Legal Immigrant Understands Second Amendment Better Than Most Americans

In the past month, there has been a great deal of debate over gun control and the push by the Obama administration and other Democrats to disarm the American people.  Emotions have been running high on both sides of the issue.  Many involved with one side or the other are so wrapped up in the debate they fail listen to what others are saying.

But one man, Henson Ong, sat before a seemingly hostile gun prevention hearing in Hartford, Connecticut and delivered perhaps one of the best short pieces on the preservation of the Second Amendment and gun ownership than anyone else I’ve heard lately.  What’s even more powerful is that Ong is a legal immigrant who said that he is an American by choice.

Ong just didn’t spout an emotional tirade against the anti-gun people.  Instead, he used American history, American court cases and laws as the basis for his argument against more gun control and the banning of assault-style weapons.  He spoke about how some of America’s high schools had rifle teams, how boy scouts had marksmen merit badges, rifles could be purchased at hardware stores and mail order.  Yet with ammunition being readily available, during these times, the nation did not have mass shootings at schools like we have today.

So he asks the question, what changed?

Ong says it was not the availability of guns that changed, but what changed was societal decay. He stated that if gun control worked that Chicago and Washington DC would be the safest cities in the nation, but they have the toughest gun laws and highest crime and murder rates.  He then challenged the idea that assault-style rifles are weapons of mass destruction by quoting government documents to the contrary.

Listen to his words:

In so many other facets of American culture, the people that have come here from other countries often have a better understanding of what America is all about and what our Founding Fathers meant it to be than those of us that were born here.  Some of them like Henson Ong, believe so strongly in America that they take the time to learn our history and our laws and rights, because they didn’t have those rights in their homelands.

If you understand the issue like Ong, that it is not about guns, but about political agendas designed to rid us of our rights and guns, then forward this on to all of your politicians and urge them to listen to Ong’s words of wisdom and fight Obama and the liberal Democrats from stealing our rights and our guns.

96 thoughts on “Legal Immigrant Understands Second Amendment Better Than Most Americans

  1. EXCELLENT! Wonderful to see a LEGAL immigrant argue for America’s 2nd Amendment. And he obviously did his homework.

    I hope he considers running for Congress someday. We need rational people like him making the laws.

      1. After the last election, I don’t think any Constitution understanding and believing person could win in a fair contest.

        1. That’s the problem with the last two elections, they were NOT fair. In my 70 years of being on this earth, I have never seen an election so rigged & crooked as the last one, & worse, they are getting away with it.

      2. People can’t know where the guy come from, so you also need to build a mythology around him. Our current (he’s not my president) president’s origins are shrouded in mystery and there’s a mythology built around him.

    1. Very good … I am another Asian immigrant who has made many of the same arguments. I would like to add: by what right can they disarm us? Only one I’ve ever seen them use – they have the ability to force us into compliance (or so they think). I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  2. It’s amazing we have a Chines :Legal: Immigrant who knows about our country then the bozos running it! Maybe we should let China continue to take us over and maybe we will be able to keep our freedom then to being the puppets of the Muslim Brotherhood regime that thinks they are going to take us over! I will side with the Chinese any time before I bow down to some freaking Obama Sheet head! LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!

  3. It’s obvious this young man can see what the Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Boxer, Kohl, Metzenbaum, Lirberman and their ilk pushing their NWO agenda are up to!!!!

  4. People are so stupid….I’m so tired of fighting to help people too stupid to help themselves…painfully and willfully stupid. People who CLAIM to be so smart but are so stupid they wear fighters out fighting for them while they bad mouth and hurl insults at us for including them in our fight. I’m tired.

  5. This gentleman puts eighty percent of Americans to shame. HE has invested of his own life to learn the truth behind the media charade. He THEN makes bold enough to stand up and explain what he has learned.

    1. What is really refreshing, he is a legalized citizen. Hell, we have a President that isn’t even legal. What a joke we have for a Congress. A bunch of gutless professional politicians like Biden, Reid, and Pelosi. This is embarrassing.

