Liberals Come Out in Support of Black Cop Killer

Christopher Dorner is a cop killer. He has nearly shut down Los Angeles because no one knows what he’ll do next to whom. Dorner is black. This is important because liberal apologists are making excuses for Dorner’s killing spree because he’s black. Consider these unbelievable comments:

“One Facebook page is proclaiming Dorner for president. ‘We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.’

“The description on ‘We Are All Chris Dorner’ chillingly says, ‘Yes, this is war.’

“Nearly 3,000 people like the page ‘I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner.’”

It’s no wonder that law-abiding citizens are concerned about having their Second Amendment rights abridged. There are crazy people out there who want to take vengeance on anybody because they consider themselves to be Chris Dorners.

It doesn’t matter how bad Dorner was treated or how much corruption there is in the Los Angeles Police Department, killing innocent people is not the answer.

Each day in the United States 4000 pre-born babies are murdered. There have been some pro-life activists who have taken the law into their own hands and killed abortion doctors. Paul Hill is the most infamous. Hill presented a very cogent rationale for killing abortion doctors, but it was the wrong approach.

How often did we hear liberals attack Hill’s methodology? But now that someone from their own worldview has justice issues, it’s a whole new ball game.

And it’s not just random nut jobs that are making excuses and offering support for this guy. CNN host Don Lemon explained how many people in minority communities “understand” what this cop killer is going through and offer a level of support

“But there are people, especially minorities, urban radio, especially African-Americans and Hispanics — this story shows that now, just like the O.J. Simpson story, just like the Rodney King story, that people… There is a distinct difference in this country the way people view race, the way people view news stories, the way we filter things, because there are people who support him. There are people who say, ‘I had a problem with my job. I had a problem with police officers’ — especially with stories that concern police officers. There are people with a general distrust of police officers, especially African-Americans and Hispanics. They believe that he had a beef, a legitimate beef, but now he’s gone off the deep end and he’s doing it the wrong way now.”

Killing people was Dorner’s only option? Dorner couldn’t have contacted Don Lemon at CNN and told his story to him? I’m sure CNN and every mainstream news outlet would love to have had a crack at bringing down one of America’s biggest police departments.

Dorner was fired in 2008. That was five years ago. Why have the media not picked up on the story? Lemon knew about the corruption in the LAPD before Dorner went on his killing spree. In the same interview, Lemon said:

“The LAPD historically has a problem with racism. [They] had a worse problem with racism years ago, especially 20 years ago when the Rodney King story happened and probably worse before that and then it was cleaned up.”

Well, if you knew about it, then why didn’t you report on it? Is it because LA is a bastion of liberalism? The hypocrisy of the Left is unbearable.

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    1. Christopher Jordan Dorner is the cop-killing son that Barack Hussein Obama never had. Just like James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora, CO theater shooter, who not only belonged to the Barack Hussein Obama-supported and nurtured “Occupy” movement, he was a proud member of the “Occupy Black Bloc” member <– they want to kill cops too.
      Note: Sociopaths are usually identified by their first, middle and last name.

    2. Those 3K thumbs up just indicates how frustrated people have become.

      Consider this.

      Cops have been getting by with the most outrageous acts for years — especially in CA.

      Cops only protect cops —“protect and serve” written all over the cop cars is a slogan — nothing more.
      The cops are hunting down a “COP KILLER” — that is the main focus.
      I surmise the two dead civilians are secondary in their minds.
      That alone is part of the angst against the cops and for Dorner — just my opinion.

      1. The frustration level for ALL patriots is pushing all the violence and evil acts. No jobs, no money, no place to live and add the evil pressed on us from our so called government is to blame for people going crazy. Thank you all you elected folks for pushing that you all know better then we the people living the REAL life! I see the left loving all the violence in our country today. SHAME on all of you. In all my years I have not heard so much crap from OUR DC EMPLOYEES.

      2. Not entirely true. there are a lot of current officers and retired or separated cops that don’t like what is going on as well as military past and present that still believe in the oath they took. See http://www.Oath Keepers

      3. FIrst: To sum up the massive manhunt for a cop killer as “cops only protect cops” is a liberal, Obama-topia spin on the facts. If one sociopath “gets away” with killing a cop…all is lost. A cop killer tears at the foundation of public safety. Police officers are the only defense that stands between YOU and CHAOS. Second: Another liberal lie is that “all cops are corrupt”. That isn’t even logistically possible. Fact: There are more good police officers in this country than bad. Most civilians who enter law enforcement as a profession do so with a deep sense of civic duty. More good deeds are performed by police officers everyday and NEVER seen by the public…or reported by the media. Third: those who criticize the police are usually law breakers. Law abiding citizens know the police are out there protecting them. Fourth: Cops across this nation are frustrated, too.Their legal ability to protect is being stripped away daily. Police must work within ridiculous legal constraints that seem to protect the criminal more than the law abiding citizen.Consider the way violence in this country is out of control. To support Dorner in any way, shape or form is anarchist. But, “in my opinion” that seems to be the way this nation is going.

      1. I recently moved from California to Arizona. Never looking back. 53 years in Southern California was enough. When they re-elected Jerry Brown I packed my bags and left

      2. [email protected] says:


      3. I have a nephew who grew up here in Ohio, and has been a cop in Ventura County for a while, married to a CA girl, and she cannot leave CA either ! !

      4. heres a plan get a bunch of wedges go to san andreas fault drive wedges in then every day tap on wedges driving them in farther and farther(note make sure your standing on east side of fault line) after awhile california will crack off and fall into ocean most of the problem will be solved .now we need to come up with a plan to get all the fruits and nuts onto the west side of fault line how about free obama phones?

        1. Here’s a plan: get a bunch of wedges; go to San Andreas fault; drive wedges in …

          No good — would miss San Francisco. LOL.

      5. When you move to Texas you will wonder why you didn’t move here before. Over a thousand people a day move to Texas to live, every single day. I moved here in 1992 and wish I had moved here 20 years before. I lived in Washington State for 27 years before that. No state income tax and unemployment is 6.1%. Texas is a state of mind and it really gets to you.

    1. Its all due to gravity — loose marbles all roll down hill.
      People have been “rolling down from the Continental Divide and ending up on the West Coast for decades.
      The entire West Coast is all “Fruits & Nuts”.
      CA being the most populated.

    2. I was born and raised here, It has not always been SO! At 75 I’ve watched the state change with the nut cases in charge. WE are NOT all fruits and nuts. Thats Piglose and her cronies imput, And add all the people leaning over to be PC and allowing all illegals here.

      1. Awomen!! (Rather than Amen….get it?)

        I’m almost 80 and have been in California since 1940. Gradual changes, so gradual they were hardly noticed……until now! We’re doomed, Jo Lara, doomed.

        Thank God I’ve only got ten, maybe fifteen max left to put up with this BS. I’m not leaving this state, simply cannot. My girlfriend loves it here and all my kids are here.

        Besides, I’d feel naked without Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Nancy pelosi (capital “P” omitted purposely) telling me how to live my life.

        Stay well.

        1. My Husband and I had been away from California for thirty four years while in the military with the except of 1 year 1976-77 and four years 1981-85 when we were back here on orders. Can you imagine the shock of the changes we experienced? Both of us are immigrants from Germany with our families and we moved to California when I was 11 in 1964 so this is home.

          I am much saddened to say that those of our family that remember Hitler and the DDR – and there are a few still alive – say that the atmosphere here in California remind them greatly of Germany during those two periods.

          I hope we are not doomed MajorKing however I do believe it is going to take a great upheaval in our state and nation to reverse the tyranny here.

          God Bless,

  1. When liberals outlaw guns, only liberals will have guns and Stalin’s Russia will be reenacted in the USA. Is it finally becoming clear that liberalism is a disease that must be eradicated like smallpox?

    1. China & Russia have a vested interest in what happens in the US over the next several years. The NWO wants the US sovereignty destroyed. China is part of their plan to walk in and take over for the NWO. That’s why China is urging the President to go to war against the People to complete disarmament. Our politicians who are part of the elite club have all been promised prosperity and positions in the NWO. All military infrastructures here in the US are to be destroyed to force the survivors to give up their sovereignty. This isn’t a secret any more.

      1. oboma will make a huge mistake as everyone know’s he’s a kenyan muslim that was force to win this and probably the last election by voting machines counted by soros and company. The American people will take him down, right now, it just a matter of time. The American people can not let the criminal activities go on very much longer, I never thought I would live long enough to see this happen in America, but it will not take long to correct.

        1. Didn’t say they would achieve their objective; at least not completely, but I did say if you want links to e-mail me because there are too many to post on this kind of site. There are in fact 2 agendas working out as we watch.

        2. You may be wrong (not that I want you to be) as it will take more than a pissed off public to win this country back. Obama is replacing all top military leaders and core commanders to nullify any such undertaking by the People. The NWO doesn’t allow just anyone to run for president (that’s why Obama is in and all the voter fraud was allowed- it was the only outcome that was allowed). When President Regan was elected, it wasn’t with the sanctions of the NWO. He was only allowed to run IF HE AGREED to have Bush as his running mate (and all the advisers that came with it). Regan agreed and thought he could get around it. When he tried, is when the attempt on his life was made to put him back in his place. After Bush Sr. was elected to office, (if you remember) Bush made a speech where he fully indorsed the NWO. Since not much was spoken publicly at that time about the NWO, it went right over everyone’s head. Obama is here just to soften us up for the NWO final push to take over.

        3. Yeah, because I KNOW a little POS coward on the internet like yourself is going to risk going to prison by opening fire on them…right.

        4. Actually it was, and he was following their plans too, including that fool amnesty of the illegals here at the time and NOT closing our border! He’s been GREATLY whitewashed, unfortunately! But NO ONE, including Reagan has gotten on a national level ballot in this nation since 1920 without CFR membership, or at least being a strong supporter of their agenda! Not for Congress and certainly not for the WH!

        5. Sandra, I know this is the wrong post to reply to, but anyway, the point about achieving their objective was hypothetical. I do have your email address and will write you so you can speak more freely. Thanks.

        6. Thanks…a lot to think about…the American public is so stupid or unconcerned or whatever that I despair for our country…I am old and won’t have to bear the consequences of our lost Republic,,,but the young ones will and won;t know what hit them.

        7. ovomit and other democraps are supported by those in this nation who are called “takers”. Unfortunately, the takers now outnumber the makers and will continue to out vote us.

        8. I have talked about Bush Sr and the New World Order and people think it is a conspiracy theory. All they have to do is look on the United Nations web site. There are also lots of videos still left on his speeches when he endorses the New World Order. And Bill Gates and his vaccines that reduce the world population.

        9. Bush sr was the first president to sign on to agenda 21 and all that is, is for the UN to run the whole world .every pres has signed agenda 21 since Bush sr.i try to tell my kids and alot of people about agenda 21 and they think it is crazy they don’t beleave it ,i tell them to google it ,but most people are more interested in movie stars and sports and going to walmart to buy stuff they don’t need ,or got there eyes glued to there ipads texting like a bunch of fools talking about worthless bullshit,have you looked at the crap these people talk about on facebook .when it all goes down these people want know what has hit them ,i try to prepare but my wife thinks i’m crazy and says there is nothing you can do about it so what do you do

        10. You stand strong. Don’t try to teach any more, until your family comes to you with questions. It will take some time; wait, and repeat the truth when asked. Eventually you will be honored in your family….but I mean years from now.

        11. Just today we are getting reports from Wisconsin,Ohio about how many times people voted for Obama-SEVERAL TIMES !! It was a RIGGED ELECTION and should be THROWN OUT ! He has put all his MUSLIM people in the WHITE HOUSE and on other committee’s !!

        12. You obviously want someone else to do your dirty work? If you have “Had it”, why don’t you do something? It appears most of us, including me, are waiting for a leader to take charge.


          Our senior government officials are acting in treasonous ways and need to be held accountable. This just came to my attention and I am convinced that it is accurate information.

          John Brennan, appointed by Obama to head the CIA….CONVERTED TO ISLAM while he was CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia in the mid-90s! This fact is CONFIRMED by US gov officials who were also in Saudi Arabia at the time when Brennan was there and they have direct knowledge of his conversion.

          I have been suspicious of him for years because acting in his
          capacity of Counter-terrorist Advisor to Obama, he has advocated FOR The Muslim Brotherhood, given ACCESS to the National Security Council to CAIR, the ISLAMIC SOCIETY of NORTH AMERICA,(the leading MB entitity in America), and has publicaly thanked Hamas jihadists for their advice on American policies. He has placed Islamists into positions in which they access to intelligence. And he has consistently refused to called Islamic terrorism by that name.

          His behavior as presidential advisor have been IN SUPPORT of our
          enemies and he is PUSHING the positions of our enemies!! His policies
          and behavior are consistent with his being a Muslim, an Islamic
          sympathizer….and he is unfit for the office of CIA Director.

          PLEASE…go here and listen to this..start at 10:50 and listen thru
          52 mark. A man with impeccable credentials and whose reputation is
          beyond reproach talks about it.

          If you would have told me on 911 that nearly years later our
          government would be infiltrated by Muslims….and that the President,
          his main advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and the head of the CIA would all be
          Muslims….I would have said…impossible…will never happen. How
          wrong I was.

          But it HAS happened because Americans have been asleep at the wheel and permitted the left to usher in the Islamization of our country.

          PLEASE….listen to the information and PASS IT ON to your Senators and Representatives and to everyone you know.

          BTW…The man revealing this information is John Guandolo, a former
          FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert, with an impressive resume, access to the highest levels of government, and an impeccable reputation for truthful reporting.

        14. Here
          we go again. Where did you get the idea that our votes for the 2012
          election were counted in Spain by Soros? Do you believe everything
          you read? Don’t you think that FOX News would have been all over
          this if it were true? Has anyone took the time to do a little
          research on this? When I first heard about this last year I was
          appalled. I did look into it and it wasn’t all that hard. Here is
          what I found:

          a software company based in Spain with affiliates in this country,
          does provide software that can be used in elections. I also found
          out some information about Pere Valles, who heads up that part of the
          operation. A large amount of hysteria was caused by rumors that the
          2012 election votes were to be counted in SPAIN through software
          technology by SKYTL, a company owned by Bogyman, George Soros! THAT
          IS UTTER NONSENSE! SKYTL is not owned by George Soros, nor do any of
          its Board of Directors have any identifiable or confirmed connection
          to Soros or his foundations! SKYTL lists the company’s investors as
          Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker SCR. I have not found
          anything that can verify that our votes were counted in Spain or any
          other country. Think about this. Does your state not have firm laws
          about public counting of ballots? I know mine does because that was
          the first thing I checked out. As voters, you need to contact your
          state government and find out what safeguards are in place and that
          will take a little work. That four letter word “WORK” pops up
          again. If you can read this you have that ability to do that
          research. I’m not saying there wasn’t some voter fraud. Some
          machines could have been tampered with but not in Spain or by Soros.
          All of our electronic systems are vulnerable. No matter how
          sophisticated the safeguards are, hackers can still find ways around
          them. Everything we use has been designed, made and assembled by
          human beings. I am reminded of something General George S. Patton
          once wrote about fortifications that can also hold true to
          technology. “If mountains and oceans can be overcome, anything
          made by man can be overcome.” How many of the people who heard
          about this decided not to vote? Did you ever stop to realize that
          this could be what the liberals wanted you to think so you would have
          an excuse to stay away from the polls on Election Day? As in past
          elections, and 2012 was no different, less than 50% of those eligible
          even bothered to vote. This only reinforces what I have been saying
          for a long time. The more legitimate people vote, the harder it will
          be to stuff the ballot boxes. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR

        15. yeah but what about the reports coming from PA ,ohio ,FL where 118 % of registerd voters voted,and 99% was for obama and it was where the repub observers was kicked out of the precinct.if 60% turn out that is really good so it is imposible to have 118% tun out< and the military that was overseas votes didn't get counted,and in my state of NC in alot counties you would vote for Romney and it would vote for obama i know this for a fact it was on the news

        16. I would respectfully make two observations here. Firstly, I submit that Naivety holds an even higher position with regards to the self-destructive and counterproductive outcome of our elections than does apathy!
          Secondly, even a cursory study of History, clearly points out that all conspiracies, aren’t Theoretical! The fact that you, or I cannot find definative proof, does not excuse us from using our own good judgement and deductive capabilities. Neither does it serve us well to be seduced by extreme thinking! The issues are far, far too important and negative outcomes, just might prove to be irreversible!
          Examples: As to the votes having been counted in Spain, not particularly reasonable! As far as the machines being deliberately rigged, almost a given!

