Let’s Stop Presidents from Using Bible to Take Inauguration Oath

We need to stop presidents from taking their constitutional oath with their hand on the Bible, swearing before God that they will uphold the Constitution all the while knowing they won’t. Their campaigns and policies tell us that they will not follow the Constitution to the letter. The Constitution is a prop. It’s no different with Congress and Supreme Court Justices.

Taking an oath before God is serious business. Violating that oath can bring grave consequences. The Bible says as much:

  • “You shall not swear falsely by My name, so as to profane the name of your God; I am the Lord” (Lev. 19:12).
  • “If a man makes a vow to the Lord, or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation, he shall not violate his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth” (Num. 30:2).
  • “When you make a vow to the Lord your God, you shall not delay to pay it, for it would be sin in you, and the Lord your God will surely require it of you. However, if you refrain from vowing, it would not be sin in you. You shall be careful to perform what goes out from your lips, just as you have voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God, what you have promised” (Deut. 23:23).

Atheists will argue that since there is no God, using the Bible to swear on is little more than political hocus pocus, spiritual incantations to appease the religious masses. They get the appeasement right, but they are dead wrong on there being no God. Belief in God is an inescapable concept. With the One True God out of the way, the State becomes God. The 20th century is filled with examples of atheist regimes and the bloodletting they left behind.

Jesus says that a person’s “yes” should mean “yes” and his “no” no” (Matt. 5:34). No props are needed. An oath not kept is a violation of the Third Commandment, taking God’s name in vain that brings with it judgment:

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain” (Ex. 20:7).

Swearing by or on something doesn’t make a vow or an oath any more sincere, and that includes swearing to something with a hand on the Bible.

An oath assumes a world where God is sovereign and there are divine consequences to lying. Most people don’t believe our world is governed in terms of a sovereign God. Violating an oath for swearing falsely is viewed as a sin against the State.

Jesus says a number of things about taking an oath.

“Again, you have heard that the ancients were told, ‘YOU SHALL NOT MAKE FALSE VOWS, BUT SHALL FULFILL YOUR VOWS TO THE Lord.’ But I say to you, make no oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet, or by Jerusalem, for it is THE CITY OF THE GREAT KING. Nor shall you make an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of evil” (Matt. 5:34–37; also see James 5:12).

Better “not to swear at all” than to swear falsely.

Since a majority of Americans have tolerated and even encouraged presidents not to keep their constitutional oath before God, it’s no wonder that our nation is under judgment.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue has a better idea for President Obama that won’t bring judgment on the president and will allow him to tell the truth.

“Given Obama’s ideology, perhaps it would make more sense for him to swear on Das Kapital.”

If the President and his anti-Christian surrogates disinvited Christian pastor Louie Giglio because of his very biblical  views on homosexuality, then the President is a hypocrite of the first order to take an oath on the very book that calls homosexuality an “abomination” (Lev. 18:22; 20:13) and explains it as a civilization destroying practice (Rom. 1:18–32).

The Bible, like the Constitution, is a prop used by politicians to endear themselves to low-information religious voters. Millions of Americans will say, “The President must be a sincere man of God since he’s taken his presidential oath with his hand on the Bible. He wouldn’t lie.” Yes he would, and so would nearly every politician who takes an oath to uphold the Constitution.

When President Obama takes his presidential oath with his hand on the Bible and vowing to uphold it, he will be lying. Of course, he won’t be the first or the last president not to take his vow before God seriously.

99 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Presidents from Using Bible to Take Inauguration Oath

  1. You make a compelling case. I think it’s well within the realm of possibility that the use of the Bible actually encourages the unbeliever to disregard their oath. They use it as a surrogate for crossing their fingers behind their back. It would be like saying, “I swear on my dead Mother’s grave.” when their mother is alive and well, living in Poughkeepsie.

    1. Let them swear on our Bible and then condemn themselves..”.The mills of God grind slowly but grind he everyone”….or something like that…..

    1. The people taking the oaths should be thankful that the LORD (YHWH) who is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is longsuffering, patient, kind, gracious and merciful. If He wasn’t, then mocking Him but putting your hand on His written word and not keeping your oath would have grave consequences. If God started striking dead those who didn’t keep their oaths to Him, how many humans would be left on the earth? I’m so thankful that Jesus came and shed His blood on the cross for me and that God showed His mercy on the human race by stretching out His hands. Yet few of the politicians of today want to be obedient to the One who has those nail pierced hands. Our nation desperately needs another spiritual awakening but not the kind related to the Arab spring.