    2. Mr. Ong should be the rule rather than the exception. I sincerely hope that he is. I know the Leftist media makes a lot of noise, but I want to believe that there are still more people in this country that respect freedom and self reliance than there are Collectivists. I know the Collectivists are in power, but that has to change or the world will come apart at the seams.

  6. At least he is getting close especially with his last statement. The 2nd Amenment is UNTOUCHABLE ! The 2nd Amendment is like a dot (.) in a 10 foot circle. ANYTHING encroaching on the 10 foot line IS *** INFRINGEMENT ***. All ARMS laws on the books
    right now are illegal.

  7. I am proud for the man, but this article comes across as attacking many of us pro-gun americans, like we don’t know the history of the United States and gun issues. We know it is a society problem for the number of deaths, etc. It is what we have been saying all along.

  8. “…The December 14, 2012, Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has impacted all Americans—but not necessarily in the same way. Nor should we expect it would. Regardless which side of the gun debate we find ourselves on, all of us grieve for the families of those whose loved ones were killed. However, beyond our shared empathy, we will respond to this needless murdering of innocent lives in ways
    that reflect our individual world views.

    “As expected, the anti-gun establishment immediately started calling for stricter gun-control measures, while Second-Amendment proponents reiterated their worn-out retorts that “guns don’t kill, people do,” “you can have my gun when you pry it from my dead cold fingers,” etc., etc., etc. We’ve heard it all before. But such posturing and any laws that have resulted from either side’s position didn’t make a lick of difference to the twenty children and eight adults and their families in Newtown last week. For that matter, they haven’t made any difference in any other similar shooting. Something’s wrong with this picture!

    “While both sides of the debate focus on whether or not we should have guns (a legitimate debate), the underlying issues are seldom identified, let alone dealt with from a Biblical paradigm. And the genesis of America’s moral depravities is almost never addressed.

    “The carnage in Newtown is indicative of the devolved sense of personal and national ethics that has led America to the brink of moral destruction. If we hope to ever halt America’s present suicidal course, we must get to the root of our current cultural abyss….”

    For more, see “Newtown’s Massacre, Today’s Cultural Abyss, and Gun-Free Zones”

    1. Ted,While I respect most of your views,I have to disagree with the fact you think If we should have guns is a Legitimate debate. There is NO debate about it’ It is in our Constitution we have the right to guns,and NO one has the right to take any of them from us’ Those of us that respect this fact,will not give any of them up and will fight to keep that right’

      1. A poor choice of words, but in picking this to comment on, you’ve missed the real point. Read the entire article and you’ll see you’re correct that there’s no debate–not because of any constitutional right–but because of Biblical responsibility. You might find “Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights” and “You Can’t Win Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight” (in that order) of interest as well.

      2. Knives, swords, slingshots, rocks. fists. Long bows. Doesn’t matter what the tool may be. It is and always shall be about the person who, like the loyal men who stood with Henry at Agincourt, chose to stand for what they knew was right no matter the price to be paid in the hour destiny called them to their post.

      3. There is room for legitimate debate, not concerning guns or no guns, but concerning “rights” versus responsibilities. The 2nd Amendment is not the strongest protector of gun ownership. Rights “guaranteed ” by the 2nd Amendment are only as good as the amendment itself. The same government that gave you the 2nd Amendment could eventually take it away by the repeal process or by Supreme Court judicial decree. Then what? This is where the debate over “rights” vs. responsibilities comes into play. “Rights” always offer the choice whether or not to exercise said right. On the other hand, God-ordained RESPONSIBILITIES offer no such choice. It is the responsibility of EVERY Christian MAN to be armed, and sufficiently trained, in order to always be at the ready, in defense of self, family, community, and nation. Regardless the outcome of the push for ever more draconian gun laws, up to and including the possible banning of ALL privately held firearms, it is still the DUTY of Christians to maintain arms. Most of today’s weak-kneed lily-livered, effeminate, so-called Christian males would agree with the popular phrase WWJD ( What Would Jesus Do). But they usually don’t know the answer:

        Luke 22:36 –“And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword (or 1911 .45, or Glock 23, or Benelli 12 Gauge, or M4 Carbine, or Savage .338 Lapua) to sell his coat and buy one.”

