Law Professor Says 2nd Amendment not ‘Absolute’

On January 9, 2013 the Huffington Post ran a column by Geoffrey R. Stone on the Second Amendment. Stone is currently the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

In 2008, I wrote an extended paper (Historical Revisionism) on Professor Stone’s misunderstanding of the First Amendment as it relates to America’s religious history. Someone unfamiliar with America’s religious history would more than likely find a law professor’s arguments persuasive. His current article on the Second Amendment is equally not persuasive. In fact, I found it muddled.

But let’s take up the good professor’s argument as he takes full advantage of the freedoms protected by the First Amendment. Here’s some of what Professor Stone wrote:

“Consider, for example, the First Amendment, which provides: ‘Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.’ This also sounds absolute. But does the First Amendment mean that the government cannot constitutionally regulate speech?

“Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes put that possibility to rest in 1919 with a famous hypothetical. ‘The most stringent protection of free speech,’ he observed, ‘would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.’ In other words, even though the text of the First Amendment sounds absolute, it is not.”

It’s important to note that the First Amendment does not create the right of the “free exercise” of “religion” or the right to speak, write (press), and assemble, even to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” These are God-given rights, or as secularists like to say, “natural rights.” These rights are not to be infringed upon by government: “Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free exercise [of religion].”

The Declaration of Independence made the same point:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

As Professor Stone points out, there are limits even to these God-given or natural rights. You can’t, for example, shout “fire” falsely in a crowded theater. Such a proclamation could cause panic. As theater-goers headed for the exists, some people might get trampled. If there really is a fire, the audience would want to know.

Notice the qualifying word “falsely.” You also can’t slander or libel someone, or assemble unlawfully on someone’s property.

So far, none of these examples apply to gun ownership except in the unlawful use of a firearm.

These rights are absolute as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of other people. In what way does my owning guns infringe on someone else? The infringement only comes if I use one of my guns in an unlawful way, that is, if I injure or murder someone with it. The courts can decide if the use of my gun was unlawful (manslaughter or murder) or not (self-defense) in the same way that the court can decide if my use of the provisions of the First Amendment were used in an unlawful way.

The protected freedoms found in the First Amendment aren’t taken away because of the possibility or even the potential that I might use them unlawfully. My freedom of speech is not taken from me when I enter a movie theater where I or anyone else could or might yell “Fire!”

Just because some people disobey the law does not mean people who don’t should lose their freedoms.

637 thoughts on “Law Professor Says 2nd Amendment not ‘Absolute’

  1. It’s not.
    There are limitations. You cannot legally purchase rocket launchers, flamethrowers, surface to air missiles,etc. There is also prohibited ammunition. You cannot buy most types of explosives either. So no, it’s not absolute.

    There are limitations to the first amendment also. Like the author pointed out, causing a false panic is prohibited. You cannot print bomb making directions in your newspaper. You can’t draw our troops position in the sand then broadcast it to our enemies. You cannot have a puppy-blood drinking religion that snaps the head off a new puppy every morning for your breakfast prayer. You cannot put members of your congregation to death for not following the Bible. You cannot fine them or whip them either.

    You don’t need to be a law professor, it’s pretty obvious.

    1. Had the US Government stayed true to the Constitution and it’s full intent, regular members of the Citizen Militia would have access to all those things and there would not be a standing army, navy, marine corp, or air force. Not as a separate, government entity or employer anyway. It would be populated with militia, which is the full armed citizenry.

      1. RedMeatState. You are absolutely correct. We are become so far removed from the Founder’s intentions as to be entirely unrecognizable in the comparison. Poor Abe. I wonder if he fully understood, when he inferred powers on the Federal Government to save the Union, the ramifications to be realized when less honorable men would rise to power.

    2. “There are limitations. You cannot legally purchase rocket launchers, flamethrowers, surface to air missiles,etc. There is also prohibited ammunition. You cannot buy most types of explosives either. So no, it’s not absolute.”

      And why have we allowed such limitations to exist? Your examples would imply that repeating rifles would have been exempt to the second amendment when it was written. Wouldn’t Washington prefer to have armed his troops with a Browning Automatic or even Thompson Machine Guns if any such weapons had existed? Wouldn’t Lewis and Clark prefer to have had automatic weapons during their expeditions?

      Why have we allowed such limitations to exist?

    3. 1828 Definition

      ‘ARMS, n. plu. [L. arma.]

      1. Weapons of offense, or armor for defense and protection of the body.

      2. War; hostility.

      Arms and the man I sing.

      To be in arms, to be in a state of hostility, or in a military life.

      To arms is a phrase which denotes a taking arms for war or hostility; particularly, a summoning to war.

      To take arms, is to arm for attack or defense.

      Bred to arms denotes that a person has been educated to the profession of a soldier.

      3. The ensigns armorial of a family; consisting of figures and colors borne in shields, banners, &c., as marks of dignity and distinction, and descending from father to son.

      4. In law, arms are any thing which a man takes in his hand in anger, to strike or assault another.

      Want to read the 2nd amendment again – I can have cannons, rockets, mortars, bombs, grenades, and all weapons of war . . now do you want to debate the intentions of the Founders again? The court has no such power as Judicial Review it is usurped – see Article III and share with the language in the actual Constitution that bestows such a wild idea.

      1. Hey, thanks for the post. So many of these liberals attempt to argue that “Arms” referred to muskets which it plainly does not. I believe the intent was to allow whatever weapons it would take to inflict severe damage upon a Tyrannical government or a tyrant.

        1. We will not get a single reply from the Progressives to this post . . I have posted it around various open debate forums and never once has a single Con Law Prof or even a Progressive try to debate it in the open world.

          The Founders – Framers – Ratifiers wrote the Constitution in simple language of the times and intended it to say what it means and means what it says for all time. If not they would have put a expiration date in it would they not have?

    4. Dear Carl,

      Your arguments are at best feckless, but saddly far more in line with being just deluded.
      But thanks for sharing your pretzel logic. JFTR ~ Carl, I also have a JD from Georgetown Law

      The Second Amendment is quite clear as to its intent ~ it was written so even an Illiterate persons could understand it. So as your at best fitting far below that range let me clarify it for you.

      The second Amendment was written for the sole reason of “Nation Defence” Be that enemy ~ “Foreign or Domestic” As well Congress has no rightto infringe on said Amendment ~ nor can any POTUS by way of “Executive Order”

      Now think Switzerland where every adult has a { true Assault rifle} as in one that fires “FULLY AUTOMATIC”. on hand and even rocket launchers / flame throwers / hand grenades as well just about all methods of defence know to human kind at this point in time.

      Thus to make it very simple even for you, our second Amendment is for when we are either invaded or our form of Governance becomes “TYRANNICAL” of what it has become,

      People when the alledged leaders of this nation passed the NDAA, and the Drone issue YOU became their prime enemy. Wake up your dead in their sights.

      1. So you think people (or corporations) that could afford Hellfire missiles or Predator Drones should be allowed to purchase them? Imagine a sky filled with Bank of Ameri-drones. Or Google having a larger military than Great Britain, Japan, and Germany combined. George Soros would become a James Bond villain with his new nuclear submarine.

      2. Well said. By the way, I didn’t realize there was such a public outcry for the purchase of rocket launchers, flamethrowers, surface to air missiles,etc

        Someone should attempt to use some common sense and not mentally wander off to LaLaLand where they feel most comfortable. :)

      3. Really, you graduated from Georgetown Law? What year? One of my HS friends graduated Order of the Coif back in the 90’s. Your spelling needs to be tuned up a bit, barrister.

    5. “You cannot have a puppy-blood drinking religion that snaps the head off a new puppy every morning for your breakfast prayer.” Yes, yes you can, dummy. Read about Santeria which practices animal sacrifice as part of its ceremonies. The SCOTUS ruled on this back in 1992.

      And ‘shall’ is a superlative word that cannot be trumped or changed by any
      person or entity. Example “Shall not be infringed” meaning no person or
      government entity has the power or authority to change or compel a
      person by infringing upon the right of another. Because the word ‘Shall’
      is used in conjunction with the word “not’ the use of these two words
      together make the entire wording of the Second Amendment to the United
      States of America Constitution ABSOLUTE.

      Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?

  2. Carl – actually those examples of unprotected speech (presuming you are correct) all make the author’s point. You are describing actual conduct (speech, religion etc.) not potential – i.e possession of a bull-horn, walking into a theater, drawing pictures. My possession of an “arm” does not equate to an unlawful use of that “arm” regardless of how dangerous that “arm” could be to you or a tyrannical government if I am forced to protect myself or my family against you.

    As to what “arm” the overreaching federal government allows us to posses: if you accept the notion that the amendment only protects those “arms” the government allows then your argument has Validity. If you agree with the author’s of the second amendment, as I do, then the “arms” the people have a right to keep and bear are limited only by what the military can utilize for the prosecution of war.

    Please, read and learn the history of why this nation was formed – that context cannot be overstated.

    1. where does the Constitution instruct the “government” as to what it “allows” us or not? Your context is completely backwards!! Government does not “allow” us anything; we are already free to do it. The Constitution clearly defines what IT ALLOWS THE GOVERNMENT TO DO; and the People remain free.
      Now, if you’re referring to what the “Law” allows us to do or not to do, that is a different subject entirely; because our Laws are made by the people that WE ALLOW to represent us; and we have the safety of challenging and unjust law should that come to pass, providing of course that the government has not usurped powers not granted to it and subject us to it will.

      1. So angered when I hear Feinstein say she’ll “let us keep” our hunting rifles. The real question is if WE’LL let HER keep her job.

        1. She’s really in a pretty cozy position politically. She has an army of left wing loons, Obama Zombies and homosexuals that keep voting her in.

        2. I’m not an ageist, but I think considering her mental diminishment, she should in fact retire post haste! :)

        3. Fienstein needs to be politically destroyed. She is against the Constitution/Bill of Rights. She’s an evil women.

      2. We have allowed “Good Lawyers” (what an oxymoron) to speak for us instead of us speaking ourselves. Was easy to let them do it but look what the easy way out did for us.

      3. We had that argument in Texas in 2007. It highlighted the difference between Right to Carry as long as the government agrees with that right and FREEDOM to Carry which takes government completely out of the equation. They dont have the right or authority to infringe. The freedom didn’t come from them hence they can’t revoke, control or infringe upon it. It COMPLETELY unhinges their belief that ALL rights come from the central federal government.

  3. Oh and Carl – I’ve been a law professor and I don’t need the government to tell me what the founding fathers meant when they authored the constitution, let alone the 2nd amendment. I can figure it out for myself, it’s pretty obvious.

    1. The founding fathers set up the Supreme Court to help with interpretation. They have ruled on the intricacies of the Bill of Rights many times. This is exactly what the founders intended, Professor.

        1. When “they” say interpert what “they” are really doing is “they” are rationalizing to support “thier” point of view to justify “their” position, and it’s usually wrong. “They” usually win arguments this way because the rational people get sick of “their” bullchit and walk away allowing them to have their way. The education centers are a breeding ground for future “they’s”, pretty soon everyone will be stupid and America will be islamic marxist!

        2. Democrats are like the little kid who runs around gathering up all the toys yelling mine, mine, mine. Eventually, all the other kids go off together to do something else. When the Democrat kid grows up, he/she wonders why they have no friends, and no one listens to them.

      1. Except, Carl, that you leftists believe “interpretation” means anything that you want it to say. The Bill of Rights was written so that anyone with a grasp of the English language could understand it. Well, except you.

        1. Gee, don’t you understand that the Constitution is a living, breathing document that adopts to the will of the lefties? :)

      2. Actually Carl, the judicial system was set up to enforce the law, congress was set up to interpret the laws passed. The communist party saw a flaw in it and decided to exploit. This was how my civics instructor explained it to me anyways.

    2. I guess they think 200 plus years we have mis-understood—This will be their approach just as they are teaching the holcaust did not happen.

  4. Government, especially the current one, is looking to find anything they can to make the Constitution say what THEY WANT IT TO SAY! Walking all around it to give it the meaning they want. I don’t understand that our Founding Fathers would want it to be so complicated. Weren’t they trying to get away from all of this when this government was first formed by them? We would all get along better if there wasn’t all this haggling and trying to CHANGE it. We’ve gotten so “politically correct” we can’t go take a _____ without the government. All this “separation of church and state” yet, there is nowhere that that can be found in the Constitution. Government needs to bow out and allow us to be a nation by and for the American people.

  5. I agree. “shall not be infringed” is such a nebulous statement.
    Shouldn’t it be a requirement that a professor know how to read before he/she gets the job?

    1. Bravo my friend, I was just about to write those very words. What part of ” shall not be infringed ” did this professor not understand? Chicago, ah well that explains it all doesn’t it?

      1. Next to New York, Chicago is known as a hot bed of Communist activities. It has given us Obama, Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett, Saul Alinsky, et al. It’s not surprising that this crap would be coming from a Distinguished Service Professor of Law from Chicago. Distinguished? What is so distinguished about this low-life Anti-American Clown anyways?

      2. Remember, those are pretty big words for a professor to understand, even worse when you put them all together. I thing you may be expecting to much from them.

    2. And the same thing should apply to guns, as is applied to yelling “fire” in a theater. ANYONE can yell fire in a theater, whether or not it is legal to do so or not. But, if one DOES falsely yell fire in a theater, he/she must be prepared to pay the legal consequences, AND no one else should be punished, simply because he/she was in the theater at the time the “yell” occurred. The same thing should apply to guns. If someone else commits a crime with a gun, I as a person who has NOT committed a crime with the same type gun, I should not suffer a punishment simply because I own a similiar gun.
      The last point I wish to make is that the bogus claim, made by the lefty gun grabbers that the point they always use, ie: gun owners wish to posess flame throwers, fully automatic machine guns, bazooka’s, tanks, and nuclear missles, is total “el toro poo poo!” No one is fighting for the right to own a tank, or bazooka! They are just blowing smoke and demonizing gun owners with false untrue facts.

      1. They resort to the tactics they use because they have no other logical argument and the useful idiots lap it up basically because they have no brains to think with.

      2. Although this stupid hillbilly had no trouble understanding what you are saying, I find that it may be a bit confusing to most leftest, it makes to much sense.

      3. Many decades ago when I taking a college class in educational psychology, the professor warned us that punishing the entire class for the misdeeds of one student should not be done. (Most college professors never had to take an educational psychology class.)

        1. I was required to take adolescent psychology and found it amusing that much of it applied to our professors. :)

    3. Oh, they can read. I just believe it’s where, and how you are raised, and what sort of person(s) they are allowed to influence your life. Then it’s a matter of their minds grasping at words to spin anything they read into what they want to read.
      They don’t want ‘reality’, they want ‘eutopia’, or some other way to grab power.

      1. Funny you should mention them wanting utopia, which is their vision of living under their complete rule. I can’t seem to wrap my head around their belief. I use New Orleans as a prime example. New Orleans has been under Democratic control for the last 130 years, therefore by their measure should have been a complete utopia. So what happen when “Bush SENT the hurricane” (as was actually claimed at the time). New York should fit this description also, So should Detroit, So should other Democrat controlled cities, all of which are worse off than the rest of us as to living conditions, safety, etc, etc.

        1. And look what they have given us! If they want utopia so badly, they should simply off themselves although considering how most live their lives, Utopia will not likely be they’re final destination. Oh, and let’s not forget to add Chicago to your list. :)

    1. College professor = Unable to get a real Job so I will teach, No wonder our country is in trouble we have idiots teaching our children

      1. I find it amusing that the religious right have taken on a “education is futile” stance. Science is bad, teachers are lazy, college is for communists. You folks would rather burn books than read them. Then you wonder why you have a reputation for being stupid hillbillies.

        1. Don Swancy…OverTheTop is the same person as John Mayer, John Mescas, GetOutOfTheBubble..and a host of other nics. You can always tell who he is by his consistent use of vulgar epithets and name calling geared to ridicule and condescend to conservatives…particularly Christians.

        2. I read your posts and agree with them, but I believe GetOutOfTheBubble, OverTheTop, etc. is none other than the infamous Richard J. Garfunkel, the narcissist/sociopath. He might possibly be John Mayer, etc. since he gets confused on who he is posting as for the day.

        3. This is what we have come to expect from the left. We see them as despicable because they show no other side.

        4. Given that the Obama administration has suspended separation of “church” and state in the case of the Muslim religion, anyone opposed to the extremist views that Swaney projects onto Christians is going to end up getting his head chopped off as an “enemy of Islam” if he dares make the comments he makes about morality, politics, and religion some 5 years from now.
          Most leftwing “patirots” go after Christians because they are afraid to go after the real enemies of the United States.

        5. Well, they’d better convert to islam or their heads will be coming off after the christians are gone!

        6. Interesting that you would say that, as the left is the side for whom math and logic are hard. Nobody on the right said science is wrong; but we do say that you’re wrong in your interpretation of it (ie, check out the DNA of embryos, or the ‘hockey stick’ graph). Nobody said teachers are lazy (well, maybe Chicago and D.C. teachers). And actually we don’t have a reputation for being stupid hillbillies, except in the effete and naive halls of academe.

        7. Now the Muslims claim they discovered America, and some a## h’s will probably try to change the textbooks, just as they did with the History of Thanksgiving. They’d rather teach kids the story of stuff, or tell our kids that they are smarter than their parents. Some educators (loosely used term) are not happy with History, as it is written,so they change it at will, even though they can’t produce proof their is version is the truth. When will we wake up, and demand this madness must stop for the sake of our future generation?