        17. i have actually seen a video online where a man is testifying to either the us senate or house members about how he had been asked to create a computer program that would change a vote for “whoever” by a democrat official……as the voter puts the ballot in the calculating machine, it would change the vote and nobody would ever be able to disprove it…….why aren’t the repubs doing anything about it?

        18. Well said! Everyone should read and undersdtand this post. Kinda goes along with ” Evil will triumph only when good men do nothing” but remember that is was a relatively small number of Patriots that overthrew King George’s rule over the Colonies and it takes only a very small number of patriots to retain it. At this time the people of the United States have over 250,000,000 personal firearms, essentially making those citizens the largest potential armed force in the world, larger than all the governmental militaries combined, and the possessor are primarily made up of Patriots. If only 10% of them would stand and resist the oppressors of today and tomorrow, the too will prevail. I admonish all Patriots to hide their guns and especially ammunition so well that it cannot be found or detercted by anyone but them. Preparation is the only way for any form of survival whether it be financial, disaster preparedness, or totalitarianism prevention.

        19. The American people elected Obama. The American people are telling people like you to go FK yourself, you insane clown.

        20. From what country do you enlighten us oh great one? You couldn’t possibly understand how we became “We The People” Your childish rant is amusing knowing you are without guts or honor. Both subjects were once taught in YOUR native land but seems to have passed your generation. You can rage at the night as long as you want but your ancestors must cringe when they see a post with that name. People who didn’t fear the sea or foe are now replaced with milk-toast weasels such as yourself. How do you live with yourself knowing you are a coward?

        21. Pay attention to a bunch of liars on the internet claiming democrat fraud (while at the same time, republicans are being criminally charged ALL across the US?!?? …. Seriously, fool…get a life.

        22. All these claims of democrat voter fraud, you would think you would have ONE instance of a prosecutor charging a democrat with such ! As it stands, you don’t — What we do have are REPUBLICANS all across the country being charged with election fraud for trying to game the system in 2012. You evil people constantly blame the other side for YOUR EVIL DEEDS.

        23. Ulcer, you have to be a border line idiot, first, it’s not claims of democrat voter fuaud,,,,,,,,,,,they stand in front of the camera and stated they voted 2 time,,,,,,,,,that’s voter fraud dumb as, not to include the machines that voted for oboma when the people actually voted for Romney, funny you did not hear about people voting for oboma and the vote went to Romney. Why is it that. In all states that required ID, Romney Won and that alone should raise a flag to anyone that actually has a brain. Second, by the fraudulent voting machines alone, any one could show a win like oboma, but the facts are, by cheating, mr oboma won, just like mr chavez did. Ulser, pull your head out of your as and you might be able to see what is actually going on, you don’t have too be very smart too see it, but in your case I can understand. you like oboma are EVIL and the likes of you and the people that think like yourself that would actually vote for someone that is not even a citizen of the United States need to move to russia or china

        24. Voted twice huh…Funny how several republicans are being criminally charged with doing that but no democrats are. I guess all the prosecutors and police are in on this big conspiracy too, Fking retard.

        25. Just another EMO libercrat spouting off about something that he has no some substantial proof of. Way to go Larsbaby.

        26. Nice try genius. That site does tell about an arrest of someone attempting to vote twice. The story leaves out who she was trying to vote for twice. For all we know at that point she was trying to vote twice for a Libertarian, Republican or a Democrat.

        27. She’s a registered republican/conservative. Just look her name up on google, there is a ton of information on her on the net. I’m surprised you don’t know how to fact check on the internet. You must be stupid, stupid.

        28. No ; dummie ‘; google is also controlled run by George Soros ‘ . Pay attention ; so you don ‘t keep proving your-self ‘; to be a , ‘ fool ‘.

        29. WTF does that have to do with anything? My god you people keep saying the dumbest things. Google merely points to OTHER websites..i.e. LOCAL news papers reporting on the rampant fraud committed by republicans in 2012 election. It’s not making these links up. Do you think google also INVENTED the prosecutors who filed charges? Do you think google INVENTED the news papers who are reporting on it? Do yourself a favor and go to school. You are an embarrassment.

        30. After reading all your Psycho Babble,it is easy to see that you are the Typical Left Wing Pea Brain Lunatic Cement Head Lying P#KE Sc##Bag Lying POS. You are also a Typical Obama Drone with No Common Sense. And you are STILL A TOTAL IDIOT

        31. check your FACTS…… many ACORN employees were charged and prosecuted due to fraud…..and believe me, theyare NOT republican…..just useful idiots for the dems

        32. Heer Ulic,

          You may want to go to this site listed below and actually read the answer to your question. If you do, you’ll understand why when you read the actual court cases, when and who appointed the judges and what the outcomes have been. Then get back to this site and apologize, you, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledging” mentally handicapped idiot.

        33. lars… you’re the fking retard because you don’t/won’t be truthful. Do some fact checking… and not with msnbc.

        34. Typical liberal. Quick with the name calling but slow in presenting facts. Who is being charged? Give us some names and your information sources.

        35. There we have a very good arguement for ridding our polls of all electronic voting processes. Vote should be on paper or a punch card and have them HAND COUNTED ONLY. Forget that hanging tab crap and count as they are punched or marked. As far as the cost is concerned, there are tens of thousands of potential volunteers all across the nation that could count the votes in a few hours and the only costs would be for coffee and doughnuts for the volunteers. It would be a wholelkot cheaper as well and the votes could be easily and accurately recounted the same way it was before electronic devices were introduced in the voting polls.

          Anytime you get into electronics, the result is too easily subject to a faudulent count, because voting machines can be reprogrammed to get any preferred results on line in just a few minutes.

        36. Romney did not win in all states that require voter ID. Michigan requires voter ID and Obama won there.

        37. Charging somewith a crime may well be circumvented by the the use of “Chicago style” politics, that you do or don’t do or your family members will have a date with the fishes. There are now claims that such things have already been done by our present day politicians.

        38. lars… do some research. You have a number of prosecutors doing exactly that. We are now seeing the voter fraud, multiple votes now being investigated and prosecuted. You need to wake up… pay attention and stop being a liberal loon… the truth will set you free.

      2. China’s a tool too; the NWO is being driven by a small group who have another master, and that group currently controls the political and fiscal power globally, including in China and Russia, as well as here.

        1. That would, in fact, be the dude; but his O-8 is operating on Earth, while he’s not yet directly doing so; and that fellow is in Rome!

        2. and the person’s # is…
          and how very few know this(what used to be known by many just 100 years ago)! The books and info are still available.

          Where is the most freedom and prosperity? In the countries where his religion is predominant or in Britain, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where it is not dominant?

        3. He’d be the O-9, of course. And what makes you think his “religion” doesn’t dominate in countries like Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?

        4. Um, no, he invented the MB, among other such charming groups, beginning centuries ago! Look up a bit and see who turfbarn80 identified as that O-9.

        5. I totally cannot stand Chinese food. Have you ever visited a Chinese restaurant, and seen a Chinese waiter, or server, ever give you smile.?

        6. Actually, I have; they were glad to be in America, after escaping China and glad to have their business patronized by Americans.

        7. Those I was speaking of came here in the early ’70s from the Szechwan area of what we call “red” China, and knew well what Communism was all about! But thus far the Chinese government is repelling Islamists, having enough problems of their own, internally.

        8. Glad? They do not show their appreciation by informing the public of their adopted country of the real state of China. They are willingly allowing the same thing to happen here.
          Chinese refugees are just like the illegals: out to feather their own nests and to hell with anyone else.

        9. Oh my, how wrong you are about that! I’ve known immigrants from many nations in the course of my life; first many who escaped between the retreating Nazis and the advancing Soviets, having lived under one or both regimes, and then emigrated to the US; I went to school with their kids. Later from Asia and South America or Cuba; I’ve not yet encountered a single one who DIDN’T try to warn us; the problem is NOT that they don’t tell; it’s that the bulk of Americans DIDN’T LISTEN! They blindly chose to believe it “couldn’t happen” in America! Well, it could and DID! BTW, most all of those who have come here from any totalitarian regime are among the proudest, strongest Americans I’ve ever known! They UNDERSTAND the spirit that IS America and what a gift our Founding Fathers gave us in our Constitution!

        10. This is not true about the Chinese.
          Certainly personal testimony one-to-one is very important, but Americans, in their current state really need these immigrants from all countries, whom we have helped, to help us, and publicly describe their experiences and knowledge. It’s the least they can do in return.

        11. People do, when and where they can. Not all in fact most, are not in position or of personalities to do what you’re expecting of them apparently. I was merely a patron in a Chinese family’s Szechwan restaurant, and learned it from them, as did other customers; another family were Hungarian refugees, their daughter a classmate of mine, and still another family were Latvians, and a couple of Italians and so on. They were mostly just normal people with every day jobs like everyone else, kids to raise and so on. Ayn Rand was one notable Russian, who did use her experiences and tell about them more publicly. They mostly talk to the people they know and that isn’t easy for them, mostly, because they struggle with English which is one of the most difficult languages to learn. But people they tell, tell others, the problem is not with who is or isn’t telling; it’s with our schools not teaching about this as it should be and with people NOT listening; the information is out there!

        12. They have many dessert offerings at many of the Chinese restaurants in Connecticut. Prices under $10.00 and in some places under $7.00 with good food and nice waitstaff.

      3. Russia has dibs on ALL natural resources! Especially the ones in Alaska! Which is right across the “pond” and so very easy to transport! Now that he has more “flexibility”! He has been “saving” it for them, via EPA, since he has been in our White House! His “commission” will be huge and so will his bonus’s! From ALL his radical Domestic and Foreign Faction brothers as well! China will get our technology! What they don’t already have! Our Country will be the headquarters for the NWO! Terrorists will own the rest of the world with its treasures and ours! We are at FAULT! We, in our complacency, have allowed it! And they have mistaken our meekness for weakness. How else COULD they see us? We’ve never given them a reason to believe otherwise!

        1. It may already be too late. North Korea will be the catalyst for future war that will touch off the take-over of our country. Iran is just a distraction as well as the Middle East. Korea is supported by China and will be sacrificed & pushed into attacking us to which we will retaliate. But China and Russia will then take over and attack and destroy all military installations to bring us down to our knees. A lot of people will die, but survivors will be given the choice to join in the NWO. Our own leaders are well aware of this and this scenario has already been set-up. As I said before it’s all a game until this goes down in less than 10 years. Ron Paul was put down by the GOP and made out to be a nut. All because he is well aware of their plans and is not their game piece. You can say this is all crazy talk, but a little research will reveal the truth. My own congressman refused to answer any questions related to any of this. When someone can’t look you in the eye and makes a statement like,”I won’t answer any questions regarding the vetting of the president or any of his policies”. If he wouldn’t address any of these concerns, then there wasn’t anything else to talk about.

        2. They are all traitors for not doing their jobs they are paid to do. All of them are traitors and need to be tried by a military.

      4. i said that long ago, itt’s going to be china and the muslims that take us down, they will work together. why do you think obuma is selling lot of our land to china.

        1. I wonder if you know about the Chinese birthing houses we have here in the US? In California, we had many of these homes set-up for birthing busted but not all as many are getting by without notice. The Chinese have set-up homes here (usually 2 story structures) that are divided into several rooms. They bring over pregnant Chinese women on visa’s and the woman give birth to their children here so now the born child is a US citizen. They go back to China with their child and that child is brought back to the US when it’s time for it’s upper education. Been going on for a while but recently came to light. One of these homes was only few blocks away from my parents home. Can you believe no fines. The owners of these homes are only forced to bring the home back to code. They just find another home and start all over again. We were at a restaurant recently when we saw a bus load of Asian pregnant women (at least 20) exit the bus and go into the restaurant (all you can eat). Most of them appeared to be in their 3rd trimester. Our admin has ordered no action against them. Local law enforcement & ICE have told hands off!

        2. I’ve been aware of that for sometime now and it’s not just in the Peoples Republic of California! The Politburo of New York has also turned a blind eye to these establishments! I believe that it’s reasonable to assume that other Cities, like Detroit, who are struggling fiscally might also be tapping this income source!

      5. obama did the damage to our country on his own, stop blaming on anyone else. He had never been contact with China, he did with Russia trying to damage Israel, claimed that he will be ‘flexible’ after he was re-elected. He sided with the Muslim brotherhood caused all the riots in the Arab world. When you put the clown in charge don’t be surprised when a circus breaks out. obama got all the fools like you on his side, that’s why he got re-elected.
        The Republic can survive a barack obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of idiots such as ‘you’ those who made him their president.

        1. You have no idea what you are talking about. What gave you the inference that I was on his side. You are an obot, a useful idiot!

    2. Um, I realized they needed to be eradicated,after I heard tree huggers saying we deserved 9/11. But how to get rid of them without breaking any laws?

      1. I can visualize a ship with holes drilled into the hull just below the water line and temporarily plugged with a material that will work loose under pressure of the movement of the ship, filled to capacity with liberals setting sail from Commiefornia. Sounds real good to me.

        1. hell Charles has a good idea, it should include all those moo moo wearing, hate America clowns from Africa and the middle east that populate the UN and instead of screwing the 1,470 remaining “good” folks in californication land the ship should be sent to kenya with a submarine escort…..

        2. Kent2012…..try “muu-muu”. The item to which you refer is a caftan for cows, I think.

          By the way, Africans don’t wear either “moo moos” or “muu-muus”.

          Ain’t it amusing that the United States (read “you and I”) still give millions to many American-hating countries in Africa and the Mid-east? What the fook is wrong with this country?

          When I enlisted in the USMC in 1950, I took an oath to defend this country and its Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Did OK on the foreign part, but missed the target on the domestic part. I apologize. If I had another chance……..

        3. No,Paul.He is not. Liberals are IMO,more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.They are absolutely insane ,and they are here,in the USA. The fact that Obongo ,actuallywas re-elected is proof of the amount of insane people in this country. It is the same as if Carter had won a second term.The 80’s would have totally sucked.But they kicked ass.Didn’t they!

        4. Ditto. Got all the fools on your sid and you can be elected to anything.
          Sadly, the mass American voters has dumbed down over the last two elections. Playing a race card in times of trouble has worked wonderful for obama.

        5. Joey, I would respectfully disagree on the issue of “Liberals”! In fact I believe that the reason that Carter wasn’t re-elected was because there were still too many Liberals around, both in Government and in the Electorate as a whole!
          It’s a huge mistake to believe that the difference between Liberal and Progressive is simply one of Semantics! Far from it, it is an enormous difference in Ideaology instead!
          Liberals, like John Kennedy, Tip O’Neal, Hubert Humphrey had the same goals as did Conservatives, they just had some different ideas how best to achieve them. Progressives share almost nothing with Liberals and even less with Conservatives. Progressives believe only in Fundamentally Changing our form of Government!

        6. I agree .But there are still too many assholes,compared to 20 -30 years ago. It is like a plague,that turns people into liberal zombies.I think it is called College????

        7. Connected to the skipper of the Indianapolis, or just honoring him? Either way, that ship needs to sail from the swamp inside the Beltway {I-495}, more than CA; we can pray for that quake seismologists have been promising us for about 40 years now to take care of that problem, since most are concentrated in the urban areas along the coast!

      2. Oddly, when our own citizens eradicate each other it is over. America the smart, bright and beautiful. The country that supercedes all others. Downed by its own drones and its own people. Who knew?

        1. it will happen in the street Anne, because Real Americans have been frustrated in the ballot box by the media that has decided that reporting the news is not their job, changing the world is their goal by ignoring all the warts that the candidate from kenya had in 2007 and all of his constitution wrecking since………..

