Labor Nominee Thomas Perez Behind New Black Panther White Wash

The president has once again sent up white smoke, this time for the position of Secretary of Labor in the appointment of Thomas Perez. Mr. Perez is a hardened leftist, a proponent of providing illegal-alien amnesty, the son of Dominican immigrants, and a Harvard-educated elitist.

The president cites these last two points as major qualifications for the job. Of course, none of these particulars eliminates Thomas Perez from holding a cabinet level office, certainly not in this administration. What should disqualify Perez from consideration, however, are a few nagging facts.

Mr. Perez has been given the nod for Labor Secretary fresh from holding the position of Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Thomas Perez, as it turns out, was instrumental in blocking the prosecution of several New Black Panther Party members on charges of voter intimidation in the 2008 election.

A new report from the Justice Department affirms that Mr. Perez gave incomplete testimony and withheld certain information in the matter. The Inspector General’s report stated that despite Perez’s testimony to the contrary, top political appointees were directly involved in the decision-making.

Further, the IG held that Attorney General Eric Holder “was briefed and generally indicated his approval” of a decision to dismiss some of the defendants.” The report went on to declare, “we believe that Perez should have sought more details … about the nature and extent of the participation of political employees in the NBPP decision in advance of his testimony before the commission” and added that “deep ideological polarization in the Justice Department’s voting rights section … fueled disputes that in some instances harmed the office’s proper functioning.” The inspector general concluded that “on some occasions the disputes involved harassment of employees and managers.” Yet the IG then went on record to say that “its review did not substantiate claims of political or racial bias in decision-making.”Oh really?

Sen. David Vitter (LA) has added to the objections Thomas Perez’s nomination presents. It seems that Mr. Perez, in his capacity with the attorney general’s office, filed suit against Louisiana for having had the cheek to try to identify each voter on the state’s voter rolls.

Sen. Vitter sent a letter about Perez’s outrageous interference to the State Department. In 2011. The letter has yet to be answered.

Sen. Vitter has promised to block Mr. Perez’s nomination until such an answer is received. One hopes blue is Senator Vitter’s color. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) contributed that Mr. Perez’s widely stated lenience on illegal alien rights are “far outside the mainstream.” In response, Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) offered a statement of stunning absurdity: “a fierce defender of workers’ rights and civil rights, Tom is uniquely suited to serve in this important post at a critical time when Congress will be considering issues like immigration reform, reducing unemployment, and continuing our economic recovery.”

President Obama is once again urging a speedy approval process for anointing Mr. Perez. The Democrat Senate, always in lockstep, agrees. If the administration says the appointment isn’t racist, it must be so.

82 thoughts on “Labor Nominee Thomas Perez Behind New Black Panther White Wash

  1. Just like every good despot, Obama is proceeding step by step with this plan of ”fundamentally changing America”, by filling his cabinet with like-minded, far-left ideologues who are willing, without a blink, to do whatever he tells them. Perez will be confirmed. Obama will be unstoppable.

    1. Agreed to a point. Marx never intended for a educated, wealthy, ARMED society would come under his ideas. With the people having a long tradition of being free and armed the marxist way of life that Obama wishes to force on us will fail. We well might have a civil war, trial and executions but, in the long run Obama will fail

      1. Did you know that the socialist party is in power in France and that their president is a socialist? Did you know that Germany also has many of the social policies that you say are evil, like free health care and huge welfare programs for its people, and they are one of the strongest economies in the world. How do you explain this?

        1. Germany has a far different order of things. What is not allowed is forbidden. In France we find what is not forbidden is allowed. Big difference in society and work ethic. If you ever go you will realize this in about ten minutes. Cross the border between the two and examine the bathrooms. The German one has a person that cleans the area and a bowl for a few coins. And they are very very clean. Meanwhile the French defecate in the streets.

        2. LOL – you are truly insane. I have lived in both countries and can tell you that isn’t true.

          “Big difference in society and work ethic.”

          You are right. Germans work much less than we do, have big unions to protect worker’s rights, have a much smaller population, lost 2 world wars , have free health care, great welfare programs, and has a top 5 world economy.

        3. Gee John, you need to move to your beloved Germany as soon as possible. America doesn’t want or need you or your kind. It appears you would be much happier somewhere else. Bye

        4. If other countries are more attractive to you…please go there! We’ll take care of restoring our country & certainly don’t need your kind here which is the route of it all! You are sooo gullable to Liberalism & marxists & LIES! GO AWAY!

        5. I agree. Let’s all take offering and send him off to another country. I vote we send him to the least visited country on the planet: Mauritania in Northwest Africa.

        6. I plan to. Let me explain. When you allow people like him to run his mouth as it were sooner or later the lies and the twists become apparent as they just have below. He attempts to take certain facts then puts them in a blender. One fact may be true but, not in the way he uses them. Trips up liberals every time. They can not stay consistent.