        8. Since its ignominious beginnings, Islam has been a scourge on mankind, and has destroyed entire cultures, cities, libraries, works of art, sculptures, etc and stolen inventions and ideas from other cultures and claimed them for themselves.

          Only the stupid and/or evil would overlook the facts of history and redact it.

        9. Whereas Christianity has done only good things, like slaughtering Muslims wholesale during the middle ages Crusades, burning “witches” in colonial America, and turning a blind eye to the slaughter of millions of Jews during WW2, and to the rape of children during much of the 20th century. Way to go, guys!

        10. Why do you keep posting under various alias’s?

          You really are pretty despicable but then again, I’m sure your well aware of that little factoid! If I were to write the mindless dribble that you do, I’d be using an alias as well.

        11. Good point, but I think it’s just wasted on this jerk who calls himself Meeminscrewme who thinks he’s a real smart ass. He/she hijacks another posters names adding a slight pejorative twist.

        12. Who said Christianity has done only good things? Slaughtering muslims wholesale during the Crusades? Maybe, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the Golden Horde. Read up on what the Horde did to the city of Baghdad when they arrived. Turning a blind eye to the slaughter of millions of Jews? That is arguable. Besides, it was the left wing National Socialists of Germany who did the actual slaughtering. And organized religion, of whatever stripe, has been known to exercise debauchery to excess throughout history. Mohammed was a pedophile who married a 12 year old girl. As usual, your left wing bullshit is WRONG and the gist of your massively flawed babbling is easily disproved as being exclusively Christian. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong and proving your stupidity?

        13. Look at their current societies and how they live today. This is how they want the world to live today. They may have made some contributions to humankind but that was thousands of years ago. What have they contributed to mankind since? Death, mayhem, anarchy, slavery, etc.
          Look how they treat their women. Also notice how the NOUW (National Organization of Ugly Women) have stood strong against their atrocities against women.-Not! :)

        14. Ya, and the Egyptians were all black and they had wings and flew around the pyramids. Yada yada yayda. :)

        15. Just as the Bible has the Ten Commandments and not the ten sugestions, so, the Constitution has the ten Bill of Rights, not the ten bill of preferences. These are God given rights to all human beings and have been acknowledged as such since the founding of the USA.

        16. WIld Thing…….Redacting of history, especially expunging references to our Judeo/Christian heritage…..and redefining language using political correctness…are just two of the many tactics of the left.

          George Orwell wrote ”1984”, the dystopian novel about the horrors of totalitarianism, and in it he described the very tactics that are being used by the left today in an effort to turn America into there notion of a Marxist utopia.

          Marxism/Communism are failed ideologies but try to tell that to the left. By nature, they are resistant to truth.

        17. It’s in the Book Of Obamanations: “And Obama took his staff and struck the wall a great blow and the wall parted.”

        18. The federal politicians who want to discard the Constitution should be told point-blank that their jobs are provided for solely by the Constitution. If the contract is breached, or abrogated, they will be out of work — sorry.

          The Queen of England might be able to do away with constitutional monarchy and become and absolute ruler, but U.S. federal politicians can’t do that — the constitution IS their job description.

          For those who don’t like the Constitution, I have three words: “Articles of Confederation ” (1777).

        19. Yeah, Catchance–tell’em–all that “scientific” research on “global warming/climate change” has been exposed as fraudulent, based on incompetent research with no factual evidence or OUTRIGHT LIES. Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” to prove warming THEORY is now discredited but the left NEVER believes FACTS–they believe propaganda even when FACTS prove them wrong. One of the top scientists at BOTTOM of the climate change hysteria, Phil Jones of East Anglia Climactic Research in England, resigned his position and considered SUICIDE after having to admit exposure of falsehoods in 2009 and STATING: “Temperatures are NOT GOING UP, if anything THEY’RE GOING DOWN. Temperatures have been dropping for the LAST ELEVEN YEARS.”

        20. Don’t know where your information comes from, NASA research CONFIRMS what NASA ERBS and Terra satellites say–the COMPUTER model the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change–WERE INCORRECT on predictions of Co2 gases being trapped in earth’s atmosphere. IPCC panel used the WORST of the 245 computer models as their example of man’s influence on global warming. READ what Phil Jones of Univ. of East Anglia’s Climate Research Center admitted AFTER exposure of global warming SCAM–he says late 20th Century warming IS NOT UNIQUE. He admitted to BBC News that temperature data of 130 years ago is “NOW UNCERTAIN”. He says there has been “slight COOLING since 2002” and MANN’S hockey stick graph has been proven “INCORRECT”. He also says “there is NO CONSENSUS among scientists” that global warming exists. Alan Carlin of EPA says UN CLIMATE MODELS and REAL TEMPERATURES ARE TOTAL OPPOSITES. “Temperatures are NOT going UP, if anything they’re GOING DOWN. Temperatures have been going down for the last eleven years.” FACT: The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina–near the HOTTEST area of EARTH-the EQUATOR–has been GROWING IN SIZE FOR YEARS.

        21. Umm, who derived the number of ‘pirates’ on this remarkably idiotic graph? Phil Jones? Or the charlatan who authored the ‘hockey stick’ BS?

        22. Give them time to regroup and they will once again start spouting the old line that we are heading into a new “ICE AGE” ala 1950’s leftist propaganda.

        23. Patriot, I’m hearing that OWEbama is considering holding a “global warming summit” at the WHITE House. Never mind most don’t know he and Al Gore were original members on the board of the Chicago Climate Exchange–the ONLY corporation that would’ve had the rights to sell “CREDITS” for pollution to companies and businesses that exceed allowable pollution exhausts. Those companies over the limit MUST “purchase” CREDITS from CCX at enormous expense that would be REDISTRIBUTED TO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES as part of “Cap and Trade” scheme OWEbama and the RATS in DemocRAT party tried to pass thru Congress but failed.

        24. All anyone has to know is that anything Al Gore touches is crooked.
          The phony Chicago Climate Exchange is a real con-job! their goal is global wealth redistribution once enough cash was skimmed off the top for “Guess Who?” :)

        25. The Chicago Union leader, a woman needs to go back for an education in everything, but hate. She is filled with it, judging from her recent rants Imagine having your child in a class she teaches. It would be an absolute nightmare for the child and the parents.

        26. Ah, you must be referring to the one and only Karen Louis?
          The ugly, bubble butted black women. She’s full of hate and it should be obvious that she is a racist as well. What a beast of a women. :)

        27. Where’s your evidence? Why don’t you give some examples to support your silliness you moron? Who or what is the Religious right? Who claims that education is futile? Who’s saying that science is Bad? And what reputation is it that you have? A-hole? That’s what you read like and I say you are really over the top, but then again I assume you already knew that otherwise you wouldn’t be so stupidly insulting to so many good people.

        28. Education is bad these days because the left has returned it to the days of the Middle Ages, Evolution and Marxism are the new “Ptolemaic System” of the 21st Century, and to voice skepticism about either will get you burned at the stake, except for the fact that matches of socialist manufacture seldom work.

        29. Education has changed to indoctrination. Truth to lies about our country and freedom to dependency on the government to take from those who produce and give it to those who refuse to be productive members of society. In other words Socialists and Marxists.

        30. You Sir, are as your name implies, “Over The Top” If you doubt the conservatives viewpoint of the value of a college education today, sit in on the average college professors class and listen to the garbage they are filling the young heads with. I have attended classes that consisted of 100% political statements and stories, and not a single item of information on what the course was actually about. It does not take much to figure out that if you teach the young what you want them to know, you can change the political climate of a country in one generation. Oh, by the way, I am one of what YOU would consider a stupid hillbilly.

        31. Amen Procius: Historically it’s the “stupid hillbilly” that has fought for and won the right to OTTop to spout such stupidity. My grandson just attended
          local jr. college and most of his professors announce the first day that they are of liberal mindset. I had to pay good money for those well situated professors to collect their outrageous salaries to spout their idiocy.

        32. You might want to find out what college professors make and how much they work. Some do just work the time of classes and make large money. Others are required to work 40 hours a week like everyone else. Course loads vary to. Usually those required to work 40 hours a week have a classload of 20-27 hours a week and also must prepare for class, grade, advise and register and stay current and do other work as assigned.

        33. The number one goal of most college professors is to do “research” while wet behind the ears “teaching assistants” lecture to their classes.
          Texas suffered from such a scam when its dental school had a (now-discontinued) “self-paced” program. Basically, the PhD’s in the academic studies printed up their lecture notes, gave them to the students with a reading list, told the students to talk to them if there were any questions, and promptly disappeared for weeks at the time. You see, the theory was that any one of 125 students with questions could each see the professor privately in conference. . The problem with this is that a person who doesn’t kinow a subject has no idea just what it is that he doesn’t understand, and such conference time is nonexistent when compared to the demand created by 125 students..

        34. Most people with any but the most basic of jobs have to prepare for work, grade, advise and register and stay current and do other work as assigned on top of 40+ hours a week. So what???

        35. One thing about hillbillies is that they are stubborn. When confronted by the manipulators of the currency, who say that 1 billion dollars in gold can back 15 trillion dollars worth of currrency, hillbillies are not only incredulous, they are hostile. And you know what? That’s the only sensible response to socialist government.

        36. Yeah. Fractional reserve banking system. ie… Legalized Ponzi scheme. Similar to the Legal Reserve Insurance industry. Backed by debt assigned to future generations. Thanks to all those highly educated banksters.

        37. Im one of those college eddicated clinging to my gun and Bible hillbillies myself. No skin off me if he wants to call names. I dont find it amusing how idiotic the koolaid drinkers are.

        38. I guess I’m a hillbilly too, and a racist as well, and a bigot, and…. it’s all the rage, you know, coming out of Chicago these days! (Not the Chicago hillbillies, mind you, there are a few good apples still in that barrel.)

          One thing I came to know about hillbillies as I grew up in the world – most of them can shoot them shootin’ arn things pretty well. What’s the Left’s derogatory term for “sharpshooter”? I want to add it to my badges of honor.

        39. Regarding the kooade drinkers, refer to the advice given by one of the more mature characters on “The Walking Dead.” He stated that the zombies were pretty incompetent and incapable, but that when they showed up in massive numbers they were a real problem. The public schools are cranking koolade drinkers by the hundreds of thousands, just as the cemeteries are spitting out tens of thousands of “registered voters.”

        40. And you my friend fall in the category of mentally ill,as the medical community has defined liberalism.

        41. The fact that you wont acknowledge that most teachers teach a leftist view just tells me where you stand without even accounting for the other crap you spewed.

        42. I would have to say that if that is directed at me, you sir are the ignorant one. My view is correct, not an opinion but the truth.

        43. His ignorance may or may not stick out like a sore thumb, but your thumb is apparently permanently lodged up you anus, it seems.

        44. medic2003….The statistics can’t be argued with. The majority of College/University professors are Socialist/Marxist/Communist. As is the media.

        45. Can you supply the source for those “statistics?” Because, according to 94% of lawyers, lobbyists, and violent rapists in the continental United States, you are full of sh*t.

        46. Check on over at Huffington Post I believe they have an ABC poll of so-called journalist which shows that 97% voted for Obama and consider themselves liberals. Google the other stuff to.

        47. This “survey” is very flawed. The “research” was based on talking to 9 or less people (full time faculty) at 183 Universities. The statistics then derived from this survey are suppose to be factual? This is a really bad example of anything close to research and results in no facts or evidence of any kind of information about University Professors.

        48. I’m from NYC originally and educated and a former Wall Street executive and in this instance proud to be a hillbilly! I rather be a hillbilly then an obvious moron not connected to the facts!

        49. What would anyone call all the Obama supporters?
          Oops, don’t want to be called a racist now would I.

          I’m not a hillbilly but I have nothing against them either. I guess if you are a conservative the left feels free to hurl pejoratives around pretty freely.

        50. I know what you mean. They went full bore after the ESPN Announcer Mushberger for remarking that a certain young woman was beautiful, during a football game broadcast. It wasn’t a sexist remark, and in no way be construed as such, but the lame media reported as if it were. The young beauty queen was not offended. Still, the media played it up causing ESPN to apologize. The same lame media paid no attention to the New Years CNN New Years Times Square broadcast, when the raunchy female Cathy Griffin pretended to perform a sex act on Anderson Cooper. The main street Media never made a peep, apparently that act is acceptable in their warped way of thinking.and apparently CNN had no intent to apologize for the inappropriate actions of Griffin. Different strokes– sure looks like it !

        51. I did not understand this at all. Some guy, in his 70s, makes a comment that you have to be a quarterback to get a good looking woman. So what! He didn’t say anything bad. These libtards would take offence if a chick whistled at them. Maybe they just like too much Oscar Meyer.

        52. He made an empirical observation. Football players have nothing but the ability to knock other players down, and beautiful women have no other talent but to sti around looking beautiful. A one trick pony has a natural affinity for another one trick pony. Beauty fades, and so does athletic skill, so they have to get their licks in early life.

        53. Is someone saying she isn’t a beautiful young lady? or was that the implied offense? I noticed he was
          also gracious enough to give complements to his mother as well. Another offense; he suggested that young boys start tossing the football around :)

        54. The libtards only label you a racist when you’re stating facts and expressing the truth. They are so constantly in denial of what is really going on in this country as well as with this government.

        55. Obamaloids are the real life equivalent of the “walking dead.” After they’ve eaten everybody that the leftist politicians don’t like, the leftists wiill send out the military with flamethrowers to finish them off.

        56. True however they are after all “USEFUL IDIOTS” and as such are expendable once they fulfilled their usefulness and therefor flamethrowers to finish them off only seems appropriate! :)

        57. On the contrary, we do read books, and what we read contradicts what teachers say, this is why we think they are stupid. Been to college, disagreed with 50% they said, puked it out on paper and got a 4.0 n every class. My teachers were morons who spent most of their time trying to convince their students that conservatives and Christians are psychopaths. It’s a money and mind-control game. Most of us who believe that “education is futile” are highly educated, and we don’t believe that education is futile, we believe that true education has been taken hostage by a government that uses it towards it’s own agenda.

        58. You sound exactly like my son. He said you have to regurgitate what the professor wants to hear or fail the class. What a damn shame, but I hear it all the time from him and his friends. Thank God, they have their heads on straight and can see through all the BS thrown at them. The ones to worry abou,t are those who are gullible, and believe the Radical ideas of their Professors.

        59. And, we read a lot of books that are non-fiction. We read books that were written by the people of whom the ignorant writers of school textbooks spew falsehoods. Some of us have read Moses, Paul, and even Lao Zi in their original languages, yet people who can’t even get English right tell us that we’re not “multicultural” enough.

        60. There are a number of excellent schools out there and it’s the parent’s responsibility to hunt them down and support them. Hillsdale comes to mind as being one of the good schools were they don’t indoctrinate kids with leftist dribble. They, do not take government money because they do not want to be dictated to.

        61. Public schools are INDOCTRINATION centers for federal government programs and multiculturalism with NO respect for American history or culture. They are dominated by teachers’ unions. LISTEN to Al Shanker, president of American Federation of Teachers: “When school children start paying union DUES, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of children.” Schools no longer teach the three “R’s”–readin’, ‘riting’, ‘rithmetic–and our children are suffering for it–graduating at lower rates than foreign students–because teachers are only interested in helping students learn necessary information to pass SAT or performance tests to qualify for passing.

        62. Its nice that you can read all teachers’ minds. I retired when I wasn’t expected to teach. Just babysit. They are your kids. Why don’t you raise them?

        63. They’re not my kids, I taught two stepchildren the same things l learned in school and life–listen to what you’re told, BUT PROVE TO YOURSELF IF IT’S REAL AND TRUE or just opinion or LIES. Give respect to others and their opinions but they can have their own and so can you–but in the end FACTS are what they are no matter who denies them. America and our history are MORE IMPORTANT than history of foreign countries–no matter if you come from “over there” or not–you’re here to partake in America society for one reason or the other–this society and OUR LAWS are those that count! Any others can be celebrated but not used to change what America is. American children are falling behind other nations even as WE SPEND MORE AND MORE MONEY THAN THEY DO–according to a report from the Program for International Assessment–of the TOP 34 countries studied, the United States RANKS 14th in READING. 17th in SCIENCE, and 24th in MATHMATICS. MORE MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM–BETTER TEACHERS AND CURRICULUMS ARE!!

        64. AND P.S.–I wasn’t necessarily referring to ALL teachers but face it–most teachers today are more concerned with PAY and getting students to pass the SAT test to move to next level than they are the quality of education because teachers unions aren’t about education–they’re about CONTROL over schools.

        65. At least us “Hillbillys” aren’t stupid OR gullible enough to hand over our guns to communists. Oops!! Speaking of reading, try doing some on THAT particular subject and let me know how that worked out for 80 MILLION PEOPLE THAT GAVE COMMIES THEIR GUNS. Hint; They’re no longer buying finger painting supplies…… Double oops!
          Wanna know who’s REALLY stupid? Meatsock leftists that do not understand what “Not to Be Infringed” means. English as a second language makes you folks qualified for hot dog stand ownership and careers in the refuse collection industry………

        66. Actually, I’ve taught immigrant kids in High School English as a Second Language. I’m pleased to say that some are at college studying engineering.

        67. From one to another, it ain’t the Esols that are anti- American. They are learning English! THEY WANT TO BE GOOD AMERICANS!!! Its the slackoff illegals, all the demorats paid for supporting their stay here, and people who look the other way.