        I would strongly suggest anyone interested in a Christian perspective on the RESPONSIBILITY to be armed and trained to check the sights Ted Weiland mentions below.

        Stay safe, keep your powder dry, and your magazines fully charged.

        1. T- Price’ Good come back,you’ve gained my respect’ You’re rebuttal was sound advice and I will take it in’ It all boils down to being prepared for what’s comming and you’re comment gives me fuel for my soul’

  9. Legal immigrants like Henson Ong didn’t come here to overthrow America like the one in the WH. It makes a big difference if you came here to make a living, work hard to learn what it takes to become an American citizen, rather than to get to where you are by stepping on people, taking away their freedoms and do your damnest to CHANGE AMERICA to what YOU want America to be. Go back to Kenya and leave us alone, allow us to run our lives as we see fit not as you say we MUST! I have never seen so much hate in our country as I’ve seen since this jerk has, and is doing to pit us against each other. He will keep trying until we enter into a 2nd civil war. We are well on our way.

      1. We are already at civil war with each other, courtesy of the communists and atheists in D.C. who have succeeded in doing this to us through our public education system and the media, in such a skillful way as to make each side believe that it is they who are the holiest flag wavers and their political opponents are traitors. Our federal government has boldly proven it is not the slightest bit reticent about setting us at war with each other and enforcing its beliefs with deadly force. The sooner we realize what road we are being driven down, like cattle to the slaughterhouse, the sooner we can begin to rally ourselves together about the Constitution, which is applicable to all who call themselves “Americans”. You are an American or you are a friend of America or you are a “domestic or foreign enemy”. You choose to obey the Constitution, or not. To those who have taken an American oath and which oath they refuse to obey and which constitutional laws they willingly ignore and disobey, these must be run out of office immediately with whatever lawful means are available to us. Now.
        Even if we were to rally in D.C. tomorrow one million souls for the purpose of scaring the tyrants into ‘allowing’ us to keep our guns, that would not solve the problems we are facing. Being ‘allowed’ by the current crop of tyrants to keep our guns will not protect us from tomorrow’s tyrants, because the ones we “allow” to stay in office today will bequeath to their followers the benefit of their theft and rapine and lies: the divestiture of our rights, and our “substance” to pay for it all. with the result that their job of enslaving us will be easier than it is today. And with our stolen “substance”, better technology and weapons tomorrow than they will ever ‘allow’ the common man to possess, for such technology and weapons in our hands, as our founding fathers stated was lawful in principle and in fact, would have long ago prevented the deliberate confiscation of our freedom and our rights.
        This is not about guns, as Mr. Ong stated. This civil war is about preserving all our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights.

      2. I hadn’t thought of it that way but, you are sooooo right, UnCivil War is right. People at each others throats all the time.

  10. I also spoke at this hearing. While waiting in one of the overflow rooms, I heard Mr. Ong speak on the monitor and was floored by the eloquence of his words. I, along with half a dozen others got up and met him as he left the hearing room. I shook his hand and thanked him for choosing to be an American. His words outclassed every one elses, including mine. If you are interested in what I had to say, you can watch it, here:

    1. BillboyBaggins
      Your words, also, eloquently expressed the thoughts of most Liberty-loving citizens. Thank you for doing your important part by standing up & speaking out for freedom from the tyranny this current administration is inflicting on our Republic. It amazes me that almost half of the citizens of this great nation can’t seem to understand or don’t care, that without our second amendment, ALL our Liberties are gone. Most of us just sit here & complain or write letters to our blind & deaf “representatives”, but you got up from your computer or couch & made an effort to do something! You, Sir, as well as Mr. Ong, are Patriots!