        7. Reading his material I find is very useful when I’m constipated and don’t want to take a laxative…bowel movement within an hour. He adds nothing to these discussions, but he is a lot of fun to laugh at…as we have been doing now for sometime. Toss him a bone now and then (I call it fishing) just to get a response. His material is sort of like reading Mad Magazine. I think he might be related to Alfred E Newman.

        8. There have been a lot of evil liars allowed into positions with power. The NWO is working on a One World Gov’t, however the guys in Power will be allowed to keep theirs or they would never allow this to happen! also, Satan has charge over the Earth.

        9. Germany is being overrun by Muslims who want to establish Islamic laws. Both Germany and France are being destroyed from within by Islamic Jihad.

        10. Oh Anthony, why do you need to resort to name calling? It only reinforces your image as an imbecile. I bet you are a white frustrated man. Do yourself a favor and call some of your male friends for some bump and grind flings. It will reduce your stress level.

        11. Yeah yeah, typical liberal online idiot, we do not want to be Germany or France.

          Did you know Germany is the home of the Nazi Party and that Frances harbors millions of noodle-armed-surrender-monkeys?

        12. There is no Nazi party. Your insults regarding France are childish, grow up. You have not provided any evidence to refute my claims that these countries are doing well socially and economically, despite having the social policies that you claim lead to all these horrible things. How does that work?

        13. John – – – clowns like you deny the Nazi Party and the history related to the same because your socialist leanings are to close to the Nazi’s belief system which clearly makes you uncomfortable. Only a liberal loser such as yourself could not find the SIMPLE association that is perfectly clear to the rest of the world- – – Nazi’s are the National Socialist Workers Party.

          So keep touting socialism, the #1 cause of death ever. Daddy never called you bright.

          And the insults pointed at the French are well earned – – – even now they let the Muslims and Socialists rule their streets.

          As for needing to grow up, review your own posts.

        14. If you have not checked, Frances economy is a mess.

          It does not take much searching to find stats indicating only 90% of the German Citizens are covered by their version of “Universal Healthcare”, while 10% of the health care is private pay. The LOWER 90% of the population, broken out by income, have MANDATED inclusion in the Gov’t program, while the remaining 10% (highest incomes) are able to hire their healthcare privately. This would seem to be right in line with “Old School Germany”

          Germany’s healthcare system is deep in the red and contributes a significant portion of their deficit. Obviously the German Healthcare System has nothing to do with how well the country is doing in the world economy, rather it is clearly the industrious nature of the German People.

          Are you OK champ? Done with your underhanded salutes to the Nazi’s?

        15. Actually, you are wrong. I lived over there. Anyone can get private or public health insurance. There is no MANDATED inclusion in the Govt program. The only thing that is MANDATED is that you have some form of health insurance.

          Your statement about 90% being covered is also wrong, anyone who wants it can apply.

          Regarding your claims that their healthcare system is “deep in the red and contributes to their deficit”, you are again wrong.

          “Despite attempts to contain costs, overall health care expenditures rose to 10.7% of GDP in 2005, comparable to other western European nations, but substantially less than that spent in the U.S. (nearly 16% of GDP)”

        16. The socialistic party in France has been in place for a long time, which is no mystery in regards to their socialistic president. German’s economy has been faltering for a long time because of their healthcare policies and especially their “huge welfare programs.” Multiculturialism is destroying their way of life among other things and they are in a position to give whatever money they have to bail out other countries that have mismanaged their affairs. Europe is slowly but surely drowning in their own policies and are by no means an example to anyone. Just ask the Muslims who have infiltrated these countries by the droves for the sole purpose of eventual control. Someone should give you a lesson in history, instead of the other way around.

        17. “German’s economy has been faltering for a long time”

          Is that why they are the #1 economy in Europe by far?

        18. No one said they weren’t the number one in Europe, but they are in bad shape considering their failed policies, having to give all their money out to other countries that have mismanaged their affairs, and the influx of Muslims all over Europe. News that has been exposed all over the web and broadcasted everywhere!!!! You’re just like a little kid all over this forum arguing with everyone. Everyone lies except you. Man you’re pathetic!!!

        19. They are in bad shape compared to who? They are top 5 strongest economies in the world, #1 in Europe, how are they in bad shape?

          The fact that they have muslim immigrants puts them in bad shape? hahahahahaha

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        22. John…go away! The facts do not mean a dam thing to people like you with your brain between your legs!!!

        23. They Can’t …..Obama Is Stopping Intelligent People From Coming Here….He Wants Stupid Mexicans(An Oxymoron) And The Scum Of the Earth, Muslims, In

    2. If our Congress and Supreme Court keep allowing this, you are right. I am 65 yrs old, i have no children or grandchildren, but I still hope that the traitors in Gov’t will be stopped because I care about the kids growing up now. What is happening because of an imposter Muslim allowed to cheat to move into the WH is the biggest tragety in America EVER. They are allowing this fraud to anililate our beloved Country. It literally makes me cry tears.