        68. I agree wholeheartedly, the Founding Fathers were stupid hillbillies. So stupid, in fact, that they created perhaps the most perfect political document in history. But, I, being proud of being a stupid hillbilly will WILLINGLY DEFEND TO THE DEATH their right, then and now, to say it. They had something which the left abhors, courage.

          And I may be a stupid hillbilly, but I’m not nearly as ignorant and gullible as you, you blithering idiot. Which would you rather be, a hillbilly or gullible and ignorant.

        69. Conservativesniper……..I’m with you. I wear the appellation of ”hillbilly” or ”redneck” with pride.

          It’s snooty academic elites who have been brainwashed to believe that apart from ”’higher” (read that lower) education, you can’t know anything, that are so condescending to those who may not have an education.

          They may have the sheepskin, but they are clueless and don’t have a speck of common sense.

        70. Well, maybe one day we can share some corn squeezin’s, hehehe. I like my carbohydrates fermented.

        71. Elites? Oh, you must mean those who look down on average Americans by saying stupid asinine thing like “they cling to their guns and bibles.” :)

        72. ‘They protect their family and land’.
          Another stupid standard we want to uphold.
          My dog has more integrity then our government will ever accumulate. :-)

        73. Anytime you go “OverTheTop”, you go downwards. The Tea Party has done more for educating Americans than the current socialist education system. Home schooled children always test higher than gov’t schools.

        74. Gee, I wonder why that is? Perhaps because Home schooled children’s parents give a crap? With regards to the Tea Party movement, always look at whom the left directs its ire. That’s who needs to be supported because that’s who the left fears most.

        75. Over the Top WHERE did you get your facts that you so stupidly state? In your ignorance of conservatives you consider yourself so above as does the rest of your mindless elitests. You are not educated or elite, just ignorant. Get real and give me the source of your falsely state pseudo facts? ? ? ? Answer: you do NOT have any such information. Only an ignoramus would make such accusations. pity you.

        76. Isn’t that what Obama Zombies do best?
          Personally, I have no pity for them. I want them either fixed or removed from society where they can inflict no harm.

        77. You must be one of them if you can on whine. When you attend lectures,
          classes or read some of the drivil they publish to get tenure you can
          quite easily pick up who is an American and who is a Socialist. They
          can not keep their mouths shut and have to spew forth garbage to the
          students. You see it from Kindergarden thru colleges across our
          nation. True some of the are more subtle than others and there are
          some teachers who are American who love this nations and are not
          afraid to teach the truth. But the school boards and teachers unions
          do all they can to eliminate such teachers from the class rooms as
          quickly as possible.

        78. Hillbillies would out survive your sorry butt….you could never make it in a disaster you sissy. Your probably living in your Mothers basement, drunk or smoking pot in your superman undies getting paid by George Soros to rant and rave like a madman to conservatives.

        79. Speak for yourself, I’m a Christian and a conservative with graduate degrees in Engineering and Liberal Arts.
          And when I was at University, one thing I did notice was that most of the professors who taught actual rigorous subjects were apolitical.

        80. I don’t believe education is futile, science is bad, teachers are lazy, or college is for communists on the surface. I do believe when kids are taught they come from animals, they are naturally going to act like animals. That is what our kids are being taught. That makes science, teacher, education and college bad.

        81. @OverTheTop, WHO on the Right (religious or otherwise) has EVER said that “Education is futile”? Those are YOUR words. Conservatives have GREAT RESPECT for EDUCATION – it’s the indoctrination going on in MOST Public Schools (and so-called “Institutions of higher learning”) to which we object (and I say this from a family with THREE GENERATIONS of teachers).

          As for SCIENCE, Republicans APPLAUD the efforts of TRUE Science (like the three major Drug Companies [Merck, Roche and Sanofi – NOT Government] which are concurrently testing new, and VERY PROMISING, Cancer Treatments that prevents tumors [cancers] from growing). It BOGUS (aka JUNK) “science” like “anthropogenic global warming” that we REJECT!

          Finally, we LOVE reading books – especially “The Good Book”, which you Liberals have all but banned. Yes, there are some Right Wing Extremists who believe burning the Qur’an would “prove” something – just as Left Wing Extremists believe burning the American Flag (or President Bush in effigy) “proves” something THEY (you?) believe!

          Liberals see EVERYONE in terms of one’s Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religious Belief, and, especially, one’s Political Party – insulting those who have the audacity to disagree with YOUR beliefs, or who don’t fit into the “box” you have created for their Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc. It is Democrats who started the KKK, and who tried to BLOCK Civil Rights Legislation (like Al Gore, Senior), and who call Conservative Blacks “Uncle Toms” (and worse), such as Justice Clarence Thomas, or Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, or ANY NUMBER of GOP Politicians (who just happen to be minorities)! And YOU have the nerve to call US “Stupid Hillbillies” or “Mean Spirited”?

          Take a look in the mirror, Jack!

          Give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day…
          Give a man a fish EVERY DAY, and you’ve created a Democrat VOTER FOR LIFE!

        82. WardMD, brilliant reply!

          Give a Democrat a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a Democrat to fish and he’s back the next day looking for more free fish!

        83. Or, could it be that they’re starting to take the education of their children into their own hands? Even though I’m a professional swindler of the young–oops, public school teacher–I respect that. And, although I am part of “da Yoonyun”, I think it would be a very good thing if American education were decentralized.

          I teach American Government and World History–both of which are subjects I’ve read widely in. I am frankly shocked at a lot of the ignorant drivel that gets put into curricula and textbooks, and obsolete, fossilized ideas from the 1930’s.

          From your comments, it seems that Leftists (I am a “liberal” in the sense that I think liberty is a major political good) can’t tell the difference between education and schooling.

        84. I respect your honesty and frankness but have you ever consider changing your political identity?

          “I am a “liberal” in the sense that I think liberty is a major political good”

          I believe that’s an antiquated definition of liberalism. Today’s brand of liberalism has nothing to do with Liberty or political good. Agree?

        85. Believing that liberty is a major political good is what a classic liberal or current day conservative believes. Today’s liberals are diametrically opposed to that. They are for servitude to the gummint, communists. They are the antithesis of the classic liberal. Therefore, they are pathological liars. But, the worst thing is they are lying to themselves.

        86. You sir, are full of horse dung. First, the teachers of today are not the same as the teachers I had growing up. My teachers were teachers. If you will pardon the cliche, the taught Red’n, writ’n and Rithmatic. When I dropped out of high school I was at that time way ahead of the high school graduates of today. (I actually got my GED before I would have graduated). My mind wasn’t filled with a bunch of “the world owes you a living” or “you are special”or “you are the center of the universe” I had learned how to loose. I had learned how to excel.
          And yes, a lot of our tenured profesors are communist or at least socialist. You have people who teach our children how the world works, having never worked in the real world. Take for instance our President. He never had a real job. He doesn’t know anything about business. I never had to make a payrole, but I worked for and with the people who did.

        87. College educated here. I “reckon”, I am one of those hillbillies you are ranting against. I have no idea where you get the idea I am against science, teachers , and education. In fact I encourage youngsters to get an education. Now I also know there are many college instructors who lean to the left. I also support the U.S. constitution which includes the right to keep and near arms and that right shall not be infringed. It does not matter if we are College Educated, “Hillbillies and Rednecks” or educated in the school of hard knocks, common sense is common to those in these groups. Of course many of us in the above mentioned groups see college educated ” left wing loons” and those left wing loons educated in the school of hard knocks as being totally lost in the art of common sense. Actually if you are a left wing loon, then by definition you have no common sense.

        88. Religion isn’t bad. Dogmatic and inflexible pursuit of religion is bad.

          If you want to see the meaning of “dogmatic and inflexible,” look no further than the global warming hoax.

          Obama’s supporters are dogmatic and inflexible about his statu as “messiah.”

          The NRA is dogmatic and inllexible about gun rights.

          Eric Holder is dogmatic and inflexible about the theory that black people shouldn’t be held accountable for crimes.

          If dogatism and infleixbility are the chief characteristics of relgion, then atheism, communism, and gay rights are also religions.

          To really have separation of religion and state, Obama, any commujnist, any NRA sympathizer, Eric Holder, Barney Frank, and a lot of other officialswho worship money would be unable to hold public office.

        89. I don’t understand where you get the idea that NRA ‘sympathizers’ constitute a religious organization or are part of the government or worship money. You seem to be pretty dogmatic and inflexible in the practice of stupidity, piss poor spelling and proofreading.

        90. Education is futile when those who are teaching,are anti Christianity , who only wish to supplant what is right with a homosexual agenda that tells everyone else that they are wrong. These same “enlightened” homosexuals can not reproduce,yet they will have you believe according to their way of thinking,the species can reproduce with out the opposite sex. Over the Top, I can only wonder how you came to your conclusions,for these conclusions are “ignoranti enenchai”. A hillbilly possesses what you lack,common sense.

        91. I am religious and to the right politically but I have no problem with books or education. It is the left that seems to have a problem with diversity in education.
          John Dewey, 1859-1952, is considered by many to be the father of modern “liberal” educational ideology. Those on the left have promoted his ideology in public education to great effect. The very basis of Dewey’s belief about education is contained in the following Dewey quote.
          “The mere absorption of facts and truths is so exclusively an individual affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness. There is not obvious social motive for the acquirement of mere learning, there is no clear social gain in success thereat.”
          Pay special attention to the phrase “there is no clear social gain in success thereat.”
          This statement has been adopted by liberal educators to the detriment of teaching traditional areas in education. This ideology threw math, science, engineering, literature, geography, reading and writing skills and history onto a back shelf in preference to indoctrinating our kids with social justice, moral relativism, multiculturalism, secularism and socialism. Many who are raising alarms about modern public education contend that since Dewey’s influence, there has been a concerted effort to “dumb down” children in our schools.
          Take his contention that, “The mere absorption of facts and truths is so exclusively an individual affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness.” According to this ideology, the student who wants to excel, who wants to learn and acquire knowledge and truth is selfish. The secondary result of this approach to education is to crush individuality and punish exceptionalism by replacing them with secularism and advancing the ideology of a Socialist state.
          The debasement of, traditional and classical knowledge, individualism and independent thinking is necessary if a government is to control its citizens and convince them to accept an ideology that a legitimate education would cause them to reject.
          This debasement must be fought against at every turn.
          Consider this statement by Vladimir Lenin.
          “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
          Johann Gottlieb Fichte, 1762-1814 philosopher and psychologist promoted atheism and is considered the father of German nationalism stated the following:
          “Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished … The social psychologist of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”·

        92. Sounds like your stuck in your own little world of preconceived standard lines of prejudice. Anything original? Then quit with your brand of hate speech. Thanks in advance.

        93. It is not the “education is futile”, it is like you said teachers are lazy, opionated, communist leaning, not teaching…only training students to pass state tests for keeping funding and their jobs!!!!!! And you are the one that is stupid….you would not make a pimple on a hillbillie’s a$$….du mb sh it!!!!

        94. you can bet that the person that has been voteing down on every thing that any one say’s voted on this comment

        1. And most aren’t very good at that either unless they are screaming in a picket line demanding more taxpayer money! :)

        2. I am the Cafeteria Lady in our school…
          You should hear our Aids, the Teachers Assistance…
          ‘CLEAN UP>>!!!”
          Like a Macaw screaching in your ear…
          Funny, the kids, once in second grade, mimick them and the Macaw…
          With us, the ‘Useless’ Cafeteria Ladies… “Thank You’ is our daily word…
          We recieve more respect from giving respect…
          Let me conceal and carry, I will Never Let these children down…
          I Will die for them…
          I’m 47, they are Kids…
          I Would Gladly Give My Life, To Save Theirs….

        3. Although my children are grown may I say a sincere THANK YOU!!!! I hope any grandchildren I may have may be fortunate to have lunchroom staff such as you.

        4. I wonder if this Law Professor has brown eyes because he’s so full of crap. He needs to research the DICK ACT of 1902 also known as the Efficiency Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. Of course, the communist teachers in our schools don’t care about any law except the ones they make up and impose on the rest of us. It states. “The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attander and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. . . . The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution” to write an executive order for gun-control. I don’t care how old this law it still stands and so does the U.S. Constitution.

        5. Actually, The militia law of 1902, also known as the Dick Act doean’t invalidate anything. It placed theNational Guard under federal authority and established it as part of teh army reserve.

        6. You are right. My comment doesn’t say that the Efficiency Militia Bill of 1902 invalidates the Dick Act. My comment says that it invalidates all so-called GUN-CONTROL LAWS.

        7. Any law passed by congress can be repealed by a later congress. They do it all the time. An amendment cannot be repealed by congress but can only be repealed or amended only by the amendment process itself. Case in point: Congress passed a law declaring US money had to be backed by gold and later silver. Not so today. In fact, not even the coins in general circulation today contain any silver or gold.

        8. Can you tell me where one can find an actual copy of the document?
          I have a copy of a Manual for the Organized Militia (National Guard) from 1911 but nothing about the Unorganized Militia.
          I have tried both of my Senators and both of the State of Maine Reps but none of them has responded.
          Has the Dick Act just been discovered? I have seen it mentioned many places recently, but the material all seems to be cut and pasted from the same source and the source is not given.

        9. I’ve looked this up and yes the President can, but that isn’t his intention anyway. Many Presidents have done things that impacted rights. Lincoln totally suspended the Constitution, closed newspapers that didn’t agree with his policies. took away the rights of those being tried for crimes even put people in prison that could be considered political prisoners. He did a lot of things. They have been writing these since the late 1700s and most Presidents have used them. Obama has only made just over 130 of them, Bush many more than Obama. I’m working on trying to find out how to overturn them if it can be done just in case. Even way back analysts have stated that because of the Executive Order, Presidents have too much power, more than the founders had wanted.

        10. Unless you have ADHD, you’re Latino without a Spanish Surname or speak with a Spanish accent, and you’re an IT professional… I can, but they won’t let me here because I’m much smarter then they are!

      2. And if they are not teaching they are working at Starbucks or McDonald’s because in the real world that’s all they are qualified to do!

        1. Hey, watch it. I order a glass of water and sit out in front of Starbucks for hours, reading “Streisand’s Wisdom”. So don’t tell me I’m not smart.

      3. Not all that teach are extreme liberal or even liberal or are unable to do what they teach. Most in technical colleges actually did what they teach at some point. Some are doing what they teach in off hours.

    2. Most of these so called, elite college professors, have always been full time students, until they are able to get a teaching job. I had a neighbor one time, who was still attending school, at age 35. He never even held a part time job. Mommy and daddy, were supporting him. A real waste product.

    3. And the Professor is from where?? University of Chicago?? Give us a break! Isn’t it a distinct possibility,the Professor is a friend of Obama supporter — Pentagon bomber and Weatherman founder, Bill Ayers? Unless I am mistaken ,didn’t Ayers and Obama teach classes at the same University of Illinois, Ayers as a full time Professor and Obama an adjunct teacher. The liberal Professors in today’s academia ,have fertile young minds to mold in college, for how many grammar and High schools, stress US History or for that matter, the US Constitution. They are too focused on Sex Ed and I have two mommies or daddy’s, or stopping any mention of religion.

      1. Keep in mind that all things in life are cyclical. And when that pendulum swings back you had better duck, because you like your fellow commies will be losing your heads.You really are a piece of crap aren’t you you turd? Still using Alias’s I see. I would assume your too stupid to use a different IP address aren’t you?

    4. We need a “christian head hunter” kind of like they used to find and blacklist communists. We need to find and blacklist you conservatives.

      1. OK. It shouldn’t be hard. Look for true centers of enlightenment, civilization and freedom. Make sure you don’t overlook the hillbillies. Get lots of paper. Bring lots of pens. And ink. And if you need help with spelling, or somebody to rub your cramped little sissy fingers (worn out from polishing things, I’m sure) a blacklisted Conservative (isn’t that racist?) (and blacklisted from what?) will be glad to see if there’s a Chicago professor somewhere to give you a joint massage. We wouldn’t want you to have to try to read instructions on how to provide one yourself. Head hunter? You probably couldn’t hunt for a tissue to wipe yourself off in the privacy of your dark, lonely bedroom…

    5. You have to go all the way back to the upheaval of the mid-late ‘60s to understand how this situation came about. At that time many young men answered their nation’s call, and went off to an unpopular war. Others opposed that war, and wanted, instead, to smoke dope save their precious skins and experience free-love. They went into academia to avoid military service. They sought to justify their life decisions to every student passing through their classes. The college professors of today are the students of that period.

      1. Hey, if you haven’t seen it, check out “Grinding Down of America”. Google it.
        I agree with your assessment of the times! Spot on!

    6. Hip Hip Horah…Finally someone who understand the Game being played by the forces of evil upon the American people….Sadly 51% of Ameican’s are quite comfortable with stupidity!

    7. Oh come on, that’s not true. People have been arguing over the Bill of Rights for years. The flowery language is fine but when they wrote it given the nature of what it was they should have been much more specific. It is written in such a way as it can be interpreted differently depending on one’s agenda.

    8. Here’s the first problem, he’s from CHICAGO. Go figure!!!

      “Stone is currently the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School.”

    1. when the marxist/commies declare you a subject and not a person you shall no longer be “people” in a liberal’s world sir

  6. What does it matter whether a lawyer or a candlestick maker says 2nd amendment is not written in stone, people that have fought for this country and not some candy-ass lawyer will have the final say. The government would be completely foolish to even try to enforce a gun ban. Try it and see lawyer!

  7. Playing with analogies, does not alter the true meaning or the purpose of Amendments. Liberal Prof’s like Stone should stick to intent when teaching Constitutional law, and leave philosophy to the other libs.