        2. We did that once before; it was a disagreement called the Civil War, although for the life of me, I will never understand that label as there is no such thing as a “civil” war; they’re all bloody, dirty, and noisily brutal!

        3. Only Yankees and the uninformed call the second war of independence,a civil war even in the Republic of Texas,they call it the war of northern aggression.

        4. I agree. It is a sad statement that the national leader of a country that’s one of the progressive countries in the world choose to support intolerence. obama is an imposter any way. He will be charged with treason soon. Treason: 1. The offense of attempting by overt acts to over throw the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family. 2. The betrayal of trust.

        5. i have said give the libs northeast from the mississippi and the west coast and let the conservatives have the rest and leave us alone.the libs have sscrewed up our whole country,proof is New york and Califoria

      3. Truth is we did deserve 9/11, but NOT for the reasons the tree-huggers cited; and we don’t have to “get rid of them”; theirs isn’t the only plan being worked out currently. Look at what happened at the Dems last convention; and what happened on 9/11, then look at what happened to Israel for giving that SAME exact WRONG answer when their Creator smacked them, as He did us on 9/11. It’s found in Isaiah 9:10, and it got Israel a Babylonian captivity; but since they’re currently out of business, I’m not sure who might be used, perhaps China, although I don’t believe that’s the way it will go down now.

        1. I respectfully disagree with you on the point about Israel. They are not out of business. They totally own our banking system ( Federal Reserve), our media including movie studios, telivision networks, and newspapers. Everything that you are allowed to see, read or hear is totally controlled by the Zionists.

        2. It’s the Babylonians are out of business, not the Israelis, so we can’t go into Babylonian captivity. And the ones “owning” all those things are apostate Jews, who are in fact fronts and tools for another group, far more insidious and devious, and evil; they are NOT Israel. Mixing up the 2 has been a very deliberate deception because the ones we really need to fear actually FEAR the true Israel, and must destroy them, hence the persistence of anti-semitism for centuries, especially in the European nations and their descendents around the world. If you want links to what I have, e-mail me at [email protected] There are too many to post in such a site.

        1. You got me there. Well ,we have “New” laws. Apparently King Obongo didn’t like the old ones,so he made up some new ones.

        2. The Constitution is for a moral people. It is unfit for any other. It is too bad this inspired document isn’t held in the same high regard today by the citizens who have benefited so mighty from it- or the politicians who have sworn to honor and protect it.

    3. Americans need to stand up and say: No you are not outlawing our firearms and you are not going to take them.

      And if necessary Americans need to make it quite costly for them to take our firearms.

      It is going to get bad, before it gets better. I am from Germany and we all know what happened there. It will happen here if we allow it.

      1. “And if necessary Americans need to make it quite costly for them to take our firearms.”

        Then we’ll just demonize you like we did to the Branch Dividians and have us a good ole crack down of conservatives in America. Bring it on. PLEASE.

        1. Oh you again!

          You can demonize me all you want too. I am used to it. In fact, you will just demonize me like people like you demonized the Jews, Romani, Mentally ill, and many others in Nazi Germany.

          But when they fought your kind was not there, you hid behind the SS and Gestapo just like you are trying here.

          It will not work, it takes time for Americans to be brought to anger (true Americans unlike you) the will try passive resistance first – and if that does not work (which I hope it does) then the will get down and dirty.

          Frankly, I give a damn what you think you will not take my freedom and you will not take my firearms.

          Bring it on yourself – Coward!

        2. Unlike the Jews, you conservatives DESERVE concentration camps… You’ll end up where you deserve.


        3. not to worry. you libs will push and push and push. you’ll lose patience and start accusing obama of waffling and finally take the first shots. it is in your dna. God is good…semper fi

        4. Yes, Darkness never survives in the USA and THAT is why you will go down.
          The only PURE EVIL in this country are American Pure idiotic leftist, progressive COMMUNISTS;. Live with it; It’s YOUR ILK that has murdered people in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba and other places because they didn’t worship the leftist god of evil. Too bad your Mom dropped you on your head as a baby or maybe you are a failed abortion.

        5. Too bad you haven’t looked in the mirror at your grotesque looking UGLY face and just shot your brains out….. You would do the world a favor if you did, you maggot looking piece of DUNG.

        6. I just pray I’m there when they put a couple in your head and you poop and pee your pants on the way down, and maybe if we’re lucky, you’ll be able to utter “mommy” before you go goodnight for good.

        7. you will be in the concentration camps too, John. Do you think you will be exempt because you support them? Really, think about it, if you run around and call yourself a part of the Intelligentsia, the first thing a regime like Hitler’s Germany does is destroy literacy.

          Literacy is power, Reading is power. Take away the power to read from the people and they will be unable to make themselves better. The leaches you support fear a literate man because a literate man is competition.

          You will be killed, shot dead in the head. Along with the rest of the so called liberal intelligentsia.

        8. I’ll be in concentration camp too? I don’t even live in your pathetic country, maggot. You are such a joke on humanity!

        9. Theonly joke is a rectal passage like you here spewing hate and you don’t even live here. Bet YOUR country is NOT speaking German thanks to American Conservatives.

        10. Doesn’t your brain damaged self realize that the internet is a world wide network??? That not everyone is from your deranged country? Idiot.

        11. Go look in a mirror; The person you see there is the ONLY Brain Damaged person posting here. Speaking of Idiots, that’s too nice of a name for someone as brain damaged as you seem to be.

        12. “then the will get down and dirty.”

          I’ve heard a lot of comments about how you guys want to get “down and dirty” and go out on shooting sprees of everyone who doesn’t vote your way.
          THAT is why you people deserve concentration camps. The Jews weren’t terrible/threatening/evil/dishonest people like you. I will not shed a tear at the human tragedy that awaits you. It will be a self fulfilling tragedy for you I might add.

        13. Be very careful about what you wish for, John. You may just get it. Lots of people just like you underestimate the American people. Just like cornering a wild animal we’ll come out fighting when we are backed into a corner. Chances are a coward like you won’t be around to be in my crosshairs but I can only hope. You’ll be hiding somewhere.

        14. He isn’t man enough. Just another truly stupid liberal (communist). None of these fools have a clue about what tyranny really is. I grew up in NAZI Germany, and my family saw it first hand. By the way, for those who are History challenged, NAZI stands for National Socialism.

        15. Thank you for your comment dranalog. My family was there too. I was born eight years after and left Germany with my family when I was 11 in 1964.

        16. That liberal ex cop who said he didn’t vote for Obama because he supported republican Jon Huntsmen? THAT liberal? … Ok.

        17. Nope WRONG, he voted FOR Obama and worships him. Obviously you failed first term reading, because he IS a liberal though and through.
          Dumbmar is a ignorant liberal troll.

        18. “I didn’t vote in this last election as my choice of candidate, John Huntsman, didn’t win the primary candidacy for his party.””

          Those are HIS words. Go look it up you freak show! … Jeez you are stupid.

        19. If that’s even true, so what, or as the woman you fantasize about says, “what diffference does it make”? He wrote plenty of other stuff and I don’t care if he wrote he supported God. You dumb POS, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do, and he is doing sociopathic behavior and murdering people. You are sooo frigging stupid and such a spinless little troll. If granted one wish, it would be to meet you face to face and I’ll even bring the hankies while you cry like the baby troll you are.

        20. Sure – do you propose that your army of slugs, thugs, perverts, and other assorted degenerates can win against real Americans? Even if you did win, you would then have to find someone else to parasitize.

        21. You think you’re a real America? I think you’re just a lazy fat arse conservative who sits on his computer all day getting fatter and lazier …. I work out. I’m ready for you. Too bad I don’t live in your country so I won’t have the opportunity to kick the living crap out of you when your country falls into civil war.

        22. John….love your comments! Personally, I don’t think I’m a “real America”…I think I’m a real American.

          This country is doomed, I tell you, doomed. It’s so far different from the country in which I grew up in the 30’s and 40’s. Don’t know how in the hell that happened, but it did.

          When I enlisted in the USMC (everyone was doing it) in May of 1950, I took an oath to defend this country and its Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Think we did OK on the foreign part, but sure fooked up on the domestic part.

          I don’t know where you reside, obviously not in the U.S., and don’t particularly care, you are not my enemy. Your enemy, young man, is, or will shortly be, the fookin’ Muslims! Better buy your significant other a burqa….she’ll be needing it.

          I am happy that I’m as old as I am……ten, maybe fifteen more years to put up with all this crap and then I’m outta here.

          Stay well and keep working out…’ll need to be strong and “roided out” to contend with the enemy within.

        23. We already KOW you are a fat arsed Aussie slug; you “work out? DOing what, kneeling and kissing the ARSE of your politicians? You certainly have no other choice now that you have no weapons. All your threaats sound great coming froma GIRLIEMAN like you. Now go change your panties.
          Someday you AUSSIES will be BEGGING the USA to come save your sorry arses again, just like WW2.

        24. Your picture is PROOF POSITIVE that conservatives do nothing but sit around on the computer, eating junk food and getting GROTESQUE. You make FAT people look skinny.

        25. What the HELL are you talking about you inbred, uneducated moron!!?? No one had to “save” Australia in world war 2 !?!? They helped save Europe when they declared war on Germany.

        26. You certainly do not know your history. If it were not for the United States, you would be speaking Japanese.

        27. You are the one who is CLUELESS to history … Japan rejected the idea of invading Australia. The only time any towns in Australia were hit was just an air raid to prevent U.S. forces from using the small town’s airbases to launch attacks from…

          Seriously Frisco., Do you want to share any more of your uneducated cluelessness for all to see?

        28. And you really think that if the U.S. had not been there that Australia could have held out?

          If it were not for the U.S. you would have been speaking Japanese.

          You know this is our country not yours stay out of our business.

          On second thought I will skip my last comment, I am not going to lower myself to your level.

        29. Gee John, I am just scared to death. I guess you have plenty of time to work out because you probably are a parasitic slug on the dole. As far as lazy goes, I probably did more work before I was 25 than a slug like you will do in a lifetime.

        30. Apparently YOU Mr. Dunmar are the fat and lazy one. You seem to have more posts on here than Obama has apologizing for a country you care nothing about. Go to bed and jack off, you’ll feel better in the morning.

        31. Too bad for the country you do live in. Areyou one of thelucky ones that North Korea has given internet access to? Or maybe Iran. I don’t care how much you work out. My 1911 is much stronger, I only regret not being able to use it.

        32. “The makers of our Constitution …
          conferred against the government, the right to be let alone — the most
          comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.”

          — Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

          Brandeis was a liberal. The liberals have fallen a long way.

        33. John, you can be sure it will be very costly for them and you! No one will be immune to what is coming AND it is coming ….

        34. I don’t live in your pathetic country. Is your American BS going to affect Australia? lol…you’re such a dork

        35. Oh An Aussie; They already HAVE you imprisoned, they took away your rifles and pistols and YOUR Testicles; now you’re a bunch of namby-pambys and servants for the political elite running your country. How does it feel to be a serf, a lowly servant, a doormat?

        36. Well, well, an ignorant liberal leftist nut bagger troll shows up to spew its load of hatred and ignorant nonsense. from the load of BS between its ears.
          Do please remove your head from your anal passageway before posting here Dumbmar.


        38. You’ll be begging please stop when it comes down cause those that would crack down on those resisting will pay as well.

      2. Just so you know that’s exactly what they’re planning for; 16+ billion rounds of hollow point ammunition has been stockpiled by DHS, rounds not legal to use in combat, or to purchase by regular civilians either, because of their extreme destructive power inside the human body!

        1. Oh I know – my Dad before he died in 2011 predicted that it was happening again, as does my Mom to this day.

          Both my in-laws who are survivors of the Camps predict even now.

        2. I will have to check that; I recall themas being outlawed for use or sale in the US in general back in the early ’70s.

        3. WRONG; I and any citizen can buy the hollow point rounds in any caliber I desire including 22LR. It’s cheaper to buy Full metal jackets for target shooting because they are cheaper and don’t tear up the target so badly.

          The military HAS to use FMJ’s in combat thanks to the Geneva convention enacted after WW1. Nothing prohibits the government thugs from using hollow points against their OWN citizens.

        4. I spent 21 months in combat against the Viet Cong,and army of north Vietnam.They did very well against.It was mainly because they believed in their cause.Do you?They had very little sophisticated arms,no air support in the south,no armor units in the south.Know this madam,patriots are not afraid to fight and/or die for our beloved Republic.We all took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution,against all enemies foreign and domestic.Sad to say we have more domestic enemies against the Constitution.Our collective oaths do not have an expectation.

        5. First, thank-you for your service. Second, every good flag rank officer I ever heard of, here or elsewhere, has advised that you KNOW your enemy, and what he’s got/doing. That was not about hiding; but being aware and prepared. I apologize if it came off looking otherwise.

        6. Wait a sec. It is my understanding that the Viet Cong were forced by the communists to fight…. or ….die/starve/have family members tortured *& killed, their villages wiped out.
          It was voluntary only in the sense that they were forced to by the abominable bully that is communism.

    4. we can kill cancer these days we have the opportunity with new meds. so let’s find a medicine for these nuts who will in the end probably die from their own words and laws if we can’t save them first from themselves.

    5. It is definitely a mental disorder: a self hate turned outward. Ex radical communist David Horowitz explained it very well once he became a conservative.

    6. So true. Of course , just about every politician, has armed guards, and they are not wearing 22 caliber. Nothing but a bunch of whining,left wing liberal creeps, who only wish to protect their families, and the hell with the rest of us. I am locked and loaded. Thank you very much.

    7. Now you are exaggerating! When liberals outlaw guns there will be so many guns out there that Obama and pals won’t know what hit them. Liberals are the only ones stupid enough to give their guns to the government. You are right on with your thought on liberalism.

      1. It’s time to stop referring to conservatives as people. They are nothing but cockroaches and like all infestations…you know the line…..

    8. Every marxist government has confiscated guns to make arrests easier. Eric Holder planned the Fast and Furious and sold automatic weapons to Mexican drug dealers to criminalize gun shops and the Second amendment. Now Obama, Biden, and Feinstein want to confiscate weapons from old. tired, conservative, white men who voted for Mitt Romney and that is an outrage. In 2016, perhaps Eric Holder will encourage armed black goons to stand in front of voting booths to intimidate patriots from voting for conservative candidates.

    9. Yes, It is time to rid our land of all liberals, communist and socialist regardless of party affiliation. These things are poison to freedom and will kill liberty. These things are and should be treated as sub-human for they have no regard for life, liberty or property.

      1. Yep, kill everyone who dares not vote your way. The sign of a truly enlightened group of people. You conservatives are such inspirational people! You kind of remind me of the TALIBAN. (Another group of religious fundamentalists who want to kill everyone who doesn’t think their way)

      2. You are absolutely right! The onlly litmus test should be the Declaration of Independece and the Constitution. The rest of the scumbags need to go and find their own place to run into the ground, not our country.
        Doesn’t it get frustratng having to deal with all these stupid trolls on here?

    10. Remember what Stalin said when asked about Liberals in America [usefull fools to be dealt with when the time comes] aka firing squad.

  2. CNN. Really? A liberal bastion that loves huge government and seeing U.S citizens subjugated. REALLY? They would have cared?

      1. It is the fundamental modern pathology of non-judgmentalism, or more politically correct: “Moral Relativism”.

        Among the ignorant, the word “judgmental” has a bad connotation these days…..even among many conservatives, who ought to know better.

    1. “Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most import princiles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave,” Lyle Rossiter, M.D.

  3. Knowing few of the details, it is easy to condemn this person. However, the malacious behavior and violence of the LA Police force is notorious…not because it is LA but because it is unionized and they operate under a special set of very favorable laws of conduct which apply only to them. Cops there are nearly free from any discipline for any act of police overreach.

    1. So does that give him the right to kill? I read the entire Manifesto and although I get his point and he went through all the channels but again his ex-girlfriend said he was nuts back in 2006. Still no justification for murder. We are a land of Laws. I do think a total FBI investigation should be to see what really is going in in the LAPD.

