Ladies! Who Wants to Give Birth to a Neanderthal?

Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that there are a lot of women out there who will say that they are married to a Neanderthal and that their sons are Neanderthals just like their dads, but I’m not talking about stereotyped behaviors.

George Church could be described by some to be an over achiever.  The molecular geneticist is best known as a professor of genetics at the Harvard Medical School.  However, he also serves as a professor of health sciences and technology at Harvard and MIT, along with being on the faculty at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering which is also located at Harvard.  His specialty is personal genomics and synthetic biology.  He has published or co-published over 300 scientific articles in the subject of genetics.

A main part of Church’s work involves tinkering with the molecular structure of DNA in order to add artificial coding to benefit human kind.  An example would be to alter the DNA of white blood cells to turn them into cancer fighting cells or for fighting other diseases.  He is also researching the possibility of using these DNA altering techniques to revive long extinct species, such as the Neanderthals.

His work on resurrecting extinct animals is similar to the concept used in the making of the hit movie Jurassic Park.  First he has to reconstruct the DNA of the extinct animal. Then he inserts it into the egg of a closely related species such as a chicken egg with a dinosaur DNA or the egg of an elephant with the DNA of a woolly mammoth.  The same concept could also be used with reconstructed Neanderthal DNA and a human egg.  The fertilized egg, once it starts to divide, is then implanted into the womb of a female in hopes of producing the live birth of the extinct animal or human.

In the case of the Neanderthal, Church says that using large sections of their DNA could help reprogram the human egg into becoming more Neanderthal-like.  The more this is repeated, the closer to a pure Neanderthal you should end up with.

When interviewed recently by the German magazine, Der Spiegel, Church was asked if he thought that a Neanderthal baby would be born in his lifetime.  Church, who is 58 years old replied:

“That depends on a hell of a lot of things, but I think so.”

Once the Neanderthal genome has been reconstructed, Church said all that would be needed is an “extremely adventurous female human” that would allow herself to serve as the surrogate mother to the Neanderthal child.

While all this may sound like science-fiction, it is becoming more of a possibility than many people realize.  However, there is one thing that no one seems to be talking about.  Neanderthals were not some ancient human subspecies that disappeared thousands of years ago.  Rather they were an ethnic group of people that migrated from the Tower of Babel into sections of Europe.  This migration began about 4,200 years ago.

In time other ethnic groups migrated into the same areas and in time began to intermarry with the Neanderthals.  Whether due to diseases, the inability to thrive in the cold environment or just through simple intermarrying, the pure ethnic group known as Neanderthals seems to have disappeared just a couple thousand years ago.

A number of researchers have said that traces of Neanderthal DNA have been found in some people living today, which only helps to prove the biblical scenario of that happened to them.  I’ve seen people in public places that have some of the stereotypical facial features of Neanderthals such as the large protruding eyebrow ridges and larger than normal sized heads.  Could these individuals have a little more Neanderthal in their DNA than the rest of us?

Regardless of the biblical interpretation of the facts, Church and others like him will continue to push forward with their evolutionary thinking until they successfully resurrect the cavemen of thousands of years ago.  Undoubtedly they’ll have no problem finding a willing female in today’s liberal society to be the surrogate.  However they will be surprised to see the child grow up to be just like you and me and everyone else around us and not some primitive running around in animal skins and grunting.

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  1. Giacomo, you wrote, “However, there is one thing that no one seems to be talking about.
    Neanderthals were not some ancient human subspecies that disappeared
    thousands of years ago. Rather they were an ethnic group of people that
    migrated from the Tower of Babel into sections of Europe. This
    migration began about 4,200 years ago.”

    Sorry for the CAPS, but I gotta shout: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!! The Tower of Babel account in Genesis proves this. That’s how we have all the distinct cultures that made their way all over the world – and those who hate this piece of Truth will do what they can to explain it away.

    1. DNA samples tell us that these people were a sub species that wandered in to Europe some 100,000 years before Homo Sapiens (all current people of the world). Ther is a good possibility that some of them may have interbred with Homo Sapiens some 30-40 years ago. The Tower of Babel is just another old Hebrew myth.

    2. The Bible does not “prove” ANYTHING. It is a document that has been written, re-written, re-interpreted, translated, and edited to suit the needs of several major regimes throughout it’s (short) history. It is a book written by men. There is no empirical data, no footnotes, no evidence that any of it is more than a fairy tale.
      To say that they were an “ethnic subspecies” is ridiculous and based on pure faith in a document created by people who also thought that owning slaves, beating wives and ritual animal sacrifice were acceptable and rational behaviors.

  2. 4200 years ago?? Please stop this man-made Biblical interpretation of linear time heresy. Just because James Ussher once made a flawed calculation doesn’t mean it is factual. In 2000BC, Stonehange was being created, Incas were migrating north into Central America, the bronze age was about to begin in China, and Egypt was already in its 6th dynasty. I don’t dispute the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible, only the belief that so many people put in one MAN’s interpretation of Biblical time in spite of empirical evidence to the contrary to this MAN’s miscalculation.