  8. It’s these pseudo-intellectual morons that have twisted the truth so far other mental midgets start repeating it and then the Govt took advantage of that stupidity. Anyone who has read the Federalist Papers and other documents written by our founders would know 90% of what the left says about the Constitution is BS and they only do it so they can get around the Amendment process since they would be shot down every time. The 2nd Amendment had 2 purposes, to make known the natural born right we ALL have to protect ourselves with a firearm and to keep the citizenry on Par with the military so should tyranny abound they could put the beast down and have a fighting chance to do so…

    We need to be consistent though,,,,it’s ironic how many are ok with felons loosing their rights, which are just as absolute as a non-felon, not to mention that was just part of the left’s gun control scheme…ban felons from having guns and make everything a felony…back in our founders time after you did your time your debt to society was paid and you weren’t a second class citizen….yet no one mentions that when they bring up violations of the Constitution….so it’s ok if you like it or it makes sense but not ok when it effects you…that attitude by conservatives is part of how we have gotten here…you give an inch and the progressives will demand 2…and it just continues…there would be a lot less bad people if more people had guns and kids were raised with guns and taught to respect them….

  9. Well then, I shall start to license, fee, background check, restrict the good professor’s speech. Especially speech that the founders didn’t “envision,” like email, texting, Twitter, television, radio, ball-point pens, typewriters, blogging. Henceforth, “free speech” is restricted to quill and parchment. Think how much “revenue” I can raise. BUT, I’m only for this if I’m in charge.

  10. This piece shows the muddled thinking the writer attributes to Judge Stone. No registration of guns, no screening of purchasers, no banning of purchasing military weapons or magazines deprives anyone of freedom without due process provided in the Constitution. Regulation of commerce IS expressly provided, the issue here. If you are crime free, if you are not mentally impaired, you have nothing to fear. Oh, maybe that’s it–some gun enthusiasts, especially in my way of thinking, ARE mentally impaired. Their inability to reason and compromise, to adjust their thinking and habits, to follow Constitutional prescriptions constitute a form of illness–paranoia, schizophrenia, low IQ, sociopathy are rampant among the extreme right wing base including gun owners. Haha. You’ve been busted!

    1. Just what kind of “Dr.” are you?? A Pill Pushing Proctologist, I’d Bet!! How many Needless Prescriptions did YOU write Last year DOC?? How many do you write for Yourself?? With the Ignorance you Spew out of that Ugly little Face of yours, I’m glad you’re Not a Doctor in my part of the Country!! Otherwise somebody would have already Dragged your Scrawny, Round headed Azz out of your Office and Kicked the Living Crap out of you!! You’re a Wormy looking little Twerp!! You may need to go see a Veterinarian to get some Meds for that Dumbazz Disease you sound like you have!!!You seem to be eat up with it!! Maybe you’ll Die Soon with a little Luck!!

      1. Dear anonymous redd (head), rhymes with ‘deadhead’, Get an argument, a rebuttal, a unique thought, and response to legitimate concerns, or get off the air. Maybe the shoe fits.

  11. During the debate on adopting the second amendment, many different views were presented, these debates were recordet. SChoolers who studied these debates will tell that was meant 200 years ago, does not have the same meaming to day. Still don’t uderstand what religion has to do with guns in early America.

    1. I believe the original Intent of settlers, when coming to America, was to escape religiuos persecution. The taking up arms was necessary to maintain that intent when the original persecuters came to ‘steal’ the country from the settlers, for the King !
      Thus the reason for the Constitution, to prevent the reoccurance of the ‘tyrantical’ Kings laws in their new land. The gun part is necessary to keep a free nation.
      Of course I’ve written this in a way to ‘simplify’ the events.

  12. Our Founding Fathers expected such remarks so they wrote the Constitution in the simplest of terms for even the common man to understand. Now what does that say about you…..neanderthal !

  13. Odd, I was just thinking that ‘law licenses’ aren’t “absolute” and up pops this story that proves my point.

  14. The founding fathers had only ONE thing in mind when the 2nd amendment was placed in the constitution as they actually had experience with it.
    Just because we are supposed to be a civilized society doesn’t mean there are not people that would not take advantage of the unarmed population. Power hungry people would jump on it in a heart beat.
    It is one of the only amendments that really has absolutely no other interpretation. It is straight forward and point blank. Some Intellectuals will always try to give a spin on the meaning of just about anything that supports their purpose. There are those that can justify the existence of a RED RAT as being common place.
    Besides, our founding fathers were smart enough to realize just that and added the part stating “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Thats exactly what they are trying to do. Infringe !!

  15. Yes, the lunatics do use guns unlawfully. That is not to say we punish the entire population of gun owners for the bad deeds of others. We punish the guilty and that is it. The 2nd Amendment is exact in the wording and cannot be taken apart like the Bible to come up with different meanings to fulfill different wishes. The 2nd Amendment Stands like a boulder and will not be removed! Yes, some will try but American gun owners and non-gun owners will stand firm with the 2nd Amendment should this country’s wind shift in a different direction! “Shifting winds” work both ways!!!!!

  16. Why am I not surprised that Professor Levi teaches at Chicago Law School? Is that not the same school that had Pres. Obama as a lecturer on Constitutional law and we all now know how little he understands the Constitution. In addition, Chicago has the strongest anti-gun laws in the nation….and the highest violent crime rate as a result, but the liberals there cannot understand that the right to self-defense is an innate right that must not, and cannot be limited by government.

    1. Don’t kid yourself, they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Barry Soetoro understands the Constitution that’s why he’s trying to destroy it. He has attacked the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments in his first term, He doesn’t give a damn out the rest either.

  17. I well remember the last time a professor said anything intelligent. It was at an ice skating party the last time hell froze solid! I am looking forward to the next party!

  18. Well, my guns say the Founding Fathers meant exactly what they put into the 2nd amendment in clear, concise and brief prose.

    I am America, I am armed and I will fight tooth and nail to protect her from her enemies, ESPECIALLY DOMESTIC.

  19. Funny the Constitution and all that’s in it is what made this country great.

    Go live somewhere that has no Constitution if you don’t like it here,

  20. The professor is absolutely wrong and he is trying compare apples and oranges to deceive those who are not given to thinking much for themselves. Watch the O use that as an argument, those given to selfish pleasures will gladly buy the lie hook, line and sinker.The criminals, thugs, union bosses and corrupt politicians would side withe professor 100%. America has a deficit of thinking & reasoning people because they have forsaken the Living God’s Word, the Bible.

    P.S. Do you know the Bible says to “prove all things and hold fast to that which is good”? Historically we know that unarmed citizens are subjects & such actions give rise to tyranny and unarmed citizens also embolden savages in our midst. Imagine a frail old woman trying to defend herself against a six foot, 220 pound beast in the prime of his life.

  21. Well…consider the fact that this College is in CHICAGO ! I have been lead to believe that they have no credibility after allowing Obama to ‘Speak’ to college attendees, when he couldn’t find honest work..
    If the second amendment is not absolute, then all the others are the same…like the first.
    These guys all have their own definitions of what they read from the constitution. In stead of reading ‘between the lines’, read it for what it SAYS. NO IF, ANDS, or BUTS.

  22. Isn’t it odd that Obama’s admin gives guns to Syrian Islamists and Mexican Cartels, while trying to restrict them from American Citizens?

  23. Liberal lawyers like Mr. Stone are similar to a penis in briefer shorts. They are formed and held in place by the protection of the briefs, but love to be removed every once and a while to insert that foolish tool into other human crevasses.

  24. Does someone want to get this clowns attention and tell him that the Constitution is not a bunch of suggestions. The constitution is NOT open to individual interpretation, if it were it would be useless to us because everyone would decide what it meant. It is absolute, It means what it says and it says what it means. You want to know why the country is getting so messed up? It’s easy people like Obama believe that the Constitution is open to individual interpretation, his. He has said in the past the constitution is flawed and he is proving it on a daily basis by trying to shred it. If you don’t believe me look at what he is trying to do with the with gun ownership or government spending (the house, ONLY the house is to initiate ALL spending bills.) Things like the Marxist Obamacare was initiated in the Senate which makes it unconstitutional and illegal.

  25. It’s clowns like Geoffrey R. Stone that teach false ideology to the idiots that attend colleges like his. They should concentrate on learning the basics before pontificating on politics. Stone probably lives up to his name; just add a “d’.

    1. All you Have to do is take a walk through the quadrangle and engage their students.
      Did you know we fought for our independence from Canada? :)

    1. Oh, you means the Joseph Goebbels method. You know you are in esteemed company when you use the methods of the German National SOCIALIST Party from the 1930’s until 1945.

        1. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
          people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained
          only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
          political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus
          becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to
          repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus
          by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        2. Thanks! It figures! Although it appears to work :)

          That is how we ended up with the homo in the White House.

  26. I’m not a Law Professor, however in my studies, I’ve known many Constitutional Law Professors and they say the Amendment is not about guns, or protecting yours homes, but to insure that the government don’t become tyrannical. I admit though, my friends tend to be conservative. And, with the latest attempt at grabbing our freedoms< I understand why.

  27. I think the Professor’s conclusion a bit suspect since the Amendment is considered to be “settled law”…now look it up and you’ll see…however the crooked machinations of those that would like the amendment amended to mean essentially nothing is over the top and there would be a blowback that would incite “civil disobedience”…

    1. I don’t know about the viper part, but it’s a hot bed of communism and A-holes! :)
      Communism, socialist, etc can’t survive without being mendacious.

      1. Vipers, yeah, it could go either way. Vipers are dangerous and deadly but, in colonial times the rattlesnake was respected, hence its appearance on the Gadsden flag. “Don’t tread on me.” Good words for the federal government to remember and heed.

  28. I would expect nothing less from a Professor teaching law in CHICAGO.
    A SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) on my part, that this professor is a demoncrap….

  29. First of all he’s an academician….suspect. Second, he’s from Chicago.,,wildly suspeect Third, his ‘opinion’ is agenda-driven and an attempt to curry favor with Comrade Obama and his czars which he is betting will rule America with an iron fist. Strike three. No thanks, professor. Keep your BS opinions to yourself.

  30. It has confounded me how people can believe that a title of professor will make others go along with their communist agenda. In my book that constitutes stupidity. Of course our education system has been infiltrated with these maggots for so long I suppose it is plausibe for others to be manipulated by their lies.

  31. Why is it that all Law Professors or, for that matter lawyers, get to interpret the Constitution and the Amendments the way they think it should be interpreted and no one seems to give a damn what we, the every day citizen, seems to think?

  32. When we’ve got law professors like this, I guess we really do need a Supreme Court of nine un-elected judges to interpret the Constitution. What a crock of bovine scatology. The Constitution was written so that every Tom, Dick and Harry could read and comprehend it. Unless, of course, you are a liberal law professor.

  33. Only in Chicago; A distinguished law professor that doesn’t understand what “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means……. Me thinks his educational monies would’ve been better applied to obtaining a taco stand license.
    This is so funny, watching leftist hystionics. The 2nd amendment was written by the framers in language that was absolute, ironclad and unassailable, and it drives them NUTS!

  34. The law professors in our country are all liberals/progressives, and they believe that the Constitution is a living document to be bent and twisted to meet their daily needs. The Founders were afraid this would happen and they added the Bill of Rights to tell politicians exactly what they were not to do. They knew that politicians tend to seek power and power corrupts. The progressive movement was introduced to our country in the 1880’s to change our Republic back to the European Socialist form of government. Since that time the politicians have been working tooth and nail to move our country backwards. “We the People” have a duty to put a stop to this, and the Declaration of Independent shows us the way to stop it. “Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” Thomas Jefferson said “When injustice becomes law, then rebellion becomes duty.” The law professors have forgotten the law or bypass the law and teach injustice. These same professors and the corrupt politicians make Benedict Arnold look like a national hero. The Constitution is absolute!

  35. OHHH Professor, a law degree from a Chicago school, are you serious? these are similar to the cracker jack surprises!

    Anyway, you mention freedom of speech you cant do this and that- you can not slander, libel or yell “fire” if its not true. Let me remind you this is done all day long- examples:

    Media, false reports data and slanders people all day long causing harm on many!
    Al Gore, false reports data & scientists have proven data on global warming was altered! both of these have hurt many in the process, I dont see anyone jumping on those examples of abuse of freedom of speech loaded with slander, lies do you?

    Unions, verbally abuse, damage property, threaten personal bodily harm and have harmed people, Polititions commonly list false remarks as fact harming many in the process and even OWS has unlawfully assembled, damaged, threatened and more and nothing seems to be done about these issues!.

    Even when you relate to guns instead of freedom of speech, Gun toting criminals violating every part of their probation and even “fast and furious” puting guns in the hands of illegals, drug lords and international boarder issues, ALL puts innocent AMERICANS in harms way and for some reason – judges and people like yourself look the other way. Why is that, could it be biased and unlawful treating “ALL MEN NOT EQUAL?” each of these is a perfect example of violation of the Constitution!

    It appears for hundreds of years the Constitution did not need “interpretation”. Could it be people of the past had morals, honesty, respect and law abiding Americans or lets just say “smarter” that the attys today? it would appear so.

    Infringing is in the works by many and I expect the courts and legal system to do their jobs if they want to be respected because you my friend created the precedent of violation and so all others such as Conservatives could NOT be charged with a crime or any crime regarding guns, slander, or property violations regardless of the law since YOU do not create all men equal- you allow to look the other way on some issues but want to enforce them on others! Then in effect the Conservative is just following the common trend and it becomes a non issue on the gun issue- If fast and furious can give guns away and not be charged with a offence and not track the criminal intent then so can Any person- precedent set by the regime.

    So your discussion hold no water because it appears violations are occurring every day and nothing is done about these gross negligence So we will create all men equal and do as what is being done in today’s world- look the other way on all offences instead of selected offences so we all are treated equally on libel, slander and even gun use.

    Until then, go back to your cracker jack box, I hear they are giving out birth certificates from Hawaii in every 1000 boxes.

  36. This is why young people today have no real knowledge of the Constitution. The so-called teachers and professors teaching them are woefully ignorant themselves, either by choice or accident of birth (lacking enough brain cells to learn themselves), so they are the blind leading the blind.

  37. As usual , they think they are smarter then anyone else. And they really make fools of them selves. My son told me on graturation day, that when he threw his cap in the air, it was freedom from all the lies the teachers try to teach him, he did his classes and listen just to past his grades and all the other things will soon be forgotten.

  38. pick, pick, pick!
    Always picking the Constitution apart, no wonder America is in deep chit!
    This guy sounds & looks like another FN obama, just a little lighter on the surface, but still just as dangerous..
    America, there coming out of the woodwork now that obama has a second term,
    America is doomed.

  39. The Declaration of Independence is not nor has ever been the law of this land. People who lose the constitution argument fall back to the Declaration because they know there are idiots who believe it is pertinent to the discussion. It is not.

  40. Now, it’s no wonder Geoffrey R. Stone is speaking out againist the 1st and 2nd Amendment at this time, when Obama is attacking both the 1st and 2nd with a hard press of his cabnet and friends. One might know G R Stone comes from the University of Chicago, you know the hell hole of America the home of the top criminals in all of it’s history. The city with the zip code 60606 how convenient for the lord to place that number “666” over a city that is full of sin one of the top crime city in America for murder. Stone is no surprize to me he is a left wing loon, and is good friends with that up standing citizen Bil Ayers you know the Bill Ayers that Obama don’t know “Yaaa”. Also the Bill Ayers that bombed the police station in the 60’s 70’s .Don’t be fooled by this guy’s view on the Constitution.He is pushing his view through the college he teach’s at to bring down America just like the Obama criminal cabnet team. People like Stone are blood sucking leaches trying to turn America into a Socialist country. Protect the Republic for watch it stands. Freedom for ALL.

  41. A Communist unqualified, uneducated law professor from Chicago. We are dealing with another “great Constitutional lawyer” from Chicago right now. They really work at raising them Communist and stupid in Chicago!!

  42. Isn’t it amazing that this professor comes from Ghicago where the gangsters running our government have the most influence.They will try and convience the people we have mis- understood what the founding fathers ment and the nine bafoons need the decide for the millions–problem for them is the millions have the guns and are willing to die for their right to keep them.

  43. I believe that he may not have wanted to stimulate your or our thinking but he has done so. Professor Stone needs not to look for what isn’t there but what is there in our Constitution. Every one wants to disect it when like everything it must be read in full and understood as those who wrote it.

  44. Academic moron, lives in a fluff world! That idiot should be made to walk the roughest part of town at 3:00am, then see exactly what he says after some one wails the tar out of him for being there with no money…

  45. The COMMUNIST professor needs to learn the definition of the word “SHALL” shall is a superlative word that cannot be trumped or changed by any person or entity. Example “Shall not be infringed” meaning no person or government entity has the power or authority to change or compel a person by infringing upon the right of another. Because the word Shall is used in conjunction with the word “not’ the use of these two words together make the entire wording of the Second Amendment to the United States of America Constitution ABSOLUTE.

    In God’s law when God laid down his law (which by the way trumps all law, even the Constitution) the word Shall is used as a command by God. Example “Thou Shall not commit adultery” meaning one must not lust after or have sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman that are betrothed to each other. Because the word Shall is used in conjunction with the word “not’ the use of these two words together make the entire wording of God’s commandment ABSOLUTE.