    2. So, this unknown gives him cause to murder inocent people like the daughter he killef. Please seek help before you join him in murder.

    3. It’s incredible, gsmullennix, how easy IT IS to condemn this person. He wrote was he wanted to do and posted it! And as far as the “malicious behavior and violence of the LA Police force,” you can look at it in a couple of different ways: Who elects the people who hire them and who keeps electing the people who hire them? I don’t cast a vote for their governor, senators, reps, county commissioners, mayors, councilmen, police chiefs, etc. CALIFORNIANS DO! They’ve foisted their idiocy on themselves and THE REST OF THE NATION with the likes of Moonbeam Jerry, Feinstein, Boxer, Waters and a host of other wackos who can’t even do their own state correctly no less foist their idiocy on the rest of America. The phrase “unintended consequences” wasn’t coined by accident. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW so when you get weeds, STOP SOWING!

      1. Not being from Calif or LA, you don’t understand the power of the unions and the agreements they have forged over the years. It wouldn’t matter if Ronald Reagan came back as the Mayor or police chief. These police members have nearly no risk of being fired and if so, have an even less risk of losing their pay and pension. Spend a little bit of time doing a little bit of research. You’ll see that the unions long ago got by worrying who would or wouldn’t be elected. They have their own ‘weed’ box in which they thrive.

        1. In a roundabout way, we’re singing the same song. Hum a few bars of “Unintended Consequences” with me. LOL. Any “good idea” might be conceived with good intentions but when the “collective” (unions) get a hold of it–and the power it wields—it becomes intoxicating. It’s the collective pushing its will upon the individual unchecked. I believe our Constitution’s writers knew what they were talking about when they emphasized individualism over the collective, states vs federal empowerment. But my point was headed toward “whining” in the most liberal state. Did Conservative America create the problem? That’s all you hear from Progressives. Their house is crumbling from inferior design and its everybody else’s fault like we sent them rusty nails and termite-laden wood. If you can’t maintain your own domicile, don’t tell me how I need to maintain mine. Unions, politicians and permissiveness are the weeds.

  4. It’s the basic Liberal – Socialist – Communist mantra. Anything to justify their goals of running everyones’ lives – even murder. Witness the 100’s of millions killed by Stalin and Mao.

  5. What abject stupidity. You believe liberals support that insanity. Two-thirds of the Republicans in Texas want to impeach the president. How about that for idiocy? So 3000 people wrote in to a crazy site out of 313 million. What’s the excuse for the few hundred that contribute to this vapid site? There are plenty of extremist s in America, and the majority of them are crazy, gun advocates who think they are super patriots. Just look at all the killings in America that are done by sociopaths who hate everything.

    1. And the facts have shown that all the recent murders being committed on a mass scale, other than gang violence which we hear nothing about, are done by left wing nut jobs and people who want to impeach obama are nuts? Troll.

  6. Well after all folks all these mass killers seem to be Democrats so no wonder the left supports them. Just like I would be the majority of the gangbangers and drug dealers in South Chicago all support Obama.

  7. Sir:

    What this man has done is reprehensible to say he least. However, you saying “Dorner couldn’t have contacted Don Lemon at CNN and told his story to him? I’m sure CNN and every mainstream news outlet would love to have had a crack at bringing down one of America’s biggest police departments” makes one wonder, what have you been smokin there?

    Next I expect to hear you say that CNN, ABC, CBS i.e. the main stream news media is all the truth, all the time and never squashes anything true and important.

    Yeah, you been smokin some of that funny weed alright.


  8. If Mr. Christopher Dorner killed two policemen then he needs to stand trial and if found guilty then he needs to be sentenced to death. The court needs to be color blind and go by the law not a bunch of American haters who seek anarchy, but do not have a clue of what it is. Amercia’s greatness is the fact that she has been a nation ran by law not a King, nor a Dictator, nor emotional mobs. We live in an age that no one accepts accountability for what they do. It is always their parents, their life style, their being done wrong, or the government, but never the person committing haneous crimes. That may well be the reason why so many hate God, hate the Bible, hate our Founding Fathers, hate the Constitution, hate Judo-Christian principles; because they hate accountability.

      1. Dorner,will never see the inside of a courtroom, Even if he would call all TV stations, and tell them he would give up for his day in court, The LA police would never want to take him alive. Period

        1. Suicide by cop means that someone is doing actions to provoke a cop (or other armed individual into shooting and killing him or her…because the person is too cowardly to do the deed himself or herself. (Police are trained to try to recognize this.)

          More information, since I suspect that this is the first time you may be hearing of the term: In this case, I think that Dorner wants to get himself killed by the police.

        2. Nancy, it is commonly referred to as ‘suicide by cop’ when a person basically does not have the guts to kill themselves, they do things that give the police no choice but to kill them.

  9. Every
    SHooter in the last 10 years was a registered Democrap. If he was not
    old enough to vote, his parents were registered Democraps. The Colorado
    theater shooter was a Obama campaign worker, member and a
    Occupy member, and is said to have hated Christians. This Dorner is PRO
    BHO & Kilary. Guns don’t kill people, Liberals with guns kill
    people. Want to Stop gun violence,? keep Liberals from getting guns.

  10. To the Liberal any criminal is a victim of the white, ruling class and therefore not subject to the regular judicial process. That’s why our streets are filled with thousands of vicious criminals who belong behind bars but instead are allowed to prey upon innocent victims.

  11. Small-minded people who are in possession of very few of the facts “support” him. BECAUSE THEY have been “abused” by whatever “system” they had problems with–they will celebrate anybody that is “getting even” with the “system”. Wait until somebody is killed that those Liberals LIKE–then see how quickly they turn…

    1. i got a qustion for ya small minded people ? where does that leave me an you? you do know you me an the rest let his all happen right. no ones to blame but uS US. you can talk an talk but only us is going to fix this mess we are in

  12. Liberals work at the behest of America’s enemies. They promote irresponsibility so people will fall for government handouts and become reprobates…”unprincipled, depraved, and vicious”

  13. I wonder how much coverage the world of liberalism will and has given to Dr. Ben Carson. Even though he is Black he made their god B.O. squirm good and proper. I guess I just answered my own question. He’ll either be ignored or demonized.

    1. I was very impressed with Dr. Carson. those of you who did not wat the WH Prayer meeting, please try to watch Dr. Carson who by his onw admisttance is not PC, Bet BO is going to fire the person who invited Dr Carson to speak!

  14. So would all the lefties still be “understandng” if he offed some of their own like Sharpton, Jackson, Farakhann, Piers Morgan, Roseanne Barr? I certainly not advocating that, but I’m just curious how far this phony baloney sympathy goes. More left wing propaganda.
    In case you’re wondering, I changed my pic and that is me 30 years ago. And I felt the same way then. Just goes to show we can’t judge a person from the outside which is why a person is not what they say, they are what they do. This current crazy liberal out killing cops and others is DOING evil, so therefore, that’s what he is.

    1. He is doing evil just as the shooter in Sandy Hook. Our Connecticut governor got it right when he said “evil visited this community”. When people continually choose evil, the devil’s path, It not only becomes a pattern but opens the door to even worse things. These people are not crazy, criminally insane, or nuts. They are evil. And they need help/deliverance as the old Christmas hymn declares, ” God bless ye merry gentleman, in nothing ye dismay, for Jesus Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day, to save us all from Satan’s(the devil’s) power, when we had gone astray.

  15. Is their proof Dorner killed anyone???? The internet rantings are not proof of anything unless it be the proof anyone could have made those rantings…. What alarms me is the cops who shot the two women…. Is this not proof the LAPD will kill Dorner onsight wihout a trial or due process of the law… The entire story smells of dead fish to me..AND I AM A REPUBLICAN 100% on the right…

  16. As I started to read the article, the first thing that came to mind was they are trying to make this guy out to be someone who is sticking up for his principles and beliefs so they justify murder. Then I immediately thought of some of the anti abortion zealots who murder abortionists and they certainly never get this type of support. Major double standard. There is no justification for murder in cold blood as they say unless you hear the audible voice of God telling you to do it and then there are consequences for that action including loss of your own life.

    1. no faster than we have let it WE are the problem we sat on our cans an let this country fall right into the hands of this marixs tryant

  17. The lefty loonies throw the race card around every chance they get!!! They dont mention that this guy is mentally ill!!! He had a history of explosive anger!!! In high school, college, in the Navy & now in the police!!! The lefties are ALL crazy & so they identify with this guy! There are blacks in this country who have risen above race, poverty & very humble beginnings to achieve much in life. Just look at Dr. Carson for example!!! It is possible if you have a good value system.

  18. Well said drmdellis, you hit the nail squarely in the head. Accountability or the lack thereof is at the root of a great deal of our problems. We all need to be held accountable for our actions.

  19. Well he is liberal, so he is racist and feels that he has a RIGHT to be. Society owes him, and if he cant have his way or loses his job, it is everyone else’s fault. That has been fed to him all of his liberal life. So, why wouldn’t the liberal media continue to make HIM the victim?

  20. It actually is true that liberalism is a mental disease. It seems if they have a viewpoint, that is the ONLY one with merit. I’m sure they don’t think about the fatherless children and husbandless wives this murderer has created, because no one’s problems matter except his. *The rest of human beings just seem to float through life doing whatever they want without consequences.* I’ve heard that said before. Just because they don’t know what the other person has experienced, their minds tell them it was nothing bad – or certainly not as bad as ‘they’ have had to deal with.

    I’m a white woman who at the age of six, lost my whole family and grew up in an adopted home with miserable hateful people. I was beaten for having ‘a look on my face’, or being a day late to return my library book, costing 3 cents……Life was pretty hellish but once I grew up, I left the hate and created a life that was good. Many others have managed to do that. They just don’t run around whining about it or trying to take revenge on others who had it easier. (in their sick minds) We’re supposed to learn and grow from our experiences.

  21. I’m sure that folk offered food preparation recipes to Jeffery Dahmer. It just means that people are capable of anything they can think of. It’s unfortunate but”depraved” is one bad side of humanity. Good folk can protect themselves by being prudent. I have several tools that are available should prudence require them. Situational awareness, locks and intuitive common sense are everyday useful tools. So is my sidearm.

    1. Yeah, name us a few of the major scientific break thrus that conservative thinkers have come up with in the last few decades. I’m waiting. I’ll be waiting for a long time because you, as always, are FULL OF SHT.

        1. Another idiot conservative with no response to the point made. I ask again, if conservatives are “thinkers” , name me a bunch of conservative scientists who have had major technological/scientific break thrus ?

        2. Who said anything about scientific breakthroughs you moron? You are the fool who is too stupid to understand my original comment. Your question appears to come from someone say 11 or 12 years old. Am I close?

        3. Oh but some how conservatives are big thinkers according to your ignorant arse. … that would suggest they are putting their mind toward something USEFUL , unlike what all of you blow hards do on the internet all day.

        4. Awwwww Johny Boy. You disappoint me.I thought you libs were all about tolerance, acceptance, freedom, diversity and love of your fellow man. I am not feeling the liberal love here John.

        5. You conservatives act like the most hateful , evil people on the face of the planet. My tolerance doesn’t extend to pure evil like yourself.

        6. I am neither hateful, or evil and nothing I have posted would lead you to that conclusion. I suggest you look in the mirror and listen to the rhetoric that comes from the left in this country if you really want to see hate and evil. Besides, you just admitted to being intolerant. I pity liberals. Your philosophy does not work, it never has worked, and it never will work. It violates human nature by trying force beliefs on people and forcing them to pay for things that they find abhorrent . It requires ever increasing tyrrany by government to force compliance and the end game is never pretty. Read your history John.

  22. I could not help but think of the comments I heard from Bob Costas, I think it was, when OJ was running away on the LA freeway during that slow-speed pursuit. He was pleading with him to turn himself in, and all that, because ‘ there are people who love you, OJ, please do the right thing . . .’ blah blah blah – – and now we have Jesse saying the same things -‘ I feel your pain libspeak libspeak blah blah ‘ – but when you have something like the Colorado theater shootings -” we need gun control ” ! ! And of course, race will never be brought up.

  23. Not enough info here. The author is obviously naive about cops. I bet he talks about fighting for freedom and the founding fathers fight, but when it’s something he’s clueless about; let the self-righteous indignation flow.

  24. The uneducated stupid, no morals, , welfare dependents, free cell phone users are a disgrace to this country, and by their stupidly and laziness are slowly taking this country down. Time to stop their Free cell phones and welfare check and send them to work…Radical Liberals are just mentally unbalanced! In a few words they are sick SOB’s!

    1. Funny, on this very thread conservatives are saying “I hope he kills a bunch of liberals.” You conservatives sure know how to PROJECT with the best of them.

      Hypocrites , the entire lot of you!

    1. Finish it!

      Frick! Conservatives have not even started it! Liberals mean to take us down and so far I have seen no fight back what so ever from Conservatives and independents!

  25. After reading some of the comments below, hopefully, people are once again beginning to understand what being a Liberal really means, seems every couple of generations they rise up again to push their, Socialistic, or Communistic, whatever you want to call it, venues on an unsuspecting younger generation that remembers nothing of the atrocities of the past, when Socialism or Communism was trying to be the way of the world order. People back then began to understand that all that happen to countries that thought this was the way to go, was bankruptcy and the destruction of ones culture and religious beliefs. Hopefully the people are beginning to wake up to what this president and his regime are trying to do, not only to our country but to our personal and religious freedoms, the Doctor who spoke at the prayer meeting about what he understood to be happening in our country and our freedoms, didn’t like it and when finished with his speech you could see, by the look on the presidents face, that he really didn’t like what he had just heard, without being able to rebut the charges.

    1. It was great, I think Obama wanted to puke his dinner. I am a little familiar with Dr. Carson, his life story needs to be emulated in many ways. Some where, though, a black leader will criticize the speech calling him a race traitor, oreo, or some other rant, when it is only resentment that they could never succeed, or even hold a candle to this man’s success.

  26. Maybe Mr. Dorner was done wrong, both by the Navy Reserve who passed him over for promotion, AND maybe he got a raw deal by the Police Department. BUT he went over the edge………could this have been seen in the reserve and the Police Department? Did he show signs of rage? We,ve had too many crazies lately and this just may be sign that wasn’t followed up…….again. As for the “Doo Dads” who side with what Mr. Dorner did……maybe THEY should be “chased down” and recorded so that THEY don’t pass the back ground check………if and when THEY decide to do what Mr. Dorner has done.

    1. “Maybe Mr. Dorner was done wrong, both by the Navy Reserve who passed him over for promotion, AND maybe he got a raw deal by the Police Department.”


      HIGHLY unlikely.

      He was black.

      Not a white, Christian male.

      1. “He is black.

        Not a white, Christian male.”

        Which is the ONLY qualification you evil conservatives use to judge people.

        1. If anyone is USELESS it’s a POS like you who spends all his time WHINING and CRYING about conservatives losing out in the world.

    2. This guy might have simply snapped. Some mental conditions do not exhibit themselves except under the perfect storm of circumstances…making diagnosis before the fact next to impossible.

  27. Hey, it’s LIBERALS killing LIBERALS……’s a “good” thing. Just like Muslim killing Muslims is a good thing. They’re all so whacko, let them whack each other. Leave them alone and they will completely SELF DESTRUCT………..and that’s a “good” thing.

  28. I wonder if all liberals are staying home where they can be safe from this guy? If they are walking around they may be his next victims. Did they think about that? Then what will they say when he pops them off.

  29. The left wing is a reincarnation of Hamlet. It is adolescent. It rebels against conventional wisdom and backs killers because it is immature. It thinks immaturity is intelligence when it is evidence of stupidity.

  30. It would be unimaginable that most black folks would ever condone this man’s efforts to kill cops or anyone else. remember he is killing innocent family members. children, wives,
    mothers, fathers, grandparents, helloooooooooooooooooo does anyone see anything wrong with this thinking? God help us if you don’t. This is not an eye for an eye, nor is it getting revenge for the past. This is innocent people being gunned down. Helloo oooo is anyone out there anymore?

