrong.
    -a concerned christian

  111. While i do beleive that Islamic people do beleive in God, i also beleive the Islam is a cult. A Cult with its own code of death just as the mafia and other similar organizations. Anyone who leaves Islam is marked for death. With the so called "Arab Spring" rapidly spreading around the Islamic world, i am confident that the newly impowered Imams will take the people of Islam back to the sixth century where they will be of no harm to us. I don't mean to wish the evil that Islam is upon the people of Islam but, I see no alternative to just letting the Imams retake those countries back from their secular "leaders". (Continued in next message.)

  112. Islam is rejecting western (Christain) technology and economy. We should stop buying their oil and persue the full range of alternative sources of energy. If we stop buying their oil, we will also thereby stop supplying them with western (Christain) money and the ability to buy the products of the Christain west. We should persue a policy of containment of Islam to its existing boundaries just as we did with the cult of communism. Instead of buying Arab oil, we should be buying oil from countries that have rejected communism such as Russia. Doing busines with our freinds makes both richer. Doing busines with our enemies makes both richer. Choose one ! I opt to do busisness with our freinds. Why would anyone want to make our enemies richer ? Buying Arab oil is insane !

    1. 1. I agree totally that doing business with our enemies and being beholden to them is INSANE.
      2. Muslims reject the Judeo-Christian culture because according to the Quran, they are not permitted to assimilate into any other culture but are to supplant that culture with an Islamic one…and this they are diligently working at in many European countries. Some areas of the UK, Sweden, Norway, France, the Netherlands…are unrecognizable.

      Politically correct European governments have sided with Islam and used a policy of appeasement to mollify complaining muslims who will not tolerate anybody or any system that is different from theirs. The Europeans' eyes have opened to the evil of Islam but regaining power in their own countries is going to be nearly impossible. It is a desperate situation which they allowed to happen.

      1. CONTINUED….It has been said that appeasement is when you keep feeding the crocodile with the hope that YOU will be the last one eater. You cannot appease a bully & the only way to repel one is to stand up to them and not give them an inch. This is what we ought to be doing in America.

        ISLAM is the enemy of America….not a ''radicalized Islam''….not an Americanized version that is being shoved down our throats by a complicit government and media…..but plain old ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill Islam. Just read the Quran and haddiths and you will quickly see how dangerous to mankind this fascistic political system is and how it MUST be eradicated from this earth.

  113. …just wait till the holy-jamollies go berserk w/all the firearms they've made & stock-piled from their small machine-shops all over the USA…just as the ones these holy-jamolites have all over the mid-east…'at's how it's done…no paper-trails. The only people w/paper-trails following their 2nd Amendment Rights are US citizens…following these 'laws' created by post-WW2 NAZI Democrats and Uber-Rich GOP party-bosses. Prepare to defend your families and selves w/extreme prejudice! The worst of days are coming…they(islamo-terrorists) shall go out in a rampage-untill-dead…w/the support of this, 'president'…

  114. I learned ALL I needed to know about about the Islam faith on September 11, 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You did not learn much, 911 was done by the Mossad. Islamists do not hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for our unfair invasions. Israel had the most to gain, figure it out. We went for oil and poppies. We raped and murdered their civilians, their environment, their infrastructure and stole their antiquities. The "history" your government taught you about 911 is false.

    1. Can't wait to see what OBAMA does when his daughters start to show any interest in Non-Muslim boys…..I wonder if the Secret Service will intervene to keep the girls safe…..maybe the secret, secret service are "muslims"

  115. This is america and if these people don't like our ways and want to be like us they need to go back to the middle east or whereever they came from. !

  116. What is there to not understand about this story? "Killer Santa Claus was a Muslim." We have a list of Muslims who have caused serious damage throughout this country, and other countries. This, as they say, is the "Writing on the Wall!" Perhaps if the writing on the wall were written in Spanish we might have a larger response to all this rampant horror. I believe that the lack of response is scarrier and more harmful than the initial acts that are being performed by Muslim morons. Wake up people. The clock is ticking. Oh, wait. That's not the clock ticking, its some crazed Muslims' blow-up vest ticking.

  117. General Public Notice:
    Please be advised I am sick to death of receiving questions about my dog who mauled 3 Muslims sitting on a rug next to my back wall, 6 illegal’s wearing Obama t-shirts, 4 stupid Democrats wearing Pelosi T-shirts, 2 rappers, 5 phone operators who asked me to press #1 for English, 9 teenagers with their pants hanging down, 8 Customer Service Desk people speaking in broken English, 10 flag burners, and a Pakistani taxi driver.
    For the last time, the dog is not for sale!!!

  118. Muslims killing Muslims…..somebody gotta problem with that??? No one else is doing anything about getting rid of them…..pretty soon, the STUPID muslim men will kill off ALL the muslim women and they'll become extinct…IF we leave them alone and let them uphold their brand of "honor"… the end, the world will be a better place. Get in line ladies….who wants to be the next woman to marry an "honor" loving Muslim man…step right up…get your own "personal" Muslim terrorist who will focus all of his attention on you and your daughters…….

  119. Islam is a Lie made up by a Murdering Mohammad so he could kill and rape and lie at his liking. Allah is a moon god not the same as God of creation. It is made up from a man and not God. Koran is a Joke.

  120. Everyone reading this story was led to believe that one of the Christian representatives of the Christmas spirit, Santa, wiped out this family. The fact that he was a Muslim probably would have made a lot of people at least pause to readjust their take on this news item.