    Must is a similar word to shall in that the word “must” is a superlative word with no other word or group of words having the ability to trump the word. Example Obama MUST be held accountable for the atrocities he has committed against the United States of America and the people of the United States of America. Because the word must is used in conjunction with the words “be held accountable’ the use of these four words together make the above statement ABSOLUTE.

    Therefore my suggestion is that the COMMUNIST professor find a private institution that will teach him proper English and the definition of words that are contained in the use of proper English. This by the way professor is 8 grade level curriculum or was when I attended school. Very likely is not taught now considering all public schools today teach nothing, public schools today only indoctrinate pupils to the 10 PLANKS of COMMUNISM.

  46. What is it about Chicago that draws so many marxists?

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” ~ Patrick Henry

  47. The key word in the Declaration of Independance is “PURSUIT”….You are free to pursue Happiness , Though I’m not obligated to bring it to you..

  48. Makes the few conservative right, teachers look bad which I myself am one. It is difficult in these times to not speak as openly as I would like to but one must find balance in keeping food on the table and yet attempt to correct some warped liberal notions that permeate our youth, sadly we must keep a low profile because society in large treats us as the embodiment of evil.

  49. With regard to the act of yelling “fire” in a crowded volume and be immune from blame I say that every act has consequences; some good and some bad. Such an act would have a bad outcome for the idiot who yelled fire and the first amendment would not protect him/her.
    With regard to the second amendment, note the word “shall” in the shall not be infringed clause. Shall is known as an imperative which means it is an absolute. So the professor is wrong.

  50. If the Second of the Amendments isn’t absolute, which of those damned pesky Amendments is absolute then???

  51. Since its creation in 1789, the United States Supreme Court has NEVER issued a ruling denying that the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT of the people. The Bill of Rights does NOT grant rights, it specifically PROTECTS PRE-EXISTING RIGHTS that are UNALIENABLE FROM OUR CREATOR. Those Bill of Rights are INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, not “collective” rights that can be swept away by a signature or legislation from a president or Congress. IF 99.99% of ALL AMERICA and OWEbama WANTED GUN BANS–the Constitution PROTECTS RIGHTS OF ALL CITIZENS DOWN TO THE SMALLEST MINORITY OF ONE PERSON!!!

  52. Why does any media give this moron ANY air time, print time or recognition of any sort…….This guy is as pathetic as the muslim moron in the white house.

  53. The left believes that they “gain power” only when other “lose their rights”. They will do or say anything to weaken or destroy the U.S. Constitution. That document is a “thorn” in the side of any tyrant or would be dictator. It limits their authority and power. Government has already violated it, (broken the laws), numerous times. They are eroding it because they know that laws that are ignored or violated without concequences, for all practical purposes, cease to exist. Our main problem is, Supreme Court Justices that abuse their powers and render “political decisions” rather than Constitutional decisions. Corruption, (by those who are intrusted with unlimited resources), like President Obama with Trillions in “stimulis funds” with no accounting, can “buy, bribe, and corrupt”, Senators, Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices to pass laws, (Obamacare), and issue legal decisions, (again Obamacare). When the highest ranking leaders in government become criminals, who will challenge them? Only the American people can. unless they also surrender to corrupt offers, bribes, or threats.

  54. This precisely is one reason why I disagree with University “professors” they tech their opinion and not the truth. Then media- like this- repeat his opinion and not fact. In his opinion, the 2nd amendment is not absolute. In my opinion it is absolute but I am just an AMERICAN not a hot shot professor. None of our ancestors that fought the Revolutionary war were professors either, they just read books of other people’s opinions.

  55. Those of us who really read and understand the Constitution know that to “keep and bear Arms” is not just a right but a constitutional REQUIREMENT!
    ARTICLE 1, Section 8 lists the Powers of Congress which includes “To provide and maintain a Navy,” but only “To raise and support Armies” and “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining (training), the Militia -” (The Militia, by law, consists of every able-bodied citizen between the ages of eighteen and forty-five.) So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  56. Someone, don’t care who, should pack up mr. Stone and his ilk. Take them to downtown Chicago about 2:00AM. Take his close off,tie his hands behind his back, put a whistle in his mouth and hang a few hundred dollar bill from his neck. Want a gun buttcrack?

  57. Most college Professors are stupid and to satisfy my mind that they are I charged this one Professor 10 times as much as the job was worth to do a small excavating job for him. Just maybe he realized that he was earning 10 time what he was worth for teaching, but I don’t think so.

  58. They’re coming to get us all and will follow like sheep to the slaughter if we don’t take the control back away from this illegal muslim ‘president’ and send him packing back to Kenya. He is not our friend, he is our enemy like all muslims and the longer we tolerate him the worse off we will be. And it’s our damned congress that won’t act on our behalf to protect us and follow constitutional law

  59. Professor Stone is prime example of why a truthful conversation can not be had with a liberal. The Bill Clinton impeachment trials went off coarse when Bill Clinton had a issue with the meaning of “is”. This is exactly the problem with liberals as they can not proceed in a conversation with honesty. They dodge and misconstrue obvious words to distract the conversation into a different level. Not a level born of truth as these truthful conversations are discarded for better footing or the question ignored completely. For example how many times have you seen a reporter ask a question in which a answer to a different question was given. Liberals have poor footing and are quick to lie or escape with an angle of accusations which enables them better turf. Quick to flip and quick to lie. This is why I appreciate Roy Rogers and Ronald Reagan as they were men of truth. You could have a conversation with these men without that hip escape and then quick to blame that you get with these liberal democrats of today. Like this professor, impossible to maintain a certain level of truthful conversation without a fight over the meaning of “is”.

  60. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, since its creation in 1789, the U.S. Supreme Court has NEVER issued a decision DENYING 2nd Amendment Rights to the citizens of the U.S.. The Bill of Rights does NOT “grant” rights–it expressly PROTECTS PRE-EXISTING UNALIENABLE RIGHTS FROM OUR CREATOR. Those rights are INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, not “collective” rights than can be signed or legislated away by a president or Congress. Rights that PROTECT ALL CITIZENS. IF 99.99% OF ALL AMERICANS and OWEbama WANTED GUN BANS–the Constitution PROTECTS THOSE RIGHTS DOWN TO THE SMALLEST MINORITY OF ONE PERSON!!

    1. In 1966, 2 FBI agents came and took my friends legal, registered (1958) .22, gun. They later admitted they made a mistake but couldn’t find the gun. In 1968, it showed up in a cache’ of guns the Black Panthers had in CA. Don’t tell me they can’t take your registered guns. Yes, they can and they will. DO Not Give Up your Guns!!!!

      1. CommonSense, WE THE PEOPLE number 100-150 MILLION GUN OWNERS. The TOTAL COMBINED number of U.S. military-active and reserves AND ALL law enforcement total about 4 MILLION–they CAN ONLY DISARM THOSE WHO WILL BE WILLING TO BE DISARMED!! As a MATTER OF FACT–WE THE PEOPLE ‘GUN OWNERS’ OUTNUMBER THE MILITARY FORCES OF THE United States, Russia and China COMBINED!

    2. I find it difficult to understand why people just don’t get it. Thanks for pointing it out again. “PRE-EXISTING UNALIENABLE RIGHTS FROM OUR CREATOR.” Of course if your a Godless heathen liberal, I can understand how they don’t understand. :)

      It’s probably akin to attempting to explaining the contextual color patters of a rainbow.

  61. Check out the U of C Law School average for how many times their graduates have to take the bar exam. Then ask youself why these morons are in demand of not ONLY beause of their alma mater.
    These Lawyers are taught to use utopian ideals of what law should be — not the nitty-gritty of what the law IS.
    And the Guy who teaches them to be real-world remedials now wants to tell us that God-given rights — protected and guaranteed as inviolable by the constitution — are only suggestions?

  62. 9 Supreme court justices have said otherwise three times of late. You can not take away a freedom that was not yours to give.

    The definition of a college professor; A malignant tumor locked away in a university containment building.

  63. If the 2nd Amendment is not ‘Absolute’ then none of the other Rights are absolute.. A great point of starting their push to cast out the Constitution as has been the Socialist Plan all along.. The 22 Amendment on Presidential term limits is also being targeted for removal.. On Jan. 04, 2013 a new bill from a ‘Demorat’ Rep. José Serrano once again introduced H.J.Res. 15, to enable a Dictator to rule for unlimited terms…

  64. As a Christian I have no agreement with calling people stupid or ignorant. The Constitution of this country offers the right of equality for everyone. Teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers all have a right to freedom and to practice what they believe, (but) with that freedom comes with responsibility. And that is the crux of the problem. You cannot call out fire in a crowed theater but you still have the right to free speech.You do not have a right to murder someone but you do have a right to own a fire arm and defend yourself.
    The key words I wish to establish here is freedom and responsibility. And under the law there is equality based on, do no harm. Your Constitution rights end where my Constitution rights begin and if I am in violation of your rights then I need to be held accountable by law.
    I have said all of this to simply say that we the people of the United States are being violated by our government, schools and freeloaders.

    We need to hold accountable those who are polluting and destroying the Constitution which is law of our land. Treason comes in many different ways and it must be prosecuted and stopped.
    If we do not enforce our Constitutional law the results will be the loss of not only the Constitution but our freedom and country.

  65. I think the most important part of the “rights” that are recognized by the Constitution is that they are to be intrepreted by the scope that the Creator gives them. Our “rights” are not defined by our law, but God’s Law. The author here recognizes that something can’t be said “falsely” which is to LIE. Therefore there is divine limitation on them and our law should/must reflect that standard. Confusion reigns in the ignorance/rejection of the Creator who gave the “rights” and His purpose for giving them.

  66. I worry that we’ll see the devolution of the “Hollering Fire in a crowded theater” gradually into a “whatever the administration says” standard.

    So if I hollered “the debt threatens us like fire in a crowded theater” too loudly I might be persecuted for incitement or such.

  67. A “teacher” of law in Chicago! A very crime ridden city, with VERY strict gun laws and this guy says the 2nd Amendment is not absolute………as HE claims for the 1st Amendment. Wow, imagine if all of the “Bill of Rights” were done away with, and ALL of the Amendments followed suit. What “protection” for THIS guy would there be for HIM from being arrested by some future form of government that may feel HE MAY BE A THREAT? The Bill of Rights were drawn up to get the STATES to ratify the Constitution……….it seems that many states feared the Federal Government might get TOO POWERFUL………..could this “law(n) proffessor believe that HE IS SAFE from a too powerful government? Just because HE thinks he knows best…………so to, somebody who may not agree with him……….may declare this “teacher” as a threat……………take away his rights, what will he have left to defend himself? I guess he could hope some other person may “speak up” in his defense, but with all of the civil rights gone…………….a person may not be able to………….

  68. What do law professors know??? They have no real world experience. I’ve been a constitutional law & family law paralegal/consultant for 29 years and know more than most lawyers because of practical experience of doing the paperwork, research and assisting clients in court. Law professors are a joke. They teach law school students the same garbage year after year, with no basis in fact or law, or any real world experience.
    When a lawyer passes the bar he has to “practice” for at least 5-10 years under the guidance of more knowledgeable lawyers before they know what they’re doing, if they ever do. Most of the lawyers coming out of law schools are retards that must be taught the paperwork, how to write briefs, how to do the research, etc. And, guess who teaches lawyers how to do this? You guessed it, paralegals!
    In most states lawyers don’t have real licenses like doctors, CPAs, architects, hair dressers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, etc. Lawyers are mostly CERTIFIED. They are certified in good standing, after attending an ABA accredited law school for $50-$100K, passing the bar, and paying a fee to “practice”. Paralegals are certified too, and don’t have to go through the rigamarol that lawyers do, and know more than the lawyers.
    This clown who says the Second Amendment is NOT absolute is a fool and a charlatan. Just because he something that the left-wing Marxists can hang their hats on doesn’t make him smart or knowing. Unfortunately, we have these “useful” idiots teaching our children.

  69. This is sensationalist reporting at best built from a Huffington Post story(a leftist liberal rag at best) Something you might expect from the NYT

  70. The fact that he’s a “law Professor” doesn’t preclude the possibility that he’s an intellectual moron. He knows the words,but doesn’t recognize the context. The fact that he can even make his statement demonstrates the 1st amendment is valid because the 1st amendment is protected by the 2nd amendment. The problem with word smithing is that it’s far to easy to parse meanings, as Bubba Bill proved with the famous “It depends on what the meaning of it, is” sentence articulated in defense of having oral sex.

  71. Coming from ‘the Republic of Chicago’ this is not surprising, look at what we have sitting in the black house! Somebody should tell this professor who is two steps short of the top floor. That he is also not absolute.

  72. Liberal mentality and useless arguments sound so good and on the surface they might
    make sense to some . Unfortunatley the underlying effect is not know until they slip
    the chain of slavery upon you. Look at who published the article the Huff Po a whining
    liberal rag with no credibility excetp among the sheeple of the left. A colleg professor
    who has a history of hating our nation and enspousing socialism, communism and
    and ism that is anti American. The only get play on the TV and Newspaper media
    outlets that have the same goal in mind, to destroy our nation by any lie possible.

  73. He’s probably in the club of academia who voted for Obama, too. Hope they are enjoying the rotten fruits of their labor.

  74. Geoffrey R. Stone is the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School in EXACTLY the same way that Barry is a Nobel Lauriat….

    First of all the First Amendment IS absolute. The Federal Government in general and the Congress specifically is forbidden to participate in “prior restraint” of speech. That doesn’t
    mean that speech doesn’t have consequences because we are, as free men, responsible for our actions, but that doesn’t mean that the First Amendment isn’t absolute! In the same way, the Second Amendment IS absolute. “Shall not be infringed” is not open to interpretation or debate. And if you come for my guns you will see why.

  75. Two things I read about this professor, 1, from Chicago and 2, writes for Huff. Makes him a flaming liberal. (Liberalism is a mental disorder). So this Professor can only take one biased position.

  76. Here is a college professor, a law professor, from Chicago non-the-less, who is shooting off his mouth about the rights to own guns in the US. All lawyers and law professors will tell you that nothing is absolute. That is true in most cases, and the second amendment is not exempt from that. It does not limit the US citizen as to what fire arms he is allowed to possess, so it allows for the possession of any firearm. It does not say that a non citizen may have a firearm, and it does not say that anyone may take a firearm from a citizen. It does not say that a firearm is a required possession, and it does not say that only certain people may have firearms. There are some people who are not allowed to have firearms, but they do not have civil rights for some reason or another. Prisoners are not allowed to have guns either. Insane people are not allowed to own guns either, but depending on the degree of psychosis they are determined to have there are some mentally ill people who can still own a gun. There may be some other cases, but there are the non absolutes unless the government usurps the Constitution.

  77. I’d LOVE to see how many 12th grade teachers and students could answer the total of 3/8+5/8= !!
    Reminds me of how many IGNORANT people think obamacare is good when NUMEROUS PARTS of it has NOTHING to do with healthcare!!

  78. Well “professor” , any law which keeps someone from sending you to your maker isn’t “absolute” either.
    Just a thought.

        1. Jeez, that sounds like felony assault or a terroristic threat at the very least there, Mr. Mescas. I’m sure has your IP address so LE or Homeland Security can stop by to make sure you are ok and not a danger to yourself, or anyone else. Probably be a good idea to go visit your mental health professional on Monday January 14, 2012 to get your dosages increased. Or you may be in need of more permanent treatment, like a frontal lobotomy. I bet there are some really challenging basket weaving classes you can take afterwards, johnny boy.

        2. If what I said was a threat, then you are admitting brass ring was threatening the professor. How interesting. I used the same vagueness toward him that Brass did toward the professor.

          Your hypocrisy has blinded you sniper.

        3. No, I was pointing out your remarkably STUPID and moronic(no offense intended toward morons) line of ‘thinking’ by mocking you, you blithering idiot. Seriously, does the medication nurse know you are on her computer or is it ‘free time’ at your ‘care facility’?

          Remember the immortal words of Samuel Clemens, “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”.

        4. “Remember the immortal words of Samuel Clemens, “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.””

          You use that same cliche ALL the time ..I found it absolutely hilarious that someone pointed that out to you and you yelled back “It’s not a cliche, it’s a quote, learn the difference” — You didn’t even know that a QUOTE can be cliche! — You really need to follow your own advice, every time you open your mouth you remind people how big a fool you are.

        5. By the way, sniper, get some new material already. You sound like a broken record. Do you ever come up with a thought of your own or do you always quote other people?

        6. You still think a quote can’t be a cliche? I never see you admit when you’re wrong. Your quote would be appropriate if you WALKED THE WALK instead of just TALK THE TALK.

          If you read back in all my comments, You’ll see incidents where I admit fault. That’s something conservatives RARELY do (if ever)

      1. You apparently work extensively hard at being an obnoxious fool and it shows. Stand up now and take a bow, you deserve it!

  79. Interesting, but the carnage of an automatic weapon does still place a check point on the 2 amendment because the murders are followed by suicide. Where people have no closure the people are left in a state of hopelessness.

  80. Smoke and mirrors obfuscation by a leftist professor. When the First amendment was written, the founders were not defending people’s right to yell “fire” in a theater, (moron), it was in defense of political speech.

  81. There is one sole reason for US Constitution Amendment II. It was enshrined in the Constitution to ensure the citizenry was always equal in power with our government and with other citizens. This is the only true safeguard against absolute tyranny.

    1. Well stated Keith!
      When the citizenry fears it’s government it’s called tyranny.
      When a government fears it’s citizenry, it’s called Freedom!