  11. Hear! Hear! for Henson Ong! Other nations see the fallacy of trying to remove various guns from Honorable, Innocent American’s hands. American soil was breached 9/11/2001 but apparently that didn’t open anyone’s eyes. The pre-attempts to destroy American buildings and murder innocent people had no real affect on Americans. Does Fort Hood ring a bell? If you notice that Sandy Hook finally woke some people up but they misunderstood who the culprit was who murdered those children and teachers. Immediately, with the help of the president and Ms. Feinstein, all American guns had entered that school and did the heinous crime. Does it take our Nation under complete siege for all Americans to understand what the 2nd Amendment means? And, yes, Mr. Ong, the American Society has become decayed. It will stay that way until the time we stand up for the right values and get the right results.

  12. Mr. Ong came to our country and learned about out freedoms guaranteed by our constitution He understands how special our country is and he does not want it changed to be just another European socialist country that marches in lockstep with the “elites wishes”. He understands economic freedom, and the personal freedom our constitution give us to succeed or fail. He also understands that the 2nd amendment was added to stop tyrants from running roughshod over the American citizens of free men and women. He knows more about our constitution and how special it is that most of the politicians in Washington, D. C.

    “Molon Labe”!

  13. I am both proud and ashamed to say that many of the legal immigrants I know have a far greater understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights than those born here.

    I have had numerous discussions with born Americans that have absolutely amazed me at how little they did know of these two great documents.

    Mr. Ong Thank You!

    My family and I came here from Europe in 1964 to find what we did not have even in a then relatively free nation of West Germany. And we found it.

    It is up to us now sir to protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they guard for all.

  14. This proud new citizens shows the firm understanding of our rights that the democrat low information voter would have NO clue of, despite growing up in the USA. The liberal education socialist agenda has taken those archaic ideas of patriotism, personal rights, indicidualism and pride of our nation and flushed them long ago.

  15. The only people that don’t get it are Demorats , Obombnic and the 51% that voted for them. Welcome to the United Socialistic States of American.

  16. I wish those idiots on the panel would have shut up interrupting and dinging the bell so I could listen to this man who has more sense than any one IDIOT running our country!

  17. I don’t why “shall not be infringed” confuses people. I don’t think it does. There’s a degree of willful ignorance and a degree of self denial from freedom haters and those who would oppress us for their own gain.

  18. Kudos to Mr. Ong. He is a fine example of what we should expect from our legal immigrants and those who want to be citizens of this great country. I would trade 2 Obama’s, 3 Reids and 4 Pelosi’s for just one like Mr. Ong. The problem would be to find someone who would be willing to do the trade.

  19. HENSON my friend you deserve a big medal, start now and maybe you will become your states next congressman or senator then a possible oval office seat.
    Bless your soul.

  20. The liberal/progressives will not be happy until America is no more !!! odumbo is & has been doing everything he can to “fundamentally change” America… his own words! America doesnt need to be changed but America needs a new president who will change America back to what we once were, not what we are becoming! People have no hope, no future & no national pride with these socialist creeps in charge!!! They & all their hollywood cronies need to be removed from office & exiled, never to return!!!

  21. Those who have lived it, know it best…America needs high quality immigrants such as Mr. Ong…does anyone doubt he is an asset to this country? And he even respected our country enough to follow our legal path to entry…No doubt, the Lefties will hate him.

  22. Mr. Henson Ong, I want to thank you very much for your understanding of our 2nd Ammendment. It just goes to show America who are ignorant of our laws. All they think of is Free, Free. They would rather sit on their butts and complain, instead of standing up for our rights. It just shows us that people from other countries understand and believe in our Rights. It is sad that you have to show some Americans what they take for granted.

  23. As a LEGAL immigrant I agree 100% with Mr. Ong. I have seen the changes in this country and changes not for the better.
    I am also an American by choice and it hurts to see where this country might be going.