    1. I suspect that Lemon is lying…after all, e isn’t bringing in real people who say that they’re supporting Dorner. More likely, the support being shown for Dorner online, outside of his family, is from Internet trolls.

  31. Some liberals will never learn until a man like this takes their life. Then it is too late. You want to take guns away but you want to leave a gun in this guys hand who has given a manafesto tell who he wants to kill. Now you know how crazy the liberals are and why they don’t want to have the people who are mentally disturbed known but if you own a gun watch out. They want to know this so they can take your guns away and impose Hitler Obama law.

  32. Another mental case that has gone unnoticed or passed over due to laws which give nut cases a pass way too easily (think ACLU, et al). Every killing spree has been the result of a mentally deranged person …. but they only cry about the guns.

  33. We know how liberals think already, I am not surprised, to hail this man a hero is crazy, when you kill people that is suppose to make up for being mistreated is crazy, to say you are superior is being full of it, The Navy should have got rid of him years ago,

  34. Leave it to liberals to laud a killer, they are attempting to make him the victim……He’s a killer, shoot him on sight, save the tax payers some money.

  35. Many of us experience un-pleasant treatment in our lives, because we are squares, nerds, gay, bullied in school, shy , big mouths, religious, a minority, red head, have freckles ,arent so pretty etc etc, but most of us cope and grow up without harboring hate towards others. Life isnt always fair, but most of us control our anger when things dont go our way. Those who dont, wind up like Dorner . Best to move on in life and show your worth and humanity

  36. Liberalism is a mental disease…. it is spreading like any other disease.
    Conservatives are going to have do what’s necessary to irradicate this disease.
    Skin color has nothing to do with liberalism .. it’s a state of mind brought on by the real oppressors of our society…. LEFTISTS in the government.
    Unfortunitely, it’s becoming contageous as some so called republicans are buying into it …. it’s called “Go along to get along” More Bull Crap !!!

    1. “Kill all the liberals”. Here we go again. Same ole same ole. Been hearing that from you lunatics for the last 4 years. Where’s your civil war already? You talk a LOT of talk but show VERY little action. More smack talking from yellow coward idiot conservatives who will NEVER shoot anyone themselves. Old Man just wants OTHER people to do his dirty work for him.

      1. Actually, I never said kill all the liberals, I said they had a mental disease. If you fit that scenario, then you need psychiatric help.
        I am an old man, but if you want to be FIRST.. stand in front of me, I am sure I still have the strength to pul the trigger just once.
        I have never asked anyone to do my work… I come from the old school of thinking… you get what you work for, not what the government will give you that they take from old guys like me.
        I say again…. stand in front of me … !!!!!

        1. All I have to do is stand in front of you for you to MURDER me? Really? Do you think you’re god or something?

        2. At least I will look you in the eye, the government is doing it every day with the drone program and they don’t have no idea who they kill besides the immediate target… they call it collateral damage…. I call it the very same thing you just said it was…MURDER !!! wHO DOES THE GOVERNMENT THINK THEY ARE… GOD OR SOMETHING ???

        3. You’re so full of sht old man…. I have an idea, instead of sitting on your SICK unhealthy arse all day on the computer, doing NOTHING what-so-ever of any USE, why don’t you make yourself useful? Take that gun you fantasize about shooting other people with, hold it up to your UGLY face and pull the trigger. Your body could be donated to science, which would prove MUCH more useful to humanity than you are just wasting away like you are ….

        4. Ya-know John, I started working FOR A LIVING when I was 12 yrs old until I was 75 yrs old. I certainly deserve the right now that I am too old to continue working due to physical restraints to sit in front of my computer and critique people like you.
          Did you serve in the military, I did… I fought for the liberty we have and I am trying to keep it going… not destroy it through socialism or communism.
          This country is becoming rediculous in it’s new way of thinking .
          There was only one democrat that ever said the real truth.
          He said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”
          What have you done for your country lately ???

        5. Perhaps the cops are looking for this Dorner guy in the wrong place……they need to check out John Dunmars basement.

        6. And I’ll be right behind you brother. One of these days he is going to open his mouth to the wrong person. Unlike you and I, who I’m sure share the same sentiments among other people we talk with where Johnny boy, I’m sure, keep to himself, keeps his mouth shut exept on here Don’t let my pic fool ya, that was 35 yrs ago, but just to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover as I’ve always felt this way. Got your back brother.

  37. We have a liar in the WH and then Congress is COMPLICIT & now not recognizing that this killer has a MENTAL DISORDER and these liberals side with him –OMG this is an upside-down world —Will it all implode?

  38. LAPD is not the only group that has a problem with corruption … THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND OBAMA HIMSELF ARE THE MOST CORRUPT PEOPLE IN AMERICA!!!!

  39. This is all building in to a moment when these idiots will
    cause troubles and give the guys in the WH the excuse to declare marshal law. It will start building now
    then then really hit in the
    summer. Remember about a month ago when i
    don`t now who it was said the heat of the summer causes violence .what a key
    word to start the ball a rolling. This
    is the only way that they can disarm the
    us. By marshal law. The code word has been given

  40. It is time for every single gun owner to stand up and be heard or lose your right and I do mean all of them. once guns are taken what stands in the way of the Constitution being scraped

  41. It couldn’t possibly be that LAPD had a problem with BLACK racist criminals who were doing things the wrong way, and fighting their {cops’} efforts to stop that? The Rodney King thing was blown up on the LAST 30 seconds or so of his encounter with the cops, and DIDN’T show the events that precipitated the acts of the police, which did go slightly over the top, but FA less so in the full context than was made to appear! It was a DEVICE to inflame the masses, deliberately used against us all! Think about who ended up being hurt the most by that whole affair. Realize that there has been a concentrated attack on our American society and culture going on for over a century and a half now, and that the people behind it HATE us all, black, white, red, brown, or yellow! They don’t care about ANY of us! ALL that matters is their agenda! {See UN Agenda 21}

  42. All of this stuff makes me sick. Liberals are crazy. I’m at a loss. They say guns are bad an now they say he’s OK. I’m. An America. I’m not crazy. I have had guns around me all my life. This guy is mental. Anyone that condones his actions are plain an simple Crazy.

  43. Wow! For the sake of their Racist Agenda, the left is helping to glorify this ‘disturbed’ individual. I know you Psychotic Libs, refuse to look at the possible outcome or “REPERCUSSIONS” to your actions/positions/etc., but as I’ve said in the past, ‘If You Keep Glorifying these Whack Jobs, sooner or later, they are going to start coming after you. Sooner or later, the ‘Enemies of America media’, will send the wrong Psycho, ‘Over the Edge’ and it will be the Propaganda Ministry in the Gun Sights of a Leftist Nut Job. Not to say the Propaganda Ministry deserves it, but as the saying goes, ‘Karma’s a _itch!’

    God Bless America!

    1. Cept he said he didn’t vote for Obama and supported republican Jon Huntsmen. Funny how facts and REALITY always get in the way of the dishonest propaganda conservative maggots push.

  44. If you read Mr. Dorner’s ‘Manifesto” you don’t really come away with the impression that he is insane. Except for the praise of liberals he seems well educated, articulate and sane. Despite the fact that he is liberal, when you make a desperate man out of a, by all accounts, decent man, he may begin to do desperate things

    1. Funny how in his manisfesto he mentioned not voting for Obama because he supported a republican (Huntsmen) ….that obviously isn’t mentioned here. That would take HONESTY for a conservative to point that fact out, a character trait sorrily lacking in the majority of conservatives in America.

      1. His manifesto shows that he loves the Clintons, the Obamas, Biden, Pelosi, etc., and the only Republicans that he likes are the RINO’s

  45. When they track this guy down will Obama send a drone to drop a bomb on his head or a rescue chopper to spirit him away to the White House for an award dinner and medal presentation. I think the latter.

  46. The servants of Satan are no longer willing to remain in the shadows. They come boldly, in full view of everyone, to display their wicked souls. They love evil, and they pursue it with the lust of a whore.
    As the day of the Lord approaches, their grotesque exhibitions will increase in frequency and wickedness.
    When the Lord’s day arrives, these reprobates will head for the border. in that day they will seek to conceal themselves but it will be too late.

    1. You conservatives are the most cynical, hate filled and dishonest people I’ve EVER encountered in my entire life. Conservatives are the embodiment of evil.

    2. Denise do not answer John Dunmar he is a troll and enjoys aggravating people.

      I fact, I had meant to ignore him if I ran into him again, and broke my own advice.

      I would advise all just to ignore him.

      1. You’re a hypocrite Lady….I check in here from time to time and you’re ALWAYS on here posting. You really have no life do you?

  47. If the black community were aware of what Don Lemon said (I suspect most are not), I suspect that there would be outrage; after all, who did Lemon interview that qualifies him to make that judgment?

    As for why the media hasn’t picked up on it—Lemon may have blindsided everyone with his novel claim. More likely, something in Dorner’s life made him just snap…what that was may never be known. As for those people posting online support of him…remember, most people are anonymous online; as such, more likely, I would suspect that there is professional Internet trolling in support of Dorner. (Whether or not that is the case may never be known, however.)

  48. I remember the rodney king incident. The first time the video was shown king was violently resisting the police. It was apparent that he was drugged out because it took so many officers to get him to the ground.He was fighting,and screaming. opra showed the original video one time as did the media. The next day and from then on an edited version was shown and that’s what has always been shown since it happened. I have always thought that jessie jackson pulled strings to have that done. The man is a criminal and a racist. M.L. King would condemn j . jackson and sharptonIf

    1. Martin Luther King was a great man!

      The blacks forget it was the support of the whites that got them equal opportunity.

      In history without the whites they would still be slaves and behind some plow share or picking cotton somewhere.

      Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done more harm to their race than anyone of our time. Martin Luther King would spit on them both.

      They are a disgrace to his movement.

        1. I would say you jest but I realize you are not smart enough to know your history. Who do you think rounded up all of those slaves and sold them to anyone willing to pay the price.

          Their own BLACK BROTHERHOOD!
          Is it actually your intent to look this stupid on whatever forum you choose to comment on?
          Ignorance can be corrected.
          Stupid is a choice and can not!

        2. You think Lincolns republican party was CONSERVATIVE???? ? And the entire democrat south back then was LIBERAL? LOL you are beyond retarded man.

        3. You are absolutely right in your assessment of who was conservative and who was liberal. By today’s standards, the South were the conservative’s and engaged in international trading of their cotton and tobacco. Lincoln was about as Liberal as you can get if we are going to compare his disregard for the Bill of Rights in order for him to win the war. It’s not as black and white (no pun intended) as people think. The definitions or actions of conservative’s vs. liberal’s have flipped-flopped since the Civil War, and I’m not saying one group is and one group isn’t today, though there are, IMHO, a much larger group of elittist liberals in the north today. Also, people who think that once a black man freed or otherwise came north, all his troubles were over, are wrong. They may not have been owned by anyone, but they were not treated with the respect and dignity those who would like to sugar coat the Civil War would like one to think. Derringer, with all due respect, please don’t use the word ‘retarded’ in that manner. I’ve worked over 20 years every day with people who have mental retardation and that word, used in that manner is an insult to all individual’s who, through no choice of their own, were born with a developmental disability. Thank you.

        4. “I’ve worked over 20 years every day with people who have mental retardation and that word, used in that manner is an insult to all individual’s who, through no choice of their own, were born with a developmental disability. Thank you.”

          I have a feeling people with TRUE developmental disabilities (such as Downs Syndrome) will NEVER read through far right political blog comment sections like this. I doubt they will ever be insulted by my words here, thus I don’t plan to change to appease people like you.

          The problem with many conservatives, they have developmental disabilities brought about ENTIRELY by choices of their own. Retardation is a fairly accurate description of many on the far right.

        5. First of all it’s Down Syndrome, no s. If you’re not smart enough to use a better insult word like dumb mother&ucker–as in all left wing liberals, then you’ll have to get by. Your logic is as sh!teating dumb as sound. Have a good day.

        6. since it’s a 35 year old picture, i’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks d!psh!t Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

        7. 35 years wiser and richer and come on, quit playing–you don’t have an imagination. That requires a brain and DNA I’m quite sure you are void of. How much are you paying whomever it is that is typing this for you?

        8. What’s your diet consist of? Processed food, junk food, white starchy breads, etc. would be my guess. I bet you routinely overdose on MSG (which is in 80% of processed foods in America) — Scientists use MSG when they want to fatten up a LAB rat.

          I’m just trying to figure out why Tea Party conservatives (from the pictures of your rallys that I’ve seen) are SO incredibly fat and unhealthy and retarded. These chemical food additives DESTROY brain cells and it’s very evident by all the idiotic things conservatives say on blogs like this.

        9. Y’know, without Arabian and black Mohammedan African slaver’s, there would’ve been no black African slaves to be sold to the English for their colonies either.

        10. Where do you think the slaves came from? Black tribesmen who captured the loser of the battle and then sold them to the Dutch East India Company to provide labor for their sugar cane plantations. When slaves started to be imported to America, they still came from the same place, the blacks in Africa who held them as prisoners. The first slave owned in the United States was a black man owned by another black man. Learn your history of the country you don’t even live in before spouting off sounding more stupid than you usually do.

      1. By the way,I forgot to add that the naacp was started by 3 WHITE MEN. Most blacks aren’t aware of that little tidbit of information.

        1. Thank you that is something I did not know.

          Being older and living through some of this history is an advantage.

          Especially over the dumbed down youth leaving academia today.

  49. So, NOW they flip flop. Instead of demonizing Dorner like they demonized Holmes and Lanza for using a gun to shoot and kill people, they make excuses for him because he’s a lunatic black person. And he wasn’t wearing a hoodie. More than likely all those people on Facebook were muslim brotherhood, and black panthers. Didn’t they make excuses for the muslim counselor that shot and killed 11 troops at the military base? obama called him a misguided youth. He just couldn’t spit out the word “terrorist” in describing one of his own.

    Blacks ganging up with 50 to 100 thugs in their gangs and beating up on one person, cracking their skulls, and killing them, isn’t satisfying enough for them. Obama has incited them to anger, more hate, and violence, and he wants to take our guns from us!?

    Lots of people are wronged, mistreated, BULLIED, mocked, slandered, smeared, poked fun of, laughed at, degraded, (like obama and his dems do us), and beaten, but they don’t go killing people. There is something WRONG with this man, just like Holmes and Lanza, but no matter what the liberal trash say, he’s NOT in his rights, and he’s especially not presidential material. He’s living on the lunatic fringe, just as obama is.

    The rash of black gangs, black panthers, and muslim brotherhood hate in our country is proof that obama has empowered them, incited their hate and anger. It’s obama’s fault that we are seeing this. He’s divided our country and he’s a racist as anybody can get.

    So, let me get this straight! Now it’s suddenly okay to shoot and kill people if you are black, and now it’s okay to own guns if you are black. And, your “accepted” excuse to kill is if you feel you are wronged! WOW! That could be the entire black population. What an excellent excuse, folks. Why didn’t Holmes get to say that? And why didn’t Lanza get a chance to say that? Wups, he couldn’t, he’s dead. A lot seem to just die very conveniently because dead men tell no tales.

    Hey, I lost my job, I was wronged !!!!!! I think I’ll go out and have some target practice. Oh, but wait, I can’t, I don’t look like obama!!!! Houston, we have a problem!

    So, I guess obama will update his gun grab to just disarming white people, now. How it must have irked him that one of his brothers can be a whackom too. It’s his fault, he empowered Dorner with too much anger and hate. I fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg as obama continues to split us down the middle with his hate of us, and his flaming racism.

    Pray to God that people will wake up to this communist muslim tactic. Racism, slander, ganging up and bullying are among satan’s most evil and powerful tools, and they are among his ugliest. And the people who posted this puke on Facebook are the prime example of obama’s puke.

        1. ROFL … how old are you 14 going on 10.
          Grow up and enter the conversation when you can put an actual comment together without making yourself look “too stupid to recognize stupid”!

        2. Dunmar…Sorry to see that there is actually someone like you in the world that says the sick things you do. This conservative will say a prayer to God for you. You need help.