  82. What ever happened to “innocent untill proven guilty?” It seems to me that just by owing a firearm a person is being judged guilty!!! The government is already judged you quilty of a crime before you have a chance to commit it and in all likelyhood will never do!!!

    1. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??? Whatever happened to the Constitution of the USA and the 2nd Amendment and FREEDOM.

    1. All the government has to do is wait till you’re not looking and hit you with a tranqulizer dart. You’ll be out cold sleeping for 24 hours while all of your guns are taken away-never to be seen again. That’s the best solution, no one gets killed and everyone is happy. (except you, who will be steaming mad with a terrible headache when you wake up)

      1. Man, you are dumber than a stick. Felony theft is punishable by time in prison, no matter how ‘noble’ your cause. How many times did your mother drop you on your head when you were an infant? And once word of this ‘tactic’ gets out there will be hell to pay. Might even turn ALL Independents into conservatives for decades, if not centuries. whew WOW!! This monumentally STUPID, BONEHEADED and MORONIC idea is against everything this country stands for. Probably need to go see your mental health professional and get your dosages substantially increased before you hurt yourself or someone else. Of course, you might run into someone packin’ and then all your troubles will be over.

        1. If you are breaking the law and threaten to kill the police for enforcing the law, OF COURSE Tranq darts are a good idea. I don’t want the police to kill you idiots – i just want them to enforce the law. You are too unhinged and mentally unstable to own weapons anyway.

        2. Yeah, that’s what the range officer at Edson Range said, but he was speaking to all of us. Well those of us that had the fortitude to enlist.

          Join the Marines, travel to far off, exotic places. Meet interesting people…. and kill them.

        3. “Might even turn ALL Independents into conservatives for decades,”

          Oh wow, GOP might even get 45% of the vote in future national elections if that were to happen! Oooooooooh. We’re so worried!!! …. lol

        4. Even so, we will still be right and you’ll still be an idiot! And I do mean that in the nicest way possible. By the way, you should be and are worried aren’t you like most of the other dumb-sh*t liberal turds?

        5. Sadly, his mother dropped him on his head one to many times hence his inability to think logically or rationally. Hey, you really shouldn’t denigrate sticks that way! :) I think he has seen his mental health professional but as most good liberals do, they over medicate themselves. :)

  83. It is always interesting to see how supposedly intelligent and educated persons can’t seem to comprehend simple clearly-written phrases such as “… shall not be infringed.” I bet these elitists also have trouble with “Don’t Walk” and “Exit Only”.

  84. Isn’t it funny how liberals argue that even after two hundred years, and more than a few Supreme Court decisions, the 2nd amendment is still not “settled law”.

    Isn’t it funny how after less than forty years, liberals will claim abortion is absolutely settled law and should never be challenged in any way shape of form, even though there is no mention of it, or a right to privacy which liberals somehow twist into a legal method of murdering children.
    Isn’t it funny how when it comes to abortion, “it’s my body”, but when it comes to Obamacare, it’s suddenly not my body anymore, and I MUST comply with what the state dictates.
    Liberals truly are delusional little fools.

    1. Actually, it’s not funny. It is sad that people, who have attended what used to be the finest public schools in the world, still cannot comprehend their native tongue. But, you make very good points. And I applaud your handle, it is the way of things to come. Care for some tea?

  85. I do believe that the good professor is correct when he stated “Just because some people disobey the law does not mean people who don’t should lose their freedoms”. That’s pretty direct and goes according to my beliefs. It’s pretty simple really, unless I’m missing something.

  86. checkout Jeffrey R. Stone on Wikipedia. See the collaborators on his book. All Jews and one Liberal leftist nut and one Lesbian professor. Isn’t it clear who our troublemakers are? Senator McCarthy was right, Rev. Billy Graham was right. J. Edgar Hoover was right and all of them were trashed personally, intellectually and morally by COMMUNISTS. We are going to have to end this destruction of our country. Please checkout all those collaborators with Stone that are listed on his Wikipedia page. VERY important to get the information to prove how we are being attacked.

  87. Gary DeMar: “It’s important to note that the First Amendment does not create the right of the ‘free exercise’ of ‘religion’ or the right to speak, write (press), and assemble, even to ‘petition the government for a redress of grievances.’ These are God-given rights….”

    By “God,” Mr. DeMar is, of course, referring to Yahweh the God of the Bible. Therefore, if what he’s declared is true then one should expect these God-given rights to be found somewhere in the Bible. I certainly don’t know where any such rights in the Bible. The Bible is all about responsibilities not rights. And, in fact, in numerous places (beginning with the First Commandment) the Bible condemns the free exercise of religion.

    “The Scriptures provide no evidence of God-given (or unalienable) rights. Even life and liberty are not rights, but rather responsibilities delegated by Yahweh. Of course, rights are much more popular than responsibilities. Everyone, including homosexuals and infant murderers, demand their rights. Few are interested in fulfilling their responsibilities.

    “The Puritan idea of rights and liberty was quite different from what the constitutional framers had in mind:

    ‘John Winthrop [first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony] … reminded his fellow-citizens of Massachusetts that a doctrine of civil rights [as in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights] which looked to natural or sinful man as its source and guardian [as in the Constitution’s Preamble] was actually destructive of that very liberty which they were seeking to protect. True freedom can never be found in institutions which are under the direction of sinful men, but only in the redemption wrought for man by Jesus Christ. Christ, not man, is the sole source and guarantee of true liberty.’ (C. Gregg Singer, A Theological Interpretation of American History (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1964) p. 19.)

    “R.J. Rushdoony pointed out the sophistry of governments based upon freedom:

    ‘….[A] society which makes freedom its primary goal will lose it, because it has made, not responsibility, but freedom from responsibility, its purpose. When freedom is the basic emphasis, it is not responsible speech which is fostered but irresponsible speech. If
    freedom of press is absolutized, libel will be defended finally as a privilege of freedom, and if free speech is absolutized, slander finally becomes a right. Religious liberty becomes a triumph of irreligion.’ Tyranny and anarchy take over. Freedom of speech, press, and religion all give way to controls, totalitarian controls. The goal must be God’s
    law-order, in which alone is true liberty.’ (Rousas John Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1973) p. 581.)….”

    For more, see blog article “Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights” at

  88. The only people who are going to be tried and executed for treason are people like you and screeminimeeme and many other far right “conservatives” on godfatherpolitics.

    You guys don’t realize it but you’ve already signed your own prison (and perhaps death) sentence. Many of the things you “conservatives” have said on Godfatherpolitics are classified as ILLEGAL and FELONIES according to many laws in the U.S.. 18 USC Chapter 115 — spend an hour reading all the laws you people have violated and you’ll be peeing your pants and crying in your soup.

    I’m a computer hacker and admittedly break laws myself — I believe in white lies and vigilantism. You are a threat to my country and MY SAFETY, so I want to make sure you pay for your crimes. I’ve hacked and traced your IP addresses (Thanks to the hacking group Anonymouse for all their assistance) I’ve forwarded copies of your threats and Addresses to the FBI and secret service. (It’s amazing how many DIRECT threats you people have on your computers–Godfather politics is just a tiny sample of how dangerous and sick many of you people are. Your E-mails are enough to convict you for life in prison!! Your many threats of “killing ATF agents if they come to your house” have been duly noted as well. The government realizes how armed and dangerous you criminals are. I suspect Ruby Ridge type incident will be on their minds as something to avoid, They won’t want to kill you – SO I suggest in the safety of your family and yourself, you not do anything stupid like FIRE on the police as they try to arrest you. They will have many videos of your capture so if something goes wrong, you liars won’t be able to blame your crimes on the government this time. It will only end up badly for you. If Ruby Ridge repeats itself, It will be on YOU. You will have fired the first shot.

    So if you’ve suggested anything that would harm the president. If you’ve suggested “killing your political adversaries” in America. If you’ve encouraged a military COUP or overthrow of the democrat led government — YOU are breaking the law. I wouldn’t expect you to actually know what the law is, as you don’t know what you’re talking about anything else you mumble : I would highly suggest you doing some Google searches and reading up on the laws you are breaking. Educate yourself. You just ROYALLY screwed yourself. Thanks to me, It will come back to haunt you. You are not anonymous on the internet. You can thank me and the hacking group ANONYMOUSE for being the final nail in your coffin!!

  89. Another famous constitutional law professor from Harvard (hint: initials BO) didn’t even know what taxes are, as he said in his many many speaches, Obamacare is not a TAX!

  90. Your hot link to Historical Revisionism gets a 404 error message. Could you fix that? I would love to read your paper. Thank you.

  91. Let’s see, civil government fails and anarchy prevails or someone breaks into your home at night, what would you rather have in your hand a law degree or a .44 magnum?

    1. Unfortunately those with the law degrees are able to have a gun more secure in hand than those without…
      But, I agree because all should be armed to protect family from criminals and a sieging government.
      We’re in a world of sh^t my friend.
      God Bless America.

    1. I happen to work at a factory that makes tranquilizer darts that the government is purchasing in mass quantity. They plan on avoiding a Ruby Ridge scenario. Instead of shooting you and taking your illegal guns, the government will just put you to sleep (Tranq Darts and sleeping gas) … We won’t have to take your guns from your cold dead hands — We’ll just take them from your sweaty LIMP hands while you are sleeping. You’ll wake up pissed and with a headache , but you’ll get over it…

      1. Say, whackmaster, how’s that ‘hacking website’ bulls**t for tracking IP addresses working out? Sleeping gas?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The stupidity is mind boggling!!! You are hilarious!!

  92. We know that we have Communist teaching our kids in our schools and our universities, yet we do nothing to stop them and keep sending our kids there to be taught by them. Who’s fault is that? Maybe we need to get our kids out of there before too much damage is done. And the next question you need to ask is, any of these schools advertise themselves as a Gun Free Zone. if they do then your kids aren’t safe there either, you need to get them out period.

    1. “yet we do nothing to stop them ”

      You can’t stop them…unless you conservatives get the ball rolling and start killing your political adversaries (At which point, you’ll give us a reason to BREAK you once and for all)

    1. I happen to work at a factory that makes tranquilizer darts that the government is purchasing in mass quantity. They plan on avoiding a Ruby Ridge scenario. Instead of shooting you and taking your illegal guns, the government will just put you to sleep (Tranq Darts and sleeping gas) … We won’t have to take your guns from your cold dead hands — We’ll just take them from your sweaty LIMP hands while you are sleeping. You’ll wake up pissed and with a headache , but you’ll get over it

  93. Mr. Stone along with Morgan Piers and all the other Communists that are running this country need to get on a row boat and head for Europe. Over there they can live in Socialism together. As for me and my country, leave my Constitution alone..

  94. The constitution was created to put down on paper God given rights to man, and the constitution was designed for people who know Jesus, and I won’t work for others, and that is why this professor doesn’t know what he is talking about. No one who knows Jesus will do the stupid things he is talking about but an atheist professor might yell fire in a theater or yell no rights to Christians.

  95. The constitution was created to put down on paper God given rights to
    man, and the constitution was designed for people who know Jesus, and It
    won’t work for others, and that is why this professor doesn’t know what
    he is talking about. No one who knows Jesus will do the stupid things he
    is talking about but an atheist professor might yell fire in a theater
    or yell no rights to Christians.

  96. When you have the majority of the country that want Communism or Socialism what ever you choose to call it, it will happen. The citizens have gotten set in their cushie way and didn’t think things would change! Well it has. These Socialists have gotten in all the key places and turned things around to their way of thinking! They have the backbone and organization to change things! You people do not! Your country is lost to the Socialists, foreigners and thugs! The government has been planning this for years! It’s toooo late now, you have been sleeping tooooo long!!!

    1. Admiral Yamamoto is reputed to have said after the attack on Pearl Harbor. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve..” And he was unquestionably smarter than you.

    1. never trust a conservative of any type. They need to be banned from all businesses, and run out of town. we’re not going to put up with people like you for much longer.

      1. Is that a threat? If so it goes to show readers that it is not guns they should fear but Left wing radicals like you that ALWAYS resort to violence if your agenda is not accepted…. Thanks for revealing yourself for all to see…

  97. And this guy is from the same place that made Obama a Constitutional Law Professor? Oh yeah, now there’s a credible source!

  98. I am a university professor and I am armed every day… including in my classroom! One of the few Conservatives in academia! We’re not all bad!

      1. Do you really think this man is stupid enough to divulge that information to a simpleton who openly advocates killing people of faith? Really, johnny boy, lay off the airplane glue.

        1. You lie all the time Sniper… I have never advocated anyone getting hurt…. I do advocate the government cracking down on you and if you’ve made statements in support of military coups, or government overthrow, then you’ve clearly broken the law and the government needs to act. Anonymouse is helping me track your location so I can turn you in with clear and viable evidence against you.

        2. Sniper: You know very well that my posts are all about avoiding loss of life. It’s why I advocate the government’s purchase of a stockpile of Tranquilizer darts to be used against you in upcoming raids.

    1. This is true, not all professors are mendacious bags of bovine excrement. I had some very good instructors at school who, in spite of teaching in New Yawk, were quite competent and excellent at communicating the information in class. One, I’ll never forget, was quite fond of discussing economic points about free markets in terms of the mythical schlodonza meat. The women in the class never complained. It was truly a memorable and informative class.

  99. What do you expect from a Chicago college teacher. Now you know what college kids are learning today. Most colleges in the US are nothing more than factories for the Liberal/Marxist/Communist agenda to destroy America, and the sad thing is that it goes unchecked and our elected officials simply will not confront the issue because they are a bunch of cowards. The victims of this destructive agenda are the college kids of America.

  100. Some folks will admit that they are just annoyed by the constant rhetoric from the news media. Others will say that they care more about other issues like the economy. As for me, I am tired of the gun control debate for one reason: I don’t believe our right to bear arms should be up for debate at ALL! Forget the fact that our Constitution only AFFIRMS the GOD-given right of Americans to bear arms. Forget the fact that it’s a part of our nation’s heritage and tradition. Forget the fact that guns save countless, innocent lives every year (something you’ll NEVER hear from the mainstream (PROPAGANDA) news media). The reason I believe that the entire debate is ludicrous to begin with is simple: EVERY person on earth has the natural born, GOD given right to defend themselves from harm. This is where I believe so many people get off topic. Many folks argue about our rights based on the wrong precedent. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m as thankful for the 2nd Amendment as the next guy, but what I’m talking about goes much deeper than a man-made amendment to the United States Constitution. I clearly remember the day I was first struck with the truth that we are ALL born with the undeniable right to defend our loved ones and ourselves from harm. If you’re anything like me, you will agree that when you are gripped with a conviction that transcends a man-made law, it becomes all the dearer to you. It becomes a cause WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

  101. That old argument of you cant shout fire in a theatre is not even relative to the first amendment in fact to suggest such is totally moronic. The First amendment is about protecting the right of any citizen to be able to speak out publicly against the government or any government official or body with full protection under the law. Anyone can what the founding fathers meant when this amendment was written and enacted if they only look at what the founding fathers had encountered when they declared independence against King George. Very elementary. The second amendment is just clear too, the citizen’s rights to bear and carry arms, and further congress backed it up with the Dick Act of 1902. The founding fathers had encountered a British government who sent troops to come collect their arms. Lets get our facts straight and quit trying to mix it up.

  102. The job of any lawyer is to twist, distort, and redefine the meaning of words and language in order to make them say what he wants. This is why “legalese” is always so elaborate and contorted. Also, this fool assumes that the bill of rights is a grant of rights from government and therefore can be rescinded by same. The right of self defense is inherent and self-evident and can only be denied through force of tyranny. As far as shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is concerned this is an “apples and oranges” comparison and really has nothing to do with free speech.

  103. The only people who are going to be tried and executed for treason are people like you and screeminimeeme and many other far right “conservatives” on godfatherpolitics.

    You guys don’t realize it but you’ve already signed your own prison (and perhaps death) sentence. Many of the things you “conservatives” have said on Godfatherpolitics are classified as ILLEGAL and FELONIES according to many laws in the U.S.. 18 USC Chapter 115 — spend an hour reading all the laws you people have violated and you’ll be peeing your pants and crying in your soup.

    I’m a computer hacker and admittedly break laws myself — I believe in white lies and vigilantism. You are a threat to my country and MY SAFETY, so I want to make sure you pay for your crimes. I’ve hacked and traced your IP addresses (Thanks to the hacking group Anonymouse for all their assistance) I’ve forwarded copies of your threats and Addresses to the FBI and secret service. (It’s amazing how many DIRECT threats you people have on your computers–Godfather politics is just a tiny sample of how dangerous and sick many of you people are. Your E-mails are enough to convict you for life in prison!! Your many threats of “killing ATF agents if they come to your house” have been duly noted as well. The government realizes how armed and dangerous you criminals are. I suspect Ruby Ridge type incident will be on their minds as something to avoid, They won’t want to kill you – SO I suggest in the safety of your family and yourself, you not do anything stupid like FIRE on the police as they try to arrest you. They will have many videos of your capture so if something goes wrong, you liars won’t be able to blame your crimes on the government this time. It will only end up badly for you. If Ruby Ridge repeats itself, It will be on YOU. You will have fired the first shot.

    So if you’ve suggested anything that would harm the president. If you’ve suggested “killing your political adversaries” in America. If you’ve encouraged a military COUP or overthrow of the democrat led government — YOU are breaking the law. I wouldn’t expect you to actually know what the law is, as you don’t know what you’re talking about anything else you mumble : I would highly suggest you doing some Google searches and reading up on the laws you are breaking. Educate yourself. You just ROYALLY screwed yourself. Thanks to me, It will come back to haunt you. You are not anonymous on the internet. You can thank me and the hacking group ANONYMOUSE for being the final nail in your coffin!