  24. He is a better American citizen than many born here and he knows the history that is not always being taught in OUR school systems by the Muzzies and leftists , both of whom are Anti-citizen and anti- America freedom and the constitution. GOD bless Henson Ong whether he believes as I do or is of a different faith. At least he believes in something American which is more than can said of this heinous administration. And, if you use his words as a guide, the bottom line is what he believes in as all of us loyal to this country : THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION!

  25. Thank you Henson Ong for your clear and concise defense of our second amendment. Sad to say, you have put many an American to shame today because you know our history better than most.

  26. Now, if all our immigrants, and about half of our native born citizens understood this many of our problems would disappear like a wisp of smoke. Welcome to America Mr. Ong. welcome!!!

  27. The government solution for the illegal immigration is like putting buckets out to catch the water from leaks in the roof instead of fixing the roof so won’t leak. They buy more buckets and hire more people to place them where the leaks are the worst.
    America has and uses the Band-ade Doctrine to fix all problems.

  28. Government can never “control” people…. what is lacking is leadership, inspiration, character, integrity in our government. Forcing people to behave with power, intimidation, threats do not work, will never work. But our country use to be lead with men that were led by their faith and love for God and mankind. I do not see either one in any of our leaders of today… it is all a game, a political game… and the people don’t want to play anymore.

  29. We need the Hispanic community, legal or not to be educated on the destructive forces from the Socialist/Democrat party that is so anti constitutional and desirous of total control over our lives. They by a large number help to elect people like Obama. I think most Asian immigrants get it. Henson ong is a real cool guy!

  30. Henson Ong, a legal immigrant and an American Citizen by CHOICE, is MORE American than Rahm Emanuel. Rahm born in 1959 in Chicago, IL went to Israel as a civilian volunteer (age 32) during Gulf War I in 1991 to assist the Israeli Defense Force repairing truck breaks instead of volunteering for the U.S. (either as a contract worker, government worker or military) – his native country. Rahm should relocate to Israel PERMANENTLY since he chose to support Israel instead of his native country, live near the West Bank or Gaza Strip with the misconception that his Gun Ban mentality will keep him alive from the Palestinian incursion!

  31. Henson Ong you sir are one great person. your also very right most americans do not know what the amendments mean and we have been all of our lives. also most politions will find some reason why this guy is wrong in what he said but he is 100% right

  32. Thank you, Mr. Ong, for a clear, succinct defense of our Second Amendment and gun rights. You a great American who should run for Congress. You have more intelligence and wisdom than probably 90% of them, and you would serve with integrity.

  33. Well, we can fight where the country is going, or we can let it go. If we let it go, Christ might come to liberate us quicker from our own stupidity. Or, perhaps, as more people wake up, they will be more prepared for what is coming to America in the next 15 years.

  34. I’m for anyone who stands up for our 2nd Amendment. Well for me he didn`t say anything I didn`t know. Congress no longer listens to we the people and nor do they up hold their oath or the Constitutions and Bill of Rights.

    obama and congress is going to ban firearms or they will make firearms and ammo cost so high with license permits and taxes most will not be able to buy them. These are full blown Red communist in our government and they are not going let we the people be a threat to them any longer.

    Today our founding fathers REVOLUTION is now OUR REVOLUTION. The question is, is there enough Americans who will mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor or will we Americans cower to King obama.

  35. If you have an opportunity to speak to an immigrant who comes from a despotic country, they usually have a very strong affinity for America’s Constitution…they KNOW the price of freedom and individual sovereignty, first hand.