        3. Funny how all the people who post messages about how “All liberals should be killed” on this blog NEVER get any self righteous response from you. You aren’t a two faced hypocrite are ya?

        4. Mr. Dunmar…. I ask myself why you are so hateful and full of anger. If you do indeed not live in my country, you must live in a country where fiscal conservatives have made you work for a living. I’ll still pray for you. God knows you must need the help.

      1. ROFL … We get it … THE TRUTH HURST does it not?
        Typical liberal/progressive come back … no substance just horseshit!

    1. You do realize this logic WILL NEVER compute with the liberal/progressive drones?

      There is a reason why Dr. Lyle Rossiter wrote a book on the Political Madness of the left.

      They are the “useful idiots” of society. Every Socialist/Marxist/Communist leader loves them. In fact they would be nothing without them. They are slaves to their master of the day. Today it is simply Obama.

      Logic and common sense SIMPLY DOES NOT COMPUTE FOR THEM.

      Look at the response of John Dunmar and any other of the liberal/progressive leaner comments here.

      It is not hard to put the 2 and 2 together … LOL

  50. Don Lemon obviously is a shining example of the lazy journalism coming out of CNN. If he bothered to read Donner’s manifesto, it read in part: “Asian, Hispanic and gay officers are high-value targets…”

  51. Well Eric Holder just finished saying that the president asked him to come up with something to keep the people with a criminal record or mentally ill from owning guns. Holder can start with the people mentioned in this article and do a ” national background check ” on them.
    But once again he will do nothing just as he did nothing about the Black Panthers showing up at voting stations with clubs in hand, to intemidate voters. This as well as other articles that mention support for these ” radical killers ” points in the direction of a racial war brewing.
    Those of us that are not black are acussed time and again of wanting a racial war, well the shoe is on the other foot so to speak and it is not we the non blacks that are aimed in that direction.

  52. It doesn’t matter if they call him a cop killer or not, he did kill a cop and killed the retired police chief’s daughter who SUPPORTED him in his rebuttal to the board that terminated him. To support this murderer is simply an illustration of how far down this nation has gone. We have no morals, no respect for authority, no discipline, courtesy, no direction, no leadership and that pretty well sums it up, we’re in trouble.

  53. The author of this article is wrong about how much support there is, whether there’s any support at all for the killing itself, and who is doing the supporting. All to make a point to bash liberals.

    The only person I’ve talked to who is even remotely in support of Doerner was a libertarian who thinks that the police in California abuse their power.

    1. I visited the page on facebook it has over 4,000 likes. However not all the people posting there agree with the actions of Doerner, in fact a large number of them oppose his actions. what is scary is the number of people that do support this. Even if the LAPD is corrupt, actions like this against them do nothing but make things worse and limit the freedom of the people. This includes but is not limited to gun control should legislation pass because of Doerner’s alleged actions.

      1. If the democrat controlled government od Calipornia (with a veto proof margin) took the guns away from the police, at least it would do two things; a. Put them on the same footing as we, the people, and b. point out the ludicrousness of their unthinking “Solutions” to violence, i.e.: “Disarm the good guys”.

    2. And a Grand Doyen in Manhattan, when Regan was elected remarked, ” … but nobody ‘I know’ voted for him … .” Yer point?

  54. Let’s just hope that the liberals turn on each other, in quantities to big to ignore and leave the rest of us out of it. I don’t give a Rat’s hind quarter who you are or why you are that way if you kill some one you should die; unless you are defending your self, loved ones or any other nice person; and since the despotic tyrannical government is threatening to take away our means of defending our selves the way we choose, hmm, ugh, well you know what I mean.

  55. This is a difficult subject to comment on without someone looking at me like I’m one of them. I have seen stories over the past couple years about Cops that have Abused citizens, and Murdered citizens, over some stupid things, by busting down the wrong door in a raid, or tazing some old man or woman, or child, and they don’t seem to care, and Never get into trouble for it. And yet I see stories like this where people are advocating some kind of Peaceful way like the Vote to get these Evil Tyrants out of office.

    The Vote doesn’t work any longer, and telling the story to a Biased Media doesn’t work, and when someone like this has taken all he can take of it, and goes off the deep end people start saying well he should have done this or that. Well many people have tried to do this or that, and none of them are better off for what they have tried to do to stop these Tyrants in office from pushing harder and harder to destroy the rights of people.

    It’s Truly bad when Innocent people are hurt in the cross fire, but how many women and children has the US Army or other services killed while trying to kill the so called enemy?

    When Tyrants Hide behind women and children, sometimes Innocents loose their lives before the tyrants are taken out. It’s not fair, it’s not right, but it has happened for centuries when the people being oppressed, have had enough, innocents some time are lost.

    My point is that while what he is doing is a distasteful thing, this guy is doing what many other Patriotic Americans will also have to do to secure their individual Liberties from the Tyrants who seek to Disarm and enslave them to the Government and FED bankers.

    So while what Chris is doing may sound bad, and for that matter is Bad, Freedom Loving People All Over This Country WILL One Day Have To Engage in This Very Same Thing to Preserve Their Rights.

  56. I was a police officer in a black community with no innate hostilities toward anyone. What I experienced appalled me and had I not had my head screwed on right and feet well-planted in reality, I may have unreasoned my way to thinking all blacks were no good. I never thought that way. Yes, we had our racists; fortunately they were in the minority. However, they never acted out their racism. I also experienced racism by black racists, many with an agenda; and it made little difference how fair they were treated. They deceived, lied, obstructed justice, incited disturbances and even riots, all for an agenda called black liberation? Liberation from what, I can’t even guess. There is no easy way anywhere, in any country. But this country offers everything to those willing to study, and work hard like everyone else. The only reward you will get from hate-mongering, or blame-mongering, is more unrest, death and injury.

    1. And white trash / meth addicts/ etc do not act this way??? I think you’re just a racist hypocrite and I’m SO glad you are no longer on the force. There are too many bad cops already without nut cases like you around.

    2. fortuneteller43….been there, done that. Been there, done that. Been there, done that. Some tough precincts, but I survived the “Knucklehead Regime”, completely jaded and looking at the fact that my serving the “community” didn’t change a friggin’ thing…..nothing.

      I have a pretty good pension, though.

  57. Regardless of whether Mr Dorner was fired for lying about another cop or for being a whistle blower, he murdered three people in cold blood. He is not a hero of any kind. He is a murdering criminal. He needs to be captured and tried. Then if he is convicted, the death penalty is warranted.

    1. What your saying sounds so wonderful, but how many Innocent people are in prison now a days for NON Violent crimes with No victims but themselves? The System doesn’t protect Innocent people any more. It only protects the people who are Tyrants and Criminals. The system is Broken, and no amount of talking about it will fix it. The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time, with the blood of Tyrants and patriots, in order for a Free people to remain Free.

  58. lowest of the low. did i not read to exact revenge he killed the daughter of one of the policemen? they should destroy this vermin when they catch him. no trial. he lost all credability.

  59. That explains that the illegals, muslims, & the rest of the liberals do not have any brains. Everyone w/ brains waits to hear “The Rest of the Story”. However, him killing just for retrobution he has to be seriously mentally impaired.

  60. Spare me the liberal B.S. . This man is a lunatic with a gun and extensive training in the art of weapons and survival, as well as evasiveness. He is a danger to society I don’t care what his political views represent. If I were a reasonable liberal I woudl still declare him a menace and seek to do everything possible to aprehend Him or To take him out. Please spare me the B.S.

  61. Can the other 49 states secede from California, and they can just keep screwing themselves, and just leave the rest of us out of it?

  62. Was this black boy part of the corruption in the LAPD..he got caught or….?
    As for the ‘minorities’ Who cares? They are nothing but a bunch of non-absolutes.
    They believe everything they read,being they are able..TV, that’s another easy matter, internet, same…Mostly these types hate the law…unless it suits ’em,cops are there in the
    ‘flesh’ mostly when some do not want them to be…Come on people(?) ‘dummy up!’
    you are your worst enemies..

    1. every day a new conservative nut wants to paint with as wide a brush as possible…..Cept if you actually looked for liberals reaction to this on liberal blogs, you would see the author of this article as the fraud that he is. Of course you’ll never fact check anything the propagandists of this site says ., you are a gullible person. You like to be led around on a leash.

      1. John, you probably have enough problems in your own country. So, won’t you leave us alone. We will take care of our own mess.

      2. Led by a leash? Go take a look in the mirror, that is if you can get your head out of your Fuhrer’s back side! Everything you in the Loony Left have accused others of doing is exactly what you have actually done. Look at the shooting events. In case after case the Left has tried to paint the shooters as Right Wing Nut Jobs and when the facts come out the exact opposite has been the case. FACT CHECK that! If you want to talk about frauds take a look at yourself!

  63. Okay, let all the libtards who “support” him also share his prison sentence. Then they can admire him up close and personal!! Dumbas*es!

    1. That is perfectly fine, so long as we throw in prison all the conservatives who supported WACO (David Koresh) and McVeigh …. We would have to builda helluva lot of new prisons if that were the case.

      Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      1. Conservatives didn’t support Koresh. But instead of just grabbing him while he was out jogging, the wanna be Ranbos had to invade the compound and kill all the kids they were trying to save from Koresh.
        Show me a conservative that we have heard of that supported McVeigh.

      2. Well, Janet Reno certainly “Saved the children”, now didn’t she? At least those were her stated reasons for going in, in the first place. And whatever happened to those “Middle Eastern Men” that McVeigh was seen palling around with shortly before he committed his horrendous crime? Maybe they were just counseling him against committing an act of “Workplace Violence”.

  64. Ah, yes… The killer is the victim play! It is not his fault, he was mistreated and ill used! Can you imagine if Dorner was some right wing nut job? Someone who was a white, birther, listened to Sean Hannity and a rapid NRA member?? Well that would be a whole different story, he would suddenly be a villian. Funny, huh?

    1. Look up Jim David Adkisson .. He was a hero to many on the right wing. Oh yeah, he was a white birther, Hannity fan and NRA member. Your hypocrisy stinks. You stink.

  65. Anyone who goes on an individual killing spree for political ideology, whether left or right, is insane. This is not the way to handle life. The killing of that woman who was the daughter of one of the people on the board is wrong and unjust. She had nothing to do with the situation. that’s where you have to draw the line and recognize the error.

  66. a few rotten to the core apples should not be aloud to ruin the whole barrel of good apples, so just (spade) turn them under into the ground! good day!

  67. I really have one question, If Dorner would call T.V Stations and tell them he would give up at a certain place and time, do you really think that he would make it to a court of Law alive, Darn He would be lucky to make it to the police car!!! He has dead man on his forehead , ‘No matter what the LA cops will Kill him’

  68. How anybody dare call these fascist/communist/evil bastards liberals is beyond me! This Muslim-Marxist piece-of-sh^t Obaa-baa-ma should cross paths with this deranged lunatic, hopefully justice would be done! Pure and simple: this communist regime is out to create a race war, if that’s what they want then we should oblige them as there are a hell of a lot more of us than them! This intimidating BS need’s to be taken care of, sooner the better. These black racists and white mentally disordered weinies need to be eradicated, like the vermin that they are!

    1. If conservatives started a war in America, the whole FKING WORLD would unite to kick your measily little arses. I would leave Australia and join the U.S. war effort just to get a shot at you maggots.

  69. I am a conservative and saw a bit of news about what is going on with the guy known as the cop killer. If he was white and a card carrying repub, would he get the same reaction? I did some digging and this seems to be more about a crooked LAPD and the things he witnessed and reported going unpunished and even the offenders rewarded with the whistle blower being punished becasue he crossed the blue line. This man is a former naval office that learned honor, duty, conviction, ethics and saw none of that in LAPD. Fell into a deep state of depression, and now has snapped. I applaud his convictions but do not condone his actions.

  70. Holy Crap Batman::No Brains in these Comments”Most of U voted for this crap::How about using your Brain::And yes ;U liberals are going too suffer just like everybody else :The worst is not here ;Yet;With the people in office ; the economy is ;going too get worse:Good luck Zombies

  71. Of course the libs are going to try and turn this criminals acts into heroics, the libs are batting zero in the sanity fight. Their loonies are going off the deep end and proclaiming their goofy thoughts then commiting horrendous crimes and blaming Bush, the conservatives or the Tea Party is making them look like fools. Their lamebrain arguments are falling thru the ice and they can’t come up for air without planning another crooked crime against the public at large….Libs are a special kind of stupid..and by the way this loony black guy is not bullet proof..

  72. Communism has already reenacted in our Country! That’s why this interloper was CREATED! As a diversion to keep the clueles, gullible, and brainless entertained! They are enraptured, enthralled, and transformed by his oration skills, personality, good looks, vitality, and gift of persuation (he could sell ice makers in Alaska), WhileTHEY are stealing our VITAL inner organs right under our noses! While HIS, artistically sculpted in 2004, is in the air, filfilling HIS part of their AGENDA! We will never be “HEALED” as long as we allow ourself to be “HEELED”!

  73. Here we go again.another loser who didnt have what it takes to be on the LAPD!!! So he lies about an incident that never happened,He has a substandard record and evaluations, gets fired but poor me its not my fault!!!! A perfect example of someone who wont take responsibility for his actions!!! Oh poor me its racism,locusts the sun got in my eyes I am a lying piece of garbage!!!!! I hope they find this piece of garbage fast and shoot him full of holes and fill them with lead!!!!!!

  74. LAPD,
    Consider this option. On Television, tear up the transcript that Dorner wrote. Announce that you are NOT calling the shots. Make a public statement that he is #1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, and that it is NOT an honor. State: “Dorner what took you four years to get angry at the LAPD? Is anyone encouraging you to do this? Give yourself up, or everyone will continue on your tail…Swat Teams, Special Ops of the Military, Navy Seals, everybody and his brother are looking for you. We intend to get you shortly. Not another person will be killed by you No matter where you are asleep or awake, one of us is ready to pounce on you.” Get that out; it will scare the hell out of him, and make him so much less powerful.
    [email protected]

    1. I hate to point this out, but don’t you think he’ll take the statement, especially the, ” … Not another person will be killed by you. … ” part, as a challenge and it will goad him into committing another murder? Or is that what you’re counting on, using innocent people as bait, in the hopes of capturing him either just before or after the attempt?

      1. Myron,
        I would never want innocent people to used as “bait”. The LAPD gave a great conference, and I am certain they did not read my comment. The term that you are concerned with was used in a better way by them….”this will not continue.” The purpose of my writing what I did was to “reverse” the power of the criminal to those finding him. It is no longer one criminal threatening the LAPD that they will never know when he will strike… is NOW 10,000 LAPD, FBI, Border Patrol, and many forces coming to get him. This is what the LAPD conveyed in the news conference….that they intend to get him…and they have a $1,000,000 reward
        on his head. Donors contributed eagerly. This is domestic terrorism, and he does not have the power that he thought he had. He is being pursued.
        Delores Smith
        [email protected]


  76. The fact that MSNBC and CNN already are wailing over this black killer’s Manifesto, is sickening. They love victims, when the only victims are his victims. Libs love to hate whites as the cause of all problems when their real enemies should be the people who formed the SDS, SLA, Patnhters and every nut group that leftists formed on campuses over the last 5 decades.The real evil and sickness of this society is liberalism. And these whiners and inciters of victimhood as the Obama Admin. and other progressives, obviates our American heritage, history and Judeo-Christian values. If only the MSM had the guts to print his murderer’s Manifesto with its evil, and then had people debate it, perhaps the Moron Voters, including the yutes et al, would wake up to the real facts of liberal policies and how rotten our education system has been and how inept families have been in teaching facts of our Republic and economy and social reality.

  77. If our own, highly trained and best eguipped military, the best on earth ,has taken the last 12 years to fight insurgents in Afganistan,and still not won outright victory.What would make any liberal,Chinese ,Russian or American, think destroying the U S is even possible. If a bunch or sand rats rose up against us,what do they think will happen to them.And I don t think they will be able to count on a majority of our own military units to carry out their will. Remember how Russian military units reacted back in the 90 s. Any American who gives up their guns is a fool. Let the NWO come and take them

  78. John Dunmar……and what the hell have YOU contributed to society? Have a feeling that your life has been misspent in hate and negativity. You need help…..I feel so sorry for you that I wish you’d just stop breathing my air. Have a swell day, you hateful, despicable Cretin.