    1. Ruby Ridge repeats itself. You mean the federal government will attack and frame innocents who refuse to be coerced into illegal activities?

    2. So, you admit to breaking the law to gather evidence of people exercising their First Amendment rights? You are just hilarious. Any decent lawyer will get your ‘evidence’ thrown out of court. Have you ever heard of due process and the 4th Amendment? Apparently not.

    3. Do you mean this website anonymouse?

      Anonymization since 1997
      Protect your privacy, protect your data, protect it for free.

      It is fast, it is easy, and it is free!

      Doesn’t sound like a ‘hacking’ website. Are you off your meds again, johnny boy or are you just sniffing glue again?

    4. It’s funny. They plot to overthrow the government or secede from the union, but call other people traitors. If this group wasn’t all in their 70s and just harmless blowhards, they would get visited by homeland security officers.

  104. All of you people of the intelligentsia think about this……..

    Without the 2nd Amendment………

    YOU will not have a 1st Amendment.

  105. Beware of posting anything on Huffington Post….The Commies within this AOL news outlet like to censor the views and comments of anti-communist and or conservatives!

  106. Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people. Period.
    The only people who obey No Guns signs are people who obey the law. People who obey the law aren’t going on shooting rampages.

    1. Well said Stacy! “Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people.” I really like that! Personally, I can’t see how anyone can argue with it.

  107. What do you call someone in the Wilderness who does not have a gun?
    What do you call someone in America who does not have a gun?
    A Slave.

  108. Is he the same ‘professor’ as obama? hussein obama claimed that he was professor too when he was on his campaign in 2008. You can’t be a ‘professor’ unless you have a ‘doctorate’ degree, which obama did not and he was only an assistant lecturer. So this guy do have his doctorate degree???

  109. This professor is a . self serving moron. And very possible an ex- convict. College professors often are. People are insane sending their children to college these days. They come out more stupid than the day they went in.

  110. It doesn’t really matter what is said on any piece of paper, we are all born men on this planet. Paper rules are nothing but control that must be ignored and nullified and done collectively, without a shot!

  111. I like how the writer of this article takes apart the professor’s arguments piece by piece! When I was at Stanford, I’d routinely do this with liberal arts professors, especially history professors!

  112. Pretty IGNORANT so called professor…can’t even read the words of the 2nd amendment as written. Typical liberal rectum.

  113. Lawyers are not taught the Constitution anymore. They are taught Case Histories of prior rulings of idiot and treasonable judges and so they base their “knowledge” on the opinions handed down by many anti American and anti Constitution Judges? They do not respect the true Rule of Law. They are like whores selling their opinions to the whims of the day and as a result they do not see absolutes in the Constitution, which to them is relevant to the mood of the times and therefore has no true meaning.

  114. Illinois Liberal Law Professor, will say what his Leader Obama tells him to say. And another thing Law Professors or Lawyers that were not successful in private practice.

  115. When it comes to the Constitution I wish Democrats would stop being a puppet for a Person that claims democrat but is really a Communist. When its wrong you need to speak up, grow some back bone. Tell Obama that he is Crazy as a loon and needs to be in a mental facility.

  116. The Constitution is not a collection of opinions it is the law. Criminal acts do not include the private ownership of firearms for the protection of oneself and their family. The government has plenty of statutes to cover criminal acts, without turning Constitutionally protected rights of gun ownership into a crime. To do so is a violation of their oath of office and in effect an act of treason against the citizens of our country. Let the impeachment procedings begin.

  117. That idiot Prof should be sat down and handed a copy of the Constitution and it Amendments. After he read them, he must take a test with 100 question test with both questions and essay, where he must pass with a 100 or lose his teaching credentials. However, it won’t happen because of where he’s at El Dumbo’s city, the Murder Capital of the US.

    I had an instructor like him when I was attending BSU, she considered people like me one of three classes of people, not a citizen. A killer because I was a Veteran, a doper because of where I served: ‘Nam, or both. I proved her wrong and then turned the tables on her and proved her a dead doper. The questions she ask were: Would I murder someone if they broke into my home and went after my family (I answered Yes.); Did I use dope (I answered that I use prescription meds due to my combat injuries). She considered me a Drugged Crazed Kill. I asked her the same question and she said no to the first she’d call the cops (I explained to her the Police would arrive in time to draw a chalk line around her body; as to the second she said that she didn’t use any (I asked her if she used Advil, or Aspirin: she said occasionally). She got somewhat up set when I said that she was a dead doper. I dropped that class that same day.

    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

  118. A deficient ambulance chaser from the University of Barry Hussein Obama in Chicago? What did anyone expect this loser to claim? My guess is he is about as unfamiliar with the Constitution as his law crony Hussein, another law Professor of extraordinary proportions. Always remember what Shakespeare said, “First, kill all of the lawyers”.

    1. That quote was said so the criminals could have exterminated all those who knew the law and the evil could run rampant.

  119. The media is centered on the Golden Globes. What about the Constitution and Freedom? Below is a some gun history you might not be familiar with and aletter that might inspire some of you to write your representatives in defense of the Second Amendment. During commercials there would be time to cut and paste……………………………sorry, there isn’t an APP for this.


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated i

    In the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million. This is what the media should be talking about and it should be shown on every evening news. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens. If you manage to get gun control and trash our 2nd Amendment you will help destroy our Constitution and establish a larger black market for guns than we have for drugs! If your one of the people busy talking in favor of gun control, just LOOK at this history lesson.

    With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’. During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED! The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.


    As a voter in your district, I wanted to express my concern to you regarding the unconstitutional, fear mongering based attempt to disarm American citizens. Even more disconcerting is the fact that the president and his administration believe that they can exert dictatorial power, circumventing Congress to attack our Second Amendment rights.

    By definition, criminals do not care about laws. They will acquire guns, or whatever weapon they want to use for their nefarious activity, regardless of what the law is. The only thing this unconstitutional gun grab will do is put innocent, law abiding citizens in harms way by preventing them from protecting themselves, their property, and their family and create a black market for firearms.

    If stringent gun control, which strips Second Amendment rights from the people, were the answer to alleviating violence, then the city of Chicago would be a model of safety. Instead, Chicago, which has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation, led the country in number of deaths related to firearms at 532. The people could not protect themselves against the criminal activity around them and many paid for it with their lives.

    Let me assure you, I am a real person and I live in your district/state. Whether they are a Democrat or a Republican, the American people deserve to have elected officials who live up to their promise to protect and uphold the Constitution

  120. One very scary thought: If Obummer signs the UN Small Arms Treaty and IF the Senate ratifies it, the second amendment is history. The treaty overrides the constitution. Read Article II Section2 and Article VI. “….and all Treaties made or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

  121. I think James Mason might have something to say to this law professor who evidently has not read any history about our Founders. The second amendment was placed second behind the first amendment to protect the first amendment. It was not listed as the tenth amendment.

  122. “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I wonder what word the Professor is having trouble with.

  123. Of course someone has a right to falsely shout “Fire” in a crowded theater. He also has to bear the responsibiliity for such speech. Therefore, the right itself is absolute. Equally absolute is the requirement that one bear the responsibility for his actions (in this case, speech).

  124. Now we have a law profeser who knows what the founders were thinking. I suggest that this professer read the federalist papers 29. That may take care of his liberal interpitation

  125. I think that most of the people here already understand this, but the lefties don’t want to recognize that there is a power far greater than the state.

  126. Nothing in the Bill of Rights is an “absolute.” This is merely a straw-man argument by a leftist. The First Amendment doesn’t permit crying “fire” in a crowded theater, nor permit slander (except against conservatives!), and the Second Amendment’s religious guarantees do not permit polygamy.

    What the left aims to achieve is a piecemeal diminution of our Second Amendment guarantees, just as they have diminished — over the past 50 years — every other liberty we once enjoyed as the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth.

    Obama is a communist, and so are most of his party…

  127. Same old liberal ploy. Make a statement that what is clearly obvious is actually not so. It is called a LIE. The professor is either one of the constitutional transgressors or a simple idiot. In either case what he has to say means nothing.

  128. What happened to “Government by the people, FOR the people & of the people?” Absolutely NONE of what this fraud “president” or the group of baboons known as “congress” is doing a thing that represents anything people want or need, starting with Nobamacare! Fast & Furious, none of what this “government” is doing is honest, honorable, or “of the people”!

  129. This dolt suddenly became a Founding Father telling us what to do with a background of being a 60’s radical bent on destroying America through the removal or confusion he creates in the ?constitution.The main reason America is different from all nations is our constitution and the Founding fathers who were bright enough to put in methods of change , if decided by a large group, and kept us free from “elite” professors” or Presidents who think they should decide what to keep and what to abolish in the constitution. God bless the
    Founding Fathers and to hell with these elites.

    1. Their “experiment” gave the world the greatest nation known to man.
      They also gave the world a beacon of Liberty and Freedom.

  130. Don’t allow this Government or any Government to take away your Rights! They did the Slaves of America and you have seen how long it took to get them their rights Back…so if you allow this Government to take away your Rights…it may take 300 years to get them back…if ever! Once Government takes away a right it is gone for ever or a very long time…and until you really want or need something it is easy to give away. America never was very good at saving for the future. Consider our Constitutional Rights Under the Bill of Civil Rights a deposit into your personal bank of salvation, you may never need it but in a rainy day situation will be glad you saved the Rights. Because once it is gone it is gone for a very very long time..or forever! You can’t hit the reset button once you allow a Government to take away your Rights! Is it really that hard to realize? It mush be very hard for some Americans because they keep re-electing people that lay in wait to bring harm on you and your family. No one in Washington should have to right to eliminate our Rights or Constitution…they should have the right to improve on that which is founded…but only if it is found good for all the United States…bar none.

  131. Fools are drunk with self-admiration built on the assumption that knowledge trumps all. He even cites absolute answers often do not exist. Conflicting priorities requires wisdom and full scenario resolution before making broad stroke commentary. This country would be in ashes were it not for our 2nd amendment, and wise understanding of it’s purpose.

  132. If the Bill of Rights provisions for gun ownership are not as absolute as the so-called “separation of church and state” cobbled from the “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion” why not?

    The courts have interpreted “separation of church and state” into the Bill of Rights and made it so absolute that someone can very nearly be expelled from school for merely thinking about God during recess. There is no reason that they could not interpret into the Bill of Rights that not only is everyone allowed to have weapons, but the government must provide them for all citizens not convicted of a crime. The extreme lengths that the “separation” decisions go to can easily be applied to the Second Amendment as well..

  133. There are a couple things that might be wrong about this article and a LOT wrong with the professors opinion. First off, the US Constitution is very clear in Article VI about it being the “supreme law of the land” and any law or Constitution of any sate to the contrary is NOTWITHSTANDING”, AND that “ALL judges in ALL states shall be bound” by it. It goes on to prescribe that all judges and elected officials MUST take an oath to that effect. The tenth amendment states what is either the states responsibility or if it is covered by the Constitution and ANYTHING else is left to the people. That was meant to make sure we remain free and no state could do anything the Constitution does no mention. It is only to keep us free from TYRANNY, which is OPINIONATED law and this dirtbag of a professor is claiming HE is the law of the land. HE in effect is attempting to BECOME the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND BY OPINION!!! It is also known as precedent which is TYRANNY!!!

    It is NOT aginst the law to yell “fire” in a crowded theatre just as it is not against the law to “keep and bear ARMS” and both are protected by the REAL supreme law of the land. It IS however against the law to commit certain ACTIONS with arms and if there is DAMAGE (possibly injury) that occurs because you yelled fire or commited a crime with arms then there are laws and civil issues that can be sought out and prosecuted because of those actions. But the freedom of speech, religion, right to assemble and so on ARE rights that are NOT given or granted by the Constitution, that’s given by the “creator” or whatever you want to call it. The Constitution only guarantees those rights will not be taken away by the government OR ANYONE ELSE for that matter.

    The other problem I have with this article is the use of the word “firearms”. Weapons or “ARMS” had made some pretty impressive technological advances during the lives of the founders and they KNEW there would be more in the future. Take note that Benjamin Franklin was was of one our most highly regarded inventors. Part of the reason the second amendment was incepted was to prevent the government from becoming tyranical and RULING over the people and they MEANT for the people to have access to the same “ARMS” that the government had. That is EXACTLY why they didn’t specify “bowie knives” or “bows and arrows” or “muskets and rifles” which were pretty much the most advanced technology of their day. Some argue that the framers intentions were to make sure the people could have the “arms of the day” which was obviously no better than rifles at the time. That’s just stupid and in fact a lie to protect themselves if and when the government becomes tyranical, not unlike today. What happens when Star Trek becomse a reality and lazers are the new “arm”? Are we to defend ourselves with muskets and slingshots if the government is no longer under our countrol as it was obviously meant to be? “Government of the people by the people and FOR the people”? Isn’t it obvous that is what they meant to protect US from if it becomes necessary? Is the US Constitution NOT a document to LIMIT GOVERNMENT and preserve the freedoms for the people?

    The Constitution has a method to change or “amend” and it was MADE to be difficult for a reason. This professor has the right to lead a movement to do that but he has NO right to lie about the intent or meaning and in my opinion is a traitor to the people, country, Constitution and the right to be FREE and should be punished accordingly to include the death penalty or deportation. He does NOT have to live here, that’s another freedom and he CERTAINLY has no right to attempt to remove the rights we all are supposed to enjoy that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Peace out baby!

  134. I just spen more than an hour writing a comment and they didn’t post it. It was polite and to the point and they took it off. What the hell do these guys know about free speech? Screw them all. It’s another example of “if you don’t agree with me we’re not posting it.”

  135. Unfortunately the false education of our youth starts much earlier than college. Professors have the final input in the educational process, and all to many of them are liberal, facist America haters who want more than anything to shred the constitution. We the people must take the responsibility to ensure that our democratic republic is preserved by challenging, at ever opportunity, the twisted rhetoric of guys this who think the constitution should be shredded.

    A simple history lesson should teach the importance of the ownership of guns. When we no longer have access to firearms, we will be at the mercy of not only our own facist government, but every other government, or terorrist group, which wishes to control the greatest country to every grace the ,

  136. First of all the huffington post is communist that should tell you everything. Well then if 2nd Amendment isn`t absolute, then citizen says air/oxygen isn`t absolute. Owning a firearm is a pursuit of happiness fulfilled.

  137. The Constitution is very clear. Congress shall make no law means Congress shall make no law. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. Because a judge, at any level does not understand plain English does not change the meaning of the words. If words mean today what they did not mean yesterday..,.chaos will soon follow. Chaos is here.

  138. One of the biggest problems is finding what the founding fathers had in mind. First who wrote what??? Jefferson wrote the Declaration and James Madison and John WItherspoon wrote the vast majority of both the Constitution and Madison (against the rules) asked people in newpaper articles questions and gave answers that we now know as the Federalist Papers (in many courts they are taken and given almost the same level as the Constitution). A false conclusion reached by many is that the weapons rights given in the Constitution were just meant for self protection. This is clarified in the Federalist Papers as not only self protection but, protection of the nation against such people as Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others that would destroy the Constitution. Therefore taken logically the second amendment is the basis of defense of the rest of the document.

  139. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” And what happens when the people do NOT consent to the actions of an unjust government “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
    it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new Government” Yet under this FASCIST regime these rights have been stripped away and the rights of the people have been subjected to violation after violation after violation. Obuthead claims the CONSTITUTION is dead and a useless part of history, well under his FASCIST rule and the consistent violation of the rights of the people of this nation by what was once OUR government it would seem Obuthead is right That would mean that the second part of the preamble is now needed ” That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
    it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new Government ” If Obuthead and his FASCIST followers have their way we the people will never be allowed the opportunity to regain the freedoms illegally taken from us by an unjust and criminal government.

    1. See what I mean, evil conservative maggots like this want to kill a LOT of people for saying things they disagree with… Why can’t we just have a pre-emptive strike and rid the world of these conservatives once and for all? They want you dead anyway., Lets feed them to the sharks.

        1. Says the guy who thinks a quote can’t be a cliche. You are a fking idiot sniper. Just a dime-rate retard.

  140. We see that as a True Israel , Jehovah was behind the makings of our nation. He laid divine laws, and rules for protection of our society. Jehovah ordained weapons for safety of a nation , or tribe. God, gave every people that followed him permission to defend themselves and destroy heathen attackers or Nations that would try to destroy his people . The Professor perhaps should survey the Bible, and get a handle on what Jehovah said about his word. That word still applies today. Self defense is a determination to prevent further crime. Taking the citizens arms is not the answer. The answer as God , has allowed ancient Israel, and modern Israel , the USA, England, South Africa, Canada, and Australia . To bear weapons. Live one day in America , and have no military weapons, and the enemy finds out and see how fast we get attacked. No the gun is not the problem, its the people that use the gun that are the problem. We have the right, and no court, nor Professor tell us different.

    1. A perfect example of the radical, fundamentalist, evangelical Christian nonsense from the book of superstition and mythology concocted by ancient, barbaric and uneducated men with an agenda and NEVER revealed or inspired by almighty God. God gave us reason, not religion.

      1. OK, you simple minded b*st*rd, take the Bible and God out of the equation. Self defense is part of natural law, something of which you are WILLFULLY IGNORANT. Every sentient life form on the planet exercises the natural law of self defense. But, you, (unfortunately there is no lower classification for STUPIDITY than idiot) idiot left wing ‘herd’ animals(no offense intended toward useful ‘herd’ animals like cattle, fish, wildebeest, etc.) want to deny that natural right to members of your own species. Well, try it, idiot, and the outcome will be the same as it has been throughout history.