    1. It is closer to over 50,000 years ago. Hewbrew was a simple language, with maybe 7,000 words. It didn’t translate well into Aramaic, Greek, and Latin. “Day” means either a literal day, a specified distinct unit of time, or an unspecified unit of time. For the most part, for God’s Creation, the latter part is what is meant by “Day”.

  3. Do MORE reading and research because you don’t KNOW the rest of the story… Archeologist have exhumed HUMAN skeletal remains that indicate some humans were TRUE giants. Now, imagine recreating THAN genome. Get the picture? That is what I mean by you don’t know “half” the story.

  4. Nothing like being conceived in a petrie dish, implanted into the womb of an “adventurous” woman to see if you MIGHT be of some use to cure cancer or some other unforeseen medical or scientific purpose.

    Wow, nothing could possibly go wrong here…

  5. The failure % would be extremely high. If the baby was born, sickness plus physical weakness would be a heartbreak to the mother. Cloning in animals (example: mice) can get headless, leg less, and etc. Takes close to 1:10000 tries for a sucessful cloned animal. This would be like a GMO baby?

  6. After reading this piece, it seems that this Dr. Church is a really brilliant, but nutty scientist – who simply picked up a god complex somewhere along the line.

    Of course, if this was a Hollywood production, his Neanderthal would pop up fully developed and fully muscled, and then proceed to kill the doc before the heroine wastes the sucker, but this is reality, so a hell of a lot of other innocent people are going to suffer for his apparent genius.

  7. And what purpose, may I ask, would this serve if it is successful? Tinkering with our Maker’s creation the way scientists have been doing this last decade cannot be pleasing to Him. But man’s PRIDE always thinks they can do BETTER than God. Alas, it continues since Adam and Eve told Him, “We will not serve.”

  8. This is just flat wrong. Neanderthals were not an ethnic subgroup of our own species, and they did not survive until nearly 2000 BC. We have Neanderthal DNA. They were absolutely a separate species. Different number of chromosomes. The last traces of Neanderthals date to no earlier than 15000 years ago, in the vicinity of Gibraltar.

  9. My understanding is that when Jesus returns (just before mankind totally self-implodes) all mankind will bow to him and a 1000-year period of “peace” will follow. Does this mean man will no longer have a free will? Then is that 1000 years figurative or literal length? If not figurative in length, what is its purpose and why does it end?

  10. “…Neanderthals were not some ancient human subspecies that disappeared thousands of years ago. Rather they were an ethnic group of people that migrated from the Tower of Babel into sections of Europe. This migration began about 4,200 years ago…”

    The above declaration, found in the article, finds NO SUPPORT in any branch of science. Believe it at your own risk.

  11. On one hand, we could resurrect many extinct species.
    On the other, this neanderthal child is going to be living through hell, assuming they have normal human intelligence and instincts.

  12. “However, there is one thing that no one seems to be talking about. Neanderthals were not some ancient human subspecies that disappeared thousands of years ago. Rather they were an ethnic group of people that migrated from the Tower of Babel into sections of Europe. This migration began about 4,200 years ago.”

    Neanderthal actually was a naturally evolved specie of human being while another human specie was directly God created. Perhaps Neanderthal was involved in the Babylonian edict; however, your first statement is incorrect even if your second statement has some slight possibility of verity. The Jews have kept written records for only 6,000 years. Prior to that we have to look to the Vedas for early history. Christians trying to re-write history is no more appealing than Democrats trying to re-write history

    Judeo-Christianity inherited a tidbit of Vedic knowledge in the Creation Story in the Holy Bible. We all had the Vedic knowledge at one time, but through the passage of thousands of years, and with the coming of Jewish Prophets and our Christian Jesus Christ, we deemed it important to remember only the Holy Bible. This has come back to bite us in many ways because of the controversies surrounding the Creation Story, to which Christians usually have inadequate answers. However, the answers were passed down for millions of years by Vedic Pundits who memorized the Vedas. That was their
    job. The Vedas predate Hinduism and are our earliest human record. Hinduism is built on Vedic knowledge, and the Hindus are the current conservators of Vedic knowledge, but not the progenitors. The Vedas are non-chronological historical records. Here are some very interesting URLs stating the facts of a separate creation for modern man and the evolution of an ape-like man, Neanderthal who died out.

    Information in the Vedic Ramayana describes an elephant that lived 2 million years ago and construction of the Land Bridge between India and Sri Lanka 1,700,000 years ago.

    The world was created in 6 Days means in 6 “God Days”, days of “Brahma the Creator”, our God. (It should be noted here that the Hindus tend to call all enlightened people or Avatars “gods”. Even renunciates who are on a spiritual path but have not yet reached enlightenment are called “godmen”. They use the term “god” very loosely.)

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