  79. blacks are taught early on not to trust the police. Why? Because “the man” will put you in jail when you commit crimes, almost like they should be given a pass for crimes because 200 years ago there were slaves in this country (sold into slavery by other blacks). I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m flat sick of hearing the sob stories. blacks have made more progress in American than any of them EVER will in african countries. They’re still living in trees there. Look at the NBA; a white player there looks like a white raisin in a box of black raisins. Football is pretty much the same. So many black millionaires you can’t count them now. Time to shut up and count your blessings, and there are many here. Go to africa and see how much welfare you’ll get there!

    1. If blacks had not been slaves, they would not have anyone but themselves to blame for their criminal and anti social behavior.

  80. I don’t care if Dornar is black. He is a cop killer. Liberals make me sick. Maybe he should have killed more liberals. He got fired cause he was a lousy cop. And poor blacks. Bullshit. They got civil rights passed for them by liberals. And it is pure discrimination against whites. We need to take our country back.

    1. Actually, it was republicans who put the Civil Rights Act on the books. Johnson didn’t have enough democrat votes in congress to get it passed. Remember the term, “Dixiecrats”?

  81. obama’s gangsters will have a hard time finding my guns they can’t take what they can’t find or know what I have for that matter
    when martial law is called and choas reigns in the citiies I’ll protect mine and obama can go to h_ll!

    1. I’ve been looking around liberal blogs and I see no praise. Me thinks conservatives are liars and the victims of TRUE mental illness.

        1. Pieces of SHT like you can’t ignore me…. I expose too much truth (which in turn PISSES you maggots off) for you to stay silent.

        2. Go back to your mothers basement , and kiss your boyfriend good night. Leave the discussion to those who understand the word discussion, you are living proof that liberasim is a mental disorder.

      1. I heard Geraldo Rivera state last night on The Factor that he had a lot of callers to his LA radio show who called in supporting the murdering psycho. Rivera is certainly NOT a conservative. There is a lot of support in the black community for their Brother Murderer.

        1. Why is it liberals cannot have an argument with a conservative without resorting to insults? Rivera is considered to be a liberal by conservatives, he is NOT one of us, you left wing hater.

        2. He’s never supported democrat causes …You are full of crap…

          btw , I get nothing but hate and insults from conservatives so I have nothing but hate, contempt and insults in return. You deserve nothing less.

        3. For your information, he supports abortion, gay marriage, new gun laws, amnesty for illegal immigrants. There are probably lots more things, but he just admitted to these last night on TV.
          You like to call conservatives liars, so I’ve just exposed YOU as the liar.

        4. Saying you are conservative is not the same as living as a conservative. Geraldo is NO conservative or constitutionalist. He is a LIBERAL.

        5. I’d be willing to bet you that Geraldo agrees with you libs on a lot more issues than he agrees with conservatives.

        6. On this, Rivera really needs to check from where the calls were coming to aensure that he ws not trolled. I have a hard time believing that more than a handful of people genuinely support Dorner.

          @johndunmar:disqus – stop.

        7. Adam: you stop… These people want to hate, it’s high time they got a bit of their own medicine. I will NEVER stop giving it to them. I’m neither conservative or liberal and I don’t really give a FK.

      2. I just re-read the manifesto and in the comments there were at least 2 people supporting the murderer, one even saying he hopes the guy gets more people on his list.

  82. If the ex-cop were white, liberals along with their sycophant news readers would be calling him a white supremist, a Tea Party member, and a racist and bigot. Liberals are idiots and hypocrites. To make matters worse, they think themselves to be intellectually and morally superior.

  83. Couple of problems here. If the shooter had gone after little children the left of course would be in an uproar but, it was not. It seems that along with abortion the left gets to pick who lives and dies and who is important or isnt. The LA police department of course has done it self no favors in this shooting two older white women suspecting that a large black man was in the truck. The police here have bitten off more than they can chew in that they have repeatedly said that they trained him and know what to expect from him. Wrong he was trained first as a Intelligence Officer and has armament including a .50 rifle that out distances the “assault’ weapons of the police. Given that he is a very good shot he could easily also take out their helicopters. Of course he is black and is justified in killing as many as he can until he starts taking out people like Boxer, Pelosi and others. For where would they get such morons to give them their handouts.

  84. What liberals, aka niggers, spics, politicians, unions, muslims, congress and other brain dead ‘people’ think is of no consequence. On the other hand, blacks, hispanics, hard workers, businessmen and similar brothers & sisters are working overtime to overcome all these ne’er do wells

    1. While I get your point, the “Progressive Politically Correct” will use you old time slurs against all of us. All the while using slurs like “Redneck”, “Honkey”, and others with gleeful impunity. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” is their motto.

      1. I agree. And I’m so tired of trying to remember all the names attributable to their groups but we know who they are and so do they. Seriously, thanks.

  85. I am not anti-revolution, in fact Jefferson was right about watering the tree of Liberty from time to time with blood, but that’s not what this is, this is a zealous vendetta by a guy who’s mind has rotted from years of over exposure to Leftist ideology. The Godlessness leads to despair and despair leads to hopelessness and hopelessness often leads to killing sprees. Dorner is like a mad dog and mad dogs are “Put Down” immediately.

  86. To Joeyblitz And what laws is it that worry you. Since they ‘ve ignored our Constitution for the last four plus years, is there really any that asre still valid. First thing tyrants do is deny any law that would make things harder fo them to do, and then provide more new laws tht suit their needs. Exactly what is happening here today. If you know the Bible at all , you should realize/understand that things are progressing on schedule and nothing much can change the outcome. America is on it’s way down the tubes, no question about it. We rerap what we sow every time.

  87. I have a beef with people who wish to disarm law abiding Americans,,,so,,,what am I to do and if I were violent would people “understand”?

  88. Sorry to say this man by what I have heard got what was coming to him? He acted and treated people like a BULLY and now states he was wronged? IF he was wronged ,then why not go through the COURTS like everyone else has to ? He has PROVED NOTHING going this route ! Now I wonder IF Obama did not SET HIM UP TO DO THIS for HIS AGENDA ??

  89. Has anyone actually read why he is doing this? Go to his facebook and READ! This guy got fed up with the corruption around him and snapped. The man did good in the military and all of the sudden he snaps in the LAPD? tell me, what smells here…THINK ABOUT IT. I think what happend is that the crooked cops made him snap and they are paying for it. Now, they have to kill him, he might tell more if caught now that he has everyones attention. I have no problem with some one taking out dirty law enforcement. I am certainly no supporter of that animal Obami but this guy put his time in the service and actually deserves to screw up his vote unlike many liberal voters. Don’t forget the LAPD has a long history of being dirty and just because they are cops does not make them right. Don’t take a side before you know both sides. I am not anti law-enforcement just anti-corruption.

    1. SF, Are you a San Francisco liberal. Listen to him folks. “Don’t take a side” against the murder of innocent, uninvolved people until “you know both sides.”
      SF, It doesn’t matter how good the guys grievances may be, they don’t warrant murder.

    2. SFS444…..I agree. Its a tragedy that people have been killed/injured by Dorner. And two women have been injured by cops who mistook their car for Dorner’s but never checked to see who was driving. The elderly driver is in the ICU with 2 gun shot wounds to the upper body and her daughter has cuts from shattered windows. The back of the car was riddled with bullets. Yet there’s been nary a word in the press about it. The cops repeated the mistake later and shot up another car but no one was hurt.

      I expect better from the police who are supposed to be professionals with a lifetime of training.

  90. When governments pass laws they do so while labouring under the delusion that criminals will obey them. Only the law-abiding do; criminals don’t by definition. If the 2nd Amendment is repealed, how many criminals does the government imagine will turn in their weapons? The number that will is, of course, zero. The law-abiding, however, will be faced with a dilemma. They can either disarm themselves and so leave themselves defenceless and at the mercy of criminals or retain them and become criminals themselves. Ho hum.

  91. It doesn’t matter if Dorner is purple. Murder is murder. This is not a political arena. This is crime against other people and unacceptable. Being held accountable for bad actions seems to escape some people. When will any people of any party understand we each must take responsibility for our own actions! I’m surprised that the Liberals aren’t saying that Bush did it.

  92. Liberals never needed and excuse to support and praise amoral acts… They love abortion, don’t they. So why expect anything else from these loosers…

      1. Sorry U!
        Thank GOD, I am not a Liberal…a/k/a as life long loosers.
        Stay well and have a lengthy Liberal life.

  93. If this would have beed a white man they would want his balls on a silver platter! Talk about thin skined an racist!!! As far as I’m concernd they can all get bent!!!

  94. The staggering hypocrisy of the left is in plain view once again. When one of “theirs” goes on a murder spree, well, now, there’s a “hero”, a “man of the oppressed” and such BS. The ONLY difference here is the left’s obsession with race.

  95. Haven’t they figured out the daughter of a policeman and her friend are not his enemies?
    This is sick! He killed people just like Lanza killed kids. Killing is killing, no matter what your color or cause.

      1. I trust you’re joking. I meant that when a legitimate political group of Americans (say, as apposed to the Klan or Black Panthers) can find something to support in this killer of inocents, we must be headed for dangerous times. Granted, we don’t act like this in SC but it could spread. I support the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. Purposefull weapons in the hands of legal Americans to be use as protection from any harm. That includes personal protection and militias when needed. A Government that transitions from serving and protecting to demanding and closing ranks is a danger sign. I would never consider shooting anyone that observes my freedom and is not an imminent danger to me or mine. I do stayed prepared for emergencies requiring reaction. Too my point–the LAPD, the professed best law enforcement in the country can’t handle one out of control black man. Thet are even shooting on sight with no clear sight. One homeowner protecting his own can’t wait for the cops when seconds count. Another reason to own an AR-15 and large capacity magazines. And I don’t think you were joking. If you’re a Liberal, you’ve been taught only right wing extremist shoot innocents. It’s acually usually Leftist and always the mentally derranged.

        1. When did a legitimate group of Americans support him? I’ve only seen trolls on facebook , no legitimate liberal groups have come out in support … You sure like to paint with an insanely wide brush.

        2. You’re right, not specific enough. 1. The Main stream media, to include most news sevices, networks and cable shows; by slanting the reporting to include all details, ad nauseam, except the shooters self proclamed support of all things Liberal. Not once have I heard he’s “left wing extremist”. He is a deluded, criminal person and a left wing extremist at the same time. 2. A plethora of sensible sounding comments in forums (like this one) that start with ” I don’t condone what he did but—(pick a liberal/occupy excuse; racsim, bullying, “the man”). These far left types are doing the talking and making excuses for everyone involved in this pitiful response to real gun violence by a real criminal, not some urban hero. No moderate left push-back. I don’t visit facebook and am not impressed with those that think it is a place for anything other than gossip. Stick with what’s left of journalism for information. Even then, be suspicious. By the way, a million $ reward? what do we need police for if we’re going to create vigilantes in America.

        3. Left wing extremists don’t support Moderate republicans. He supports Jon Huntsmen and Chris Christie. He actually refused to vote for Obama in last election, instead opting to stay out as he was upset Jon Hunstman wasn’t nominated for GOP. He’s a centrist.

        4. You misread or misunderstood my words. I never used “republican”, I said left. Maybe I wasn’t clear. Sorry. But you did add to my perception that Left wing nuts always expose themselves with name calling and attempts to make all opposite opinions the works of someone with much less intelligence than you. Let’s just disagree on my comment and your intelligence and part politely.

        5. I’ve been threatened and insulted by conservatives so much I lost count. You conservatives are EXTREMELY hypocritical. I used to BE reasonable with you guys — The desire to continue to be reasonable to very unreasonable people has long since faded.

        6. I understand what you say. I hope you haven’t read any threats from me as I haven’t intended any. I was surprised at the “bumbling idiot AND a liar” comment because I know I’m neither and wonder how you came to that opinion from a few comments. I might be wrong but I didn’t lie, I wrote what I thought and I believe me. Idiot is a hurtful term for me as I earned a ’81 Science B.A. from Clemson, financed fully by my wife and myself as a young man and have worked productivly, continuously in private business until age 60. I’ve experienced life fully, traveled extensively, played hard and am near retirement with substantial resources acumulated. I’m selfish, conservative, industrious and maybe bumbling (in housecleaning my wife will say) but not an idiot. I’ve never met a true conservative (or one that wanted to be) that was. In a better world, Conservatives and Liberals could work together bridging America’s founding principles with the ideals of reform and improvement. What we have now is the Left, hijacked by Obama, making enemies on the Right without a clear end game, other than domination of political thought. I hope I live long enough to see the left win the current battle (it’s possible) and then have the electorate realize that promises of life without want is impossible. There will be hell to pay then.

        7. “What do we need police for if we’re going to create vigilantes in America.”

          Why not rely on BOTH? Is that such a hard concept for you?

        8. Not so hard. In fact, as long as it’s private money (as in this case) it’s smart. My problems is it’s just another example of how the left is disingenuous. The dream of disarming people and expecting them to rely on 911 and police response while encouraging quasi vigilantism. This huge, extremely dangerous (for paper deliverers) manhunt is recieving more than required resources because the offence is perceived against the State, not individuals. In the Left’s “playbook” the state is allways more important than the individual.

  96. This has all been predicted almost 2,000 years ago. There WILL be a one world government. There will be the whole sale slaughter of 10’s of millions of people in a very short time. War on a grand scale like never seen before is about to take place. Nuclear exchanges will also take place. Food rationing, poisoned water, massive earthquakes and super storms will all ravage the earth. Bigger, stronger, more deadly then the next one after that and on and on it will go. China will begin her expansion 1/3 of all of mankind will die. You “might think” your a survior changes of you surviving what is coming are worse than you hitting the powerball three times in a row. Jesus Christ warned us. His diciple John gave detailed information on the subject. The Russian/Arab invasion of Israel is coming soon too. That was predicted 2,500 years ago. In detail Who’s who was named as the invading force in Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39. Read this, Matthew Chapter 24, The book of Revelation and todays headlines. Then make your own judgement. This is all real, this is coming. NOTHING and NO ONE can stop it. It doesn’t matter if you believe what I’m saying is true or not. It’s still coming. Judgement for each and everyone is coming. SOONER than you think. Give you life to Christ while there is still time……..We are on the The “Titanic” called earth.

  97. More proof we have a lot of sick individuals out there. He will either be killed or will kill himself like most cowards do.

  98. Good, let normal Americans and mocerates, even some liberals, see just how nuts and ideology driven with hate these lefty nuts ruining OUR country are. Maybe they will wake up and see who truely is for the best interests of ALL Americans, not just certain groups to gain political power by Federal Government treats to some.

  99. “There are crazy people out there that want to take vengeance on anybody that”…DOESN’T AGREE WITH THEM. The rat eared ba5tard said so himself, “Voting is the best revenge”, “They bring a knife, we bring a gun”. THIS is why we can’t let them disarm us, because they are crazy and WILL seek revenge on unarmed citizens.

  100. Anybody surprised how sick CA people can be? This man has killed innocent people…. and they see no problem with it? Because he is black?


  102. I say B.S. to the guy that wrote this, where he says the LAPD is corrupt. There are cop haters, and there are cop haters. Till now, I still support the police until at some point in the future when Obama gives the order and his Homeland Security private police force, backed up by local police starts trying to take away our weapons. Until then, support your local police.

  103. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the liberal retards are on the side of this piece of garbage. After all, he’s a black left wing extremist who loves Obama and hates white conservatives. I hope they blow this stinking ape’s head off when he’s captured. If it goes to court they’ll find a bunch of ghetto monkeys to put on the jury along with some left wing Obama appointed “judge” and he’ll get off scot free.

  104. Liberalism is a sick killing machine!!! Evidence??? Democrat support for Abortion and the “Death Panels” in Obamacare which attacks the elderly. And now they want to take away guns???? The Winds of War are beginning to blow!!!