    2. Think about it, when it is a small things for these wicked people to murder 4000 babies every day, do you think they won’t lie too??

  2. Sure…let’s give them a COMIC BOOK or a “HUSTLER” magazine to swear-in on—that’s what ther’ye doing to us any-way!!

  3. I really feel that any elected official who does not fulfill his oath of office should be removed from office, assess the fine of not less than 150% of the salary and not less than two years in the federal penitentiary. That penitentiary should be located at an old military base in Thule Greenland. All prisoners should be subject to hard labor and their existence will depend on their own labor. The thing goes in nothing goes out the consume what they produce and would receive no outside assistance.

    1. We could leave cameras and see if they develop a society like ‘Lord of the Flies’ or just freeze to death, and we could make book on it!

      1. You’re giving us some good ideas how we should treat you tea party retards once you are taken prisoner and thrown in FEMA camps for life.

        1. Washington “D C” is Dedicated to the Queen of Heaven….that would be the devil…Let’s just cordon it off and disregard it as part of America…

  4. Whet happened to the gutless wonders that are supposed to stand up and challenge the inaug of an illegal presidential candidate and the constitutional requirements to hold office. They are all alike and all gotta go.

  5. yes, your case is very good. I have to reluctantly agree with you. I guess now is as good a time as any for our citizens to recognize the path we are on. It is a dangerous path not a free one. Tolerance or separation of Church and State is not the reason for this change; apathy, anger and defiance is.

  6. WHO are these F___ING MORONS making up these Immoral RULES!! COMMUNISTS!! SICK of their opinions & bullying & trying to change OUR traditions! SCREW THEM!! BO Lies all the time anyway, so swearing on a BIBLE to him means nothing! What a Hypocrite to use Lincoln’s Bilble last time!

      1. YOU are one sick person! If you have no faith..FINE! But back the F OFF attacking MINE!! People like YOU are the vermon in this country!!

        1. John…you are useless & mentally deranged…we are not listening to you! Go contribute in another country!!

  7. I have been saying this for some time – to have an atheist like maobama swear on the Bible is not only useless, it is blasphemy.

  8. Why even bother with the oath at all? As with all politicians, it’s no more than a campaign promise meant to be broken.

  9. Th Bible must be kept as part of the inauguration oath taking. It will assure punishment if they don’t uphold their oath. Obama is well on his way to some dark unpleasant world. And hopefully before eternity.

  10. To me, the custom of swearing on the Bible shows the original intention of the office, nation, and behavior expectation. The tradition proves God WAS intended to be a part of our governance, not discarded.

    1. Christianity will NEVER again be a part of U.S. governance. Christianity must be destroyed at all costs. You cultists will NEVER push your bible on us again.

  11. Why wouldn’t you rather fight for a law that say’s “follow your oath to the letter or without notice you forfeit your presidency along with everyone that was placed in positions from the oath taker”. We cant vote them out because of voter fraud and idiots, we need something that doesn’t require fake just-US system of treason. We need not change our history or ways it’s those people of treason we need to change, so stop compromising and giving them their way.

  12. Keep the Bible for taking the oath. If they are liars, God will take care of them and if they lie to us…as is happening, so be it, God will STILL deal with them. But it’s a part of our history to use the Bible, and just maybe it will cause them to THINK!

  13. We need to KEEP using the Bible when taking their oath and then hold them accountable. If you and I lie under oath what happens to us?? Well then, lets hold their nose to the fire or throw them in jail! Keeping the Bible out of the picture is exactly what the current jerk in the WH wants. We’ll deal with thir lying while they are in office and you bet hw, God will deal with them later.

  14. We need our Heavenly Father to help us deal with this President and Administration, if we ask Him, He will do this, but we must ask for His forgiveness first. He is The only power that can save America now, is God. Join Mike Huckabee on Jan. 20, 2013 at http://www.mikehuckabee.com for “A Day For Prayer”. 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” We know God does not lie. Now is the time for all of God’s people to join their voices in prayer to Him and He will fulfill His promise to us.

  15. hw, right. but for now, rest assured, an oath means nothing to the elite, but let a common man break an oath and he sees jail…..

  16. “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing” (Psalm 2:1) Together with movies stars and rap musicians there are those in high places of government service today who think they’re getting by with their every imagined intention. And they don’t give a durn what God Almighty says, whether it’s about little children and abortion, homosexual (man devised) marriage and the promoting of fornication and adultery via taxpayer supported free rubbers and birth control pill allocations/handouts… Nevertheless, “and as it is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgment” Hebrews 9:27.