    For this idiot Lt. Todd to downplay the "motive" when it was steeped in Muslim ideology and not Christian beliefs suggests a purposeful attempt at clouding the truth at the expense of the American way of life.

  121. All the comments are true. But, I have to wonder–Why would a rabid Muslim bring his family to the U.S. to raise them? Does he really think his daughters & wife won't get a clue and want to live differently?

  122. Advice to kids:
    If you sit on Santa's lap, be sure to tug the beard. If it proves to be fake, the Santa MIGHT be real; on the other hand, if the beard proves to be REAL, the Santa is probably FAKE and MIGHT be a moslem. In that case, RUN LIKE HELL!

  123. A long time ago I lost count of the number of times I posted this. It totally escapes me that so few people follow my logic:
    The KEY mistake that our government and law-enforcement officials make regarding islam is that of RECOGNIZING it as a "religion". A DEFINITION of "religion" is in order: a definition that SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES any organization, movement, cult or ideology that espouses propagating itself by force or conquest. THAT would CLEARLY EXCLUDE islam. If islam were thus UNRECOGNIZED as a "religion", it would lose the protected status in which it currently COMMITS CRIMES WITH IMPUNITY. For a LONG-OVERDUE CHANGE, we would at last be FREE to PROSECUTE THEIR CRIMES, without having to DANCE around their USURPED "freedom of 'religion' ".

  124. And of course, their leader is in Hawaii on his 4 million dollar vacation. The media downplays the story as an act of family violence. And it looks like even the Police are afraid of them. Well, one less towel head to worry about. I feel bad for the rest of the family. But you can't trust them for the most part. Those that are here trying to make a good living for themselves are being killed by their own people. Then this guy turns coward and kills himself. That's the trait of most of them. Get rid of them, THEY'RE INFILTRATING THE COUNTRY. WE DON'T NEED THEIR KIND HERE They're trying to set up their own laws and won't abide by ours, kick them out of the country. Their leader 1 st. He and his expensive old lady should both be shipped back to Kenya where they came from. We do not need a crook here for a president.

  125. and there ain't nuthin we can do about any of this muslium crap either by voting! EVERYBODY needs to show up at DC someday EVERYBODY

  126. When a nation is being attacked, only the foolish would deny who the enemy is and the tactics they are using. Either that or they are being lead by one who is in agreement with the goals of the enemy. Also, for the media to ignore the enemy who, if they gain control, will remove their "freedom of the press." It is true that there are Muslims who do not ascribe to the violence of the radicals. Unfortunately, their protests and outcries against the radical Muslims is not being reported by the media either. The other problem is that this group is in the minority. A look at the Muslim lead riots in Europe are an example of the majority of those who get the media’s coverage. Until we remove the elements withing the Government, of the United States, who refuse to take a firm stand against those who call themselves Americans and who take part in the jihad, we will never be safe. As for this Major at Ft. Hood, he should be tried by an Army court-martial “Aiding the Enemy.” [UCMJ: Sub Chapter 10, 904 Article 104-] or by a federal court for treason (Article III, Secton 3 of the US Constitution defines it). Each of these carry the death sentence.



    Man, it’s tough being a Muslim. Everyday I have to carry around an AK47. Do you have any idea how heavy it gets, not to mention all that extra ammo weight really hurts my back. Then I have to make IED’s and handle all those dangerous explosives. You have no idea how dangerous that is for me. Why, I could get hurt. Being devout, I have to pray five times a day and I have arthritis in both knees and one elbow caused by shrapnel from my botched suicide mission. The knee bending causes me so much pain that I have become addicted to pain killers and I may have to enter rehab. Then there are so many honor killings to take care of. I had to off my sister for talking to a boy and my auntie for leaving the house without me or one of my three male cousin’s muhammad, muhammad or muhammad . All our street riots to protest the people who are against our jihad operations are so very tiresome and they seem to go on forever. I just stay wore to a frazzle because it never ends! You infidels are so lucky because, it’s tough being a Muslim.

    1. It IS tough being a muslim. Being dyslexic, I often enter the bathroom with my right instead of my left foot, leaving me vulnerable to being sodomized by evil djinns…it is a terrible fear to live with. Sadly,too, I often eat with my cleansing hand and wipe with my eating one…something that draws horrible insults from my Islamic brothers.

      I sometimes beat my wife with my left instead of right fist and it just doesn't have the same affect. And that time I cut off the left hand and right foot of the thief instead of vice versa caused quite an uproar. Allah surely has cursed me.


  128. its seems to offend these people/ the father that he lives in the usa. he thinks he can over rule the laws . and it seems that he also jealous because a man , areal man wants his now grown up daughter. kills himself because he ashamed of how he reacted. and was crazy. itseems the muslims get cazy about sex, women and their god. nothing new under the sun… hate ,hate this,hate you. I thank GOD i know right from wrong!!!

  129. Now…now…now…We all have to remember what CAIR and all the other "nice" islamic organizations are telling us. "Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion." Why islam is SO peaceful and tolerant that the sunni and shi'a, in Iraq, live in fear of one another and try to live, segregated, in "their own" neighborhoods. The only thing our pandering lawmakers have to decide now, is whether the U.S. will be sunni or shi'a when it comes to islam. That is UNLESS the American people WAKE UP, draw a line in the sand and say "NO MORE" to our freedoms being taken away from us.

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