    1. Moron. There are no death panels. Why can’t you use facts rather than grossly Wong Internet facts. Abortion is legal. Yes legal so it’s American to support legal stuff. You may. OT agree but you really don’t have to have an abortion. Once the law is over turned, then maybe you can rant.

      1. Poor Max, I guess you missed Paul Krugman’s Latest pronoucement on “Death Panels” ( which are not supposed to exist), and since when was “Murder” legal? You need to get off the liberal “Kool-Aid”.

    2. You panzies have been beating war drums for 4 years on your silly little blogs. You’re nothing but a bunch of cowards …If you want a shooting war, stop asking for someone else to take the lead…GET YOUR FKING GUN and get out there and start shooting! Bring this civil war on already!

      1. I’ve noticed through the past several decades that you and yours are always in favor of having what you consider to be your “Hired Guns” do your dirty work for you. Unless, of course, the “Hired guns” start doing the dirty work for the other side. Then you start screaming bloody murder screaming about, “Civil Rights”, “Unconstitutional” and so forth, now why is that? Isn’t the concept of, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”, good enough for you? Careful who you spout your venom around, you may find someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty [or wet].

        1. “Careful who you spout your venom around, you may find someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty”

          Anyone dumb enough to go shoot people over being trolled on the internet is too dumb to be a computer hacker (which would be necessary to FIND said troll) It’s a classic catch-22

  105. first of all you can’t stick up for this guy because he is black that card has been played to many times and it should end here. race is not the issue. this is a bad guy that needs to get taken off the streets to find out what happened to make him crack. what really happened not what the media said happened. second amendment rights are to protect ones self from harm. you have to get over the second amendment because no one will ever take my gun while I am alive. have this man turn himself in to a person that is not a racist and no not everyone is and lets find and fix the problem like adults

  106. CNN host Don Lemon says, “They believe that he had a beef, a legitimate beef, but now he’s gone off the deep end and he’s doing it the wrong way now.” The drugs that Gary DeMar is on makes him think that this means, “Killing people was Dorner’s only option?” and, everyone supporting Dorner is a liberal.

    He’s lying.

    The same kind of person who posts drivel like, ‘We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.’ is going to be the same kind of FRWNJ that says that sheriff Arpaio should also run for Pres.

    Then DeMar claims that no media have mentioned that Dorner was fired 2008.

    He lies again. That has been all over the media. Could you at least pretend to try to pay attention? Do you really think your readers are that stupid? Well, given the fact that he’s been here a while and having read the responses on this site over the years, well…

    He concludes with one final lie talking about the liberal media: “Well, if you knew about it, then why didn’t you report on it? Is it because LA is a bastion of liberalism? The hypocrisy of the Left is unbearable.” The liberal media has reported this fact copiously. This is rare from the mainstream media and almost unheard of from the right.

    The lies, hypocrisy, dishonesty, obfuscation, lies, bloviation, assorted crap, and general disinformation is deliberately insulting. And unbearable.


  107. Recently saw the video in NewOrleans after hurricane Katrina confiscating guns by the military, they took them by force, no recite or record. Makes the purchase of hollow point ammo by our government come to mind and for what purpose? It’s coming.

      1. biatches !!..ouch….Are you wearing your viking outfit…….or is that just for the parades…I just spat in your face !!!

  108. In a way, this is just another result and consequence of the liberals’ insistence on labeling people.

    If you strip away all categorization of this person, and simply look at the facts you get the answer that he is harming innocent people.

    Now let’s add some labels. He is an ex-cop. Is it now OK that he is harming innocent people?

    He is an ex-soldier. Now is it OK?

    He is black. Now is it OK?

    And on and on, if you like. In my book it is never OK, no matter what he “is” or “was”. But in the liberal’s book, it might be justified somehow because of some imaginary cause he represents or maybe even “save the whales”. Who knows what their agenda is. But it is clear to me that this time, it is not an old white guy who wants to keep his guns and his religion and his social security.

    So this problem is one of their own making, and they are not dealing with it too well, in my humble opinion. But it is informative, to me, watching the willingness of cops to shoot American citizens because they were told to, or because they feel like it, or because they “match the description” (especially if they shoot an unarmed, peaceful, white guy who is driving the same kind of car that this armed, violent, black guy is driving). Explain that one, please.

  109. Why of course liberals support this cop-killer. Why, everybody knows that if this guy had a son, he would look like Barack Obama. Uhhh- er, — or do I have that backwards ?

    1. Or you could be charged with a felony for even suggesting that. You are a stupid stupid man. The secret service needs to bust down your door and put a bullet in your head.

  110. No wonder the Democrats don’t want law abidding citizens to have guns to protect themselves. They just want people who have a bad day to be able to shoot people to get even with society without having to deal with return fire.

    1. Last I checked, conservatives like you just got your arses HANDED to you in the last election. If anyone has the power to ban anyone, DEMS now have the numbers and power to ban YOU. Military leadership has been altered to the point now that it’s a distinct possibility that sometime in the near future, they WILL fire on you and in effect “ban” you ….. This is one aussie who can’t WAIT to see your blood spill.

      1. Dear Maxwell, Here’s a thought to warm your heart ….

        From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

        ” … Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under. It has now been [well over] 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)! In the state of Victoria….. lone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!) While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’ You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information. The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens. Take note Americans, before it’s too late! Will you be one of the sheep to turn yours in? WHY? You will need it.”

        (Unless, Max, you’d like as many defenseless victims to prey on as possible.)


      2. Given your clearly limited intelligence, I realize this a Bridge WAY Too Far, but to stay out of trouble with your Disrupter Handlers and continue receiving your minimum wage for utterly failed sh!t disturbing, at least try to do a better job of disgusing your identity.

        Your efforts are clumsily sophomoric. Punk.

        “Aussie” my asz.

      3. Obviously it’s not just your country that’s ‘down under’, it’s your brains. sounds like a case of sour grapes because I believe I saw film clip of all you intelligent Aussies handing over your guns. Ha ha ha. It will never happen here. Does your mommy know you’re on her computer?

  111. I have sympathy for the guy who tried to play by the rules. Clearly he is not the dangerous nut case the LAPD makes him out to be. What this incident does show is that the LAPD has NOT fixed the problem of racism and police brutality that was brought to national attention during the OJ and Rodney King days. While we concentrate on this individual, I would like to see more about the incident that drove him to murder.

    Okay, they guy leaves his vehicle and takes out on FOOT in the snow and the LAPD can’t track him. I would say he is either getting help or the LAPD are the dumbest cops on the planet.

    Trying to make this into a left vs right issue is asinine.

        1. Is there anything a person can write to justify the murder of innocent people? I respect your right to believe that, but I don’t see it.

        2. I never claimed it was justified, just an insight into understanding. Why is everyone who is killed “innocent?” Where do we get all those people who are guilty of nothing?

        3. Well, if you believe we are all born with Original Sin, then none of us is innocent. My only point is that no one can murder other people without due process no matter what s/he may think or feel about the other. To believe that would lead to chaos … or perhaps to Sandy Hook.

        4. What I am saying is that the media always sway people by calling every person who is killed “innocent” if they don’t like the killer. It is never the school bully who is killed and deservedly so, it is always the kid who would have found a cure for cancer. Likewise when people are killed who we don’t like they are demonized and deserve it. Look at Palestine and Israel. They print the name and bio of people killed by Palestinians in the NYT but not the other way around. The adjectives carry weight and are used to sway.

        5. On this we are in complete agreement. What used to be “news” is now “propaganda” — whatever the government/media complex wants us to believe under the guise of knowing. But I will continue to be suspicious of the belief that anybody, school bully or whatever, deserves to be killed because an individual makes that decision. We have a system for deciding these issues and, although I often disagree with its decisions, we are a nation of laws not people.

  112. I read his manifesto. This guy’s a whack job.
    I can’t believe people are lining up to support him. He didn’t “just” kill a cop and wound 2 more. He also killed a (female) college basketball coach and her fiancee. What kind a people throw their support behind someone who commits crims such as these?

    As to the LAPD being a racist organization … 20+ years ago, perhaps. But today, the LAPD is 33% caucasian and 67% minorities. They’ve gone overboard with their affirmative action movement. If this guy got canned, he probably deserved it.
    Regardless, that was 5 years ago. What justification would any sane person have to begin butchering innocents as some part of a vendetta?
    Note to those supporting Dorner … grow up.

  113. This explains why the Progressive movement will eventually self-distruct. This also explains why the Black community as a whole has never advanced beyond the post-Civil Rights era because of the thorough brainwashing by career demagogues disguised as politicians, who have ‘led’ the communites of cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, and other major cities that are overrun with high unemployment, corruption, and crime.
    Christopher Dorner should NOT be given a free pass for the color of his skin.

  114. wow , what a shocking surprise; after reading his suckobama’s di666k manifesto, who would have guessed;;48% of America does not, will not and can not recognize the Kenyan muslim as OUR PRESIDENT;; NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    1. A huge portion of that 48% are OLD, fat and unhealthy conservatives who are dying off in droves due to ignorant decisions in life (Aka not giving a damn what kind of food /junk you shove in your fat gut) … America is becoming a better place in the process.

  115. The problem with the “Rodney King” reporting was the fact that once again, the liberal left wing media had severely edited the video and omitted the brutal attacks and beatings King was doing to the police officers; They HAD to use maximum force to subdue the drug and alcohol addled Black.

    1. It would be interesting to see the video the patrol car must have shot when the incident he alleges to have occurred happened. My understanding is that police procedure requires the officer turn the camera on whenever a stop is made. That could clear up a lot of questions as to whether or not his allegations have any merit. [Unless, of course, the video’s in the same archive as the Nixon tapes.]

  116. A murderer is a murderer regardless of whether that person murdered a member of law enforcement or a civilian. The very thought that any sane person could justify in their own mind the murder of another person without being an actual immediate life-saving self defence response is beyond reason. Perhaps he did actually have a legitimate grievance against the police department, I do not personally know one way or the other. In our society we have many courses that we may take that are completely withing the bounds of law and resason. Murder is not one of them.
    This man is not a “Robin Hood” type individual by any means. He did not help anyone by murdering husbands, parents, and family providers, taking away someone dear to those families thereby punishing someone he never met in some twisted attempt to satisfy his own persernal upset. His actions were selfish and brutal to all of us as a civilized society. No society is perfect and those who add to this imperfection should be called to answer for their indescretions, but to commit such and atrocity is unforgivable, let alone justifiable.
    To justify such a crime is to invite more such crimes related to personal grievances against organizations and individuals. Is this how we want our children to live, in a society that condons murder tather than the rule of law. Should our kids have to live fearing for their lives from someone they may have upset or feel justified in murdering someone that upset them? Do you want to be concerned about someone murdering you or a family menber for some obscure personal offense they may somehow be connected with because they may have a similar job to someone else they never knew even existed?
    Anyone who even attempt to justify this man’s actions should be held accountable for any future attacks that may occur as a “copycat” crtime.

  117. Sounds like the liberals are trying to make Dorner to be a victim of some sort of trumped up charges against him. Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

  118. If you belong to the black race , sorry but Afro-American does mean any thing , or mixed with the black race , you can probably get away with anything, Voter fraud , threatening people,drug dealing , gangs , all real nice an decent things to do.

      1. New name, same SELF-embarrassingly ignorant, low IQ, cut-rate Alinsky disrupter.

        Your transparent act is comsummately boring and an abject failure.

    1. Yes, he is. If the police are so afraid of him, even though they’re so heavily armed, why shouldn’t J. Q. Public have the means to defend themselves from a chance encounter with him? After all, as the saying goes: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

  119. Dorner is a rogue vigilante out for revenge using his law enforcement training. Obama is a rogue vigilante POTUS using the police power of fed government for revenge. Both cut from the same cloth of Liberal radical subversive Socialist ideology.

  120. This is Bullshit! I consider myself 70% conservative and I can tell you this is a dumb article to try and paint liberals as stupid, which I agree most are unrealistic about the way to solve problems… but they are not retarded. I haven’t heard one liberal (and I know many) say they think it’s ok that he killed cops. C’mon, I think we all understand this man went though a lot of crap to finally commit murder.. and I mean “understand” YET no one condones it, nor excuses it, nor think “its ok” that he committed murder. There are no “political” views involved at all, the people that say its ok, and that he should be President, or all those other stupid quotes they copied and pasted from facebook and twitter, are STUPID people, not liberal, not republican, not independent.. just stupid. Now if some of them happen to be liberal its coincidence, I’m sure some dumb democrat and some dumb republican thinks the same thing. Why make every news story a political issue? I don’t think its ok he killed cops, but I don’t think its ok the cops are shooting up random people and calling it “oops its a mistaken identity issue” yet no one is talking about that.. Those officers should be fired but no one is making a deal about their behavior. I think they should arrest Dorner, not kill him. What are they so afraid he’s going to say during a trial? people should be a little open minded.. neither see him as a hero (that’s stretching it) and neither paint him as a psychopath murderer like the columbine or colorado shootings.. its not even related, apples and oranges. This man deserves a trial, and if he gets the life sentence so be it.. but he should be heard.

        1. LOL.

          You perennial losers, utterly failing at your useless task of destructive disruption are truly pathetic.

          But more than anything: Boring.

    1. The criminal enterprise knwn as the National SOCIALISTS of mid 20th Century Germany have MUCH more in common with your oppressive top-down ideology, Clown.

  121. In the first place you can blame Karl Rove for persuading the Establishment republicans and RNC for not vettingthis POS fraud and then you can blame your Establishment republican congressmen who could give a crap less about this president being a fraud and they are like Bill Oreilly who said on is show that the BC is legitimate and not a fraud and any such discussion on his show will be a moot point period and it looks like old guru of brains Oreilly has convinced quite a few of the ESTABLISHMENT Repubs and they dont give a rats behind. I have contacted mine and i get no answert on this subject not even an acknowledgement so you have it the Establishment Repubs. rule. You have to be as fool not to support The Tea Party where you get results because they govern by the constitution.

  122. QUIT acting like this RACI ST P O S has a legitimate beef, he does NOT. NO ONE has done a thing to him, like 90% of bla cks in this country he has been BRAINWASHED by his leftist masters to HA TE. It is LONG PAST TIME to call out race baiters & ha te groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, New Black Panthers, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, 99% of the media, Hollywood & the public school system for promoting VIO LENCE & RAC ISM in the bla ck community. It is time to QUIT ACCEPTING BLA CK RAC ISM & VIO LENCE as our due for things they have never experienced & WE have never done. My ancestors did not live here during the time of slavery nor did they participate in ANY raci ally motivated vio lence.
    “White” people FOUGHT & DI ED to FREE blac ks from slavery. It is LONG PAST TIME that bla cks admit that fact & start acting like human beings instead of low life sc um!

  123. It was bound to happen! The accolades he had written about Obama, Michele’s bangs and countless other compliments to other liberals was probably too much for them to take. He’s now a victim!!

  124. I am waiting for Obama to come out and claim that Dorner is related to him in some fashion. Every time there is a black person who makes headlines doing or caught doing something illegal, criminal, etc, Obama jumps on their bandwagon. So, no one should really be surprised that liberals are gathering behind the COP KILLER? I certainly am not.

  125. Again liberalism is the single most destructive force America will ever deal with and the hard part is liberalism has almost a 50 year head start.
    “One Facebook page is proclaiming Dorner for president. ‘We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.’

    And what about the police captains daughter and her fiance, malicious tyrants?

  126. Looking at his actions, looks like the LAPD was right in getting rid of him. He managed prove them right. Stop blaming race or others for his actions. He proved he was unstable. Unfortunately it cost lives to prove it. If you think any of these actions were justified try asking his victim’s or their families.

  127. Good we need more cop killers. You people are idiots with your “two sided” politics. (Even though it is one sided since both sides are the same.) The single most destructive force America will ever deal with is big government and pigs who are willing to enforce it and take away the freedom of the people. Both of your political sides believe in big government in one form or another. He didn’t kill people. He killed jackboots. For some reason it’s hardest to see your own country as oppressive. But we are in as much of a police state as Nazi Germany was.

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