        And, your last sentence reveals just how utterly OBLIVIOUS you, and your ilk, are to the history of mankind, hypocrite. God, didn’t give us reason. He gave us free will, dumbass. You CHOOSE to be an intolerant chump AND ‘a perfect example’ of incomprehensibly enormous idiocy.

        1. My, my but aren’t you the little epitome of Christian love speak. What are you, an elder or a deacon or just a credulous lay person? The only reason I put God in the equation was because of the way James did. You did read James post that I was responding to before you engaged in your tirade didn’t you? Do not know on what you are judging my stand on weapons and gun control but for your misinformed judgment I have been a life member of the NRA for 45 years and have all the defense and offense weapons I need including the much maligned AR-15 and I am a strong 2nd amendment advocate. And, yes sir, God did gave us free will AND the ability to reason but it is one of the least used gifts from God. And the quote “God gave us reason, not religion” is from one of the greatest founding fathers, Thomas Paine. Now why don’t you just calm down and try to reason why you have such an ill temper. Need your meds changed? BTW, just curious but do you eat with that mouth?
          Bad Christian! Say 20 Hail Mary’s!

        2. Firstly, I humbly apologize for insulting you, good sir. But, who said I was a Christian? Certainly not me,

        3. I sense that you are probably a really good guy and someone who is very passionate about your freedoms and your individual rights. Good for you!! I imagine that if we sat down together we could have a great conversation! Although I once ascribed to Christianity I am now an apostate and a Deist. Best regards fellow patriot.

      2. Zionist? Be proud and shout out, truth teller. Freedom of speech here ya know… good men have died to give it to you, feel free to use it.

    1. Stupid? No. Extremely smart and full of purpose and Agenda. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. The “officials” in our Universities starting after WWII are Jews who are commies and doing what they did to incite Fascism that bit their butts. They do not care. They are on a mission for their Master, and it ain’t Jesus Christ. Our country was given to us by God, based on Christian principles and that pisses off these guys and gals so bad they tear up our Christmas Trees in grade schools where they got jobs as teachers. Cite one in north suburbs of Chicago a few years ago who demanded the Christmas tree be removed from the school because she “didn’t know how to explain a Christmas tree to her gradeschool students.” The news hid her name until there was a huge outcry by Americans and the reporters had to print her name. Americans DID have some power over the press then. The tree stayed and she was removed. … and that’s just the way it was… and should be… and will be again. You know who to vote out of office by now, who to hire and not hire by now, you know who to keep from having power and influence over your community, town, state, country. STOP being such weak targets for evil doers.

  141. I have the following message for Professor Edward H. Levi who is obviously a Marxists as is most college communists professors.
    Elbridge Gerry, George Mason, and Luther Martin, the three leading members of the Constitutional convention would say; “Mr. Levi, you don’t know a thing about the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and its absolute statement, for which is documented as the law of the land. Our Founding Fathers knew only too well the importance of the 2nd Amendment that would provide for the American citizens the Right to keep and bear arms, that can also be used against our own government if and when they turn towards tyranny. Tyranny is what WE the American People are experiencing today. And we are ready to wage a civil war against the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II and his regime.
    USAF (RET)

  142. There is only one way that the Second Amendment is not “Absolute”. That is if the Second Amendment were to be amended or abolished by the amendment process. If anyone tried that there would be insurrection!
    I do believe the law proffesor should read the following:
    I have posted the following several times on different sites because I feel it is the most powerful argument that can be presented to our members of congress and other public officials at all levels. I have added one more paragraph to the emails or letters I send. Actually a letter sent by snail mail is more effective as many emails are just deleted by some staffer. Loads of envelopes piling up are hard to ignore. Feel free to cut and paste it into an email or preferably a snail mail letter. Send this to everyone you know and we CAN influence this debate.
    Sorry it is so long but I felt the meaning should be absolutely clear so that even Liberals could understand.
    *** Added paragraph:
    If you as a representative of mine in public office, will continue to support the Second Amendment as written and intended you will continue to have my support. If you, as one of my representatives in public office, do anything to INFRINGE upon any portion of my unalienable rights as contained in the Second Amendment of The Constitution of These United States of America; I will do everything in my power to make sure you are never elected to any public office in the future. If you are still not convinced of the true meaning of the Second Amendment, if you cannot understand the meaning of words in the English language and if you will not uphold your oath of office; “MOLON LABE”.
    Second Amendment meaning:
    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” James Madison
    Second Amendment in context:
    ***”The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honor with all that is good. When firearms go, all goes. We need them every hour.” – George Washington in address to the 2nd session of the United States Congress.
    ***“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” (George Washington)
    ***”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.” Henry St. George Tucker, in Blackstone’s 1768 “Commentaries on the Laws of England.”, Judge of the Virginia Supreme Court & U.S. Dist. Court of Virginia

    ***”Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria
    Those who argue that the Second Amendment was written just for militias are completely blown out of the water by the following quote from Thomas Jefferson.
    “The strongest reason for “PEOPLE” (My emphasis) to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334 (C. J. Boyd, Ed., 1950)
    James Madison is credited with the writing of the “Bill of Rights” and was pretty clear about the meaning on the Second Amendment.
    “The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to trust the “PEOPLE” (My emphasis) with arms.”
    Here are a few others who help define the true meaning of the Second Amendment. It becomes very clear upon the examination of the meanings attached to the Second Amendment by our Founding Fathers that the original intent of the Second Amendment is being attacked in order to eventually disarm the American people.
    ***”I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788
    ***”Whereas civil-rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as military forces, which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.”
    — Tench Coxe, in Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution
    ***”Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their “SWORDS, AND EVERY OTHER TERRIBLE IMPLEMENT OF THE SOLDIER”, (MY BOLD) are the birthright of an American…[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
    –Tenche Coxe, an American political economist and a delegate for Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
    ***”The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”
    — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188
    ***”That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to INFRINGE (MY BOLD) the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms … ”
    — Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at 86-87 (Pierce & Hale, eds., Boston, 1850)
    ***”Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”
    –Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).
    ***”No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    — Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J. Boyd, Ed., 1950]
    ***” … to disarm the people – that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    — George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380
    ***”The right [to bear arms] is general. It may be supposed from the phraseology of this provision that the right to keep and bear arms was only guaranteed to the militia; but this would be an interpretation not warranted by the intent. The militia, as has been explained elsewhere, consists of those persons who, under the laws, are liable to the performance of military duty, and are officered and enrolled for service when called upon…. [I]f the right were limited to those enrolled, the purpose of the guarantee might be defeated altogether by the action or the neglect to act of the government it was meant to hold in check. The meaning of the provision undoubtedly is, that the people, from whom the militia must be taken, shall have the right to keep and bear arms, and they need no permission or regulation of law for the purpose. But this enables the government to have a well-regulated militia; for to bear arms implies something more than mere keeping; it implies the learning to handle and use them in a way that makes those who keep them ready for their efficient use; in other words, it implies the right to meet for voluntary discipline in arms, observing in so doing the laws of public order.”
    — Thomas M. Cooley, General Principles of Constitutional Law, Third Edition [1898]
    Then there are politicians who insist in taking our Constitution out of context of time and original meaning. Once again, James Madison warned us against this.
    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”
    Second Amendment:
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to KEEP and BEAR arms, shall not be INFRINDGED.”
    Arms, in the context and time when our Constitution was written meant the usual arms carried by militia members, everyday citizens or light infantry in the Continental Army. Many of these arms were supplied by their owners for militia duty and were personal weapons initially used for hunting or home defense. They came in all types and calibers; from a 30 cal. squirrel rifle to a 75 cal. smooth bore musket, pistols and shotguns of all types, calibers and gauges. They also included a huge variety of other arms including: knives of every conceivable shape and size, bayonets and swords. Many early citizens also carried tomahawks.
    Attempts to control the type and or caliber of arms Americans’ can possess are absolutely against The Constitution and the Second Amendment as it was written and intended. By the supreme law of the land (The Constitution), an American citizen should be able to keep and bear any weapon now used individually by our light infantry soldiers.
    Larger weapons such as cannon and mortars that could not be carried by an individual soldier or required more than one person to operate were considered to be “ordinance” and were not defined as “arms”.
    Words have meanings! If those meanings are bastardized all becomes chaos.
    “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” James Madison
    Definition of to KEEP: to hold or retain in one’s possession; hold as one’s own.
    Definition of to BEAR: to carry, transmit, transport, have a characteristic of and exhibit.
    Definition of INFRINGE: to “encroach” upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.
    THIS IS THE WORD MOST FORGETEN……INFRINGE!!!!! Read the meaning!!!
    Definition of INFRINGE/ENCROACH…….. 1: to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another. 2: to advance beyond the usual or proper limits
    Why is this so hard to understand? The meanings of the words in the Second Amendment have not changed since the amendment was ratified.
    I am not aware of the Second Amendment being repealed or amended.
    In reference to arms control by the states; the Fourteenth Amendment Section .1. is crystal clear.
    Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; (My emphasis) nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
    Many in politics and or judges cite “precedent” as a justification for the violations of our rights as contained in The Constitution of These United States of America. Precedent only describes what has been done, not if it was done in compliance with the supreme law of the land or in accordance with the oath of office to uphold The Constitution.

  143. To secularist, there is no “God-given” or “natural law”, only “laws of men”, which is why they can so easily dismiss the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as not having any validity.

    1. The constitution was valid over two hundred years ago. Now? Not so much. This is not the same America now. America has since been conquered and overthrown by communism. When a country is overthrown, her old laws are no longer valid.

  144. How do you conservatives feel to be the NEW niggers in America? That’s just what you are. This is payback. Sweet sweet revenge! You are a bunch of slaves now and you have no rights. You have no representation or political relevance. Your enemies (communists) are now your masters. If you disobey, we’ll find a way to make you pay for that too. You can consider this God’s judgement on you.

    1. John, you should hope that no one here ever finds your address or you could be looking down the barrel of a weapon that aims to give you back your judgement via a lead projectile. Our constitution is just as viable now as it was the day it was written, that’s what makes it so wonderful. Each and every article can be shown to be a pertinent value in today’s society. However, you have to be able to read big words sometimes to understand it. Sorry.

      1. Corky, it’s never hard to find people like John Mescas. They get their courage popping up behind their commie leaders like Obbba and Feinstein, Bloomberg, Ginsburg et al. Let’s ask JM a question in response to his question. JM, how does it feel to live in America, the most beautiful, free, brave, wonderful land in the world blessed by God with some brilliant white guys who ended tyranny and designed the Constitutional Republic government we now have. Wouldn’t your gut feeling tell you that you really want to be part of this miracle and fight to defend it rather than kick it? If you grew up here, do you remember waking up, going outdoors and having a feeling of FREEDOM? No other kid in the world every had that feeling, a unique fantastic feeling of breathing the air of Freedom. Just us. Indeed the trouble we have is because of our lack of comprehension… that it was unbelievable that a group of people we SAVED, that we opened our doors to, would turn out to be DEVILS who want to destroy us. You should be kicking their arse and showing that you love our country and will help defend it and fix the messes we have innocently enabled.

      2. Plenty of black slaves had to work and slave during the time the constitution protected their slave masters. Sure, the constitution will still protect the masters ! It just won’t protect the slaving maggots like you.

  145. Well, Timothy Leary was a college professor, and looking back on his philosophy and behavior he made a real contribution and set a great example for our young people of yesterday, who are now the old people of today who can’t remember yesterday and fighting to preserve tomorrows freedom. Never mind. Pass the joint.

  146. It is interesting that lawyers are taught and they do develop the art of creating an analogy that is just far enough off the mark of truth to fortify their false argument. The Declaration of Independence cites the truth that all men are created equal and this has been altered so that we are told by the Left that all men are equal. I refuse to believe that there is any level of equality between Barry Soetoro and myself, I have lived to a level of morality that Barry cannot even conceive or imagine and I consider it a horrible insult to raise him to the level of any average Christian.

    1. And I guess you also believe in and perhaps contribute financially to or actually participate in Christian mission work? Under what premise do you do these things and who has instructed you to not be concerned for certain individuals that you personally do not like? More Christian hypocrisy! God gave us reason, not religion.

  147. An argument I have always made goes further. As you state, yelling fire falsely in a crowded theater is “illegal” use of speech, as everyone would acknowledge. That does not give the government the right to remove people’s vocal chords to prevent the possibility of them illegally misusing speech. Removing guns from the law-abiding because they “might’ commit crimes is just as preposterous.

    1. No it’s not .. You weren’t born with guns, retard. The constitution says “well regulated militia” , As in, The constitution CALLS for regulations.

      1. Whats up with you John? Why do you have to call Jimmy a retard in order to try and state your liberal position? Not nice, go sit in the corner.

      2. Johnny Get Your Gun. If you were born in the USA you have a birth certificate between your teeth, a US Constitution in one hand and a Rifle to protect both in the other hand. Might pickup a dictionary to learn terms Shall Not Be Infringed, and calls for.

  148. The second amendment is absolute and if my governor doesn’t stand up for my right to carry a gun I will move to Wyoming where any federal agent attempting to enforce gun control will committing a felony.

  149. You can say and do anything you want. Some things you say or do will cause you to end up in jail. Common sense should dictate the strenght of your rights in conjunction with the sttrengths of the rights of other people. They are equal. You do not have the right to cause harm to anyone by your actions and they do not have that right.

  150. Here’s the story the leftist puppets in the lame steam media propaganda machine never tell the gullibles in their audinces:

    According to the statistics gathered, but hidden, by their beloved government, guns are used by law-abiding citizens in justifiable self-defense (to stop or prevent a crime) about 2.5 million times per year in the US.
    In the vast majority of cases, no shots are fired. The mere display of the means of self-defense prompts the criminal to turn tail and run.
    In the minority of cases where shots are fired, those citizens kill several times more criminals per year than the police.
    Despite the fact that citizens shoot and kill significantly more criminals than the police, you are approximately 5.5 times MORE likely to be accidentally/mistakenly shot by the police than by a citizen defending himself (unless, of course, you are actually the criminal).
    Lawful use of guns saves FAR more lives each year than the unlawful use of guns by criminals and psychopaths.
    Every state that has enacted “shall issue” concealed carry laws, which allow citizens to carry after passing a background check, has seen crime in general, and violent crime in particular, drop dramatically.
    Places with the most prohibitions on self-defense (Chicago, LA, DC, etc.) have FAR more violent crime than areas where it’s known that citizens have the right to self-defense and the means to enforce that right.
    Those are the IRREFUTABLE FACTS that the government and its media propaganda machine don’t want the public to know.

  151. SCOTUS in a decision handed down a few years back stated that the Original Constitution and the Bill of Rights, God’s Law and Natural Law predates any civil or man made law and hence can not be reduced in form or power. The power of these laws may be increased but not detracted from. That is the 2nd Amendment, the freedoms granted there may be increased but not reduced, or in other words the banning of weapons, or specific weapons and by association the ammo for them is in direct violation of the Constitution. We knew that but it seems the left doesn’t. I believe the decision was written by Scalia back in late ’80’s early ’90’s. Not sure though, and since my vision is getting blurred by looking at this screen for so long, I don’t have the will to research my notes on the subject.

  152. Adm. Yamomoto was attacking people with a backbone! The most of people today has no backbone pride or principle! Take a good look around you! You aren’y very smart yourself! Now go take your meds and go back to sleep! Wait til they come for you!!!

  153. Obama knows the Constitution also but we see how he disregards it, as a “good” leftist who hates the restraints that it places upon him and secures for us. I’m sure that this so called law professor is like a liberal theologian who picks and chooses which Bible scriptures he wants to believe in and disregards others. It is the same for those who try to convince others of the intent of the second amendment, that it means anything, more or less than what it plainly communicates. They are faithless and dishonest and can not change what is.

  154. It seems to me that what is not absolute is the law professor. It seems that most professors these days don’t have good sense. They are nothing but weenies for commieonazicrat politicians.

  155. College professor, and University of Chicago!!! Considering the crime rate there, etc. . .No wonder Obama is so confused by the Constitution, . ..look at who is supposedly teaching the law, . .MORONS!

  156. Apparently The Professor cheated his way through college, He Can’t Read. It’s time to silence these stupid, ignorant Liberals

  157. I don’t understand people. There is nothing wrong with being liberal, just as there is nothing wrong with being conservative. The problem is people on both sides trying to demonize the other causing unnecessary hate and making people forget the issues.

  158. These college “professors” have spent most of their lives worshipping at the feet of other “professors” and have been so brainwashed that they spout their “truths” as if they are gospel. The reality is that life is experiential therefore, life experience (first hand, not anecdotal) is preminent and trumps what becomes theoretical (I.e., regurgitated – except that is in math and hard science). Empiricism in the “soft” scciences unfortunately is not based necessarily witin academia on first hand, first person, singlular but rather anecdotally, regurgitated indoctrination (look at the garbage that came out of the Frankfurt School – now the New School of Social Thought). History as any intellectually honest individual knows is based upon the insights of the victors, not the vanquished, therefore what is being taught may not be truly accurate in the unbiased sense. This professor shows an obvious lack of knowledge (true) of the subject matter he is pushing. This also provides an insight into what our children are exposed to on an almost daily basis. Sometimes we are even paying through the nose for them to learn inaccuracies of which they will take forward, and worse yet, make decisions about life on accordingly (for instance, the vote).

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