    1. I use Psalms 2 a lot in my conversations. “He who sits in the heavens laughs. The Lord shall hold them in derision.” This quite nicely sums up the attitude on God’s part towards those who think they hold power.

  17. “Nearly all of the presidents have taken their oath of office by placing their hands upon a Bible. But this empty tradition is nowhere required in the Constitution. Even if this custom were spiritually significant for some of the presidents, it was a meaningless ritual for
    the majority of them. How could swearing upon a Christian Bible be meaningful to these men when Christianity itself means nothing to them?

    “Swearing upon the Bible is an empty gesture for an even more important reason. If ever there were an unequal yoking, it is when public officials place their hands on the Bible and swear to uphold the [antithetical and hostile] laws of WE THE PEOPLE. This no more Christianizes the oath than Aaron’s naming the golden calf “Yahweh” sanctified his
    idolatry. The Bible offers no precedent for swearing to uphold any other law than Yahweh’s. Swearing in Yahweh’s name, or swearing on the Bible, means nothing to Him if you simultaneously swear to keep the laws of another god. This is treason and sedition against the God of gods and King of kings.

    ‘Be ye therefore very courageous to keep and to do all [commandments, statutes, and judgments] that is written in the book of the law of Moses, that ye turn not aside therefrom to the right hand or to the left; that ye come not among these nations … neither make mention of the name of their gods, nor cause to swear by them, neither serve them, nor bow yourselves unto them: But cleave unto Yahweh your God….” (Joshua 23:6-8)….”

    For more, see online chapter “Article 2: Executive Usurpation” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt5.html.

  18. How can you SWEAR with one standard and support another?

    James 1:8: A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    James 4:8: Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

        1. How do you conservatives feel to be the NEW niggers in America? That’s just what you are. This is payback. Sweet sweet revenge! You are a bunch of slaves now and you have no rights. You have no representation or political relevance. Your enemies (communists) are now your masters. If you disobey, we’ll find a way to make you pay for that too. You can consider this God’s judgement on you.

  19. It will be his judgement – not mine! If a man cannot keep his oath without regard to where he swore it; then he is not a worthy man.

  20. Using the Bible, Baghvad Gita, Egyptian Pesedjet scroll, or even Q’uran would be preferable to letting these scumbags in without an oath. I distrust anyone who claims to have no religion, but recognise and respect those who follow – and will oath on – any peaceful faith. As BHO and the libtards tend towards either rejecting faith or following warmonger gods, they should be ineligible for any government office.

    1. We should have more public Bible burnings. Show Christian conservatives just how welcome they are in America now.

      Burn baby burn!

  21. Keep on having him swear an oath on the bible so he can recieve his just reward for his unrighteousness when all are brought before the Great White Throne of Judgement. I can’t wait to see Obama get that just reward for lying to all of us and making our life a living hell instead of making things better. In Jesus name Amen.

  22. Are you saying that the oath should remain to God? Or are you saying that the content of the oath should be (more) obtainable?

  23. How do you conservatives feel to be the NEW niggers in America? That’s just what you are. This is payback. Sweet sweet revenge! You are a bunch of slaves now and you have no rights. You have no representation or political relevance. Your enemies (communists) are now your masters. If you disobey, we’ll find a way to make you pay for that too. You can consider this God’s judgement on you!

      1. Ok , I’m a troll. I admittedly say things to hurt and upset conservatives. Hell, I don’t even believe half of stuff I say in my trolls — I just want to get a rise out of you. It worked well on many of you –I say it was a troll job well done. A well justified trolling, if I do say so myself. You conservatives constantly say the most hateful things imaginable but I don’t see the hate coming back at you. I figured it was about time you idiots had a dose of your own medicine given to you. Cyber Vigilantism!

  24. He (barak HUSSEIN obama) screwed up the oath the first time. It had to be readministered behind closed doors! WHO knows what he swore to the second time, or what he layed his hand on!? Possibly a quran??

    Who wants to bet that it happens again????? That the oath isn’t word for word, or words have been changed or omitted? We are in a SAD state of affairs and it’s only getting worse with everyday this mussie, pinko stays in office. Any takers on that bet??

  25. We CANNOT do that. We MUST continue using the Bible. It is “their CHOICE” to lie and betray.
    IF we take that away, there will be NO standards left for the U.S. to choose Her President.

  26. Think about it, when it is a small things for these wicked people to murder 4000 babies every day, do you think they won’t lie too?

  27. We will be there to see the judgement for lying under oath on the Bible, God’s Word..Make them culpable of this great sin….

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