  2. This conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked.

    “In a letter to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Robin Ashton of the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility, wrote that her investigation found that in their handling of the voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party, senior career attorneys at DOJ “did not commit professional misconduct or exercise poor judgment, but rather acted appropriately.” The investigation also found “no evidence” that their decisions were improperly affected by political considerations or by the race of the defendants.”

    From the letter:

    “Based on the results of our investigation, we concluded that Department attorneys did not commit professional misconduct or exercise poor judgment, but rather acted appropriately, in the exercise
    of their supervisory duties in connection with the dismissal of the three defendants in the NBPP case. We found no evidence that the decision to dismiss the case against three of the four defendants was
    predicated on political considerations. We found that the decision by the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, a career Department employee, was made following appropriate consultations with, or notification to, career attorneys and supervisors, and Department leadership. We found no evidence of improper political interference or influence from within or outside the Department in connection with the decision in the case. In sum, we concluded that the decision to dismiss three of the four defendants and to seek more narrowly-tailored injunctive relief against King Samir Shabazz was predicated on a good faith assessment of the law and the facts of the
    case and had a reasonable basis. We found no evidence that political considerations were a motivating factor in reaching the decision.

    Wealso concluded that the decision to initiate the NBPP case was based upon a good faith assessment of the facts and the law. We found no evidence that political considerations were a motivating factor in authorizing the civil action against the four defendants.

    Finally, we found no evidence to support allegations (which were raised during the course of our investigation) that the decision makers, either in bringing or dismissing the claims, were influence by the race of the defendants, or any considerations other than an assessment of the evidence and the applicable law.”

    The DOJ Office of the Inspect General issued a similar report.

    1. Ashton fails entirely to mention Justice’s unlawful refusal to provide documents and witnesses subpoenaed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Yet not responding to subpoenas and instructing Justice lawyers to ignore them is per se unprofessional conduct, as explained by
      Commissioner Todd Gaziano in his concurring statement in the Commission’s Interim Report.

      It is time for Congress to step up and conduct real hearings into what happened in this case. Lawmakers should demand all of the documents and email communications that Holder has refused to turn over.

      Moreover, witnesses such as Christopher Coates (who was removed as the head of the Voting Section after he complained about the dismissal) should be allowed to testify not just about the NBBP case, but about the Obama administration’s larger policy against race-neutral enforcement of voting rights laws.

      A faux OPR investigation whitewashing the behavior of Obama administration loyalists is, sadly, no surprise from this Justice Department. These lawyers have given the New Black Panthers a green light to intimidate, threaten, and interfere with voters in future elections….

      Above reprint by: Hans von Spakovsky is a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department.

    2. Tomas Perez is a left wing radical. He refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation because he did not want to prosecute any non-whites for this crime.

  3. The case was resolved in May 2009. Perez was not confirmed as head of the Civil Rights Division until October 2009.

  4. This is the worst man we can put in that position. best suited as waterboy..Will everyone who reads this write your senator not to approve this move.?

  5. the racist-in-chief says PEREZ is not a racist…what else has president racist said that wasn’t correct?…….EVERYTHING!

  6. Sell more guns to urban gangs, the Taliban, the Islamists and drug cartels. Support the NRA. These are opportunities to express your machismo by having shoot outs. All you need to assert that you were ‘standing your ground’ and felt threatened.

    1. why are right wingers always talking about executing people , then you guys get so mad that the rest of the country has no respect for you because you are out of your minds . you people must live miserable lives

  7. The voter ID lawsuit would disturb me a lot more than the NBPP case; in the NBPP case, you’re dealing with a subjective definition of what intimidation is (which can be affected by your upbringing; someone brought up in an urban environment may see something as not intimidation while someone from the suburbs may see it as intimidation; that law needs a complete rewrite because it’s too subjective). By contrast, voter ID laws are absolutely objective…as a law ought to be. One man, one vote.

    I’d have dropped the NBPP case because SCOTUS has shown that it does not like laws that are too vague (but then tell the public that straight-up, putting pressure on Congress to fix the law), but I would push for absolute voting integrity and for all qualified citizens to have positive photo ID and only demanded that non-driver IDs be at least made free.

  8. Please contact you Senators and ask them to vote no on Thomas Perez appointment by Obama to Labor Secretary. You Senators have e-mail address and you can contact them that way are call their Office. e-mail address and phone numbers are listed on internet web pages.

    Thank you,

  9. Tom Perez is the worst person for the job as labor secretary. Because his immigration status, i don’t think he should work for federal government. Leahey is a 72 year old has been that needs to retire. It is true that as you get older, that you lose empathy like Leahey and Fienstien.

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