  36. If the government wants to seize our guns, it will send the same folks who are supposed to protect us to do that–federal or state law enforcement. Who do we call to defend us? If a robber comes into our home, we can telephone 9-1-1 and law enforcement will come (albeit 20 minutes later after we are dead, but they will come). When Obama through executive order issues a fiat to seize our rifles or handguns, we cannot telephone 9-1-1 to help us. We will have to defend ourselves, and our neighbors. Load up on amunition, clean your guns, gather your family, neighbors, and friends. Telephone and write your elected reps, and get ready for a fight. I don’t think this will be a front assault, but will be a subtle assault, eliminating ammunition or making a rifle illegal if a rubber handle is put on it. Wake up America! We let our liberties be eliminated over the past decades and now let us defend our rights and freedoms!

  37. Here is proof and it is not in favor of the progressive movement., Every decision the progressives have made is for the degradation of society. All of their ideas do not work, yet they continue their moral decay.

  38. I am an immigrant. I served in the US Navy before I became me a citizen in the mid ’60’s. I am 100% American, and I’ll venture to say that most immigrants have a far better appreciation for this country than many that were born here and have never experienced the other side. Our Constitution should be read and understood by all Americans. It is an amazing document that has kept America free, but is in real danger of becoming obsolete, with these so called progressives now in power. Most immigrants understand that only too well.

  39. All our politiicans know the thruth about the 2nd Amendment. They are either for, or against it, whatver their rationals are. And those against it, are just using rationalitities to try and weaken it, or override it, since they know they can’t repeal it, or change it, using the Constitution’s amendment process.

  40. That’s because the “legal” immigrant doesn’t listen to the communist infused liberal media paid highly to promote the leftist agenda to rid (legal..there’s that word again) gunowners of their constitutional rights to own, carry and not be infringed upon.

  41. Excellent! Half the US citizens have a brain and understand what will happen when Big Daddy “O” and Mama Obama have nothing to fear, they can continue to take this country to the lowest of lows. As long as Big Daddy “O” and Mama Obama wipes their nose and changes their diapers, they’re happy. The money for free stuff will run out! Dumb-ass America doesn’t care what happens, when it’s too late to do anything they’ll wonder what happened and blame Bush when they only have themselves to blame.

  42. Of course they do cherish our 2nd. Amendment… There is no secret to it!

    Most Legal – AS WELL AS ILLIGAL Immigrants have lived part of their lifes under the boots of many cruel and egocentric DICTATORS and TYRANTS in their home Country, disarmed and unable to defend themselves…
    While in the U.S., unfortunately, since no one, had to put their lifes on the line of fire to fight for, or defend, our Liberty or Freedoms, this Right that our U.S. Consitituion give us,
    is taken for granted…
    Our Founding Fathers were really visionaries… They new, that some day, our Nation will be under attack, from within, and wanted all Americans to have the ability to defend themselves from that Pest…
    Sadly enough, our Nation will soon learn a very Ugly Lesson, if it doesn’t shape up, stop believen all the BS coming out of the WH, and face the Music…

  43. Henson Ong has more guts, and brains than the 535 congress persons combined, more, understanding and intelligence than the over 151 million +or- Americans that voted for a person who is not legitimately entitled to be president. He should be commended repeatedly and all legitimate citizens of the remnants of the Constitutional Republic

  44. Abortion, extreme TV/Movie violence and violent video games
    devalues human life and you see the result of it…. stop blaming guns for
    murders…. who’s raising these people to murder. Take alook in the mirror
    society, the blame lies within you.

    I do support a ban though, a ban on parents who don’t
    civilize their children and teach them to respect and value human life. I know
    it’s a tough task when these kids know an easy way to solve a problem is to
    murder it….. like a million babies are murdered in the womb a year. It sets a
    bad example, the kids can come think murder is a problem solving tool.

  45. Foreigners understand the Second Amendment better and most other things than Americans do because the foreigners are brighter. Americans should already know that. Just look at the way they have the Americans afraid of their own shadow and watching everything they say! I mean really people do you really need to be told that? Oh, I forgot, I think you do!!!!

  46. As Rush Limbaugh has said, ” Four Million American’s didn’t vote! You had a chance to get rid of Abama, but you didn’t! Now live with his decisions and stop crying!!!

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